zulis ebox going to be added for hardy?01:16
kgoetzsomeones planning to01:17
nealmcbzul I thought a bit of it was already in gutsy, with lots more to come01:24
zulnealmcb: ah01:24
nilsonI run the NFS server on my machine. Apparently the default install does not include rpc.ugidd, which I want to use to map GID/UIDs across my client systems01:35
nilsonWhat would be the best way to get it? Will I need to manually configure and compile the nfs server01:36
jncnealmcb: Yes, I have to configure ACPI as disabled in BIOS, -or- alternatively I can boot the kernel with acpi=off option01:44
jncboth are functionally the same result meaning if I don't do either one, then there's a kernel panic, and if I do one or both of those there is no kernel panic and everything is working as it should01:45
jnczul: I've updated the community Xen document01:46
kjcoleHi.  I've upgraded to Gutsy and once again my LVM stuff is dead.   Help.01:50
kjcoleThough I'm not running a server, this channel is supposedly more knowledgeable about LVM.01:53
jncUnfortunately we cannot overcome the limitations of your not being connected to hear the answer02:11
jncSo, you feel that your LVM stuff is dead, do you?02:12
jncAh... and you think this is a reoccurring experience! This is very interesting.02:13
kgoetzhehehe. bloody emacs users02:14
ajmitchwash your mouth out02:15
ajmitchcursing emacs users02:23
kgoetzoh right.02:24
scottheasy question that I thought I knew the answer to but apparently not, how do I set the hostname on an ubuntu system, including the fqdn?04:09
scotthI would like hostname to return 'foo' and hostname -f to return 'foo.example.com'04:10
scotthapache keeps saying its unable to determine its own hostname04:12
scotthand the reverse dns points to foo.example.com04:12
nealmcbscotth: yeah - a surprisingly complicated question.04:14
scotthI feel like an old tymer, but back in my day all you had to edit was /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname04:15
nealmcbthose two are usually involved, for sure.  exactly what does apache say?04:16
nealmcband do other things work?04:16
nilsonwhat does `hostname` return04:16
sommerscotth: the way I make that apache error go away is to set the ServerName directive in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf or in the sites-available/default config file.04:18
nilsonscott run hostname --fqd see what it returns04:18
scotthsommer: I set ServerName in the sites-avaliable04:18
nilsonand make sure /etc/init.d/hostname.sh is started04:18
jncscotth: there was a change to /etc/hosts with recent Ubuntu releases which may affect you, it involves changing to for the hostname04:19
sommermmmMMM... might also add ServerName localhost to apache2.conf04:19
scotthnilson: it returns outkast04:19
nilsoneven with the --fqd option?04:20
scotthnilson: yes04:20
nilsonlooks like your server doesn't know its domain04:20
scotthjnc: my entry is still
scotthnilson: I have domain set in /etc/resolv.conf04:21
scotthits a pretty old install that I believe started with dapper and is now at gutsy04:23
* ScottK wonders if Bug #8980 might be relevant.04:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 8980 in netcfg "hostname -f does not return a proper FQDN" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/898004:24
scotthScottK: that got it, reordering to outkast.sjhserv.net outkast got the fqdn working04:26
scotththanks, odd little behavior04:26
nilsonscotth: in hosts?04:27
nilsonYeah mine's set up that way. I saw that it says now too, which I found odd04:27
nilsonI thoght it was a mistake..04:27
scotththough apache is now using as my hostname04:27
scotthbut doing the thing fixes that04:28
scotthway weird04:28
nilsonjnc whats the reason for that switch04:29
kgoetztec/hostname should just be the alias (eg kgoetz), /etc/hosts should have (eg) kgoetz.id.au then kgoetz04:32
highX|HumpyHi, I'm looking for help installing Ubuntu 7.10 onto RAID 005:00
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nownotthey ubuntu folks couldnt help me. i want to edit iptables for http, ftp, ssh, and vpn <- if anyone knows how do do vpn. any help?05:43
kgoetzcan you be more specific in your qeustio? ;)05:44
kgoetzeg what aobut iptables do you need to edit?05:44
kgoetzwhy do you need to?05:45
nownottneed to b/c they are wide open right now. and i need to set them up05:45
kgoetzset them up to do what?05:45
nownotti want to shut all ports besides 80, 21, 22 , 1194, and enable what i need to for vpn05:46
kgoetzuse this as an example:05:47
kgoetziptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 443 -j ACCEPT05:47
kgoetzthat accepts all packges on interface eth0 goin to port 44305:48
kgoetzand if your opening ssh to teh world, look at this http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/18705:48
kgoetzalso http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/23, if this is a gatway05:49
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nownottso the 443 is for https, the first link is for ssh, i can do 21 from the example you gave me for https. you know anything about the vpn world?05:50
jncnownott: easier solution is get another computer and run Smoothwall distro on it05:50
jncclick that junk with a mouse.05:50
nownottjnc: thanks but id really like to get this working05:51
kgoetznownott: look at openvpn05:54
kgoetzjnc: a (dedicated) gateway might be overkill for his purpose05:54
nownottkgoetz: i have openvpn installed and configed. i cant get traffic to get fowarded believe it was the way i have iptables/firewall setup05:59
nownotti can connect to it just fine just no packet fowarding06:00
kgoetznownott: openvpn? tried looking at the logs? asked #openvpn?06:01
nownottopenvpn was no help what so ever, and logs no havent checked there06:01
kgoetzyou mmight need to turn up the loggin, perhaps rrun the daemon in the forground06:01
nownottkgoetz: i enterd the first rule you gave me for https but it had no effect on my firewall06:14
kgoetznownott: looked at the links i gave you?06:15
kgoetzsetup your firewall like the gateway guide says? (with port forwarding if its a gatway)?06:17
nownottdidnt read that one b/c its not a gateway06:18
kgoetzit will probably have rules you need06:18
kgoetzbut i just realised i didnt ask - how did you test 'no effect' with your firewall?06:18
nownottno effect?06:19
kgoetz14:44 < nownott> kgoetz: i enterd the first rule you gave me for https but it had no effect on my firewall06:20
kgoetzhow did you check that?06:20
nownottsudo iptables -L -v06:20
nownottwell i ended up doing them like this iptables -A INPUT -p udp --dport 21 -j ACCEPT06:29
kgoetzSSH is a tcp based protocol06:30
nownottwell hmm when i saved i see the prerouting that you dold me to put in there06:30
kgoetzvpn will be udp06:30
nownotti have my vpn to use tcp instead06:30
nownottwhat is prerouting06:31
kgoetzyou should read the iptables readme files06:32
kgoetz /usr/share/doc/iptables/06:32
kgoetzrustys explanatio of prerout/postrout etc will be better then mine ;)06:32
nownottso do you know about the vpn stuff i need to foward etc. the tun etc06:33
kgoetzif its a vpn server, you need to allow in the port listed in the vpn config file, if its a client dong worry06:33
nownottya i can connect but like i said i believe it was the port fowarding that was getting me06:34
kgoetzi doubt it tbh. more likely to be your routs/dns are broken06:34
kgoetzbut until you check out the logs and or turn up debug, who knows06:35
nownottkgoetz: you have amin to look at my iptables?06:46
kgoetznownott: not atm, i'm at work :)06:47
RealMurphyHi, i have a brief question about cowbuilder: Is it really possible to build 32bit stuff with it in a 64bit environment?08:26
RealMurphyI tried many variations of arch=i386 in many places and it always goes back to amd64 packages08:26
sorencowbuilder is a variant of pbuilder, right?08:26
sorenYes, it seems so.08:27
sorenRealMurphy: What you need to do is to make sure that the chroot is created as an i386 chroot.08:27
sorenThis is usually achieved by passing --arch i386 to debootstrap.08:28
sorenDue to the way pbuilder accepts options, you need to pass --debootstrapopts --arch --debootstrapopts i386  to pbuilder.08:28
sorenRealMurphy: ...but these questions are actually more suitable for #ubuntu-motu. :)08:28
RealMurphyyes, sorry, was distracted08:32
RealMurphyok, thanks alot - I was mostly overwhelmed by the number of channels available :)08:33
RealMurphysoren: I havent used that way to use mutliple  --debootstrapopts, i'll try that or go to greyskull08:33
sorenRealMurphy: :)08:34
RealMurphysoren: You hit the problem right on its head and it gone now. Thanks a lot :)08:42
sorennp :)08:42
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storkhow can i find out what version i'm running ?12:43
zul_stork: cat /etc/issue12:59
storkis it possible to upgrade from 6.10 to 7.10 without doing a clean install ?13:00
sorenstork: Skipping a release is not support. You need to do 6.10 -> 7.04 -> 7.10.13:04
soren"supported", I mean.13:05
zul_soren: or you could whipe everything clean and just install 7.1013:07
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sorenor poke your eye out with a rusty fork..13:07
zulor you could do that but thats the easy way out13:07
ScottKFor some definition of possible that goes well into really painful and you probably don't want to do it, yes.  It's possible.13:10
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penguim@schedule Bahia15:38
ubotuSchedule for America/Bahia: 23 Oct 12:00: Server Team | 23 Oct 13:00: Kernel Team | 30 Oct 13:00: Kernel Team | 08 Nov 12:00: Community Development Team15:38
nealmcbserver team meeting in 15 minutes, #ubuntu-meeting - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting15:46
pteague_workwhat do i need to do to get apache to stop complaining about not being able to reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name?  i'm guessing i need to set something up with hostname ?17:08
sommerpteague_work: try setting "ServerName localhost" in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf17:09
pteague_worksommer> cool, thanks... i wasn't sure but what it was a hostname issue in the linux setup17:20
GuiriI'm on a Gutsy lamp server. I tried to install fluxbox but when I run startx I get an error about the font directory17:22
GuiriI've ran fc-cache and dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig17:22
sommerGuiri: you'll probably also need to install x-window-system-core xserver-xorg... if they aren't already17:24
Guirithanks. let me check17:24
GuiriI was missing the core, which is conveniently install the 75 and 100 fonts packages17:25
GuiriNow it errors with no devices detected. I thought I set the 'intel' driver in xorg. But the vesa throws the same error.17:28
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Fenix|workgreetings... how do I go about adding framebuffer to my server install?19:43
sommerFenix|work: do you just want a higher resolution font?  if so I just add vga=791 to the end of the kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.1st19:51
Fenix|workI did that... didn't work19:52
Fenix|workperhaps I did it wrong19:52
Fenix|workI'll look at it in a sec19:52
Fenix|workjust reinstalling19:52
sommeryou could also edit the line from grub before booting... sometimes it's up to your video card if it'll work or not I've noticed19:53
Fenix|workyeah... had those problems with gentoo ...19:54
Fenix|workbut man, 80x25 blows :)19:54
sommerssh is always whatever resolution you want :)19:54
Fenix|workyeah, haven't advanced to that stage yet though :)19:55
Fenix|workI don't have any networking set up just yet19:55
Fenix|work(deliberately set it up that way)19:55
Fenix|workgetting this set up for cloning19:56
Fenix|worksommer, for SSH, I need to install OpenSSH?20:50
sommeryep, openssh-server to be exact20:51
Fenix|workis there a firewall already installed?20:52
mralphabetif there are no services running, there is no need for a firewall20:52
mralphabetthat being said, you can install iptables20:52
sommeriptables is, but you'll need to configure it.20:52
Fenix|workand soon openssh20:52
mralphabetwell, those are things you added ;)20:52
Fenix|worklast I want is outside to access ssh20:52
Fenix|workumm, how does one fix all the stupid characters that show up in aptitude when using ssh?20:55
Fenix|workputty to be specific20:55
mindframe-what stupid characters?20:56
Fenix|workmy putty is set to utf-820:56
Fenix|workand instead of lines, I get lqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqk\nxReally quite Aptitude?x\nmqqqqqqqqqqqj20:57
Fenix|workobviously a characterset thing ...20:57
sommeranyone know of a way to do page accounting with cups and samba?21:18
sommerprinting from a Windows client to a network printer shared through Samba21:19
Calin24after upgrading from 7.04 to 7.10 I lost ldap-pam support, everything ldap-nss still works, and config for ldap-pam is still there... any idea's?21:54
neozenhi there all...22:10
neozenneed to upgrade a headless ubuntu-server box to gutsy from feisty22:10
Kamping_KaiserCalin24, i can help per se, but i have pam-ldap working on 7.10 using the example configuration22:10
neozenwas sure there were instructions for this on ubuntu's site.... seem to have disappeared22:11
neozenah... here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading22:12
Calin24it seems to be misconfigured, since my user.log is showing can't reconnect to ldap server, but i'll be darned if i know where 7.10 does the config... i know nss_ldap got rid of needing nss-ldap.conf and nss-ldap.secret but no clue about pam.22:13
Kamping_KaiserCalin24, /etc/ldap.conf22:14
Calin24hrmm should be working then, since nss_ldap is using the same config file, and works...22:15
dendrobatesCalin24: you might need to rename nss-ldap.secret to ldap.secret22:15
dendrobatesCalin24: were you using secret files?  Are you using TLS?22:16
Calin24already done... every config file 7.04 needed is gone, and all that's left is /etc/ldap.conf /etc/ldap.secret and /etc/ldap/ldap.conf22:16
Calin24no to TLS.. just secret files22:17
dendrobatesCalin24: I just scrolled back, it seems you have nss-ldap working fine.22:18
dendrobatesCalin24: if nss works pam should as well.  What are you seeing in the log's regarding pam?22:19
Calin24right.. it's just pam auth that fails22:19
Calin24pam_Oct 23 17:00:39 bowser sudo: pam_ldap: ldap_simple_bind Can't contact LDAP server22:20
dendrobatesCalin24: did you save a copy of your old pam-ldap.conf?22:22
dendrobatesCalin24: the only issue I know of, is the use of URI when doing TLS.  I'd try copying the pam-ldap.conf over ldap.conf.22:23
dendrobatesperhaps there is something specific to your config that was missed in the new debconf scripts.22:24
dendrobatesCalin24: if that fixes it, I'd like to see a diff.22:25
Calin24there an easy way to reboot pam without rebooting? or is it like nss and should auto pickup changes22:31
dendrobatesCalin24: it should be automatic.22:33
Calin24hrmm nope isn't working even with the old pam-ldap.conf ... and just tried samba, it's definately only pam that's missing some sort of config to be working22:39
close2__hello, i have the problem, that my raid-arrays are not stopped correctly when rebooting: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mdadm/+bug/11139823:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 111398 in mdadm "mdadm fails to stop RAID on shutdown" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:01
close2__as there is no solution there yet, I hoped, that you would have an idea, how to prevent this.23:02
close2__I have 3 raid-partitions: swap, /boot and /  ; until now either swap or /boot where not correctly shutdown.23:04
marchpumpkinwhat are recommended web interfaces for ubuntu-server?  ebox seems minimal and webmin doesn't seem to exist23:27
* ScottK likes vim, but ebox is planned for Hardy.23:33
ScottK!webmin | marchpumpkin23:33
ubotumarchpumpkin: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system23:33
marchpumpkinso webmin is a no-go....and ebox will be good whenever Hardy comes out....what would anyone suggest for the time being?23:35
ScottKDunno.  I don't use a web interface.23:35
marchpumpkinBIND is way too complicated for my small (dozen+) network... what would be a simple replacement?23:42
kjcoleCan't boot Gutsy with my LVM system any longer.  Was told -server might be a better place to ask.23:53

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