Mark76Why does the conversation icon in the Pidgin Buddy list look like a couple of boiled eggs? :-/00:23
evil_techlooks like two speech bubbles to me00:24
Mark76Are we seeing the same icon set?00:25
Mark76Evening Evil00:25
evil_techlate afternoon for me00:25
Mark76Afternoon Evil00:25
evil_techgood evening mark00:25
pimp^airi just upgraded to gutsy00:25
pimp^airnow my encrypted /home is broken again, as it was everytime i upgraded ubuntu before00:26
Mark76I couldn't get 3D to work properly in XFCE so I decided to not bother00:26
evil_techyou have xserver-xgl?00:26
pimp^airusually it all stops working, because /usr gets mounted after cryptsetup00:26
evil_techand all the core compiz library00:26
pimp^airany ideas on how to delay the crpytdisks startup?00:27
evil_techdid you hit alt + F2 and then type compiz --replace00:27
Mark76When I restarted it just hung during the desktop loading00:27
evil_techmaybe yours was attempting to work like it should and be active at boot00:27
Mark76Crappydiscs start up?00:27
evil_techstill havent gotten it to do that00:27
Mark76I'll wait until XFCE has official Compiz support00:28
Mark76No big deal00:28
evil_techanyone know when that will be?00:28
Mark76You encrypt your home folder, Pimp?00:29
Mark76I've never done that00:29
pimp^airMark76: yes, i did using dapper i guess or breezy00:30
Mark76Ah.. Breezy. That takes me back00:30
pimp^airi usually put /var and /usr and /opt on different lvms00:30
Mark76*Screen goes wavy*00:30
pimp^airso when the cryptdisks get started, there's no /usr present00:30
Mark76*Harp sounds*00:30
Mark76Sounds complicated00:31
pimp^airand then it's all not finding libraries and dying and s**t00:31
Mark76I really wish I could help00:31
pimp^airso basically i'd like to have "starting remaining crypto-disks" after "checking file systems"00:31
Mark76But I have no experience of that sort of thing00:31
evil_techyeah ive never messed with encryption00:32
pimp^airi don't know exactly how it was before in feisty, but i remember, that i had the same "get rid of /usr tools" issue back then00:32
Mark76Are you in the CIA, Pimp?00:32
pimp^airwhy should i00:32
pimp^airMark76: tell me your password! NOW!00:33
Mark76My password is *****************************00:33
evil_techmine is 1100111100000111010101011110011100:33
pimp^airif it wasn't for the easy way to get a recent xfce-installation, i'd be using fedora00:34
evil_techah fedora00:34
Mark76What a good image viewer for Xubuntu?  I only have Gimp and that seems a bit much for looking at someone's snapshots00:34
pimp^aireog is pretty fast for that00:34
evil_techqwenview works too00:34
evil_techi'd look but im downloading games :)00:35
Mark76I installed Alien Arena yesterday00:36
evil_techthats what i am installing currently00:36
evil_techi am trying to find a clone for geometry wars00:37
Mark76Geometry Wars?00:37
evil_techits an xbox arcade game00:37
evil_techyou fly around and shoot the little shapes and try to last as long as possible00:37
evil_techive found windows clones just trying to find a linux version in the repo00:38
Mark76Poor little shapes :(00:38
Mark76*Sadness* :(00:38
evil_techtheyre evil empire building shapes that must be eliminated via my photon cannon >: D00:38
evil_techFOR TERRA!!!00:39
Mark76OH okay00:40
Mark76Carry on then00:40
pimp^airwhere do i find a recent xubuntu image?00:41
Mark76Seems like a good place00:42
Mark76I wish AA had a window option00:42
Mark76Woohoo!  we have Pacman! :D00:45
Mark76Yeah Baby!00:47
Mark76Remind me. What are the gratis game choices in Windows?00:49
evil_techsolitaire, spider solitaire, internet chess checkers reversi, freecell and of course minesweeper00:50
Mark76How exciting00:50
evil_techsuper exciting00:51
Mark76I'm so excited I may have to go and have a little lie down00:51
Mark76We can send each other files in here!00:52
Mark76Well, I just right clicked on your name in the menu and that was one of the options I got00:53
evil_techso it is00:54
evil_techserver might block it though00:54
Mark76I'm testing it now00:54
Mark76I think you're right00:55
Mark76Oh well00:56
Mark76So. What useinterface are you using at the moment?00:57
Mark76user interface00:58
evil_techright now im in ubuntu so i can play with compiz without hassle00:59
Mark76I'm using Xfce-Stellar with the Galaxy windows manager00:59
evil_techi havent played with the different styles and themes in xfce yet01:00
Mark76There's quite a choice01:00
Mark76THough I suspect I may have added some from somewhere01:00
Mark76I love the analog clock option01:02
evil_techoh i found widgets01:02
evil_techlinux version of konfabulator01:03
Mark76What's that?01:04
evil_techyou have little programs to monitor various things, display info etc01:04
Mark76Oh those01:05
Mark76I knew about that01:05
Mark76I've just activated compositing in the Xfce window manager01:06
Mark76Hopefully it'll run a bit smoother this time01:07
evil_techwhat finally got it working01:07
Mark76NO, not Compiz01:07
Mark76Transparency and shadows01:08
evil_techyou can do that without compiz? thought you needed that01:08
evil_techwish i would have known that from the get-go01:08
Mark76Window manager tweaks in the settings menu01:10
evil_technow i cant get those cause it doesnt know what wm im using01:11
Mark76Oh dear01:12
Mark76Damn.  Looks like you can't play Tremulous on your own01:13
evil_techman my connection is slow01:16
Mark76I have to run Pacman from a command line :(01:16
evil_techcan you make a launcher?01:17
Mark76But my panel is pretty crowded01:17
evil_techi try to keep mine as sparse as possible01:17
evil_techotherwise i get lost trying to find the right launcher01:18
Mark76Iconbox helps to keep things under control01:20
evil_techwhats that?01:20
Mark76It's an addition to the Xfce panel that shows programs you have running as icons rhater than text01:22
Mark76I should go to bed01:25
Mark76It's 1:30am here01:25
Mark76Night Techie01:26
pimp^aircrypted disks don't work in the alternate textinstaller using the xubuntu-alternate iso02:44
pimp^airknown issue?02:44
pimp^airmd5sum verified ok02:44
pimp^air"Starting up the partitioner" when chosing configure crypt disks02:44
pimp^airhanging is 35dump02:45
pimp^airhas enough ram02:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 154502 in partman-md "partitioner crashes with random encryption key." [Undecided,New]02:55
pimp^airfound it02:55
pimp^airubotu: thank you02:55
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)02:55
edner__hi, does anyone have a workaround for the Network Manager keyring request at login?03:19
edner__I tried installing libpam-gnome-keyring, which seems to have made it even worse03:19
edner__(this occurs when NetworkManager attempts to connect to a wifi network btw)03:20
klaxiani'm trying to configure x to use a 1366x768 resolution...is that possible?03:24
fluffmanwhat are some generic xorg device drivers I can try?04:00
fluffmanneomagic sucks :(04:00
mikubuntuhey everybody, have a look at how comcast is blocking certain kinds of webtraffic: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21376597/04:06
PiousMinionI'm a member of the cdrom group and the drom group has RW on /dev/scd0, but every disc I put in my burner.....     brasero says it's un-writable.    clues?04:26
PiousMinionThen I can't eject the media without yanking the power to the burner.04:29
PiousMinionThe damn thing reads data like a crack feind, but idk why it won't burn. lol04:31
homebrewciderwhere can I find the latest hcl please?04:59
homebrewcidernever mind05:06
batyyppl how can i format a hard drive in xubuntu?05:10
batyyim newbie05:11
joeaminedhi folks05:25
joeaminedhow can i prevent non admin users from removing the xfce-panel ?05:25
alnoktakick them a little05:30
joeaminedno seriously05:30
alnoktai don't know, so i just said useless stuff :P05:31
alnoktayou can make a group05:31
alnoktaand add them to it and restrict05:31
alnoktawhat they can do05:31
joeaminedbut what privilege influences this thing05:31
alnoktano idea ;)05:32
joeaminedi don't know if removing the panel is linked to a privilege05:32
alnoktawhats the problem in removing it anyway?05:32
joeaminedwell somebody asked me this question05:32
joeaminedhe is using xubuntu in a network in a school05:33
joeaminedand he wants to prevent non admin users from removing the panel05:33
alnoktamay be change the owner of xfce4-panel?05:34
* alnokta don't knows, and suggests waiting for somebody else05:35
joeaminedthanks for trying to help :)05:35
homebrewciderprobably a stupid question, but I'm looking at  a new  computer that has an Intel Core 2 Duo E2140, and can't find it on HCL anywhere06:10
homebrewcideranyone running one of these?06:11
zoredache_not that exact cpu here, but I am sure it will work06:18
homebrewciderspecs I was quoted are Core 2 Duo E2140, 4mb level 2 cache06:23
homebrewciderand motherboard, guy was flustered but reckon it is Gigabyte vm900m06:25
homebrewcidergotta check back06:25
homebrewciderwhen I get the new pc, can i just reinstall xubuntu and copy home back over?06:40
homebrewcider_/home that is06:40
PiousMinionthat should work06:42
homebrewcider'not sounding real confident06:42
PiousMinionI would have said "absolutely will" but you would hunt me down if something went wrong.06:43
homebrewcidergood comeback06:43
homebrewciderhmm, according to intel e2140 has 1mb of level 2 cache, not 406:44
* PiousMinion doesn't touch intel.06:47
homebrewcideri've got an AMD now and it's the noisiest f***** around06:49
PiousMinionyour processor makes noise?  weird.  lol06:49
homebrewciderand I was trying to record albums (vinyl) to the HDD and was sh!te because of computer noise06:50
homebrewciderfirst thing I heard from computer shops, many of them too06:50
homebrewcidernot discernable until playing back recorded sound06:51
PiousMinionHow is the processor making noise?06:51
PiousMinionRF *06:51
homebrewcidercouldn't make it out just listening to the computer06:51
homebrewciderthey all said noisy mother board and processor06:51
homebrewciderwasn't a grounding issue06:51
homebrewciderbeen there06:51
homebrewciderit's just a loud computer06:52
homebrewciderlistened to my mate's computer and you coiuld hardly tell it's on06:52
PiousMinionso it's RF interference.  I'm not sure the processor would cause that, but maybe amd boards tend to carry the same audio chipsets which aren't that great.06:52
homebrewciderand his is a dell ffs06:53
homebrewciderinserted a num,ber of other sound cards into it, still had the problem06:53
PiousMinionThere's one way I can think of to help determine if it's the proc.   remove speakers and stream your audio output over a network.06:56
homebrewcidercan't fo that but recored as I was saying with no speakers attached into 3 different sound cards, still had problem , recored no input, ie just computer itself and noise shows up every time06:58
PiousMinionwell, from that we knows it's on the board, but to determine what on the board idk.07:00
* PiousMinion can't type.07:00
homebrewciderthat's the sort of problem i want to avoid with this new setup I'm looking at07:01
homebrewciderknow what I mean?07:01
PiousMinioncould solder a crap load of ground wires all over the board. lol07:02
homebrewcidergetting a new pc anyway so this new one will do all the recording hehe07:03
homebrewciderok, back to computer shop, thanx guys07:04
A2t3can0v3r10rdwhere is everyone?07:12
PiousMinionon my screen they are to the right.  :)07:12
A2t3can0v3r10rdnobody is talking or ??07:13
PiousMinionI'm the only one I suppose. heh07:13
A2t3can0v3r10rdthats weird why is there such a long list of logged on users?07:14
PiousMinionMuch of IRC is like that unfortunately.  People just stay in IRC channels further congesting the intarwebs.07:14
PiousMinionWhen I'm gone I'm gone.  *shrugs*07:15
A2t3can0v3r10rdi have been kicked off ubuntu both regular and non topic and it's been like a month07:15
PiousMinionbanned from #ubuntu ?07:15
A2t3can0v3r10rdi never did anything to warrent a boot either07:15
A2t3can0v3r10rdyea #ubuntu07:16
PiousMinion#ubuntu consists of a bunch of 12 years old asking questions blatantly answered in the FAQs. heh07:16
PiousMinionI stay away.  :)07:16
A2t3can0v3r10rdi had discovered ubuntu actually I put xfce on that's how I knew about this channel07:17
PiousMinionubuntu is great if you have the cpu cycles and ram to throw away. hehe07:18
A2t3can0v3r10rdanyways i had to go back to XP cuz i own the only printer on earth that didnt have a linux option without bottoming out on disc space07:18
A2t3can0v3r10rdno i loved ubuntu i just like xfce better for me07:19
A2t3can0v3r10rdi like the way you can drag stuff across 4 screens07:19
PiousMinionsame here.  Easier to install xubuntu and have xfce4 by default.07:19
A2t3can0v3r10rdmakes lots of room and i can do insane things with just a little 256ram system07:20
A2t3can0v3r10rdyea xubuntu is even a little inflated for my liking07:20
A2t3can0v3r10rdi like to just start from xfce and go from there on my own07:21
A2t3can0v3r10rdyou know one thing i thought was cool in kde id like to see make it's way into xfce is the "wallet" for passwords and stuff07:22
A2t3can0v3r10rdid like to see it go a little deeper like generating it's own keys etc07:22
A2t3can0v3r10rdthat would be sweet07:22
A2t3can0v3r10rdanyways i had JUST got done installing XP back on and i was just so used to going and hanging out online with everyone from ubuntu i went back and i asked someone if there was any where I could "openSource" windows07:24
PiousMinionI don't understand that question.07:25
A2t3can0v3r10rdas stupid as it sounds it is freenode's most popular channels07:25
A2t3can0v3r10rdone of i mean07:25
A2t3can0v3r10rdits at least in the top 100 ha ha07:26
PiousMinionWhat did you mean by "any where I could "openSource" windows"  ?07:26
A2t3can0v3r10rdits something like M.S. open source or something07:26
PiousMinionI still have no clue what you mean.07:27
A2t3can0v3r10rdanywhoo i asked someone on the ubuntu channel if they knew what the channel's # was and i said what i just told you about my printer07:27
A2t3can0v3r10rdand then i said a couple of the things i noticed about my computer that werent negative regarding XP and boom next thing i knew i was kicked off07:29
mindframe-so the "auto failsafe graphics" stuff is worthless if you cant even get to a console to fix stuff07:29
mindframe-how the hell do you disable it?07:29
A2t3can0v3r10rdit's been over a month now07:29
PiousMinionmindframe-:  huh?07:29
A2t3can0v3r10rdwhat "graphic fail safe"?07:30
mindframe-gutsy has a "feature" where if X does not start properly then it goes to "safe mode"07:30
A2t3can0v3r10rdcan't you disable it?07:31
mindframe-all it does for me is take me to a black screen where ctrl+alt+bkspc or ctrl+f* does nothing07:31
mindframe-thats what im trying to figure out07:31
PiousMinionmindframe-:  Ctrl+Alt+F1 doesn't work ?07:32
A2t3can0v3r10rdhave you tried doing whatever you tried to do originally through terminal?07:32
A2t3can0v3r10rdmindframe: what is the feature called "exactly"07:33
mindframe-"failsafe graphics mode"07:33
mindframe-or something similar07:33
mindframe-PiousMinion, no it doesnt07:34
PiousMinionmindframe-: well that isn't fun.07:35
mindframe-guy in #ubuntu said to rename /etc/gdm/failsafeXinit07:37
mindframe-testing now07:37
mindframe-i think my new raid card is having some kind of irq conflict with my nvidia card07:38
PiousMinioncertainly possible07:38
A2t3can0v3r10rdmindframe: http://hardware.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/09/01/20120007:40
A2t3can0v3r10rdthat one should be better07:44
A2t3can0v3r10rdMinset:did you follow slashdot through and end up here already?07:44
A2t3can0v3r10rdmindframe:sorry lol07:45
A2t3can0v3r10rdgood luck!07:46
mindframe-no irq conflict, just that failsafe garbage messing with my xorg conf07:49
mindframe-chmod -x /etc/gdm/failsafe*07:50
homebrewciderdoes gutsy utilise dual core?08:01
warblerthis gives some clues - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3564496#post356449608:09
Doomguy0505Is Sony DDU1611 DVD known to not work with Xubuntu? The CD is always defected when run on the computer with the DDU, but other CD-ROM drives work with it08:09
warblerDoomguy0505: there doesn,t seem to be any complaints I can find08:15
warblerdoes it work on another comp?08:16
Doomguy0505warbler: Yes, all the other computers pass the defects check08:35
warblerwhat's the defects test?08:39
Doomguy0505warbler: In the DDU, the defects varies each time, so there must be a reader problem08:41
warblerDoomguy0505: what sort of defects are you talking about?08:42
Doomguy0505Files not matching the hashes08:43
warbleris it a md5 checksum?08:44
warblerso burning with the sony always gives errors but other devices don't - yes?08:46
warblerDoomguy0505: if you are burning an OS then everyone will tell you to burn it slowly - 4X is the best08:49
Doomguy0505Last attempt, I tried a lot of CDs, with each speed possible, all failed08:49
warblerDoomguy0505: I can't find any other people having issues like your's - maybe , if it is not speed than the device might be faulty?09:10
Doomguy0505I can't really tell, since it lacks diagnostics09:11
warblerDoomguy0505: does it play a retail dvd ok?09:15
Doomguy0505And it installs XP09:15
warblertry using k3b as burning software - I had problems with gnomebaker but changing to k3b got things working09:17
Doomguy0505I have burned from Ubuntu and Nero09:25
warblerDoomguy0505: so it is just xfburn is it?09:26
Doomguy0505I burned with gnomebaker and I have burned with Nero on Windows XP09:26
warblerDoomguy0505: sorry - don't know what else to add...09:37
Doomguy0505I could always just use cygwin09:37
warblerI use xubuntu on a headless server to burn and it works well with k3b09:42
ubotuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!10:42
MaxFramesquick & lame question: how do I check which version of xubuntu I am running?10:53
warblerMaxFrames: in terminal type - uname -a10:54
warbler"uname -a"10:54
MaxFramesuname -a10:55
MaxFramesit returns what I think is the linux kernel version?10:55
MaxFramesok, I got it10:56
MaxFramescat /etc/issue10:56
warbleror try - lsb_release -a10:57
MaxFramesstrange though... I am running v7.04 and the update manager is not presenting me with the distribution upgrade option to install 7.1010:58
MaxFramesit did on another 7.04 install I have here10:58
MaxFramespossibly because update manager has to be updated as well (I didn't use this laptop for months)10:58
MaxFrameswhat do you think?10:59
warblergksu update-manager -d is what you need to get 7.10 - is that what your using?11:04
MaxFramesI am using the GIU11:05
MaxFramesanyway I'm installing a batch of 7.04 updates now, let's see if the upgrade option appears afterwards11:14
TangBaBaGood evening, everyone. Anyone up to help a noob?11:24
MaxFramesI'm a noob as well, but who knows... :P11:26
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)11:27
TangBaBaWell, I've got kind of a simple question first which might null the need ask anything else.11:27
TangBaBaI'm running Xubuntu (Gabby) on an old Sony Vaio P3 (900MHz or thereabouts) with only 192MB of RAM.11:28
TangBaBaMy question (and background) is this:11:28
TangBaBaI forgot the name of the newest release.11:28
MaxFramesgusty gibbon :P11:28
TangBaBaSomething like that. There we go.11:28
TangBaBaNew it was a G-word.11:29
totalwormfacei like this question already11:29
TangBaBaAnyhow- I'm using the Wiki to try and use NDiswrapper to get the Belkin wireless card that I bought the other day working.11:29
TangBaBaI'm at the point where I run modprobe, but it just hangs.11:30
TangBaBaIs this an operation that will simply just take a lot of time because this machine is ancient, or is probably generating a segmentation fault, not doing anything else, and I just don't know about it.11:30
totalwormfaceTangBaBa: have you searched the forums for anyone with problems with this specific type11:31
TangBaBaPardon the typing.11:31
TangBaBaI've seen several people having problems with this particular Belkin card.11:31
TangBaBaUnfortunately, I just bought this one, and mine seems to be a newer version than the ones others have addressed in the forums (or at the least the posts I've come across).11:32
MaxFramesoh anyway it is "gutsy" and not "gusty"... my fault :P11:32
totalwormfaceTangBaBa: and the workarounds for those types are not functioning on yours?11:33
TangBaBaEveryone in the forums had different, creative ways of dealing with the problem of getting this card to work (thought apparently it works straight out of the box for some people)... But I wanted to try the "official" wiki solution first.11:33
totalwormface(btw, i really don't know one thing about wireless / ndiswrapper :P)11:33
totalwormfacegood choice11:33
TangBaBaDo you know anything about running modprobe?11:33
totalwormfacenah, i tried to fix a webcam with modprobe once but i failed horribly :P11:34
TangBaBaAs I recall from the man page, it is messing around with the kernel...11:34
totalwormfaceso no help from me there either, lol11:34
TangBaBaSo I don't know if it's just something that will take a while on a P3...11:34
TangBaBaIt's been running for about 10 minutes already with no output (even though I used a verbose switch).11:35
MaxFramesif you're not in a hurry, you'd probably better let it run for some time11:36
TangBaBaI'm not.11:36
TangBaBaJust running depmod took around 4 minutes or so...11:36
MaxFramesif it's not done in an hour or so, then you'll probably be able to assume it's stuck11:36
TangBaBaI think I'll just go to sleep and see if anything is different in the morning.11:36
TangBaBaI was just so hoping to have it working before I went to work tomorrow =P11:37
TangBaBaThanks guys- have a great night/morning/afternoon - whichever is appropiate for your time zone =)11:37
MaxFramesI had to gksu update-manager -d to get the distro upgrade option... strange, I didn't have to with the other PC11:40
totalwormfacepeople who get happy with no solution11:40
benpiccoHi, i started the update on an quiet old machine ca. 1h ago and now it tells me there is still 1h left - well, the pc has to be turned off in ca. 45m - can i abort the update then without risking to break the system_11:53
MaxFrameswhat update? feisty to gutsy?11:54
benpiccothe cdrom updater11:54
totalwormfacebenpicco: is it still downloading or installing?11:54
benpiccoits already installing11:55
MaxFramesI'm doing the same and it's already installing... I can't see a "pause" or "cancel" option11:55
MaxFramesI think you'd better let it run... do you absolutely have to switch the system off?11:56
benpiccowell, the power is turned off then11:56
MaxFramesand that is not under your control, is it?11:56
benpiccono, its not, the room is cloes then11:56
MaxFramesmm, tough one11:56
benpiccoi hoped i could finish it within 1.5h11:57
MaxFramesif you kill the process, perhaps odd results will arise11:59
benpiccoand if i go in hibernate mode?12:00
MaxFramesthat could work12:00
MaxFramesif you can pause the task and then hibernate12:00
benpiccoi started it fromn console so it might be posible12:01
MaxFramesanyway, 4:40 remaining here :P12:03
MaxFramesgood thing it's a laptop12:04
benpiccoerm, how to pause the proess best_12:04
benpiccouing ctrl+z to pause it - and how to resume again?12:10
benpiccoso fg %1 will work after resuming, too, i hope...12:13
MaxFramesgood luck12:14
MaxFramesindicating 1:48 here now :)12:14
MaxFramesjust for the sake of curiosity: what kind of place disconnects the power from all workstations at a given time of the day?12:15
benpiccoi clicked on the End button in the upper rigt corner - and the effect bluring the screen normally crashed x12:16
benpiccoim at school atm ,)12:17
benpiccowell, seems like dpkg --configure -c can fix it12:19
* MaxFrames goes to lunch12:20
excalibasr_hello, how can i chose which programs start on boot? i have 7 nm-applets each time i restart... please help12:45
excalibasr_i am using xubuntu 7.1012:46
=== excalibasr_ is now known as excalibas
_dillingeroh man, I upgraded to gutsy and now my printer doesn't work12:54
_dillingeror it "works", but it prints blank pages :(12:54
_dillingerit worked fine under the previous release and was supported fine with drivers etc12:55
_dillingerI guess I broke the golden rule of computing "if it works, don't fuck with it"12:55
Pixilarion_dillinger: did you do a distupgrade?13:09
Pixilarionor clean install?13:09
SoulChildhey all, is there a way to change from 32-bit to 64-bit without loosing my configuration ????13:23
MaxFrameshelp!!!! while I was at lunch the 7.10 installation went crazy13:24
MaxFramesI found the screensaver active and locked, I typed the password (100% sure it's correct, obviously) and it did not accept it13:25
totalwormfaceSoulChild: is your /home on a different partition than your / ?13:25
MaxFramesso I clicked on "new login" and now I am presented with the 7.10 login window and I can't do anything13:26
SoulChildtotalwormface: nope,... but i am able to back it up ;)13:26
MaxFramesa popup windows saying "authentication failed" keeps on popping up13:26
MaxFramesI can't click on anything or type anything13:26
totalwormfaceSoulChild: probably all you need are the files in /home, there ubuntu stores most of your configuration :]13:26
MaxFrameswhat the .... is happening? :(13:27
SoulChildtotalwormface: i know ,... but .... well ... how do i backup my package-configurare ( the package that are installed, and those which arenot )13:27
totalwormfacewell, that is the whole point of a fresh install isn't it? :P13:28
totalwormfaceMaxFrames: that really is bad stuff13:28
totalwormfaceMaxFrames: did you ask in #ubuntu?13:28
MaxFramesI had to restart, so maybe now my 7.10 install is toast :(13:30
MaxFrameskernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown block (0,0)13:31
MaxFramesI knew it....13:32
MaxFramesand now?13:32
totalwormfaceMaxFrames: did you have a seperate /home partition?13:32
totalwormfacethen you could try a clean install13:32
totalwormfaceotherwise, try a livecd, backup your files and do a clean install13:33
totalwormfacebreaking up an upgrade is nasty :]13:33
MaxFramesI do not understand what happened.... I left the installer working... why the **** did it CHANGE my password?13:33
MaxFramesnow I can't even boot this stupid thing13:34
keitherzmy windows partition is blah!!!13:34
MaxFramesI am able to enter the recovery mode though13:34
MaxFrameswhat can I do from there to try and recover?13:35
totalwormfaceretry the upgrade?13:35
keitherzUnexpected clusters per mft record (-1).13:35
totalwormfaceupdate-manager -d13:35
keitherzFailed to mount '/dev/hda5': Invalid argument13:35
totalwormfacedpkg update-manager -d :]13:36
keitherzThe device '/dev/hda5' doesn't have a valid NTFS.13:36
MaxFramesok I am able to boot with kernel 2.6.2013:36
MaxFramesnot with 2.6.2213:36
totalwormface22 is the gutsy one13:36
MaxFrames dpkg update-manager is not accepted13:37
keitherzhow can i remove the old kernels13:37
MaxFramesupdate-manager -d does not work either13:38
totalwormfaceMaxFrames: sorry, it's just 'update-manager'13:38
MaxFramesdoes not work13:39
keitherzcan someone read all my above post13:39
MaxFrames"segmentation fault" + a lot of other stuff13:39
totalwormfaceMaxFrames: how did you upgrade in the first place?13:39
totalwormfacegahh, i don't understand what's happening :]13:40
MaxFrameshow do I apt-get gutsy?13:41
MaxFramesI found a post in a forum which suggests sudo dpkg --configure -a13:42
MaxFrameslet's go=>fingaz cross'd13:42
totalwormfacecould work :]13:42
MaxFrameskeitherz: can you access the ntfs partition with windows?13:43
MaxFramesthen it's probably corrupted13:43
keitherzi think that means my windows is hoste13:43
keitherznvm that WORD argh!!13:44
keitherzmy windows is dead13:44
MaxFramestry to repair the file system using a disk scan&repair tool13:45
MaxFramesit's going on somehow, but keeps saying "regenerating font cache" every two or three lines13:47
keitherzwhat software can i use for that13:51
MaxFramesperhaps http://www.diskinternals.com/13:52
keitherzi need one for linux13:57
MaxFramessorry, don't know any. try to google for it13:57
MaxFramesoh goooosh14:00
MaxFramesnow the prompt has disappeared14:00
MaxFrameswhat the....14:00
MaxFramesbah... reboot14:01
MaxFrameslooks good... the mouse has appeared :)14:02
MaxFramesexcept it won't get past that :(14:03
keitherzim on xubuntu with compiz fusion and my memory could still take it14:05
MaxFramesgosh... it was reasonably quick with 7.04 and it's dead on 7.10.....14:10
MaxFramesit takes an hour to do anything14:10
MaxFramesi hadnt realised gutsy was that much heavier than feisty14:11
MaxFramesit format=>reinstall feisty :/14:11
MaxFramesand i thought the system requirements were the same14:12
keitherzis that xubuntu14:18
MaxFramesit is14:18
MaxFramesgonna try something lighter, like ubuntu lite or absolute14:19
MaxFramesi want a linux with GUI and basic office software which runs really FAST on old (pentium III class, 64 to 128 mb RAM) machines14:19
MaxFramesi'll install it to revive old laptops14:20
MaxFramesstuff which originally shipped with win 2000 or win me14:20
maxamillionMaxFrames: well, xubuntu is probably the best you will do to fit your needs unless you want to "roll your own" setup from a base debian system and then build it from the ground up14:24
MaxFrameswhich i am not able to do14:26
MaxFramesanyway xubuntu does not run reasonably well on this machine, it just can't handle it14:26
MaxFramesstrange because it handled 7.04 pretty well14:26
MaxFramesunfortunately I have no time to study, search, build, compile, test: i need a quick solution to put back these venerable machines on the road14:27
MaxFrameswho cares about bells and whistles.... as long as they work well14:28
MaxFramesI'd just like to know why 7.10 is crawling where 7.04 walked14:29
maxamillionMaxFrames: honestly, i don't know ... i don't run xubuntu anymore, all my systems run custom config'd debian systems because i wanted more performance and more stability14:34
maxamillionhiya grazie, long time no speak14:34
keitherzah MaxFrames14:35
keitherzhave you tried DSL befor14:35
maxamillionMaxFrames: if you are going to go the route of DSL, you might want to give fluxbuntu a look before going to something that is so hack-job14:36
MaxFramesfluxbuntu? I don't know it... is it suitable for my needs in your opinion?14:38
keitherzwhy wont MaxFrames talk14:38
keitherznow he did14:38
MaxFramesand whats dsl?14:38
keitherzdamn small linux14:39
MaxFramesah ok14:39
graziehi maxamillion, how are you? I tend to get outdoors a lot when the weather is more favourable14:40
MaxFramesfluxbuntu seems to be unavailable for download at this time14:42
=== grazie is now known as grazie|afk
MaxFramesPIII 969 MHz/64 MB: do you think DSL will run well?14:49
keitherzi think14:49
MaxFramesit's way above the min specs14:49
MaxFramesit's not booting anyway :/14:50
MaxFramesi made a live cd with dsl current and it's stuck on the acpi detection14:50
keitherzwhat acpi?14:51
MaxFramesac battery button fan processor thermal14:51
MaxFramesdoes not boot14:51
MaxFramesthis is getting boring14:52
keitherzoh that14:52
keitherzthere is a solution14:53
MaxFramesplease tell me that, or it will be "Damn Useless Linux" for me :P14:54
MaxFramesperhaps "failsafe"?14:55
MaxFramesno, that just gives me a prompt14:55
MaxFramesdsl no apm14:56
MaxFramesnope, same as before14:56
mindframe-wait for the fluxbuntu :)14:57
keitherz_it was a power surge15:09
MaxFramesI will try puppylinux15:10
MaxFramesif that fails too, i'll give up :(15:10
MaxFramespuppy linux sounds good anyway... I can always spank it if it bisbehaves15:11
keitherz_oh that puppt15:12
keitherz_well the waggy tail pisses me off15:12
=== keitherz_ is now known as keitherz
MaxFrameslol... poor puppy15:14
MaxFrameslet's see how well it does... live cd ready15:14
MaxFrameshere, puppy, here... fetch!15:15
keitherzwhats RC?15:15
MaxFramesrelease candidate, i'd say15:16
keitherzits always in Ubuntu Gusty RC fusion15:16
keitherzits always in Ubuntu Gusty RC compiz fusion15:16
MaxFramesgee... the loading process is *slow*15:19
MaxFramesgod damn it! it's stuck again!15:21
MaxFramesI'm starting to think there is no such thing as a lightweight linux15:22
MaxFrames"get current hardware or get screwed"15:22
oushey all15:42
ousI'm trying to install xubuntu on an old Vaio PCV-200 with a newer 80GB HDD in ot15:42
ousso the issue is whenever I boot up Grub fails on Stage 2 with Error 1815:43
minimecHi. I would like to change the icon of some of my folers in Thunar. Is that possilbe, as there is no such function in the properties menu of a folder...16:53
minimechi ;)17:06
minimechyper__ch: You use Thunar I guess don't you?17:08
minimechyper__ch: Is it possible to give some custom icons to a folder?17:09
hyper__chminimec: I don't use thunar17:11
minimechyper__ch: ok thx17:11
hyper__chI prefer Konqueror17:11
minimecI never gave konqueror a real try...17:12
minimec.. or let's say a real chance..17:12
The_ManU_212ich hab gerade von feisty auf gutsy grafisch mit xfce upgedatet, alles lief gut bis auf einmal die atstatur und maus nicht mehr ging und eine frage zum behalten eienr config kam, ich konnte nichts machen und so habe ich xfce-session gekillt und neu egstartet, ist mein system jetzt schrott?17:42
alnoktawhen you type in terminal and what you type comes delayed, what is the cause of that?17:42
evil_techyou need to be in the deutsch channel17:42
evil_techslow system17:42
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de17:42
alnoktahe is gone already17:43
The_ManU_212pidgin crashes17:43
alnoktaslow system on the host?17:43
The_ManU_212what happened?17:43
alnoktaor me?17:43
minimecThe_ManU_212: hier ist eigentlich ein englischer channel? starte das system im recovery mode. wenn grub kommt die esc taste drücken17:43
The_ManU_212ok didnt know sry17:43
The_ManU_212minimec: and then?17:43
The_ManU_212pidgin isnt very stable17:44
The_ManU_212afk for some minutes17:44
alnoktaevil_tech: ?17:44
evil_techsorry was playing collapse17:44
minimecThe_ManU_212: sudo dpkg reconfigure xserver-xorg. You will have to answer some questions. if you're not sure about the driver of you card take the vesa driver.17:44
alnoktaevil_tech: which is slow..my computer or the host itself?17:45
evil_techwell are you logged into the terminal remotely?17:45
minimecThe_ManU_212: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ... sorry ;)17:46
evil_techif remote then maybe the the host is slow or the connection is experiencing some lag17:46
alnoktaevil_tech: yes17:46
alnoktaah it must be the connection17:47
Mark76What's the off topic channel called?17:47
Mark76Hey Evil17:47
evil_techhey mark17:47
Mark76How's it going?17:48
evil_techpretty good getting ready to go to work17:48
Mark76Just sitting around17:48
Mark76I've spent most of the day installing games from the repos and finding out just how bad I am at FPS17:49
evil_techmy games await on my work computer17:49
Mark76I suspect not having a joystick doesn't help17:49
evil_techshould have finished downloading and installing last night17:49
Mark76Shouldn't you be working on your work computer?17:50
evil_techmeh need something to occupy time after i set systems up for installation17:50
alnoktaMark76: frame per second?17:50
Mark76First Person Shooter17:50
Mark76Ah, I see Evil17:51
evil_techbut i must get going. ill see you again once im logged on at work17:51
jarnosHi, is it meant that pasword is asked after suspend?17:51
jarnosIt did not for me.17:51
jarnoson Gutsy.17:52
Mark76LUcky you17:52
Mark76Ever played Alien Arena?17:52
minimecjarnos: You have to activate that for your screentsaver I think. It should work for suspend I think17:52
Mark76My suspend is wonky. So I can't help17:54
alnoktawhats the development release?17:56
alnoktapost gutsy i mean17:56
Mark76Hardy Heron17:56
alnoktais there anything we can install yet?17:57
Mark76How adventurous do you feel?17:57
TheSheepalnokta: as long as your installation is not critical for your life17:58
TheSheepalnokta: for example, if you use it for work, then don't17:58
alnoktai use it for other things, yes17:59
TheSheepit's a work in progress, and although it usually works more or less, it can sometimes break hard or even corrupt data18:00
The_ManU_213gaim never chrashed pidgin every five minutes18:00
The_ManU_213so i didnt get you cause of several crashes18:00
alnoktaso i will stick with gutsy then :)18:01
TheSheepalnokta: compulsive upgrader? ;)18:01
The_ManU_213i upgraded feisty to gutsy but had to restart xfce-session so that the upgrade has been terminated too18:01
Mark76I've not had any problem with Pidgin crashing18:01
The_ManU_213how can i see if my system is fine or i have to reinstall it?18:01
alnoktaTheSheep: :P18:02
TheSheepThe_ManU_213: run the upgrade again?18:02
Mark76Hey Sheep18:02
TheSheephi Mark7618:02
The_ManU_213The Sheep how?18:02
minimecalnokta: I started to use gutsy with tribe5 on my test system. I will do the same with Hardy. I f you want to test... try Debian Lenny ;)18:02
TheSheepThe_ManU_213: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:02
Mark76Does Pidgin support webcams?  I haven't seen the option anywhere18:02
TheSheephi SamRose :)18:03
The_ManU_213argh strange pidgin18:04
alnoktaminimec: i did that from fiesty, kept upgrading till gutsy :)18:04
TheSheepMark76: I guess not, I've heard some rumours they were working on it, but I might have mixed something up18:04
The_ManU_213ehm there is all fine18:04
Mark76You want strange pidgin me show you Dodo18:04
The_ManU_213i broke the upgrade and then i had to reconfigure dpkg and all seems to be fine but not all was installed18:04
jarnosminimec: I played with screen saver settings and set it so suspend when I close the laptop cover, in return I am asked password, but not if I choose the suspend from xfce4-panel.18:05
Mark76Thanks Sheep18:05
TheSheepThe_ManU_213: then install the xubuntu-desktop package18:05
TheSheepThe_ManU_213: it will pull in all parts of xubuntu18:05
SamRoseHey TheSheep :)18:05
The_ManU_213minimec what did you say to do with my "broken" system?18:06
The_ManU_213can you all upgrade with no issue grphically?18:06
jarnosCan anybody else return to desktop from suspend without being asked password?18:06
minimecThe_ManU_213: can you change to a console on your system with <alt>F1 ?18:07
jarnosMark76: provided you can return from suspend.18:07
minimecjarnos: I use e17 as window manager with some gtk apps. So I cannot help you with the xfce4-panel.18:08
Mark76Which I can't18:08
minimecoups... time is running.. have to go cu18:08
Mark76Does anyone know how to add items to the menus?18:09
jarnosMark76: right-click the menu18:10
Mark76That doesn't work in Xubuntu18:10
TheSheepMark76: settings->menu editor18:11
Mark76That doesn't look like the applications menu, Sheep18:11
TheSheepMark76: yes, because it's generated form the system icons, but you can add your own items in there, and they will show up18:12
The_ManU_213minimec, i know how to change to a console but how to check the system i think there went something wrong with dist-upgrade cause i had to kill it ( x mouse and keyboard crashed no navigation possible)18:13
Mark76How do I add an item to, say, the games menu?18:14
TheSheepMark76: create a 'games' submenu and add an item to it18:14
TheSheepMark76: place them above the system include18:15
Mark76But there's already a games submenu18:15
TheSheepMark76: not in the editor18:15
TheSheepMark76: basically, the menu you are editong is later being merged with the system-generated one18:15
evil_techhmm apparently direct rendering is not enabled on my system18:17
Mark76kay, Where do I click first?18:17
Mark76I have the menu editor open18:17
jarnosMark76: try right click on system18:18
jarnosMark76: add entry.18:19
jarnosI have opposite problem. I want to remove items from a submenu.18:20
jarnosI have some entries in Other submenu added by Wine.18:20
jarnosI have uninstalled the respective windows application, and even upgraded ubuntu, but the menu entries remain.18:21
froso uh18:22
froanyone around to help?18:22
Mark76I set up a sub menu called games and added a game to it but it isn't showing up in the pop up menu18:23
jarnosMark76: did you save?18:24
froanyone else here use bitchx?18:24
alnoktathis is weird, can you open turtle.ignorelist.com ?18:25
alnoktait was working just yesterday18:25
Mark76Damn. It's in the Settings menu18:26
Mark76Now I need to kinow how to remove stuff as well18:26
evil_techhaving to start my wm manually is really getting annoying18:26
froalnokta, no, doesn't work18:26
alnoktai get network timeout on my
alnoktathere is something wrong18:28
alnoktasudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart won't fix it18:28
alnoktaand /var/log/apache2 don't have anything18:28
=== pleia2_ is now known as pleia2
jarnosMark76: move the menu above system by clicking the arrows, then save.18:29
alnoktacould this be the reason? Oct 26 17:19:40 lost-desktop avahi-daemon[4726]: No service file found in /etc/avahi/services.18:30
Mark76Now I have two games menus18:31
jarnosMark76: you mean games and Games?18:31
alnokta GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 743 "-" " what does that mean?18:33
jarnosMark76:  Try to rename the other to Games18:33
sillinessevil_tech, sup18:35
ProducedRawhow can i disable tooltips?18:35
silliness5 dolla18:36
sillinesstried to burn again and still very very slow evil_tech18:37
alnoktaTheSheep: any idea why apache isn't responding? even on localhost or
evil_techwell it is a 366mhz18:40
TheSheepalnokta: I really hate apache and refuse to support it, aks on #apache :)18:40
evil_techif you cant ping your loopback then there is something wrong with your tpp/ip stack18:40
alnoktaTheSheep: what server do you use then?18:41
alnoktaevil_tech: it was working fine and i haven't changed anything in Network18:41
TheSheepalnokta: lighttpd18:42
Mark76I can't do it :(18:42
Mark76I'm going to have dinner18:42
alnoktaits pretty straight forward, install apache, open the port on the router, then it works.18:42
Mark76Bye for now18:42
evil_techsomething is wrong. that is why they have you ping the loopback. it is to test that the tcp-ip stack is functioning18:42
TheSheepalnokta: you also need to tell apcahe on what port and IPs to listen18:42
TheSheepevil_tech: he's not pinging it18:43
alnoktaTheSheep: by default as always, it listens on 8018:43
TheSheepalnokta: on which ip?18:43
alnoktaand i open 80 by default and 443 for ssl18:43
TheSheepalnokta: have you looked into the logs?18:43
evil_techwhats he doing with it?18:44
evil_techthats what i get for coming in the middle of a conversation18:44
alnoktaTheSheep: yes, syslog, apache2/access.log error.log , nothing novel18:44
alnoktaTheSheep: open turtle.ignorelist.com and i will give you what it makes on access.log18:45
sillinessevil_tech, can you think of anything else why  I am burning so slow18:45
evil_technope not a clue other than what i have suggested already18:46
alnoktaevil_tech: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/42263/18:48
evil_techalnokta: yeah that is bad. i dont know how one would go about fixing it either. i just know it means that tcp/ip is not working18:50
evil_techmaybe uninstall and reinstall tcp/ip?18:51
jarnosAnybody have idea how to remove the Other menu?18:51
jarnosA submenu generated by Wine, I suppose.18:52
TheSheepjarnos: put that app in some other submenu18:52
TheSheepjarnos: copy relevant file from /usr/share/applications/ to ~/local/share/applications/ and edit it18:53
TheSheepjarnos: edit the 'Categories' entry to put it in some other menu18:53
TheSheepjarnos: or add 'hidden: true' to make it hidden18:53
alnoktaevil_tech: how? ;)18:54
evil_techlooking in synaptic to see if it is a package. b18:55
alnoktathat is strange, it opens in http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://turtle.ignorelist.com/18:58
alnoktabut not with localhost18:58
alnoktaor the local ip18:58
evil_techso you can ping outside your local network?18:59
alnoktaevil_tech: you mean like websites?19:00
jarnosTheSheep: I can't find relevant files. The entries are Windows application names.19:00
jarnosTheSheep: they got there when I installed a windows application using wine.19:01
TheSheepjarnos: grep for them19:01
alnoktaevil_tech: sure19:01
alnokta--- yahoo.com ping statistics ---19:01
alnokta19 packets transmitted, 18 received, 5% packet loss, time 18008ms19:01
alnoktartt min/avg/max/mdev = 255.364/259.217/261.552/1.748 ms19:01
TheSheepjarnos: ah, then they will probably already be in ~/local/share/applications/19:01
alnoktaevil_tech: what do you get whne you ping me ?19:02
=== zoredache_ is now known as zoredache
jarnosTheSheep: there is no such directory.19:03
evil_techalnokta: ping is successful19:03
TheSheepjarnos: .local19:03
TheSheepjarnos: sorry19:03
jarnosTheSheep: it's getting hot :)19:04
alnoktaevil_tech: why i cannot ping myself then ;)19:05
evil_techso tpc/ip is apparently fine if you can ping outside and people can ping you19:05
zoredachehold on...19:05
zoredachealnokta: are you behind a broadband router?19:05
TheSheepevil_tech: ping has noting to do with tcp19:05
TheSheepevil_tech: it's icmp19:06
evil_techi know that19:06
zoredachewhat is the ip address of your computer?19:06
zoredachenot the ip of your router?19:06
alnoktazoredache: yes,
alnoktaevil_tech: i didn't install any firewalls19:06
zoredachewhen you have a broadband you will have to screw around with dns19:06
evil_techbut when you ping the loopback that is to test the tcp/ip protocol stack. everything else is to see if there is connectivity19:06
s|kwhy would a user not be able to see a directory in another user's home directory even though permissions are set to read?19:06
TheSheepalnokta: linux comes with a firewall build in in kernel19:06
zoredacheyour router will not NAT internal traffic destined for internal hosts19:07
TheSheeps|k: you need an x on a directory to enter it19:07
TheSheeps|k: and on all the directories above19:07
alnoktazoredache: uhm but it worked before? ;)19:07
s|kan x is for execute?19:07
alnoktaTheSheep: how can i see its configuration then?19:08
TheSheeps|k: execute for files, end enter fo directories19:08
zoredachedid you have an entry in the hosts file that gave your internet IP for the hostname?19:08
TheSheepalnokta: iptables -L19:08
zoredache*internal* ip19:08
SunZ-_i just installed xubuntu 7.10 but i have a strange problem... an half wsod! when login.. half of the screen is white... and of course all is blocked.. any suggestion ?19:08
alnoktazoredache: let me check19:08
TheSheepalnokta: 'ip a' will tell you19:10
LycanNyc-workhello guys..19:11
alnoktazoredache: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/42268/19:11
alnoktaTheSheep: should i sudo iptables -L or normally it should give info?19:11
jarnosTheSheep: rm -r wine/ in ~/.local/share/applications/ did the trick. (I had formatted / during upgrade and don't have wine installed anymore.)19:11
jarnosTheSheep: thanks19:12
TheSheepalnokta: sudo19:12
zoredacheso  if you connect with a browser to you don't get anything?  how about if you telnet to
zoredacheor netcat to on port 8019:12
evil_techwell that sucked19:13
evil_techstupid game19:13
alnoktaTheSheep: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/42269/19:13
alnoktazoredache: yes network timeout in the browser19:13
TheSheepalnokta: ok, so no additional firewall rules19:13
alnoktatelnet: could not resolve to/ Servname not supported for ai_socktype19:14
TheSheepalnokta: what does 'ip a' say?19:14
alnoktaTheSheep: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/42270/19:15
TheSheepalnokta: ok, so your local ip is
alnoktaTheSheep: i know :)19:16
zoredacheok, so if you use the command 'nc 80' you get an error?19:16
TheSheepalnokta: I wonder why you don't have an IP on your loopback device19:16
=== maxamill1on is now known as maxamillion
alnoktaeven ssh is messed up and won't allow me to login19:17
alnoktaTheSheep: how can i add it?19:17
zoredachehow is that static adddress get configure?19:17
zoredachecan you show us your /etc/network/interfaces ?19:17
TheSheepalnokta: sudo ip a a dev lo19:17
alnoktai added it through system->network19:18
alnoktaTheSheep: i executed that19:19
TheSheepalnokta: uncomment the first two lines19:19
TheSheepalnokta: in your interfaces19:19
TheSheepalnokta: they are needed19:19
TheSheepalnokta: what does 'ip a' say now?19:20
zoredacheit should probably look more like this http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/42273/19:20
garuhhhhi! does xubuntu have all the applications pre-installed in ubuntu?19:21
TheSheepgaruhhh: no19:21
alnoktaTheSheep: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/42274/19:21
TheSheepalnokta: do you have ping to localhost now?19:21
garuhhhTheSheep: i kinda liked the vncviewer in ubuntu.. is it in xubuntu? am still downloading xubuntu now..19:22
zoredachegaruhhh: no, it doesn't have everything preinstalled19:22
zoredachegaruhhh: everything is available to install though19:22
alnoktano, may be i should restart networking? TheSheep19:22
TheSheepgaruhhh: you can install any apps from ubuntu in xubuntu, they just don't come preinstalled19:22
TheSheephi slow-motion19:23
garuhhhzoredache: which programs can you say are not in xubuntu?19:23
slow-motionhi TheSheep19:23
zoredachegaruhhh: on an installed system do an apt-cache show ubuntu-desktop.  You'll get a list of all the packages.  You can compare that with an 'apt-cache show xubuntu-desktop'19:24
garuhhhzoredache: ok... unfortunately, i'm still downloading xubuntu now.19:24
alnoktastill nothing :(19:25
garuhhhthesheep: how do i do that?19:25
zoredachegaruhhh: the easiest way to get everything on 'ubuntu', onto a system that you installed with a xubuntu cd would be to use the command 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop' from the terminal19:26
zoredacheerm... maybe not the 'easiest', but that would work anyway19:26
garuhhhzoredache: wow thanks! i'll be needing that..19:27
alnoktaTheSheep: what should i do now?19:28
garuhhhi kinda miss that installation method where you click all apps you wanted to be installed upon linux install.. that's available in ALTERNATE cds right?19:28
garuhhhi used mandriva before..19:28
evil_techhow do i turn compiz off?19:30
zoredacheevil_tech: you could probably kill compiz, and you might have to restart xfwm419:32
evil_techthink i might just uninstall compiz. tired of starting it up at boot and i think its why i cant get this game to work19:32
alnoktais it possible to 'downgrade'? ;)19:34
zoredachealnokta: not easily... it may be possible, but you are more likely to get a very broken system19:35
TheSheepgaruhhh: no, that's not available, you can just install all the apps you need after you installed the base system19:36
garuhhhthesheep: oh ok.. so it requires more work then.. hmmm..19:37
TheSheepgaruhhh: how is selecting them after install more work than selecting before?19:39
evil_techwell compiz is gone but i have no window manager now19:39
TheSheepgaruhhh: at least you can try them and see if you need them19:39
zoredachestart xfwm419:39
evil_techsudo xfwm419:40
zoredacheI don't think you would want to use xudo for that...19:40
zoredachethe windows manager should be ran as the user...19:41
garuhhhthesheep: normally, i already know which ones i'll be using, atleast those i've used before.. while it's installing, i just kinda leave the pc and just wait till its finished.19:41
garuhhhi mean, the OS and apps will be installed "all at once" :)19:42
TheSheepgaruhhh: ok, so here you have two waiting steps19:42
garuhhhthesheep: ah yes.. that's what i meant :D19:42
evil_techhopefully i dont have to start it up at boot everytime19:42
TheSheepgaruhhh: that's because *buntu are supposed to more complete products, rather than 'build your own system' kits19:43
zoredacheevil_tech: make sure you save your session when you log out19:43
garuhhhthesheep:  rather than 'build your own system' kits >> what do you mean?19:44
TheSheepgaruhhh: the developers already made some decissions for the users about which applications maight be best for them -- it's not good for everyone, but surelly makes it easier for first-time linux users19:45
evil_techhow do you turn on direct rendering? thought that was turned on when you installed the ati driver?19:45
TheSheepgaruhhh: and the advanced users know how to change that19:45
garuhhhthesheep: ah yes. i agree.. though at first i was really having problems downloading the apps i wanted. my pc is not connected to the internet, so dependency problems were annoying.19:47
TheSheepgaruhhh: there is apt-zip for that19:48
TheSheepgaruhhh: it will download the packages and dependencies and put them in a zip archive19:48
garuhhhthesheep: apt-zip? how is that? my pc is not connected to the internet.. and the ones i'm using to connect are windows.19:49
TheSheepgaruhhh: ah, that's bad19:49
garuhhhlinux is not that popular in internet cafe's here in our place19:49
TheSheepgaruhhh: carry a livecd with you ;)19:49
garuhhhso when i'm looking for apps, i have also to look at dependencies... "manually"19:49
alnoktait works!19:50
TheSheepalnokta: amazing19:50
garuhhhthesheep: unfortunately, internet cafe's dont provide cdrom drives :(19:50
alnoktanow i need to note how it is fixed so i can do it for another computer :)19:50
garuhhhthat's why i was looking for debian based linux which can run on usbs19:50
TheSheepgaruhhh: xubuntu can run from an usb, I think19:51
jarnosI had a little power management issue: I just came to computer, tried to unlock, computer suspended, tried to return, computer suspended, tried to return, computer hibernated, started computer, after login it complained hibernation did not work, even if I think it was the only thing that worked this time!19:51
alnoktaTheSheep: can you open turtle.ignorelist.com ?19:51
garuhhhthesheep: will it still take around 500MB?19:51
garuhhhmy usb is only 512 :(19:51
TheSheepgaruhhh: yes, use DSL for smaller19:51
TheSheepgaruhhh: I think DSL is about 50MB19:52
garuhhhyeah... i got dsl installed on my usb.. but haven't tried it yet19:52
garuhhhthesheep: the pc i'm using now can't boot on usb :(19:52
TheSheepgaruhhh: I thik there is a program for that19:52
garuhhhthesheep: the one which will use floppies?19:53
TheSheepgaruhhh: lets you boot from usb after you booted windows, or somehting like that19:53
alnoktaTheSheep: can you give me the part of the log in which i talked about teh problem?19:53
TheSheepalnokta: I don't keep logs19:53
=== grazie|afk is now known as grazie
TheSheepalnokta: wai,t I will paste it19:53
garuhhhthesheep: hmmm.. haven't heard of that..19:54
alnoktaok thanks :)19:54
maxamillionalnokta: the ubuntu bot keeps logs, you can check the official ubuntu log server19:54
alnoktai keep my own too, just not chatzilla, where is that maxamillion ?19:54
maxamilliongaruhhh: there is a program called "master boot floppy" or something of the sort that will install to a floppy and then you boot from your floppy drive and it gives you the option to boot from almost every interface of your machine and it just does a "virtual boot" and tells your bios its booting from floppy but streams the input from whatever interface you selected19:55
garuhhhthesheep: sorry if i'm a bit going away from xubuntu, but have you tried dsl? last time i tested it, it was looking for the KNOPPIX file system, i checked and there was a folder named Knoppix, and a file named knoppix inside.19:56
garuhhhthesheep: that's using my usb.19:56
graelbhi there. Anyone know why i would be getting a "Required: Non-windows generic openGL 1.4.0 drivers" error whenever i ran a hardware scan on KOTOR 2?19:57
garuhhhthesheep: ah ok.. heard of that floppy software thing.. but haven't tried it yet.19:57
maxamilliongraelb: sounds like you either don't have 3d drivers installed or that you are running something from wine and i don't know how much about that19:58
TheSheepalnokta: http://sheep.art.pl/SandBox19:58
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/19:59
graelbmaxamillion:  hehe, it is indeed running it from wine, sorry, forgot to mention that :-\ I do have the new nvidia drivers installed though19:59
alnoktaTheSheep: thanks!19:59
TheSheepgaruhhh: they might know more on #wine20:00
TheSheepgraelb: they might know more on #wine20:00
graelbTheSheep: yeah, i'm in there now, i figured someone in here might know the answer quicker ;-)20:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 3d - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about graphics - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about opengl - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:02
* maxamillion slaps ubotu and walks off20:02
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!20:02
maxamillioni used to know ubotu commands like they were second nature ... i've been away from the channel for too long20:03
* maxamillion will brb20:04
tcareAnyone know of a problem when using xfce session - when I go into Applications->Accesories->Terminal, Xubuntu20:04
tcarelogsout of itself.20:04
TheSheeptcare: it was an old bug with Gutsy and Terminal on ATI cards20:05
graelbBTW, on a sidenote, it says i don't have any vram either20:05
TheSheeptcare: a system update should help, I think20:05
tcareI have all the latest updates -20:06
evil_techhow do you turn direct rendering and 3d acceleration on20:07
TheSheep!compiz | evil_tech20:08
ubotuevil_tech: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion20:08
evil_techi had compiz loaded. and xgl is installed as is my ATI driver20:10
evil_techyet this game (Boson) keeps saying its turned off20:10
evil_techand crashes X half the time20:10
garuhhhare ATI drivers not having problems with openGL?20:10
tcareWhat's the equivalent of Windows device manager using XFCE (sorry, I am a newbie)20:10
tcareI am looking for a list of my hardware ...20:11
evil_techthere isnt one installed by default20:12
evil_techyou could type lspci in a terminal though20:12
evil_techlist all the stuff on the pci bus20:13
tcareWhen I try to run terminal in xfce, it logs out the system ...20:13
TheSheeptcare: it kills your X session, because there is a bug20:13
zoredachecan you do a 'CTRL-ALT-F1' and get a terminal?20:13
TheSheeptcare: you can just install some other terminal application20:14
TheSheeptcare: like gnome-terminal20:14
tcareTheSheep: What could I look for if I have all of the updates ...20:14
DBAlexIm running XUbuntu in VirtualBox :-)20:14
DBAlexIts damn nice...20:15
DBAlexjust im limited to like 1024x768 :(20:15
TheSheepBug #9184920:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 91849 in xfce "i810 + xorg = xfce crashes when opening terminal" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9184920:15
DBAlexXFCE rocks :)20:16
DBAlexCant wait to build a new PC (Quad Core) and run Xubuntu ;)20:16
TheSheeptcare: sorry, it was with an Intel card20:17
garuhhhDBAlex: wow!20:17
tcareubotu: thanks for the link, let me take a look...20:17
tcareTheSheep: no problem ...20:17
DBAlexgaruhhh: yeh :) im running Xubuntu on top of Vista atm... its actually quite snappy even on my lowly AMD 64 3000... I do have 1.25gb ram tho.. :-)20:18
DBAlexIve installed it so I can use MonoDevelop :D20:18
DBAlexGtk# fun :)20:18
DBAlexthe only thing thats slow is window re-draw... dunno how to speed that up cos I cant exactly install a video card driver for a VM :)20:19
garuhhhDBAlex: you've got quite a system there..take a look at mine: 500MHz AMD k6-2, 256 MB ram, 16MB vcard. :D20:20
garuhhhDBAlex: what's a MonoDevelop?20:20
DBAlexhehe thats not a bad system dude :) try installing on a Cyrix 233mhz thingy, I once had to hack around in the shell just to get a serial mouse working... : ) hehe20:21
DBAlexgaruhhh: MonoDevlop? its basically .NET open sourced and cross-platform20:21
DBAlexmeans I can port C# apps to Linux, OSX etc20:21
garuhhhDBAlex: actually am using a serial mouse too! lol  and believe me, took me an entire week to make it work20:22
DBAlexlol yeh20:22
DBAlexI have all the commands I did written on some paper20:22
garuhhhDBAlex: good thing i knew of "mdetect" i knew what i got wrong... the capital S in ttyS120:22
garuhhhDBAlex: frustrating right? add also the capital M i got wrong in "microsoft" protocol20:23
garuhhhDBAlex: was using ubuntu, though.20:23
DBAlexthe only reason I have to use Xubuntu in a VM is because since like the 6.10 release any version if *buntu (Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu) wont load... they all crash when the xserver is loaded :(... sucks... I might install it on my laptop but then the wifi doesnt work... unless I can hack the driver and get it working with ndiswrapper20:24
DBAlexgaruhhh: hehe, yeah, old legacy technology doesnt like Linux thats for sure20:24
garuhhhDBAlex: hmmm.. you'll be using it for programming? the QuadCore?20:24
DBAlexgaruhhh: yeah of couse... I just want to see how fast it can compile a kernel ; - )20:25
DBAlexyeah basically just development... :P20:25
DBAlexplus I need one to boast ;)20:25
tcareI'll be back ...20:25
garuhhhDBAlex: oh yeah... i guess it's an overkill for development... but for the boasting.. you won't have enough :D20:26
garuhhhDBAlex:  i decided to go for linux to boost performance of blender.20:26
DBAlexahh ok, how come such low hardware specs?20:26
garuhhhmy 500MHz is reeeeeeeaaaally sloooooow..20:26
DBAlexyou can find some better computers for free now20:27
DBAlexI got a 1ghz computer for £320:27
DBAlexmy dad uses it20:27
garuhhhDBAlex: what? 1GHz pc for that price? where?20:29
DBAlexlocal scrap computer yard sort of... plus, try ads in papers, people sometimes give computers away, plus try a local freecycle :)20:29
garuhhhDBAlex: am really in a deep need to have a new pc. but lacking the budget :(20:29
DBAlexyou can allways re-use bits of your old PC in the new one etc20:30
DBAlexyou need a better PC for blender tho :)20:30
garuhhhhmmm...here in the philippines, they don't throw such pcs..20:30
garuhhhlook at mine..20:30
evil_techif all you replace is ram, mobo and processor you can keep it pretty cheap20:30
garuhhhanything higher than 500MHz is better for me!20:30
DBAlexevil_tech: exactly20:30
evil_technewegg and tigerdirect are your friends20:31
DBAlexgaruhhh: Philipines? wow :) ... irc is global hehe :)20:31
garuhhhbut the shipping cost is higher than the item costs!20:31
DBAlexgaruhhh: you must have a phillipines freecycle20:31
DBAlexgoogle it :)20:31
DBAlexbe right back!20:31
DBAlexneed to reboot20:31
garuhhhDBAlex: still in windows right?20:32
DBAlexnah im on Xubuntu in a VM20:32
garuhhhwhat's a freecycle? can't find one..20:33
kbrookswhat's Xubuntu's menu look like?20:50
maxamillionkbrooks: these screenshots are from 7.04 but the menu looks the same -> http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=791&slide=320:52
kbrooksmaxamillion, what does the System entry have?20:54
maxamillionkbrooks: it doesn't ... i don't run xubuntu anymore20:55
* grazie falls off chair in horror!20:59
evil_techgrr all these nifty games and they all crash21:00
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto21:07
wbadger!nvidia >wbadger21:07
wbadger!nvidia |wbadger21:08
wbadger!nvidia >wbadger21:08
wbadger!nvidia >othernick21:08
=== alnokta_ is now known as alnokta
DBAlexhey im back :)21:23
DBAlexsorry for the delay21:23
DBAlexI had to reconfigure X21:23
TheSheepwbadger: don't abuse the bot21:23
DBAlexbut its br0ked21:23
wbadgersorry, I just wanted to test the redirection21:23
wbadgercan it redirect inside the channel like "wbadger, answer"?21:23
TheSheepwbadger: you can just /msg the bot21:24
TheSheep!botabuse | wbadger21:24
ubotuwbadger: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...21:24
wbadgerTheSheep, thanks21:24
=== jp is now known as PlatoFunFactory
PlatoFunFactoryHi. I'm trying to install Xubuntu to an older machine (233, 64M) and so burned the alternate install cd.  I set my BIOS to boot from cd, but when I start up, it doesn't seem to recognize the cd.  It does, however, recognize other distros cds (puppy, DSL).  Any thoughts?21:37
evil_techbad burn?21:43
evil_techyou check the iso's md5 sum and burn at the slowest speed?21:44
graelbHi... i'm trying to install the nvidia drivers from nvidia's webpage, and the scripts says i don't have the libc headers21:53
graelbany ideas?21:54
kebdid you apt-get install build-essential ?21:54
graelbhuh uh21:55
graelbhang on21:55
TheSheepgraelb: just install the drives from the repository21:55
graelbIt doesn't work right, it doesn't allow direct rendering, and my TTY's aren't working, so i thought i'd try to install them clean21:56
graelbinstalling build essentials21:57
kebyeah the pre-compiled ones worked for me21:57
evil_techis there a linux clone of metal slug?21:57
graelbok, brb21:57
TheSheepevil_tech: no, but you can play the original in xmame21:58
evil_techdoesnt that require having the ROM though?21:59
TheSheepevil_tech: well, yes21:59
PlatoFunFactoryevil_tech I burned at the slowest speed, I'll check the md5 now.22:00
alnoktaTheSheep: if i have another disk mounted at /media/disk ext3, and my / is almost filled, can i move the directories which get filled into that disk?22:00
TheSheepalnokta: like which ones?22:00
TheSheepalnokta: you can, for example, mount it as your new /home22:01
alnoktaTheSheep: i don't know exactly which ones, what directories apt-get install use for the programs?22:01
graelbyeah... issues galore! it couldn't build a kernel interface22:01
TheSheepalnokta: all of them?22:02
TangBaBaAnyone know how much time I should wait running modprobe before I can declare that something is going wrong? Running Gutsy on a P3 900 MHz with 192 MB or RAM.22:02
TheSheepalnokta: all except for /home22:02
TheSheepTangBaBa: running modprobe?22:03
evil_techshouldnt take long at all22:03
TheSheepevil_tech: I'd say it depends on the module you're trying to load22:03
TangBaBaDoh =(22:03
TangBaBaNdiswrapper is the module...22:03
TangBaBaTrying to get my wireless working.22:03
alnoktaTheSheep: not all of them, just the big one(s)22:04
TheSheepalnokta: you can mount the disk as any *one* directory22:04
TangBaBaEven after a fresh Gutsy install, modprobe just hangs when I try to run it to load ndiswrapper.22:04
evil_techive done modprode on ndiswrapper on a p3 550 with 192 and it took around 30 seconds22:04
Mark76Is there a Xubuntu version of Karamba or Desklets?22:04
TheSheepalnokta: or make several partitions on it and mount them as several directories22:04
TheSheepMark76: 'xubuntu version'?22:04
TangBaBaWell, poopy. Something officially is not working then.22:05
kebi've never tried to use lvm to combine directories across partitions22:05
alnoktaTheSheep: okay, how to do for example /home ?22:05
Mark76Well, okay. Which will work better on Xubuntu?22:05
TangBaBaI know this sounds like a stupid question, but if I'm trying to run modprobe to get my wireless working, should I unplug the USB cord that is currently supplying my internet? Or is that just one of those things that really doesn22:05
evil_techhehe FCEU and tetris life is good :D22:06
TangBaBa't make a difference?22:06
TheSheepalnokta: basically you need to rename your old home to somethng like oldhome, make an empty directury for your new /home, and add a line to your fstab that tells the system to mount that disk at /home22:06
TheSheepalnokta: but you should do it from a text terminal, because X are going to heng if you just remove the home from under them22:07
TheSheepalnokta: them you just copy all the files from your old home to your new one22:07
TheSheepalnokta: and you can delete the old home22:07
TheSheepalnokta: here is a howto on fstab22:07
TheSheep!fstab | alnokta22:08
ubotualnokta: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions22:08
TangBaBaHmm... does anyone know if I might have a better chance of success if I'm running from the failsafe text terminal?22:08
TheSheepTangBaBa: with a modprobe? unlikely.22:08
TangBaBaPoopy. Google time. Thanks =)22:08
alnoktaTheSheep: thanks, 1-how to copy preserving all the permissions? 2-does that apply to directory usr too?22:09
TheSheepalnokta: copying while preserving permissions and all other special things (as root): tar cv from-directory | tar xC to-directory22:11
Mark76That's odd. No sound22:11
TheSheepalnokta: for example, tar cv /oldhome/* | tar xc /home22:11
zoredachersync and cpio with the correct options could also be used to perserve permissions22:12
TheSheepzoredache: but they won't copy static links and devices22:12
TheSheepzoredache: tar can do that22:12
tcareIs TheSheep still in the house?22:12
zoredachersync will...22:12
zoredachewith the correct options22:12
TheSheepzoredache: well, I always used tar, don't know the right options for rsync :)22:13
zoredacheactually rsync should be pretty easy... rsync -a src dst22:13
alnoktaTheSheep: the second question :)22:14
Mark76Okay, sound's working in Gxine22:14
Mark76But not in Pidgin22:14
TheSheepalnokta: it applies to all directories, although I'd rather boot the livecd to move the system ones22:15
TheSheepalnokta: shuffling directories under a running system i a bad idea and requires some care22:15
tcareTheSheep:  I edited the xorg.conf file and removed a few higher display modes, set the DefaultDepth to 16, rebooted and terminal now runs under xfce without logging out.  Thanks a million - I knew I always liked sheep for a reason!22:16
alnoktaTheSheep: good you warned me :)22:18
tcareComing from a model of the Control Panel in Windows, I would like to experiment a little with Synaptic Package Manager.22:18
tcareDoes Synaptic just download the packages, then you have to install and configure the program from there ...22:19
evil_techonly if you tell it to22:19
tcareOr does Synaptic actually get the program "installed" for you?22:19
evil_techotherwise it downloads and installs22:19
tcareI tried installing roundcube using Synaptic.  It looks like it's all there in the folders, but when I try to access http://localhost/roundcube, I get nothing.22:21
TheSheeptcare: you need to start it first, and probably configure before that22:22
tcareWhat do you mean start it first ???22:23
TheSheeptcare: from what you describe, it's some kind of a web server?22:23
tcareXubuntu - server version 7.1022:24
evil_techemail server judging from the description in synaptic22:24
tcareIf you mean RoundCube, yes its an email server.22:24
TheSheeptcare: ah, it's a web application, you need a web server running to access it22:24
Mark76Now sound's gone totally22:25
TheSheeptcare: read the docs in /usr/share/roundcube22:25
tcareThe default Xubuntu server version installs LAMP by default.  Apache is running.22:25
Mark76Why would the sound fail?22:25
alnoktaTheSheep: tar cv from-directory | tar xC also applies when you are on the livecd? (keeping everything intact)22:27
Mark76This is worrying22:28
TheSheepMark76: kill esd22:28
Mark76No process killed22:28
TheSheepMark76: well, run lsof | grep esd and see which application is taking your sound card22:29
Mark76And when I tried kill esd I got this22:29
Mark76bash: kill: esd: arguments must be process or job IDs22:29
kebyou can try killall esd22:30
kebthat will look it up by name22:30
Mark76I did22:30
Mark76The output of  lsof | grep esd doesn't really mean anything to me22:31
TheSheepMark76: sorry grep dsp22:31
Mark76Nothing happened Sheep22:32
TheSheepMark76: lsof | grep dsp  returns nothing?22:35
kebdoesnt return anything on mine either22:38
keband my sound works22:38
Mark76I'm trying to think of anything superobvious, but easily overlooked, I could have done22:39
Mark76Ah.  PCM got turned off by something22:40
Mark76What's this I hear about OSX Leopard having multiple desktops?22:42
evil_techi've also heard it has compiz like effects too22:43
TheSheepevil_tech: the whole idea compiz-like effects came from MacOsX22:44
TheSheepevil_tech: mac had them first22:44
evil_techi didnt know that22:45
alnoktaTheSheep: alnokta>TheSheep: tar cv from-directory | tar xC also applies when you are on the livecd? (keeping everything intact)22:45
kebdidnt the whole idea windows icons menus and pointers come from xerox labs22:46
TheSheepalnokta: yes22:46
alnoktathanks TheSheep22:46
TheSheepkeb: it's hard to pinpoint, many people worked on it at the time, and they "borrowed" from each other freely22:47
evil_techthe original gui mouse and web browser22:47
TheSheepkeb: xerox did some really good research on it, true22:47
TheSheepevil_tech: there is an interesting article on the history of mouse on wikipedia22:48
TheSheepevil_tech: the idea is much older22:48
kebyeah those were the good old days pre-software patents and copyrights22:48
Mark76Gxine could be a decent little app if it'd stop cutting out22:49
TheSheepkeb: not really, they didn't patent the mouse on purpose22:49
TheSheepkeb: or so it seems22:49
kebgxine never worked for me.  i just compile mplayer for each new release22:49
* TheSheep uses vlc, pretty nice22:50
TheSheepand mpc for music22:50
Mark76Gxine has lots of ready to listen to channels22:50
kebhmm i'm using exaile now22:50
Mark76INcluding the main BBC ones22:50
TheSheepkeb: oh, it seems the ydid patent it22:51
Mark76What's a decent deb handler for Xubuntu?23:02
kebsynaptic works for me23:03
Mark76It's okay,  I seem to have gDeb23:04
kebwhat do you want to do with debs?23:04
fifafrazerI need some help with the keyboard shortcuts in xfce (xubuntu gutsy). Everytime I reboot, I have to start the keyboard config application to activate my custom keyboard shortcuts. I don't have to edit anything - just open the gui. How can I make my shortcuts load by themselves?23:04
Mark76YOu know www.getdeb.net?23:05
fifafrazerand another question.. How can you use english and danish language with aspell at the same time.. It's pretty annoying that everything i write in english is red-underlined.23:06
TheSheepfifafrazer: it should use your settings automatically :/23:07
TheSheepfifafrazer: and about aspell -- please let me know if you get to know how to do it, I'd be very interested too :)23:07
fifafrazerIt doesnt do it automatically for some reason :(23:08
TheSheepfifafrazer: maybe the rights for the config file are wrong somehow?23:09
fifafrazerWhere are they located?23:09
TheSheepfifafrazer: int ~/.config23:10
TheSheepfifafrazer: you need to enable 'show hidden files' in thunar to see them23:10
fifafrazerhmm.. I notice that the default shortcut keys works, so maybe it is using the wrong config file..23:12
Mark76Can Exaile handle Real streams?23:15
kebhmm such as?23:15
Mark76ANy BBC radio stream23:16
TheSheepMark76: I think that Exaile uses gstreamer23:17
keblooks like it doesnt , it is hanging on the url23:20
fifafrazerhmm.. changing permissions to the config file didnt work23:20
Mark76Does Gxine cut out after a few minutes for anyone else?23:21
tuxcrafterhello guys23:22
Mark76Hey Tux23:22
Mark76Ooh.  Must load the penguin racer game23:22
tuxcrafterHow do i stop the following apps from starting up without removing the package23:22
tuxcrafterI cant get them to die :-p23:23
Mark76Just untick them in Autostarted Applications?23:23
tuxcrafterMark76: they are not there23:23
tuxcrafterI have been trying for 60 minutes knwo23:24
tuxcrafterso time for some IRC help :-p23:24
TheSheeptuxcrafter: delete files in ~/.cache/sessions/ and untick the 'save session' on logout23:25
tuxcrafterso not select23:26
tuxcrafteri do not run gdm btw23:26
tuxcrafterstrait from startx23:26
* tuxcrafter already deleted .cache on the previous try but will do it again23:27
tuxcrafterTheSheep: by untick you mean do not save session ?23:27
TheSheeptuxcrafter: yes23:27
tuxcrafterok i will try23:27
Mark76I'm installing supertuxcart and planetpenguinracer23:27
Mark76So much for my lightweight OS23:28
TheSheepMark76: you could keep a lightweight os on a separate disk, locked in a drawer23:28
Mark76I wonder how much all this free software is worth?23:29
fifafrazerhtop indicates that my cpu is at 100%, but the sum of the seperate processes cpu % is only about 25%.. How can that be?23:30
tuxcrafterTheSheep: they are still there23:30
tuxcrafterbut it did have nice effect on my other settings23:31
tuxcrafter(desktop icons are back)23:31
* tuxcrafter dont want them :-p23:31
* tuxcrafter is going tho check the initrc files23:32
tuxcrafternope its not ther23:35
tuxcrafteror it is the gnome-screen-saver23:35
tuxcrafterlets remove it for testing23:35
tuxcraftersudo aptitude purge gnome-screensaver23:35
Mark76It's weird how some apps are automatically added to the menu23:36
tuxcrafterwhy wierd23:37
tuxcrafter.desktop files are added23:37
tuxcrafterso they come in the menu23:37
tuxcrafter(there is a bug in the xfce menu_23:37
tuxcrafterit does not support sub menus like the freedestkop standard predicts23:38
tuxcrafterTheSheep: any ideas how to stop the apps from starting?23:38
TheSheeptuxcrafter: removing the saved sessions always worked before23:38
* tuxcrafter is leaving in 15 minutes else he fals asleep23:38
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tuxcrafterTheSheep: also for the gnome-pty-helper23:40
TheSheeptuxcrafter: 1. sessions, 2. autostarted apps, 3. sessionrc file23:41
TheSheeptuxcrafter: sessionrc is somewhere in /etc/xdg I think23:41
TheSheeptuxcrafter: autostarted apps in ~/.config/23:41
tuxcrafter1 cecked 2 checked 3 processing:-p23:41
tuxcrafterTheSheep: gnome-pty-helper is still there23:51
tuxcraftersudo find / -type f -exec grep -H -n "gnome-pty-helper" '{}' \;23:51
tuxcrafterTheSheep: the rest is gone23:51
tuxcrafterhmm has to do something with the Terminal emulator23:54
tuxcrafterhas something to do with libvte923:55
tuxcrafterTheSheep: are you able to figure this one out23:56
tuxcrafterits int there for the last 3 xubuntu versions or more23:56
tuxcrafterits installled with libvte923:56
tuxcrafterwhat does it do?23:57
tuxcrafterwhy is it there?23:57
tuxcraftercan it be removed without losing essential functionality?23:57
fifafrazerTheSheep, I've foun out.. It's not my custom keyboard shortcuts that dont start on boot, but only my media keys.. They only work after I've launched the xfce-key application.23:58

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