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bluekujajdong, simply great :)14:15
bluekujajdong, any news for the build?14:16
jdongbluekuja: heh still not built. grr.16:40
jdongbluekuja: well, I poked lamont.... hopefully he can work some magic :)16:45
bluekujajdong, lol16:47
bluekujajdong, did you send him some money?16:48
jdongbluekuja: not yet, I'm sure I can work out something that he likes ;-)16:48
jdonghopefully I'll come out of that with a bit of self-respect left ;-)16:50
jdongbluekuja: MERRY CHRISTMAS17:08
jdongHELL YEAH17:08
bluekujajdong, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo17:10
charles_jdong: very nice :)17:21
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camrdalebluekuja or asac: what's happening with the bittorrent upload to gutsy-proposed (LP 66795)?19:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 66795 in bittorrent "Missing package dependencies in bittorrent-gui" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6679519:08
jdongbluekuja: ok, I'm gonna prep another azureus for upload in 2-3hrs; use /usr/bin/java as long as it's not set to GCJ (if it is set to GCJ, go down the same chain as previously)22:23
jdongbluekuja: in addition, respect environment variable $AZUREUS_JAVA if set22:23
jdongbluekuja: this will provide two ways to temporarily work around the icedtea amd64 bug until that can be resolved, while others are unaffected :)22:24
bluekujacamrdale, asac is at UDS, I've pinged another core-developer for it, it will be done is something like 1 hour22:24
bluekujacamrdale, then I'll send a mail to motu-list for testing it out22:24
bluekujajdong, great22:24
bluekujajdong, the crash bug has been fixed?22:25
jdongbluekuja: no, I still need to investigate that, after I charge up my macbook22:25
bluekujajdong, the one you told me before22:25
jdong(my only 64-bit capable machine)22:25
bluekujaok, fine22:25
jdongbluekuja: but this upcoming upload will provide a *workaround* for it22:25
jdongby allowing several ways for users to override the chosen Java stack22:25
bluekujajdong, the remaining bug is the crash one, right?22:26
bluekujathen we have a perfect package22:26
jdongand the crash isn't even our fault ;-)22:26
bluekujawell, I would say we have a working package22:26
bluekujaafter more then 2-3 years22:26
jdongbluekuja: if my suspicions are correct, a no-source-change upload of icedtea-java7 into gutsy-updates should fix that crasher22:26
jdongI will investigate that suspicion this weekend22:26
bluekujajdong, a simply rebuild upload22:27
jdongbluekuja: right22:27
jdongit just seems like the underlying ABI of amd64 Gutsy changed since the last icedtea upload22:27
bluekujajdong, well, I think you can test it with no problems when your macbook is up22:27
bluekujait's just building it on a pbuilder22:28
bluekujaand test it out22:28
jdongtrivial, if all goes to plan :)22:28
bluekujaand if we are lucky, it will work22:28
jdong(famous last words)22:28
bluekujajdong, I'm off to bed, please ping me tomorrow22:29
bluekujawhen the package is ready22:29
jdongbluekuja: sure thing22:29
bluekujaI will be at Linux Day tomorrow22:29
bluekujafor the whole day22:29
bluekujabut I have my laptop connected on irc22:29
bluekujaso ping me on the other nick you'll see22:30
bluekujalike bluekuja_22:30
bluekujajdong, good night22:30
bluekujaand take care22:31
jdonglol, ok22:31

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