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ubotuIn ubotu, Snuxoll said: ignorance is biss00:23
trypglyphwho among you is awake?00:24
mneptokno one00:24
Pici!botabuse > snuxoll00:24
PriceChildtrypglyph, depends on the question :)00:24
trypglyphoh, you again.00:24
trypglyph48 hour ban, hasn't expired yet, what's up?00:24
PriceChildoh no... not pricechild again00:24
PriceChildtrypglyph, lemme take a look00:24
Piciack! get him away!00:24
PriceChild(bans don't expire automatically)00:24
PriceChildTrying to find the discussion we had where one of us agreed to 48 hours... telling me the nick you were on would speed it up ;)00:25
trypglyphyou actually initially said 1 or 2 hours, then changed your mind at the end and said 48 hours.00:26
PriceChildBecause of your attitude iirc00:26
trypglyphif you change your mind on 48 hours I'm going to be a bit unhappy.00:26
trypglyphyes, that seems to be the central issue of all of it.00:26
trypglyphnonetheless, 48 hours.00:26
PriceChildtrypglyph, ok sorry for the wait, I'm up to speed on things now.00:30
PriceChildtrypglyph, have you read the ubuntu irc guidelines and/or Ubuntu CoC?00:30
LjL-Tempi'm sure he said we would *talk about it again* in 48 hours, not necessarily that it would be lifted.00:31
PriceChildtrypglyph, do you agree to abide by the guidelines whilst participating in ubuntu channels?00:34
PiciDoes someone want to invite mjr here to discuss further, or just let him continue in -offtopic?00:42
LjL-TempPici, we already had a flamewar about that once... pointless00:42
LjL-Tempbut if you want to give it a try yourself, feel free. i'll just bit my tongue and try to avoid replying00:42
PiciI'm not replying either.00:43
LjL-Temp!o4o =~ s/Controversial topics/Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars/00:44
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, LjL-Temp said: !o4o =~ s/Controversial topics/Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars/00:44
LjL-Tempdie a terrible death00:44
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AndrewBHey, could anybody add either *!*@freenode/helper/*   or *!*@*/ubuntu.member.*00:50
AndrewBto #ubuntu-classroom00:51
AndrewBMy ubuntu/member cloak had to be shortened to the end of my cloak.00:51
naliothAndrewB -- always a troublemaker00:51
stdinthe irc council should probably decide some sort of standard for dual-cloaks00:52
AndrewBstdin: how do you mean?00:52
AndrewBThere is a standard..00:53
PriceChildstdin, well its freenode that does that? and it is a standard?00:53
AndrewBThat I know of anyway..00:53
naliothstdin: no, there _is_ a standard00:53
PriceChildstdin, "normally" though... people don't have ubuntu.member as secondardy ;)00:53
stdinwhen people have more than one cloak, like */*/ubuntu.member.* or ubuntu/member/*00:53
AndrewB freenode/status/other.project.nick   or  project/status/nick   or  project/status/pdpc.donation.nick00:54
stdin"something or something or something" isn't exactly a standard :p00:54
naliothAndrewB: you still here?00:54
AndrewBYeah nalioth why?00:55
PriceChildstdin, two types of cloak.... project/status/nick00:55
naliothi figured you'd be checking out your access 00:55
PriceChildstdin, project/status/project.status.nick00:55
AndrewBthanks nalioth 00:55
PriceChildstdin, the status can be optional with some cloaks00:55
stdinPriceChild: exactly, but which project?status comes first?00:55
PriceChildstdin, whatever the user wants.00:56
AndrewBFreenode will always be first.00:56
AndrewByou never see any staff  gentoo/freenode.staff.nick00:56
stdinwith freenode, I can understand it coming first00:56
PriceChildstdin, freenode and pdpc are the only ones that are allowed dual cloaks... and normally the order of preference is freenode > $project > pdpc00:56
AndrewBAs far as i know you can't have like   gentoo/dev/ubuntu.member.nick   it is only freenode you can have..00:57
AndrewByeah PriceChild thats what i mean00:57
PriceChildAlthough I don't see why a staffer wouldn't agree if for some reason I wanted pdpc before my ubuntu... not that I do :)00:57
PriceChildor if andrew wanted to swap his00:58
naliothAndrewB is just a troublemaker.00:58
PriceChildInfact why do we even allow him here still?00:58
AndrewBIf I had ubuntu/member/freenode.helper.andrewb   I would need to be alot more trouble.00:58
* AndrewB cries00:58
PriceChildhehe :)00:58
* mneptok throws a few spacebars00:59
tonyyarussogrrr, why doesn't Debian have a web interface for bug reporting?  Honestly...00:59
stdinbecause it's debian01:00
stdinwhen you can't type any more, it's time to sleep. so goodnight :)01:00
mneptoktonyyarusso: they do. it's called "flag upstream in Launchpad"01:00
tonyyarussomneptok: hehe01:00
AndrewBnalioth: do you think a wallop about ubuntu-openweek would be possible?01:00
mneptokbaaaaaad idea01:01
naliothAndrewB: you mean there weren't enough people in there today?01:01
tonyyarussomneptok: If I do "also affects: Debian" in LP, will it auto-create the BTS entry, or do I have to file it there, then link it in LP?01:02
tonyyarussomneptok: We have done notices in #ubuntu only for some things in the past.01:02
AndrewBI wasn't there today nalioth :(  didn't realise it was even on untill I came accross a post on ubuntu-uk mail list01:03
LjLi didn't realize it was on until my "QUESTION:" highlight started showing up like mad01:03
mneptoktonyyarusso: last i knew it still involved Debian fiddling :/01:06
tonyyarussomneptok: bah, okay01:06
ubotuToma- called the ops in #ubuntu02:01
naliothhere they come02:02
tonyyarussonalioth: o rly?02:03
naliothalready got hits from some of them02:03
tonyyarussoI haven't loaded my scripts yet on this install02:05
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* tonyyarusso wishes there was just a chanmode for blocking CTCP everything02:09
LjL-Tempnalioth: the guys were registered, does +r still make sense?02:10
naliothi've changed the passes of all the regged zombies from #ubuntu 02:10
naliothall were regged within the last 10 minutes02:10
naliothLjL-Temp: when i set +r, i did not know anything other than a bot swarm was building02:10
LjL-Tempnalioth: sure i meant whether it made sense to *keep* it now02:10
naliothyes, it does02:10
LjL-Tempheh look what a fancy nickname my proxy chose02:10
naliothkt keeps out the unregged bots02:11
LjL-Tempnalioth: do you know how many they were? my backscroll is too short. they seemed to join quite quickly despite the +J02:12
naliothgoing -R for now02:12
nalioththey were already here02:12
naliothslowly trickling in02:12
jribhmmm, did I miss the fun?02:14
stdinI counted about about 1502:14
LjL-Tempjrib: seems so02:14
naliothok, jrib kick 'em loose from -unregged02:21
jribnalioth: even with the +J?02:21
naliothjrib: if you /kick each one manually, it won't be affected02:22
* jrib makes note to add pause in script02:22
naliothand the forward on -unregged will just kick 'em back into #ubuntu 02:22
naliothwhy do i keep smelling mutton . . 02:29
* mneptok farts daintily02:35
LjL-Tempsee -unregged02:53
LjL-Tempdo someone else's logs confirm what i just asked?02:53
LjL-Temp[03:38:57] --> SiroSoriS has joined this channel (i=BlACKPOI@chrax6-b228.dialup.optusnet.com.au).02:56
LjL-Temp[03:39:10] <SiroSoriS> you kick my ass!02:56
LjL-Temp[03:44:37] --> wirechief_ has joined this channel (n=wirechie@
LjL-Temp[03:51:09] <LjL> we do?02:56
LjL-Temp[03:51:47] <SiroSoriS> LjL, I will be the 1 2 3 U02:56
LjL-Temp[03:52:02] <LjL> i don't think i get you02:56
LjL-Temp[03:53:01] <LjL> SiroSoriS: how come you joined this channel, but you never seemed to be in #ubuntu at all?02:56
LjL-Temp[03:54:56] <SiroSoriS> delusions of grandure stripped away from me!02:56
PiciWas that before the attack?02:57
LjL-TempPici: no, right now02:58
LjL-Tempnow it's [03:58:24]02:58
LjL-Tempbanned from #ubuntu anyway, just to be sure.02:59
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ubotucdm10 called the ops in #ubuntu03:39
ubotucdm10 called the ops in #ubuntu03:40
ubotusco50000 called the ops in #ubuntu03:41
jdongwow, this teleport-to-opsed-channel trigger is quite fun :)03:42
jdongPici: my trigger that teleports me to a channel that ubotu reports ops was called in03:44
Picijdong: neat.03:44
jdong22:44    4 -publics -channels '#ubuntu-ops' -masks '*!*@ubuntu/bot/*' -regexp  'called the ops in (#.*bunt.*)' -command 'join $1' 03:44
jdongthe effect is quite neat03:44
PiciWhat client are you using?03:45
jdongPici: irssi03:47
jdongI roam around a lot and need something that I can access scrollback remotely03:47
Picijdong: I've been looking for a way to use triggers, I didnt realize until just now that it was an external script.03:47
jdongPici: yeah, it's trigger.pl :)03:48
jdongpretty neat script03:48
jdongonly thing is I think it has some bug with trigger on mode-changes03:48
jdongit doesn't seem to always react03:48
jdonghaven't had much of a chance to debug it03:48
* mneptok notes that he can now force jdong to /join channels03:50
jdongmneptok: still takes effort :)03:50
jdongI guess it's possible03:51
* jdong tries03:51
jdong!test | foobar called the ops in #jdongbuntu03:51
ubotufoobar called the ops in #jdongbuntu: Failed.03:51
jdonggot forwarded to #jdongbuntu03:51
ubotumneptok called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic03:51
* jdong shakes fist at mneptok 03:52
jdongmneptok: use my way so you don't spam a channel :)03:52
elkbuntujdong, let me guess, you use irssi :(03:52
jdongelkbuntu: yeah03:52
jdongelkbuntu: is that a bad thing? :)03:53
PiciI suppose I deserved that, or something.03:53
elkbuntupoop... yes, it means im going to have to try make it work in xchat03:53
jdongaww, I'm sure xchat has a triggering mechanism too?03:53
* rob tries to decide if he should join in that peeing contest or not :)03:53
PiciExcept it might happen right at the wrong time when someone is in the middle of writing a steamy message to someone and *poof* you've just said it to all of #ubuntu03:54
elkbuntui'm pretty sure it does, but i cant seem to find it....03:54
mneptoki would *strongly* discourage use of any script that invokes any /command without user input03:54
robisn't the point of scripts to run a bunch of commands?03:54
mneptokas you can see, any user in any channel in which ubotu resides can now force /join jdong03:54
jdongmneptok: is that a negative effect?03:55
mneptokjdong: depends on if having BL4CK0PS2007_XB0x in control of your client makes you nervous03:55
elkbuntumneptok, heh since i just lost my job yesterday, it seems like a fun way to kill time waiting for another job to come around03:56
mneptokelkbuntu: too much leg-humping?03:56
Picielkbuntu: oh no :(03:56
jdongmneptok: what's the worst that can happen from joining to a channel that ubotu resides in?03:56
elkbuntumneptok, no, not enough03:56
mneptokjdong: it's the principle of it.03:56
mneptokjdong: there's no wayf i would let a freenode user type "/join" into my terminal. that script is basically the same thing.03:57
jdongmneptok: I understand that one can construct many very unsafe scripts from feeding random input into a command... but in this case I don't think it would lead to a problem03:57
mneptokjdong: i just have an older, better, thicker tin-foil hat ;)03:57
Picimneptok: except that it only triggers on *buntu* channels03:57
jdongmneptok: is there anything dangerous that can happen if I joined a channel? any random chanel?03:57
jdongapart from those auto-kill thingies that I'm told "don't exist"03:58
elkbuntumneptok, and hence is useful to those of us on the council who can kb whoever wrongly invites us to wherever03:58
Picijdong: there are supposedly channels that will auto-kline you03:58
mneptokjdong: if you don't know, then why are you allowing it? ;)03:58
Picibut thats only a legend.03:58
jdongPici: I'm pretty sure they don't match #*buntu* regex03:58
Picijdong: I surely hope not!03:58
robPici, it's called auto-dline, and yes they exist03:58
jdongrob: what's the difference?03:58
Picidns ban or something... I can't remember.03:59
robdlines are a lot less resource-using then klines03:59
jdongubotu probably wouldn't be in one, no? :)03:59
robjdong, pretty unlikely03:59
Picijdong: something tells me no one is in one for very long.03:59
jdongPici: lol :)03:59
jdongrob: dlines still have the effect of banning your hostmask from the network, right?04:00
robjdong, d:lines just drop connections that match and are server specific, k:lines kill and are global04:01
jdongrob: can you reconnect back to freenode after a d:line?04:01
robyou could connect to a different freenode server, yes04:01
jdongrob: but I would be banned from one of the servers in rotation?04:02
Picimaybe I was thinking of something else..04:02
robunless of cause that d:line existed elsewhere too, they need to be set on a per-server basis04:02
jdongwhat is their lifetime?04:02
roba d:line is like a k:line, its just a line in a configuration file. A k:line however has a timeout.04:03
robd:lines are manual, usually until they are removed (note that k:lines can be manually added to a config file and be permanent too)04:04
jdongok, that makes sense. one more thing, what is the rationale for those automatic dlining channels?04:04
robjdong, botnets04:04
robusually botnet control channels04:04
jdongmmm, so bots join a specific channel, and you tarpit that channel?04:04
jdongmakes sense04:04
robthey are usually hard coded into the bots, and the bot runners too stupid or unable to change it (in the case of compiled off the self code)04:05
Piciah. Makes sense.04:05
jdongok, that makes a lot more sense why they exist now04:06
robI'm glad I made sense :)04:06
PiciI thought it was just because you all had nothing better to do than make random channels for people to get k/dlined from.04:06
PiciBut now I know.......04:07
jdong"hey doofus, join this channel for a good time!"04:07
robyeah.. well that is pretty rare.04:08
robI don't think I have ever seen a case of someone stumbling upon one and doing that actually.04:09
jdongrob: but isn't/wasn't one of them like just a qwerty succession of keys, that someone could theoreitcally have arbitrarily picked as a test channel?04:09
naliothjdong: when we catch people who do that, we treat them harshly04:10
robjdong, it's been a while since I looked at the list, but unlikely04:10
jdongnalioth: I can imagine it's less than amusing to waste time dealing with those04:10
roboh, and when I said d:lines are manual, they are automatic in the case of those channels :)04:11
naliothjdong: i don't think you'll ever type a "querty succession of keys" and find one04:11
jdongnalioth: is #asdf not one of them?04:11
jdongI recall someone complaining about doing that once...04:11
robslightly different kind of automatic I guess04:11
naliothjdong: join it and see04:11
jdongwhoa I'm still alive04:11
* jdong won't try the next one on his "someone said it" list04:12
robgood idea. Don't you just love rumors.04:15
jdongI do indeed :)04:15
elkbuntujdong, something like that is what jono got trapped in soon after he joined canonical04:15
serphetneed a clear for dcc exploit04:15
jdongelkbuntu: is that the person I'm recalling?04:16
jdongelkbuntu: it probably is04:16
elkbuntuhe blogged about it, so probably04:16
robelkbuntu, got a link to the blog?04:16
elkbuntugimme a min, i'll search for it04:16
robrighto, cheers04:16
robthanks :)04:17
serphetneed a clear for the dcc exploit please :) got a laptop to work on04:17
jdongoh pfft so I'm ONE letter short.04:17
jdongand I would've been zapped :)04:17
jdongbtw is that still valid today?04:18
robheh, I guess jono is as smart as a botnet runner then :P04:19
* jdong wonders if he should use a discardable IP to test it04:19
roband yes, there is a big chunk of time where I am usually the only staffer about04:19
elkbunturob, more than likely wasnt aware of the channel traps, and didnt think beyond his immediate need04:19
robI guess04:20
jdongif that's really the name of the channel, I can totally see how someone can arbitrarily type it04:20
serphetare any ops even awake :(04:22
robI guess when bot runners are thinking of what to call their channel the letters "asdfg" come easily to them too04:22
jdongrob: 10 bucks it's because at the time the botrunner was packaging his bot, #asdf was occupied :)04:23
robheh maybe04:23
jribserphet: ready for a test?04:25
serphetjrib: yes :DE04:25
robserphet, I think your smiley has facial hair04:26
robgo the goatee04:26
elkbuntuor is chewing it's nails with a big grin04:26
jribserphet: you may rejoin #ubuntu, thanks for your patience04:27
serphetkk thanks!04:28
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ubotuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu05:07
Madpilotnot urgent in #u05:07
Madpilotjust a slightly offensive nick05:08
jribnot sure how... but05:08
naliothjdong: just because you like pixie sluts . . . 05:13
* nalioth runs05:13
jdongnalioth: hey, it's all good :)05:14
Madpilotjdong, I didn't think it was terribly offensive either, but easier to ask than have people whining, I figure...05:16
jdongMadpilot: it was so-so, strictly speaking not appropriate for Ubuntu but not the worst I've seen05:16
Madpilotya, I've seen (and kickbanned) lots worse...05:17
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ubotu[chr0n0s] called the ops in #ubuntu06:59
robits all good07:00
tritiumwith robbster?07:01
robhe is frustrated, and apologised07:02
Myrtti<3 facebook07:24
ubotu[chr0n0s] called the ops in #ubuntu08:17
Madpilotfalse alarm.08:21
Madpilotgood for a laugh, though08:21
ubotuthr1lljockey called the ops in #ubuntu08:33
Madpilotdealt with08:34
BugMaNhi all! Please someone could add my ubuntu/member cloak? my LP profile is https://launchpad.net/~bugman and my mail address is bugman@ubuntu.com my secondary nickname is "bugmandue"09:15
Madpilot@now amsterdam09:30
ubotuCurrent time in Europe/Amsterdam: October 23 2007, 10:30:23 - Next meeting: Server Team in 6 hours 29 minutes09:30
MadpilotBugMaN, Seveas is the man to ask about cloaks, generally. nalioth can set them too, I think.09:30
BugMaNMadpilot: thanks09:33
gnomefreakafaik once a member for the council says its ok than nalioth or whomever can set it09:33
Madpilotmorning Seveas 09:34
BugMaNSeveas: hi 09:34
BugMaNBugMaN: can you set my cloak? :)09:34
gnomefreakis there a list of council members?09:34
Seveasgnomefreak, lp.net/~ubuntu-irc-council09:35
gnomefreakah ok09:35
SeveasBugMaN, I can't: only staff can set the cloak, I can merely approve it (which has been done already)09:35
Madpilotwas just finding it09:36
SeveasMadpilot, different council ;)09:36
Madpilotah, that council09:36
SeveasBugMaN, so you'll have to wait for a staffer to wake up09:36
MadpilotI always think CC when 'Council' is mentioned in an Ubuntu context...09:36
BugMaNSeveas: ok thanks :)09:36
* gnomefreak thought hobbsee was on the council09:36
tomawSeveas: ubuntu/member/bugman?09:37
Seveastomaw, morning ;)09:37
tomawhi :)09:37
Seveastomaw, that would be correct09:37
BugMaNthanks :)09:38
BugMaNSeveas: :)09:38
Myrttiis #ubuntu+1 shutdown?11:00
robforwarded to #ubuntu until hardy is available11:01
robstill a few people in there though, we should probably boot them out now11:02
Seveashardy is available :)11:02
robbut, is it usable?11:03
Jucatois there a factoid about offensive nicks?11:04
stdindon't think so11:06
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AmaranthSeveas: But is it more than just base-files? :)11:35
PriceChildI call troll on <stupidgirl> :P11:36
Amaranthme too11:36
Amaranthah the toolchain has been updated too11:37
Garycalling it first wins prizes?12:06
Myrttiis the p34ce feller a troll...?12:18
PriceChild<nilsh> in #ubuntuforums :/12:45
PriceChildmaybe not12:49
PriceChildDid chanserv just die? :/13:15
PriceChildwell it came back almost immediately, how rare13:20
effie_jayx have a troll chasing me around channels...13:43
PriceChildeffie_jayx, jrib? ;)13:44
gnomefreakfun arnt they13:44
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effie_jayxPriceChild,  lol13:44
jdongPriceChild: a bit itch down in your banhammer region this morning, no? :)13:47
Picijdong: <effie_jayx>  have a troll chasing me around channels...13:47
Picijdong: ur in my tab-complete, messin me up13:47
PriceChildjdong, ffs why does everything need to be commentated? Imagine if I kicked... and a thousand people said "lol"13:47
jdongPriceChild: that sounds like #ubuntu?13:47
PriceChildEXACTLY :)13:47
jdongPriceChild: or the next DCC wave "what was that? " "why'd they quit" "lol"13:48
PriceChildindeed, that I can understand13:48
PriceChildbut when I'm removing people _for  being offtopic_ people should know better13:48
PiciDont forget people pasting the messages again and again to tell the ops what happened.13:48
PriceChildPici, maybe I should call !ops to get the attention of a few other ops seen as only2 or 3 are dealing with it?13:48
PriceChildThey could use help you know?13:48
PriceChildBecause operators never ever lurk.... They know not the saying "too many ops spoil the broth".13:49
PriceChild*goes to make some toast with honey to cheer up*13:49
PiciThere isn't anyone opped, therefore no ops exist.13:50
PriceChildThat stupidgirl one would be on my hilight list if I used one like lj.l13:51
Tm_TPriceChild: you mean LjL ?13:51
=== stdin_ is now known as stdin
PriceChildTm_T, I meant lj​l minus ​the hilight.14:01
Tm_TPriceChild: whos hilighted?14:01
* Tm_T hides14:01
PriceChildTm_T, you're the only one that hilighted anyone14:03
elkbuntuif you were to do that to mr n, he'd rip you a new arse14:03
PriceChildhaha :)14:04
Tm_Telkbuntu: you mean nalioth?14:07
elkbuntuTm_T, are you intentionally doing this or are you plain thick?14:08
Tm_Tvery intentionally14:08
PriceChild*hopes you sneakily added a ZWS*14:09
elkbuntuTm_T, so, you're trolling?14:14
Tm_Tno, not trolling14:15
elkbuntuyou're baiting attention and intentionally irritating people... which is by definition, trolling.14:16
Tm_Thmm, well when you put that in that way, yes14:16
PriceChild<stupidgirl> chat me!14:17
PriceChildin -offtopic14:17
jdongPriceChild: is that your internet girlfriend?14:24
* jdong ducks14:24
Tm_Tjdong: yes14:25
stupidgirlwhat's up with the elitist cretin ops?14:26
stupidgirli got *banned* from offtopic for saying "chat me"?14:26
jdongexcuse us?14:26
Myrttiwhat kind of talk is that?14:26
stupidgirlrandom  talk14:26
elkbuntuyou got banned from offtopic for rude behaviour, stupidgirl14:27
Tm_TMyrtti <314:27
Myrttisame behaviour and conduct codes and rules apply here14:27
stupidgirlrude? where14:27
stupidgirlrude i asked u why u kicked me the first time14:27
Myrtti16:26 < stupidgirl> what's up with the elitist cretin ops?14:27
MyrttiI'm elitist cretin op? ;____;14:27
jdongjust for that statement, you have condemned yourself to a permanent ban14:27
jdongthink before you talk and the world will be a happier place14:27
PriceChildstupidgirl, just a random question, how do you know about this channel?14:28
stupidgirlwell what did i do? the first time14:28
stupidgirlsomeoone mentioned it to me14:28
PriceChildsomeone mentioned it just now?14:28
PriceChildor a while back and you remembered/14:28
stupidgirla while back14:28
jdongstupidgirl: say nonsense that was offtopic even for offtopic, then immediately argued with ops?14:29
PriceChildstupidgirl, the ban stays. Come back in a few days, preferably with a different nickname.14:29
stupidgirlthere is nonsense every minute in that channel, i dont see how mine was any different14:29
jdongmost chatter in there are at least coherent english statements.14:30
PriceChildstupidgirl, I am upholding that ban. Come back in a few days, preferably with a different nickname. I believe you are trolling, especially due to the fact that you knew of this channel immediately. I also suggest you change your attitude and don't attack the operators.14:30
Myrttiis there something going on at #ubuntu-classroom and when?14:32
stupidgirlactually another op mentioned this channel after the same "op" who just banned me, was hassling me the other day14:32
stupidgirlbut ok14:32
elkbuntui've been virtually absent for a month...14:32
LjLelkbuntu: ATZ ATDT1800INTERNET14:33
elkbuntuLjL, huh?14:34
PiciLjL: I think she has dsl now.14:34
jdongLjL: you forgot +++ATH14:34
LjLPici: yeah, but the past virtual month.14:34
Piciright right.14:34
* jdong reminisces on the good old days that actually worked14:34
PriceChildstupidgirl, Is there anything else we can help you with?14:34
LjLjdong: maybe nalioth would have a trigger on that and k-line me, who knows :P14:34
jdongLjL: ROFL, did that used to be a dialup day freenod exploit?14:35
jdonglol, the DCC of dialup modems14:35
stupidgirlnot really PriceChild  seeing as you arent gonna lsiten to what i say anyway14:35
LjLjdong: heh no, it reached oblivion *very* well before i started being on freenode ,914:35
LjLshift? where are you shift?14:36
elkbuntustupidgirl, we are listening, we're just not submitting to your whims14:36
jdongLjL: hehe, likewise... my freenode age is like less than a year? :)14:36
stupidgirlwhims? you're the one who banned me over nothing14:36
LjLjdong: i last remember seeing that stuff used as an actual exploit like 7 years ago14:36
jdongLjL: oh yeah, it was a HUGE problem before they implemented +++ guards14:36
elkbuntustupidgirl, backchatting people and being snappy at others is not 'nothing'14:36
jdongLjL: just a random +++ in a binary stream was enough to send many old modems into command mode14:37
LjLjdong: and before everyone started having a l33t broadband connection14:37
elkbuntuim almost tempted to see if this works....14:37
stupidgirlbackchatting where? when i asked why u kicked me?14:37
LjLjdong: sure it was, i had several command lines involving "ping" to achieve that =)14:37
jdongLjL: haha14:37
elkbuntustupidgirl, no, where you asked me what my purpose was14:37
stupidgirlyou asked me what mine was first14:38
* elkbuntu notes that it is like midnight and the birds will wake me in like 6 hours14:38
* LjL users earplugs14:38
stupidgirlso i asked you the same14:38
mc44elkbuntu: a shotgun helps with that14:38
elkbuntustupidgirl, no, i asked what the purpose of a line that in the irc world is oft mistaken for an invitation to be sexually harrassed14:38
jribmc44: waking up?14:38
Seeker`mc44: Putting shotguns in your ears is a bad idea14:39
stupidgirlsexually harrassed ? o.O 14:39
mc44jrib: waking the birds up, for sure14:39
elkbuntuLjL, yeah, but only sparingly. im prone to infections14:39
Myrttimore coffee, anyone?14:39
stupidgirlwhere do you get that idea from14:39
* Myrtti passes the teapot around too14:39
elkbuntustupidgirl, you must be new to IRC14:39
jdongstupidgirl: it's simply what happens when someone with the nick stupidgirl says "chat me"14:39
stupidgirlnot really, why do you say that, elkbuntu 14:39
LjLelkbuntu: yeah i also wonder if i *should* use them every night. but got so used to them...14:39
jdongstupidgirl: I can forward you about 500 spam messages per day that start off like that, and you can see where it ends :)14:40
LjLstupidgirl: well perhaps because you aren't even registered for starters14:40
=== stupidgirl is now known as g0dd3ss
g0dd3ssk good nuff?14:40
PriceChildstupidgirl, Your very first sentence on joining this channel was enough to confirm my suspicions. I HAD been observing you for some time because of your behaviour and attitude. Please come back later with a new nick.14:40
g0dd3sslol what behaviour14:41
elkbuntumeanwhile, im still intrigued to know who i supposedly harrassed in my absence14:41
Myrttithe myrttiubuntu/elkubuntu fellar?14:41
LjLelkbuntu: well i might have tried to auto-complete your nickname and highlighted someone else14:41
elkbuntuLjL, eh?14:45
LjLelkbuntu: well, if that happened, then you'd arguably have harassed someone in your absence.14:45
elkbuntuanyway, bed time before i pass out14:46
PiciI'm sure elkbuntu harrassed someone, just not in irc.14:46
* Pici ducks14:46
elkbuntuPici, well according to my ex-manager... anything less than kissing her arse is harrassment14:46
Picielkbuntu: Well thats just stupid.  14:47
g0dd3ssapparently the same can be said for you14:47
jdonganyone? /cs k love?14:47
PriceChildg0dd3ss, Hey, can I help you?14:48
g0dd3ssprobably not14:48
g0dd3ssbirds of a feather flock together right14:48
elkbuntuis that why you flock to here>14:49
PriceChildHehe definitely not.14:49
PriceChild*wonders how many times he's !ohmy'd jdong etc.*14:49
jdongPriceChild: ?? yeah you cretin elitist "op"14:49
PriceChildg0dd3ss, I have very clearly stated that the ban on you in -offtopic will not be lifted for several days. You are/were trolling and we will also not tolerate any attacks.14:50
g0dd3ssI've been here for weeks, months w/e trying to help ppl when i can, not that i know much, seen plethora of ppl swearing, absuing the bot flooding etc and they get warnings, i get abnned for saying "chat me"as a joke, to a seemingly dead room14:50
PriceChildg0dd3ss, if you have any further questions then please ask.14:50
PriceChildg0dd3ss, Think of "chat me" as the straw that broke the camel's back14:50
jdongg0dd3ss: ok you could've said "sorry, that was a joke, won't do it again" rather than insulting all the ops to try to get back in14:50
jdongI have no idea why you thought calling us cretin elitists was going to help your cause14:51
g0dd3ssit isn't hard to "get back in", that's not what I want. soimple enough to do that14:51
jdongplease leave? you've gotten a final answer from the operators, there's nothing further we can assist you with14:52
elkbuntuplease refer to the topic for our policy on lurkers. you wont be exempted from that policy.14:54
LjL[16:07:30] <g0dd3ss> ???15:10
LjL[16:09:59] <g0dd3ss> well why u have to do that?15:10
LjL[16:10:07] <g0dd3ss> what did i do? that was so bad15:10
LjL[16:10:39] <LjL> you were told to please leave #ubuntu-ops - we don't allow non-ops in there except for brief periods to discuss things15:10
jdongLjL: can you tell her that question marks are not sentences?15:11
LjL[16:11:17] <g0dd3ss> noone listen in there anyway15:11
LjL[16:11:32] <g0dd3ss> she get mad at me for something days ago and punishes me now15:11
* jdong sends al gore after her to tell her how many pounds of CO2 useless question marks add to the atmosphere15:11
LjL[16:12:18] <g0dd3ss> they were making jokes about dead babies in there earlier15:12
LjL[16:12:30] <g0dd3ss> but noone says anything15:12
LjL[16:12:34] <LjL> that is called "monitoring someone". is you consistently misbehave, even if none of the single instances are very bad, you eventually get banned15:12
PriceChildLjL, also mention that other people's actions do not justify "her" own.15:14
PriceChildLjL, if "she" thinks guidelines are being broken then she should alert operators somehow15:14
jdongPriceChild: then she'll just ops the crap outta us :D15:15
LjLPriceChild: i wouldn't say that, since seveas was around and saw that dead babies joke :)15:15
jdongLjL: s/saw/started/15:16
LjLjdong: erm, my grep didn't show that. ssssh.15:16
jdongLjL: you have the Party's grep? :)15:16
LjLjdong: i just grepped for stupidgirl :P15:17
PriceChildLjL, I meant to word it as not necessarily applying to that specific incident, but in general15:17
jdongLjL: just grep for dead babies :)15:18
jdong05:35 < Seveas> qdb is bash with less dead babies and more fun15:18
jdongI didn't find anything policy-violating in the ensuing discussion15:18
jdongexcept stupidgirl trying to start a trollwar15:18
jdonghow not surprising.15:18
LjL<LjL> anyway, keep in mind that ops are not always looking, and some ops may be more tolerant than others. so, judging what you can do based on what *others* did is not a good idea -- you should just stick to the channel etiquette.15:20
PriceChildGrrr... the calendar files for openweek have every entry starting with "Ubuntu Open Week - "15:21
PriceChild*removes so he can actually see the real title in evolution and lets the colour inform him its an open week session*15:22
hexstarI'm sorry for the way I have acted on ubuntu channels in the past15:28
hexstarthank you for giving me another chance15:28
hexstarwas that directed to me?15:29
Picihexstar: no, I was seeing if the bot was lagged or not.15:30
hexstaryou guys should teach it a ping function... :)15:30
hexstarwell where it replies back with the ms it took to get your message and then respond15:31
hexstarbut anyways thanks guys :)15:32
LjLhexstar: you're welcome but now that your bans are lifted (they are, right? thought i did that), i should ask you to leave this channel, as non-ops idling here is not allowed15:50
PriceChildLjL, you did yes.15:50
effie_jayxthere's some jono trolling in classroom15:53
LjLban him15:53
PriceChildeffie_jayx, I've already !ohmy'd him... he's on my hilight list...15:54
LjLoh poor guy15:54
PriceChildHe asked for it! :P15:54
effie_jayxPriceChild,  heheheheee15:54
PiciWho does he think he is?!15:54
effie_jayxI just had to do that...15:54
effie_jayxyeah.. that's what I mean15:54
Myrtti!register > jombba1116:45
Myrtti!register > tuplanolla16:45
popeycan someone take over in #ubuntu-classroom please, I have a minor household crisis :S16:55
LjLpopey: sure16:58
DShepherdexcuse me, I need some help getting to #ubuntu. something about some dccexploit? 16:58
PiciDShepherd: did you follow the directions in the topic where you were forwarded?16:58
DShepherdPici, doesnt seem to help16:59
* DShepherd reads the instructions again16:59
PiciDShepherd: Well, we need to manually unban you, but did you follow the directions?16:59
DShepherdPici, yes i did17:00
DShepherdi changed the port to 800117:00
DShepherddoesn't help17:00
PiciDShepherd: Of course it doesn't, we need to test and then unban you.17:00
PiciDShepherd: okay, you pass, hold on a second.17:01
PiciDShepherd: You're all set, you may now rejoin #ubuntu17:02
DShepherdthanks much Pici. I appreciate it. 17:02
* DShepherd goes to the classroom!17:02
* Pici turns on the ac/dc17:32
ThunderStruckmoving motorhead to ubuntu pc :)17:33
LjLturning away from #ubuntu-classroom for some minutes, please keep an eye (shouldn't need to relay questions, holbach seems to be comfortable doing it himself)17:33
* ThunderStruck might go laydown for a while iceapoe kicked my butt the last few days17:36
Tm_Tsomeone could pass rights in classroom and classroom-chat to me too, so I can help there when I can17:42
Tm_Tif needed that is17:42
ThunderStruckTm_T, your a member arnt you17:42
ThunderStruckubuntu memeber17:42
Tm_Tnot currently, because never made into meeting alive17:43
ThunderStruckok brb let me continue this on ubuntu ;)17:43
Picihrm.  is there any way to do global regexing in the factoids? or do I just need to mash each edit a bunch of times?17:43
LjLTm_T: i can op you but just one-off17:44
Tm_Twell not needed currently, as said, I can help when needed if I'm up then17:44
Tm_Tmore food ->17:45
effie_jayxjulioh> effie_jayx, cromador de ubuntu17:58
effie_jayxcromador is a bad word in my country17:58
effie_jayxI banned him from ubuntu-ve17:58
effie_jayxand he he keeps following me around and saying the same word17:59
gnomefreakeffie_jayx: did you expect anything else? :)18:02
effie_jayxgnomefreak,  geeze but it's been 5 hours now...18:03
gnomefreakoh crap18:03
effie_jayxdo  I have to report a bug in launchpad for that ... 18:03
gnomefreaktell him to go get a damn life 18:03
effie_jayxgnomefreak, done... 18:04
effie_jayxgnomefreak,  effie_jayx> julioh,  apt-get a life buddy18:04
effie_jayxI give up18:05
LjLPriceChild, it's all yours, i'm out to buy tobacco :P18:15
PriceChildoh lovely... have to catch up now :)18:16
LjLPriceChild: next unanswered is <begert__> QUESTION: are there plans for releasing a "test kit" that users can run so that results can be gathered on a wide variety of system configurations?18:16
LjLPriceChild, i told them to explicitly ask for a next question, they seem to be quite verbose ;)18:18
PriceChildLjL, oh sorry, :)18:18
Myrttimay I say hello to liw on -classroom ;-)18:22
MyrttiI've been to his IRL packaging classes in spring :->18:22
Myrttiplz ;-)18:26
PriceChildI can't stop you :)18:27
Tm_TPriceChild: but you can punish her later?18:31
PriceChildLjL, are you really gone, or are you back?18:31
PriceChildTm_T, oh definitely.18:31
LjLPriceChild: i'm back now18:31
MyrttiI just did _o/18:31
Myrttiand he didn't seem to miind18:31
PriceChildLjL, I'm off for pizza very soon :)18:32
Myrttiwe had the most excellent discussion about debian-women and women in FLOSS a year ago when Maddog was in Finland18:32
LjLPriceChild: i can finish this one18:32
PriceChildgood good ty18:32
LjLif anybody is available to manage -classroom for kiko, i can't be there now19:03
LjLhm, this is getting a bit embarrassing in -classroom... i don't know whether he doesn't *want* to answer the last questions or what, but in any case i can't start relaying them now as i'll have to go before it's up anyway19:21
SeveasLjL, was xmlrpc to launchpad discussed?19:25
LjLSeveas: i have no idea what that means, but from the sound of it, no.19:26
jussi01Seveas: it was mentioned19:29
PriceChildback if needed for classroom19:44
PriceChildOk I'm confused...19:48
PriceChildI am most definitely not in UTC, however classroom is acting as bst?19:48
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: October 23 2007, 18:50:38 - Next meeting: Kernel Team in 6 days19:50
stdinif it was BST, it would be the Edubuntu talk19:50
PriceChildahhhh wait... i didn't see that there were two launchpad talks.19:50
PriceChildoh wait no...19:51
PriceChildi was just looking at thursday19:51
PriceChildbecause thursday == tuesday19:51
ompaulPriceChild, in your mind maybe19:51
PriceChildbut they're so similar19:51
ompaulPriceChild, in your mind maybe   (how long can I keep this up ;-))19:51
jussi01PriceChild: I knew it, you are MAD!! off to the mental hospital with you...19:51
ompaulPriceChild, in your mind maybe19:52
* ompaul rofl19:52
ompaulhow silly can I get :)19:52
ompaulthe meme of the day is to reply to PriceChild with the phrase "in your mind maybe" where you can ;-)19:52
PriceChildand in turn, I will reply with "that's what he/she said" accordingly?19:53
ompaulPriceChild, in your mind maybe19:53
PriceChildGahhhh I'm fed up of it already!! :)19:53
* ompaul should stop, I am hurting from it :)19:53
ompaullaughing to the n'th degree can hurth19:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about twss - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:54
jussi01no twss in here19:54
PriceChildI think it would look bad if we enabled it here...19:54
PriceChild*remembers cowsay 6 months ago*19:55
* jussi01 doesnt19:55
ubotuThat's what she said!19:55
* Pici whistles19:55
jussi01brilliant... :P19:55
ubotuIn ubotu, mythbot said: theend is the beginning is the end20:16
LjLPriceChild: how much do you want to be that he confused UTC with something else too?20:16
LjL!botabuse > mythbot    (mythbot, see the private message from Ubotu)20:16
PriceChild*re-reads several times* ahhh "bet" :)20:17
PriceChildYeah I'm willing to go with that one.20:17
LjLah whops20:17
PiciI'm going afk for a bit, watch out for hordag in #ubuntu, he was a bit trollish a few days ago.20:35
PriceChildHey jarle, how can I help?20:40
PriceChildljl - * irc.freenode.net sets mode +z #ubuntu-classroom20:40
PriceChildwth? :s20:40
LjLPriceChild: mlocked20:40
LjLat least i think20:40
PriceChildI thought chanserv sorts those out.20:40
LjLyeah i thought so20:41
jarleI'm not quite sure why I keep being thrown out of #kubuntu as I have configured xchat to use port 8001... test me please...20:41
PriceChildjarle, you look good, one mo20:41
PriceChildah done :)20:41
LjLjarle: sorted20:42
PriceChildLjL, I'm seeing blank... how do I list mlocks?20:42
PriceChildah //cs info20:42
LjLPriceChild: yeah except there doesn't seem to be any set20:43
PriceChildI don't see it on there :/20:43
LjLperhaps it was server desync rather than mlock20:43
PriceChildGuess so.20:43
jarlethnx... might it be because the frenode server wants me to IDENTIFY before letting me talk, and that makes #kubuntu think I am open to dcc attacks?20:43
LjLPriceChild: anyway, perhaps it's better to leave +z on... if some of them want moderation, and then somebody sets +m but forgets +z -- ugh20:43
PriceChildI wanted to set it off to stop confusing me and <jesgui>.... but he's stopped now so meh20:43
LjLjarle: no, we kick users manually when we see they're victims of DCC attacks. the only possible reason why you were kicked without being affected by the exploit is that you, by chance, happened to leave IRC at the *very* same moment during which there was an attack20:44
LjLPriceChild: yeah i know why you did it, but anyway if he can't read spanish, he'll hardly read the server notices that he can't talk ;)20:45
PriceChildThat though is very very unlikely jarle... because quit messages are different so the op must have been half asleep... which I guess isn't too unusual ;)20:45
LjLPriceChild: hey, i don't remember setting any forwards on #kubuntu, so look at someone else :P20:46
PriceChildgah... detatched channel20:46
jarleActually I wasn't kicked, just auto-forwarded when trying to join....20:46
PriceChildjarle, they would have caught it whilst you were reconnecting.20:46
PriceChildLjL, wasn't pointing fingers 8-)20:46
LjLjarle: yes well, same thing. your nickname was ban-forwarded anyway20:46
jarleHaven't been in #kubuntu for a while so I don't know the circumstances around me leaving the channel the last time though...20:47
ompauljarle, so step one - you change to 8001 - step two you leave irc come back fixed - step three you get tested 20:47
naliothjarle: 'leave' as in shutting your client down totally20:48
ompauljarle, or we test now if you leave you need to fix before you come back20:48
jarleompaul: the thing is that this has happened to me a couple of times the last couple of months, never have to change anything, have been tested ok, and I'm in again...20:49
jarlenever min as long as it works now :)20:50
ompauljarle, is there anything else we can help you with?20:50
jarleinfo on wether gutsy is stable enough to upgrade to yet?20:51
PriceChildjarle, do you swap computers/locations?20:51
jarlePriceChild: no, but I guess that xchat could choose a different server if the primary one is not available...20:52
ompauljarle, it works on the box I have put it on20:52
PriceChildjarle, won't make a difference20:52
jarleompaul: I read something about a unstable (crashing) kernel the first days after the release...20:52
ompauljarle, not had that myself20:52
naliothjarle: gutsy is one of the most finished Ubuntus i've experienced20:53
naliothi've had no problems with it at all20:54
tonyyarussonalioth: At someone hasn't...  Meanwhile I've become of the opinion that it wasn't ready to be released.20:57
jarle...upgrading now...20:57
naliothtonyyarusso: that is funny, as i've rather enjoyed it20:58
tonyyarussonalioth: :S  Yeah, it has a lot of cool stuff - it just doesn't work for me.  Been filing bugs for the last few days.20:59
naliothtonyyarusso: you must have weird hardware, then  :P20:59
tonyyarussonalioth: some of it is hardware-related, yes, but it's certainly not exotic.21:01
tonyyarussonalioth: My list: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~tonyyarusso21:01
tonyyarussonalioth: 12/32 are from the last few days.21:02
tonyyarussoSigh...another bug21:14
effie_jayxgood quote... "Never argue with an idiot. He'll pull you down to his level and win with experience"21:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about shipit - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:14
Pici!shipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Gutsy (7.10) CDs.22:14
ubotuBut shipit already means something else!22:14
mneptokubotu: forget shipit22:17
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, mneptok said: ubotu: forget shipit22:17
Picijust @login ;)22:17
Seeker`it still works22:18
ompaulis shipit dead yet?22:25
ompaulI thought it was over after dapper22:25
ompaulor some such22:25
PiciNo, they're shipping Gutsy cds.22:25
Piciexcept I broke the factoid.22:25
naliothompaul: still alive and well, and providing Ubuntu goodness to the masses22:25
ompaulright I said I was going a while ago I am now22:26
* nalioth sees AndrewB and LjL are prepared to repel boarders in -classroom22:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about shipit - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:37
mneptokubotu: !shipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and  http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Gutsy (7.10) CDs.22:38
ubotuBut shipit already means something else!22:38
mneptokubotu: shipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and  http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Gutsy (7.10) CDs.22:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about shipit - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:38
PriceChild!unforget shipit22:39
ubotuI suddenly remember shipit again, PriceChild22:39
ubotushipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Gutsy \(7.10\) CDs22:39
Piciunforget! aha!22:39
PiciI thought it was remember.22:39
PriceChildPici, no, !unforget :P22:39
jdongPriceChild: if only humans had that22:40
jdongjdong: !unforget nonhomogenous 2nd order differential equation22:40
PumpernickelWe do, but it's been forgotten.22:40
PriceChild<jdong> Sorry, I never knew anything about nonhomogenous 2nd order differential equation22:40
jdongPriceChild: shhhhhhh22:41
jdongPriceChild: you aren't supposed to know that ;-)22:41
PriceChildjdong, I don't know why on earth we tolerate you in here anymore... being only "above average".22:41
jdongPriceChild: relative to the MIT student body mind you :)22:42
mneptokjdong: you're at MIT?23:15
jdongmneptok: yeah23:15
mneptokjdong: pledge?23:15
jdongmneptok: huh?23:15
hexstarLJL sorry23:15
hexstarI will leave now23:15
mneptokyou in a fraternity?23:15
hexstarI went to school by the time you replied to me23:15
jdongmneptok: ah, nope :)23:15
hexstar(just looked at transcript)23:15
mneptokjdong: just curious, as my brother-in-law is an MIT grad and still active in his fraternity.23:16
jdongmneptok: cool23:16
mneptoki was going to get him drunk and get you some ripe gossip.23:17
mneptokor a map to the cadavers.23:17
jdonglol :)23:17
naliothwell, that was most interesting23:18
PriceChildthe Wallops?23:18
naliothsomehow my dhclient failed 23:18
mneptoknalioth: you need to get to church more.23:19
* mneptok sacrificed a juvenile hog to Tl'aan Q'uaa Oortash, and DHCP has been great ever since23:20
ubotucrdlb called the ops in #ubuntu23:25

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