theacolyteInteresting, may have found a security hole, maybe not01:13
theacolyteUsing the built-in desktop sharing feature, the password authentication feature does not work01:14
theacolyteThe client asks for a password, but the password fails auth01:14
theacolyteThe ONLY way it works is without a password01:14
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gcarrillohey guys03:25
gcarrilloif im running gutsy and i installed the pidgin-dev packages03:25
gcarrilloand downloaded the pidgin source03:26
gcarrilloi can expect it to build correctly right?03:26
gcarrilloYou must have libxml2 >= 2.6.0 development headers installed to build.03:26
gcarrilloi get that message03:26
crimsunno.  apt-get build-dep pidgin.03:26
gcarrillocool, let me try that03:27
crimsun(you've mistaken pidgin-dev for pidgin-dev's build-dependencies.)03:27
gcarrilloi see03:28
gcarrillothat's pretty cool03:28
gcarrillocrimsun: that worked, thank you03:33
DShepherdwhen are the gnome 2.20.1 updates going to hit the ubuntu repos?05:27
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sebastian^good morning folks :)08:29
pwnguingoogle fixed liferea08:51
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xivulon I am getting closer to wubi-7.10 release, would you guys mind testing it? http://wubi-installer.org/devel/minefield/10:57
xivulonPlease make any comment on http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=23410:57
annmahi people11:46
annmaanyone is already in Boston?11:46
jordicrimsun: ping12:03
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Tonio_archive admin available ?13:31
HobbseeTonio_: very unlikely, what were you after?13:55
Tonio_Hobbsee: about ppa, isn't there a way to drop a package ?13:55
Tonio_Hobbsee: searched for that option for hours without any success13:55
HobbseeTonio_: no.  ask in #launchpad, usually, and they can do it, or file a launchpad question on soyuz13:56
Hobbseearchive admins cant do it13:56
Hobbseeor just upload a newer version13:56
Hobbseeapparently we're supposed to get it partway thru this cycle.  but they originally said with the rollout yesterday - so who knows when it will *actually* get done.13:56
Tonio_Hobbsee: I hope the option is comming along in the next future13:56
Tonio_Hobbsee: thanks for the infos :)13:57
HobbseeTonio_: no problem13:57
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_mastro_guys.. i've this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/157286 and i want to recompile my kernel without libata to see if i'm right supposing the problem is there... i've downloaded the kernel source (apt-get install linux-source-2.6.20-generic) make menuconfig starting from my actual 2.6.20-generic configu and changed: cpu optimization (Pentium 4), removed new libata support from device driver and readded the depr14:09
_mastro_ecated old sata support i compiled with fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd .... linux_image linux_header) installed the deb packages and rebooted.. after the initrd image when it should start reading from this it don't do anything else... it stay there forever until i hit CTRL+ALT+CANC what's wrong??? i've compiled a lot of kernel on debian without having this issue... what am i missing?14:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 157286 in ubuntu "System really slow like if no DMA from Edgy" [Undecided,New]14:09
TheNewAndyI have a patch for apt-url which I think others might find useful, but I'm not15:16
TheNewAndyso familiar with how to go about getting it reviewed/accepted.15:17
TheNewAndyI imagined that posting it as a 'bug' on launchpad would be the best way15:17
HobbseeTheNewAndy: have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing15:17
TheNewAndybut launchpad says that it doesn't use the launchpad bug tracker15:17
_mastro_please can you help me debug a kernel problem with ubuntu? i've custom compiled it removing the new sata/pata architecture from device driver (the one that make /dev/hda become /dev/sda) but when i try to boot it stop right after the initrd image, when it should start reading from disk, it stop there and the only thing i can do is pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and choose another kernel15:20
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mdomschis there a specific package owner for each package in main?15:54
Hobbseemdomsch: some of them.  not all.15:56
persiamdomsch: Not exactly.  Many people focus on a few packages, and some teams claim some packages, but it's not a one-to-one mapping.  For each package, there is at least one assignable person.15:56
Hobbseemdomsch: looking at who's uploaded it recently should give you an indication15:56
mdomschHobbsee, where do I see who uploaded a package?15:59
mdomschI see the Maintainer line (e.g. if it came straight from Ubuntu) in the control file15:59
Hobbseemdomsch: aptitude changelog <packagename>16:00
Hobbseemdomsch: you can query launchpad about it, or you can also look up changelogs.ubuntu.com16:00
Hobbseethe first and third tend to be quicker.  teh first is my preference.16:00
mdomschbut the name in the changelog is who made the change, not necessarily who uploaded into Ubuntu16:00
mdomsche.g. the hwdata package16:01
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mdomschbut that's a fair start16:01
Hobbseemdomsch: ah, true16:01
Hobbseemdomsch: if you want to know who actually uploaded it (and keep in mind, it's the person in the changelog if they're a core dev), go to lists.ubuntu.com/<release>-changes, and decrypt the gpg key :)16:02
Hobbseehavent found a faster way than that16:02
HobbseeLP may show the info now.  they keep swapping what they do and don't show.16:02
Hobbseemdomsch: by version number, hwdata looks synced.16:02
Hobbseethe autosyncer is on from that point, so it's likely from that.16:03
mdomschHobbsee, it's synced to debian, but debian pulls from fedora16:03
Hobbsee(some of the maintainers of main packages are in debian, not ubuntu)16:03
Hobbseemdomsch: right.  ie, fedora-specific stuff?16:03
mdomschthat's fine, thanks.  I'm just trying to get some coordination around this package16:04
mdomschand understand who the players are16:04
Hobbseeah, right16:04
mdomschFedora generates the package, debian pulls it, ubuntu pulls from debian16:04
Hobbseemdomsch: for that one, looks like fedora and debian.  doesnt look like nayone from ubuntu specifically is touching it :)16:04
Hobbseeor, at least, until the autosync gets turned off.16:04
mdomschso I can either poke 3 distros to add a pile of monitors, or I can get it into fedora and wait16:04
Hobbseeit's not that hard to push, if you want to get it here.  no idea about debian.16:05
Hobbseeof course, they might look favorably if you say who you are, and such :)16:05
Hobbseeand go "he must know what he's talking about.  we'll take it"16:05
* mdomsch emailed noel@debian about how he does it16:05
Hobbseedude, this downloading at 0.9kBps is *not* cool!16:06
mdomschI've got a little script that downloads all the new monitor files from support.dell.com every week, and generates diffs against Fedora and Ubuntu now16:06
Hobbseemdomsch: like i say, if you know what you're doing, it's not hard to get sponsorship into main.16:07
mdomschso folks won't be able to complain that their newest 2407WFP-HD monitor isn't listed in displayconfig-gtk16:07
Hobbseeso you dont have to wait for all 3 distros16:07
* Hobbsee nods16:07
Hobbseei'm impressed - ubuntu actually detects my correct monitor, now!16:07
Hobbseefirst release!16:07
ScottKHobbsee: Does Kubuntu benifit from this too or does it use another list?16:08
Hobbseeit's only taken since edgy.16:08
HobbseeScottK: no idea, tbh.  i think it uses another list.  i think it's also buggy, so no one uses it.16:08
HobbseeScottK: 915resolution is what i've used in the past, just to make the screen readable, without me gouging my eyes out16:08
Hobbseepity mdomsch didnt show up a couple of releases ago.  i could have hounded him to fix ti :)16:09
Hobbsee(while it was still broken)16:09
Hobbseespeaking of which, i should find another battery at some point.16:09
Hobbseenot worth it at this point in the year, though16:10
Hobbseemdomsch: maybe i'll just blame you anyway.16:10
ScottKHobbsee: Getting to a common list (or Kubuntu can also understand the Ubuntu list) would seem like a worth Kubuntu feature goal.  Particularly for an LTS release ...16:12
HobbseeScottK: it would be useful if it actually used the displayconfig backend.  but i've no idea how much common code there is.16:12
HobbseeX, and display related stuff is not my forte - i tend to stay away, so it doesn't break.16:12
* ScottK knows there is some because in Feisty there were some conflicts.16:12
* ScottK too.16:12
HobbseeScottK: i'm deeply unimpressed about how i cant seem to remove the xserver-xorg-video-i810 stuff without X breaking, though.16:14
Hobbseei seem to need both that and -intel.16:14
Hobbseeor at least, under kubuntu i do.16:14
tepsipakkithat's true16:14
Hobbseelast i knew, they conflicted, so...16:14
Hobbseeor i'm remembering wrong :)16:14
Hobbseetepsipakki: why?16:15
tepsipakkiwell, -intel has issues with some chips16:15
tepsipakkiso -i810 is still here16:15
tepsipakkiand the dependancy chain goes up to {k,}ubuntu-desktop, so removing the metapackage would mean removing -desktop as well16:16
Hobbseetepsipakki: i seemed to be able to remove it with great problem - i just had no X :)16:16
tepsipakkifingers crossed that we actually can drop -i810 during hardy :P16:16
Hobbseetepsipakki: or is 965 an issue-filled chip?16:17
ScottKtepsipakki: So my 2 year old hardware will become unsupported?16:17
Hobbseeer, without great problem16:17
tepsipakkiScottK: which is that?16:17
tepsipakkiScottK: debian doesn't have -i810 since -intel 2.0 came out16:17
ScottKOK, so i810 is supported in that?16:18
tepsipakkiScottK: sure, every chip, but some of them have issues16:18
tepsipakkiHobbsee: how does it break?16:18
ScottKtepsipakki: OK.  I know almost nothing about video, so I get excited when I see talk of what looks like removing support for what I have.16:19
tepsipakkiHobbsee: speaking of which, you are an archive-admin?-)16:19
Hobbseetepsipakki: i get dropped at a console, with no X.  i don't remember more specifics than that, as it was a while ago.16:19
Hobbseetepsipakki: FSVO archive admin, yes.16:19
Hobbseefor some value of16:19
tepsipakkiHobbsee: so you can't do syncs?16:20
ScottKAh.  Yes.16:20
Hobbseetepsipakki: correct.16:20
Hobbseeyeah, i know.16:20
tepsipakkigreat that the archive is open, but a first batch of syncs would've been equally nice :)16:20
tepsipakkiHobbsee: do you happen to have "i810" in xorg.conf, instead of "intel"?16:21
Hobbseetepsipakki: yeah.16:22
=== Martinp24 is now known as Martinp23
Hobbseetepsipakki: buildds still have plenty to build, due to the autosync.16:23
Hobbseebut i'd imagine it'll take a couple of weeks16:23
Hobbsee(conferences and such)16:23
Hobbseeah, this one is using intel.16:23
tepsipakkithey do? I see that the new xserver is being rebuilt (and failed) on and on :)16:23
* Hobbsee wonders why she has an xorg-ati installed16:24
Hobbseewell, they did last i checked16:24
Hobbseetfheen: may be around16:24
Hobbseebut i think he's in the air by now16:24
zultepsipakki: well it is a new dev cycle :)16:24
tepsipakkiHobbsee: you probably have all that xserver-video-all depends on :)16:25
tepsipakkizul: ah, the pain! :)16:25
Hobbseetepsipakki: yeah.  but cant it pick my card, and deal?16:25
Hobbseetepsipakki: it's not like i'm going to swap out my video card :)16:25
tepsipakkiHobbsee: not yet, but it'll be discussed at FOSSCamp & UDS16:25
Hobbseexserver-xorg depends on it16:26
Hobbseetepsipakki: cool :)16:26
tepsipakkiautoloading based on the pci-ids that the drivers have16:26
Hobbseetepsipakki: can i safely remove the rest?16:27
tepsipakkibut it'll save you like 2MB :)16:27
* Hobbsee shrugs16:28
antoranzHi guys! I'm having problems linking (static) to libalsa09.a16:29
antoranzcan anybody give me a hand here?16:29
antoranzforget it... the channel is not for application development under ubuntu... but maybe the problem is raleted to ubuntu16:30
antoranzin the SYMBOL of libalsa09.a (from the libao-dev package), snd_pcm_open (and close) are undefined (I think). Is that normal?16:32
antoranzSYMBOL TABLE; I mean16:32
ScottKHobbsee: Are universe packages being allowed to build right now?16:32
antoranz00000000         *UND*  00000000 snd_pcm_hw_params_set_format16:32
antoranz00000000         *UND*  00000000 snd_pcm_hw_params_set_channels16:32
antoranz00000000         *UND*  00000000 snd_pcm_hw_params_set_rate_near16:33
antoranz00000000         *UND*  00000000 snd_pcm_hw_params_set_buffer_time_near16:33
antoranz00000000         *UND*  00000000 snd_pcm_hw_params_set_period_time_near16:33
HobbseeScottK: i think so16:33
antoranz00000000         *UND*  00000000 snd_pcm_hw_params16:33
Hobbsee!paste | antoranz16:33
ubot3antoranz: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)16:33
ScottKHobbsee: OK.  Thanks.16:33
ScottKFor both the answer and the kick.16:33
HobbseeScottK: no reason why they wouldnt be16:33
ScottKOK.  I've got stuff that's been sitting around for a long time, but no trouble.16:33
persiaScottK: Main autosync gets priority...16:34
ScottKOK.  That'd do it.16:34
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Adri2000soren: are you going to re-merge pbuilder? (we need the new version to fix a pbuilder-dist bug), or can I do it? (I'll ask you to upload it for me then :))17:14
ScottKAdri2000: That or just make it work with the current pbuilder.17:25
Adri2000ScottK: ah. I'm still waiting for your solution17:26
ScottKAdri2000: Make the authoritative source for the package one I can use and I'll be glad to.17:27
Adri2000I'm not sure to understand what you mean17:28
ScottKAdri2000: You keep that package in a bzr repo and I don't do bzr.  I'm not learning a new vcs to fix a bug.17:29
Adri2000ScottK: http://adrishost.homeip.net/~adri2000/ubuntu/pbuilder-dist17:30
ScottKWhat about it?17:30
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Adri2000wget it, cp it, edit the new one, diff it with the new one you edited to create a patch you can give me17:31
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glledohas somebody noticed in Gutsy that Firefox -> Help -> Release Notes pops up Edgy release notes?18:06
mdkeglledo: the only way to find out for sure is to search for a bug18:08
glledodidnt find any18:08
glledook, lets submit it18:09
mdkethen I suspect that no one has18:09
glledodoh, bug 14099818:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 140998 in firefox "Firefox: View Source > Help > Release Notes links to Edgy release notes in Feisty and Gusty (dup-of: 138968)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14099818:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 138968 in ubufox "The Release Notes Menu on firefox shows ubuntu 6.10 notes" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13896818:13
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warsocketDoes anyone here how to hide the output from checkinstall when callled in a c program  via system("checkinstall args > /dev/null"); or popen("checkinstall args"));19:19
ion_fork, close stdout, open /dev/null, exec. Now please read the topic.19:21
warsocketkk tnx19:26
IntuitiveNippleAnyone about can give me some quick guidance for doing SRU updates for hardy and gutsy-proposed ?19:49
LaserJockIntuitiveNipple: you won't be doing an SRU for hardy19:50
LaserJockIntuitiveNipple: and for Gutsy have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates19:50
IntuitiveNipplewell no but... step #1 is to create an update for hardy, then one for gutsy-proposed19:50
IntuitiveNippleI am doing/have done... my questions are more about technicalities19:51
LaserJockah, well yes, you want to make the changes first in Hardy usually19:51
LaserJockIntuitiveNipple: ask away and see if anybody knows19:51
IntuitiveNipplelike... is it a case of simply adjusting the changelog entry to read "gutsy-proposed" for the SRU, or does control need some kind of change too?19:51
_berniehello, I'm looking at the Boston UDS info in the wiki19:52
LaserJockIntuitiveNipple: changelog19:52
IntuitiveNippleI was looking at the emails in gutsy-changes and they show the 'gutsy-proposed' that makes it look like it came from 'control' not changelog, so I was somewhat confused19:52
_bernieI can't find a more a more specific agenda...19:52
IntuitiveNippleoh good. So, are these steps correct?19:53
IntuitiveNipple1. grab the latest source package from the hardy repo, apply the changes, create the debdiff19:53
LaserJock_bernie: http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/uds-boston-2007/19:53
IntuitiveNipple2. grab the latest source package from gutsy-proposed (or, if there isn't one) gutsy, apply the changes (make sure changelog is for gutsy-proposed and LP # is quoted), then create the debdiff19:54
_bernieLaserJock: is there anything planned for 27 and 28?19:54
LaserJockI don't think so19:54
IntuitiveNipple3. Upload both to the LP bug with a rational for why and then Nominate it for release?19:55
LaserJockIntuitiveNipple: I would get the fix into hardy first19:55
LaserJockmake sure it works19:55
LaserJockthen file the SRU19:55
LaserJockbut basically you're on the right track19:56
IntuitiveNippleIn these two cases I know they work on Gutsy.19:56
_berniemako_: hey!19:56
_berniemako_: are you going to attend to UDS?19:57
IntuitiveNippleLaserJock: What's the procedure for testing them with Hardy if I'm not running a Hardy install?19:57
LaserJockIntuitiveNipple: you can use a chroot or pbuilder environment19:58
LaserJockor VMware, VirtualBox, etc.19:59
IntuitiveNippleahh of course... pbuilder! I've got them set up for every other release, but I'm on the kernel ACPI team so I rarely stray into packaging... but I'm hacking a few bugs atm19:59
LaserJockIntuitiveNipple: one of the reasons to test in Hardy first is typos or packaging mistakes20:00
IntuitiveNippleLaserJock: I assume the same applies to testing in Gutsy then? Especially when the changes are trivial20:00
IntuitiveNippleI've just spent the afternoon writing a script to automate package-updates into two commands after discovering what a minefield it is!20:01
LaserJockIntuitiveNipple: yes, even more so in gutsy-proposed20:01
IntuitiveNippleRight... I'll crack on with these debdiffs now ... thanks alot :)20:02
mako__bernie: yes, i will attend uds20:23
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theacolyteInteresting, may have found a security hole, maybe not -- Using the built-in desktop sharing feature, the password authentication feature does not work -- The client asks for a password, but the password fails auth -- The ONLY way it works is without a password20:30
_berniemako: I'm trying to devide which days to go... do you have any particular plans?20:36
mako_bernie: i haven't figured it out yet20:38
makobut i haven't really looked much either20:38
Mezmako *hugs* long time no see20:39
Nafallotheacolyte: sounds like a fault in the client.20:39
Nafallotheacolyte: try with another client.20:39
makoMez: i'm around20:53
Mezmako, still with OLPC?20:56
theacolyteNafallo: already did, realvnc and ultravnc20:57
makoMez: yep20:58
Mezgood to hear ;)20:58
sbalneavUp at 0500 tomorrow, on the plane by 7:30, at Boston by 14:0021:01
sbalneavmako: What's the quickest way from Logan? Subway or Taxi?21:01
makosbalneav: quickest? taxi21:04
makosbalneav: like $25-3021:04
makosbalneav: alternately take the silver line and red line.. i think i edited the wiki directions21:05
makoit's not really that much longer21:05
wasabiI notice apport stopped asking me to submit things, a month ago.21:09
LaserJockwasabi: I think they turned that off for release so the general user population wasn't bugged about it21:14
LaserJockand we didn't get a flood21:14
Nafallotheacolyte: weird21:23
=== TreMobyl is now known as Solarion
IntuitiveNippleYeah, bug #137406 (and duplicates) covers it. I *had* created a patch but some random search earlier dropped me on an email from Matt Z detailing why it was disabled for R.C.21:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 137406 in update-notifier "apport stopped working" [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13740621:40
theacolyteI'll just put in a bug report probably21:52
evan_piI just created a blueprint for simplifying the Removable Drives and Media window, and the feature specifications page said I should announce it here.22:00
evan_piThe window currently requires the user to enter the bash command of the program. This is complicated for new users, who don't know the first thing about the cli. I propose that it be updated to use gui drop-down lists like in the Preferred Applications window.22:00
evan_piThe spec is at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/simplify-removable-drives-and-media22:00
evan_piIs anybody out there?22:02
LaserJockevan_pi: I think it probably meant the ubuntu-devel mailing list22:02
LaserJockevan_pi: or maybe better ubuntu-devel-discuss22:02
evan_piIt mentioned the devel-discuss mailing list and the irc channel22:03
LaserJockok :-)22:07
IntuitiveNippleIs this correct? "apt-get source -t hardy <package>" fetches the gutsy source even though the hardy repositories are enabled in /etc/apt/sources.list22:29
AmaranthIntuitiveNipple: Isn't it 'apt-get source foo/hardy'?22:29
IntuitiveNippleis it?22:30
AmaranthI believe so22:30
IntuitiveNippleI was going by the man pages and the --help22:30
IntuitiveNippleno, that doesn't work22:30
IntuitiveNippleIt *seems* as if it fetches the source for the installed binary version, regardless22:31
LaserJockI think it grabs it from the first deb-src it finds22:33
LaserJockunless that bug has been fixed, which is possible22:33
IntuitiveNippleThat's very annoying - is there an alternative way to automatically find the location of a source package that isn't currently installed/part of the current release?22:35
IntuitiveNippleAll I want to do is automate generating the debdiffs for hardy and gutsy-proposed, grrr22:35
geserIntuitiveNipple: I tried it here and "apt-get source -t hardy package" (or -t gutsy) behaves as expected22:36
IntuitiveNipplereally? what've you got in your /etc/apt/sources.list ?22:37
geserIntuitiveNipple: does the package has an other version in hardy already?22:37
IntuitiveNippleThere's one version in hardy repos22:37
IntuitiveNippleI wonder if it is because i've only added the deb-src lines to sources.list22:38
geserIntuitiveNipple: see my test in http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/42289/22:39
geserIntuitiveNipple: I've also only added the deb-src line, run apt-get update and it worked22:39
IntuitiveNipplethat's what I did here, too22:39
geserIntuitiveNipple: which package do you try?22:41
IntuitiveNippleupdate-notifier (devscripts works for me too)22:42
IntuitiveNippleIt is apparently there: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/source/update-notifier22:43
geseryes, as hardy starts as a copy of gutsy22:44
gesercurrenty gutsy and hardy has update-notifier 0.6122:44
IntuitiveNipplehmmm... why would apt-get fetch from gutsy's location if one exists for hardy? Is it some kind of bug in the releases files do you think?22:45
geserno, but does it matter if you get the source for 0.61 from gutsy or hardy (they should be identical)22:47
LaserJockI think it picks from the earlist source if there's more than one22:47
LaserJockit is the same files22:48
IntuitiveNippleThe changelogs should have different 'release' strings, and that's crucial for what I'm doing22:48
LaserJockno, they don't22:48
LaserJockthe changelog will only change with a new upload22:48
geserthere was no upload of update-notifier for hardy till now (only the archive copy from gutsy)22:49
LaserJockwith a pool archive structure for a given version the files are all the same, regardless of release22:49
IntuitiveNippleok, so help me understand this. Why does apt-get fetch from the gutsy repo - presumably there's something in the sources files that is over-riding my using the -t release-target22:49
IntuitiveNippleahhh... so what you mean is, it's linked on the server?22:50
LaserJockthat's all they do22:50
IntuitiveNipplehmmm but that still doesn't explain why apt-get fetches from the hardy repo22:50
LaserJockpoint to where in the pool you can get the file22:50
geserI guess because it sees that it can fetch the hardy version also from the gutsy archive which is listed before the hardy one22:50
IntuitiveNipplegeser: that'd suggest re-ordering the deb-src lines might affect it... worth a try22:51
SEJeffIntuitiveNipple, If the versions are the same, why generate a debdiff? It seems like maybe you are doing something wrong?22:52
LaserJockI think it doess affect it, last I tried22:52
IntuitiveNippleNice one geser! Re-ordering the deb-src lines in sources.list so hardy is first has solved it22:53
LaserJockI agree with SEJeff22:53
IntuitiveNippleSEJeff: I'm automating my debdiff patch-creation procedure so once I've solved a bug I call a script and it does the job for me, including updating the changelog, version, release to release-proposed (for SRUs), and so on22:54
IntuitiveNippleSo I need the current source, dupe it, apply the patches, update the changelog, debuild, then create the debdiff22:55
SEJeffWhich means you should increment the version22:55
SEJeffLike 1.2.3-2 or -ubuntu0 or whatnot. The versions still are not the same22:55
IntuitiveNippleThe version wasn't a problem, the problem was apt-get was ignoring the -t option and it seems, from what geser suggested, that the order of the deb-src lines in sources.list affects that... and now it appears to be solved22:56
SEJeffSo it doesn't make sense that downloading a package of the exact same version from one or the other repo should matter.22:56
SEJeffIf I download sysutils 1.0 from the gutsy or hardy repo, it is still the same source22:56
SEJeff(pretend that is a valid sysutils ver)22:56
IntuitiveNippleIt does, because although for that specific package the contents are identical, I need to be sure the script will work for all circumstances22:57
SEJeffUse case of why it would break being?22:57
SEJeffThis seems like a process problem that you can fix with error checking and defensive programming to me.22:57
SEJeffIntuitiveNipple, Your idea is really cool though. A lot of people would appreciate it22:58
LaserJockIntuitiveNipple: your real question is if -t is respected if they *aren't* identical packages22:58
SEJeffLaserJock, And if they aren't identical packages + the version number is the same, an MOTU should be flogged :)22:59
LaserJockSEJeff: sure, but I think he's wanting non-identical version numbers22:59
IntuitiveNippleSEJeff: The process for bug-fix updates, as explained to me, is to first create a fix for the developmeny release (hardy) which might or might-not have the same version as gutsy (doesn't matter if it does or doesn't), then do the same for gutsy-proposed and create an SRU. My script reduces the packaging step in each case to two commands.22:59
IntuitiveNippleLaserJock: The path used by apt-get is now reported as being hardy when i use -t hardy so I'm happy - as long as it is consistent23:00
LaserJockIntuitiveNipple: I don't want to necessarily discourage you, but that sounds like a really bad idea :-)23:01
LaserJockSRUs need lots of focused attention to every detail23:01
geserIntuitiveNipple: I guess "apt-get source -t gutsy update-notifier" tells you that it got it from hardy now.23:01
LaserJockand there's no way that a bug fix in hardy will apply the same to gutsy, etc.23:02
LaserJockso I would really discourage automatic SRU scripts23:02
IntuitiveNippleAll I do now is "debdiff-package.sh [-g <package> [-t release] [--proposed] [-b base-dir]]", apply the fixes to the source, and then do "debdiff-package.sh" and it does the whole job for me23:02
IntuitiveNipplegeser: Grrrr yes!23:03
crimsun_jordi: pong23:03
IntuitiveNippleLaserJock: The two releases are dealt with separately, totally independently - two passes of the process23:03
LaserJockright, but still23:04
LaserJockso  you script changes the version and release, and makes a debdiff, and that's all?23:04
IntuitiveNippleI simply take the patch from my development tree, apply it to the source, and it gets packaged. I will do that for hardy and again for gutsy-proposed, with two sets of testing. But the script saves me messing about on the command-line23:05
LaserJockso it doesn't do any more than I mentioned?23:05
IntuitiveNippleIt fetches the current source, dupes to the .orig directory, stops to let me apply the changes, then runs diff, asks for the patch title, suggested the name of the patch-file, runs dpatch, then updates the changelog version and possibly release (to -proposed) and asks me for the filenames and description of each change which it formats and adds to the changelog, adds my sig, then calls debuild and finally debdiff23:07
IntuitiveNippleI get a set of y/n prompts at key points with the option to over-ride23:08
LaserJockthat doesn't sound too bad23:09
geserIntuitiveNipple: what happens if the package doesn't use dpatch?23:09
LaserJockI wouldn't do it, but well, that's me23:09
IntuitiveNipplegeser Then I do it manually23:09
IntuitiveNippleI rarely mess with packages so when I do I don't want to be pissing about re-remembering all the steps.23:10
LaserJockbut for me it's remembering the steps that makes me confident in what I'm doing23:10
LaserJockas perhaps the steps have changes since last I did it23:10
LaserJockbut that's just me23:11
IntuitiveNippleI prefer automated tools to handle repetitive tasks; I focus on the stuff the computer can't do23:11
LaserJockI do everything manually23:11
IntuitiveNippleWorking on the kernel is so much easier than messing about with packages :)23:11
LaserJockI can understand that, but I find many packaging taskes are not really repetitive23:11
IntuitiveNippleThe only involvement I'll have is applyin bug-fixes, so the steps I need to be involved in will generally be the same everytime23:12
LaserJockexcept if they change ;-)23:13
IntuitiveNipplewhich basically boils down to creating a debdiff and attaching to an LP bug report for someone else to deal with23:13
IntuitiveNippleEasy enough to amend the script to deal with changes, and then forget it again23:13
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