nothlitany of you guys who have trouble with composition, this is a nice simple resource to help you out http://conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=7167303:32
LaPalidathx :)03:33
troy_snothlit: Phi phi phi... it is why those photos of an unnamed person were so clunky.04:07
troy_snothlit: PHI!04:07
troy_sor oversimplify down to the rule of thirds. *sigh*04:07
nothlitthinking about the 2d placement of the key object in a piece is great, but theres other parts of it too =p04:39
nothliti'd rather people think about it04:39
troy_snothlit: Yes, but in the end, I would probably make a case that people can improve their work threefold simply by abiding by phi.04:40
troy_snothlit: It took the Renaissance to shift the mindset, and we have been living with examples of it everywhere and all around us since.04:41
troy_snothlit: Even more avant-garde composition relies on the principles of standard composition -- albeit in the inverse generally.04:41
nothlittroy_s: ok04:42
troy_snothlit: Not the junk Ubuntu CENTERPUNCH HELL04:42
nothlitbut i do want them to know about other things, then they can get to directionality and values and cool/warm and whatnot =p04:43
troy_snothlit: Well ... let's see... composition, colour, content, context?04:43
troy_snothlit: Something like the five c's but I can't honestly remember the other... or was it four?04:44
nothliti dunno, i discard mnemonic devices once i've internalised things04:45
troy_snothlit: I think I had mnemonic once... took a pill and it went away.04:47
BHSPitMonkeynothlit, FIBONACCI NUMBERS05:41
troy_sNext up:  A Dan Brown novel.05:51
Madpilot_s/novel/pile of barely-readable glurge06:01
darkmatterhttp://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=1766321024&size=o <-- he he. shall I make my pc bleed till it begs for mercy? :P23:56

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