robjoskiIs everyone here asleep or something?00:47
robjoskihmm, someone else using chatzilla...00:51
robjoskiI'm getting tired of waiting, when is UME going to be released?00:52
robjoskiDon't tell me no one knows, Gutsy was released a week ago!00:53
dougbi thought UME can be installed already?00:54
dougbthat the packages are in the repositories00:54
robjoskiThey haven't updated the Wiki for a while...00:55
dougbthat might be a good thing00:55
dougbi know hildon 2.0 is going to be released with OS2008 for the nokia, so maybe they are waiting until that is released00:56
robjoskiOh well, bye!00:56
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