dok_Hello, Been at the forum reading on how to get emerald themes to download the themes seems its not working, what is the correct way to do this, thanks00:00
danny3793rainwalker: xorg.conf, located in /etc/X1100:00
asbanigeorgy_28, are you there brother?00:00
levmattadanny3793: I did not have this problem and I tested it a lot00:00
chris122380there are no answeres there00:00
mawxtoby there might just be a typo in there.00:00
rainwalkerdanny3793: oy...00:00
chris122380I did exactly what they said to do00:00
jburdAnd is currently leaking memory @ levmatta00:00
shane634Dex-Freudii: not that i am aware of.. other than backing em all up00:00
qwerkusbenzon: GOT it !00:00
danny3793levmatta: i believe he said it does it if you do it alot of times00:00
tobythe update ,anager00:00
levmattajburd: did you install the compiz fusion manager?00:00
qwerkusbenzon: is there no "beam up" plugin for compiz ?00:00
rainwalkerdanny3793: I broke my computer's graphics somehow, and I don't know what to do! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=360450200:00
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" , thanks.00:00
Dex-Freudiithat's why I prefer upgrading :-/00:00
Dex-FreudiiLiMaO: why do you say that?00:01
asbaniguys why i can't find w32codecs in the synaptic or apt-get?00:01
jribFluxD: have you tried reading "install.sh"?00:01
LiMaODex-Freudii: too many people having too many problems with it00:01
danny3793rainwalker: oof, ATI is hard with Linux lol00:01
shane634Dex-Freudii: it it helps any i upgraded without any issues at all00:01
rainwalkeralso, after upgrading, why wasn't the restricted drivers manager available00:01
jburdlevmatta: The bug is in compiz, not gutsy.  Every time I minimize and restore any window, compiz's memory consumption goes up 1% and after a while X crashes.00:01
hyper__chasbani: add the medibuntu repos00:01
mawxtoby: there does not seem to be a source.gz here:00:01
mawx http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty/universe/00:01
rainwalkerdanny3793: well the sad thing is that it worked perfectly in Feisty!00:01
Dex-Freudiishane634: what's your hardware?00:01
asbanihydrogen, can you please tell me how, or give it to me00:01
* Possum had problems upgrading00:01
mawxtoby: but i am not sure.00:01
LiMaODex-Freudii: i used gutsy myself. it's great. fast, stable. but too many minor (some even major) that affect almost all people00:01
rainwalkerPossum: don't worry, me too00:01
hyper__chasbani: google for medibuntu00:02
Possumin fact the install/livecd didn't work00:02
FluxDjrib: yea I am not really sure where the uninstall option is though00:02
tobyno fix huh00:02
shane634nividia fx5200, amd 1200+ onboard sound00:02
mawxtoby: try removing the "e" in the diests part in your sources.list00:02
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" , thanks.00:02
jribFluxD: apparently you need to do "./install.sh --uninstall"00:02
danny3793rainwalker: have you tried possibly enabling the card through restricted drivers manager?00:02
georgy_28asbani : here is a repo : deb http://packages.medibuntu.org/ gutsy free non-free00:02
chris122380How do I get quicktime files to play in Ubuntu 7.10 without crashing the media player?00:02
FluxDjrib: ty00:02
joankidanny3793, still having problems here... gonna wait it out hoping they fix the bug00:02
levmattajburd: I was just thinking of installing compizconfig-settings-manager and disabling some effects00:02
deaddreameri have my ports forwarded, but utorrent doesn't go over 40kb/s and i don't know how to fix it, in windows with bitspirit i could get easily to 200kb/s any ideas?00:02
Dex-Freudiianybody using dell inspiron 1501 laptop with 7.10?00:02
jribFluxD: "./install.sh --help" should list that00:02
PossumI used the alt install, which failed after installing base system, then apt-got ubuntu-desktop00:02
rainwalkerdanny3793: well on Feisty, effects didn't work with that driver00:02
PaganImmolatorjrib: sorry, I can't figure out this rename command out. The man page doesn't really help. Is this perl? I don't know perl.00:02
levmattajburd: compizconfig-settings-manager lets you configure it and test it better00:02
hyper__chdeaddreamer: use uPNP00:02
tobyi am a noob so still tryin got figure out how00:03
hyper__chdeaddreamer: or rtorrent ;)00:03
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" , thanks.00:03
User667anyone knows how to disable network interfaces without "ifconfig <int.name> down"?00:03
FluxDjrib: I didnt know ./ stuff had options on them00:03
seamus7Dex-Greudii I'm on the E150500:03
rainwalkerdanny3793: and even if I wanted to, I could have installed the driver because for some reason the restricted drivers manager got removed during the upgrade!00:03
jburdlevmatta: Try this on your box if you can:  open a term and type top.  (watch compiz.real)    turn on desktop effects and minimize and maximize a window repeatedly.  watch the mem consumption.00:03
asbaniomg hyper___ch georgy_28 . I just downloaded this "sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/dapper.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list" and a Dapper version, how to prevent or remove it now?00:03
[chr0n0s]how do i make vlc the default media player in xfce ??00:03
jribFluxD: like I said, a shell script can do *anything* :)00:03
jburdI wish to know if it is only my machines suffering from this00:03
Tamaleif anyone was in here to see my complaining for hours about DHCP in gutsy, I Just got it working with a simple dhclient command.  I don't want to have to do this everytime I start my laptop though.  How can I get dhcp to work the first time, everytime?00:03
FluxDjrib: heh thx again00:03
levmattajburd: OK00:03
danny3793rainwalker: you mean you have no restricted drivers manager? if you do i would try to use the drivers provided with that and see if it works00:03
danny3793rainwalker: if you dont, then thats...uh...bad lol00:04
georgy_28asbani : change dapper in gutsy and reload00:04
Dex-Freudiiseamus7: did you upgrade from 7.04?00:04
rainwalkerdanny3793: I know!00:04
shane634Tamale: bind the script00:04
Possumrainwalker, try apt-get install ubuntu-desktop?00:04
deaddreamerany good website on how to find themes and skins and cursors and all that kind of stuff for ubuntu??00:04
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" , thanks.00:04
jribPaganImmolator: you need to understand basic regular expressions.  In the directory, try: rename 's/$/.jpg/' *00:04
rainwalkerPossum: for what?00:04
asbanigeorgy_28, change it where?00:04
seamus7Dex-Freudii: I did ... to the Release Candidate .. then I did a fresh install00:04
FluxDdeaddreamer: gnom-look.org00:04
jburdlevmatta: What happens at your end?00:04
Tamaleshane634: How can i do that.00:04
FluxDdeaddreamer: gnome-look.org00:04
hyper__chasbani: are you on dapper?  and plz use tab completion for highlighting00:04
danny3793rainwalker: im not suggesting this but, perhaps you can try Envy? I hear it works for some people, but not everyone00:04
Possumrainwalker, I think it should fix anything broken like the missing restricted drivers thing00:04
asbanihyper___ch, I'm in gutsy.00:04
PaganImmolatorjrib: yeah. that syntax is funky. Not what I am used to. Let me try.00:05
jribPaganImmolator: wait, don't try that00:05
rainwalkerdanny3793: um...the fix has to be non-gui00:05
georgy_28asbani : sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list00:05
Dex-Freudiihow better is 7.10 than 7.04?00:05
ubotuenvy is a script that may leave you envious of those who have not used it, use the resticted manager to install binary drivers or use the instructions on the wiki, this script may break your machine very badly!00:05
danny3793rainwalker: ive used it and it worked for me, i had to use the manual upgrade (makes you manually choose the version you want"00:05
PossumDex-Freudii, better enough :)00:05
jribPaganImmolator: instead, try this first: rename -n 's/$/.jpg/' *00:05
shane634Dex-Freudii: it is cool lol00:05
rainwalkerdanny3793: this will explain my problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=360450200:05
asbanigeorgy_28, Ok then??00:05
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" , thanks.00:05
User667!test | User66700:05
danny3793IdleOne: Im not envious of those who didnt use it, when it worked fine for me ;)00:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about apt-cacher - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:05
IdleOne!worksforme | danny379300:05
ubotudanny3793: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/00:05
PaganImmolatorjrib: oops..that last one seems to have worked anyway00:05
Dex-Freudiii'll try an upgrade00:05
rainwalkerPossum: can you read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3604502 and tell me if installing ubuntu-desktop would help with that?00:05
mawxtoby - easiest way might be looking at the repository list in synaptic.00:06
shane634Dex-Freudii: that worked flawlessly for me00:06
jribPaganImmolator: yeah they were the same but the -n makes it just say what it would do so you can check00:06
asnHello, if someone knows some basics of blog/web designing, please PM me. I'd like to ask a couple of questions.00:06
georgy_28asbani:  sudo apt-get update, then you can install the codecs00:06
hyper__chgeorgy_28: not with the wrong repo sources00:06
danny3793rainwalker: so youve tried vesa and all others?00:06
PaganImmolatorjrib: thanks again. I will save that so I can study it later.00:07
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 , thanks.00:07
hyper__chasbani: use TAB completition so that you get the name correctly for the people you address00:07
asbaniPackage w32codecs is not available,00:07
asbanihyper__ch, Ok now?00:07
User667anyone who wants to help with a tablet pc, please PM me00:07
levmattajburd: it did not move, %MEM, SHR, VIRT did not change00:07
hyper__chasbani: why did you select the dapper one and not the gutsy one?00:07
shane634heth: is it affecting your machine at all?00:07
Possumrainwalker, I figure it's worth a try... it worked for me with my trashed system...00:07
Dex-Freudiishane634: thaanxx00:07
Pici!medibuntu | asbani00:07
ubotuasbani: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org00:07
asbaniE: Package w32codecs has no installation candidate00:07
frogggerdoes ubuntu support rpm installers?00:07
juliohaqui lo croman00:07
asbaniPici, I did all whats in it.00:07
levmattajburd: I am using the nvidia driver00:07
deaddreamerhyper__ch, is upnp universal plug & play?00:08
jrib!rpm | froggger00:08
ubotufroggger: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)00:08
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hethshane634: loops.00:08
asbanihyper__ch, I did by mistake, but then i choosed the gutsy one.00:08
=== bonzai is now known as b0nza1
shane634froggger: with alien yes00:08
rainwalkerdanny3793: I've only tried vesa with Gutsy, because it crashed my graphics so I can't choose a different driver00:08
hyper__chdeaddreamer: yeah00:08
hethshane634: cannot start gdm at all00:08
Piciasbani: w32codecs is in there iirc, make sure that you do an apt-get update before trying to install00:08
seamus7Dex-Freudii: an upgrade worked for me on my E1505 ... 7.10 is nice in that you can get the propietary FGLRX installed through one click in the Restricted Drivers Manager ... and that makes it almost worth it right there ... I did a fresh install a couple days ago just cause I like to do that and with / in its own partition it's not too much of a pain00:08
frogggerso is it reccomended to use alien or not>00:08
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 , thanks.00:08
asbaniPici, I did update..00:08
shane634heth: ok let me look it up then00:08
hyper__chasbani: so you have now the gutsy one added?00:08
frogggeri'm trying to install linuxant drivers00:08
hethshane634, thanks.00:08
PinkFloydIm having trouble with apt on my Ubuntu Server. Im getting "Could not connect" errors when trying to install some packages.00:08
rainwalkerPossum: what is ubuntu-deskop anyway? It sounds like something that would be installed already...00:08
mrunagidoes 7.10 have a different network manager than 7.04 that allows you to refresh wireless networks in range?00:08
jburdlevmatta: Well I'm using the nvidia driver too, and I also tried the git repo version of compiz.00:08
jribfroggger: no, don't use alien.  They have debs....00:08
jburdlevmatta: Still the same thing.00:09
shane634froggger: does alien work for that install or not?00:09
Possumrainwalker, it's a metapackage that installs everything that comes default00:09
rainwalkermrunagi: no, it's just an updated version of the 7.04 network manager00:09
eugmanIs it possible to install in such a way that I overwrite my linux partition except for the home folder in it?00:09
mrunagiis there a way to refresh the networks?00:09
rainwalkerPossum: Okay, so would I boot into recovery mode?00:09
Piciasbani: Are you running 64bits?00:09
hyper__chasbani: so you have now the gutsy one added?00:09
asbanihyper__ch, yeah00:09
rainwalkerPossum: actually, what is the command to switch to a text-based login?00:09
jribeugman: if you have /home on a different partition, then yes00:09
asbaniPici, 64bits of what?00:09
hyper__chasbani: and you are running 32 or 64 bit?00:09
Phocionis AVANT no longer in apt ???00:10
hyper__chasbani: did you use the i386 or the amd64 installation?00:10
Possumrainwalker, If recovery mode works... I don't know how to get a text-based login, but you can probably chroot from a livecd00:10
Piciasbani: nevermind, i see hyper__ch is heling you.00:10
asbanihyper__ch, no i choosed i38600:10
hyper__chPici: trying to00:10
Phocionis avant not supported in Gutsy?00:10
levmattajburd: sorry to bug you, I will try to google it and search the compiz-fusion forum00:10
frogggerthanks, i'll just use something else then00:10
hyper__chasbani: you added a new repository, so you first have to update the packages:   sudo apt-get update00:10
asbanihyper__ch, i did man00:10
Piciasbani: does `apt-cache search w32codecs` return anything?00:10
asbaniPici, nop00:11
rainwalkerPossum: what is chroot?00:11
hyper__chasbani: after that you can install it:   sudo apt-get install w32codecs00:11
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 , thanks.00:11
seamus7Phocion: yes Gutsy can run AWN with compiz enabled of course ... see here http://www.queervisions.com/arch/2007/10/awn_avantwindow.html00:11
deaddreamer_hyper__ch,  i just activated uPnP and its even slower XD00:11
asbanihyper__ch, maybe you dont believe me, so i will show you00:11
Phocionseamus7, thanks dude - but it's no longer in APT right?>00:11
hyper__chasbani: or you could run it all in one:     sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install w32codecs00:11
deaddreamer_(on utorrent)00:11
Possumrainwalker, it treats the chroot'd directory as though it were /00:12
hyper__chdeaddreamer_: then use rtorrent ;)00:12
Phocionseamus7, I see avant in Synaptics, but it doesnt have a version with it00:12
Possumrainwalker, effectively CHanging the ROOT directory00:12
tininhi, what distro do you recommend me for a Mac G4?00:12
deaddreamer_i installed it through apt-get but it doesn't show up in the apps menu :S00:12
shane634tinin: dapper00:12
hyper__chdeaddreamer_: rtorrent is command line based00:12
hyper__chdeaddreamer_: ;)00:12
Pici!ppc | tinin00:12
ubotutinin: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ00:12
deaddreamer_i see00:12
asbanihyper__ch, look here. you dont believe me?00:12
Tamalehyper__ch: HOLY SH*T.  you can tab complete people's NICKNAMES in irc?!00:12
Possumrtorrent is nice :)00:12
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:12
Pici!language | Tamale00:13
ubotuTamale: Please watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.00:13
hyper__chTamale: sure you can00:13
deaddreamer_how do i run rtorrent? :S00:13
Zippy2holy poo00:13
seamus7Phocion: that I don't know ... I think I stopped using the Synaptic AWN cause it's not as stable as the one here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38598100:13
TamaleI asterisked my i :)00:13
asbanihyper__ch, see. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41768/00:13
Possumdeaddreamer_, man rtorrent for starters :)00:13
PinkFloydIm having trouble with apt on my Ubuntu Server. Im getting "Could not connect" errors when trying to install some packages.00:13
Tamalethat's awesome lol00:13
deaddreamer_well nvm, ill search google, too much stuff to learn i think00:13
hyper__chdeaddreamer_: let me fetch a url00:13
FluxDrtorrent made my computer crash on compile :(00:13
rainwalkerPossum: I still don't get it...what command would I run?00:13
jribdeaddreamer_: it is a terminal application00:13
PiciTamale: you didn't fool anyone.00:13
Zippy2FluxD: it has a builtin noob detector00:13
gordonjcpis there a reason why I'm getting two copies of most of my mail in Evolution00:13
scottfrohello, i'm wondering why every time i load up rhythmbox my files (that are on another harddrive) don't load....but as soon as i open up that harddrive elsewhere they load up fine, any ideas?00:13
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 , thanks.00:13
TamalePici:  I might've typed Shut :)00:13
gordonjcponly in INBOX though?00:13
Possumrainwalker, oh, right, you should only do this if you can't boot though... one second00:13
rainwalkerwirechief: I think I PMed you twice, sorry00:14
FluxDrtorrent made my computer crash on compile :(00:14
asbaniPici, check http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41768/ too.. maybe you will know00:14
Phocionseamus7, got it.  thanks!00:14
hyper__chdeaddreamer_: that's what me got hooked:   http://kmandla.wordpress.com/2007/05/02/howto-use-rtorrent-like-a-pro/00:14
rainwalkerPossum: haha! Important little detail00:14
darxhow can i select text in xpdf? :-)00:14
Zippy2darx: depends on the pdf00:14
deaddreamer_thank you :)00:14
hyper__chdeaddreamer_: if you want to do magic, you let rtorrent run within "screen" --> http://jmcpherson.org/screen.html00:14
Tamaleso does anyone here know what changed with networking from feisty to gutsy?00:14
darxZippy2: It isn't protected.00:14
asbanihyper__ch, are you still helping me?00:14
Tamalespecifically, why DHCP doesn't work automatically like it used to00:14
rainwalkerTamale: I don't know, but it wasn't a good change...00:14
shane634Tamale: it forced network manager00:15
Zippy2let me see00:15
Possumrainwalker, boot from livecd, and assuming your drive is /dev/sda1 and your chroot directory is /mnt/, mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/; mount -o bind /dev/ /mnt/dev; chroot /mnt/;00:15
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 , thanks.00:15
Tamaleshane634: Can you help me understand what that change means and how I can use a script to automate the grabbing of an IP address?00:15
hyper__chasbani: strange00:15
shane634just disable it and move on00:15
rainwalkerPossum: what will that do?00:15
Wilbur31337When installing, I have 3 kernel choices:  linux-generic, linux-image-generic, and linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic.  Are these different kernels, or just one kernel and two meta packages for some special install?00:15
darxZippy2: If the pdf isn't protected how do I do it?00:15
Piciasbani: try installing non-free-codecs instead.00:15
vipall bye...00:15
Zippy2the name of Adobe's PDF software.)  The Xpdf project also includes a00:15
Zippy2PDF text extractor, PDF-to-PostScript converter, and various other00:15
Possumrainwalker, then you _should_ be able to run commands as though you were actually logged in as root to the broken system00:15
Tamaleshane634: How can I disable it00:15
Zippy2darx: you can also try pdftk00:16
shane634it is in the upper right corner turn it off00:16
Possumrainwalker, so then you can apt-get reinstall ubuntu-desktop or whatever00:16
rainwalkerPossum: but doesn't recovery mode automatically log me in as root?00:16
Tamaleshane634: I don't see what you're talking about.00:16
Zippy2zless /usr/share/doc/xpdf/README.gz00:16
hyper__chasbani: pastebin  this:   cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list00:16
Possumrainwalker, like I said, teh chroot should only be necessary if recovery mode doesn't work :)00:16
Metal03Hi there!  I'm having issues configuring my video drivers...  Is it normal that on the logging screen my resolution is 800x600 and when I type my username and password I get normal resolution of 1856x1392??00:16
hyper__chdeaddreamer_: did you drop out?00:16
shane634should be a couple computers up there just don't use em00:16
hyper__chdeaddreamer: did you drop out?00:16
rainwalkerPossum: ohh okay00:16
deaddreamer_drop out?00:17
darxZippy2: I just need to select text using the mouse and copy it to the clip board. I can do that with adobe reader and evince. Is there a way to do that using xpdf?00:17
TamaleI never used them before and I haven't touched them on my new gusty install00:17
asbanihyper__ch, here. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41770/00:17
rainwalkerPossum: I'll keep all that in mind, I want to see if I can fix my video driver first00:17
deaddreamer_im reading the link you gave me :)00:17
shane634delete em tamale00:17
hyper__chdeaddreamer_: I gave you two ;)00:17
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 , thanks.00:17
deaddreamer_yeah both :D00:17
deaddreamer_starting with the first though xD00:17
Possumrainwalker, ok, good luck :)00:17
shane634they never worked for me back to edgy00:17
nickrudMetal03: it can be normal, yes. Did you set the resolution of your desktop with system-preferences-screen resolution?00:17
rainwalkerPossum: thank you!00:17
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 appears something with EVMS.. , thanks.00:17
PthomasHi, I have compilied php and apache2 from source, how do I remove them?00:17
Tamaleshane634: How?00:17
Metal03nickrud : yes00:18
rainwalkerPossum: do you know how to change the video driver back to the original one?00:18
Tamaleshane634:  I can't just right click on it and hit "delete"00:18
shane634Tamale: i am on my danged windows box lol00:18
AllooshHi, I just installed a window program using wine, where is the folder where I can see program files?00:18
hyper__chasbani: I see the problem... you konw how to edit this file?  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list ?00:18
Tamalesudo apt-get remove network-manager ?00:18
rainwalkerAlloosh: I think it's .wine00:18
shane634if this alienware would work with linux..... lol00:18
nickrudMetal03: ok, the base config of X is 800x600, but your user has set a custom one. That's designed so another user on your system could also have their own res00:18
rainwalkerTamale: I wouldn't recommend removing that00:18
asbanihyper__ch, yeah i know00:18
Tamalerainwalker: why not00:18
=== D[a]rkH[a]ck is now known as DarkHack
rainwalkerTamale: because I think it's important...I'm not positive though00:19
shane634rainwalker: how so??00:19
=== Shinigami is now known as kevind23
administratorwhat is a good program to block ips?00:19
Tamalerainwalker: If fesity didn't have it I'm cool with it being gone.00:19
administratora program good for ubuntu gutsy00:19
rainwalkershane634: doesn't it manage all the connections and stuff?00:19
rainwalkerTamale: that's a good point00:19
hyper__chasbani: change it to this:    http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41772/00:19
hyper__chasbani: for some reason it did not add the "non-free"00:19
darxTamale: feisty did have network manager00:19
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 appears something with EVMS.. , thanks.00:19
noelferreirahow can i config ddclient that it actualize my IP in dyndns.org everytime i reboot my rooter?00:20
Metal03nickrud: ok, well I'm having problems with Nvidia drivers...  I upgraded to 7.10 and tried to update my drivers and now wine can't use openGL00:20
shane634rainwalker: it is a connection mangager.. but only one of many avaialable00:20
Tamaledarx: was it enabled by default00:20
Possumrainwalker, I don't have much experience with ATI cards, but you can edit xorg.conf00:20
Wilbur31337Rain, it can, but there are other provisions for networking without network manager00:20
darxTamale: what exactly is the trouble you are having? is it wireless?00:20
PthomasHow do I uninstall things built from source?00:20
Tamaleno, just wired.00:20
[Soma]hey. my title bar disappears on all windows when i enable desktop effects. anyone got any idea?00:20
TamaleI just want dhcp to work automatically when I boot up.00:20
Piciadministrator: iptables can do it, through firestarter if you have a gui.00:20
nickrudMetal03: I know nothing about nvidia. I use ati, and wish I didn't.00:20
rainwalkerPossum: ooh...I'd have to use vi or vim since I'd have to use the command line, wouldn't I?00:20
crimsunPthomas: `make uninstall` if the Makefiles are still around (and if the build system supports it)00:20
hyper__chasbani: and after that:    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install w32codecs00:20
asbanihyper__ch, ok doing it now00:20
shane634then get rid of that manager tamale00:20
TamaleI got it to work for the first time today by running sudo dhclient eth000:21
administratorpici: thanks!@00:21
Pthomascrimsun: `make uninstall` doesn't work the makefiles aren't around anymore.00:21
Possumrainwalker, in the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf the Driver line under Section "Device"00:21
Tamalehold on, i think darx is trying to help00:21
Tamalemaybe :)00:21
rainwalkerPossum: hang on, let me take a look...00:21
dedican i modify the keymapping of a special keyboard (only numbad keyboard)?00:21
Possumrainwalker, nano is easier for most people00:21
crimsunPthomas: download the tarball, configure, then make uninstall00:21
hyper__chdeaddreamer_: need a link on how to compile the lastest rtorrent from subversion? ;)00:21
Piciadministrator: also fail2ban can automatically add ips who consistantly fail to authenticate.00:21
darxTamale: CAn you connect using the terminal?00:21
rainwalkerI love being able to access the files already on the computer :)00:21
Pthomascrimsun: alright thanks00:21
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 appears something with EVMS.. , thanks.00:21
Metal03nickrud : is there a way to remove all graphic drivers and use only the default ones...  Then I'd try to start from scratch!00:21
Possumrainwalker, but use nano -w so the lines don't wrap00:21
Tamaledarx: I was able to connect using sudo dhclient eth0 from the terminal.00:21
deaddreamer_compile?? XD00:21
nickrudMetal03: how did you install the graphics driver00:21
deaddreamer_hyper__ch,  i have been using linux for... 1 day and a half XD00:22
tobyfor some reason I am unable to get into my /ect/apt/sources/list there is nothing there00:22
asbaniworking hyper__ch :)00:22
administratorpici: i just have a list of ips i need to place on block00:22
Tamaletoby:  it's sources.list00:22
gribouillecan someone tell me how I can install firefox ?00:22
hyper__chdeaddreamer_: time to compile something, don't you think?00:22
Tamalenot sources/list00:22
deaddreamer_hyper__ch,  and im sooooo lost XD00:22
hyper__chdeaddreamer_: btw, the official homepage of rtorrent:   http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/00:22
tobysorry typo00:22
xeeri have a large xml database i'd like to modify through a text editor. i'm trying to use gedit but it renders each line of text on the the same line before it freezes. what editor can handle large amounts of text?00:22
rainwalkerwhat driver should I use?00:22
hyper__chasbani: good00:22
rainwalkerI don't know what I used on Feisty00:22
kevind23Okay, really annoying problem -_-" I have this: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/478/3370&cl=us,en keyboard, and I pressed one of the special buttons on top, which used to work just dandy, but a little window popped up asking whether to use X or GNOME settings because I had apparently changed one of them. I pushed the X button, and now they are broken >< Any way to change it back to GNOME, or the way they are?00:22
darxTamale: As a work around, you could add that line to the file /etc/local.rc that will run the command when ever you log in00:22
Tamaledarx ?00:22
nickrudxeer: emacs00:22
asbaniI'll restart PC after that00:22
hyper__chdeaddreamer_: you'll get used to it00:22
Tamalebut i guess i'd rather just know why it's not working in the newer version00:23
Tamaleseems like a huge mistake?00:23
tobyI have to edit my sources and can't get to them00:23
[Soma]hey. my title bar disappears on all windows when i enable desktop effects. anyone got any idea? (7.10 / Nvidia)00:23
Metal03Nickrud : I tried a few things...  first I did System - admin -Screens and Graphics...  but that's what brought the problem I think...  then I tried thru synapsis...  removing stuff and installing other...00:23
=== trypglyph_ is now known as trypglyph
Tamaleyou can grab a new file online toby00:23
shane634Tamale: it is because of a conflict in network managers00:23
deaddreamer_im going too00:23
Tamaleshane634: What's the other manager00:24
administratoranyone know how i can install the older version of gaim onto gutsy?00:24
darxTamale: You could try to read the messages log to see whats happening00:24
shane634Tamale: the default one in ubuntu00:24
administratori want the 1.5.0 version00:24
Tamaledarx:  which messages?  dmesg ??00:24
asbaniadministrator, why tho?00:24
administratorcan i use the windows version in any way?00:24
asbaniadministrator, you dont like pidgin?00:24
administratorasbani: i hate the new version of pidgin i just odnt like it00:24
tobyyou know I am using beryl00:24
administratorno i dont like it00:24
dafoieare there any backdoors in the kernel or in the ubuntu code that gives NSA or any other organisations accses to the system???00:24
=== deaddreamer_ is now known as zZzZdeaddreamer
rainwalkerPossum: okay, in the backups I've made in the past of my xorg.conf, the driver is listed as "ati"00:24
asbaniadministrator, sigh.... why! Its nice00:24
administratori had previous problems with it and never had any problems with gaim00:24
Tamaledafoie: Yes, 298 of them.00:24
tonyyarussodafoie: Of course not.00:24
_RadioHeaddoes k3b or another softweare can burn @ same time in mroe then 2 dvd-rw?00:24
shane634dafoie: no00:25
dafoietonyyarusso how can i be sure of that?00:25
tonyyarussodafoie: You can check the source for yourself if you wish.00:25
Possumrainwalker, that sounds about right00:25
rainwalkerPossum: if that's the driver that was used by default, I don't know why it was all choppy00:25
darxTamale: yup.. or you could view it from the log viewer00:25
administratorasbani: i just dont like it, personal issue, but id rather have gaim 1.5.0 how do i go about this?00:25
LifeNomad_Does anyone know why I cannot connect to my wifi router without "manual" on the network manager applet....but If I do that, I loose all of the wifi network info on the applet when I left click...help!?00:25
tobyhow to get file source using beryl mgr00:25
darxTamale: did you try poking around with network manager?00:25
Tamaledarx: I'll take a look.  Thanks.  Any links as to how this new network manage is SUPPOSED to work or what it might be borking me over?00:25
sanguisde1can any one tell me why since upgrading to 7.10, my worles net work randomly cuts out?00:25
dafoietonyyarusso fair enough. but is there some place on the net wehre people meet to go over all of the code constantly to see if no shody stuff is in it?00:25
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 appears something with EVMS.. , thanks.00:25
Tamaledarx: Yes, I did.00:25
vashi where are the classes00:25
Possumrainwalker, perhaps the xorg upgrade itself failed? (just a suggestion)00:25
TamaleI was on 'roaming' mode00:25
Tamaleat first00:25
shane634Tamale: it is trying to do what it thinks is best00:26
Tamaleso i changed to normal dhcp but it still didn't work00:26
dafoietonyyarusso what about ubuntu? or conical? have there been any code found that connects ubuntu desktops to NSA?00:26
nickrudMetal03: run restricted-manager , and disable nvidia if it's enabled. Then, aptitude search nvidia-glx , make sure they are all removed. Then, edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf , and make sure the device driver is nv , not nvidia . Reboot, you're back to standard00:26
goofysound error message after upgrade.....audio device is busy?00:26
GRocketOn Security---What Firewall and Anti-Virus would you recommend?00:26
j85wilsonFirefox scroll is very slow and jerky since upgrading (in place) to Gutsy.  I have filed a bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozilla-firefox/+bug/155215 .  Any ideas?00:26
tonyyarussodafoie: Or, if you don't know code yourself, you can be assured that someone else would have found it and made an enormous stink about it on Digg and Slashdot already.  Within Ubuntu and Linux, there are of course teams of people whose job it is to review code.00:26
=== generaldarkstar is now known as AndrewEMT
darxTamale: It works fine for me. I cannot be sure what is the problem that you are having. Could you post your dmesg on pastebin? I can take a look00:26
j85wilsonhello Wolf2300:26
shane634j85wilson: get the latest version of FF00:26
AndrewEMTquery XiXaQ00:27
tonyyarussodafoie: The SELinux extensions are based on a spec published by the NSA, but are neither enabled by default nor bad.00:27
_RadioHeadi need app that can burn same project (or 2 or 3) in same time on 4 dvd-rw, anyone know if in linux that is posible00:27
tobytamale how do i get my source list using beryl or does that matter00:27
=== ForeverZero is now known as sea4ever
xeer<dafoie>if i'm not mistaken there are backdoors on pentium processors00:27
j85wilsonshane634: I have
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 appears something with EVMS.. , thanks.00:27
Wolf23j85wilson:  hi, can u please tell me about a good downloader videos from youtube?00:27
Tamaletoby:  just google gusty sources.list00:27
j85wilsonWolf23: no idea00:27
dafoietonyyarusso ok fair enough00:27
tobythak you00:27
kstwhat would you recommend for desklets? g/adesklets, screenlets? using gnome/gutsy/compiz00:27
shane634j85wilson: i updated yesterday and this issue disappeared00:27
MiVoI don't get the sound right in djplay, it sounds like with a lot of drop-outs00:27
Can0beansAnyone had any issues with automounting of ipods in Gutsy?00:27
Wolf23j85wilson:  ok np00:27
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 appears something with EVMS.. , thanks.00:27
dafoietonyyarusso are there software apps to recover deleted files on ext3 hdds?00:27
coreymanshackif anyone has installed guild wars with wine, could they pm me.... noone in winehq seems to want to talk today00:27
j85wilsonshane634: I have installed all available updates :-/00:27
kickehyanyone have problems playing videos after enabling the restricted drivers for ati?00:27
Metal03nickrud: ok, I'm not that good with linux...  run restricted-manager?  aptitude search?00:27
Picitoby: System>Administration>software sources00:27
* coreymanshack waves at nickrud00:28
j85wilsonshane634: I have also uninstalled firefox and reinstalled (a couple hours ago).00:28
Wolf23Can anyone tell me about a downloader videos from youtube for firefox?00:28
darxWolf23: just let the video stream and once it's completed, it'll be in the /tmp directory. It will be most likely the largest file in tmp. copy it somewhere and rename.  no need for a special tool :-)00:28
Tamaledarx:  http://pastebin.com/m680b717100:28
Can0beansMy ipod mini seems to avoid automounting00:28
shane634j85wilson: there is a about:config tweak .. i can00:28
PaPaFDAnyone manage to get Keyboard Volume control keys going in Gutsy?00:28
Tamaledarx:  it's huge, sorry00:28
nickrudMetal03: In a terminal, type restricted-manager. It will ask for your password, and then give you the option of using the nvidia driver.00:28
rainwalkerPossum: if the upgrade failed, what would I need to change?00:28
shane634i can' t remember what though00:28
j85wilsonshane634: thanks.. I'll google.00:28
karmickoalaHey all.  Got my problem solved!00:28
tonyyarussodafoie: Depends largely on the specifics, but if you search the package lists you'll find a few.  look for "forensics" and "data recovery"00:28
TamalePaPaFD: Mine work fine out of the box.00:28
karmickoalaIt was a GRUB problem, nothing wrong with FStab.00:28
Sve1I can't burn CD's with feisty.  Do I have to get drivers or something?00:28
Wolf23darx:  thanx but can u tell me wherw and how please?00:29
dafoietonyyarusso because i herd that file recovery is suposed to be impossible with ext3 file systems.00:29
LiMaOSve1: what are you using to burn cds?00:29
shane634Sve1:  what program are you using?00:29
AboSamoorcan i  expand the swap partition after installation ?00:29
noelferreirahow can i config ddclient that it actualize my IP in dyndns.org everytime i reboot my rooter?00:29
shane634AboSamoor: yes00:29
PaPaFDTamale:  Mine worked under Fiesty but since upgrade they are controling the volume on the microphone I cant switch back to Master00:29
Possumrainwalker, I suppose what to "change" depends on just how bad the upgrade failed... I guess the _easiest_ solution is to backup /home/ then reinstall, if nothing else works00:29
tonyyarussodafoie: If you're looking to make it impossible to do so for security, look into encryption.00:29
darxWolf23: Open computer, browse to /tmp it'll be there. Look for the largest file named something like l346dhg or something00:29
Sve1nautilis, rhythmbox, and Serpentine all don't work00:30
georgy_28noelferreira, :ez-ipupdate00:30
AboSamoorshane634 , how i can do that ?00:30
nickrudMetal03: and for the aptitude search, instead use system->admin->synaptic, and ctl-f. use that search to find the nvidia-glx packages, and make sure they are all removed (right click the box next to each for actions)00:30
TamalePaPaFD: Have you looked under keyboard shortcuts?00:30
dafoietonyyarusso btw i am in ~/.Trash right now and i wonder how i empty it from cmd line????00:30
UrthmoverI can't get my wifi working even after modprobing what I believe to be the correct driver00:30
shane634AboSamoor: gparted00:30
rainwalkerPossum: actually, all I need to backup are a few pictures and about 11 gigs of music00:30
Tamaledarx: Did you see my dmesg log?00:30
UrthmoverI'm gonna reinstall Win95 OSR200:30
rainwalkerPossum: but I'd still like to get this fixed00:30
wolflordanyone up to answer some questions about samba ??00:30
wirechiefAboSamoor you may need to check your uuid's as they change if you reformat and change partitions00:30
darxTamale: looking00:30
Tamaledarx: awesome, no hurry.  thanks.00:30
Possumrainwalker, I hope that's legal music, otherwise I didn't hear that :P00:30
karmickoalaMy wireless card works. but it won't accept any encryption key I give it.00:30
tonyyarussodafoie: rm00:30
Metal03nickrud : k, gonna do this...  brb00:30
dafoietonyyarusso i installed truecrypt. just need to learn how to use it now!00:30
nickrudUrthmover: you are funny00:30
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 appears something with EVMS.. , thanks.00:30
Wolf23darx:  open computer on ubuntu? where is the option /tmp00:30
kstwhat would you recommend for desklets?00:30
dafoietonyyarusso are you good with truecrypt?00:31
Urthmoverthe first part was serioustho  :-|00:31
wolflordlike are there any good GUI' interfaces for samba ??00:31
dafoiekst gdesklets is a nice app00:31
AboSamoorshane634 wirechief but i shall destroy the partition that i shall lend the extra space from ?00:31
darxfilesystem > /tmp00:31
Possumrainwalker, yea... I'd say try the apt-get reinstall ubuntu-desktop... may not fix everything, but it's worth a try... :?00:31
Urthmovermodprobe doesn't seem to install the drivers correctly00:31
shane634AboSamoor: just back it up first00:31
tonyyarussodafoie: Never used it - I'm using dm-crypt, which is available in the Gutsy installer.00:31
PaPaFDTamale: I set them up in Keyboard shortcuts No change,  They still seem to be pointed at the Slider for the Microphone volume in the Playback section.  However I have noticed that the Up and Down Arrow keys will control the volume00:31
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 appears something with EVMS.. , thanks.00:31
Wolf23darx:  yes thanx :) i got it, but the video completely?00:31
kstany idea what is most active/developped desklet system dafoie?00:31
ticnailer69have any of you used yellow dog distro for the ps3 yet?00:31
Urthmoveranyone try installing Gutsy on a Latitude D830?00:31
karmickoalaAnyway, just wanted to let everybody know I got Ubuntu back up and running.  Thanks to everybody that was helping earlier.00:31
dafoietonyyarusso how strong is the encryption in that?00:31
Can0beansnothing on the ipod?  I'm the only one?00:31
Possumrainwalker, if it doesn't work, you'll just hurt yourself trying to figure out which packages are broken00:31
Pici!ot | ticnailer6900:32
ubotuticnailer69: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:32
seamus7kst: I haven't foudn Gdesklets to be a dependable app ... but others might disagree00:32
tonyyarussodafoie: 256 bit AES key is default00:32
Tamaleseamus7: Nope, it's completely unstable for me too.00:32
* nickrud gags on gaglet00:32
Urthmoverthe forums  say that theirs works...by modprobing iwl4965   but I get errors00:32
dafoietonyyarusso is that as strong as the banks encryption?00:32
KyleMc1985hi all, need help with installing the GUI on Ubuntu 7.1000:32
dafoietonyyarusso or is theirs stronger?00:32
seamus7Tamale: do you use screenlets ... I'm iffy on those as well.00:32
tonyyarussodafoie: yes, it's plenty.  However, it depends heavily on the strength and length of the passphrase you use.00:32
darxWolf23: let the video stream completely. Then copy it to somewhere and rename it with the extension .flv. you can then play it with vlc00:32
DShepherdKyleMc1985, apt-get install ubuntu-desktop?00:32
Tamaleseamus7: Nope, just as bad.00:32
KyleMc1985ok lemme try it00:32
Tamaleseamus7: I think the devs for these programs test on about 3 kinds of computers and call it a day.00:33
dafoietonyyarusso i guess you have to have passwds like this : 252341123S"#¤%!"#osdfasERADFASDF00:33
wolflordDoes anyone know a good GUI for samba ??00:33
Wolf23darx:  i want to burn it? how can i do this?00:33
jon1still works there00:33
yonkeltronso, i have this issue with sleep...it goes down and comes up fine from sleep. the issue is that i've set my lid to be the switch for it to know to sleep and it only goess down for sleep the first time the lid is closed. after that, when i close the lid it stays on but turns off the screen. however, if i log out of X and log back in, it will restart the pattern of sleep-once and then don't till logout...any ideas?00:33
seamus7Tamale: I see ... I just use GKrellM and Avant Window Navigator00:33
Tamalewolflord: what are you trying to do?00:33
LifeNomad_If I set my network manager off roaming, i loose wifi info on the nmapplet00:33
Sve1LiMaO: nautilis, rhythmbox, and Serpentine all don't work00:33
kickehyanyone have problems with an ati x1300 and getting it to play video right?00:33
jon1might cause him to lose his job00:33
tonyyarussodafoie: Not necessarily - you can make secure ones that are still easy to remember.00:33
wolflordshare files from my xp box to my server00:33
xanithOkay, So does anyone know why VIM on my Ubuntu install doesn't have certain features it normally does, such as auto-indent, and color of arguments?00:34
xanithI have installed VIM-full00:34
dafoietonyyarusso k thanks for all info00:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about acrobat - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:34
darxTamale: I'm not sure though. But it appears to be a bug http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch-gateway.en.html#s-high-rename00:34
Rengwhen i do this command "sudo chown -R reng:reng /media/disk/" where does it save to??00:34
ubotuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . Latest KDE version is 3.5.8 for Gusty and Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org for more information.00:34
astro76xanith, install vim-full00:34
LiMaOSve1: have you tried using K3B?00:34
Tamaledafoie: Ubuntu's popularity makes it a target for extreme scrutiny.  It's very secure.00:34
tonyyarussoReng: save what to?00:34
astro76xanith, oh you have00:34
PiciReng: 'save to'?00:34
rainwalkerPossum: should I try editing my current xorg.conf and change it back to "ati" like all of the others, or should I just leave it alone?00:34
LiMaOSve1: even if you're using gnome, install k3b.. it's the best burning app in my opinion00:34
BlaenkDenumhey anyone here know how to to install acrobat00:35
=== MTecknology_ is now known as MTecknology
dafoietamale lets hope so. i mean there has been found encrytion files in windows that it turned out has been hooked up to NSA so they can remote control computers00:35
Tamaledarx: thanks00:35
xanithastro76, yes i have, however do i have to do any type of update to get it to use that VIM or does it do it automatically?00:35
Sve1I just reinstalled  feisty, so not yet.  I've used it before, but it doesn't recognize discs as burnable00:35
jburdWhat's the difference between indirect rendering and direct rendering?00:35
jburdI think direct rendering was the reason compiz was leaking memory.00:35
tonyyarussoBlaenkDenum: what are you trying to do?00:35
Tamaledarx: I guess in the meantime i'll run dhclient if network manager fails00:35
wolflordI see that there are serveral GUI's for samba but i want one thats easy to use and easy to setup00:35
BlaenkDenumtonyyarusso: install acrobat reader00:35
Tamaledarx: but if you know a better way please let me know00:35
Rengcommand "sudo chown -R reng:reng /media/disk/" where does command save to? not sure you if you guys understand me00:35
Possumrainwalker, for just the graphics? yes, try changing it back to ati... what is it currently, radeon? fglrx?00:35
shane634jburd: direct uses the hardware00:35
Tamalewolflord: I use samba extensively and have never heard of a gui00:36
tonyyarussoBlaenkDenum: Any particular reason evince doesn't work for you?00:36
Tamalewolflord: you have me curious :)00:36
jburdshane634: Weird.  So there is a problem with the hardware?00:36
rainwalkerPossum :"ATI Radeon (vesa)"00:36
bulmerReng we dont understand you00:36
Rengwhere is it documented00:36
BlaenkDenumtonyyarusso: I never said anything was wrong with any other program00:36
darxTamale: As I said, use rc.local its easy as a whisle. just add you command there. It'll run just fine00:36
rainwalkerPossum: "ATI Radeon (vesa)"00:36
wolflordis one00:36
tonyyarussoReng: There is nothing to save...00:36
shane634jburd: no likely the driver00:36
Tamaledarx: where is this file00:36
jburdshane634: Oh, I see.00:36
tonyyarussoBlaenkDenum: Then why would you want to?00:36
nickrudReng: what that command does is change the owner of thoe files on that disk to you. It physically changes the info on the disk00:36
BlaenkDenumtonyyarusso: because that's what I want?00:36
jburdHow do I tell Gutsy to use indirect rendering automatically?00:36
wolflordis another00:36
BlaenkDenumdoesn't matter, I'm downloading it I can do it myself00:37
Possumrainwalker, that's what it says in the Driver line? I think it should just be one word00:37
nickrudjburd: don't install a 3d driver00:37
jon1dont understand00:37
wolflordI just have never used then and want someones input00:37
bulmerReng if you meant where the permission is stored, in that /media/disk/00:37
shane634jburd: change it in xorg.conf00:37
jburdshane634: Where in xorg.conf?00:37
BlaenkDenumjburd: glxinfo | grep direct00:37
darxTamale: If my memory serves me right, it should be in /etc/rc.local or /etc/rc.d/rc.local i'm on gentoo so cant confirm00:37
* Dr-Dj is away ( Auto IdleAway after 120 minute(s) ) Pager on, Log off,00:37
shane634jburd: yep what he said00:37
rainwalkerPossum: you're right, it just says "vesa"00:38
tobyhow to change my security I found the problem I put unbuntu typo in and now it won' fetch sources00:38
A3R0Someone please answer Shinigami's previous question, kthx.00:38
jburdBlaenkDenum: direct rendering: Yes00:38
hethanyone knows how to fix this loop on bootup: "device-mapper: table 254-9: linear dm-linear: Device lookup failed" appeared after updating to 7.10 appears something with EVMS.. , thanks.00:38
tonyyarussoBlaenkDenum: um, okay.....  You might be able to find an acroread package, but I haven't seen it packaged for recent releases.00:38
BlaenkDenumjburd: then it is?00:38
darxWolf23: Depends on what kind of disk you want to burn it as00:38
youknowmehow would I go about installing more visualizations into rhythmbox? Monoscope and GOOM are getting boring..00:38
BlaenkDenumtonyyarusso: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2_allversions.html thanks anyways00:38
KyleMc1985how many of these files are being installed since i typed in the apt-get install ubuntu-desktop?00:38
Steve^Hey, I'm trying to upgrade ubuntu and hitting some errors.. Failed to fetch the free/non-free packages from medibuntu?00:38
LifeNomad_I can connect to other peoples wifi networks but my own....00:38
hethshane634, do you found anything? I saw only the one withing the french forum.. not sure it can help00:39
BlaenkDenumtonyyarusso: reason is cause some calculus worksheets aren't displaying correctly on whatever comes default with ubuntu00:39
j85wilsonshane634: The solution seemed to be disabling Xgl.  I guessed that this might be a good idea when glxgears crashed X!  firefox scroll is fine now.00:39
Possumrainwalker, oh also, you shouldn't enable desktop effects unless you're using something like fglrx that can handle it... vesa definitely can't00:39
shane634heth: not yet hang in there00:39
KyleMc1985im up to like 105 now...00:39
Tamaledarx: this looks complicated.  I have to make sure it exits with 0 if successful00:39
nickrudKyleMc1985: it should have said how many files, and asked if you really wanted to.00:39
hethshane634 ^^ will try smth brb00:39
shane634j85wilson: nice to hear you fixed it00:39
KyleMc1985it asked if i wanted to but not how many files.00:39
Tamalebut if i want to turn on the laptop without plugging in a cable00:39
rainwalkerPossum: yeah, I just changed it to vesa because I thought I remembered using it before00:40
shane634Tamale: disable the default network manager00:40
thedefenderXGL xserver absolutely needed to run compizfusion with restricted  ATI drivers00:40
darxTamale: just add exit 0; at the end, It should be there by default. Add your command before that exit 0; The exit 0 is to let the system know that every thing is fine.00:40
Possumrainwalker, aye, should work, just not with compiz :P00:40
administratorin firestarter00:40
administratorwhere do i place in a list of ips to be blocked?00:40
thedefenderis XGL xserver absolutely needed to run compizfusion with restricted  ATI drivers?00:40
Tamaleshane634: I don't know how to do that00:40
jburdWhat does the loose binding option to compiz do?00:40
rainwalkerPossum: I think I got an answer on the topic I posted as to how to restore my system, I'll try what they said and get back to you00:40
shane634darx: has it lol00:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mstcorefonts - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:41
nickrudKyleMc1985: yes, it did, you just missed it. it would have said newly installed00:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about microsoftfonts - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:41
zhazAnyone know a good usb soundcard that works with ubuntu and 5.1 sound?00:41
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:41
rainwalkerPossum: also, just in case, what was the command I had to do to install ubuntu-desktop?00:41
darxshane634: LOL :)00:41
Possumrainwalker, ah, I see the answer00:41
wolflordso I take it that GUI's for samba are a new thing ??00:41
nickrudKyleMc1985: you should be able to scroll back up and check00:41
thedefenderthere is  a GUI for samba00:41
KyleMc1985um... how would i be able to do that?00:41
Possumrainwalker, aptitude reinstall ubuntu-desktop ... and good luck :)00:41
thedefenderno way00:41
shane634darx: i am but a pup on things linux lol00:41
Tamaledarx, shane634:  I found "Network Manager" in my session startup programs.  Can i remove it from there?00:41
nickrudKyleMc1985: use the scollbar00:41
rainwalkeralright, here I go...00:41
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shane634Tamale: yes00:41
seamus7thedefender: I'm pretty sure it is00:42
KyleMc1985um im in like a black screen, white letters and no scrollbars, yay terminal!00:42
allorderHi everyone, why in 7.10 there isnt any firewall by default, which os can say they are enough secure ?00:42
Possumrainwalker, you should probably also do an aptitude update/aptitude upgrade while your at it... will clean up any non-updated packages if the 7.10 upgrade broke anything00:42
shane634KyleMc1985: way to go00:42
thedefenderwhat do i lose when i use the opensource drivers00:42
j85wilsonNow, does anyone know how (or if it is possible) to make the deskbar applet actually have a text entry in the panel, as it used to (a la mini-commander)?00:42
nickrudKyleMc1985: doh. Try shift page up, it might have gone too far back for you to see it.00:42
Pici!firewall | allorder00:42
ubotuallorder: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).00:42
thedefenderinstead of ATI's restriction00:42
KyleMc1985it keeps refreshing too quick lol :P00:43
Piciallorder: there is one, but no gui by default.00:43
shane634thedefender: only the ATI restrictions00:43
darxTamale: It's your system. Do what you will :)00:43
Cravwhere is the combiz config gui in gutsy (or am i going to need to download it?)00:43
[Soma]hey. anyone got any idea how i actually set up compiz? I got it running, but where do i enable the remaining eyecandy (cube desktop, etc)?00:44
Pici!ccsm | Crav00:44
ubotuCrav: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Gutsy(7.10) install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' - A new option will appear in your appearance properties - see also !compiz00:44
thedefendercrav: download compiz manager via synaptic00:44
Cravthanks yall00:44
kickehyanyone else having trouble with the ati restricted drivers screwing things up?00:44
Tamaledarx: looks like a lot of people have been discussing this:  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2007-September/024239.html00:44
[Soma]hehe.. it appears i should stick to crav's answer.00:44
[Soma]errr.. the answer directed to crav, i mean.00:44
jon1nintendo ds00:44
nentisGreetings folks.  How might I enable "Always on Visible Workspace" upon application launch?  I'm trying to force this with xchat when I click on the icon.00:44
Innomenhey guys, is there a virtual cd image moutning app for ubuntu?00:45
shane634nentis: add it to start session00:45
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:45
jon1stirred up trouble00:45
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
jon1his career00:45
vascan install kde in ubuntu and how?00:45
Picijon1: ?00:45
Picivas: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop00:46
Ahadielvas, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop00:46
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nentisshane634,  isn't start session used for launching apps upon loging into Gnome?00:46
darxTamale: Have you tried the forums and launchpad? They might have interesting insights00:46
shane634nentis: yes it is00:46
overridexanyone else having or heard of a problem where wifi dies seemingly randomly after a while, and can't reconnect to any networks without rebooting on gutsy?  didn't have this problem on fiesty on the same laptop...00:46
AllooshHi guys, is there something wrong with clam?00:46
mrunagi_how do i refresh the wireless network list in feisty?00:46
vasyes but i have the choice like fedora?00:46
matthewhow does automount work?00:46
Tamaledarx: I'll do some research for a bit.  Sounds like I might be able to make my eth0 interface ALWAYS use dhcp, which is what i wnat.00:46
vaskde or gnome?00:46
tanner_has anyone every tried to offload gaming to a more powerful machine and play via SSH?00:47
Picivas: huh? kde/gnome/xfce/fvwm/anything00:47
strickAnybody here have used "usbadslmodemmanager_0.5.7_i386.deb" Before?00:47
JeevesMosshow do I compleatly remove apache2 and purge EVERYTHING out of the system?00:47
Tamaletanner_: what would send the info back00:47
Cravonce i've installed this compiz manager, how do i access it?00:47
Tamaletanner_: playing over VNC?00:47
PinkFloydIm having trouble with apt on my Ubuntu Server. Im getting "Could not connect" errors when trying to install some packages.00:47
wescotte_Anyone know what package contains the Canon MP150 printer driver?00:47
tanner_Tamale: ssh on a gigabit network.00:47
JeevesMosshow do I compleatly remove apache2 and purge EVERYTHING out of the system?00:47
Odd-rationaleCrav: Pref00:47
vasok thank you00:47
nentisshane634,  not what I'm looking for.  I still want to manually launch at arbitrary times, but have the "Always on Visible Workspace" enabled at the start.00:47
ubhelpPLZ help  i have problem with lan-express minipci atheros chip i can't make it work!!! anyone who can help me???00:47
Tamaletanner_: I don't understand how you hope to send audio and video over ssh00:47
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seamus7Crav:System/Preferences ... Advanced Desktop Effects Settings00:48
darxTamale: As i said, it is easy if you can add dhclient eth0; just before the exit 0; on rc.local00:48
nD|HUNhi! I was looking everywhere: I have an Acer Aspire 5040 laptop(Ubuntu Gutsy), and can't get the suspend to work. Does anybody have any idea?00:48
CravOdd-rationale: should it just be listed under the menu (or should i add it)00:48
=== Phoebus is now known as Dirk_
=== Dirk_ is now known as Dirk_S
tanner_Tamale: same way it gets sent from a server to a gaming client.00:48
PiciPinkFloyd: change your repo mirrors, some of the main ones are still bogged down from the Gutsy release.00:48
shane634nentis: write a script and stick it in the boot file00:48
Tamaletanner_: servers don't send audio and video to clients00:48
PinkFloydPici change them how?00:48
strickAnybody here have used "usbadslmodemmanager_0.5.7_i386.deb" Before?00:48
Tamaletanner_: they send player and map information00:48
JeevesMosspici:  do you have any ideas on how I can remove apache?00:48
seamus7Crav it is in the menu .. under System/Preferences00:48
Odd-rationaleCrav: System -> Preferences ->Advance Desktop Effects.00:49
Tamaletanner_:  and they don't do it via ssh00:49
Adam_Gtanner_: do you mean like ssh -X?00:49
troyozCrav: another way is to right click on the desktop -> change desktop background -> visual effects tab then click on custom00:49
=== Dirk_S is now known as Dirk_01
eugonD|HUN: i read there is a bug with suspend and sleep in gutsy00:49
CravOdd-rationale: thanks so much, can't believe i missed that.00:49
tanner_Adam_G: yes00:49
LiMaOJeevesMoss: why are you so angry about apache2?00:49
stricki'm trying to install a package called "usbadslmodemmanager_0.5.7_i386.deb" should i use sudo to install it?00:49
Odd-rationaleCrav: np00:49
mrunagi_how do i refresh the wireless network list in feisty?00:49
Dirk_01Hey guys trying to install Ubuntu on Asus U3S laptop, anyone have experience with it?00:49
nD|HUNi read, it was on other distros too, but can't find any solve...00:49
PaPaFDAnyone know how to change default Multimeadia player form Totem to XMMS?00:49
bulmermrunagi:  you dont00:50
Tamaletanner_: Ah.. cool.  I don't see why that wouldn't work.00:50
IdleOnestrick: sudo dpkg -i usbadslmodemmanager_0.5.7_i386.deb00:50
eugonD|HUN: there is a fix, but you have to sacrifice compiz (flashy effects)00:50
JeevesMossLiMo0:  it's making me mad that when I do a apt-get --purge remove apache2, for some reason, it thinks it's special enough to leave all of it's files littered all over my system.  and when I try to do a fresh install, it refuses to00:50
nickrudPaPaFD: right click a media file, select properties, and the open with tab00:50
Dirk_01Seems to have some issues with the graphics card.00:50
Odd-rationaleHow do you get the "Help" menu back on the panel - just like the default settings?00:50
LiMaOPaPaFD: just right click an mp3 file, go to 'properties' and then 'open with'.. choose xmms there as the 1st option00:50
tanner_Tamale: yeah, i was more curious if anyone has ever done it00:50
Innomenoh boy, after googleing it seems i've found soemthing else ubuntu cant/wont do00:50
shane634just do away with totem00:50
Adam_Gtanner_: I dunno. I think that 3-d stuff is pretty ingrained into the hardware... like an OpenGL game?00:50
mrunagi_bulmer: why not00:50
seamus7pull the icon onto the panel from the System menu00:50
nentisshane634,  ok, that will work.  What is the CLI method to set this option?00:50
tanner_Adam_G: yes00:50
desertc_QUESTION: How stable should the new Screens and Graphics administration console be considered?  I am having a lot of trouble with it.00:50
strickIdleOne, just curious of why do I need sudo for this one please?00:50
bulmermrunagi no such list exist00:50
LiMaOJeevesMoss: have you tried using the synaptic package manager?00:50
shane634nentis: i wish i knew lol00:50
seamus7Odd-rationale: pull the help icon from the System menu onto the panel00:50
PiciPinkFloyd: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list00:50
Odd-rationaleseamus7: Doesn't work00:51
mrunagi_what do you mean no such list exist00:51
LiMaOJeevesMoss: instead of command line00:51
JeevesMossLiMa0:  I'm in a shell system ONLY.00:51
TamaleAdam_G: but if it's already rendering to X, I don't see why it couldn't do it to a remote X server just as fast.00:51
nickrudPaPaFD: ah, it looks like you can now do system->prefs->preferred applications | multimedia in gutsy00:51
stinger05firestarter isnt loading at boot with gutsy, why is that? ( although i have it on in the preferences)00:51
KyleMc1985why doesnt the GUI get installed off the disc?00:51
vasi have audigy 2 zs platinum pro sound card and i want to listen in microphone in the back of my computer not in the audigy device i can not listen my voice00:51
IdleOnestrick: because you are going to install a app that handles system operations and only sudo can do that00:51
Adam_Gtanner_: glxgears over two pretty fast computers is being dog slow for me00:51
Tamale tanner_: you should try and report back :)00:51
nD|HUNAdamG: glxgears?00:51
seamus7Odd-rationale: I just did it ... try doing it more carefully00:51
bulmermrunagi where you think you get such list?00:51
strickIdleOne, thanks00:51
tanner_Tamale: exactly my thoughts, i think the connection would be the limitation00:51
LiMaOJeevesMoss: oh ok00:51
AuslegungAny way to convert my music to Ubuntu format?00:51
crimsunvas: make sure it's selected properly00:51
mrunagi_the network manager00:51
Adam_GnD|HUN: yeah...00:51
tobytrying to upgrade and solved one problem but ran into another it is now saing that it failed to fetch cdrom{ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn_-Release i386 (20070415)dists/feisty/restricted/binary-i386/Packages.gz please us cd-rom recongized by APT.apt-get-update00:51
Odd-rationaleseamus7: Sorry, it does work! Thanks!00:51
nickrudKyleMc1985: it does, if you got the desktop or alternate versions. Did you download the server edition?00:51
RiyonukDoes it matter which order I partition? Like can it be / then /home or does it have to be / first?00:51
vasyes i have selected properly00:51
PaPaFDnickrud: tryed there as custom with command xmms00:51
tanner_Adam_G: what is your network connection?00:52
Innomensolved, gmount.00:52
LiMaOAuslegung: what's the ubuntu format?00:52
stinger05firestarter isnt loading at boot with gutsy, why is that? ( although i have it on in the preferences)00:52
nD|HUNAdam_G: direct rendering is on?00:52
Auslegungum, can't remember, something like OGG00:52
KyleMc1985I downloaded the Alternate Server version00:52
JeevesMossLiMa0:  I'm a little P0ed with it.  everything was running nicely till about 9:30EST, then it refused all HTTP traffic, and then refused to restart.  so I want to remove and reinstall it00:52
nickrudPaPaFD: must be for ones they preferred :) The first method will work00:52
bulmermrunagi those are the result of iwlist wlan0 scan00:52
tanner_Tamale: certainly, once i have the money to build the server :P00:52
Adam_Gtanner_: Admittedly wifi, but about to try ethernet00:52
Innomenis there a way to enable whole drive encryption after a normal install?00:52
IdleOnetoby: edit /etc/apt/sources.list and put a # in front of the line with the CD then save and sudo apt-get update00:52
Adam_GnD|HUN: On both computers, yes00:52
troyozAuslegung: are you unable to play mp3 files?00:52
tanner_Adam_G: wifi is at best 1/2 the speed your connection is rated at (its half-duplex), i'm thinking of trying this over a gigabit network00:52
LiMaOJeevesMoss: why didn't you restart the system? mission critical environment?00:53
tobyi can't get into /ect/apt/sources.list00:53
Odd-rationalestinger05: It does start. The GUI does not, however.00:53
tobythere is no list00:53
AuslegungI can play them in Ubuntu, but I want to convert my 8GB of music from Windows to Ubuntu00:53
nD|HUNAdam_G: What does the "slow" mean? fps?00:53
nickrudtoby: /etc not /ect00:53
seamus7toby do in a terminal: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list00:53
vasgood night guys see you tomorrow00:53
IdleOnetoby: type this : sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list00:53
Pelotoby,  use  menu >system> admin > software sources, it's gui much safer00:53
LiMaOJeevesMoss: please use a nick completion, or write my nick properly (it's limao, not lima0) -- that way i can spot your messages better. thanks in advance00:53
eugonD|HUN: take a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56465800:53
mrunagi_ok so how do i refresh the wireless networks there00:53
Rengis there such a thing as orphaned commands, like commands you configured, but you forgot it and want it removed?00:53
Adam_GnD|HUN: It's reporting 200 fps, but on the screen it's more like 1 :P00:53
JeevesMossLiMa0:  Yes, VERY mission critical.  I can't just kill the database.  the HTTP can be down for a bit, but if I kill the MySQL, the remote loggers get weird, and I don't feel like driving around to reset them00:53
* nickrud seconds Pelo 00:53
PaPaFDNickrud: can play it that way however the Play pause  skip to next etc keys on keyboard work with Totem thought if XMMS could be changed to default they may work for there.00:54
=== mrunagi_ is now known as mrunagi
bulmermrunagi:  you dont00:54
JeevesMossLiMao:  sorry, my system makes it look like a "0"00:54
rainwalkerPossum: should I use the kernel framebuffer device interface?00:54
grndslmhey guys... i'm trying to find the gweather applet source code to begin my newfound programming fetish.... how would i go about doing that tho??00:54
mrunagiwhy dont you00:54
troyozAuslegung: are you trying to convert mp3 to ogg or some other format to ogg?00:54
* IdleOne looks at Pelo and asks why is GUI safer?00:54
Ahadielmrunagi, You can try sudo iwlist <wireless device here>00:54
* Pelo makes nickrud his new leutenant 00:54
playerTwohay guys00:54
ConstyXIVare there any gnome scanner programs that aren't xsane?00:54
LiMaOJeevesMoss: that's why it wasn't totally removed then. maybe some files are in use.00:54
Ahadielmrunagi, ie. sudo iwlist eth100:54
bulmermrunagi:   you dont00:54
mrunagibulmer: why dont you00:54
LiMaOJeevesMoss: and if they cannot be purged now, they will only be purged upon restart (or when the files stop being used)00:55
Ahadielmrunagi, my bad, try sudo iwlist eth1 scan00:55
Auslegungtroyoz: what I want to do is be able to take all my music from Windows and play it in Ubuntu.  I'm brand new to Ubuntu and don't understand partitioning but think that may be how I do it00:55
ConstyXIVgrndslm: sudo apt-get source foobar (foobar being your program), or go to their site00:55
PeloIdleOne, gui isn'T technicaly safer but this frontend won't let him mess up the important repos00:55
JeevesMossLiMao:  is there anything else I can do to force this thing to behave?  I really don't want to go for an all day drive, climb poles and hit reset buttons00:55
Odd-rationaleAuslegung: Use SoundConverter. Go to Add/remove app00:55
Possumrainwalker, I don't think so... with nvidia card that breaks things, but it might work with ati00:55
Adam_Gtanner_: similar over 100mbps wired, but let me know if it's any better on gigabit00:55
bulmermrunagi: i have already explained00:55
eugonD|HUN: and also http://www.mylittleubuntuguide.com/2007/10/21/gutsy-suspend-hibernate-workingat-a-cost/00:55
shane634sorry all i went to the mens room00:55
mrunagimaybe i missed the explaination bulmer00:55
IdleOnePelo: granted but I have a hard time remembering the path via GUI :)00:55
shane634if i missed your question please repost00:55
mrunagiAhadiel: when im connected to a network it lists info about the network i am on.........would i have to be disconnected to see any networks in range?00:55
bulmermrunagi those are the result of iwlist wlan0 scan00:55
nD|HUNeugo: very tx :)00:55
rainwalkerPossum: AUGH! My screen just went black! It put it to sleep and I can't wake it up!00:55
mrunagibulmer: that doesn tell me why i cant update the list00:55
z00mwine `perl -e 'print "A"x60000'` seems strange :/00:55
ccannoncan anyone help with ATI & Compiz issues00:56
troyozAuslegung: you should not need to convert your music to play it in ubuntu, it should just be a matter of opening the files and they will play.  Is your windows drive / partition mounted?00:56
tanner_Adam_G: hmm :-\ after i get the money to build the server it will be interesting to see.00:56
Tamaledoes anyone know if standby works in gutsy on laptops?00:56
bulmermrunagi: ok since you insist do it your way00:56
rainwalkerPossum: nevermind, just had to press a button :P00:56
mrunagiwhat way are you talking about bulmer00:56
LiMaOJeevesMoss: you may reset the system remotely00:56
PeloIdleOne,  no worries,  It's not a contest,  I just like to give ppl the gui way , if you can'T get into a config file by yourself , you probably shoudln'T be messing with it00:56
rainwalkerokay, anyone00:56
Auslegungtroyoz: I've mounted my HP drive and tried to go into the music folder, which is in My Documents, but My Documents is blank00:56
shane634Tamale: it doesn't work in vista on alienware00:56
tagSo how do I add more sides to my cube?  It only has two sides00:56
Tamaleit doesn't work in vista on any computer i've seen yet00:56
rainwalkershould I use kernel framebuffer device interface with an ATI card?00:57
Possumrainwalker, XD00:57
mrunagibulmer: what do you mean?00:57
Pelotag, in the compiz settings thingy,  look in synaptic to install it00:57
shane634only the truth lol00:57
IdleOnePelo: very true. perhaps I need to start giving out GUI methods also.00:57
KyleMc1985FYI - Total packages to be installed with apt-get install ubuntu-desktop: 77300:57
tagPelo: I have it00:57
Adam_Grainwalker: you're doing a xorg reconfigure?00:57
tagbut where is the setting?00:57
JeevesMossLiMao:  I know I can remotly reset the server.  We have a bunch of sensors that run on embedded hardware that get weird when they can't connect to the server.  It's a weather sensor network, and once they can't connect, you physically have to reset each sensor00:57
troyozAuslegung: it sounds like you may be looking in the wrong place?00:57
IdleOneKyleMc1985: is that all00:57
Pelotag, you change the number of workspaces,  they are the same as the cube sides00:57
rainwalkerAdam_G: correct00:57
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bulmermrunagi you are not listening..no need to have a list, its like ps, just shows the snapshot00:57
=== robert_ is now known as robert_|afk
Auslegungtroyoz: that's possible, but a lot of my folders are blank when mounted that should not be blank00:58
TamaleI tried to standby in gutsy on my core 2 duo laptop and it froze up completely.00:58
LiMaOJeevesMoss: doh! i guess you're in trouble then =P00:58
tagPelo: Under what section is this setting?00:58
Adam_Grainwalker: I have an ATI X200 on my laptop, don't remember what I used, but I left it at the default that dpkg picked00:58
mrunagibulmer: its not that im not listening its that you arent making sense........00:58
Pelotag, just look around, I don'T use it myself, so I can'T check00:58
rainwalkerAdam_G: that would be no for me...so I guess I'll just leave it00:58
bulmermrunagi: dont listen to me since you dont comprehend what i explained00:58
Pelohello livingdaylight00:58
JeevesMossLiMao:  <rolls eyes>  looks like the nerd has to climb tommorow.00:58
mrunagihow do i update the list snapshot iwlan scan whatever you want to call it00:58
IdleOnebulmer: let it go :)00:58
troyozAuslegung: just in case they are hidden try pressing control + h when you are browsing the folders to make sure hidden files are shown00:58
seamus7Anyone use Streamtuner ... if so ... is it necessary to install XMMS with it can I use a different media player with the streams?00:58
Auslegungtroyoz: so, I can access all of my Windows files in Ubuntu, just by mounting the drive?00:59
Adam_Grainwalker: ... good luck ;)00:59
livingdaylightI seem to have broken sound here in Ubuntu 7.10... where should i look to fix that?00:59
troyozAuslegung: that is correct00:59
drewhey people00:59
tobyidle i can't get into my sourceslist00:59
livingdaylightPelo, hola00:59
Odd-rationaleAuslegung: yes00:59
* Pelo wonders if he could scare the livingdaylight out of the channel 00:59
shane634seamus7: not need for xmms00:59
mrunagiyou say there isnt a network list...............im staring at it00:59
tobydoes it matter what manager i am using00:59
mrunagiso maybe you are mistaken00:59
Auslegungtroyoz: I've been using, on Windows, most of the programs that come standard on Ubuntu, so the switch should be easy, yes?00:59
livingdaylightPelo, AHA!00:59
IdleOnetoby I am going to msg you ok?00:59
drewi have a problem installing ubuntu linux 7.10 using the live CD00:59
Auslegungtroyoz: like my OpenOffice files should be able to be copied and pasted?00:59
troyozAuslegung: yes especially if you have been using programs like openoffice etc before00:59
Pelodrew,  what problem are you having00:59
=== gribouille is now known as gribouille_
Auslegungtroyoz: thank you, I'll try looking harder, have a nice night/day wherever you are01:00
troyozAuslegung: yes your openoffice files will be able to be opened directly from your mounted windows drive01:00
livingdaylightthe loss of sound is scaring the living Daylights out of me01:00
drewPelo: all was working fine01:00
IdleOnetoby: answer my msg01:00
drewPelo: and the installation started normally01:00
eugolivingdaylight: try dmesg | grep audio01:00
livingdaylightanyone know how to diagnose and fix sound?01:00
troyozAuslegung: no problem, morning here, good luck01:00
mrunagihow do you refresh the list of networks in the networkmanager applet?01:00
shane634livingdaylight: rebuild your driver01:00
slimjimflimanyone else been having problems with nginx/apache conflicts?01:00
eugolook for a error message01:00
drewPelo: then it stopped @ Configuring apt 82% (Scanning the mirror...)01:00
Pelodrew,  one line please, don'T use the enter key for punctutation01:00
c0Ldwhat's the command to take a screenshot if you don't have a print screen button on a non-ms keyboard? ;o01:00
seamus7shane634 what do you use instead of XMMS?01:00
livingdaylightshane634, huh?01:00
drewPelo: okay, sorry01:00
Pelodrew,  this is a cliean install or an upgrade ?01:01
JeevesMossLiMao:  ok, after restarting the server, I tried to apt-get install apache2, and now the apache directory dosn't exist.  now what?01:01
shane634seamus7: i just use my comp lol01:01
lauchazombiei have installed linux and ubuntu many times, now im traying to install gutsy at mi father's pc but it loads gdm and ask mi por a loggin name and a pass01:01
IdleOneok toby I have a better idea type /join #toby101:01
drewPelo: clean install, i formatted the ext3 partition using the CD01:01
livingdaylighteugo, shame... would have been nice if that did it01:01
shane634livingdaylight: rebuild the driver no science here01:01
LiMaOJeevesMoss: installing apache2 would create the folder...01:01
eugono error message?01:01
livingdaylightshane634, can you say more, please?01:01
Pelodrew, did you check the cd for errors ?01:02
seamus7shane634 ha ha ... Streamtuner by default tries to use XMMS to play a lot of streams ... I was just wondering you had gone in and replaced the command in the Streamtuner preferences to open a different media player.01:02
shane634livingdaylight: what driver are you using now?01:02
livingdaylighteugo, me? no no error message, just get prompt back01:02
livingdaylightshane634, dunno01:02
Frantzuskuanone know why when i use PPPOECONF ubuntu doesnt find any PPPOE connection?01:02
rainwalkershould I leave y monitor identifier as "generic monitor"?01:02
bulmerc0Ld: man import01:02
shane634livingdaylight: lspci please01:02
JeevesMossLiMao:  well, I did the "apt-get install apache2" and it didn't create the directory.  it's like it's just ignoring my request to purge the old files out of the system then to d-oad the new ones and reinstall them01:02
shane634seamus7: xmms is wholly separate01:03
IdleOnePelo: you were absolutly right about giving someone the cli method01:03
eugolivingdaylight: what about system -> preferences -> hardware information?01:03
mrunagihow do you refresh the list of networks in the networkmanager applet?01:03
Pelodrew,  I recommend you check the cd for error, if it's ok you might want to try the alternate install cd01:03
IdleOnePelo: in this case :)01:03
Ryuhodoes the ubuntu live cd have a defragmenter?01:03
PeloIdleOne, lol01:03
livingdaylightshane634, 00:02.0 ISA bridge: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] SiS964 [MuTIOL Media IO] (rev 36)01:03
ubotudefragmentation is not needed for Ext3 and ReiserFS filesystems. They are much more efficient in their allocation of storage units.01:03
LordZackhow do i unrar a rar file?01:03
Frantzuskucan anyone tell me why i cant setup a PPPOE connection on ubuntu?!01:03
PeloRyuho,   ext3 doesn't need to be defragmeneted01:03
mrunagiLordZack: rarlabs.com01:03
shane634Ryuho: no01:03
Ryuhoright, i mean for windows partition01:03
rainwalkerLordZach: I remember you have to install something for Archive Manager to be able to handle rar01:04
IdleOnePelo: it's a wonder he found the little X in the top right corner01:04
PeloLordZack,   sudo apt-get install unrar , tehn right click the rar files and select extract here01:04
mrunagiwhy would ubuntu defrag a windows partition01:04
PeloIdleOne,  ouch01:04
shane634find the correct driver then livingdaylight01:04
tanner_darx: thank you i will check it out :)01:04
nik`o`laiLordZack, just dl unrar01:04
LiMaOJeevesMoss: you should stop all services on the server, then uninstall it. and then install it again. the system is probably trying to mess with files that are in use.. that's why you're having problems01:04
Ryuhobecause it's nice?01:04
Pelomrunagi,  no01:04
mrunagipelo what?01:04
tobyidle not sure01:04
drewPelo: okay. a friend of mine has just told me that it took ONE hour @ the scanning mirror thing with him. so i think i'll leave it till 2mrw and sleep now, and if no progress i'll try checking the CD and if not i'll use the alternate CD. Thank You for your help01:04
IdleOnemrunagi: it doesnt01:04
Pelomrunagi,  nvm , wrong person01:04
tobywhat do i need to do01:04
livingdaylightshane634, i just install Ubuntu that all... it was working but somehow broke it but never installed drivers before01:04
mrunagiIdleOne: i didnt say it does01:04
mrunagihow do you refresh the list of networks in the networkmanager applet?01:05
nik`o`laihey, does anyone know why all the ubunutu live cd's just bring me to a blank screen? even if I select safe graphics mode ...01:05
desertc_Where do we go for help with the new Screens and Graphics tool ?01:05
seamus7shane634 :) ... I know that .... streamtuner in case you didn't know organizes the streams but it launches separate apps to play them ... just look in you streamtuner's preferences and you'll see that ... i was asking what command is listed in your streamtuner preferences for say .. streams ... that will tell me which media player it is calling :)01:05
Pelodrew,  best of luck01:05
shane634livingdaylight: your sound driver is available01:05
kupesoftRyuho: You're options are to use a general purpose maintenance-oriented LiveCD (like Knoppix) or using Ubuntu, to install the package in the LiveCD environment (requires an Internet connection)01:05
* Pelo doens't even know what this mirror scanning is01:05
livingdaylightshane634, that's great news... but i honestly don't know where or how :s01:05
lauchazombiei have installed linux and ubuntu many times, now im traying to install gutsy at mi father's pc but it loads gdm and ask mi for a loggin name and a pass01:05
Pelodesertc_, here I think but don'T expect to much , they are new for everyone01:05
Ryuhokupesoft thanks01:05
CarlFKhow do I mount an ext2 partition so that all users have read access ?01:06
Frantzuskucan anyone help me?01:06
shane634livingdaylight: google is your friend01:06
* mrunagi doesnt understand why he would be the only person interested in updating the network list01:06
deanhas anyone been able to increase MTU (ethX) > 1500? I've tried a tg3 (NetXtreme BCM5721) and an Intel e1000, but both give SIOCSIFMTU: Invalid argument (with ifconfig ethX 1600)01:06
tb77mrunagi: is supposed to automatically but doesn't01:06
Odd-rationalelauchazombie: Withe the livecd?01:06
Pelolauchazombie,  just hit enter and donT' put anything in01:06
tb77mrunagi: i prefer wicd01:06
KI4IKLOkay. I just did a fresh install of linux, and after it installed, I rebooted and it began to start, and I got an error after grub loaded. It was too fast to copy, something about can't allocate source of resource <1 - 7>01:06
livingdaylightshane634, thx mate... easier for me to just reinstall the whole os than google for a driver01:06
KI4IKLit's done that on two different installs, and it never boots01:06
desertc_I am having a lot of trouble with Two Monitors using the Screens and Graphics tool.  Should I give up and edit X.conf by hand?01:06
lauchazombieOdd-rationale, yup the live cd01:06
tobywhen I get type in the ect/apt/sources.list does it matter what manager i am using01:06
rainwalkerwhen I'm done reconfiguring, does it just take me back to the command line?01:06
lauchazombiePelo, ok i will try01:06
shane634livingdaylight: not exactly lol01:06
PeloKI4IKL,  try looking up the msg in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org01:06
livingdaylightshane634, i'm supposed to google /locate and install that driver?!01:06
Odd-rationalelauchazombie: Yes, do what Pelo said.01:07
shane634livingdaylight: yes01:07
drewPelo: can i ask about another problem?01:07
Pelodrew,  sure01:07
IdleOnedrew: 1 issue per week sorry :P01:07
lauchazombiePelo, doesnt work =/ it has never happened before, and the livecd is the same i used for mi pc without problems01:07
drewIdleOne: lol01:07
xnitebreedxTO EVERYONE : I have a question in relation to ntfs-3g and it saying "Cannot Mount Volume" "Unable To Mount Volume" and says its because $Logfile indicates an unclean shutdown wtf? and because NTFS is marked to be in use? and its not? HELP?01:07
xnitebreedxin Gusty01:08
mrunagixnitebreedx: did you hibernate the ntfs?01:08
Pelolauchazombie,  I booted the live dvd for kicks, ( i upgrade from it , didn'T install),  got gdm,  didn'T enter any info just hit enter ( or ok or whatever it was) and got in no problem01:08
shane634xnitebreedx: sounds like you have a bad disk01:08
mrunagixnitebreedx: regardless....boot into the ntfs os and shut down01:08
PeloFrantzusku, please don'T shout,01:08
tobyIDLE does it matter waht manager I am using01:08
PeloFrantzusku, as it ever worked for you before ?01:08
seamus7toby: it's best to open a graphical app that needs root permissions with the command gksudo rather than sudo .... so for instance GEDIT is a graphical text editor ... you would use 'gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list' to edit it with root privileges .... NANO is a terminal based editor ... use 'sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list' to edit it with root privileges01:08
thrashyyIs there anyway to remove the wireless network info stored in the wireless network manager thing?01:08
IdleOnetoby: what manager are you using?01:09
FrantzuskuPelo: because i need help ? :01:09
org_I'm trying to connect via my usb speedtouch 330 (silver) modem using a new package from steve, here's the forums. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=585647 - and It just can't work, not because of the package I think, its because my PC doesn't see my usb modem, for odd reason it has two green lights one is USB and one is LINE ok? If USB is connected the light will stop blinking and just turn ON. and for the LINE if i'm online, it'll stop blinki01:09
org_ng and keep lightning ON Right? But the thing is both lights are ON now even tho I don't have internet connection, and they both are ON even tho the phone line is not into the modem yet. weird help me pls01:09
desertc_Anyone have dual-monitors configured correctly in the Screens and Graphics tool?01:09
lauchazombiePelo is justr tried what you said but it doesnt work, is very weird ... i will try with feisty....01:09
org_like when I plug my usb modem into the computer both lights will turn ON in a second, which shouldn't happen. the Line light should keep blinking until i plug the phone line.01:09
drewPelo: well, i think this may be common, it happened on my desktop computer before and now it happens on my laptop. i configured my network normally like i usually do, and i can ping google.com or any other server form the console but when it comes to browsing it fails. the strange thing is that if i put the google ip in the address bar it works.01:09
livingdaylightshane i don't even know what i'm looking for01:09
PeloFrantzusku, I mean has pppoeconf ever worked for you in the past01:09
eugoi like ubuntu, but its the small stuff that really bugs me. like some settings aren't loaded when using gui's to change settings. example: ntfs-config, gutsy supports ntfs writing out of the box, so when i installed this tool, it said that ntfs write support was disabled01:09
livingdaylightcome to #ubuntu and you're sent to google and told to just do it01:09
shane634livingdaylight: your sound card linux driver01:10
Pelodrew,  I can'T realy help you with that , I donT, know much about network stuff01:10
rainwalkerYES! Okay, GUI is working01:10
mrunagii really hope upgrading doesnt screw anything up01:10
livingdaylightshane634, what's my sound card sis?01:10
alex_dinamoneed some help here... upgraded to Gutsy and can't get my ATI card working with proprietary driver and the new X configurator...01:10
drewPelo: the DNS is set correctly (it resolves from the console), and everything else seems to be completely fine. i found the same problem online several times, but couldn't find any clear solution.01:10
IdleOnetoby: doesnt make a difference what manager you use open a Terminal01:10
shane634livingdaylight: yes01:10
drewPelo: ah, okay, Thank You anyway01:10
crimsungrndslm: apt-get source gnome-applets01:10
alex_dinamoany pointers?01:10
livingdaylightshane634, so i google driver for sis?01:11
desertc_alex_dinamo: I am starting to get the idea that the Xconf isn't so great.01:11
IdleOnetoby: in the terminal type sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list01:11
alex_dinamoyeah, maybe01:11
shane634livingdaylight: yes01:11
xnitebreedxi do not have a bad disk because its an external HDD01:11
Pelolater folks01:11
crimsungrndslm: in general, `apt-cache search gnome applet`01:11
xnitebreedxits a maxtor onetouch III01:11
alex_dinamowhat do you recommend?01:11
livingdaylightshane634, you're just making fun of me01:11
IdleOnetoby: put a # in front of the line with the CD01:11
eugoalex_dinamo: tried system -> administration -> restricted drivers?01:11
xnitebreedxand this has happened even before with the alpha and betas on here01:11
IdleOnetoby let me know when that is done01:11
Rabbi 卐 Does Ubuntu needs my help& 卐01:11
alex_dinamorestricted drivers are there01:11
desertc_alex_dinamo: I have two monitors on my computer, and let's just say one of them is turned off.01:11
shane634livingdaylight: no i don't do that01:11
alex_dinamosystem just do not use them01:11
nicholaspaulif i want a dual boot system, should i install ubuntu first , or OSX?01:11
thrashyyHow can I remove wireless network info from the network manager?01:11
xnitebreedxand i know someone who has knowledge of terminal might be able to help me? I've searched the forums and nothing etc etc etc etc01:11
arshamhi all01:12
grndslmcrimsun: i use aptitude, but i wasn't sure about the apt-get source part or aptitude search, or what package...it's all new to me01:12
eugotried disable, reboot, enable, reboot?01:12
tageh, is there a way in compiz to set a key binding for changing window focus?  (Just as is, I don't necessarily want any of this fancy shit)01:12
org_so deos anybody know anything about my problem?01:12
Seeker`!language | tag01:12
arshamI have bunch of files in "lost+founds" directory , and I cannot unlink them01:12
alex_dinamothe new "screens and graphics" program doesn't seem to be able to get ATI proprietary driver running01:12
ubotutag: Please watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.01:12
alex_dinamoany ideas?01:12
tb77xnitebreedx: just ask01:12
desertc_alex_dinamo: Yes, you can still edit xorg.conf by hand01:12
Frantzuskucan anyone help me whit the PPPOE connection or i`m just beeing ignored?01:12
roger_padactorhello, upgraded to 7.10 restarded comp it said it had some firm where i could get for my wireless card so it would work and for my graphics card, and when i restarded comp the options where gone but i never downloaded them how do i get them back?01:12
eugoalex_dinamo: what program is that?01:13
alex_dinamodesertc_: thanks01:13
IdleOne!pppoe | Frantzusku01:13
ubotuFrantzusku: Setting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE01:13
xnitebreedxi get the error01:13
alex_dinamoeugo: the on on System menu01:13
Piciroger_padactor: system>administration>restricted drivers manager01:13
desertc_eugo: I have been asking about the same thing01:13
alex_dinamoeugo: System -> Administration -> Screen and graphics01:13
sporeI'm having a problem with wine.  When I run wine or winecfg it says "creating configuration directory /home/spore/.wine" and doesn't do anything else.. when I check my home folder there's a bunch of ".wine-[random stuff]" looks like one gets added every time i try to run wine01:13
rainwalke1Alright, I'm back to where I started01:13
tobyin sudo nano i just get a sudo nano 2.0.2    at bottom of page gives me a list of commands01:13
Picispore: you need to specify a program to run wine with.01:14
FrantzuskuIdleOne it scanns the devices and doesnt find any connection01:14
Picispore: its not a windows emulator01:14
tagis there a way to change focus without animation? :-)01:14
Frantzuskuand when i boot up whit my windows all seems ok01:14
sporePici, what about winecfg?01:14
IdleOnetoby: show me the exact command you are typing01:14
nicholaspaulIF i want OSX and ubuntu in a dual boot, which do i install first?01:14
arshamI have some file/directories in "lost+founds" directory , and I cannot unlink them , like : --wsrwx--- 1 1734412629 644201056        40960 1977-02-19 23:57 #2975340801:14
IdleOneFrantzusku: sorry all I know about is the factoid01:14
sporePici, and the same thing happens when I run "wine blah.exe"01:14
=== Rabbi is now known as Bair|Nungging
tobysudo nano /ect/apt/sources.list01:14
arshamhelp me unlink them plz , thank you01:14
eugohow do i change settings like what player is used when a dvd is insertedÐ01:15
IdleOnetoby: it is /etc not /ect01:15
org_Guys please help.. I beg you01:15
xnitebreedxDetails : $Logfile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0) Failed to mount 'dev/sdc1': Operation not supported Mount is denied because NTFS is marked to be in use.????????????????????????01:15
troyoznicholaspaul: i would install OSX first, once you have installed ubuntu you should then get the option to boot to either01:15
=== gustavo is now known as demo_
Picispore: hmm... any errors?01:15
=== robert_|afk is now known as robert_
nicholaspaultroyoz: thanks!01:15
tobywow i am an iddiot01:15
AskHLeugo, system -> removable media01:15
xnitebreedxthe HDD is external Maxtor OneTouch III 160GB01:16
org_how do I rreally check if my ubuntu is actually seeing my usb modem, it doesn't seem I have "ppp0" when i do "ifconfig" even tho my usb modem is plugged into the PC.01:16
org_dont ignore me pls01:16
rebbihey, what repository do you have to enable in Gutsy to get libdvdcss and win32-codecs?01:16
IdleOnetoby: nope your not ... just impatient :)01:16
c0Ldwhat's the command to take a screenshot if you don't have a print screen button on a non-ms keyboard? ;o01:16
AskHLeugo, I mean system -> preferences -> removable media01:16
Picixnitebreedx: Restart into windows and run a checkdisk on your drive.01:16
sporePici, no it jus says it's creating /home/spore/.wine, it creates the /home/spore/.wine-Aa20fja directory and just sits there until i kill it01:16
xnitebreedxi am not booting off of this, either, it just does it when i plug into the usb01:16
xnitebreedxI DONT HAVE WINDOWS01:16
tobynow waht01:16
eugoty =)01:16
xnitebreedxI know there is other ways01:16
alex_dinamook... edited xorg.conf01:16
troyoznicholaspaul: if you are installing them both on the same drive, it will be a good idea to leave some un-partitioned space to install Ubuntu on01:16
alex_dinamolet's see if this works...01:16
xnitebreedxto do it in ubuntu01:16
xnitebreedxsomeone with KNOWLEDGE help?01:16
IdleOnetoby: first put my name in every sentence to me please01:16
Pici!attitude | xnitebreedx01:16
ubotuxnitebreedx: The people in this channel are volunteers. Your attitude will determine how fast you are helped. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:16
org_Pici, , hi its me01:17
tobyIdleOne sorry01:17
Piciorg_: its me too.01:17
IdleOnetoby: now put a # in front of the lieb with CD in it01:17
org_Pici, please read my question. I been asking for too long01:17
arshamplease help me unlink files in "lost+founds" directory , ls -l output  : --wsrwx--- 1 1734412629 644201056        40960 1977-02-19 23:57 #2975340801:17
livingdaylightshane634, thx anyways... but there is just junk that comes back...01:17
IdleOnetoby: np helps me see what your saying to me :)01:17
Piciorg_: I dont know anything about dsl/dialup/ppp01:17
livingdaylighti'll just have to reinstall the godamn os01:17
Ongakui'm considering making my laptop here all Ubuntu...my boyfriend runs in Windows...is there a way to file share through the network?01:17
org_Pici, fair enough01:17
org_who knows about dsl/ppp/usb modems?? please :(01:17
* livingdaylight thought gutsy was stable01:17
CodeMonkeyWhich has better and more reliable support by Ubuntu, FAT32 or NTFS?01:18
MrAltacoHey, I have a question about installing ubuntu: In the partitioning section, it says "Some number % - 45.7 gigs".  I have a 60 gig harddrive, and my stuff on windows says I have about 16 gigs free.  So does this mean the 45.7 gigs is for WINDOWS?01:18
org_livingdaylight, it isn't?01:18
PiciCodeMonkey: fat32.01:18
livingdaylightorg_, my sound's broken!01:18
org_livingdaylight, you got problems! what WM?01:18
livingdaylightand now i'm supposed to google for a driver and i don't know how to01:18
Dyusis there a way to get Evolution to minimize to the Notification Tray?01:18
troyozCodeMonkey: fat32 has had support for much longer in Ubuntu so it could be considered more stable01:18
tobyIdleOne did that01:18
livingdaylightorg_, ubuntu (gnome)01:18
desertc_livingdaylight: my sound is fine01:18
PiciOngaku: You can either create a samba share on your computer and let the windows computer see that, or create a windows share and view that from ubuntu.01:18
xnitebreedxDetails : $Logfile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0) Failed to mount 'dev/sdc1': Operation not supported Mount is denied because NTFS is marked to be in use.????????????????????????01:18
org_livingdaylight, well, I never had problems with sound, good luck there brother01:18
Pici!samba > Ongaku (Please see the private messsage from ubotu)01:18
bofh80Ongaku, if nothing else you can always use FTP, otherwise yes, there are various methods of using the network to share your files between windows and ubuntu01:19
livingdaylightdesertc_, what do i care what your sound is doing? mine was fine too until it broke01:19
xnitebreedxi do not have access to windows, repeat01:19
IdleOnetoby: ok now hit ctrl and x to save the file then hit y then hit enter01:19
org_who knows about dsl/ppp/usb modems?? please :(01:19
xnitebreedxi've tried the force method hm?01:19
desertc_livingdaylight: why would I think Gutsy is unstable just because your sound is broken01:19
org_gutsy is stable for me. except it can't see my usb modem01:19
MrAltacoHey, I have a question about installing ubuntu: In the partitioning section, it says "Some number % - 45.7 gigs".  I have a 60 gig harddrive, and my stuff on windows says I have about 16 gigs free.  So does this mean the 45.7 gigs is for WINDOWS?01:19
IdleOnetoby: now you should be back a a cli promtp type sudo nano update01:19
livingdaylightdesertc_, i dont' care what you think... if you can't help leave me alone01:19
gumby600m_Is there a way to edit the "Visual Effects" in gusty?  How do I use the desktop "Cube" or the OS-X like Expose'?01:19
GigaClonone of my resolutions is messed up, 1027x768, is fuzzy, the is noise on every edge, and there is a line on the left side of the screen that is in front of my mouse its almost like its to big for the monitor01:19
Ongakuah ok so I can have this computer all Ubuntu (i have a 2GB partition for this rest is windows) and use samba and that will allow the sharing?01:20
IdleOnetoby: lol01:20
org_maybe gutsy makers doesn't use DSL or usb modems, thats probably why I can't see mine01:20
IdleOnetoby: type sudo apt-get update01:20
rainwalke1gumby600m_: CompizConfig Settings Manager01:20
proqesihow do I change my gtk theme from the terminal? I can't remember the name of the tool I run01:20
tobyIdleOne ok just one sec01:20
PiciOngaku: wait, do you mean via the network or are you running both on the same computer?01:20
MrAltaco@gumby: You'd use Compiz or Compiz Fusion, depending on which you have01:20
Ongakuvia network, he has windows, i have linux Pici01:20
* IdleOne does a sudo nona dist-upgrade 01:20
PiciOngaku: Okay, then samba is the way to go :)01:21
IdleOnelmao I cant type anymore01:21
gumby600m_rainwalke1: thx01:21
Ongakuah cool :) big concern for us, sweet01:21
MrAltacoHey, I have a question about installing ubuntu: In the partitioning section, it says "Some number % - 45.7 gigs".  I have a 60 gig harddrive, and my stuff on windows says I have about 16 gigs free.  So does this mean the 45.7 gigs is for WINDOWS?01:21
KyleMc1985How do I install a print server01:21
Ongakuthx Pici once again :)01:21
Pici!cups | KyleMc198501:21
ubotuKyleMc1985: Printing in Ubuntu is done with CUPS. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows01:21
Fryguy--KyleMc1985: sudo apt-get install cups01:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about screens - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:22
pike_anyone else seeing bug with xv in gutsy?01:22
IdleOneFryguy--: KyleMc1985 cups should already be installed01:22
Fryguy--pike_: no01:22
xnitebreedxi have an error when connecting my external usb hdd, it is a Maxtor OneTouch 3, and it gives me this error :01:23
xnitebreedxDetails : $Logfile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0) Failed to mount 'dev/sdc1': Operation not supported Mount is denied because NTFS is marked to be in use.????????????????????????01:23
sporewine isn't working for me under ubuntu (gutsy).  when I run wine or winecfg it says "creating configuration directory /home/spore/.wine" it actually creates a directory like ".wine-AdKJAmN" and never does anything more01:23
Picixnitebreedx: Why is it NTFS is you dont use windows?01:23
xnitebreedxwith two choices underneath i cant do the first because i am not running windows01:23
phixnayspore: how did you install it?01:23
xnitebreedxbecause i used the drive in windows to back up my stuff01:23
sporephixnay, sudo apt-get install wine01:23
xnitebreedxand isn't ntfs-3g supposed to mount automatically stuff like this?01:23
Fryguy--xnitebreedx: not when the partition gets broken because of improperly unmounting it01:24
phixnayspore: there is a better way. Go to winehq.com and follow their instructions for ubuntu01:24
KyleMc1985I just installed my printer and it won't print, yet it works in Windows. Type: Lexmark 1000. Shows that it is ready and 1 job is in queue. Just showing it as stopped.01:24
org_who knows about dsl/ppp/usb modems?? please :(01:24
sporephixnay, will do01:24
xnitebreedxit does it with every drive that has NTFS on it01:24
livingdaylightCan someone help with loss of sound?01:24
Fryguy--org_: ask the question you really wan tto ask01:24
xnitebreedxeven ones that were "safely removed"01:24
Fryguy--livingdaylight: ask a more detailed question01:24
livingdaylighti brought in ubuntustudio startup sound and now my sound is broken01:24
desertc_Google search reveals people recommending "Envy" to get NVIDIA cards working with Gutsy.01:24
xnitebreedxso, is there a terminal way to correct this?01:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about resoultion - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:24
ubuntui want instal ubuntuÑS01:24
nelsonsrxany halo players in here01:24
ubuntu-nick r4f301:25
phixnayHey - I've noticed a problem that wasn't here when I upgraded to gutsy - now I'm having trouble with the full screen modes of firefox and totem. Have other people been reporting this?01:25
Pici!envy | desertc_01:25
ubotudesertc_: envy is a script that may leave you envious of those who have not used it, use the resticted manager to install binary drivers or use the instructions on the wiki, this script may break your machine very badly!01:25
livingdaylighti gotz no sound at all01:25
=== ubuntu is now known as r4f3
livingdaylightFryguy--, did you get the detail?01:25
desertc_pici: acknowledged01:25
Black4lphahow do you change a single folder permission from root to user...im getting sick of my php scripts not working properly because its getting denied permission to access a file01:25
* Rabiddog love's the game Battle for Wesnoth, nice fun down to earth game.01:25
troyozphixnay: what problems are you seeing with full screen modes of firefox and totem?01:25
phixnaysomebody tried to make me use envy once...01:25
org_Fryguy--, I did earlier alot, and nobody seem to know about usb modems. I have speedtouch 330 (silver) modem ok. whenever I plug it into the usb both lights will go ON. even tho I don't have the phone line connected to that modem still, but the LINE light is on and not blinking, thats weird. ok so then I try to connect using a package. and it doesn't connect, I just think ubuntu doesn't see my usb modem, can you help me?01:25
Fryguy--Black4lpha: chown01:25
DirkenHey... how do I go about installing a bluetooth mouse with Ubuntu? Its an asus mouse came with the U3 laptop.01:25
livingdaylightis there a config file for sound or something somewhere i can look into?01:25
polorixHow do i get into a super user environment without using sudo...like i want to use su but it wont accept my administrator password...any ideas?01:25
IdleOne!sound | livingdaylight01:26
ubotulivingdaylight: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:26
Fryguy--polorix: "sudo su"01:26
Renghey guys how do i fix this, i have samba working with windows, but the issue is the in windows i cant access my linux share, cause it prompt a password. so how do i fixed this??01:26
mrunagidirken bluetooth with ubuntu can be tricky01:26
Black4lphachown? like chown then folder name in the terminal?01:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about force - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:26
Dirkenmrunagi: I see...01:26
ubotuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup01:26
ubotuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions01:26
phixnaytroyoz: well with totem it wouldn't exit full screen for some movies (had to restart gdm) and for firefox it got 'stuck' between full and regular when I pressed f1101:26
Fryguy--Black4lpha: man chown will tell you everything you need.  to do an entire directory structure you'll want to use the -R flag01:26
IdleOneReng: use your user password01:26
PiciReng: sudo smbpasswd -a username    <I think, check the manpage>01:26
wirechief1polorix check my pm01:27
alex_dinamoHere I am... still need help... X seems to only consider /etc/X11/xorg.conf.failsafe when starting...01:27
alex_dinamowhy can this be?01:27
troyozphixnay: have you tried disabling the visual effects (compiz) and see if this problem is still apparent?01:27
org_guys check this out, http://pastebin.com/m509a4d6e ... thats my "ifconfig" does one of these looks like a usb modem for you?01:27
phixnaytroyoz: afaik the're not enabled on my computer01:27
Cornishmanalex_dinamo: because your xorg.conf has an error01:27
John117Hey guys.  I just downloaded the tarballs for Macromedia flash plugin.  How the hell do i install it? Basically, I don't know how to install software on Ubuntu (not using the add/remove installer)01:28
alex_dinamoCornishman: how can I see which error?01:28
alex_dinamoCornishman: any log file?01:28
phixnaytroyoz: it didn't use to be a problem - it worked fine for a while after I upgraded to gutsy01:28
Fryguy--John117: flash is in the repositories, is there any particular reason you are trying to manually install it?01:28
troyozphixnay: right click on desktop -> Change desktop background - > Visual Effects Tab -> Click on None  (this is assuming you are using gutsy)01:28
sporephixnay, used winehq repos.. installed latest version, still doign the same thing01:28
Fryguy--John117: and firefox will automatically install it for you if you go to a page with flash content on it01:28
John117fryguy-- because for some reason, I can't put a check mark in the box next to it.01:28
tomlarkinhow do i configure the background image for desktop cube,01:28
tomlarkinin compiz01:29
John117fryguy-- it didn't.01:29
Fryguy--John117: need to enable repositories01:29
Picitomlarkin: ask in #compiz-fusion01:29
musikgoatdoes vmware server still need to be compiled from source?01:29
org_so Fryguy-- you also don't know01:29
kiruwrong channel01:29
Fryguy--for it01:29
Fryguy--since it's non-free01:29
alex_dinamoIs there a guide to configure ATI on Gutsy?01:29
musikgoatfor gutsy01:29
org_who knows about USB MODEM???????????? 1320 in the channel and nobody using a usb modem wat da hel :(01:29
alex_dinamoit was working *before* the today's update01:29
TrunkzI got a question. I'm trying to forward all traffic from a computer to another computer, which is running OpenVPN (so should pick up this routed traffic and send it through a proxy)01:29
TrunkzHow do I do this?01:29
TrunkzThe ports that need to be forwarded are 88 + 3074 :)01:29
TrunkzI've set up ports to be forwarded on the router from one computer to the other01:30
Dankchilddoes anybody know how to use online webcam chat services like stickam on fiesty?01:30
Trunkzbut nothing.01:30
tomlarkinPici, how do i get there01:30
z00mgood text editor for c programming other than vim ?01:30
MrAltacoHey, I have a question about installing ubuntu: In the partitioning section, it says "Some number % - 45.7 gigs".  I have a 60 gig harddrive, and my stuff on windows says I have about 16 gigs free.  So does this mean the 45.7 gigs is for WINDOWS?01:30
MrAltacoCould someone please help me out with this?01:30
Picitomlarkin: /j #compiz-fusion01:30
Fryguy--org_: no need to constantly repeat yourself and use excessive punctuation.  It's unfortunate that nobody can help you, but continuing to ask repeatedly isn't going to magically make somebody know how to use usb modems01:30
CodeMonkeyz00m, vim is the best01:30
z00msomething what will add some colour to my code01:30
John117fryguy-- the best I can tell, all the repositories are enabled.  I can see it in the list of applications I just can't put a check in the box.01:30
Fryguy--z00m: emacs is worth considering if you really don't like vim for some reason01:30
=== demo_ is now known as otep
IdleOneMrAltaco: that is what it seems like yup01:30
tobyIdleOne I am not getting allt the error messages I was before but still not tried to upgrade but thank you so much for your patience01:30
CodeMonkeyz00m, vim has syntax highlighting01:30
mnoirz00m: vim will do syntax color01:30
org_Fryguy--, maybe somebody knows and wasn't watching the channel before 1min :)01:30
phixnayspore: weird. I have no clue why that would happen. sorry i'm not much help01:31
IdleOnetoby: not a problem now try to upgrade :)01:31
xnitebreedxi will try installing and using the ntfsprogs and other software from the package manager01:31
alex_dinamoany ideas?01:31
Fryguy--org_: there's no need to repeat yourself that frequently, it just causes unnecessary increased traffic for an already overly busy channel01:31
sporephixnay, okay.. thanks anyway :)01:31
z00msee im use to windows, i dont even know the commands in vim to start off writting let alone save my work :D01:31
tobyIdleOne ok thank you01:31
alex_dinamoDoes anybody here have an ATI Radeon working on Ubuntu 7.10?01:31
caravelhi folks01:31
xnitebreedxi will let all know if it fixes it, because i did "safely remove" the external hdd in windows before shutting down!?01:31
Fryguy--z00m: so take the time to actually learn how to use the editor01:31
wirechief1alex_dinamo: yes01:31
MrAltacoIdleOne: So this partition it wants to make is for windows, and what's left is for linux, if I make the partition too small will it delete some of my stuff in my windows partition?01:31
z00mFryguy--, good point ;)01:31
=== otep is now known as otep_
musashi_can anyone help me install lighttpd01:32
alex_dinamowirechief1: how did you get it running?01:32
z00mso vim for best then..01:32
caravellooking for evolution's native csv import codepage -- ca't find it anywhere, please help!01:32
wirechief1alex_dinamo: yes, i use fglrx and have a ATI130001:32
Fryguy--z00m: vim certainly isn't the best, it's a matter of preference01:32
phixnaytroyoz: it's already set to 'none'. I think it might have been a bug in one of the recent upgrades01:32
CodeMonkeyz00m, vim can be weird at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's fast and powerful01:32
Fryguy--z00m: if vim were actually the best, there wouldn't be any other text editors available01:32
IdleOneMrAltaco: if the partitioner is using 16 gigs you will be fine and no it wont use/delete the windows01:32
musikgoatdoes vmware server still need to be compiled from source  in gutsy??01:32
nilsonWhat would be the best way to go about installing rpc.ugidd on my system? Apparently it is not included in the default nfs-server installation01:32
John117Okay..  Anybody available to help me get this installed?01:32
alex_dinamowirechief1: yes, me too, but now it doesn't work01:32
org_ok Fryguy-- ... when do i repeat my question then?01:33
nilsonWill I have to manually configure and compile nfs-server01:33
z00mok ill learn how to use it01:33
Fryguy--org_: every 5-10 minutes is appropriate01:33
wirechief1alex_dinamo: see my pm01:33
MrAltacoIdleone: Thanks a lot01:33
alex_dinamowirechief1: it was working until I upgrade to 7.1001:33
Fryguy--z00m: there's plenty of faqs/docs/books on www.vim.org01:33
alex_dinamowirechief1: pm?01:33
troyozphixnay: i've just tried the F11 thing in firefox here and i'm not having the same issue, it does sound to me like it is a video driver issue01:33
CodeMonkeyz00m, just look at a site with basic vim commands01:33
IdleOneMrAltaco: no problem01:33
panosruHi, how can i add euro sign through keyboard?01:33
Dankchilddoes anybody know how to use online webcam chat services like stickam that use flash on fiesty?01:34
Dankchildplease halp!01:34
phixnaytroyoz: hmm, wonder if there's anything else I can try... I'll make sure that firefox and totem still do it01:34
wirechief1alex_dinamo:  check the bottom of your screen01:34
gumby600m_Anyone know what to search for in "CompizConfig Settings Manager" to get OSX-like expose to work? (i.e. where I would press "F9" and all the windows would be shown on-screen)01:34
troyozphixnay: are you using a nvidia card?01:34
Fryguy--gumby600m_: the effect is called "scale"01:34
z00mok @ CodeMonkey01:34
Fryguy--it's enabled by default to bt ctrl-shift-uparrow01:34
desertc_Okay so the Screens and Graphics tool is called, "displayconfig-gtk" ?01:35
gumby600m_Fryguy--:  Thanks!01:35
phixnaytroyoz: yes01:35
Fryguy--gumby600m_: might i recommend adding a trigger for it by moving the mouse to the bottom corner of the screen, works quite nicely :)01:35
desertc_alex_dinamo: does this help?  http://blogs.gnome.org/jamesh/2007/09/24/gutsy-upgrade/01:35
troyozphixnay: have you installed nvidia-glx-new ?01:35
gumby600m_Fryguy--:  "ctrl+shift+uparrow" isn't capturing it...01:35
IdleOne!flash | Dankchild01:35
ubotuDankchild: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash01:35
phixnaytroyoz: let me check01:35
Paul_UKhey, just installed gutsy and its freaking awesome!  Running Compwiz (with full effects) on ATI 16MB gfx and it works!  Shove that Vista ehehehehehehe!01:35
troyozphixnay: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new01:36
Fryguy--gumby600m_: it might be alt-shift-uparrow, i changed all of my bindings for those.  nevertheless the plugin is called scale and you can go check it out for yourself01:36
gumby600m_Fryguy--:  Yep!  Alt+shift+uparrow.  thanks!01:36
desertc_phixnay: I am using NVIDIA too.  Slow going in setting it up to work right.01:36
|neon|does TORK works with gutsy , thx01:36
desertc_phixnay: How far have you gotten?01:36
Paul_UKis there anyway to remove openoffice?01:37
John117I am unable to select "Macromedia Flash plugin" from the Application installer.  All of the boxes on the first tab of Prefferences are checked.  Anybody know what my problem is?01:37
Fryguy--problems with nvidia?  it installs by clicking a single button after installing the base operating system and rebooting...01:37
phixnaytroyoz: desertc_: i didn't know I had to do anything at all! Everyone who was using nvidia-glx has to install nvidia-glx-new?01:37
IdleOneis there a shortcut to jump to nicks starting with T in the nicklist. I am not talking about nick completion. I want to be able to go from having a nick in the nicklist highlighted and using a shortcut to jump to another nick01:37
automatanyone have problems with tracker eating up HUUUGE amounts of disk space with a user's ~/.cache/tracker/* databases?01:37
desertc_phixnay: I have no idea01:37
phixnayIdleOne: probably varies from client to client01:37
IdleOnephixnay: true I am using Xchat01:37
org_will alt+ctrl+Backspace a restart X .. can it close my xchat?01:37
Fryguy--IdleOne: well, my irc client doesn't even have a nicklist, so you might want to specify what client you are using01:37
willofthewisp_tmhow do you know which groups a user belongs?01:37
Daediusdoes anyone here have problems with ubuntu and macbooks?01:38
desertc_phixnay: I switched to the 'nv' driver, hoping that would make things work better.  Nope.01:38
willofthewisp_tmIs there a way to get that?01:38
Dankchildidleone: i have flash it asks for the permission to access my webcam and it turns on and everything but no feed, but offline i can use it fine/01:38
DaediusI can't see ubuntu listed through boot selector/refit01:38
IdleOneis there a shortcut to jump to nicks starting with T in the nicklist. I am not talking about nick completion. I want to be able to go from having a nick in the nicklist highlighted and using a shortcut to jump to another nick using Xchat01:38
troyozphixnay: nvidia-glx-new is just a new nvidia driver than the nvidia-glx package.  I have found to have less issues with nvidia-glx-new that I was having with the old driver, its worth a try if you are using nvidia-glx01:38
Fryguy--org_: ctrl-alt-backspace forcefully shuts down X and everything running currently.  don't press it unless you have a good reason to01:38
navesrevarthey, if i have a dual core laptop, can i use the x86 version?01:38
Daediusyes you can navesrevart01:38
|neon|navesrevart: yes01:38
Fryguy--navesrevart: sure01:38
automatDaedius: did you re-sync refit's boot info?01:38
PiciIdleOne: did you try clicking on the nicklist and pressing T? (logically thats how I think it would work)01:38
phixnaytroyoz: ok. I think last time I did it, the memory and the cpu were probably more taxed than usual, because I had like 30 tabs open01:38
|neon|navesrevart: my quad desktop is running sweet on kubuntu01:38
navesrevartDaedius 1, Fryguy neon 001:38
GigaClonim having monitor problems it seems like the screen is shifted to the left. there is a strange black line on the left and the right side of the screen is black, the screen ends about ten pixels from the edge anyone know how i can fix it so it fits on my screen01:39
Daediusautomat, it said I did not need to01:39
Daediusnavesrevart, w007! ;)01:39
IdleOnePici: yeah I tried that and logic failed :)01:39
Bam1I just installed ubuntu feisty fawn and when i click Desktop Effects and hit Enable effects the screen just goes white. Also it will only let me click on window effects and not the second one, cube effects. Well really i cant click on either,but the window effect is already clicked. HOW DO I ENABLE CUBE DESKTOP!?01:39
automatDaedius: i can't remember what it's called, specifically, but I've had problems with it before.01:39
Dagonhas someone figured out how to mount and IPOD01:39
phixnayIdleOne: yeah, that works in pidgin :)01:39
Pici!ipod | Dagon01:39
ubotuDagon: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto See !rockbox for information on liberating your iPod01:39
GigaClonDagon,  yeah you just plug it in01:39
Fryguy--Bam1: apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager01:39
IceshadowI'm trying to play some Shoutcast feeds through Rhythmbox, and it is telling me that I'm missing a codec, and obviously won't play. I've installed libmad and still not working. I'm curious to know some other codecs I might try?01:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nvidia-glx-new - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:39
Bam1Iceshadow: what?01:39
w0f2i got a crazy situation with mounting nfs01:39
DagonGigaClon not with Gutsy01:40
Pici!mp3 > Iceshadow (Please see the private messsage from ubotu)01:40
desertc_phixnay: Enable it through Restricted Drivers manager01:40
IdleOneDankchild: sorry i dont use webcams and I am against the use of webcams. ( personal reason ) and not because I am ugly but that does not help :)01:40
troyozphixnay: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/misc/nvidia-glx-new01:40
desertc_phixnay: needs a reboot01:40
xnitebreedxw0f2 : YOU ARENT THE only one01:40
|neon|does TORK works with gutsy , thx01:40
XsteelWolfHow do i open .daa file01:40
ubotuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto01:40
GigaClonwhen you plug it in do you see it with sudo fdisk -l01:40
w0f2how can i give read/write/ex/del priviledges on a folder that's mounted with root?01:40
automatso noone listening is having trouble with tracker?  I just got a silly little Gnome popup warning that 99% of / was used.  started poking around and noticed that tracker had dumped 15GB (yeah, that's right 15) of database files in ~/.cache/tracker...01:40
Fryguy--w0f2: man chmod01:41
noelferreirahow can i install ubuntu with a live cd and a machine with only 256 ram ?01:41
John117I am unable to select "Macromedia Flash plugin" from the Application installer.  All of the boxes on the first tab of Preferences are checked.  Anybody know what my problem is?01:41
Bam1Fryguy--: whatd you mean by "<Fryguy--> Bam1: apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager"01:41
ubhelpdoes enyone Knows how to make work my Lan-express minipci Atheros chip on ubunti 7.10 with madwifi???01:41
Fryguy--Bam1: i mean install that package01:41
Bam1How? - please01:41
XsteelWolfHow do i open .daa file01:41
Fryguy--Bam1: type "sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager"01:41
* Iceshadow salutes Pici01:41
Bam1in teh terminal?01:41
Fryguy--Bam1: wherever you want01:42
Fryguy--Bam1: or use synaptic to find the package01:42
Bam1so if it type it into a terminal it will be fine?01:42
kjcoleAny LVM experts here?01:42
drama1981noelferreira you can use the alternate cd. its text based (no live cd). on a side note though ive installed from live with only 256mb ram. was rather slow though01:42
Fryguy--Bam1: sure01:42
* navesrevart loves ubuntu, but can't get it to work on his Asus.01:42
Bam1lol if you say so01:42
* navesrevart is crying01:42
musikgoatdoes vmware server still need to be compiled from source?01:42
noelferreirathanks drama198101:42
ebirtaidfn'musikgoat: I think so01:42
cosmodadXsteelWolf: google, first hit: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-open-daa-direct-access-archive-files-under-linux-or-unix-oses/01:43
bofh80Bam1, just don't put the quotes in :P 0.o01:43
Bam1yeah i know =P01:43
drama1981noelferreira your welcome01:43
Fryguy--people really need to take some time to learn the basics of debian-based linux distributions :/01:43
tckanyone get that new Firefox 2.0.08 update ?01:43
ebirtaidfn'Fryguy--: ?01:43
riotkittiethere's no crying in linux, navesrevart. rub some dirt in it. walk it off.01:43
CravFryguy--: that's what Ubuntu is for01:43
w0f2the mountpoint is created with a non-root account though.01:44
ebirtaidof chuckle01:44
w0f2the mountpoint is created with a non-root account though.01:44
Fryguy--w0f2: what are you mounting01:44
navesrevartI'm trying01:44
w0f2remote nfs01:44
Fryguy--w0f2: specify uid and/or gid to mount as in the parameters01:44
daveanyone know anything about virtualbox?01:44
tckdave a bit01:44
navesrevartanyone got any clues on what to do if visuals never show up under ubuntu?01:44
GigaClonmy laptop screen is shifted to the left 10 pixels and looks horrible01:45
w0f2uid/gid on the local system or the server?01:45
navesrevartunder the live cd/01:45
wirechief1dave yes01:45
IdleOneebirtaid: why do you add fn' in front of nicks?01:45
davei can't seem to get USB running through it01:45
kjcoleBusy place...  I take it no LVM expertise here...01:45
navesrevarti think i'm goin to try and use the text installer01:45
davei have the virtualbox ose from the gutsy repo's installed01:45
Fryguy--navesrevart: boot using the safe graphics option (second menu item)01:45
daveand there is just no option to turn on USB01:45
navesrevartthat's what I'm going to try01:45
navesrevartthanks fryguy01:45
wirechief1dave what version of virtualbox are you using ?01:46
tckkjcole, would that not be more server stuff?01:46
davei'm looking at screenshots of virtualbox on the net and it shows the same list in the VM options as mine, except mine doesnt include USB01:46
BlaenkDenumhey guys how cna I get git for ubuntu01:46
BUDD}{Ajust installed a second harddrive into ubuntu 7.10 and it says that i don't have permission to write to it only read i formated it to ext3 how can i change it so i can read and write to it ?01:46
dave1.5.0 OSE01:46
PiciBlaenkDenum: install git-core01:46
BlaenkDenumI did sudo apt-get install git and I typed 'git' after and it didn't work01:46
BlaenkDenumthanks Pici01:46
drama1981navesrevart any errors? does it just go to a shell? what graphics card?01:46
navesrevartnothing happens01:46
Alien18help! i have the livecd but i deletd the iso, what software u recommend for backing up the cd please?01:46
strickis router or usb modem better for a dsl connection? Tell me your opinion01:46
daveim just now uninstalling and installing the virtualbox from the official website and i'll see what happens but01:46
navesrevartit's a nvidia geforce 8600m gt01:46
tckdave usb support was only in the non-free version, i think recent updated to ose edition have usb option now01:46
poningruAlien18: just right click and copy01:46
reverCan someone help me I am trying to pair my BT Headset with my laptop in Gutsy. I Browse for Devices and find my Headset. When I click connect I get this error.....01:46
w0f2how would i find out uid for an account?01:46
reverobex://[00:02:5b:00:17:57]" is not a valid location01:46
scguy318Alien18: dd? :P01:46
Picicvd_: stop.01:46
Fryguy--w0f2: /etc/passwd will have it01:47
ebirtaidfn'IdleOne: my bnc is weird, uses two servers01:47
kjcoletck, it would have been except that I made the mistake of going down that road with it in Dapper, and now every time I upgrade, I get in new and interesting trouble.01:47
wirechief1dave i would try googleing for virtualbox ver x.x usb01:47
ebirtaidso I have to to use nick completion01:47
vassorry again01:47
Fryguy--w0f2: also the "id" command01:47
scguy318Alien18: or something like k3b01:47
Jordan_UDoes anyone here have a fresh install of feisty?01:47
tckdave update to latest and just enable usb or audio to use them in options :)01:47
wirechief1dave i would try googleing for virtualbox ver x.x usb  change the x.x to your version number01:47
vasjust i have trouble i can not connect to apollon01:47
IdleOneebirtaid: fix it cuz it's annoying :)01:47
alex_dinamoHello, I came with more info about my ATI driver problem...01:47
GuyFromHellSo i'm about to have to run the repair and restart thing for vista and i'm pretty sure its going to futs the MBR, how can i set it back to grub afterwords?01:47
alex_dinamoplease, see this log file01:47
ebirtaidhehe I can't fix it without disconnecting from the other server ;)01:47
Jordan_U!grub | GuyFromHell01:47
ubotuGuyFromHell: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:47
GuyFromHellerr, scratch that. i found the page in the01:47
GuyFromHellJordan_U: thanks =P01:48
cvd_momas guys01:48
drama1981navesrevart hit f6 remove quite and splach from the boot line. then try to boot. see if it shows any errors (it will run a bunch of text really ast so you may have to try a few times to get the exact error)01:48
w0f2mount -t nfs -u=1000 -g=1000 /media/data/ ?01:48
tckwirechief1, also wasn't there something to be done with usbfs ? adding one to the group01:48
Jordan_UGuyFromHell, np :)01:48
tckits been a long time since i set it up01:48
daveyeah i got the group thing all set up01:48
navesrevarti should be able to hit pause break01:48
kjcoletck, rather than give in and wipe my life out, I fight with it til I win another battle (though I may ultimately lose the war.)01:48
tckah cool ok01:48
alex_dinamo[atiddxSetup] X version mismatch - detected X.org, required X.org
navesrevartand pause it too01:48
tckkjcole, ask in ubuntu-server01:48
davebut i just cant find the USB option anywhere so ill try a different vers01:48
tcki haven't played with it myself to be honest :/01:48
Cravsince the upgrade, the scroll part of my touchpad hasn't worked, any ideas?01:48
alex_dinamoany ideas?01:49
joddeHey guys.01:49
BUDD}{Ajust installed a second harddrive into ubuntu 7.10 and it says that i don't have permission to write to it only read i formated it to ext3 how can i change it so i can read and write to it ?01:49
joddeCould somebody please tell me how to shut down processes/apps that crash?01:49
Fryguy--jodde: the "kill" command01:49
alex_dinamoahve you stumbled with this problem? any? [atiddxSetup] X version mismatch - detected X.org, required X.org
navesrevartyes, kill is fun01:50
joddeIs there an equivalence to the system manager in Winblows?01:50
drama1981BUDD}{A where is it mounted at?01:50
=== jessica is now known as jessie^^
tckjodde how do you mean, like system monitor ?01:50
Fryguy--jodde: the "ps" and/or "top" work well01:50
CrayNETest ce que il ya k'1 qui parle francais01:50
wirechief1alex_dinamo did you check https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI01:50
Bam1sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager // after typing that it says " reading package .. done | building dependent tree | reading state info ... done | could find package: compizconfig-settings-manager01:50
daveah hah got it, thanks guys01:50
tckjodde, try htop as well01:50
Bam1couldnt find package*01:51
dave1.5.2 nonfree has USB included01:51
Fryguy--Bam1: then you need to enable extra repositories in synaptic01:51
BUDD}{Anot sure what you mean01:51
tckdave i think virtualbox-ose (open source edition) latest one has usb now as well01:51
alex_dinamolet me check for the disabled modules config file... that's the only thing it can be...01:51
tckcheck packages01:51
Bam1i wish i wherent an idiot01:51
TornadoChas3r001i have ubuntu server with apache, and i just found out that port 80 is blocked by isp is there anyway to make port 8080 a web port i know this sounds stupied butt01:51
scguy318tck: it does, but it seems borked compared to VMware01:51
alex_dinamono disabled modules :(01:51
tckdave http://packages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/search_packages.pl?searchon=names&subword=1&version=gutsy&release=all&keywords=virtualbox-ose&sourceid=mozilla-search01:51
Tarkus__anyone know if its possible for me to install xfce in ubuntu? so i can have the option of gnome/xfce?01:51
Fryguy--TornadoChas3r001: /etc/apache2/ has all of the configuration files for apache, just change it there01:51
w0f2mount -t nfs uid=1000 gid=1000 /media/data/01:52
tckscguy318, i find Vbox faster than vmware01:52
w0f2i must be missing something01:52
Fryguy--Tarkus__: yes01:52
scguy318Tarkus___: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop or the other xfce metapackages for a more minimal blah01:52
CravTarkus__: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop01:52
tckalthough solaris 10 doesnt work in vbox01:52
scguy318tck: you installed VMware Tools? :P01:52
scguy318tck: but eh01:52
drama1981BUDD}{A in linux instead of having c d e ect like windows. its sda1 sda2 ect. meaing sda1=disk1 partition 1 sda2 disk 1 partition201:52
Fryguy--w0f2: read the man page for mount, you are specifying options incorrectly01:52
w0f2that's what it says !\01:52
TornadoChas3r001Fryguy, i changed port to 8080 but now when i type my isp ip i have to also type :808 at the end of it would that matter if i get a domain01:52
Tarkus__scguy318, Crav: thanks guys.01:52
Fryguy--TornadoChas3r001: you'll always have to do that01:52
TornadoChas3r001what about when i get a domain01:53
Fryguy--TornadoChas3r001: http is port 80, so that's what browsers default to, you have to manually specify another port01:53
w0f2uid=value, gid=value and umask=value  right from the manual page01:53
Fryguy--TornadoChas3r001: that won't help01:53
w0f2man mount01:53
w0f2i used the equal sign as well.01:53
Fryguy--w0f2: don't see a comma in your statement01:53
w0f2comma's do the same.01:53
TornadoChas3r001o so even if i got a domain my website will not work ?? sorry  i am a noob at this ):01:53
LifeNomadAnyone else in here using Pidgin right now?01:54
Bam1very very very very newb question, please dont flame me: how do i open synaptic?01:54
Fryguy--w0f2: works for me, sorry to hear it.  try reading the man page again01:54
scguy318LifeNomad: me why01:54
Fryguy--LifeNomad: I am01:54
desertcI'm getting closer and closer on my monitor configuration.01:54
AdemanLifeNomad: not for irc, but yeah01:54
jeffreyHelp- I have a question on a gutsy upgrade. It's asking me if I want to keep or replace my login.defs file?01:54
jessie^^Bam1, gsku synaptic01:54
scguy318Bam1: there are no stupid questions, System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager01:54
w0f2i'm sure you acutally tried it too.01:54
ebirtaidfn'LifeNomad: for yahoo/aim yes01:54
Bam1thanks =)01:54
tckjeffrey, did you edit your login.defs previously ?01:54
josh__yo yo i got a problem when i do this tutorial :    http://www.kaod.net/cornel/reviews/GatewayCX2724.html  (completely ..i'm talking about the pen part) i get an xerror and x wont start01:54
Kjuiboi... support request please :)01:54
=== rob_ is now known as bobbyd
desertcI'm getting closer and closer on my monitor configuration.  Does anyone know why my second monitor shows part of the screen and scrolls the rest of it?  Seen any bugs on this problem?01:54
LifeNomadWell in Pidgin, IRC chat, theres a lot of system messages, can you filter that out...and leave just messages?01:54
Team_Fortress_2hello all01:54
ebirtaidpidgin is an inferior irc client01:55
scguy318LifeNomad: sure, though imho the Pidgin IRC is crap01:55
scguy318LifeNomad: people like irssi or X-Chat01:55
Fryguy--LifeNomad: not really, pidgin isn't meant to be an irc client, use a better program. I recommend irssi01:55
Team_Fortress_2x-chat is an inferior irc client01:55
AdemanLifeNomad: yeah what other people are saying, use x-chat for irc01:55
KjuibI have a problem with my usb keyboard and mouse.... they seem to stop working when ever I let my computer idle...01:55
alex_dinamostill stuck01:55
Team_Fortress_2as is bitchX01:55
ebirtaidirssi ftw01:55
Team_Fortress_2if you dont know what those are01:55
Team_Fortress_2get lost , thx01:55
w0f2Fryguy--, what command did you use?01:55
LjL!enter | Team_Fortress_201:55
ubotuTeam_Fortress_2: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:55
scguy318Team_Fortress_2: i dont, do I get banned now?01:55
LifeNomadAlright, I am actually using X-chat right now :D I was tired of pidgin01:55
jeffreyI don't know or remember editing the login.defs file? The install is calling it a "custom configuration file". I set up two users. That's it I think.01:55
Fryguy--w0f2: i put it in fstab01:55
Fryguy--and used "mount /media/nfsdrive"01:56
Alis it possible in any way to have an nfs server always follow symbolic links server-side, thus allowing me to softlink arbitrary directories into my exported directory?01:56
bobbydhi, how can I change my bootsplash back to Ubuntu after installing Kubuntu_desktop?01:56
tckjeffrey, then say Y to replace :)01:56
ubotuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork01:56
tckits updating the old one with a new one01:56
w0f2so yo udidn't acutally use the mount command.01:56
scguy318!usplash | bobbyd01:56
ubotubobbyd: please see above01:56
Team_Fortress_2Sentry going up!01:56
w0f2with a string after01:56
Fryguy--w0f2: yes i did01:56
Ademanbobbyd: it's called usplash iirc, and there are a few commands to do it, lemme see if i can grab them01:56
Team_Fortress_2Sentry down!01:56
Kjuibanyone know stuff about usb gutsy troubleshooting?01:56
w0f2no, you put it in fstab, then used mount /mount/01:56
Ademanbobbyd: oh wait, they beat me to it01:56
Fryguy--Kjuib: ask a real question01:56
w0f2not like i was.01:56
tcknn peeps01:56
w0f2i'm doing it from the commandline.01:56
LjLTeam_Fortress_2: what are you ranting about?01:56
scguy318!ask | Kjuib01:56
ubotuKjuib: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)01:56
Kjuib I have a problem with my usb keyboard and mouse.... they seem to stop working when ever I let my computer idle...01:57
Team_Fortress_2THE ORANGE BOX01:57
Kjuibi already did ask that...01:57
Fryguy--w0f2: so then read the man page again01:57
Metal03Ok, how do I set default screen resolution for my whole computer and NOT just for this user?  I hate that when I start my computer, on the logging screen I'm in 800x600 or something like it01:57
Kjuibi was ignored... :(01:57
bobbydscguy318: thanks :)01:57
drama1981BUDD}{A if you go to computer and right click the drive you added click properties it should say where it is mounted01:57
w0f2not very helpful.01:57
w0f2very poor01:57
scguy318bobbyd: np01:57
alex_dinamoI think that maybe my X is trying to use xgl and compiz and all that stuff and ATI driver is not ready for this01:57
alex_dinamowhat do you think?01:57
Fryguy--Kjuib: and asking a generic question that is unanswerable is helpful?01:57
LifeNomadI have been with valve since 200201:57
jeffreyThe login.defs file has nothing to do with my partitions and boot loader I'm guessing??01:57
AdemanMetal03: pretty sure there's like a checkbox that says "make default"01:57
LifeNomadnow CS:S, DoD:S, I cant buy the box yet01:57
Kjuibfryguy: just trying to get attention to my question... and I think it worked :)01:57
AdemanMetal03: yeah it says "Make default for this computer"01:57
phixnaywhat driver does the nvidia nx6200 need?01:58
jmgi all01:58
caravelwhich editor can I use to verify or enforce the presence of the BOM (byte order mark) ?01:58
Fryguy--Kjuib: not really, i have no idea what your question is, so now you are just wasting mine and the channel's time01:58
org_I got this error msg when I start up my X. also something weird is happening to me, there is a window that keep pops for me every 5seconds and disappear within a 0.5sec in my window applications panel. it says "Starting Administ....." something, I can't even see it. the error is here. http://shell.lomag.net/~org/Screenshot5.png01:58
Metal03Ademan: I tried with the check and without...  but lemme try it again!!  to be sure!!01:58
jmgis there a metapackage or something to upgrade from 32bit to 64bit gutsy?01:58
Fryguy--jmg: no01:58
Bam1is there a second way to enable the cube without having to deal with the repositories01:58
CokeNCodeok, so i updated to 7.10, and now when i switch to console (alt+f1) I keep seeing the error message 'device mapper: table: 254: 0: linear: dm-linear: Device lookup failed'01:58
* mrunagi is sad at what the upgrade is doing to my pc01:58
KjuibFryguy: can you really waste a channels time:01:58
Kjuib I have a problem with my usb keyboard and mouse.... they seem to stop working when ever I let my computer idle...  any clue?01:58
CokeNCodeanyone have any idea how to fix that01:58
LjLcaravel: no idea what that is, but... it sounds like something you could check using hexdump01:58
Fryguy--Bam1: no01:58
CokeNCodeor what could be causing it ?01:58
Ademancaravel: O_o  are you talking about executable files or what?01:58
PinkFloydHow do I update my sources so that my server apt will work again?01:58
jmgFryguy--: whats the upgrade procedure?01:58
* Bam1 crys01:58
jmgPinkFloyd: apt-setup01:59
Fryguy--jmg: reinstall linux. mixing and matching 32-bit and 64-bit is going to be nothing but problems01:59
Fryguy--jmg: and it's not an upgrade01:59
PinkFloydjmg, command not found01:59
jmgPinkFloyd: sorry apt-config01:59
PinkFloydjmg and then what01:59
caravelAdeman: unicode text files01:59
jmgPinkFloyd: its interactive01:59
Toma-I installed another version of ubuntu on a seperate drive and now the UUID's are out of whack. How can I fix this?01:59
jmgset it up as you require02:00
PinkFloydjmg, this is for server, console only02:00
Ademancaravel: ah, out of curiosity why are you doing this by hand? also the bless hex editor *might* be appropriate02:00
mistonein mythbuntu  my ati remote wonder ( not II ) doesn't work02:00
mistonecan I manually configure it?02:00
caravelAdeman: basically I'm trying -- hard ;) -- to import a contact csv file from hotmail to evolution -- I transformed it using openoffice, evolution is almost happy, only accents make troubles02:00
automatbarf.  so everyone is doing fine with tracker?  maybe the exorbitant disk use was just due to an initial indexing...  who knows.02:00
Ademancaravel: wow lol02:01
cruddhow/where do i need to put dhclient3 for it to run at startup?02:01
PinkFloydjmg, Pici said something about updating sources because the new release has them bogged down. I tried doing apt-get update but I get a lot of "cannot be resolved" errors02:01
Shinigami卐卐 卐卐02:01
TornadoChas3r001fryguy i am sorry i am a newb big one at this , so f i got a domain name would my site work02:01
ubotuHelp! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici02:01
Bam1when i go to Settings ? Repositories. it goes to software sources, but i want to be in Software Prefrences, right?02:01
tonyyarussoToma-: ?02:01
Toma-bout to get flooded02:01
phixnaywtf was that?02:01
caravelAdeman: and I could not figure out which d*mn*d codepage it expects, tried everything that would make sense, could not find any documentation about it02:01
youknowmeShinigami, wtf?02:01
AlWhat's E2E0 supposed to do02:02
cruddhow/where do i need to put dhclient3 for it to run at startup?02:02
AlI bet it crashes mirc02:02
org_I got this error msg when I start up my X. also something weird is happening to me, there is a window that keep pops for me every 5seconds and disappear within a 0.5sec in my window applications panel. it says "Starting Administ....." something, I can't even see it. the error is here. http://shell.lomag.net/~org/Screenshot5.png02:02
LiMaOTornadoChas3r001: getting a domain is easy. you gotta have a dns server though, that will point to your ip address. and if your site is reachable only on port 8080, it will always be that way02:02
LjLTornadoChas3r001: sorry, i've banned you by mistake02:02
DanaGHas anybody else been having issues of failure to mount root filesystem>02:02
TornadoChas3r001its ok02:02
PinkFloydIm getting a lot of "Could not resolve" when doing apt-get update02:02
albertohey guys does anyone can help me with my nVidia drivers on gutsy?... I've tried both the restricted drivers and the Nvidia proper driver and everytime I start ubuntu it says that it's running on "low-graphics"...anyone has any idea?02:03
tonyyarussoToma-: either that or we just have new users :P  (good to watch though)02:03
LjL[03:02:27] <LiMaO> TornadoChas3r001: getting a domain is easy. you gotta have a dns server though, that will point to your ip address. and if your site is reachable only on port 8080, it will always be that way02:03
DanaGIf I boot the latest kernel, I get a hang at "waiting for root filesystem".02:03
caravelso, anyone knows a simple way to edit the BOM in a Unicode file ?02:03
Fryguy--alberto: are you running some weird card?02:03
LiMaOTornadoChas3r001: getting a domain is easy. you gotta have a dns server though, that will point to your ip address. and if your site is reachable only on port 8080, it will always be that way02:03
youknowmeAl, what, that thing Shinigami did? Because when he did it, pidgin told me "Shinigami wants to send you 卐卐 (Unknown.)" lol, little sneek, must have been up to something low?02:03
Ademancaravel: http://www.getdeb.net/app.php?name=Bless  is all i can really think of (hex editor)02:03
albertoFryguy: nope, just a nVidia FX 520002:03
LiMaOLjL: sorry, didn't notice that you had already copied it02:03
tonyyarussoToma-: Good call02:04
drama1981what the hell was that all about02:04
LiMaO[23:01:22] Processing DCC SEND request from Shinigami [n=huahuahu@c-76-31-216-229.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] (DCC SEND 卐卐 卐卐卐卐 卐卐卐卐 卐卐卐卐 卐卐卐卐 卐卐卐卐 卐卐卐卐 卐卐卐卐 卐卐)02:04
LiMaO[23:01:22] Unable to process the above request: Invalid port number 卐卐卐卐, Ignoring and notifying failure02:04
Toma-tonyyarusso➔ hmmm. did pick up the dcc packeter tho :)02:04
LiMaOthat is the attacker02:04
LiMaOshinigami is the attacker02:04
EdwardElricits +Retarded02:05
sco50000ubuntu 7.10 got so annoying i had to fet rid of it02:05
sco50000on a fresh install it wouldn't boot!02:05
jessie^^oh shit02:05
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, BearPerson or ompaul! I could use a bit of your time :)02:05
jessie^^flood attack02:05
Toma-tonyyarusso➔ told u so :|02:05
CokeNCodewhoa ... what the heck was that about ?02:05
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:05
CokeNCodeis the channel getting hacked or what ?02:05
CokeNCodeuh oh ... what a day to not use bitchx02:05
Toma-sco50000➔ i hope they refunded your moneys02:05
CokeNCodewhy's he trying to version everyone02:05
CokeNCodethis is fishy02:05
sco50000Toma: lol02:05
LiMaOif anyone is willing to play back with him.. the host is    c-76-31-216-229.hsd1.tx.comcast.net02:05
ubotuNOTICE - There is a lot of traffic in this channel at the moment. Please try to keep your sentences into a single message, avoid repeating the same question multiple times, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org for pasting, remember to mention the nickname of the person you're addressing, and join #ubuntu-offtopic for anything that is not Ubuntu support. Thank you for understanding!02:06
MaTrIx-XCan someone help me with compiling an svn? From what I can tell, I think I'm missing some sort of developer or compiling package, errors are along the lines of "ctype.h: No such file or directory" "stdio.h: No such file or directory" " arpa/inet.h: No such file or directory"02:06
timewriteris there a way to get gaim instead pidgin in Gurtsy ?02:06
timewriterGutsy even02:06
jessie^^timewriter, gaim is no longer being developed. pidgin is gaim under a new name for copyright reasons.02:06
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
CokeNCodeuh oh02:06
timewriterpidgin is ugly and i dont want it02:06
tonyyarussojessie^^: s/copyright/trademark/02:06
CokeNCodeis this channel getting rocked or what ?02:06
LiMaOhere it goes again.. someone is flooding again02:06
timewriteras for the xchat version in Gutsy , is bu8gged02:06
wirechief1timewriter try amsn02:06
Toma-CokeNCode➔ looks like it doesnt it02:07
CokeNCodeops suddenly have nick collisions ... this isn't a good sign at all02:07
pipegeekamsn is awful02:07
CokeNCodeToma-, yes it does!02:07
sco50000pidgin looks almost exacly like gaim02:07
LjLCokeNCode: of course, i was affected by the CTCPs like everybody else.02:07
DanaGIf I do break=premount, /dev/sda3 doesn't exist.02:07
wirechief1pipegeek has lots of features though02:07
LjL!feeding the troll02:07
ubotuThe above mess was caused by someone who thought it was funny (they're gone now). Please ignore it completely, since discussing it and making a fuss will only make them think they've reached their "fun" goal.02:07
timewriterand acts different02:07
DanaGUse pot 8001!02:07
phixnaywow that attack worked on me02:07
timewriterbugged also02:07
pipegeektimewriter: You could try giving kopete a shot02:07
LjLDanaG: this has nothing to do with port 800102:07
hirak99is there a gui "info" viewer for ubuntu?02:07
timewriterthis means i need to install kde libs02:07
Jordan_UDoes anyone here have a fresh install of feisty?02:07
timewriterand i dont really want them ..02:07
CokeNCodesorry, LjL ... didn't realise there was a legit reason for the disconnect02:08
pipegeektimewriter: I don't like it, but it's quite featureful.  And I agree, pidgin is rapidly getting shittier02:08
SunsparcSolarisI like Pidgin02:08
phixnayLjL: is offtopic a better place to talk about it?02:08
SunsparcSolarisI use it on my windows machine too02:08
timewriterand it looks very bad on my mac osx like dock bar02:08
CokeNCodepipegeek, what's wrong with pidgin ?02:08
LjLphixnay: if you really have to... yes02:08
timewritera purple pidgeon head02:08
MaTrIx-XCan someone help me with compiling of an SVN? From what I can tell, I think I'm missing required some libraries or a compiling package. Here's some examples of the errors: "ctype.h: No such file or directory" "stdio.h: No such file or directory" " arpa/inet.h: No such file or directory"02:09
LiMaOJordan_U: i use feisty. and it was fresh installed some while ago.02:09
w0f2still wont work, all the files/dirtories have little locks next to them.02:09
stdinMaTrIx-X: install build-essential02:09
jessie^^timewriter, you realize you can change the icons, right?02:09
timewriterim not too skilled02:09
automatbuild-essential _is_ essential.02:09
Jordan_ULiMaO, Have you installed many packages?02:09
LiMaOJordan_U: a lot of them =P02:10
pipegeekCokeNCode: the developers have decided not to include important, now-standard features because they just don't consider them important enough.  I'm thinking particularly of voice/video support, which produced enough annoyance for a fork, which stopped when the gaim people said they'd merge gaim-vv, but then they didn't02:10
youknowmeso... wtf happened back there? can someone explain?02:10
jessie^^timewriter, it's -easy-. you find the icons you want and extract them to /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin, in the appropriate folders.02:10
Jordan_ULiMaO, Then you can't help me, thanks for the offer though02:10
pipegeekCokeNCode: Also, it's not themeable (outside of gtk themes, which, honestly, just aren't the same thing).  I'd like some damned *pretty* on my desktop.02:10
pipegeekSo, I'm looking at the source code02:10
timewriterthe bugs are still there tho02:10
stdin!exploit | youknowme02:10
ubotuyouknowme: There are people around who think it is funny to abuse a bug in certain routers by sending invalid DCC commands. When bitten by this bug ops in #ubuntu remove users so they are no longer targets. To fix it have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit02:10
jessie^^pipegeek, my pidgin is themed02:10
LiMaOJordan_U: alright then. but you could say your problem in the channel, maybe someone can help ya, even if they have a long time running system02:11
Adam_GJordan_U: Mine's pretty fresh, a couple days old02:11
arbutusI need a hint on the "right" place to store my mp3s on the filesystem.  I want to get them out of my home directory so I don't accidentally delete them.02:11
pipegeekjessie^^: I want to be able to do things like I can with adium, where the themes actually rearrange the gui02:11
Jordan_UAdam, Have you installed many packages?02:11
sam55arbutus: how about putting them in /usr/local/music or some other direcotry in /usr/local?02:11
Jordan_UAdam_G, ^^02:11
astro76arbutus, unless you have another partition mounted on /media, they really should go under your home directory, just make it read only02:11
TornadoChas3r001how can i do file sharing on ubuntu server, i want to some space for my file server02:11
automatarbutus: create a user and group music:music and store all music in their home directory.  add all users who should have access to the music to group music.02:12
Adam_GJordan_U: "dpkg -l | grep "ii" | wc -l" says about 1500 installed packages, although most of them are in the deafult install02:12
drama1981is there a reason why the usplash.conf was changed to 1280 1024 on this release? i thought it always used to be 1024 76802:12
fiXXXerMetHaving a weird problem.  I just installed 7.10 server and after the reboot, it's bringing me to busybox, and not mounting my / fs.  Another friend of my also just installed 7.10 desktop, and it's doing the same thing, but as soon as he picks "install" from the boot menu02:12
CokeNCodepipegeek, well, I guess that's true, but it's more stable than a lot of the other options, amsn for example02:12
SteamMachineHi, I'm running edgy at the moment and I want to upgrade but I'm having issues that I think need resolution before I upgrade.02:12
arbutussam55, thanks, I guess that's as good a suggestion as any.  Or would I want to use something like /usr/local/share/music?  What does "share" mean?02:12
CokeNCodepidgin is about as stable as it gets.02:12
Jordan_UCan you pastebin your package selections?02:12
Jordan_U!clone | Adam_G02:13
ubotuAdam_G: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate02:13
pipegeekCokeNCode: it is certainly stable.  It had better damn well be, they haven't added a new feature in years02:13
pipegeekIt looks substantially the same as it did right after they first switched to gtk2 when I was a sophomore02:13
hirak99is there a gui man page viewer? can i view them in nautilus for example? or can i download a package for gnome?02:13
Adam_GJordan_U: HEy, cool, never knew about that. Give me a minute, I'll get em up02:13
MaTrIx-Xstdin: That fixed a bunch of the errors. Still getting a couple, "openssl/md5.h: No such file or directory" " openssl/sha.h: No such file or directory"  -- and I DO have openssl installed.02:13
pipegeekhirak99: you can view 'em in nautilus02:13
Jordan_UAdam_G, Thanks, hopefully then I will be able to upgrade to Gutsy :)02:14
stdinMaTrIx-X: the .h files are always in the -dev packages02:14
pipegeekhirak99: man:/man1/somethingorother, I think02:14
automatMaTrIx-X: is there an openssl-dev package?  might need that for the headers, etc.02:14
sam55arbutus: hmm .. share. Never thought of that, but maybe it could work. THere is a website which explains all these directories' names and their purposes.02:14
drumlineI have a samba server and the windows workstations can't see it through the NetBIOS name.  I have it configured to have a netbios name though.. .  anyone have an idea?02:14
pipegeekyou can also get to 'em through the gnome help system02:14
SteamMachineFirstly, I have a stranger issue with xserver - namely, if I log out, I get a weird scrambled display for a few seconds then it goes back to normal, and if I switch between tty consoles, it will get scrambled and then the screen will be unresponsive. (it goes black and won't change until I reboot)02:14
youknowmeis there an off topic ubuntu channel?02:14
CokeNCodepipegeek, that's true. I think it's good to have something that you can rely on tho, without all the extra bells and whistles. It's just that no one has come up with the flashy alternative02:14
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:14
CokeNCodeso basically, we have a windows messenger (pidgin) , but no live messenger02:14
arbutussam55, I was just going to ask if there was such a web site.  Do you know the link that explains the purpose of each directory?02:14
Toma-CokeNCode➔ live messenger?02:15
Jordan_Uhirak99, System -> help and support02:15
CokeNCodeToma-, well ... msn messenger ... live messenger ... whatever you wanna call it02:15
CokeNCodethe pretty one02:15
pipegeekCokeNCode: I agree it's good to have something that you can count on to work.  However, this degree of conservatism is very frustrating, because there are *no alternatives*.  They don't seem to understand that they are maintaining *the* general purpose gnome IM client02:15
fiXXXerMethttp://www.nabble.com/Ubuntu-7.10-Install-error-BusyBox:-initramfs-Exception-Emask:-New-User-Help-t4658177.html is exactly what is happening to me.02:15
Toma-CokeNCode➔ amsn is rather pretty... has webcam and audio chat too02:15
pipegeekamsn is still gtk1, I think02:15
pipegeekwhich is annoying02:15
Toma-amsn is written in wish02:15
CokeNCodeToma-, but amsn crashes like nobody's business02:15
sam55arbutus: I think this is it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_Hierarchy_Standard02:15
pipegeekI fail02:15
drama1981nobody knows?02:16
Toma-CokeNCode➔ *Works for Me*02:16
Toma-CokeNCode➔ let me grab you something, hold on02:16
pipegeeksorry to talk out in the middle of a discussion, but I need to handle something02:16
CokeNCodeToma-, lucky you, but that doesn't make it any less glitchy02:16
Adam_GJordan_U: http://pastebin.ca/raw/746200   I have a fair number of -dev packages, BTW, but nothing too weird02:16
MaTrIx-Xautomat: libssl-dev did the trick on those .h errors. Continuing now02:16
hirak99Jordan_U, thanks02:16
Jordan_Uhirak99, np02:16
r0bby... is ctrl+alt+backspace supposed to reboot or restart x? because it just rebooted my laptop02:16
Toma-CokeNCode➔ you might be happy to know its getting re-written in a prettier, and smaller code02:16
Jordan_UAdam, Have you installed anything outside of the default repositories?02:17
drama1981is there a reason why the usplash.conf was changed to 1280 1024 on this release? i thought it always used to be 1024 76802:17
r0bbyunless my keys are mapped freaky02:17
=== Yancho is now known as YanchoAWY
CokeNCodeToma-, thank God. It looks hideous on my computer, makes a heap of suspicious and dangerous looking connections, and runs like garbage.02:17
Toma-CokeNCode➔ I used this to get amsn working right. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29767602:17
automatsam55: good link!02:17
jribdrama1981: make it what you want in /etc/usplash.conf02:17
CokeNCodeeven now02:17
Jordan_UAdam_G,  Have you installed anything outside of the default repositories?02:18
CokeNCodeamsn wouldn't show up in the panel when I minimized it02:18
Adam_GJordan_U: Yes, emacs-snapshot-gtk uses that "pretty emacs" package, but other than that my sources.list is untouched02:18
CokeNCodeannoying as hell02:18
CokeNCodeand that's immediately after i updated to 7.10 and ran it for the first time02:18
drama1981jrib well i just asked becuase i notice alot of people are getting monitor out of range warnings and no usplash until they change it02:18
CokeNCodethanks To02:18
fiXXXerMetAnyone?  Just installed 7.10 server and it's going to busybox after the reboot (http://tinyurl.com/2zqzwh).02:18
Toma-CokeNCode➔ np. if u wanna chat more about it, meet me in #ubuntu-offtopic02:19
jribdrama1981: I'm pretty sure it is supposed to detect what it should be02:19
=== mrunagi_ is now known as unagi
fizzmahonhey guys just upgraded to kubuntu 7.10 and isntalled compiz but i cant seem to find the compiz icon to switch window managers, any ideas?02:19
MaTrIx-XfiXXXerMet, do "sudo apt-get install libssl-dev"02:19
zetheroowhy is it that I always have to start a Administrative task twice for it to actually ask me for my password?02:20
ClearzenIs there anyway I can use the package manager to find out what package contains this file: libdrm.so.202:20
fiXXXerMetMaTrIx-X: I can't, because I can't get to console - goes to busybox and doesn't have much to play with.02:20
jrib!apt-file > Clearzen (read the private message from ubotu)02:20
drama1981jrib ahh ic. maybe thats why it was always at 1024 768 for me before then (thats highest my lcd will do). must be a bug02:20
jribClearzen: you can also use packages.ubuntu.com02:20
lee986321ok ihave a question where is my line in and how come I can't hear anything from mic or line in?02:21
automatdoes grub in 7.10 require vga codes other than the normal 788, 791, etc.?  i keep getting an unsupported vga mode on boot.02:21
Clearzenjrib: I think you just saved my a lot of pain and a few hours of my time, thanks02:21
drama1981lee986321 is it enabled in the mixer and audio subsystem?02:21
power78why does my volume control no longer show the Digital slider like it did when I was last logged on?02:22
Mauriciobcanyone having problems with windows shares in gutsy?02:22
CHMEarlautomat, this is bug in the kernel ... no vga params work02:22
alex__quick question from a new ubuntu user... trying to get sounds in firefox to play through my sound card and not through the motherboard sound02:22
asbanican you guys see this msg from me? Hello?02:22
eyeRmonkeyQuestion: I have a fresh install of gutsy, i want to back it up now so that if I screw it up, I can restore from the back up. I have yet to ever find good backup/restore instructions for ubuntu. can anyone help me with this?02:22
alex__i've got sounds in all other applications playing through the sound card02:22
asbaniwhats the other option? For mouse.02:22
automatCHMEarl: thanks. any idea if this is fixable with a recompile and alternate vesa/vga drivers?02:22
lee986321yeah lines enabled and  in the capture the mic as is the spoeaker not muted and its the smae in the Mux..02:23
asbanii need different option for my mouse, anybody know it?02:23
asbanii forgot it02:23
CHMEarlautomat, yes  fixable... I have not done it thought02:23
tovellaMauriciobc: windows shares work fine here.02:23
automatasbani: depends on what mouse it is02:23
asbaniautomat, I know there is 3 options in this frame, I have mine set to "ImPS/2"02:24
mzuverinkCan someone recommend a good ident server which is easy to configure?02:24
asbanican you tell me the other two? cuz i know it, but i forget it02:24
automatCHMEarl: i'll just refrain from rebooting.  not worth the hassle.  thanks for the info.02:24
drama1981lee986321 your on gutsy right? ive heard about alot of audio probs with gutsy. some half working some not at all02:24
=== mrunagi_ is now known as mrunagi
lee986321yeah I am on gutsy02:24
`eric-hey, anyone know why my "bottom" panel, keeps jumping to the top (under the menu panel) every reboot -- in order to get it back on bottom i have to go to properties select "expand" then select "bottom" then unselect "expand"02:24
lee98632164 bit02:24
`eric-it's rather annoying02:24
eyeRmonkeyQuestion: I have a fresh install of gutsy, i want to back it up now so that if I screw it up, I can restore from the back up. I have yet to ever find good backup/restore instructions for ubuntu. can anyone help me with this?02:24
automatasbani: and what's the problem you're having?02:24
drama1981lee986321 what soundcard?02:24
alex__quick question from a new ubuntu user... trying to get sounds in firefox to play through my sound card and not through the motherboard sound02:24
alex__i've got sounds in all other applications playing through the sound card02:24
asbaniautomat, my 6th and 7th buttons arent working, I know if i change that option they'll work02:24
asbaniautomat, man just give me the other option.. what are they :/02:25
lee986321just a sec drama198102:25
FastZ_so what's up with the whole setting of Nick passwords and stuff?02:25
MauriciobcGuys, I can't see my windows box shares in nautilus. I have entered smbtree in terminal and returned my shared tree right! Anyone else having this problem?02:25
lee986321sigamtell, and its built in to the pc there is no removing it lol02:26
eyeRmonkeyQuestion: I have a fresh install of gutsy, i want to back it up now so that if I screw it up, I can restore from the back up. I have yet to ever find good backup/restore instructions for ubuntu. can anyone help me with this?02:26
linux_how do i login as root?02:26
asbaniautomat, i found it, nvm "ExplorerPS/2"02:26
`eric-hey, anyone know why my "bottom" panel, keeps jumping to the top (under the menu panel) every reboot -- in order to get it back on bottom i have to go to properties select "expand" then select "bottom" then unselect "expand"02:26
Jordan_U!root | linux_02:26
ubotulinux_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth.. there is no root password. Then you will see that it is sudo that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:26
linux_how do i login as root?02:26
MaTrIx-XCan someone make sense of "svn: warning: '.' is not a working copy" for me?02:26
drama1981lee986321 ill brb let me see what i can find out02:26
Jordan_Ulinux_, sudo -s02:26
NubbieMauriciobc: yeah sometimes that happens to me02:26
jrib!root > linux_ (read the private message from ubotu)02:26
lee986321ok drama198102:27
power78How can I get Digital audio out to work on 7.10?02:27
Bankerubuntu 7.10 is AWESOME02:27
Jordan_Upower78, Is it unmuted in alsamixer?02:27
Bankerwhat an improvement!02:27
MauriciobcNubbie: In Feisty this never happened! Now in Gutsy I can't connect02:27
alex__quick question from a new ubuntu user... trying to get sounds in firefox to play through my sound card and not through the motherboard sound02:27
alex__i've got sounds in all other applications playing through the sound card02:27
Bankerim in love02:27
power78Jordan_U: It doesnt even show up, but it did a few logins ago02:27
NubbieMauriciobc: nah it's always been an issue for me.02:27
Bankerwith ubuntu 7.10 LINUX IS PRIME TIME!02:27
mzuverinkIdentd recommendation anyone?02:27
Bankerone more linux release, and damn, linux will be way better than vista02:28
NubbieBanker: linux has been great for the last 4 years for me.02:28
Bankernubbie:  Not for me02:28
Bankeri still used windows02:28
Jordan_U!better | Banker02:28
Bankerwith 7.10 its A HUGE IMPROVEMENT02:28
ubotuBanker: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose among a number of different applications, depending on your preferences, the features you require, and other factors.02:28
MaTrIx-Xnubbie: could you perhaps make sense out of "svn: warning: '.' is not a working copy"?02:28
Bankeri just upgraded to 7.1002:28
linux_su does not work02:28
linux_su does not work02:28
Bankermy internet is fast and it upgraded beautifully02:28
NubbieBanker: IMO linux has been surpassing windows for a while now. but this is off topic.02:28
Jordan_Ulinux_, Read the pages we have linked to02:28
FastZ_linux_: why do you need to login as root?02:28
drama1981lee986321 thats who makes the chip but its actually got intel sound right?02:29
kilopopolinux_, try sudo -i02:29
power78Any reason why the digital slider would be gone from the Volume Control?02:29
Bankernubbie:  Took me maybe 20 minutes tops to install and download 7.10 as an upgradE :)02:29
Bankerit worked awesome02:29
FastZ_linux_: if you dont know how to login as root, you probably shouldnt be logging in as root to begin with02:29
localgod11anyone got a good (read easy to use) DVD burning program02:29
Bankernubbie:  with the older version the boot time was super slow02:29
jburdbrasero @ localgod1102:29
Nubbietrue that fastz_02:29
Bankernubbie:  Im happy now :)02:29
lee986321yes drama1981 all 8 channels are in working order02:29
jriblinux_: have you read the link ubotu gave you?02:29
cellofellowI'm trying to install a patched ALSA to get my sound working. I need to remove alsa-utils, but if I do that then it breaks GDM. How can I force GDM to stay? (I'm not interested in using startx right now. :) )02:30
localgod11jburd: isnt that for data dvds?02:30
Jordan_Upower78, When you said it was gone from alsamixer were you really taking about the GUI volume settings widget or 'alsamixer' in a terminal?02:30
KI4IKL|IRSSIWoo! I can actually change channels in irssi now :)02:30
phixnaylocalgod11: if dvd video is what you seek, look for DeVeDe02:30
Fantasma2007 :D02:30
Fantasma2007 :)02:30
power78Jordan_U: The GUI, it was listed there before but now its not and the sound it clearly not digital02:30
spacewrenchanybody encounter network packet loss with Gutsy?  (Not DNS problems, although DNS isn't particularly happy about packet loss either)02:31
Jordan_Ucellofellow, The most debian way would be to build a patched debian package for alsa-utils02:31
Jordan_Upower78, Try running 'alsamixer' in a terminal02:31
Nubbiespacewrench: nobody else here is using your internet connection. your internet must be buggy.02:31
cellofellowI'm not sure what's up, because I'm actually patching alsa-lib. But there isn't even an alsa-lib package in the repositories.02:31
power78Jordan_U: It looks the same as the GUI, it's not listed. I swear it was there last time or so I was logged in02:31
alex__quick question from a new ubuntu user... trying to get sounds in firefox to play through my sound card and not through the motherboard sound02:32
Nubbiecellofellow: its included in another package most likely.02:32
cellofellowJordan_U: and I don't know how to use apt-src. Can you help me with that?02:32
alex__i've got sounds in all other applications playing through the sound card02:32
eyeRmonkeyQuestion: I have a fresh install of gutsy, i want to back it up now so that if I screw it up, I can restore from the back up. I have yet to ever find good backup/restore instructions for ubuntu. can anyone help me with this?02:32
`eric-hey, anyone know why my "bottom" panel, keeps jumping to the top (under the menu panel) every reboot -- in order to get it back on bottom i have to go to properties select "expand" then select "bottom" then unselect "expand"02:32
sdre1if glxinfo says that direct rendering is enabled, does that mean I can do 3D effects like run compiz or use AWN?02:32
cellofellowNubbie: yeah, probably alsa-base, the only other alsa package I have installed.02:32
IdleOne!backup | eyeRmonkey02:32
ubotueyeRmonkey: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:32
Nubbiealex__: in the sound mixer, change your device to the other sound card, and unmute it.02:32
Jordan_Ucellofellow, http://www.debian.org/doc/FAQ/ch-pkg_basics.en.html02:33
cellofellowsdre1: you need the composite extension.02:33
pestilenceso i'm trying to seed the ubuntu cd, and my bt client (rtorrent) doesn't show any peers.  does this mean my ISP is blocking bt traffic?02:33
drama1981lee986321 is this your pci id 8086:284b ? do lspci -n | grep `lspci | grep -i audio | awk '{print $1}'` to find out02:33
Bankernubbie:  In todays realtime economy, software moves so fast......... windows needs a new build and a shrinkwrapped package, ubuntu you can upgrade immediately :)02:33
Bankerthis ubuntu 7.10 is the best EVER!02:33
Nubbiesdre1: not necessarily... as cellofellow stated. you need to enable desktop effects for awn to work.02:33
morgan555Hello, I have some questions regarding repositories and upgrading to 7.10, can anyone help?02:33
Jordan_U!anyone | morgan55502:33
sdre1cellofellow: is that something I need to install through the package manager? (I'm running 7.10)02:33
ubotumorgan555: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:34
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)02:34
Nubbie!upgrade | morgan55502:34
ubotumorgan555: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:34
chuy_maxhi, does gstreamer/whatever avi players use to decode videos use hardware rendering?, my AVI videos look shitty in totem/vlc/mplayer, but they look nice in windows media player (in windows)02:34
phixnaymorgan555: that was a warm welcome, don't you think ? :)02:34
boris55what java plugin works with firefox?02:34
Nubbiechuy_max: ubuntu is not windows.02:34
Jordan_Uchuy_max, In what way do they look bad?02:34
alex__nubbie: that didn't work02:34
KI4IKLHow do I get ubuntu to recognize my thumb drive...i plug it in...and nothing02:35
chuy_maxJordan_U, I can see big pixels.02:35
phixnayboris55: non-free something or other - look in synaptic02:35
lee986321drama 1981 the only PIC i have enguaged are for my fire wire and my video card and the video card is a  PCIe x1602:35
NubbieKI4IKL: it should just work... what file system does it use?02:35
morgan555when I am upgrading through the update manager it keeps telling me02:35
morgan555Failed to fetch http://wine.lowvoice.nl/apt/dists/feisty/Release.gpg Could not resolve 'wine.lowvoice.02:35
Jordan_Uchuy_max, And the video is not simply resized ?02:35
jerbearhas anyone installed nx free edition?02:35
chuy_maxJordan_U, I'm using the better resolution my monitor has, at 24 bits02:35
lee986321eh the sound is buildt into the MB02:35
FluxDmorgan555: they changed repo chaeck their site02:35
morgan555wow, warm wlecomes, thank you02:36
cellofellowsdre1: it's part of the Xorg X11 Server. If you have an AIGLX compatible video card, you got it.02:36
`eric-hey, what's the best os-x like dock?02:36
Nubbiejerbear: probably many people.02:36
arronwhy is there .ko files with the kernel package, and when i compile i get .o files (2.6.18)02:36
drama1981lee986321 ok then what is the make/model of your pc02:36
Jordan_U`eric-, awn02:36
morgan555I was wondfering if I could just remove the wone.lowvoice.nl on my source.list?02:36
LiMaOlee986321: hey you =D how's everything?02:36
lee986321Dell demensions 515002:36
cellofellow`eric-: I like Avant Window Navigator (awn).02:36
heartsbloodDoes anybody know of an application that will test sound output from a creative card?  front/back/center/bass etc02:36
Nubbie`eric-: gnome-panel > all02:37
jerbeari get all kinds of applet errors when i login remotely02:37
cvd_why the only way to have a working internet i have to  prepend domain-name-servers,;  windows do this automatically?02:37
Jordan_Uheartsblood, speakertest02:37
KI4IKLNubbie, ntfs02:37
KI4IKLNubbie, I have the ntfs drivers installee02:37
cellofellowheartsblood: open a terminal, cd to /usr/share/sounds/alsa/, and use aplay to test each sample.02:37
lee986321hi ya LiMaO, ok save for not having an mic or line in02:37
Renghow can i add compiz 6 to synaptic??02:37
NubbieKI4IKL: it should mount automatically. why is your thumb drive using NTFS? reformat it to FAT32.02:37
Jordan_Ucvd_, Is this a static connection or is it assigned via DHCP ?02:37
jimmygoonWould someone like to remind me what the best way is to do the font-config reconfiguration bit?02:37
`eric-Nubbie: my stupid gnome-panel is twitching on me.. it won't stay on the bottom.. every time i reboot it pops back to the top (right under the menu panel)...02:37
KI4IKLNubbie, ntfs is better :P02:37
lee986321oh and I changed over to Ubuntu02:38
Jordan_U!ntfs-3g | KI4IKL02:38
ubotuKI4IKL: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:38
samuel-awayhello all02:38
jimmygoonNevermind, I remembered how to do it. Thanks, anyway!02:38
lee986321I have the Cube lol02:38
NubbieKI4IKL: NTFS is an abomination.02:38
KI4IKLJordan_U, I just said I already ahve the ntfs driver :)02:38
Jordan_UKI4IKL, Though it should be installed by default in Gutsy02:38
chuy_maxJordan_U, mplayer doesn't resize actually, when I use full-screen, I get only black borders.02:38
=== samuel-away is now known as samuel
Jordan_UKI4IKL, Just because you have the driver does not mean that you have the correct udev rules02:38
r0bbywhat would be the possible causes of launching an X app from gnome-terminal showing no titlebar or borders?02:38
ralphounless it cant star acceleration02:38
`eric-awn works well w/ gutsy?02:38
chuy_maxJordan_U, I tried changing the driver used, but I don't have 3D rendering so I can't use GL02:38
NubbieJordan_U: you don't need the ntfs-3g drivers to mount a NTFS drive.02:38
r0bbyunless i'm missing something02:38
fiXXXerMetFixed my server problem by doing update-initramfs -k kernelversion -c02:39
samuelive got a huge problem02:39
cvd_what is the commad to view all my posts/logs?02:39
Baxwhat's the command to move an entire directory?02:39
Jordan_UNubbie, You do if you want to write to it :)02:39
fiXXXerMetHowever, that was for an already-installed server.  For the desktop cd, before it even finishes booting (I choose install from the menu), I get the same problem02:39
cvd_in xchat02:39
=== prabs is now known as prabs[bbl]
ralphoyou have to do say if you need a ati driver or something02:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mv - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:39
cellofellowBax: mv -R I think02:39
drama1981lee986321 it appears to be a bug in alsa http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=347081&highlight=hda+intel+recording02:39
c0LdDoes XMMS have the ability to export an HTML playlist like Winamp does?02:39
* r0bby will google02:39
cellofellowdon't think so.02:39
c0Ldi haven't seen any plugins for it :/02:40
Nubbie!move | r0bby02:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about move - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:40
jerbearwhen i login over nx (nx free edition, not freenx), i get a gnome error asking me to delete the trash applet.. wtf?02:40
* cellofellow thinks that Gutsy has a rotten version of ALSA and needs to upgrade soon, and include the patch for my chipset.02:40
Nubbiejerbear: the trash applet is crashing, just click reload.02:40
slvmchncellofellow: you and me both, for some reason they took out intel-HD audio support02:41
mrunagican someone explain to me why i cant delete preferred wireless networks and update the list in the manager applet?02:41
drama1981lee986321 some have gotten it to work but it appears most have not. it looks like there are some good links in that post though that may help02:41
samuelive deleted some images by accident... ive unmounted the drive where these files were, any chance there is an undelete program somewhere i can use to batch recover a whole bunch of images? my whole photo collection was there!!!02:41
ChrisC36I've just added a hd that has a linux system that i want to get some files from. How do I get this HD to show up in the file explorer?02:41
lwizardlcan someone help me with mounting my osx hfs+ partition02:41
jerbearNubbie: it doesn't ask me to reload... delete, don't delete... it never used to do this. it's also doing the same thing for the system monitor, volume control, and deskbar applets02:41
Jordan_Usamuel, Not much chance with ext3 :(02:41
lee986321yeah reading it drama198102:41
samuelJordan_U: you are joking right?02:41
cellofellowslvmchn: well, since about Dapper there has been a bug in launchpad for my HDA SigmaTel combination, and even fixes posted, but no fix in the distro.02:41
Jordan_Usamuel, No02:42
samuelplease tell me you are joking02:42
samuelthats like 2 years of photos!!!02:42
Nubbiesamuel: what happened?02:42
slvmchncellofellow: was it hard to get it working? i have the HDA sigmatel and am googling a lot02:42
slvmchni found a fix i think, but it involves compiling my own kernel with the proper modules02:42
Nubbiesamuel: were they physically deleted? they might be stuck in a .trash_Samuel somewhere or something.02:42
slvmchnthere were no XP drivers even, i can only get sound in vista, but ubuntu 64-bit works on this laptop, i just have to do this sigmatel fix02:42
lwizardli have the two hfsplus apps and under gparted it says unformated02:42
cellofellowslvmchn: I'm still working on it. I've found a couple fixes for some RPM-based distros. (One Fedora, one PCLinuxOS) and am having trouble getting that to play well with APT.02:43
cellofellowslvmchn: Gonna try to figure out apt-src stuff.02:43
samuelNubbie: i reinstalled ubuntu, gutsy... and i deleted everything by accident to do a new backup of my files, then i forgot to do the backup b4 i installed ubuntu02:43
samuelthey were rm -rV02:44
stousetWhy would some lvm partitions be missing from the /dev directory?02:44
Nubbiesamuel: ouch...02:44
stousetThey're in /dev/mapper02:44
stousetBut not in /dev/$VOLUME_GROUP/02:44
drama1981cellofellow slvmchn have a read here. may help. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Gutsy_Intel_HD_Audio_Controller02:44
danskuhey, how can I change the font fom wine? already added some fonts to .wine/drivec/windows/fonts02:44
jburd`recover` works on ext2fs partitions, but I don't really know how useful you may find it.02:44
cellofellowdrama1981: yeah, but what of the un-working SigmaTel 92xx driver?02:45
ChrisC36 I've just added a hd that has a linux system that i want to get some files from. How do I get this HD to show up in the file browser (ubuntu)?02:45
drama1981cellofellow stac9205 you mean?02:46
power78Is there a way to have Ubuntu redetermine my audio capabilities?02:46
Baxwhat's the command to move a directory into another directory?02:46
NubbieChris7mas: reboot? use a live cd?02:46
cellofellowmine's stac9200 actually02:46
NubbieChris7mas: mount it?02:46
helioricardohello: i've installed the new 7.10, but the title font sive are enormeus (very big) and the sound doesn't work (a toshiba laptop w/ intel sound)? Anyone can help me?02:46
clustyi am havign some trouble using kismet. it works 40 seconds and then it complains about not finding some cisco packet and drops out. ideas?02:46
ChrisC36Nubbie are you refering to me? yes - how do I mount it from within Ubuntu?02:46
stousetArgh. Tonight is the night from hell.02:46
Nubbie!mount | chrisc3602:46
ubotuchrisc36: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Gnome under Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For Edgy, see !fstab and !DiskMounter02:46
uhcicellofellow: this is a winmodem, i have never heard about this to function02:47
stousetWhy would some LVM partitions be missing from /dev/$VOLUME_GROUP?02:47
stousetThey're under /dev/mapper/02:47
drama1981cellofellow well may not work then but it does talk about stac9205 and partial SigmaTel 920502:47
ChrisC36is there anything in the UI i can use ? or is that a shell program02:47
jimmygoonWho wants to see something really funny: http://mickens.us/evenbetter.png02:47
Jordan_UChrisC36, You can use the mount command02:48
cellofellowdrama1981: hardware: Gateway MT3423, NVIDIA MCP51 Intel-HDA, SigmaTel STAC9200.02:48
drama1981it does involve rebuilding alsa-modules though from what ive read so far02:48
mrunagino theme manager for gutsy?02:48
jburdjimmygoon: I've got similar "funny" stuff too.02:48
ChrisC36mount command where is it? are you talking in the shell?02:48
Baxwhat's the terminal command to move a directory into another directory?02:48
jburdmrunagi: System > Preferences > Appearance02:48
jimmygoonjburd, it's extermely annoying02:48
drama1981cellofellow umm let me see what i can find on that specific one02:48
ChrisC36or terminal02:48
DARKGOTHel chat de ubuntu en español???02:48
mrunagioh my bad02:48
=== Banker is now known as ciddy
Jordan_U!es | DARKGOTH02:48
ubotuDARKGOTH: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.02:48
jimmygoonjburd, but on the flip side, I finally got my fonts looking the way I want them :)02:49
cellofellowdrama1981: ok, thanks.02:49
NubbieDARKGOTH: #ubuntu-es02:49
jttBax, mv dir dir02:49
limpI have just upgraded to version 7.10, and since then, my CPU is 100% in use constantly, would someone have a clue on what is happening?02:49
Baxjtt: won't that overwrite the other directory?02:49
Nubbielimp: run "top" in a terminal02:49
mrunagiok question my icons in menus are default in 7.10 what do i need to change?02:49
thx1137is there a way to clear the synaptic cache?02:49
cafuegolimp: Open the system monitor and sort the columns by cpu usage.02:49
jburdlimp: Open a terminal and type top.  Tell us which process is taking the most resources02:50
cafuegolimp: Offhand, it's probably tracker. (indexer for the search tool)02:50
peepsalotsince I upgraded, this has happened twice.  I press Ctrl-T in firefox, to open a new tab, and I get ~100 new tabs all opening at once02:50
drjaymy wireless stopped working about 4 weeks ago, i'm running fiesty on a laptop using ndiswrapper.  can anyone help?02:50
jttbax no not if it is a directory already   i.e.  mv  /junk /junk202:50
jburdtracker or compiz.02:50
Jordan_Udrjay, What chipset?02:50
limpXorg seems to be using all of it02:50
Nubbielimp: oh yeah, if it's tracker, it's nothing to worry about. it has to work overtime to index your files for the first time.02:50
cellofellowdrama1981: I found this (for Fedora) http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?p=868053 and this (for PCLOS) http://zder.net/02:50
drjayit's the broadcom43xx, not sure exactly which card02:50
uhcilimp: it uses to be the document indexer02:50
`eric-WOW. I love the new transparency... it actually shows the windows beneath rather than just the desktop :) amazing.02:51
limpNubbie, oh ok, thanks :)02:51
ChrisC36ok its saying that the HD should be mounted automatically when I rebooted, but I don't see it in the file browser. where would i find the new hd and its partitions?02:51
jttbax try is with two dummy diretorys if you are unsure02:51
Jordan_Udrjay, Did you already try the native drivers before installing ndiswrapper?02:51
cellofellowlimp: it's the same deal with beagle or google desktop.02:51
jburd!wireless > jburd02:51
patricknevhas anyone used sun's project looking glass? is that a possibility?02:51
drjayno, however the problem I am having now is that the wireless connection doesn't even show up in the network manager.02:51
Nubbiecellofellow: google desktop.... for linux?02:51
gumby600mIs there a way to specify which server I pull from when upgrading from Feisty to Gusty?02:52
Jordan_Upatricknev, It looks as beautiful as any other Java application...02:52
cellofellowNubbie: yeah, it's been around for a few months. No Sidebar, but the search is there. I used it on my other computer, works OK.02:52
cafuegoNubbie: yeah02:52
`eric-Jordan_U: should i install avant-window-navigator or avant-window-navigator-bzr ?02:52
limpThanks all, I was just worried ^.^ Does someone also know what happened to the apache.conf file? It has changed and I can't find the charset config anymore02:52
Nubbiegumby600m: if you've set up your location information, it should pull from your country's local servers.02:52
Jordan_U`eric-, No idea02:52
patricknevJordan_U: so it works well?02:52
cellofellow`eric-: you want somewhat-stable, or brand new features?02:52
jerbearanyone have nx free edition running on gutsy?02:52
=== Jannitax is now known as Jannita
`eric-cellofellow: stable.02:52
`eric-as possible.02:52
cellofellow`eric-: then forgo the bzr stuff.02:53
Nubbiejerbear: ask a specific question, you'll get a specific answer.02:53
Jordan_Upatricknev, It's slow ugly and not very usable, but I guess it didn't crash :)02:53
gumby600mNubbie:  Where do I specify my location info?02:53
`eric-cellofellow: and the svn stuff, right? just get avant-window-navigator and awn-core-applets02:53
jerbearNubbie: i've asked a specific question.. nothing02:53
jarrod_is bash part of gnu?02:54
jerbearhere's one from earlier... Nubbie: it doesn't ask me to reload... delete, don't delete... it never used to do this. it's also doing the same thing for the system monitor, volume control, and deskbar applets02:54
cellofellow`eric-: Subversio (svn) and Bazaar (bzr) are both version control systems that will always have the brand-newest version.02:54
cellofellowjarrod_: yes.02:54
`eric-cellofellow: thanks :)02:54
Nubbiejerbear: ther probably is somebody here who uses free nx.02:54
cellofellowjarrod_: it's at the core of the GNU userspace utils.02:54
gumby600mNubbie: Nevermind, I found it.... under "Software Sources"02:54
drjayJordan_U: recommend I try the native drivers?02:54
dystopianrayis anyone else getting a 404 on the firefox updated for gutsy?02:54
Baxjtt, worked, sorry for doubting you02:55
jttbax  sure  anytime02:55
cellofellowdrama1981: I'll brb. PM me anything you find.02:55
jerbearNubbie: like i said, it's not freenx, it's nx free edition02:55
jarrod_i just watched a  1:25 hr documentry "Revolution OS" and now I will no longer say linux but gnu/linux :D02:55
cellofellowblah, too complicated02:55
Jordan_Udrjay, Depends on the exact chipset, what is the output of "lspc | grep Broadcom" ?02:55
dystopianrayjarrod_: why not gun/linux ?02:55
lostnoobcan anyone tell me how to get my wireless card re-enabled?02:56
drjayi've go the BCM430602:56
Whisperkillerwhy was shinagami sending me a file?02:56
jarrod_dystopianray: what gun? i use gnu because i ubuntu uses gnu and use ubuntu02:57
jimmygoon!exploit ?02:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about exploit ? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:57
LjL-TempWhisperkiller: bot attack half an hour ago. close that tab and don't worry.02:57
cafuegodrjay: The 4306 works just fine with the open source bcxm43xx driver and the firmware.02:57
RoC_MasterMindwhen will ubuntu+1 return?02:57
Jordan_Udrjay, Yes, remove ndiswrapper and try the native drivers by installing the package "bcm43xx-fwcutter"02:57
Rent-2-Pwncan someone help me with sata raid in ubuntu 7.10?02:57
Whisperkillerljl-temp: thanks02:57
LjL-Tempjimmygoon: kind of.02:57
LjL-TempRoC_MasterMind: when the Hardy repositories contain anything usable02:57
NubbieRoC_MasterMind: when people care about ubuntu 8.0402:57
thx1137Hi all, when trying the Update Manager / Synaptic Packet Manager, I get the following error msg: "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.02:57
thx1137E: _cache->open() failed, please report." Can anyony please hlp me?02:57
cafuegobcm43xx-fwcutter may be unable to fetch wl_apsta.o02:57
scguy318thx1137: run sudo dpkg --configure -a02:58
jimmygoonlostnoob, how did you disable it?02:58
cafuegoif so, fetch and install http://ubuntu.cafuego.net/pool/feisty-cafuego/bcm43xx/bcm43xx-firmware_1.3-1ubuntu2_all.deb02:58
Alien18im running gutsy on a 4gb hdd, i keep uninstalling stuff and deleting all my files, but it doesnt free up space, where is it goin??????02:58
Rent-2-Pwnsata raid help plz?02:58
`eric-so i've installed awn... how do i run it? :P <--noob02:58
lostnoobi just connected via wired lan today. now I can't get my wireless back02:58
jimmygoonAlien18, into a hidden folder called ".Trash" <- note the 'period'02:58
DanaGHas anybody else been having issues of stalling on "waiting for root filesystem"?02:58
thx1137scguy318: thanks, I did manage to run it, but then get this msg: "dpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0021' near line 1:  field name `System' must be followed by colon"02:58
ChrisC36i've added another HD from a linux system that I want to grab some files from. I rebooted into ubuntu, but I dont see it in the file browser. How do I get to it?02:58
jimmygoonAlien18, Press "Ctrl+H" to view hidden directories02:59
NubbieAlien18: trash bin.02:59
Karark|awayanyone else having firefox lock up when accessing ubuntuforums.org?02:59
Alien18ive deleted the trash02:59
jimmygoonAlien18, also a quick "sudo apt-get clean" never hurt -- it removes those packages that have been cached on your pc02:59
drjayJordanU: thanks02:59
dystopianrayjarrod_: what about kde/gnu/linux if someone uses kde?02:59
jimmygoonAlien18, they actually take up quite a bit of space02:59
scguy318thx1137: pastebin the contents of /var/lib/dpkg/updates/0021?02:59
Jordan_Udrjay, np02:59
scguy318!pastebin | thx113702:59
ubotuthx1137: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:59
fizzmahongetting boxes around menus with compiz http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/723/boxesrg0.png any ideas?02:59
Rent-2-Pwnsomeone help with sata raid pl0x?02:59
drama1981cellofellow you still around?03:00
Nubbiedystopianray: KDE has nothing to do with that.03:00
eyeRmonkeyQuestion: I'm trying to run "./auotmake.sh" for a script, but I keep getting the error "**Error**: You must have `glib' installed." ... I can't find glib anywhere. What is it and where can i find it?03:00
Alien18jimmygoon, omg, that freed 480mb of space03:00
Karark|awayanyone else get ignored every fucking time they come to this channel?03:00
jimmygoonfizzmahon, its not much help but I experience very similar issues03:00
Jordan_UeyeRmonkey, What are you trying to compile?03:00
jimmygoonAlien18, thats good I hope :P03:00
NubbieeyeRmonkey: install build-essentials03:00
Pici!language | Karark|away03:00
ubotuKarark|away: Please watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.03:00
jarrod_dystopianray: well I dont say xp/windows/dos03:00
Pici!patience | Karark|away03:00
ubotuKarark|away: The people here are volunteers, your attitude may determine how fast you are helped.  Not everyone is available all the time, likewise not every answer is available instantly. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:00
Alien18jimmygoon, with a 4gb hdd, thats a lot03:00
Karark|awaylol, at least i wasn't ignored03:00
stressballokay, I am not too used with this client here, so let me know if I miss a reply ^^03:00
stousetWhy would some LVM partitions be missing from /dev/$VOLUME_GROUP, but still be in /dev/mapper?03:00
stousetThis occurred across a reboot03:00
fizzmahonjimmygoon: you havnt found a solution?03:00
dystopianrayjarrod_: nobody does, it's called windows xp03:00
ChrisC36Rent-2-Pwn i just installed raid on my new satas. this helped a lot: http://advosys.ca/viewpoints/2007/04/setting-up-software-raid-in-ubuntu-server/03:01
jimmygoonAlien18, good. There is a disk usage application somehwere if you can find it :)03:01
Jordan_Ujarrod_, You also don't say that you are running NT ;)03:01
jimmygoonfizzmahon, not that I know of, there are various inconsistencies through some gutsy font/compiz pkgs03:01
PiciKarark|away: You asked a very broad question, maybe no one's FF is freezing.03:01
ChrisC36i've added another HD from a linux system that I want to grab some files from. I rebooted into ubuntu, but I dont see it in the file browser. How do I get to it?03:01
Rent-2-PwnChrisC36, im trying to get an existing raid mounted but having no luck at all03:01
NubbieKarark|away: people will start ignoring you more if you keep that attitude up. nobody in here is paid to listen to that, and nobody needs to tolerate it. if you expect anything from this channel you should act courteously.03:01
logyatihello, please i need help with gnome-voice-control... i installed it with apt, but how to i use it?03:01
cellofellowdrama1981: I'm back.03:01
Alien18jimmygoon, i got it, but it isnt correct, i had 11mb of space before i did that clean, the analyzer said i had over 10003:01
jimmygoonAlien18, its under "Applications" -> "Accessories" -> "Disk Usage Analyzer" or something like that03:01
fizzmahonjimmygoon: damn. almost makes me want to not use compiz, but its just so nice heh03:01
jimmygoonAlien18, oh. well you can always check by running "df" in a terminal --- df stands for "disk free"03:02
thx1137scguy318: thanks, how can I copy the contents into pastebin?03:02
KI4IKLwoo....getting windows setup how you want it is always fun.03:02
scguy318thx1137: just do gedit ...03:02
fizzmahonjimmygoon: how do i switch back to kde window manager?03:02
scguy318thx1137: that should open a text editor that should allow you to copy the text03:02
eyeRmonkeyNubbie, it says "build essentials" can't be found...?03:02
Powerking89670night all03:02
PicieyeRmonkey: build-essential03:02
techjimi really like the new separate folders inside ~/ and the capacity to add folders to nautilus side bar.  long live ubuntu.03:02
scguy318eyeRmonkey: thats build-essential03:02
PicieyeRmonkey: no s03:02
eyeRmonkeyah :D03:02
mneptokeyeRmonkey: sudo apt-get install build-essential03:02
jimmygoonfizzmahon, well, I _think_ that's the cause of the problems :S03:02
logyatiplease help :)03:02
Alien18jimmygoon, thnx, you been a great help03:02
logyatihello, please i need help with gnome-voice-control... i installed it with apt, but how to i use it?03:02
ChrisC36can someone help, i just want to get at the files on this HD i just added03:02
NubbieeyeRmonkey: search synaptic, i don't recall the exact name of the package.03:02
stressballI am currently running a live CD, but was hoping to install this setup on the computer. The thing is, the installer just bugs out after I've partitioned the drive. The installer window just closes and that is it, nothing more. Is this a known/recurring problem or is it just me? Trying to install on a standard DELL Inspiron 8600 Laptop - Any help is much appreciated :)03:02
Jordan_UeyeRmonkey, What are you trying to compile?03:02
jimmygoonfizzmahon, um, not sure I've never used kde, I don't know how their appearance manager deals with compiz03:03
jttChrisC36, lshw | less  search for  ide03:03
Jordan_Ustressball, Try the alternate install CD03:03
jimmygoonfizzmahon, you could start the wm manually but I don't even know what its command is, sorry03:03
logyati_ i cant see it on the applets list03:03
Rent-2-Pwnsata raid mounting help anyone?03:03
Jordan_U!alternate | stressball03:03
ubotustressball: The Alternate CD (available as of Dapper) is the classical text-mode installation CD. Use it if you wish to upgrade via CD, or for an "expert" mode install. For normal installs, use the Desktop CD, which is also a "Live" CD - See also !Minimal03:03
jimmygoonAlien18, no problem, let us/me know if you need more help03:03
ChrisC36jtt what is lshw | less?03:03
eyeRmonkeypici, scguy318, mneptok, nubbie, jordan_U (hehe): I'm trying to compile the backup script here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuHomeBackup ... so that I can do a backup of my clean install so i can restore it later if i mess things up.03:03
=== TheDreamer is now known as Youri
scguy318eyeRmonkey: why not just image your drives? :P03:04
logyati_hello, please i need help with gnome-voice-control... i installed it with apt, but how to i use it?03:04
eyeRmonkeyscguy318: how? ;)03:04
DanaGHas anybody else been having issues of stalling on "waiting for root filesystem"?03:04
jttChrisC36, r u familiar with the command line or r u a gui only person03:04
scguy318eyeRmonkey: partimage03:04
scguy318eyeRmonkey: dd | gzip03:04
mneptokeyeRmonkey: uhh ... compile a script?03:04
lostnoobjimmygoon, anything obvious about reenabling wireless after wired connections?03:04
stressballOkay, thanks Jordan. Was hoping the install would be quick and easy, but I'll try and see if it helps :)03:04
Rent-2-Pwnsata raid mounting help PLZ03:04
DanaGI can only boot if I use the 2.6.22-13-generic kernel.03:04
ChrisC36Rent-2-Pwn on a new system? I suggest boot to the 'alternate install' cd, and in the partition tools you can manage the raids and the partitions03:04
scguy318eyeRmonkey: if you keep /home on its own partition you dont have to worry about backing that up03:04
eyeRmonkeymneptok: i try to do ./autoconfig.sh and i get an error about gllib missing03:04
ChrisC36jtt I have done some command line stuff03:04
DanaGIf I boot the -14 kernel with break=premount, I find that /dev/sda* don't exist.03:05
jimmygoonlostnoob, I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, if you just plugged in a wire, and have now removed it... then gutsy/feisty should seamlessly switch back after 30sec - 1 min03:05
eyeRmonkeyscguy318: i want a back up of everything including all the configuration files and such03:05
xamerI am using a Toshiba A70 on Ubuntu 7.10, i am having some weird problems with sound, when i log in i get the opening sound clip then it cuts out and no sound will play in any application03:05
thx1137scguy318: ok, it's on pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41779/03:05
Rent-2-PwnChrisC36, ive installed onto an IDE drive but i want to access the music/movies on my raid array03:05
ChrisC36but i'm not sure how to open the shell in ubuntu yet - so far i've only used putty from another machine03:05
jimmygoonlostnoob, that is unless you like switched off the wireless on your laptop or something like that03:05
mneptokeyeRmonkey: use partimage, dd, or rsync03:05
patricknevhow do i get direct rendering to work with a integrated video card? haha03:05
eyeRmonkeyscguy318: does partimage have a GUI or an easy way to back/restore a whole partition03:05
Jordan_U!terminal | ChrisC3603:05
ubotuChrisC36: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:05
jimmygoonlostnoob, I'm assuming you are using network-manager (nm-applet)03:05
ChrisC36ah ic thats what Gnome is03:05
mneptok"GNOME" (all caps) :)03:06
Nubbiegnome is everything you see when you first turn the computer on... and lots of backend stuff.03:06
logyatihello, please i need help with gnome-voice-control... i installed it with apt, but how to i use it?03:06
Picimneptok: But do you pronounce it Gee-nome?03:06
lostnoobnope. something broke. I can see the device using lspci from the command line but it isn't listed as an available device anymore (used to be eth1)03:06
logyati_hello, please i need help with gnome-voice-control... i installed it with apt, but how to i use it?03:06
bignickmetroso i am a windows comp tech by profession with no experience with Linux. I am having a couple problems with my install.03:06
scguy318thx1137: how about cat /var/...03:06
lostnoobI've just using the default manager with kubuntu03:06
mneptokPici: no, i completed 2nd grade ;)03:06
scguy318!ask | bignickmetro03:06
ubotubignickmetro: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)03:06
jimmygoonChrisC36, eh, Gnome is actually (largely) everything that you "see" on your screen ... the "visual" aspect of it... it consists of a wm (window manager) metacity and gtk themes... it is a compilation of smaller parts of gnome-components that make a "environment". Alternatives are KDE... and XFCE... and others03:07
jttChrisC36, then execute  lshw |less  in a terminal window and search for  ide if you drive type is ide r u familiar with vi editor searching if so less has similar type searching when you find  ide go down a few lines and it will have the  /dev   ie.e    /dev/sdb that is your second drive then you have to manually mount it03:07
Rent-2-Pwnsata raid mounting help PLZ03:07
lostnoobcan I force a hardware redetect somehow?03:07
patricknevhow do i get direct rendering to work with a integrated video card? haha03:07
eyeRmonkeyscguy318: bah. partimage doesn't recognize my raid :(03:07
bignickmetroi boot from CD, i get the boot menu, it starts loading. i get a couple of PCI IRQ errors then get a terminal03:07
jimmygoonChrisC36, that terminal is actually a "terminal emulator" and gnome/kde/whomever makes slightly different temrinal interfaces...03:07
scguy318eyeRmonkey: dd :P03:07
Jordan_Upatricknev, Intel?03:07
ChrisC36oh i see03:07
ToddEDMhey guys....question, can i get animated backgrounds with compiz-fusion?03:07
jimmygoonChrisC36, but thats probably more info than you wanted :D03:07
bignickmetrohow do i just boot to a graphical install03:07
Rent-2-Pwnsata raid mounting help PLZ03:07
eyeRmonkeyscguy318: but then i have to actually learn the command line options :(03:07
patricknevJordan_U : how do i tell, i believe so03:08
Jordan_UToddEDM, Yes, don't ask me how though :)03:08
david725Hello everyone, I'm hoping I can get some advice with a problem I'm having installing 7.1003:08
ToddEDMlol Jordan_U03:08
scguy318bignickmetro: what errors specifically? is it the old /bin/sh tty job control?03:08
jimmygoonbignickmetro, you'll have to describe the error more clearly or else use the alternative install disc (its very just as simple, just slower)03:08
Hirvinen!compiz | ToddEDM03:08
ubotuToddEDM: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:08
lhunsickerSound isn't working.  I find that I have an Intel 8280 on -c0 and the SB Live on -c1.  Is this my problem?  If so, how do I fix it?03:08
thx1137scguy318: ok, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41780/03:08
lostnoobjimmygoon, if it matters the problem is consistent across reboots too03:08
xamerhelp, how can i get my sound working on toshiba notebook, cuts out during initial login03:08
slimjimflim ahhh, nginx broke my apache2.  can anyone help03:08
jimmygoonlostnoob, yeah, that is03:08
jimmygoonlostnoob, are you familair with pastebin?03:08
ciddyhow do i install adobe flash for firefox with ubuntu 7.10?03:08
jimmygoonspeaking of which, why is the alternative install slower than desktop install?03:08
bignickmetroPCI: Cannot allocate resource region 4 of device03:08
ChrisC36jimmygoon no thanks I followed that03:08
Jordan_Uscguy318, That error has been removed in Gutsy since it just distracted people from the real cause ( which could be many things )03:09
dystopianrayciddy: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:09
bert_I just updated to 7.04 and now when I log in I get this error message "There was an error starting the GNOME Settings Daemon." Rebooting the machine has no effect on this03:09
lostnoobjimmygoon, nope. also I'm stuck in my XP dualboot at the moment due to the wireless issues03:09
ChrisC36jtt i am familiar with vi, although i always used nano03:09
Rent-2-Pwnsata raid mounting help plz03:09
david725When I boot the installer CD, I get the following message then the system hangs03:09
jimmygoonChrisC36, cool, it's actually pretty important to understand that. It's nice because it can get confusing pretty quickly :)03:09
david725Kernel alive03:09
david725kernel direct mapping tables up to 100000000 @ 8000-d00003:09
jimmygoon!pastebin | lostnoob03:09
ubotulostnoob: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:09
kasperi did a apt-get remove vnc* but nmap still shows the server is still running, how do i disable this?03:09
Jordan_Uscguy318, Now you just get dropped to a busybox shell without the error03:09
scguy318thx1137: you could try moving the file out of the directory, and see if doing the dpkg command works again, do this:03:09
patricknevJordan_U: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. K8M890 [Chrome9] Integrated Video (rev 01)03:09
dystopianrayciddy: although i'm fairly certain it'll bring up a dialog to install flash when you visit a page requiring flash for the first time03:09
scguy318thx1137: mv /var/lib/dpkg/updates/0021 ~/002103:10
scguy318thx1137: sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/updates/0021 ~/002103:10
jttChrisC36, since i am a long time command line person i would have no idea how to find and mount the second disk via a gui if there is a way to do such if you run into probl let me know03:10
jimmygoonlostnoob, listen to what ubotu said and then paste the results of "sudo ifconfig" and "sudo iwconfig" please so I can look and see if there are any obvious errors that I can see03:10
ChrisC36the 2nd drive is actually a 3rd (i have 2 satas in raid) and it is an ide one03:10
scguy318thx1137: the latter03:10
thx1137scguy318: thanks, will give that a try03:10
riyonukI just installed "Sylpheed" from the repos, and cant find it in the Applications list!03:10
Rent-2-Pwnsata raid mounting help plz03:10
scguy318bignickmetro: could it be bad burn?03:10
ciddythank you03:10
scguy318bignickmetro: have you tried, say, burning at lower rate, and checking the MD5 of the ISO?03:10
jttChrisC36, then searching in less for ide will find it03:10
`eric-how do i change the default icon for firefox?03:10
scguy318bignickmetro: if that should fail, perhaps the alternative CD?03:10
bignickmetroi checked the CD for errors using the boot menu option, it tested fine03:10
lostnoobjimmygoon, it'd take me a while to boot in and back to xp. I'm not up for that tonight. I was hoping for an easy answer03:11
fujinHow do I invoke APT's "Please enter your HTTP proxy" thingy? dpkg-reconfigure apt isn't doing it.03:11
ciddyou need Flash to use GrandCentral. Get it here03:11
ciddywont work03:11
jimmygoonlostnoob, um, wait03:11
jimmygoonlostnoob, you can't really paste that stuff (online) if you can't get on the internet :S03:11
`eric-how do i change the default firefox icon..? not just for the launcher, but the application itself?03:11
ChrisC36jtt it looks like its on /dev/hda03:11
ciddydo i need to reboot03:11
lostnoobjimmygoon, the last ifconfig I can only showed lo and eth003:11
scguy318bignickmetro: well, if you take off the quiet splash flags via F6, what happens?03:11
jimmygoonlostnoob, that would imply that you don't have a (recognized) wireless card03:12
ciddywill try to reboot03:12
bert_I just updated to 7.04 and now when I log in I get this error message "There was an error starting the GNOME Settings Daemon." Rebooting the machine has no effect on this. Google hasn't helped. IS there a quick fix for this problem?03:12
bignickmetroi just selected Live or Install, and i get the orange loading bar for a while, then i get a User not known to the underlying authentication module error. I seem to get different errors every single time03:12
lostnoobjimmygoon, the wireless card (ipw2200) was working fine until the wired connection03:12
jttChrisC36, well, do you know if /dev/hda has more than one slice  i.e..  hda1  hda2 etc.03:12
jimmygoonlostnoob, I would suggest plugging it in long enough to make sure you have every update install.... then I would check System->administration->networking and poke around in their03:12
Dano7.10 and Qtstalker are bad.. :( does anyone else have this issue?03:12
scguy318bignickmetro: my eye is on the CD burn, you should check03:12
Rent-2-Pwnsata raid mounting help plz03:12
scguy318jtt: the term is partition :P03:12
jttChrisC36, was the ide drive a linux or windows drive03:13
lostnoobjimmygoon, nothing about the wireless card show up there anymore03:13
scguy318!md5 | bignickmetro03:13
ubotubignickmetro: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:13
patricknevhey i have a 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. K8M890 [Chrome9] Integrated Video (rev 01)..... can i do direct rendering/ and if so how?03:13
Geckoooi just discovered that mii-diag is reporting that i'm only connected at 100baseTX-FD... how can i force gigabit???03:13
riyonukI just installed "Sylpheed" from the repos, and cant find it in the Applications list!03:13
jimmygoonlostnoob, that's strange. the only thing I know of that ever makes a wireless card disappear is kernel updates without the kernel-restricted-modules updates... which is what lets ubuntu know about your card03:13
ChrisC36jtt its showing the ide drive as /dev/hda, and the dvd drive as /dev/hdb03:13
bignickmetroyeah ill try reburning slow speed. I never had this problem with SUSE a few years ago.03:13
jimmygoonlostnoob, I know, if you get that update, it may make it show up again03:13
ChrisC36jtt it was a linux drive03:13
Rent-2-Pwnsata raid mounting help plz03:13
jbur1HOw does one get an RTL8187 WLAN card working with gutsy?03:13
bignickmetroI badly want to blame the POS comp im loading it on03:13
jbur1Should I be using ndiswrapper?03:13
jttChrisC36, was the whole drive used for linux03:13
ChrisC36jtt i could no longer boot to it, so I ended up buying 2 new satas and installing ubuntu (the old one was centos)03:13
jimmygoonlostnoob, honestly, just plugging in the wire won't make it disappear, but that kernel w/o restrictedmodules will.... it has to me in the past....03:13
ChrisC36jtt - yes03:13
scguy318jbur1: if the native drivers do not work then sure03:14
claytonargh I need some help03:14
jttChrisC36, then take a guess and  execute this command   mount /dev/hda1  /mnt03:14
lostnoobjimmygoon, can't I just force a redetect? eth1 got disabled during the wired connection but something isn't recognizing it now03:14
=== Banker is now known as ciddy
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)03:14
lhunsickerAnyone there that can help me get sound working on ubuntu 7.10?03:14
ciddyits not working03:14
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:14
ciddyadobe flash isnt working03:14
patricknevhey i have a 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. K8M890 [Chrome9] Integrated Video (rev 01)..... can i do direct rendering/ and if so how?03:15
jttChrisC36, let me know if the mount command suceeds03:15
adlongwellQuick question... I've debootstrapped an Ubuntu instance... how do I update the /etc/apt/sources.list in the same way the CD installer would have?03:15
ciddyYou need Flash to use GrandCentral. Get it here03:15
Jordan_U!sound | lhunsicker03:15
ubotulhunsicker: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:15
Clinton__does anyone have a how to on the NVidia problems affecting multicore AMD users?03:15
kasperi did a apt-get remove vnc* but nmap still shows the server is still running, how do i disable vnc server from starting?03:15
scguy318ciddy: what architecture, browser...?03:15
jimmygoonlostnoob, heh, ubuntu detects stuff... as it is there.... lostnoob, unless you are seeing an error message somewhere else, or have some other info, the only idea I know of is to upgrade your restricted modules to/for your kernel03:15
ciddyit keeps saying that, even after i rebooted after a flash non free install03:15
jimmygoonlostnoob, I have no idea what else would cause it to disappear...03:15
thx1137scguy318: there's a few more files doing, that, so I'm moving them also03:15
ciddyscguy318:  mozilla firefox, 7.10 ubuntu, i68603:15
ChrisC36jtt ok i did that ..03:16
Alloos1Hi guys, I want gutsy, so will I need to update or have to start new install?03:16
jimmygoonlostnoob, I would recommend "sudo ifconfig" to see if there is an unconfigured wireless card that has errors or something, but I would really really really bet that it has to do with that kernel modules bit :S03:16
ChrisC36jtt - yes it appears to succeed03:16
cdm10Alloos1: your choice :)03:16
Jordan_UAlloos1, Yes03:16
ciddyscguy318:  I installed the adobe non free packages, but its not working when i go to www.grandcentral.com03:16
colchaodemolaheys guys , any idea why in gutsy my volume keeps magically changing when i am listening music03:16
colchaodemolaor wathing video03:16
jttChrisC36, now do   ls  /mnt  and see if your files r there03:16
jimmygoonlostnoob, if you wanted you could even get the packages while you're in XP and then put them on a jump drive and install them when you boot back into linux or put them on a shared partition that xp and ubuntu can access, etc etc if thats a problem03:17
patricknevhey i have a 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. K8M890 [Chrome9] Integrated Video (rev 01)..... can i do direct rendering/ and if so how?03:17
scguy318ciddy: just do sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:17
lostnoobjimmygoon, one last thing that may help... if I hit Ctrl-Alt-1 during boot I do catch something about the wireless device having an error but it scrolls past too fast to see the details03:17
the_blurinstalled and working!03:17
jimmygoonlostnoob, or you could (re)install gutsy on top of it03:17
Rent-2-Pwnsata raid mounting help plz03:17
ciddyscguy318 i did03:17
riotkittieJordan_U: if was the output of dpkg --set-selections that you needed??03:17
ciddywww.grandcentral.com is not working03:17
riotkittieerr it*03:17
jimmygoonlostnoob, um, that is probably helpful but I don't know how to retrieve that information... maybe someone else would though03:17
the_blurhey real quick, how do I allow myself to write to a mounted NTFS disk?03:17
ChrisC36rtt  there's not much on there - there must be a nother partition?03:17
ciddyit says Version 9,0,48,0 Installed Successfully if i go to the adobe page, but if i try to use grandcentral it says i need adobe flash and wont work03:17
JbanHey, Pidgin Question: Why does gTalk says that the picture is too large to import as my buddy icon... isn't Pidgin supposed to resize it?  It allowed me to use the same picture for AIM buddy icon.  How do I resize images in Ubuntu?03:17
Clinton__does anyone have a how to on the NVidia problems affecting multicore AMD users?03:17
merulathe_blur, you don't.03:18
jimmygoonlostnoob, ooooh! or when you get to the grub menu... try launching an "older" kernel if you can and see if that works03:18
the_blursudo chmod /media/NTFS_disk 77703:18
ChrisC36jtt and i dont see it in the gui file browser03:18
scguy318the_blur: stick in a mount flag, umask=000 or the other03:18
dystopianrayciddy: try going to youtube and see if you can watch something03:18
lostnoobjimmygoon, might try tomorrow. any idea if the boot error would be captured in a boot log somewhere03:18
cdm10Jban: Pidgin isn't smart enough to resize it. It has to be 96x96 and less than 8 kb... experiment in GIMP03:18
the_blurwhat's a mount flag>03:18
merulathe_blur, writing to NTFS from a linux system is a very bad idea03:18
claytonI got the Live CD, and installed Ubuntu (as I've done in the past on other computers).  I went to System > Administration > restricted drivers managers.  I enabled my video card driver (an ATI card dun dun duuunnn), and restarted so it would take effect.  When I restarted, things weren't working correctly, so I entered "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" into the terminal, I was told it would help.  Then I followed those steps correctly, bu03:18
jimmygoonlostnoob, I really don't :S03:18
Jordan_Uriotkittie, Yes, I got a set from someone with many extra packages that I am trying now, I would still apreciate a fresh list though :)03:18
jttChrisC36, execute  umount /mnt03:18
scguy318ciddy: you using, dunno, NoScript or something that blocks Flash?03:18
the_blurcould it kill my ntfs disk?03:18
lostnoobjimmygoon, i'm on an otherwise fresh 7.10 install. thanks for the help though03:18
ciddyi could watch something on youtube without adobe flash03:18
Jbancdm10: Alright I will experiment.  I just want to make the image still viewable when I shrink it.03:18
ciddyscguy318 no its a fresh 7.10 install03:18
dystopianrayciddy: how was that possible?03:19
scguy318the_blur: no03:19
Nubbiemerula: its kinda stable now.03:19
merulathe_blur, but if you really have to, you're right.  It's bad because the OS doesn't know how to write to NTFS tables. You could royally screw over your HD with it.03:19
Capa1Question does anyone know how I can get the additional compiz plugins not included by default in Gutsy ?03:19
thx1137scguy318: so after moving all the files that had problems, I ran Update Manager and got this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41781/  .. should I give that a try also?03:19
jttChrisC36, then  execute    echo 'p' | fdisk /dev/hda and tell me what prints03:19
merulaNubbie, when did that go through? ^_^03:19
lostnoobjimmygoon, the restricted extras wouldn't cause this would they?03:19
cdm10Capa1: have you installed ccsm?03:19
Nubbiemerula: it USED to be a bad idea, now it's just risky.03:19
Capa1yes cdm03:19
merulathe_blur, well, there you have it: used to be a really bad idea, now it's just a risky thing to do.03:19
the_blurok, one guys says ntfs will die, one says no...which is it, cuz my gf is writing to an ntfs partition right now...03:19
ciddydstopyian ray how was what possible?03:19
Capa1cdm10: I mean the plugins not listed in ccsm -- extra plugins, like snow and such which are not listed03:19
scguy318thx1137: try the sudo apt-get install -f03:19
cdm10Capa1: I think there's one plugins package available in the repositories, but it doesn't really add much... just search synaptic for compiz03:19
jimmygoonlostnoob, the codecs? noooo03:19
claytonNobody has any idea what to do?  Please guys, I really need help.03:19
cdm10Capa1: I tihnk that's compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported03:19
thx1137scguy318: ok03:19
Jordan_Uriotkittie, It's kind of scary having features and applications disappear  :)03:20
dystopianrayciddy: how can you watch youtube videos without flash?03:20
ChrisC36jtt its saying: unmount: command not found03:20
ciddydstopyian:  i just did a fresh 7.10 install, i booted in and youtube was working03:20
ChrisC36oh heh03:20
jimmygoonlostnoob, o_0 fresh 7.10 install ugh. thats no fun... if it really is completely fresh :S you could reinstall *ducks*03:20
jttChrisC36, sudo umount ...03:20
eigmaI have an Ubuntu 7.04 server x86 install on a mixed PATA+SCSI+SATA system. all the controllers were in the system when I installed Ubuntu, but there were only 2 SCSI disks. now that I added two SATA disks, GRUB hangs at "Loading stage1.5" / "GRUB loading, please wait...". any ideas?03:20
lhunsickerJordon_U:  Thanks.  Changing the device in ALSA Mixer doesn't seem to help, but I'll check the URLs.  Larry H03:20
Ragewarpi have some installation questions03:20
ChrisC36jtt i am su, i had uNmount03:20
lostnoobjimmygoon, thats what i thought, I haven't played with anything kernel level yet03:20
jimmygoonlostnoob, obviously thats not ideal and maybe someone more versed in ubuntu could help you more but I'm out of ideas03:20
cdm10Ragewarp: ask away, but try to keep things in the same message03:20
jttChrisC36, execute  df -h and see if  /mnt is mounter03:20
ciddyyoutube isnt using flash03:20
cdm10Ragewarp: AHA! off to the wrong start already, I see.03:21
Rent-2-Pwnsata raid gayness help plz03:21
cdm10Ragewarp: just messing with you, ask away :)03:21
cdm10!repeat | Rent-2-Pwn03:21
ubotuRent-2-Pwn: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:21
cdm10!coc | Rent-2-Pwn03:21
ubotuRent-2-Pwn: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/03:21
ciddyi guess it is, dunno03:21
jimmygoonlostnoob, between you and me and anyone else paying attention there have been some inconsistencies in the updates... and if you get half of an update --- for kernels even if you didn't do it manually then it could cause problems.... but since it is a fresh 7.10 install thats a bit less likely, esp since I don't recall seeing kernel updates at all for gutsy yet03:21
ciddymaybe i used youtube before i had 7.10 installed03:21
ciddyi must have installed flash03:21
ChrisC36jtt its showing /dev/hda1 and /dev/hda203:21
ciddybut it wont work with grandcentral.com03:21
ChrisC36jtt hda2 is Linux LVM03:22
Ragewarpwell, when i try and install ubuntu 7.10 amd64 version, i get up to the point where its like a check list with [OK]'s on the right then after that i hear my HD crank for about 10 seconds then i just get a blank screen03:22
cdm10ciddy: I use 7.10, and gc works fine... do you have flashplugin-nonfree installed?03:22
ciddycdm10:  Yes i do03:22
jttChrisC36, what is mounted  as  /mnt03:22
lostnoobanyone else for help redetecting wireless?03:22
cdm10ciddy: did you upgrade to gutsy, or reinstall?03:22
the_blurI need a ndiswrapper whiz03:22
Clinton__the_blur: not it03:22
ciddycdm10:  You need Flash to use GrandCentral. Get it here03:22
Capa1E: Couldn't find package compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported03:22
slimjimflimdoes anyone know why nginx wouldn't want to be removed? here's the output http://pastebin.ca/74624103:23
Jordan_Ulostnoob, Is it set to roaming mode in System -> Administration -> Networking?03:23
ciddycdm10 thats what the website says, i refreshed to no avail03:23
cdm10Capa1: it's something like that...03:23
ciddycdm10 should i clear cache?03:23
cdm10the_blur: no, you don't, you need to ask your question so anyone who knows the answer to it can answer you.03:23
Capa1hmm let me see03:23
ChrisC36jtt i used umount so there is no mnt anymore03:23
cdm10ciddy: sure, but then i'll try some more thnigs03:23
Capa1I dont see it in synaptic03:23
=== thiago_ is now known as Soulripper
the_blurwho needs help instaling compiz?03:23
the_blurpm me03:23
lostnoobI can't see it at that level (at least in kubuntu)03:23
Jordan_Uriotkittie, Do you now have a fresh feisty install?03:23
cdm10Capa1: eh, i can't find it...03:23
jimmygoonJordan_U, his card isn't even showing up03:23
ChrisC36jtt i see that /dev/md2 is mounted as /home03:23
ciddycdm10 all flash apps work except for grandcentral03:23
ciddyyoutube works fine03:24
ChrisC36jtt what I really need to get from this drive is a mysql database03:24
lostnoobJordan_U, I can't see it at that level (at least in kubuntu). ifconfig no longer gives me an eth103:24
cdm10ciddy: alright, here's what we'll do. Close FF, hit alt-f2, and type < firefox -safemode >03:24
Ragewarpi have an installation question03:24
Ragewarpwell, when i try and install ubuntu 7.10 amd64 version, i get up to the point where its like a check list with [OK]'s on the right then after that i hear my HD crank for about 10 seconds then i just get a blank screen03:24
riotkittieJordan_U: yes. so fresh it hasnt even applied updates D:  want me to dcc you the output?03:24
jttChrisC36, execute  echo 'p' | fdisk /dev/hdd03:24
DanaGDo any of you know how to fix my initramfs so my hard drive will be detected again?03:24
claytonI got the Live CD, and installed Ubuntu (as I've done in the past on other computers).  I went to System > Administration > restricted drivers managers.  I enabled my video card driver (an ATI card dun dun duuunnn), and restarted so it would take effect.  When I restarted, things weren't working correctly, so I entered "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" into the terminal, I was told it would help.  Then I followed those steps correctly, bu03:24
Jordan_Uriotkittie, Yes please03:25
thx1137scguy318: alright, it finally finished: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41783/03:25
riotkittiehold one sec03:25
jttChrisC36, md2  is slice 2 of your meta disk  lvm03:25
jttor slice 3 not sure03:25
cdm10clayton: your message got cut off, re-send in 2 messages03:25
ciddycdm10 not working in safemode either03:25
ChrisC36jtt its saying unable to open /dev/hdd03:25
Fluffywhat is the warning on the Ubuntu 7.10 installation regarding NETWORKING about? i installed it and had no network access... how come 7.10 doesnt auto-configure an existing cable connection like 7.04 and lower did?03:25
claytonAh, thanks for telling me03:25
claytonI got the Live CD, and installed Ubuntu (as I've done in the past on other computers).  I went to System > Administration > restricted drivers managers.  I enabled my video card driver (an ATI card dun dun duuunnn), and restarted so it would take effect.  When I restarted, things weren't working correctly, so I entered "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" into the terminal, I was told it would help.  Then I followed those steps correctly, bu03:25
cdm10ciddy: okay, try < firefox -profile-manager > (it may be profilemanager, try both.03:26
claytonWhen I tried to get into that I got this HP recoery thing, and then followed the steps to recover my computer. Now I can't get into either, I don't even get the bootloader.  In fact, the only way for me to use this computer now is with the Ubuntu live cd.  So please, Ubuntu geniuses, I want to know how I can get back my Xp stuff (the program files and such are still there), or at least get a working copy of Ubuntu.  By the way, this is with 03:26
jttChrisC36, hold on let me check something03:26
scguy318thx1137: try sudo dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/{libpam0g,pam-modules,libpam-runtime}*.deb03:26
Jordan_Uriotkittie, Or pastebin03:26
amcolliehas anyone get a screen resolution higher than 1024x768 @ 60Hz03:26
cdm10clayton: so, you want your Windows bootloader back... hold on a sec03:26
DropI guess this is the place for Ubuntu questions?  I have a problem I havent seen anyone else talk about yet.  When I enable desktop effects, I not only can't get my window boarders back, but my terminal only displays as a blank white square.  Have I missed something?03:26
nownotthey yo, having routing problems with openvpn, anyone think they can help?03:26
ciddycdm10 ok now what?03:26
cdm10ciddy: create a new profile and try that.03:26
patricknevhey i have a 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. K8M890 [Chrome9] Integrated Video (rev 01)..... can i do direct rendering/ and if so how?03:26
Jordan_Uamcollie, Many people including myself, just ask your question03:26
claytoncdm10: I want to be able to get into Xp, or even just for Ubuntu to work.03:27
ChrisC36jtt when i mount something, shouldnt i be able to browse from the GUI as well?03:27
riyonukIs xgl the thing that makes the cube effect? or is it aiglx?03:27
cdm10clayton: hold on, searching :)03:27
tracy_uhoh. is it not sending? :o03:27
NecrosanCan any of you tell me why my CUSTOM init scripts i added03:27
NecrosanIS NOT WORKING03:27
riyonukCause I cant find it int the repos03:27
NecrosanIt's in the proper format03:27
NecrosanAnd everything03:27
Clinton__Necrosan: define not working03:27
Necrosanand if ran manually it works just fine.03:27
cdm10!enter | Necrosan03:27
ubotuNecrosan: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:27
MasterShrekclayton, if you have a windows disk handy, put it in, when it loads hit r to go to recovery console, once you get a command prompt type: fixmbr  and your windows should boot, afterwards you can follow the guide for recovering grub after a windows install (assuming you are planning on dual booting)03:27
NecrosanIt doesn't run on boot.03:27
ciddycdm10 nope doesnt work03:27
cdm10ciddy: what happens when you go there?03:27
thx1137scguy318: ok, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41785/03:27
Clinton__Necrosan: man update-rc.d03:27
cdm10Does anyone know the bot factoid for fixing windows boot?03:28
NecrosanIt's chmod'd right, symlinked into rc2.d, rc3.d, rc4.d and rc5.d03:28
jttChrisC36, cant answer that as i am strictly  command line person dont use gui at all03:28
ciddycdm10 i get the profile box03:28
claytonthank you MasterShrek03:28
Clinton__Necrosan: that will teach you how to start the command properly03:28
NecrosanI did that dude03:28
NecrosanIt still doesn't run03:28
cdm10!enter | Necrosan03:28
ubotuNecrosan: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:28
amcollieoh ok thanks Jordan_U, any answers yet03:28
MasterShrekNecrosan, what kind of custom init script? if its not running call it from /etc/rc.local03:28
thx1137scguy318: the ../dpkg/available was one of the ones I had to move also03:28
cdm10ciddy: when you create a new profile, what happens?03:28
Clinton__Necrosan: uh, I can't read your mind03:28
ciddycdm10 same as before03:28
Ragewarpim having some installation probs03:28
Ragewarpwell, when i try and install ubuntu 7.10 amd64 version, i get up to the point where its like a check list with [OK]'s on the right then after that i hear my HD crank for about 10 seconds then i just get a blank screen03:28
Jordan_Uriotkittie, DCC isn't working, probably has to do with my system shutting down like HAL all around me :) Can you pastebin it?03:28
jttChrisC36, execute this command    lshw |grep -i  logical  |less   and see  what  /dev/hNN  devices show up  like  hda, hdb, hdc, hdd, etc.03:29
NecrosanMasterShrek: It's to check whether my laptop is plugged in or not03:29
=== Drop is now known as Monos98
scguy318thx1137: why? what was the error?03:29
ciddyYou need Flash to use GrandCentral. Get it here03:29
NecrosanShould I put it on  a pastebin?03:29
ciddybut i have flash installed03:29
NecrosanThe script itself works just fine03:29
scguy318thx1137: revert your moves, I think dpkg is a bit borked at the moment03:29
MasterShrekNecrosan, call the script from /etc/rc.local03:29
NecrosanUbuntu is being stingy & not letting it run..03:29
Clinton__Necrosan: what if you plug/unplug your laptop after boot?03:29
NecrosanMasterShrek: I've tried just adding it in, it doesn't seem to run it..03:29
cdm10Ragewarp: is this the Desktop CD, and how much ram do you have? Also, try the x86 CD, see if that works... Also, if you install in 32-bit, you'll be able to use apps like flash and some drivers that don't work on x64.03:29
=== dsddasdasads is now known as Dracusorul
riotkittieJordan_U: done: ://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41782/plain/  [fwiw, there are two ndiswrapper files you might want to remove from the list ]03:29
cdm10ciddy: go to Google Video03:30
NecrosanClinton__: That works fine, it adjusts the frequency of the cpu properly with the scripts i added in /etc/acpi/battery.d and /etc/acpi/ac.d03:30
Clinton__Necrosan: I have several custom scripts running on boot, ubuntu isn't stingy about it03:30
cdm10ciddy: just go to any google video page, tell me what that does...03:30
NecrosanUnless powernowd is being a real piece of crap03:30
Dracusorulanyone know how can i activate the new themes from 7.10 ?!03:30
Clinton__Necrosan: why don't you use a properly configured powernowd setup to do that for you?03:30
MasterShrekNecrosan, there should be a battery monitor that does that for you03:30
NecrosanHow? It's so cryptic03:30
cdm10Dracusorul: what new themes? Theme configuration is in System>Preferences>Appearance03:30
riotkittiewhere'd my http go :o03:30
NecrosanI want performance scheduler when plugged in, ondemand when on battery03:30
Necrosanpowernowd tries to do more crap than it should03:30
cdm10ciddy: i mean in the new profile03:30
Clinton__Necrosan: writing custom scripts for that type of thing will take more time to implement correctly than it would to learn the 'cryptic' nature of powernowd03:31
NecrosanDude, it's a 2 line script.03:31
Ragewarpcdm10, ive tried the x86 installation on this and previous versions of ubuntu and ive gotten the same thing every time, accept for now i do not have to input the 'noapic' command. I have 1gb of ram03:31
thx1137scguy318: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41787/ .. should I copy back the old "/available" and run the "apt-get install -f"?03:31
Jbancdm10: Ugh, I had the weirdest thing happen to me cdm... I had GIMP up and resized it, and I tried to open the "Selector" menue, and then suddenly I was unable to do anything on the screen, caps-lock wouldnt work either, but I could still see this room's messages and still heard the convo from my Skype, but everything else was locked up.03:31
ciddycdm10 google video works fine03:31
ciddycdm10:  The only problem is with grandcentral03:31
Clinton__Necrosan: powernowd will do anything you like, when configured properly the way you want03:31
MasterShrekNecrosan, i can just click the battery monitor and adjust things like that, granted im using kde, but i think gnome has the same thing...03:31
NecrosanAnd anything in /etc/acpi/battery.d is run when switched to battery power, and ac.d when plugged in03:31
cdm10ciddy: try sudo aptitude reinstall flashplugin-nonfree03:31
cdm10Jban: ouch...03:31
ciddycdm10 no03:31
mjbjranyone here familiar with the command 'wipe'?03:31
NecrosanIf I boot the laptop with AC adaptor and unplug it, I don't even get a battery menu03:31
Soulripperthere is a guy in #ubuntu-br saying that he cannot join this channel, any op can take a look in that, please? His nick is paul0. Thanks03:31
NecrosanHow cheesy is that?03:31
ciddyits prolly a bug with mozilla, i reported it03:31
Dracusorulwell i did a upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 and there was some new hdd icon on the desktop and then he came back to the original ubuntu icon :| dont know why03:32
ciddycdm10:  Sounds like a ubuntu 7.10/firefox problem03:32
scguy318thx1137: now that I've thought about it, have you done any fsck recently? seems to be that those files are corrupt03:32
cdm10Necrosan: could you please stop sending unnecessary messages?03:32
scguy318thx1137: a reinstall may be advisable, and sure, try that03:32
cdm10ciddy: works fine on my machine... why don't you do sudo aptitude reinstall flashplugin-nonfree03:32
Jbancdm10: What would cause that?  Is that an display driver issue / conflict? Becuase the other programs were still running, I just couldn't click on anything, even my mouse curser could still be moved around.03:32
Badpenguin86The live cd installer will let me shrink a windblows partition, right?03:32
Necrosancdm10: Dude, I'm trying to fix my problem. take a chill pill. Everyone is still getting the help they need. stop hating.03:32
Monos98When I enable desktop effects, I not only can't get my window boarders back, but my terminal only displays as a blank white square.  If I go back to normal, the terminal looks fine.  Have I missed something?03:32
ciddycdm10 nope03:32
MasterShrekBadpenguin86, i believe so03:32
cdm10Necrosan: I realize that, but you could do it in a way that makes it a bit easier to follow what's going on.03:33
ciddycdm10:  All the apps are installed fine and working03:33
cdm10ciddy: please just do it.03:33
ciddycdm10:  Nothing has to be reinstalled03:33
Fluffywhat is the warning about internet /network configuration on the Ubuntu 7.10 installer about? and why wouldnt 7.10 recognize my cable connections settings? 7.04 did...03:33
Ragewarpcdm10, ive tried the x86 installation on this and previous versions of ubuntu and ive gotten the same thing every time, accept for now i do not have to input the 'noapic' command. I have 1gb of ram03:33
cdm10Jban: sometimes stuff freezes... if it happens once, it's random, if it happens twice, it's got to do with the program.03:33
nownottno one here on openvpn?03:33
cdm10ciddy: Why not? It can't hurt anything...03:33
ciddycdm10:  it sounds like a website bug03:33
Necrosancdm10: Years of IRC have made me grow to the inefficient style; I apologize if it irks you.03:33
thx1137scguy318: I had just re-installed 7.04, and then did an update to 7.10, the update manager worked for a little bit, but since has been giving me these problems, just fsck by itself?03:33
MasterShrekciddy, dont ask for help if you arent going to do what people suggest03:33
Jordan_UFluffy, Can you pastebin the exact error / warning ?03:33
cdm10ciddy: It's not. It works on my machine.03:33
cdm10ciddy: So, I'm asking you to reinstall the package.03:33
gurui'm really sick of these script kiddies03:33
Necrosanguru: What script kiddies?03:34
cdm10Necrosan: alright, I'll drop it... it's really not that busy, so I guess it's not too disruptive...03:34
Necrosancdm10: ;)03:34
ciddycdm10 i just did a fresh 7.10 install03:34
ChrisC36jtt /dev/hda has hda1, hda2, and there's also an /dev/hdb with nothing03:34
jttChrisC36, pastebin  output of   lshw |grep -i logical  and let me look at it03:34
guruNecrosan: the ones trying to flood people offline through the router exploit03:34
ciddycdm10:  nothing is broken03:34
NecrosanWhat router exploit?03:34
cdm10ciddy: run the reinstall please.03:35
Fluffyi dont know the warning because i didnt read it Jordan_U because im fairly experienced with Ubuntu, i just clicked right through the installation, and the only "error" was that Ubuntu wouldnt recognize my existing cable connection and i didnt have my Windows ipconfig settings with me at the time...03:35
jttChrisC36, as /dev/hdb  is probably it03:35
Jordan_Uriotkittie, Grrr, still can't calculate the upgrade03:35
cdm10ciddy: It takes about 30 seconds total.03:35
guruNecrosan: the one thats causing all of the dcc send requests to all the channels03:35
Ragewarpcdm10, ive tried the x86 installation on this and previous versions of ubuntu and ive gotten the same thing every time, accept for now i do not have to input the 'noapic' command. I have 1gb of ram03:35
JbanNecrosan: buffer overflow03:35
jttChrisC36, ahh    mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt03:35
cdm10Ragewarp: alright, try the Alternate CD then.03:35
dynamite_hackcan anyone maybe help me with compiz fuzion? i just started with ubuntu...03:35
jttChrisC36, then  ls /mnt03:35
Ragewarpcdm10, tried that too03:35
guruit must be a grade school holiday or something03:35
riotkittieJordan_U: oh no! :o03:35
Ragewarpcdm10, when i started to partition on the alternate cd, it stuck at 0%03:36
danny3793How do i backup my data using 7.10?03:36
anjurohas anyone had a problem with text input lag in Firefox after upgrading to Gutsy?03:36
danny3793I am using the LiveCD03:36
guruimho freenode should kline *!*@*aol.* and be done with it03:36
jimmygoon!exploit > Necrosan03:36
dynamite_hackcompiz help anyone?03:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wicd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:37
mrunagi!info wicd03:37
ubotuPackage wicd does not exist in gutsy03:37
danny3793Anyone know how to backup data with 7.10 LiveCD?03:37
ciddycdm10:  http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/productinfo/features/ is broken and the express install doesnt work either03:37
ChrisC36jtt it says /dev/hdb1 doesn't exist03:37
gumby600m_Ever since upgrading to Gusty, when a firefox session is open with profile "A", running "firefox -ProfileManager" opens a new firefox window under profile "A" rather than the firefox ProfileManager.  I recall there being some other flag that can fix this problem, but I forget what.... any ideas?03:37
Capa1Where is the room to talk about all the 3d effects etc?03:37
dynamite_hackyea, im interested in the 3d stuff aswell03:37
ciddycdm10:  it says i need to use the express install but if i click on it, it doesnt work03:37
mrunagianyone use wicd?03:37
danny3793I have tried to mount the internal hard drive but i still cant access the information (it says i am not the owner) the command i used was 'sudo mount /dev/sda1 /folder"03:37
linux_how do i reset my account with out reformatting ??????????????????????????????????????????????/03:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cow - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:38
gurugumby600m_: that's a weird problem. i upgraded and didn't see that issue03:38
jttChrisC36,  pastebin  echo 'p' | fdisk /dev/hdb   and let me see what is on it03:38
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:38
cdm10!botabuse | sco503:38
ubotusco5: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...03:38
Jordan_Ulinux_, Boot into recovery mode03:38
cdm10!botabuse | sco5000003:38
ubotusco50000: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...03:38
Jordan_Ulinux_, I am guessing you forgot your password?03:38
nownottok well ... how do i disable iptables03:38
riyonukWhy are the icons in dapper so weird looking? Firefox icons is a blue world, wt03:38
Jordan_Uhydrogen, apt-get moo03:38
cdm10ciddy: run < sudo aptitude reinstall flashplugin-nonfree >03:38
riotkittiewhy would you /want/ to disable iptables? >_>03:39
cdm10!ops | sco5000003:39
ubotusco50000: Help! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici03:39
ciddyadobe flash is not working with grandcentral yet i have flash 9.x installed, is this a bug or what do i need to install for it to work?  thanks03:39
hydrogenJordan_U: i don't want any cows on my system.03:39
fujinriyonuk: that's due to licensing, I believe03:39
linux_no i know it but i am a guest now and have no power....................................03:39
ciddycdm10:  No, all your advice did not work03:39
Jordan_Uhydrogen, To late03:39
ciddyi am asking someone else03:39
cdm10ciddy: did you run it, or not?03:39
ciddyno, it wont fix it03:39
nownottriotkittie: making sure its not messing up my vpn03:39
Jordan_Uhydrogen, apt has super cow powers03:39
riyonukHow can I fix it, it looks...odd03:39
ciddycdm10:  The app is fine03:39
sco50000!paste | ciddy03:39
ubotuciddy: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:39
xJonnyx134anyone willing to take a shot at my installation problem?03:39
riotkittienownott: ah03:39
hydrogenJordan_U: yes, super cows are not cows03:39
cdm10People, do you agree with me that ciddy should sude aptitude reinstall flashplugin-nonfree because his flash is partially broken on some sites?03:39
McLovinOk im using compfiz and everything works except for animations when i minimize and maximaze screens and stuff, im not getting any animation at all, any help?03:39
Jordan_Uhydrogen, Then apt-get moo03:39
cdm10Apparently because my other advice didn't work, he won't listen to me any more...03:39
nownottriotkittie: but how do i do it03:39
MasterShrekcdm10, drop it, if he doesnt want to do it, thats his loss03:40
ChrisC36jtt ok 1 sec03:40
riotkittieMcLovin: the animations plugin is enabled? [stupid question, eh]03:40
cdm10riyonuk: some icons are older, and the FF icon is like that to avoid trademark issues w/ Mozilla.03:40
McLovinriotkittie: yes :)03:40
riotkittienownott: idunno03:40
nownotthow do i disable iptablse03:40
sco50000sudo apt-get install cow03:40
Cable86anyone know if there's a way to make compiz-fusion use anti-aliasing?03:40
cdm10Well, anyone else who helps him... just know that he hasn't tried reinstalling the flash plugin yet, so that's the first thing you should suggest :)03:40
cdm10!ops | sco5000003:40
ubotusco50000: Help! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici03:40
danny3793How can i backup my data using 7.10 LiveCD, I tried 'sudo mount /dev/sda1 /folder" and it still is not giving me owner permissions...03:40
McLovinriotkittie: any other ideas lol03:41
hydrogenchanserv taught you!03:41
riotkittieMcLovin: no, sorry :|03:41
pete__is there a way i can make a program(awn) start on boot up?03:41
ChrisC36jtt it says unable to open /dev/hdb03:41
sco50000!ops | hydrogen03:41
ubotuhydrogen: Help! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici03:41
McLovinOk im using compfiz and everything works except for animations when i minimize and maximaze screens and stuff, im not getting any animation at all, any help?03:41
hydrogenthanks sco03:41
nownottanyone know how i can disable iptables?03:41
cdm10danny3793: I think if you go to computer, and double-click any disc, it'll mount it.03:41
hydrogenI was wondering who the ops were :/03:41
shabaamnownott:  flush the tables and set the default policy to ACCEPT03:41
xJonnyx134I am trying to install 7.10 - 64Bit. When attempting the install I get the standard installation menu. When slecting ANY of the options on the boot menu the linux kernel will load. After the kernel has loaded nothing happens. The screen goes black as if something is going to happen but after several minutes nothing does. Please help!03:41
jttChrisC36, pastebin  output of  lshw  command03:41
thx1137scguy318: well thanks again for your help, at least synaptic is working a little better now, seems those files have something to do with the new compiz03:41
Jordan_UxJonnyx134, Try the alternate install CD03:42
badraai need DNS server, installed bind. but i cant config bind?03:42
badraahelp me?03:42
mneptokxJonnyx134: you realize there's no Macrodobe Flash for 64bit, yes?03:42
ChrisC36jtt sure 1 sec03:42
xJonnyx134mneptok im not sure what you mean?03:42
cdm10xJonnyx134: if your graphics card doesn't work with the splash screen, it sometimes won't show up... give it a bit more time, and if it doesn't work, just use the alternate cd03:42
dystopianraymneptok: flash works through nspluginwrapper03:42
danny3793XJonnyx134: try pressing F6 when it goes to the boot menu, then before the --'s put pci=noacpi and it should work03:42
cdm10mneptok: i tihnk you're talking to the wrong person03:42
jtthydrogen, you will know if you upset them :D03:43
scguy318thx1137: np03:43
xJonnyx134Jordan_U where could i get that? off the main site?03:43
danny379364 bit does not have flash??03:43
mneptokdystopianray: it also works with Gnash. neither of which negates what i said.03:43
scguy318danny3793: it does03:43
gurudanny3793: no, but there are work-arounds03:43
badraai need DNS server, installed bind. but i cant config bind?03:43
scguy318danny3793: in Gutsy you can just do sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:43
xJonnyx134danny 3793 i will try that thank you, is this a common fix you have seen?03:43
Cable86i think mneptok is just warning xJonnyx134 that once he gets ubuntu x64 installed he won't be able to use Adobe's flash plugin03:43
McLovinOk im using compfiz and everything works except for animations when i minimize and maximaze screens and stuff, im not getting any animation at all, any help?03:43
Jordan_UxJonnyx134, Yes, there is a check box for it on the downloads page03:43
cdm10danny3793: you can install flash, but it's not straightforward.03:43
danny3793scguy318: i was gonna say! its the only version i can get to run on my computer, lol03:43
dystopianrayCable86: but he will be able to use it03:43
danny3793cdm10: im ok with that, :P03:43
cdm10danny3793: you can't run 32-bit, but you can run 64? weird...03:43
scguy318guru: in Gutsy, I think the flashplugin package can deal with 64-bit now03:43
guruscguy318: not on a 64-bit install (at least it didn't work that easily for me)03:43
xJonnyx134Jordan_U ok thank you03:44
Cable86dystopianray: yes, with a bit of fiddling he will :-)03:44
dystopianrayguru: you need nspluginwrapper03:44
guruscguy318: i simply installed firefox32 according to the forums and everything worked perfectly03:44
Cable86or he can settle with Gnash03:44
Cable86which has a 64bit version03:44
danny3793cdm10: the 32bit livecd freezes, 64 bit runs fine, im using an AMD Athlon x2 64-bit 4000+, Acer Aspire T-180UD400B03:44
cdm10I've tried Gnash, it really doesn't work too well...03:44
riyonukIm in Dapper, how do I upgrade to Gutsy?03:44
xJonnyx134cdm10 is there a good way to know if my card would not support the flash?03:44
cdm10danny3793: ah, ok.03:44
dystopianraygnash is rubbish03:44
dzer0I've got windows XP on one sata drive on the 1st sata master, and a blank 2nd sata drive on the 2nd sata master. I'm going to install 7.10 on the 2nd sata drive and want to know how bootloaders will work and stuff because I've had grub mess up everything in the past03:44
scguy318riyonuk: you'll have to do Edgy -> Feisty -> Gutsy, not fun03:44
cdm10riyonuk: you'll have to upgrade through Edgy, Feisty, and then to Gutsy.03:44
gurudystopianray: that's more like a bandaid to fix an amputated arm03:44
scguy318riyonuk: so a clean install is best03:44
mneptokdystopianray: and a the pluginwrapper isn't?03:44
Cable86i hope gnash gets to the point where i can use it instead of adobe's though03:44
ChrisC36jtt http://pastebin.com/m5be3c93103:44
danny3793cdm10: someone suggested to try 64 bit instead of 32 lol and it worked, :o03:44
McLovinOk im using compfiz and everything works except for animations when i minimize and maximaze screens and stuff, im not getting any animation at all, any help?03:44
cdm10xJonnyx134: cards have nothing to do with flash support03:44
BlackTechCan anyone help me I just downloaded the ubunu 7.10 from the website and the file is in a .rar how do I install?03:44
Jordan_Uriyonuk, You can either upgrade to edgy then feisty then Gutsy, or wait for a direct upgrade to Hardy03:45
dystopianraymneptok: that's right03:45
jerbearso, am i the only one who thinks that gutsy totally sucks? i have had nothing but problems!03:45
mneptokdystopianray: either way, 64 bit Flash is a ghetto experience03:45
scguy318BlackTech: its an ISO, dont be confused by the WinRAR file handlers03:45
effie_jayxscguy318,  but dapper will be  dapper ----> hardy :D03:45
riotkittieBlackTech: are you sure it's a RAR and not an ISO?03:45
cdm10riyonuk: I'd backup your home folder, and reinstall03:45
scguy318BlackTech: since it handles ISO too03:45
lomezcan someone help me with upgrading to gutsy?03:45
riyonukwhen will that be?03:45
danny3793How can i mount my internal harddrive where i have owner perms? i tried 'sudo mount /dev/sda1 /folder' and it mounts the drive but i dont have Owner perms03:45
cdm10lomez: just ask your question03:45
mneptokdystopianray: nspluginwrapper is garbage, too03:45
eigmadoes the Ubuntu 7.04 Desktop CD have support for RAID in the live kernel?03:45
BlackTechIt's an iso packed in a rar03:45
Cable86anyone know if there's a way to make compiz-fusion use anti-aliasing?03:45
riyonukI just installed dapper today, so nothings really important03:45
jttChrisC36, ok hold on03:45
cdm10eigma: i dunno, but it's obsolete03:45
scguy318BlackTech: or its just an iso :P03:45
ChrisC36eigma use the alternate cd03:45
dystopianraymneptok: i disagree03:45
McLovinOk im using compfiz and everything works except for animations when i minimize and maximaze screens and stuff, im not getting any animation at all, any help?03:45
riotkittieit's not an iso packed in a RAR.03:45
eigmacdm10: obsoleted by?03:45
cdm10riyonuk: oh, ok, then download and install feisty :)03:45
Jordan_Ueigma, No03:45
McLovinOk im using compfiz and everything works except for animations when i minimize and maximaze screens and stuff, im not getting any animation at all, any help?03:45
BlackTechyeah just a iso file03:45
cdm10eigma: Gutsy03:45
riyonuknot gutsy?03:46
cdm10eigma: released 4 days ago03:46
riotkittieBlackTech: burn the image.03:46
ChrisC36eigma http://advosys.ca/viewpoints/2007/04/setting-up-software-raid-in-ubuntu-server/03:46
Jordan_Ueigma, Use the alternate install CD03:46
eigmacdm10: heh :)03:46
nownottok well help with vpn anyone, thinking iptables/fowarding is the culpret.03:46
BlackTechto a cd?03:46
xJonnyx134ok guys thank you for the alternate solutions ill get to work trying them all out03:46
jerbeargutsy blows... i'm sorry03:46
Cable86cdm10: 7.04 will be supported until October of 200803:46
shabaamBlackTech:  un-pack it then burn the image03:46
mneptokdystopianray: you're free to do so.03:46
riotkittieBlackTech: yes, yes.03:46
Cable86cdm10: it is not obsolete03:46
eigmaJordan_U, ChristC36: thank you03:46
ferpadrojerbear: yeah it does03:46
riotkittieshabaam: there's nothing to unpack. it's an ISO.03:46
Jordan_Ueigma, np03:46
Roswell_rhi, im trying to compile applications but i need a heap of lib and dev packages for gtk etc... is there a bundle i can download or do i have to download each one and then check if the dependencies are there?03:46
BlackTechIs there anyone to install it with out burning it to a cd?03:46
anhey guys, anybody got a sec? how can i configure my 3D on gusty? is there any instruction?03:46
cdm10Cable86: fine, not obsolete... but old03:46
Isasukehow can i install 7.10 from a harddisk???03:46
shabaamoh, then jsut burn it03:46
ChrisC36eigma i spent a few extra hours before i figured that out yesterday03:46
jerbearshould i just re-install feisty and wait till the next version?03:46
Cable86cdm10: just clarifying :-P03:46
dystopianrayan: what video card do you have?03:47
cdm10Isasuke: the only way I know of to do that is Wubi through Windows03:47
badraai need DNS server, installed bind. but i cant config bind?03:47
jttChrisC36,  ok here is what you have  2  sata  sda  sdb  one  ide  hda  hda  has two slices  hda1 is probably  linux  hda2  is probably swap03:47
danny3793How can i mount my internal hard drive so that i have owner perms?? Ive tried 'sudo mount /dev/sda1 /folder'03:47
cdm10jerbear: sure... I agree with you, some things broke in Gutsy that worked fine in feisty.03:47
badraai need DNS server, installed bind. but i cant config bind?03:47
cdm10!repeat | danny379303:47
ubotudanny3793: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:47
DanaGI just wanna boot.03:47
warriorescuse me rmdir is command for remove a one directory??03:47
riotkittieBlackTech: there's supposed to be a third party [?] installer that you can run in windows but i know nothing about it save to say that it's called Wubi03:47
cdm10danny3793: try adding it to fstab03:47
DanaGIronically, I never had such unbootability during the Gutsy beta.03:47
ChrisC36jtt i intsalled this system yesterday, with  2 satas which i setup in raid. the ide0 is the old drive i just put in03:47
dystopianraybadraa: search google for guides on bind configuration03:47
jttChrisC36, execute  mount /dev/hda1 /mnt03:47
cdm10warrior: rm -r /path/to/directory/03:48
gurudanny3793: man mount03:48
jerbearcdm10: is it early-adopter syndrome? or is it just that gutsy is flawed?03:48
jttChrisC36, then  execute   ls  /mnt03:48
irieKENDanaG: what error do you get when you try to boot?03:48
danny3793guru: man mount?03:48
=== Fluffy is now known as Super_Fluffy
riotkittieDanaG: why cant you boot?03:48
warriorcdm10, ok tank03:48
danny3793cdm10: fstab?03:48
DanaGMy root partition is missing.03:48
cdm10jerbear: I"d say flawed... if it's broken now, it won't be fixed with updates.03:48
DanaGIf I let it boot with splash, it hangs on "waiting for root filesystem".03:48
cdm10jerbear: they only release security updates usually03:48
gurudanny3793: yes. 'man' is the command used to view manual pages03:48
lomezsomeone help me? my upgrade is stalled at configuring lippam0g03:48
lomez30minutes remaining03:48
lomezfor like 2 hours03:48
DanaGIf I drop to shell by doing break=premount, I find /dev/sda* are missing,03:48
juanbondHow can I find out what kernel I'm running?03:48
jerbearcdm10: great... what version are you running, personally?03:48
cdm10lomez: open the terminal thingy in the upgrade, see if it's asking you any questions03:49
gurudanny3793: try mounting it somewhere under the /mnt hierarchy first and see if that works03:49
DanaGand even modprobe'ing ahci doesn't fix it.03:49
danny3793guru: ok, ill try that, thanks, brb03:49
jerbearin fact... is the general consensus that everyone is sticking with feisty for now?03:49
lomezcdm10, someone just messaged me tha answer, thanks all03:49
cdm10jerbear: gutsy... the only real problem is that the nvidia driver has issues with the cursor, which are fixable, but the fix makes it impossible to use Compiz.03:49
ChrisC36jtt refresh the pastegin03:49
cdm10jerbear: no, not at all03:49
guruhaving dual monitors makes it impossible to run compiz03:49
ChrisC36jtt er wait that didnt work..03:49
badraayes, but i don't understand this command (sudo vi /etc/bind/named.conf.local)03:49
cdm10jerbear: Gutsy has been great, besides that nVidia hiccup, for me... and most people's nVidia works fine.03:49
gurubadraa: vi is an editor03:50
riotkittiegutsy's been top notch for me, as well, on both installs.03:50
DemonJesterjuanbond, try uname -r03:50
ferpadrocan i get some help installing a server?03:50
scguy318badraa: that launches vi, a command-line text editor, you would be better off using nano or gedit, via gksudo gedit ...03:50
riotkittiei like it so much i might add a third :x03:50
gurubadraa: you could also use nano (a lot easier to non viers)03:50
dystopianrayjerbear: kubuntu gutsy has been disappointing, kopete is broken and hasn't been fixed yet03:50
TECH_1I have gutsy on 3 machines..works well.03:50
Cable86anyone know if there's a way to make compiz-fusion use anti-aliasing?03:50
ChrisC36jtt http://pastebin.com/d1e3f901f03:50
dystopianrayCable86: what card do you have?03:50
riotkittienano is also an editor.03:51
Cable86dystopianray: ati radeon 9800XT03:51
hydrogenuse gedit03:51
gurubadraa: nano is an easy to use editor that doesn't require X03:51
jason0_I'm stuck in low resolution mode (nvidia) after the upgrade. Any tutorials out there on fixing this?03:51
dystopianrayCable86: which driver are you using?03:51
jerbearcdm10: i've had no problems with nvidia, but i've been randomly seeing nautilus pegging out the cpu at 100%, and now nx doesn't work worth a damn03:51
Cable86dystopianray: using the free ati driver03:51
Jbancdm10: Hey... I resized the picture down to 96x96 with the GIMP, and it is even 96x72, however, Pidgin still wont import it into gTalk icon.  The file size is 10.0 KB03:51
Cable86dystopianray: not fglrx03:51
guruhydrogen: that's all fine and dandy as long as x is working but what's badraa going to do when X breaks and he needs to edit xorg.conf or similar?03:51
cdm10Jban: i said 8 kb :)03:51
jttChrisC36, strange that is the boot directory03:52
dystopianrayCable86: I don't think radeon supports anti-aliasing03:52
hydrogenguru: deal with the problem then03:52
jerbearwhat is everyone doing about their gutsy problems? going back to feisty or just waiting?03:52
McLovinwho here is the shit with compiz?!03:52
cdm10Jban: just upload it in the gmail prefs, they don't have those limitations.03:52
Jbancdm10: Doh!  Sorry about that, what could I do to make it 2 KB less?03:52
dmakalskyHi, I am trying to install the vmware player package via add/ remove applications03:52
cdm10jerbear: not everyone has gutsy problems03:52
hydrogenguru: theres no need to limit yourself to a small subset of tools just to prepare for eventualities03:52
brad016how do i change the look of the Gnome Panels?03:52
Cable86dystopianray: damn...do you know of some other way to get AA?  would it involve fglrx/xgl?03:52
dmakalskyI am getting the error message: VMware Player cannot be installed on your computer type (i386). Either the application requires special hardware features or the vendor decided to not support your computer type.03:52
McLovindmakalsky: try sudo apt-get install vmware-player03:52
jttChrisC36, pastebin output of   echo 'p' | fdisk /dev/hda03:52
dystopianrayCable86: buy an nvidia card03:52
* riotkittie does the no-gutsy-problems-here dance03:52
Jbancdm10: By logging into hte email system?03:52
jerbearcdm10: i know, i'm asking the ones that are having problems03:52
cdm10Jban: yup03:52
Cable86dystopianray: i was waiting for that :-P03:52
guruhydrogen: yes, but it doesn't hurt to learn just in case, especially when it comes to using editors that don't require X03:52
Jbancdm10: Thanks03:52
Super_Fluffyi should be freenode-registered now03:53
dystopianrayCable86: fglrx can probably do AA but I don't know if it'll work on your card03:53
hydrogenguru: why?03:53
thx1137Anyone have any suggestions how to re-install "libpam-runtime"?03:53
hydrogenguru: in the case that X is broken.. do you real thing mr. average joe is going to be able to determine how to fix it?03:53
jttChrisC36, i found out how to use the gui to peruse the disk once we get it mounted03:53
Alien18cable86, dystopianray, so my brand new ATI radeon card which got delivered today is gonna be useless?03:53
dystopianrayAlien18: how will it be useless?03:54
riotkittiehydrogen: because if all you can use are X editors, and you're in a situation where you need an editor and X is messed up or unavailable...03:54
guruhydrogen: because it's critical for newbies to linux/unix/*nix to learn how to fix things should something go wrong and they can't look for helpo elsewhere03:54
=== Gryphyn is now known as Gimped
bruenigguru, true03:54
Cable86Alien18: what model is it?03:54
brad016how do i change the look of the Gnome Panels?03:54
hydrogenriotkittie: and how will knowing how to use an editor teach them how to understand and correct xorg.conf?03:54
Alien18dysstopianray, well i havent plugged it in yet, but the cheap nvidia card im using does all of compizs speacial effects ive tred03:54
ciddycdm10:  I fixed it, i reinstalled the file using the tar.gz03:54
Jbancdm10: Oh, ok, I forgot that I had already a picture in those preferences... so that still stays true when I use Pidgin correct?  everyone still sees that picture, even when I am going through another prog?03:54
bruenighydrogen, they need to learn that too03:54
xzolianHello everyone, I'm new to Ubuntu, I have just installed 7.10 on my Dell 600m, but my network is not working, I ran ifconfig from the terminal and it doesn't show eth0, what should I do next?03:54
guruhydrogen: yes, honestly i do. armed with a very basic linux book since i knew how and what to use from a terminal i was able to fix 98% of whatever went wrong unless i did something stupid to iptables03:55
brad016 how do I change the theme/look og Gnome Panels?03:55
Alien18cable86 x1650, compared to my nvidia 710003:55
ciddycdm10:  turns out the tar.gz is different03:55
ciddywho woulda thunk :)03:55
dystopianrayAlien18: your ATI card will not be able to do compiz properly03:55
dmakalskyMcLovin, is vmware-player correct? it doesn't find it03:55
dystopianrayAlien18: why did you buy ATI if you are a linux user?03:55
gatenbrad016: right click on the panel and select properties03:55
gurualso on that same note it's never a bad idea to have lynx (prefered) or links installed and become familiar with it03:55
ChrisC36jtt - cool.... how?03:55
Alien18dystopianray, why? its way more expensive and bigger and better than my cheap little nvidia?03:55
bruenigterminal browser is pointless03:56
hydrogenguru: bruenig: so then, why isntall X at all? if its just going to break at some point (and therefore everyone should know how to do everything from the command line just in case) then we might as well get it over with right from the outset and make sure everyone knows how to use the commandline because there is no other option03:56
Alien18dystopianray, i didnt was a present03:56
brad016gaten, damn that totally works, thx03:56
bruenighydrogen, x can break, it doesn't inherently break by design03:56
jttChrisC36, sorry how to do what?03:56
Cable86dystopianray, Alien18:  i believe ATI will soon be releasing an AIGLX compatible driver03:56
dystopianrayAlien18: horrible drivers will probably render it inferior to the nvidia card, along with not doing compiz properly03:56
* DanaG uses links2.03:56
DemonJesterAlien18, unfortunately linux support with ATI is something to be desired..03:56
riotkittieits not that it's "just going to break at some point", but it might.03:56
DanaGlynx won't do ssl.03:56
gurubruenig: not when you have a problem with the nvidia drivers and need to download the latest ones and install them it's not03:56
bruenighydrogen, ubuntu had an upgrade that broke x not long ago03:56
DanaGYou can't look at Launchpad without ssl.03:56
xzolianHello everyone, I'm new to Ubuntu, I have just installed 7.10 on my Dell 600m, but my network is not working, I ran ifconfig from the terminal and it doesn't show eth0, what should I do next?03:56
bruenigguru, switch to vesa, get the graphical server going again03:56
gatenterminal browser is not pointless03:57
hydrogenbruenig: yes.. and if the user does not know how to fix the rpoblem (and doesn't even know what the problem is most likely!) how the hell are they going to fix it?03:57
ciddythe adobe demo works as well as grandcentral now03:57
gurubruenig: and if you're a newbie to linux and it took you a week to get your system working as it is?03:57
bruenighydrogen, they need to learn it beforehand...03:57
jttChrisC36, the last request was to pastebin  echo 'p' | fdisk /dev/hda can you do that03:57
ciddyturns out the nonfree package is different03:57
hydrogenlets just limit everyone to vim, irssi, lynx, cat, sed, awk, and bash03:57
dmakalskyalso, how do I make sure I am at the correct official ubuntu release level?03:57
bruenigguru, if you can text browse, I think you can change the driver to vesa03:57
hydrogenas if they break you are in a lot of trouble anyways03:57
dmakalskyI think I may be still at the dev level?03:57
riotkittiehydrogen: why are you so opposed to people learning how to function on the CLI?03:57
Super_Fluffywould you MSG me xzolian?03:57
guruhydrogen: maybe i'm just old but i prefer a terminal more than anything else03:57
varun0my network manager says "no connection" even though I'm still connected to the internet (and typing this)03:58
bruenighydrogen, no one is talking about limiting, it is learning basics for troubleshooting purposes03:58
gurubruenig: of course i can; i've been using *nix since 9303:58
bruenighydrogen, I use X but don't need X03:58
hydrogenriotkittie: I'm opposed to people complicating their lives just because of an eventuality03:58
* DanaG wishes NVIDIA would make a working framebuffer driver.03:58
DanaGOne that doesn't break their binary driver.03:58
bruenigguru, I meant you in a royal sense03:58
hydrogenbruenig: I don't need X either.. I'm more than comfortable at the command line.03:58
DanaGOr at the very least, fix the **** VBE modes to allow native-res.03:58
nakanakalynx supports ssl03:58
riotkittiehydrogen: asking a guy who is seeking help for something to edit a file in nano is not exactly complication.03:58
xzolianjust messaged you Super_Fluffy03:58
hydrogenbruenig: that doesn't mean that I do everything in nano/vim just because I can03:58
betaHi, I'm having a weird problem. When I use the volume keys on my laptop, the OSD for the volume shows up and even slides up and down, but it doesn't actually change the volume. When I click on the volume slider by the clock it always stays the same. Why would this be?03:58
bruenighydrogen, ok but the ability to recover from X doesn't mean that you can't use X03:58
ChrisC36jtt http://pastebin.com/d7e17053e03:58
bruenighydrogen, you are making bizarre conclusions03:58
Jbanhydrogen: How do you feel about your buddy helium? You guys get along?03:58
gurui even use lynx whenever i want just the text from a site instead of all the bandwidth hogging images and flash animations03:58
PokoTa1How do I use the widget layer for Compiz in 7.10? As in, how do I specify which programs to make widgets?03:59
ChrisC36jtt: <jtt> ChrisC36, i found out how to use the gui to peruse the disk once we get it mounted03:59
danny3793guru: i cant get it working, its an ext3 hard drive, i tried mounting it with 'sudo mount -o nomand,nosuid,rw,user,remount /dev/sda1 /mnt' and that still does not let me access folders that contain the data i need03:59
Cable86Alien18: it looks like you will need to run fglrx/XGL if you want to use compiz fusion03:59
hydrogenriotkittie: sure it is, it removes the ability to use your mouse.. or any of the enhancments that have been made in the last twenty years03:59
dmakalskyall my sources say gutsy03:59
dmakalskyis that correct?03:59
scguy318DanaG: SSL works for me on Lynx03:59
bruenigmouse is barely an enhancement03:59
riotkittiehydrogen: gpm goes a long way to letting you use your mouse. but when it comes to text editing, mice are not essential03:59
bruenigmouse is obnoxious, wish it didn't exist03:59
Super_Fluffyi didnt get it, join #js3b3 with me then xzolian03:59
gatendanny3793: does mount return an error?03:59
hydrogenriotkittie: no, they are not.. but they are kind of helpful03:59
gurudanny3793: as sudo do ls -ltr /path/to/mounted/volume and see if the owner is listed as root or some arbitrary user id (e.g., 1002, etc)03:59
riotkittiehydrogen: for you, but not for everyone.04:00
danny3793gaten: no it doesnt, it acts as if its mounted correctly04:00
hydrogenriotkittie: a color monitor isn't essential either...04:00
gurugaten: not if he can access the contents as root it isn't04:00
ChrisC36jtt - oh i guess my 'how' on that was premature04:00
Alien18cable, i will add that to my to-do list :(04:00
danny3793guru: its a user id (1000 to be exact)04:00
dystopianraydmakalsky: assuming you are running gutsy, yes04:00
ubotuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Please use bittorrent to download if possible, see !torrents04:00
hydrogenriotkittie: I'm fairly sure that the majority of users would much rather have a mouse than not have a mouse04:00
gurudanny3793: and what user are you attempting to access it as?04:00
jttChrisC36, got the paste hold on04:00
hydrogenand if you want to argue over that point than I think this conversation has gone way too far04:00
riotkittiehydrogen: but it's not like anyone's saying "oh yea, swap your color monitor out for an 8inch black and white and fire up nano"04:00
danny3793guru: im trying to access it as root on LiveCD04:00
berentjust now i got update saying 7.10 is officially released.04:00
PokoTa1How do I use the widget layer for Compiz in 7.10? As in, how do I specify which programs to make widgets?04:01
berentHow better is it from feisty04:01
gurudanny3793: you should be able to access it as root then04:01
Super_Fluffyubuntu.com shows the new features berent04:01
jimmygoongvim > mouse04:01
Super_Fluffyjust pay attention to the installer CD's network warning04:01
danny3793guru: i know =\, i dont understand why it wont let me access the data, i try to go to the folder and it tells me im not the owner of it..04:01
hydrogenriotkittie: nope, but at the same time having people use nano just because of a possibility at some point way down the line that something may break and the person experienceing the break may know how to fix the break but not know how to use a text editor...04:01
hydrogenwell, do you see my point?04:02
gurudanny3793: try using cd in a terminal as root04:02
jimmygoonencryption is the best part of gutsy, truecrypt + full_hd_encryption = paranoid's fantasy04:02
Alien18cable86, i cant do anything at the moment, im stuck trying get a new hdd work, when its done, i will know who to ask for help :P04:02
=== Banker is now known as ciddy
danny3793guru: yes, it lets me in them then04:02
gurudanny3793: sudo su ; cd /path/to/mounted/volume ; ls -l04:02
ciddyany other plugins i need for ubuntu?04:02
ciddyother than adobe flash?04:02
hydrogenguru: sudo -i is your friend04:02
Cable86Alien18: sure thing :-P  if i'm on, i'll do the best i can to help you out04:02
jttChrisC36, what happens when you  execute  mount /dev/hda1 /mnt04:02
gurudanny3793: then the x session you are running is logged in as a different user other than root (as you should be(04:02
berentSuper_Fluffy : 1.what is warning.  2. Have they done anything concrete in recognizing sound and related probs -one of major ones.04:02
TECH_1Iced tea (java/Gstreamer.04:02
guruhydrogen: why? sudo su works just fine04:02
jttChrisC36, never mind04:03
xzoliancan someone help me set up ethernet on my dell 600m, i'm new to Ubuntu, my ethernet card is a Broadcom NetXtreme BCM570204:03
Super_Fluffyi dont know berent04:03
hydrogenguru: because you should at least try to log in with roots environment.. rather than poluting it with your own04:03
jttChrisC36, execute  mount  /dev/hda1 /mnt04:03
hydrogenguru: which would be sudo su -04:03
hydrogenbut sudo -i is a whole lot quicker04:03
hydrogenwell, four characters quicker04:03
scguy318!bcm43xx |xzolian04:03
ubotuxzolian: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx04:03
guruhydrogen: why would i want to log in with root's environment? especially just to cd to a directory to see if i can04:03
scguy318xzolian: probably a matter of getting the firmware04:03
DanaGOh yeah, any idearz on my initramfs and kernel screwyness?04:03
dmakalskyso I think I am at the right level for gutsy... but vmware-player won't install04:04
hydrogenguru: because you are root?04:04
scguy318guru: sudo -i :P04:04
dystopianraydmakalsky: why won't it install?04:04
cheatrCould someone help me. There's a .swf file on a site that streams an audio file. Is there anyway to play this stream through something like vlc?04:04
dystopianrayguru: sudo -i04:04
jttChrisC36, looks like the device you want to mount is  /dev/hda2  and it should have the files you want04:04
dmakalskysays it can't install on my machine04:04
guruhydrogen: so? 'because i am root' is not a reason. that's like saying 'i log into x as root because i am root and i can'04:04
hydrogenguru: no, that simply makes no sense04:04
hydrogenyou can't log into root if you are root04:04
hydrogenbecause your already logged in as root04:04
shabaamxzolian: do you see your card at all?  even if you ifconfig -a  ?04:04
guruhydrogen: that wasn't my point04:05
badraa i can't write anything on nano, vry bad04:05
hydrogenguru: why would you want to use your environment when you were root?04:05
JbanQuestion: I found a 364.6 MB partition of Mandriva2008 from when I was first experimenting with the latest Linuxes, but it never gave me a dual-boot screen, and so, being a newbie, I couldnt figure out how to access it.  Now that I am sticking with Ubuntu7.10, would it be possible to return this partition to Windows or to incorperate it and give that space to Ubuntu?04:05
danny3793guru: hahah great, 7.10 64 bit just froze, took it awhile..04:05
scguy318Jban: sure, GPartEd04:05
ferpadr1can i get some help configuring two nics of a server?04:05
jmgJban: use gparted04:05
jimmygooncheatr, you would have to reverse engieer the swf or sniff your internet to find out what stream it is pulling in... assuming there are no other authentication mechanisms... put simply. probably not04:05
ChrisC36jtt ok - but there are not partitions showing for /dev/hda2 ?04:06
Jbanscguy318: Ok, I will look at that now.04:06
ciddyalso upgraded firefox to
ciddynow im good to go :)04:06
cheatrjimmygoon:I know on windows there are programs to decompile a swf. Is there any way to do it on linux?04:06
PokoTa1What is the best irc client for the gnome env?04:06
hyper_b0leFirefox is still buggy, on the new release.04:06
ciddysmall glitch, but fixed it04:06
guruhydrogen: i never use sudo su i use sudo <command> but if i need to become root for more than one or two commands then i use sudo su. i have no need to replace my environment with root's because i'm generally changing permissions or moving directories and/or files so i find it pointless to type an extra two characters that i don't need04:06
jttChrisC36, there is on the pastebin  you have  hda1  boot   hda2  lvm04:06
cheatrPokoTal:I prefer to use xchat04:06
hyper_b0leI prefer XChat04:06
TECH_1jban: ever get those head phones working.04:06
ciddyhyper_b0le:  then they will issue a new release04:06
jimmygooncheatr, I have nooo idea.04:06
xzoliani see eth1, which i believe is my intel wireless, but i do not see eth004:06
scguy318PokoTa1: X-Chat, irssi04:06
ciddythey always come out with new releases :)04:06
JbanTECH_1: LOL, not with YouTube videos :P04:06
hydrogenguru: err... I'vev told you how to type less characters!04:06
ChrisC36jtt so I should try to mount hda2?04:07
jimmygoonPokoTa1, I'd have to recommend xchat as well04:07
MasterShrekxzolian, ifconfig -a04:07
hydrogenguru: you are no argueing just because you can04:07
cheatrjimmygoon:Ok, thanks. I'll try some other ways04:07
don-osudo su seems redundant. sudo -s will give you a shell04:07
hydrogenguru: sudo -i.  starts a root login shell04:07
jttChrisC36, yes   mount   /dev/hda2 /mnt04:07
guruhydrogen: no, i think that is your reasoning04:07
scguy318hydrogen, guru: #ubuntu-offtopic please04:07
hyper_b0leciddy: What exactly have they meant to of changed? As the problems are exactly the same from previous releases.04:07
PokoTa1okay, sounds like overwhelming support for xchat. I'll give it a go.04:07
hydrogenguru: if you really want to use your environment, then sudo -s04:07
jimmygoonsudo bash, sudo gnome-terminal, ec04:07
JbanTECH_1: That's like an old wound that never heals and when it starts to get cold in winter, you feel it every day.04:07
shabaamis it functional?  can you see it in your BIOS?04:07
xzolianyes, even with ifconfig -a, i do not see eth004:07
Bonsterisnt it sudo -i?04:07
ciddyhyper_b0le:  Security updates04:07
scguy318Bonster: sudo -i if you want root's environment04:07
gurudanny3793: the kernel locked or firefox locked?04:07
hydrogen-i starts a login shell, -s starts a shell04:07
xzolianyes it is functional, if i boot into windows xp it works (dual booting)04:07
TECH_1Loo..I cant understand it either..too weird.04:07
erasrhed42cheatr: .swf files I believe are usually shockwave flash files. Got flash plugin?04:07
scguy318Bonster: sudo -s if you want your current user's environment04:07
hyper_b0leciddy: I see04:08
drmagicThere are so many bots here ~ -_-!04:08
ciddyhyper_b0le:  the 2.0.0.x releases are just security updates04:08
jimmygoonerasrhed42, he's trying to do something else with them besides play them :S04:08
betaHi, I'm having a weird problem. When I use the volume keys on my laptop, the OSD for the volume shows up and even slides up and down, but it doesn't actually change the volume. When I click on the volume slider by the clock it always stays the same. Why would this be?04:08
ciddyhyper_b0le:  Firefox wont go thru an update for awhile yet i dont think04:08
Bonsterwhats the command to open ubuntu gui from terminal?04:08
hyper_b0leciddy: Ah right, thanks for the heads up.  I'll just continue to use Opera xD04:08
Jbanscguy318: Where is gparted again? I have a hard time finding things.04:08
shabaamdo you see anything about it in your boot log?04:08
xzolianif i do a lspci I should see something like "Network Controller.....", right?04:08
scguy318Jban: sudo apt-get install gparted, should be in System -> Administration04:09
berentBonster : startx04:09
gurubeta: launch alsamixer and adjust your volume with your keyboard and see which mixer it's adjusting the volume for04:09
hyper_b0leJban: Type gparted in your console.04:09
xzoliancause I don't04:09
Bonsteroh really?04:09
DShepherdJban, sys-admin-gnome partition something04:09
OmnehHey there, I have a Realtek 8185, I have heard via the bug list that you can't hook up to encrypted wireless networks with it.  Indeed, I seem to be getting a kernel panic whenever I try.  Any good ideas for making this work?  Is there a fix or a workaround?04:09
scguy318hyper_b0le: gksudo gparted :P04:09
dmakalskydystopianray, it says that it won't work04:09
ChrisC36jtt i get: mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'04:09
DanaGHoller at Realtek?04:09
DanaGAnd then use ndiswrapper.04:09
betaguru, Oh, its modifying the mic... how strange. How could I change it to use the Master volume instead?04:09
hyper_b0lescguy18: Well pointed out :X04:09
McLovinDUMB QUESTION how do i add more desktops in gnome lol, im a flux box guy and never even used gnome04:10
jttChrisC36, yes it is a lvm file type  hold on04:10
gurubeta: that i'm afraid i'm not sure about. i don't know how to remap the mixers but you could override it by using xbindkeys04:10
McLovinthis shit is nuts04:10
Dracusorulanyone know why ubuntu doesnt see my creative soundblast audigy SE ?!04:10
JbanConsole = terminal ?04:10
kwtmHi, all!  How do I specify an arbitrary character, such as hex 0xFE, in sed?  As in "sed -e 's/0xFE/0xFF/' " or something similar?  Using literally "0xFE" doesn't work.04:10
xzolianipconfig -a  ---> no eth004:10
xzolianlspci   -----> no "Network controller...."04:10
xzolianbut I know for a fact it works in windows xp, what should I try next04:10
gurubeta: you most likely want to control your pcm volume04:10
betaguru, Alright, thanks. Its a step in the right way, now I have something to search for. I'll try to see what I can find. Thanks again =)04:10
effie_jayxMcLovin, rigth click and preferences04:10
hyper_b0leI think you can right click on the desktop changer, and change the columns etc.04:10
McLovinon desktop?04:10
berent!sound -> Dracusorul04:11
hydrogenkwtm: #sed04:11
gurubeta: no problem. stick around for a second and i'll see if i can find the link for xbindkeys that i used a while ago04:11
Jbanhyper_b0le: Console = Terminal?04:11
McLovineffie_jayx: on the desktop?04:11
hyper_b0leJban: Yeah04:11
effie_jayxMcLovin,  on the workspaces04:11
Dracusorulberent ?!04:11
McLovineffie_jayx: i tried that and it shows 4 but i only have 2 still lol04:11
hyper_b0leJban: gksudo gparted should do the trick for you.04:11
betaguru, alright... thanks04:11
berent Dracusorul: check out the link04:11
DracusorulSorry, I don't know anything about sound04:12
Bonsterwhats the diff between gksudo and sudo?04:12
kwtmhydrogen: Will try channel #sed, though so far it seems dead.04:12
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:12
McLovinwait got it04:12
Jbanhyper_b0le: I guess that was only available to me on the Live-Ubuntu CD.04:12
scguy318Bonster: gksudo for GUI apps, sudo for cmd-line apps04:12
=== emeriste is now known as emma
hyper_b0leWhat was04:12
scguy318Bonster: sudo for GUI apps can be disastrous for your ability to login04:12
gb__hello all, gm :)04:12
hydrogenit does some things to make the environment work I think04:12
Jbanhyper_b0le: I'm downloading it from Terminal04:12
gurubeta: http://hocwp.free.fr/xbindkeys/xbindkeys.html take a look at that and to find out what the scancodes are for your keyboard's keys you can run xev then press the buttons on your keyboard04:12
hyper_b0leJban: Ah great :)04:13
shabaamxzolian: try dmesg | grep eth04:13
OmnehHey there, I have a Realtek 8185, I have heard via the bug list that you can't hook up to encrypted wireless networks with it.  Indeed, I seem to be getting a kernel panic whenever I try.  Any good ideas for making this work?  Is there a fix or a workaround?04:13
GeckWhere would I find the config file to adjust the time linux waits before it decides a connection has timed out?04:13
* qwerty121 is a n00b04:13
gurubeta: focus on the terminal and press Ctrl + C to kill xev when you're done (or close the terminal window)04:13
betaguru, Alright, I remember doing this once. I just can't remember the program that outputted the pressed keys or something. I'll look around, again thank you so much04:13
qwerty121anyone can tell me how to change the monitor resoution?04:13
danny3793how do i copy directories with cp?04:13
scguy318Omneh: ndiswrapper?04:13
jttChrisC36, execute  df -h  and tell me what comes after  /dev on the left of the line04:13
scguy318danny3793: cp -R /src /dest04:13
dystopianraydanny3793: cp -r04:13
betaguru, oh nvm, didn't finish reading your message before posting haha04:13
Jbanhyper_b0le: Now I see GNOME-Partiton Editor, is that the same thing? It finished doing it's install/download thing for gparted, but I dont see it in System.04:13
danny3793scguy318: thank you :)04:13
gurubeta: no problem. i'll be around for a bit if you have any questions04:13
jttChrisC36, pick  the root  /  partition04:14
betaguru, Thanks =)04:14
Guendelman /join #ubuntu-cl04:14
hyper_b0lejust try typing gparted in the terminal :)04:14
gb__qwerty121:  hello04:14
gurubeta: actually hang on and i'll paste my xbindkeysrc for you04:14
jttChrisC36, what i am looking for is somethng  like  /dev/vg...04:14
DanaGOne bug I have:  https://bugtrack.alsa-project.org/alsa-bug/view.php?id=320504:14
xzolianshabaam: anything in particular i should be looking for?, there is a couple of lines that say "....eth1: link is not ready..." but nothing about eth004:14
hyper_b0leJban: When I got it I just did 'sudo apt-get install gparted' then 'sudo gparted' :)04:15
ChrisC36jtt -ok 1 sec04:15
Jbanhyper_b0le: LOL!  "Since GParted can be a weapon of mass destruction only root may run it." Man, that's awesome, so I guess I have to type sudo first then?04:15
betaguru, okay04:15
hyper_b0leJban: certainly do04:15
Roswell_1im trying to get -dev packages to compile a program that uses gtk im on gutsy gibbon. is there a bundle of -dev packages i can download or is there a command i can use like apt-get to get the -dev packages so i can compile my program im after gtk2.0 and its dependencies04:15
gurubeta: http://rafb.net/p/z86kfK22.html04:16
scguy318Jban: gksudo gedit04:16
Jbanhyper_b0le: If Windows had warning messages like that, it would be like going to the circus.04:16
hyper_b0leThey do, normally backed with a blue background.04:16
guruthere are two files in that post - .xbindkeysrc and .Xmodmap. you will need both. just use xev and replace the keycodes with your own04:16
betaguru, Thanks =)04:16
TECH_1I robbed bill gates.04:16
IdleOneRoswell_1: try apt-cache search gtk2.0 it should list all packages with that name in them04:16
Bonsterwhats a good program to remap remote control keys?04:16
gurubeta: actually .Xmodmap might be the only one you need04:17
jrattner1Question: Are there any good reasons to update to Gutsy if I already have a great working ubuntu system?04:17
IdleOnejrattner1: no!04:17
guruunless you want to control xmms or assign commands to other buttons on your keyboard04:17
hyper_b0leSo you can watch firefox crash even more.04:17
jrattner1IdleOne, yeh thats what i figured04:17
scguy318jrattner1: if you want the greatest (maybe not so great) and latest, then sure04:17
=== _max` is now known as max`
IdleOnejrattner1: unless you want to of course :)04:17
jttChrisC36, try this   mount -t reiserfs  /dev/hda2 /mnt04:17
jrattner1is there any outlandish benefits?04:17
ChrisC36jtt http://pastebin.com/d3c1dc104:17
betaYeah, nah I only have volume up/down and mute04:18
shabaamxzolian: Im not sure. it doesnt seem like anything is going on with it.04:18
Nutubuntuhyper_b0le, is that even possible? I mean, the only way it could crash more is if it crashed when it wasn't being run. ;P04:18
jrattner1is my bcm43xx card going to work out of the box or am i going to need ndiswrappers as usual?04:18
IdleOnejrattner1: gutsy does make coffee in the morning but besides that nope04:18
choloaCan anyone help? In the network configurations menu, it won't let me uncheck "roaming mode". What do I do?04:18
dystopianrayjrattner1: you will need firmware or ndiswrapper04:18
gurubeta: iirc mute is "XF86AudioMute" and i don't have that one in my .Xmodmap04:18
jrattner1dystopianray, can i use the firmware cutter?04:18
MasterShrekjrattner1, you just need the firmware04:18
hyper_b0leNutubuntu: Firefox finds ways that were once thought impossible to crash upon.04:18
jrattner1MasterShrek, can u point me to the howto or whatever04:18
dystopianrayjrattner1: I believe the restricted drivers manager handles that automatically04:18
jrattner1dystopianray, that would be pretty :)04:19
betaguru, thanks04:19
dystopianrayjrattner1: but youl'l probably be better off with ndiswrapper, the bcm43xx barely works at the best of times04:19
Roswell_1yes idleone it does but there is no -dev package04:19
guruhyper_b0le: yeah, like viewing two or more flash animations at once ;)04:19
The_BystanderRandom question: Will Gutsy be made available on DVD through the canonical store at any point, like 7.04 was?04:19
hyper_b0leguru: Or telling it to close04:19
MasterShrekjrattner1, what specific 43xx is it?04:19
BonsterAny good MCE for ubuntu?04:19
TECH_1Most likely04:19
Roswell_1maybe my apt isn't looking into dev repositorys is there something i haven't configured?04:19
gurubeta: no problem. keep in mind you might need to restart X afterwards04:19
NutubuntuSeriously, hyper_b0le, that's why I dropped in tonight -- firefox / swiftweasel crashing so darn much04:20
dystopianrayBonster: mythtv or linuxmce04:20
jrattner1MasterShrek, Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g]04:20
betaguru, alright makes sense04:20
guruhyper_b0le: i haven't experienced that one yet but i did with thunderbir04:20
Bonsterdystopianray: MythTv  kinnda hard, LinuxMCE only works on KDE04:20
|neon|what would be better to use virtualbox or vmware, i'm running a quad 6600 oc'ed to 4ghz with 2g ram04:20
hyper_b0leNutubuntu:  I'm using Opera until firefox decides to work.04:20
MasterShrekjrattner1, and you say you are running feisty?04:20
ChrisC36jtt tried that mount -t etc., it says: wront fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hda2, missing codepage or helper program , or other error . In some cases useful info is found n  syslot - try dmesg | tail or so04:20
jrattner1MasterShrek, correct04:20
MasterShrek|neon|, virtualbox04:20
guruBonster: what is linuxmce?04:20
jttChrisC36, yeah you are using lvm and is am not familiar with it but root is mounte on /dev/md0  a meta device  since i have not used lvm much i cant help you i will poke around though and see if i can find the anaswer04:20
xTheGoat121xEvening everyone04:20
Bonsterguru: Linux Media Center04:21
dystopianrayguru: http://linuxmce.com/04:21
hyper_b0leNutubuntu: Besides that speed dial feature in Opera rocks :x04:21
Bonsterwont work if u dont got KDE tho i believe04:21
guruBonster: ahh, i've never heard of it before but i've been looking for an alternative to mythtv04:21
jttChrisC36,  in the mean time ask here if anyone can help you mount an lvm volume04:21
alienseer23 i did the upgrade usijng official method on my daughters comp, install seemed to go fine, but it boots to busybox, saying a drive does not exist. There is no /home directory, no /media directory and no fstab file. I tried to boot from live cd and the same thing happened. Any ideas?04:21
ChrisC36jtt ok cool thanks04:21
Bonsterguru: im using Elisa ATM is ok04:21
ChrisC36Anyone know how to mount an LVM volume?04:21
|neon|MasterShrek: thx04:21
MasterShrekjrattner1, http://www.mediafire.com/?bqn8x4eancv  that should work for you, extract it to /lib/firmware  it says 4311 but i know its worked with 4318's before also04:21
Jbanhyper_b0le: Ok, so, the 376.4 MB partition I am sure is the one left by Mandriva2008, and I guess that the 86.2 MB linux-swap file underneath that, is it's Mandriva's swap file? Correct?04:22
scguy318alienseer23: try booting with all_generic_ide04:22
obsoI am having a problem with compiz.  When I start it, my window borders go away and I get a white screen.04:22
guruBonster: i'm using tvtime without the ability to record04:22
jrattner1MasterShrek, thank you04:22
obsoIf I control + c I get rid of the white screen.04:22
Roswell_1is there something i must do to get Gutsy to look for -dev packages on apt-get? only bin libraries and other stuff is listed under apt-cache no -dev libraries?04:22
ChrisC36jtt how do I see a mount in the GUI?04:22
obsoWhat is required of me to get compiz working?04:22
Capa1obso: Do you have window decorations checked04:22
Capa1in compiz04:22
Bonsterguru: do u got a IR remote also?04:22
ChrisC36the mounted volumen i mean04:22
obsoCapa1: Uh, where would I find that option?04:22
guruBonster: yep04:22
NutubuntuI wonder if you're seeing what I am, hyper_b0le -- firefox tries to stat64 a nonexistent file in the user's .mozilla directory and then dies  ?04:22
alienseer23scguy318: how do I do that?04:22
Capa1obso: Inside the compiz settings manager04:22
hyper_b0leJban: I assume so04:22
jttChrisC36, open  konqueror  and  in the url  type   /mnt  or what ever the mount point is04:22
Bonsterguru: what do u use to remap ur keys?04:22
guruobso: do you have an nvidia card?04:22
guruBonster: lirc04:23
obsoguru: yes.04:23
Jbanhyper_b0le: So how do I "give" this space to Ubuntu ?04:23
obsoa 6800.04:23
Bonsterguru: how u do it?04:23
|neon|have ne1 gotten ipblock to work with gutsy?04:23
obsoCapa1: Where is that at? :)  I'm new to compiz.04:23
guruobso: that's a known issue - try searching google for "compiz nvidia white screen" or similar04:23
mobodocan I make it so that my init.d daemon is started after x11?04:23
jrattner1MasterShrek, just extract it to there and done? or anything else?04:23
jttChrisC36, look here this is the answer   http://www.brandonhutchinson.com/Mounting_a_Linux_LVM_volume.html04:23
ebirtaidfn'Jban: any linux parittion can use any linux swap space04:23
Bonsterguru: i got lirc but where i go to make the keys to remap it?04:24
alienseer23! all_generic_ide04:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about all_generic_ide - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:24
MasterShrekjrattner1, sudo modprobe bcm43xx04:24
guruBonster: it's been so long since i've done it i don't remember - i think i found something on google with "debian lirc" or maybe i did it via .xbindkeysrc04:24
ebirtaidfn'Jban: but to resize partitions you need gparted04:24
Jbanebirtaid: That makes sense of course but I just would prefer to do away with it.04:24
Bruno_if i uninstall ubuntu-desktop and install ubuntustudio-desktop instead will i loose anything?04:24
hyper_b0leNutubuntu: If I'm honest, there isn't much firefox hasnt crashed on me.  Silly things like pressing the 'back' button twice =S04:24
guruBonster: i used .xbindkeysrc04:24
Bonsterill check it out thanks04:24
guruBonster: no problem04:24
scguy318alienseer23: from the LiveCD, F6 then space all_generic_ide04:24
guruBonster: just use xev to capture the scancodes and you're set04:25
Jbanhyper_b0le: I mean, how do I give the Mandriva2008 partition to Ubuntu using gparted?04:25
jrattner1MasterShrek, so sudo modprobe bcm4318 ? or xx ? | or sudo modprobe /lib/firmware bcm4318?04:25
thedzer0I've got 4 hard drives: a drive with XP on it, a drive with ubuntu on it (just put 7.10 on used to be a clean drive), and 2 storage drives. I just installed 7.10 and for some stupid reason it put grub onto one of my storage drives. so after finding out that, I tried to boot from that drive and got grub error 17 and I have no idea what's wrong or how to fix it04:25
ebirtaidfn'Jban: use gparted it will allow you to remove it also04:25
scguy318alienseer23: from GRUB, press e for edit, then some other option for adding a new boot option04:25
jimmygoonhyper_b0le, same here04:25
CHMEarlI have new Server 7.10 -- what package do I need to build perl modules04:25
obsoguru: Pretty confused on what to do here, there seems to be 5 different people saying 5 differnet ways to fix it.04:25
Bruno_if i uninstall ubuntu-desktop and install ubuntustudio-desktop instead will i loose anything04:25
alienseer23scguy318:i'll try it out04:25
goofyi need to be able to mount a file within another file at boot......anyone know how i would enter that in to the fstab04:25
obsoI've been googleing, you wouldnt think it' sa known issue.04:25
xTheGoat121xHow do I uninstall a .deb I DLed and installed?04:25
Nutubuntuhyper_b0le, in a way that's a relief; I thought it was "just me" for a long time!04:25
hyper_b0leJban: Not entirely sure -- i'm not that familiar with gparted. I'm not entirely sure you can merge partitions with it.04:25
Bonsterguru: xev how does that work?04:26
Jbanebirtaid: What is that fn' before jban? Are you saying "awesome jban" as in "fn' jban" or is that a negative. :P04:26
Bruno_if i uninstall ubuntu-desktop and install ubuntustudio-desktop instead will i loose anything04:26
Jbanhyper_b0le: Oh ok :/04:26
guruobso: i wasn't able to reproduce it on mine so i'm not much assistance there04:26
frank23xTheGoat121x: sudo apt-get remove packagename04:26
guruBonster: run it from a terminal then press buttons on your remote04:26
obsoguru: well thanks for the help, at least there is hope.04:26
xTheGoat121xfrank23, I didn't install it from apt04:26
jrattner1MasterShrek, ?04:26
jburdDoes ndiswrapper work on amd64?04:26
steven_Office:) oops04:26
MasterShrekjrattner1, sudo modprobe bcm43xx04:26
MasterShrekjburd, yes04:26
jimmygoonxTheGoat121x, doesn't matter04:27
AaronMTHello, I am having SLUB/FGLRX suspend/hibernate problems, both are non functional, is this a documented problem?04:27
hyper_b0leNutubuntu: Nah, ahwell theres always opera and its bandwith eating auto-refreshingness =D04:27
Bruno_if i uninstall ubuntu-desktop and install ubuntustudio-desktop instead will i loose anything04:27
ebirtaidfn'Jban: just my proxy04:27
=== schadenfreude is now known as thr1lljockey
jburdI have an RTL8187 inbuilt wifi card.  What driver should i install?04:27
frank23xTheGoat121x: you can still remove it that way. apt runs dpkg to install packages04:27
ebirtaidI have multiple servers04:27
jrattner1MasterShrek, alright thank you I guess ill give upgrading a try04:27
guruok, bedtime. night everyone04:27
MasterShrekjrattner1, the bcm43xx kernel driver is updated and working better in gutsy04:27
hyper_b0leguru: g'night04:27
Jbanebirtaid: So what I was asking hpyer, is there a way to give the Mandriva partition to Ubuntu (since I dont need it) ?04:27
thedzer0anyone have any ideas on why grub is giving me error 17 or why ubuntu decided to put grub on my storage drive? and how do I get it working now?04:27
jburdI've tried installing the winxp, win98 and x64 drivers but all i get is this:  wlan0  Interface doesn't support scanning.  when i issue   sudo iwlist wlan0 scan04:27
goofyi need to be able to mount a file within another file at boot......anyone know how i would enter that in to the fstab04:27
Bruno_if i uninstall ubuntu-desktop and install ubuntustudio-desktop instead will i loose anything04:28
xTheGoat121xfrank23, all right04:28
jttChrisC36, do you grasp the gist of the article04:28
jrattner1MasterShrek, so for the last time, extract the firmware into /lib/firmware then sudo modprobe bcm43xx and in theory after a nice reboot it should be working nicely?04:28
jburdThis is an ASUS M2N-VM DH motherboard04:28
MasterShrekjrattner1, yes, but u shouldnt even have to reboot04:28
Bruno_if i uninstall ubuntu-desktop and install ubuntustudio-desktop instead will i loose anything04:28
TECH_1asus rocks04:28
hyper_b0leJban: You could just delete the partition and format it, then throw some of your things over to it. If you can't combine partitions in gparted.04:28
coreymanshackHow do I get my graphics card working properly... Mesa is being used.04:28
jrattner1MasterShrek, alright great then...I appreciate it04:28
Bruno_if i uninstall ubuntu-desktop and install ubuntustudio-desktop instead will i loose anything?04:29
serphetI have an acer aspire 3000 and am trying to put xubuntu gutsy on it. After the first loading screen after cd boot, my screen turns to static.04:29
jrattner1MasterShrek, just hope network manager likes it too :)04:29
MasterShreknp jrattner104:29
ebirtaidmastershrek no04:29
jburdYes it does, except I'm unable to get wireless working!04:29
scguy318Bruno_: uninstalling metapackages have no effect on its dependencies04:29
scguy318Bruno_: so not at all04:29
fabiohello i have problem with virtualbox Could not load the Host USB Proxy Service (VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND). The service might be not installed on the host computer04:29
hyper_b0leJban: that's about as much as I can help at the minute, my eye are about to fall out lack of sleep xD. g'night all04:29
ChrisC36jtt - i'm still going thru it04:30
Bruno_scguy318: so the only thing that would change is the appearence of my desktop and some of the packages installed?04:30
beta__guru, I created a file ~/.xmodmap with the keycode <key> = XF86... and then used "xmodmap .xmodmap" to assign them (I think that's how it works, I faintly remember doing this once before) and restarted X but it was still modifying the mic. So I disabled the 3 keys on gnome-keybinding-properties and well, now they do nothing so I guess I did something wrong =\04:30
frank23fabio: the ose version has no USB support AFAIK04:30
jimmygoonJban, boot from a live disc, delete the partition you don't want, then you can resize the good partition to encompass that new free space (attach here all the warnings about how you could lose all your data)04:30
IdleOnexTheGoat121x: dpkg -r | --remove | -P | --purge package ... | -a | --pending04:30
IdleOne              Remove  an installed package. -r or --remove remove everything except configuration files. This may avoid having to reconfigure the package04:30
IdleOne              if it is reinstalled later. (Configuration files are the files listed in the debian/conffiles control file). -P or --purge  removes  every‐04:30
IdleOne              thing,  including  configuration files. If -a or --pending is given instead of a package name, then all packages unpacked, but marked to be04:30
IdleOne              removed or purged in file /var/lib/dpkg/status, are removed or purged, respectively.04:30
jimmygoongoofy, what you are asking doesn't make sense conceptually04:30
IdleOnewoah sorry04:30
hyper_b0leNutubuntu: Catch ya later04:30
jttChrisC36, ok take your time04:30
jburdMasterShrek: What should I do?04:30
fabiowhat i need to doo'04:30
CHMEarlIn rhel I do yum groupinstall "Development Tools" to get gcc and make. What about UB?04:30
xTheGoat121xWhat about things that I've built from source?04:30
Bonsterbeta__: are u remaping keys for your remote control?04:30
beta__CHMEarl, you should have gcc and make04:30
beta__Bonster, no, multimedia keys04:30
red22is there a graphical tool in 7.10 to set boot/grub preferences pls?04:30
Jbanjimmygoon: Yeah... it took me a long time to learn Linux these past two days, and I dont feel like going backwards.04:30
frank23fabio: add the vitrualbox repository tp your sources. you can find it at their website04:30
fabioBonster: my friend04:31
MasterShrekjburd, about what/04:31
scguy318Bruno_: yeah probably04:31
jimmygoonCHMEarl, "sudo apt-get install gcc" or better yet "sudo apt-get install build-essential"04:31
beta__CHMEarl, If not, apt-get install gcc would work04:31
Bruno_scguy318: ok thanks04:31
beta__CHMEarl, or rather, listen to the guy before me ;)04:31
MadpilotxTheGoat121x, if you built them into debs, they'll be handled by dpkg. Otherwise, dpkg doesn't even know they exist04:31
fabiofrank23: where04:31
AondoJban, what did you learn? :)04:31
jburdMasterShrek: abuot using ubuntu 64-bit with an onboard rtl8187 wlan card on an asus m2n-vm dh motherboard04:31
fabioBonster : hello i have problem with virtualbox Could not load the Host USB Proxy Service (VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND). The service might be not installed on the host computer04:31
jburdI can't get wireless working04:31
CHMEarljimmygoon, thanks04:31
MasterShrekjburd, ive never set up a realtek wifi card, are u using gutsy?04:32
thedzer0Ubuntu put GRUB on one of my storage drives for some reason, and when I try to boot from it GRUB gives me error 17. Any ideas on how to fix this?04:32
jburdyes i'm using gutsy04:32
JbanAondo: Enough to know that I wouldn't want to have to redo everything over :P04:32
=== john_ is now known as JohnRobert
frank23fabio: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads04:32
xTheGoat121xMadpilot, yeah... I've never worked with things I've installed from source (not from a deb), so how would I go about removing them?04:32
Andrew_1jburd: when you get sound working, you let me know. I have the same problem on an Acer Aspire.04:32
serphetI have an acer aspire 3000 and am trying to put xubuntu gutsy on it. After the first loading screen after cd boot, my screen turns to static.04:32
MadpilotxTheGoat121x, I'm actually not sure. I've installed about three things from source, ever, and all of them were simple enough to just outright delete.04:32
frank23fabio: its    deb http://www.virtualbox.org/debian gutsy non-free    you can add that through synaptic04:32
MasterShrekjburd, id search the forums if nobody here knows how to set it up04:32
IdleOnexTheGoat121x: sudo dpkg -r package ( usualy the app name )04:33
jburdMasterShrek: I've been searching and trying everything out04:33
frank23fabio: are you using gutsy?04:33
AondoJban  i guess first time is the hardest, or the most "scary" part :P04:33
jburdI get "wlan0   Interface doesn't support scanning" every time04:33
Andrew_1jburd: sorry, wireless04:33
xTheGoat121xAha, never mind, I got it04:33
jburdAndrew_1 Do you have the same wifi card?04:33
dipuhow do i check if my SONY VAIO motion eye webcam is working on gusty ???04:34
Andrew_1Yes I do, rtl8187 - Realtek04:34
fabiofrank23: im in http://www.virtualbox.org/debian/ what i need to do???04:34
danny3793How do i use cp on a folder that is for Root only?04:34
irieKENdipu: try installing and running camstream04:34
beta__Hey, sorry I lost my internet connection for a bit04:34
* jburd is frustrated04:34
dipuirieKEN i will try thanks04:35
jimmygoondanny3793, preface it with "sudo cp ...." and be careful!04:35
irieKENdipu: BTW, camstream must be run from terminal.04:35
frank23fabio: open synaptic and go to repositories under settings04:35
fabioits the same version men04:35
Bonsteris there a gui software to remap remote control keys?04:35
Bruno_scguy318: can i work on my desktop while im downloading and installing ubuntustudio-desktop?04:35
JbanAondo: Well, the reason why I went with Ubuntu7.10 is that it mostly worked fine compared to how past Linuxes worked, and allowed me to use all the basic stuff... the biggest thing that I had to deal with was video driver issues in relation to configuring my LCD monitor, and that was annoying.04:35
CHMEarljimmygoon, /me just now built a perl module using package build-essential04:35
fabiofrank i have the lastest version04:35
dipuirieKENi searched in package manager and found it04:36
danny3793how can i use cp on a folder that has root access only, it is no viewable04:36
dipui will install04:36
frank23fabio: what did you install? the virtualbox-ose from the ubuntu repositories?04:36
jimmygoonCHMEarl, schweet.04:36
IdleOnedanny3793: sudo cp04:36
jimmygoondanny3793, I just told you that above :S04:37
dipuirieKEN i got it installed .. what next ???04:37
thedzer0how do I fix GRUB error 17? for some reason ubuntu installed GRUB on one of my storage drives and when I try to boot I get error 1704:37
fabiofrank23: virtualbox_1.5.2-25433_Ubuntu_gutsy_i386.deb04:37
danny3793IdleOne: it has another roots access, im trying t backup my data from a crashed hard drive, and the LiveCD keeps crapping out because its not able to copy it04:37
jimmygoonthedzer0, google reinstalling grub, do that...04:37
jimmygoon!grub | thedzer004:37
ubotuthedzer0: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:37
frank23fabio: oh you already have it.04:37
danny3793jimmygoon: sorry, missed that :P04:37
IdleOne!fixgrub | thedzer004:37
jimmygoonthedzer0, that first link would probably be best04:37
jimmygoondanny3793, no prob04:37
fabiofrank23: yes i got ....04:37
jimmygoonIdleOne, ooh, nice factoid!04:37
frank23fabio: i don't know... I never really tried USB in virtualbox04:37
red22is there a graphical tool in 7.10 to set boot/grub preferences pls?04:38
eigmathedzer0: you may also want to try http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/grub-error-guide.xml#doc_chap5 even though it's not Ubuntu-specific04:38
AondoJban  yea that usually is quite annoying, but blame your graphic card vendor for not having free drivers :D04:38
JbanQuestion: Why does it say that the partition which represents the Mandriva partition in Gparted, say it is mounted to the "/media/disk" what's