desertcAny team leads here?02:31
Burgundaviadesertc: sort of02:37
desertcI have been looking forward to talking to someone about team efforts.02:41
desertcBut then, you were just telling me in #edubuntu that you wouldn't be able to help me out... Hmm!02:41
desertcI'll find one of the rock stars around here soon enough and start the conversations.02:42
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Burgundaviahey Madpilot_04:17
Burgundaviadesertc: what are you looking for help for?04:19
desertcJust looking for an opportunity to help a larger effort, B.04:19
Burgundaviawell, there are not a lot of existing project at the project level04:30
Burgundaviathere are some at the loco team level04:30
Burgundaviawhat sort of things did you want to work on?04:31
desertcWhatever I can do to help, mostly.  What sort of things do you need?  I go to many conferences and talk with a lot of educators, for example.04:32
desertcI'd like to follow the lead of others to promote the ideas of using Ubuntu in schools, for one thing.04:33
desertcWhat sort of projects can I get started on?04:34
elkbuntudesertc, have you talked with the edubuntu people on what sort of marketing they're after? you sound like an ideal person to help them04:40
Burgundaviahmm, well, we need some stuff to hand out04:40
desertcelkbuntu: Burgundavia said in #edubuntu that I should come here to ask.04:40
desertcLow and behold Burgundavia is here, too!  :)04:40
Burgundaviadesertc: I am everywhere04:41
desertcBut at least someone is responding.  I've been asking around for the last couple days without much response.04:41
elkbuntudesertc, compiling a list of the queries that educators have about ubuntu is probably a good way to define what to put in a leaflet for them. 04:41
desertcI'm not getting so far in the conversation that I get to a list of queries.  I am not really sure how to approach the topic yet, or who the right people to which I should be talking.04:42
desertcAt this time, I am looking to work under some bigger effort to follow someone else's lead for a bit.04:43
Burgundaviateachers are good people to talk to04:43
desertcThat's not true, in my opinion.04:43
Burgundaviapeople higher up the chain require things like SLAs and boring junk like that04:43
Burgundaviathat is a conversation for somebody at Canonical (or what I used to do at Useful)04:44
BurgundaviaUserful, rather04:44
Burgundaviafor a community activist, your teacher is your best bet04:44
desertcI am doing a ton of stuff on my own.  I feel like that I can also contribute more by helping a larger effort.  I'll keep offering to help for a while longer, and I can keep going on my own as need-be.04:47
Burgundaviaone of the best ways you could help would be to tell people what you are hearing at these conferences04:47
Burgundaviawork on some flyers, etc, based on that knowledge04:48
desertcNot sure how that is working with anyone.  Maybe I am not making myself clear.04:49
desertcI'll check back with you all later.04:49
Burgundaviahmm, that went well04:49
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juliuxMenZa, you are not allreay ubuntu member?19:54
MenZaI'm not, no.19:54
juliuxthen you should become a member soon;)19:58
MenZaI hope so!20:02
juliuxMenZa, i added me right after you in the list;)20:04
juliuxoh not there is rainct between us;)20:05
MenZajuliux, why is it you have an ubuntu member cloak when you're not a member o_O?20:35
juliuxMenZa, i am a member until 20th november20:36
juliuxso i am there for review;)20:36
MenZaindeed :)20:36
juliuxi don´ t have to20:36
juliuxbut i don´t like the idea that a member can review his own membership20:37
desertcThis week I am coming up with a form email and send it off to every computer teacher in the Nashville public schools.20:42
desertcAny resources I can look at from people who have done similar programs?20:43
juliuxdesertc, perhaps you can ask Riched in #edubuntu oder #ubuntu-education he is the education manager for ubuntu20:44
desertcI haven't seen Riched online in a short while.  I was looking for him.  I wrote him an email several days ago that went unanswered.20:45
juliuxdesertc, he is busy with traveling 20:46
desertcI left my telephone number...20:47
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desertcDoes RichEd have a counter-part in the USA?22:21
* desertc realizes he was expecting a call back from someone in South Africa.22:24
Voriandesertc, you could try the loco teams in the us22:31
desertcI am involved with the LoCo teams already.  What did you have in mind?22:32
VorianI think the Colorado team had done something along the same lines with Public Libraries22:37
desertcSame thing?22:38
desertcWhat do you mean?22:38
Voriandesertc, All I remember is a message was sent (in some form) to the Public Library system in Colorado.22:47
VorianI don't know much more than that22:47
Voriansorry :(22:47
desertcWhat is the page for the Ubuntu Marketing resources?22:53

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