PriceChildis mao42 talking about me?00:01
elkbuntuhave trypglyph and Acglaphotis been behaving like this all day?00:45
mneptokelkbuntu: have been watching only the past 15m or so. no time to check scrool.00:51
mneptok(sorry, busy ATM)00:52
elkbuntuno prob00:52
elkbuntuthey're just trolling anyway00:52
mneptokapparently all tryp needs is another y-chromosomer grabbing his nutsack and squeezing01:05
* mneptok strokes elkbuntu while administering chocolate01:06
elkbuntuhe'd do well from my foot applied to his rectal opening too01:06
* mneptok administers more chocolate01:07
elkbuntuthis is the good stuff right, not cheap crap?01:07
mneptoknot worth your energy, hon. it's like God interrupting creation of the universe for a "Married: With Children" rerun01:07
mneptokoh, you don't know about my family ;)01:08
Davieyrectal and choclate should _not_ be discussed at the same time!01:08
mneptokmy paternal grandfather was a famous New York chocolatier01:08
Tm_TI'm infamous chocolate eater01:08
* Daviey fetches the choc cookies01:09
elkbuntumneptok, but but but... i need to cause someone pain every day until i get a new job :(01:09
Tm_TJethro Tull - Only Solitaire01:09
elkbuntuTm_T, no, sorry, curiouscat outranks you there01:09
mneptokelkbuntu: the fact you exist, but are not naked beside me, makes every waking moment of my life SHEER AGONY01:09
* mneptok hopes that helps a bit01:09
Tm_Telkbuntu: sorry, you lost me there01:09
elkbuntuhello fork, meet eye01:10
elkbuntuTm_T, on average how much chocolate do you consume in a week01:10
Tm_Telkbuntu: as much as I can get, from none to few kg01:10
Tm_TI also do eat plain sugar01:11
* Tm_T forks mneptok's eye01:11
Tm_Toh looky! freak!01:11
elkbuntuhmm... you're a close second then... she's more consistant01:11
elkbuntuTm_T, no, not his eye, mine01:11
Tm_Telkbuntu: you know whats the painful part?01:12
elkbuntuTm_T, eh?01:12
Tm_Tpeople keep telling me "eat more"01:12
Tm_Tyup, I'm underweight against my own will01:12
elkbuntuheh. try stuff where the protein isnt outweighed by the sugar01:13
Tm_Telkbuntu: I do01:13
Tm_Telkbuntu: I eat pretty much normal food01:13
Tm_Tand I do eat _alot_ when there's food available =)01:14
Tm_Tbut nah :(01:14
elkbuntumind you, you have no idea how much i now hate you. i barely eat and i'm still frumpy. it's not fair01:14
mc44maybe if you ate Tm_T it would cancel out01:15
Tm_Telkbuntu: youre far away from my sisters01:15
Tm_Tmc44: good idea :)01:15
elkbuntuTm_T, what do you mean, far away?01:15
Tm_Telkbuntu: well my oldest sister, wide as tall01:16
Tm_Tno, seriously01:16
elkbuntuso they hate you too then? :Þ01:16
Tm_Tthey do01:17
Tm_Twe order familysize pizza, if sister eat one slice (too much in his diet) I can eat rest of it and ask whats main course01:17
Tm_Tdownside: I'm always hungry, and may go really weak if not get food in every few hours01:18
elkbuntusounds like a medical condition then01:19
Tm_Tbut do doctors listen? no01:21
Tm_Ttalking about pizza, one of my friends: http://junkka.irc-galleria.net/l/images12/00/00/09/43/30537563.jpg01:22
* Tm_T is good girl and eats his medication01:24
elkbuntuewww.. my toilet is backed up01:28
Tm_Tuuuh, Coca-Cola from Ubuntu mug <301:29
mneptokthe toilet backed up this afternoon. the plumber he said never flush a tampoon. 01:30
Tm_Telkbuntu: ok, one thing that helps me to use lot of energy etc: I never fear to do sports, so I bicycle to uni, thats 25 km every day01:33
Tm_Tand I play pretty much any teamsport01:33
ubotutrypglyph called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic01:36
elkbuntumneptok, that was trypglyph trolling. there was no reason to call ops on recon to start with01:40
elkbuntuer on mrunagi01:40
stefgthere's a lost chinese hiv002 in #ubuntu, which needs a forced redirect apparently01:43
jribstefg: thanks01:44
elkbuntuso... how am i going to un-clog my toilet so the mess in it can flush?02:02
Tm_Telkbuntu: you dont have any device or similar to do that?02:03
elkbuntuTm_T, oh, those big suction cap things?02:03
elkbuntubut is it going to work with a heap of paper and ... waste already in the bowl?02:04
Tm_Twhy not02:05
elkbuntuwell, doesnt it rely on a seal? to work?02:06
ubotuEvanlec called the ops in #ubuntu02:07
ubotuJordan_U called the ops in #ubuntu02:07
Tm_Twell you need to get it fit perfectly to seat itself02:08
naliothelkbuntu: do you have a plunger at all?02:09
elkbuntunalioth, no :(02:11
naliothelkbuntu: that'd be the first step02:11
naliothmake sure you get one with a wood handle (don't buy the futuristic plastic 'let's blow the alligators back into the swamp' type)02:12
elkbuntuplease tell me they're cheap02:12
elkbuntuomg trypglyph left?! yay!02:13
elkbuntuwell brb buying plunger then02:13
Tm_Telkbuntu: I was just about to notify him about using nazi card too slightly02:14
jdongmneptok: btw, why do you expose the banmask before you kick?02:38
jdongdoesn't it give them a good piece of info for evading it?02:39
mneptokjdong: because auto-rejoin negates it anyway02:39
jdongmneptok: that's annoying02:40
mneptoknalioth: ping02:47
naliothmneptok: KLANG!02:47
mneptok21:44 [anpu(n=anpu@pool-71-176-31-90.nrflva.east.verizon.net)] I do have DSL. so nice try... indeeed.02:48
mneptok21:44 [anpu(n=anpu@pool-71-176-31-90.nrflva.east.verizon.net)] 02:48
mneptokdddddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccc IP02:48
mneptokthat's someone i just banned admitting they are actively evading02:49
mneptok(if you care)02:49
Tm_Tmneptok: where?02:49
mneptokand it was kahrytan02:49
mneptokTm_T: ^^02:49
naliothstill online02:49
naliothpoke me if they return02:50
naliothwe'll see02:50
mneptokthey won't02:50
mneptok21:45 -!- mode/#ubuntu-offtopic [+b *!*@pool*.nrflva.east.verizon.net] by mneptok02:50
mneptok21:47 [kahrytan_(n=kahrytan@pool-71-176-31-90.nrflva.east.verizon.net)] unban me02:50
mneptoknot so smug NOW, are we?02:50
elkbunturight, so the guy at the hardware place advised i get the landlord to call a plumber in, cause it's probably only going to happen again02:51
mneptok"We can sell you a shovel to dig a temporary trench replacement ..."02:51
Tm_Telkbuntu: perhaps, perhaps not02:51
naliothelkbuntu: but you still need a plunger (every house does)02:52
Tm_Tand temporary fix is better than nothing, right?02:52
Tm_TI actually should buy one of those too02:53
Tm_Tgood tools when washing clothes02:53
elkbuntui got one, but im not about to start plunging poop with something only a foot long02:54
naliothso long as you have one for the Porcelain Goddess and one for the clothes02:54
naliothyou only got one with a foot long handle?  o_002:54
elkbuntunalioth, it's all they had, those or the springy plastic things02:54
naliothelkbuntu: then the place sucked.02:55
ubotuAn error has occurred and has been logged.02:55
elkbuntunalioth, yeah, well welcome to where i live02:55
naliothelkbuntu: you want one with a 4" or 5" plunger and a 2' or 3' handle02:55
naliotha wooden handle02:55
elkbuntueverywhere sucks. we dont even have a decent non-chain pizza place around here :(02:55
mneptokelkbuntu: any fried dingo stands?02:56
kahrytan_Mneptok is abusing ops proviledges by banning people that are not breaking o4o, CoC, or irc guidelines. If I want to use hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeelllllllllloooooooo then I can. It is not in either of those rules. I read them. 02:56
mneptokand there's some massive proof of his maturity level02:56
mneptokjesus, when *i* call you immature, you KNOW it's bad.02:56
elkbuntuwas thinking the same thing02:57
mneptoki love you, too, dear. *muah*02:57
elkbuntumy unit is really starting to smell like poop :(02:57
kahrytan_Mneptok is abusing ops privileges by banning people that are not breaking o4o, CoC, or irc guidelines. If I want to use hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeelllllllllloooooooo then I can. It is not in either of those rules. I read them.  This is fact. and I would like his op status moved immediately until he learns to not abuse the powers.02:58
Tm_Tso we should deal his issue for him?02:58
* mneptok sits mutely, allowing others to form their own opinions as to who is probably in the right02:58
elkbuntu>kahrytan_< we would have taken you seriously had you stayed rather than being a troll by leaving and returning then leaving. your ban stays.02:58
elkbuntulets see how he responds to that02:59
Tm_Telkbuntu: share it then with us :))03:00
elkbuntuhe hasnt responded. who is surprised?03:01
mneptokTm_T: you slow down to pass car accidents, don't you ;)03:01
Tm_Telkbuntu: btw if I would been close enough you I could've helped you with your poop issue03:01
elkbuntumneptok, you say that as though it's abnormal behaviour03:01
Tm_Tmneptok: nope03:01
Tm_Tmneptok: unless I go to help, thats only03:01
mneptokTm_T: so it's only on IRC? ;)03:01
Tm_Tmneptok: only on this channel03:02
Tm_T(or other admin stuff)03:02
* mneptok scores himself a half point03:02
naliothone more 'drive by spamming' and i'll have a talk with him03:02
mneptoknalioth: i banned him because he was fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilling the chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannel needlessly, i asked him to stop, and he refused.03:03
ubotunickrud called the ops in #ubuntu03:03
naliothmneptok: i know.03:03
naliothjrib: hi03:04
jribnalioth: hi03:04
naliothjrib: PM?03:04
jribnalioth: sure03:04
elkbuntumrunagi's antics are wearing very thin...03:08
mneptok*sigh* kahrytan's /msg spam continues03:10
* mneptok is perilously close to /ignore03:10
Tm_Tmneptok: tell him to tell me ;)03:10
mneptok22:04 [kahrytan(n=kahrytan@pool-71-176-31-90.nrflva.east.verizon.net)]  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooo03:10
mneptok22:06 [kahrytan(n=kahrytan@pool-71-176-31-90.nrflva.east.verizon.net)]  unban me yet?03:10
* jdong starts the k-line chant03:11
naliothmneptok: ask him to come in here, please03:11
mneptok22:09 [msg(kahrytan)] please /join #ubuntu-ops03:11
mneptok22:09 -!- kahrytan: No such nick/channel03:12
jdongproblem solved?03:12
mneptokonly if abortions are retroactive.03:12
Tm_Tmneptok: but they are!03:13
jdongmneptok: self-abortions don't work...03:13
naliothno longer on the network, mneptok 03:13
naliothyou ran him off03:14
Tm_Thow dull end :(03:14
elkbuntunalioth, deleted his nick and everything?03:15
mneptoknalioth: sounds like most of my dating career03:15
jdongmneptok: at least you had one :)03:16
naliothelkbuntu: no, the IP is not here (under any nick)03:16
Tm_Tmneptok: dating? whats that?03:16
mneptokjdong: i have a rich fantasy life ;)03:16
elkbuntuwould someone like to back me up with mr 'can i have her for the weekend?03:16
Tm_Tmneptok: kidnapping is not dating, I thought I told you this before03:16
Tm_Telkbuntu: sure03:16
jdongmneptok: I have that too, but mommy says that's wrong.03:16
elkbuntusomeone who can back up with some authority?03:17
Tm_Telkbuntu: hey! my carisma is my authority?!03:18
Tm_Tanother ban evader there btw =)03:18
naliothTm_T: nick? info?03:18
Tm_Tnalioth: nah, wide ban enough done03:19
* mneptok flexes03:19
Tm_Tmneptok: you're getting skilled on this =)03:19
elkbuntumneptok, you may have some collatoral in that...03:20
elkbuntun=jackfros h4606f3f0.area1.spcsdns.net irc.freenode.net xipietotec H :0 xochitlcocoayoh03:20
Madpilot_umm.... "mrunagi (n=unagi@015-996-981.area7.spcsdns.net) has joined #ubuntu"03:21
mneptokelkbuntu: on it03:21
mneptokelkbuntu: just spoke to xipi. he's cool.03:21
elkbuntuwas he area 7 before too?03:21
Tm_TMadpilot_: left03:21
elkbuntuyep, just nuke the area7s03:22
elkbuntuthere's only one other area7 on atm and they're not in any linuxy channels03:23
elkbuntubtw, he is likely to start trolling #ubuntu sooner or later03:25
Tm_Telkbuntu: if he's there03:25
elkbuntuhe is03:26
Tm_Tah back03:26
elkbuntuhe keeps joining and changing his nick03:26
jdongmneptok: xipi's cool -- he hangs out in #uf a lot; definitely not the same guy as the troll03:31
jdong22:32 < pieisgood4589> wuzzuppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp03:32
jdongjust spammed #uf03:33
Tm_Toh not again...03:33
Tm_Tyou know whats only missing now?03:33
elkbuntumr nalioth pummelling him with love?03:34
Tm_Tno, wii03:34
* Tm_T hugs #ubuntu-ops 03:34
naliothand they want me to kline spammers in other channels . . . 03:35
naliothjdong: i'm in (on average) 80 channels03:38
jdongnalioth: wow03:38
jdonghow do you keep track of them all?03:38
naliothwhat do you think i think when i channel hop and see that kind of stuff?03:38
naliothespecially when i'm chasing spamming trolls?03:39
mneptokjdong: i know. xipi and i go back a ways.03:42
mneptok(but thanks)03:42
* Tm_T is on 60 channels currently03:43
Tm_Tno, 5003:43
Tm_Thumm or was it 60... anyway03:43
elkbuntuwoot... 5 days til my birthday... who's buying me presents?03:45
mneptokelkbuntu: i am! i won't /msg you for 30 days!03:45
mneptokhow's THAT for thoughtful?!03:46
Tm_Tbirthday... never done or have anything related to it03:46
Tm_Twhats the fuss on it anyway03:46
elkbuntuTm_T, in the words of the nanny... i believe in anything that delivers03:46
elkbuntuthe tv show03:47
Tm_Tdont know it03:47
elkbuntushe's jewish, yet believes in santa because he 'delivers'03:47
Tm_TI se03:47
Tm_Twell, I havent done anything christmas related either03:48
Tm_Tnor will03:48
elkbuntubasically, im not going to knock anything that gets me stuff03:48
Tm_Tme neither, as long as it doesnt have bad label03:48
Tm_Tbut never had anything with bad label either =)03:50
mneptokobstetricians also deliver03:50
Tm_Tmailman too03:50
Tm_Tif nothing else, tax bills03:51
Tm_Tthat reminds one funny thing I heard03:52
Tm_T"oh you poor child, never had christmas presents"03:53
Tm_Tyeah, I'm ruined =)03:53
Tm_Tbreakfast 2 ->03:53
elkbuntugrrr... why is my landlord going to wait until he knocks off work to come fix my toilet... cant he just call a plumber so i dont have to smell poop all day?! :(04:42
naliothWHAT? and lose money paying for the plumber, when he _may_ be able to do it himself?04:42
elkbuntubut the poop smell is really.... poopy :(04:43
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: Sounds like you're having a great week.04:43
mneptokelkbuntu: got any suntan oil/cream? cologne?04:43
mneptokelkbuntu: take a little and rub it on your septum.04:43
tritiumyay, imap on gmail...04:43
tonyyarussotritium: I'm confused - why is that such a big deal?04:44
tritiumtonyyarusso: I _hate_ webmail.  I much prefer a local client.04:44
tonyyarussotritium: I've been using POP3 with Gmail since it launched.04:44
tritiumI don't like POP either.04:45
naliothtonyyarusso: he hates POP  04:45
naliothtritium: tell us, just what is so good about imap?04:45
tonyyarussoWith IMAP you can't read stuff without an internet connection...04:45
tritiumSure you can.04:45
tritiumHave your client keep copies.04:46
tonyyarussothen how is it different to have IMAP?04:47
* nalioth shines the spotlight on tritium 04:47
naliothc'mon, spill it!04:48
tritiumsheesh :)04:48
tonyyarussoWe're waiting.04:48
tritiumpersonal preference, I guess04:48
tonyyarussobut what's to prefer???04:48
tonyyarussoWhat is the difference?04:48
tonyyarusso(other than being slower)04:48
naliothtell us tell us tell us04:49
* nalioth turns off the spotlight and puts it away04:51
tritiumI access my mail from multiple computers.  POP deletes from the server, or if you don't, then on each client, I have to delete the same messages.04:51
tritiumThat's the main annoyance.04:52
tonyyarussoOkay, the latter point I'll accept.04:53
tritiumIf I delete message A from one client, I don't want to see it again (and have to delete it again) in client B.04:53
tonyyarussoJust as ou can have an IMAP client keep copies, you can have a POP server keep copies.04:53
tonyyarussoThe deletion makes sense though.04:53
tritiumThat's the main advantage for me.04:54
naliothtritium: because you use 14 computers to check your email04:54
Tm_Tmain idea of IMAP is that you dont need local copy04:54
tritiumnalioth: no, just two, sometimes three04:54
tonyyarussoI love how Gmail still says "Beta"....05:00
Tm_TI hate the way people began to think "Beta" means "free test version" too often05:01
Tm_T"hey, my KDE4 is crashy!"05:01
ubotuJordan_U called the ops in #ubuntu05:02
* nalioth wonders if he has imap05:03
Tm_Tnalioth: perhaps you have n-map05:03
naliothi definitely have nmap (and i use it often)05:03
* Tm_T wants his own t-map05:04
naliothnope, no imap yet05:06
tritiumbut nalioth, you shined the spotlight so brightly, I didn't think you wanted imap05:09
naliothtritium: i've never in my life had access to an imap mail server05:10
naliothtritium: how will i know if i want it or not?05:10
tritiumnalioth: you haven't?  Well, try it out.05:10
tonyyarussotritium: All right, so were is this IMAP setup so I can check it out?05:10
Tm_TI have several imaps and gmail as pop05:10
* tonyyarusso will see what happens05:10
tritiumnalioth: http://www.engin.umich.edu/caen/faqs/Email/POPVSIMAP/whyimap/05:12
naliothjust what you said, tritium 05:15
tritiumtonyyarusso: sorry, in Settings05:15
naliothi can see no functional difference in what i'm getting now05:15
tritiumnalioth: perhaps you'd prefer to read this: http://www.imap.org/imap.vs.pop.brief.html05:16
tritiumtonyyarusso: if it still just says "Forwarding and POP," then you haven't been setup for it yet.05:17
tonyyarussotritium: how long are they taking to roll it out?05:17
tritiumnot sure05:17
tonyyarussoForwarding and POP/IMAP05:18
tonyyarussolooks like I have it05:18
tritiumYes, you do.05:18
nalioththanks, tritium, i'm going to bed now.05:28
tritiumgood night, nalioth.05:28
nalioththat last URL bored my left eye completely to sleep, and the right eye is wavering05:30
* tritium never claimed it was interesting. You just wanted more detail.05:31
mneptoknalioth: maybe this will revive you - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5z4Vs26-TI06:11
elkbuntumneptok, that one never ceases to amuse06:16
mneptokelkbuntu: seen Zlad's "Elektronik Supersonik?"06:17
elkbuntumneptok, nope?06:17
elkbuntuis this guy Borat's cousin or brother or something?06:18
mneptokAussie, actually ;)06:19
elkbuntuthe guy looks familiar, but not a clue who it is06:19
mneptokwest virginia?06:21
elkbuntucould have been on Full Frontal i suppose. they used to have crazy stuff like that on there06:24
elkbuntuthis was also on full frontal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqFcdz4gGKA see if you recognise anyone06:26
elkbuntumneptok, ^^06:34
mneptokkroist, when was that?!06:35
mneptokPoida ain't no Hulk ;)06:35
elkbuntulike 10 years ago06:35
elkbuntuhe aint no hector either06:35
mneptokdamned roit06:35
mneptokfuck! e's got mo dooen eet06:36
tonyyarusso!ohmy | mneptok 06:36
ubotumneptok: Please watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.06:36
elkbuntuhis segments were totally classic06:36
mneptokuhh ... we been reading the same -ops, tony? :)06:36
elkbuntubut anyway, that's how he started his career06:37
tonyyarussomneptok: prolly not :P06:37
mneptokPunkin Oida06:37
elkbuntutonyyarusso, what aussie tv did i introduce you to yesterday?06:37
tonyyarusso. !ohmy-#ubuntu-ops is <reply> Please, um, oh forget it, I give up.06:38
elkbuntuah, the chaser's war on everything06:38
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: ya06:39
elkbuntumneptok, http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+chaser&search=Search06:39
mneptokneed nicotine. after.06:40
* mneptok just rolled06:40
mneptokelkbuntu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8XpYCB9vi006:48
elkbuntuyeah, they got arrested and charged for that06:49
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: awww06:50
mneptokelkbuntu: really?! suck.06:51
crdlbcould someone do something about moss please? :)06:54
crdlbthanks :)06:55
crdlbI wasn't sure if that was !ops-worthy06:56
crdlbI guess it was06:56
tonyyarussocrdlb: Or just a "make sure tony's awake-worthy - it hilighted me anyway06:56
tonyyarussoUm, put a close-" in there06:56
elkbuntuops is worth it if the person is being disruptive, and you direct the ops at the culprit06:56
tonyyarussoOoooo, nice PMs now 06:58
elkbuntumneptok, this is a pretty funny one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJuNgBkloFE07:00
tonyyarussomneptok: You were the one that played around with Claws for a while, right?07:01
mneptoktonyyarusso: yep07:02
tonyyarussomneptok: Was that with Feisty?  I remember you said there were stability issues.07:03
mneptoktonyyarusso: the biggest issue was the "*what* mail you imported yesterday?!" thing07:05
tonyyarussomneptok: I don't remember that well - elaborate?07:06
mneptoki have a ton of saved mail in nested dirs. Claws would import it, and a random # of launches later the mail would not be there.07:07
mneptoklike ... not be there. Claws uses maildir, and the messages were *poof*07:07
* crdlb <3's regular sylpheed07:07
mneptok314M    ./Local Folders07:10
tonyyarussoOh, btw, Google's SSL cert is signed by Thawte, for trivia purposes07:10
mneptokmy mail store is not trivial07:10
mneptoktonyyarusso: not surprising, as they probably need to easily deploy certs worldwide.07:10
elkbuntuyay, pipes cleared now08:39
elkbuntumy unit now smells like a full on sewer08:39
PriceChilderm.... yay08:47
Tm_Tits delightful indeed08:47
JanCSSL certs signed by Verisign or Thawte or similar are bogus anyway09:41
JanCtonyyarusso: I know that I got an SSL-certificate signed by Thawte for a non-existent company in 200010:10
JanCsince then, I don't trust most CA anymore...10:10
tonyyarussoerr, why?10:10
tonyyarusso(did you do it)10:11
Davieytonyyarusso: S**t's and giggles i guess10:11
Daviey!ohmy > Daviey10:11
Moniker42hey, could someone op me in #ubuntu-uk-chat please? the channel was registered, and then unregistered, messed up op modes i think10:41
JanCtonyyarusso: my boss planned to start a new company (on his wife's name) to replace the company I was working for and which was going to be bankrupt10:44
HobbseeMoniker42: looks like you'll need to register it.  or find a staffer10:44
Moniker42Hobbsee, i tried registering it... said i needed ops to register =\10:45
JanCbut the new company didn't exist yet (it could take up to 3 months to start a new company back then) and he wanted to get the new site designed on the expenses of the company going bankrupt10:45
JanCso Thawte asked us for a confirmation fax with the logotype/masthead of the new company10:46
JanCso then I designed the new logotype and we faxed them10:47
JanC... after which we got the signed certificate10:47
JanCnow, I hope you understand why I don't trust CAs anymore...10:48
tomawMoniker42: you'll have to talk to seveas abotu that10:48
Seeker`tomaw: I think its sorted now10:49
Moniker42tomaw, already sorted10:50
Moniker42for some reason having only one person in the channel could do it...10:50
Hobbseepleia2: you suck.11:05
pleia2what did I do this time? :)11:06
Hobbseepleia2: :)11:10
Hobbseepleia2: see /query11:10
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PriceChild!away > Mez 12:33
tonyyarussoPriceChild: he's been told before.  Lots.12:35
PriceChildI know :P12:35
PriceChildmaybe we should create a #ubuntu-get-rid-of-your-damn-away-message-boy-o!12:35
tonyyarussowhere'd he do it even?12:36
PriceChildDoes that guy _ever_ say anything?12:36
PiciI really think its a bot12:37
PiciIts definitly a bot... theres another user at the same host with a similar nickname mashroom_45 idling in -offtopic12:43
tonyyarussoA mirc bot?12:44
PiciIts weird, but I can't come up with any other ideas.12:45
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tonyyarussoPici: where?13:00
Picitonyyarusso: just making noises about the 13:01
Pici|away stuff13:01
PiciI need more caffeine... can't type13:01
* jussi01 hands Pici: a caffeine drip13:02
tonyyarussoPici: how long have you been up?13:03
Picitonyyarusso: only 2 hours. Just tired though.13:03
* tonyyarusso just pulled an all-nighter for no reason and now gets to go to work :P13:04
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jussi01!killhim | Mez:13:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about killhim - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:07
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* jussi01 hugs Hobbsee:13:18
jussi01Hobbsee: I havent heard darn used for years!13:18
jussi01(such an aussie word)13:19
jussi01Hobbsee: I am now located in Finland, havent been living in oz for around 3½ years...13:19
PiciI use darn, and I'm not an aussie13:20
jussi01Pici: really? wow...13:20
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jussi01Pici: never heard it here or in ireland...13:21
jussi01oh someone ban him...13:21
Amaranthdarn is what you say when it's not appropriate to say god damnit13:21
jussi01hmmm, how do I just mute someone in a channel? (ie. a bot)?13:22
Amaranthor +b %13:22
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Amaranthanyone else get dropped by that one?13:34
tonyyarussoI just disconnected from something....13:35
jussi01Amaranth: it seems a few did...13:35
tonyyarussowhat happened?13:36
jussi01Amaranth: if you are really interested.. :P http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/42215/13:36
jussi01tonyyarusso: small netsplit by the looks of it...13:36
tonyyarussojussi01: oh, ok13:36
Amaranthwell first my router curled up in a ball and cried from the hit of 1400 people or whatever going away in #ubuntu then when i whipped it and told it to get back to work i couldn't get past the 'checking ident' part of connecting13:36
* tonyyarusso broke his system, yay!13:36
jussi01well done...13:37
jussi01tonyyarusso: in soviet russia, the system breaks you...13:38
tonyyarusso"Software index is broken"13:38
tonyyarussoI can't use apt13:38
tonyyarussoHow can I say "Force remove this package even if dpkg has errors"?13:39
jussi01ok, im going home. see tyou all.13:39
Amaranthtonyyarusso: dpkg --configure -a ?13:41
tonyyarussoAmaranth: no13:41
jribpass --force-all I guess?13:43
Amaranthtonyyarusso: hrm13:43
AmaranthIf the DB is corrupt...13:43
Amaranththere is a backup?13:43
tonyyarussoof apt?13:44
tonyyarussodoubt it13:44
Amaranthapt isn't your problem13:44
Amaranthdpkg is13:44
tonyyarussojrib: nope13:44
tonyyarussoThere's an error restarting apache2, and therefore it won't remove the package13:44
jribso use the "exit 0" trick13:44
Amaranthoh, you said your dpkg database was corrupt13:45
tonyyarussowhat's that jrib ?13:45
tonyyarussoAmaranth: that's one of the many errors I've gotten, from different things13:45
Amaranthtonyyarusso: /var/lib/dpkg/info/apache2.postrm or something13:46
jribtonyyarusso: edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/apache2*  (find the right one)13:46
tonyyarussojrib: what am I doing?13:47
jribtonyyarusso: one of the lines is responsible for restarting apache, you want to stop that from happening.  either comment it out or add "exit 0" right above the part that restarts apache if that is the last thing done in the script13:48
Amaranthtonyyarusso: sticking an 'exit 0' somewhere near the top so the script shuts the hell up and goes away13:48
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tonyyarussoworks now - clever manipulation of order14:13
ubotudgjones called the ops in #ubuntu15:12
jdongbot down?15:53
jdongoh duh, netsplitted15:53
jdongdidn;'t come back?15:54
LjLjdong: no, i don't know why, but it won't come back...15:54
LjLubotwo didn't come back either, it couldn't connect to irc.freenode.net (don't know precisely *which* server it was trying, but it just got stuck on trying)15:54
LjLi had to manually connect it to a known-working server15:55
LjLUbotwo: join #ubuntuforums15:55
jdongcan we get him in -devel and -motu?15:56
jdongpeople are trying to use the bug tracker15:56
LjLUbotwo: join #ubuntu-motu15:57
LjLUbotwo: part #ubuntu-motu15:57
naliothjdong: if ubotu returns, just /remove ubot3 please (if it doesn't leave on its own)  :)16:00
jdongnalioth: ok16:01
jdong*wonders how he /removes on -devel/-motu*16:01
naliothyou poke an op to do so  :)16:01
jdongnalioth: sounds good16:01
* Hobbsee is around, for that.16:10
* MenZa pokes Pici.16:33
* Pici pokes MenZa 16:33
* jdong cries a bit...16:35
jdongthey're blasting T-Pain in the donut shop...16:35
jdongif you can even call it "blasting"16:35
no0ticah, sorry16:37
* no0tic is an -it op ;)16:37
stdinno magic yet?16:43
* Pici remembers no0tic, for once ;)16:44
no0ticstdin, I'm developing a perl script to automessage here when I join :)16:45
stdinwe need Seveas, nalioth, Hobbsee or apokryphos to put you on the access list16:47
jdongHobbsee: no0tic is an op in -it16:47
jdongvoice tag thingie16:47
jdong(he's been confused with an idler a hilarious number of times)16:48
jdongit's almost funnier if we keep it this way ;-)16:48
no0ticjdong, yes :) it's not a problem :)16:50
jdongubotu: green tuna is really bad to eat16:51
PriceChildGive it 30 minutes and I'll ask you again no0tic.16:51
jdongnope not alive yet16:51
no0ticPriceChild, ahah :)16:51
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, jdong said: ubotu: green tuna is really bad to eat16:53
jdongok, alive apparently :)16:53
Seeker`no0tic: how may we help you?16:53
PiciSeeker`: How can we help you?16:53
PriceChildfor $i in #ubuntu-ops; do............16:54
no0ticSeeker`, we met yesterday :) I'm an -it op16:55
PriceChildAhhhh weak strawberry milkshake.... it makes the whole day worth while.16:56
no0ticbut if you think it's a problem, I can part whenever you want16:56
jdongPriceChild: bash: #ubuntu-ops: no substitutions found16:57
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, lastnode_ said: ubotu, actually irc is the real reason16:59
PriceChild!bot > lastnode_17:00
PiciPriceChild: I told him, it was accidentally.17:00
Picier s/accidentally/accidental/17:01
PriceChildah k :)17:01
naliothtalk about phoning in your lessons17:25
naliothPriceChild: -classroom17:26
PriceChildah haha17:27
naliothset the send rate to one line every 2 seconds and go snuggle with the secretary17:27
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* mneptok jumps up and down on ompaul 22:30
ompaulharro there mneptok 22:30
mneptokhow goes the struggle?22:30
mneptokmy day has been a whirlwind of feline urine and feces. i *love* pet ownership.22:31
ompaulmneptok, our dogs behaved themeselves22:34
ompaulI spent my day fighting a box that did not want to be subdued22:34
ompaulso it is unplugged and doing nothing for the weekend22:34
mneptokspend this weekend finding an old audio cabinet speaker. put the magnet on an axe handle. have a somewhat different conversation with that box on Monday. ;)22:36
ompaulinduce it to speak?22:49
Seveasfuck compiz23:10
Seveasit's forcing me to reboot since I lost all control of mouse and keyboard23:10
Seveasthree fucking times in a row...23:10
mc44that's a feature!23:12
Seveasmc44, of course it is23:12
Seveasfortunately, '--purge' is a feature of apt-get23:12
Seveasfun night on the 24/7 shift today23:13
Seveashad to fix a few dozen broken database replicators23:13
Seveasthank you mysql, you utter piece of crap23:13
Seveasif someone INTERRUPTS a query, don't FSCKING REPLICATE IT, you moron23:14
Seveasdon't know who wins the stupid software price there, mysql or compiz23:14
Seveasgoing for mysql there, since compiz can still call this a bug23:15
Seveasmysql can't since they anticipate this to happen23:15
Seveas"query caused different errors on master and slave"23:16
Seveasif it causes an error on the master, you DON'T FUCKING REPLICATE IT, MORON23:16
naliothSeveas: language please (it's not helping us)   :)23:18
Seveasnalioth, yeah I know.... I'm just thoroughly pissed off and you're the victims of it :)23:18
PriceChildwow a ban in -offtopic on *!*@*.area7.spcsdns.net :/23:39
PriceChildnot showing up on bantracker grr23:39
LjLSeveas: mysql wins, because mysql is supposed to be *useful*, while if you use compiz, you deserve the crashes23:40
crdlb@lart LjL 23:41
LjLyikes, what are you doing here, you're usually not here... :P23:41
crdlbsorry :)23:41
LjLnext time tell me you're here before i diss compiz :P23:41
PriceChildaha it was a mneptok setting that ban whilst ubotu was down23:42
PriceChild*reads logs*23:42
PiciReally? wasnt in my logs..23:43
Piciah.. maybe if I spelled it correctly... *greps again*23:44
jdongPriceChild: that was the annoying ban evader yesterday23:45
jdongthe unagis.23:45
PriceChildhe was || close to being banned in #ubuntu23:45
PiciFor what?23:45
PriceChildI think I was offline when the ban was set as can't see it in my logs.23:45
MyrttiI love my phone23:47
PiciMe either...23:47
PriceChildMyrtti, whatcha got?23:47
MyrttiTis most lovely phone23:47
mneptokPriceChild: that was me.23:48
Picimneptok: ja?23:48
mneptokPriceChild: had a o4o abuser that when cautioned said "try banning me. i'm dynawic."23:48
PriceChildlovely :d23:48
mneptokyeah, a *real* charmer23:48
PriceChildI'll tell him to deal with it.23:48
mneptok("mrunagi" last night)23:48
Piciooh.. same guy.23:49
mneptokyou're surprised? :)23:49
PiciNot really.23:49
mneptokcalm blue ocean ... calm blue ocean ...23:49
ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu23:50
mneptokPici: is *unagi on now?23:50
mneptokif so, i'll talk to him/her. you don't need to deal with my messes.23:50
jdongPici: get rid of some of the all caps nicks too23:51
Picimneptok: Yes, but check with PriceChild first, he might e talking to hinm23:51
PriceChildI'm talking with him.23:51
jdongthey weren't exactly being clean either23:51
Picijdong: who?23:51
jdongPici: CRY*23:52
Picijdong: look again.23:52
mneptokPriceChild: i'm happy to deal with him, if you'd like. it's my problem.23:52
jdongPici: ok, I need more sleep23:52
* jdong continues preparing SRU for Azureus23:53
PriceChildPici, you acn remove that ban I think.23:53
mneptokjdong: srch-retr url?23:53
PriceChildmneptok, could you get me logs pleasie weasie?23:54
mneptokPriceChild: can do. stand by.23:54
PriceChildI think he's fed up now.23:54
jdongAZUREUS_JAVA="gij-4.2" azureus23:54
Myrtti<3 mirggi.net23:55
mneptokPriceChild: http://birdhouse.org/~mnep/unagi.txt23:56
PriceChildgah around with trypglyph....23:57
PriceChildmneptok, that's grepped on mrunagi... could I possibly have the other stuff around it as some isn't making sense :)23:58
mneptokfull disclosure, that log is a grep for "unagi"23:58
mneptokso there's some missing content.23:58
PriceChildhehe yeah23:58
* Pici reads23:58
PriceChildthe objectifying bit doesn't make the most sense23:58
mneptokPriceChild: i'll get you all of yesterday for -offtopic23:58

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