johnny_hi, after upgrading to gusty (including the chroot) now firefox never dies when you shut it off02:43
johnny_you have to manually kill the process02:43
kamazuhi everybody03:30
kamazuI have a problem booting a i386 client booting from an amd64 server03:31
kamazuthe boot process starts but stops at request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c03:32
johnny_you did generate the proper ltsp image right?03:32
johnny_hmm.. no idea then , never seen that one03:33
kamazuI did a ltsp-build-client --arch i38603:33
johnny_aha.. never seen it.. try manually blacklisting it in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist03:33
kamazuso i HAVE to first delete the amd64 in /opt/ltsp ?03:33
kamazuI didn't do that03:34
johnny_well if you had amd64 clients you'd want to keep that :)03:34
kamazuYes :)03:34
kamazubut that's what i read in the net03:34
johnny_just make sure that your users are receiving the proper i38603:34
johnny_in your dhcpd config03:34
kamazuin /var/log/syslog it says03:35
kamazuconnect from, assigned file is /opt/ltsp/images/amd64.img03:35
johnny_on i386 system? if so.. that's prolly your problem03:35
johnny_or rather.. is at least a part of it :)03:35
kamazubut where if not in /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf is it assigned?03:36
johnny_ well it's between the tftpd and the dhcpd03:36
kamazufilename "/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.003:36
johnny_check your tftpd03:36
johnny_i have no idea..03:37
johnny_i don't use the default dhcpd and tftpd03:37
johnny_i use dnsmasq for both03:37
kamazui did a grep -r amd64 in etc and didn't find anything but in inetd.conf03:37
johnny_and what does that say?03:37
kamazu2000               stream  tcp            nowait  nobody /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/sbin/nbdrootd /opt/ltsp/images/amd64.img03:38
kamazu2001               stream  tcp            nowait  nobody /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/sbin/nbdrootd /opt/ltsp/images/i386.img03:38
kgoetz /etc/ltsp or /etc/dhcp are teh places to look03:39
kgoetz(previously anyway)03:39
kamazuyes the bootup starts and in my /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf i don't mention amd6403:39
kamazubut still in /var/log/syslog there is this line03:40
johnny_hmm.. change the 2000 line03:40
johnny_or rather.. for testing, switch the 2001 and 2000 lines03:40
kamazui'll comment it out03:40
johnny_siwtch em03:41
johnny_2001 and 200003:41
johnny_and then try03:41
kamazuone minute :)03:41
kamazuno luck :(03:44
kamazui'll will delete both architectures and for now only use i38603:45
kamazuthanks dough03:45
=== RichEd-1 is now known as RichEd
highvoltagegood mornign edubuntuland08:17
highvoltagesorry, fell asleep last night before the meeting started08:17
RichEdhi highvoltage08:20
highvoltagehey RichEd08:22
Nubaehi, I'm trying to find libflashsupport for 64 bit11:02
NubaeI've got lib 32, but that doesnt seem to help installing libflashsupport11:03
gnomefreakNubae: nspluginwrapper11:31
ogragnomefreak, libflashsupport works on a lower level11:34
gnomefreakah ok11:35
ograit fixes a bug where flash doesnt close its alsa sockets properly ...11:35
ograits actually a workaround to fix a bug adobe doesnt care for11:35
Nubaeso is there no way to run it on 64bit then?11:36
ograNubae, there are source packages somewhere, you should be able to build them ... sadly there are some cross licensing issues with libflashsupport that need to be solved before it can hit the archive11:36
NubaeI tried to build11:36
Nubaefrom source, got all kind of errors11:37
ograhow did it fail11:37
Nubaewhat is pastebin address again?11:37
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)11:38
ograsudo apt-get install libssl-dev11:38
ograis for the first error11:39
Nubaeyeah didnt look to closely at the errors to be honest...11:39
ograyou likely also need libasound-dev and the pulse development package11:39
ograits only missing some build deps11:40
Nubaeof course, didnt install any of the dev packages11:40
Nubaeah thats good news... only thing not working now on my install11:41
ograif y build complains about not finding "something.h" at the top its usually missing a -dev package11:41
ograso the way to solve it would be to find out where: openssl/ssl.h, esd.h, pulse/simple.h and pulse/error.h are in .... and install these packages11:42
Nubaecool, thanks11:43
ograpackages.ubuntu-com has a search function for package contents where you can easily find the answer :)11:43
Nubaelibesd0-dev for esd?11:44
Nubaethanks for that ogra, that will be useful for life... (packages.ubuntu.com)11:49
johnnyogra,  i commented on that bug, i tried setting LDM_SERVER11:51
johnnyno dice11:51
ograyeah, i saw it11:51
ograNubae, right, thats the right lib for esd (you could also disable esd in the code, its not used anyway in our setup)11:52
Nubaecc1: warnings being treated as errors11:52
Nubaeflashsupport.c: In function ‘FPX_SoundOutput_Open’:11:52
Nubaeflashsupport.c:488: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size11:52
ograjohnny, i fear we'll need sbalneav for further debugging, i dont know 100% how his autologin stuff works ...11:53
Nubaethats what I get after all dependencies seem to be met11:53
ograNubae, look at the makefile for -Werror .... remove that11:53
ograso it doesnt treat warnings as errors11:54
Nubae/usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccZf1tuq.o: relocation R_X86_64_32 against `a local symbol' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC11:54
Nubae/tmp/ccZf1tuq.o: could not read symbols: Bad value11:54
johnnyogra, that's cool, i just make to make sure the bug is treated as valid11:54
ograNubae, you removed -Werror ?11:55
ograadd -fPIC for it and see what happens11:55
ograthe code might not be 64bit compatible though11:55
ogra(especially since there is no native 64bit flash)11:56
Nubaeflashsupport.c: In function ‘FPX_SoundOutput_Open’:11:56
Nubaeflashsupport.c:488: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size11:56
Nubaebut the other error went11:56
ograso it built ?11:56
Nubaeoh... guess it did11:56
ogratry if it works then11:56
Nubaemake install worked11:57
ograrun sudo ldconfig11:57
ograto make sure the lib linker knows its there11:57
ogra(not sure make install does that, wont do no harm to run it again even)11:57
Nubaerestart firefox?11:57
Nubaenah, no sound11:58
ogracheck ~/.xsession-errors11:59
ograif there is any trace of pulseaudio errors11:59
NubaeALSA lib ../../../src/pcm/pcm_hw.c:1351:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card12:00
NubaeALSA lib ../../../src/pcm/pcm.c:2105:(snd_pcm_open_conf) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/al$12:00
Nubaeover and over12:00
Nubaehave to run, dentist appointment... thanks for that though, I'll check in to see if you're here when I get back12:01
sbalneavogra: Morning!14:21
o00wis there anyone that can assist me with setting up printers?15:23
sbalneavo00w: On which, the server, or thin clients?15:26
o00wsbalneav: on a client I am just testing 7.04 on our networks15:27
sbalneavSure, I can help15:28
nubaefor thin clients, is it the same with 7.10 as 7.04?15:28
ogra1nubae, beyond the fact the lts.conf moved to a new place the options are still the same15:28
nubaeits something I need to get to as well, teachers are asking me constantly15:28
sbalneavogra1: Hey there!15:28
ogra1sbalneav, yo15:29
ogra1sorry i didnt ping back yet in #ltsp15:29
sbalneavNah, np15:29
ogra1just got my ultra beefy 2M SDSL line :)15:29
sbalneavI went to #bzr and got help15:29
sbalneavMy own stupidity, as usual15:29
o00wsbalneav: it is a xerox phaser 8550dp...I can see the printer with the correct IP with Global Settings/Detect LAN Printers...in fact I see all the printers...quite impressed by that15:29
sbalneavI bzr co'd, instead of branch'd15:29
sbalneavso all I have to do is bzr bind, and I'm cool.15:30
=== ogra1 is now known as ogra
sbalneavI'm just fixing up the upstream bits now, then I'll branch onto launchpad for hardy devel.15:30
ograi thought you branch upstream into ltsp-drivers15:31
ograi have a bunch of pending changes for the branch you got on ltsp.org15:31
nubaehey about flash sound on the clients with 64 bit edubuntu, I'm not in the school right now so cant check anything, but did u see anything with the errors i pasted (.xsession-errors)15:32
o00wsbalneav: is there a quick way to talk directly in channel to someone, currently I highlight the name and paste it followed by colon...but I am not sure if it changes the color of the name for that user as it does when someone responds to me...sorry if this seems like a poorly worded question15:32
sbalneavMost irc clients have name tab completion15:32
sbalneavso, for you, I just type15:33
sbalneavo00w: o<tab>, and it fills in your name15:33
o00wsbalneav: ty I should have guessed it would act similar to a terminal15:33
o00wsbalneav: so I click add printer... it scans available printers and I have "use a detected printer" bulleted and scroll down to the appropriate printer15:35
o00wsbalneav: then I pick the driver which I added from a printer ppd package I downloaded from Xerox15:36
o00wsbalneav: gave a description and the printer appears in the list15:37
nubaeogra: about the xsession-errors: ALSA lib ../../../src/pcm/pcm_hw.c:1351:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card15:50
ogrado you have sound in other apps?15:51
nubaeeven totem15:51
nubaeogra: this is the other line: ALSA lib ../../../src/pcm/pcm.c:2105:(snd_pcm_open_conf) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_pcm_pulse.so15:54
ogranubae, dpkg -l libasound2-plugins15:57
ograbut its installed ?15:59
ograls /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_pcm_pulse.so ?15:59
nubaeyeah its there15:59
nubaemaybe its a case of restarting16:00
ograbut try :)16:00
nubaeheh :-)16:01
nubaeI've got 12 users using crossover and office and this is the cpu time: 0.22 (1 min) 0.19 (5 mins) 0.30 (15 mins)16:02
lnsyou guys talking about flash/shockwave sound in firefox by chance?16:16
lnsthat's my problem *raises hand* =p16:17
ogradid you try out gnash ?16:17
ogralns, shouldnt be one on i386 servers ...16:17
ograonly on amd6416:18
lnsogra, mine are all amd64 :(16:18
lnsw/i386 clients16:18
lnsand (unfortunately) flash, java and shockwave in firefox are the most important things for the students to have16:18
nubaegnash should work according to the latest posts16:18
ogralns, do your servers have more than 4Gig of RAM ?16:18
lnsogra, yes they all have 8gb16:19
lnsi've put cxoffice pro on them, and shockwave / flash *work*, but no sound.16:19
nubaeIns same here16:19
lnsi've been hacking away for weeks trying to get them to work, but no luck yet :(16:19
nubaehave u compiled the libflashsupport for it?16:20
lnsnubae, that's the whole thing16:20
nubaeogra just guided me through the compilation16:20
lnsi can't - it won't compile due to some crazy compilation errors..i e-mailed revolutionlinux on it but they never replied16:20
sbalneavHere's my advice.  If you want flash, DON'T install 64 bit on the server.  Stay 32 bit.16:21
lnssbalneav, well...heh16:21
lnsits a little too late for that now ;)16:21
ograor know how to set up a 32bit chroot16:21
ograand run firefox 32bit from there16:21
lnsogra, what, a seperate 32bit chroot for firefox?16:21
ograand flash16:21
lnswell, actually i'm using the infamous 3in1 script from Kilz16:22
lnsso it's firefox 32-bit16:22
ograhmm, not sure you can make libflashsupport work in that scenario easily16:22
lnsogra, i concur ;)16:22
lnsso is there any documentation on setting up another 32-bit chroot for firefox in this kind of scenario?16:23
ograbut seems gnash did some quantum jumps recently16:23
nubaeits supposed to work with pictures to prove it :-)16:23
lnsogra, i'd love to use gnash, but i still have the huge issue of shockwave and java16:23
lnsand yes i do mean actual shockwave director =)16:24
nubae32 bit to 64 bit back to 32 bit in the client16:25
nubaesounds ugly :-)16:25
lnscan't we just beat down the ceo of adobe instead? it sounds easier ;)16:26
ograif you thinks that helps to make them love linux more, go ahead :)16:27
lnsogra, with setting up this chroot should pulseaudio "just work" to the clients?16:28
lns(for flash/sw/etc in firefox)16:28
nubaewell Ins, not sure if it actually works, but ogra gave me these instructions to install libflashsupport for amd64:16:28
nubaeNubae, look at the makefile for -Werror .... remove that16:28
nubae<ogra> add -fPIC for it and see what happens16:29
nubaethat compiled for me and installed16:29
ograand you need the build dependencies installed16:29
nubaebut dont think it worked.... I havent been able to fully test it as I'm at a remote location16:29
nubaewould be interesting to see if it works for you16:30
lnslemme try and dig up the error it was throwing me to see if it was the same compilation error16:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:31
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cberloHi folks.  Anyone have suggestions for running Edubuntu LTSP with the Xubuntu desktop?  Should it be worth the processor savings?  I know it's easier to lockdown with the config files...16:32
lnshttp://pastebot.ltsp.org/351 is the full text of the e-mail i sent them16:32
lnsnubae/ogra can you take a glimpse at that?16:33
ograremove -Werror from your Makefile16:33
lnsogra, ok16:33
nubaeyeah its the same errors16:34
lnsogra, under CFLAGS right?16:34
ograwherever you see it16:34
ograi dont have the code in frot of me16:35
nubaejust in gcc16:35
nubaeso Ins did that work?16:40
lnsack..=p here16:40
lnsapologies for the bad chars16:41
nubaeyou need the dependencies16:41
nubaeall the dev libraries16:41
nubaelibssl-dev, etc16:41
lnsok lemme get those16:42
lnsdo i need esd devs if it's gutsy?16:44
nubaesupposedly not, but I installed anyway16:44
lnsthat's another thing that really confuses me about the whole situation.. i don't even know if pulseaudio has completely taken over or not..maybe i'm just paranoid =p16:44
lnsyikes...network bottleneck at the schools, kids must be on runescape or something. =p (or the teachers)16:48
nubaeIns what do you use for student management, schooltool?16:50
lnsnubae, we don't use anything for student management16:50
lnsthey have a seperate (windows) admin network, LTSP is for the student labs/classrooms16:51
nubaeah... right.... I'm sticking to linux only at this school16:52
lnsyikes... 12kb/sec.16:52
lnsmakes me think back to the old BBS days.16:52
lnsANSi art rules16:53
nubaekillall -u :-)16:53
lnsseriously. =)16:53
lnswell this might take a while to install the devs16:56
diddy Where do I find the history file for synaptic package manager16:56
lnsdiddy, did you try /var/log/dpkg.log ?16:57
nepanyone know how do I configure in etch as in edubuntu for sound in clinet for ltsop16:57
sbalneavnep: keep an eye out for vagrantc16:58
sbalneavhe's one of the debian guys16:58
nepsbalneav, yes But haven't seen him today,16:59
diddylns, looks good, thank you17:00
lnsnp diddy, glad i could help17:01
nubaestill compiling?17:01
lnsnubae, still downloading. =p17:02
lnsextremely slow pipe over there today...not sure why they think a T1 is enough for 7 schools =p17:02
lnsit's usually much faster in the afternoon (when they're all gone, that is) =p17:02
lnsglad i dojn't have to rebuild my chroot!17:03
nubaewhere are you at Ins? US?17:03
lnsyes - california17:03
lnsLns btw ;)17:03
nubaeah hehe17:03
lnswoo, it compiled! =p17:16
Nuba1Lns did u manage to get flash working then?17:45
lnsNuba1, i'm downloading git-core right now so i can download the new version of libflashsupport provided by pulseaudio17:47
lnsi got it compiled but as i was, but then warren told me there's a better (less buggy) version out there17:48
lnsgo figure =p17:48
Nuba1oh reallly... where?17:48
lnshold on17:48
Nuba1I'm at the school now so I can hack at this too17:48
lnsoh nice17:49
lnshmm. this is what i get after installing git-core17:51
lns# git clone http://git.0pointer.de/repos/libflashsupport.git/17:51
lnsInitialized empty Git repository in /usr/src/libflashsupport/.git/17:51
lns/usr/bin/git-clone: 310: curl: not found17:51
lnsCannot get remote repository information.17:51
lnsPerhaps git-update-server-info needs to be run there?17:51
Nuba1hmmm same here17:52
lnsI *did* have the libflashsupport.so compiled successfully from revolutionlinux though17:53
lnsi'm not onsite so i couldn't test it17:53
lnshave you done that yet?17:53
Nuba1and didnt work17:54
lnsare you using firefox32 or 64-bit version?17:54
Nuba1weird the repo doesnt seem empty17:54
lnsi'm using firefox32 (in amd64 ubuntu install, using the Kilz 3in1 script)17:55
Nuba1any reason why?17:56
lnsmainly for flash, java and shockwave support17:58
Nuba1and 64bit firefox wont do that?17:58
lnswell, after gutsy came out, flash has the nspluginwrapper install script17:59
lnswe have crossover office for installing shockwave17:59
lnsjava is now a big issue though, i see for 64-bit17:59
Nuba1really, java wont install on 64bit?18:00
lnsjoin #ltsp, ogra and i are talking about that right now18:02
Petaris_Akilns: it is better to use 32-bit firefox and the 32-bit plugins18:02
Petaris_Akithat is what I have found anyway18:02
Petaris_Akinspluginwrapper never worked well for me18:03
Petaris_AkiI did it without needing a chroot too18:03
Petaris_Akithough I can't remember where I found the how-to18:03
Petaris_Akiits not just java either, its flash and a bunch of others too18:05
lnsPetaris_Aki, i concur18:05
Petaris_Akirealplayer, etc all have only 32-bit plugins last I looked18:05
Petaris_Akiwell its lunch time18:06
gamed|phhow can I set the ip of the ltsp-server for my thin-clients? My dhcpd/tftpd runs on a other maschine then my ltsp...19:17
lnsgamed|ph, you have to use the "next-server" dhcp option19:21
lnsgamed|ph, for instance19:22
=== mcfloppy_ is now known as jchristsuperstar
lnshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPWindowsDHCP (with windows dhcp)19:22
gamed|phi don't want to set the ip og my tftpd, i need to change the ip of the ltsp/nfs/ssh19:23
lnsso you want to change the ip of your ltsp server?19:23
lnsis that what you're asking?19:23
gamed|phno i know how to change an interface-ip ;-)19:24
gamed|phI've an ipcop with dhcp and tftp...19:25
gamed|phand a ltsp-server19:25
lnsi do too =)19:25
lns(have an ipcop and ltsp that is)19:26
gamed|phah, cool ;-) the ipcop already provides a boot-menu to my clients and i've expanded it to a ltsp-option19:26
gamed|phbut when i boot a client with that the client don't know the ip of the ltsp-server19:26
gamed|phcan i use append in pxelinux.cfg/default for that?19:28
lnsi'm almost positive i had to do this for a specific (bad) thinclient, but the options i used in ipcop to pass to ltsp were the following19:30
lnsserver-identifier <ip-of-ltsp>19:30
lnstftp-server-name <"ip-of-ltsp">19:31
lnsnext-server <ip-of-ltsp>19:31
gamed|phmh, but next-server is afaik the ip of the tftp, right?19:32
lnsyou have tftp on a different server than ltsp?19:32
gamed|phyes, tftp runs on the ipcop19:32
lns....wow, haven't heard of that kind of setup before19:32
lnswhy do you do that?19:32
gamed|phmh, ipcop can provide me any kind of boot on this way... ghost, ubuntu setup, dsl rescue...19:34
lnsgamed|ph, the only thing i could think of is having some MAC identifier for your thin clients19:35
gamed|phI just want to change the ip the busybux will connect to.... Is it such heavy?19:36
lnsgamed|ph, have you considered static dhcp leases with specific options per MAC/client?19:40
gamed|phYes of course but the clients are not only thin clients, I need to have the other boot options too19:41
gamed|phand i cant move the dhcp/tftp to the edubuntu server19:41
lnsgamed|ph, afaik if you have a dhcp/tftp server, the tftp server options can let you download whatever kernel image you want19:43
lnsbut having a "chooser"...i have no clue. I don't even know if i understand what you're trying to do correctly.19:43
gamed|phI've a ipcop witch provides dhcp and tftp... actualy theres a boot menu to boot local, install ubuntu, start ghost, start Damn Small Linux etc.19:44
gamed|phnow I've uploaded the thin-client kernels to the ipcop-server and edit the boot menu for it19:45
gamed|phbut the thin client cant connect to the ltsp-server because the ip of the ltsp-server is not known by the client-image19:45
gamed|phbut i don't know how to pass the ip into the image19:45
lnsthat's done somewhere in the LDM i think. or possibly lts.conf... not sure.19:47
lnsbut at least i get what you're trying to do now =)19:47
gamed|ph;-) ah ok19:47
gamed|phisn't lts.conf in the nfs-root?19:47
lnsin gutsy it's in /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i38619:48
gamed|phbut witch option?19:51
lnsnot sure19:53
lnsyou'll need to look at the available options19:53
gamed|phwhere i can find it?19:56
lnsgamed|ph, apt-get install edubuntu-docs20:01
lnsthat's the best documentation out there imho20:01
gamed|phwhere i can find the docs then?`20:05
lnsapt-get install edubuntu-docs20:07
gamed|phyes but when i've installed them where i can  find it?20:09
lnssystem -> about ubuntu -> edubuntu handbook20:10
lnssystem -> help and support -> edu handbook20:10
gamed|phhehe, sorry but I've only the terminal because i'm not in front of the server20:11
lnsdpkg -L edubuntu-docs20:11
LaserJockyou might have a hard time reading them from a terminal20:12
LaserJockas they are in docbook XML20:12
johnnysbalneav, could you help me out with more nfo you need for the autologin bug, I'd like to do some more testing on it later tonight20:14
gamed|phmh, SERVER = doesn't work20:24
gamed|phmy client can't mount it20:34
* johnny looks for that francis guy..20:46
sbalneavjohnny: Did you set the LDM_SERVER= line?20:58
johnnyno change21:09
johnnyand no quotes either21:10
johnnyi'm going back there21:11
sbalneavWell, without seeing the lts.conf, I can't say for sure.21:11
sbalneavIt works for me at home, on my boxes.21:12
johnnyi can show it21:12
johnnyi re commented the clients so they would work21:14
sbalneavLooks ok21:15
sbalneavmust be something else in your setup21:15
sbalneavssh config, maybe.21:16
sbalneavWhat are you using for authentication?  Just regular /etc/passwd?21:16
sbalneavor are you using AD or some such?21:16
sbalneavI'd test if you can ssh -X user@host, and login with that password21:18
johnnyhost being the server?21:18
johnnyok, i will21:19
johnnyso, before i get there . any more info on localapps ?  firefox is causing me no end to trouble on there :)21:21
johnnyluckily that's the only app that is really causing trouble21:21
sbalneavIt won't cause you any less trouble with localapps :) If you want to run it locally, you'll need even MORE ram on the workstations.21:23
=== bdmurray_ is now known as bdmurray
sbalneavBut no, I've done no more work on localapps at the moment.21:24
lnsbooooooo for localapps =p21:27
lnsthin means thin21:27
sbalneavuhhh, yeah.21:28
lnsjust easing the tension, baby! =p21:30
johnny_sbalneav, i tried ssh -X user@server and it works just fine23:35
LaserJockhi bdoin23:36
LaserJockhow are things in gcompris land?23:36
bdoinI do my best ;)23:37
kgoetzhi :)23:37
LaserJockmaybe tonight I can get 8.4.2 merging for Hardy23:41
johnny_hmm.. any other debugging suggestions people can make for autologin in gusty ltsp?23:41
LaserJockbdoin: while I'm merging I'll have a look at that translation problem23:42
LaserJockbdoin: I think we're just not updating the .pot in the packaging23:42
kgoetzjohnny_: are you the one who emailed the list?23:44
johnny_another dude did on behalf of me23:45
johnny_after he was able to reproduce it23:45
johnny_it's also a filed bug23:45
kgoetzi havent used LTSP5/gutsy, so i cant help much i'im afraid23:45
bdoinLaserJock: just found an issue on 8.4 branch with gstreamer 0.10.14, small ogg files are not played23:46
bdoinIt will be fixed in the upcomming gstreamer 0.10.1523:46
LaserJockah, good to know23:46
bazzahhh good timeing23:47
bazzI sent the autol logon to the list23:47
bazzI sent to the list this stuff23:48
bazzHow can I set the LTSP client to automatically log in?23:48
johnny_which stuff?23:48
bdoinLaserJock: are you on the gcompris devel mailing list ?23:48
johnny_in your lts.conf23:48
bazzyes withe the 3 screes set to ldm23:49
johnny_and that's it23:49
johnny_for each workstation23:49
bazzcan I do that withe the 3 screens?23:49
bazznot work stations but screens23:49
johnny_3 screens?23:50
johnny_why would you need 3?23:50
johnny_i only use one23:50
johnny_or rather two23:50
johnny_a shell23:50
johnny_and ldm23:50
bazzI'm setting up an automation lab23:50
johnny_oh.. that's totally different23:50
johnny_i don't think that will work23:50
johnny_logins are per workstation23:50
johnny_at least not the way it is currently setup23:50
bazzI know I can manualy logon each screen23:51
johnny_you could hack up ldm23:51
johnny_that might work23:51
bazzI was kinda hopefull I could set it up to auto23:51
bazzNot sure where I would start23:51
bazzI was hoping I could get the screen viewer to work wit it also23:52
LaserJockbdoin: no, I'm not23:52
LaserJockbdoin: does it get a lot of traffic?23:52
bazzthe LTSP server?23:53
bazzis there an upto date exampe lts.conf with all the options anywhere?23:54
johnny_there's a file that lists all the parameters23:55
johnny_lts-parameters i think23:55
bdoinLaserJock: not really sometimes there are important thinks that may impact packaging23:56
LaserJockbdoin: ah, ok23:56
bdoinI just explained the gstreamer issue for example23:56
bazzcool I'll have to look for it...23:56

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