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Ange|usdoes someone know where i can download daper's kernel ? i need to use squashfs, i want to install it on gutsy12:52
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keeganhey does one write device drivers in linux, knowledge of which programming lanuage is required, does one need to have the hardware the driver is being written for , do we need to have knowledge of hardware , are any tools require13:14
zulkeegan: you probebly want #kernel13:16
keeganthanks zul13:16
keeganno response there13:19
keegani guess its too broad a question13:19
zuloh they are all idiling13:19
zulbut check google as well13:19
keegani did , i read that you dont need to have hardware knowledge , but i dont understand how can one communicate with a device without it , or do you know have commands a device responds , i am sure different manufacturers have different workings13:21
keegananyways ill repeat the question there at a later time .13:21
aboganiHi All! 13:39
aboganiSomeone could give me a little suggestion? 13:39
aboganiI would be very happy to provide a debug version of the rt kernel flavour (in Hardy).13:40
aboganiIn you opinion what is the best way for achieve this objective? PPA, external apt archive, universe or other?13:40
zuli would start off with ppa13:40
aboganizul: Hi Chuck, Thanks!13:41
aboganizul: Have Xen kernel flavour a debug version?13:41
aboganiIn you opinion is it useless? In this case perhaps it's the same for rt kernel flavour... :-)13:44
zulabogani: we have never done it before for xen so I dont really have an opinnon13:44
aboganizul: Sorry i'm thinking that xen kernel patch added some useful CONFIG_DEBUG_* options...13:47
zulabogani: oh they did we just never enabled it13:47
aboganizul: Debugging it isn't hard without these?13:48
zulmost problesm is with userspace or me 13:48
aboganizul: :-)13:53
aboganilamont: Could i disturb you for a minute?14:09
lamontabogani: now you may14:42
aboganilamont: Thanks. Is it possbile add cyclictest and signaltest (http://rt.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Cyclictest & http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/tglx/rt-tests.git;a=summary) binaries into util-linux package?14:43
aboganiI'm insane? :-)14:44
lamontgiven that they're maintained as separate packages upstream, I'm inclined to leave them as separate pacakges.14:45
lamontour util-linux currently has very little diff from upstream util-linux-ng, and the objective is to minimize that difference, if for no other reason than my sanity, and conformity across the linux space.14:46
* lamont is not a big fan of aggregating multiple upstream sources into one debian package14:46
lamontOTOH, I have no objection to helping someone who wants to package those two packages for upload to either debian or ubuntu14:47
lamont(are they already packaged in debian???_14:47
aboganiNo unfortunately.14:47
abogani will go to packaging... :-)14:47
aboganiI will go to packaging but first i should read REVU wiki page :)14:49
aboganilamont: Thank you very much. Excuse me for disturb.14:49
lamontabogani: no worries14:54
zulhey lamont14:55
lamontzul: going to uds?15:00
zullamont: i wish15:01
lamontah - figured you were close by, iirc15:01
zul8 hour drive to boston besides lack of funds and cant get time off work15:01
zullamont: are you?15:02
lamontI'll be there sun-thur PM (fly out really early friday)15:03
zuland I would have to renew my passport as well15:05
zulthank you george bush15:06
bronsonI set /etc/usplash.conf to 800x600, ran update-initramfs -u, and bootsplash uses 832x624!?18:10
bronsonThis makes my LCD freak out.  Can anyone tell me how to pursue this further?18:10
bronson(hope it's not the wrong channel; this seems most appropriate b/c it's kernel boot...)18:11
bronsonmjg59: should I report this as a bug?  800x600 in usplash.conf produces 832x624 on boot?18:16
bronsonSounds like I'm being bitten by https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usplash/+bug/62865 ...  guess I'll try the attached patch.18:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 62865 in usplash "1024x768 with nVidia GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE: "screen init failed" (dup-of: 60621)" [Undecided,New] 18:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 60621 in usplash "usplash: no usable theme found for 640x480" [Low,Confirmed] 18:36
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