ajmitchand I presume that you need it before you go?00:00
sorenOf course00:02
sorenWhich I suppose it the main reason why I'm still awake.00:02
sorenThe internet is an odd, odd place.00:06
sorenI ask google what it knows about: scanjet 3300c linux black00:06
sorenThe first hit has the correct scanner in the title, but it's in Czech and the bit that google shows me that contains the word "black" is "blahblahblh Black Plague blahblahblha"00:07
Kamping_Kaiserlol. sounds par for the course00:08
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sorenhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~soren/foo.ppm  <--- Not entirely black, as it turns out.00:13
* soren goes to sleep00:30
sorenG'night, guys.00:30
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robc4anyone in here?05:24
jncnot usually05:24
robc4well, I have a question about 6.1005:25
robc4I show 3 users logged in with a w or a who command05:25
robc4and only one is connected via ssh05:25
robc4are the other two system users doing cron commands?05:25
robc4or should I be worried05:26
jncwhat tty05:26
robc4is the only one showing up unless I do a who -a05:27
jnceach program you run interactively opens up a pseudoterminal05:27
robc4so it could be a service like a dns multicaster05:28
robc4access.log looks clean05:28
robc4sorry, auth.log05:28
alienseer23i cannot get webcalendar to successfully launch, getting access denied, but when i use 'test connection' it works just fine. mysql settings seem to be correct, help?06:56
_rubencrap .. i guess i disabled ipv6 the wrong way .. now when i try to do apt-get update it complains it cant access the ipv6 ip addresses of the repo's10:23
_rubenwhat the hell .. my 70-persistent-net-rules got altered .. it swapped my interface names10:28
_rubengot 6 interfaces, using 2 at the moment, 1's still ok, the other got swapped with one of the other 410:29
_rubennever mind .. some1 pulling a network cable by accident got me confused11:01
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CybrSpyAnyone have experience getting gutsy to install on sun sparc t1000? I've hit a port unreachable wall after it starts getting the file from tftp.15:41
sommerCybrSpy: are you doing a net install?15:45
sommerCybrSpy: ah, sorry I've only done installs from CD on sparc15:46
sommerCybrSpy: the tftp part starts though?15:46
CybrSpyAfter rarpd assigns the ip address, and it goes to tftp the file(I have the name right) it starts d/ling the file then kicks off trying to hit a high udp port looking for something.. yes it starts the tfp session15:47
CybrSpyer tftp15:47
CybrSpyOther people have run into this - as I've found people asking about it via google.  I'm just not seeing a solution.  I'm guessing I'm missing something right in front of me..  you know.. a D'OH moment.15:48
sommerCybrSpy: not sure if this will help but, there are some instructions in this post: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-185136.html15:51
CybrSpyThanks.. I've not tried the preseed trick yet.. But everything else I've done.  There's actually a post in that link where someone mentions the port unreachable issue.. then a couple posts later says he's booting properly now.. But nothing as to what the issue was..    I'll try the preseed trick - maybe that will make it stop looking for a port on my boot server that's not open.15:55
sommerCybrSpy: cool, good luck15:56
zobboTrying to install apache2 on Gutsy and it appears I can't install mod_auth_ldap - which wants 'apache-common' which apparantly no longer exists. Am I stuck with a source install ?16:00
zobbolibapache-mod-ldap: Depends: apache-common but it is not installable16:00
sommerzobbo: try apache2.2-common16:03
zobbotried - it's installed but no go :-(.16:04
zobbojust found this https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/universe-bugs/2007-September/017302.html16:04
mralphabetyes, that probably needs to be fixed16:04
zobboah well :)16:04
mralphabetzobbo: you may want to open an additional bug or append to that bug that libapache-mod-ldap also fits that bug16:06
zobboIf I had half a brain I'd have found this first https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/universe-bugs/2007-September/017341.html16:06
zobboso looks like reported and confirmed.16:06
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XiXaQHello everyone. I'm trying to setup an LDAP server for use as a single sign-on solution and for sharing contacts in  evolution. Can someone point me to a good guide on the subject?16:42
sommerXiXaQ: here's a link for feisty: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/server/C/openldap-server.html16:43
sommeralso the community docs have this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer16:43
XiXaQsommer, yes, I've read that, but I didn't understand anything in the last part, about using it for authentication.16:52
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sommerXiXaQ: do you have a specific question?  is your plan to authenticate Linux systems to LDAP?  if so check out the ldap-auth-config package.17:01
XiXaQyes, I was hoping to let the users have one systems for all services on all servers.17:02
sommerXiXaQ: cool, from my experience with LDAP each service/application has a different way to be configured for LDAP.17:04
sommerthe ldap-auth-config tool will help you configure Linux workstations to authenticate to LDAP.17:05
sommeryou'll need to have your users setup in LDAP with the correct attributes first though.17:05
XiXaQheh, how do I do that?17:05
sommersetup users in LDAP?17:06
sommerif you're just staring out the easiest way is to import an LDIF file.17:07
sommerThat's covered in the guide under Populating  the LDAP Tree17:07
XiXaQbut I don't have to manually create that for each user, or..?17:10
XiXaQI was hoping I could use the same tools as normal to create users, change passwords, etc?17:11
sommerXiXaQ: as far as I know those tools are used to manage the local user database not an LDAP server.17:12
sommerThere are some gui style LDAP tools: http://phpldapadmin.sourceforge.net/ and http://luma.sourceforge.net/ are two that I use17:12
sommerI don't use them to add users though!17:13
sommerthey don't work for me that way, because I retreive some user attributes from our main database application.17:14
sommerthey may work fine for your setup.17:14
XiXaQthanks :)17:19
sommerXiXaQ: sure, np17:19
close2__i just had quite some troubles activating a raid1 lvm2 volume17:22
close2__and was wondering if i should switch to hardware-raid17:22
ScottKI can report another Fiesty --> Gutsy server upgrade with no trouble at all.17:24
sommerScottK: out of curiosity what services were upgraded?17:30
sommerI think I'm going to upgrade a web/print server next week.17:31
ScottKIt's a mail server, so Postfix, Clamav, SASL, DKIM-Milter and all the other bits that go with it.17:31
sommerah, cool17:31
ScottKI didn't do it the official way.  I just apt-get dist-upgraded.17:32
sommerreally... did it ask you about merging configs if you do dist-upgrade ?17:32
sommercool, wasn't sure if that was a do-release-upgrade thing.17:33
ScottKntp.conf is the only one I had.  That's a function of dpkg, so it doesn't matter which17:33
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osmosisis there a wiki page for info on upgrading for ubuntu servers ?18:43
leonelsudo apt-get update18:46
leonelsudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:47
leonel do-release-upgrade18:47
ScottKleonel: I saw in a bug report that the Feisty clamav (not the backports one) is no longer getting database updates.  Would you look into it and see if we can fix it so it will?18:48
leonelosmosis: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading  the last part18:48
osmosisleonel: cool18:48
leonelScottK:  ok18:48
osmosisleonel: yup, there it is.  i was still doing dist-upgrade18:48
ScottKleonel: Thanks.  I think it qualifies as a security issue.18:48
leonelScottK:  booting  feisty server ..18:49
leonelScottK: freschlam updated  fine here    looking for that report ..18:58
ScottKleonel: It's marked incomplete and was filed in the last few days18:58
ScottKleonel: Did you have the regular clamav or the backports one installed?18:59
leonelit was a backport done by me19:04
leonelScottK: let me install feisty19:05
osmosisleonel: too late, I already tried to upgrade to gutsy with  dist-upgrade, and now I have  29 not fully installed packages.  Any idea how I fix ?19:05
leonelapt-get -f install ?19:06
leonelScottK:  too often connections with outdated version19:19
leonelScottK:  then  drops  the connection and tries another server  with same  response19:19
ScottKleonel: Can you look into can we do something to avoid that?19:20
leonelScottK: looks like it's de  "outdated"  version .. let me check19:21
ScottKConsidering we've added the security fixes for the later version, I don't think it would be wrong to say it was the later version ...19:22
leonelScottK: it was with  feisty's 0.90.2-0ubuntu1.4   version19:23
leonellet me test  the backported19:23
ScottKBackported is fine leonel.19:23
leonelScottK: ok19:23
leonellet me check with clamav.net to see what can be done ..19:24
* ScottK would say just make freshcalm lie about it's version.19:25
leonel dapper's version works fine    and  in clamav  they suggest to remove the mirrors.db  from the clamav db  dir19:32
leonelScottK: let me test that in feisty ..19:32
leonelScottK:  WORKED19:37
leoneljust removed  /var/lib/clamav/mirrors.dat19:38
ScottKleonel: Would you please comment that in the bug.19:39
ScottKleonel: Would you also talk to keescook about would he take that for a security update?19:39
leonelsure but what bug ??19:41
leonelis it reported on launchpad ??19:41
leoneldidn't find it19:41
ScottKleonel: It's buried in Bug #15715419:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 157154 in clamav "clamav-daemon eats 100% CPU forever on feisty server" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15715419:42
leonelor should we  do an  security update  to remove  the mirrors.dat ?19:42
ScottKI was thinking that if keescook agrees, file a separate bug on the updates issue and fix it in security.19:42
leoneljust looked to the   titles  ..19:42
leonelScottK: ok19:42
ScottKNormally that's OK.19:43
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leonelScottK:  made a  new fresh install  for clamav  ( rm /var/lib/clamav )   and there's no  mirrors.dat  after install     and freshclam works   when  finish  there's a new  mirrors.dat19:50
leonelScottK:   after the  first freshclam run theres a mirrors.dat    then    run again freshclan and  the same errors  came back19:52
leonelremoved  the mirrors.dat     and the error came back19:52
ScottKMaybe needs a deeper fix then.19:52
leonelScottK:  can this be a  good chance to  push  the new clamav  when there are updates ??19:55
ScottKleonel: Not unless there is just no other way.19:56
leonelScottK: then keep with backports ..19:58
ScottKleonel: We will, but we also need to try and keep the regular one working too.19:58
leonelScottK: yes we must20:08
leonelScottK: works if I remove  all the contents in  /var/lib/clamav20:12
leonelScottK: but then fails again even when only  the mirrors.dat is removed20:12
ScottKI'd look into claiming to be a later version.20:14
osmosisSetting up openssh-server (1:4.6p1-5build1) ...20:26
osmosisSegmentation fault20:26
osmosisis there a bug in gutsy that causes apt-get or dpkg to give faults?20:27
avatar_osmosis: i'm not aware of such a bug20:27
close2__hello, as stated earlier i would to switch from software-raid to hardware-raid (raid1)20:28
avatar_osmosis: segmentation fault looks very strange to me20:28
avatar_osmosis: maybe check your ram20:28
close2__but when I try to use the motherboard raid   (ati sb600) the ubuntu-server-live-cd doesn't respect the raid1 "property"20:29
close2__how do I find out if it is possible to use hardware-raid with this motherboard?20:29
avatar_close2__: why do you want hardware raid?20:31
avatar_i think. with softwareraid you are much more flexible20:31
close2__i had software-raid with raid1 and lvm2 (which IMO was a big mistake)20:31
close2__and had big problems mounting those drives in a live-cd20:31
close2__I also would like to be able to just replace a broken drive, without partitioning...20:32
Nafalloclose2__: not if you would have installed the proper tools to mount them20:32
osmosisavatar_: i get it on every system that wasn't setup with the cd installer. They were setup with debootstrap20:33
Nafalloclose2__: any yea, that's what raid1 is there for.20:33
Nafalloclose2__: and regarding your hw-raid, are you sure it's not dmraid?20:34
close2__Nafallo: i will look into dmraid20:34
avatar_with hardware raid, your data is gone if your hardwareraid controller fails20:34
close2__Nafallo: would there be an option in the ubuntu-server cd for installing it with dmraid?20:34
Nafalloclose2__: dunno20:34
avatar_with software raid you can switch your disks to an other computer and it just works20:35
osmosisavatar_: http://dpaste.com/23469/20:35
close2__do I understand you correctly, that I cannot move raid-disks between different motherboards?20:36
Nafalloclose2__: no. raid-controllers :_)20:37
close2__I hoped that with raid1 I could just take the disk, put it into another mb and maybe "reconfigure" raid120:38
close2__if not, at least get the data20:38
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Nafalloclose2__: sounds like mdraid ;-)20:38
umop-apisdncan anyone tell me how to quiet the fans on a compaq proliant ml370 running ubuntu 7.10 i386 server?20:41
close2__if i use software-raid (raid 1) , could I take one disk, put it into another machine and access the content without any special modules?20:50
osmosisI can't get gutsy to work if I install it with debootstrap. I end up with a system that has a broken apt-get.20:52
leonelosmosis:  apt-get -f install ?20:57
osmosisleonel: gives same error.20:57
osmosisleonel: im really stuck.20:58
leonelosmosis: where did you get that  ssh  ?20:59
osmosisleonel: this is a fresh gutsy install (from debootstrap). Im just doing  apt-get install ssh21:00
osmosisleonel: I dont think its as much about the package...it think apt is giving this error for lots of packages.21:01
leonelssh ??21:01
leonelopenssh-client  openssh-server ..21:01
osmosisjust ssh, which is a meta-package for both of those.21:02
leonelnever used it ..21:02
osmosisleonel: here it is with the client package.  http://dpaste.com/23474/21:03
umop-apisdn/opt/compaq/hpasm/etc/foundation.functions: 502: Syntax error: Bad substitution <-- what does this mean?21:12
osmosishow come my gutsy install has no eth0, but has a eth2?21:37
osmosisis there a way to disable rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules  so that it stops doing that.21:40
ScottKIt would be nice if the full content of the server-packages-review spec were public so that community members could actually read it before the meeting ...21:51
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osmosishow can I discover what compilation flags a pkg was created with ?22:57
osmosishow come there is a freetds-dev  pkg, but no  freetds package?  lame.23:13
sommerosmosis: you're probably looking for tdsodbc23:15
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