MilitantPotat1ignoramus: I thought it always alphabetizes it?00:01
ignoramusmilitantpotat1: it did initially, but upon adding apps, some of the menus ("System" in particular) just add the new apps to the top00:02
MilitantPotat1oh, right.00:02
DragnslcrDunno if you can automatically, but you can always reorder the items yourself00:03
MilitantPotat1right click K, Menu Editor00:03
ignoramusi was gonna say that!00:03
MilitantPotat1then drag them to where ya want them00:03
ignoramusi'd like to have it done automatically if possible, for when installing new apps00:03
MilitantPotat1Like Dragnslcr said, I don't think there's a way to automatically sort them.00:03
lgkanhmmm..  install keeps hangin on dell latitude cpx650gt, although the live cd works, has no errors, thot it was the harddrive so its been replaced..  any ideas00:04
ignoramusIgkan: not sure if this helps, but when I installed Feisty, install seemed to hang, but i let it go for about half an hour, rebooted, and everything installed fine... seems just the GUI wasn't responding.  Have you tried it?00:06
lgkanI thought that was the issue, left it overnight, tried reboot without cd, nothing there00:07
MilitantPotat1lgkan: try the alternate CD install00:07
lgkanI'm wondering if its having a problem with partition managing00:07
lgkanseems thats where it stops responding00:08
MilitantPotat1lgkan: you could always manually setup your partitions with gparted00:08
donsdwKDE System Settings says my Screen size is 1280 x 1024 which is suppose to be ideal for my monitor.00:08
donsdwBut the images take up more room than the screen.00:09
AoshiI have a problem with resolution00:09
ignoramusdonsdw: have you uncommented your resolution in xorg.conf?00:09
donsdwIf I slide mouse cursor to hidden area that area becomes visible.  Am I clear enough?00:09
donsdwI would like to know what is causing this (new) problem.00:10
lgkanI'm going to try doing a manual partition creation from the install screen, my choices list /dev/sda "blank type, mount, format, size, used00:10
donsdwignoramus: Yes.  I will look now to be sure.00:10
ignoramusdonsdw: what does "  xdpyinfo | grep dimension  " tell you?00:11
lgkannext line /dev/sda1, ext3 /media/sda1,size looks right, used 2000mb00:12
donsdwignoramus: 1280x1024 pixels00:13
lgkannext line /dev/sda5, swap, blank, 764mb used 0mb00:13
lgkanshould I make any changes00:13
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ignoramusdonsdw: stupid question: are you sure that's your screens dimensions?00:13
lgkan wants me to specify part for root, should that be /dev/sda100:14
donsdwignoramus: in xorg.conf there is an uncommented line: Modes with the 1024x768 first00:14
donsdwignoramus: hmmmmm.  I want 1024x768, not 1280x1024.00:14
MilitantPotat1igkan /dev/sda1 if that's where you're installing too, it needs to be mount point /00:15
ignoramusdonsdw: aha!00:15
MilitantPotat1lgkan: also, depending on your system, it should be flagged bootable.00:15
donsdwignoramus: but 1024x768 is first, why and how does it change to 1280x1024?00:16
donsdwignoramus: When I first start up it is okay.00:17
ignoramusdonsdw:  when does it change?00:17
donsdwI am having another problem.  When I restart, I think that is when it changes.00:18
ignoramusdonsdw: the order in which resolutions are listed doesn't matter, btw00:18
ignoramusdonsdw: you'll have to restart X or reboot to notice any changes in xorg.conf00:18
donsdw My other problem is that I am losing my mouse cursor.  I think, but am not sure, that it is related00:18
donsdwto KAlarm.00:18
ignoramusdonsdw: can't help you with the cursor problem :(00:19
donsdwignoramus: I have read to put the one you want first.00:19
ignoramusdonsdw: it makes no difference... just make sure that your particular resolution is uncommented (no hash mark in front of it)00:20
donsdwignoramus: You helped a lot by showing me my resolution had changed.00:20
donsdwignoramus: It is uncommented:  Modes "1024x768"  "800x600"  etc00:21
donsdwignoramus: But how does it know which one to use?00:21
ignoramusdonsdw: the resolution(s) listed that you don't want must be commented00:22
donsdwignoramus: Oh, I see what you are saying.  But I have seen it this way often.  However your way should prevent the00:23
donsdwswitch to an unwanted resolution.00:23
ignoramusdonsdw: correct.00:23
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:23
donsdwignoramus: You not only taught me a few things, I think you solved my problem!!!!!!!!  Thanks a lot.00:24
ignoramusdonsdw: see my xorg.conf here for an example ----> http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44559/00:24
donsdwignoramus: <-- not a very accurate nick.  : )00:25
ignoramusdonsdw: it can be sometimes ;)00:25
Chasecan anyone help me setup sudo? i want to be able to run my firewall script as root with out needing a password. so far ive put 'smanderson ALL = NOPASSWD: /home/smanderson/FireWall' in /etc/sudoers but im still being asked for a password when i runsudo /home/smanderson/FireWall00:26
ignoramusdonsdw: you can see i've removed the hash in front of my resolution, leaving the others commented00:26
ignoramusChase: you can use "  sudo su  " temporarily00:26
ignoramusChase: or you can assign root a pwd, and run as root all the time, but this is *not advisable*00:27
Chasehow can i use "sudo su"? it still is asking me for a password00:28
donsdwignoramus: I'm restarting now.  Will look at your url now also.00:28
ignoramusdonsdw: ok00:28
flaccid!sudo | Chase00:28
ubotuChase: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.00:28
flaccidChase: you don't. want are you trying to do00:28
ignoramusflaccid: that's what I'm trying to tell him00:28
ignoramuschase: IIRC "sudo su" will keep you logged in as superuser for the session00:29
Tm_Tthere's better ways to get that00:29
flaccidjust use sudo or sudo -i and use kdesu in gui when passwd is set for root.00:30
donsdwignoramus: Your config file looks different than mine.  I'll paste mine in a minute.  I still think you fixed my problem, though.00:30
ChaseI dont want to be logged in a root. What i am wanting to do it be able to run my iptables script as a normal user using a cron job. I want to be able to type "sudo /home/smanderson/FireWall" and not be prompted for a password00:30
flaccidChase: not possible00:30
flaccidsudo is interactive00:30
Chase:-( okay i thought i could use the NOPASSWD tag in the sudoers file to make it work00:31
ignoramusChase: you can write a script to run your firewall config at startup.....00:31
flaccidChase: maybe you can. not a good practice but00:31
flaccidwhat you are trying to do is wrong anyway00:31
flaccidthere is user cron, no need for sudo or whatever00:32
Chaseokay, i was just looking at the examples on http://www.gratisoft.us/sudo/man/sudoers.html#nopasswd_and_passwd and it seemed to imply it was possible to give a user access to a specific command using the NOPASSWD without opening root privaleges to everyone00:33
flaccidah yep you can do that00:33
muskogeerabbitI guess I am going to have to give up on making the KB volume control work. I changed ot to every Logitech model and none had any effect. I just can't understand why it works on UBUBTU and not on KUBUNTU.00:33
flaccidso just need to config /etc/sudoers correctly00:34
ignoramuschase: this might help??? http://www.ducea.com/2006/06/18/linux-tips-password-usage-in-sudo-passwd-nopasswd/00:35
Chaseflaccid: ye it was my configuration of the /etc/sudoers i was asking about00:35
donsdwignoramus: I've never used paste before, but if I did it right, my config lines should be in your url.00:36
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:37
ignoramusdonsdw: i don't see it.  click the link, and paste your own, and post url please00:37
donsdwTry 4456200:38
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ignoramusdonsdw: hang on00:38
Chasethanks ignoramus the url helped :-)00:39
ignoramuschase: no problem- i actually learned something too!00:40
ignoramusdonsdw: if you press "ctrl-alt-+" or "ctrl-alt-" , does anything happen?00:41
donsdwignoramus: No.00:41
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donsdwignoramus: Not that I can tell.  Is it suppose to increase size?00:42
ignoramusdonsdw: i didn't think so... try pasting the resolutions found in my xorg.conf into yours, and comment/uncomment appropriately00:42
ignoramusdonsdw: yeah, that used to work in older versions of KDE, but it doesn't work for me, either00:42
donsdwignoramus: Then restart?  Right now I'm not having the size problem.00:43
ignoramusdonsdw: yeah, you have to restart X for settings in xorg.conf to take place00:44
donsdwignoramus: You saw my config then, right?00:44
ignoramusdonsdw: lemme see00:44
ignoramusdonsdw: are you clicking on "paste" at the bottom when you're changing pastebin?00:45
ignoramusdonsdw: i don't see any changes00:45
Rukusanyone know of a good 64 bit FTP/FXP program?00:46
flaccidwell i thinkn there is 64bit version00:46
donsdwignoramus:  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44567/00:48
ignoramusrukus: vsftpd00:49
flaccidi think he was after client?00:49
ignoramusflaccid: *shrugs*00:49
ignoramusdonsdw: you need to keep each resolution on a separate line00:50
MrBallZhi, i don't know if this is the best place for this question, but after upgrading to gutsy , digikam won't connect to my canon powershot sd200, it used to work very well, and now it won't even connect to the camera, its detected but won't connect to download the pics ...00:50
ignoramusdonsdw: or just paste the single line for your resolution from my xorg.conf, and remove the hash mark00:50
ignoramusMrBallz: Can you browse the camera's files using Konqueror?00:51
ignoramusmrballz: or does your computer have a media reader?00:51
* Tw|sT bows as he enters the dojo00:52
donsdwignoramus:  Thanks for your help.  I really appreciate the time you took to help.00:52
ignoramusdonsdw: i hope it works for you!00:52
donsdwI'm sure it will00:53
ignoramusdonsdw: before you go....00:53
* Tw|sT has been using Kubuntu 7.04 x64 for about a month, after using the i386 build for nearly 6 months... no longer bothers with Fedora00:54
donsdwMight have fixed mouse problem as well.00:54
ignoramusdonsdw: as a last resort, you can reconfigure X (use ONLY if nothing else works, as it'll reset your xorg.conf file) - use " dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg "00:54
flaccidsudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg is good too00:55
ignoramusflaccid: could be- never actually had to use it (yet)00:55
flaccidi think it takes out the extra stuff so its a basic config00:55
ignoramuseven better!00:55
ignoramusthe only reason i know any of this is because i've messed up my settings so many times!00:56
donsdwignoramus: Got it.  I think I'm okay though.00:56
flaccidthat used to be a pain back in the day when doing video with xfree8600:56
ignoramusflaccid: that's what i've heard... i've only been using linux for about 2 months.00:57
ignoramusi like it... but i tend to mess with settings too much ;)00:57
flaccidplus ati sux on *nix00:57
ignoramusflaccid: i know- i tried installing compiz the other day - forget it!00:58
flaccidyeah the xgl-server has big issues. i might try again but00:58
Tw|sTwhich ATI card are you using?00:58
ignoramusradeon 450, IIRC00:58
flaccidum radeon 960000:58
Tw|sTI had good luck with a Radeon 920000:58
MunchkinguyHi, I'm having trouble with the "Save Stream" feature on Kaffeine.00:58
ignoramuscrappy integrated card on old Vaio00:58
Gannondorfignoramus: what kind of vaio00:59
GannondorfI'm using one right now00:59
Tw|sTI haven't had any luck with integrated ATI's with Linux lately.00:59
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Tw|sTeven with NV's00:59
flaccidwow the fact that my country is the worlds largest polluter per capita made the news at the end for like 10 seconds, yay!00:59
MunchkinguyWhen I try to record a Network Stream, I get a "Security message: The specified save_dir might be a security risk." and a "Requested resource does not exist"00:59
GannondorfDoes anyone know how to restart the sound?00:59
ignoramusgannondorf: this one is pcgfrv3701:00
ignoramusgannondorf: i just installed Gutsy on my other one, vgnfs98001:00
Gannondorfignoramus: mine is PCG924101:00
Gannondorf8 years old and still running01:00
GannondorfIt runs better than my desktop with Feisty01:00
ignoramusgannondorf: yeah, they're good for something! too slow with Windows, but runs OK with *nix01:01
* Tw|sT resurrects a lot of older hardware01:01
GannondorfI know exactly what youi mean01:01
GannondorfI couldnt even use it with windows01:01
Gannondorfso damn slow01:01
Tw|sTbrb... food calleth01:01
ignoramusgannondorf: my frv37 doesn't even have built-in wifi01:01
GannondorfMe neither01:02
ignoramusluckily, kubuntu auto-detected the usb wireless on startup!01:02
GannondorfI have linksys cared01:02
GannondorfI can't get the battery monitor running on startup though01:02
ignoramusgannondorf: i use the frv37 as a media center in my basement (it's my "party room")01:02
ignoramusgannondorf: the Sony version?01:03
GannondorfI seriously need help though01:03
ignoramusyou need "sonypi" drivers01:03
GannondorfIt worked with gnome01:03
ignoramusi've only ever had kde....01:03
Gannondorfalthough, it wouldnt tell me the amount remaining on the battery01:03
ignoramus(feisty for a couple of weeks, and gutsy for a little over a month)01:03
Gannondorfor the amount left until it charged01:04
GannondorfI'm staying with feisty01:04
ignoramusdo you have "power manager" installed?01:04
Gannondorfmy hard drive is too small for anything else01:04
Gannondorfand yes01:04
* Tw|sT still runs Fiesty on his IRC server01:04
Tw|sTit's solid01:04
ignoramusi can't wait for Heron01:04
flaccidubuntu server ouch01:05
Gannondorfalt+F2 graphic-power-manager01:05
Gannondorfalt+F2 guidance-power-manager01:05
ignoramusgannondorf: just dock it to panel01:06
Gannondorfthats not the real problem01:06
Gannondorfmy sound just stopped working01:06
ignoramusgannondorf: do you use alsa?01:06
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ignoramusyour sound server?01:07
ignoramustry " sudo apt-get install alsa "01:07
evjunior09How do i install Beryl?01:07
Tw|sTI used a regular installation of Fiesty, x64, and then customized it's dev tools.  I'm not running apache on it, so that kills several avenues of vulnerability.  And... it's all sitting behind a pfSense (BSD based) router/firewall.01:07
ignoramusyou probably already have it01:07
BlueDevilhi guys, i extended a lvm volume, how do i tell the kernel about it (i.e. to refresh the kernel info so it sees the extra space) ?01:08
ubuntu__what would happened if i dont setup a swap partition ?01:08
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NickPrestaubuntu__, how much RAM do you have?01:08
lgkanwont run without a swap01:08
NickPrestalgkan, I don't believe you _need_ a swap partition, but it's suggested01:09
ignoramusYou can run without Swap, but it's not recommended unless you have like 2GB of RAM01:09
GannondorfI mean01:09
GannondorfIt just didn t work at startup01:09
Gannondorfthe sound i mean01:09
evjunior09anyone know how to install Beryl?01:09
KittenOfWarubuntu__: Without a SWAP partition or similar, you'll quickly run out of memory and things will start to break.01:09
NickPrestaignoramus, ubuntu__, lgkan however, if you ever want to suspend to disk, a swap partition is suggested :)01:10
ubotuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz01:10
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion01:10
ignoramusgannondorf: your sound just stopped working?01:10
KittenOfWarNickPresta: without a swap, what happens when you've used all of your physical ram?01:10
Tw|sTevjunior09: use synaptic01:10
GannondorfI'm gonna restart01:10
Gannondorfsee if that works01:10
lgkanthats nice to know01:11
NickPrestaKittenOfWar, can you ever see someone using 4GB of RAM with Kubuntu? You could always use a small swap file if you want.01:11
NickPrestabut yes, I suggest you add a swap partition, ubuntu__01:11
ignoramusof course, if you had that much RAM, wouldnt you also have enough HDD space for a small swap? ;)01:12
NickPrestaignoramus, exactly ;)01:12
NickPrestaI have 2GB of RAM and I still have a 2GB swap partition. I've yet to see my swap touched by anything except for creating a 100 000px square image (and maybe if I compiled OOo I would see swap usage) but it's better to be safe than sorry, especially since hard disk space is cheap01:13
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[ka]killerthe mouse is working for now01:14
enzo_What is the correct command for fsck?01:14
[ka]killerwent out after leaving the doctor (was to dam packed) and couldnt find a decent one at either of the staples i went to01:14
ubuntu__NickPresta, ok01:14
KittenOfWarIn KDE system guard, how do I set the memory usage graph to show megs instead of numbers like 2.07492e+0601:15
Pitabred...you have a single process using 2GB of memory?01:17
PitabredI'm not aware of any way to do what you're asking, but that doesn't seem like it's right01:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about qparted - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:17
Rukusignoramus:   thank you01:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about qtparted - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:17
ignoramusrukus: does that work for you?01:17
ubotuGParted is is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php01:17
KittenOfWarPitabred: no, that's the maximum value01:18
PitabredOh, ok.  Yeah, sorry, not sure if it's possible without messing with the source code.01:18
Rukusthats a server is it not?01:18
Rukusi dont think it will01:18
Rukusi need a flashfxp clone01:18
Tw|sTtry filezilla01:19
Rukusdamn 64bit01:19
Tw|sTit's available for both linux & win3201:19
Rukus64bit linux?01:20
ubuntu__is it still difficult to run exe application on kubuntu01:20
Gannondorfstill not working01:20
Tw|sTI've got it on Fiesty x6401:20
ignoramusrukus: flashfxp will work with WINE01:20
Gannondorfignoramus: help01:21
Tw|sTvery trye01:21
Tw|sTerr true01:21
Gannondorfsound still wont work after a reboot01:21
Rukushow did u install it?01:21
Gannondorffixed it01:21
ignoramusgannondorf: stupid question: your sound isn't muted, is it?  Sometimes, Gutsy starts up mutted on me01:21
GannondorfI am dumb01:22
KittenOfWarso the +06 bit is just showing there's extra numbers?01:22
GannondorfMy Wave was muted01:22
smorgwhats the best console based irc client these days? bitchx still? I notice It hasn't been updated in a while...01:22
ignoramusgannondorf: that got me more than once - it seems to do it at random times ;)01:22
GannondorfI think I did it01:22
GannondorfAnd then forgot to unmute01:22
ignoramusgannondorf: at least it's fixed and you'll remember next time ;)01:23
Nuggithey, is there any way to drag and drop files to move (not copy) by default?01:23
smorgi've been using konversation for a long time, but its still nice to have a console one for when things decide to bork.01:23
ignoramusNuggit: hold Shift01:23
Rukusignoramus, i messed up my KDE menu, deleted the wine menu from it, does that matter?01:23
yuriysmorg: i use irssi, i think i'ts pretty popular01:23
Tm_Tirssi <301:23
ignoramusrukus: WINE doesn't have to be in your menu.  As long as it's installed01:24
smorgsweet i'll check that one out01:24
Nuggitis that the only way to do it? no setting?01:24
yuriyNuggit: it usually gives you a menu..01:24
NuggitI guess I should just get used to it :P01:24
ignoramusNuggit: AFAIK, Shift is the way to go... i got used to it01:24
Rukusok thanks, i am going to just use flashFXP01:24
Nuggitalright, thanks~01:24
Rukusi can run installers, to install it, just like windows? hey?01:25
Tw|sTsmorg: bitchx still works great.  centericq is decent... sorta like a console version of mirandaIM with IRC support01:25
ignoramusrukus: yup.  that's what wine does :)01:25
Tw|sTircii is very similar to bitchx...is it a branch?01:25
ignoramusrukus: fyi, your /home/ directory is usually listed as your "Z:" drive in WINE01:25
Rukusand z: drive is?01:26
ignoramusrukus: /home/ (as opposed to the C: directory it also lists)01:26
ignoramusreally. ;)01:26
ignoramusyour welcome!01:27
ignoramusgnite all!01:27
Rukusis reading/writing NTFS on my externa USB drie bad?01:27
ignoramusrukus: not bad at all01:27
Rukussomeone said avoid it01:27
Rukusi also heard it has become rather reliable01:28
Rukusi got a 500gb external hd in NTFS and i am not about to change that to FAT01:28
tekteenRukus: The NTFS drivers have gotten better01:29
Rukusi use what came with gutsy01:29
tekteenAnd those are the good drivers01:29
Rukusso i heard01:29
hydrogenwhat came with gutsy01:30
hydrogenis supposed to be readonly afaik01:30
hydrogenntfs-3g is availible in gutsy01:30
hydrogenbut it doesn't "come with" it01:30
tekteenyes it does01:31
tekteenI use it01:31
Rukusit was installed in mine already01:31
tekteen!info ntfs-3g01:31
ubotuntfs-3g: read-write NTFS driver for FUSE. In component main, is standard. Version 1:1.913-2ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 23 kB, installed size 116 kB01:31
ubuntu__i have ntfs partitions and i cant format them , do i will have a probelm while using kubuntu01:31
tekteenit comes with it01:31
tekteenubotu says so01:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about says so - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:31
KittenOfWarI had to get The Ultimate Boot CD to deal with NTFS drives01:32
tekteenthe bot does not like people talking about him. lol01:32
Rukusi had no problem whatsoever reading/writing to NTFS01:32
KittenOfWarSeems people like taking them out without removing them properly01:32
tekteenAccording to the bot it comes standard01:32
KittenOfWarso I had to run chkdsk via that CD every time that happend.01:32
Rukusno problem getting it to read/write to my external drive either01:32
tekteen!info ntfs-3g01:33
ubotuntfs-3g: read-write NTFS driver for FUSE. In component main, is standard. Version 1:1.913-2ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 23 kB, installed size 116 kB01:33
KittenOfWarubuntu__: Nope,  you will be able to work with NTFS just fine.01:33
PitabredThere was an issue where the proper FUSE config files or whatever weren't put in the right directories, so you couldn't mount some NTFS drives.  I think that was only with beta versions of 7.10, thoughy01:33
ubuntu__KittenOfWar, ok01:33
PitabredBut it should be fixed for the official version01:33
* Pitabred can't remember, he's been running the beta version for so long01:34
tekteenI have no problems01:34
KittenOfWarI couldn't mount NTFS drives that hadn't been ejected/in a system that shut down properly the last time it was used.01:34
=== red_ is now known as red__
Rukusi had to uncheck an option in my external USB drive's properties to get mine to work01:36
Rukussomething about "users"01:36
=== jecortez is now known as jimmybondo
ubuntuwhy i get this while installing kubuntu01:47
jimmybondoI recently installed ebox on a home server, then decided it was not for me. I have now lost ssh access to the machine, any ideas on why this might be?01:48
ubuntuwhy i get this while installing kubuntu http://rafb.net/p/yiIxgy26.html01:49
Tm_Tubuntu: error says it all?01:49
ubuntuTm_T, yes01:49
Tm_Tubuntu: read what I said ;)01:49
BluesKajseems the message needs to be followed ...there's good advice there01:50
ubuntumaybe if i reboot this would help01:50
ubuntutx for the help01:50
KittenOfWar"ubuntu: maybe if i reboot this would help"  or re-burn the CD at a slower speed...01:52
KittenOfWarand run the check CD bit before installing...01:52
KittenOfWarah, he left, oops.01:52
[ka]killerkubuntu wont even detect my cd drive =/01:53
[ka]killerwhich is getting really anoying when i want to burn a cd01:54
crackhead_25_question: anyone know what the keystroke is to delete files without sending them to the trash bin first???01:54
Tm_Tcrackhead_25_: shift-del01:54
Tm_Tcrackhead_25_: see settings -> configure shortcuts01:55
jimmybondoHas anyone else here had a problem with dragging and dropping and compiz? It seems that whenever there is a QT program that uses drag and drop, KDE freezes up.01:55
crackhead_25_Tm_T: thanks01:56
NickPrestajimmybondo, nope, no problems here.01:57
jimmybondoNickPresta: What type of video card are you running?01:57
Tm_Tcrackhead_25_: also many apps has informational help pages, there's some interesting tips sometimes, worth checking ;)01:58
sfirewell.. same command is for windows also01:58
NickPrestajimmybondo, a shiny 7900 GS :)01:58
Tm_Tsfire: usually yes, who knows who came first01:59
jimmybondoNickPresta: Ah, well maybe it is my card, I am on an integrated intel on a thinkpad t4301:59
[ka]killerwireless isues?02:00
[ka]killero video02:00
NickPrestajimmybondo, ask in #compiz-fusion. Perhaps it's a known bug?02:00
jimmybondoNickPresta: will do, thanks02:00
dthacker-work[ka]killer: I've solved several drive detection problems by making sure the device in question was master on it's IDE channel.02:01
[ka]killerdthacker-work, its not an ide cd drive, its external USB02:02
[ka]killerim on a tablet pc >.>02:02
dthacker-work[ka]killer: so much for the simple fix :)02:03
[ka]killeri dont know whats up02:03
[ka]killerfesty had no problems with it02:03
[ka]killeri used it to install gusty02:03
[ka]killerand after that it was no longer getting detected02:04
sfiregutsy gave me problems too.. almost like a step backwards :(02:04
dthacker-work[ka]killer: have you filed a bug in Launchpad?02:04
[ka]killerim to lazy... and im not so sure its not some how my fault02:04
[ka]killersame here sfire02:04
_aibhow can I print the version (Feisty/Gusty etc..) of ubuntu i'm presently on?02:05
[ka]killersoon as i went to gusty xine got all f***** up02:05
sfire[ka]killer: same problem here :(02:05
sfireand mplayer sucks02:05
dthacker-workIf no one points out the regressions, they never get fixed.......02:05
[ka]killerso im stuck with mplayer02:05
[ka]killerdthacker-work, i suck at filing bug reports02:06
[ka]killeri can get "device X does not work, fix it"02:06
[ka]killerthats about it02:06
[ka]killernot good with details >.>02:06
dthacker-work_aib: at the command line, lsb_release -a02:07
* dthacker-work sighs.02:08
ubotuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell02:09
dthacker-workgood, it's there.02:09
KittenOfWarThere's a reasion gutsy isn't a LTS :P02:10
charlie.server WhatNET02:11
dthacker-workand thats' why bug reports are needed, because we want to fix things before Hardy, which is LTS02:11
=== marianatiengo is now known as Tiengo
KittenOfWarright click>what's this in configure KDE panel on the transparency option tells you about the tool tips check box.02:14
smorghmm... this is kind of an idiot question, but how does apt-get manage versions? If i am compiling something from source, and then make install, does that somehow interfere with older versions of the same thing installed from a debian package? Or does apt work with compiled packages somehow?02:15
Jucatosmorg: apt-get has no knowledge of software you installed by compiling02:16
smorgJucato: yeah that makes sense, thats what I figured.02:17
rysiek|plczemu mam wrażenie, że gutsy ssie?02:17
rysiek|ploops wrong channel02:17
smorgso how would one go about managing multiple versions of things installed from source?02:17
DragnslcrVery carefully02:17
smorgyou just have to know the dependancies and uninstall things manually?02:17
dthacker-worksmorg: depending on where the executables land, you could install them in separate subdirs and create a symbolic link to the working version02:18
Jucatoyou can't use apt to manage then that's for sure02:18
smorgvery interesting.02:19
Jucatosmorg: the cleanest way is to install things that you compile on a different location (/usr/local/ or in your $HOME) and add that location to your $PATH02:19
smorgso how does kde know how to execute things? How are binaries regestered with the shell?02:19
Jucato(as well as other necessary paths like LD_LIBRARY_PATH, etc)02:20
Jucatosmorg: they aren't "registered" with the shell02:20
dthacker-worksmorg: the shell searches your $PATH02:20
Jucatothat's right02:20
smorgso every executable has an environment variable associated02:20
Jucatosmorg: everytime you try to run a program, the shell tries to search for the program name in the directories included in the $PATH environment variable02:21
dthacker-worksmorg: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-969.html02:22
Jucatothis is a "global" env var. (type "echo $PATH" to see what it contains)02:22
ardchoilleJucato: Missed you, glad to see you're back.02:22
Jucatohi ardchoille02:22
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first: not all !repositories are enabled by default!)02:22
Jucatohm.. that doesn't include that info... oh well...02:22
smorgah... so unlike windows where everything gets put into a centeral regestry, linux will search for things if you don't know its location02:24
Jucatosmorg: it will search for it in its $PATH unless you specify the exact location02:24
Jucato(which is why you run some scripts/programs with ./program_name, with ./ meaning "in this current directory")02:25
smorgI'm just trying to get this hello world I made in kdevelop working02:26
smorgthis is so cool ^^02:27
Jucatocommand line Hello World or KDE Hello World?02:27
smorgkde, i'm trying to work with qt :-/02:27
smorgmaybe i'll start simpler02:27
ubuntui need to mount ntfs partition02:28
ubotuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:28
ubuntuJucato, hey jucato02:29
rysiek|plam I the only one here thinking that gutsy was *definitely* released to early, being not polished enough?02:30
ardchoillerysiek|pl: I like it02:31
Jucatoyou'll always find some people who'll agree with you, and some people who won't02:31
dthacker-workrysiek|pl: perfection is *always* one release away! :)02:31
rysiek|plardchoille: aesthetically it's ok; but try to et-up two monitours + bt mouse + bt keyboard...02:32
rysiek|plyeah, I know02:32
dthacker-workjucato: ++02:32
rysiek|plI am using *buntu for a few years now (since 4.10)02:32
JucatoI'm a programming language now? O.o02:32
DragnslcrBluetooth can still be a bit flaky, but I highly doubt that delaying Gutsy for a month would have helped it02:32
Jucato/ start of Jucato++02:32
Jucato// start of Jucato++02:32
ardchoillerysiek|pl: I can't see the need for more than one monitor/mouse/kb </opinion>02:32
dthacker-workrysiek|pl: I have kubuntu running on two monitors using NVIDIA02:32
rysiek|plardchoille: that's not the pooint. some need it, some don't; but under feisty it worked AOK02:33
* Gannondorf is listening to Into The Night (Featuring Chad Kroeger) by Santana [Amarok]02:33
DragnslcrMy mouse and keyboard usually work, but I'm definitely going away from Bluetooth for them the next time I get new ones02:33
ardchoilleGannondorf: Please turn off that script02:34
rysiek|pldthacker-work: me too, right now. screen1 is randr-rotated right, and kicker+kwin+kdesktop... well... make fuss02:34
cash-homeHello ,please help me ! I need to know  sound what the sound card I have - when I type "lsmod |grep snd" I cant understand where is the name of my card =( please help me ?02:34
DragnslcrIt would be nice if KMobileTools supported Samsung phones, though02:34
Jucatoardchoille: it's not an auto script :)02:34
ardchoilleJucato: Oh, ok.. well, it's annoying in this channel.02:34
dthacker-work!pastebin | cash-home02:34
ubotucash-home: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)02:34
Jucatoardchoille: if he does it more than once, yes. :)02:34
dthacker-workcash-home: can you paste it there for us and give us the URL, please?02:35
rysiek|plbesides, what's with the "There's a new version available"? got it on a few machines now.02:35
cash-homedthacker-work sure - wait a minute02:35
rysiek|plah, nvm, rant, rant ;)02:35
* rysiek|pl is digging his way through gutsy's quirks02:35
Jucatorysiek|pl: yeah. known bug02:35
cash-homedthacker-work http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44571/02:36
DragnslcrHasn't that bug been fixed for a couple weeks now?02:37
rysiek|plDragnslcr: well, the ISOs haven't been up[dated, it seems02:38
DragnslcrWell no, of course they aren't going to post new disc images02:38
cash-homeSome one people here , can help me ?  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44502:39
rysiek|plDragnslcr: well, then everybody will get "there is a new version available" each time they install Kubuntu :)02:39
DragnslcrBut if you've updated everything from the repositories, you should have the fixed version of Adept02:39
cash-homesorry http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44571/02:39
rysiek|plDragnslcr: aye; but it gets you everytime after installation02:39
rysiek|plDragnslcr: if you're an advanced user, it's aok, if not, well, you get confused02:40
rysiek|plI think this one time new ISOs should get posted02:40
dthacker-workcash-home: that tells you which modules are loaded not the name of your card.... hang on02:40
dthacker-workcash-home: try looking at this step by step....http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544902:41
cash-homedthacker-work thnx02:41
cash-homedthacker-work but Im soory ,I have sound I need name of vy card for other things02:42
dthacker-workcash-home: the first command: aplay -l, will give you a complete list of sound devices in your system.02:43
=== neptunepink is now known as purpleposeidon
crimsun(`asoundconf list` is preferred)02:44
crimsun(or `cat /proc/asound/cards`, which the former parses)02:44
dthacker-workcrimsun: tnx, noted!02:44
* rysiek|pl crosses his fingers - compiz --replace...02:44
* Jucato learned a new command :)02:44
* Tm_T rushes in to see nice crash02:44
Jucatoasound... thesound :)02:45
rysiek|plworks... no fun-hacking today :/02:45
* dthacker-work watches helplessly as compiz claims another victim02:45
dthacker-workrysiek|pl will spend all night spinning around his windows....02:45
ubuntu_why i get this error ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/win -o force,locale=en_EN.UTF-802:46
ubuntu_this one hal-storage-fixed-mount-all-options refused uid 99902:46
ubuntu_when i do mount tp the ntfs partitions from dolphin02:46
rysiek|pldthacker-work: ummm... well, I'm with 3ddesktop for a few years now. starting with the "3ddesk" app back "in the days of yore" before compiz ;)02:46
NickPrestaI find CF to act a lot more stable with the superfluous plugins disabled.02:46
dthacker-workrysiek|pl: so the thrill is gone? ;)02:46
=== purpleposeidon is now known as ulmolavender
rysiek|pldthacker-work: are you kidding? :]02:47
Tm_Twhat thrill?02:47
* rysiek|pl weeeeeees the desktop cube02:47
ubuntu_hal-storage-fixed-mount-all-options refused uid 999, why i get this02:47
rysiek|pl*wheeees that is02:47
* Tm_T got bored to whole "3d desktop" in 2 mins02:48
* rysiek|pl likes eye candy and usability - both well-represented by compiz02:48
Tm_TI like usability, and right candy02:48
=== litbang is now known as riefzu
Tm_Trysiek|pl: like, hrrr, http://www.tm-travolta.net/shots/current.png02:52
Tm_Tsteveie: excuse moi?02:55
NickPrestasteveie, what about it? Having troubles with yours? ;)02:55
NickPrestabye steveie02:55
rysiek|plTm_T: nicely minimalistic; I prefer a wee bit less minimal. I'll try to get you a screenshot when I get everything the way I had on feisty02:56
rysiek|plsteve, stevie, steve-o - anybody seen "Inside Man"?02:57
rysiek|pl_ip changed02:59
jttanyone know what is rewritng /etc/fstab on each boot03:00
crimsunwhat are you changing, and to what is fstab(5) reverting?03:01
dthacker-workjtt: depends on what is changing.  specific example?03:01
jttchanging  UUID type boot  to  /dev/sdaX  type boot03:02
jttcommenting out the UUID boot and  adding   /dev/sdaX  ...   line03:03
jttsomething is changing my  /dev/sdaX  boots back to UUID  type entrys03:03
dthacker-workjtt:I *think* this is done by the kernel at boot.  UUID is now used to identify the filesystems.  Is it causing a problem?03:06
dthacker-workand anybody who knows more than me is welcome to chime in.....03:08
jttdthacker-work, well i wanted to mount by  /dev/sdaX  but perhaps I will try  altering the mount point using the UUID and see what happend03:08
jttsee what happens03:08
ubotuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)03:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about script - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about command - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:12
cmacisright, the bot is clueless :) where do I put a script for it to show up as a command?03:12
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:13
nonewmsgsis libdvdcss2 a part of restricted-extras?03:13
BluesKajnonewmsgs, don't think so, I've always just installed the individual app03:14
Jucatoit's definitely not part of it03:14
nonewmsgsit's hard to find the individual app.  it wont install with synaptic or apt-get.  i found a link to a deb in the forum, but i ts i86 and i want x6403:15
dthacker-workperhaps at medibuntu?03:15
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:15
titanix88cmacis:lookup for $PATH and anywhere listed there.03:15
BluesKajnonewmsgs, I have 64 bit , just make sure your sources.list is totally enabled03:16
BluesKaj!source-o-matic | nonewmsgs03:17
ubotunonewmsgs: source-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic03:17
* rysiek|pl_ says g'night03:17
rysiek|pl_cu all03:17
dthacker-workjoin #kubuntu-offtopic03:18
nonewmsgsthanks guys.  i will try that out and if it doesn't work ill be back harassing you tomorrow night03:18
ira_newbie how do i resolve this confiict in adapt? "errors were encountered when processing" libqt3-mt kdesudo03:27
SweetWilliamGreetings - can anybody answer a question about wireless?03:27
BluesKaj!wireless | SweetWilliam03:27
ubotuSweetWilliam: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:27
SweetWilliamThanks - but let me run this one by you - had Feisty working fine - upgraded today to Gutsy and now it says I need the linux-restricted-modules in order to recognize my wireless interface. Installed via sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules - but still doesn't see the interface.  Ideas?03:28
harolddong_does anybody know of a way to organize contacts in kopete by status?03:30
dthacker-workSweetWilliam: have your rebooted since you installed the modules?03:30
KittenOfWarSweetWilliam: did you run restricted-manager-kde and check the box for your NIC?03:30
jttthanks folks  the  UUID mount problem is fixed just changed the mount point and the kernel likes that ok03:30
SweetWilliamWhen I try to run restricted manager, it tells me I need to install the linux-restricted-modules, but I already installed them.03:30
dthacker-workjtt: great, enjoy03:30
jttyes thanks03:31
KittenOfWaris it the latest version?03:31
ira_newbie how do i resolve this confiict in adapt? "errors were encountered when processing" libqt3-mt kdesudo I think I will remove the lib03:31
SweetWilliamWell I'm not sure - I just ran apt-get install... I'll check the version.03:31
ira_I think this was a very very wrong move03:32
KittenOfWarSweetWilliam: also check your sources, make sure you've got the gutsy ones enabled and the feisty disabled03:32
KittenOfWarIRA, did you read what errors they where?03:33
SweetWilliamOK - thanks Kitten.03:33
=== KittenOfWar is now known as MilitantTater
ira_they were what I wrote03:33
dthacker-workira_, are you sure you don't have adept running twice?03:33
ira_now it looks like it is removing kde03:33
ira_adn adapt is hung03:34
MilitantTaterprobably, a lot depends on kdesudo03:34
ira_well looks like I might have permanently bollixed my install03:34
MilitantTaterlibqt3-mt: This is the Trolltech Qt library, version 3. It's necessary for applications that link against the libqt-mt.so.3, e.g. all KDE3 applications03:35
MilitantTaterYea you've hosed KDE, see if ya can re-install it.03:36
ira_i think i need to03:36
MilitantTaterit's probably removing every KDE application aswell.03:36
ira_hwo do I open a terminal no more icons03:36
ira_yup exactly right03:36
MilitantTaterctrl alt F103:36
ira_maybe this is suoer bollixed03:37
MilitantTaterdoes apt-get work?03:37
ira_ok i can get to a run comand03:37
MilitantTatersudo apt-get install KDE03:38
MilitantTaterhavn't used adept...03:38
ira_oh here is the situation03:38
ira_no terminal03:38
ira_run command is aval03:39
MilitantTaterany synaptic?03:39
ira_couldnot run specified command03:39
MilitantTaterdoes KDE use apt-get?03:40
=== kubuntu is now known as BusuL
MilitantTatersudo aptitude install KE03:41
MilitantTatersudo aptitude install KDE03:41
ira_"could not run specified command"03:42
MilitantTateris the sudo bit causing problems?03:42
ira_looks like it but cant be sure03:42
ira_I am admin03:42
ardchoillethere is no package named "KDE"03:43
ira_well we arent even getting that far03:43
ardchoilleWhat are you trying to install? the kde desktop?03:43
ira_I blew out kde by accident03:43
MilitantTaterHe uninstalled kdesu and...03:44
ira_so I am in a 1/2 kde system03:44
ardchoillesudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?03:44
ira_I thing once i exit i I cant fix it i wont get back in03:44
MilitantTaterhe's saying apt-get won't launch...03:44
ardchoillesudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop ?03:45
ira_sudo apt-get install apt-get (laffing)03:45
ardchoilleIf you took out APT, then you're screwed because apt-get, aptitude, adept, synaptic all use apt as the back end03:45
=== litbang is now known as riefzu
ira_didnt take out apt03:46
ardchoilleTry aptitude03:46
ira_all i tool out was libqt3-mt03:46
ira_same difference with aptitude03:46
MilitantTaterlibqt3-mt is a core part of KDE from what synaptic said03:46
ira_can find the commands03:46
ira_so then I am screwed03:46
ira_It is reinstall a thon03:47
ardchoilleira_: Before you reinstall, it might be wise to understand what you did so you don't do it again03:47
ardchoilleira_: Were you logged in as root?03:47
ira_Oh i now ehat I did03:47
ira_I am root03:47
ardchoilleThat was your first mistake03:48
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.03:48
ira_no I am not logged in as root03:48
ira_I know that03:48
ira_what happed is the the update had a conflick adn couldnt complete03:48
ira_I iwll show you what the origional message was03:49
ardchoilleira_: Why would it have a conflict? You aren't using automatix or 3rd party repos are you?03:49
ira_how do i resolve this confiict in adapt? "errors were encountered when processing" libqt3-mt kdesudo03:49
ira_no i think it started when i was putting in one of the big video editing programs03:50
ardchoilleAnd how were you doing that?03:50
ira_so I made the wrong assumption that libqt3-mt was a quicktime lib03:50
ira_via adapt03:51
hernancomo va?03:51
ira_So i guess it is reinstall time03:51
ardchoilleira_: yes, but which repo? If you have a bad repo, it can screw things up03:51
ardchoille!es | hernan03:52
ubotuhernan: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.03:52
ira_oh i thinkk it is a standard one03:52
hernan ok, thenks03:52
ira_I cant remember the program03:52
MilitantTatercouldn't he get apt-get from a deb?03:52
ira_but i use the restricted repositories03:52
ardchoilleMilitantTater: That would likely lead him into dependency hell03:52
MilitantTateror some other way of manually installing it?03:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about repair - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:53
ira_or the restricted drivers03:53
ira_well I think busted is busted03:53
ira_chalk one up!03:53
BluesKaj!Broken Packages03:54
MilitantTaterhe was trying to install the latest restricted drivers modules, I'm fairly sure he has the wrong repos03:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about broken packages - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:54
BluesKaj!info-broken package03:54
ubotuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"03:54
BluesKajdumb bot03:54
ira_So we agree no hope?03:55
ardchoilleira_: do you have the alternate install cd?03:55
BluesKajsacktime folks ...take care03:55
ira_i can make one03:55
ira_but i can also juts reinstall03:55
MilitantTaterira_: are you dual booting?03:55
ira_this is a vmware03:55
ira_<loved vmware03:56
MilitantTaterheh, snag an alternate CD anyway, they're very usefull.03:56
ardchoilleyes, they are03:56
ira_will do03:56
MilitantTaterthe LiveCD is just for ease of use03:56
ardchoilleWhen I download the new release, I always torrent the desktop and alternate cd's03:56
MilitantTaterWhat's the liveCD good for over the alternate?03:57
ardchoilleira_: Also, you might think about imaging03:57
ira_ok well I am tired I think I will juts move over a vmware image form anothe rmachine03:57
ardchoilleira_: You can make a disk image of your system so you can restore it in case of emergency, I use PartImage for that: http://sysresccd.org03:57
ira_i think i can also take a vmware picture03:58
ardchoilleI use about 10Gb of my 80Gb drive and partimage compresses that down to a 900Mb tarball. Making the image takes about 15 mins and restoring it takes about 12 mins03:58
ira_hey I didnt break foxpro!03:58
ira_sorry firefox03:59
ardchoillefirefox doesn't use qt303:59
ira_so what must I remove to break that too! ;-)03:59
ira_ok thanks peoples04:00
ira_I am going to drop a new image on this machine04:00
MilitantTaterhow can I make my wife's "win" key open the K menu?04:01
ira_get a new wife?04:01
ira_allways worked for me04:01
ardchoilleMilitantTater: I'd like to learn that too. I currently use alt+f104:01
draikWhat can I use to record my desktop? I am playing a game in WINE and it didn't pick up on the changes on the screen. Whenever my mouse moved over a section, that is when it updated.04:01
MilitantTaterI can't, she'll take my car :(04:01
ira_thats an imoportant point04:01
ira_less its a ratty car04:02
MilitantTaterit is, but it's my baby04:02
ira_what is ti04:02
MilitantTater1990 caprice :)04:02
MilitantTaterI'm 6'9" so I need a big car, and she rides like a sofa.04:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about keymap - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:02
ira_trade for a wife with a bimmer04:02
ira_ok convertable04:03
Ahmucki'm looking for a good remote control program for a user who does not know how to install software04:03
ira_I am going to get a wife with a Bugatti04:03
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!04:04
ira_sorry howdo you install bugatti on kubuntu04:04
ira_night all04:04
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
dthacker-work!vnc| Ahmuck04:05
ubotuAhmuck: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:05
MilitantTatergrr, it won't register the win key as a keypress04:10
ardchoilleMilitantTater: yeah, I just tried it. I'm searching the wiki right now04:10
dthacker-workwhat action is that?04:13
Ahmuckrealvnc, but you think my dad could click and install on windows?04:14
MilitantTaterthe KDE menu or the keypress?04:14
MilitantTaterardchoille: I'm about to try this http://opensource.weblogsinc.com/2005/05/27/miss-the-win-key-in-linux-use-kde/04:16
ardchoilleMilitantTater: Thanks, that looks like it'll work04:18
MilitantTaterit did04:19
MilitantTaterah that's a beautiful thing.04:19
MilitantTaternow to find white out and a blue magic marker to change it to the K key.04:19
ardchoilledraw tux on it04:20
dthacker-workwhere's the control center located?04:21
ardchoilledthacker-work: alt+f2, type in kcontrol04:22
dthacker-workha! I learn something every day.04:23
cmacisaww, it's not working for me.04:29
MilitantTaterthat broke win+d and all04:29
MilitantTaterguess I'll set right win to open the K menu04:29
cmacisI'm getting æß«»¢@łe¶¶đßđ←ħħ←ħ sort of symbols from winkey and letters though04:30
dxdtif using gutsy, will installing the package kde4base-dev get you the latest beta of KDE 4 or just the beta that was around when gutsy was released?04:32
ardchoilledxdt: kde4 in the repos is updated, so it should be fairly current04:33
dxdtoh interesting, thanks04:34
ubotuKDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. For more information see <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_4>. The Release Schedule is available at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule. Beta 3 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta3.php04:34
flaccidso like how to install kde4?04:34
ardchoilleflaccid: See the topic04:34
ardchoilleflaccid: It's beta, so don't expect it to be perfect04:35
maduserWhen making a splash image do you need to have a bar at the bottom that has the images?04:38
flaccidim not a user that expects beta to be perfect, thats stupid04:38
madusermy question?04:40
ubotugimp is an advanced image manipulation application for Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.04:42
MilitantTaterhow do you remove modifyers?04:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about modifyers - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about modifiers - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about modifiers - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:44
Dr_WillisI dont even know what yoyu mean  b y modifires04:47
MilitantTaterkeyboard modifiers04:48
maduser!keyboard modifiers04:49
sfireanyone using a verizon or cingular mobile broadband card?04:50
Dr_WillisYou are refering to GIMP keyboard modifieers for selection and other tools?04:50
MilitantTaterX Modifier Mapping04:52
hgarciaHow do you change the boot sequence in grub?04:52
MilitantTateredit grub :)04:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about grup - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:52
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:52
sub[t]rnlmodify the /boot/grub/menu.lst04:52
Dr_Willishgarcia the grub menu.lst  has one entry for each menu ite,04:52
MilitantTaterDr_Willis: Does that help explain what I'm after?04:53
Dr_Willisif you want windows at the front, you can move (or uncomment the example) thats above the 'auto created' entries.04:53
Dr_WillisMilitantTater cant say that ive ever had to mess with those.  Other then perhaps years ago to get extra mouse buttons doing stuff04:53
MilitantTaterOk, I'll keep digging on google04:54
jiaIt this a English irc channel ?05:07
jiawhy not speak ?05:09
Pollywogif I want to install gutsy with the LVM encryption, do I need to put everything in one partition?05:09
Dr_WillisI havent tried that Pollywog - You may want to check the forums. I do recall there beingf some  things to watch out for with the encryption feature05:10
PollywogI got a red screen when I tried to install xubuntu so I am trying kubuntu05:10
PollywogDr_Willis: ty05:10
Dr_WillisIm not sure you want to put /boot encrypted either.05:10
Pollywogyes that is why I asked05:10
PollywogI want to leave /boot out05:10
Dr_WillisIm not paranoud enough to use encryption :)05:11
PollywogI guess I will install without the encryption until there is better documentation of it05:11
Dr_Willisyou could apways make /home seperate and enctypte it later05:11
scheater5_Pollywog: why do you want the whole install encrypted, anyway?05:11
PollywogI am doing that05:11
scheater5_lol - I mean why?05:11
Pollywogscheater5_: just /home05:11
PollywogI only want /home encrypted05:12
jiaWho can tell me how to scorll use curses.h05:12
scheater5_bogs the whole the down from what I hear.  I haven't tried to do it myself, but consensus seems to be that encrypting individual files is more efficient and practical05:12
Pollywogscheater5_: oic05:12
jiai want scorll down and up but the text in window will be clean05:13
jiai do not want eraser it05:14
jiaI want it seems like a text editor05:14
jiamy mean is i want write a editor ,How to program with c?05:15
jiause curses05:15
jiaI can not find more doc in china05:16
jiawho can help me?05:16
Jucatojia: this isn't the channel for that. perhaps you can ask in ##c05:17
jiaI am sorry for my poor English05:17
Jucatoyou can also probably ask for suggestions from the people in #ubuntu-cn05:17
jiaJucato : thank you05:18
=== hagabaka` is now known as hagabaka
jiaJucato: I think ##C is good for me05:18
Pollywogoic my xubuntu CD is indeed corrupted05:19
Pollywogthat will teach me to do md5sum always05:21
scheater5_ah yes - md5sum, how we ignore thee until a CD doesn't work.  I feel your pain05:23
draikHow do I set Kopete to use Spell Check on every conversation?05:34
Jucatothat's the annoying part. afaik you can't :)05:35
draikI know I did it on my laptop, but it was only for one chat05:37
Jucatodraik: you can try asking in #kopete to be sure05:37
draikWhy won't a Kubuntu Gutsy save the gateway for the connection.05:39
draikEvery time I go to check the gateway, it's blank05:40
calamariI'm running feisty.. just wondering if kubuntu gutsy went all compiz crazy or is that just for gnome?05:53
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion05:54
calamarihope it stays that way :)05:54
sn00zerdoes anyone here use virtualbox?06:24
Daisuke_Laptopbut of course06:25
sn00zeri don't know how to start it, i'm a noob06:26
sn00zer~/vbox/out/linux.x86/release/bin$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./VirtualBox06:26
sn00zeri can get it with that command, but isn't there an easier way?06:26
Daisuke_Laptopmenu > system > innotek virtualbox06:26
sn00zerhmmm, its not on there06:27
Daisuke_Laptophow did you install it?06:27
Daisuke_Laptopvia the repos?  or debs from the site?06:27
sn00zerfrom a tarball06:27
Daisuke_Laptop!info virtualbox06:27
ubotuPackage virtualbox does not exist in gutsy06:27
sn00zeri tried the repos but it didn't find it06:28
sn00zeri'm using fiesty btw06:28
Daisuke_Laptopwhat you can do is edit the kmenu and add an entry for it06:28
sn00zeri don't really use the kmenu much, i typically use alt+f2, how can i get it to show up there?06:29
Daisuke_Laptopno clue06:29
contrast83sn00zer: you could put a script in your path containing that command, then just run the script from Alt+F206:30
sn00zerok, another question not related to virtualbox06:30
sn00zerin my path?06:31
contrast83 /usr/bin, for example06:31
sn00zerso how do i make a script?06:31
contrast83Alt+F2 -> kate06:32
sn00zerthen what?06:33
contrast83actually, my mistake. sorry, close kate, then Alt+F2 -> kdesudo kate06:33
contrast83"#!/bin/bash" on the first line, then "~/vbox/out/linux.x86/release/bin$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./VirtualBox" on the second, <Enter>, save to /usr/bin/virtualbox.sh06:34
contrast83the Konsole -> sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/virtualbox.sh06:34
sn00zercan i leave it as ~/vbox or do i need the full path?06:34
contrast83~/vbox should be fine. if you want other users to be able to use it, you'd want to put the full path.06:35
contrast83Any reason you don't use Katapult, BTW? :-)06:35
sn00zerwhats katapult?06:35
contrast83then Ctrl+C to configure it06:36
sn00zernot getting anything....06:36
contrast83Hrm. You running Compiz?06:37
sn00zeri installed ubuntu then added kdesktop package06:37
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:37
sn00zeror beryl i suppose06:37
contrast83Compiz steals the Alt+Space shortcut. You'll need to unassign it in CCSM, then log out and back in to KDE06:37
contrast83Wait, you just installed kdesktop? Or kubuntu-desktop?06:38
sn00zerwhat if i change wm via beryl manager?06:38
sn00zerkubuntu-desktop, its been awhile since i've seen the name06:38
contrast83Yeah, do that. then Alt+F2 -> killall -1 katapult && sleep 1 && katapult06:38
contrast83Get it?06:40
sn00zernot yet06:40
sn00zergot a splash screen06:41
sn00zerbut it doesn't seem to be starting06:42
contrast83katapult, you mean?06:42
sn00zerthere's a purplish box with a slingshot on it and the word katapult but it doesn't do anything from there06:43
contrast83That's it. Type a couple letters of a program you want to open.06:43
contrast83Ctrl+C configures it. It can also open documents, bookmarks, or songs if Amarok's running.06:43
contrast83So I guess you can delete that script I just had you make. :-P06:44
sn00zerand this works with beryl running if i reassign the hotkeys?06:44
sn00zerha, maybe06:44
contrast83BTW, why are you still using Beryl?06:44
sn00zerit wasn't finding it06:44
sn00zeri got it to work06:44
sn00zerwasn't finding vbox06:45
sn00zeri got beryl to work, i've thought about upgrading to compiz but i figure i'll break the system and i don't have time to fix it right now if i do06:45
contrast83FYI, it doesn't automatically update its DB when you install new programs, so you'll need to quit it (Alt+Space -> Ctrl+Q) then open it again (Alt+F2 -> katapult)06:45
contrast83You can have Beryl and Compiz installed simultaneously, y'know.06:46
contrast83Which repo are you using?06:46
Daisuke_Laptopwhy in the...06:49
Daisuke_Laptopsn00zer: point: beryl is dead.06:49
smorgis there someone I need to bug in order to get libs updated in the ubuntu repos? or do I have to rough it and compile em for myself and just keep track on paper if i need the latest versions of something.06:58
TonrenWhen I right-click on a folder and select "Share" in Konqueror, the "Shared" icon appears, and my Ubuntu laptop appears in the "Mshome" workgroup for my Windows LAN desktop, but when I double click on it, it brings up a Username/pw dialogue box that says "Connecting..." and I can't connect.06:59
TonrenI've installed smbfs, etc., and can read/write to Windows shares from Linux, but not vice-versa.06:59
* smorg is tired of compiling libs, in order to compile more libs, in order to finally compile the thing that needed to be compiled in the first place06:59
TonrenWhat do I do?06:59
rocketsHow can I make Kopete display my currently playing Amarok song?07:01
sn00zeri'm back07:01
sn00zernot sure what happened there.... but i couldn't type or close anything07:01
Jucatorockets: there's a Now Playing plugin for Kopete in Settings -> COnfigure Plugins07:03
sn00zerDaisuke: whats so horrible about beryl?07:04
emilsedghsn00zer: its dead, so horrible!07:04
sn00zerperhaps, but it still works07:05
TonrenAnyone?  Why can't I access Linux Samba shares from Windows XP?07:05
sn00zerand it took me forever to get setup so i'm hesitant to try compiz07:05
rocketsWhere can I find the logging-related options in kopete?07:08
emilsedghrockets: history plugin?07:08
sn00zerhow do you save favorite channels to autoconnect?07:10
Tonrenfigured it out... had to add "security=share" in smb.conf07:12
Jucatosn00zer: in Konversation?07:13
Jucatoer... try #ubuntu :)07:14
* Jucato doesn't use that07:14
rocketsmy kopete wont play sounds (yes i have them enabled)07:14
Jucatorockets: are any other KDE notifications playing at all?07:15
rocketsi wouldnt know.07:15
rocketsi run gnome.07:15
Jucato(there's a play button in the Configure Notifications for testing)07:16
rocketsbut sound plays07:16
rocketsyeah im playing notifications manually07:16
rocketsnothing plays07:16
rocketsi hit the turn on all sounds button07:16
Jucatohm... can you check if artsd is installed and running?07:16
rocketsim *sure* its not.07:16
Jucatoer... if arts is installed and if artsd is running07:16
Jucatothat would be the problem :)07:16
rocketsi *need* arts for kopete to play sound?07:17
rocketsit cant use alsa?07:17
Jucatokde uses arts for sound notifications (unless otherwise told to use an external player).07:17
rocketswell how do i tell it to use alsa07:17
Jucatoand no, I don't think it uses ALSA07:17
Jucatois there an alsa player?07:17
* Jucato is not sure how/what GNOME uses for sound notifications... thought it used ESD07:19
smorghi jucato, still at it eh?07:19
Jucatoat what?07:19
smorganswering questions :-)07:20
rocketsJucato, Gnome uses ALSA and/or ESD07:20
JucatoI see...07:20
JucatoKDE can use something else as long as 1) there's a command/app to play sounds and 2) it can play ogg's and wav's (such as the "play" command from sox)07:21
rocketsAmarok confuses me.07:22
rocketsIdk i dont get the whole everything-is-a-playlist paradign.07:22
rocketsparadigm rather07:22
rocketsthings dont do what i expect07:22
Jucatoeverything is a playlist?07:23
Jucatoyou need to put files in the playlist window to play them. but you don't need to save it to a playlist07:23
smorgwhat does wip mean?07:23
smorgmust be work in progress :-/07:24
rocketsJucato, exactley.07:25
rocketsin rhythmbox i can just play things07:25
Jucatorockets: er? so? then just play things07:25
rocketsJucato, i like playing albums.07:25
rocketsin rhythmbox i just click the album once and it becomes the current playing list of songs07:26
Jucatoand? I can't see why you're having problems with that07:26
rocketsessentially rhythmbox works like itunes.07:26
rocketsanyway, id just use rhythmbox if there was a functional now-playing plugin for pidgin or kopete that worked with rhythmbox.07:26
* Jucato still doesn't understand07:26
Jucatowhy can't you play albums?07:27
rocketsnvr mind . . .07:27
Jucatono, seriously. I'm trying to understand07:27
rocketsi donnu i cant phrase this correctly.07:27
rocketsok like here07:28
rocketsI just found an album07:28
rocketsand double clicked on it07:28
rocketsand it added all the songs in that album to the current playlist07:28
rocketsin rhythmbox07:28
rocketsif i did the same thing07:28
rocketsit would just start playing THAT album right away07:28
rocketsi like that behavior.07:28
Jucatowhere are you double-clicking the album?07:29
rocketsthe "collection" sidebar07:29
rocketsis there another place i can double click it?07:29
JucatoFiles sidebar, from Konqueror, etc.07:29
rocketsi cant do it from konqueror . . . im using gnome07:30
rocketsi mean I *could*07:30
rocketsbut i wont.07:30
rocketssince i use nautilus07:30
Jucatoright-click -> Load replaces the contents of the playlist window07:30
rocketsactually if i double click the album in "Files"07:30
rocketsit just opens that folder within amarok07:30
rocketsill try that thanks07:31
rocketsthat works07:31
Jucatobut now that you've explained it better. I believe there have been user requests about that behavior07:31
rocketskopete can do video chat?07:32
rocketsdoes it work with iChat?07:32
Jucatoit has webcam support. yes07:32
Jucatonot sure if it works 100%07:32
rocketsdoes it work with standard AIM voicechat?07:32
rocketsor is it like a kopete-to-kopete thing07:33
Jucatoyou'll have to try it. don't do AIM or video/voice chats :)07:33
rocketswhy not.07:34
rocketsi cant just not do AIM. i use google talk when I can but 99% of everybody I know uses AIM07:34
* Jucato has a similar problem with Yahoo07:34
rocketsHow do I play my whole library on shuffle?07:37
Jucatorockets: load all your collection, then at the status bar, there are 2 icons, one turns Random On07:39
rocketsthe dice.07:39
rocketssee its like07:39
rocketseverything is one more step07:39
rocketsbecause it always involves creating a playlist07:39
smorganyone know much about cpu optomizations for the gcc?07:40
Jucatonot really. iirc in any media player, loading/playing a file adds it to a sort of "now playing" area or list. it's practically the same07:40
WaltzingAlongor with amarok? usually can instruct amarok to just play a random set of tracks07:40
* Jucato hasn't seen Rhythmbox in a looong time though...07:40
Jucatosmorg: man gcc? :)07:40
rocketsJucato, i can just SINGLE CLICK all artists in rhythmbox, click random, then click play07:40
rocketssingle left click.07:41
smorgof course! always a good source of info07:41
Jucatorockets: it just means one thing... Amarok isn't a clone of Rhythmbox or of iTunes. it's its own thing07:41
Jucatoyou can't really expect different apps to always behave or be used in the same way 100% of the time, in all areas/aspects07:41
smorgactually i'm wondering if there is some utility to tell me which -mtune paramater or -march option is best07:42
smorgcpu specifics07:42
Jucatohelp or hello? :)07:42
Jucato(or both?)07:42
rocketsI just don't see the benefit of doing it this way though. In rhythmbox I CAN create playlists.07:42
rocketsI just dont *need* to.07:42
smorgooooh duh07:43
surgymy resolution, on my login screen, is higher than my monitor supports, how do i adjust this? i checked in xorg.conf and it looks good, also my refresh rate seams a bit high. im running 7.10 gutsy. thanks for any help on the subject07:43
smorgI would use -mtune native if compiling for the current machine07:43
smorgthat just makes too much sense XD07:43
Jucatorockets: like I said, you don't have to either. you just need to place them in a queue. it doesn't create/save that into a playlist unless you want to.07:44
rocketsyeah i get that . . . but its a playlist-like-object07:44
Jucatoiirc in iTunes you can't even mix and match songs from different collections w/o creating a new collection...07:44
Jucatocould be wrong. haven't used iTunes in a loooooonger time than rhythmbox07:44
surgyjucato can you help me please?07:45
* Jucato likes the way Amarok is... uses the playlist as a scratchpad for dumping songs and mixing them07:45
surgy: agrees07:45
Jucatosurgy: try to see if xorg.conf has "Virtual" entries near the resolution entries07:46
Jucatonot really sure though07:46
surgyJucato: weird huh? i figured it should use the same resolution as my desktop07:46
smorggeh... it doesn't explain the difference between mtune and march in the manual!07:46
Jucatosurgy: it doesn't07:47
timrismorg: it does here. from man gcc : "This option is very similar to the -mcpu= option, except that instead of specifying the actual target processor type, and hence restricting which instructions can be used,"07:49
* timri needs new glasses07:49
* smorg apparantly needs glasses07:50
smorgcool though... thats useful07:50
timrismorg: No, you were right, I misread your mtune for mcpu :)07:50
* timri Just realizes he does not HAVE glasses07:50
=== charlie is now known as charliesan
keeganhi guys , how do  i know what  user my apache webserver is running under07:51
sub[t]rnlkeegan: www-data as user and group by default07:54
keegansub[t]rnl:  but ps -aux | grep apache shows root07:56
* timri though apace was running under nobody by default07:56
keeganroot      6601  0.0  0.1  10168  2668 ?        Ss   12:04   0:00 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k07:56
keeganits  a default install07:57
smallshi gang.08:05
smallswhats a program where i can make coppies of games ?08:05
timrismalls: cp ?08:05
smallsi would like to  burn a copy of half life08:06
=== mrigns_ is now known as mrigns
smallsa cd burning program.08:06
timrismalls: k3b ?08:06
smallswill it be just as valid ?08:06
timrismalls: ??? You want to duplicate your license too ?08:07
mrignsI think you will have to use dd and make an iso after which you can burn08:07
mrignsman dd08:07
smallswhats a dd ?08:07
mrignstype man dd in the terminal and you'll see08:07
mrignsit's the man(ual)08:07
smallsthought it was  a technical term. thanx guys.08:07
timrismalls: If you want to make illegal copies of something (not saying you are), this is the wrong channel to ask for help :)08:08
smallsyes.  but my question is not about legal issues of course, simply making valid (un-warped) coppies.08:09
timrismalls: In that case you can use: dd if=/dev/hdc of=/home/smalls/copy.iso08:09
* timri is going to grab something to eat08:09
timrismalls: Then you can use k3b to burn it to cd08:10
[ifr0g]!find wicd08:11
ubotuPackage/file wicd does not exist in gutsy08:12
smallstimri:  is there a particular format when burning as k3b ?08:12
mrignssmalls: it doesn't hvae it's own format08:13
mrignsiso, bin+cue,08:13
mrignsfor nero images you would need something like acetoneiso08:14
mrignswhich can convert08:14
virnikhi there08:15
virnikis there some option, how can I modify kmilo stepping when lowering or rising sound volume?08:15
twylighthey, what's a good program for running an IRC server on kubuntu?08:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ircd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:16
mrignsa server with an installed DE? kinky08:17
unix_infidelwhy would i be able to ping google.com but not do w3m google.com08:19
xeviousunix_infidel: port 80 traffic blocked?08:24
ubuntuhi all is there a way to upgrade an older kubuntu.. to the 7.10 without a cd / dvd ?08:24
unix_infidelno proxy, no ports blocked.08:24
xeviousubuntu: read the topic08:24
Jucatoubuntu: the "normal" upgrade process uses an internet connection, not CD's/DVD's08:25
=== ubuntu is now known as OldToker
xeviousnice nick08:25
=== OldToker is now known as Netizen1993
twylightircd is compiling now08:26
Netizen1993my name is gone here.08:26
Netizen1993I have been having some extreem problems getting a good download of the .iso08:26
Netizen1993and I have this old version.. that I am currently running in live mode.08:26
xeviouswhich version are you running that you want to upgrade?08:26
Netizen1993I just don't know if I should attempt another download08:27
Netizen1993or just install this and then figure out how to upgrade to 7.1008:27
xeviouswait, you have an old version installed or you're running an old version off the live cd?08:27
Netizen1993old on a live08:27
twylight7.10 is broken in my opinion08:27
Netizen1993ubuntu 7.10 rocks..08:28
aabrahaohi, when start the x the error appears: could not open default font 'fixed'08:28
Netizen1993but I want KDE08:28
xeviousNetizen1993: if you dont have it installed on a hard drive you're definitely best off downloading a 7.10 cd for doing a fresh install08:28
Netizen1993ok will try it again08:28
xeviousare you using bittorrent to download it?08:28
xeviouswhat kind of problems are you having with the download?08:28
WaltzingAlong!info kubuntu-desktop | Netizen199308:29
ubotunetizen1993: kubuntu-desktop: Kubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.59 (gutsy), package size 16 kB, installed size 44 kB08:29
Netizen1993xevious: I'ts just failing the md5's08:29
WaltzingAlonggrab a torrent; or the burn is failing? then burn more slowly08:29
xeviousif you download via bittorrent, it can't fail the md508:29
Netizen1993the iso is failing the md5's08:30
Netizen1993I won't burn till it passes the md5 checks.. can't afford to just randomly burn coasters.08:30
xeviousNetizen1993: you said ubuntu 7.10 is great but you want KDE... do you have ubuntu 7.10 installed (on the hard drive)08:30
* Netizen1993 is a starving student08:30
WaltzingAlongNetizen1993: so grab a torrent corresponding to the .iso you have. have the torrent check over the iso you already have; it will download the pieces that fail the checks/are not right08:31
Netizen1993not at the present.. I erased it..08:31
Netizen1993but I do have it on disk.08:31
xeviousok... best off with a fresh install then08:31
WaltzingAlongNetizen1993: then you can install from that, install the package 'kubuntu-desktop' and remove the package 'ubuntu-desktop'08:31
Netizen1993I just want the *ntu system with kde.. :)  I Kan't stand gnome.08:31
Netizen1993ahhh so it is possible then08:32
WaltzingAlongNetizen1993: yes so you can do that with the instructions i just provided08:32
xeviousthat's a way to do it08:32
WaltzingAlongif one already has the ubuntu cd08:32
xeviousNetizen1993: or just grab the iso using bittorrent and it'll pass the md5 guaranteed08:32
Netizen1993I have a 7.10 64 bit08:32
Netizen1993burned and that works08:32
Netizen1993I'm already 35 % on the new download..08:33
Netizen1993so I will let this finish..08:33
WaltzingAlongfrom a torrent?08:33
Netizen1993no from FTP08:34
xeviousNetizen1993: we're suggesting bittorrent because it does hash checks of portions of the download as it downloads, and automatically fixes errors08:34
WaltzingAlongunless there is a packet sniffing torrent blocker ... your download should be faster and nothing shy of 100% verified with torrent08:34
Netizen1993ok well if this one fails..08:34
Netizen1993I can do the slower torrent then08:35
Netizen1993torrents can be soooo slow..08:35
Netizen1993when compared to axel08:35
xeviousnot for ubuntu downloads08:35
xeviousi was pulling 2.5MB/sec the last time i downloaded a kubuntu iso08:35
Netizen1993do I even have a torrent client with the Live CD?08:35
WaltzingAlongok so grab from the ftp source. then you have the iso, you can still use the torrent to point to that already downloaded iso so the torrent can verify the iso08:35
xeviousit completely maxed out my comcast cable connection08:35
WaltzingAlong!info ktorrent08:36
ubotuktorrent: BitTorrent client for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.1-0ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 2698 kB, installed size 9932 kB08:36
Netizen1993holly tolledo.. torrent is slooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww..... :(08:38
Netizen1993man sayin like gonna be a day to get it :(08:38
Jucatothat really depends on a lot of factors08:39
Jucatotorrents are faster than ftp in some cases, depending on the factors08:40
WaltzingAlongNetizen1993: it would be nice to know if the iso you had was failing the md5sum or just the burnt one08:40
Netizen1993I'm just spoiled I guess..... I got used to using axel to do downloads.. I'm used to seeing 300+08:40
Netizen1993WaltzingAlong: I thought I had specified that the .iso was failing.. sorry If I didn't make that clear.. I do that from time to time,  sorry08:41
WaltzingAlongNetizen1993: ah yeah you did. ok so with the one you grabbed already you use torrent to finish the pieces that are not matching08:42
Netizen1993I didn't know I could do that already had deleted from the drive..08:42
crazy_busmy computer gets to the login screen.  I type my password in and press enter and the screen goes black.  It then returns to the login page.  Why would this be?  Is their anyway to check freespace from the commandline so I can check its not that?08:42
WaltzingAlongso rather than downloading the entire file again, just a few sections so the entire .iso passes the md5 check08:42
Netizen1993no biggie.. I will just redownload it08:42
WaltzingAlongcrazy_bus: df -h08:42
Netizen1993axel should have it here in about an hour or so.08:43
Netizen1993I'm downloading the DVD.iso this time.. and not the CD.iso08:43
Netizen1993perhaps it will be better.08:43
crazy_busmy /home isn08:44
crazy_bust listed doing that WaltzingAlong ?08:44
WaltzingAlongcrazy_bus: should list all08:44
WaltzingAlongcrazy_bus: df -h /home08:44
crazy_busit's listed their.  0 avail :(.  Any way I can boot in and ]b'08:45
crazy_busburn files off?08:45
WaltzingAlongcrazy_bus: do you have a lot free elsewhere? you could move a big one, free up some space, then log into kde like normal, doing whatever from familiar territory08:46
crazy_busok.  I'll try that08:46
Jason_w_wcan anybody help me with getting wine to work?08:51
WaltzingAlongcrazy_bus: partitioning is the fine art of assuring not enough space will be where it is needed ;)08:51
WaltzingAlongJason_w_w: sure, the issue?08:51
Jason_w_wwell, it's a program that seems to want to run in 640 x 48008:51
crazy_busWaltzingAlong: seems to have worked.  It only logged me into a blue kde screen with a terminal but Im sure a reboot will fix it08:52
Jason_w_wwhen I tried to run it before, it gave an error about "wine could not switch display mode"08:52
WaltzingAlongJason_w_w: which wine version do you have? wine --version08:52
Jason_w_wnow I have forced kubuntu into 640x480 (miserable), and still it is not working08:52
WaltzingAlongJason_w_w: are you using 3d drivers for your video card?08:54
Jason_w_wis there an easy way to check?  (I know this program will not require them)08:55
WaltzingAlongJason_w_w: you could configure wine through systemsettings/advanced/windows applications08:56
WaltzingAlongJason_w_w: in konsole, glxinfo | grep -i direct08:56
Jason_w_wI've looked around there, and played around with a few of the settings, but nothing seems to have helped so far08:56
Jason_w_wdirect rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)08:57
Jason_w_wOpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect08:57
WaltzingAlongJason_w_w: which windows version is wine reporting to the application?08:58
WaltzingAlongJason_w_w: mind relaying which program it is? (btw help with wine may be found elsewhere, such as #winehq )09:00
twylightsorry, my cat just walked across my keyboard09:00
Jason_w_wsure, it is called PowerPrep...it is GRE preparation software available for free download online09:01
Jason_w_wWaltzingAlong:  thanks so much for your help, but I have to run...I'll figure something out I'm sure09:06
VIVIsecthello :)09:19
VIVIsectIs anyone here in the mood of giving an absolute noob some advice09:20
emilsedgh!ask | VIVIsect09:21
ubotuVIVIsect: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)09:21
VIVIsectWell, i installed kubuntu 7.10, and it worked perfectly, but, i cant install 2 things09:21
VIVIsectmy lexicon lambda usb soundcard09:21
VIVIsectand crappy chinese accessrunner adsl modem09:22
VIVIsectwhich is the only type of modem i can get here :(09:22
aabrahaowhen the x is started and I pressed ctrl f2 to go to terminal mode, how can I back to graphical mode?09:25
lup0aabrahao: Ctrl+F709:28
lup0aabrahao: sorry, ctrl+alt+F709:29
aabrahao<lup0> grato09:30
aabrahaoe como faco para o x nao inice sozinho?09:31
VIVIsectno advices?09:33
emilsedghVIVIsect: as far as i know, there are problems with usb adsl modems :(09:35
VIVIsectYep, i know09:37
VIVIsectbut i don know where to start xD09:37
ActionParsniphey all09:39
* ActionParsnip waves09:39
frojndI have a q. Is it possible to write in kate like this: if I put down three spaces and than "{" I want to write in the next line 3 spaces after start and not from beginning  ??09:54
Jucatoyou mean auto-indenting?09:55
ardchoillefrojnd: I believe that would be syntax hilightin. Have you checked syntax hilighting?09:55
ardchoilleok, maybe I'm wrong09:55
frojndardchoille, nop I wasn't, it would save a lot of work in programming..09:55
Jucatosyntax highlighting = (as the name suggests) highlighting words (colors)09:55
ardchoilleAh, ok09:56
Jucatofrojnd: Tools -> Indentation09:56
Jucatoif you want to set a default one, Settings -> Configure Kate -> Editor -> Indentation (affects Kwrite too)09:56
ardchoilleJucato: Does that mean it's a kpart?09:57
frojndthanx Jucato09:57
Jucatoardchoille: katepart has always been a kpart. used in kwrite, kate, quanta, kdevelop, etc09:58
ardchoilleThat's one rocking editor, I know that much.09:58
twylightkate is the stuff09:59
[ifr0g]!find dd_rescue10:01
ubotuFile dd_rescue found in ddrescue10:02
ubotuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.10:02
utnubukis there a way to install the new gnome online desktop in ubuntu ?? i did sudo apt-get as per instructions from redhatmagazine.com and its not in the repos10:02
utnubukjust wondering if anyone here may have tried it...10:03
Jucatoutnubuk: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/gnome10:03
utnubukthanks Jucato10:04
ubotugnome is a project that provides two things: The GNOME desktop environment, an intuitive and attractive desktop for end-users, users, and the GNOME development platform, an extensive framework for building applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.10:05
utnubukone more questino (i think :) if I update with synaptic will that update KDE stuff as well? is everything in the same 'bucket' so to speak?10:06
WaltzingAlongutnubuk: yes10:06
utnubukcool ty10:06
* Jucato nods10:06
zgmf-x20aanyone know how to convert files from avi to mpeg4??10:10
utnubukJucato i think you may have misunderstood me, take a quick look at http://www.redhatmagazine.com/2007/11/13/tour-of-gnome-online-desktop/10:12
llutzzgmf-x20a: mencoder <filename.avi> -ovc xvid -oac mp3lame -o <output.avi>10:12
Jucatoutnubuk: oh yeah. missed the "online" word10:12
Jucatoutnubuk: try asking in #ubuntu10:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about corrupted - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:20
zgmf-x20allutz: i see.  is there a gui front end available that i can get for mencoder?10:22
zgmf-x20aand this will allow me to convert avi files to mpeg 4 llutz?10:23
llutzzgmf-x20a: not for mencoder, but imho best gui for video-conversion10:23
tokerHi all.. how can I install KDE on Ubuntu 7.1010:23
llutzzgmf-x20a: avi is just a container, not a codec10:24
zgmf-x20allutz: ok, so if i install avidemux it will allow me to do simple conversions of avi files to mp4 files though right?10:24
llutzzgmf-x20a: yes10:24
zgmf-x20allutz: sweeeeeeeeet.. trying things out on my psp10:25
llutzzgmf-x20a: more help at http://avidemux.berlios.de/index.html10:25
mizerydeariaUsing putty, how can I type or send non-ascii characters such as hex 90 (int 144 / asc )?10:27
utnubukmizerydearia: what exactly are you trying to do?10:28
utnubuklogin? pswd?10:28
mizerydeariautnubuk I'm trying to type in a string that includes hex value 90 (int 144 / ascii ) using putty (ssh connection to my Linksys WRT54G router10:31
utnubukFor putty, you have to chose UTF-8 from Window > Translation10:33
utnubuknot sure if you checked http://www.gammu.org/wiki/index.php?title=Gammu:SMS_Character_Set_Conversion10:34
utnubuki misunderstood your question, doubt that link will help10:34
utnubukhopefully you find it useful10:34
zgmf-x20allutz: havin some difficulty with this thing, its not working proper i dont think.  basically, all i ahve to do is open the file i want, and in fromat area change to mp4, hit save and it should be done right?  but the file doesnt work...10:40
zgmf-x20allutz: any suggestions?10:40
llutzzgmf-x20a: http://www.avidemux.org/admWiki/index.php?title=Main_Page10:41
zgmf-x20allutz: yah i took a look at that... doesnt say, "to convert avi to mp4, just.... "10:43
ocshi. the clock of my PC has an error of one hour. how can i see if there are kernel's problems associated to that?10:45
Zombocomis it because it didn't do the time change?10:47
ocsZombocom: no10:47
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
Zombocomis the system time alright if you go into setup at the bios?10:48
fomleHello.. i got a question about beryl? is there a quick inbstall guide anywhere? only 1 i found lead to was not longer there.. :(10:48
Zombocomberyl has merged with compiz to form compiz-fusion10:48
Zombocomtheir room is #compiz-fusion10:48
ocsZombocom: let me check10:48
fomlethnx Zombocom10:50
Zombocomno problem fomle10:50
ocsZombocom: the bios time is ok, and after rebooting also the OS time has been corrected... but why?10:52
Zombocomno clue10:52
Zombocomsomeone else could explain it probably, I was just trying to use a system of elimination to find where the problem was10:53
ocsok, thnks10:53
Zombocomno problem10:53
ocsanother question: how can i check if the installation of my OS is for i386 or for i686 ?10:53
llutzocs uname -a10:54
zgmf-x20aanyone know a good psp channel?10:57
ocsthnks  llutz10:58
timriIs there a way to make klipper store images as well?11:03
timriIn some previous version of KDE klipper could store images like it does text, so you did not have to keep the source app open to copy&paste something. I want to enable this feature, but do not know how. Anyone?11:06
sammyanyone trying kmail+gmail with imap?11:09
* sammy pokes dje_ and mnm111:11
sammyyour hostnames are interesting11:11
bonzaianyone around that can help a first time installer noob11:18
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)11:18
sammythat bot is snarky.11:18
joetheoddIs that a tonguetwister?11:18
=== jia is now known as jia_
=== jia_ is now known as jia
bonzaiinstalling kubuntu on a lappy with via everything11:19
timribonzai: Unichrome graphics?11:19
bonzailooks like i have to recompile the source11:19
bonzaithe chrome9 hc11:19
bonzaiwich is the unichrome, yes11:19
timribonzai: Oh! that one is even worse supported than my k8m800 :)11:19
timribonzai: What exactly do you want to recompile, though. Openchrome ?11:20
bonzailooks about he same challenge as the one from via11:20
timribonzai: And your question is ? :)11:21
bonzaiis lib/modules/2.6.20-16-generic not complete or something?11:22
timribonzai: Not that I know of, what's your problem?11:23
bonzaithis is the dvd 7.04 i have installed as gusty wonn't even get to the livecd11:23
bonzaiwell my next step is to sudo make modules_prepare11:23
bonzaibut i get lots of errors about files/directories missing11:24
timribonzai: pastebin?11:24
* timri wonders why bonzai needs to recompile his kernel at all :)11:25
bonzailet me see if i can post what i've done so far with out getting booted11:25
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)11:26
bonzaiahh, good call11:26
* timri wishes there was another way to control ubotu, without the exclamation mark11:27
jack-timri: /msg11:27
timrijack-: Ah! thanks. (I should have read the docs a little better :)11:28
jack-<3 blootbot11:28
sammytimri: if it's anything like the old infobot, you can remove the ! trigger, but then it'll just shout out anytime someone says anything that matches.11:29
jack-not recommended ;)11:29
timrisammy: In #kubuntu, that does not seem really wanted behavior from a bot :P11:30
sammy*nod* hence the trigger :P11:31
sammyunless you were talking about something else? it's 4am here in seattle, I'm a little slow11:31
sammyand wondering if anyone's tried kmail+gmail imap? it's .... quirky. as to be expected, I guess.11:32
carwash^kmail tends to coredump when using imap11:32
jpatricksammy: it's dead slow, and I have to download a message again just to view it11:33
sammycarwash^: I just installed a ton of -dbg packages for just that sort of thing :) and, yes, kontact crashes a good bit, and kmail is usually the culprit11:33
sammyjpatrick: and the way that labels vs folders work is odd. if I have a filter on gmail set to apply a label, the message appears in my inbox, then disappears and appears in the folder for the label11:34
jpatricksammy: I switched back to pop for my sake..11:34
timribonzai: You left out the interesting part: the error messages themselves :)11:34
sammyagain, quirky, I know they have things to work out. but sometimes, like now, I'm seeing messages appear and disappear, then reappear as new on the next mail check, the same message over and over. a message that isn't matching any filter rules.11:35
sammyjpatrick: I'm probably headed back to the web interface. I'm already using gmail to check my personal accounts via pop. If I get adventurous I might try to triage a few bugs, but imap is a scary beast, even with servers like courier11:36
sammyI've seen a few tutorials that suggest implementing offline imap with an intermediary imap server you maintain yourself.11:37
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_
timribonzai: Nope, still nothing (our paste ends with "errors out there^^^^")11:37
wickedsmaatLinux Newbie With A Question . . .11:38
wickedsmaatI'm using Ubuntu-GNOME, I installed KDE.11:38
wickedsmaatCan I uninstall GNOME (ubuntu-desktop) in Synaptic?11:39
wickedsmaatIt says it's "unrecomended" in Synaptic.11:39
ubotupurekde is If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »11:39
sammyI'm going to make a video of this and post it somewhere. watch my messages appear and instantly disappear! kmail: it's magic. though, it's not going to get any better unless I go double check that all the issues I'm having have been filed on a bug tracker somewhere. such is life in the big city.11:40
timribonzai: Ah, got it now :)11:41
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!11:42
timribonzai: sudo aptitude install build-essential11:44
bonzaiwhat was that11:46
timribonzai: :) You were missing libc6-dev amongst other things :)11:46
timribonzai: It works now?11:46
bonzaisorry, i used to work on solaris, about 10 years ago, first time touching this side of the world again since then11:47
bonzaiit licked it, that's for sure11:47
timribonzai: :)11:47
* timri is going to try nexenta sometime soon11:48
timribonzai: By the way: I am not convinced you actually need to compile your kernal.11:49
timribonzai: Feisty already has modular X I believe, so your new via driver (if that's what you are doing) should work just like that (famous last words)11:50
bonzaibest i can get is 800x60011:51
bonzaianything higher makes it look like i selected the wrong or too high of video mode11:52
bonzaigot to do this again with the audio too11:53
timribonzai: Curious. Could you pastebin the output of lspci for me?11:54
* timri Just now notices he has joined the legions of "kernAl" sayers... ouch. That was a typo of course *blush*11:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about libsdl - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:55
timri!info libsdl11:56
ubotuPackage libsdl does not exist in gutsy11:56
timrismorg: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/libs/libsdl1.2debian11:58
bonzaiif you know an easier way, i'll all ears11:59
smorgcool that helps :-)12:00
* twylight eats smorg12:00
snconnectdo you speak french?12:00
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.12:00
snconnectthanks you12:01
ubotuПожалуйста войдите в #ubuntu-ru для помощи на русском языке  /  Pozhalujsta vojdite v #ubuntu-ru dlq pomoshchi na russkom qzyke12:03
timribonzai: I would suggest to try Gutsy using the normal LiveCd, starting in Safe Graphics mode12:03
bonzaitried that12:03
timribonzai: Blank screen?12:03
bonzaino, looks like it's in the wrong video mode12:04
timribonzai: Some whitewash starting from the bottom ?12:04
bonzaithat is there but goes away12:05
timribonzai: known modeline problem12:05
timribonzai: First time I hear it affects vesa, btw12:05
bonzaionce booted, you can tell it's text,12:06
timribonzai: Try to switch to a console, and sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg12:06
bonzainow or in gutsy?12:07
timribonzai: You could try it now, but thats how I got over my via troubles in Gutsy.12:07
timribonzai: The upside to using gutsy: your audio troubles should be smaller (still an alsamixer pb as far as I can see on launchpad, don't have the same audio chip unfortunately)12:09
bonzaiok, i ran it, put in an identifier, not quite sure what it is asking me to do here12:10
timribonzai: Just press OK lots of times, until you come at the resolution selection.12:10
bonzaithe xconf file, nm12:10
bonzaithere is no ok12:10
timribonzai: Fell of your screen perhaps: try tab followed by enter12:11
* timri has to go in 10 minutes12:12
bonzaithere it goes12:12
bonzaiwhat's a good amount of mem to use?12:12
timribonzai: Unselect all bogus resolutions (gutsy thought my 1024x768 ldc could do 1600 something)12:12
timribonzai: Just leave it as-is, and OK your way through those screens12:13
bonzai128mb i think is the max, maybe 64mb12:13
bonzaiit's asking me to type it in12:13
timribonzai: You can (and usually should :) ) leave it blank12:13
bonzaihelps if i read12:13
bonzaiback to a prompt12:15
timribonzai: You got to the resolutions screen ?12:15
bonzaiyeah, i selected 1024 for now12:16
timribonzai: good, one second, I'am gonna pastebin my xorg.conf, might help you in the future12:17
timribonzai: http://pastebin.com/m3dd6e07d12:17
timribonzai: You can now cross your fingers, log out, restart X (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace) and it *should* work.12:18
timribonzai: But first, you might want to pastbin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf :)12:19
=== phil_ is now known as phil131
* timri is starting to think he fried bonzais computer from a distance12:22
timribonzai: ?12:22
timriSigh, smb4k 0.8.4 still has the annoying "DCOPServer wants to connect to kwallet" bug on my system12:23
timribonzai: ping!12:24
* timri looks around innocently but slightly worried12:24
* timri has to go now, bye all12:24
bonzaisorry, mouse battery12:25
bonzaii think it looks right12:26
WaltzingAlongbonzai: what is the issue?12:26
bonzaiknew he had to leave12:26
bonzaivia video on a lappy12:26
WaltzingAlongbonzai: 3d or just any?12:27
bonzaivia driver, or better than the vesa 800x60012:27
WaltzingAlongbonzai: how about a pastebin of the resulting /var/log/Xorg.0.log12:27
bonzaithink i'm going to try the settings...12:28
bonzaiok, 1 sec12:28
bonzaiall 2200 lines?12:30
WaltzingAlongsure to pastebin12:30
bonzaibe right back, going to try this last change it's easy enough to undo12:33
WaltzingAlongbonzai: what did timri have you do? comment out option usefbdev? comment out busid? in /etc/X11/xorg.conf  ; ok paste 44606 is the log when loading vesa driver. and what happens with the 'via' module12:34
WaltzingAlongbonzai: make a copy of the log /var/log/Xorg.0.log before changing back to vesa12:35
=== Darth-Werkn is now known as DarthLurkn
ActionParsniphi all12:42
* ActionParsnip waves12:42
WaltzingAlongActionParsnip: greetings12:44
WaltzingAlongbonzai: were you at all interested in the latest from viaarena? http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=420&OSID=25&CatID=2580&SubCatID=163                 also http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44607/12:44
Bonzaiso much for quick lol12:47
WaltzingAlongbonzai: were you at all interested in the latest from viaarena? http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=420&OSID=25&CatID=2580&SubCatID=163                 also http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44607/12:48
Bonzaiit didn't work, this is my main pc, i'm trying to recover the lappy12:48
WaltzingAlongBonzai: ssh into it ? change xorg.conf back12:48
Bonzaicouldn't get that far, i'll get it once i get a console, it's almost there12:49
ActionParsnipWaltzingAlong: whats he trying to do?12:49
WaltzingAlongActionParsnip: get better than 800x600 using vesa or use vga video module12:49
BonzaiI was trying the viaarena driver, it has ya compile the kernel12:49
ActionParsnipWaltzingAlong: what gfx card?12:50
WaltzingAlongBonzai: which graphics unit is it exactly? lspci12:51
Bonzaijust a sec, lappy's almost back up12:52
Bonzaiit's the via chrome9 hc12:52
WaltzingAlongActionParsnip: via chrome9 hc12:52
ActionParsnipWaltzingAlong: bad news http://forums.viaarena.com/messageview.aspx?catid=31&threadid=80202&enterthread=y12:53
BonzaiI've seen that, i don't have the link right now, but someone got it going with the via driver in 7.0412:55
ActionParsnipBonzai: http://www.hombrepac.com.ar/software-libre/linux/how-to-via-k8m890-chrome-9-igp-and-linuxs-xorg-ubuntu-edgy-610/12:56
ActionParsnipBonzai: seen that one?12:56
WaltzingAlongyeah ActionParsnip i have seen that12:56
WaltzingAlongBonzai: but may have some success with http://www.hombrepac.com.ar/software-libre/linux/how-to-via-k8m890-chrome-9-igp-and-linuxs-xorg-ubuntu-edgy-610/12:56
WaltzingAlongBonzai: and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenChrome12:56
ActionParsnipIs the command to open a URL with firefox, firefox %u12:58
ActionParsniphi nacer12:59
ActionParsniphi nado12:59
=== bonz_ is now known as Bonzai_Lappy
WaltzingAlongBonzai: and you may wish to subscribe to https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/1180712:59
WaltzingAlongActionParsnip: yes firefox %u13:00
ActionParsnipWaltzingAlong: cheers man13:00
nadoafter switching to kubuntu, my graphics are kinda laggy. i.e. when i try to mark several icons at once and resize that rectangle quickly, the framerate drops drastically. nv drivers for my geforce6800 are installed, settings in xorg.conf are similar to the old ones that worked with another distribution. what can i do?13:01
BonzaiBonzai:  http://www.hombrepac.com.ar/software-libre/linux/how-to-via-k8m890-chrome-9-igp-and-linuxs-xorg-ubuntu-edgy-610/13:02
WaltzingAlongnado: use the !nvidia driver? turn off some of the eye candy in kde through kcontrol or the program kpersonalizer13:02
utnubukit's late and my head hurts.13:03
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nadoWaltzingAlong: alright, i'll try to go for nvidia drivers13:05
miklIs Kubuntu going to package KDE4 beta 4?13:06
nadobut there's the second problem, my adept won't work anymore13:06
WaltzingAlongnado: in konsole, sudo aptitude -f install   shows what?13:06
WaltzingAlongnado: (or sudo apt-get -f install)13:06
WaltzingAlongmikl: according to #kubuntu-devel yes! in a few days!13:06
miklWaltzingAlong: ok, I'm looking forward to taking it for a spin :)13:07
WaltzingAlongmikl: or to see the latest/greatest you could build from svn yourself13:07
nadoi tried to install java, that installation failed, now everytime i try to install/remove something, i get an error13:07
nadoWaltzingAlong: um, wait...13:07
WaltzingAlongmikl: http://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Build/Unstable_Version for a guide on how to do just that13:08
miklWaltzingAlong: yeah, I know, but I think I'll save myself the headache of figuring KDE's new build system out ;)13:08
nadoit says that sun-java5-plugin shall be deleted13:09
nadowhen i continue, i get an error, saying sun-java5-jre could not be found13:09
nadoand i should correct it myself13:09
miklnado: remove it and get the java6-packages instead :)13:10
nadomiki: that's what i'm trying13:10
WaltzingAlongnado: though sun-java5-jre should be in the repos too13:10
nadobut i can't remove it13:10
WaltzingAlongnado: sudo aptitude update    first13:11
miklyeah, that sounds rather strange...13:11
nadosame error13:11
ubuntu_i am trying to install ubuntu7.10 from livecd ,manully  editing  partition return error ,it says cant create file system13:12
nadocan't i get rid of the package without adept?13:12
WaltzingAlongnado: and to remove all of sun-java5: sudo aptitude purge sun-java5-bin sun-java5-demo sun-java5-doc sun-java5-fonts sun-java5-jdk sun-java5-jre sun-java5-plugin sun-java5-source13:12
nadoyup saw it now, too ;)13:13
nadoi'll give it a try13:13
WaltzingAlongnado: then to install the java6 plugin  sudo aptitude install sun-java6-plugin     or through adept13:13
ubuntu_please someone help me13:13
nadodo i need the plugin package only?13:14
nadobasically i just need compatibility with firefox to do my homework for the university13:14
WaltzingAlongnado: well depends on what you want with java. plugin should pull in a few others too13:14
WaltzingAlongnado: oh so you want the jdk (development kit) as well13:14
nadoi think you misunderstood me ;) i need to use applets, i don't want to develop them13:15
WaltzingAlongnado: :) ok13:15
nadonow i can't get past the user's agreement13:16
WaltzingAlongtab to ok13:16
WaltzingAlongthen enter13:16
nadooops :D13:16
ubuntu_error i got "The ext3 file system creation in partition #9 of IDE1 slave (hdb) failed."13:17
WaltzingAlongubuntu_: with the msdos partition table there can be 4 primary partitions or 3 and one extended13:18
nadoyay, it works! thanks a lot WaltzingAlong!13:18
WaltzingAlongubuntu_: perhaps that has something to do with the error?13:18
WaltzingAlongnado: congrats13:19
WaltzingAlongnado: should be able to use adept manager as you had been13:19
nadoyup it works as well13:20
ubuntu_WaltzingAlong how do you say i have msdos partition ?13:20
WaltzingAlongubuntu_: referring to the type of partition table - not the file systems on any of the partitions; just a guess13:21
nadoi'll try the driver thing now, brb13:21
WaltzingAlong!nvidia > nado13:22
andreasMy NetworkManager seems to have gone nuts. When i try to log on my wlan, it just wont. Worked fine yesterday. Symptoms: wifi symbol on my comp. is blinking like a blitz, all the bars in Knetworkmanager is gone, and the pop-up when i try to log in to a wlan, is all over my desktop.13:23
timriubuntu_: in Xubuntu Feisty this is a known pb (http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/704)13:23
WaltzingAlongknetworkmanager not listing anything for your devices? open /etc/network/interfaces then comment out all lines referring to the corresponding devices (ethx for example), though you can leave the auto lines; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon/ReleaseNotes | andreas13:25
ubuntu_timri i have kubuntu13:26
andreasIt is showing up all my networks, but cant connect13:26
ubuntu_andreas enable eth013:26
ubuntu_sudo ifup eth013:27
nadoWaltzingAlong:  nvidia drivers solved my problem, thanks again ;)13:27
WaltzingAlongnado: enjoy! :D13:27
nadohehe, will do13:27
andreasubuntu_ it is already listed as eth1, when i iwconfig13:27
nadoanother question: why isn't beryl in the repos?13:28
WaltzingAlongnado: it is13:28
WaltzingAlongKubuntu Gutsy is not shipping with compiz-fusion installed (or enabled). It can still be installed though. Follow the instructions for gutsy at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion . for more, ask in #compiz-fusion & see http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/ | nado13:28
nadois beryl compiz again? O.o13:29
timriubuntu_: As a workaround you could setup your paritions manually without the installer (http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/)13:29
WaltzingAlongcompiz-fusion is beryl+compiz, yeah13:29
WaltzingAlongubuntu_: you could use qtparted in the livecd to configure the partitions13:29
andreaswhat suold i do to install nvidia drivers?  Got a Geforce 8400m GS13:31
WaltzingAlong!nvidia > andreas13:32
timriWaltzingAlong: If it is in fact a problem with non-unmountable partitions that wont help him much, hence my link to http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/13:32
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto13:33
WaltzingAlongtimri: i see. yes and it may help to disable automount as per the release notes with 7.0413:33
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal13:33
WaltzingAlong!bot > nado13:33
nadothat's what i was looking for ;)13:33
WaltzingAlongnado: play with the bot using /msg ubotu !tell me everything13:33
jpatrickhas anyone had any problems with updates?13:33
WaltzingAlongwhich updates?13:33
jpatrickWaltzingAlong: I've installed gutsy updates and some kde apps just won't load13:34
vbgunzI am cd'ed in a directory. I would like to recursively search inside every file for something. how do i do this from the command line? what utility?13:34
jpatrickvbgunz: "rgrep"13:34
vbgunzjpatrick: thanks, will check it out!13:34
timriWaltzingAlong: The pb with the workaround in the Feisty release notes is that they seem to apply specifically to Xubuntu, and "ubuntu" is using Kubuntu (WHOA!)13:34
nadoalright, gotta go13:35
WaltzingAlongvbgunz: graphically you may be interested in kfind; otherwise the command 'locate' uses the db updated upon boot by 'updatedb'; and of course the greps13:35
timrivbgunz: Use grep with the recurs action or -r flag13:36
vbgunzI usually pipe things through grep for file names. i love locate too. I am trying to recursively search through a directory though for words *in* a file and not just the file name :)13:36
WaltzingAlongvbgunz: then kfind or grep as pointed out.13:37
vbgunztimri: I just tried rgrep -i 'prototype' -r (while in the directory)13:37
Jucatogrep -ir pattern *13:37
WaltzingAlongjpatrick: which package?13:37
vbgunzit's taking forever though... the directory isn't that big13:37
Jucatovbgunz: I think you misplaced -r13:38
vbgunzJucato: thanks. that gem did it. :)13:38
llutz !ntfs-3g13:38
ubotuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions13:38
vbgunzJucato: yes, I did, heh, thanks :)13:38
* timri Thinks pressing Ctrl+F in konqueror is a totally cool feature, it esp. rocks combined with the quicksearch toolbar in icon view (no idea if dolphin does this as well)13:39
Jucatotimri: it should have both too13:39
emilsedghtimri: i didnt knew it! thanks man!13:39
emilsedghaah, Konqueror has many, 'many' secrets!13:40
emilsedghfor example its smooth scrolling feature rocks13:40
* timri gives the KDE guys and girls a pat on the backs13:40
timriemilsedgh: shift+arrow  you mean>13:40
timriemilsedgh: shift+arrow  you mean?13:40
emilsedghtimri: yes13:40
Jucatoand the search as you type in Konqueror while browsing13:41
timriemilsedgh: I esp. like the way you can change the speed / pause etc13:41
emilsedghJucato: '/' ?13:41
timriJucato: Yeah!13:41
emilsedghtimri: yes thats cool and really smooth, really usefull feature13:41
Jucatodid you know that you can do the same thing in file management mode, without the '/', IF you type fast enough?13:42
emilsedghJucato: yes, but thats useless with filenames with more than 3 characters :D13:42
posingaspopularthat's your answer to everything Jucato13:42
timriJucato: And did you know you can use regexps in the url ? like /home/timri/*.txt to only show textfiles :)13:42
Jucatotimri: yep13:42
Jucatoemilsedgh: why? 4 letters can still do well... as long as you type fast enough :)13:43
emilsedghJucato: thats the only thing that i prefer in gtk+ open/save dialogs13:43
emilsedghJucato: thats the point, i cant type 4 characters in less than a second :D13:43
* Jucato thinks he can type 5...13:43
emilsedghtimri: thats not regexp, wildcards13:44
Jucatoin a second.13:44
emilsedghJucato: youre too fast!13:44
timriemilsedgh: Correct, my fault. It still rocks though!13:44
emilsedghtimri: yes it does!13:44
* timri stops himself before he starts waxing poetics about the fish:/ kio slave13:44
emilsedghi hope konqueror uses Kate part with writing mode...then it will be me prefered IDE :D13:45
Jucatonow let me see... kopete kpart, kovni kpart, amarok kpart.. what else? :)13:45
Jucato[/sarcasm] :P13:46
timriJucato: Filelight!13:46
Jucatothere already is13:46
emilsedghJucato: K3B needs one, really13:46
timriJucato: I know! :)13:46
emilsedghJucato: burn:// is missing in kde13:46
Jucatoemilsedgh: afaik there should have been one already... or was it something else. afaik K3b 1.0 has kde integration13:46
Jucatoand afaik there are some stuff like that in kde-apps.org13:47
emilsedghJucato: really? i saw it in nautilus: the only feature that nautilus has and konqueror...13:47
timriAre there people with questions around here? Or just lots of answers :)13:47
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Jucatomight be a context/service menu though...13:48
emilsedghJucato: no, i mean full intergration, burn right from konqueror, i hope this will be in kde4, k3b started to port to kde4 this week13:49
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* Jucato recalls a kde-app thing13:49
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WaltzingAlongtimri: ok a question what is a main difference between fish:/ and sftp:/ ?13:49
Jucatofish:/ uses a Perl hack for servers that don't have ssh afaik..13:50
emilsedghWaltzingAlong: fish:// is SSH and SCP, SFTP is FTP...13:50
Jucatoemilsedgh: sftp uses ssh13:50
WaltzingAlongftps is secure ftp. sftp is SSH ftp13:51
=== andreas is now known as Thylio
timriWaltzingAlong: Haven't got a clue I only use fish:/ Btw: coming from you thats in NO WAY a support question :)13:51
emilsedghthen so sorry for wrong info13:51
WaltzingAlongtimri: :D13:51
WaltzingAlongtimri: now you qualify it - needs to be a support question13:51
Jucatohold on. still looking for more accurate info13:51
Jucatoah both use fish13:52
Jucatoer both use ssh13:52
emilsedghJucato: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Konqueror+Burning+Sidebar?content=14779 the Kde-app thing13:52
timriWaltzingAlong: My mentioning "questions" was ment as a subtle reminder of the channel topci :)13:52
WaltzingAlonghave not used fish:/ until just now, had been using sftp:/ to perform the same end i guess13:52
WaltzingAlongabout sftp http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_file_transfer_program13:52
Jucatoemilsedgh: yeah probably that sidebar. can't be sure...13:53
* Jucato does something else13:53
emilsedghJucato: thats a ioslave and depends on k3b13:53
Thylioi cant connect to my wlan, when i do iwconfig i get: eth1 unassociated ESSID: "Jensen AriLink" Mode:managed. exc. Why cant i connect?13:53
timriWaltzingAlong: come to think of it. I couldnt use sftp instead of fish, as i have no ftp server running! So that's your difference :)13:54
Thylioknetworkmanager is stuck at configurating unit.13:54
WaltzingAlongtimri: i am also not using an ftp server. sftp:/ connects to the openssh-server13:54
WaltzingAlong!wifi | Thylio has troubleshooting tips here13:55
ubotuThylio has troubleshooting tips here: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:55
timriWaltzingAlong: Ah, I learned something today :)13:55
saad_hello is any body using UBUNTU13:55
WaltzingAlongsaad_: in a way most of us here would be; #ubuntu maybe you could find more; performing a poll?13:56
saad_i have a probleme i use a dvbs card13:56
saad_and che deasnt work with ubuntu13:56
WaltzingAlongsaad_: this is the support channel of kubuntu you could also check in #ubuntu13:56
timrisaad_: For kubuntu question you have come to the right place, for Ubuntu ones, trie #ubuntu13:57
saad_ok  thinks13:57
timrisaad_: If it doesn't work with Ubuntu it is not very likely to work with Kubuntu either :(13:58
WaltzingAlongtimri: (you may have been thinking of ftps)13:58
timriWaltzingAlong: I'am feeling dizzy :)13:58
jeffm___hi, all14:01
timrijeffm___: hi14:02
jeffm___Hey, dumb question.  I've got audio working on my machine, as evidenced by Amarok.  However, starting vmplayer gives me a message about /dev/dsp not existing.  I checked and it doesn't exist -- so what to do I tell vmplayer to use?14:02
jeffm___This must have been a result of the move to Gutsy because this is a VM that was configured on the same hardware under Feisty.14:02
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP314:03
WaltzingAlong!audio | jeffm___14:03
ubotujeffm___: please see above14:03
timrijeffm___: Some suggestions I found: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182304&highlight=vmware+sound14:06
andreaswhat is the command for installing rpm packages in terminal?14:07
WaltzingAlong!info alien | andreas14:07
ubotuandreas: alien: install non-native packages with dpkg. In component main, is optional. Version 8.68 (gutsy), package size 101 kB, installed size 276 kB14:07
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!14:08
francesco_come si apre conqueror da root?14:09
andreasWhy cant i install alien without the cd?14:10
timriChrom_: Hi14:11
Chrom_has anyone found a workaround for the bug in compiz that makes the KDE systray crash and display docked icons as small windows?14:11
timrifrancesco_: This is VERY dangerous, but if you must: kdesu konqueror14:12
timridrat, too late14:12
jeffm___timri: thanks for the search.  I was pursuing the AOSS route and just hadn't come across that one yet.  I'm fighting a cold and finding the energy to even Google is becoming problematic.14:13
andreasa install prosses has locked how do i quit it?14:13
timrijeffm___: yeah, it is fairly obvious it is the lack of oss that is the problem. Perhaps your driver doesnt support it (or not anymore). There are several drivers with that problem14:14
timrijeffm__: you could pastebin the output of lspci, perhaps I could help you further.14:15
WaltzingAlongandreas: remove the cd as a source in /etc/apt/sources.list or graphically through manage repositories in adept manager14:16
andreasWaltzingAlong: Cant klikk on anything becuse i exited the installation of alien in the middle of the session14:18
WaltzingAlong!aptfix | andreas, so adept/apt-get/dpkg/aptitude or the like is stuck, locking the database?14:19
ubotuandreas, so adept/apt-get/dpkg/aptitude or the like is stuck, locking the database?: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:19
JohnsonWEGreetings kubuntuers... trying to get my wireless working after upgrading to gutsy... doesn't recognize the wireless because it needs the linux-restricted-modules.  Installed this - apt-cache showpkg displays, but restricted driver mgr still fails with "You need to install... linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-14-386.  help!14:24
Downixhmm, need to ask something in #fedora14:26
WaltzingAlongJohnsonWE: uname -a   in konsole14:30
WaltzingAlongJohnsonWE: probably shows -386  ... though you should run the -generic kernel; be sure that one is installed then select it from grub14:30
JohnsonWEYes it does show 386.  Are you saying I should run the 386 or the generic kernel - can't tell from your response?14:31
ubotuBackground to the decision to replace -686, k7 and -smp kernels with -generic can be found here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2006-August/019983.html (the -386 kernel is still available if needed)14:31
JohnsonWEOK - rebooting now.14:32
WaltzingAlongJohnsonWE: suggesting you run -generic instead of -386 (an upgrade to gutsy installed -386 on one of the computers i admin)14:34
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hanyaasaHello...Is there any indonesia here.........??14:37
Jucato!id | hanyaasa14:38
ubotuhanyaasa: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia14:38
JohnsonWEThanks folks - the generic kernel fixed it!14:38
WaltzingAlongJohnsonWE: great14:42
jkimiluhey am on kubuntu and am wondering whats the command to run apt-get to by pas the proxy14:52
timrijkimilu: Something like APT::Acquire::http::Proxy=no ?14:56
jkimiluoh yeah what plugins do i requier to play mp3s14:59
Jucatojkimilu: libxine1-ffmpeg. or just install the Kubuntu Restricted Extras package to get most of what you need15:00
WaltzingAlongjkimilu: you could also set the options in /etc/apt/apt.conf15:01
WaltzingAlongjkimilu: man apt.conf      shows it as DIRECT15:03
timrijkimilu: To expand on what WaltzingAlong is saying: If you want to pass options on the commandline, use  -o15:04
JohnsonWEHow do I change the screen resolution in kubuntu?  In fedora, I believe you could do ctrl-alt-+ or something like that.15:05
WaltzingAlongJohnsonWE: that could work in kde as well. otherwise in kmenu/system settings or in console to create xorg.conf sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:05
jkimiluso in /etc/apt/apt.conf am supposed to delete the libne that specifies the proxy or what?15:05
timrijkimilu: No, you set that line to DIRECT, as WaltzingAlong said15:07
jkimiluuh.mmm sorry but what line?15:07
timriAcquire::http::Proxy DIRECT15:07
WaltzingAlongjkimilu: APT::HTTP::Proxy "DIRECT"; though i am not sure of the syntax              such as http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44619/ is the expanded format15:08
WaltzingAlongjkimilu: ^^ see timri's response15:08
* timri wonders why you would want to circumvent the proxy just for apt...15:10
WaltzingAlongtimri: i specify mine to use either squid or apt-cacher15:10
Downixok, this is odd.  I installed kubuntu on a co-workers machine in dual-boot, and now it's behaving oddly15:10
Downixkubuntu's graphics are all messed up15:10
timriWaltzingAlong: I use apt-cacher as well, but jkimilu wants to BYPASS the proxy.15:11
WaltzingAlongtimri: yeah i noticed that15:11
timriWaltzingAlong: Why anyone would want to is beyond me15:11
WaltzingAlongDownix: how so; which video modes; which video card; which module/driver15:11
JohnFluxfor ages I wanted to get flash working15:11
JohnFluxand now that I finally have it15:11
WaltzingAlongtimri: maybe something in the cash is corrupt?15:12
JohnFluxI want to block flash ads :)15:12
JohnFluxcan mozilla block flash ads?15:12
Jucatohah :)15:12
WaltzingAlongJohnFlux: adblock plus?15:12
jkimiluyahwell its because i have a laptop that i use at work and they use a proxy but now am on a direct line15:12
timriWaltzingAlong: Then solve it there :)15:12
timrijkimilu: Thanks, there HAD to be a reasonable explanation :)15:12
jkimilumost welcome timti15:13
* timri Removes foot from mout15:13
* timri Removes foot from mouth15:13
jkimiluso any idea how cuz i just did the changes in the proxy configs15:13
jkimilubut all i get is this15:14
jkimiluErr http://security.ubuntu.com dapper-security/main Packages15:14
jkimilu  403 Forbidden15:14
yurimxpxmanmy screensaver isn't coming on. Any ideas?15:14
WaltzingAlongJohnFlux: firefox? adblock plus extension15:14
WaltzingAlongJohnFlux: also adblock list in konqueror15:14
JohnFluxyurimxpxman: kick it15:15
timrijkimilu: Could you pastbin your sources.lst and apt.conf please.15:16
JohnFluxwhat's the replacement for init called...15:17
JohnFluxI've forgotten :/15:17
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JohnFluxin ubuntu15:17
WorkRoeyJohnFlux:  Mr. Tapsell!15:17
WorkRoeyGood day sir15:17
* JohnFlux hides15:17
WorkRoeyquestion:  is insserv or chkconfig the best tool to use for configuring bootup services ?15:18
cecka1what`s up15:18
WorkRoeyJohnFlux:   :)15:18
WorkRoeyhey cecka115:18
DownixWaltzingAlong: it loads KDE, then the background goes white, then the toolbar vanishes, then the mouse pointer goes supersized, then the GUI stops responding.  Command-line is useless on it as well, the resolution is completely out of range and I just get random ASCII characters15:18
cecka1i ?15:18
cecka1what ?15:18
WaltzingAlongDownix: check the /etc/X11/xorg.conf for monitor h/v refresh rates. if you have access still, pastebin the log from /var/log/Xorg.0.log15:19
timriJohnFlux: Upstart ?15:19
JohnFluxtimri: ah thanks15:19
DownixWaltzingAlong: SSH is your friend.  8)  They look ok, as this monitor is pretty high end.  I use it for my SPARC most of the time.15:20
WaltzingAlongDownix: you could comment out the manually specified h/v rates; which video module? vesa? nvidia? ati? so on15:21
DownixWaltzingAlong: Looks like it defaulted onto vesa.  Don't know the video chip on the board, so looking into that15:23
floydhi all15:23
WaltzingAlongfloyd: greetings. welcome to #kubuntu15:23
Downixhey floyd!15:24
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floyddoes anyone know thie issue withe KDE4 on Gutsy: parley: error while loading shared libraries: libkdeprint.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:26
floydexits since yesterday15:26
osman47someone can give me link to german chat?????????15:27
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de15:27
WaltzingAlongosman47: ja klar15:27
WaltzingAlongosman47: /join #kubuntu-de15:27
waylandbillso I made a manual configuration change to my wireless card and now knetworkmanager won't show me available wireless networks.15:27
waylandbillhow do I get it back to the way it was?15:27
WaltzingAlongknetworkmanager not listing anything for your devices? open /etc/network/interfaces then comment out all lines referring to the corresponding devices (ethx for example), though you can leave the auto lines; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon/ReleaseNotes | waylandbill; because of this?15:27
waylandbillWaltzingAlong: thanks. will try that15:28
* Tm_T slaps MeTa[AwAy] 15:28
=== osman47 is now known as sule
* WaltzingAlong slaps Tm_T with MeTa[AwAy]'s large trout15:30
Tm_TWaltzingAlong: erm?15:31
* WaltzingAlong awaits support questions15:31
Tm_TWaltzingAlong: you should :-P15:31
BluesKajhowdy all :)15:34
* timri suppresses a remark about fish:/15:34
timriBluesKaj: hi15:34
BluesKajhi timri15:34
WaltzingAlong!info spamasassin15:37
ubotuPackage spamasassin does not exist in gutsy15:37
WaltzingAlongdoh missed an s15:37
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Downixok, trying again15:38
Downixthis is still preculiar, it runs kdm fine, but kde it doesn't like it15:38
WaltzingAlongDownix: using compiz? have a virtual desktop setting in the xorg.conf ?15:38
Downixno compiz15:39
Downixand no VD setting atm15:39
Downixok, this is odd15:39
Downixif I launch from kdm, it goes wonky15:39
DownixI launch from CLI, no problem15:39
WaltzingAlongDownix: same result with other profile on kde? maybe a new user or ... ah15:40
WaltzingAlongbeyond my scope15:40
Downixthis is a new one for me15:40
=== _pete is now known as pete
Downixok, got it I think15:42
Downixit uses an Intel graphics chip15:43
Downixseems to be working fine, save for the CLI15:43
=== Ansaguy is now known as Simeon
=== Simeon is now known as Ansaguy
WaltzingAlongDownix: now the cli is not working? what do you mean? launching kde from kdm works but not kde from cli?15:45
* genii sips a coffee15:46
DownixWaltzingAlong: the CLI is completely resolution-messed-up.  I can interact, but not see anything.  Launching KDE from KDM doesn't work, but from CLI it does15:46
WaltzingAlongDownix: perhaps adjusting the vga= settings in grub's menu.lst        ?15:46
WaltzingAlongDownix: or reconfigure console sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup15:47
Downix*nods*  ok, I'll try that next15:47
kutaanyone knows any undeleted software?15:50
WaltzingAlongkuta: how do you mean? recover deleted files or reinstall removed programs?15:50
WaltzingAlong!undelete | kuta15:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about undelete - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:50
LynoureWaltzingAlong: just another person taking a poll, now gone.15:51
WaltzingAlongLynoure: need to be slower with my responses ;)15:51
=== aya_ is now known as fjweo
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.15:59
* genii puts on a pot of coffee for anyone that might need it16:01
=== BucatoAmano is now known as BucatinoRagu
* BluesKaj brings his coffee cup over16:02
* genii pulls out the large mug labelled Jucato and points him in the direction of the coffeepot16:03
geniiBluesKaj: Ah, now theres someone who knows already LOL16:03
=== WarMage3 is now known as Darth-Werkn
BluesKajthx genii...am awake again16:04
* Jucato falls asleep... too late16:04
geniiI think jucato suffers from that disease where you fall asleep anywhere...can't remember the name ofhand16:05
=== BucatinoRagu is now known as sbucatino
geniiah, yeah thats it16:05
Jucatowhat about the disease of typing while sleeping?16:06
geniiAutomatic writing?16:06
sub[t]rnllg188: greetings16:06
lg188sub[t]rnl: watsup ?16:07
lg188why nobody say a thing ???16:16
lg188its o so quiet its o so stil16:16
Dr_willisZZZzzz... :)16:17
lg188Dr_willis: zzzzz16:17
lg188oh i thatg tha was a smliy16:17
geniiAny pending tech support questions?16:18
* lg188 snoring16:18
tekstacySo a friend and I have identical laptops, his runs XP, what would be a good comparison of performance?16:19
jpatricktekstacy: the fact that one doesn't BSOD16:20
Dr_willisweight. :)16:20
WaltzingAlongtekstacy: what would you like to show? lots of statistics but in the end none may matter.16:20
tekstacywell, yeah, I KNOW mine is better, but I wanted to run something to find out just how much16:20
lg188genii:  no not really but i try to awake you guys get some coffee16:21
WaltzingAlongtekstacy: well would be helpful if we knew if the friend was a programmer, plays lots of audio, drafts cad, or so on16:21
tekstacynot really, mostly office work, web stuff and games16:22
tekstacyf**king warcraft junkie16:22
DownixWarcraft sucks!  CoH rules!16:23
geniitekstacy: Install POVRay then render the same scene side by side16:23
Dr_willisHeh. Havent played C0H in ages. :) been playibng LOTR online on and off. :)16:23
DownixDr_willis: we talked about that the other day didn't we?  I11 goes live soon, which means there will be a free weekend coming up.  Come back and try the update, it's really incredible, especially the new lvl-50 content16:24
tekstacyI'd like to find some sort of performance test that will work on both OSs16:24
Dr_willisDownix,  that was one of the reasons i gave up.. I was a healer.. and never  could get with enough people/groups to gain levels.. I couldent solo worth a poo. :)16:24
tekstacywow, POVray looks cool16:25
Dr_willisI started whtn the game started.. and  I think im at like level 34 or so. :)16:25
WaltzingAlong!info povray16:25
ubotupovray: Persistence of vision raytracer (3D renderer). In component multiverse, is extra. Version 1:3.6.1-6 (gutsy), package size 707 kB, installed size 1768 kB16:25
Dr_willisbut if they got a free weekend i may try.16:25
Dr_willisI normally notice/get the free notices in my email - a few weeks after the free events16:26
geniitekstacy: Since povray comes for a few platforms, you can install it on both boxes, load the same scene into it then do a side by side comparison of how long to render the same one on both machines16:26
tekstacycool, I will try that16:26
Dr_willisi wonder if the 64bit version of POV would gain any speed boost16:27
tekstacyHmm, I have a amd64 (kubuntu 7.10) I could also compare it to16:29
tekstacy:(  But I have to fix it first16:29
geniiDr_willis: You have me wondering now too LOL16:31
DownixDr_willis: I'd check the main website around dec 10th or so16:33
geniiI wonder if there's some free equivelent of geekbench16:34
tekstacy:(  off to work, bye all16:37
softmasterhi all16:49
WaltzingAlong!hi | softmaster16:49
ubotusoftmaster: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!16:49
softmasteri have a simple request16:50
softmasteri want repository16:50
softmasterthat i can download realplayer16:50
softmasterskype ...etc16:50
softmasterfor gutsy16:50
WaltzingAlongsoftmaster: such a repo exists16:51
softmasterWaltzingAlong what is it16:51
* Dr_willis wonders what web sites people are going to that they need realplayer.16:51
WaltzingAlongsoftmaster: perhaps is already in your /etc/apt/sources.list file: deb     http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu     gutsy   partner16:51
WaltzingAlong!medibuntu | softmaster, you may also wish to check here16:52
ubotusoftmaster, you may also wish to check here: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org16:52
softmasteri'll check16:52
WaltzingAlong!find helix16:52
ubotuFound: helix-player, mozilla-helix-player16:52
WaltzingAlong!info helix-player | softmaster16:52
ubotusoftmaster: helix-player: the helix audio and video player. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.6-3 (gutsy), package size 3966 kB, installed size 10184 kB (Only available for i386 powerpc sparc)16:53
WaltzingAlongDr_willis: would be interesting to find out16:53
WaltzingAlongDr_willis: compile a list of them16:53
Dr_williswith the deb http://archive.canonical i just see opera in there. No realplayer.16:53
Dr_willislet me look some more. :)16:53
softmasterDr_willis thanks16:54
WaltzingAlongDr_willis: then in medibuntu i suppose16:54
WaltzingAlongDr_willis: ? http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/pool/partner/r/realplay/16:55
WaltzingAlongbut yes none for gutsy :(16:55
Dr_willisThe KMPlayer KPart plugin for Konqueror mimics QuickTime, MS Media Player and16:56
Dr_willisRealPlayer plugin browser plugins.16:56
Dr_willis:) found that...16:57
WaltzingAlong!info mozilla-helix-player16:57
ubotumozilla-helix-player: the helix audio and video player (browser plugin). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.6-3 (gutsy), package size 47 kB, installed size 148 kB (Only available for i386 powerpc sparc)16:57
Dr_willisHmm.. aint getting any of the packages under http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/pool/partner/ to show up.16:58
Dr_willisperhaps the sources.list line is wrong.16:58
Dr_willisand i did 'apt-get update' :)16:59
Dr_willisI got the 2 lines16:59
Dr_willisdeb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu     gutsy-commercial main16:59
Dr_willisdeb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu     gutsy   partner16:59
gnomefreakDr_willis: use partner not commercial17:02
gnomefreakpartner == commercial17:02
softmasterwhat about skype?17:02
gnomefreakwhat about it?17:02
Dr_willisi got one of each. :) or ya mean to use gutsy-partner not 'gutsy partner'17:02
gnomefreakDr_willis: hold on ill give you exact name17:03
osh_anyone know how to extract the vob-files from an iso? Just a loopback mount and copy?17:03
Dr_willisosh_,  thats one way.17:03
gnomefreakdeb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu gutsy partner  is the repo you want17:03
=== nessuno is now known as kiryo
osh_Dr_willis: any other good way you know of?17:04
gnomefreakosh_: stick cd in and browse it right click and copy folder to ~/ or /tmp/ or where ever17:04
gnomefreakkiryo: #kubuntu-it17:04
Dr_willisosh_,   i dont know of ANY other way - other then burning it to dvd. :)17:05
gnomefreakDr_willis: use that repo and the src version of it remove commercial and other partner.commercial repos17:05
osh_gnomefreak: I don't have a cd, just a too large iso that I need some files from.17:06
osh_but loopback will do just fine i think.17:06
gnomefreakosh_: wont right clicking it and using extract (do this in a new dir.) and grab it, there is apps that will repack it but i dont have names off hand17:07
gnomefreaksudo dpkg -i intlclock_1.0-1ubuntu1~ppa2_i386.deb17:08
gnomefreakoh crap17:08
gnomefreakignore that17:08
Dr_willisgnomefreak,  somthings odd with it.. I get a hit on it.. and it downloads  the info,. but i see no new packages.17:08
osh_gnomefreak: ah? will try that.17:08
ajmoulenisn't it a little odd having gnomefreak in the kubuntu channel? ;-)17:08
osh_ajmoulen: no. we're all lovechildren of linux. :-)17:09
gnomefreakDr_willis: that i dont know maybe its not up to date, but packages like acroread should be in it17:09
timriajmoulen: It's a 12 step program I think17:09
ajmoulentimri: ah I see, so he is in denial now, got it17:09
gnomefreaksorry i sold my kdefreak already17:10
Dr_willisgnomefreak,  No acroread, Hmm.. odd.. Perhaps just a glitch on their end. ill try on another box later.17:10
* Dr_willis goes back to reading the news.17:10
gnomefreakDr_willis: not sure im not on gutsy atm but if i find something out ill let you know17:11
Dr_willisPS3 has a $400 variant that cant play PS2 games...  well thats a deal killer for me. :)17:11
Dr_willisDoing my Xmas shopping. for what the wife can get me. I want an Eee. :)17:11
ajmoulenDr_willis: I am with you there, if my PS3 couldn't play PS2 games I would be in sad shape since I play more PS2 games than PS3 games still17:12
timriDr_willis: I heard skype has the video stuff working on the EEE now.17:12
BluesKajhmm, I guess Frostwire just won't run on 64bit17:12
ajmoulenbut a 7" 800x480 display just seems wrong17:13
Dr_willisajmoulen,  so i guess if i want a PS3 i need to get a higher end one? or is the no ps2 games  on them, the standard?17:13
ajmoulenDr_willis: the 60G now the 80G I think, does play PS2 games17:14
Dr_willistimri,  :) that would be neat.  Ive mainly been reading comic books with comix on my laptop17:14
softmasteris there a repository that i can download skype from it?17:14
Dr_williscomic books at 800x480 = may not be too good.17:14
BluesKajamule crashes as does emule on wine, so I'm kinda stuck with frostwire , unless there's something else available ... justr trying to DL some old tv shows that aren't available on commercial site17:14
ajmoulenDr_willis: I have the original 60G one which had the hardware unit, the newer ones that still do play PS2 I think do it in software17:15
BluesKajtorrent sites are hopeles for what I'm looking for17:15
Downixis there a way to disable the framebuffer?17:15
Dr_willisajmoulen,  may be cheaper/better to just buy me a new PS2. :) my old one died.17:15
Downixfor the cli I mean17:15
Dr_willisDownix,  use the 'nofb' kernel option to the kernel at boot time17:15
ajmoulenDr_willis: ah, maybe, buy a refurb17:16
Dr_willisDownix,  i normally disable it.17:16
Downixstill not used to a kernel with a fb outside of my old Amiga17:16
Dr_willisajmoulen,  yep. But they are only like $20 cheaper then a new one - from what ive seen17:16
* Dr_willis has several amigas. :)17:16
Dr_willis2 short now.. i FINIALLY sent 2 to Minataku17:16
Dr_willisif hes awake.17:16
osh_BluesKaj: Freenet? If you don't mind waiting a few days for the download that is.17:16
ajmoulenDr_willis: never really looked, I have a PS2 sitting in a crate somewhere at home, haven't used it since i bought the PS3 in Feb.17:17
Dr_willisajmoulen,  i got a wii when i found one. :) aparanely they will be short supply this xmas.17:17
ajmoulenthe sad thing is that my wife let me buy a PS3 since we only play games about once a month and then only one or two days then stop again till the next month17:17
Dr_willishavnet bought any wii games howeer just play my GC games on it.. and web surf.17:17
ajmoulenso my PS3 spends 95% of its life folding ;-)17:18
timriDr_willis: I have been nagging Ink-media for a while now, but they dont reply to my mails (http://ink-media.com/Ink-Computer.html), a pity 'cause that screen is slightly better.17:18
BluesKajosh_, freenet ?17:18
ajmoulenI need to put linux on it at some point17:18
* timri is already waiting in #kubuntu-offtopic17:18
ajmoulenis there a kubuntu release for PS3?17:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ps3 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:19
Downixthe PS3 runs it's own distro IIRC17:20
ajmoulenthere is an Ubuntu release for ps317:20
Downixthe PS3 runs it's own distro IIRC17:20
ajmoulenfiesty, don't see anything abought gutsy17:20
ajmoulenDownix: there is an available PS3 distro17:20
ajmoulenbut any distro can also release to the PS3 it isn't special17:21
ajmoulenYellowdog is probably the most known PS3 distro17:21
BluesKajosh_, I've been trying for weeks to find a particular brit tv series from the 70s which is only available on some obscure brit invite only torrent site ...I've heard from others that one of the p2p networks has one season on it17:21
Dr_willisI rember when there was the big deal about PS2 Linux.. and look at it now! :)17:21
ajmoulenwell PS2 linux was a pain because you had to add all this crap to your machine to do it17:22
Dr_willisajmoulen,  :) yep17:22
ajmoulenit had no harddrive, couldn't really boot normally17:22
ajmoulenthe PS3 really is a complete computer that plays games17:22
cloakableIsn't that the xbox?17:22
ajmoulencloakable: true17:22
cloakableThat's the IA_32 powered device :)17:23
hagabaka[12:17:47] <Downix> the PS3 runs it's own distro IIRC17:23
cloakableYeah but you can run linux on a toaster if it had a CPU :P17:24
hagabakai interpreted that as that PS3 runs Linux when it's out of the box17:24
ChousukePS3 can run Linux, but it does so under a hypervisor. I think the OS itself is something else though.17:24
mathieu_quelqu'un sait comment faire fonctionner le wifi sur un portable?17:25
sstchurwhat is the name of that menu w/ built in search that is available in openSUSE?  I'm trying to find it on KDE-apps.org17:26
DownixI don't think anyones made a Distro for the Cell CPU the PS3 runs.17:26
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.17:26
WaltzingAlongplaystation did17:26
mathieu_how do we make wifi work on kubuntu?17:26
ajmoulenDownix: Yellowdog does because the Cell CPU is a PowerPC cpu with special processing units17:26
WaltzingAlong!wifi | mathieu_17:27
ubotumathieu_: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:27
timrimathieu_: If your hardware is supported, use knetworkmanager, if not... :)17:27
ajmoulenthe Yellowdog distro can only support so many of the nodes off the Cell though because Sony put a limiter on the number made available17:27
Dr_willisOpenSuSE, Ubuntu[7], Fedora Core 7[8], Gentoo [9] and Debian [10] can be run on the PlayStation 3.[11] Sony sponsors a specific distribution, Yellow Dog Linux for the17:28
timriPlease use #kubuntu-offtopic for non-support discussions17:29
Downixajmoulen: No, it's not a PowerPC.  No more than an i860 is an x86.  Cell is based on POWER, like how PowerPC is, but they're not 100% compatible.17:29
DownixPOWER != PowerPC17:29
mkzI've recently installed gutsy and have been having a problem with sporatic system lockups.  I think it's related to firefox, but I have no way of verifying.  Can I enable system logging (are are there already system logs) which might help me to trace down what the system was doing at the moment it froze?17:29
Downixmkz: total freeze or just the GUI?17:30
ajmoulenmkz: does the system come back alive after locking?17:30
mkzbackground: by freeze I mean freeze - no alt-f1 through fx response and no sysrq response17:30
ajmoulenah so X locked up and everything17:30
mkzDownix: complete lockup17:30
Downixmkz:  can you ssh into the machine?17:30
mkzajmoulen: nope17:30
Dr_willisCan firefox even cause such a lockup?17:31
mkzDownix: good question.  I haven't tried to ssh from another machine17:31
ajmoulenDr_willis: anything can, just generally shouldn't17:31
DownixDr_willis: a bad driver can lockup under any app17:31
mkzDr_willis: I don't want to cast aspertions: it may not in fact be ff, it's just that I notice it hanging usually when I've done something within FF17:31
ajmoulenmkz: what graphics device is on your machine? and are you using compiz?17:31
Dr_willisDownix,  thats what i was thinking. the X driver could.. but firefox in gernal shouldent cause a whole system lockup.17:31
Downixmkz:  would be helpful to debug.  If you can, then you can check to see what the lockup is exactly.17:31
DownixDr_Willis:  could be a firefox module not liking the gfx or sound driver.17:32
mkzDownix: ok.  I haven't debugged before, so I'd appreciate any help17:32
ajmoulenalso mkz have you tried running memtest?17:32
mkzas to the graphics system: it's an nvidia 7900 with restricted drivers and I'm using compiz as released from the repos (which I've been using for 6 months without problem).17:32
Downixah, could be compiz17:32
mkzajmoulen: nope.  You mean at boot time?17:32
ajmoulenmkz: right17:33
Dr_willisHeh - troubleshooting 101. disable compiz :)17:33
mkzajmoulen: I will do that next boot17:33
mkzDr_willis: have disabled compiz and it's still frozen (was the first thing I thought of)17:33
ajmoulenmkz: it could be a bad memory chip and Firefox has a tendency to slowly eat more memory so it could be you don't see it until firefox is running for a bit17:33
mkzwhat I'm looking for now is some direction on how to enable system logging, or at the very least some guidance and where the relevant logs might be (/var/log?) and what in general I should look for...17:34
Downixajmoulen: Or a memory chip being run at the wrong speed.  Had that happen once, the mobo set it to run at 266Mhz when the chip could only handle 233Mhz17:34
ajmoulenmkz: the problem is if the system really locked, it isn't likely writting to the logs anymore17:34
ajmoulenif the display is just frozen then that is a different subject17:34
mkzinteresting hypothesis. I can certain run a memtest and see what comes of it.  I did double the RAM about 6+ months ago.  Hadn't had any problems like this until I installed gutsy though...17:34
mkzajmoulen: yes, but it should have written something up until it hung, and that might give me a clue.17:35
ajmouleneach release of an operating system will beat on a machine a little harder to get performance out of it17:35
mkzajmoulen: but I'm still relatively new to troubleshooting linux, so I'm not entirely clear on what to look at.17:35
ajmoulenyou can check /var/log/messages17:35
ajmoulenand /var/log/kern.log17:36
ajmoulenthey should roll over so you should still have any messages written up to the last lock17:36
ajmoulenjust pick one of the older files17:36
ajmoulensyslog and dmesg are other good ones to look through17:37
Downixajmoulen: I worked for a PPC mobo maker, got to see the Cell before release.  I know the differences, and most PPC OS's and apps need a compatibility layer to run on them.17:37
ajmoulenDownix: um...no comment17:37
Downixajmoulen: that being said, it's about the same difficulty as making m68k apps run on Coldfire, a custom made OS kernel can handle trapping errant code.17:38
ajmoulenDownix: note where I am logged in from, I really can't get into that discussion17:39
Downixajmoulen: Understood.  We all have limits due to day jobs.  If we got to discussing magazines I'd have to be silent as well17:39
Downixand if it was my old job with the PPC maker, I'd have to be silent about CPU's too.17:40
Downixso let's discuss Kubuntu!17:40
Downixok, disabling fb fixed both the CLI *AND* X's issues17:40
ajmoulenkubuntu and I don't get along ;-)17:40
ajmoulenbut I do run kde on ubuntu17:40
ajmoulenI still haven't figure out why it didn't work, something odd happened and things like my logout buttons were all missing17:41
DownixWell, I don't technically run kubuntu, I run server Ubuntu w/ KDE on it.  SPARC ftw17:41
ajmoulenI went and installed almost all the kubuntu packages on ubunu and it is happy17:41
Downixajmoulen: sounds similar to my issues.17:41
mkzok, looking at message.log and kern.log.  Both show last entries from about 10 minutes ago, around the time of the lock up.  I've also checked dmesg and syslog.  Here are the tail of these files (in case you can see something I can't): http://rafb.net/p/1CaRI565.html  It looks to me as though it might have something to do with networking, but I might be reading this wrong.17:41
ajmoulenI did this install 3 times on kubuntu and each time I got odd failures17:41
Downixajmoulen: *nods*  the server ubuntu w/ kubuntu packages added to it worked for me.  Was a real treat as I netboot-installed it17:42
ajmoulenmkz: what type of wireless device are you using?17:42
mkzajmoulen: err... none.  This machine might have a wireless adapter, but I'm not aware of it and I'm not using it.17:43
ajmoulennever mind you are using an intel card17:43
ajmoulennot wireless17:43
mkzwhat's that hda-intel: Invalid position buffer, using LPIB read method instead message mean?17:44
ajmoulenintel wired cards have been problems in the past, but I thought the e1000 driver had finally been fixed17:44
ajmoulenHigh Definition Audio I believe is what hda-intel is17:44
mkzI see I have IPv6 bound to the card, which is unnecessary for my needs.  Might unbinding IPv6 help? though that seems more like a stab in the dark...17:45
ajmoulendoes network manager support PPP?17:45
mkzI also don't have a bluetooth transeiver (to the best of my knowledge) but I can see that bluetooth support is enabled.  Though it may not solve this lock-up issue, is it prudent to remove bluetooth support?17:46
ajmoulen mkz it shoudln't really matter17:46
ajmoulenit looks like you may be having problems with the hda-intel module, you could try disabling sound support17:47
mkzso, IPv6 and bluetooth aren't likely suspects.17:47
ajmoulenbut that is only a guess based on it showing up right at the end of your log17:47
ajmoulenthe hda-intel module has been known to have issues in the past17:48
mkza best guess is all I can expect right now.  I wouldn't even bother if this was a once-in-a-blue-moon event, but it's something that happens nearly once per day.  I don't like to have an unstable machine (it's why I ditched windows in the first place) and I definitely do not intend to return to using windows.17:48
mkzok, what is the best/easiest method for removing hda support?17:49
ajmoulenwell the easiest method isn't the best method, you could move the module to your home directory and reboot17:50
mkzheh... ok... what's the best method?17:50
ajmoulenhonestly on ubuntu no idea, on gentoo I would stop alsasound from loading17:50
mkzthe module being snd-hda-intel.ko17:50
ajmoulenmkz: yes17:51
=== tomas_ is now known as tomas__
mkzI would imagine that if the module is missing it can't be loaded and thus should simply generate an error during boot but should not impede any other functionality (save audio, which is not critical on this platform), yes?17:51
ajmoulenI have only been using ubuntu for about 3 months, so my experience in workarounds is a little short17:51
ajmoulenmkz: that is correct, it should just turn off sound support17:52
ajmoulenyou will get errors on login that you have no sound17:52
ni1sIs ot possible to setup SW RAID using the regular installer CD now a days? or is it still only possible with the alternative CD?17:53
mkzi'm reading the man for asoundconf to see if there is something I can set here.17:53
ajmoulenI think that it would have to be something in the hardware detection in ubuntu as it automatically finds and loads modules for hardware17:54
mkzni1s: are you referring to sw-raid as provided by linux or as provided by data motherboards that claim raid?17:54
cloakableI presume17:54
ajmoulenalthough it apparently doesn't like my bluetooth device since it stopped paying attention to it17:54
ni1slinux sw raid17:54
ni1snot "hardware fake raid"17:54
Downixyou want irony, Kubuntu handles my sons sound card when windows doesn't.  The manu was bought my CL years ago, and the drivers don't exist for XP or Vista17:54
mkzni1s: I can't swear by it, but I know feisty requires alternate cd.  Not sure about gutsy17:54
ajmoulenI think gutsy still required alt-cd17:55
ajmoulenbut it is supposed to be in the regular cd for the April release17:55
* mkz installs from alt cd17:55
ajmoulenalong with encrypted lvm17:55
ajmoulenat least that is what I heard the plan was, plans change17:56
ni1scoolio, I'll try the alt cd17:56
Downixit's an old Aureal card that uses a CM chipset17:58
mkzok, well, thanks for the clues Downix and ajmoulen.  I can't say for sure I have a fix, but at least I have a few more places to look.  I will also try to ssh into this box the next time it hangs.18:00
Downixand it even supports the full 6-channel surround that Windows could never get working right18:00
DownixI'm about to buy a cable to run my TV-out to my main TV and use my computer as my DVD player as a result18:02
Downixbetter sound than my DVD player ever had18:02
ScorpKingDownix: that will be fun. hehe18:03
DownixScorpKing: eventually I'll buy an EKiFA and use that as a remote "target" machine18:03
ScorpKinghmm.. nice18:04
Downixproviding anyone knows what an EKIFA is18:05
ScorpKinggoogle will tell. ;)18:06
bEbeShoChKawhat`s up all18:07
DownixScorpKing: I used to work for the company that makes them, so trying to convince the old boss to give me a discount.  8)18:08
ni1sdownloading the kubuntu alt cd18:08
nick_Hi, can someone tell me how to release and renew your ip address from the command line?18:08
ajmoulenare you using network manager?18:10
ajmoulennot sure you can manually do it from command line without messing up network manager but you can try dhclient -r18:11
ajmoulenfollowed by the interface name18:11
ni1snick_, sudo dhcpcd -k18:11
ajmoulenthen dhclient <interface> and it should get a new lease18:11
ajmoulennetwork manager doesn't use dhcpcd18:11
ajmoulenit uses dhcbd18:12
ajmoulenand dhclient18:12
ni1sthen I don't know18:12
nick_Hmm, said permission denied18:13
ajmoulendid you sudo?18:13
ajmoulensudo dhclient -r eth0 (or whatever interface)18:13
ajmoulensudo dhclient eth018:13
ni1snick_, can't you disable the interface and then just start it again in the network manager?18:14
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
nick_ni1s: Yes, I guess...I'm in a dorm and I was trying to force the router downstairs to give me another IP18:15
ScorpKingsudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth018:16
ajmoulenwell you can also do /etc/init.d/networking restart right?18:16
=== profoX_ is now known as profoX`
ehird`when kde opens18:24
ehird`my old konsole and kate from last time start up18:24
ehird`but white-washed screen [button areas are kind of gray]18:25
ehird`then it freezes18:25
ehird`i can move the cursor etc but the loading trail does not follow and nothing responds18:25
ehird`i need to hard reboot.18:25
ajmoulenusing compiz?18:25
ehird`ajmoulen: nope18:27
Merkosushello, I've got a problem:18:28
MerkosusI'm behind an HTTP-proxy. HTTP works perfectly (at least in the browser), IRC also (as you can see). But I can't renew the apt-lists. The error-output tells me, that apt-get couldn't connect to the server. Trying to install the MP3-support for Amarok fails therefore (The message box shows a succesful installation and that I shall restart Amarok, but after that, the MP3-support isn't installed).18:28
ehird`ajmoulen: weird isn't it18:33
MerkosusIs it possible, that apt-get ignores the proxy-settings of the system?18:33
ajmoulenehird`: it is, not sure why it isn't working18:34
alendoes any now how to msn work on kopete ?18:41
aleni use 7.1018:41
boguhMerkosus i think proxy settings are stored in a variable, so just set it to blank. but i dont know the name of that  variable18:42
=== berner_24m is now known as tuxinator
Merkosusdo you know, in which config-file that variable might be in?18:45
boguhbash variable18:46
boguhecho $http_proxy or something like that18:46
Merkosusah, okay. thank you18:46
mjbrooksis xgl installed by default on gutsy?18:47
yogi#join post18:47
=== ubuntu_ is now known as thefuzzball
thefuzzballI have a serious problem caused by GPartEd, is there a server/channel where someone can help me?18:50
ajmoulenmjbrooks: no18:52
ajmoulenthefuzzball: did you lose partitions and were you resizing?18:53
ajmoulenand generally I would say that the ubuntu channel would be a good source if this was an install issue but not sure18:54
ScorpKingthefuzzball: some of us use it. please explain the problem.18:54
mjbrooksFor some reason compiz is drawing something other than my background around my windows now :/ and it seems everyone in #compiz is sleeping18:55
ardchoillemjbrooks: #compiz-fusion ?18:56
tuxinatormjbrooks: hmm, tried #bery or #compiz-fusion ?18:56
mjbrooksah,  my bad  thanks18:56
tuxinatormjbrooks: i mean't #beryl18:56
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)18:56
Darkrift411when my internet goes down (even for a second), I have to reboot to make it work again, but windows picks it up automatically18:57
Darkrift411what can i do/type instead of rebooting to make it re-recognize the connection18:57
Darkrift411and i wasnt asking if i could ask18:57
sfire_Darkrift411: do you have a router?18:57
sfire_Darkrift411: setup your machine with a static IP18:57
sfire_that will cure the problems18:57
Darkrift411there is no other way?18:57
thefuzzballScorpKing, I had an empty space behind a partition and wanted to add it to the partition in front and it crashed18:57
sfire_Darkrift411: ifdown eth0 && ifup eth018:58
ScorpKingthefuzzball: is the first partition still there?18:58
thefuzzballScorpKing: it's unknown18:58
sfire_Darkrift411: some routers (like mine) allow for something called Static DHCP18:59
Darkrift411i c18:59
BluesKajuhm, usually the router software assigns a stsic ip to all pc's behind the router ...the router needs to reagin the connection in his case not the pc18:59
sfire_Darkrift411: see if yours supports that.. it makes using a static IP easy.. its all automatic right from DHCP18:59
Darkrift411i know windows doesnt even notice the downtime, it reconnects and the apps never notice (they show lag, bu tnot a disconnect)18:59
Darkrift411i figured linux should be able to do something simmilar18:59
ScorpKingouch. try sudo cfdisk /dev/<your disk> and see it it shows up. maybe you can set it there.19:00
thefuzzballScorpKing: It's pretty screwed19:01
sfire_Darkrift411: the bigger question is why are you getting disconnected19:01
sfire_Darkrift411: are you using wireless?19:01
BluesKajDarkrift411, check your knetwork manager , usually it's something like
Darkrift411sometimes its an isp hiccup19:02
Darkrift411sometimes my kids bump my modem (its in thier room behind the dresser)19:02
sfire_Darkrift411: ISP hiccup isn't inside the LAN19:02
sfire_should have 0 effect19:02
Darkrift411see, the wifi connection never dies19:02
Darkrift411its just the modem > router that dies19:02
sfire_then you have a bad cable19:02
Darkrift411which is odd19:02
thefuzzballScorpKing: It says: sda4                    Primary   Linux                            17503.4019:03
BluesKajusually the router will absorb the hiccup and keep your systen on line ,, sort of a buffer19:03
thefuzzballScorpKing: it should say Linux ext319:03
Darkrift411no, not bad cable, its got a sleep button on top that if barely pressed, causes a very short outage (half a second)19:03
ScorpKingthefuzzball: what does sudo fdisk -l /dev/<disk> say? copy the output to pastebin19:03
sfire_Darkrift411: disable the sleep button19:03
Darkrift411there is no options, and i tried taping something over it19:03
Darkrift411but the point is19:04
Darkrift411the router > computer connection never goes down19:04
Darkrift411but i still have to reboot to get it working19:04
Darkrift411which is odd19:04
BluesKajDarkrift411, is it really an router or just a DSL modem ?19:04
Darkrift411motorola modem, netgear router19:04
sfire_bad cables.. gotta be19:04
Darkrift411i know my way around a network, ive checked the router itsself19:04
Darkrift411im telling you19:04
thefuzzballScorpKing: http://pastebin.com/d139f218619:04
Darkrift411the cables are NOT the issue19:04
Darkrift411the issue is somewhere in linux19:05
BluesKajwhy the modem then , whynot just use the netgear router ?19:05
Darkrift411without a modem...... no internet?19:05
ScorpKingDarkrift411: don't use knetworkmanager. close it and configure it from cli19:05
sfire_so what is this "sleep" button on.. the modem?19:05
Darkrift411knetworkmanager isnt running, just kwifimanager19:05
Darkrift411its on top of the modem (bad spot for it)19:06
BluesKajrouters are modems (usually)19:06
sfire_BluesKaj: only shitty ones19:06
sfire_oops.. language.. sorry19:06
Darkrift411modems sometimes have routers built in, but rougters are not useually modems19:06
ScorpKingthefuzzball: run sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda , not sda419:06
BluesKajinteresting , my speesdstrem router is shitty cuz it has a modem ?19:07
sfire_Darkrift411: well if you disconnect the modem the LAN is still working.. which means you shouldn't lose your ethernet connection19:07
thefuzzballScorpKing: http://pastebin.com/d79526f8b19:07
sfire_BluesKaj: yes19:07
sfire_speedstream = junk19:07
Darkrift411but it does19:07
Darkrift411and the odd part, like i said, is that windows handles the same situation completely different19:07
sfire_and it does19:07
ScorpKingthefuzzball: is there data on sda4?19:07
Darkrift411windows shows the connection lost in task bar, and then connection found, and the program (xchat, wow, etc) just have lag, but never disconnect19:08
sfire_windows keeps tabs on the connection.. and when a connection is pulled then restored it does its DHCP thing again19:08
sfire_the easiest way around all this is a static IP19:08
BluesKajoh really, why doe sit work so well in linux then , no probs whatsoever ...wow , must be real experts on speedstream equipment here19:08
Darkrift411where as linux, everything stops working, adn i have to reboot to get it working19:08
Darkrift411even disconnecting fromteh wifi, and reconnecting doesnt work19:08
thefuzzballScorpKing: yes, It's my root partition19:08
ScorpKingDarkrift411: look for a keepalive setting on the router19:08
Darkrift411i even tried connecting to a different router, and then back to mine, but no internet till i reboot19:09
Darkrift411ill check it19:09
sfire_Darkrift411: ifdown and ifup will do it19:09
sfire_(without a restart)19:09
sfire_but a static IP will totally fix the problem19:09
ScorpKingthefuzzball: can you run mout and give me the output?19:09
* ScorpKing agrees with sfire_19:09
ScorpKingmount* yes.19:09
ScorpKingty ardchoille19:09
ardchoilleScorpKing: np, I don't think the output of "mout" will be helpful to you :)19:10
ScorpKingyeah, true ;)19:10
ehird`Surely this is simple19:11
BluesKajsfire have you ever used a speedstream router ...I just have to ask cuz you called it junk19:11
sfire_totally awful equipment19:11
BluesKajwhat was your prob with it19:12
sfire_well.. the fact that it went down whenever I pushed too many connections through it19:12
sfire_the firmware is buggy beyond description19:12
sfire_the wireless barely worked19:12
BluesKaj4 on mine , using  219:12
ScorpKingehird`: what is wrong?19:12
ardchoilleYou didn't buy it from "modumz R us" did you?19:13
ehird`when kde opens19:13
ehird`my old konsole and kate from last time start up19:13
BluesKajseimens speedstream 630019:13
ehird`but white-washed screen [button areas are kind of gray]19:13
sfire_BluesKaj: I don't use a network like most people... I use utorrent a lot19:13
ehird`then it freezes19:13
ehird`i can move the cursor etc but the loading trail does not follow and nothing responds19:13
sfire_utorrent opens many many connections19:13
ehird`i need to hard reboot.19:13
sfire_the speedstreams puke every time19:13
sfire_over 200 connections they just die19:13
ScorpKingehird`: create a new user and see if it helps19:13
ehird`ScorpKing: hmm, not sure it would19:13
thefuzzballScorpKing: mount: you must specify the filesystem type19:13
ehird`+ i've got tons of stuff on that user19:14
BluesKajsfire_,strange , never happened with mine19:14
sfire_BluesKaj: but you are correct.. for grandma that speedstream is alright :)19:14
ScorpKingthefuzzball: just type mount19:14
BluesKajsfire_,have you checked out the 6300 ?19:14
thefuzzballScorpKing: I am on the LiveCD btw19:14
sfire_I won't buy any more equipment from them19:15
sfire_totally not interested19:15
ScorpKingthefuzzball: oh ok. nvm mount then19:15
thefuzzballScorpKing: I can't mount my root partition19:15
sfire_BluesKaj: simply their routers are built for n00bs and totally lack the features I need19:15
ScorpKingthefuzzball: can you start gparted from konsole and see if it gives any usefull errors?19:15
BluesKajsfire_ ,  http://www.dealtime.com/xPF-Siemens-Siemens-SpeedStream-6300-Wireless-router-5-port-switch-DSL-EN-ATM-Fast-EN-802-11b-802-11g19:16
sfire_yay.. worthless wireless and a shitty router :)19:16
thefuzzballScorpKing: It doesn't load properly19:17
sfire_I'm tellin you.. once you get a "real" router you'll forget all about those19:17
thefuzzballScorpKing: I used the GPartEd LiveCD19:17
ScorpKingthefuzzball: run sudo fsck -N /dev/sda19:17
thefuzzballScorpKing: I get [/sbin/fsck.ext2 (1) -- /dev/sda] fsck.ext2 /dev/sda19:18
vbgunzwhen I say hdparm /dev/sda i do not see any info about dma. how can I get it and how can I check the unmaskirq flag? I am playing with -i and -I but not sure if I am getting a really straight answer here...19:18
ScorpKingthefuzzball: try sudo fsck -N /dev/sda419:19
BluesKajinteresting...that routers been working on our sustem for 4 yrs without any problems  been using ktorrent utorrent ,amule emaule, frostwire , youname it ...no probs ... however you obviously have made up your mind so i won't persue it any further :)19:19
thefuzzballScorpKing: [/sbin/fsck.ext2 (1) -- /dev/sda4] fsck.ext2 /dev/sda419:19
sfire_BluesKaj: for 1 I couldn't use that router.. lacks features I need.. For 2 the wireless is so deaf that I REALLY couldn't use it19:19
_Shade_is there any kde app that allows to pick a color from a screen?19:19
sfire_BluesKaj: they put 5 dollar wireless chipsets in those19:20
BluesKajsfire_ , explain deaf ?19:20
ScorpKingthefuzzball: this suck. i'm too scared if you run fsch on it it migh stuff up things but it might also fix it.19:20
sfire_BluesKaj: deaf in wireless means that it cannot pickup a weak signal like a "good" chipset19:20
BluesKaji don't use wireless anyway , always preferred wired19:20
sfire_they are not all created equal19:20
andreas_How do i install drivers my soundcard? Where can i find them?19:21
sfire_the difference between cheap wireless and good wireless is about 3 times the range19:21
thefuzzballScorpKing: fschk isn't found19:21
ScorpKingfsck* sorry19:21
onur_is this the right place to ask how to uninstall Kubuntu installed over Ubuntu?19:21
BluesKajit seems wireless sucks on most routers , from the probs I've seen here in the channel19:21
sfire_BluesKaj: yea 5 dollar wireless does that19:22
ScorpKingonur_: sudo apti-get remove kubuntu-desktop19:22
onur_ScorpKing: i did that!!! nothing has changed19:22
onur_and i cannot redo it because it says: kubuntu-desktop cannot be uninstalled because it is not installed!!19:23
thefuzzballScorpKing: I think my root partition is in between it's oly partition and the empty one it was murging with19:23
stdinonur_: try "sudo apt-get autoremove" then19:23
onur_i did autoremove already, dude :D19:23
thefuzzballScorpKing: My brother has fixed this before, but I have no clue19:23
BluesKajandreas_, sudo asoundconf set-default-card "name of soundcard"19:23
andreas_BluesKaj: How do i find the name of my card?19:24
ScorpKingthefuzzball: i'm not sure what fsck /dev/sda4 will do. it might work and might not19:24
ehird`ScorpKing: I really don't want to lose the user19:24
ehird`ScorpKing: Can I like reset its KDE stuff while keeping ~/?19:24
thefuzzballScorpKing: already did it19:24
BluesKajandresj, cat /proc/asound/cards19:24
thefuzzballScorpKing: it didnt do much19:24
ScorpKingehird`: just create a new one. don't delete the old one and see if it works.19:25
BluesKajandreas_ , cat /proc/asound/cards19:25
BluesKajandreas_, or this : lspci | grep audio19:26
ehird`ScorpKing: OK, and suppose it does... what would I do?19:26
andreas_BluesKaj: Thx19:26
ScorpKingthefuzzball: i think ask your brother. the rest is too risky and i don't have a lot of experiance with linux partitions19:26
BluesKajandreas_, NP :)19:26
ScorpKingehird`: copy all the stuff from the olde user over.19:26
ehird`ScorpKing: yow19:27
andreas_BluesKaj: when i did lspci | grep audio nothing happend19:27
thefuzzballScorpKing: thanks anyway19:27
ehird`ScorpKing: do i reeeeallly have to? i've got loads of stuff set up for that user (not just ~/)19:27
BluesKajandreas_, did you try , cat /proc/asound/cards in the Konsole ?19:27
ScorpKingehird`: when you find the problem share it with us.19:28
ehird`ScorpKing: ok.19:28
andreas_BluesKaj: --no soundcards--19:28
BluesKajandreas_, all the commands i gave you are done in the konsole19:28
andreas_BluesKaj: I know:p19:29
ehird`ScorpKing: what adduser script of choice does kubuntu use? useradd?19:29
ScorpKingehird`: you can delete ~/.kde* but all your mail, bookmarks and stuff is in there. type mv .kde .kdeold and see if it helps19:29
ehird`what is 'stuff'19:30
ehird`I use firefox so bookmarks is no prob19:30
andreas_BluesKaj: --no soundcards--19:30
ScorpKingehird`: if something goes missing you can go look in .kdeold for it.19:30
ehird`ScorpKing: I'll do that in recovery mode then19:30
ScorpKingno need19:31
ScorpKinglog out and go to tty119:31
BluesKajandreas_, try" lspci "and look for some thing like "audio controller"19:31
ScorpKingvit_____: don't do that.19:31
andreas_00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller19:34
andreas_ (rev 02)19:34
andreas_BluesKaj: now what?:p19:35
BluesKajandreas_, sudo asoundconf set-default-card "Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller"19:37
andreas_BluesKaj: Got this message: Please note that you are attempting to run asoundconf as a privileged superuser, which may have unintended consequences.19:39
ScorpKingwhat is the command to start Add & Remove Programs from cli?19:41
BluesKajandreas_, are there any other users on your machine?19:41
emilsedghScorpKing: apt-get ?19:41
bnebbI have a question for someone smarter than I am.  I just installed Kubuntu on this PC.  I am not able to invoke administrator mode.  Kubuntu works fine on another PC.  Any suggestions?19:41
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.19:42
BluesKajandreas_,then go ahead19:42
ardchoillebnebb: Does sudo not work?19:42
ajmoulenbnebb: what do you mean?19:42
ScorpKingemilsedgh: no. i don't have it in my kbfx menu and want to start it to see what is available19:42
bnebbsudo does work in a terminal window.  It is the administrator mode in system settings which will not work.19:42
ajmoulenbnebb: did you install the update to kdesudo?19:42
ardchoillebnebb: It should ask you for the password, which means your user password.19:43
bnebbdidn't know there was one.19:43
stdinScorpKing: kdesu adept_manager19:43
bnebbok, I'll try that first.  we'll see what happens.  Thanks.19:43
emilsedghhey stdin, are you busy these days? not hanging much here19:43
ScorpKingstdin: that's not the one i'm looking for. nvm, i'll open kmenu again19:44
stdinemilsedgh: I'm playing with Qt these days19:44
andreas_BluesKaj: How do i do that?  Dont get any options.19:44
stdinScorpKing: the "Add/Remove Programs" is "kdesu adept_installer"19:45
BluesKajwill some pls explain kdesudo...can one use in place of kdesu and sudo ?19:45
ScorpKingstdin: oh ok. thanks19:45
emilsedghstdin: nice, so keep going!19:45
sea4everHow do I configure this "Shorewall" thing?19:45
ScorpKingah. got it. :D19:46
stdinBluesKaj: kdesudo is a GUI that calls the command sudo, (kdesu uses su) but it provides the same functions as kdesu (as sudo can do everything su can)19:46
ajmoulenI thought kdesudo replaced kdesu so that it used sudo rather than su19:46
ajmoulenso that when you type kdesu it really is calling kdesudo19:47
stdinit is19:47
stdinkdesu is still installed tho, as kdesu.distrib19:47
ajmoulengood then i am only half as crazy as I thought I was ;-)19:47
BluesKajI use kdesu in the run command a sudo in the shell ...I don't see the point of kdesudo :)19:47
ajmoulenBluesKaj: you are using kdesudo19:47
stdinBluesKaj: kdesudo sets up the environment to use sudo in a GUI safely19:48
ScorpKingkdesu is linked to kdesudo19:48
stdinlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 7 2007-11-01 21:05 /usr/bin/kdesu -> kdesudo19:48
ardchoilleBluesKaj: using sudo with a gui app can change the permissions of files in your $HOME to root19:48
BluesKajok, stdin, that's the answer i was loking for19:48
ScorpKingkdesudo is a better and improved kdesu19:49
stdinor, it will be once the bugs are worked out ;)19:49
ScorpKing;) yep19:50
BluesKajardchoille, yes I'm aware of the permiisions probs with sudo in guis so I just assumed kdesu was the proper command for the run box ... "shrug"19:50
ardchoilleBluesKaj: I always thought kdesu was the proper command for the Run dialog too19:50
WaltzingAlongBluesKaj: kdesudo was meant to replace kdesu because of some bug in kdesu, i thought19:50
BluesKajI'll stick to what worked before and still works19:51
WaltzingAlongkdesu/kdesudo GIUapp (altf2 or konsole) or sudo CLIapp19:51
bnebbOK.  I've check kdesudo.  Latest version installed.  Problem here is: right click on the time.  Select change time.  No action.  Try to change time from the system settings panel.  Try to access administrator mode to change time.  Does not ask for password and does not grant administrator access.19:51
stdinkdesu is kdesudo, and kdesudo is kdesu (on kubuntu boxes)19:51
_Shade_i'd like to install a program from svn... is there a possibility to use apt to install all dependant packages for it?19:51
ardchoillebnebb: does using sudo work in a terminal?19:52
bnebbardchoille, yes it does.19:52
stdin_Shade_: no, not unless it's already in the repositories19:52
WaltzingAlong_Shade_: if you built the correct .deb for it ... but otherwise there would be a list of things needed and those available in the repos you could install through apt/deb19:52
ehird`does anyone else hate Kate :|19:52
BluesKajandreas_, hit the enter key after that 'permissions' message19:52
ardchoillebnebb: Sounds like maybe "kdesudo" process is still running in the background19:52
ni1sWell that didn't work :(19:53
bnebbardchoille: any way to stop it?  I've tried rebooting.19:53
_Shade_oh that's too bad... i wanted to install inkscape-svn because i need it's specific features but compiling it gives some pain19:53
ardchoillebnebb: Oh, well if you've tried rebooting, then that isn't the problem.19:53
BluesKajsvn is still an enigma to me ...guess I'm just too thick headed to understand what it does :)19:53
ni1sAnyone got Linux SW RAID working from the ALT install cd, and then to have it boot up properly19:53
andreas_BluesKaj: Cant. then i am at  ~19:54
ardchoilleehird`: Och! Nae, I love kate19:54
DownixHmm, I wonder if it would be possible to make a Kubuntu for SPARC32, as most of the apps run in 32-bit land anyways19:54
stdin_Shade_: inkscape is in the repositories, so you can use apt19:54
ardchoilleOops, sorry for the foreign language there19:54
stdin_Shade_: sudo apt-get build-dep inkscape19:54
_Shade_stdin: yes indeed but it's 0.45.119:55
ehird`ardchoille: Kate lacks a file tree plugin :|19:55
stdin_Shade_: I didn't say the version you wanted has to be there, just _a_ version of it19:55
ehird`(directory tree, that is)19:55
stdin_Shade_: the build dependencies probably haven't changed much, so you can use apt to get them19:55
BluesKajI've got svn folders all over my /home/user/, but I tried to install kde4 ,but it says: CMake Error: The source directory "/home/user" does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt.19:56
_Shade_stdin: i just meant the trick you provided... the point is i didn't know how to name it :)19:56
ni1sAll my hdbN has vansihed, I got hda1,2,3 and a hdb, but not the partitions on hdb(those should be 1,2,3)19:56
BluesKajok andreas_ now do this : k-menu/system settings/sound system/enable sound system,then choose hardware tab/select the audio device/Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, click apply19:57
_Shade_Could not read chunk delimiter: Secure connection truncated (https://inkscape.svn.sourceforge.net20:00
_Shade_what's wrong with it?20:00
ehird`anyone know how to get file trees in kate?20:00
ehird`(and tabs)20:00
ehird`that might make it usable20:00
ajmoulenehird`: in the plugins20:04
ajmoulenthere is the tab bar extension, not sure if that is what you mean20:05
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ehird`No plugs here ajmoulen20:05
ehird`the list is empty20:05
ajmoulenthen install them ;-)20:05
ajmoulenis the package in case you are looking20:06
compilerwriterLadies and Gentlemen anyone currently running virtualbox know How I can get seamless mode up and running in Gutsy?20:06
ehird`Ladies and Gentlemen /me starts all his messages with 'Ladies and Gentlemen' from now on20:07
ajmoulenI use vmware server so I am sure I am not helpful20:07
ajmoulendisr: that is just too chipper for this time of day20:08
disrI know20:08
disrbut i have pressing problem20:08
ajmoulenwho is it pressing?20:08
disrI have this 4.3 gb file20:08
disrin my hard drive20:09
compilerwriteramjoulen will vmware server run XP?20:09
ajmoulenand you want to move it don't you? and all you have is an external drive with vfat?20:09
disri can't get it out of hard drive and transfer it to another desktop20:09
ajmoulencompilerwriter: yes, I run Windows XP Pro and several other ubuntu children on my vmware-server20:09
disrwhat software can i use to move it / sync it20:10
ajmoulendisr: sync?20:10
disrto another desktop20:10
ajmoulendisr: you just want to move a copy?20:10
ajmoulenyou likely won't be able to keep the file in sync20:10
ajmoulensince a file that large is likely a binary file and would require moving the whole thing again unless you had special software20:11
ajmoulenwell you can move it via rsync or ssh, but I would suggest considering ftp as much as I hate to say it20:11
ajmoulenbecause you will likely want resumable copy20:11
disrwindows has intellimover20:11
compilerwriterajmoulen Do you have time to help me get vmware server set up.  I really need to run Quicken and Quickbooks badly.  Heaven knows I have tried, but I just haven't found OS software that works as well as they do.20:11
ajmoulencompilerwriter: I feel your pain man20:12
disri have usb cable20:12
ehird`how do i get Kate to remember my toolbar layout20:12
ajmoulencompilerwriter: download vmware server from vmware, make sure it is 1.0.4 (the current version)20:12
ajmoulenget a license key20:12
disrconnecting both ends20:12
ajmoulenrun the installer as instructed from vmware.20:12
ajmoulenthen download the server console and install that as instructed20:12
ajmoulenthere is nothing special to do20:12
compilerwriterajmoulen It is those two software titles alone that keeps me from making a total conversion.20:12
ajmoulengutsy does not have vmware in the repository yet so using the ubuntu process won't work20:13
jhutchins!info vmware20:13
ajmoulencompilerwriter: no biggy, I use quicken on my vmware-server setup20:13
compilerwriterajmoulen how much does a licence key cost?20:13
ubotuPackage vmware does not exist in gutsy20:13
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers20:13
Wolven_Pariah_UKamarok just quit on its own..it wont reopen again..20:13
ajmoulencompilerwriter: vmware-server is free20:13
ajmoulencompilerwriter: vmware-player, vmware-server -> free.  vmware-workstation, vmware-esx -> cost money20:14
ajmoulenyou want server so you can create a virtual machine, player can only run existing virtual machines, and is slower than server anyway20:15
ajmoulendisr: you don't have a network between the machines?20:15
ajmoulenah, well that complicates matters20:15
disrjust usb cables connecting 2 machines20:15
geniiattach dvd-r burn dvd etc20:16
disrwindows has software called Intellimover20:16
ajmoulennever tried to do that in linux, I always can use my cross-over network cable20:16
disrlike laptop to desktop20:16
ajmoulenyea I do that all the time, laptop to desktop via a crossover network cable plugged into the ethernet ports on each machine20:17
jhutchinsNo need for vmware to run quicken, it works fine under wine.20:17
ajmoulenjhutchins: it works 'ok' under wine20:17
ajmoulenif you do bank downloads it doesn't work reliably20:17
disrOh i have that ethernet cable too20:17
ajmoulenI have had a crossover license and tried under wine for years20:17
jhutchinsYeah, downloads didn't work at first, but they've worked for several years now.20:18
ajmoulenand certain banks just don't behave under wine, so I do my sync up in vmware and then copy the data files to linux to view daily20:18
ajmoulenjhutchins: I tried just last week20:18
jhutchins"at first" being 5+ years ago.20:18
ajmoulenwith a new copy of crossover office20:18
ajmoulenit still was failing for my bank but works fine under winxp20:19
ajmoulennot only that but there are still display anamolies in wine20:19
disrso ajmoulen what program can i sue?20:19
ehird`ajmoulen: do you know?20:20
ajmoulendisr: if you setup a computer with a cross over cable, you will need to manually set the ips but once you have two ips you can just use ssh to copy the files20:20
cloakabledisr: Are you SCO in disguise? ;)20:20
ajmoulenehird`: sorry I missed your question20:20
ajmoulenehird`: no idea20:20
disrwhat's ssh, i don't know20:21
ajmoulenehird`: I just knew it had tabs available, I don't like the kate tabs, i wish it just used the konqueror tabs or even the konsole tabs20:21
andreas_BluesKaj: It has been restarting the sound thing for 30 min now:S20:21
ajmoulenehird`: you might want to consider quanta, it has a better tab setup and can generally edit the same file types with highlighting as kate20:22
cloakable!ssh | Ubotu is all knowing20:22
ubotuUbotu is all knowing: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/20:22
ajmoulenI know it is designed as a web editor20:22
disrcloakable, terrible how i mistype20:22
ajmoulendisr: sorry to say, I think you are going to need more help that I can really walk you through on IRC, you would be better served grabbing a cheap home router with dhcp and actually networking your machines together20:23
ehird`You'd think KDE would have a decent minimal IDE-editor blend20:24
ajmoulenthen just install ssh-server from the synaptic or adept installer20:24
ehird`(KDevelop does not count because it's big-liek-mammoth)20:24
ajmoulenehird`: kate isn't horrible as far as development goes, but unfortunately it hasn't really adopted the KDE look completely20:24
ajmoulenI am hoping they fix it for kde 420:24
disrthanks but does krdc do anything20:25
disrremote desktop?20:25
ajmoulenremote desktop isn't likely to give you file copy capabilities20:25
[ka]killerok im going to stab my monitor20:25
emilsedghyes disr20:25
[ka]killerall the sudden the gamma is all screwy20:25
ajmoulenehird`: I know what you mean, at least sort of20:26
ajmoulenI still use emacs for that sort of thing20:26
ajmoulenno tabs but i am used to pulling down buffers20:26
disrwhat about that krdc?20:26
compilerwriterajmoulen I am about to uninstall virtualbox;  How will I then need to look at my hard drive to make sure I have reclaimed the space?20:27
[ka]killeri fix the gamma, then it some how changes again20:27
disrif i want to copy to WinXp can i do it with ssh?20:27
ajmoulencompilerwriter: umm... you are way too used to the windows world20:27
ajmoulencompilerwriter: generally when you uninstall it will remove the application files, it will not remove any personally created files20:28
compilerwriterajmoulen Yes I am.  I am trying to recover from that.20:28
[ka]killerdont worry, a lot of us know where your coming from20:28
compilerwriterajmoulen therefore it should have removed the windows partition it created.20:28
ajmoulenthat was a personally created file20:28
[ka]killerformat the partition?20:29
ajmoulenso whatever directory you said to create your virtual machines you will need to go there and purge them20:29
ajmoulendisr: you will need something like winscp to do that20:29
disrwhat's that?20:29
disrwhat's winscp?20:29
ajmouleninstall openssh-server on the ubuntu system and then do a google for winscp20:29
ajmoulenit is a free ssh file copy program for windows20:30
[ka]killerdo you want to copy files to a windows box?20:30
ajmoulenreally easy to use20:30
disrhey thanks ajmoulen20:30
[ka]killeri dont under stand disr's problem20:30
disri'll try and come back if it doesn't work20:30
BluesKajandreas_, just quit20:31
[ka]killeris he just trying to copy files to a windows box? or to a different partition of his hdd20:31
ajmoulenbetween two computers20:31
mamefantoday my desktop icons are all gone but in their place I have the root file system (icons for /media, /home, /mnt, /opt, and so forth)  - this is with Hardy.  Is this to be expected?  Can I get back to my normal ~/Desktop20:31
[ka]killerthen just share one drive20:31
ajmoulenthat weren't even networked to each other20:31
ajmoulenso we suggested he get them networked first20:31
BluesKajandreas_, sorry was away doing errands for a while20:31
ajmoulenwas going to try to do it via USB but I couldn't think of any way you could do that20:32
[ka]killeri have 2 drives in my brothers box i use for storage (well one for now, one is still ntfs and im not formatting it)20:32
[ka]killerusb memory stick?20:32
ajmoulen[ka]killer: 4.3G20:32
ajmoulenDVD sized20:32
ajmoulenlittle too big for most sticks, although I guess you can get 8G ones these days20:32
[ka]killerive seen up to 16gb drives, and 8gb ones for not to much20:32
ajmoulenyea the 16G ones aren't generally very good20:33
[ka]killeri still have a 2gb =P and it works just fine20:33
ajmoulenthe problem with sticks though is that they still have a 2G file limit20:33
CreationistI'm planning on installing Ubuntu 7.10 over my current Kubuntu 7.10.  However, what do I need to backup to retain all users/passwords/permissions that I currently have setup?20:33
compilerwriterajmoulen is there a way to simply remove a directory regardless of whether it is empty or not?20:33
[ka]killerCreationist, just install the ubuntu-desktop20:33
Creationistcompilerwriter: rm -r [directory]20:33
ajmoulencompilerwriter: rm -rf directory_name20:33
ajmoulenbe very careful20:33
Creationist[ka]killer: THat's not what I want to do.20:34
ajmoulenit will remove all files within that directory, you do it on the wrong directory and bad bad things happen20:34
[ka]killerCreationist, what exactily do you want to do that for then20:34
Creationistcompilerwriter: And do use sudo with it20:34
mamefanCreationist:  are you simply trying to switch from KDE to GNOME?20:34
BluesKajCreationist, uninstall kubuntu desktop and installgnome-desktop then , go to #ubuntu for advice afterwards :)20:35
[ka]killermamefan, thats what i thought, thats why i sugested just installing the ubuntu-desktop and uninstalling kubuntu20:35
Creationist[ka]killer, mamefan: Not exactly.  I've been having a lot of problems with my video driver under KDE.  While I don't think this will necessarily fix it, I think Ubuntu seems to have a more robust support in general.20:35
[ka]killerwhat kind of video card?20:35
Creationist[ka]killer: nVidia Geforce 7600 GT.20:35
[ka]killerdid you install the drivers?20:35
mamefanboth Ubuntu and Kubuntu have the same fundamental support for video hardware as both use Xorg20:35
ajmoulenthat is the second time today someone mentioned nviida 7600GT20:36
* genii does modprobe usbnet 20:36
Creationist[ka]killer: Although I think it's more an issue with my monitor.  I install nvidia-glx-new just fine, but then my resolution gets distorted and can't be changed.20:36
[ka]killerthe only real difference between ubuntu and kubuntu is one is gnome and the other kde20:36
BluesKajthe 7000 series has poor support in linux20:36
darloshello all20:36
[ka]killeris the restricted device enabled?20:36
ajmoulenCreationist: if you have the diskspace add the ubuntu-desktop with kubuntu desktop20:36
maduseras does broadcom 48xxx20:36
Creationist[ka]killer: Not at the moment, but I've done that; that is what causes the problems.20:36
ajmoulenyou should get an option to change to gdm20:36
ajmoulenlogin to gnome from your existing account, if you still have video problem then it isn't kde20:37
mamefanI'm using the 7600 and it's working great for me with the 100.14.19 drivers (not sure if these are what's in the repos but I'm using ones downloaded from NV.20:37
[ka]killerturning off the restriction fixed mine (not a 7000 card) with it restricted i had problems20:37
mamefantoday my desktop icons are all gone but in their place I have the root file system (icons for /media, /home, /mnt, /opt, and so forth)  - this is with Hardy.  Is this to be expected?  Can I get back to my normal ~/Desktop20:37
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sulesomeone gimme link to german chat pls?20:37
BluesKajyup Creationist , why not keep kubuntu desktop and just add gnome-desktop ? :)20:37
Creationist[ka]killer: It's hard to explain the distortion.. when changing to my LCD's native resolution (1400x1050), it only uses about 75% of my monitor...20:37
CreationistBluesKaj: It's not that I want gnome... I prefer KDE.20:37
geniiajmoulen: Too bad he left, just found this: http://www.linux-usb.org/usbnet/ and the driver exists on feisty, i just tested it20:37
[ka]killerhave you tried adjusting it on the monitor?20:38
ajmoulenI don't watch exits20:38
ajmoulenor joins20:38
sulesomeone gimme link to german chat pls?20:38
BluesKajthen it's adriver issue you need to solve20:38
darloswher can i download games to kubuntu?20:38
ajmoulenclutters my windows20:38
[ka]killerdarlos: search in adept for games =P20:38
Creationist[ka]killer: Yep... my monitor's control seem to think the size of itself has changed... can't extend it further ;)20:38
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de20:38
[ka]killerhum... yah sounds like a driver issue20:38
[ka]killerwait, does yoru monitor require a driver?20:39
Creationist[ka]killer: It works fine with the OS drivers, but of course I get no acceleration20:39
ardchoilleCreationist: Which vid card do you have?20:39
Creationistardchoille: Geforce 7600GT20:39
darloskajkiller: thanks20:39
ardchoille!nvidia | Creationist20:40
Creationist[ka]killer: I don't think it does, as it works without the nvidia-glx-new drivers.20:40
ubotuCreationist: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto20:40
BluesKajyes , monitor drivers are often overlooked when graphics probs arise ...ppl tend to focus on the card and forget the screen20:40
[ka]killeri know some LCD monitors require a driver to display at full size20:40
BluesKajCreationist, what monitor ?20:40
[ka]killerthe os driver might have compensated for this, but the NV driver does not20:41
Creationist[ka]killer: Well, my manufacturer (Westinghouse) isn't even listed in the Monitor dialogs20:41
=== edwin_ is now known as edwin__
CreationistAnd I somehow doubt their website would offer a Linux driver.20:41
BluesKajwestinghouse ? ... wow20:41
=== SSJ is now known as SSJ_GZ
CreationistBluesKaj: You've never heard of it either? ;)20:41
BluesKajgotta be one of the biggies that made it for westinghouse .20:42
geniiCreationist: Whats the make/model of your monitor?20:42
[ka]killernever heard of it either20:42
geniiBluesKaj: Yeah what i'm thinking too20:42
Creationistgenii: It's the 2046NV20:42
geniiCreationist: I may be able to find the OEM of it, gimme a minute or so20:43
BluesKajyes westinghouse is an old name in appliances and tv s etc from the 50,60s & 70s ..but LCD monitors ?20:43
CreationistBluesKaj: Yeah, it's a budget monitor, but fairly decent.20:43
BluesKajwell good , sounds like a little detective work is in order20:44
BluesKajwestinghouse model number?20:44
CreationistNow, is it normal for running glxinfo to give errors that the GLX extension was not found?20:44
CreationistYeah, that's my monitor.20:45
ajmoulenanyone have an opinion on the results of upgrading from fiesty to gutsy are?  I have a server I have been considering moving up but am nervous I will kill it20:47
[ka]killerhumm for a server, personally i would stick with fiesty for now20:47
ajmoulenI may just wait till the next LTS version comes out and convert to that and leave it there for a while20:48
[ka]killergusty is giving me to many problems20:48
ajmouleni have 3 gutsy servers, they seem okay20:48
[ka]killerif it works for you then upgrade =P20:48
ajmoulenbut they are all virtual servers so probably not much to it20:48
ajmoulenthis is the physical box so I am real nervous about breaking it as it would take out not just 1 server but 620:49
ajmoulenso I will probably leave it to the next LTS update and mvoe to that, I would have stayed on LTS if not for a PHP version upgrade I needed20:49
[ka]killerlike i said, personally i would stick with fiesty20:49
geniiInteresting. Even searching Westinghouse website for 2046NV produces nothing. Was gonna look at the windoze .inf file if one exists to see similes for same specs.20:50
ajmoulenI thought lcd specs were pretty much normalized based on native resolution20:50
Creationistgenii: http://www.westinghousedigital.com/details.aspx?itemnum=104 <--That's my official page for the monitor20:50
ajmoulenCreationist: I think he was trying to find an windows driver file for that monitor20:51
ajmoulenwhich would give performance numbers that may help you20:51
compilerwriterajmoulen vmware server is a kind of ugly install for gutsy but I am getting through it.20:51
gan|y|medi have some trouble with the kde session management (at least i think it is the session management)20:51
ajmoulencompilerwriter: ? ugly?20:52
aztuncompilerwriter: are u installing from source¿20:52
ajmoulencompilerwriter: I can't even think of what I had to do other than install gutsy and then grab the package20:52
ajmoulenfrom vmware.com20:52
compilerwriterI followed the link ubotu sent me.20:53
ajmoulenon fiesty it was more work because I had to install all the build essential and kernel header stuff20:53
compilerwriterajmoulen https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Server20:53
gan|y|medwhen i make settings in ksynaptics they don't survive a restart (not sure about surviving a session). this is a known bug, but it also happens with the energy saving module for displays. any setting just takes no effect at all except it is "reset". any ideas?20:53
ajmoulenyou don't need the vmware-any-any package20:53
ajmoulenthat is why I directed you to 1.0.420:54
compilerwriteraztun I am doing the ugly source plust patch thing ubotu sent me.20:54
ajmoulen1.0.3 required the patch 1.0.4 doesn't20:54
compilerwriterajmoulen should I stop what I am doing and do something else then? or am I now committed to the path I started?20:55
ajmoulenI wish these lines were numbered20:55
ajmoulenanyway if you untarred the VMware-server package and haven't copied the files from vmware-any-any you should be fine to just continue to do the install20:56
ajmoulenyou don't need to touch the ssl files either not sure what that is about20:56
compilerwriterajmoulen I am in the middle of downloading the first wget.20:56
ajmoulenso run the very first line, then download the 1.0.4 package from vmware20:56
ajmoulenkill that20:56
ajmoulenyou don't want 1.0.320:56
compilerwriterajmoulen Do I need to do anything to clean up what I have already done?20:57
gan|y|medanybody having trouble with ksynaptics?20:57
ajmoulendelete the half downloaded file20:57
ajmoulendarn apparently I need to register my nick20:58
Allooshhi, how do I configure my cgi20:58
ajmoulenAlloosh: to do what?20:58
AllooshI dont have it in the www, and I think I will need it there to use it20:58
ajmoulenthe cgi directory is in /usr/lib/cgi I think20:59
compilerwriterajmoulen Which one of these do I need?  http://register.vmware.com/content/download.html20:59
ajmoulenmodify /etc/apache2/sites-available/default20:59
Allooshajmoulen: iam trying to use mapserver, and iam not sure how :)21:00
gan|y|medanybody having problems with kde settings not being stored???21:00
ajmoulengan|y|med: depends on what you mean not being stored21:00
ajmoulencompiz messes with some of my settings21:00
ajmoulenbut if you aren't using compiz then I would say no I haven't seen that issue21:01
ajmoulenAlloosh: /etc/apache2/sites-available/default will tell you where your cgi-bin folder is and what it is using to call it21:01
ajmoulenunfortunately I don't have apache installed on this particular machine or i would check the file21:02
compilerwriterajmoulen thanks for the links.21:02
ajmoulencompilerwriter: sure21:02
gan|y|medajmoulen: i.e. i switch on energy saving for my display, let's say i set it to 2 min. after reboot it won't come on after 2 min. i do have to uncheck and check it again for it to work properly. same in ksynaptics21:02
ajmoulenunpack the first one I gave you first, go into vmware-server-distrib and run the installer21:02
MinatakuIs Dr_Willis here? No. Crap.21:02
ajmoulengan|y|med: not seen that issue before21:03
geniiCreationist: Windows apparently uses the generic PnP monitor driver for this thing. So I figure it should respond to edid calls. If you have the package read-edid installed, you can get an xorg.conf compatible monitor setting output by: sudo get-edid|parse-edid21:03
geniiSorry for lag, work is getting busy a bit ehre21:03
gan|y|medand i hoped i might not be the only one :(21:04
compilerwriterajmoulen I will need to install the server package and then install the client will I not?21:05
DrXwhy does it say "operation not supported" on some of the files and subdirectories when I run a cp out to a network share or USB thumb drive but not locally?21:06
BluesKaj  Note regarding LCD Drivers Since Westinghouse LCD TVs and Monitors are plug-and-play devices, they do not require any drivers.21:07
Creationistgenii: So, basically just install read-edid, run get-edid|parse-edid, then install nvidia-glx-new, restart X and I should be good to go?21:07
BluesKajgenii and Creationist the above is a quote from the Westinghouse LCD Monitor page21:08
CreationistBluesKaj: Right, but something isn't working properly.21:09
geniiCreationist: install whatever drivers first. then use the method with sudo get-edid|parse-edid to get output which you can copy and paste into the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file replacing the section titled "Monitor" with the output from the edid command that begins "Monitor"   etc21:09
CreationistBluesKaj: Right now I'm using nvidia-glx and a generic LCD Monitor21:09
Creationistgenii: Alright, I'll give that a shot21:09
Creationistgenii: And the proprietary nvidia driver package is nvidia-glx-new, correct?21:10
gan|y|medcan it be that when i install certain ms fonts (ttf package), standard fonts get overridden?21:12
BluesKajright Creationist , the graphics card is the obvious issue here ...didn't mean to sidetrack the problem21:13
DrXwhy does it say "operation not supported" on some of the files and subdirectories when I run a cp out to a network share or usb thumb drive with FAT but not to the local drive?21:14
geniiCreationist: The exact driver packagename escapes me. But it is likely correct (nvidia-glx-new)21:15
CreationistBluesKaj, genii: Okay, thank you.21:16
Creationistgenii: read-edid failed.21:17
BluesKajCreationist, nvidia-glx-new is listed in adept21:18
geniiBluesKaj: When he sets the display to do the native resolution of the monitor, thats what it does except that the monitor is only showing something like screen coverage of 75%21:18
geniiCreationist: installing read-edid failed? or the command: sudo get-edid|parse-edid     failed21:19
geniinote get-edid in the command not read-edid and also sudo21:19
BluesKajyeah genii , got it21:19
Creationistgenii: Running the command.  Here's the output: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44654/21:19
geniiCreationist: OK, looking21:20
geniiCreationist: Bah, annoying. Means you need to look up the horizontal and vertical refreshes and add them manually. Bleh21:21
ehird`anyone use kate and ruby know how to get good autoindentation?21:22
CreationistGreat... I've tried doing that before.21:23
CreationistI know how to find them, but I can't figure out how to add them.21:23
CreationistI can find the horizontal and vertical "frequency."  Is that the same?  They're exact amounts, though, and not ranges.  They're also different depending on what I'm doing on the computer (I look them up through my monitor's OSD)21:24
BluesKajgenii, can he edit the xorg file to reflect (scuse the pun) the refresh rates ?21:24
geniiCreationist: Well, they are different than the entries we would need to make so no.21:26
Creationistgenii: Well, that's all I've been able to find with all my searching on Google.  My monitor's manual doesn't even specify hor and ver refresh rates... just the overall refresh rate of 60hz21:27
ardchoilleWhat is kwebdesktop?21:27
ardchoilleI just noticed I can use it to draw the desktop bg21:27
geniiInterestingly the user manual states "VESA Plug and Play eliminates the complicated and time-consuming installation process. Your computer system will identify and automatically adjust the LCD monitor. " Have you tried for kicks setting the driver to vesa?21:27
acidBURNis there a fix for the SLOW>>>>> bootup with kubuntu 7.1021:28
Creationistgenii: No, because that defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do.  The monitor works perfectly with the nv driver.  But I want to use my card's 3D capabilities.  That's when it causes problems.21:28
CreationistacidBURN: Yeah, a new processor  ;)21:29
ehird`anyone notice tabs are fugly in GTK apps using Polyester and gtk-qt? It displays one column of styled pixels then horrible flatness21:29
CreationistacidBURN: Mine boots from system power to login screen in about 30 seconds.  How slow is yours?21:29
geniiCreationist: Lemme look for the rates21:29
ardchoilleehird`: Using gtk apps in kde?21:30
ehird`ardchoille: what about it21:30
ardchoilleehird`: I noticed that too and also noticed that installing gtk-engines-qtpixmap gtk2-engines-qtpixmap gtk2-engines seems to make gtk apps look much better in kde21:31
Creationistardchoille: That's not exactly against any rules... in fact, sometimes it's necessary ;)21:31
ardchoilleCreationist: I know :)21:31
DrXanyone know why cp crashes with "cp: writing './images/file/file/file' : No space left on device" but I just checked the device despite having 463GB free space on the device21:31
ehird`ardchoille: didn't work21:32
ajmoulenDrX: that sounds like an odd issue, almost like you have too much diskspace21:33
ardchoilleehird`: Did you select "Qt" in the GTK Styles and Fonts dialog in System Settings?21:33
ardchoilleehird`: Sorry, select "Use my KDE style in GTK applications"21:33
ehird`ardchoille: ofc21:33
t1n0m3nhi, I need help with using minicom to connect to a serial device.  I am using 7.10.  I am using a FTDI usb to serial converter and I am connecting to a cisco router.  This worked fine under 7.04.  I am getting "usb 2-1: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB0" and then after 2 seconds I get "usb 2-1: usbfs: interface 0 claimed by ftdi_sio while 'brltty' sets config #1" and then "ftdi_sio ttyUSB0: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now disc21:33
compilerwriterok ajmoulen now I have gotten the things downloaded.21:34
ajmoulendid you also go and register for a license key?21:34
compilerwriternot yet.21:34
=== emilsedgh_ is now known as emilsedgh
t1n0m3nit seems like I have a conflict, but I dont know where to go next21:34
ajmoulenyou will want to do that before you start the install because you need to supply the key during the install21:34
ardchoillet1n0m3n: What are you trying to do?21:35
phoenix_comment va tout le monde?21:35
acidBURNCreationist: how about 3-4 mins on a new install21:35
t1n0m3nardchoille: what do you mean?  Like trying to connect to a cisco router? or something else?21:35
ehird`ardchoille: http://content.imagesocket.com/images/rcrc2f2.png21:36
ardchoillet1n0m3n: nvm, I missed your first post, sorry21:36
phoenix_j'ai un soucis sous linux kubuntu quelqu'un paut'il m'aider?21:36
ehird`ardchoille: see how a few pixels of nice kde is drawn then flatness21:36
ehird`(in vim)21:36
CreationistacidBURN: Ouch.  Try running dmesg in a terminal and looking at the times on the left (counted in seconds).  Look for large time gaps between entries.21:36
lgkanwhat does squashfs error: sb_bread failed reading block 0x40249  mean, is that a hard drive error or cd erro21:37
CreationistacidBURN: My guess is that something is failing (and being retried) many times during boot up.  I've had the problem in the past.21:37
acidBURNbut this is a new install21:37
Creationist!fr | phoenix_21:37
ubotuphoenix_: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.21:37
CreationistacidBURN: Yeah, I know... my problem was an unrecorgnized CD writer.21:37
compilerwriterajmoulen I have registered and now have a key21:37
ajmoulenin vmware-server-distrib run the installer script21:38
phoenix_kubuntu fr en fait21:38
ajmoulenit will prompt you through things, use the default for everything21:38
t1n0m3nI need help with a usb serial converter conflict with ttyUSB021:38
phoenix_merci c'est cool je vais aller faire un tour de suite parce que je ne vois plus rien sur mon ecran21:38
Creationist!en | phoenix_21:39
ubotuphoenix_: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat21:39
geniiCreationist: Bah. All I can find is that it will do it's max resolution at 60. And i need to leave soon.21:39
acidBURNCreationist: I see a error with bcm43xx: Error: Microcode "bcm43xx_microcode5.fw" not available or load failed.21:39
CreationistacidBURN: And there is a large time gap between that and the next entry?21:39
acidBURNbut seen those before in 7.0421:39
acidBURNno gaps21:39
Slashhi men21:39
CreationistacidBURN: Well, where do your times jump up to over 100 seconds?21:40
CreationistacidBURN: Look in there...21:40
Creationistgenii: Yeah, I know, I haven't been able to find more than that either.  Thank you for trying, though.21:40
Creationistgenii: I just miss Compiz, that's all :)21:40
ajmoulencompilerwriter: I have to run, my wife isn't going to be pleased if I don't go pick her up soon21:41
Creationistgenii: My system functions perfectly without it, so this isn't a major issue.  I can wait until April if I have to (just hope 8.04 gets it fixed)21:41
acidBURNwell, its like this: see the grub loader, and see a complaint mesage about apc or something then the screen close black for 3-4 mins21:41
acidBURNthen I get my login21:41
compilerwriterok ajmoulen21:41
ajmoulencompilerwriter: just follow the prompts it should get you where you want to be, when you get done with installing the server, install the console21:41
geniiCreationist: You could add a mode next to the one which is the problemmatic setting and specify 60hz in it perhaps. eg "1024x768@60"  or similar21:41
CreationistacidBURN: But when you ran dmesg, did you look through the whole thing to see if there are any time delays?21:41
Daisuke_Laptopgood morning kubuntu21:41
ajmoulenonce you have done both you should run vmware-server-console and build your virtual machine21:41
Daisuke_Laptopwhy vmware.21:42
acidBURNwhat I'm I supposed to see21:42
acidBURNa number21:42
acidBURN a error21:42
geniiCreationist: Then do the ctrl-alt - or + on numpad to cycle to it21:42
acidBURN1422.832000] APIC error on CPU0: 00(40)21:42
CreationistacidBURN: On the far left, something similar to this: [   45.63247821:42
CreationistacidBURN: Look at those and see if there is a big jump from one to the other.  Say, from 45 to 55, etc.21:43
Daisuke_Laptopi'm still wondering why vmware rather than something that seems to work far better (like, say, virtualbox)21:43
geniiOK, gotta go... g'nite all21:43
acidBURNnope, goes from 33. to 120.21:43
ajmoulenDaisuke_Laptop: he was having problems with virtual box and an install of windows xp21:43
Daisuke_Laptopthat would do it.  was just curious :)21:43
t1n0m3nahh, ok, the braille tty is kicking off my ftdi usb to serial converter.  looks to be a known bug21:44
CreationistacidBURN: Uhm, then that would be a big jump.  That means it took 87 seconds to perform whatever function is listed at 33.  Look for an error in that area.21:44
ajmoulenI know how to help him with vmware as I manage several vmware installs at work21:44
ajmoulencurrently running something like 25 virtual machines over 4 servers21:44
Daisuke_Laptopi have no idea what the problems were with vbox, so couldn't help anyway :D21:44
acidBURNso if the numbers are out of wack21:45
acidBURNthen its a big jump21:45
ajmoulenDaisuke_Laptop: yea virtualbox is cool but it is a little more hands on than vmware tends to be21:45
bjwebbim having trouble burning a dvd21:45
CreationistacidBURN: Tell you what, why don't you just copy/paste your whole output from dmesg onto pastebin http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/21:45
ajmoulenespecially if you are doing remote stuff too21:45
Daisuke_Laptopajmoulen: it can be, yeah, but seamless mode is awesome :)21:45
CreationistacidBURN: That is correct.  dmesg is basically showing your entire bootup procedure and at what time a certain function took place.21:45
t1n0m3nwhere are the "hotplug/udev scripts" located?21:46
Daisuke_Laptopthey both have their place.21:46
ajmoulenwhat does seamless mode do?21:46
ajmoulendoes it let you run windows apps on a linux desktop type of thing?21:46
Creationistajmoulen: Exactly.  You won't see the windows desktop :)21:46
Daisuke_Laptopmy windows apps are running virtualized alongside my regular apps21:46
Daisuke_Laptopand running at speed, too21:47
Daisuke_Laptopthat's the only way i can stay sane when using jbuilder.  the windows desktop makes me want to vomit21:47
Creationistajmoulen: Since you're struggling with VMware, though.... I'll throw out my recomendation.  VirtualBox is fabulous, easy, and works flawlessly for me.21:47
ajmoulenDaisuke_Laptop: I use vmware to run server farms of virtual machines21:47
Daisuke_Laptopajmoulen: biiig difference then :)21:47
ajmoulenoh I am not haveing any issues with vmware21:47
Daisuke_Laptopand vmware is doubtless the way to go21:47
ajmoulenI just haven't dealt with virtualbox21:47
bjwebbim trying to burn something with k3b and fail - http://pastebin.ca/77612421:48
CreationistDaisuke_Laptop: May I ask why you suggest vmware over VB?21:48
ajmoulenCreationist: vmware has mangement console and management web site21:48
acidBURNCreationist: here the link http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44660/21:48
ajmoulenvirtualbox is cool but to do remote management is a little less easy21:48
ajmoulenI did research it but couldn't find a good way to do what i can easily do in vmware-server21:49
CreationistacidBURN: Looks like the problem is your external harddrive.  Are you able to access it with Dolphin?21:49
t1n0m3nwhere are udev rules kept?21:49
acidBURNCreationist: no21:50
CreationistacidBURN: Of course, those Microcode errors are taking a couple thousand seconds too.  But I don't know what they are, personally.21:50
acidBURNoh, yes I can access it21:50
Daisuke_LaptopCreationist: ajmoulen just nailed it.  for that many installs with that much administration involved, vmware is better equipped to handle it21:50
Tm_Tehird`: erm?21:58
ehird`Tm_T: See above netsplit.21:58
Tm_Tehird`: what about it?21:59
ehird`It was big.21:59
CreationistWelcome back to the land of the living :)22:01
Daisuke_Laptopwelcome back from splitsville, population NOT MEH!22:01
=== lavacano5 is now known as lavacano201014
=== andy_ is now known as andy_123
compilerwriterLadies and Gentlemen I think I have vmware installed now I need some help firing it up, and perhaps confirming I have it installed correctly.22:04
mike-kubuntuhow do i turn off compiz-fusion once started?22:04
mike-kubuntuwould a kwin --replace, do the trick?22:04
Creationistmike-kubuntu: It should.22:05
mike-kubuntuhmm, anyone here run into opengl refusing to start on a amd64 system?22:05
Creationistmike-kubuntu: That's what my "Stop Compiz" launcher is set to :)22:05
mike-kubuntuer, with quake4, and only quake422:05
ardchoilleHow do I stop konqueror web browser form using kparts?22:06
ehird`So, anyone know re: tabs22:06
Darkrift411what are the advantages to upgrading to 7.10? and will the adept upgrade go smoothly?22:07
CreationistDarkrift411: Using the adept upgrade has always broken my system.  For others it works flawlessly.  There's no way to say if it will go smoothly for you.22:08
CreationistDarkrift411: I always recommend a clean install as a sure-fire safe way to do it.22:08
=== Eneloop47 is now known as Eneloop
WaltzingAlongDarkrift411: and ask here for help along the way (should the gui installer crash on you)22:10
Tm_Tmike-kubuntu: yes22:10
WaltzingAlongardchoille: rebuild it?22:11
ardchoilleWaltzingAlong: I was afraid someone would say that22:11
WaltzingAlongardchoille: well i do not know if it is otherwise possible22:11
Darkrift411ill just stick with what i have for now22:12
Darkrift411reinstalling is a pita22:12
ardchoilleWaltzingAlong: It may not be, I've looked all over for such an option22:12
Darkrift411and things are working good22:12
Tm_Tardchoille: khtml is kparts22:12
WaltzingAlongDarkrift411: which dist are you now? dapper? feisty?22:12
Tm_Tardchoille: Konqueror is just a shell for kparts, it does nothing without them22:12
compilerwriterAnyone have a second to help me sort out vmware22:12
WaltzingAlongrelease i suppose&22:12
ardchoilleTm_T: What I was wanting is when I click on an .ics file online, I don't want konq to open it as a calendar in a kpart22:13
Tm_TDarkrift411: should be safe if you don't have weird quirks in your system22:13
ardchoilleTm_T: Interesting, didn't know that22:13
Darkrift411well.. it is a laptop22:13
Darkrift411so there are lots of wierd quirks lol22:13
Darkrift411took lots of work to get everythig working22:13
Darkrift411wifi took a week22:13
Darkrift411video.... 2 weeks lol22:13
CreationistDarkrift411: If everything is working well and you don't have need for what Gutsy offers, then I see no reason to upgrade.22:13
WaltzingAlongardchoille: should be able to customize how .ics files are handled22:13
Darkrift411i was kinda wondering what gutsy offered, didnt see the details on the site22:14
ardchoilleWaltzingAlong: I haven't figured that out yet22:14
Darkrift411what new bells and whistles i would get22:14
Tm_Tardchoille: rightclick? should give you some menus22:14
kristjan_what package conf is responsible for the looks of apps launched via "kdesudo" - I lost the adept's ability to integrate into my customized desktop after installing "comipz-kicker" package from kde-apps.org website22:14
ardchoilleTm_T: yeah22:14
Tm_TDarkrift411: doesn't mean it22:14
WaltzingAlongfile associations22:14
* Tm_T slaps voidmage 22:14
kristjan_(now adept is using kubuntu's default settings instead)22:15
CreationistDarkrift411: Gutsy didn't really reinvent itself with features.  A couple of notable ones (KDE specific) are the inclusion of a restricted drivers manager.22:15
peteI'm getting appplications refusing to start and no usable output when starting them via konsole; everything worked fine right up until this morning when kde4 was built on a seperate user account (safely, done it before and know how it gets done). amarok and katapult seem to be the worst offenders, but there might be others. which amarok and which katapult shows the corect locations of them; x restarts and package reinstalls don't work. any other22:15
CreationistDarkrift411: Hmm... that's really all I  can think of.22:15
Darkrift411i thought i installed a restricted drivers manager to get my video working22:16
Tm_Tpete: install related dbg packages22:16
CreationistDarkrift411: Yeah, you may have.  But it was included by default with 7.1022:16
Darkrift411i c22:16
Darkrift411guess ill stick with what i have till i find a reason to do otherwise22:16
Darkrift411with windows, i always had to have the latest and greatest22:16
DrXwhy does cp /xen/images/file/* . -r fail with cp: writing './hdd' : No space left on device when the device has 463GB free (it's copying via an smb share to a Windows box)?22:16
Darkrift411but i dont feel that need here lol22:17
CreationistNow, I have a question.  I want to switch to Gnome, but keep KDE.  How do I go about doing that WITHOUT cluttering my Gnome and KDE menus with entries from the other environment?22:17
WaltzingAlongCreationist: build the menus yourself22:17
_seezerDrX: copying a single file > 2GB onto a fat32 partition (on windows side)22:18
=== _seezer is now known as seezer
=== adasi is now known as wpk
peteTm_T: for? the offending apps? can't find any in adept.22:20
Tm_Tpete: kdemultimedia-dbg for amarok etc22:20
peteright, cheeers22:20
=== DarthWar is now known as Darth-afk
TheWozAhey guys whats the command to kill a database lock22:21
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »22:21
TheWozAahh thx22:21
DrXwhy does cp /xen/images/file/* . -r fail with cp: writing './hdd' : No space left on device when the device has 463GB free (it's copying via an smb share to a Windows box)?22:22
seezerDrX: did you read my question?22:23
tuxthepenguin933is kde4 going to be in gusty22:23
WaltzingAlongtuxthepenguin933: it is already (beta3)22:24
DrXseezer: checking...22:24
DrXseezer, yes22:24
BluesKajTm_T, I've been trying to follow the instrctions on this page to install kde4 via svn , but I get only as far as "cmakekde"on this page :http://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Build/KDE4#Kubuntu_and_Debian,  then I get errors about cmake : The source directory "/home/kaj" does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt.22:25
WaltzingAlongDrX: fat32 cannot handle singe file larger than 2gb22:25
peteBluesKaj: you need to cd before you can cmakekde22:25
seezererr it's ~4gb on 32, sorry22:25
=== rumasa is now known as TrentReznor
seezerbut a xen image might be around that size ;)22:26
BluesKajcd to where?22:26
=== TrentReznor is now known as TrentResnor
DRtuxthepenguinis kde4 beta going to be in gusty22:26
peteto the dir you just checked out of svn22:26
WaltzingAlongDRtuxthepenguin: it is already in gutsy. check www.kubuntu.org22:26
Darkrift411its not in it, but its in the repositories22:26
emilsedghBluesKaj: you should get the module, not single applications22:26
peteso if you just checked out kdesupport, you need to do cd kdesupport22:26
BluesKajsvn is in that dir , that's what confuses me22:26
emilsedghBluesKaj: at least when i get module instead of single aplication, this solves22:26
peteemilsedgh: correct, the structure won't allow building of individual apps22:27
BluesKajemilsedgh, ??22:27
peteBluesKaj: what did you just check out, and what's your pwd?22:27
DRtuxthepenguinwhen kde4 final is released will it be backported from hardy22:27
seezerDrX: so that's what windows tells you about "can't handle this freakin' file" :) convert the filesystem into ntfs (m$ knowledgebase has some information on that) or just drop that OS ;)22:27
WaltzingAlongDrX: in msdos *cough ms windows* convert /?22:29
DrXyes, of course, thanks22:29
WaltzingAlongDRtuxthepenguin: i would guess so22:30
WaltzingAlongDRtuxthepenguin: but certainly perhaps not. :(22:31
WaltzingAlongDRtuxthepenguin: besides 8.04 is the next LTS release22:31
=== raylu_ is now known as raylu
Daisuke_Laptop8.10 is the first release with any hope of containing kde422:32
rayluwhy not 8.04?22:32
tekstacyWhat do I use to check the phisical health of a hard drive?22:32
Daisuke_Laptopand at most it would be backported to hardy22:32
Daisuke_Laptopraylu: LTS22:32
WaltzingAlongraylu: because 8.04 is LTS22:32
tekstacyLike DOS's chkdsk22:32
rayluer...LTS = long-term support?22:32
WaltzingAlongbut may be backported to it22:32
Daisuke_Laptopyou don't stick an initial release DE in a long-term-support release :)22:32
WaltzingAlongraylu: yes22:32
ardchoilleraylu: yes22:32
raylutekstacy, chkdsk doesn't check physical health22:33
* raylu doesn't get it22:33
Daisuke_Laptopraylu: 8.04 is going to be supported for the next three years.  it will be an equivalent to debian stable22:33
raylu8.04 is the LTS. ok.22:33
Daisuke_Laptopnot the newest packages, but the ones that are gonna work, and work for a long time :)22:34
tekstacyBad sectors, that sort of stuff, the drive has been dropped22:34
WaltzingAlongraylu: but kde4 may be available in the repos for 8.04 but not installed as part of it by default, (or so i imagine anyway)22:35
rayluooh :D22:35
raylutekstacy, fsck = chkdsk22:35
raylubtw, is kde4 usable yet?22:36
Darkrift411not from what the site says22:36
rayluit's already the third beta :'(22:36
WaltzingAlongraylu: 4th has been released. in my experience a program here or there, not as a full desktop yet22:37
raylui tried beta 1 and it died left and right, so I haven't dared touch it since then22:37
cloakableThe Debian kde4 beta 4 livecd is quite good.22:37
andy_hi all22:37
urbmenHi everyone22:37
ubotuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!22:38
urbmenI am wondering if anyone can help me22:38
andy_can anyone tellme how to get the installation of 7.10 without aixgl?22:38
WaltzingAlongandy_: what would you prefer instead?22:38
tekstacyraylu, thanks22:38
andy_WaltzingAlong: I just need the X to start22:39
kubureaucrathello.  i used to be able to download pictures direct from my olympus fe-210 into digikam.  now i can't. i can't connect to the camera.  i can however still download from other computers running the same software.  kubuntu 7.10, current digikam version.22:39
kubureaucrati'm guessing that the port is locked, or something, and that i need to unlock it somehow.22:39
andy_currently it complinas that AIXGL canot load, becasue my driver does not support it22:39
raylukubureaucrat, USB cable?22:39
WaltzingAlongandy_: which video device? which module/driver?22:39
Darkrift411does lsusb show it connected?22:39
raylukubureaucrat, I'd start with lsusb22:39
kubureaucrati searched kubuntuforums, ubuntuforums, and digikam forums22:40
rayluandy_, video card brand?22:40
kubureaucratraylu okay22:40
andy_I've got an ATI 260022:40
kubureaucratBus 001 Device 006: ID 07b4:0109 Olympus Optical Co., Ltd22:40
andy_and the driver provided with 7.10 does not support it...22:41
andy_but even with the vesa driver the setup tries to start aixgl and fails of course...22:41
WaltzingAlong!ati | andy_22:41
ubotuandy_: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto22:41
rayluhe shouldn't need the binary drivers, though22:41
urbmenI am having problems installing RPM files22:41
andy_just need to know how to get X withut any 3D22:41
raylu*he shouldn't need AIGLX, though22:41
WaltzingAlongneed the extensions composite off?22:42
rayluurbmen, what are you installing?22:42
andy_raylu: exactly what I want...22:42
kubureaucratraylu is there a command to reset the usb port?22:42
andy_want to install it off CD22:42
raylukubureaucrat, that doesn't really make sense22:42
raylukubureaucrat, what does DigiKam do/show?22:42
rayluurbmen, why do you want WINamp?22:43
andy_just need to know how to deactivate composite/aixgl so X will start22:43
jpatrickurbmen: just use amarok22:43
rayluandy_, in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, see if the Composite option is on22:43
keithCan anyone help me with vmware?  Specifically verifying I installed it correctly and then getting it fired up for the first time?22:44
kubureaucratraylu "Failed to connect to the camera.  Please make sure it is connected properly and turned on.  Would you like to try again?"22:44
urbmenerm well I queit new to linux I've more aless just install Kubuntu, and I wanted to be able play stream files22:44
seezerandy_: or put the line 'Option "AIXGL" "off"' into the "ServerFlags" section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf22:44
andy_raylu, that's the prob...there is no such option, so it looks like it's hardcoded in another config file22:44
kubureaucratand it is indeed plugged in etc22:44
urbmeni'm quiet*22:44
andy_ah...that's it then....22:44
WaltzingAlongurbmen: there are several programs which will do that for you. amarok, for instance22:44
andy_will try it...thanx a lot guys...22:44
raylukubureaucrat, sorry, I have no experience with that22:44
kubureaucratis there maybe some sort of portlock?  maybe i had to disconnect the camera at some point improperly - or there was a crash or something - and i am being blocked from reconnecting one way or another22:45
andy_bye for now...and thanx again...rebooting22:45
raylukubureaucrat, again, that really doens't make sense22:45
kubureaucratlike if you run synaptic and then try to start adept but can't because synaptic has apt blocked22:46
rayluright...but that's because each locks the apt database22:46
kubureaucratraylu, well, okay, i don't know what to say but that was the output from lsusb22:46
rayluwhereas a usb port can't really be locked22:46
urbmenamorok does not seem to work22:47
rayluurbmen, i'm listening to a stream right now :D22:47
kubureaucratraylu okay but maybe digikam or kde has a residual file blocking me from reconnecting the same camera because digikam / kde think it still is connected from when i crashed before?22:47
kubureaucrat* residual config22:47
noobuntuim trying to do ssh port forwarding to get passed a firewall/router using this command " ssh -p 22 -R 80:localhost:9999 user@remotecomputer " and it is giving me this message. "Warning: remote port forwarding failed for listen port 80" why is this happening? i tried running the command as root too and the same thing happened.22:48
WaltzingAlongurbmen: amarok/playlist menu/add stream ?22:48
raylukubureaucrat, have you restarted since then? is digikam listed in your process list?22:48
WaltzingAlongnoobuntu: something is listening to that port already?22:48
BluesKajpete, I retried the commands on the how to page and it seems i hadn't installed some of the pkges properly , it seems to be building kde4 now :)22:48
kubureaucratyes many times.  this has been for many boot cycles i haven't gotten around to trying to fix it till now22:48
raylunoobuntu, why do you need to do that?22:48
noobuntuWaltzingAlong, yes, something is supposed to be listening on the port22:49
DrXdoes the rule that Linux cannot reliably write to NTFS partitions not apply when you are writing to an NTFS partition on a windows network PC via cifs?22:49
noobuntuthats why i want to forward it to another computer22:49
noobunturaylu, to get passed a firewall without using port forwarding on the router22:49
[Relic]Hello :)22:49
rayluDrX, that rule stopped applying when ntfs-3g went stable22:49
WaltzingAlongDrX: using ntfs-3g one could write to ntfs22:49
raylunoobuntu, I don't think that works...unless you have 80 forwarded22:49
DrXI have SUSE 10.2, so that doesn't apply to me, right?22:49
rayluDrX, ntfs-3g is distro-independent22:50
urbmenError Loading Media22:50
urbmenNo suitable input plugin. This often means that the URL's protocol is not supported. Network failures are other possible causes.22:50
urbmenthat link does not seem to work for me22:50
rayluurbmen, have you enabled mp3 support?22:50
DrXright, but I don't think I have that, so am I still okay because the writing is going thru cifs?22:50
urbmenI dont no how to do it so no22:50
noobunturaylu, i already know it works. dont worry about it though. i think i found the problem.22:51
rayluDrX, the actual writing to the FS is done by the other computer, so yes22:51
rayluurbmen, sudo aptitude install libxine-extracodecs, or just play an mp3 file22:51
tekstacy:)   Just finished a fresh install for a buddy. Another windows box bits the dust....22:51
WaltzingAlongurbmen: could also try vlc or mplayer22:51
urbmenthanks I'll try that22:51
urbmenI've been messing with mplayer for the last hour lol22:52
DrXis ntfs-3g available as an RPM package?22:52
kubureaucratokay so i guess no answers.  urg.  will continue poking around on my own.22:52
WaltzingAlongurbmen: ah it wishes to play .asf ? (this url you pasted)22:53
Tm_T!ntfs | DrX22:53
ubotuDrX: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE22:53
Tm_T!NTFS-3g | DrX22:53
ubotuDrX: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions22:53
urbmenis there a way to play this through22:54
Gularshow would I go about setting up the equivalent of "use free space and set up encrypted LVM", to get it installed with windows?22:54
WaltzingAlongDrX: i suppose it is but on kubuntu you should desire a .deb instead22:54
Tm_T!mp3 | urbmen22:54
ubotuurbmen: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:54
GularsI've got the alternate installer, but I'm unsure as to how I'd have to set it up manually22:54
WaltzingAlongurbmen: and amarok (or vlc or mplayer) here too find a stream it cannot play; in my experience this is rare22:55
urbmenoh right, I've also tried to play a stream from 1club.fm but that did not work either22:58
WaltzingAlongurbmen: take note that amarok (and vlc) has several playlists already listed23:00
BluesKajurbmen, check playlists in amarok/ for radio streams and try those23:04
urbmenokay thanks will do23:04
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DrXwhat do you do when you get timeout errors copying files to network shares and Retry doesn't work?23:07
urbmenError Loading Media No suitable demux plugin23:07
BluesKajurbmen, yeah that happens with slower loading stations , you have to try up to 3 times with some23:09
urbmenokay thanks23:10
BluesKaji recommend the eclectic stns in shoutcast, radio free phoenix or radio paradise ...they should work for testing purposes at least23:11
edtronichola a donde puedo encontrat una guia de todos los comandos del terminal23:11
yani have 2 problem with kicker...23:12
yansomeone could help me?23:12
WaltzingAlongyan: state your issues23:13
yanwell.. i ll tell u the situation...23:13
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WaltzingAlongurbmen: also may happen with very ms eccentric sites?23:14
yani had : entries in kmenu as prefix for all app in kmenu.,, so i decided to reinstall kicker23:14
yannow i still have that and plus, i cant go in panel configuration23:14
yan"the specified library kicker could not be found23:14
yandiag : library files for "kcm_kicker.la" not found in paths23:15
ehird`anyone use Kate?23:15
ehird`and Ruby23:15
ehird`I have this:23:15
ehird`Variables=kate: indent-mode varindent; var-indent-indent-after ^( )*(if|while|def|class|for).*|\\{[^\\}]*$|else|elsif|rescue|do|begin; var-indent-indent; var-indent-unindent end|else|elsif|rescue|^[^\\{]*\\}; var-indent-triggerchars }def; space-indent on; indent-width 2;23:15
Daisuke_Laptopehird`: bit chauvanistic, eh?23:15
ehird`but it isn't indenting ruby cod eproperly23:15
ehird`Daisuke_Laptop: hah23:15
Daisuke_Laptopask in #ruby?23:15
ehird`it's a Kate question23:15
yanim searching on google for hours and i cant find answer23:15
MinatakuEither way, Python is better23:15
ehird`Minataku: I have used both extensively.23:15
WaltzingAlongyan: sudo aptitude reinstall kubuntu-desktop ?23:16
ehird`Minataku: Call me back when Python doesn't have huge flaws to common functional-programming tasks.23:16
yanso i have to reinstall all kde?23:16
Daisuke_Laptopehird`: it's a ruby question, they're more likely to know how to set up kate to properly indent ruby code23:17
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Daisuke_Laptopor...  they'll tell you to be a man and use vi23:17
ehird`Daisuke_Laptop: unlikely, mine just has a minor kate bug23:17
WaltzingAlongyan: no my suggestion was to reinstall the 'kubuntu-desktop' meta-package23:18
ehird`Daisuke_Laptop: it indents, but it also indents the previous line and indents one too many23:18
ehird`that is23:18
WaltzingAlongyan: but that may not address the issue either23:18
ehird`"def x\n" -> "  def x\n    |" (| = cursor)23:18
yanshould i try?23:18
urbmenevery stream I try is not working is that demux plugin easy to install23:18
WaltzingAlongehird`: have you had kate grab the latest highlight definitions? kate/settings/configure kate/highlighting/download23:19
yanwalt, ty a lot for your time23:19
yanim gonna try it23:19
ehird`WaltzingAlong: I'll do that. But I wrote that mysel23:19
yani come back after23:20
WaltzingAlongurbmen: do you know of any sites which prefer mpeg to asf ? ;p23:20
WaltzingAlongyan ok23:20
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ehird`Also I have the latest.23:20
urbmenno sorry23:21
WaltzingAlongurbmen: :D does http://www.smgradio.com/core/audio/mp3/live.pls?service=vrbb play for you in amarok23:22
WaltzingAlongehird`: ok only other thing i have is ... it is probably something easier than you first thought23:22
urbmenNo suitable demux plugin23:23
GhaalAnyone able to help me out with a problem ? When trying to start K3B, it hangs, simply won't start, no cpu used on it, just doesn't start, like in a query. Also leaves an instance going wich I can't get to kill, if reinstalling, gives error saying something 'bout /dev/hdd seems to be cdrom, and then hangs, but gives no real error message ... it seems in kubuntu /dev/cdrom is used, and I tried open k3b with "k3b --copycd /dev/cdrom" but didn't23:23
Ghaalgo any different. And I can't find any solution to it through google. Oh, and permissions appears to be in order. CDrom is working normally.23:23
ehird`WaltzingAlong: well what looks wrong23:25
WaltzingAlongehird`: perhaps you could ask in #kde23:26
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Ghaalnoone seen my problem before ?23:28
urbmenis it easy to install the libxine-extracodecs23:29
yanit fixed the control panel one23:29
yani still have "_: entries in k-menu : (app name) app name, (description) description"   where (app name) is the real app name and (description) is the real description23:30
yanthats the most of my kmenu listed app show23:31
yanif i put to name only it only show the correct name23:31
yanbut im noob to linux so i prefer to have both...23:32
WaltzingAlongyan: ok and that is a known issue. and that is the workaround (setting show name only or description only)23:32
yanthanks, ill stick to name only23:32
WaltzingAlongyan: there may be a fix for it but if so i do not (yet) know of it23:34
urbmenI have down loaded the libxine-extracodecs but have no idea how to install them23:34
WaltzingAlong!medibuntu | urbmen23:34
ubotuurbmen: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org23:34
yanthats cool waltzing.. ill survive to it :D i thank you a lot23:34
WaltzingAlongurbmen: then you install the w32codecs package from the medibuntu repository23:36
yannow i need to get my 3945 wireless work.. any site r dedicated in linux wireless?23:36
WaltzingAlong!wifi | yan, sure enough23:37
ubotuyan, sure enough: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:37
yanthanx guys23:37
i00nsuhello to al23:38
WaltzingAlongurbmen: you may also want libxine1-ffmpeg            which you can install through adept manager23:38
WaltzingAlongi00nsu: greetings23:38
i00nsugreatings WaltzingAlong23:39
i00nsucan I use rc.local in /etc to exec a script at startup?23:40
i00nsunormaly is in /etc/rc.d .. but here i have alots of rc.d dirs23:41
WaltzingAlong!boot | i00nsu23:41
ubotui00nsu: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto23:41
yanerm.. i do iwconfig like said but i get no wireless extensions for lo and eth023:41
yanno wlan0 or other23:41
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:42
WaltzingAlongyan which device did you have? lspci (or if it is usb, lsusb); either /msg WaltzingAlong the results           or !pastebin them23:42
WaltzingAlong!pastebin > yan23:42
i00nsuvery nice, and now for the reboot/halt?23:42
i00nsuis just for mount partitions at startup, and umount when rebooting or halting23:43
WaltzingAlongi00nsu: to put them in the corresponding levels i guess; check the package 'bum'23:44
WaltzingAlong!info bum | i00nsu23:44
ubotui00nsu: bum: graphical runlevel editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.10-1 (gutsy), package size 82 kB, installed size 532 kB23:44
yan!pastebin > yan23:45
yan!pastebin 0c:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Conne23:45
Tm_Tyan: erm23:46
i00nsuhmmm... the comand line says to insert the kubuntu cd, but it is in. where can i change the default drive ?23:46
Tm_Ti00nsu: desktop cd?23:47
WaltzingAlongi00nsu: you could also comment out the cd as a source in /etc/apt/sources.list or graphically through manage repositories in adept manager23:47
i00nsuyou mean if the icon is in desktop? yes23:47
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RdPBcan here ask for some help in something? or a simple question? please im very sad23:52
RdPBabout kubuntu installation and raid please someone23:53
Tm_T!helpme | RdPB23:53
ubotuRdPB: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)23:53
RdPBi try 3 days to install my kubuntu23:53
RdPBwith raid 0 support23:53
Tm_T!raid | RdPB23:54
ubotuRdPB: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto23:54
RdPBi have 2 250G in raid 0 with vista install23:54
RdPBi read all of them...23:54
RdPBdid someone work with this? or its a simple reading.. and never works?23:56
Tm_Tnever used raid myseldf23:56
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keithhow do I verify I have correctly installed vmware and then how do I fire the thing up for the first time.23:56
RdPBi think that will give up the try and stay in windows23:56
JohnFluxRdPB: you created the raid 0 setup in windows?23:58
JohnFluxRdPB: it is software raid?23:58
RdPBin bios i setup the raid23:59
RdPBno in windows23:59
RdPBits from my motherboard23:59

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