janetis there a way to set up a usb printer locally for ltsp on a client?00:15
Burgundaviajanet: by plugging it into the client?00:20
janetyeah did that can't see it...00:20
Burgundaviathere is a way, but I for hte life of my cannot remember it right now00:20
janetok thanks Burgundavia00:21
Burgundaviaask sbalneav tomorrow00:22
desertcSo where is the action?00:39
desertcAre there any Edubuntu teams who are helping schools move toward an Ubuntu solution?  I'd like to participate.00:40
desertcThere seemed to be some promising enthusiasm in the mailing list, but did not seem to be any direction for those people.00:42
desertcI am very much in a "what can I do to help" mode.00:42
Burgundaviadesertc: that is really a marketing thing00:44
Burgundaviawhat you need to sell to a school is to produce results00:44
Burgundaviaa case study of how another school did it woudl be ideal00:44
desertcYes, I have several case studies.  If it is more of a marketing thing, then point me in the right direction.  I am able, willing, and ready to go.00:49
mwright1Hello, is anyone here that can help me with LTSP?01:15
kgoetzask a question01:37
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)01:38
mwright1my question is,, is anyone able to help with LTSP -- i want to run my ltsp sever in a xen instance on top of centos5 .. has anyone done this or know that it is theoretically possible01:39
kgoetzi would say its theoritcially posable, i'd be supprised if someone (here) has done it01:43
kgoetzseems like a lot of extra overhead01:43
mwright1no xen has very little overhead01:43
mwright1I am talking to you from a HP DL385 with 16Gb RAM and 2x Dual core processors  opteron 2.4ghz01:44
mwright1and we have 60 clients,  in a fedora xen instance, running ltsp01:44
mwright1we have a mail, server, database server01:44
mwright1and it runs very nicely01:44
mwright1it's about 2-7% overhead per xen instance01:44
mwright1which is a smal price to pay for the flexibility of being able to do upgrades without worrying about hardware etc01:45
mwright1ie if this gutsy works, we can on the fly allocate 4gb of ram and start moving the first of our users across then dynamicaly allocate the memory along the way01:46
mwright1and thefore we have a falback position of just editing the dhcp.conf on theunderlying xen instance01:46
mwright1I really would like to speak to one of the ltsp developers -- they're asleep on #ltsp -- cause they'll be able to answer my question in seconds01:46
mwright1the advantage for us of going from fedora to gutsy is if we can get sound to work on the clients, and that's why I need to know if running it in xen is an issue for this outcome01:47
kgoetzwell this eing europes midnight, thier aseep here too :)01:48
kgoetz*their asleep01:48
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Meshezabeelis the dvd a live dvd?02:46
yotuxcan anyone offer some help troubleshooting network boot on gusty 7.10 amd6403:29
sbalneavEveing all04:20
Burgundaviahey sbalneav04:30
mwright1anyone here running LTSP inside Xen, and connecting with bare metal clients.04:41
Burgundaviawhy would you run LTSP in Xen?04:44
LaserJockhi Burgundavia and sbalneav04:45
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cberloHi folks.  At the risk of repeating myself to anyone in the other channels I'm in, can anyone help me set up WINEPS to use AFM files so I can print from an Edubuntu box??16:20
* cberlo listens as a tumbleweed skitters past...16:21
sbalneavMorning all17:35
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musashi1well, i got my server installed and set up. I can PXE boot a laptop and get the login screen, but i can't log in (yes, i have users created). I get "this workstations isn't authorized to connect to server" followed by a black screen, the words segmentation fault and then returned to the login screen.18:00
joebob777as7sbalneav, have you seen an issue with some users logging in and seeing a black desktop? It seems to happen to us when a client logs off improperly by shutting down the computer because they can't log off with the log out button...18:32
joebob777as7anyone else?18:36
delta16hey guy's can someone help me !?18:37
delta16Ubuntu channel is pretty buessy now :S18:38
delta16i got a problem connecting my Soney ERicson W810i to my ubutu system18:38
delta16i would like to send SMS messages with it :D18:39
joebob777as7what exactly are you trying to do delta16?18:45
delta16my cellphone has an optino to connect it with the pc in a Phone modus ,an normally i coudl use that mode to send SMS messages18:46
delta16now when i connect my cellphone (witch is a W810i)18:47
delta16it could not be found by  gnome-phone-manager :(18:48
joebob777as7how are you connecting?18:48
joebob777as7hmm... sorry not for positive on this one. sry18:50
musashi1reposting - well, i got my server installed and set up. I can PXE boot a laptop and get the login screen, but i can't log in (yes, i have users created). I get "this workstations isn't authorized to connect to server" followed by a black screen, the words segmentation fault and then returned to the login screen.19:45
sbalneavmusashi1: You need to ltsp-update-sshkeys followed by an ltsp-update-image19:46
sbalneavthen reboot the terminal.19:46
Meshezabeelheya, I just installed the new version of edubuntu, when I get to the gui login screen, after I type my name I have to press Enter to get to the password screen, I used to be able to press "Tab", however, "Tab" no longer works to get to the password screen. Is this a known problem?19:57
LaserJockhmm, I've not heard of that before20:03
MeshezabeelLaserJock: so when you press Tab after typing your name on gui login screen, you get the password screen?20:04
LaserJockI've never tried it :-)20:05
LaserJockgimme one sec and I will20:06
Meshezabeelk, tx20:06
LaserJockalright, it worked for me20:08
LaserJockis this with GDM or LDM?20:08
MeshezabeelGDM? I think, not sure what LDM is20:09
LaserJockLDM is the greeter for thin clients20:10
Meshezabeelah, nope20:10
Meshezabeelit is GDM20:10
LaserJockk, I was using GDM20:10
LaserJockso I think it must be something to do with your install20:10
Meshezabeelso tab works for you on GDM?20:10
Meshezabeelhmm, ok thanks, I just a basic install too, so not sure what the problem would be20:12
MeshezabeelTab key works for me in other places such as text editor, when I press on GDM after typing in my name, it just highlights my name and does not proceed to the password screen20:14
sbalneavMeshezabeel: You're doing this on a regular workstion or a thin client?20:14
Meshezabeelsbalneav: on a workstation20:19
sbalneavI've never used tab on the gdm screen, always enter, so I've never noticed it.20:23
Meshezabeelbut I chose the first install option, I think the second one said install a workstation, maybe that's my problem? Mabye I should have chosen install workstation, I wasn't really sure of the difference. I was using the server install disc rather than the live disc20:23
sbalneavShouldn't make any difference for a gdm login screen.20:24
sbalneavIt's probably just a change that gnome's made.20:24
sbalneavLogically, according to the HIG, tab SHOULDN'T work, since there isn't anther field on the screen to get to.20:25
sbalneavSo, I'd say the fact that tab worked before was the bug :)20:25
Meshezabeelhmm, I loved using the tab :)20:25
Meshezabeelstrange though because I hadn't made any changes to anything else, fresh install with no changes or updates20:26
Meshezabeelbut Tab still works for LaserJock in 7.10, so the bug would seem to be at my end20:28
sbalneavKeyboard setting, some how?20:30
sbalneavMaybe check your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, see if you have the right keyboard defined.20:30
Meshezabeellooks like it "Generic Keyboard"..."pc105"20:33
Meshezabeeland tab seems to work properly everywhere else20:34
sbalneavWhat's your locale setting?  Is a generic pc105 what you've got?20:34
Meshezabeelnot sure where locale setting is, my location is Canada, I have a basic US keyboard, under the keyboard heading in xorg.conf it also says "XkbLayout" "us"20:36
MeshezabeelI chose my keyboard manually during setup and chose US standard, or whatever it said, in the past when I've tried to get it to guess my keyboard, it always asks if I have a key labeled " (it looks like a double quote, but when I choose it it give me the wrong keyboard so I assume it is not a double quote), so I just always now choose it manually which usually works fine for me.20:38
Meshezabeelah, found this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/12726920:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127269 in gdm "[gutsy] tab key in gdm doesn't switch from login to password anymore" [Low,Fix released]20:41
LaserJockMeshezabeel: do what do you get when you do dpkg -l gdm20:43
LaserJock*so what20:43
musashi1sorry, was afk. thanks sbalneav, i did the sshkeys stuff before with no effect but not the update image. will try that.20:44
Meshezabeelgdm is 2.20.0-0ubuntu (but in the middle of updates)20:46
musashi1sbalneav: you are a genious. that solved the problem. i'm curious though why we had the problem. my last install (feisty) worked out of the box. maybe related to the nic issue yesterday and not a "complete" install? anyway, thanks20:50
sbalneavmusashi1: yeah, whenever any nic stuff changes, you have to re-update the ssh keys.20:52
sbalneavAnd now, with the image, that also means rebuilding the image.20:52
sbalneavIt's a bit of a pain, but since ip addresses on servers don't change that often, it's manageable.20:52
musashi1cool. thanks again for the help20:54
Meshezabeelcool, thanks LaserJock and sbalneav, I got all the updates installed, and now the tab key is working again21:03
cberloHi folks.  Anyone know if I should be able to print from Firefox with a Java applet embedded and actually see the content of the applet?  (i.e. try visit www.geogebra.org, view and example and then print it -- the java part does not appear)21:17
sbalneavNo, that won't work.21:19
cberlowhy not?  Works in Windows...21:19
sbalneavBecause no-one's implemented it.21:20
cberloOkay.  Simple enough.21:20
cberloAnyone working on that?  It's kind of an important thing...  :)21:20
sbalneavBest bet would be to take a screen shot.21:20
sbalneavI have no idea.  Seeing as how I hate java with a passion, I know *I* won't be working on it.21:21
cberloLOL  I can agree there.  How about another option, then:  know of any way to replace Geometer's Sketchpad with a native Linux app that does the same stuff?21:21
sbalneavAlso, seeing as how java at this point it still a non-free software system, I doubt anyone else will either.21:21
LaserJockcberlo: have you tried Dr. Geo?21:21
sbalneavMaybe once Sun actually open sources it.21:21
cberloGeoGebra looks pretty close, but if I can't print it from a web page that kinda of screws it up.21:21
LaserJocksbalneav: IcedTea is in Gutsy21:22
cberloLaserJock: Yeah -- can't figure it out yet, but it looks promising, too.21:22
sbalneavThat's not it, is it?21:22
Meshezabeeldoes IcedTea handle swing?21:22
sbalneavFar as I know, they haven't released it yet,21:22
LaserJockman, I used Geometer's Sketchpad when was taking Geometry21:22
LaserJocksbalneav: I believe so21:22
LaserJockI heard most apps will work with IcedTea21:23
cberloLaserJock: Well, in the school board I'm with, they like using it for Geometry but they want to try it on Edubuntu LTSP.  So....  I either need to make Geometer's Sketchpad work or find a really good substitute.21:23
LaserJockicedtea-java7-bin - Java runtime based on OpenJDK21:23
LaserJockcberlo: right21:24
cberlosbalneav: Yeah, but that won't work for lessons longer than a page...21:24
cberloLaserJock: Hey, DrGeo doesn't appear to actually do anything under Gutsy -- have you tried it?21:29
cberloOh well, time's up for this week.  Back at it again next week!  <sigh>21:30
Meshezabeellooks like sound doesn't work under icedtea21:31
janethey i'm having an issue with my clients. When they turn off the computer some times without loggin in they log back in only to come to a black desktop.21:39
delta16hey guy's22:05
delta16anyone that can help me22:06
delta16how can i retrive the mounth path of an USB devicE ??22:06
LaserJockdelta16: usually you can look in /media/22:07
delta16well i have an sonyericsson W810i that i want to connect to my ubuntu system to send ss messages , "lsusb" shows that the device is connected but don't know the path to the usb connection22:08
delta16Kmobiletools is asking for it :-$22:09
LaserJockdelta16: did you look in /media/ ?22:18
delta16nothing in the media folder :S22:33
LaserJockso then maybe it's not mounted22:34
delta16but does it need to be mounted , if i want to send sms messages !?22:35
LaserJockI actually have no idea22:35
delta16after all it shows up in the list of connected usb devices !22:35
LaserJockI've never hooked a phone up to a computer22:35
LaserJockif Kmobiletools is looking for a path though it might need to be mounted22:36
LaserJockunless it's just looking for the device path22:36
LaserJockwhich would be /dev/sd*22:36
delta16sd?? are you sure about that22:36
LaserJockthose are the usb devices22:37
delta16and what about "tty*" ??22:37
LaserJockmaybe /dev/usb*22:37
desertcLaserJock: Does RichEd have a counterpart in the USA?22:49
desertcAny teachers here?22:50
LaserJockdesertc: RichEd is the Education Programme Director at Canonical22:51
desertcNeed some help from someone who can give me an educator - perspective.22:51
LaserJockhe's the top ;-)22:51
LaserJockthere are lots of teachers in the US22:51
desertcI just gave him a ring.22:51
LaserJockDavid Trask and Matt Oquist are guys I know personally22:51
desertcTwo different ideas, LJ.  One, looking for a counterpart to RichEd, and two, got something I wrote up that I'm looking for a teacher's perspective.22:52
LaserJock1) There is only one RichEd ;-) 2) David would be a good one to ask or edubuntu-users22:53
delta16laserjosck thanx for the tips!22:53
delta16really i think im heading the wright direktion22:53
desertcHmm !  Thanks.22:54
delta16but still no solution22:54
LaserJockI think there are currently 2 Canonical employees that work on Edubuntu22:54
LaserJockogra and RichEd22:54
LaserJock*work with, rather22:54
desertcAmazing what a small, motivated team can do.22:54
LaserJockas RichEd doesn't actually do the tech stuff22:54
LaserJockwell, Xubuntu is done with 0 Canonical and Kubuntu with 1 ;-)22:55
desertcI'm looking for someone more organizational focused.22:55
desertcI think we've discussed that a couple days ago.  ;)22:55
desertcSo, maybe I can look on the edubuntu-users mailing list and find a teacher-resource22:55
desertcGood idea.22:56
LaserJockyeah, I think that's the best bet22:56
LaserJockwe don't get a lot of teachers in here22:56
delta16the output that i get of lsusb is "Bus 001 Device 008: ID 0fce:e042 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB" !22:56
delta16anny idea what the device path could be ?22:56
delta16or how to get it !?22:56
desertcWhere do I find the edubuntu-users ?22:56
desertchighvoltage: ping22:57
LaserJockdesertc: http://lists.ubuntu.com22:57
highvoltagedesertc: poing23:00
desertcLaserJock: Thanks again for your help.23:41
desertcI feel like I am making some progress on my projects.23:41
LaserJockthat's good to hear23:43
desertcSometimes it is just a matter of getting to talk with the right person.23:43
desertcMight be of some interest to educators that the DARPA Grand Challenge is happening this weekend.23:44
desertcAt least qualifications.  Final event is on the 3rd.23:46
desertcThe famous Stanley will be participating.23:47
desertcHopefully this will usher us into an age of autonomous passenger cars.23:49
LaserJockgot a url?23:50
desertcThankfully, Firefox keeps a history of closed pages.  Great feature.23:50
LaserJockah, I wondered by DARPA was involved23:52
desertcDARPA funds a great number of university technology research.23:54
desertc*research projects23:55
LaserJockI've been funded by DARPA before23:55
desertcAh!  Great.  A lot of people think it is just about bombs and warfare, but they make a lot of the research from universities happen.23:56
desertcI am very excited to see the results of this next GC.  The first two were inspiring.23:57
desertcPBS television station made a great documentary on Stanley, if you ever get a chance to see it.23:57

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