cleatoni don't get a frontend :/00:20
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Xenocidehey guys having a problem just reinstalled and my time is screwed, i can't update with ntp servers i get ntp socket in use00:41
Xenocideany ideas?00:41
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Xenocideany ideas guys00:52
Xenocidemy OSD is an hour behind00:52
Xenocidebut my mythweb is fine00:52
ckwIs there some special trick to get mythtv to run in a window in this release?  when i enable it and then launch the frontend i get this huge resolution that wont let me see more than half of the dialog boxes03:08
dwf_starband2how do you get mplayer to start on the right screen in mythvideo?03:34
mactenchihi everyone06:31
mactenchiafter upgrading my myth box, my second tuner sometimes craps out06:32
mactenchilots of static06:32
mactenchirebooting solves it, but i was hoping one of you could tell me why it's happening06:32
CCB0x45hey I set up my wifi with ndiswrapper and it scans fine but wont connect to my network07:10
CCB0x45I also found out the res I need to use on my tv is 1280x72007:32
CCB0x45is there any way to just force xorg.conf07:33
CCB0x45to try that resolution07:33
CCB0x45because nvidia-settings doesnt detect it07:33
toorimaCCB0x45: just put it in xorg.conf07:49
dwf_starband2Is there a channel changing script built into mythbuntu?08:05
Wy|laptopMythTV should automatically change channels08:15
Wy|laptopunless you have some really wierd tuner or something08:16
toorimado you mean for irblaster or something like it?08:16
dwf_starband2yes for blaster08:20
dwf_starband2im assuming it doesnt and am following the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_External_Channel_Changer08:20
dwf_starband2for the dish network with the screensaver script08:21
dwf_starband2I got the channel change script set up08:30
dwf_starband2when I go to watch live tv I can see the ir transmitter light up so I know its working, but live tv shows a black screen for a couple of seconds then goes back to the mythtv menu08:31
dwf_starband2why isnt it showing video?08:31
toorimamaybe increase the timeout period for the card08:32
toorimawait time for signal lock or something like it08:33
dwf_starband2where is that setting at?08:33
toorimamyth-setup where u define the cards i think08:34
dwf_starband2ok thanks08:34
dwf_starband2im not finding a setting like that08:43
replmani have some problems deleting scheduled recordings. Can i clear my schedules my deleting all entries of a table in the db? delete from records?10:42
MythbuntuGuest76i m trying to install mythbuntu for the first time and noch sure what to do with TV_Card installtion wizard14:49
MythbuntuGuest76i have got the hauppauge wintv nova t usb2 (http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge_WinTV_Nova-T_USB2) which one is supported14:49
MythbuntuGuest76but the card isnt in the selectbox for card-type in the tv wizard14:50
MythbuntuGuest76what is the correct way to install?14:51
MythbuntuGuest76i dont really understand the isntall-notices in the wiki14:51
pdragonnot sure. you'll have to wait for one of the devs to come around14:58
MythbuntuGuest76ok thx14:58
pdragoncan try asking on the forums too14:59
StrawberryAngel1what distro?14:59
StrawberryAngel1that site will take you thru it step by step15:01
StrawberryAngel1Im running 710 with mythtv on a gnome desktop15:01
StrawberryAngel1You will need a guide data source15:02
StrawberryAngel1Schedules Direct15:02
StrawberryAngel1before you install...# apt-get install mysql-server and #apt-get install xmltv15:04
hugol1StrawberryAngel1:  mysql is a dependency of mythtv so you dont need to manually install it before, and xmltv you dont need it if you use eit for exemplre15:06
MythbuntuGuest76i allready entered an mysql masterpassword in the wizzard so i think it will be installed15:07
StrawberryAngel1Pay close attention to the setup instructions....it took me 2 weeks of headbanging the keybord to get it rite15:09
StrawberryAngel1im a noobie...so thats just me15:10
MythbuntuGuest76and i had the hope that ubuntu is for dummies15:10
StrawberryAngel1I got the PVR50015:10
StrawberryAngel1dual tuner15:10
pdragonit's not too bad overall compared to some others. certain hardware does have it's kinks, tho15:11
StrawberryAngel1PVR500 works out of the box without having to install drivers15:11
pdragonthere's a talk about mythbuntu later today in #ubuntu-classroom15:12
StrawberryAngel1I shall add that15:12
StrawberryAngel1Ubuntu is the easiest linux distro I have ever tried.15:22
StrawberryAngel1Suse, Fedora, FreeBSD, Linspire,  ive tried them all15:23
solarbabyI tried Knopmyth, the cd never got passed formating my hard drive heh15:24
solarbabysecond runner up was UbuntuMyth and I've never needed anything else15:24
StrawberryAngel1I'm not great with command line stuff, but I have a good teacher15:27
solarbabyThankfully theres enough Howto's with copy and paste stuff that you dont need to know more then basics15:28
dwf_starband2QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query16:16
dwf_starband2Database error was:16:16
dwf_starband2Table './mythconverg/recorded' is marked as crashed and should be repaired16:16
dwf_starband2says to use the script /usr/share/mythtv/contrib/optimize_mythdb.pl but I dont have that16:17
dwf_starband2any ideas?16:17
tgm4883dwf_starband2, run the optimize tables from MCC16:25
dwf_starband2i ran sudo mysqlcheck --all-databases --auto-repair or something like that and it fixed it16:26
tgm4883ah ok16:26
tgm4883for future reference then16:26
tgm4883when someone asks you that question16:26
tgm4883you can refer them to MCC :)16:26
dwf_starband2ok, im going to look at it now and see where it is, because that would be helpful16:27
dwf_starband2enable daily optimize/repair?16:28
cleatonanyone here knows what modules i need to have loaded for twinhan mantis 303016:31
directhex|workhttp://www.twinhan.com/product_terrestrial_3030.asp ?16:33
cleatonby 30300 do they mean 3030?16:39
cleatonone says it's zl10353 and the other mt35216:40
cleatonbut non of those works16:40
cleatoni tried this one even though it's for 2033 http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3627315&postcount=316:41
cleatonnow i atleast got a /dev/dvb16:41
cleatonbut i'm missing the frontend16:41
pdragonwonder where superm1 is hiding. he's up soon :)18:25
tyceIs going to the trunk builds the only way currently to get storage groups running?18:30
tyceand I guess a follow up to that would be, any one know when .21 is scheduled to be released?18:32
pdragoni believe so on the first question18:32
pdragonand you'd have to ask the mythtv folks about .2118:33
tyceok, not sure if I really want to go to trunk, but I REALLY want storage groups support18:33
pdragonsame here18:33
directhexweren't storage groups added to 0.20.2?18:37
directhexpretty sure they're the reason 0.20.2 isn't DB-compatible with 0.2018:37
pdragonit's a .21 feature18:37
tycewish it were added in .20.218:38
tyceanyone in here using the trunk?18:39
tycewonder how stable it's sitting right now18:39
tgm4883_laptopunstable by definition18:39
tycecorrect, but there are always varying degrees of unstable ;)18:40
pdragonmythbuntu presentation happening in #ubuntu-classroom right now for anything interested19:06
pdragonerr... anyone19:06
tyce 20:00
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mythbotI die frequently.  It's my prerogative.  Watch out though, one of these day's i'm taking ubotu with me.23:30
Davieymythbot: It's more down than up :)23:31
tazgodxhaha, mythbot is dead like always23:32

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