MonsterCookieis there any place where I can compare benchmarks of xubuntu to see whether I could do better for my spec?00:00
tombar no Acorn02, kinda stuck with my keys..00:01
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Wilbur31337Hello, all! :)00:09
Wilbur31337When installing, I have 3 kernel choices:  linux-generic, linux-image-generic, and linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic.  Are these different kernels, or just one kernel and two meta packages for some special install?00:11
tonyyarussoWilbur31337: When you say "choices", at what point are you being given options?  Kernel installation should be automatic...00:33
Wilbur31337Nope, during "Installing base system" window pops up asking which kernel.00:38
Wilbur31337Sorry, btw, was afk.00:38
Wilbur31337Found the answer by RTFM.00:38
Wilbur31337All the same kernel, the different packages just determine what all is installed with the kernel.00:39
Wilbur31337The one with the version numbers is the kernel itself. The linux-image-generic package installs some modules for it, and the linux-generic option installs restricted modules also.00:41
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cheeseboyThunar: Failed to connect to the D-BUS session bus: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.01:01
cheeseboygnome-mount 0.601:01
cheeseboyhow do I fix that?01:01
Michae1hello - can anyone help with wireless probs here?  I have been at this for hours and am ready to throw the old laptop in the river01:06
manu__I'm completely newbie... using Ubuntu 7.10 (Gnome) and willing to try Xubuntu.01:09
manu__I tried to synaptic but it doesn't show xubuntu-desktop01:09
manu__or something like that01:09
manu__"tried through synaptic"*01:09
crimsun  Candidate: 2.5001:10
crimsun  Version table:01:10
crimsun     2.50 001:10
crimsun        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com gutsy/main Packages01:10
crimsunseems to exist.01:10
crimsun`apt-cache policy xubuntu-desktop`01:12
manu__nevermind, I'm just downloading it through "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop", as I learned in some forum01:17
manu__thanks anyway01:17
tombarim having some trouble with aumix on my xubuntu, im googoling and apparently im not the only one as its already reported as a bug, anyone have found and approach to solve the SOUND_MIXER_READ_DEVMASK ?01:28
frigi am unable to connect to google using FF, but i am able to ping it02:10
frigall other websites work fine02:11
frigif anyone has any help to offer, i would be appreciative :)02:13
cheeseboyThunar: Failed to connect to the D-BUS session bus: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.03:20
cheeseboygnome-mount 0.603:20
cheeseboyhow do i fix?03:20
cheeseboyfrig what happens if u put googles ip in FF?03:21
frigill try03:21
frighm, that works perfectly03:22
frigwhy is it only doing this with google though?03:24
cheeseboyfrig what error u get for google.com?03:24
frigjust that it is taking too long to respond03:24
cheeseboywhat exactky are y typing in?03:25
cheeseboyexactly u*03:25
friggoogle.com or www.google.com03:25
cheeseboywat about http://www.google.com?03:26
frigsame result :/03:27
cheeseboycan u search with the ip version of site?03:28
frigyes i get search results03:29
cheeseboydoes it still say ip in url or it change to google?03:29
frigit still has the IP03:29
cheeseboyin FF prevrences under networking03:30
cheeseboyis anything set?03:30
cheeseboyor it say "direct connection to internet"03:30
frigdirect connection to the internet03:31
cheeseboytheres some thing where u can only use sites ip i forget what03:33
cheeseboytry "googleing" it "P03:34
frigthanks for the help03:34
frigill try installing opera and see if it is just firefox messing me up03:35
Davieyfrig: console - $ dig google.com ; pastebin it03:35
frighow do i copy text from the terminal03:38
frigoh nevermind03:38
frigthe pastebin is stuck "connecting to pagead2.googlesyndication.com" ironically03:40
frigpasetbin page*03:40
Davieytry a different pastebin03:41
Davieyfrig: "host google.com" and "cat /etc/hosts" and "tracepath google.com"03:43
Davieyactually, before you do that - what does "w3m google.com" show?03:45
frigsays its opening socket03:46
Davieygive it a few moments03:46
Davieymeh.. i'll need the other stuff03:48
frigpastebin it?03:48
frighttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1227/  -  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1228/  -  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1229/03:52
frigthe w3m google.com command returned "cant load google.com"03:53
frigi wasnt sure how many times that tracepath command was going to return so i cut it off at 14, but it stopped at 3103:54
frigand told me "too many hops: pmtu 1500" and "resume: pmtu 1500" . if thats important at all03:55
Davieyseems like it's your router#03:55
Davieyhttp:// and try adding opendns03:56
frigit was working perfectly when i had xp on it03:56
DavieyI'm sure that will fix the issue, on your local machine03:57
frigok, ill try that, thanks03:57
frig_thanks Daviey, that worked! :D04:24
serphetI have an acer aspire 3000 and am trying to put xubuntu gutsy on it. After the first loading screen after cd boot, my screen turns to static.04:30
jack11how do i install a .dmg file for mac?05:10
The-Kernelno clue05:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dmg - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:14
The-Kernelis it even possible?05:14
felicianowhy xubuntu doesnt have shipit??05:23
elopi1due to lack of founding05:24
elopi1"Unfortunately, unlike the other Ubuntu derivatives, Xubuntu does not yet have free cds available for shipping due to lack of funding."05:25
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Rynux91I think I may be one of those guys who can make almost any "foolproof" system burst into flames...06:43
Rynux91I need to overwrite my other version of Xubuntu on this computer...06:44
Rynux91since I really messed up the upgrade06:44
Name141Would the windows manager in Xubuntu work better for an old p2 450 ?06:49
Name141Ubuntu ran worse than WindowsXP on crack06:49
Name141With all the flippity floppity animations06:50
Name141And God knows I can't stand KDE.06:50
The-KernelName141 how much ram do you have? I've ran KDE fine on a Pentium CPU with 386 ram06:53
The-Kernelbut like crap on a P4 with 128 ram06:53
Name141Applications would take longer to run in Ubuntu also06:54
Name141er, to open06:54
Name141(Than in XP)06:54
Name141Then when they opened, they ran fair, till you started getting IMs06:54
Name141And changing windows06:54
Name141minumizing windows06:54
The-Kernelyeah, download the alternative install cd of xubuntu and use that06:55
The-Kernelit'll install it fine06:55
Name141Install wasn't the problem06:55
Name141All the flippity floppity was06:55
Name141I imagine06:55
Name141Like the box going to smaler box, smaller box, smaller box, program finally closes06:55
Name141or minumized06:56
Name141I only have a VooDoo3 also.06:56
Name141The-Kernel: why not just the original CD?06:57
Name141The Video Card06:59
Name1413DFX VooDoo306:59
The-Kernelthat's like...8 mb...no acceleration...06:59
The-Kernelit has a hard time displaying CLI for crying out loud06:59
Name141Blame gateway, I tried to switch to a nVidia card but it wouldn't fit.06:59
Name141Back when nVidia first screwed us07:00
Name141er took over07:00
Name141And had the switch 3dfx to nVidia and get a discount07:00
The-Kernelwhat do you have? PCI?07:01
Name141But that's beside the point, isn't it?  I mean, the idea is to get off a lagged ass system.07:02
Name141And all I heard was "you should use linux, it'd run better"07:02
Name141And after Ubuntu, I have to disagree.07:02
The-Kerneltry fluxbuntu...07:03
The-KernelI have a hard time using Ubuntu on my systems07:03
The-Kerneland they're pretty cutting edge07:03
Name141My friend uses Fluxbox on his system, and he has p407:04
The-Kernelso...I have a core 2 duo and I use CLI07:04
TheSheepName141: well, you have to choose, either a good system or a system that will appeal to those users07:04
TheSheepName141: ubuntu has gone the "for the masses" way07:05
Rynux91I never heard of fluxbuntu :S07:05
Name141Eh?  I liked Gnome/Ubuntu , but it just ran worse than an old mule.07:05
Name141So I search for alernatives.07:06
Name141Other than KDE07:06
TheSheepName141: Haiku :)07:06
Rynux91there's plenty other ones out there...07:06
Name141TheSheep: I don't speak jap lol07:06
Name141The Fluxbox only has a RC release, and "sync in progress"07:08
TheSheepName141: http://haiku-os.org/07:09
Name141I liked BeOS07:09
TheSheepshame it's still not ready07:10
Tech-Mikesup peeps, i tried using ndiswrapper 1.48 and during 'make' got a bunch of errors...?07:10
Tech-Mikeno suggestions?...is there a ndiswrapper included on the xubuntu cd?07:16
ukhhm, at first sight, it appears I no longer can run Xubuntu on my old 128MB laptop (with 256MB cache).  It appears as though Xorg sucks up all memory.09:28
MatBoydoes someone have any idea how to set laptop-mode on AC on 100% CPU ? I had it working before on Feisty, but after thhe upgrade... I have a problem and can't get it working09:51
MatBoymhh, ok the problem is powernowd.... cpufreq does work better if you ask me, what is the advantage of powernowd ?09:57
K3rl0u4rnhi people, I got xubuntu 7.10 last week, installed it and noticed something weird yesterday10:01
K3rl0u4rnI would actually like someone to confirm or not10:01
K3rl0u4rnhere is what happens,10:01
K3rl0u4rnwhen I log out form XFCE, I get back to GDM10:02
K3rl0u4rnthen I press CTRL + ALT + Backspace so to restart X server10:02
K3rl0u4rnweird thing is X restarts with XFCE and my old closed session, not GDM10:02
K3rl0u4rnit looks like a severe security issue10:02
TheSheepK3rl0u4rn: maybe you enabled autologin in gdm?10:02
K3rl0u4rnI did not10:03
TheSheepK3rl0u4rn: check if it's enabled10:03
K3rl0u4rnunfortunatly, I found no one to test this at #ubuntu yesterday, I guess they were thinking about a joke or something10:03
K3rl0u4rnTheSheep: I will as soon as I am at home, however, I actually got to login once after boot10:04
MatBoyK3rl0u4rn, they are not serious there if you ask me, but what you say is something I have seen on Debian before I thought10:11
MatBoyTheSheep, do you know why powernowd is prefered by cpufeqd in *ubuntu ?10:11
TheSheepMatBoy: no10:14
MatBoyTheSheep, ok :)10:14
MatBoyeverything well for the rest ?10:15
K3rl0u4rnTheSheep: I tested what I said in vmware, and GDM gets back correctly. I truly don't remind having activated an auto login at home, but I will check this for sure !10:23
MatBoywow, Gutsy is so much faster10:24
K3rl0u4rnMatBoy: how is it ?10:26
MatBoyK3rl0u4rn, Gutsy ?10:26
vsouzajuniorI'm trying to update to Xubuntu 7.10, but the updating stopped. Could anyone give me a help?10:26
K3rl0u4rnMatBoy: I meant how can it be so faster ?10:27
vsouzajuniorIt is asking for the jobs to be restarted to update the PAM libraries.10:28
MatBoyK3rl0u4rn, I heard the GDM is different or something like it10:28
TheSheepvsouzajunior: just press ok10:29
K3rl0u4rnMatBoy: how is GDM involved with speed ?10:29
vsouzajuniorthanks, TheSheep10:30
vsouzajuniorNow it is going ahead.10:30
MatBoyK3rl0u4rn, check the logs from yesterday, someone told it there10:31
K3rl0u4rnMatBoy: where do I get the logs ?10:33
MatBoyK3rl0u4rn, no, the thememanger is faster10:34
MatBoythat's what it could be10:34
MatBoyokt 22 12:01:54 <Einsidler>off the top of my head i'd say that might be due to xubuntu gutsy's faster theme engine10:34
MatBoyin your IRC program ;)10:34
MatBoyweird is that in Gutsy KRDC does not full size over the toppanelbar anymore with fullscreen10:36
vinzeMatBoy, I have the same issue with VirtualBox on Feisty10:36
TheSheepMatBoy: what's krdc?10:36
MatBoyvinze, ok, weird, I had it before, but it was solved in some way... the nice part of krdc is that I still can use the cube when I'm in the rdp session, I can't using the Terminal Server Client10:37
MatBoyTheSheep, RDP thingie10:37
MatBoyvinze, is Virtual Box nicer ?10:38
vinzeWhen I need VirtualBox to be fullscreen I mostly set the top panel to autohide temporarily, but obviously that's just a dirty workaround10:38
vinzeMatBoy, I don't know what krdc is, it's just that fullscreen didn't work with VirtualBox too ;-)10:39
MatBoyvinze, hehe, ok :)10:39
MatBoylet's sew someone because of it10:39
TheSheepalt+f11 ?10:39
MatBoyTheSheep, no :)10:40
MatBoybrb /me is going to get some food at the shop10:41
* MatBoy will wait some time10:42
qwerkusHello everyone10:55
qwerkusone question: where can you enable again some ttys under gutsy ?10:55
qwerkus(i just love my console :) )10:55
thingummywutuhh... i know how to get my screen working now11:19
thingummywutpreviously the bottom didn't fit to monitor area11:19
vinzethingummywut, cool!11:20
thingummywutbut the way it works ain't a good one11:20
thingummywutevery time i start up, i must manually reconfigure xorg.conf, boot xorg, and switch monitor styles from the settings11:20
thingummywutthen it works11:20
thingummywuthow could i prevent xorg.conf reconfiguring itself during reboots?11:20
thingummywuti have no idea why it works when i switch 1280x1024@75Hz to 1280x1024@60Hz or vice versa11:21
thingummywutbut it does11:21
excalibashello, yesyerday i had sound, today i have no sound, i have nod done nothing (exept for updates) i dont know what to do, can someone help please?11:30
excalibasin alsamixer everything is ok...11:31
curi0Alright, I have a USB Hard Drive which I can boot from, however, there are already partitions and data on the drive. Should I use partition magic to resize and create 4 partitions: partition 1 for FAT16 syslinux, ubuntu gutsy.iso, vm file, and init file; partition 2 unallocated for ext3; partition 3 unallocated for swap? Can't forget to mention that I'm dual booting XP and Vista with EASY BCD.11:32
excalibasno help?11:34
vinzeexcalibas, I have no idea how to :(11:34
excalibasups, my mistake, i hadd headphones connected :|    very sorry to bother, ( i feel ashamed...)11:36
vinzeHaha, np :)11:36
curi0Alright, I have a USB Hard Drive which I can boot from, however, there are already partitions and data on the drive. Should I use partition magic to resize and create 4 partitions: partition 1 for FAT16 syslinux, ubuntu gutsy.iso, vm file, and init file; partition 2 unallocated for ext3; partition 3 unallocated for swap? Can't forget to mention that I'm dual booting XP and Vista with EASY BCD.11:38
thingummywutxorg.conf still keeps reconfigurating itself12:03
thingummywuti must get it to keep the settings i wrote ;<12:03
vinzethingummywut, have you tried finding a solution on the internet? It could very well be that someone has already encountered and solved this problem12:05
thingummywuti've tried, but i just might continue that then12:05
MatBoyvinze, did you found a way to solve the problem with the full screen yet ?12:07
vinzeMatBoy, no12:07
vinzeMatBoy, but I haven't really looked at a solution because I don't use VirtualBox that often12:07
MatBoyvinze, ok12:11
MatBoyvinze, should it be a xfce problem ?12:12
vinzeMatBoy, I guess so (xfce4-panel)12:12
vinzeBut it's still odd that it's only the top panel12:12
MatBoyvinze, let me ask there12:12
MatBoyyeah indeed12:12
MatBoyvinze, btw, get a better provider ;) :P12:12
vinzeOh, XS4All you mean :P12:13
* vinze didn't choose that12:13
MatBoyvinze, hehe12:14
MatBoyvinze, you only advised :P12:14
vinzeNot even that :P12:14
MatBoyvinze, hehe :)12:14
MatBoywhat are you doing there ?12:14
MatBoyif i may ask12:14
vinzeYou mean at the computer?12:14
MatBoyno, at your work I suppose ?12:15
vinzeNo at home (but I am working ;-)12:15
MatBoyhehe, me too at home12:16
MatBoyI always work at home12:16
* vinze looks up the English word for bijbaantje12:16
vinzeToo bad, can't find it, ah well, you get the point ;-)12:17
MatBoyvinze, yeah I get it12:17
MatBoyyou have vacation ?12:17
MatBoydamn you bastard12:17
MatBoyhow come ?12:18
vinzeI'm still in high school ;-)12:18
vinzeBtw, /join #xubuntu-offtopic12:18
MatBoyI'm already there12:18
MatBoyI see something blue there :) see you there12:18
thingummywutuhh... i deleted the files xorg.conf.1 - xorg.conf.1312:26
thingummywutand only xorg.conf was left12:26
thingummywutwhat were those files i deleted?12:26
* vinze guesses backups12:26
thingummywutsome kind of back-ups?12:26
thingummywutbut it seems xorg used the xorg.conf.13 as a confid file :o12:26
MatBoyvinze, backups ? I only know Push Ups12:27
thingummywuti hope it now only uses xorg.conf and it stays as it is12:27
vinzetwas just a wild guess :)12:27
thingummywutgtg anyway ->12:27
MatBoythingummywut, just reinstall xorg12:27
vinzeBye thingummywut12:27
thingummywutMatBoy, the problem was only greater when it was freshly installed12:27
MatBoyhuh ?12:28
thingummywutmy screen was messed up. part of the bottom was outside my monitor12:30
thingummywutnow i got it working, but don't know why it worked what i did12:30
thingummywuti configured it so that it had 2 1280x1024 modes, with 75 Hz and 60 Hz12:31
thingummywutthen if i boot it as 75 Hz and switch to 60 Hz it works fine12:31
thingummywutnow i really got to go ->12:31
vinzeBye :)12:31
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hollunderhi, I have a small Thunar question: I've set up my mices side buttons to alt + arrowkey so I can use it for going back and forth. It works in firefox, but not in Thunar wheres alt + arrowkey on the keyboard works as intended.13:44
hollunderI had this problem in gnome as well, it may be an imwheel problem13:48
nanonymeanyone else having networkmanager take 100% cpu?13:51
Knightlusthmm, not me13:52
vinzeMe neither13:52
nanonymei'm having a ppc cpu though so it might be something's just borked with the binary13:55
nanonymesigh, i wish i knew some ppc xubuntu user. would be easier to compare the stuff13:55
K3rl0u4rni got a couple of applications complaining about not finding /usr/bin/esd, do someone know if I should just ignore it or install a specific package ?14:40
vinzeK3rl0u4rn, if you miss something, you could try installing pulseaudio-esound-compat or pulseaudio-esound-compat14:41
vinzeEhm, esound is the second one :P14:41
vinze(Stupid clipboard ;-)14:41
K3rl0u4rnis it something similar to arts ?14:43
vinzeDon't know14:43
vinzeI just know that when I enter "esd" in a terminal these packages are suggested14:43
K3rl0u4rnok, i gonna try, thanks14:44
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DavidTangyeHi all. Has anyone 'converted' a Ubuntu installation to Xubuntu?14:50
vinzeDavidTangye, you can have both installed :)14:50
DavidTangyeHi Vinze. Yes I have 'both' at present... Its Ubuntu, with the Xubuntu desktop. I want to make it an Xubuntu installation, so I can upgrade it from Xubuntu Feisty to Gutsy.14:51
vinzeWhy can't you upgrade it with both installed?14:52
DavidTangye... Does that make sense?14:52
DavidTangyeI can.14:52
DavidTangye..But I want to effectively turn it into an Xubuntu install. I am afraid that the Ubuntu upgrade might reapply Ubuntu desktop stuff.14:53
vinzeOK, wait a sec14:54
DavidTangye.. ie stuff up my Xubuntu setup14:54
DavidTangyeI dont really need Gnome stuff, except maybe 1 or 2 gtk-based apps -might- prove handy.14:54
vinzeDavidTangye, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce.php14:54
DavidTangyethanks. I shall check that out14:55
DavidTangyeThis is a 900mHz laptop, and its certainly running better with Xubuntu, about as quick as Puppy linux.14:56
vinzeNice :)14:56
DavidTangyebrb. Shall check your link out.14:56
vinzeI'm off running, bye14:58
vinzeGood luck :)14:58
DavidTangyeTa. Hey that url is great Ta.14:58
DavidTangyeFunnily enuff, many of the packages are removed already .. by me.14:59
Michae1does anyone know how I can tell which wireless chipset I have?  It works fine but I would like to know the chipset.15:51
TheSheepMichae1: try 'lspci'15:59
Michae1that listed nothing particular so I found a command called dmesg which seems to have listed it after lots of scroller-coaster16:02
Michae1thanks though :)16:02
JoakimHey. I want to upgrade my wine to 0.9.47 from winehq.org, but if I try to apt-get install wine -c=/etc/apt/.../winehq.list then it says that: E: Syntax error /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list:5: Extra junk at end of file. What is the problem. I opened that file with gvim, but everything seemed to be normal.16:07
rij1how do I connect to a samba network from xubuntu?18:45
rij1how i connect to a windows share18:58
wbadgersudo mount -t smbfs //compname/folder /mount/points18:59
wbadgerthis is how I use it18:59
JoakimI use smbmount from smbfs package19:19
emdashi don't _really_ have to restart to disable fglrx, do I?19:21
emdashshouldn't it be enough to kill x?19:21
K3rl0u4rnhey people, I would like to change GDM buddy icon, how do I do that ?19:27
emdashah yeah19:28
emdashthat's all i had to do19:28
emdashcome on guys19:28
emdashrestarting to disable a kernel driver is so _WINDOWS_19:29
hiroucan somebody help me please? :)19:39
vonck7_hirou: what's the problem? , just post the problem, and someone will probably reply even if the reply is 2 hours later.20:04
vonck7_ahh, he already left20:04
thingummywutmy xubuntu just totally froze. couldn't even move the mouse cursor. could this have been because of lack of memory?20:09
KlrSpzanyone know how to set your default screensaver daemon?20:13
fifafrazerNoob question: Can anyone tell me how the ubuntu repos work... If one of the packages in the gutsy repo is coming in a new stable release, it wont be but into the gutsy repos? So all repo-updates are only security fixes?20:27
KlrSpzor bug fixes20:27
KlrSpznew packages or renaming of packages and dependancies are usually pushed to the next release afaik20:28
fifafrazerBut how does the developers distinct between new features and bugfixes...20:35
fifafrazerThe gutsy package of Audacious is incredibly buggy... Please don't remove xmms from the repos! :D20:36
thingummywutanyone else have/had problems with sound?21:20
thingummywutmine just disappeared. MIDI still works, but i can't adjust the volume from sound control21:20
martin_Im trying to run Xubuntu on an old laptop with VIA S3G Unichrome graphics but. I have installed Xubuntu but i cant boot untill i have installed the proper graphics drivers. I can only boot up in text mode but how do i install the openchrome drivers???? Cant find any information anywhere! Any ideas?21:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about openchrome - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:29
martin_There is a package called xserver-xorg-video-openchrome and its in the repositoris when i search from my ubuntu machine but not when I try to install it in xubuntu on my laptop..21:31
The-Kernel!info openchrome21:34
ubotuPackage openchrome does not exist in gutsy21:34
The-Kernel!info xserver-xorg-video-openchrome21:35
ubotuxserver-xorg-video-openchrome: X.Org X server -- VIA display driver. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.6+svn357-0ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 118 kB, installed size 380 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)21:35
The-Kernelmartin_ did you run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"21:35
The-Kernelok so martin_ you have to enable the universe line in the source.list file21:37
The-Kernelyou can do this by doing the following: sudo nano /etc/apt/source.list --> uncomment the lines that have multiverse and universe in them ----> save -----> sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade21:38
martin_The-Kernel: I have enabled both multiverse and universe, ive ran apt-get update but not the "upgrade"21:40
brick_hi. is there a good program for transfering files to cellphones in linux? when i connect my Sony Ericsson p1i using usb cable and "file transfermode" the mem card in the phone gets mounted, but filetransfer to the phone hangs.. to transfer 40-50mb can take as long as 30 mins, and even then only half is probobly transferd,, if i try to unmount the device i get the msg thtat there are files waiting for transfer to that device and that i should not21:41
brick_disconnect, even though the "copy" window is closed .21:41
The-Kernelrun the upgrade, also which release do you have?21:41
martin_i installed the latest version xubuntu 7.1021:41
ecchenesoitalian here???21:42
The-Kernelmartin_ well run upgrade and then sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-openchrome21:42
martin_ok, ill do. So the upgrade command does what? does it upgrade to the latest release or what?21:43
The-Kernelit makes sure everything already installed is up to date, and it also fixes problems sometimes21:44
The-Kernelok bbl21:44
ecchenesoi have a dlink g630 wireless pcmcia card...how can i configure a wifi network (wpa key)?21:44
eccheneso(sorry for my english21:44
martin_The-Kernel: ok its upgrading now, the thing is that when i searched for the package "xserver-xorg-video-openchrome" with the apt-cahce search command it told me that the package wasen even in the repos?21:46
martin_The-Kernel: It still says that the package does not exist even after the updrade and another update and reboot.. One thig that i noticed though was that when i update the repos the system refers to them as the dapper repos and on my other machines as the gutsy repos, perhaps thats the difference?22:01
martin_is there anywhere i can paste a picture on the web temporariarly?22:04
martin_This is what my screen looks like when i try to boot up: http://www.margus.se/pic/screen.jpg22:09
martin_The-Kernel: I had the same graphics problem during installation but during installation i could fix it with the vga=771 argument, why dosent it work when booting the system fro real? cant i just use the same vga=771 thing when booting from the harddrive?22:13
martin_Hmm, i managed to get the spash screen working by entering the vga=771 argument into the grub menu.lst but xserver still wont start wothout the openchrome drivers which i cant find..22:35
Pumpernickel!info xserver-xorg-video-openchrome | martin_22:36
ubotumartin_: xserver-xorg-video-openchrome: X.Org X server -- VIA display driver. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.6+svn357-0ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 118 kB, installed size 380 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)22:36
alchemist_Hi - I'm doing an in-place dist upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 - my screensaver kicked in during the process - and now I cannot log back into that X session - logging into a different X session it seems the xfce screensaver plugin was zapped by the update - am I safe to just re-start - is there anyway of checking how far into update the process it got?22:40
The-Kernelmartin_ can you pastebin your source.list?22:50
SatanGolgaHow do i remove bcm43xx-fwcutter when it's "1 not fully installed or removed" ? it keeps popping up in the end each time I run apt-get install something22:52
The-KernelSatanGolga apt-get remove bcm43xx-fwcutter22:54
SatanGolgathank you :)22:56
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nikolamOk. Thats it23:19
nikolamHow do I disable or destroy or something this Thunar23:19
nikolamit is blocking and use 100% cpu even now on 7.1023:19
TheSheepps x | grep thunar23:26
TheSheepsee the PID23:26
TheSheepand then kill PID23:26
TheSheepor kill -9 PID23:26
TheSheepalternativelly, just killall thunar23:26
TheSheepand don't forget to report a bug23:27
gerrowhat does this mean "# United States (DVD) (Not synced yet)" was trying to show my friend how to download gutsy23:32
TheSheepgerro: I believe that United States is a country somewhere in Northern America, DVD is a Digital Video Disk, and "synced" is a shortcut for 'synchronized'23:33
nikolamgerro: I think it is safe to download23:33
gerrodoes it mean its not up to date or something? why does it say dvd though isn't that same image?23:34
nikolam(beacouse someone on the mirror put images under /DVD/ dir somewhere?) :)23:35
nikolamI want to use Dvd .iso without meeding to burn it23:38
nikolamI manage to loop mount it in /media/vcd23:38
nikolamHow to make it vivible in synaptic/update?23:38
gerrouse it for what purposes?23:38
nikolamTo add it with file:// in sources.list?23:38
gerroohh okay23:39
nikolamTo be able to install packages with no need to download23:39
gerrolook up program called gmount if you want a gui for it23:39
nikolamThat would be great :)23:39
gerrodon't know about exact commands though if you want it permanently added23:39
nikolamI know sudo mkdir /media/vcd23:40
nikolamand puting it in /etc/fstab :)23:40
gerrocan your drive read dvds?23:40
nikolami gill do gmount23:40
gerroit should auto mount it then you just cd /media/drive and dpkg -i *.deb or something23:40
graelb Why would i be getting wrong fs type errors when trying to mount a windows share with -t cifs?23:40
nikolammaybe I write it one day :)23:40
gerrograelb: are you using samba or nfs?23:41
gerrograelb: isn't cifs for macs?23:41
nikolami think windows share is samba-related..23:41
graelbok, even if i use -t smbfs, it still gives me the same error23:41
graelbi think i remember someone telling me smbfs is deprecated in 7.10, so to use cifs23:41
gerroperhaps you forgot to umount it23:42
gerrowhat you mean by deprecated?23:42
graelbnot supported anymore23:42
graelbat least... that's one definition of it23:42
ubotusamba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT23:42
gerroyeah cifs is like legacy stuff or for other OS file sharing23:43
gerroor its one of those integrated options, I remember reading about it23:43
graelbso it should be mount -t smbfs -o username=whalksad,password=asodijads //hostname/share /whereveriwanttomountit23:43
graelbwith a sudo in front of it all23:44
gerroomg I'm in your share dude23:44
gerrocan I dl some dat pr0n and oldies music?23:45
graelbthere's a file i had to edit to make it work before, i had to add cifs to something irrc23:45
gerrowhat does irrc mean people always saying that23:45
graelbif i recall correctly23:45
gerroI thought it was like... web 2.0 irc or something23:46
graelbyeah no23:46
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nikolamHehe I found easy-mount way> gmountiso :)23:47
gerroyeah isn't that what I told you23:47
gerroI just call it gmount23:48
nikolamgmountiso is the name of package23:48
gerroit does .img files too right?23:48
gerrobut it best just to convert those over anyway so doesn't matter either way23:49
gerroThePub: sup23:51
nikolami dont know about .img23:52
nikolamBut why not, I thing everything works with mount -o loop anyway23:53
nikolamOh no, it is downloading from Net again.23:54
nikolamEven with dvd with file:// in apt.sources23:54

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