tuxcrafterhello everybody12:30
tuxcrafterI am updating my ubuntu wiki page12:30
tuxcrafterAnd i would like some formatting help12:30
tuxcrafteri would like to know how i can crate newlines12:31
tuxcrafterso the forum links go under the descriptions12:31
tuxcrafterand how to create tabs to create a lite structure12:31
tuxcrafteri looked at the format help but did not find any helping info, did i overlooked it?12:32
tuxcraftersomebody here that would like to help me?12:33
sommertuxcrafter: try the br macro: [[BR]] it may do the trick12:36
tuxcraftersommer: thanks lets try12:37
tuxcraftersommer: do you now were to find a list of all these markups12:41
tuxcraftersommer: [[BR]] worked btw12:41
tuxcrafter[[TAB]] did not12:41
sommertuxcrafter: try this page for other macros: http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HelpOnMacros12:43
tuxcrafterDoes somebody knows a way to create sort links to forum topics14:52
tuxcrafterbecause i have this message14:52
tuxcrafterYour signature can not be longer than 500 characters including BBCode markup.14:52
tuxcrafterOpenChrome Driver -- SCR335 Smartcard -- Hellanzb Usenet -- Vmware Server -- XFCE Font Rendering -- Xorg lcd 96 dpi setup14:52
tuxcrafterand that is the only visable thing14:52
tuxcrafterbut markup code is more14:52
tuxcrafterbecause of the long links names14:53
mdkeok, the commit email list works for bzr15:52
tuxcrafterhello everybody,18:21
tuxcrafterdoes somebody have experience with the xtoolwait tool18:21
tuxcrafterhow is it preforming?18:21
* tuxcrafter is posting to the wrong channel18:21
* tuxcrafter pidgin needs an extra configuration option 18:21

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