wwalczakhey! I need some java networking help, is anyone available for a few mins?11:09
wwalczakI'm having problems connecting, I want to connect to a http server, send a request and receive a single line response. It seems pretty simple, but I just don't know what I'm doing wrong! PLEASE HELP :)11:11
man-diwwalczak: I guess you want to join ##java, this is no channel to teach Java11:18
wwalczakman-di: thanks, I will give it a try there... I just need a nudge in the right direction :)11:59
fruitbatjimI've just downloaded the self extracting jdk from the sun site.....what do I do with it once it's downloaded? It's not self-extracting...14:21
man-didelete it and use aptitude to install a packaged JDK14:21
fruitbatjimsudo apt-get intall java6?14:23
fruitbatjimand how do I make ubuntu use that instead of the gnu one?14:24
fruitbatjimsorry...I was a windows guy14:24
vilfruitbatjim, update-java-alternatives14:27
fruitbatjimah...the installation seems to have done it for me.....thanks though14:29
dineshHello How do I find position of word in string? For ex. "I am java developer" and if search position of "java" then output will be 3 15:03
viltry ##java15:04
man-divil: gone already15:05
man-dino patience15:05
vilheya, man-di15:05
man-divil: hey15:06
man-didinesh_: ##java is the proper channel to ask such questions15:06
dinesh_man-di, ok thnkx15:07
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