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AnAntHello, we are making a firefox theme, how can it appear in Ubuntu's firefox addons ?12:02
JazzvaAnAnt: Hello, it should be packaged for Ubuntu and accepted into the repositories.12:15
AnAntJazzva: that's just it ? cool !12:15
AnAntJazzva: how will you find out that there is a new firefox theme12:15
JazzvaAnAnt: Well, if your package depends on firefox, then it will be found when a script (that finds all packages that depend on firefox) is run.12:17
JazzvaAnAnt: There is no regular cycle when it is run, but it should be from time to time :). Additionally, you could give us a notice once it gets to the repositories :).12:18
Jazzvaasac: I'm done with apturl's improvement. I had to change the url, so it could accept multiple packages. Is form like "apt:pkg1?k11=v11?k12=v12,pkg2?k21=v21?k22=v22;apt:..." acceptable?13:59
Jazzvawhere k is key and v is value.13:59
bluekujaUbulette, don't worry, take your time14:16
gnomefreakim here for a quick shower and updates14:56
gnomefreakasac: whats the chances of getting a fix in Tbird for wrong version in copyright (from what i can tell atm but havent looked into it) for gutsy-security since its a prolem with security release?15:09
gnomefreakgnomefreak@Gutsy:~$ thunderbird -v Thunderbird, Copyright (c) 1998-2007 mozilla.org15:10
gnomefreakI cant confirm it on hardy since is the only version in hardy.15:11
gnomefreakasac: see bug 156607 is the bug on version being wrong15:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156607 in thunderbird "thunderbird package contains version" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15660715:11
gnomefreak!info thunderbird gusty-security15:12
ubotuthunderbird: mail/news client with RSS and integrated spam filter support. In component main, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 10707 kB, installed size 31992 kB15:12
* gnomefreak confused :( nss-trunk PPA for Jani Monoses - Ubuntu Gutsy 3.12.0~cvs20070825-0ubuntu1~mt2 2007-09-18 None15:14
gnomefreaki dont know jani but maybe she/he took our packages?15:15
gnomefreakok back to hospital, i will be bringing her here for a while to stay with us so we can look after her, she has broken left leg, concusion, several broken ribs and a peirced lung(had surgery already for that) well either today or monday unless dr releases her over weekend.15:47
gnomefreakasac: if i dont see you before you leave for UDS have a good time! i will have hardy iceape ready for upload this weekend (not sure if you can upload from UDS) or ill have bluekuj'a take a look and push if all is good. ;) later15:49
Jazzvaasac, you're going to UDS :)? Have a great time :)...16:23
Ubulettemozilla bug 32718120:16
ubotuMozilla bug 327181 in Security: PSM "Improve error reporting for invalid-certificate errors (error page for https, or combined dialog)" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=32718120:16
Ubulettemozilla bug 39927520:19
ubotuMozilla bug 399275 in Security: PSM "create preference which restores per-page SSL error override option for IT professionals" [Enhancement,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39927520:19
Ubuletteasac, if you have time, read those two bugs.20:23
Ubulettebasically, the ui for self signed / bad cert is gone for good as it's considered bad security practice20:24
Ubulettethere's an override ui deep in the option (7 steps or so)20:25
Ubulettethe argument makes sense but I think it will be badly received by lambda users20:26
Ubulettemozilla bug 39955621:32
ubotuMozilla bug 399556 in GFX: Thebes "cairo_scaled_font_destroy: Assertion `scaled_font->ref_count > 0' failed." [Critical,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39955621:32
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gnomefreakUbulette: ?23:26
gnomefreakUbulette: seamonkey changelog needs to be fixed for 2.0 before it can be built23:26
gnomefreakUbulette: seamonkey (1.1.4-1ubuntu4) UNRELEASED; urgency=low  (version should match release ;)23:26
gnomefreakthis way a tarball can be made for the same version in changelog. also mozclient if its building seamonkey for the seamonkey release (since you removed iceape and made it seamonkey mozclient should also be updated as its weird to have iceape tarball and seamonkey debian dir23:29
gnomefreakasac: gutsy branch is fixed and im workin gon hardys build23:43
gnomefreakor not23:45
Ubulettegnomefreak, i think i'll stick to seamonkey, even for 2.0 (ie no seamonkey-2.0)23:50
Ubulettemozclient needs to be updated for sure23:50
gnomefreakUbulette: you are gonna stick to seamonkey? thats fine but mozclient has entry for iceape and the changelog needs to be fixed23:50
Ubuletteso far, i have a bug in seamonkey 1.1 preventing me to move to 2.023:51
gnomefreakhint 1.1.4 is not seamonkey 2.023:51
Ubulettei know :)23:51
gnomefreak1.1 shouldnt effect 2.023:51
gnomefreaksources are differnet23:51
Ubulettei don't think we want 1.1 anyway, iceape is already there23:52
Ubuletteso we keep iceape 1.1.* and introduce seamonkey 2.*23:53
Ubuletteno need to name it seamonkey-2.0 2.*23:53
Ubulettewell, that's my view so far. but i'm open to discussions ;)23:53
Ubulettei need help for my bug though ;)23:54
Ubulette<ubotu> Debian bug 410613 in iceape "iceape: Iceape SEGFAULT at startup" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/41061323:54
Ubulette<Ubulette> asac, i'm hitting this debian bug. my chrome dir only has jar files, no rdf so update-seamonkey-chrome fails. don't know if iceape in gutsy does that too.23:54
ubotuDebian bug 410613 in iceape "iceape: Iceape SEGFAULT at startup" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/41061323:54
Ubulettegnomefreak, i have that23:54
Ubulettetested iceape, worked fine23:55
Ubuletteso i have something wrong i can't see23:55
gnomefreakUbulette: that looks left over from 1.1.x branch TBH23:57
gnomefreaknot branch but tarball23:57
gnomefreakUbulette: what i was saying is that your changelog for seamonkey is set to 1.1.423:57
UbuletteI fetched the tarball from moz23:57
gnomefreakUbulette: that was a bug we had in 1.1.x afaik23:57
Ubuletteit *is* 1.1.423:57
gnomefreakit cant be 1.1.4 \23:58
Ubuletteit is23:58
Ubulettei started from your iceape 1.1.423:58
gnomefreakhow seamonkey 2.0-dev turned into 1.1.4?23:58
Ubulettei'm not done yet23:58
gnomefreakUbulette: changelog saying 1.1.4 wont build 2.023:58
Ubulettejust did dpatch->quilt23:58
gnomefreakUbulette: how are you building seamonkey 2.0 than? seeing as mozclient only gives you 2.0 tarball23:59
Ubulettenow i want it to work at the same level as iceape23:59
Ubulettethen, i'll move to 2.023:59
gnomefreakmy thing is your using a 2.0 tarball for 1.1.4 build23:59
Ubulettei haven't used mozclient yet23:59

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