angerbuntumalfist:  its fine native in linux00:00
Malfistangerbuntu, Gateway C-140x, serial tablet (coveratable laptop), school00:00
d0ll4_anonymous_:  you still didnt fix your space problem it seems.. its a SPACE between /dev/hda5 AND /media/Moviez00:00
angerbuntumalfist:  but i dont use linux tools for images, i use adobe cs300:00
Malfistangerbuntu, launch a vm of linux and test it from the vm00:00
zockyi've managed to get compiz working on my ati card on gutsy, but now 3d acceleration doesn't work in games like neverball, and amdccle/fireglcontrol claims that there's no ATI driver installed00:00
falstaffc0nka, and wired network doesn't work too? Do you have DHCP server in your network?00:00
DWonderlyanyone had a problem with Blue on videos with gutsy?00:00
Malfistangerbuntu, have you tried wine?00:00
DWonderlylike a blue hue00:00
angerbuntumalfist:  yeah wine is horrible compared to virtualbox00:01
angerbuntumalfist:  im not an illustrator so its not a huge issue,  but its an annoyance00:01
c0nkafalstaff , yes my router is a speed touch 580i00:01
Malfistangerbuntu, what about VMWare00:01
prestonfryfrog and jrib thanks00:01
angerbuntumalfist:  no because vmware isnt free00:01
prestonim current and good to go00:01
Malfistangerbuntu, For home use it is00:01
angerbuntumalfist:  the only free thing is you can run a virtual machine,  but not make one00:01
PThomasI compiled apache and php from source, how can I make it so that httpd starts up on boot?00:01
Winballzocky If fglrxinfo gives you info about mesa than your drivers probably isnt installed correctly00:01
urbanmonkeyvmware server is free00:01
rainwalkerangerbuntu: vmware has a free version00:01
Malfistangerbuntu, there's web 2.0 stuff to make them00:02
pinguim_noelxwyzex try change the sources in /etc/apt/sources.list and then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:02
zockyWinball, nope, fglrxinfo says everything is fine00:02
angerbuntureally?  is it better than virtualbox?00:02
ludedudeanyone able to give me some help in private ...I can't keep up with all these users and chats00:02
gribouillewhat does dpkg-buildpackage -S create exaclty ?00:02
Humanzyhey, i'm trying to get 3d support so i can play some old games, but I have an ATI Xpress 1100 and they seem entirely unsupported, can anyone help me?00:02
zockyWinball, OpenGL renderer string: Radeon X1300/X1550 Series00:02
jo1trying to listen to radio online and xine seems to be a bit crap and doesnt work (had trouble with it before). im on gutsy ubuntu and im looking for a media player that will just simply play everything - music, movies of all formats. any ideas?00:02
rainwalkerangerbuntu: I don't know if it's better, but that's because I've never used virtualbox00:02
wiseveti want to chat with any one from russia00:02
urbanmonkeyvmware server is a repackaged free version of GSX00:02
xwyzexpinguim_noel:  what do i change it to?00:02
angerbunturain:  what do u run in vmware?00:02
anonymous_u where right about the space once i changed that and done the mount -a00:03
c0nkafalstaff, thats what i dont understanfd00:03
riotkittie!ru | wisevet00:03
ubotuwisevet: Пожалуйста войдите в #ubuntu-ru для помощи на русском языке  /  Pozhalujsta vojdite v #ubuntu-ru dlq pomoshchi na russkom qzyke00:03
anonymous_it gave me a failed to mount00:03
pinguim_noelxwyzex the name of the distro00:03
falstaffc0nka, try sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart after you logged in. If this doesn't work either try a static network config, and try to ping the routers address.00:03
mynymlhow do i properly remove apache from init.d, and add something else instead? is there a tool that manages those scripts?00:03
rainwalkerangerbuntu: I used to run win2k a while back, but my dad currently runs XP just fine with it00:03
jerbull_jol VLC is good at playing everything00:03
falstaffc0nka, can it be that you have no namesever configured?00:03
d0ll4_anonymous_: whcih error message?00:03
c0nkai tried that and that never worked00:03
anonymous_asks me to force that and once i do it it gives only root can do that00:03
rainwalkerjerbull_: agreed00:04
angerbunturainwalker:  no i mean what applications inside of that00:04
lamalexMy repos stopped being authenticated00:04
lamalexanyone know why this happened?00:04
angerbunturainwalker:  i need virtualization to run adobe's suite00:04
d0ll4_anonymous_: you used sudo mount -a?00:04
pinguim_noelxwyzex https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades see this00:04
rainwalkerangerbuntu: he has to use it for work, since a lot of there stuff uses windows-only things00:04
Malfistangerbuntu, have you tried winecfg for the pen?00:04
d0ll4_anonymous_: if this works at next boot it wil be mounted automagically :)00:04
falstaffc0nka, Try to ping a static ip-address out there ( do you know your routers ip address?00:04
rainwalkerangerbuntu: I don't know about adobe's stuff, but you could probably google it00:04
angerbuntumalfist:  i dont run wine anymore00:04
angerbuntuhey malfist i have a question for you00:04
Malfistangerbuntu, that's a shame, it's got a lot better lately00:04
anonymous_didn't get you00:05
Malfistangerbuntu, yes?00:05
anonymous_should i boot00:05
rainwalkerMalifist: how good?00:05
d0ll4_anonymous_: no00:05
jo1trying to listen to radio online and xine seems to be a bit crap and doesnt work (had trouble with it before). im on gutsy ubuntu and im looking for a media player that will just simply play everything - music, movies of all formats. any ideas?00:05
Centaur5does firehol really not allow you to put iptables commands in the conf file?00:05
lamalexWARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated! gstreamer0.10-gnonlin python-setuptools jokosher00:05
angerbuntuok in my xterm...  when i 'ls' it doesn't show the linux console colors00:05
lamalexInstall these packages without verification [y/N]?00:05
anonymous_then what00:05
lamalexhow can I fix that?00:05
NotSoGutsyis there any way to read a .dat file as text ?00:05
angerbuntumalfist: so im forced to do 'alias ls='ls --color'00:05
rainwalkerlamalex: type yes or no00:05
jerbull_<jol> vlc will play anything under the sun00:05
d0ll4_anonymous_: check if everythings spelled right00:05
mneptoklamalex: sudo apt-get update00:05
Malfistangerbuntu, I have no idea what you're talking about00:05
angerbuntubut it doesnt retain that information when i restart the terminak00:05
angerbuntumalfist:  lol00:05
d0ll4_jerbull_: nope, no hd-dvd :P00:05
gcarrilloNotSoGutsy: how bout a hexeditor00:06
c0nkafalstaff , yes i do00:06
=== nick_fn is now known as nick_fn_away
jo1jerbull_: sweet, thanks. would you recommend removing everything else i tried i.e. xine, mplayer & plugins?00:06
angerbuntuok anyone have a solution for this00:06
angerbuntuwhen i open terminal and ls00:06
mneptokangerbuntu: alias ls='ls --color'00:06
angerbuntumneptok:  i do that,  but it doesn't retain my alias00:06
cosmodadangerbuntu: put that alias into ~/.bashrc to keep it permanent.00:06
lamalexmneptok: why does that happen, and thank you00:06
mneptokangerbuntu: echo $SHELL00:06
jerbull_jol no i they all have there respective uses. i see no reason to remove them00:06
anonymous_it's asking me to force mounting as mount is denied because ntfs is marked to be in use and once i use the forcing command it just say that only root can do that00:07
jo1jerbull_: many thanks00:07
trusttwo quick questions! first, is there a simple way of checking which version of ubuntu I'm running?00:07
mneptoklamalex: it happens because something YOU did made the baby Jesus sad. ;)00:07
angerbuntui put it in .bash_profile00:07
Malfisttrust, uname00:07
angerbuntucosmodad:  lets see if .bashrc works00:07
jrib!version | trust00:07
ubotutrust: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell00:07
lamalexhe should have been aborted anyway00:07
mneptokangerbuntu: .bash_profile is not sourced. use .profile or .bashrc00:07
jerbull_anonymous have you tried logging in as root and allowing permissions for you to access it?00:08
rainwalkerInstallation complete! That was fast...00:08
angerbuntumneptok:  why isnt it sourced00:08
angerbuntu.bashrc worked00:08
pieisgood4589how do u PM someone?00:08
d0ll4_pieisgood4589: register ;)00:08
pieisgood4589I did00:08
mneptokangerbuntu: looooong story that will cause you to consider never asking anything on IRC again. seriously.00:08
rainwalkerjerbull_: I have a quick question about VLC00:08
pieisgood4589how do u register?00:08
compengipieisgood4589, /msg nick message :P00:08
riotkittie...  /msg  <nick>00:08
jerbull_rainwalker ok00:09
angerbuntumneptok:  is this just in ubuntu?00:09
gcarrillo_ when i switch to my home wireless access point via network manager it spins up my cdrom00:09
compengipieisgood4589, erm.. did you login?00:09
gcarrillo_ anybody else notice that?00:09
trustsecondly, I can't find a "Modules" section in my xorg.conf file, just wondering if it has been moved elsewhere in 7.10 (which I thought I was running, turns out I am!)00:09
pieisgood4589how do i login?00:09
d0ll4_ /msg nickserv register? :)00:09
mneptokangerbuntu: nope. i believe Debian is doing the same thing.00:09
optiqdoes anyone know of any good linux privacy utilities like ccleaner for windows?00:09
mneptokangerbuntu: besides, you should be using zsh ;)00:09
c0nkafalstaff , i really am confused00:09
riotkittieyea,  why isnt bash_profile sourced00:09
compengipieisgood4589, /ns identify username pass00:09
angerbuntuwhy's that?00:09
Malfistoptiq, what does ccleaner do?00:09
angerbuntuim comfortable in bash00:09
eugois iptables used in ubuntu?00:09
pieisgood4589thank you00:09
compengieugo, sure00:09
mneptokangerbuntu: in my case? zsh won me with remote filename hab-complete00:10
falstaffc0nka, so first try to ping routers address00:10
anonymous_when I edit the fstab file to force and use mount -a it gives me Fuse mount point creation failed00:10
d0ll4_eugo: yes.00:10
jribangerbuntu: it is not supposed to get sourced by shells that are not login shells (according to bash's man page)00:10
compengipieisgood4589, no problem00:10
d0ll4_eugo: if u install firestarter :)00:10
angerbuntujrib:  nice :)00:10
Humanzycan anyone help me with 3d support?00:10
d0ll4_eugo: for a gui experience :)00:10
nickeladopeepz can anyone help me00:10
optiqMalfist - basically cleans out traces of application usage like browser catch, etc00:10
nickeladocant join my AD with my linux box00:10
MalfistDoes anyone know how to get the hardware buttons on a tablet to work?00:10
d0ll4_Humanzy: what doesnt work? which graphics card?00:10
Malfistoptiq, no, I don't know of one00:10
Humanzyi don't have 3d support00:10
optiqMalfist thanks anyway00:10
MystaMaxhello, I have a program, I have a PC set w/ a static IP address, but when i type ifconfig, nothing is returned? why is this?00:11
Malfistoptiq, most of it's cleared on reboot or can be set to00:11
eugod0ll4_ why cant i configure iptables manually?00:11
Humanzyati xpress00:11
d0ll4_nickelado: with what problem=00:11
kagwhere would be the best place to get some support for Ekiga?00:11
rainwalkerjerbull_: the firefox VLC plugin never has a progress bar when playing files...do you know why?00:11
compengiHumanzy, did you install the drivers?00:11
Humanzyi couldn't play a video game from the 90s00:11
Humanzyi tried and it didn't work00:11
KeKoShi, I have bought an IPOD 80gb new classic and I'm trying to load music and pictures on it but it doesn't recognise the files which I'm loading. I'm using Amarok to do so. Someone told me that this could be a problem with itunes.db. any ideas?00:11
optiqMalfist, can I set it up to delete those things securely like with shred?00:11
Humanzythe screen blacked out00:11
compengi!ati | Humanzy00:11
ubotuHumanzy: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:11
Malfistoptiq, I don't know00:11
jerbull_rainwalker i dont know why but it has never affected its performance with me00:11
anonymous_d0ll4 I need help00:11
Malfistoptiq, I know you can set it up so your whole hard drive is encrypted00:12
d0ll4_anonymous_:  i know... whats up?00:12
WinballThere isn't really any good atidrivers for linux out yet ? I always have different problems with different drivers00:12
optiqMalfist, I've already done that. I still prefer to sanitize things whenever possible00:12
d0ll4_Malfist: encrpt root?00:12
Black-Handtype /msg NickServ00:12
Malfistd0ll4_, what?00:12
d0ll4_Malfist: waht do you want to encrypt?00:12
rainwalkerYAY! Man, I love Gutsy00:12
Malfistoptiq, I can't help you, sorry00:12
compengiWinball, ati just released it's beta open source driver, things would get better later00:12
angerbuntudoes anyone in here run kde?00:13
optiqthanks anyway00:13
Malfistd0ll4_, Me? Nothing but my e-mails, I can do that00:13
rainwalkerSuccessful fresh install, AND desktop effects work!00:13
anonymous_anonymous@Anderomeda:~$ sudo mount -a00:13
anonymous_$LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0)00:13
anonymous_WARNING: Forced mount, reset $LogFile.00:13
anonymous_fuse: failed to access mountpoint /media/Moviez: No such file or directory00:13
anonymous_FUSE mount point creation failed00:13
Malfistd0ll4_, I was just saying you could00:13
compengi!kde | angerbuntu00:13
ubotuangerbuntu: KDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . Latest KDE version is 3.5.8 for Gusty and Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org for more information.00:13
d0ll4_Malfist: ah ok :) thought you would ;)00:13
nickeladoi can tmake my ubuntu join my Active directory00:13
KeKoShi, I have bought an IPOD 80gb new classic and I'm trying to load music and pictures on it but it doesn't recognise the files which I'm loading. I'm using Amarok to do so. Someone told me that this could be a problem with itunes.db. any ideas?00:13
rainwalkeranonymous_: use pastebin00:13
angerbuntuthanks but im just wondering who runs it00:13
Malfistanonymous_, don't list to him, post whole files into IRC00:13
hydrogenKeKoS: you will not be able to do it currently00:13
d0ll4_anonymous_: ah ok, use ntfsfix, should do the trick00:14
hydrogenKeKoS: the released version of libgpod ( what amarok uses to transfer files) does not have support for it00:14
compengiangerbuntu, you could join kde ubuntu channel and ask there :P00:14
d0ll4_anonymous_: or boot into windows and let it ix the trouble then boot again into ubuntu :)00:14
trustanyone able to confirm if the modules section of the xorg.conf is still left there in gutsy?00:14
eugois firestarter a front end to iptables?00:14
jribMalfist: don't recommend that00:14
MalfistDoes anyone know anything about getting the special buttons to work on a tablet?00:14
kevinlongeugo: yes00:14
=== koudelka_ is now known as cleaton
KeKoShydrogen what can i do then?00:14
kevinlongits simple and OK00:14
Malfistjrib, joke man, joke00:14
xwyzexeverytime i start the upgrade i get this error Failed to fetch http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/main/source/Sources.gz Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1) upgrading from 6.1000:14
fyrestrtreugo: yes, everything else is toe.00:14
angerbuntuoooh i love my wacom bamboo00:14
kevinlongKeKoS, nothing until libgpod is updated00:14
kevinlongwill have status00:14
angerbuntuhow it glides across the screen so smoothly00:15
jribkevinlong: try to keep what you say on a single line, or else the channel becomes too busy00:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tablet - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:15
angerbuntufollowing my every hand motion00:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about god - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:15
adayahIm using ubuntu studio 7.10 and can´t get the darn nvidia drivers installed right manually or with envy.  all the dependencies are satisfied.  I´m quite at a loss and confused00:15
fyrestrtrxwyzex: upgrades are only supported from 7.0400:15
nickeladoanyone can help ?? i cant join my active directory using ubuntu00:15
angerbuntuwith its blue lights00:15
karstenFor an installation on OSX Intel Core Duoa *or* virtualbox, (on same), which arch do I want?00:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about me - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:15
Winball!envy | adayah00:15
ubotuadayah: envy is a script that may leave you envious of those who have not used it, use the resticted manager to install binary drivers or use the instructions on the wiki, this script may break your machine very badly!00:15
jribMalfist: don't abuse the bot00:15
xwyzexfyrestrtr: im trying to upgrade to 7.0400:15
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...00:15
compenginickelado, define active directory00:15
d0ll4_adayah: why you dont use the restricted driver manager?00:15
* kevinlong is so sick and tired of open source channel "ettiquete" dogma00:16
angerbuntukevinlong:  lol00:16
d0ll4_kevinlong:  why?00:16
adayahis the restricted drive the one that shows up as nv in the xorg reconfigure00:16
Malfistkevinlong, what?00:16
fyrestrtrxwyzex: I'm not sure if that's possible from 6.10, because I think it will say the latest release is 7.1000:16
d0ll4_adayah:  no00:16
adayahi tried using that and can´t get full resolution00:16
jribkevinlong: it's what keeps the channel usable so people can actually get support00:16
angerbuntumy face itches00:16
adayahi dont know what that is then00:16
kingvincan anyone tell me y is my Atheros AR5005G wireless card isnt workin on Ubuntu 7.10 even though it is showed in da restricted drivers manager00:16
MalfistDoes anyone know about the special buttons on a tablet screen? I can't get x to detect them00:17
xwyzexit says i can upgrade to 7.04 then it starts to download the files and gives me that error00:17
kevinlongjrib, i sortof understand that, but i was just offering some information00:17
d0ll4_adayah: install linux-restricted-modules00:17
nickeladohey peepz can anyone help me configure my linux box to join my active directory00:17
fyrestrtrxwyzex: could be a bad mirror, try another.00:17
adayahis that in synaptic?00:17
angerbuntuim outta here00:17
kevinlongyou are just enforcing policy , taking up just as many lines as i am!00:17
Malfistangerbuntu, bye00:17
xwyzexhow do i change it?00:17
compenginickelado, what do you mean by active directory?00:17
angerbuntumalfist:  thanks for the help!00:17
xwyzexnew to linx00:17
kevinlonganyways. dont ask to ask. rtfm . whatever00:17
nickeladomy domain00:17
MystaMaxhello, I have a problem, I have a PC set w/ a static IP address, but when i type ifconfig, nothing is returned? why is this?00:18
compenginickelado, home?00:18
Malfistkevinlong, go some place else to complain00:18
Malfistkevinlong, not here00:18
MalfistDoes anyone know about the special buttons on a tablet screen? I can't get x to detect them00:18
kevinlongok so you are the enforcer now?00:18
d0ll4_nickelado: http://developer.novell.com/wiki/index.php/HOWTO:_Configure_Ubuntu_for_Active_Directory_Authentication00:18
nickeladoequest a Ticket-Granting Ticket (TGT) < --- cant make it work00:18
compenginickelado, how can't you access it?00:18
kevinlongwe can all be the enforcer!00:18
Winballxwyzex You can only directly upgrade to Ubuntu 7.10 ("Gutsy Gibbon") from Ubuntu 7.04 ("Feisty Fawn")00:18
Malfistkevinlong, I am god00:18
kevinlongMalfist, stay on topic ok00:18
kingvincan anyone tell me y is my Atheros AR5005G wireless card isnt workin on Ubuntu 7.10 even though it is showed in da restricted drivers manager ?????00:18
Malfistkevinlong, that was off topic00:18
xwyzexWinball: i know this... im trying to upgrade to 7.0400:18
Malfistkevinlong, because I was on topic00:19
fyrestrtrxwyzex: hit alt+f2, type gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and then hit enter. This will bring up your sources file, which lists the mirrors. You can change them to archive.ubuntu.com00:19
peerlessHey, new to ubuntu here, few questions that should be easy.  How can I change the label of a mounted NTFS disk.  I changed my ext3 partition label using e2label and it worked.  Also, is there anyway to get ubuntu to mount my 2 drives automatically on boot?00:19
nickeladothnx ill try this one00:19
* angerbuntu scratches his itchy face00:19
* Malfist startled, thought angerbuntu left00:19
fyrestrtrxwyzex: you can also try easysource00:19
angerbuntusorry just lurking00:19
eZtaRfyrestrtr -> I've always wondered, what's the diference between gksudo and sudo?00:19
Ademanhey does anyone know how to (if it's possible) transfer a file from the local computer to a remote computer via a ssh terminal session?00:19
Winballxwyzex What does update-manager -c says ?00:20
jerbull_peerless you have to ad them to fstab00:20
adayahfound the linux restricted modules in synaptic and am installing00:20
fyrestrtreZtaR: gksudo is for when you have X running.00:20
jribAdeman: use scp or sftp00:20
johnn1Your vista is adjar.00:20
MalfisteZtaR, gksudo launchs the app that allows a GUI for sudo password input00:20
compengiAdeman, scp from linux machine00:20
peerlessjerbull_, ok cool what about changing the partition label so when its mounted it has a name other than disk and disk-100:20
fyrestrtrAdeman: scp file username@othermachine:/path/on/other/machine00:20
eZtaRahh okay :) ty Malfist and fyrestrtr00:20
MalfisteZtaR, sudo is completely commandline based00:20
kingvincan anyone tell me y is my Atheros AR5005G wireless card isnt workin on Ubuntu 7.10 even though it is shown in da restricted drivers manager00:20
compengi!hi | gargak00:21
ubotugargak: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:21
Ademanfyrestrtr: looks similar to rsync syntax, could that work as well?00:21
Winballkingvin Try google,ubuntuforums or wait 30 minutes before you state your question again00:21
eZtaRkingvin -> Which chipset does it run on?00:21
fyrestrtrAdeman: sure, you can rsync over ssh00:21
kingvineZtar: wat do u mean?00:21
Ademanah you know what? i'm going about this all wrong, i was limiting myself to doing it from "within" a ssh session, but yeah, all that stuff should work, thanks guys00:21
jerbull_peerless idk i always use the default, sorry00:22
MalfistDoes anyone know about the special buttons on a tablet screen? I can't get x to detect them00:22
hyper__chhmmm, my sound is suddenly gone00:22
Malfisthyper__ch, turn the sound on00:22
hyper__chMalfist: and then?00:22
compengikingvin, he means that you wireless card name can have several chipsets running, he wants to know which one does yours have00:22
Malfisthyper__ch, enjoy00:22
fevelI guess noone has system sounds00:22
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: turn the speakers up?00:23
d0ll4_hyper_ch: try /etc/init.d/alsasound restart (or what its called on ubuntu) :)00:23
hyper__chMalfist: still no sound00:23
fevelseems like an outspread BUG00:23
hyper__churbanmonkey: still no sound00:23
anonymous_I cant' seen the partition no more and I can't open any other partition00:23
Malfisthyper__ch, put a sound card in the computer00:23
* fyrestrtr has no problems with sound :)00:23
=== _etotheip is now known as etotheipi
MalfistDoes anyone know about the special buttons on a tablet screen? I can't get x to detect them00:23
xwyzexthanx fyrestrtr seems to be working now00:23
Winballurbanmonkey No, he is suddenly deaf or something :>00:23
hyper__chMalfist: you are really funny...00:23
Malfisthyper__ch, thank you00:23
fevelfyrestrtr: does system sound work?? like clicking a older and minimizing a window?00:23
d0ll4_hyper__ch: try /etc/init.d/alsasound restart (or what its called on ubuntu) :)00:23
hyper__chMalfist: but you should read mor00:23
adayahlinux restricted modujles is installed and i´m about to reboot.  what should i expect this to have done?00:23
johnn1 Special buttons are for special people.00:24
fyrestrtrfevel: I have those turned off.00:24
Malfisthyper__ch, I should shouldn't I, too much homework00:24
anonymous_am getting  mount point /media/Moviez doesn't exist00:24
fevelfyrestrtr: then how can you say u have no problems?00:24
fyrestrtrfevel: but I don't see why they wouldn't.00:24
jribanonymous_: you need to create it00:24
fyrestrtrfevel: because I have system startup sounds working :)00:24
d0ll4_anonymous_: sudo mkdir /media/Moviez00:24
fevelfyrestrtr: then why dont you prove me wrong?00:24
hyper__chMalfist: yes, you should00:24
fyrestrtrfevel: okay, let me turn them on.00:24
ndeehi there, yesterday at school, I saw someone who had a console like the quake console but it was for his system. Anyone knows which console that is?00:24
d0ll4_anonymous_: sudo mkdir /media/Moviez && sudo mount -a00:24
Malfisthyper__ch, well, I've got to go to the library in about 5 minutes, I'll do some reading there00:25
anonymous_and when I double click it i get the " am not privileged error message00:25
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: open a console and type "s00:25
fyrestrtrfevel: I just tested it, and it works.00:25
hyper__chd0ll4_: alsa-utils restarted00:25
compengindee, it could be terminal?00:25
jribndee: tilda maybe00:25
fevelfyrestrtr: hummmm00:25
johnn1I thought programmers were dyslexic.00:25
jerbull_anonymous is it ntfs?00:25
Malfistanonymous_, you're not a privileged error message? Then what are you"?00:25
d0ll4_hyper__ch:  sec00:25
fevelfyrestrtr: mine doesnt, although startup does00:25
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: did that help at all?00:26
* fyrestrtr turns it off -- my laptop shouldn't sound like a jamn pinball machine.00:26
hyper__churbanmonkey: what to type? just   2?00:26
d0ll4_hyper__ch: yep try this one00:26
hyper__churbanmonkey: alsa-utils restart doesn't help00:26
d0ll4_hyper__ch: damn00:26
hyper__chhyper@gubi:/etc/init.d$ s00:26
hyper__chbash: s: command not found00:26
kingvineZtar: i dunno...how can i find out?00:26
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: no, my thumb hit the touch pad by accident, and caused the text to be sent00:26
Malfisthyper__ch, please copy and paste your entire xorg.conf into IRC00:26
d0ll4_hyper__ch: sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart00:26
jribMalfist: try to make your responses helpful or just keep them to yourself00:26
eZtaRndee: Kuake - http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/blogs/how_to_use_quake-style_terminals_on_GNU_Linux00:27
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: try "sudo alsomixer"00:27
karstenIs there a release of ubuntu for G4 (PPC mac) arch?00:27
eZtaRndee: First hit on google btw :P00:27
Winballhyper__ch System - Prefences - Sound(s?), you can test and change outputs and inputs there i think00:27
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: and make sure nothing is a)muted and it is b) turned up00:27
* assasukasse is away: im out!00:27
eZtaRkingvin -> What does the restricted driver mgr say its name is?00:27
jribMalfist: that's your warning00:27
Malfisthyper__ch, have you checked if alsa is reporting any errors?00:27
Malfistjrib, I recieved it00:27
johnn1ctl+alt+backspace..starts x all over.00:27
jrib!away > assasukasse (read the private message from ubotu)00:28
anonymous_don't get you00:28
hyper__chMalfist: if you have no better advice then pasting the whole xorg.conf into irc that's not good... you should know that pastebins should be used for that00:28
karstenjohnn1: More properly:  it kills the current session.  Restart depends on how the server itself is running.00:28
hyper__churbanmonkey: what to type into the terminal? I have now alsamixer loaed00:28
FluxD!away  > FluxD00:28
d0ll4_anonymous_: you have to create teh mountpint first, THEN mount a dev to it00:28
Malfisthyper__ch, I was commenting on your ability to paste that into IRC, I was being sarcastic when I said do the whole xorg.conf00:29
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: yes, sry, should have said that, does everything look to be turned up and not muted?00:29
d0ll4_anonymous_: so do:sudo mkdir /media/Moviez && sudo mount -a00:29
hyper__chWinball: had a look there, but that didn't help00:29
Malfisthyper__ch, are you on a laptop?00:29
d0ll4_anonymous_: you have to CREATE the mountpoint BEFORE you mount anything there --> so do:sudo mkdir /media/Moviez && sudo mount -a00:29
hyper__chMalfist: instead of trying to be sarcastic you shouldn't try to help at all... so far you have only been bullshitting in an official support channel00:29
=== bmk789 is now known as bmk789_brb
kingvineZtaR: all it says is Atheros Hardware Access layer(HAL)....thats all i'm seein00:29
Malfisthyper__ch, I beg to differ00:29
|adrian|i need help tu configure my volume buttons on latitude d81000:29
hyper__churbanmonkey: in the alsamixer?00:30
Malfisthyper__ch, I bugged you first as a joke, and then when you got mad I continued00:30
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: yes00:30
jribMalfist, hyper__ch: drop it please.  Malfist knows he is not to do it again now00:30
hyper__chMalfist: you don't get a concept of "support" channel, do you?00:30
blackstarubuntu include dns.apache etc etc ?00:30
scguy318blackstar: sure does00:30
Sharpiehello, I was wondering, was there a way to cancel the logon screen in gutsy?00:30
hyper__chjrib: what am I not to do again?00:30
Malfisthyper__ch, take this to /m00:30
scguy318Sharpie: auto-login?00:30
blackstarim a slack user but i wish try ubuntu00:31
scguy318Sharpie: well, you can either right click on the fast user switching applet and configure your login screen or w/e00:31
blackstarwhats the last version ?00:31
scguy318Sharpie: then in one of the tabs check automatic login00:31
scguy318SHarpie: or you can go to00:31
anonymous_am getting mkdir: cannot create directory `/media/Moviez': File exists00:31
Malfistblackstar, you should find ubuntu is easier than slack00:31
eZtaRkingvin -> sorry i was just i only know how to fix my own chipset :( But i would recommend making a forum topic on your problem00:31
Malfistblackstar Gusy00:31
Malfistblackstar, Gusty*00:31
scguy318Sharpie: System -> Administration -> Login Screen00:31
blackstargusty ?00:31
FluxDkingvin: wireless?00:32
anonymous_and i can't actually see the partition00:32
jerbull_7.10 guts gibbon00:32
Sharpiescguy318: thx, i'll check it out later (i'm on windows right now)00:32
d0ll4_anonymous_: somethings wrong then... open up a ssh session and i will fix it ;)00:32
kingvinFluXD: yh it is00:32
FluxDkingvin: what card?00:32
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: if everything looks to be turned up and not muted in alsamixer, close it and then go to System > Preferences > Sound and make sure things are set to Auto for playback00:32
Malfistblackstar, yes00:32
hyper__churbanmonkey: going to upload some screenshots00:32
Sharpiescguy318: oh and another thing, is there a way to work as root all the time? (like, being able to write to boot drive instead of having to use sudo in the console?)00:32
Sharpieroot drive*00:32
Malfistblackstar, 7.1000:32
d0ll4_Sharpie: why would you do that?00:33
jerbull_sharpie you can log in as root00:33
FluxDSharpie: not reccomended00:33
scguy318Sharpie: you shouldn't work AS root all the time, but you can mount partitions with ownership for your user account00:33
kingvinFluxD: Atheros AR5005G00:33
Sharpiebecause I don't need it to protect me |:00:33
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: ok, let me know the url when you are done00:33
scguy318Sharpie: oh, but you do00:33
d0ll4_Sharpie: ;)00:33
nickrudSharpie: sudo -i , that will give you a root environment00:33
FluxDkingvin: whats the problem?00:33
Sharpiei'll try it out00:33
scguy318Sharpie: edit your fstab and add either umask=000 or some other flag for 777 on all files or ownership by your user account00:33
Sharpienot giving me access to root is as useful as UAC00:34
scguy318Sharpie: owner=youraccountname00:34
Sharpieum, in fstab?00:34
scguy318Sharpie: yep00:34
Sharpieok, thanks00:34
scguy318Sharpie: not necessarily00:34
kingvinFluxD: its showin in restricted manager but it aint workin at all...in Network settings i only see wired...no wireless00:34
Sharpieoh! and one last thing, is there a way to hide my NTFS drives from my desktop? =o00:34
scguy318Sharpie: im clueless on that matter00:35
jrib!icons > Sharpie (read the private message from ubotu)00:35
jribSharpie: and what do you mean by "root drive"?00:35
andresjhello! I'm upgrading Kubuntu Feisty to Gutsy, but the installation had an error while installing debconf, it said "segmentation fault". Then it told me about two more errors and now it's stalled on zlib1g-dev. I am using i386. Any thoughts?00:35
nickrudSharpie: set up a mount point for them that's outside of media00:35
Sharpiei'd give that up00:35
gary_inNYCi need help setting up file/folder sharing in gutsy so XP computer users in my LAN can access my stuff... i tried accessing my folder from a Win machine and was prompted for username and password.  I entered them both only to be asked repeatedly w/out actually getting access.00:35
Sharpiei'd REALLY rather not mess with the drives00:36
hyper__churbanmonkey: http://www.roleplayer.org/gutsy/sound.png   http://www.roleplayer.org/gutsy/alsamixer.png00:36
Sharpiei'll just have to live with those icons on my desktop i guess00:36
jribSharpie: ubotu gave you the gconf key you want00:36
* max60x teste00:36
stefg!samba | gary_inNYC00:36
ubotugary_inNYC: samba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT00:36
FluxDkingvin: I dont have ur card but I heard madwifi driver works great for  ur card00:36
max60xalgum brasileiro ai00:36
scguy318!br | max60x00:36
ubotumax60x: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:36
d0ll4_max60x: test succesful00:36
nickrudjrib: doesn't that also turn off showing thumb drives?00:36
=== serge is now known as ForeverZero
jribnickrud: true00:37
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: it *looks* ok, do you get anything at all, errors, static, when you hit test?00:37
kingvinFluxD: do u think its bcuz of Ubuntu 7.10 ??00:37
hyper__churbanmonkey: nothing happens00:37
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: are you on a desktop or notebook?00:37
hyper__churbanmonkey: well, just that popup comes for testing... desktoü00:37
fevel goddam I have no system sounds..only log in and logout. Any ideas =(00:37
cellofellowI've got a laptop. I've been using Google stuff (GMail, Google Reader) but am thinking of switching to offline apps. (Evolution or Thunderbird.) Any suggestions?00:37
=== ragnar is now known as livefoniks
scguy318cellofellow: about?00:38
hyper__churbanmonkey: sound worked before... then I did install additional gestreamer packages because I had some trouble with quicktime... now quicktime video works but no sound00:38
stefgcellofellow: try them both00:38
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: go back to alsamixer, and turn up PCM and hit M00:38
scguy318cellofellow: I like Thunderbird better, if thats what you're asking00:38
=== bmk789_brb is now known as bmk789
Sharpieoh, and I know it's probably irrelevant, but is there any dock (like kiba-dock) that comes in a package and doesn't require compiling/messing with stuff? =o00:38
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: and then try testing again00:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about awn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:38
d0ll4_cellofellow: i use thunderbird here00:39
hyper__churbanmonkey: wow :) that worked... but what is pcm?00:39
scguy318hyper___ch: Pulse Code Modulation00:39
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: honestly, no clue...00:39
FluxDkingvin: frankly I have no clue00:39
hyper__churbanmonkey: I'd never have guessed that since master was on full00:39
hyper__chscguy318: thx.. but doesn't help much further to understand why that is important ;)00:39
urbanmonkeyhyper__ch: and with that, my battery is about to die.. enjoy the sound  :D later00:39
cellofellowd0ll4_: yeah, I've used thunderbird before.00:39
hyper__churbanmonkey: thx00:39
FluxDkingvin: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Madwifi00:40
hyper__chhiho cellofellow00:40
scguy318hyper___ch: think of it as the equivalent of the Wave mixer control on Windows00:40
* cellofellow wished there was a localhost version of gmail or something.00:40
_mastro_hi all... i've an "old" laptop: Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 and it's really slow (i'm using ubuntu feisty) it seems like it doesn't have DMA (Direct Memory Access) cause when i use the disk the system became almost frozen... this started to happen after ubuntu... don't remember the version.. the one where has been added the EIDE->SATA wrapper from kernel... i can i enable DMA? i got error like: [00000304] ffmpeg decoder00:40
_mastro_ error: more than 5 seconds of late video -> dropping frame (computer too slow ?) i can't play video and it's really annoying.. if i enable something like tracker my system became unusable... please.. help me or i have to change distro :/00:40
cellofellowhyper__ch: hey there.00:40
Sharpieany suggestions about the dock?00:40
scguy318cellofellow: what do you mean?00:40
stefgSharpie: https://launchpad.net/awn00:40
hyper__chcellofellow: IMAP?00:40
coldbootWhen I go into recovery mode from the boot menu, it doesn't ask for a password, how is this secure?00:40
urbanmonkeyhave a good night all00:40
nickrudcellofellow: squirrelmail?00:40
FluxDcoldboot: its meant to fix ur problems00:40
scguy318coldboot: its not, but if someone has access to your machine, your security is really blown anyway00:40
hyper__chscguy318: oh well, I'll remember next time00:41
Sincreatividadubuntu 7.10 is the last version ?00:41
d0ll4_nickrud: squireelmail is buggy as hell as i know00:41
Sharpiestefg: that's like...a tar =[00:41
kingvinFluxD: then to wat??00:41
scguy318coldboot: that someone could easily boot a LiveCD00:41
scguy318Sincreatividad: si00:41
hyper__chd0ll4_: squirell runs better than horde imp00:41
cellofellowhyper__ch: no, something like the way google desktop works. ;)00:41
coldbootscguy318: I suppose00:41
d0ll4_nickrud: and isnt it a mailserver?00:41
Sincreatividadubuntu-7-10-desktop for amd64 ?00:41
Sincreatividadits fine ?00:41
FluxDkingvin: try #madwifi here00:41
coldbootI guess it's a really thin veil of security that's being broken in this case.00:41
nickrudd0ll4_: haven't run into a bug, I use it on my remote mail server00:41
hyper__chcellofellow: just thought you may not know that gmail now also support imap00:41
nickrudd0ll4_: web based mail reader00:41
stefgcoldboot: not at all. would you rather lock out yourself when managing to delete the last 'admin'-user? If you need tight security you can have it, but you have to get educated00:42
cellofellowwhat's IMAP give me? (Never used it.)00:42
d0ll4_nikrud: i dont takb bout bugs, i talk bout exploits00:42
scguy318coldboot: I suppose there's probably a way to give a login prompt in recovery mode, dunno how tho00:42
johnn1     Microsoft is now adjar.00:42
nickrudhyper__ch: really? gmail<->imap?00:42
hyper__chWinball: also thx for the help00:42
scguy318Sincreatividad: 64-bit isn't all that worth it unless you have > 4 GB of memory00:42
hyper__chnickrud: yeah00:42
panosruHow to install TCL / TK 8.5 on my Gutsy 64bit system? thanks in advance00:42
c0nkai tried everything now and i still cant get the internet can anyone help00:42
Sincreatividadubuntu-7-10-desktop its the last version right ?00:42
hyper__chnickrud: let me get the rss feed on that00:42
d0ll4_sorry if im wrong, never used it, heard from a good friend00:42
scguy318panosru: sudo apt-get install tci8.4?00:42
nickrudd0ll4_: you mentioned bugs, but exploits are super-bugs, I get your point. Will reevaluate00:43
scguy318d0ll4_: oops :)00:43
kagI would like to test if my webcam if working under Ekiga, anyone would like to accept a test call?00:43
hyper__chnickrud: http://www.downloadsquad.com/2007/10/23/gmail-gets-imap/00:43
makuseruis there anyway to turn a .swf (just a flash movie not a flash game or anything, into some other video format?00:43
panosruscguy318, i need 8.5 i have 8.400:43
NemesisDanyone know of a good guide for ubuntu network printing? I keep seeing guides for printing with printers "attached" to an ubuntu or windows machine, but what about printers that are just on the network by themselves?00:43
scguy318makuseru: sure00:43
scguy318makuseru: ffmpeg00:43
d0ll4_nickrud: sorry for missintepreting00:43
scguy318makuseru: or mplayer00:43
|adrian|can anyone help setting up my volume buttons to work on my dell latitude d81000:43
kingvinFluxD: thanx00:43
|adrian|i use debian lenny00:43
johnn1Ubuntu has a built in test.00:43
nickrudd0ll4_: np, good to know00:43
FluxDkingvin: np00:43
cellofellowhyper__ch: IMPA vs. POP: what's it do?00:43
stefg!keytouch | |adrian|00:43
ubotu|adrian|: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts00:43
NemesisDholy crap gmail got imap?!00:43
FluxDcellofellow: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imap :)00:43
* nickrud hangs here for the latest news, and thanks hyper__ch 00:44
Sincreatividadplz can tell me someone if ubuntu 7-10 desktop is the last version i have to go and i dont know if its the last one :P00:44
hyper__chcellofellow: with IMAP the mails stay on the server... with POP3 you download them to your computer00:44
NemesisDSincreatividad, it is00:44
scguy318NemesisD: they've had it since forever, but random rollout00:44
d0ll4_nickrud: he said exactly dont use squirelmail, you get 0wn3d :P00:44
hyper__chcellofellow: but with imap you can also read them in your mail client00:44
NemesisDscguy318, i knew they were holding back on me00:44
Master_Zhello all, I Am running LIVE CD for 7.10. I clicked install, and I chose MANUAL PARTITION, and chose my drive. Now I have to edit the new partition. I want it to be 15GB. So I drag it to 15GB? Also, will my windows data get deleted if I partition?00:44
hyper__chd0ll4_: oh well, I haven't had problems with squirrel so far....00:44
OCZhi all00:44
nickrudd0ll4_: heh.00:45
stefg!faq | master_z00:45
ubotumaster_z: A list of common questions and answers about Ubuntu: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions - Official documentation: http://help.ubuntu.com - IRC FAQ: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage00:45
OCZproblem here, X crash after install nvidia-glx-new and second pc restart00:45
cellofellowI don't see the IMAP setting.00:45
brandonHow to you change channels00:45
FluxDMaster_Z: u can also do automatic and then drag and let ubuntu use 15g of free space00:45
hyper__chcellofellow: where don't you see imap setting?00:45
scguy318brandon: what client00:45
coldbootstefg: It's still a very light veil of security, stops someone from modifying your system if they don't have a liveCD on them at the time.00:45
cellofellowhyper__ch: in the GMail settings.00:46
hyper__chcellofellow: you have to specify that in your email client ;)00:46
scguy318brandon: not sure then, if you're trying to join one /join #chan of course00:46
z00s_after having followed the following steps found here: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy#How_to_get_Mouse_over_preview_of_MP3_files_working i am now having problems with both firefox and xmms being unable to play sound00:46
cellofellowhyper__ch: so, if POP is enabled, so is IMAP?00:46
Master_Zfluxd: on manual though, I Drag the new partition to 15GB, correct? What file system do I use. EXT2 ?00:46
nickrudhyper__ch: the enable imap button is there! no reason to pay for my email anymore00:46
scguy318Master_Z: ext300:46
makuseruscguy318: do you know the command to convert?00:46
d0ll4_Master_Z: if you resize a win partition, be sure to defragment it before u resize00:46
scguy318makuseru: sure00:46
hyper__chcellofellow: no, imap does not depend on pop or vice versa.. they are different protocols00:47
c0nkacan anyone help ???00:47
Master_ZI dont need to.00:47
d0ll4_brandon: /j #newchan00:47
FluxDMaster_Z: I am just saying if u are new dont start with automatic00:47
Master_Zaccording to disk defragmenter00:47
fevel /sv xchat 2.8.4 Linux 2.6.22-14-generic [i686/1.50GHz]00:47
Master_ZI am relatively new00:47
hyper__chnickrud: you have to enable imap from within gmail?00:47
makuseruscguy318: what is the command to rename?00:47
stefgcoldboot: the model is: be noob-friendly and have loose local security, but no open ports for remote attacks. If you really need defence against local attacks, you are an admin and it's your job to know how to implement that00:47
yokomois there a program like tag and rename for editing mp3 idv tags?00:47
cellofellowhyper__ch: I know that, but there isn't an option (I can see) to enable IMAP in GMail so that I can download it to Evolution using IMAP.00:47
FluxDyokomo: yes00:47
scguy318makuseru: mv oldname newname.00:47
OCZ <OCZ> problem here, X crash after install nvidia-glx-new and second pc restart, with gutsy i386 and amd64, is the same, i try 3 nvidia version drivers00:47
brandonwhat is the channel for compiz help00:47
makuseruyokomo: amarock does00:47
panosruanyone knows how to install amsn 9076 on ubuntu with antialiasing??00:47
scguy318brandon: #ubuntu-effects00:47
mr_marvinhello. thare are som serious problems with ubuntu ubdate00:47
hyper__chcellofellow: you have to setup imap in your evolution account00:48
FluxD!compiz | brandon00:48
ubotubrandon: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:48
d0ll4_cellofellow: is there a pop3 account?00:48
nickrudhyper__ch: simply change to it from pop3, selecting imap turns off pop. (all I've seen so far, now I have to look into moving all my mail there)00:48
makuseruscguy318: that wouldnt convert it00:48
yokomoFluxD: wha program?00:48
sourcehi, the support spanish please ? whats #?00:48
scguy318makuseru: you asked how to move a file :P00:48
FluxDyokomo: a sec00:48
scguy318makuseru: *rename00:48
cellofellowGmail has POP3 stuff, always has, but you have to turn it on. And what settings do I put in Evolution then?00:48
d0ll4_!es | source00:48
ubotusource: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.00:48
fyrestrtryokomo: exfalso00:48
gulled0ndervananyone know what to do with instructions that direct you to edit inetd.conf and xinetd.conf in regard to the new upstart system?00:48
scguy318makuseru: to do ffmpeg way just do like ffmpeg -i flvfile.flv outputfile.mpeg00:48
makuseruscguy318: haha, oops.00:48
c0nkai cant connect to the internet it says im connected but i am not can anyone help ???00:48
makuseruscguy318: its not .flv its .swf00:48
dsl1117X wont start w/new video card.... how do i get it to reprobe?00:48
FluxDmakuseru: u cant convert that00:49
hyper__chcellofellow: in evolution you change pop3 to IMAP - don't ask me where... maybe you have to re-create the account with imap00:49
fyrestrtrc0nka: you are connected if you are talking on irc.00:49
gary_inNYCOCZ, does X start atm?00:49
c0nkaim on a different computer00:49
mr_marvinto whome can i report?00:49
adayahhi i´m back.  i´m trying to get my geforce 3 resolution higher than 1024s768 i installed the linux restricted modules as asked to do and i don´t know what that was supposed to do cause nothing has changed. i could use some insight.  thanks.00:49
johnn1 left click the icon and disconnect..then do it again..it should then get connected00:49
scguy318mr_marvin: about?00:49
xTheGoat121xWhy are all my full-screen windows slightly transparent?00:49
fyrestrtrdsl1117: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg00:49
cellofellowhyper__ch: I understand what you are saying, but I'm not sure if it'll work...00:49
=== wIRC-Newbie is now known as Wisteso
xTheGoat121xAnd how would I go about disabling that feature00:49
OCZx start, then I login, then x restarts and give me login page again00:49
hyper__chcellofellow: create another gmail account and test that for a little while :=00:49
mr_marvinscguy318: problems with upgrade. i'll send you screenshot...?00:49
scguy318mr_marvin: whast the problem?00:49
c0nkafyrestrtr, i am on a different pc00:49
cellofellowI guess...00:50
FluxDyokomo: Easytag (A versatile mp3 tag editor)00:50
fyrestrtradayah: open a terminal, and type glxinfo | grep direct -- what do you see?00:50
hyper__chso, I'm off to bed... only 5h sleep left00:50
_mastro_hi all... i've an "old" laptop: Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 and it's really slow (i'm using ubuntu feisty) it seems like it doesn't have DMA (Direct Memory Access) cause when i use the disk the system became almost frozen... this started to happen after ubuntu... don't remember the version.. the one where has been added the EIDE->SATA wrapper from kernel... i can i enable DMA? i got error like: [00000304] ffmpeg decoder00:50
_mastro_ error: more than 5 seconds of late video -> dropping frame (computer too slow ?) i can't play video and it's really annoying.. if i enable something like tracker my system became unusable... please.. help me or i have to change distro :/00:50
cameron_Is there a way to make the browser play sound through a USB output?00:50
adayahwill do00:50
OCZafter 1st reboot all working very nice, all effects, etc. after 2 restarts all screwed up00:50
c0nkaplease can someone help00:50
Master_Zok its partitioning00:50
d0ll4_yokomo: picard would be nice too i think00:50
gary_inNYCOCZ: do you have a backed up xorg.conf you can use?  if so revert to the old one, boot with generic nv driver, then purge any nvidia drivers you have completely, and install the correct restricted driver00:50
fyrestrtr_mastro_: change laptops00:51
adayahi see this in terminal Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".00:51
adayahXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".00:51
adayahXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".00:51
adayahError: couldn't find RGB GLX visual00:51
adayahXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".00:51
adayahXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".00:51
OCZgary_inNYC yes, does not work00:51
adayahXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".00:51
adayahXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".00:51
sourcecOnKa see the pv00:51
adayahXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".00:51
makuserudo not past in here00:51
mr_marvinscguy318: beerorkid.com and media.blutkind.org are missing some files...?00:51
dcossoncan anyone tell me how to alter gdm's resolution settings?  my resolution is correct in regular gnome but not gdm00:51
adayahXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".00:51
fyrestrtryokomo: apt-cache search id3 tag editor00:51
FluxD!pastebin ! adayah00:51
d0ll4_adaya use a bin --> pastebin.a00:51
d0ll4_adaya use a bin --> pastebin.ca00:51
OCZgeneric nv driver don´t work anymore00:51
c0nkasorce , wahts the pv00:51
Evanlec!paste | adayah00:51
ubotuadayah: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:51
Master_Zwhat the crap00:51
mr_marvinscguy318: compiz & xgl related...00:51
Master_Zdid I do this wrong?00:51
sjovangood day every one. any of you got a url or the loki_patch?00:51
sjovancan't finde it00:51
scguy318!compiz | mr_marvin00:51
ubotumr_marvin: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:51
c0nkasource, whats the pv00:52
scguy318mr_marvin: #compiz-fusion may be able to help you better00:52
Master_ZI told it to make the new partition 15GB00:52
Master_Zand it did that00:52
NemesisDscguy318, have you tried the imap yet?00:52
_mastro_fyrestrtr: this is a non sense.. with windows xp i can play video just fine! with other distro i play video fine.... if something is wrong here is something with setting in ubuntu.... can you help me find where's the problem?00:52
Master_Znow I have my two hard drives listed00:52
mr_marvinscguy318: you don't understand.00:52
sourcecOnKa by private talk is tu busy the channel00:52
sjovangot this in a tut ---> wget http://www.step-n-up.com/downloads/loki_patch00:52
Master_Zand my main one says 0MB used00:52
sjovanbut it didn't work00:52
Master_Zhow is this?00:52
brandonwhat is the compiz channel agian00:52
scguy318NemesisD: i dont feel need for offline clients :P00:52
scguy318brandon: #compiz-fusion00:52
Master_Zdid my windows get deleted? :o00:52
fyrestrtr_mastro_: I don't have enough information to help you troubleshoot the issue.00:52
mr_marvinscguy318: it is impossible to update ubunto because thse files are missing: it is aborted00:52
d0ll4_Master_Z: hopefully you dindt trash your main partition.00:52
Master_Zoh crap.00:53
FluxDMaster_Z: told u manual is dangerous :/00:53
dream_codersuse 10.3 vs ubuntu whats the verdict?00:53
_mastro_fyrestrtr: well.. just ask.. i don't know what you need00:53
fyrestrtrMaster_Z: time to dust off those backup dvds00:53
c0nkacan anyone help if so pm me please00:53
Master_Zso basically windows is gone now00:53
scguy318dream_coder: depends on what you want from SuSE00:53
scguy318Master_Z not necessarily00:53
FluxDMaster_Z: sreenhot00:53
NemesisDscguy318, well im suspicious that it doesn't work...00:53
scguy318Master_Z you can inititate data recovery procedures00:53
Master_Zwhat can I do ?00:53
fyrestrtr_mastro_: first, check if dma is enabled on your system or not.00:53
d0ll4_Master_Z you aplied the changes?00:53
scguy318Master_Z use software like testdisk or w/e00:53
dream_coderi am on suse just curious with all the hype from ubuntu etc00:53
Master_ZI hit okay and it said applying changes00:53
OCZwell thanks...00:53
Evanlecdream_coder, i think gutsy wins ... and mandriva also wins according to distrowatch00:53
dream_coderlinux newbie<---00:53
scguy318dream_coder: Ubuntu is geared for average users looking for a good desktop experience00:53
Master_ZI just told it to make a 15gb partition00:54
adayahhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/42176/ i think this is it for the paste00:54
scguy318Evanlec: distrowatch = click counts :P00:54
dream_coderi treid mandriva didnt like00:54
johnn1Susie is for sissies.00:54
dream_codertried kubuntu...00:54
Evanlecscguy318, no it was a review of mandriva 2008 vs suse 10.300:54
scguy318mr_marvin: try a different mirror?00:54
d0ll4_dream_coder: depends on what you liketo do.. suse has yast.. its nice to configure samba, bind, dhcp-server easily for example00:54
FluxDdream_coder: ubuntu is good :)00:54
Master_Zand now it says 0MB used00:54
scguy318Evanlec: ah00:54
Agrekenis there a channel for AWM?00:54
c0nkasomeone please00:54
_mastro_fyrestrtr: i think probably could be 2 different thing: DMA missing (wich doesn't exist with SATA.. but it's emulation.. remember? so i can't check if it is enable on a "sata" disk... or could be a missing main card driver since X version of ubuntu.. i don't know how to find out this00:54
kagI would like to test if my webcam if working under Ekiga, anyone would like to accept a test call?00:54
AgrekenAvant Windows manager00:55
d0ll4_Agreken: AWM?00:55
sjovanis there a game-ubuntu channel maby?00:55
dream_coderi liked suse for the easy to install dvd encoding programs and 3gp well saying 3gp encoding it doesnt work in suse 10.3 lol00:55
d0ll4_ah ok00:55
Agrekencant figure out this cube think00:55
fyrestrtr_mastro_: first think to do is dmesg | grep -i dma00:55
scguy318sjovan: not really, if you want general chatter, #ubuntu-offtopic00:55
mr_marvinscguy318: system > administration > upade manager. how can i change mirror?00:55
sjovanit's not off topic00:55
c0nkai cant connect to the internet it says im connected but i am not can anyone help ???00:55
sjovancan't fine loki_patch00:55
d0ll4_Agreken: cube thing? you mean compiz(-fusion)00:55
Master_Zpeople. its definitely gone :o00:55
scguy318mr_marvin: you go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources00:55
dream_coderi never liked gnome tho00:55
Agrekenyes ;)00:55
d0ll4_Master_Z: im sorry :00:55
stefg!games | sjovan00:55
ubotusjovan: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php00:55
Master_Zso if I wanted to install windows again, could I install Ubuntu first?00:56
_mastro_fyrestrtr: wait.. but i don't think something will come up00:56
Master_Zand install vista on this second partition?00:56
delta9thc1awn... like a gdesklets,adesklets,screenlets,maybe?00:56
scguy318Master_Z: sure, though you'll have to tweak GRUB manually00:56
fyrestrtrMaster_Z: install Windows first, then install Linux00:56
d0ll4_Master_Z: you could, ut first windows is looots easier00:56
cellofellowMaster_Z: no, install WIndows first.00:56
dcossoncan anyone tell me how to alter gdm's resolution settings?  my resolution is correct in regular gnome but not gdm00:56
FluxDMaster_Z: windows first00:56
scguy318mr_master: in Software Sources, change the Download from box to w/e00:56
Master_Zok thanks00:56
=== andresj_ is now known as andresj
c0nkai cant connect to the internet it says im connected but i am not can anyone help ???00:56
stefg!fixres | dcosson00:56
ubotudcosson: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto00:56
cellofellowMaster_Z: Windows will wipe GRUB if you install it second. And may format your partitions.00:56
scguy318mr_marvin: in Software Sources, change the Download from box to w/e00:56
sivikok, i have a digital camera and i'm trying to connect it via usb to get the images off, is there a program to do this or is it just a mass storage device?00:56
dream_coderi know ubuntu is very popular thats why i asked00:56
fyrestrtrc0nka: what do you mean 'can't connect'?00:56
_mastro_fyrestrtr: http://pastebin.com/m31094f8b00:56
scguy318sivik: just mass storage00:56
FluxDdream_coder: I just hate rpms :)00:57
mr_marvinscguy318: ok. got it. i'll try again00:57
_mastro_fyrestrtr: it seems there is dma... :/ so i can't understand why it is so slow00:57
dream_coderi see00:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wacom - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:57
dream_coderwhy do u hate rpms00:57
mr_marvinscguy318: thanks. how heavy is update?00:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tablets - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:57
d0ll4_dream_coder: in my opinion suse has too mcuh dependencies. you get a huge load of crap on first install :)00:57
Master_Zok, so install Windows first?00:57
sivikscguy318, /dev/?00:57
delta9thc1try screenlets agreke00:57
c0nkafyrestrtr , it says im connected but when i go to firefox it says im not connected ??00:57
_mastro_fyrestrtr: may be it don't use it00:57
fyrestrtr_mastro_: so its not dma -- when do you experience the slowness?00:57
sivikMaster_Z, always install windows first00:57
d0ll4_dream_coder: but its userfriendly ;)00:57
scguy318mr_marvin: total is like 600 or 700 MB, depends on your connection, might take a few00:57
fyrestrtr_mastro_: that tells you its using it.00:57
_mastro_fyrestrtr: everytime disk is in use00:57
cellofellowMaster_Z: yea, and do a normal dual-boot installation of Linux.00:57
Master_Zok. thanks guys.00:57
Agrekenkind of knew to link and have seen some really wicked stuff using the Avant system. I can get the tool bars running but cant figure out how to get the rotating cube like they do00:57
FluxDMaster_Z: unless u know how to tweak grub00:57
Master_Znope lol00:57
Master_Zwell, time to install vista again I suppose00:57
fyrestrtr_mastro_: how much ram do you have, and how much free space.00:58
scguy318sivik: yeah, the w/e GNOME daemon should auto-mount it I think00:58
_mastro_fyrestrtr: if disk isn't in use all is smooth and fast00:58
dream_coderyea i am a pc tech but just new to using linux thats why i have opted to have linux as my only Os to learn it00:58
cellofellowAgreken: install ccsm (compizconfig-settings-manager)00:58
c0nkafyrestrtr , it says im connected but when i go to firefox it says im not connected ??00:58
FluxDMaster_Z: dont do manual unless u are expereiced00:58
sivikthat would involve using gnome00:58
cellofellowif that's the right name.00:58
stefg!effects | Agreken00:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about effects - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:58
_mastro_fyrestrtr: 8gb free space and 512 ram00:58
riotkittieAgreken: errr. compiz-fusion. :P00:58
gary_inNYCOCZ; hmm, perhaps someone else has a solution?00:58
mr_marvinscguy318: can i update if i have cd?00:58
scguy318mr_marvin: I think you're somewhere near Montenegro, so it might get slow00:58
Agrekencool! thank you!!00:58
stefg!compiz | Agreken00:58
ubotuAgreken: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:58
fyrestrtrc0nka: open a terminal and type ping
_mastro_the ram isn't full.. so it's not the problem00:58
scguy318mr_marvin: you need to use the alternative CD, but yes00:58
sivikkde didn't mount it00:58
fyrestrtrc0nka: and stop repeating00:58
dream_coderi did reallllly reallllly like kubuntu..00:58
karsten /win 200:58
mr_marvinscguy318: 1 Mbps...00:58
Alptraum-Master_Z: i didnt read all, but do you have problems with setting up grub?00:58
sjovanthanx  /j #ubuntu00:58
fyrestrtr_mastro_: how old is the install?00:58
gulled0ndervananyone know how to start several Xvnc servers with upstart?00:59
dream_coderwhen it came to installing dvd encoding etc seemed abit difficult thats all00:59
Agrekenyou guys are great! thank you! bbl00:59
_mastro_fyrestrtr: it's feisty00:59
sjovan ubotu00:59
d0ll4_Alptraum: no just trashed his win partition ;)00:59
_mastro_fyrestrtr: and i started with ... dapper00:59
Master_ZI dont know how to, but when I installed ubuntu second on my laptop, it set it up automatically00:59
cleganei seem to be having some trouble with dmraid, so i purged it and installed mdadm; why do i still have a /dev/mapper/nvidia_xxxxx(1) and why does 'sudo mdadm --assemble --scan --verbose' return 'mdadm: no recogniseable superblock on /dev/mapper/nvidia_jcdeaefj1'? Thanks for any help!!00:59
sjovanbut the problem is that there is a lot of broken urls out there00:59
scguy318mr_marvin: maybe an hour or two00:59
adayahhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/42176/ is the paste bin response from my terminal when i did glxinfo | grep direct00:59
sourcecOnKa so do you find help ??00:59
fyrestrtr_mastro_: when did you experience the issue, and what chipset do you have.00:59
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Alptraum-Master_Z: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435100:59
=== critical_moment is now known as joyfull_moment
karsten /win /win 1200:59
karsten/win 200:59
fyrestrtr_mastro_: pastebin the output of fdisk -l /dev/yourdevice00:59
sjovanlike now i'm folowing a tut from the forum ---> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=189360 <--- and the url for the loki patch doesn't work00:59
scguy318mr_marvin: if you have the alternate CD, to upgrade from it type gksu "sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade"00:59
dream_coderkubuntu is a hellof alot faster which it is.. aint sure compared to kubuntu BUT it is still probs faster than suse which i liked01:00
Alptraum-d0ll4_: oh, damn. ok sry :)01:00
FluxDdream_coder: they are in restricted repos01:00
stefggulled0ndervan: you'd have to create event scrpts in /etc/event.d01:00
c0nkafyrestrtr, it says " connect: network not reachable01:00
dream_codersuse 10.3 sorrry01:00
_mastro_fyrestrtr: fdisk ... http://pastebin.com/m7b7936ba01:00
fyrestrtrc0nka: it means you are not connected to the internet. How do you connect to the internet?01:00
gulled0ndervanstefg: thank you. trying to follow howto's that point towards inetd.conf and xinetd.conf01:00
dream_coderwhat does that mean flux?01:01
c0nkawireless and wired01:01
peerlessCan someone help me out, im having trouble with mounting drives on boot by modifying fstab.. I am pretty sure my entries are correct but they wont mount automatically01:01
_mastro_fyrestrtr: it's become slow when i upgraded from dapper to the one after dapper (don't remember)01:01
sourcecOnKa you setting your conexion?01:01
fyrestrtr_mastro_: eft01:01
_mastro_fyrestrtr: chipset... Host bridge: Intel Corporation 82845 845 (Brookdale) Chipset Host Bridge (rev 04)01:01
stefggulled0ndervan: i did not dive too deep into upstart now, but basically the former inittab is now scripts in /etc/event.d01:01
Bonsterpeerless: what did u put in there?01:01
c0nkasource , what m8 ??01:01
_mastro_fyrestrtr: right01:01
FluxDdream_coder: since its illegal in some countries to have dvd playing codes its not there in default ubuntu01:01
cleganepeerless, post one of the lines from fstab that isn't mounting01:01
Evanlecdream_coder, i was gonna try out suse on virtualbox01:01
theacolyteBy using the build in remote desktop, how do I access it externally? I opened up 5900, and I'm connecting to the right stuff -- it even asks me for a password, but it comes up as wrong01:02
dream_coderso to get it all working in kubuntu it wud be a pain then yes?01:02
fyrestrtr_mastro_: not sure; I have almost identical hardware to yours (except I have a bigger disk and don't dual boot). I have not faced this issue since ... before dapper (and I have been doing upgrades all the way through).01:02
Evanlecdream_coder, maybe i'll actually install it if i like it...but i have my doubts about anything topping ubuntu gutsy ;p01:02
c0nkasource , the internet was fine yesterday01:02
sourcecOnKa ifconfig eth0 <ip_privada> broadcast <ip_broadcast> netmask <mascara_subred> up <---- you now ???01:02
scguy318theacolyte: check your password is what I say :P01:02
FluxDdream_coder: not really just ask here :)01:02
FluxDdream_coder: or VLC01:02
scguy318theacolyte: or check that you're connecting to the correct server01:02
theacolytescguy318: ....yeah.....01:02
||drake||where do i go to ask questions about firefox?01:02
_mastro_fyrestrtr: the think i noticed upgrading is that my /etc/hdparm setting stopped working cause of the change /dev/hda -> /dev/sda ... i though it was correlated01:02
fyrestrtr_mastro_: it sounds like a regression bug, maybe has to do with prefetching. What does smartmon tell you about your disks?01:02
FluxD||drake||: #firefox ?01:03
Bonsterpeerless: do u have a storage folder?01:03
||drake||sounds good :)01:03
cleganepeerless, does the folder /media/Storage exist? (check case)01:03
dream_coderto be honest i do love suse 10.3 really do.... but i tried kubuntu a while bk and really did love it just the lack of installing things thats was a bit of a no no to me01:03
peerlessBonster, yeah, /media/Storage exists01:03
mr_marvinscguy318: ok, thank you. i'll try that. look at this errors: http://www.zshare.net/image/4452588e953891/01:03
aguiarjoin/ ogamenet.net01:03
_mastro_fyrestrtr: what's regression bug??? i try the smartstuff01:03
Master_Zwhat exactly is grub?01:03
brandoncant get compiz settings manager to open01:03
adayahi found something called nvidia-glx-new...i´m trying that for kicks (installing)01:03
Master_Zthe menu thing showing available OSs?01:03
gary_inNYCgrub is a bootloader01:03
brandoncan you halp me01:03
Alptraum-Master_Z: yep, the bootloader01:03
c0nkasource , so i dont understand why i cant connect01:03
_mastro_fyrestrtr: don't have smartmon01:03
FluxDbrandon: #compiz-fusion01:03
cM0ssHas anyone figured out what plugins are needed to view the videos on foxnews.com?01:03
Evanlecdream_coder, how is YaSt tho? i really like the debian package manager...a lot better than rpm in my opinion01:03
Bonsterpeerless: ur on gutsy?01:03
Master_Zwhy exactly do I need to install it NOW?01:04
fyrestrtr_mastro_: regression issue mean something that's fixed in an older version, but broken in a newer version.01:04
sjovanj /ubuntu-offtopic01:04
dream_coderyast has worked flawlessly for me01:04
cleganepeerless, is it not mounting at all, or is it just not showing on your desktop?01:04
Bonsterpeerless: seems like ur missing the UID #01:04
* Alptraum- thinks about some frets on fire01:04
dream_coderi keep my mind open to distros thats all01:04
fyrestrtrEvanlec: dream_coder please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic01:04
dream_coderalways looking for something better01:04
stefg!traffic | dream_coder, Evanlec01:04
_mastro_fyrestrtr: i'm apt-getinstalling smartmontools01:04
ubotudream_coder, Evanlec: NOTICE - There is a lot of traffic in this channel at the moment. Please try to keep your sentences into a single message, avoid repeating the same question multiple times, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org for pasting, remember to mention the nickname of the person you're addressing, and join #ubuntu-offtopic for anything that is not Ubuntu support. Thank you for understanding!01:04
FluxDcM0ss: try mpayer plgin for firefox ?01:04
cameron_How can I make sound play by default through a USB output?01:04
c0nkasource , so i dont understand why i cant connect01:04
dream_coderok sorry01:05
peerlessclegane: its not on my desktop, but if I navigate to /media/Storage it mounted wrong....theres tons of extra folders and shit that arent there if I mount it manually01:05
fyrestrtrcameron_: I don't think such a configuration is supported in linux yet.01:05
adminnguys is there an easier way to install compiz in dapper drake without using this tutorial? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/InstallingCompiz01:05
cM0ssFluxD, yeah...and several others...including the adobe, etc01:05
sourcecOnKa you have to see if your ip is ok, gateway ok  dns ok and your eth is up01:05
fyrestrtradminn: yes, upgrade to gutsy :)01:05
cM0ssFluxD, can you watch the video's?01:05
cameron_fyrestrtr: I can make it play though amarok and such manually, but not through firefox01:05
mr_marvinfor admins: http://www.zshare.net/image/4452588e953891/01:05
FluxDcM0ss: let me try01:05
fyrestrtrcameron_: file a bug against it in launchpad01:06
c0nkasource , so how do you do that m801:06
Master_Zso do I install Windows first, and then grub or what?01:06
cameron_fyrestrtr: thanks01:06
cM0ssFluxD, I can view video on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, etc but not foxnews.com01:06
Bonsterpeerless: what are u mounting ?01:06
FluxDcM0ss: send them a letter :)01:06
cleganepeerless, you can have stuff in a folder before something is mounted to it; after you mount something to a folder, the original contents won't show, but the contents of the mounted device will. Is there anything about your device or mount point in /etc/mtab?01:06
MasterShrekEvanlec, dream_coder, debs and rpms for for noobs, source code!01:06
sourcecOnKa you know how open a shell ??01:06
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.01:06
adminnmr_marvin: what is that lolol01:07
cM0ssFluxD, already did...01:07
c0nkasource , nope01:07
Master_Zcan someone help me please.01:07
Master_ZI dont understand.01:07
peerlessBonster: I have three hard drives in my pc, one that it boots from the other two are for extra storage and I just want them mounted so I can use them01:07
FluxDcM0ss: link to a video?01:07
FluxDMaster_Z: what?01:07
fyrestrtrMaster_Z: about what?01:07
cM0ssFluxD, some people claim you can watch it if you have everthing set up right.01:07
cleganeAnyone: I seem to be having some trouble with dmraid, so i purged it and installed mdadm; why do i still have a /dev/mapper/nvidia_xxxxx(1) and why does 'sudo mdadm --assemble --scan --verbose' return 'mdadm: no recogniseable superblock on /dev/mapper/nvidia_jcdeaefj1'? Thanks for any help!!01:07
sourcecOnKa you know Terminal have a icon like a screm01:08
cM0ssNo one has explained to me what "right" is.01:08
theacolyteBy using the build in remote desktop, how do I access it externally? I opened up 5900, and I'm connecting to the right stuff -- it even asks me for a password, but it says authentication wrong01:08
Bonsterpeerless: are they fat32 ntfs or linux partition?01:08
Master_ZMy main hard drive has like 90GB free. I want to make a 15GB partition (can I make it 15GB ext3 and 75gb NTFS?). Also, do I install windows first and then linux?01:08
peerlessone is ext3 and the other is ntfs01:08
_mastro_fyrestrtr: here the smartctl http://pastebin.com/m7b8ab6ce what does it mean? what i have to do?01:08
CpuWhizMaster_Z: i would install windows, leave unpartitioned space for linux, then install ubuntu01:08
c0nkasource , what ???01:08
Bonsterext3 u can use default01:08
mr_marvinadminn: that is serious error that prevents people from update: files are missing on one of the servers01:08
Bonsterbut the others01:08
FluxDMaster_Z: yes u can01:08
Bonsteru have to use ntfs01:08
gary_inNYCMaster_Z better to install windows first, easier to do01:08
bulmertheacolyte-> you are connecting to a windows machine?01:08
FluxDcM0ss: works for me its just flash01:09
Zippy2_mastro_: it doesnt support smart. theres nothin gyou can do01:09
Master_Zcan I partition using windows instead?01:09
sourcecOnKa if you can work in text mode not graphic mode01:09
Zippy2is it in a usb enclosure or something? i dont think you can access smart through usb01:09
adminnmr_marvin: so cant update to gutsy so should download full?01:09
FluxDcM0ss: only sound though01:09
c0nkasource , yes01:09
_mastro_Zippy2: O_o ok still i don't kwnow where to search for the problem01:09
cM0ssFluxD, yeah...I get sound...no video01:09
mr_marvinadminn: yes, i will do that. but this still is a serious stuff.01:09
Zippy2_mastro_: theres nothing you can do to fix it. it isnt supported01:09
gary_inNYCMaster_Z install Windows first, make your partition, leave blank space for Linux01:09
FluxDcM0ss: its flashs problem sadly we cant do anything about it01:10
sourcecOnKa ok so you now how put command line i can give you the comands01:10
theTravhmm, this one is tricky.  I'm having trouble building my simple app that uses SDL_mixer.h.  It's giving me grief at the linker stage, where it is unable to resolve the functions that the header files refer to within SDL_mixer.  Anyone have a clue how to debug this in ubuntu?01:10
adminnmr_marvin: did you get that error from trying to update an older distro to gutsy?01:10
_mastro_Zippy2: that's not my problem.. my problem is that my system become really slow when disk is in use.... like if you don't have DMA enabled.. but it seems to work...01:10
theTravso far I've checked /user/include and found that the header file is there and correct01:10
c0nkasource , yes m8 but can u pm them please01:10
Zippy2_mastro_: hdparm -u1 -d1 -m1 /dev/hda01:10
fyrestrtr_mastro_: nothing too serious. It just means your drive doesn't have a SMART chip on it. SMART can tell you (with some degree of reliability) if your disk is having hardware failures. Seems like its an issue between dapper and edgy. I would start by going to launchpad and filing/searching for bugs.01:10
scguy318cM0ss: whats your difficulty?01:10
Zippy2or whatever the ide device is (if it's ide)01:10
theTravI did only just install the dev package, do I need to restart before it will work with linking?01:10
mr_marvinadminn: no. 7,04 > 7,1001:11
_mastro_fyrestrtr: thanks i try01:11
fyrestrtrtheTrav: are you missing and -dev packages?01:11
cM0ssscguy318, viewing the video on foxnews.com ... get sound but no video....it's a flash file.01:11
_mastro_Zippy2: can't from edgy where the new wrapper /dev/hda -> /dev/sda has come.. and the same moment i started to have this issues01:11
torrenteanyone know how to get more themes from repositories to emerald ?01:11
adminnmr_marvin: good thing I got gutsy ;) dvd01:11
theTravfyrestrtr: I'm pretty sure I've got the right -dev package01:11
sutabiI have ubuntu alternative 7.10 on my HD but my CD burner isn't working, is there a way ti install the update thats still on my HD without putting it onto a cd?01:11
FluxDtorrente: gnome-look.org01:11
scguy318cM0ss: are you using 64-bit version? weird01:11
theTravdev packages are just header files right?01:12
FluxDscguy318: same for me01:12
cM0ssscguy318, no...32 bit version01:12
sourcecOnKa not slam or short words please is not my language english just i come here to practice my english and help at the same time01:12
fevelhow do I add fonts?01:12
stefg!install | sutabi01:12
ubotusutabi: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:12
theacolyteThat's really bad01:12
adminnmr_marvin: I created a lame backup image tutorial see :/ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53649101:12
the_weekendhi all, is it possible to install gutsy using a feisty live-dvd without instlaling feisty first?01:12
desertcI'm having a number of issues with the new GNOME interface, in Gutsy.  I can't find anything on Launchpad about most of them, so I wonder if it just me.  Does the red "Shutdown, Quit" button on the tool bar take 2-3 minutes to respond for anyone else, for example?01:12
theTravi have both libsdl-mixer1.2 and libsdl-mixer1.2-dev01:12
fyrestrtrtheTrav: and libraries, and source -- depends on the package.01:12
theacolyteThe only way you can connect using the remote desktop feature is with no authentication.01:12
torrenteFluxD:  it work with emerald manager?01:12
stefgthe_weekend: no01:12
c0nkasource , yes mate but can u private message them please01:13
fyrestrtrthe_weekend: I don't think that would work, even if it was possible by some strange twist.01:13
FluxDtorrente: see for urself look for comiz on the left01:13
torrenteFluxD: what?01:13
sourcecOnKa yes01:13
FluxDtorrente: emerald themes rigjt?01:13
scguy318cM0ss: the free media player doesn't seem to do anything for me, might be my NoScript plugin tho01:13
fyrestrtrtheTrav: which file is it complaining about?01:13
mr_marvinadminn: err.. why do you sent that link to me? :)01:13
torrenteFluxD: yes01:13
scguy318cM0ss: pity01:13
the_weekendstefg: darn, no way to install from internet using the livecd somehow? change the sources list or something?01:13
FluxDtorrente: that site has it01:13
ash_The FBI and our govt is corrupt: http://digg.com/politics/Corruption_lies_and_racism_by_the_FBI_My_torture_at_the_hands_of_the_FBI01:14
stefgthe_weekend: no... ROM means read only01:14
scguy318ash_: #ubuntu-offtopic01:14
adminnmr_marvin: to show you I can restore the image if I realy mess it up ha01:14
c0nkasource , yes mate but can u private message them please01:14
changelogHas anyone had a problem with ntfs-3g mounts with the error: "fuse: mount failed: Device or resource busy"01:14
theTravI'm compiling & linking, so it's not complaining about a file, but an undefined referenceto Mix_LoadWAV_RW01:14
cM0ssscguy318, I have people tell me that they can view the videos but no one has told me what plugins they are using to make it work.01:14
mr_marvinadminn: well, thanks :)01:14
scguy318ash_: unfortunately, I wouldn't be in the know01:14
the_weekendstefg: i gues because it doesn't have the space to put all the packages?01:14
gary_inNYCcan anyone recommend a good torrent client that supports encryption and ip filtering for ubuntu?01:14
FluxDcM0ss: there are only 2 possible plugins for flash01:14
theTravalso some other sdl mixer functions01:14
adminnmr_marvin: your a good guy thankyou :D01:14
upt1megary_inNYC: deluge01:15
fyrestrtrtheTrav: means you are missing a file that you should be compiling against.01:15
the_weekendstefg: what if maybe...i put them on my swap temporarily, i have like 2G of swap01:15
theTravpart of my problem is that I don't know where the implementations of those functions should reside01:15
sourcecOnKa write --> ifconfig and paste in here01:15
mr_marvinscguy318, adminn: thank you for tips... i'm off. i ordered cds, so goota be patint. bye.01:15
cM0ssFluxD, I have tried both. And some others.01:15
stefgthe_weekend: you coud get a minimal gutsy CD... that installs over the net and is only a ~ 50 MB d/l01:15
lImItaOwhy i can't download a video with d4l and gwget and I can with wget and freeload?????01:15
lImItaOit's driving me crazy!!!01:15
stefg!minimal | the_weekend01:16
ubotuthe_weekend: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:16
theTravis there any way from the package manager to find out what it's supposed to have installed so I can go and check that it's installed it?01:16
fyrestrtrtheTrav: what files are you including?01:16
adminnmr_marvin: I thought you were an admin such a nice guy have fun with your new cd01:16
fyrestrtrtheTrav: in your source.01:16
Bruno_How can i make an external hard drive bootable with xubuntu?01:16
theTrav<SDL/SDL.h> and <SDL/SDL_mixer.h>01:16
|adrian|i have tried tu use compiz with my radeon x600 on my laptop01:16
stefgBruno_: that depends on yout Bios01:16
|adrian|the fglrx driver is not supported??01:17
Bruno_i can choose on my bios to boot from USB-HD01:17
rxKaffeeanyone have a url for details on installing ubuntu from a .iso on a pc with no cdrom, either partially uncompressing the iso and booting it from grub/lilo, or chrooting into the iso from a running distro?01:17
stefg!install | rxKaffee01:17
uboturxKaffee: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:17
the_weekendhmm, it'll probably be easier to install feisty then upgrade, though it might be a fun experiment to try it out01:17
theTravalso "Sound.h" which is my own header file, but it doesn't refer to anything else01:17
DeanStlanyone experiencing ubuntu 7.10 not recognizing ipod shuffle?01:17
BonsterrxKaffee: usb flash drive?01:17
Bruno_stefg i can choose on my bios to boot from USB-HD, but when i tried it said couldnt boot OS01:17
theTravI'm compiling pretty much the "hello world" of sdl sound01:17
rxKaffeestefg: awesome, thanks01:18
fyrestrtrtheTrav: what is your gcc command?01:18
theTravg++ -O0 -g3 -Wall -c -fmessage-length=0 -MMD -MP -MF"Sound.d" -MT"Sound.d" -o"Sound.o" "../Sound.cpp"01:18
stefgBruno_: you need to set up grub to the MBR of the external disk01:18
changelogHas anyone had a problem with ntfs-3g mounts with the error: "fuse: mount failed: Device or resource busy"01:18
theTravI think01:18
theTraveclipse is doing it for me01:18
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!01:18
ubotu1337 i5 nigh-inc0mpr3h3n5ib13 70 u5 n00bs, 4nd n0b0dy c4r35 if UR 4 1337 h4x0r. Giv3 i7 4 r357.01:19
theTravcompiling works, but the linking fails01:19
fyrestrtrtheTrav: and your linker?01:19
theTravlinker is: g++  -o"testSDL"  ./Animatable.o ./Camera.o ./Cube.o ./CubeEmitter.o ./CubePile.o ./Cursor.o ./Game.o ./Input.o ./InputListener.o ./Sound.o ./TextureLoader.o ./UserInterface.o ./main.o   -lSDL -lGLU -lGL01:19
c0nkasource, ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ ifconfig01:19
c0nkaeth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:0A:E4:D8:98:2101:19
c0nka          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
c0nka          inet6 addr: fe80::20a:e4ff:fed8:9821/64 Scope:Link01:19
c0nka          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:101:19
c0nka          RX packets:2568 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:001:19
c0nka          TX packets:329 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:001:19
c0nka          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100001:19
c0nka          RX bytes:239520 (233.9 KB)  TX bytes:29527 (28.8 KB)01:19
c0nka          Interrupt:18 Base address:0x600001:19
scguy318!pastebin | c0nka01:19
ubotuc0nka: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:19
FluxD!pastebin | c0nka01:19
c0nkalo        Link encap:Local Loopback01:19
kitchewow paste there c0nka01:19
c0nka          inet addr:  Mask:
c0nka          inet6 addr: ::1/128 Scope:Host01:19
stefgBruno_: the tricky part is that usually the Bios changes device numbering of disks depending on which you choose as boot device01:19
c0nka          UP LOOPBACK RUNNING  MTU:16436  Metric:101:19
c0nka          RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:001:19
c0nka          TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:001:19
c0nka          collisions:0 txqueuelen:001:19
c0nka          RX bytes:0 (0.0 b)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 b)01:19
Zippy2c0nka: your netmask is wrong01:19
theTravmy linker needs to refer to the mixer doesn't it01:19
stefg!paste | c0nka:01:19
ubotuc0nka:: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:19
fyrestrtrtheTrav: you need -lSDL_mixer in your linker01:20
Bruno_stefg: how can i do that? right now i just installed xubuntu on the disk, but i completely messed up my grub, so im deleteing all m partitions and installing again. Im guessing i can avoid having my grub messed up by installing xubuntu when no other OS is present and then installing ubuntu01:20
theTravpossibly a problem with my make file?01:20
DeanStlusb not recognizing ipod shuffle - anyone?01:20
theTravthe IDE is supposed to manage that for me >_<01:20
theTravthanks for your helf fyrestrtr01:20
theTravI should be able to figure something out from here01:20
c0nkazippy2, how you change netmask mate01:20
fyrestrtrtheTrav: you are helfome. What IDE are you using?01:20
hiv002who can help me?01:20
FluxDhiv002: ask ur question01:20
stefgBruno_: no that wont help. if you boot from internal, this one is seen as (hd0) by grub, but if you boot from usb , suddenly the external is (hd0)... it's a bit trickky01:21
stefg!grub | Bruno_01:21
ubotuBruno_: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:21
hiv002my ubuntu system was wrong01:21
MuRpHyXhello. I have a problem. I install now Ubuntu 7.10 but when i restart my laptop, the screen up black. I need help please!!!!01:21
FluxDhiv002: wrong ?01:21
DeanStlubuntu 7.10 - usb problem? where to start?01:21
FluxDhiv002: explain01:22
c0nkazippy2, how you change netmask mate????01:22
fyrestrtrMuRpHyX: did you install from the livecd?01:22
theTravfyrestrtr: I'm using eclipse with a c++ plugin01:22
=== `ph8 is now known as ph8
gary_inNYCI'm trying to convert some friends to use Linux; what's a good low resource program to take screen videos?01:22
theTravCDT I think01:22
chaelotwhy is it so that when i enable GL desktop, my window decorator just disappears? (i use gnome desktop and nvidia gfx card on ubuntu7.10)01:22
FluxDgary_inNYC: recordmydesktop wink01:23
brandonhow do you add another workstation01:23
FluxD!screencast | gary_inNYC01:23
ubotugary_inNYC: Some programs to capture your screen are Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.01:23
hiv002in the system start it show me :mounting cocal filesysytems01:23
fyrestrtrtheTrav: KDevelop makes life easier for such things.01:23
c0nkazippy2, how you change netmask mate????01:23
DeanStlok, is there another chatroom where people know anything about USB support?01:23
Bruno_stefg thanks01:23
Jordan_Ugary_inNYC, xvidcap, and remember to be honest about the problems with linux, if you do feel that you should "convert" anyone01:23
angerbuntuany idea how to install themes in 7.10?01:23
angerbuntufor compiz or whatever the hell that im running now by default01:23
scguy318Jordan_U: XVidCap is kinda laggy tho :P01:23
theTravfyrestrtr: this eclipse plugin is pretty good most of the time.  This is the only one it's stuffed up so far01:23
theTravit picked up SDL base easily enough01:24
brandonI cant get compis manger to start up to where I can change settings01:24
c0nkasource can you see whatas wrong01:24
mao42gary_inNYC: http://recordmydesktop.iovar.org/about.php01:24
fyrestrtrtheTrav: I'll leave you to it then :)01:24
MuRpHyXfyrestrtr, no, i install alternate desktop cd01:24
theTravI also like eclipse because it's what I use at work01:24
chaelotDoes anyone have any idea why my Window Decorator disappears when i enable GL Desktop on Ubuntu 7.10 ?01:24
brandon#compiz fusion01:24
sivikis there anyway to get ubuntu to process arw files (sony alpha raw file)01:24
Jordan_Uscguy318, Feel free to suggest something better :)01:24
hiv002mount: special device /dev /disk/by-uuid/BCA7-176C does not exit [fail]01:24
stefg!compiz | chaelot01:25
ubotuchaelot: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:25
NolanGAnyone know of any issues with World of Warcraft / Wine on 7.10, specifically related to low frame rates (that spike to what they should be every few minutes)?01:25
hydrogennot I01:25
* hydrogen gets 103 fps 01:25
changeloghas anyone had a problem with ntfs-3g mounts with the error: "fuse: mount failed: Device or resource busy"01:25
hydrogenNolanG: make sure you are using opengl instead of directx01:25
scguy318NolanG: have you read the Wine AppDb guide on WoW?01:25
hydrogenit makes a giant difference01:25
sivikchangelog, that might mean the device is already mounted01:25
ubotuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php01:25
scguy318Jordan_U: i remember there was one app, I forgot01:25
hydrogentheres a ubuntu howtoo01:25
scguy318Jordan_U: lemme see01:25
NolanGhydrogen: Yeah, it worked great in Feisty, and it is in OpenGL mode01:25
DeanStlAnyone know why my ipod shuffle fails to automount?01:26
c0nkasource can you see whatas wrong01:26
c0nkazippy2, how you change netmask mate????01:26
chaelotstefg:  in #compiz-fusion they spent more time going "lolnuub" at people asking questions and harassing people because they had "stupid" questions than actually answering people....01:26
sivikbecause ipods suck01:26
NolanGscguy318: not recently, I'll recheck it.01:26
brandonwhat is the compiz channel01:26
changelogsivik, no, it's not.01:26
stefgNolanG: my guess is that it is related to the 'tickless' kernel introduced in gutsy01:26
sivikchangelog, are you totally sure01:26
DeanStldoes it need to be formatted differently?01:26
lImItaOwhy i can't download a video with d4l and gwget and I can with wget and freeload?????01:26
changelogsivik, mount would list it as mounted, which it doesn't01:26
stefgchaelot: that's sad, but your problem is quite common and explained in the howto01:26
scguy318Jordan_U: recordMyDesktop I think01:26
DeanStlno ipod management for wife, then it's back to Windows01:26
chaelotstefg: thanks, i'll read it01:26
scguy318DeanStl: iPods should work via gtkpod or w/e01:26
vinayhi ... i am able to mount a partition passwordless using sshfs from the command line....  since im a road warrior and i may/may-not have vpn access to this specific machine.. i want to setup some sort of auto mounting setup so it tries to mount automatically when the folder is accessed.. what are my options?01:26
scguy318DeanStl: unless I'm missing something?01:27
brandonwhat is the compiz help channel01:27
hiv002FluxD: please help me ok?01:27
DeanStlit's not mounting01:27
scguy318brandon: #compiz-fusion01:27
DeanStlit doesn't recognize it's even connected01:27
sivikchangelog, i would umount it to verify that it isn't lready mounted01:27
DeanStlfresh install01:27
DeanStlDell D62001:27
scguy318brandon: write it down or something :P you asked how many times already?01:27
c0nkaanyone no how to chane th netmask01:27
scguy318DeanStl: does syslog mention it when you plug in?01:27
NolanGstefg: Interesting.  Am I just screwed for now or is there a potential work around?01:27
DeanStlstrangest thing01:27
Jordan_Uscguy318, Do you know if Compiz's video capture plugin is good?01:28
angerbuntuis 7.10 running compiz or what?01:28
scguy318DeanStl: bad USB port? if its one of those case plugs and not directly on mobo01:28
scguy318angerbuntu: yes01:28
scguy318angerbuntu: on a fresh install it will run01:28
DeanStltried all four ports01:28
angerbuntuso how do i add a theme to it?01:28
scguy318DeanStl: very weird then :(01:28
angerbuntui go to preferences -> appearance01:28
DeanStlok, just asking for direction01:28
hiv002now i QQ can't use in the ubuntu system! who can help me?01:28
angerbuntuand the themes i get from gnome-look.org wont install01:28
stefgNolanG: only workaround is to use the feisty kernel, or to configure and build your own kernel01:28
angerbuntuthis is intensely annoying01:28
scguy318DeanStl: i dont happen to own one, so I wouldn't be of much help01:28
scguy318DeanStl: no money anyway :P01:28
DeanStlno searches on the net for 7.10 and usb and ipod not mounting are turning up any hits either01:29
NolanGstefg: ugh.01:29
DeanStlscguy318: got it free01:29
mwright1does anyone know about ltsp integration in ubuntu? and specifically whether a dom0 xen instance works with full ltsp integration (audio to the dumb terminals_01:29
scguy318DeanStl: when you unplug and plug in the iPod does syslog make any such note?01:29
scguy318DeanStl: USB device detected blah blah01:29
DeanStlchecked that01:29
DeanStlmany times01:29
angerbuntuanyone know how to theme this junk?01:29
chaelotstefg: i might have missed teh point you made, but i cannot seem to see where in the howto my problem is even mentioned (?), care to point me in teh right direction?01:29
changelogsivik, http://pastebin.com/m3c58ca7f01:30
DeanStlmakes a note when I un/plug the mouse01:30
changelogsivik, this is the output I get on the shell, and all the relevant details01:30
mwright1angerbuntu: I don't see any junk around here, so can't help you01:30
scguy318DeanStl: weird, I'm empty here :(01:30
c0nkaplease anyone01:30
hiv002no i can't comution with my friend01:30
MuRpHyXhello. I have a problem. I install now Ubuntu 7.10 but when i restart my laptop, the screen up black. I need help please!!!!01:30
angerbuntumwright:  lol01:30
thrilljockeyis there a switch to dpkg that sorts installed packages by date of install?01:30
DeanStlscguy318: thanks anyways01:30
angerbuntumwright1:  do you know how to theme 7.10?01:30
angerbuntuim on gnome-look.org and these things dont work01:31
DeanStlangerbuntu: right-click on desktop > Properties > Themes tab....oh, wait - that's xp01:31
stefgchaelot: a google serch turns up: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2007/10/17/ubuntu-desktop-effects-fixing-the-missing-titlebar/ ...:-)01:31
angerbuntuits  preferences -> appearance01:31
c0nkaplease anyone01:31
chaelotstefg: again, thanks :)01:31
angerbuntubut the themes from gnome-look seem to be incompatible01:31
mynymlgutsy doesnt mount vista shares automatically?01:32
adminnconka: please explain what you need help with01:32
angerbuntuis this thing running emerald or what01:32
DeanStlI'd like to make ubuntu look more like Suse - anyone done that?01:32
angerbuntui want to bash my face into the wall01:32
stefg!themes | DeanStl01:32
ubotuDeanStl: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy01:32
mwright1anyone here running LTSP?01:32
scguy318!anyone | mwright101:32
ubotumwright1: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:32
mwright1does LTSP support extend to ubuntu running in a xen instance?01:33
mbdli have ubuntu 7.04 and for some reason every single time a try playing a flash video the browser frezzes...01:33
c0nkaadminn , i am trying to connrct to the te interent it says i am connected but i am not any ideas \///01:33
mwright1mbdl: have you considered upgrading to gutsy01:33
angerbuntuNO one knows how to theme 7.10?01:33
angerbuntuthere is not one person here who is able to do that?01:33
mbdlmwright1: thats what im doing right now01:33
thrilljockeyhow can i tell what date i installed a given package?01:33
mwright1angerbuntu: There are people who do -- it came themed originally01:33
mwright1mbdl: oh great tell me more01:33
angerbuntumwright1:  yeah but i want to change the theme01:34
stefgmwright1: i don't think that relates.... it's not important if your box is real or virtual unless your net is configured right and you have enough horsepower01:34
mbdlbut i wanted to know is it an error in this version that has been fixed01:34
mwright1mbdl: what's your underlying OS -- my xen box is running Centos5 as the base OS01:34
angerbuntumwright1:  and any theme i get from gnome-look is "incompatible"01:34
scguy318angerbuntu: System -> Preferences -> Appearance?01:34
NolanGhydrogen: are you running wine from winehq.org or from the ubuntu repos?01:34
mwright1stefg: except that muekow ubuntu does some things to get sound support at the kernel level01:34
adminnconka: do you have a static ip? if so I would set your name server // dns first before setting your ip and gateway01:34
DeanStlanger - is that the only error you get?01:34
angerbuntuscguy318:  yeah  but i cant install the themes i download01:34
angerbuntudean:  pretty much01:34
c0nkaadminn , i am trying to connrct to the te interent it says i am connected but i am not any ideas \///01:34
mbdlmwright1: windows xp pro01:34
DeanStlangerbuntu - maybe you should start your own site? :)01:34
scguy318angerbuntu: which themes?01:34
hydrogenNolanG: from ubuntu repos01:34
mwright1mbdl: do you have sound support01:34
angerbuntui changed my icons and used the themes that come with 7.1001:34
mwright1you can't get Xen for Xp pro though01:35
angerbuntuscguy:  literally anything from gnome-look.org under compiz themes01:35
mwright1that makes no sense to me01:35
angerbuntudeanstl:  when i find a solution ill write something up01:35
stefgmwright1: ah, ok... sound. that might be a problem. but you can run some daemon for (crappy) sound support, too01:35
adminnconka: did you try a new rj45 network cable?01:35
mbdlmwright1: for the flash? no but i have sound though everything else01:35
scguy318angerbuntu: thats not the place then :P01:35
angerbuntubut until then i dont know whats going on here01:35
mwright1no I don't want crappy sound support01:35
scguy318angerbuntu: for tweaking Compiz ccsm01:35
scguy318!ccsm | angerbuntu01:35
ubotuangerbuntu: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Gutsy(7.10) install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' - A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion01:35
mbdlmwright1: for some reason its only the flash thats doing it01:35
mwright1mbdl, can you explain your setup.. you boot your main server to which OS?01:35
DeanStlanger:  if I could have back the hours I've spent over the last decade changing linux themes, I'd be a year younger01:35
angerbuntusweet moses01:35
angerbuntuscguy:  thanks!01:36
jbu311hi all, i put in "#include <stdio.h>" and "#include <stdlib.h>" in my C file and it's saying error no such file...i'm on ubuntu and am using gcc 4.1.2.....does anyone know how to get gcc to find those files? (i tried asking ##c, but nobody replied)01:36
e\ectro_has anyone been able to get SwitchProxy firefox plugin to work with Firefox
marx2kHmmm what file do I check to see why Nautilus isnt booting up at startup?01:36
mbdlmwright1: this isnt a server its a desktop version01:36
mwright1no when I say server.. you told me you're running LTSP?01:36
DeanStllinux themes = eye candy = crack01:36
mwright1the server is the box, that all the dumb terminals connect to... you told me your ubuntu was running virtualised inside a xen instance01:36
mbdlmwright1:??? no01:36
mwright1I wanted to know what hte first OS you booted was01:36
c0nkaadminn , i am trying to connrct to the te interent it says i am connected but i am not any ideas \///01:37
johnn1looo crack01:37
angerbuntui dont understand why they wouldnt have this installed by default01:37
yurimxpxmanis there any way to limit the upload speed in apache?01:37
d4rkmonkeyhiv002 ?01:37
adminnconka: stop spamming someone will help you; seems you cant listen to me :P01:37
d4rkmonkeyc0nka you're on xchat, you're connected01:37
stefg!info wondershaper | yurimxpxman01:37
ubotuyurimxpxman: wondershaper: Easy to use traffic shaping script. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.1a-4ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 13 kB, installed size 80 kB01:37
scguy318jbu311: you have build-essential installed? a shot01:37
d4rkmonkeyhiv002 any chance you know english?01:37
=== ConstyXIV_ is now known as constyxiv
stefg!cn | hiv00201:38
ubotuhiv002: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:38
adminnhiv002: hi :D maybe I have better luck with you then conka :D01:38
=== constyxiv is now known as ConstyXIV
MalcovichI'm trying to setup a mythtv box on Ubuntu, and trying to get it to autologin. I've got all that working, only problem is, I need to run a util called atitvout to switch to my svideo port, and that requires sudo. Which needs a password. putting myself in sudoers only works if I login. Not with autologin. Any suggestions?01:38
yurimxpxmanstefg: does that program limit the upload for the whole computer?01:38
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:38
jbu311scguy318, no i dont...i'll try it01:38
johnn1Your vista is now adjar...enjoy.01:38
jbu311scguy318, where would i find it/how would i install it01:38
mwright1mbdl: i asked about running LTSP inside a xen instance and you said to me "that's what I'm doing now"01:39
stefgyurimxpxman: don't know, don't use it personally. Just know that it is quite popular01:39
mwright1did you not?01:39
angerbuntuso apparently anything named .cgwdtheme is incompatible with compiz-fusion or what01:39
c0nkad4rkmonkey im on mirc on a windows aptop i am connected on the internet on this but on my ubuntu system i am not01:39
angerbuntuive installed the compizconfig-settings-manager01:39
d4rkmonkeyc0nka are you connecting through wifi, or through etherenet, or through a modem?01:39
angerbuntuand still no go with my damn themes!01:39
angerbuntui want to cry so bad01:39
angerbuntubut my emotions are destroyed01:39
mbdlmwright1: NONONO U ASKED ME.....01:39
mbdl(05:33:23 PM) mwright1: mbdl: have you considered upgrading to gutsy01:39
scguy318angerbuntu: you have to use the Compiz Config thingy?01:40
scguy318angerbuntu: not the GNOME thing01:40
scguy318angerbuntu: unless youw ere trying to use the former01:40
scguy318angerbuntu: in that case I'm clueless, since I don't use Compiz01:40
hiv002and there is really no can use Chinese ?01:40
mbdlmwright1: sorry for cas01:40
c0nkad4rkmonkey, ethernet at the moment but usually wireless01:40
mwright1mbdl: oh ok01:40
scguy318!cn | hiv002, again01:40
mwright1i'm helping you01:40
ubotuhiv002, again: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:40
d4rkmonkeyhiv002 sorry, not in this channel01:40
mbdlmwright1: lol01:40
toodlesok everytime i try to install ubuntu on my laptop it freezes at 15%01:40
mwright1that's cool -- what version are you running01:40
mbdlmwright1: your funny i think u got conversations mixed up01:41
PhaquiI am really having troubles getting opengl to work in Ubuntu 7.10. I enabled the "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver" in the "Restricted Drivers Manager", but then when I rebooted I got this error saying my display settings couldn't be autodecteced, so it felt back on some "low-graphics mode"... Could anyone give me some pointers?01:41
stefgyurimxpxman: anyway, the professional approach would be writing your own iptables rules. wondershaper does nothing else, just automating some aspects01:41
angerbuntuscguy318:  nope no such option to install a theme from compizconfig-settings-manager01:41
angerbuntuif anyone has a block of ice,  you can throw it at my face now01:41
d4rkmonkeyc0nka so it says you're connected on your Ubuntu computer, but you can't access anything on the internet? (just making sure IO'm getting this right)01:41
yurimxpxmanstefg: that's cool. Thanks for the info!01:41
scguy318angerbuntu: then let me look01:41
angerbuntuive seriously been configuring this computer for the past 6-7 hours01:41
stefg!english | hiv00201:41
ubotuhiv002: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat01:41
mbdlmwright1: so in the new version of ubuntu the issue was fixed do u know?01:42
stefg!cn | hiv00201:42
ubotuhiv002: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:42
c0nkad4rkmonkey, yes m801:42
angerbuntuscguy318:  this is what im trying to install01:42
angerbuntuscguy318:  http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/DarkLight?content=5010601:42
gezusumm...new at using Ubuntu, is there an FAQ or documentation on how to install drivers?  My Integrated Intel NIC card isn't being recognized01:42
angerbuntuive tried beryl01:42
PhaquiAlso, when I run glxinfo I get this message spammed like 30 times:  Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".01:42
angerbuntuand ive tried compiz01:42
d4rkmonkeyc0nka right click the network manager and go connection info, do you have a proper IP and everything?01:42
angerbuntunone work01:42
MagdinHi guys, i got a question, how do I reinstall my sound drivers? after 7.10 upgrade they don't work anymore..01:43
Jordan_Uangerbuntu, Do you have emerald theme manager installed?01:43
angerbuntujordan:  thats what id like to know01:43
angerbuntujordan:  i need that right?01:43
yurimxpxmanstefg: does this limit only internet connections or LAN as well?01:43
scguy318angerbuntu: that's Beryl Emerald, you'll have to do something with Emerald, and it's Beryl so01:43
angerbuntuotherwise its just using metacity themes01:43
MalcovichIs there a way to make an executable that currently requires sudo no longer require sudo?01:43
c0nkad4rkmonkey , yes m801:43
angerbuntusweet mother of chaos01:43
PhaquiMadgin, I have the same problem.01:43
d4rkmonkeyhiv002 please, try #ubuntu-cn #ubuntu-tw or #ubuntu-hk for help in chinese, this is an english only channel01:43
Jordan_Uangerbuntu, Install it with Applications -> Add /Remove or Synaptic / apt01:43
scguy318angerbuntu: yeah you need Emerald01:43
mneptokMalcovich: that's an extremely bad idea01:44
Phaquino sound, at least not from ALSA01:44
stefgyurimxpxman: i don't know. just look at it yourself, it's quite small01:44
angerbuntuwhy doesnt this come default?01:44
angerbuntu"hey now we have compiz but you cant theme it!"01:44
d4rkmonkeyc0nka run sudo dhclient in a terminal then try again01:44
d4rkmonkeyangerbuntu what are you talking about? I'm using compiz, and my themes work fine01:44
angerbuntuthe tendons in my neck feel like rigid cables used to support bridges across the world01:44
Jordan_UMalcovich, Yes, but it is VERRY insecure to do that01:44
Malcovichmneptok: Why? It's just a util that switches from monitor to svideo output.01:44
toodlesok everytime i try to install ubuntu on my laptop it freezes at 15% anyone know why or how to fix this?01:44
angerbuntud4rkmonkey:  you can install compiz themes default?01:44
PirateHeadI connected to a server via Ubuntu's "connect to server" interface under Places. Now I want to initiate a terminal session with that server, like I would with PuTTY in Windows. How do I do that?01:44
angerbuntud4rkmonkey:  did u install emerald?01:45
PirateHeadtoodles: try using the alternate install CD?01:45
angerbuntuafter this i will be so elate01:45
Malcovichjordan_U: It's simply a video output switcher. requires sudo right now. Need it to run on autologin.01:45
kkathmand4rkmonkey,  i think he means no default themes01:45
Jordan_UMalcovich, because if someone can exploit it they can gain root privileges01:45
d4rkmonkeyangerbuntu I didn't install any compiz themes... and I didn't install emerald either.01:45
kkathmanyou can create your own themes01:45
angerbuntud4rkmonkey:  well im trying to install compiz themes01:45
Jordan_UMalcovich, Ahh, that is different, just add it to your rc.d01:45
Jordan_U!boot | Malcovich01:45
ubotuMalcovich: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:45
angerbuntulets give emerald a shot01:45
d4rkmonkeykkathman Well, my theme is a custom mix of the default ones... don't know if that makes any difference though01:45
gezusumm...new at using Ubuntu, is there an FAQ or documentation on how to install drivers?  My Integrated Intel NIC card isn't being recognized01:46
Jordan_UMalcovich, *rc.local01:46
mneptokMalcovich: why does it require sudo now?01:46
PirateHeadI connected to a server via Ubuntu's "connect to server" interface under Places. Now I want to initiate a terminal session with that server, like I would with PuTTY in Windows. How do I do that?01:46
c0nkad4rkmonkey , nope m801:46
kkathmand4rkmonkey,  well in previous releases, compiz came with a couple of dozen premade themes01:46
kkathmanthis time that didnt happen01:46
angerbuntuthis is kludge01:46
angerbuntubigtime kludge01:46
d4rkmonkeykkathman alright, I think I'm thinking of something different then01:46
mneptokMalcovich: if you can't answer that with a researched technical answer, it's probably not a good idea to moss with it.01:46
Jordan_Ugezus, Have you tried System -> Administration -> Restricted Driver Manager ?01:46
angerbuntu3 different utilities01:46
kkathmanangerbuntu,  you can create your own you know01:46
peerlessHey, I've been trying to mount 2 of my extra internal drives on boot by adding them to my fstab..i finally figured out the problem.. every time I restart it assigns different hard drives to different devices.. last time i booted my main drive that I boot off of was /sdb1 and now its /sda1  and the other 2 drives changed too..how can i make sure they never change?01:46
hanasakihwo do i change the program that runs when clicking a mpg?01:46
fyrestrtrPirateHead: open a terminal (hit alt+f2, type gnome-terminal, and hit enter) and then type ssh yourusername@yourserver01:47
Malcovichmneptok: No idea. I have to run sudo atitvout t to switch to my svideo output. sudo atitvout l to switch back to lcd. I've got them mapped to buttons on my remote. But they only work if I login. Not on autologin.01:47
d4rkmonkeyc0nka no idea then, sorry.01:47
angerbuntukkathman:  the window decorations are what im concerned with01:47
Innomenhey guys, how can i upgrade 7.0 to 7.1 using only a live cd?01:47
Innomenor can i at all01:47
fluffmanwhat is the package name for the new restricted ati drivers?01:47
coshxmy laptop crashed halfway through upgrading from feisty to gutsy (due to a picnic, not the upgrade). I booted up, ran the update manager (only had to update a handful of packages) and it looks like gutsy, but should still have 3 hours left. Any way to figure out what's missing or resume?01:47
kkathmanangerbuntu,  right .. you install emerald and you have full capability to create your own windeco01:47
mudoreany one having a inspiron 1521 can passe me his xrog.conf please01:47
fluffmanI need to install them from command line01:47
fyrestrtrhanasaki: right click on any mpg and choose open with01:47
c0nkad4rkmonkey , thanks anym8 for your time and help01:47
stefgInnomen: you can't01:47
Jordan_U!UUID | peerless01:47
ubotupeerless: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)01:47
d4rkmonkeyInnomen from 7.04 to 7.10 you mean... one second and I'll see if I find anything out01:47
MalcovichI put an entry in sudoers for atitvout for my user. Works only if I login.01:47
angerbuntuwow ok01:47
peerlessjordan_U: thanks01:47
linuxnewbie_41I keep getting an error message when I try to start Ubuntu from a CD-ROM (CD-RW).01:47
angerbuntuim going to have an anurism01:47
Innomenstefg: thats so lame lol01:48
PirateHeadfyrestrtr: worked, and it was very easy! I was expecting something more difficult. :-)01:48
Jordan_Upeerless, np01:48
scguy318linuxnewbie_41: the error being?01:48
Innomend4rkmonkey: thanky01:48
witlesshehe angerbuntu01:48
hanasakifyrestrtr: I want to change the default.. how do i do that01:48
d4rkmonkeyInnomen I'm pretty sure I've heard about being able to update from live CD before.. not sure though01:48
angerbuntui have emerald installed01:48
angerbuntui have the damn config manager installed01:48
gezusJordan_U: no not yet, is that normally where drivers are setup?  I'm used to windows world where .exe are installed.  usually when you need a driver it would be there or you'd have to enable it there?01:48
johnn1Medication time.01:48
angerbuntui have COMPIZ installed01:48
angerbuntuwhat the hell!01:48
stefgInnomen: you need alternate. or do a net-upgrade (but remeber to backup before you proceed)01:48
hanasakihow do i chagne the association with "movieplayer"01:48
linuxnewbie_41Something along the lines of "IO Boot Error" or something like that.01:48
fyrestrtrhanasaki: open with will change the default, you can also use system > preferences > preferred applications01:48
scguy318angerbuntu: the Emerald Theme Manager is what you need01:48
kkathmanangerbuntu,  go to system-prefs- emerald-theme-manager01:48
lhoerstefor some reason, "java" isn't showing up in my path even though it exsts. Is something wrong with the install scripts?01:48
Innomenstefg: ahhh, i have alternate01:48
kkathmanyou can create some01:48
scguy318linuxnewbie_41: have you done CD check?01:48
amjad_hello, is there any plan to  make  a cell architecture of   ubuntu01:48
fyrestrtrlhoerste: no :)01:49
Innomenstefg: i haddent tried that01:49
stefgInnomen: just pop that in...01:49
linuxnewbie_41I used a fresh disk.01:49
lhoerstefyrestrtr: then what's wrong?01:49
scguy318linuxnewbie_41: and how fast did you burn? have you done an MD5 test on the ISO?01:49
mutenewtangerbuntu: theme issues do not equal anurism01:49
fyrestrtrlhoerste: how did you install java?01:49
=== n3tfury1 is now known as n3tfury
scguy318!md5 | linuxnewbie_4101:49
ubotulinuxnewbie_41: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:49
Malcovichjordan_U. putting it in rc.local won't really be idea. Then it will always run. Instead of just when I click the button. If I do that, I can't boot the laptop to it's own screen. It will always switch.01:49
fluffman!restricted drivers01:49
angerbuntuok im in there01:49
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:49
angerbuntubut i STILL cant import my theme01:49
stefgInnomen: BACKUP before you do something dangerous or stupid :-)01:49
hanasakifyrestrtr:  i chose custom and did /usr/bin/gxine... its still running totem when i double click01:49
angerbuntuthis thing really is making my blood pressure go through the roof01:50
angerbuntumy back is sweating so badly01:50
Innomenstefg: your confidence in ubuntu is touching01:50
fyrestrtrhanasaki: logout and login again01:50
angerbuntuand my neck really feels terrible01:50
angerbuntui dont know what to do anymore01:50
lhoerstefyrestrtr: sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jdk01:50
Innomenupdating is dangerous/stupid?01:50
hanasakifyrestrtr:  wtf.. this windows lol?01:50
fyrestrtrangerbuntu: take a break.01:50
angerbuntui cant01:50
angerbuntui need this to work!01:50
stefgInnomen: gutsy can be a nasty surprise01:50
mutenewtangerbuntu: how about have a glass of wine and enjoy the default theme for a few01:50
d4rkmonkeyInnomen well, I couldn't find anything about upgrading form live CD, I guess stefg is right. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades has the info about upgrading from alternate or doing a net upgrade01:50
joeldo all 32 bit apps run in 64bit ubuntu?01:50
angerbuntumuten:  i did that01:51
jmitchjhey guys...can someone help me with a desktop effects problem?01:51
angerbuntuand also took a shower01:51
fyrestrtrlhoerste: what do you get when you type 'which java' ?01:51
Evanlecjoel, yep01:51
angerbuntumy eyes are burning01:51
MalcovichMy sudoers entry for my user and that executable is ignored if I autologin. Can that be solved? Either by another setting somewhere, or removing that sudo requirement for that binary.01:51
angerbuntumy neck feels like ive been clubbed with a seal bat01:51
johnn1I love Ubuntu:  Mine works flawlessly..U just have to follow directions and do alittle reading...stop being laxy.01:51
joelEvanlec: whats the advantages of running 64 bit ubuntu vs 32bit? I have a 64 bit processor on here01:51
scguy318angerbuntu: http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/EmeraldThemeManager may be of interest01:51
Evanlec!compiz | jmitchj01:51
ubotujmitchj: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:51
stefg!backup | Innomen01:51
ubotuInnomen: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:51
angerbuntuand my emotional stability is nearly shattered01:51
scguy318joel: > 4 GB of memory accessible, about it01:51
lm_t7atleast it doesnt feel like you were clubbed with a small whale01:51
Evanlecjoel, hang on lemme pull up an article01:51
fyrestrtrjoel: if you are asking that question, then you really don't need to be running 64 bit :)01:51
angerbuntuscguy318:  ok awesome01:51
Evanlecand no scguy318 that is incorrect01:51
Innomenthanx guys01:52
lhoerstefyrestrtr: that returns nothing01:52
scguy318Evanlec: please explain01:52
fyrestrtrscguy318: you can access more than 4 GB of ram without running 64 bit.01:52
scguy318fyrestrtr: PAE, true01:52
lm_t7i love virtual machines01:52
scguy318fyrestrtr: kinda inefficient compared to tho01:52
fyrestrtrlhoerste: run update-alternatives01:52
hanasakifyrestrtr:  thats a NO.. still totem01:52
Evanlecscguy318, its difficult to explain but im sick of hearing ppl say the only thing it gives u is > 4gb ram, thats simply one advantage,01:52
angerbuntui dont care for these really dark themes too much01:52
derek_I cannot get my radeon 9200 to work under my new Ubuntu installation with the fglrx driver.  VESA works but I would rather use fglrx.  I'm wondering if I need to do something special like a vga command line or apt-get install an older version of fglrx?01:52
angerbuntuits impossible to read anything01:52
scguy318Evanlec: supposedly faster I/O, but what else?01:53
regeyaok, dumb question, and unfortunately I'm not in front of the machine in question:  I used apt-zip on a gutsy machine at home, downloaded packages on an os x tiger machine at work.  on most packages (apt-zip -a dist-upgrade -p kdebase-workspace) the md5sum failed.  this is two days in a row.  are all the kde4 beta packages in gutsy compromised, should I be concerned about my home machine, or should I instead be concerned about my01:53
angerbuntuand you feel as though you are staring at satan01:53
lhoerstefyrestrtr: it says there is only one option01:53
fyrestrtrscguy318: but saying that's an advantage for 64 bit is weak.01:53
angerbuntuevery time you log in,  you log in to satan01:53
gezusJordan_U:when i tried the "restricted drivers manager" it says "your hardware does not need any restricted drivers01:53
angerbuntutearing your eyes apart01:53
fyrestrtrlhoerste: logout of the terminal and log back in.01:53
linuxnewbie_41ok, now the Command Prompt says that the directory doesn't exist.01:53
scguy318fyrestrtr: well, then I don't see much of a reason to use 64-bit at all ;)01:53
angerbuntulets give this a shot and see what happens01:53
lhoerstefyrestrtr: i have rebooted already01:53
fyrestrtrscguy318: I do :)01:53
scguy318fyrestrtr: explain01:53
hanasakihow do i change the program that runs from totem to gxine when i click a movie01:53
Evanlecscguy318, i dont see much of a reason not to use 64-bit01:53
fyrestrtrscguy318: #ubuntu-offtopic01:53
jmitchjwell the problem was i couldn't get desktop effects working on clean Gutsy install...so i checked the forums and installed the new ATI 8.42 drivers and although the install worked, i still get "Desktop Effects could not be enabled"...what am i missing?01:54
linuxnewbie_41I'll erase the disk and try the lowest burn speed.01:54
angerbuntui did all this and i dont want some junk theme01:54
linuxnewbie_41I'm using Nero 6.01:54
mutenewtevanlec: what doesn't work under 64bit these days?01:54
lhoerstefyrestrtr: /usr/bin/javac exists as well... this is so weird01:54
ubotuNOTICE - There is a lot of traffic in this channel at the moment. Please try to keep your sentences into a single message, avoid repeating the same question multiple times, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org for pasting, remember to mention the nickname of the person you're addressing, and join #ubuntu-offtopic for anything that is not Ubuntu support. Thank you for understanding!01:54
fyrestrtrlhoerste: what are you trying to do that's not working?01:54
angerbuntuoh man and now someone is outside honking SO much.  my nerves are a mess01:54
lhoerstefyrestrtr: both java and javac arent found as commands01:54
Evanlecmutenewt, nothing really, u just have to run some apps in 32bit mode, like java01:54
lm_t7i also have the new ati drivers installed (X1900XT) so my graphics card is well off when it comes to handling graphics and it wont enable them for me either01:54
* regeya keeps his lip zipped--after all, mentioning kde4 might be "offtopic"01:55
sutabiAnyone know why my distrub upgrade keeps freezing01:55
Evanlecscguy318, please read this, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57784001:55
NolanGLet me redescribe my issue, and if it sounds like a tickless kernel issue, I'll look into rebuilding my kernel.  WoW, running in Wine, is giving low frame rates.  It starts fine - and after a few seconds settles to about 20% of what the framerates used to be in Feisty.  Every few minutes the framerates spike to "normal", then immediately drop back down.  If I switch away from and back to WoW, the framerates go to "normal" then immediately drop again.01:55
fyrestrtrlhoerste: echo $PATH01:55
NolanGDoes this sound like a kernel issue?01:55
mutenewtevanlec: ahhh, thx01:55
lhoerstefyrestrtr: /usr/bin is there01:55
fyrestrtrNolanG: no.01:55
fyrestrtrNolanG: this sounds like a wine + graphics drivers issue.01:55
Evanlecfor all those that think the only reason to use 64-bit is for more than 4gb of ram, you are MISTAKEN, please read http://www.bit-tech.net/bits/2007/10/16/64-bit_more_than_just_the_ram/101:56
cdxx how do I install the kernel source files for my kubuntu machine so that I can install my graphics card driver?01:56
Jordan_Ugezus, Most ( almost all ) drivers in Linux Distros are provided by default, if they are not in Restricted Driver Manager ( where non open source drivers which can't be installed by default go ) then they likely don't exist, or your hardware needs a newer version than what comes by default01:56
lhoerstefyrestrtr: /usr/bin/java -> /etc/alternatives/java01:56
fyrestrtrlhoerste: what program are you running that is using java? if you type java -version do you get anything?01:56
lhoerstefyrestrtr: and /etc/alternatives/java cant be read01:56
fyrestrtrlhoerste: re-install it.01:57
lhoerstefyrestrtr: java is not found as command man. that means java -version wont work01:57
lhoerstefyrestrtr: already have01:57
fyrestrtrthen I give up.01:57
fyrestrtrseems you have something else going on.01:57
NolanGfyrestrtr: Can you think of any good ways to troubleshoot it?01:57
Kron1hey, would anyone know why i can access the internet only when I have Totem open?01:57
cdxx how do I install the kernel source files for my kubuntu machine so that I can install my graphics card driver?01:57
fyrestrtrNolanG: there could be so many things ... wine + wow requires some patches and some other things -- I had to go through a lot of hoops when I was running it. First step, check the winehq entry for WoW and see if you need to apply any patches. This usually fixes such things. They also have recommended settings for WoW there.01:58
stefgcdxx: what card?01:58
Evanleccdxx, apt-get install kernel-source01:58
cdxxnvidia quadro4 70001:58
regeyaheh, people actually think that the only advantage to 64-bit procs is increased memory address space?  lol.  btw, is there a 64-bit linux flash plugin? :-)01:58
hydrogenyou don't need the kernel soruce01:58
angerbuntuok so it sees the theme01:58
hydrogento install the driver01:58
astr1Hello everyone.  I just upgraded to gutsy and when i try to login a prompt tells me that the session lasted less than 10 seconds and gives me a gtk+ error (cannot initalize).  not even failsafe gnome works.  Anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?01:58
hydrogenyou need linux-headers01:58
angerbuntubut now i cant activate it01:58
stefg!nvidia | cdxx01:58
fyrestrtrregeya: no.01:58
ubotucdxx: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:58
angerbuntuthis is ridiculous01:59
angerbuntujumping back and forth between 4 different applications to get a theme working01:59
NolanGfyrestrtr: I've been through all that.  I even double checked it a few minutes ago - all is set correctly, and like I said, it ran great in Feisty.  I am trying to figure out what the changes could have been. I am running the exact version of wine I was running on Feisty, so I think that is probably not the issue.01:59
cdxxi already in my driver install01:59
cdxxand at a point where it says01:59
Evanleccdxx, dont spam like that please01:59
cdxxyou dont have the kernel source files01:59
fyrestrtrNolanG: what video?01:59
regeyafyrestrtr: bummer.01:59
hydrogencdxx: what driver?01:59
cdxxso, that means I need the kernel source files01:59
NolanGfyrestrter: nvidia 7900 GS 512 MB01:59
hydrogencdxx: no.01:59
hydrogencdxx: it doesn't.01:59
fyrestrtrcdxx: use the restricted drivers manager.02:00
Evanleccdxx, 'sudo apt-get install kernel-source'02:00
cdxxit does02:00
lhunsickerGnash doesn't seem to work with Firefox.  I am told that with a recent security update of Firefox, gnash was broken.  I have now installed Adobe's flash.  This works for video, but I get no sound.  Any suggestions?02:00
hydrogencdxx: what driver do you need?02:00
cdxxthank you Evanlec02:00
hydrogenEvanlec: thats the wrong answer.02:00
Evanlecit is?02:00
changeloghttp://pastebin.com/m3c58ca7f | can anyone help me with this issue?02:00
hydrogenyou need headers of the current kernel02:00
hydrogento build against the current kernel02:00
changelogit's not evms02:00
cdxxi dont need a driver02:00
stefgcdxx: you are about to break your box. Not now, but after next kernel update (which wiill surely come)02:00
Evanleccan use either in my understanding02:00
angerbuntui cant handle this anymore02:00
regeyaI know that nobody in the rest of the civilized world has to mess with apt-zip, but for rural USians, it's distressing when an apt-zip-list -p kdebase-workspace yields mostly md5sum mismatches02:00
gezusanyone know where I can find drivers or how to enable an Intel NIC Network card?  It's unrecognized by GG02:00
hydrogenyou do not need to install the kernel source to build a third party driver02:00
hanasakihow do i get my gnome sound working?02:00
hydrogenin fact, it probably won't work02:01
hydrogenthats what the headers are for.02:01
fyrestrtrgezus: what is GG ?02:01
hanasakiit says did ont find any devs02:01
gezusgutsy gibbon02:01
noskloregeya: I used apt-zip until some weeks ago02:01
Evanlecwell, u might be right02:01
Jordan_Uangerbuntu, What's wrong?02:01
noskloregeya: In Brazil02:01
CatecholamineOkay, why can't I edit my desktop?02:01
regeyanosklo: that makes me feel better, actually.  not the only one here.02:01
Evanlecbut i cant think of why you'd want to compile nvidia drivers unless u had a custom kernel anyway02:01
angerbuntujordan_u:  it sees the theme in emerald,  and it shows up,  but it wont actually apply the theme02:01
Jordan_Ugezus, Wireless?02:01
noskloregeya: is it broken?02:02
cdxx http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_x86_96.43.01.html02:02
cdxxis what i want02:02
cdxxand am half way into02:02
lonranwhen i do ifconfig, i see a eth1:avah. Where does this avah thing come from? eth1 is the wlan02:02
lhoerstefyrestrtr: i installed java 5 and it worked. It's a problem with java6 binaries02:02
regeyaafter upgrading to gutsy, the bash script seems to run into md5sum errors, and I'm just making sure I shouldn't worry about compromises on either of those systems02:02
lm_t7anyone know why my desktop effects refuse to enable with the new ati drivers installed and a x1900xt?02:02
hanasakidoes the new version of gnome in gutsy still use esd?02:02
Jordan_Uangerbuntu, Compiz doesn't use Emerald by default, you probably just need to start emerald02:02
regeyabash script is being run on os x tiger btw02:02
fyrestrtrlhoerste: you have both java 5 and java 6?02:02
stefgcdxx: don't use that... follow the instructions02:02
cdxxi have to02:02
lhoerstefyrestrtr: now I do02:02
cdxxits the only one usable02:02
cdxxbelieve me02:02
anonymous_if this is the command to make a directory "sudo mkdir /media/volume", whats the command for deleting it02:03
coshxis it a really bad idea to run "aptitude remove ubuntu-desktop" ?02:03
noskloregeya: When I used it I had some trouble with md5sums using my country's repo... Switching to the official repo solved it.02:03
Jordan_Ugezus, And it doesn't show up in System -> Preferences -> Network ?02:03
cdxxall the other ones say to use that one02:03
hydrogenanonymous_: rmdir02:03
stefg!info nvidia-glx02:03
ubotunvidia-glx: NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 1:1.0.9639+ (gutsy), package size 4387 kB, installed size 13352 kB02:03
noskloregeya: but again it was feisty02:03
brandonhow do you add more work statioons02:03
CatecholamineI mean, the only way I can get a file on or off my desktop is to log on as root in the console and use linux commands. If I try to chance things through the GUI, it just whines, "you don't have the permissions to alter the contents of this folder!"02:03
noskloregeya: no! it is dapper!02:03
Evanleccdxx, follow this post under the debian section, http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=7249002:03
cdxxVersion: 100.14.19 wont werk02:03
hydrogenthen don't get nvidia-glx-new02:03
hydrogenget nvidia-glx02:04
fyrestrtrlhoerste: ls -l /usr/lib/jvm/ what do you see?02:04
brandonCant Figure out How To add more Work Stations?02:04
lightrushare there plans to reenable usbfs by default on Gutsy (virtualbox) issue or we have to fix it ourselves ?02:04
angerbuntujordan_u:  attempting to start emerald gives the following error:  "emerald: Could not acquire decoration manager selection on screen 0 display ":0.0"02:04
gezusjordan_u:  in the network settings all that shows up is the Modem02:04
lhoerstefyrestrtr: java 6 and java 1.502:04
angerbuntuthis is not a usable piece of software02:04
Kron1Catecholamine: you could just run sudo nautilus. But you shouldn't need to02:04
CatecholamineI don't know what the thinking was behind this idea, but it was a really stupid idea. Not only does it NOT make me more secure, but it threatens my security02:04
_mastro_fyrestrtr: here my bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/157286 can you tell me if there's a way to find out what modules i'm using now? (i want to recompile my kernel but i don't know what module from restricted module i have to compile02:04
ub-jeffI have a question about eBox in Ubuntu 7.10, if anyone has a moment to answer my question02:04
Jordan_UCatecholamine, "gksudo nautilus" but be VERRY careful in the window that comes up, it will let you modify *anything* even if it could hose your computer02:04
angerbuntuthis is highly beta and not something to include anywhere02:04
angerbuntuits a mess02:04
=== jarv is now known as joshjosh
lowluxwhy is there no updated software for 7.04 but 7.10 has all of it? notting in add and remove...02:04
lhoerstefyrestrtr: java-6-sun is linked to java-6-sun-
joshjoshI can't automount anything via USB in gutsy.02:04
joshjoshany ideas?02:04
CatecholamineAlright, thanks, guys02:04
fyrestrtr_mastro_: lsmod02:04
Jordan_Uangerbuntu, Did you run "emerald --replace" ?02:04
kitchelowlux: versions don't change on a release you need to upgrade to get the newer versions02:05
fyrestrtrlhoerste: I think your problem revolves around update-alternatives02:05
Dan_LFolks, does anybody know how I could remove the grub bootloader?  I seem to have bricked my laptop02:05
angerbuntusweet mother of moses02:05
lowlux7.10 is trash... worse release yet..02:05
angerbuntujordan:  it worked!02:05
Jordan_Uangerbuntu, Also I think that you can switch to it with the Compiz Fusion icon in the panel02:05
cdxxthat site is useless to me02:05
lhoerstefyrestrtr: I dont think so. I had only java6 when it was not working02:05
stefg!grub | Dan_L02:05
ubotuDan_L: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:05
angerbuntujordan_u:  how do i automate this?02:05
_mastro_fyrestrtr: yes but what are the restricted module? so i compare lsmod with the restricted drivers list02:05
Evanleclowlux, you're in a very small minority in that opinion02:05
anonymous_am getting a device or resource buzy message02:05
angerbuntuso i dont need to type emerald --replace every time02:05
w4ettangerbuntu: I wouldn't go that far02:05
cdxxdont just link me to some forum with a bunch of useless non pertinent info UNLESS YOU KNOW ITS RELEVANT02:06
regeyay'know, the more I think about it, I think we've been having connectivity problems at work (oversold ISP, grr) so my problems could be related to that...meh.02:06
_mastro_fyrestrtr: and i need to apt-get linux-restricted-module-source ? or not?02:06
hydrogencdxx: calm down02:06
anonymous_there is something inside teh directory yet i need to delete it02:06
hydrogencdxx: you are going about things the wrong way.02:06
fyrestrtrlhoerste: well, obviously your link is busted, which is why you can't run any java commands. update-alternatives is the tool that makes/breaks those links.02:06
w4ettjust needs a bit of polish angerbuntu02:06
ub-jeffI have eBox installed, and the user I created upon install, which is in the wheel group and can su to root as such. Once I add that user to the eBox group, I still cannot use its password to log in. Is eBox expecting a root user, not just a memeber of eBox and Wheel?02:06
lowluxthats why its trash... no one is going to fix the 100 bugs it has.02:06
fyrestrtr_mastro_: no02:06
stefg!attitude | cdxx02:06
ubotucdxx: The people in this channel are volunteers. Your attitude will determine how fast you are helped. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:06
lhoerstefyrestrtr: no. the link is fine. It's the binary that wasn't runnable02:06
Jordan_Uangerbuntu, There is a GUI setting for it somewhere ( again, I think in the icon in the top panel ) but if you want to do it manually just add "emerald --replace" to System -> Preferences -> Session02:06
_mastro_fyrestrtr: module-assistant will already have the needed stuff?02:06
Evanleccdxx, if you're trying to install the nvidia.com driver then that is 100% relevant...02:06
fyrestrtrlhoerste: can you run it directly?02:06
lhoerstefyrestrtr: no02:06
Master_Zok someone help me02:07
fyrestrtrlhoerste: what is the exact path to the file?02:07
Evanlecthank you stefg02:07
Dan_LStefg, I wish that helped.  The bootloader locks me in.  I can't get around it because I deleted ubuntu.  I'm trying to get back to windows so taht I can start all over again.02:07
ubotuHelp! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici02:07
lhoerstefyrestrtr: the exact path to what file?02:07
Master_Zbasically my friend told me to partition using linux before installing windows again (it got deleted)02:07
fyrestrtrlhoerste: the java command you are running02:07
Jordan_U!ops \02:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ops \ - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:07
RickJoneshi i freshly installed 7.10 on a HP 2.5 ghz computer with 256 ram and a 64 meg shared video card intergrated. it runs like garbage, slow, jerky, i'm only running basic gnome display. would the shared vRam be a place to start looking ?02:07
hydrogenhe left..02:07
Master_Zso I use GpartEd and now I am installing through live cd02:07
troubledJordan_U: ?02:07
Jordan_Utroubled, cdxx02:07
hydrogenhe left..02:07
anonymous_ i used the rmdir but am getting a device or resource buzy message02:07
Evanlecwhat a spaz02:07
Master_ZI chose the partition I wanted to install linux on02:07
fyrestrtrlhoerste: /usr/lib/jvm/.... <-- this02:08
Master_Zbut it said no root specified :S02:08
Jordan_Utroubled, Sorry for the lag :)02:08
CubeXombiDan_L: you could always use a Win8x boot disk and do an FDISK /MBR that'll get you into windows pretty quick02:08
troubledJordan_U: s/lag/beeps/ ;)02:08
lhoerstefyrestrtr: i've removed java 6 for 502:08
Master_Zwhy does it say no root specified?02:08
CubeXombi9x . it's been a while02:08
angerbuntujordan_u:  where is the setting,  in emerald or compiz-settings-manager?02:08
stefgDan_L: you need to restore windows bootloader. ususally this is done fro the windows  install CD in the rescue console by 'fixmbr'. Further windows support is in ##windows02:08
Dan_LCubeXombi, can I message you?02:08
regeyaquestion: is md5sum on gutsy really md5deep?02:08
lhoerstefyrestrtr: now I just have /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun-
CubeXombidan_L sure02:08
Master_Zsomeone please help, as I Am short on time02:08
w4ettRickJones: yes...256 MB is the absolute minimum "without" a stand alone vid card in gnome02:08
CatecholamineAnother thing. The only other problem I've had with the system that I can't attribute to the hardware...how do I get the sound to stop playing over the speakers when I have my headset plugged in?02:08
fyrestrtrlhoerste: and that's working?02:08
lhoerstefyrestrtr: it does with java502:09
lhoerstefyrestrtr: but now netbeans cant find java?02:09
Jordan_Uangerbuntu, I have not used Compiz Fusion yet but in Beryl there was an icon in the top panel, I think it is now called "fusion-icon"02:09
regeyascratch that.  nevermind.02:09
lhoerstepossibly netbeans did something? This all used to work until I installed netbeans02:09
anonymous_ i have used the rmdir but am getting a device or resource buzy message02:09
fyrestrtrlhoerste: check what JDK_HOME / JRE_HOME netbeans is using.02:09
Master_ZI have 3 partitions, 2 are NTFS and 1 ext3, on live cd I chose the ext3 as my linux hard drive and hit okay, but it said no root specified?02:09
fevelhow can I add extra effects to gutsy? like lamp minimizing and liquid background?02:09
fyrestrtrlhoerste: or export it in a script and then call the netbeans binary.02:09
lhoerstefyrestrtr: both empty02:10
Evanlecquestion: i had a game crash on me earlier, is there a log file somewhere in /var/log that would give me some pertinent information about it?02:10
hanasakihow do i change hte defgualt movie player?02:10
angerbuntunothing here02:10
jrib!defaultapp > hanasaki (read the private message from ubotu)02:10
lhoerstefyrestrtr: lemme get a new term02:10
RickJonesw4ett is  this a ham call sign ?02:10
CubeXombiW4ett @ RickJones: I can attest to this.. My laptop was painfull to install with only 256+16mb shared02:10
RickJonesmine is 64 shared02:10
w4ettRickJones:  yep02:10
elTigrehi! I have upgraded to gutsy gibbon and now after logging in to a session, the display displays bit-garbage remotely resembling a gnome session02:10
RickJonesso install another video card and i should notice an imporvement ?02:10
anonymous_and how can i rename partitions02:10
CaptainMorganwhat's the command line insturction to tell me what version of ubuntu I'm running ?02:10
nickrudEvanlec: you might find something in ~/.xsession-errors02:10
Belboz99Hey all, I just plugged in 3 320GB SATA Seagate HDD's, and they aren't lsited in /dev, anyone want to help me out?02:10
Evanlecfevel, sudo apt-get install compiz-config-settings-manager02:10
RickJonesw4ett permission to pm you ?02:10
elTigreany idea?02:10
w4ettRickJones:  absolutely02:10
stefg!version | CaptainMorgan02:10
ubotuCaptainMorgan: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell02:10
jmitchjanyone able to help on this paste http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/42180/?02:11
w4ettRickJones:  go ahead02:11
lhoerstefyrestrtr: I shouldn't have to add these paths02:11
lhoerstefyrestrtr: this is the job of the script02:11
fyrestrtrlhoerste: export JDK_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5[tab]02:11
fyrestrtrlhoerste: what script?02:11
ub-jeffI have a question about eBox, if anyone has a moment02:11
jribub-jeff: best to just ask the channel your next question and see if anyone knows the answer02:11
nickrudjmitchj: in /usr/bin/compiz , add fglrx to the whitelist02:11
lhoerstefyrestrtr: the post install scripts for java02:11
lhoerstefyrestrtr: that didn't work02:11
Evanlecnickrud, thx, i had to give it a ctrl+alt+backspace after it crashed tho, did i lose the logs then?02:12
lhoerstefyrestrtr: netbeans still cant find the jdkhome02:12
fyrestrtrlhoerste: no its not, since you can have many jvms on the machine, how is the system to decide which one you want.02:12
nickrudEvanlec: hrm, I think those logs only exist for that session02:12
ub-jeffI am unable to login to eBox after installation and I am unable to determine why.02:12
fyrestrtrlhoerste: do you have the jdk or the jre?02:12
fevelEvanlec, It said it couldnt find it...is it because of my 64 bit system?02:12
Evanlecnickrud, yea thats what it looks like02:12
lhoerstefyrestrtr: i have one JVM02:12
fyrestrtrlhoerste: that's not what I asked.02:12
lhoerstefyrestrtr: both02:12
gezusjordan_u: anyway of being able to enable the driver for the NIC card so it shows up in network settings?  All i currently see is the Modem connection02:12
Evanlecfevel, try sudo apt-cache search compiz-config*02:12
nickrudEvanlec: next time, take a look at it in a console before restarting X :002:12
fyrestrtrlhoerste: then adjust netbeans accordingly.02:12
anonymous_hello, i need to rename partitions but it just won't allow me02:13
fyrestrtrlhoerste: JDK_HOME is the path to where the jdk is installed, the top level directory.02:13
lhoerstefyrestrtr: why doesn't netbeans work like it does on my desktop?02:13
Periclezcan anybody help me? i cant boot ubuntu 7.10 (live), it hangs starting cupsd02:13
nickrudanonymous_: for an ext2/ext3 partition, you can label it with sudo e2label <name>02:13
Evanlecnickrud, yea, is there any other place i might look? it was a 3d game so im thinkin it was related to opengl or xorg02:13
mao42Whoever posted that article about 64bit computing, thanks02:13
fevelEvanlec, no output02:13
ub-jeffI did an apt-get install ebox and added a user in the wheel group to the ebox group. I expected to be able to login with that user's password. I am unable to.02:13
mao42It was a good read with muh burger.02:13
Jordan_Ugezus, It's strange that it doesn't show up, that happens with wireless cards usually, never had an ethernet card not work out of the box02:13
fyrestrtrlhoerste: what do you mean 'on your desktop'? On another linux machine?02:13
anonymous_how about ntfs ones ???02:13
nickrudEvanlec: I've only ever found messages from X apps there02:13
ub-jeffMust I give root a password and use root's password to get into eBox?02:14
elessar_hi guys ! good night :)02:14
Jordan_Ugezus, see if you see it when you run "ifconfig" in a terminal02:14
lhoerstefyrestrtr: yes. it works fine there. everything just works after installing it02:14
Periclezcan anybody help me? i cant boot ubuntu 7.10 (live), it hangs starting cupsd02:14
jmitchjnickrud: then restart X?02:14
nickrudub-jeff: wheel group?02:14
lhoerstefyrestrtr: this should just work. I shouldnt have to sit around and do all this IT stuff just to get netbeans to know where java is02:14
nickrudjmitchj: no, just try compiz --replace02:14
Jordan_UPericlez, You could try the alternate install CD02:14
fyrestrtrlhoerste: complain to netbeans.02:14
jribhanasaki: it does make it default.  right click and the "Properties" before you go to "open with"02:14
Evanlecnickrud, ok, thx02:14
hanasakijrib:  thanks.. but that only changes it once.. i need to change hte defualt02:14
Dante124hi all....I did a dumb thing I guess....I followed the tips I found on PCWorld's website on post install tips for 7.10.  However now I can't find the article online although it was there a 3 or 4 hours ago.  Anyway, it installed the xine plugin and now some media files don't play...how do I uninstall xine plugin on firefox02:14
fyrestrtrlhoerste: its no an ubuntu issue.02:14
ub-jeffwheel--the group that allows user's to su to root privilages.02:14
lhoerstefyrestrtr: it's not a netbeans problme. it's an ubuntu problem02:14
CubeXombiis there any way to keep Firefox under control.. it seems that if I'm loading a long page , the CPU usage goes up to 100% and FF "Greys out" untill it's ready again.. sometimes even a few minutes after it's done loading the page.. (no plugins - Fresh 7.10 install)02:14
lhoerstefyrestrtr: path's and env vars are set up by ubuntu not netbeans02:15
robinswHi there... for some reason my external hard drive is showing TWICE on the desktop. Any ideas how I can change it to just one??02:15
nickrudub-jeff: no wheel in ubuntu :) closest thing would be admin for sudo02:15
=== solito is now known as bnbv
jmitchjnickrud: Checking for Xgl: not present.02:15
jmitchjBlacklisted PCIID '1002:5955' found02:15
angerbuntuthis thing just eats your memory02:15
ub-jeffwhoops-- admin then (too much time in BSD)02:15
hanasakijrib: thanks!  now.. how do i change what is associated with "movie player"02:15
CubeXombiMemory usage is pretty low too, only about 20-50 MB,02:15
robinswFor some reason my external hard drive is showing TWICE on the desktop. Any ideas how I can change it to just one??02:15
Jordan_Ujmitchj, You need to whitelist it02:15
angerbuntuits like a big piece of memory poop covered in diamonds02:15
jribhanasaki: in your applications menu you mean?02:15
elessar_I keep having that out of sync message upon starting X02:16
Periclezi installed it with alternate cd, but when is booting after install it it hangs at the same point02:16
gezusjordan_u: what am i looking for?  unsure how i would know if it's recognized.02:16
jmitchjJordan_U: I thought i just did02:16
Evanlecfevel, sorry correct name is, compizconfig-settings-manager02:16
Dante124hi all....I did a dumb thing I guess....I followed the tips I found on PCWorld's website on post install tips for 7.10.  However now I can't find the article online although it was there a 3 or 4 hours ago.  Anyway, it installed the xine plugin and now some media files don't play...how do I uninstall xine plugin on firefox02:16
anonymous_also I have been trying to remove a directory using sudo rmdir command line but am getting an error message that device or source busy02:16
nickrudjmitchj: ok, same file, just below where you added fglrx: remove that pciid (you should probably make a copy of /usr/bin/compiz at this point first)02:16
ub-jeffanyway, according to the documentation I'm able to find... I'm supposed to add X user to the group ebox and I should be able to lo‌gin using X user's password.02:16
ub-jeffIs this not correct?02:16
hanasakijrib:  yes.. there is a "movie player" listed.. i want that to be gxine.. not totme.02:16
CatecholamineAnyway, the guys on the forum didn't know what to do about the laptop speakers playing with the headphones plugged in either. It's a weird issue. Apparently it's something others have run into...no clear answers. Weird. Thing is, I've never had any real problems with Ubuntu other than those two things02:16
Jordan_Ugezus, It would be named "eth0", do you see that there?02:16
ub-jeffI have added a user to the ebox group and I'm still unable to get into the web interface.02:16
Evanlecanonymous_, what directory?02:16
elTigrehey, my system became unusable after a glitchless gutsy gibbon update02:16
fyrestrtrlhoerste: netbeans *configuration* is the responsibility of netbeans, not ubuntu. It can come with its own bundled jdk, you may choose to have a developement jdk in a separate location that you can use with netbeans, or develop against different jdk from different vendors. It is not the responsibility of the operating system to keep track of that for you. Ubuntu provides utilities to help you manage whatever is the central active jvm02:16
fyrestrtron your machine (that's update-alternatives) beyond that its your responsibility (or the developer of the program).02:16
anonymous_a file02:16
DerangedDingohanasaki: Movie Player is just totems name. Add Gxine to that list02:16
gezusjordan_u: no02:16
CatecholamineOtherwise, runs like dream. Amazingly so02:17
elTigrehey, my system became unusable after a glitchless gutsy gibbon update, can I expect any help at all?02:17
Evanlecanonymous_, okay, can u be more specific?02:17
nickrudub-jeff: did you log out and back in? Required when adding an active user to a group02:17
elessar_does anyone knows why I get the out of sync error when firing X server ?02:17
lhoerstefyrestrtr: do you know what a "distro" is?02:17
ub-jeffyes, I did log-out and back in02:17
ub-jeffhell, I even restarted the system02:17
elessar_if I use nv it goes ok, when I swap to nvidia the problem begins02:17
fyrestrtrlhoerste: its the same on Windows -- if you have more than one jvm installed, netbeans *installer* will ask you which one you want to use02:17
anonymous_one that i made to be able to mount a ntfs partition inside the media directory02:17
Jordan_Uelessar_, It's trying to use a higher resolution / refresh rate than you rmonitor supports02:17
Dante124hi all....I did a dumb thing I guess....I followed the tips I found on PCWorld's website on post install tips for 7.10.  However now I can't find the article online although it was there a 3 or 4 hours ago.  Anyway, it installed the xine plugin and now some media files don't play...how do I uninstall xine plugin on firefox02:17
fyrestrtrlhoerste: do you?02:17
lhoerstelhoerste: how about a "package maintainer." do you know what that is?02:17
CaptainMorganthank you stefg02:18
anonymous_but I duplicate files made and I want to delete one of them,02:18
hanasakithe fonts in firefox are crappy lookihng.. what fonts should i install02:18
kitcheDante124: depends on how you installed it you just do the reverse pretty much unless you did it from source02:18
fyrestrtrlhoerste: yes, and you should complain to the netbeans package maintainer.02:18
ubotuntfs is To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions .  For NTFS write access see !ntfs-3g or !fuse02:18
fevelEvanlec, ok, thanks02:18
Jordan_UDante124, sudo apt-get install totem-gstreamer02:18
Evanlecanonymous_, okay, well it might be in use by a process, u could try rm -f <file>02:18
gezusjordan_u: it has some things on inet, inet602:18
lhoerstefyrestrtr: *sigh* thanks anyway02:18
nickrudub-jeff: then I'm not sure what the problem would be, try looking at docs in /usr/share/doc/ebox, especially readme.Debian02:18
ubotuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:18
mwright1anyone here know about gutsy ltsp ubuntu02:18
fyrestrtrlhoerste: stop blaming the system when it works fine for others :)02:18
Jordan_UDante124, That is if you installed totem-xine02:18
lhoerstefyrestrtr: it's the distro man. there's no way around it02:18
mwright1upgrade from ubuntu feisty to gutsy online?02:19
lhoerstefyrestrtr: if env vars arent set correctly, that is the package managers fault02:19
fyrestrtrlhoerste: alright then -- if you feel that way, file a bug in launchpad.02:19
Dante124kitche i did it by following instructions in article...however I can't find the article online (it was there 3 hours ag0) to reverse my steps02:19
mwright1is it as easy as change the apt sources.list then apt get dist-upgrade?02:19
kitcheDante124: if you don't know how to reverse steps then don't follow an article02:19
Jordan_UDante124, If it still doesn't work then "sudo apt-get remove xine-plugin" and "sudo apt-get install totem-mozilla"02:19
anonymous_bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'02:20
anonymous_ this is what I get for  rm -f <22.1>02:20
Dante124well...dammit I could have reversed the stepf if I could find the steps...but pcworld took the article offline I guess02:20
nickrudmwright1: update-manager -c should check and do the download for you, easier than with dist-upgrade (and it will do some system checks first, I hear)02:20
Jordan_Umwright1, Do NOT upgrade by manually changing your sources.list and dist-upgrading02:20
emaconlinehello need help..02:20
emaconlinei cant start my ubuntu after upgrading to gutsy02:20
fevelEvanlec, now how do I use it ??02:20
Jordan_UDante124, Have you tried what I suggested yet?02:20
Dante124written by guy who had good 7.04 post install how to02:20
Evanlecanonymous_, i would say perhaps reboot and try again..02:21
nickrudub-jeff: try looking a the docs in /usr/share/doc/ebox , esp. Readme.Debian02:21
mwright1nickrud: which repositories will it use02:21
anonymous_I just thinking about that, thnx02:21
Evanlecfevel, it should appear under system > preferences > advanced desktop effects settings02:21
[G2]Nicholasi need some help02:21
nickrudmwright1: it will use the gutsy ones02:21
mwright1I want to use internode so I don't get charged for bandwidth02:21
emaconlineIm getting this error on boot: Check root = bootarg cat /proc/cmdline or missing modules, devices: cat proc/modules ls /dev02:21
fevelEvanlec, found it thanks02:21
nickrudmwright1: ah, special case.02:21
Dante124tring it now02:21
ub-jeffbtw, nickrud, is your username a play on the word "niqqud"?02:22
Evanlecfevel, welcome02:22
CubeXombiDoes anyone know of a fix or workaround for the Firefox going grey issue? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/12458102:22
nickrudub-jeff: no, a play on Nick Rude (and my name)02:22
emaconlineALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/{hashed-characters-here} does not exist02:22
Evanlec!ask | [G2]Nicholas02:22
ubotu[G2]Nicholas: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)02:22
emaconlinedropping to shell02:22
[G2]Nicholasi have no sound after i updated.02:22
Jordan_UDante124, Have you tried what I suggested yet?02:22
[G2]Nicholasyou know why that is02:22
[G2]Nicholasand also.02:22
Dante124just tried it Jordan_U02:23
Dante124will try the browser now02:23
nickrudmwright1: I'm not sure how to ensure that update-manager uses a specific repo, it's a good question. People who do know drop in and out here, ask again02:23
[G2]Nicholaswhen i change my resolution to 1440x90002:23
hanasakiwhat package installs all of the openoffice modules02:23
flyingfreeokay so small problem02:23
[G2]Nicholasi get a widescreen effect like those movies.02:23
koyo001i am trying to verify my ports in order to use bitornado02:23
koyo001does anyone know how to do this02:23
[G2]Nicholaslike those old movies.02:24
flyingfreeI have no sound on my compaq presario 7469 with edgy installed02:24
inundaCan someone help me regarding a Novatel Merlin U630 ?02:24
inundaIt's a 3G card.02:24
Evanlec[G2]Nicholas, isnt that the idea?02:24
gezusjordan_u: if it's not listed on the ifconfig what else can be done to fix it?  Would it be easier to use a wireless card?02:24
emaconlineanyone? help please.. thanks02:24
[G2]Nicholasmy native resolution is 1440x90002:24
Evanlec[G2]Nicholas, u mean it has black bars on top and bottom?02:24
flyingfreelooking for help with sound issue02:24
Evanleci c02:24
flyingfreehave ess allegro pci card with no sound02:24
[G2]Nicholasalso my sound worked before i updated.02:25
inundaSomeone please help02:25
flyingfreesound output from ATI AIW 128 PRO PCI02:25
hanasakihow do i install all of the openoffice packages? write spreadsheet etc02:25
Zippy2im so going to install ubuntu now and see if all my drivers fail too02:25
andycrwhy the heck is ubuntu constantly setting keyboard repeat off no matter how many times I enable it, even twice in one minute? this happens on two different computers with both gutsy and feisty02:25
Zippy2i can fix them tho :)02:25
inundaI've read every single forum webpage i've found02:25
nickrudhanasaki: install openoffice.org02:26
inundaand still have no idea how to put this card running02:26
Zippy2andrew__: in console or xorg?02:26
flyingfreelooking for help with sopund problem02:26
inunda3g Card02:26
Evanlec[G2]Nicholas, when u open up the sound preferences are no devices detected?02:26
[G2]Nicholaslet me check02:26
=== oslo is now known as oslo_pasl
flyingfreeno sound in edgy02:26
mitchnickrud: all i get is a blank white screen when i try to turn desktop effects or when i do compiz --replace02:26
Dante124okay Jordan_U....I just went to the site where I first tried downloaded missing plugin....now it gives me a choice02:26
flyingfreehey is menptok around?02:26
Zippy2hmm. movie or install ubuntu.02:26
flyingfreesorry mneptok02:26
Zippy2[ ] movie [ ] install ubuntu02:26
TailsfanHi, I'm trying to play a DVD, but I get this message: xine: cannot find input plugin for MRL [dvd://]02:26
Tailsfan09:23:05 PM: xine: input plugin cannot open MRL [dvd://]02:26
nickrudhanasaki: do this: in synaptic, ctl-f and search for openoffice.org ; select openoffice.org, and make sure that the language packs you need get selected also02:26
mycroftiv[G2]Nicholas: I've had widescreen resolution issues in Gutsy also, my Acer monitor seems to report its native resolution incorrectly and the nvidia driver refuses to use 1440x900, I believe there are fixes possible but it depends on your hardware.02:27
[G2]Nicholasthat's what it's saying for both.02:27
hanasakinickrud:  thanks but I only have ssh right now02:27
ub-jeffI found the solution to my problem with ebox--though not in the documenation directory.02:27
Dante124of xine plugin or mplayer plugin02:27
inundaPcmcia card someone cam help me ?02:27
FluxDIs there any specific order in which the programs in sessions are loaded?02:27
flyingfreelooking for help with sound issue in edgy02:27
Dante124which is better02:27
=== mitch is now known as jmitchj
[G2]Nicholasi have an 8600GT OC02:27
TailsfanWhat do you think you guys?02:27
=== ubuntu is now known as andresj
[G2]Nicholasand an Acer moniter also.02:27
FreakenHi everyone, I am trying to figure out how to use a 1440*900 resolution with a GeForce 4 TI 4200, it works under Windows but the max I can get under Ubuntu is 1152*86402:27
ub-jeffIt turns out that the default password for ebox, is ebox. Though this is not documented in the man page, the documentation directory, or even echoed to the console at install time.02:27
Evanlec[G2]Nicholas, do u know how to use pastebin?02:28
jmitchjnickrud: did you see that message?02:28
andycrtalisein: is libdvdcss installed?02:28
sharpieum, how can i install .tar packages? :\02:28
FluxDFreaken: edit xorg.conf02:28
nickrudjmitchj: yeah, thinking  :)02:28
mycroftiv[G2]Nicholas: we have the exact same hardware config and problem then, let me find the link that has some information on this, one minute02:28
Evanlec!pastebin | [G2]Nicholas02:28
ubotu[G2]Nicholas: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:28
[G2]Nicholasi'm new to linux itself.02:28
FluxDsharpie: extrct them02:28
Viroowhere is vmplayer in which repos  ?02:28
gezusDoes anyone know fo a site where you can download drivers that work with Ubuntu?  My Intel NIC card isn't recognized by gutsy gibbon02:28
Tailsfanyes, it's installed02:28
nickrudhanasaki: after you install openoffice.org , do aptitude search openoffice.org, and check that way02:28
Periclezcan anybody help me? i cant boot ubuntu, it hangs at: "Starting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd", the cursor keeps blinking and i cant do anything.02:28
sharpieFluxD: and then..?02:28
FreakenFluxD: is there a tutorial on how to do that somewhere ? I'm pretty new with command line :s02:28
Evanlec[G2]Nicholas, type lsmod in command line and pastebin the output for me02:28
Evanlec[G2]Nicholas, do NOT paste it in here02:28
andycrTailsfan: does it work with any other media player?02:28
andycrie a non xine one?02:29
FluxDsharpie: extract them and see what u have in that folder02:29
hanasakidoes aptitude have --reinstall like apt-get?02:29
XerostyleOk, I have an enormous question.02:29
sharpieFluxD: other folders02:29
andycrmplayer, vlc, totem?02:29
FluxDsharpie: what are u installing02:29
andycrIf so there's probably a DVD reading package for xine that isnt installed02:29
Evanlec[G2]Nicholas, k u need to learn to use the command line, brb02:29
XerostyleWhat are the chances that my wireless card just died, and it's not a problem with the computer02:29
sharpiedownloaded it from softpedia cause they don't have it on sourceforge anymore02:29
TailsfanTotem makes to work okay, but it has no chapter skipping02:29
w4ettgezus:  posy lspci to pastebin and let us have a look02:29
FluxDFreaken: type this in terminal sudo gedit /etc/X11/sorg.conf02:30
Tailsfanvlc can't load it02:30
Periclezcan anybody help me? i cant boot ubuntu, it hangs at: "Starting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd", the cursor keeps blinking and i cant do anything.02:30
Tailsfanand kmplayer I never tried02:30
FluxDsharpie: install using synaptic02:30
sharpiewhat's that :X02:30
sharpieoh the package manager02:30
sharpieyes, but how? :\02:30
FluxDsharpie: yes02:30
nickrudjmitchj: http://forlong.blogage.de/article/2007/10/23/fglrx-8423---finally-with-AIGLX-support <-- good instructions, I did essentially the same thing. I like his thing with compiz better, didn't realize it had that option02:30
jmitchjnickrud: when i do fglrxinfo...i get stuff about Mesa...is that a problem?02:30
FluxDsharpie: search for it02:30
nickrudjmitchj: yup02:30
sharpiei just did02:30
flyingfreelooking for help with sound problem in edgy02:30
XerostyleI am having the worst luck with my wireless card, and I don't know how to tell if it's a hardware problem, or if it's just driver problems.02:31
FluxD!es | joao_02:31
TwanMy teacher just installed an Ubuntu server and gave the class root access. We're screwing around with it, and I was wondering if there is a command to echo a global message to all who are currently logged in via PuTTy into root.02:31
ubotujoao_: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.02:31
Riyonuk|AFKWhere can I get the default black "Computer" icon?02:31
VirooWhere is vmplayer for Gusty ?02:31
jmitchjnickrud: how do i change that?02:31
mycroftiv[G2]Nicholas: Here are some forum threads which may have solutions for widescreen, I haven't had the chance to test them yet myself: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=583825 and http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=86579&highlight=acer+al1916w02:31
nickrudjmitchj: do those instructions, he starts at the beginning02:31
FluxDIs there any specific order in which the programs in sessions are loaded?02:31
Adaptedwhen trying to install nvidia drivers via envy, i get the following problems: RROR: The following packages cannot be installed:02:31
XerostyleIf it's any big deal, the wireless light is on, but red, just like if there is no driver installed02:31
phasegenMy home directory is on a separate partition.  What directories should I look for and delete so I can upgrade to gutsy 64 bit from feisty 32 bit?02:31
TwanMy teacher just installed an Ubuntu server and gave the class root access. We're screwing around with it, and I was wondering if there is a command to echo a global message to all who are currently logged in via PuTTy into root.02:31
VirooWhere is vmplayer for Gusty ?02:31
Adaptedwoops spam sorry02:31
andycrwhy is (k)ubuntu constantly setting keyboard repeat off no matter how many times I enable it, even twice in one minute? this happens on two different computers with both gutsy and feisty02:31
FluxDTwan: no :P02:31
andycr(meaning kubuntu and ubuntu both)02:32
TailsfanXerostyle, tried ndiswrapper?02:32
VirooWhere is vmplayer for Gusty, repos ?02:32
TwanWell I saw one kid did like a kill command or something and it set off a warning02:32
XerostyleI'm also running Gutsy, on a Compaq Presario V600002:32
TwanAnd everyone got that warning in their console02:32
tbusscan anyone help with mounting a udf dvd-r. I've tried several fstab configs that have yet to work02:32
Twan'The server is going down for maitenance'02:32
FluxDXerostyle: what card?02:32
VirooWhere is vmplayer for Gusty, repos ?02:32
XerostyleI don't know.02:33
Adaptediam having issues installing nvidia drivers via Envy, i am missing some packages, but apt-get doesnt allow the package downloads, any ideas?02:33
Evanlecphasegen, you can't upgrade to 64-bit, you must clean install02:33
XerostyleIt's a Broadcom 43xx chip02:33
aguiarhi.trying WINE with Simcity4...receive error "Program debbuger should be closed" any idea.02:33
nickrudViroo: it's not in the repos in gutsy02:33
XerostyleI know it's crap, but I don't know what to do02:33
Virooso how should I install vmplayer02:33
FluxDXerostyle: type in lspci in terminal02:33
phasegenEvanlec: I know, I just want to keep my home directory02:33
anonymous_i need to rename my partitions but i can't02:34
FluxDViroo: vmware player?02:34
Riyonuk|AFKWhere can I get the default black "Computer" icon?02:34
nickrudViroo: download it from vmware02:34
Xerostylewhich one would it be?02:34
FluxDXerostyle: u have drivers?02:34
FluxDXerostyle: paste it on pastebin.ca02:34
Evanlecphasegen, i would back it up to another drive, or u can resize your 32-bit partition when u install 64-bit so u'll keep your old install02:34
=== jared is now known as KI4IKL
Evanlecphasegen, i did the later and it worked fine02:35
TailsfanWell, I'm getting progess, but KMPlayer is saying xine not running02:35
Adaptedanyone know how i can install the libqt3-mt-dev package. when i try apt-get it tells me it has a bunch of dependencies that arent going to be installed, and it doesnt install libqt3-mt-dev either02:35
nickrud!nvidia | Adapted02:35
fevelEvanlec, last question..im having trouble making the changes take effect02:35
ubotuAdapted: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:35
Tailsfanand says it after i try to play the DVD02:35
gezusAnyone know if there is a page where i can find drivers for Gutsy?  My Intel NIC card isn't recognized02:35
Adaptedtried that nickrud02:35
phasegenEvanlec: cool.  thank you.02:35
flyingfreelooking for help with sound problem in edgy02:35
ir0nfusionI need help02:35
FluxDgezus: http://linuxwireless.org/02:35
nickrudAdapted: envy is not a good idea, so I hear.02:35
a48756672what is the right way to install nvidia drivers? I did apt-get install nviida-glx, but glxgears is still slow02:35
Evanlecfevel, a lot of them have very specific hotkeys so u wont notice anything until u press those, like ctrl+shift+e or something02:35
ir0nfusionwho here has got compiz-fusion working?02:36
FluxDViroo: vmware player?02:36
gezusfluxd: would that work for wired as well?02:36
anonymous_hello, i need to know how to rename my partitions02:36
gezusfluxd: thx for link02:36
FluxDgezus: wired also not working?02:36
Adaptednickrud: gonna give that link another try and see what happens02:36
_mastro_please can someone link me a page where it's explained the sata/pata change since edgy??? i want to custom compile the kernel without it! thanks...02:36
Adaptedis there an irc client similar to Colloquy for linux?02:36
gezusfluxd: the wired not working...older laptop02:36
ir0nfusionI want to get cube reflection working if someone can help02:36
jesseHi there...  trying to get compiz/desktop effects to work, and having a hard time of it. Been slogging through uboontu results, but haven't gotten anything to work yet and getting a little frustrated02:36
gezusfluxd: no wireless on it02:36
fevelEvanlec, can you help me with the liquid one? thats the only one I eant02:36
ir0nfusionon ubuntu 7.1002:36
FluxDgezus: only has wired support ?02:37
flyingfreeawaiting help with sound problem in edgy02:37
nickrudanonymous_: you would do:  sudo e2label <name> for an ext2/3 partition02:37
FreakenFluxD: What do I need to change in xorg.conf to allow 1440*900 ?02:37
aguiarwell some other time you'll help02:37
FluxDXerostyle: I dont see ur card in this did u copy paste whole thing ?02:37
Evanlecfevel, enable it, and then press shift+f902:37
anonymous_ok but how about ntfs partitions02:37
TwanMy teacher just installed an Ubuntu server and gave the class root access. We're screwing around with it, and I was wondering if there is a command to echo a global message to all who are currently logged in via PuTTy into root.02:37
XerostyleThat's my problem02:37
XerostyleIt did this a week ago.02:37
gezusfluxd: only has wired support?  not sure what that means...the modem is detected but not the Ethernet02:37
Evanlecfevel, and then shift+f8 to whipe it away ;p02:37
FluxDFreaken: do u see any resolutions in this file?02:38
gezusfluxd:  thx for help, i'll try again 2morrow something came up02:38
FluxDXerostyle: I am not sure but sounds likehardware problem02:38
Dante124which is better   xine plugin for firefox or mplayer for mozilla02:38
EvanlecTwan, why would she give the class root access? that seems rather silly to me02:38
FluxDgezus: sure02:38
TailsfanOK< I fixed my problem02:38
nickrudanonymous_: install ntfstools , and use ntfslabel02:38
TailsfanI had to set the drive direction02:38
TwanHe, and because it's just his server and he wants us to learn Linux.02:38
TwanSo he's letting us mess around with it.02:39
FreakenFluxD: I do see a lot of resolutions, but I can't find a way to specify which one to allow or to disallow02:39
mycroftivtwan: the command you want is "wall", use "man wall" to learn how to use it02:39
TailsfanIs there a Video Editor that can Edit DVDs on Ubuntu02:39
TwanCould you link me to some documentation on it?02:39
FluxDFreaken: copy paste ur file into pastebin.ca02:39
Dante124which is better   xine plugin for firefox or mplayer for mozilla02:39
edgarhello, someone speak spanish?02:39
DemonJestertwan talk is another way to do it if it is installed02:39
FluxDDante124: mplayer02:39
nickrudTwan: good teacher there, and man wall has the info02:39
anonymous_is that from the synaptic package manager thing02:39
Evanlec!ssh | Twan02:40
ubotuTwan: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/02:40
Tailsfanmplayer is pretty good02:40
adantei used mythfrontend to launch mplayer via mythvideo, then killed mythfrontend - that brought down mplayer as well but some sound still seems to be stuck looping in my soundcard buffer02:40
TailsfanVLC pwns :)02:40
adanteis there a way to flush the sound buffers?02:40
TwanI use PuTTy.02:40
TwanWe all use Putty.02:40
nickrudanonymous_: yes, also when you reply to someone, be sure to use their nick so they're more likely to see it02:40
johnn1use totem plugins for mozilla..then run over it with totem again..this way U get 2 choices when media shows up.02:40
anonymous_new to the place02:40
adantetried starting mplayer but it (impressively) just mixes the currnet sound and the repeating sound02:40
EvanlecTwan, putty uses ssh ...02:40
anonymous_nickrud: thnx anyway02:41
Dante124johnn1 how do you do that?02:41
nickrudadante: try killall mplayer , you probably have a stray process02:41
nickrudanonymous_: you can't install it?02:41
TwanAnd about 15 people are logged into root at once.02:41
adantenickrud: says no process killed02:41
XerostyleSince this is a laptop, does that mean that I'm pretty much screwed, or is there a way to reinstall a card into my laptop?02:41
gueroHey everyone, I was hoping that one of you may ease my worried head. If I upgrade to Ubuntu 7.10 from Feisty, will I lose My Documents or keep them?02:41
TwanAnd earlier today, one of the kids sent out a warning message that 'This server is going down for maintenance.'02:41
FreakenFluxD: http://pastebin.ca/74993402:41
TwanDoes anyone know how he did that?02:41
dsl1117X wont start w/new video card.... how do i get it to reprobe?02:41
nickrudadante: ps aux | grep mplay , see if there's one. If there is, then killall -9 mplayer02:42
adantenickrud: there isn't02:42
Evanlecguero, ideally u shouldnt lose anything02:42
johnn1synaptic has the mozilla plug ins for fire fox..once that is done..go back and install regular totem..this way when media shows up..you will be able to chose from totem plug ins or movie player by right clicking the media screen02:42
FluxDXerostyle: if it is not detected its not ubuntu error maybe shake it or something :)02:42
nickrudanonymous_: heh, when I first got onto irc I'd been computing for over 20 years, got kicked around like a newbie ;)02:42
aaronshafWhat is a good, up-to-date tutorial on peer-to-peer network drive sharing / using samba? I'm new to this.02:42
nickrudadante: no clue then. I'd look at the processes, see if there's a likely suspect02:43
FluxDFreaken: what resolution u want?02:43
aaronshafI can "connect to server" in nautilus with browsing network but files aren't delete-able02:43
gueroEvanlec, really? I've been wanting to upgrade but I'm afraid of losing all my vidoes and music02:43
ir0nfusionsomeone help me, compiz-fusion manager wont work only the gnome-settings manager will02:43
FreakenFluxD: 1440*900, native resolution for my LCD02:43
adantenickrud: just ran lsof /dav/alsa/snd but only the mixer_app is using it02:43
FluxDFreaken: what resolution u have now? Also goto System - Prefernces - Screen Resolution and tell me if u see an option for the resolution u want02:44
andycrwhy is ubuntu constantly setting keyboard repeat off no matter how many times I enable it, even twice in one minute? this happens on two different computers with both gutsy and feisty02:44
aaronshafWhat is a good, up-to-date tutorial on peer-to-peer network drive sharing / using samba? I'm new to this.02:45
FreakenFluxD: Already done, I can't select it, I am currently in 1152*86402:45
dsl1117X wont start w/new video card.... how do i get it to reprobe?02:45
rhythmicmayhemguero: it's always best to backup everything that is important to you (not just for the upgrade)02:45
andycrFreaken: this is a bug, it happened to me too02:45
FreakenFluxD: In fact, 1152*864 is the highest resolution I can see02:45
andycrthe solution is simple02:45
andycrunder subsection display with depth 2402:46
andycrchange 1440x1440 to 1440x90002:46
nickruddsl1117: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg to get a default setup with the new card02:46
andycrsave, log out, ctrl+alt+backspace, and it should be good02:46
Freakenandycr: lol, thnx v. much :D02:46
adaptedstill giving trouble with nvidia?02:46
ir0nfusionwell, any help?02:46
FluxDFreaken: make a copy of ur current xorg.conf file02:46
andycrFreaken: No problem, no idea why it does it02:46
andycrFluxD: Yeah02:46
=== adapted is now known as Adapted
andycrsudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.justincase02:46
guerorythmicmayhem: okay thanks02:46
FreakenFluxD: Already donbe02:47
andycrIt detects it fine on my laptop02:47
andycrSame resolution02:47
andycrAlmost same card02:47
andycrYet does the same thing on my desktop02:47
TwanSo is it that easy to install servers? sudo apt-get?02:47
FluxDFreaken: as andycr suggested change 1400x1400 to 1400x900 for all02:47
Adaptedi enabled the nvidia through the restricted driver manager, it says restart, it restarts, then it says its in low-graphics mode and when i come back in, driver is disabled again, and it just happens over and over02:47
nickrudTwan: yes02:47
TwanThat's rather convenient02:47
eko_hermiyantogood morning02:47
eko_hermiyantohow to open port 500 and 1000 in my local system?02:48
eko_hermiyantosorry for this newbie question02:48
nickrudAdapted: I'm playing parrot here, but after you get the low graphics mode, try nvidia-settings02:48
FreakenFluxD & andycr: Thnx v.much, I'll try that out, but is there a reason why I don't see 1280x1024 nor 1280x960 too ?02:48
FluxD!port | eko_hermiyanto02:48
ubotueko_hermiyanto: For instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall02:48
Meshezabeeljust wondering if the dvd is a live dvd?02:48
=== Black-Hand is now known as True-Hand
FluxDMeshezabeel: I think so02:48
Adaptednickrud: from the driver drop down menu? dont think nvidia-settings is available02:48
Meshezabeelk, thanks FluxD02:48
andycrFreaken: No idea why that's the case02:49
FluxDFreaken: depends on ur monitor/LCD conifg02:49
nickrudAdapted: no, it's another program. from a terminal, gksudo nvidia-settings02:49
FluxDFreaken: what inch?02:49
TwanSo I think I installed proftpd, but it really wasn't working to my specifications02:49
TwanLike I could only log in from the user, not from root02:49
TwanI want to FTP from root and have access to the entire set of files on the server02:49
FreakenFluxD: 19" Samsung SyncMaster 940BW02:49
nickrudTwan: you want ssh02:50
edner__has anyone succesfully bypassed the Network Manager keyring password request at login (Xubuntu 7.10)?02:50
FreakenFluxD: brb, I'll try the modifications to xorg.conf02:50
TwanI use Putty.02:50
TwanTo do all this02:50
TwanTo the server.02:50
TwanI did sudo apt-get proftpd02:50
TwanI believe that was the command02:50
andycrmine's 19" too02:50
nickrudTwan: I don't ftp server much, but I don't think that's doable02:50
andycrmaybe it's a bug with detecting it on 19" monitors02:50
Freakenandycr: You can't see these resolutions neither?02:51
andycrlike I said, almost the same card and same res works fine on my laptop... but it's 17 inch02:51
nickrudTwan: eh, ignore me on this, sorry. Talking out of the wrong orifice02:51
Freakenandycr: aight, brb, saving xorg and relogging02:51
andycrFreaken: Don't remember, I cut out any res but 1440x900@24-bit in my Xorg.conf02:51
FluxDTwan: sudo apt-get install proftpd02:51
nickrudandycr: try xrandr in a terminal, does it tell the right res?02:51
andycrnickrud: Yeah, that lists it fine02:52
andycr   1440x900       50.0*    51.002:52
andycrthough the refresh rate is 60, which is odd, but other than that its right02:52
alienseer23is there a way to purge package configuration files from packages that have already been removed?02:52
nickrudalienseer23: sudo aptitude purge <package>02:52
alienseer23nickrud: that will get rid of lingering config files?02:53
alienseer23one by one02:53
nickrudalienseer23: that will remove system config files, not any that might be in your home02:53
_blitz_i tried to install the realtek audio pack.it removed my old driver and the installation of the new driver failed.can somebodey please tell me how to get my old driver back?02:53
ir0nfusionI need help02:54
wack0zhey all, I have a problem with my hdd enclosure(ext3)(http://pastebin.com/m3ec6a7a8)02:54
alienseer23nickrud: will that get rid of config files for active packages as well? it does not seem to discriminate?02:54
TwanHow can I uninstall a server?02:54
Codenutis xbb\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\02:54
nickrudalienseer23: to get rid of them all , do : aptitude , wait for it to load. Then l~c , shift_ , g (check that it's right) then g again02:54
Twansudo apt-get uninstall proftpd02:54
FluxDTwan: yes02:54
ir0nfusionmy compiz-fusion manager wont work02:54
TwanAnd that will get rid of EVERYTHING02:54
warriorcontrol the mac of my girl why I must make of the things, while she stà playing... I would want to make them to appear writing on its monito one... which could be the commando?02:54
FluxD!compiz | ir0nfusion02:54
ubotuir0nfusion: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:54
warriorcontrol the mac of my girl why I must make of the things, while she stà playing... I would want to make them to appear writing on its monito one... which could be the commando?02:55
_blitz_i tried to install the realtek audio pack.it removed my old driver and the installation of the new driver failed.can somebodey please tell me how to get my old driver back?02:55
wack0zcan some one help me, I have a problem with my hdd enclosure(ext3)(http://pastebin.com/m3ec6a7a8)02:55
Blair`d2So... how is cups supposed to work with USB? My friend plugged her printer in, and we tried restarting cupsys already02:55
FluxD!it | warrior02:55
ubotuwarrior: Vai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!02:55
Blair`d2but there is no evidence that it has been detected...02:55
ir0nfusionFluxD: I have it downloaded on 7.10 but it wont work, do i need to uninstall compiz-gnome manager?02:56
warriorcontrol the mac of my girl why I must make of the things, while she stà playing... I would want to make them to appear writing on its monitor one... which could be the command?02:56
FluxDwarrior: I am not sure what u are asking control ur girlfriends laptop?02:56
=== SeveredHead is now known as SeveredCross
* nickrud thinks someone has severing on the mind02:57
FluxDir0nfusion: I am not sure thats why I directed u to the compiz channel02:57
=== ForeverZero is now known as sea4ever
=== br is now known as cinta
alienseer23nickrud: sorry,, what is l~g?02:58
warriorFluxD, yes i am control your laptop....02:58
Freakenandycr & FluxD: Works like a charm, thanx very much!!!02:58
FluxDwarrior: I am still not understanding ur question :/02:58
FluxDFreaken: grats02:58
wack0zFluxD, I have a problem with my hdd enclosure(ext3)(http://pastebin.com/m3ec6a7a8)02:58
wack0zany help?02:59
FluxDwack0z: sorry I am no hdd expert :(02:59
nickrudalienseer23: what that does, is limit the displayed packages that are not installed but are configured (l~c) shift_ (shift underscore) marks them for purging, g shows what will be done, g goes and does it. Escape (repeated) backs up.02:59
wack0zFluxD: just a usb device, just a big ass version of usb stick02:59
mwright1how do you enable community maintained packages03:00
Zippy2how do i quit a screen i-search03:00
FluxDwack0z: its not being detected ?03:00
nickrudmwright1: system->admin->software sources, tick the checkbox03:00
wack0zFluxD: http://pastebin.com/m3ec6a7a803:00
wack0zFluxD: it is but not really?03:00
toodlesis there a way to install the boot loader after ubuntu is installed? i install ubuntu on my old laptop and now when i reboot after install it says unable to load operating system03:00
bqmasseyok folks. on a new ubuntu install......  i have a bit of 10gig at the beginning of the disc to dedicate to Ubuntu.  what's the best way to use that.. how much for swap, should swap be before the ext or after?  do i use ext2 or ext3?03:00
toodlesi didnt install the bootloader assuming i didnt have to since im not using win03:00
wack0zFluxD: hard to explain, sees it but cant do anything and is not assigned in /dev/03:00
_blitz_i tried to install the realtek audio pack.it removed my old driver and the installation of the new driver failed.can somebodey please tell me how to get my old driver back?03:00
FluxDwack0z: there is something to do with usbfs thats disabled by default in gutsy would that help?03:01
nickrudbqmassey: ext3, swap = 2x mem (up to 1gb), and it doesn't matter which comes first03:01
wack0zFluxD: im on not on gutsy, im on a live CD(feisty)03:01
bqmasseynickrud: wouldn't performance be better if the swap is at the beginning?03:01
wack0zFluxD: but could you tell me more about usbfs anyway?03:02
FluxDwack0z: what exactly are u trying to do?03:02
wack0zFluxD: access the usb device03:02
nickrudbqmassey: how big is the disk? Large? negligible, I'd say03:02
alienseer23nickrud, so l, then i get a dialogue, in which i enter ~c03:02
nickrudalienseer23: yes.03:02
FluxDwack0z: external usb harddrive?03:02
foxjazzare there any programming chats?03:02
wack0zFluxD: yep, no different from a pen drive03:02
FluxDwack0z: how big?03:02
SmoothOpare dual monitors supported on the live cd?03:03
bqmassey60gig.. partitions will be 1: Ubuntu, 2: XP, 3: File Storage for access from both xp and ubuntu (preferably i could get my /home here too)03:03
pieisgood4589i hate xp03:03
wack0zFluxD: 80 gigs and worked before my system went down, now i am on a feisty live cd03:03
pieisgood4589don't get it03:03
thinkl00pwhats the command to unzip a .tar.bz2?03:03
toodlesis there a way to install the boot loader after ubuntu is installed? i install ubuntu on my old laptop and now when i reboot after install it says unable to load operating system is it cuz i didnt install the boot loader? i assumed i didnt need it since im only using ubuntu on this03:03
Blair`d2ok, dmesg shows that the printer is detected as a usb device03:03
nickrudthinkl00p: tar xf file.bz203:03
ubotuHelp! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici03:03
Blair`d2drivers/usb/class/usblp.c: usblp0: USB Bidirectional printer dev 13 if 0 alt 0 proto 2 vid 0x043D pid 0x00FF03:03
alienseer23nickrud: the list I get is HUGE03:04
nickrudalienseer23: they all have c at the left, right?03:04
troubledmore lag from the modes there :)03:04
JeffreyfConnected to  a Lexmark X5070 (new from Lexmark) samba printer and can send print jobs...blank page print.  Any help?03:04
elkbuntutroubled, yeah, we've asked for optic cable connections to the network, but they keep denying us :Þ03:04
* nickrud thinks that didn't fit with pie03:04
alienseer23nickrud: the first half has 'ida' the second hald 'cp'03:04
morgan555Hey, how do the AWN applets work? Do I have to download them from someone first?03:05
edner__I honestly can't believe this logic: you have a keyring to minimize manually entering your password, but every time you login and attempt to connect to a wifi network, you have to type in the keyring password (which is probably supposed to be even more secure in the first place)03:05
bqmasseyso its a waste of space to have a swap file larger than 1gig?03:05
Joe1hi i all where do i get the driver CD for 7.10?03:05
bqmasseyi have 512mb ram03:05
FluxDwack0z: if its ntfs formatted its not witable fyi, also if it has a power cord I would remove it and plugit in after a few sec and see if it changes anything03:05
crimsonHey guys new user here....some how I converted my crappy old G4 to Ubuntu PPC box03:06
wack0zFluxD: ext3 fuck ntfs03:06
crimsonand I love it03:06
FluxDwack0z: lol03:06
alienseer23I'll try again later, thanks03:06
nickrudalienseer23: hrm, you have some disconnect between what apt-get has done and what aptitude wants to do.03:06
foxjazzare there any programming channels03:06
crimsonI had the hardest time though getting the 7.10 PPC installer to work - didnt work at all03:06
thinkl00ppossible in ubuntu to install icon themes?03:06
FluxDwack0z: unplug ur power cord and try again03:06
alienseer23nickrud: that is correct03:06
FluxDthinkl00p: yes03:06
wack0zFluxD: k, one sec03:06
crimsonanyone know if the 7.10 ppc installer is broken??03:06
GreyfoxHi folks! Brand new to Linux/Ubuntu and I'm upgrading a VPS from Dapper to Gutsy. I've hit a point in the installation where a box has come up asking me about configuring courier-base, and whether I want to create directories for web-based administration. Is this something I should enable or simply ignore?03:06
heguruedner__: you can install libpam-gnome-keyring if you don't want to enter keyring password03:07
_blitz_i tried to install the realtek audio pack.it removed my old driver and the installation of the new driver failed.can somebodey please tell me how to get my old driver back?03:07
Jeffreyfcrimson:  did you install from a burnt CD image03:07
changelogCan anyone help me with this raid issue here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=591856 please?03:07
wack0zFluxD: after dmesg, it gives the same output03:07
crimsonJeffreyf: yep...threw me into nvram03:07
nickrudalienseer23: hit escape, you will see installed packages and not installed packages. Hit shift plus on the installed ones, shift underscore on the not installed, and check again03:07
alienseer23nickrud: i installed a bunch of stuff from aptoncd using the aptoncd metapackage, then the metapackage got removed with a program i needed t reinstall, and now everything i installed with the metapackage is listed as "no longer needed"03:07
FluxDthinkl00p: I tihnk untar command is like tar -xvzf tarfilename03:07
JeffreyfCrimson: what speed did you write the CD?03:07
crimsonJeffreyf: Im back on 6.06 now ---i wrote it at 16X03:08
noskloGreyfox: ignore :)03:08
thinkl00pFluxD, online it says i have to goto Computer -> Desktop Preferences -> Themes - Icon tab03:08
thinkl00pI don't see Computer listing across the top03:08
GreyfoxExcellent, thanks nosklo. :)03:08
crimsonJeffreyf: are you thinking bad media ?03:08
FluxDthinkl00p: gutsy?03:08
chiefinnovatorCan anyone tell me how to use /etc/security/limits.conf?03:08
FluxDwack0z: hmm03:08
nickrudalienseer23: I can see that happening, good anaylisys03:08
Jeffreyfcrimson: try writing the cd @ 4x.  I've had trouble with high speed disks on older drives03:08
bonzaiooo how i love ubuntu!!03:08
crimsonJeffreyf: I didnt run an mdsum check on it...oh well03:08
FluxDthinkl00p: System - prefernces -appearence03:08
chiefinnovatorHow do I say a user can have no files, and only 6 processes?03:08
=== bonzai is now known as b0nza1
alienseer23nickrud: it only shows not installed packages and tasks03:08
heguruchiefinnovator: read the manual: man limits.conf03:08
chiefinnovatorNo manual entry for limits.conf03:09
NiksterHey. Ive tried setting up a bridge using bridge-utils, from my wifi (ra0) to my regular nic (eth0), but my xbox doesent get an ip.. anyone have any idea what to do? i used some guide on the ubuntu site03:09
alienseer23nickrud: real life knocks on the door, maybe i can catch you in a bit03:09
FluxDwack0z: u sure ur drive is not corrupt?03:09
alienseer23thanks fo ryour help03:09
foxjazzwhat's the best way to use mono in ubuntu03:09
crimsonJeffreyf: Ill try that...and try on another box....these G4's everyone is throwing away...and the damn things kick ass with ubuntu03:09
Greyfoxb0nza1: I installed Ubuntu/Linux for the first time last night and later I'm ridding myself of my XP partition. :)03:09
nickrudalienseer23: sure also: help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide03:09
Jeffreyfcrimson: good luck!03:09
thinkl00pNice! Thanks FluxD03:09
chiefinnovatorWhy wouldn't I have a man entry for limits.conf?03:09
cd77hi there! my name is Gonzalo, and I really need some help03:09
wack0zFluxD: yep, backed up my data this morning and the device hasn't been touched since03:10
crimsonJeffreyf: btw....do you know if compiz and or beryl will work on ppc???03:10
changelogCan anyone help me with this raid issue here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=591856 please?03:10
FluxDwack0z: any other partition or another system to double check it on?03:10
thinkl00pwhich terminal/console is it where you can setup transparencies?03:10
b0nza1Greyfox: I am right there with ya bro..03:10
NiksterIve set up a bridge using bridge-utils, the bridge seems set up fine, but the connected device doesent get an IP, anyone know what to do?03:10
Jeffreyfcrimson: Not sure...still a newb to Ubuntu......but not computers.03:10
wack0zFluxD: yes I have checked it03:10
b0nza1Greyfox: all i need it for now is to play a few games.. lol03:11
ztomiccd77: just ask03:11
Greyfoxb0nza1: I think that's where Wine comes into play. :)03:11
cd77ok! after all, sorry about my stinky english :)..03:11
nickrudchiefinnovator: do you have the package libpam-modules installed?03:11
cd77in my laptop, i had feisty fawn03:11
b0nza1Greyfox: I am putting in a vmware 2003 server right not. to get rid of a server though..lol03:11
GreyfoxAh nice!03:11
crimsonJeffreyf: k no problem.... so far the ppc is rock solid...with only like 512MB of memory03:11
=== adante_ is now known as adante
cd77when gutsy was released, i try to do a normal update03:11
crimsonIm actually damn impressed03:11
FluxDthinkl00p: gnome-terminal has transparencies goto edit profile edit and look for appearance03:11
cd77but tzdata installation fails03:12
cd77and then it brokes the installation process03:12
chiefinnovatornickrud, Yeah, I have that03:12
cd77now, the new kernel doesn't boot03:12
jimmy__how do I get shn files to play in gutsy03:12
cd77i have to use 2.6.2003:12
nickrudchiefinnovator: it should be in /usr/share/man/man503:12
b0nza1Greyfox: you should see my cubed desktop..lol.. plus myth running on my other wide screen.03:12
johnn1deuryte..go to pm03:12
FluxDwack0z: out of options :( maybe cd is corrupt?03:12
deuryteJOHNN1  ????03:12
Jeffreyfcrimson:  I had 6.06 on a 486/400Mhz and was solid.....slow, but solid!03:12
b0nza1awesome stuff03:12
heguruchiefinnovator: you might want to reinstall libpam-modules: sudo apt-get --reinstall install libpam-modules03:12
wack0zFluxD: I backed up my data via this cd this morning, so no03:12
cd77now i have issues with gdm too03:12
heguruchiefinnovator: that should fix the missing man page03:12
emaconlineguys, help on this one? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=588889&highlight=startup+hangs+help+gutsy+serious+cannot+boot03:13
johnn1yes/..click on the red link03:13
deuryteDONT C IT...03:13
crimsonJeffreyf: yeah...the dude at school was going to throw this box away......dumbass....and I just resucrected it...and it is plenty fast for a little C and python programming...lol03:13
johnn1what are U using..xchat or pidgin03:13
FluxDwack0z: I am not sure then let me google for ur error03:13
alevineanyone know why my ipod would not automount after upgrading to gutsy?03:13
jmesquitaHello guys. I need some help with my Ubuntu03:13
wack0zFluxD: appreciate your help03:14
jmesquitaI reinstalled the desktop effects and X stopped working03:14
b0nza1Greyfox: I have been using linux for years... but.. only for routers.. etc.. ubuntu gutsy has finally got it right03:14
johnn1right click my nic  to the right and private me03:14
chiefinnovatorheguru, that didn't fix the man issue03:14
jmesquitaHad to do a dpkg-reconfigure -a to get it back working03:14
caniiguy i cant burn cd right03:14
Jeffreyfcrimson:  Get more!  set up a cluster and take advantage of parallel processing.......03:14
deuryteOPEN DIALOG WINDOW ??03:14
jmesquitaBut now I can only log into Failsafe Gnome03:14
heguruchiefinnovator: which version of ubuntu are you using?03:14
FluxDcanii: try gnomebaker or k3burn03:14
heguru!caps | deuryte03:14
caniii Cant burn the cd it always gives me error03:14
ubotudeuryte: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:14
caniii tried everything03:15
crimsonJeffreyf: will have to do that...risc processor.....forgot about that...lol03:15
caniikeep giving me error on checking disk03:15
FluxDcanii: I guess see if ur drive is corrupted03:15
Dev05Hi. Is this just me or the Canada servers for Gutsy are too slow?03:15
mwright1anyone help with LTSP + xen03:15
caniii tried it with my both computers03:15
mwright1ie booting your LTSP server as a xen instance, and whether you'd get sound and local devices vai the special kernel integration on the terminals?03:16
caniilinux and windows03:16
caniistill same03:16
Jeffreyfcrimson: If I can get my other 3 systems switched (need to fight my wife on that), I will have 4 3.03Mhz Hyperthread systems on a cluster......should make for interesting speeds!03:16
crimsonmwright1:LTSP is so great....03:16
ashfaqHow do I get write kernel permission for virtual box?03:16
RominaI am using vmware player on ubuntu and I have got no clue how I can get an INTERNET Connection in vmware (on the Guest OS)03:16
FluxDcanii: bad cds or bad drive03:16
heguruchiefinnovator: dapper doesn't come with man page for limits.conf03:16
Rominaplease help me with that VMWARE problem ^03:16
caniiall of them?>03:17
FluxDRomina: look for a NAT option03:17
crimsonJeffreyf: are you using beowulf to do that or?03:17
caniii wasted 10 cds already03:17
chiefinnovatorheguru, so how do I learn ?  ;-)03:17
FluxDcanii: then bad drive03:17
TUXedomemberok i downloaded a precompliled kernel from www.linux-live.org, were do i put the files that are in the gzip.tar?03:17
RominaFluxD, the prob is that I do not have any configuration options in vmware player03:17
caniii tried my 3 different drive03:17
RominaFluxD, its not the server,  its just the player03:17
ashfaqI had installed the virtual box but now when trying to install it says you will have to get write permission to drive.....03:17
caniidifferent programs03:17
GreyfoxI'd have to agree with you there b0nza103:17
caniislower speed03:17
heguruchiefinnovator: http://linux.die.net/man/5/limits.conf03:17
FluxDcanii: wow no clue then03:17
nickrudTUXedomember: why do you want that kernel, it's probably not going to work quite right with ubuntu03:18
crimsonalright restroom break time....brb03:18
cd77When gutsy was released, I try to do a normal uptrade, using upgrade manager, but the setup of tzdata fails (i'm on Argentina/BsAs). Now I can't use the lastest kernel, and I have to boot with 2.6.20, but nvidia drivers don't works anymore, and then gdm brokes. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot.03:18
ztomiccanii has abad batch of CDROM's... try a slower write speed.03:18
caniii also tried to use dvd03:18
FluxDRomina: I personally use virtualbox  so no clue sorry :/03:18
sc0tchI have samba installed but nothing configuring running with it yet, I noticed I have prots 139 & 445 open on my gutsy box now, does installing samba configure something that listens on those ports? ps command shows no 'samba' running?03:18
cd77(my english really sucks :) sorry about that)03:18
TUXedomemberi'm using his scripts to make a live cd of an os03:18
caniii burned once at 1.8x03:18
caniistill didnt work03:18
RominaFluxD, I only found a config file *.vmx03:18
JeffreyfI only have one Linux box for now...but yes, Beowulf cluster.  All pc's are always on, so the unused CPU time can make for interesting crunching...in the likes of boinc03:18
RominaFluxD, it has got one line:  ethernet0.connectionType = "nat"03:18
chiefinnovatorSo how do I limit the RAM a user can use in limits.conf?  That man page doesn't say which one is RAM.03:18
Rominaso I think that could be the right option03:19
FluxDRomina: NAT makes it work usually03:19
TUXedomemberit's a long story i just need to know what to do with the file of the kernel. i'm new to kernels03:19
ashfaqSomeone who could help with virtual box settings please!03:19
FluxD!caps | deuryte03:19
ubotudeuryte: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:19
nickrudTUXedomember: open the tar.gz with file-roller, it probably already has selected the directories03:19
=== mitch is now known as jmitchj
=== mrunagi is now known as unagi
heguruchiefinnovator: memlock03:19
TUXedomemberok were do i put the files03:19
davehey so I've got a giant music collection, and I love amarok, but it just can't handle the giant collection, any idea's of other programs that may handle it better, or some way of getting amarok better equipted?03:19
changelogCan anyone help me with this raid issue here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=591856 please?03:20
FluxDashfaq: what help?03:20
ztomiccanii: md5sum your download.03:20
chiefinnovatorthanks, heguru.03:20
cd77When gutsy was released, I try to do a normal uptrade, using upgrade manager, but the setup of tzdata fails (i'm on Argentina/BsAs). Now I can't use the lastest kernel, and I have to boot with 2.6.20, but nvidia drivers don't works anymore, and then gdm brokes. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot.03:20
alevineanyone know why my ipod would not automount after upgrading to gutsy?03:20
cd77(my english really sucks :) sorry about that)03:20
caniii did it looks perfect03:20
chiefinnovatorAfter I change limits.conf, what makes it go into effect?  Do I have to restart my system?03:20
=== mrunagi is now known as unagi
jmitchjnickrud: still no go...i just get a white screen when i do compiz --replace and have to CTRL-C out of it and get this message "Starting gtk-window-decorator03:20
jmitchj/usr/bin/compiz.real (video) - Warn: No 8 bit GLX pixmap format, disabling YV12 image format03:20
FluxDcd77: clean install ?03:20
ashfaq FluxD:how do I grant permissions to virtual box kernel to write, it says something in that line03:20
hegurudave: i find rhythmbox to be the best app for large collections03:20
caniii download the file 3 times03:20
TUXedomemberso were do i put the kernel files that i just downloaded03:20
Name141does anyone know how to use shred to erase the free space on a drive?03:20
heguruchiefinnovator: just log off and back on03:20
changelogCan anyone help me with this raid issue here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=591856 please?03:21
jmitchjnickrud: and i still have mesa stuff when i go fglrxinfo03:21
chiefinnovatorheguru, I'm setting limits for a different user though.  Does that matter?03:21
cd77FluxD: i'm trying to solve it without doing that, because I use the laptop to work :(03:21
FluxDashfaq goto system asministration users and groups manage groups and check ur name in vbox group03:21
nickrudjmitchj: then you've not installed the kernel modules, did to do the m-a build stuff ?03:21
thinkl00pI'm at gnome-look.org right now, looking for a theme to change my login screen, do i go under the GDM themes? or am I missing something03:21
heguruchiefinnovator: it will apply when that user logs in03:21
johnn1let me load x..hang on 1 min03:21
ashfaqThe VirtualBox kernel driver is not accessible to the current user. Make sure that the user has write permissions for /dev/vboxdrv by adding them to the vboxusers groups. You will need to logout for the change to take effect..03:21
ashfaqVBox status code: -1909 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_ACCESSIBLE).03:21
ashfaqResult Code:03:21
ashfaqIConsole {1dea5c4b-0753-4193-b909-22330f64ec45}03:21
Madpilot_ubotu, paste | ashfaq03:21
heguru!paste | ashfaq03:21
ubotuashfaq: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:21
=== mrunagi is now known as unagi
chiefinnovatorheguru, this user is only used to run a daemon.03:22
noobiehope that worked03:22
FluxDthinkl00p: yes03:22
jmitchjnickrud: yup, did it all03:22
dstadulisanyone know a commandline to format a cdrw?03:22
heguruchiefinnovator: then when the daemon starts the limits will apply, just kill the daemon and restart03:22
cd77FluxD: is there any way to know why kernel 2.6.22 is not booting?03:22
TUXedomembernickrud: were do i unpack the files to?03:22
ashfaqOh sorry obotu03:22
chiefinnovatorcool thanks03:22
nickrudjmitchj: you should have a fglrx-<long stuff> in /usr/src , try sudo dpkg -i <that file>03:22
cd77FluxD: it always break on a different moment.03:22
autumnxhi i have a problem with ubuntu03:22
GreyfoxIsn't it fascinating to think that just 100 years ago, all of us would be doing something completely different with our lives? Like instead of being technology oriented we might all be ironworkers or something.03:23
nickrudTUXedomember: I don't know, really. I have no clue about what he's doing03:23
changelogautumnx, you're not the only one buddy03:23
Chadwick|359So, is there a way to get deluge to give statistics through a terminal probe/command?03:23
johnny_01deuryte..i have opened dialog.look for red tabs and click on them03:23
Madpilot_ubotu, caps | deuryte03:23
* nickrud covers his ears03:23
ubotudeuryte: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:23
FluxDashfaq: read what I said03:23
TUXedomemberwere do i unpack kernel files to????????????03:23
=== miagi is now known as unagi
autumnxi installed ubuntu and the first day i have log in issues03:23
||drake||alright, I've read through the "Debugging Suspend Resume HowTo" on the forums, but I still can't seem to get anything done. In the kernel log, I never even get the message "Back to C!"03:24
chiefinnovatorheguru, I don't think it's working.  I restarted the daemon but it was still allowed to start 6 processes.03:24
FluxDcd77: so what does work?03:24
chiefinnovatorHere's what I added to limits.conf jailtest        hard    nproc   403:24
thinkl00pxmms isn't in synaptic?03:24
cd77FluxD: booting with 2.6.20 kernel works, but nvidia drivers doesn't work03:25
FluxDthinkl00p: it is03:25
Madpilot_ubotu, info xmms03:25
ubotuxmms: Versatile X audio player. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.2.10+20070601-1 (gutsy), package size 2101 kB, installed size 6292 kB03:25
dkfI plug in a usb drive; on dmesg I see it as ehci_hcd, address 5 <-- how do I figure out what device to mount to access it?03:25
johnny_01deuryte...view/channel switcher/tabs03:25
Madpilot_thinkl00p, in Universe03:25
cd77FluxD: when I try to boot with 2.6.22 in recovery mode, it breaks always in a different moment.03:25
autumnxi installed ubuntu and i have problems logging in, it freezes every 8 logins or less03:25
dkfI plug in a usb drive; on dmesg I see it as ehci_hcd, address 5 <-- how do I figure out what device to mount to access it?03:25
nickrudoh, a conversational way to talk to ubotu03:25
heguruchiefinnovator: how are you running the daemon? as your user or using init.d script? you might want to try to login using the daemon user and test03:25
vinayi am editing a file over sshfs using gedit ... when i hit save , it works the first time.. second time it fails until i remove same named  file ending with ~ .. whats wrong?03:26
Madpilot_nickrud, you mean the "ubotu, foo" thing? the bots been able to do that for ages.03:26
FluxDcd77: nvidia for compiz?03:26
thinkl00puniverse? is that an extra repository i have to add?03:26
cd77FluxD: yep03:26
autumnxdoes anyone know my problem yet?03:26
||drake||its just a check box you have to hit, think100p03:26
autumnxor had this issue?03:26
deuryteso soddy ....03:26
chiefinnovatorheguru, it's an init.d script launched via sudo, which then uses jailkit to launch six processes under the jailtest user.03:26
Gohanwow ok so i feel stupid now, I was burning live cd's at too high a speed03:26
nickrudMadpilot_: I'm bot clueless, I've just picked up what I see here.03:26
deuryteso soddy...03:26
johnny_01get it?03:26
FluxDcd77: I think ur priority is non compiz stuff to get working :)03:26
cd77FluxD: vesa is too slow :)03:26
hansderagonThe one with the login problem... are you using ATI's proprietary drivers?03:26
FluxDcd77: I have no clue incases like this I just reinstall :/03:27
ztomiccanii: fill me in on the entire question.03:27
||drake||think100p: go to Synaptic Package Manager, under settings, select Repositories, and its in there already03:27
autumnxno i use nvidia03:27
johnny_01deuryte..right click this nic and click open dialog.03:27
amcolliegood night everyonr, I am running ubuntu 7.10 on a Dell inspiron 9400 w/ ATI X1400 video duo core, has anyone get power management working on a similiar comfiguration?03:27
Gohanis there a place online to learn all the terminal commands and what they do?03:27
cd77FluxD: but my problem isn't non working nvidia drivers, actually now gdm dosn't start03:27
autumnxis that the problem?03:27
Madnez  Your forces arrive at xXx BlissfulHell xXx (7:2), and battle begins quickly...<font size="3"> A tough battle took place, but we have managed a victory! </font>03:27
Madnez<font size="3">Your army has taken 67 new acres!  30 buildings survived and can be refitted to fit our needs.  We also gained 142 specialist training credits.   Taking full control of your new land will take 11.25 days.  Your new land will be available on March 9th, YR3. 216 peasants settled on your new lands. We lost 199 Swordsmen, 36 Knights, and 131 War Horses in this battle.  Our forces will be again available on March 9th, YR3.  </font>03:27
Madnez<font size="3">We killed about 90 enemy troops.We also imprisoned 96 additional troops in our Dungeons.</font>03:27
Madnez<font size="3">oops</font>03:27
cd77FluxD: i'm really sorry, my english REALLY sucks03:27
changelogCan anyone help me with this raid issue here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=591856 please?03:27
heguruchiefinnovator: only suggestion i have is to try login as the daemon user and test, maybe the script is running processes and then changing the owner03:27
FluxDcd77: I can understand you there are people much worse :)03:28
deurytewell i keep r-clicking and opening dialoge box, it appears to be working , i can send type and see it entered on screen...03:28
jmitchjnickrud:then what?03:28
autumnxwhat is the link to the pastebin?03:28
ztomic.. while I grab a beer03:28
autumnxcan i use that to solve my problem?03:28
nickrudjmitchj: reboot03:28
FluxD!pastebin | autumnx madnez03:28
ubotuautumnx madnez: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:28
the_blurhey guys, when I enable gl-desktop my titlebars disappear (I can see the minimize, restore and close widgets) any quick fix?03:28
musikgoathi, uninstalling bittorrent via synaptic brings up ubuntu-desktop as a dependency to remove, is this right?  isn't ubuntu-desktop important?03:28
nickrudjmitchj: did it say it was replacing, already installed, or did it install?03:28
FluxDcd77: whats preeventing u from reinstalling?03:29
johnny_01answer the dcc03:29
nickrudmusikgoat: yes, it is.03:29
ubotuAMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/jv6tc for more information.03:29
cd77FluxD: :D. Ok, i will try to start again. Now my laptop isn't working. I have an old bug that draws into my screen a lot of green bars when it's booting03:29
jmitchjnickrud: preparing to replace and unpacking replacement03:29
hegurumusikgoat: ubuntu-desktop is a meta package, its doesn't contain anything03:29
ztomicthe_blur: disable comp-O-beryl if your card sujx.03:29
FluxDcd77: I will be here :)03:30
hegurumusikgoat: in other words, removing ubuntu-desktop will not remove anything from your installation03:30
cd77FluxD: it occurs randomly03:30
the_blur9600XT on this comp, wobbly works fine, as does the cube, it's not a framerate issue03:30
dkfI see the following after plugging in my usb drive, however, I don't have a /dev/sdb1, what am I doing wrong?03:30
dkf[ 2178.996640] sd 4:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through03:30
dkf[ 2178.996642]  sdb: sdb103:30
jmitchjnickrud: sound ok?03:30
dkfI have usb_storage mod-probbed03:30
dkf[ 2179.095992] sd 4:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk03:30
nickrudjmitchj: one sec03:30
autumnxwill making a new username solve my login issue?03:30
musikgoatok i thought uninstalling a meta package removes associated package03:30
FluxDcd77: I have no clue why it would do that :/03:30
musikgoatthanks heguru03:30
FluxD!pastebin | dkf03:30
ubotudkf: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:30
deurytewell aparently, the "dcc" thing is not working..transmitting, it seems to only get to the setup..03:31
dkfFluxD: cool, got it; want to help me solve it now? :-)03:31
multidexGimp 2.4 is now available, but ubuntu Add/Remove still installs 2.2... will Gimp 2.4 be available from the main sources soon?03:31
johnny_01reboot..and come back03:31
the_blurmultidex, just install yourself03:31
keendoes anyone know how to resize my main partition on the fly?03:31
cd77FluxD: i think it's a initialization problem, but it's not really important. My problem is this: when i see these bars, gdm would not start. Whit feisty i saw that bars, but gdm always start.03:31
hansderagonautomnix, are you using the proprietary drivers of NVidia?03:31
the_blurnot that tough =)03:31
hegurumultidex: Gutsy comes with Gimp 2.403:32
dkfFluxD: got it, okay, please help me solve my problem now :-)03:32
Curedimz21I need HELP.  I have a 2.5 GB /home folder and it's almost full.  The biggest chunk of my drive went to my / directory.  how do I change this to have more room on the /home folder without reinstalling everything?03:32
nickrudjmitchj: after reboot, see if /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/volatile/fglrx.ko is a link to misc/fglrx.ko03:32
briganhaving ubuntu gutsy gibbon  using web browsers computer crashes help03:32
hansderagonusually, from my experience with SuSE, login freezing was caused by bad Xorg drivers.03:32
deurytecould be right, after all i just down load xchat as well as other. and because i have 64bit.... well ill be back in 47 sec...03:32
cd77FluxD: now gdm starts randomly, and I don't know what log i can see to know what's happening with gdm03:32
hansderagonSo if you use proprietary, try the opensource and vice-versa.03:32
ztomicthe_blur: hmm... Ive seen that on older vidcards.03:32
multidexok cool03:32
jmitchjnickrud: kindof a newbie...how do i do that?03:32
briganany one03:32
keenis there a way to resize partitions on the fly?03:32
briganlookd for a ubuntu forum03:32
bqmasseydo i need to use ext2 or ext3 for the main partition?03:32
ztomicthe_blur: lemme try it on this slow ass computer with a 9600.03:33
nickrudjmitchj: ls -l /lib/modules<etc>03:33
multidexGutsy stable enough now, any problems encountered upgrading?03:33
FluxDcd77: maybe xorg error03:33
jmitchjnickrud: ok here goes03:33
FluxDmultidex: some good some bad03:33
thinkl00pis there a clone like Limewire for linux?03:33
briganhaving ubuntu gutsy gibbon  using web browsers computer crashes help03:33
cd77FluxD: i have to see /var/log/xorg.?.log?03:33
andycrbrigan: what browser?03:33
FluxDthinkl00p: frostwire03:33
multidexthinkl00p: gtk-gnutella03:33
nickrudmultidex: we hear about the problems, not the successes, unfortunately03:33
dstadulisanyone know a commandline to format a cdrw? a google search has turned up nothing03:33
briganopera or firefox03:34
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:34
andycrwhat kind of site do they crash on?03:34
ztomicthe_blur: hmm... doesn't work.03:34
thinkl00pFluxD - Frostwire isn't in synaptic correct?03:34
andycrdstadulis: Google "packet writing linux"03:34
andycrI forgot the url03:34
power78Is anyone here good with alsa?03:34
keenso there is no way to resize partitions?03:34
briganjust random03:34
FluxDcd77: I dont know never even heard of such a problem03:34
andycrBut thats how I found it03:34
Sincreatividadubuntu 7-10 desktop its just 1 cd ?03:34
bqmasseyok.. i've got 10gb for ubuntu...     i'm thinkin' a 2gb swap first, then 8gb main.. and I have another partion that i want my /home to be on that's 25gb03:34
briganmight be flash cant rule that out03:34
bqmasseyis that reasonsable?03:34
andycrSincreatividad: Yes03:34
power78how can i set a program to run at startup?03:34
andycrbrigan: I don't have stability issues with flash, what arch?03:35
nickrudbqmassey: very reasonable03:35
slvmchnbqmassey: definitely03:35
andycrpower78: Sessions03:35
Jordan_U!frostwire | thinkl00p03:35
ubotuthinkl00p: frostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire03:35
briganarch ?03:35
cd77FluxD: ok, then i have not option other than a fresh install?03:35
andycrpower78: System->Preferences->Sessions03:35
power78andycr: thx03:35
Curedimz21Can I re-size my partitions from WITHIN ubuntu (I don't want to reinstall and go through all that)03:35
slvmchnbqmassey: depending what kind of work you do, you might end up with large files if it's .wavs or 3d rendering etc., but 10 gigs should be more than enough03:35
FluxDcd77: make sure u backup ur stuff!!!03:35
Sincreatividadit include apacha .. bind etc ?03:35
the_blurcured, sure you can03:35
FluxD!es | Sincreatividad03:35
ubotuSincreatividad: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.03:35
Curedimz21with what app?03:35
Curedimz21will gparted do it?03:35
Sincreatividadracist ..03:35
hegurudstadulis: i don't think you can/need to format cdrw just blank it, using: cdrdao blank03:36
cd77FluxD: do you speak spanish?03:36
briganarch ?03:36
keencan the live cd resize my partitions without destroying the data?03:36
FluxDSincreatividad: sorry I thought include meant spanish03:36
andycrheguru: He wants to do packet writing with it I assume03:36
chiefinnovatorAre there any log files for limits.conf?03:36
bqmasseynickrud, slvmchn: well i'd like all of the saved projects, music, etc to be on that big partition.. i'd like it to be fat32 so linux and windows can both access it pretty easily03:36
andycrWhere you can use a CD-RW as if it were a hard disk03:36
FluxDcd77: sorry now03:36
briganit just freezes03:36
andycrWrite files, delete files, etc03:36
andycrWithout sessions03:36
=== mrunagi is now known as yo
FluxDcd77: try #ubuntu-es03:36
Jordan_Uandycr, In what way?03:36
=== yo is now known as unagi
bqmasseynickrud, slvmchn: any idea how to make linux use a seperate partition for /home ?03:37
andycrJordan_U: Sorry, about the CDs?03:37
Curedimz21the_blur: with what program?03:37
cd77FluxD: ok ! thanks a lot FluxD!03:37
keapstriotwhere should i go for installation of ubuntu help?03:37
cd77FluxD: see you soon03:37
briganmy god to many people here03:37
FluxDcd77: good luck cya :)03:37
nickrudbqmassey: what he's thinking about is /tmp , a place where a lot of apps put temporary files; if that gets too big you could run out of disk space on root. I tend to point my apps at a tmp in my home for that reason03:37
Jordan_Uandycr, It's not possible to write to and delete from cd's without using sessions03:37
changelogkeapstriot, /dev/null03:37
andycrJordan_U: Yes it is03:37
deuryteok it took 57 sec's soory...03:37
ztomicbrigan: tell me about it.03:37
keapstriotis that a channel?03:37
andycrJordan_U: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Packet_writing03:37
johnny_01loo more like 10 47ers03:37
nickrudbqmassey: when you set up the install, simply tell it so. It'll ask03:37
briganim going elsewere for help thanks03:37
bqmasseynickrud: cool, thanks.. and there's no problem with my /home being on a fat32 partition?03:38
nickrudbqmassey: absolute problems, it will not work. Cannot be fat3203:38
nickrudbqmassey: fat32 does not support file permissions03:39
deuryter u getting the dcc invite ??03:39
FluxDkeapstriot: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation03:39
mitchnickrud: what was that command again?03:39
keapstriotthanks man03:39
andycrJordan_U: Support for reading such discs is built in, but as of Feisty support for writing or formatting them wasn't03:39
nickrudmitch: ls -l /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/volatile/fglrx.ko03:39
andycrJordan_U: Haven't checked in Gutsy03:39
Jordan_Uandycr, I think those use sessions as a "back end" for lack of a better word03:39
johnny_01do you have tabs on the bottom03:39
bqmasseynickrud: oh. dammit....   well.. is  there something else I could use that windows xp and linux would both be happy with?03:39
andycrJordan_U: Sorry, when I said without sessions I meant appearing to be without sessions03:40
nickrudbqmassey: sure, you can get a driver for windows that r/w ext3 no problem03:40
Curedimz21What program can I use to edit partitions FROM WITHIN Ubuntu?03:40
heguruandycr: well fiesty had udf support03:40
ztomicTHATS MY $50 BUCKS!03:40
FluxD!gparted | Curedimz2103:40
ubotuCuredimz21: GParted is is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:40
elkbuntudeuryte, please behave03:40
nickrudbqmassey: http://www.fs-driver.org/03:40
deurytehow do you color name??03:40
mitchnickrud: no such file or directory03:40
heguruandycr: even dapper has it, both read/write03:41
ubotuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions03:41
Jordan_Udeuryte, Just use a person's nick in your comment03:41
johnny_01U need to get Ur preferences set up..in settings..pay attention to tabs and colored nics..ill B waiting..after your done..just close x ans restart x03:41
andycrheguru: Yes, but you couldn't to my knowledge write to them. I tried, and at least using GNOME it would appear to copy the files but ejecting the disc and putting it back in would show the files gone03:41
techjimhey guys when I put in my ipod via firewire, it doesn't automount anymore.  as well, it becomes /dev/sdb and now I have to specify the file format for it.  this broke while updating to gutsy03:41
andycrEven if I unmounted it first03:41
bqmasseynickrud: really?  and windows won't have any problems with it for anything?... my windows partition will probably only be for iTunes (maybe), games, and Photoshop CS.. maybe Visual Studio03:41
heguruandycr: with feisty i did write to udf dvd03:42
FluxDbqmassey: ext3 frive should be good u can use a program called ext2iifs to read from windows03:42
nickrudmitch: ah! cd /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/volatile && sudo ln -s ../misc/fgrlx.ko .  <--don't miss the period03:42
deurytebehave?? you have officially offended me, cause i'm part of the church of the miss-behavers, and u will not get away with it!!.. oh,  he, he clinton aint pres no mo..03:42
andycrheguru: Without installing any software? Strange. Did you just drag and drop the files and unmount or was it more complex than that?03:42
Evanlecbqmassey, photoshop cs works pretty well with WINE03:42
heguruandycr: installing the udftools package (part of the official repos)03:42
johnny_01let me get another room..brb03:42
bqmasseyEvanlec: i'm scared of WINE03:43
mitchbonesoh there is someone in here named "mitch" lol03:43
nickrudbqmassey: using it will be transparent03:43
bqmasseynickrud: awesome. thanks for the help.03:43
musikgoatanyone familiar with the comcast issue with seeding?  I want to seed the distro, but need to encrypt to get around it.   http://torrentfreak.com/bittorrent-over-ssh-071014/   this guide says to just enable tracker through the tunnel,   but if i read correctly about what comcast is doing,  aren't the connections terminating based on the sig term from peer to peer?03:43
Evanlecbqmassey, its not that scary really, not any scarier than linux03:43
deurytei think some one is talking with a ...... lisp..03:43
zockyanyone knowledgeable about gnome panels (since nobody in #gnome seems to be)?03:43
Jordan_Ubqmassey, wine is only scary when it doesn't work :)03:43
Jordan_U!anyone | zocky03:44
Evanleczocky, there's not that much to be knowledgeable about...03:44
ubotuzocky: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:44
Curedimz21gparted will not let me edit from WITHIN ubuntu.  I need to resize partitions03:44
Curedimz21is this not possible?03:44
FluxDit is03:44
bqmasseyEvanlec: :D .. i might take it on one day....  if there is every a day when my linux installation is configured and everything works (.. like my mouse foward/back buttons.. 3d drivers, etc)03:44
mitchnickrud: ok done03:44
zockyok, how do I make a right-oriented panel stretch from top to the bottom of the screen?03:44
nickrudmitch: sudo modprobe fglrx03:44
ztomicCuredimz21: yup03:44
Evanlecbqmassey, yea i spose u should tackle those first03:44
adantehow do i copy something from FIREFOX into EMACS?03:44
bqmasseyJordan_U: i think everything i've used in linux has started out not working.. lol03:44
gary_inNYCdo i have to edit fstab to create shares accessible by Win boxes?03:44
zockyi.e. so that it's above top and bottom panels03:44
adantei cop infirefox then i... what??? in emacs?03:45
Jordan_Uzocky, Create a new panel and drag it to the right of the screen03:45
FluxDzocky add new panel and properties right03:45
adantec-y pulls from the internalemacs kill buffer03:45
mitchnickrud: ok done03:45
Curedimz21is this not possible..... yup?  what does that even mean?  yup.03:45
nickrudmitch, log out, ctl-alt-backspace, log in03:45
hegurugary_inNYC: no you dont03:45
ztomicCuredimz21: yup=yes03:45
=== snorkelmonkeyfar is now known as snorkelmonkeyluv
zockyJordan_U, FluxD, that doesn't do what I want. the top and bottom panels will still be above and below my right-oriented panel.03:45
bqmasseyEvanlec: i just want to be able to use forward/back in firefox and holding down to scroll up/down/left/right like in windows003:45
mitchnickrud: and then?03:45
klaxianhello.  do you guys know the best way to configure x to run in 1360x768 resolution?03:45
nickrudmitch: try the compiz03:46
curi0Does anyone here have direct rendering functioning with an NVIDIA Geforce FX 5900XT graphics card?03:46
Curedimz21lol, whatever.  I am asking my question directly and all I get are one word answers03:46
ztomicCuredimz21: the drive cannot be mounted.03:46
nickrudmitch: or fglrxinfo03:46
=== christian_ is now known as _Christian
Jordan_Uzocky, Ahh, I see what you mean, Gnome doesn't tend to give users options for things like that...03:46
FluxDzocky: right click on an already existing one and properties and then change them?03:46
gary_inNYCheguru: hi, i'm trying to create a share, i used system /administration/ shared folders, but when i try to access the share in a win box, it repeatedly asks for user and password03:46
Evanlecbqmassey, i got the fwd/back in firefox, not sure bout the second part03:46
adantehowdo you guys cut and paste thingsfrom e.g firefox into emcs03:46
Curedimz21ok, thanks03:46
mitchnickrud: through visual effects in appearance?03:46
adanteor is copypaste just fundamentally broken in linux?03:46
Evanlecbqmassey, what kinda mouse u got?03:46
zockyFluxD, there's nothing appropriate to change03:46
dstadulisanyone know a commandline to format a cdrw? a google search has turned up nothing03:46
BlaenkDenumadante: how so03:46
nickrudmitch try fglrxinfo first03:46
hegurugary_inNYC: you have to fix the permissions and make sure you configured samba correctly03:46
mitchnickrud: ok03:47
heguru!samba | gary_inNYC03:47
ubotugary_inNYC: samba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT03:47
snorkelmonkeyluvWhere is the location that thunderbird installs to? like is it /home/sexy/thunderbird, or what? I'm so confused....03:47
bqmasseyEvanlec: logitech MX510... none of the tutorials i google worked03:47
adanteBlaenkDenum: i do't know, how does one copy/paste?03:47
BlaenkDenumadante: it's even better sometimes, just select text and middle click to paste03:47
FluxDzocky: I dont understand03:47
johnny_01deuryte...   #ubuntu-news03:47
zockyJordan_U, yeah, it looks like this could be hardcoded :(03:47
adanteBlaenkDenum: so that isn't working, is there an alternative03:47
BlaenkDenumadante: well, are you in GNOME? Pretty much everywhere it's the usual CTRL+C, CTRL+V03:47
nickrudsnorkelmonkeyluv: you installed it from an ubuntu package?03:47
deuryterestarting now03:47
hegurusnorkelmonkeyluv: ~/.mozilla-thunderbird03:47
curi0Does anyone here have direct rendering functioning with an NVIDIA Geforce FX 5900XT graphics card?03:47
gary_inNYCk, i'm still very new at this, where do i check if i configured samba and its correctly ?03:47
bqmasseyok..  what should my "mount point" be for my file storage ext3 partition (where i inted to have /home)03:47
adanteBlaenkDenum: i want to copy something from firefox and paste it itoemacs03:47
BlaenkDenumselect text, CTRL+C - > CTRL+V03:47
snorkelmonkeyluvnickrud I belive so03:47
=== ToddEDM is now known as syncsyncsync
zockyFluxD, there's no way in the UI to make left/right panels be "above" top/bottom panels.03:48
hegurugary_inNYC: follow the instructions in the links in ubotu's msg03:48
bmk789is a .deb the same format as a .tar or .tar.gz?03:48
BlaenkDenumadante: for emacs, dude, if you do CTRL+C in the terminal it terminates the running program, duh, you have to right click on the terminal > paste03:48
johnny_01im there03:48
BlaenkDenumbmk789: no03:48
deurytenews ??   sup ??03:48
Jordan_Ubqmassey, "/home" :)03:48
mitchnickrud: display: :0.0  screen: 003:48
mitchOpenGL vendor string: Mesa project: www.mesa3d.org03:48
mitchOpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect03:48
mitchOpenGL version string: 1.4 (2.1 Mesa 7.0.1)03:48
nickrudsnorkelmonkeyluv: then dpkg -L thunderbird will show you where it installed, but heguru 's answer is where your local config is, that's probably what you need03:48
thinkl00pxmms skins should go in /home/user/.xmms/Skins right?03:48
BlaenkDenumbmk789: to install a deb, sudo dpkg -i thedeb.deb03:48
snorkelmonkeyluvheguru so, like /mysurename/.thunderbird ?03:48
johnny_01just click the link03:48
nickrudmitch: lsmod | grep fglrx , do you see it?03:48
BlaenkDenumbmk789: or you can even simply double click on it to install it03:48
BlaenkDenumusing Gdebi03:48
MTecknologyI have some filters on my inbox... when they come in they get sorted to the right folder but they never show up as being in the folder until I open it. ... Like if I open thunderbird, it downloads one message, all my folders look normal, i click on the folder it was moved into, then it shows up as an unread email on that folder...03:48
hegurusnorkelmonkeyluv: no its: /home/yourusername/.mozilla-thunderbird03:48
MTecknologyanybody else ever have that problem?03:48
=== syncsyncsync is now known as ToddEDM
adanteBlaenkDenum: i am copying from firefo (which is not a terminal) into windows emacs (which is also not a terminal) so thanks for your advice but as i am not using a terminal i'm not sure what to make out of it03:49
Evanlecbqmassey, this is my settings for mouse under xorg.conf, u could try pasting this into yours, mines a logitech, similar setup probly, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/42184/03:49
snorkelmonkeyluvnickrud I'm using suse now *shudder* so i'm trying to get my email to this setting03:49
bqmasseyJordan_U: hhehe.. ok.. just making sure... didn't want to blow up my computer cause you're supposed to mount it at something crazy and specify /home in some random config file somewhere thats like "put_home_here = 'ohterpartition/home'03:49
FluxDthinkl00p: yes03:49
snorkelmonkeyluvheguru ok, thanks!!03:49
curi0Does anyone here have direct rendering functioning with an NVIDIA Geforce FX 5900XT graphics card?03:49
deurytei did... nothing03:49
BlaenkDenumadante: emacs usually runs inside a terminal, are you using the X11 one or what03:49
nickrudsnorkelmonkeyluv: nothing wrong with suse that a fire won't fix03:49
adanteBlaenkDenum: yes i am using x11 one03:49
johnny_01What version of x did U load03:49
mitchnickrud: doesn;t return anything03:49
deuryteoh... i see. whts here ??03:49
snorkelmonkeyluvnickrud lolz03:49
bqmasseyah cool, .. thanks Evanlec...  i'll try it out when i get ubuntu installed03:49
BlaenkDenumadante: then it's up to xemacs, go to the menus, there might be a paste function03:49
johnny_01I hope it was not gnome x03:50
adantes -e | grep $PROG | grep -v grep | wc -l | awk '{print $1}'03:50
nickrudmitch: then you didn't get fglrx installed with modprobe. reboot for simplicity,03:50
BlaenkDenumadante: or do what I said, right click on the body of xemacs and see if there's any paste option03:50
deurytexchat 64bit03:50
adanteBlaenkDenum: there is, it pastes the internal kill-ring03:50
hvgotcodesi just downloaded a ttf font; how do i install it?03:50
adanteBlaenkDenum: which is NOT what i copied from firefox :]03:50
Wolf23someone help please03:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ttf - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:50
heguruhvgotcodes: just copy to /usr/share/fonts/truetype03:50
BlaenkDenumadante: internal kill-ring?03:50
darkhackHey all03:50
thinkl00phrmmm weird, somehow the skins don't work, same with installing xmms-skins from synaptic, none of them show up03:50
nickrudadante: doesn't hightlight the text in firefox, press middle button in xemacs work?03:51
darkhackDid anyone here test out the new ati driver?03:51
BlaenkDenumadante: try and re-copy what you copied from firefox, but yeah, it's xemac's fault that that's not working not linux', try the emacs channel03:51
nickruddarkhack: yes03:51
curi0nobody here has a geforce FX 5900XT03:51
adanteBlaenkDenum: in emacs f you kill stuff with c-w it puts it inan interal key ring03:51
ztomicanyone like XFS?03:51
curi0wow this card sucks03:51
Atomic_UEhvgotcodes, from memory you just need to double click on it, it'll bring up a preview and there should be a button to install it03:51
darkhack<nickrud>did it work for yaa?03:51
adantenickrud: doesn't seem to be.. my mouse i 2 button and i have tried pressing both at once but it's not working03:51
BlaenkDenumadante: Yeah, sorry about that but I'm a vim-er :P try the emacs channel though I'm sure they can help03:51
FluxDzocky: I guess not :/03:51
DanaGDang, my laptop soooo needs a better hostname.03:51
adanteBlaenkDenum: lol okay, thanks for trying though, appreciated03:51
FluxDWolf23: ask ur question03:52
nickruddarkhack: yes, but not well on my 200m. But aiglx does work03:52
DanaGLinux m685 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Sun Oct 14 23:05:12 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux03:52
ztomicWolf23: just ask and ye shall receive.03:52
bqmasseyam i right in thinking that /home is like 'My Documents'03:52
BlaenkDenumadante: http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&q=how%20to%20paste%20into%20xemacs03:52
FluxDbqmassey: pretty much03:52
darkhack<nickrud>how your video playback?03:52
nickrudadante: do you have emulate3buttons true in xorg.conf?03:52
EvanlecDanaG, thats not ur hostname, thats ur kernel version....03:52
Wolf23FluxD thanx03:52
FluxDbqmassey: more like Documents and settings/ur username03:52
Wolf23ztomic thanx , i got it :)03:52
nickrudbqmassey: no. home is like /Users in vista03:52
bqmasseyFluxD: ah. perfect03:52
Creedencebqmassey, /home/username is more like my docs03:53
IntuitiveNipplebqmassey: /home/ is more like /Documents and Settings/ - /home/$USER/ is more like /Documents and Settings/$USER/My Documents/03:53
DanaG'm685' is my hostname.03:53
Creedencebqmassey, /home is more like c:\documents and settings03:53
heguru!hi | s976042203:53
ubotus9760422: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:53
darkhack<  I think ati 8.42.3 has some bug issue so I'm waiting awhile for the next release03:53
dkf/proc/bus/usb/ ... is empty; how do I fix this03:53
bqmasseyCreedence, IntuitiveNipple, nickrud, FluxD:  awesome.. thank you03:53
nickruddarkhack: I didn't keep it when I realized the cube was jerky, not smooth.03:53
WorkingOnWiseis ther a program like network magic for linux. it's a graphical network discovery and management program that shows objects on the network and details about them.03:54
bqmasseycube is overrated03:54
s9760422the cube? as in cube workspace?03:54
FluxDWorkingOnWise: simple anser no03:54
hvgotcodesok guys i copied the .ttf file to the user share fonts03:54
nickrudbqmassey: but expose is very useful, and I love dodge window movement03:54
hvgotcodesi tried double clicking on it but no dice03:54
darkhackati 8.43 will release sometime soon03:55
s9760422i love hacking mac os x lol03:55
aoirthoi1anyway by chance to change the Volume display for human back to the tiny volume display?03:55
TwanHow could I just shut down an ubuntu server forever03:55
heguruhvgotcodes: you don't have to double click at it, just goto any program which uses fonts like OpenOffice and it should be in the list of fonts03:55
nickruddarkhack: I hope you're right, and I'm actually hopeful about ati drivers for the first time ever03:55
FluxDTwan rm -r /03:55
zockyTwan, use a hammer03:55
Twanrm -r03:55
bqmasseynickrud: i agree 100%... if you want four desktops cube get's its.. butt.. kicked by the one where they're 2x2 in a plane03:55
TwanOr rm -r /03:55
zcat[1]Twan: yes > /dev/hda03:55
DemonJestertwan, unplug it :-P03:56
hvgotcodesheguru: do i need to restart x?03:56
Twani only have ssh03:56
Twannot plug acces03:56
hvgotcodesor update font-cache or somehting?03:56
heguruhvgotcodes: no03:56
KNYit's not possible to open an existing Windows install in vmware under ubuntu, is it?03:56
jribTwan: do not do that03:56
heguruhvgotcodes: nothing03:56
bqmasseynickrud: ... and have Super + Up/Down/Left/Right move you around or Expose03:56
heguruhvgotcodes: just restart the application03:56
zcat[1]sudo halt if you just want to shut it down / off03:56
darkhack<nickrud>ati open source only been a few on old since amd release the code, so it will take awhile03:56
heguruhvgotcodes: did you copy it to /usr/share/fonts/truetype ?03:56
nickrudbqmassey: yes, I think finally linus will be satisfied with the configurability of a gnome window manager ;)03:56
Jordan_Ujrib, He wants to "shut down an Ubuntu server forever" so I don't think it's a bad way to do it :)03:56
ztomicTwan's a smart guy.03:56
Twanrm -r /03:56
Atomic_UEKNY, yes03:56
BlaenkDenumamd is only working on drivers for the new cards and later, not the older ones03:57
TwanWhat's rm03:57
Jordan_UKNY, It is possible03:57
FluxDI hope Twan's plan backfires :p03:57
hvgotcodesok it works03:57
Jordan_UTwan, Yes03:57
KNYI'll google for more info, thanks03:57
mitchnickrud: lsmod still returns nothing03:57
darkhackAnyway, I'm off doing more testing03:57
darkhacklater all03:57
bqmasseynickrud: who's Linus?03:57
zcat[1]Twan: who's server?03:57
curi0Does anyone have glx direct rendering yes for their nvidia gforce fx 5900xt graphics card? I'm trying to complete this step so that I can successfully run compiz and awn.03:57
aoirthoi1me too:)03:57
nickrudmitch: then I have no clue why it's not going in.03:57
TwanMy Computer Science class server.03:57
nickrudbqmassey: torvalds03:57
bqmasseynickrud: kidding :D03:57
ztomicTwan: #man rm03:57
nickrudbqmassey: got me ;PP03:57
TwanI'm not going to kill it, but honestly what are some cool things I could do with it?03:57
zcat[1]Twan: you have access to root on it?03:58
FluxDbqmassey: linux creator03:58
TwanI want to like send global messags throughout everyone's console.03:58
TwanYea I do su root and I have the password.03:58
zcat[1]echo "You all suck" | wall03:58
KNYJordan_U, is it easy to do or is it one of those "theoretically possible" things? :)03:58
TwanWill that send it to EVERYONE logged into root?03:58
jribTwan: do you have an ubuntu support question?03:58
Jordan_UTwan, Doesn't sound like you are doing this on your own machine...03:58
TwanYes i was interested in echo "You all suck" | wall03:58
bqmasseynickrud: i am a newbie.. so it'd be fair.. but this is the third time i've been a newbie... tried debian like...  5 years ago and hated it, tried suse like 2 years ago and liked it but not enough to use it, and now Ubunt03:58
jrib!offtopic | Twan03:58
ubotuTwan: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:58
Atomic_UEKNY, from memory after you've installed vmware server (if that's what you're using) then you just need to make sure that the owner/group/permissions are correct for whoever is going to use it, then just open it the vmware server console app03:58
beorwulfecho "testing this" | wall03:59
TwanWell does echo "Test" | wall send a message to everyone's console?03:59
orkid_I have a problem with usplash. It does not display on boot. I have set usplash.conf resolution to 1024 x 768, which my laptop's LCD supports. What else could be the problem? (Radeon M 7500)03:59
FluxDTwan: go google03:59
zcat[1]Twan: man wall03:59
Jordan_UTwan, Yes03:59
Atomic_UEKNY, owner/group/permissions are correct for the OS directory/files *03:59
nickrudbqmassey: I started with debian about 7 years ago, it lived on my machine for about an hour :) Switched to redhat, did the lfs route for about a year, then came back to debian. Have never left since03:59
Evanlecnickrud, do you have any control over ubotu ?03:59
TwanWhat's the difference between wall and man wall03:59
bqmasseynickrud: hahaha03:59
nickrudEvanlec: no03:59
orkid_usplash, anyone?04:00
tostigi am running ubuntu 7.10 AMD64 edition and i've noticed an awful lot of applications claiming i386 incompatiblity.. is ubuntu x64 incapable of running most 32 bit applications (examples are google desktop and avg's anti-virus)04:00
dstaduliswhat directory contains all of my mounted devices, cdrom1 or any usb devices?04:00
nickrudEvanlec: I'm just a nobody too04:00
FluxDdstadulis: /media04:00
dstadulisFluxD: ty04:00
Evanlecnickrud, oh ok, thot u were an op04:00
zcat[1]I'd suggest do something subtle but evilly difficult to figure out in the boot process, and then halt it.. see how long they take to figure out what you did.04:00
thinkl00pwhats this Vu-meter plugin you need for xmms for certain skins?04:00
mitchnickrud: maybe it didn;t install properly...cause i see the ATI Catalyst Control center doesn;t function anymore04:00
FluxDthinkl00p: fancy meter like thing04:00
zcat[1]like change the UUID a little bit in grub..04:01
Jordan_UTwan, cat /dev/urandom | wall & killall cat04:01
tostigi suppose i may have to download the 32 bit version and use that for maximum compatibility, but i hate to give up the 64 bit speed.. does anyone have any suggestions? is it possible to install i386 .deb packages on ubuntu x64?04:01
Twanwhat's cat04:01
thinkl00pFluxD is it pavumeter in synaptic?04:01
Atomic_UEKNY, #vmware should be able to give you more accurate info on your vmware needs04:01
FluxDthinkl00p: I dont know04:01
thinkl00poh ok04:01
nickrudmitch: that command is the only thing I saw left out of that blog I pointed you at ..04:01
KNYAtomic_UE, thanks a lot. I'll look around04:01
fluffmanwhat are some generic xorg device drivers I can try?04:01
Jordan_U!terminal | Twan04:01
ubotuTwan: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:01
mitchnickrud: which command?04:02
`eric-tostig: is 64bit really that much faster?04:02
Jordan_Ufluffman, vesa04:02
nickrudmitch: the ln -s04:02
Atomic_UEKNY, no worries :)04:02
fluffmanJordan_U: thanks, is that all?04:02
nickrudmitch: some howtos have it, others don't. I needed it.04:02
leo_rockwhello everyone, i have a question regarding a cd drive... how do i find out which one it is inside /dev?04:02
orkid_I have a problem with usplash. It does not display on boot. I have set usplash.conf resolution to 1024 x 768, which my laptop's LCD supports. What else could be the problem? (Radeon M 7500)04:02
deurytejohhnny 0104:02
tostig`eric-: i guess i am not sure?  i have only used the 64 bit version.. i read somewhere that 7.10 really showed differences between the 32 and 64 editions04:02
TwanHow hard would a wordpress installation be on Ubuntu?04:02
Jordan_Ufluffman, That is the only one that will work for any GPU04:02
dkfI plug in my usb device. dmesg tells me it's at sdb1; I don't see it at /dev/sdb1, but I do see /sys/block/sdb/sdb1 ... which is a directory ... how can I mount this usb device?04:03
mitchnickrud: so can i uninstall and try it all again?04:03
TwanThe Apache2 server is up and running04:03
TwanCould I do like sudo apt-get wordpress04:03
musikgoatleo_rockw: cat proc/partitions  ??04:03
TwanAnd then it automatically installs it in a directory04:03
nickrudleo_rockw: ls -l /dev/hd* /dev/sd* ; the one that's in the cdrom group04:03
jribTwan: something like that04:03
musikgoatsorry  /proc/partitions04:03
zcat[1]Twan: try apt-cache search wordpress and see if there's a package for it04:03
jrib!apt > Twan (read the private message from ubotu)04:03
=== mrunagi is now known as yo
fluffmanok new problem then.  my screen is boxed in.  like, the actual display area only takes up about 3/4 of the monitor, with a huge black box around it.04:03
nickrudmitch: sure. I uninstalled it and went back to ati. Start at the bottom of the howto, and uninstall each deb as you go04:04
jribfluffman: laptop?04:04
fluffmanyes, jrib04:04
Jordan_Ufluffman, Then you should use drivers for your specific card04:04
Jordan_Ufluffman, What GPU?04:04
leo_rockwmusikgoat, nickrud, that only shows sda...04:04
mitchnickrud: give me that complete command again04:04
ugihow do i get the plugin in firefox to work04:04
Enul232can someone help me get ppp working right please?04:04
tostigwould most people here not recommend the 64 bit version?04:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gpu - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:04
fluffmanit loaded "neomagic" drivers on an old PII/celeron04:04
mitchnickrud: i'll try it again04:04
Jordan_U!ppp | Enul23204:04
ubotuEnul232: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up04:04
bqmasseyfor the main ext3/swap i add a "logical" partition as a container, and then put both of them in it?04:04
leo_rockwmusikgoat, nickrud: i know mine is a scd0... this is for a friend04:05
zcat[1]Graphical Processing Unit : the chip that makes your video work..04:05
jribfluffman: my inspiron does that.  There is an Fn key I press for it to stretch, but you probably want to make sure you are using the right resolution04:05
ugidoes anyone here have videos play in firefox?04:05
leo_rockwidk... i always knew mine was scd0, i don't know how i found out04:05
fluffmanjrib: this is a latitude :D04:05
jribtostig: I would not recommend 64bit04:05
Jordan_Uugi, I would guess almost everyone04:05
jribfluffman: well should be similar04:05
nickrudmitch: cd  /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/volatile && sudo ln -s ../misc/fglrx.ko04:05
fluffmanthat I'm borrowing04:05
ugithey never play in mine04:05
fluffmanwhich f-key is it?04:05
TwanI actually DON'T have access to the server right now, could I check for apt-cache search online?04:06
zcat[1]ugi: easiest way is just run easyubuntu.. check the box for playing videos in firefox and it'll sort it all out for you :)04:06
nomasteryodaugi, with the mplayer mozilla plugin... and nonfree flash04:06
tostigok, i guess ill download the 32 bit version.. i suppose it isnt worth the hassle04:06
tostigthanks everyone04:06
Jordan_Uugi, Right click, choose "play in movie player"04:06
openeduI have no colors in my console.  commands like LS don't use any colors.  emacs is monotone.  Help!04:06
=== vbabiy_ is now known as vbabiy
jribfluffman: don't have it next to me atm, but pretty sure it was fn-fN where N was one of 6,7, or 804:06
gabriel_i have problem with avi videos in ubuntu gutsy. Somebody can help me?04:06
mikubuntuhey everybody, have a look at how comcast is blocking certain kinds of webtraffic: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21376597/04:06
ugiThere is no plugin to handle this movie.04:06
zcat[1]Twan: suggest you set up linux dual-boot on your home machine and get familiar with it, you'll think of some fun things to do along the way.04:06
fluffmanok thank you :D04:07
TwanOk, will check into that later.04:07
fluffmanI think I might be able to get it now04:07
leo_rockwmusikgoat, nickrud: ok, i did ls -l /dev/cd* and that told me which one it is. thank you very much for your help04:07
TwanBut can you tell me how to do an apt-cache search online?04:07
zcat[1]!info wordpress04:07
ubotuwordpress: an award winning weblog manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.2-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 783 kB, installed size 4196 kB04:07
TwanI do see http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/web/wordpress04:07
Jordan_Uugi, Is this a normal format like mpeg4 or something in an avi container?04:07
jribTwan: packages.ubuntu.com04:07
nickrudleo_rockw: heh, shortcuts are you :)04:07
FluxDTwan: packages.ubuntu.com04:07
deuryte32 bit is sooooo 20-20 hind sight...04:07
TwanSo if I type in console tomorrow sudo apt-get install wordpress04:07
Eagle_101Hi, when attempting to dowload plugins for thunderbird through the "get extensions" link with ubuntu gusty gibben, it says the extensions are not compatable. The extension I was attempting to use is https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/1832 on thunderbird
TwanIt will take me through a full wordpress installation?04:08
Evanlectostig, you'd be wrong about that04:08
zcat[1]Twan: I just searched for you; yes apt-get install wordpress should work..04:08
TwanBut then how hard will it be to install the package04:08
tostigevanlec, be wrong about what?04:08
TwanBecause I know I have to give it MySQL database locations and all that04:08
TwanI've only installed through the web before04:08
zcat[1].. but you'll probably need to set up a link somewhere and do some basic configuration before you can connect to it.04:08
jribTwan: try to keep what you say on a single line, or else the channel becomes too busy04:08
Evanlectostig, about not installing 64-bit04:09
Twanzcat: The link will just be setup in a wordpress.conf file probably, correct?04:09
Jordan_Uugi, Can you give an example of a site that does not work for you?04:09
Certified13hello, i'm having trouble assigning certain functions to keys... specifically my mouse buttons.  Anyone able to help?04:09
mitch nickrud" thanks04:09
tostigevanlec, im running it right now.. since i couldnt install a lot of things i wanted to use because of it complaining about i386 i dont see how i am particularly wrong...04:09
mitchnickrud: thanks04:09
nickrudmitch: success?04:09
ztomicyes. 2 lines is too much04:09
FluxDJordan_U: foxnews.com flash sound works but no video04:10
zcat[1]Twan: no idea. I never set up wordpress. But for phpbb I had to make a link from /var/www to the phpbb install.04:10
ztomicno more than one line please04:10
mitchnickrud: i'm gonna uninstall and try t again04:10
jrib!mouse > Certified13 (read the private message from ubotu)04:10
nickrudmitch: ok04:10
Twanok with phpBB did it automatically create the SQL db for you?04:10
Evanlectostig, oh, so you really are having trouble installing a lot of software u need?04:10
tostigztomic, are you looking at me?04:10
johnny_01#ubuntu-news  deuryte04:10
zcat[1]Twan: I think it did.. I can't remember having to do any of that04:10
Eagle_101Twan: no, you need to get mysql-server04:11
tostigztomic, talking rather04:11
thinkl00pi have one hard drive with my ubuntu installation on, I just added a second 150 gig HDD. Which mount point should I give it?04:11
Evanlectostig, i thot u were debating which version to install04:11
Jordan_Uugi, Can you give an example of a site that does not work for you?04:11
autumnxso why am i getting login issues? why does my computer freeze at times when i log in?04:11
Eagle_101Twan synaptic will probably install that for you04:11
zcat[1]Eagle_101: mysql server will be a dependancy of any package that needs mysql..04:11
tostigevanlec, no not debating.. i want to use continue using 64 bit.. but avg anti-virus and google desktop for example wouldnt install04:11
bqmasseyis it correct that i have to create a "logical" partition and then put both the main ext3 and the swap file inside of it?04:11
nickrudTwan: I had to create a mysql user, and an empty database that user had the correct permssions for. After that, mysql was fine04:11
TwanOk, so I need to learn how to create mysql databases through shell for an Ubuntu server...04:11
Eagle_101Twan: When you do install it, it will ask you to give it the root password for mysql (the root user in mysql), and then phpbb will install on top of htat.04:11
ztomictostig: I was looking at some stupid guy up there. was it you?04:12
WorkingOnWisewhat apps do I need to use to get my 8 month old laptop to hibernate and suspend cleanly and quickly?04:12
Twanhow do I know the root password for mysql04:12
Evanlectostig, ugh why would u need avg?04:12
nickrudeugh, using root password for web access!04:12
TwanIn fact, how do I check if MySQL is installed, I mean, I thimk I saw it under /etc/ or /var/04:12
TwanBut is there anyway to check if a package is installed?04:12
Eagle_101Twan, easy, type in mysql -uroot -p then type in create database <NAMEHERE>;04:12
logreevalIs there an Alsamixer GNOME Applet?04:12
nickrudTwan: dpkg -l <packagename>04:12
TwanThis is all so complicated heh04:12
musikgoattwan i recommend mysqladmin if your looking for help with that04:12
zcat[1]WorkingOnWise: upgrade to Gutsy.. if that doesn't fix it you probably have a laptop that only works properly in 'doze.04:12
TwanBut I'm sure I'll catch on. I'll be back tomorrow. Thanks!04:13
tostigztomic, I am not sure I understand what you're talking about.. ? i saw 2 lines.. too much.. ?04:13
ztomictostig: nope.. it was jrib.04:13
gabriel_i have problem with avi videos in ubuntu gutsy. Somebody can help me?04:13
FluxDgabriel_: VLC04:13
Jordan_Ugabriel_, What problem?04:13
Eagle_101Hi, when attempting to dowload plugins for thunderbird through the "get extensions" link with ubuntu gusty gibben, it says the extensions are not compatable. The extension I was attempting to use is https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/1832 on thunderbird
jribztomic: hmm?04:13
johnny_01deyryte  load this..go to (icq)  and load room (christianity.  http://www.chatcircuit.com/irc_servers.php04:13
tostigevanlec, i think it seems like a good idea to run anti-virus.. saying the system is impervious to viruses .. sounds like a mac user ;)04:14
pawanmy session not lasting more than 10 seconds04:14
PAnyone working with the alternate CD?04:14
Evanlectostig, well, it might sound ignorant..but its kinda true....04:14
Jordan_U!virus | tostig04:14
ubotutostig: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2104:14
Eagle_101P: sure, plop it in, its easy :D04:14
musikgoattostig: get a firewall and you will be fine04:14
Evanlectostig, http://librenix.com/?inode=2104:14
Eagle_101P: howver if you are using it because your machine can't run the LiveCD, I'd suggest using xUbuntu.04:15
leo_rockwtostig: you don't use your comp as admin, even if there were virii they wouldn't be able to hurt you much04:15
Peagle, I was thinking of removing some packages from the alternate cd04:15
tostigi am not saying i dont believe it is a very secure system, but on the other hand i also have windows boxes on my network04:15
gabriel_Jordan_U, I don't find codecs to attend to videos avi04:15
tostigthey run their own antivirus but doesnt hurt to be extra careful?04:15
foughow can I prevent Nautilus from taking up so much memory over time?04:15
musikgoattostig: so worry about them, not linux04:15
leo_rockwtostig: then it is a good idea to install AV soft, there are AV in the repos04:15
ztomicjrib: well i mean... two lines is not really too much..04:16
=== _max` is now known as max`
matt_lcan anyone tell me why my gaim has been removed? i understand the name was changed to pidgin, but why did it have to be removed during my upgrade to gutsy?04:16
deuryteyes, we are living in "the" last days... it's just that GOD will have to try to get there attention in bigger ways cause it seems that all the year after year record breaking weather patterns that bring devistation seems not to work, so i imagine it will be a police state that takes all freedoms away as to cause all distractions to be taken away as to cause .... thinking ??....04:16
Jordan_Ugabriel_, What happens when you open the avi in "Movie Player" ( Totem-gstreamer ) ?04:16
tostigright, but that goes back to why i will probably install 32 bit :)04:16
jribztomic: it was more like 5 and I was just informing04:16
leo_rockwtostig: there's clamAV04:16
johnny_01hey go to the other room04:16
CryptoMolehi all04:16
CryptoMolewhat alsa version does gusty have?04:16
Evanlectostig, going back to 32-bit for anti-virus ... i've heard of MUCH better reasons than that...04:17
zcat[1]If you use linux 'sensibly' -- don't install stuff you don't understand, don't run as root, etc.. the chances of ever getting a virus is basically zero. I surf warez sites, install all kinds of servers, do all kinds of stuff in a root shell instead of using sudo, etc, etc.. so I've managed to pick up one worm way back when I was running redhat6.0 .. but other than that, no problems.04:17
ztomicjrib: I count different. I thought 2 is 2.04:17
foughow can I prevent Nautilus from taking up so much memory over time?04:17
tostigprobably.. but i am kinda looking to run google desktop too04:17
fougzcat[1]: what's a root shell, instead of sudo? where you log in with sudo -s?04:17
tostigi am sure there are other things that will come up along the way04:17
Eagle_101tostig: most windows viruses simply won't run on linux. You don't have to worry about being part of http://en.wikipeida.com/wiki/Storm_worm for example.04:17
Evanlectostig, u running gutsy?04:18
leo_rockwtostig: a better reason to use 32 bits would be flash... and there are work arounds for that too04:18
zcat[1]yeah.. sudo -s or sudo -i. Not recommended. :-)04:18
bqmasseyis it correct that i have to create a "logical" partition and then put both the main ext3 and the swap file inside of it?  is there a good document on how to manual set up ubuntu partitions?04:18
=== phasegen_ is now known as phasegen
fougzcat[1]: i usually use sudo -s, what's the -s and -i stand for?04:18
jribtostig: the antivirus software scans for windows' viruses so it only makes sense to use it if you are running a mail server for windows users for example04:18
matt_lcan anyone tell me why my gaim has been removed? i understand the name was changed to pidgin, but why did it have to be removed during my upgrade to gutsy?04:18
Evanlectostig, yea, ur network might have windows boxes, but viruses they pick up you will be immune to...04:18
Eagle_101bqmassey: its not hard04:18
Jordan_Ufoug, Shell and interactive04:18
zcat[1]shell / interactive. I think they both do the same thing.04:18
Eagle_101bqmassey: make two partitions, one for swap and one for root04:18
tostigi got flash working fine actually.. the only thing i cannot seem to get to work are quicktime videos04:18
pushpopHello all, since I upgraded to 7.10 when I run compiz I lose my borders on my windows and they are frozen in place.  Any Idea's?04:18
foughmm, got a link to a more in depth review or shell /interative/04:18
leo_rockwmatt_l: it got upgraded to pidgin probly04:18
matt_lleo_rockw, i understand that but why did it have to remove gaim?04:19
leo_rockwpushpop: did you try compiz --replace ?04:19
Eagle_101bqmassey: however if you are installing this (not a dual boot) I suggest using the wizard.04:19
zcat[1]If you try really, really hard, there's about three Windows viruses that can run and try to infect other machines under Wine.04:19
bqmasseyEagle_101: doesn't there have to be a "container" or something?04:19
leo_rockwmatt_l: it didn't remove it, it upgraded it04:19
=== fenris- is now known as e-jat
Jordan_Utostig, install win32codecs04:19
pushpopleo_rockw: yes I did thats the command I use to launch compiz and it removed the borders from all my windows...04:19
bqmasseyEagle_101: yea. dual boot.04:19
tostigevanlec, i meant more on the side of windows boxes picking up viruses from my linux box if they were to browse the file system over samba.. something to that effect04:19
zcat[1]But you really have to go out of your way to set them up so they'll run, even that way.04:19
FluxDbqmassey: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation04:19
Eagle_101bqmassey: nope, just make two partitions, /dev/hda1 is my root and /dev/hda2 is my swap04:19
nickrudpushpop: try emerald --replace04:19
Eagle_101bqmassey: in that case you need to shrink your windows partitino first04:19
matt_lleo_rockw, ah, i see now, gaim is a dummy package...any way you can think of to get gaim back, with a working OTR? before i had to install gaim-otr for it to work from the repos...04:20
WhoNeedszzzHey guys, I saw that gutsy came out and I have feisty and so i was wondering if I can use the update manager without any problems04:20
bqmasseyzcat[1]: i'd be pissed if a virus worked for me on WINE... nothing else does04:20
marikcan anyone help me setting up bios raid?04:20
Evanlecleo_rockw, yea actually flash is a piece of cake for 64-bit on gutsy04:20
tostigim assuming google desktop is probably a lost cause04:20
nickrudrflol bqmassey04:20
leo_rockwmatt_l: why do you want gaim back? it is obsolete04:20
pushpopnickrud: could not open location?04:20
Eagle_101bqmassey: then all you do after that is add a swap partition, and a root partition, mount them as such tell it to format as swap and ext3 respectively, and push go!04:20
WhoNeedszzzleo_rockw, I still use gaim04:20
leo_rockwWhoNeedszzz: why?04:20
ztomicWhoNeedszzz: I tried it and it didn't work.04:20
matt_lleo_rockw, rather let me put it this way, i want the UI of gaim back, reinstalling a working gaim+otr would be a roundabout way i will admit.04:20
searaymancan i get soem help with screen resolutions?04:20
PaxtonHi guys, just wanted to say thanks for the help earlier on getting my stuff setup on Ubuntu. The only thing left was support for my ATI card, but it looks like that's improving very quickly with the open source driver04:21
Eagle_101Hi, when attempting to dowload plugins for thunderbird through the "get extensions" link with ubuntu gusty gibben, it says the extensions are not compatable. The extension I was attempting to use is https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/1832 on thunderbird
Evanlectostig, ur not happy with the deskbar applet on gutsy? its like google desktop...04:21
searaymanmine wont go any higher then 800X60004:21
WhoNeedszzzleo_rockw, bc it is fine04:21
WhoNeedszzzztomic, what are you answering to?04:21
leo_rockwWhoNeedszzz: pidgin corrected bugs gaim still has04:21
gabriel_Jordan_U, yes totem-gstreamer him searchs in the repository and he doesn't find Intel Indeo 4 decoder04:21
nickrudpushpop: heh?  try gkt-window-decorator --replace04:21
zcat[1]bqmassey: yeah. Someone did a study and managed to find a few that actually would run under Wine. Mostly they won't even run that way 'cos they try to do non-standard windows calls just like any other windows program.04:21
ztomic<WhoNeedszzz> Hey guys, I saw that gutsy came out and I have feisty and so i was wondering if I can use the update manager without any problems04:21
Eagle_101bqmassey: one warning, make sure to defrag your disk first04:22
WhoNeedszzzztomic, ah, what do you mean it didn't work?04:22
searaymancan somone help me get the rigth screen resolution?04:22
zcat[1]ztomic: in theory yes. In practise YMMV.04:22
luciannohello guys04:22
bqmasseyEagle_101: i deleted all the partions and did a clean windows install04:22
leo_rockwhello lucianno04:22
nickrudztomic: no one here is going to say there won't be problems, we see them cuz people come here for help :) But its' the best method04:22
ztomicWhoNeedszzz: I'm doin' good with feisty04:22
pawanmy session not lasting more than 10 seconds04:22
Innomen7.10 wont see the linksys card, suggestions?04:22
tostigevanlec, guess i hadnt used it.. does anyone know off hand if hamachi works in 64 bit?04:22
PaxtonInnomen: Do you have the driver?04:22
pushpopHello all, since I upgraded to 7.10 when I run compiz I lose my borders on my windows and they are frozen in place.  Any Idea's?04:22
Eagle_101bqmassey: ok, then if you don't have much to risk (such as critical data) just plop the live cd in and follow my instructinos04:22
ztomicnickrud: it means nothing to me\04:22
PaxtonInnomen: do you have the driver?04:22
Evanlectostig, not even sure what that is...04:23
luciannoim  beggining in then world of ubuntu and i am have fun...04:23
searaymancan i have help with screen resolutions04:23
Eagle_101bqmassey: bascally your swap will be /dev/hda2 and root will be /dev/hda304:23
leo_rockwlucianno: we all do :-D04:23
MasterShrektostig, if its open source then probably04:23
Jordan_U!ask | searayman04:23
ubotusearayman: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)04:23
bqmasseyEagle_101: i created the small partition, then installed windows into it.. everything else should be deleted.. so i don't need to defrag, correct?04:23
pawanYour session only lasted less than 10 seconds.  If you have not logged out yourself, this could mean that there is some installation problem or that you may be out of diskspace.  Try logging in with one of the failsafe sessions to see if you can fix this problem.04:23
WhoNeedszzzso is there any problems with using update manager?04:23
luciannowaw leo04:23
ztomicI love feisty04:23
EvanlecMasterShrek, whatup meng ;p04:23
Eagle_101bqmassey: right, should not have to, if you have unpartitioned space on the disk04:23
MasterShrekwhts goin on Evanlec04:23
searaymanJordan_U: my screen resolution willn ot go higher then 800x60004:23
Temwow lol.  I feel dumb for not thinking of this last night...04:23
MasterShrekcustom kernel yet?04:23
InnomenPaxton: i do on this install04:23
leo_rockwlucianno: linux is like a big box of fun... (?) lol04:23
matt_lleo_rockw, are you aware of any way to reinstate the old gaim UI to pidgin? that's really all i guess i'm looking for04:23
Jordan_Usearayman, What GPU ?04:23
EvanlecMasterShrek, yes! finally today i got nvidia drivers working04:23
bqmasseyEagle_101: this is my setup 1: linux root 2: linux swap 3: windows xp 4: ext3 for /home04:24
Eagle_101just create a new parition for swap and one for the "root" filesystem of ubuntu04:24
TemIf your usb mouse is freezing, plug it in through PS2!04:24
MasterShrekgood news Evanlec :)04:24
searaymanJordan_U: does that mean graphics card?04:24
bqmasseyEagle_101: or at least my intended setup04:24
nickrudztomic: ah, I see, sorry04:24
tostigwww.hamachi.cc .. a vpn basically04:24
leo_rockwmatt_l: not really04:24
Jordan_Usearayman, Yes04:24
Eagle_101bqmassey: that will work, though I warn you windows loves to be first04:24
EvanlecMasterShrek, Linux ubuntu64 #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Oct 24 23:51:27 EDT 2007 x86_64 GNU/Linux  :) :) :)04:24
bqmasseyEagle_101: i take that back.. i'm putting the swap first04:24
searaymanJordan_U: nvidia riva tnt2/tnt2 pro04:24
luciannoleo_rockw,  where are you from?04:24
zcat[1]My upgrade went horribly. But only 'cos I did some non-standard stuff to get a specific nvidia driver working (one midway between legacy, which is too old, and the current ubuntu one which doesn't work with my card)04:24
PaxtonInnomen: Make sure ndiswrapper (I'm assuming there isn't a linux-native driver, right?) is on04:24
leo_rockwmatt_l: even if you do install gaim, it will probly get upgraded to pidgin next time you apt-get upgrade04:24
nickrudWhoNeedszzz: some people have troubles with upgrades, but update-manager is the best method available.04:24
MasterShrekEvanlec, awesome! :)04:24
leo_rockwmatt_l: so you'd have to tell ubuntu not to do it manually04:24
leo_rockwlucianno: argentina04:24
Eagle_101bqmassey: you will likely end up with something like 1 windows 2 swap 3 root 4 /home04:24
Jordan_Usearayman, Have you already tried System -> Administration -> Restricted Driver Manager ?04:25
WhoNeedszzznickrud, but what kind of problems and is it something bad such as reformatting?04:25
matt_lleo_rockw, yeah..because it's still a dummy package right?04:25
EvanlecMasterShrek, i dont know how i fixed it either, it was all b0rked, even on my old kernel when i tried to install it04:25
andresmujicai thought gutsy had pidgin by default mine seems to be gaim ...04:25
zcat[1]everything else was totally sweet here.. and I have a lot of extra stuff installed04:25
searaymanJordan_U: ye si have installed my restricted drivers if that is what ur asking04:25
openeduhow do I find out what version of linux I am running?04:25
ztomicnickrud: np.04:25
nickrudWhoNeedszzz: no, thinks like needing to reconfigure X, not booting properly, but no data loss04:25
Innomenpaxton: alight, thank you, i'm going to go attempt04:25
matt_landresmujica, got the exact oposite problem you have04:25
bqmasseyEagle_101: well i already installed windows.. but it's just for games mostly.. so i dont care if it gets pissy04:25
leo_rockwmatt_l: because to ubuntu gaim is just an outdated version of pidgin04:25
Jordan_Uandreashard, Is this an upgrade or a fresh install?04:25
pawanhow to restore session04:25
MasterShrekEvanlec, that happens to me from time to time, never really konw how things get fixed but they do04:25
Eagle_101bqmassey: I'm talking about pissy as in " won't boot"04:25
deuryteyo ??04:25
leo_rockwmatt_l: so if you tell ubuntu you want to update, it will update gaim because it is old04:25
WhoNeedszzznickrud, oh ok so i shouldn't need to do any precautions?04:25
bqmasseyEagle_101: oh04:25
ztomicit was a poll04:25
WhoNeedszzzhow long does it take to upgrade?04:25
pushpopHello all, since I upgraded to 7.10 when I run compiz I lose my borders on my windows and they are frozen in place.  Any Idea's?04:25
Eagle_101windows more or less wants to be first on a drive04:26
matt_lleo_rockw, yeah, okay so that option is out the window...04:26
Eagle_101linux won't care04:26
PaxtonInnomen: No problem, I'm a linksys guy too :) There's a nice tutorial on getting a Wireless-N USB Adapter working on the forums that I followed04:26
DanaGOh hey, what's the best way to apply the colors of one theme to another theme?04:26
bqmasseyEagle_101: it booted earlier.. don't know if it will now04:26
zcat[1]pushpop: don't run compiz? :)04:26
musikgoatWhoNeedszzz: depends,  cd or net?04:26
nickrudWhoNeedszzz: you do have a regular backup routine, right??04:26
andresmujicahehe-... just foudn something odd.. i've got gaaim and pidgin!!!04:26
johnny_01U have to close x then click icq on that page first.then enter the room as i stated04:26
searaymanJordan_U: any ideas?04:26
DanaGI want to use GTK engine 'X' but the colors from theme 'Y'.04:26
Eagle_101bqmassey: one way to find out :D04:26
Random832pushpop: well, what that means is your iwndow manager died - couldn't tell you why though04:26
leo_rockwmatt_l: there's a way to tell ubuntu not to update a certain package04:26
Jordan_Usearayman, Have you already tried System -> Administration -> Restricted Driver Manager ?04:26
EvanlecMasterShrek, have u had any stability issues with ur kernel? mines pretty stable altho a game crashed on me earlier today...just concerned about the pre-emptible part...dont see many ppl recomending it04:26
leo_rockwmatt_l: and you can problably find debs for gaim04:26
WhoNeedszzzmusikgoat, net04:26
matt_lleo_rockw, oh? i'm not familar with it04:26
deurytewho in the {*^%#@} was that {%^YY*() that said it wasnt a privte ect...???04:26
WhoNeedszzznickrud, nope04:26
nickrudDanaG: you'd have to edit the theme definition manually04:26
bqmasseyEagle_101: are both root and swap "primary" partitions?04:26
leo_rockwmatt_l: i heard of it, never used it so i don't remember it04:26
nickrudWhoNeedszzz: now's the time to start one then :)04:26
Eagle_101bqmassey: as you have only 4 partitions, mark the lot as primary04:27
MasterShrekEvanlec, i havent had a single problem yet04:27
searaymanJordan_U: yes04:27
tck0anyone using kernel 2.6.23 ?04:27
johnny_01those people own this network..make no waves04:27
WhoNeedszzznickrud, and so what is the best?04:27
tck0i dont see the bttv module in it anymore04:27
tck0what happened to it ?04:27
musikgoatWhoNeedszzz: could be short or long, depending on net speeds and server choice04:27
deurytetoo late...04:27
MasterShrektck0, me and Evanlec are04:27
tck0i need it for my tvtuner04:27
EvanlecMasterShrek, yea...well its runnin pretty good, maybe just a fluke, it was with et:quake wars, did u try that btw?04:27
nickrudWhoNeedszzz: I use sbackup04:27
matt_lleo_rockw, alright, that's a start then. thanks. much more help than the folks in #pidgin were.04:27
pushpopRandom832: it says No GLXFB Config for depth 3204:27
WhoNeedszzzmusikgoat, my dl max is 6 Gb/s04:27
Jordan_Usearayman, Did it give you an option to enable the drivers for your card?04:27
deurytei hate control freq's... too baad..04:27
searaymanJordan_U: yes04:27
nickrudWhoNeedszzz: but best is determined by your needs, mine are simple04:27
musikgoatWhoNeedszzz: then just pick a good server and your set04:27
zcat[1]oh yeah.. since I upgraded (and even after fixing up the nvidia drivers again) beryl and compiz won't run, and Urban Terror runs like crap :(04:27
ztomicWhoNeedszzz: you need to try it cause you need to do it.04:27
MasterShrekEvanlec, havent yet, the demo thing i downloaded was an exe, so im going to have to look for the iso of it, btw IS it an iso?04:27
leo_rockwmatt_l: probably someone here knows how to tell ubuntu not to update a package04:27
WhoNeedszzzztomic, need to do what?04:28
johnny_01close x and go to the icq on the page i sent and go to christianity.04:28
Jordan_Usearayman, And it says that it is enabled and in use now?04:28
bqmasseyalright. here i go.04:28
searaymanJordan_U: correct04:28
Eagle_101Hi, when attempting to download plugins for thunderbird through the "get extensions" link with ubuntu gusty gibben, it says the extensions are not compatable. The extension I was attempting to use is https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/1832 on thunderbird My firefox version seems to be
EvanlecMasterShrek, lol no, they just released the linux native version of it...its a bash installer04:28
ztomicWhoNeedszzz: umm. upgrade to gusty?04:28
Jordan_Usearayman, Can you set a higher resolution in System -> Administration -> Screens and Graphics ?04:28
WhoNeedszzzztomic, why do i _need_ to?04:28
searaymanJordan_U: hold on04:28
MasterShrekEvanlec, well i got that, but it asks me to insert a cd or something, i didnt have one though, maybe i got the wrong installer or something04:28
EvanlecMasterShrek, its based on the quake4 engine, quake4 is linux-native as well04:29
searaymanJordan_U: will try04:29
luciannoleo_rockw,  which name of borwser much light04:29
matt_lleo_rockw, the only problem with using a deb is if i can get OTR to work. regardless i shall try.04:29
EvanlecMasterShrek, u probly got the full game, u want the demo...04:29
marikfor some reason in the livecd i can install dmraid, do a dmraid -s; dmraid -ay; etc and it won't put anything in /dev/mapper04:29
ztomicWhoNeedszzz: cause..04:29
deuryteyo.. johnny ??04:29
leo_rockwlucianno: what desktop environment do you use?04:29
nickrudcuz it's new and shiny>04:29
MasterShrekEvanlec, damn...ill look into it, but i dont game much on my pc, i use my psp for that :)04:29
deuryteso...  how to get private...???04:29
WhoNeedszzzi bet it is that's why i want to get it04:29
Evanlecmarik, u trying to install to a fakeraid?04:30
musikgoatlucianno: you need a lightweight browser?  isn't there a light firefox version?04:30
marikEvanlec: ya04:30
ztomicnickrud: )04:30
johnny_01as i said before04:30
Evanlecmarik, well, good luck, i tried for a while and eventually just gave up04:30
luciannoi am using gnome but i want install other more light04:30
deurytewhere is icq  @04:30
marikEvanlec: i can install gentoo no problem.. just add "dodmraid" to kernel boot options04:30
leo_rockwlucianno: you can install fluxbox04:31
zcat[1]So hungry hippo is going to be an LTS release?04:31
ruffleSveeeeeeeeeeelho eu descobri um BUG CRITICO no ubuntu! o.O04:31
ztomicshiny is goooood!04:31
Evanlecmarik, really? well ubuntu sucks for fakeraid then lol04:31
johnny_01on this page..but remember U have to close x first and click on icq link.  http://www.chatcircuit.com/irc_servers.php04:31
ruffleSi'm sorry guys.. wrong channel04:31
WhoNeedszzznickrud, and where do you backup to?04:31
johnny_01cya in 204:31
deurytegoing there now to try04:31
nickrudlucianno: you might like to try xubuntu-desktop , openbox , blackbox, waimea, fluxbox04:32
leo_rockwlucianno: a lighter desktop environment04:32
Evanleclucianno, epiphany is a light-weight alternative to firefox04:32
deurytemeet me back here in 2 min04:32
andresmujicawhich bug ruffles?04:32
MasterShrekdeuryte, its an old-school instant messenger protocol04:32
ztomicWhoNeedszzz: everyone backs up to null04:32
WhoNeedszzzztomic, null?04:32
nickrudWhoNeedszzz: I have it back up to a directory, and regularly write that directory to dvd's04:32
ruffleSandresmujica, openoffice crashes when u're using any theme but human or clearlooks04:32
marikEvanlec: i just dont understand how dmraid can detect my drives and still not create the entries in /dev/04:32
WhoNeedszzzbut what good is backing up to a dir if the hdd gets reformatted?04:33
andresmujicahmm. let me check04:33
zcat[1]I rsync to my webserver.. but not often enough :(04:33
ruffleSandresmujica, it's been moved to critical now04:33
johnny_01He does not pay attention04:33
nickrudWhoNeedszzz: I have it set not to back up mp3's, movies, etc I back those up separately04:33
alienseer23q: when setting up mysql, and setting the bind-adddress, is it ok to leave it set to localhost? the guide i am using tells me to set it to my ip address, would that be my external ip, or my local networked ip?04:33
luciannoEvanlec, and it have any limitations?04:33
musikgoatWhoNeedszzz: most people backup to another location04:33
Ashfire908i'm installing phpmyadmin, and it's asking what web server(s) to automatically update. the options (it's a checklist) are "apache2" "apache" "apache-ssl" and "apache-perl". which do i select?04:33
WhoNeedszzzmusikgoat, such as?04:33
nickrudWhoNeedszzz: write the backups to a disk. I do the write to a directory at night, write the dvd in the morning04:33
musikgoatyou tell me04:33
zcat[1]I have three computers, most of my files are on at least two of them.04:34
novato_brruffleS, go to ubuntu-br. plz04:34
Evanleclucianno, well its light-weight so it does lack some of the extra features of firefox, and much less in the way of extensions, but try it out anyway see if it fits your needs04:34
musikgoati have a linkstation linux box storing my backups04:34
Ashfire908sorry, *to automatically reconfigure04:34
ruffleSnovato_br, shhhhh..04:34
MasterShrekAshfire908, depends on what webserver you are running, most likely apache204:34
ruffleSnovato_br, :)04:34
zcat[1]I should rsync everything in a cron job.. but I don't have the same drivespace on all of them04:34
luciannoleo_rockw, i tryed install icewm but i think what i cant...04:34
* nickrud would backup over the net, if he had another machine 04:34
ztomicbasic computers is in the next room04:34
Ashfire908MasterShrek: ok04:34
luciannoEvanlec, ok04:34
gary_inNYCok, from what i've read so far in various how to's and wikis, it seems to create a share that's accessible to win boxes, i have to create a samba user and password, and edit smb.conf  ; if so is there a way to manage those users and passwords from a gui after this setup?04:34
Eagle_101Is there a reason why extensions on modzilla's site refuse to install becase they are not compatable?04:34
Eagle_101(mainly for thunderbird)04:35
zcat[1]gary_inNYC: right-click on folder and pick to share it, it'll offer to install samba if you don't already have it.04:35
leo_rockwlucianno: yes, you can install icewm04:35
brite22how do i install third party fonts in ubuntu04:35
EvanlecEagle_101, did u try looking in synaptic for those extensions?04:35
jrib!fonts > brite22 (read the private message from ubotu)04:35
Eagle_101Evanlec: mmm why would it be there...04:35
zcat[1]gtg brb cul8r (afk)04:35
* Eagle_101 checks...04:36
johnny_012 funny04:36
EvanlecEagle_101, some firefox extensions are there...i dont know04:36
luciannoleo_rockw, i type dpkg -i icewm.deb04:36
brite22yes i did its non english fonts in local indian language and i cant see the website properly04:36
thinkl00ppossible to install an rpm package in ubuntu?04:36
leo_rockwlucianno: sudo apt-get install icewm04:36
leo_rockwthinkl00p: yes, use alien04:36
FluxDthinkl00p: google for alien04:36
WhoNeedszzzok thx for the help guys04:36
nickrudthinkl00p: not advisable, what package04:36
ubotuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)04:36
luciannoleo_rockw, and type icewm --replace bu dont towork04:37
thinkl00pnickrud: i was looking for an adobe reader04:37
thinkl00psomething for .pdfs04:37
johnny_012 much asparatane04:37
nclxI want to filter a message from ever getting logged to my syslog's /var/log/messages: "rtc: lost some interrupts at 1024Hz.", any ideas, I know it can be easily filtered via grep -v "" but I don't want it ever getting written to the disk because it happens on this box like 100 times per second or more04:37
PiousMinionI'm a member of the cdrom group and the drom group has RW on /dev/scd0, but every disc I put in my burner.....     brasero says it's un-writable.    clues?04:37
Evanlec!pdf | thinkl00p04:37
ubotuthinkl00p: pdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)04:37
luciannoleo_rockw, but this file is in my hd04:37
thinkl00poh nice04:37
nickrud!info evince | thinkl00p04:37
ubotuthinkl00p: evince: Document (postscript, pdf) viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 2.20.0-0ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 1186 kB, installed size 6192 kB04:37
leo_rockwlucianno: icewm is a desktop environment not a window manager04:37
Evanlecthinkl00p, as a rule of thumb, never try to install an RPM or a source/binary file until you've exhausted your search for a deb package04:38
Eagle_101Evanlec: nothing in synaptics with a search term "thunderbird" searching both name/desc04:38
thinkl00poh ok thank you Evanlec04:38
luciannoyeah, but i still toge confused this04:38
EvanlecEagle_101, yea, ur right, im sorry i dont know then04:38
luciannoand hwo to install a file in my pc04:39
luciannoleo_rockw, and how to install the file in my pc?04:39
nickrudlucianno: system->admin->synaptic , ctl-f to search, and install that way04:39
desertcAnyone else seeing DIVX movies playing video with only a scrambled green screen after upgrading to Gutsy?04:39
leo_rockwlucianno: what file?04:39
luciannoleo_rockw, icewm04:40
leo_rockwlucianno: sudo apt-get install icewm04:40
theBishopHi, I'm getting really lousy performance out of my Broadcom 4318 ever since I installed Gutsy.  It was fine under Feisty and Dapper04:40
ztomicI gotta go... watch my ass as it leaves.04:41
luciannonickrud, usinf the synaptic04:41
PaPaFDAnyone ever manage to setup joy2key?04:41
leo_rockwtheBishop: are you using ndiswrapper04:41
renato123hello, can someone tell me how do i transform a trade partition into an usable partition?04:41
nickrudlucianno: you should learn to use synaptic, it's your centralized software source.04:41
theBishopleo_rockw, no, but i wasn't in Feisty either04:41
luciannonickrud, nice04:41
johnny_01When ztomic bends over..we lose 1 hour daylite savings time.04:41
EvanlecPaPaFD, i did on windows...on linux im sure there are better apps for that04:41
deurytewhen i go to the web site, it commands that i open an external application to proceed...    ???04:41
leo_rockwtheBishop: ok, i was going to say that i don't use ndiswrapper and it didn't change for me04:41
nickrudlucianno: open synaptic, ctl-f icewm, when it shows on the screen right click the box next to it and select install04:41
finetI have more than 4000 on Windows, I want to import it with F-Spot, my problem is that they are classified in drawers which the name stands for the tag, how to reorganize my album then ?04:41
deurytenotsorite    ??04:42
Jordan_Usearayman, Any luck?04:42
theBishopleo_rockw,  so you haven't been seeing reports of slow wireless connections in Gutsy?04:42
johnny_01click it04:42
Revalhey whats the cli command to configure sound cant remember04:42
luciannonickrud, ok, but for to use, how do?04:42
luciannonickrud, --replace04:42
finet(tmy pics are classified in directories and sub-directories actually)04:42
leo_rockwtheBishop: i never enter this channel... and i didn't look in launchpad because it still works for me04:42
theBishopleo_rockw, right now, i'm getting 17Kbs downloading from the Ubuntu repo04:43
nickrudlucianno: when you have it installed, log out, and select it under sessions04:43
theBishopleo_rockw, normally i get well over 100K04:43
leo_rockwtheBishop: you'll notice slow connection to the repos for a while04:43
matuxi can't upgrade tu 7.10 I get this error :  org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply:04:43
leo_rockwtheBishop: because people are still downloading gutsy04:43
deuryteive tried it, r u in that one ?04:43
PaxtonFor those who want to download gutsy I'd seriously reccomend using the torrent instead of slamming the download servers04:43
renato123hello, can someone tell me how do i transform a trade partition into an usable partition?04:44
PaxtonThere's >2000 Seeders active at this time04:44
leo_rockwtheBishop: try smth like http://www.speedtest.net/04:44
luciannonickrud, i using gnome, after install icewm my pc will be more light?04:44
EvanlecPaxton, can u link me real quick to the torrent? ;p04:44
matuxcan't upgrade to gutsy,04:44
* DanaG uses mirrors.kernel.org.04:44
nickrudlucianno: much04:44
Evanleclucianno, yes04:44
matuxi can't upgrade tu 7.10 I get this error :  org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: I use gnome04:44
DanaGGood if in the USA.04:44
nickrudDanaG lives in CA?04:44
Arafangionlucianno: It will still weigh just as much, but you may be using slightly less memory. ;04:44
DanaGOh yeah, for other countries, google for "ubuntu mirrors list" and try variousuniversities and such.04:45
PaxtonEvanlec: One sec. For some reason canonical or whoever owns the ubuntu website doesn't make it easy to find it. Just like Dell doesn't make it easy to find ubuntu pcs from the main page04:45
leo_rockwArafangion: you're evil, lol04:45
Revalhey whats the cli command to configure sound cant remember04:45
Nocivopci error! ubuntu not run pci enable, not wifi conect04:45
PiousMinionAnyone have problems with brasero complaining that the disc ins't writeable but the drives reads discs fine?04:45
luciannoArafangion, ok04:45
deurytewhats next ??04:45
nickrudReval: asoundconf ?04:45
Jordan_UDanaG, Or just let Software Sources find the fastest one for you automagically :)04:45
Revalty ty04:45
johnny_01what does it say04:45
luciannonickrud, thx04:45
Revaldamn im thinking of the mixer one ; ;04:45
EvanlecPaxton, nvm i got it, was just being lazy04:45
PaxtonEvanlec: Are you using a 64 bit pro- Never mind. Just pick the right torrent for you (scroll down ):P http://releases.ubuntu.com/7.10/04:46
nickrudthautomagically, even04:46
EvanlecPaxton, thx04:46
InHisNameShould I run to or avoid using ubuntu as host system under virtualbox ? Why?04:46
Ashfire908is there a particular reason that with a standard clean install of apache2, the link to /etc/apache2/sites-available/default in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ is called 000-default?04:46
DanaGDoes "Software Sources" try mirrors.kernel.org?04:46
Jordan_Unickrud, BTW, so far I am failing miserably at installing Ubuntu-desktop :)04:46
nickrudAshfire908: yes, so it's read first during the assembling of the apache.conf04:46
PaxtonEvanlec: Remember to not get the "Alternate" version, unless you want a text-based installer04:46
johnny_01Seems to me U have alot of broken packages deuryte.04:47
ir0nfusionis amarok safe to install on ubuntu?04:47
nickrudJordan_U: I looked for a few minutes for a tool that would give a recursive, unique listing, but no go :)04:47
Jordan_Uir0nfusion, Of course04:47
Sincreatividadubuntu 7 10 include compiz fusion ?04:47
johnny_01time to re-load04:47
iobeliskhi could anybody tell me how i may configure boot splash, login screen and login splash?04:47
ir0nfusionI like it's radio stations04:47
shane634ir0nfusion: sure it is04:47
nickrudJordan_U: here's your chance to test your python/shell powers04:47
Jordan_USincreatividad, Yes04:47
Ashfire908nickrud: so... i don't have to worry about adding numbers to the link when i'm enabling site config files?04:47
ir0nfusionwell when I select it it tries to install kde stuff.04:47
ir0nfusionso didn't know04:47
nickrudAshfire908: correct04:47
ir0nfusionhad to ask04:48
Ashfire908nickrud: ok04:48
deuryteezekiel chap's 38 and 39... russia will be going south to do something.. the GOD will entice them to attack israel will a host of allies, but will miserably lose, they will be running back home with only 1/6 of there armies... again.. israel wins !!!.. GOD's chosen...04:48
shane634ir0nfusion: that is normal04:48
Jordan_Unickrud, I failed :) I could have sworn my script would work though04:48
johnny_01deuryte..  ctl+alt+backspace04:48
marikhey i'm in a livecd trying to get my bios raid working.  when i run `dmraid -s`, my raid set shows up, but when i run `dmraid -ay` nothing gets created in /dev/mapper/ can anyone help?04:48
nickrudlol, I wouldn't even try. all those obscure dpkg-this and dpkg-that things give me a headache04:48
johnny_01he he04:48
johnny_01im bad04:48
ir0nfusionshane634: so can I leave it alone and let it install the kde stuff?04:49
=== slapfaceware is now known as perlnoob
LiMaOomg, i'm trying fedora 8 test 3 on a virtualbox and it takes ages to boot that livecd04:49
shane634ir0nfusion: yeah i think it is just a metapackage no big deal04:49
shane634it will work in gnome just fine.. with some kde extras installed04:50
Ashfire908nickrud: should i do relative links or abslouter links for it? (i'm asking because the modules are relative and the default config file is absloute)04:50
nickrudAshfire908: create the config in sites-available, and use sudo a2ensite to enable it :)04:50
Ashfire908nickrud: oh.04:51
matuxi can't upgrade tu 7.10 I get this error :  org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply:04:51
Ashfire908nickrud: what about modules04:51
nickrudAshfire908: there's also a2enmod for modules04:51
teicahwhere does gutsy's compiz store its settings?  In ~/.config/compiz/compizconfig there is only the file 'config'04:51
Jordan_Umatux, From update-manager?04:51
Ashfire908nickrud: are they optional or included?04:51
runarxmonad ftw!04:51
nickrudAshfire908: included04:51
Ashfire908nickrud: ok04:51
Jordan_Uteicah, Install compizconfig-settings-manager04:51
emaconlineanyone here? after upgrading to gutsy, my system cannot boot already..04:52
leo_rockwgnite everyone04:52
* leo_rockw is leaving04:52
nickrudAshfire908: the reverse is a2dis[mod|site]04:52
ir0nfusionshane634: what database is best to use?04:52
matuxyes from update-manager04:52
Jordan_Uemaconline, What happens when you try to boot?04:52
InHisNameLiMaO, Should I run to or avoid using ubuntu as host system under virtualbox ? Why?04:52
shane634ir0nfusion: not sure really04:52
emaconlineJordan_U --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=361175204:53
emaconlinesame as the other guys in that forum post04:53
teicahJordan_U, already have.. i changed some settings.. working fine.. I just wonder where they are stored now..04:53
admin__emaconline. Have you tried booting from the livecd? Make sure everything installed correctly?04:53
elliott541aKnetworkmanager shows "no devices found" even though both my wired and wireless are up. /etc/network/interfaces doesn't have entries for them.04:53
Ashfire908nickrud: yeah, saw it in the man file04:53
elliott541aAny ideas?04:54
=== jrs is now known as Jaearess
Jordan_Umatux, make sure that you have the newest packages, run "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get upgrade" But make sure that your sources.list is pointing to feisty NOT Gutsy04:54
LiMaOInHisName: i run ubuntu. love it. and always used it as a virtualbox host aswell. never had a single problem04:54
emaconlinei dont have livecd.. i only have feisty livecd04:54
admin__that will work04:54
LiMaOInHisName: and i've tried lots of guest OS's here..04:54