krisbo9000is that right? thats all i want to know00:00
FoSsiL<Pici>nevermind i uninstalled the program, deleted the file and then reinstalled it. now it is fixed.00:00
sivikok, i installed sendmail and now my name resolver is not working, how do i get it working again00:00
FluxDpunkle: I am not sure how, but it works on mplayer or VLC00:00
clypeevegan well that is assuming you start with nothing Debian already had gpg so I'm assuming Ubuntu does to?00:01
FluxD!compiz | _mastro_00:01
ubotu_mastro_: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:01
comicinkerpunkle: activate the according software channels and install the correct packages00:01
cjaedoes ubuntu still run the iptables all in closed mode? or has this changed and might be what is causing limewire not to connect00:01
punklecomicker: im not sure what that means00:01
clypeeDid you add those repositories to you list veganarchist?00:02
vegananarchisti'm getting help in the tor irc chat, thanks though have a great night00:02
clypeethat sounds abetter idea seeya00:02
_mastro_thanks FluxD00:02
detectiveinspektHi, I want to upgrade to 7.04 but it can't find a download for ntfs-3g00:02
FluxD_mastro_: np00:02
disinterestedanyone had dvd burning issues?00:03
comicinkerpunkle: a more detailed descripton can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats00:03
ZzRicezZanyone know where I can reset my keyboard setting?  seems like in gnome my keyboard is set to English but in xterm it set to French00:03
comicinkerdetectiveinspekt: don't worry, ntfs-3g is included in the repositories00:03
punkleyeah i have done that00:04
cjaedisinterested, good luck getting answer  on that00:04
krisbo9000anybody: in GRUB, does /dev/sda6 = (hd0,5) if sda is the first hard drive?00:04
soundrayZzRicezZ: System-Preferences-Keyboard00:04
comicinkerpunkle: is this divx file downloadable?00:04
punklei can play them alright: but there is a time lapse between the sound and video00:04
disinterestedcjae: thats what i figured00:04
punkleyeah i downloaded it00:04
disinterestedi cant get and application to burn a dvd00:05
Picipunkle: There are advanced keybindings in vlc that you can use to sync up the video and audio00:05
comicinkerpunkle: can you show me the link?00:05
ZzRicezZsoundray that is setup properly in gui  but when i'm not gui mode.. like in regular term..  it using wrong keyboard layout00:05
johnsmith2If I want to use Video4Linux for my webcam do I have to unload the SPCA5XX driver first?00:06
soundrayZzRicezZ: ?? you said xterm00:06
rocketsI'm at a meeting right now seeing somebody from the SFLC speak00:06
rocketsat google00:07
punklethe link has been removed00:07
cjaedisinterested, oh I thought you were going to say about burn speed00:07
yigaldo I need to use Schedule Direct or  a similar service to view cable tv through mythtv or other software?00:07
soundrayjohnsmith2: no. spca5xx is a hardware driver that interfaces with v4l00:07
yigalor can I view different channels without having this service00:07
comicinkerpunkle: no probs. if the video and sound do not sync, try vlc00:07
ZzRicezZsoundray hmm sorry new to linux but xterm as in non-gui interface like i haven't even startx yet00:07
punklesweet i will give vlc a go00:07
punklethank you00:07
disinterestedno, they just dont work and apparently brasero needs gstreamer-0.10 and thats not found00:07
johnsmith2soundray, so how do I know if my camera is working through V4L?  I'm trying to get it to work with zoneminder00:07
ZzRicezZsoundray i know for gui i edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and that fix it for me00:08
ZzRicezZbut in non-gui where do i edit00:08
johnsmith2I've ran "sudo zmu -d /dev/video0 -q -v" and it shows up there00:08
comicinkerZzRicezZ: did you restarted your X already?00:09
athemanyone else using totem with xine frontend?00:09
Peloathem,  not right now but I did in the past, what is your issue ?00:09
yigalshould I be able to view cable television using mythtv-frontend if I have a compatible tv tuner00:09
tsoulhey guyz,,00:09
yigaland cable00:09
Peloyigal, you might want to look for a myth-tv channel or check in the forum00:10
soundrayjohnsmith2: /dev/video0 is a v4l device. If you get a signal from the camera via this device, it means that it's working. The problem must therefore be on the zoneminder side.00:10
disinterestedcjae: i'm considering to just fall back to feisty or edgy00:11
athemPelo, I just installed it instead of the default gstreamer based totem and it cant play anything atm, it just tells me I "need to install support for format xy"00:11
krisbo9000in grub, sdc would = hd2 ... right?00:11
tsoulhey guyz need help please? I'm running gutsy, latest updates, have USB speakers which do not play back any sound ?00:11
dahitokiriwhat's the name of the linux utility that allows one to probe the mobo for temps and such?00:11
ZzRicezZcomicinker no.. cause i want to edit some file in console mode but I can't since my keyboard doesn't even have the "/00:11
HomerSimpsomhello friends00:11
johnsmith2Yes I am receiving signal through motv, ekiga on that device, thanks soundray, I'll just look at zoneminder then00:11
Peloathem,  also install xine,  might resolve some codex issues00:11
Picikrisbo9000: that sounds right00:11
krisbo9000great, i think ive worked it out00:11
krisbo9000thanks everybuddy00:12
athemPelo, I searched the internet about the problem and I think I am missing the xine-lib?00:12
comicinkerZzRicezZ: then find it by trying out00:12
ZzRicezZany suggestion where I can edit my keyboard setting in console?00:12
ZzRicezZcomicinker when i get into X everything is fine00:12
Peloathem,  should have been added when you installed totem-xine but look in synaptic anyway <00:12
HomerSimpsomdo yo respect who use Windows XP, johnsmith2 Pelo Pici krisbo9000 athem comicinker ZzRicezZ ?00:12
ZzRicezZbut I want to be able to edit and use my keybaord in console mode as well..00:13
PiciHomerSimpsom: 1) yes, 2) offtopic 3) please don't hilight peoples names like that.00:13
PeloHomerSimpsom, we are nice ppl here we don't laugh at the misfortunes of others00:13
soundrayZzRicezZ: 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup'00:13
sdubois92-laptopwhy is ubuntu autmagically turning up my brightness?00:13
athemPelo, what is the name of the package in synaptic?00:13
sdubois92-laptopi put it at half to save battery00:14
sdubois92-laptopand when i turn away it goes back up00:14
wIRC-Newbieautomagically, lololol00:14
tsoulany ideas plz ?]00:14
cameronwDoes anyone know if I can do a clean Windows install on a new partition, then copy the files into the .wine directory (into their correct dirs) and be able to run programs better in Wine?00:14
Peloathem,  just do a search for xine it will be listed00:14
comicinkerZzRicezZ: sorry no idea00:14
Pelocameronw,  unlikely, but try asking in #winehq00:14
athemPelo, I did already but there are several packages with xine in their name00:14
HomerSimpsomPelo i feel misfortunated when i use linux... i cant install the two best chess sites clients of world,the 3 best pokers clients of world... etc etc etc00:15
akincercameronw: You wouldn't have the necessary registry entries00:15
Peloathem,  you are looking for one with both xine and lib00:15
akincerask yourself--would that work on a windows to windows copy?00:15
cameronwOh and copy the registry00:15
HomerSimpsomnot even a C decent compiler, Pelo00:15
cameronwrecoded first00:15
Lurken1cameronw: try the wine configuration tool in your applications->wine menu00:15
comicinkerHomerSimpsom: you don't have to use Linux00:15
cameronwWould redirecting the wine dir work? to the Windows dir?00:16
Lurken1cameronw: you probably want to tell the configuration program you want to use those files, instead of trying to manually copy everything yourslef.00:16
HomerSimpsomwhy do u use then, comicinker?00:16
PeloHomerSimpsom,  you are welcome to use which ever os you prefer,  it is your choice , but ppl in this channel have either a preference ubuntu flavored linux or they have a use for it00:16
Ubuntupwnsis there a GUI program for adding sqlite databases? I cant seem to figure out the command line version of it00:16
comicinkerHomerSimpsom: because I don't need windows at home00:16
soundrayPelo, comicinker: please don't feed...00:16
Lurken1cameronw: it would probably, most likely, hose your windows installation and make it unstable or not able to boot00:16
PeloUbuntupwns, try looking in synaptic00:16
Lurken1and probably would not give you any advantages00:16
sdubois92-laptopdoes anyone know why when i turn my brightness down, it automatically goes back up?00:16
cameronwYea i thought of that.00:16
athemPelo, libxine1 the right one? though this one is installed already according to synaptic00:16
cameronwespecially if it overwrote stuff00:17
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=== wirechief is now known as wirechief1
* unwiredbrain says "hi" to the whole chan.00:17
cameronwI better not try00:17
ZzRicezZthanks soundray gotta reboot to try00:17
unwiredbrainHi to everyone00:17
Peloathem,  sounds about right,  try reinstalling , but give me a minute and I'll check on my side00:17
Lurken1Yes, and it would get confused too.00:17
HomerSimpsomcomicinker Pelo what i feel is that many people use Linux only bcoz its moda between the nerds00:17
soundrayZzRicezZ: yw00:17
Lurken1cameronw: not unless you're willing to re-install everything there from scratch ;)00:17
athemPelo, that'd be cool, thanks a alot00:17
unwiredbrainI've got some inconsistencies with md5sums00:17
akincercameronw: your best bet is always to run through the installation so the WINE registry is configured appropriately00:17
cameronwI would use a seperate new partition with clean install00:18
akincerbesides, if the installation fails, there's a pretty good bet the program wouldn't run anyway00:18
Lurken1applications->wine->"configure wine"00:18
noelferreirai'm having problems conncecting to a windows pc (using gutsy) in my lan with samba that i didn't have in feisty. is there anything i can do?00:18
HomerSimpsomcomicinker Pelo what i feel is that many people use Linux only bcoz its moda between the nerds00:18
sdubois92-laptopnoelferreira: explain00:18
BlueRideris there any way i can eject the cd while running live ubuntu? i have only one dvd drive and i need it to write something but linux doesn't le me open it00:18
Pelo!ops | HomerSimpsom00:19
ubotuHomerSimpsom: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici00:19
sdubois92-laptopyou are trying to connect to a Samba share on a windows PC?00:19
pike_BlueRider: how much ram ya got?00:19
cameronwIm not really wanting to run programs desperatly, I just wanted to see if i could make a linux+windows "supersystem"00:19
unwiredbrainI mean: '$ echo "test" | md5sum -' returns00:19
BlueRider1 gig00:19
akincernoelferreira: that's very vague and noncescript00:19
cameronwnot the best idea now though00:19
cameronwmight be better to try vmware hacks00:19
Lurken1I want to run vmware server -which requires apache- but I do not want anyone from the internet to be able to access it (I still need to access it locally, however). Is there a decently easy way to set that up?00:19
unwiredbrainwhile php's md5("test") says 098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f600:19
unwiredbrainwhere's the issue?00:19
pike_BlueRider: hmm i guess then toram comman may work00:19
arsenipi know this is the ubuntu channel, but worth an ask anyway - has anyone got links to, or had experience installing .. compiz-fuzion on xubuntu?00:20
Lurken1Meaning I want apache and vmware to be inaccessible from the internet.00:20
BlueRideri don't have anything installed cause i have a problem with my hard drive. i only have 1 gig of ram and a 2 gig usb stick00:20
ZzRicezZthanks sound00:20
ZzRicezZthanks soundray it worked :)00:20
soundraypike_: toram? Not in Ubuntu, I don't think00:20
Tm_T!compiz | arsenip00:20
ubotuarsenip: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:20
akincercameronw: I don't really understand what you hope to accomplish by that. Windows is an island that tries at every turn to prevent ships from coming to port. Linux + Samba + WINE try every way in the world to get around these limitations00:20
soundrayZzRicezZ: thanks for letting me know.00:20
ZzRicezZsoundray by any chance u know xfce as well? :)  I deleted the top panel by mistake and don't know how to get it back00:21
cameronwLol. yea i dont like windows, i was just interested in trying to get it to run both type of programs.00:21
BlueRideri would install ubuntu on usb stick, but it's still not enough, is there any way i can install ubuntu with less than 2 gb?00:21
Peloathem,  I suggest you install all the libxine pakcage that's all I can suggest, I don't realy recall why I stopped using totem-xine, might have been a quesiton of codex but I don'T think so00:21
BlueRiderthe actual size on the stick is somewhere around 1,7 gig00:22
smartfaceHey, my HP DV 2000 runs 7.04, and when I hook up the VGA port to my TV, nothing happens, what should I do?:00:22
akincerWINE is your best bet. If something doesn't work, either file a report with winehq.org and/or just keep trying as new versions come out.00:22
* Pelo might have made a convert today, but it's not sure yet , he's supposed to give ubu a try 00:22
pike_BlueRider: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootToRAM00:22
soundrayZzRicezZ: I think there is a ~/.xfce directory -- if you log out and delete that from the console, it will be recreated based on defaults. You'll lose all your other customizations, though00:22
eric__sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin         complains that the package is only referred to by another package... how do I get the java plugin for firefox?00:22
pike_BlueRider: that is rather involved though00:23
spl0ithey guys - how do I disable a piece of hardware (dvd-drive) in ubuntu?? any suggestions?00:23
smartfaceeric__, check out automatix00:23
akincereric: install the ubuntu restricted extras00:23
BlueRideranother solution to my problem would be to burn the image i need to burn unto the memory stick00:23
pike_BlueRider: might be happier with a knoppix disk00:23
athemPelo, problem I have is that gstreamer gives me some choppy playback on some formats while they do work flawlessly under KDE using Kaffeine and the xine backend. but i prefer gnome ;)00:23
ZzRicezZsoundray will try00:23
BlueRiderbut i can't do that00:23
BlueRidercan i?00:23
akincerautomatix is unnecessary on Gutsy00:23
Pici!automatix | eric__ smartface00:23
ubotueric__ smartface: automatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »00:23
sdubois92-laptopdoes anyone know why when i turn my brightness down, it automatically goes back up?00:24
Coastsid1I'm curious if there is a good gui for adminitering apache2, dns, ftp and mail servers00:24
* smartface hides and runs00:24
sdubois92-laptopCoastsid1: ghttpd00:24
* smartface is still wondering how to output to his tv :(00:24
eric__Pici, so how *do* I get the java plugin for firefox00:24
Peloathem, install all the gstreamer packages in the repos then,  but I can't make any promisses,  some formats just play better on other player,  I have totem, xine, mplayer installed, just in case I need them,  I didn't install vlc this time around , I didn't use it often enought00:24
spl0itcoastsid1: I'd suggest learning how to manage them - it will pay off in the long run00:24
Picieric__: install sun-java6-plugin00:25
eric__I did the "install this plugin" with firefox and it installed icedtea-java7-jre however java still does not work in firefox00:25
eric__Pici, it says the package does not exist but is referred to by another package...00:25
akincersmartface: check out the MythTV project. You'll find loads of information on how to get your computer and television playing well together00:25
Picieric__: What version of Ubuntu00:25
eric__Pici, gutsy. I am not sure why I am having so many problems on the latest release =\00:25
Peloeric__, that icedtea thing says java7,  you can only get up to java6 in linux I beleive,00:25
athemPelo: this is the error message totem gives me when trying to open any file so far: "Video codec 'xxyy' is not handled. You might need to install additionale plugins to be able to play some types of movies00:25
pike_smartface: you might /join #mythtv-users and ask00:26
eric__Pelo, that doesn't answer anything, though00:26
Coastsid1I would love to take time to jump into linux with both feet, but unfortunately I'm self employed and work keeps me buried with all the PC work fixing microsoft issues... thus the reason I went for ubuntu, to ease into it.00:26
Peloathem, try looking up the error msg in the forum, www.ubuntuforums.org00:26
smartfacethanks pike_00:26
soundraypike_: thanks for the link -- a good one (toram)00:26
Picieric__: That package is in the multiverse repo, you need to have that enabled.00:26
athemPelo: ok, will do. thx00:26
Peloeric__, sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre00:26
eric__Pici, thought I did... hmmm00:26
sdubois92-laptopCoastsid1: Ubuntu is a great beginner Linux OS00:26
akincereric: 1) Applications > Add/Remove 2) Make sure the Show section at the top says "All available applications" 3) Search for "flash" 4) Select "Ubuntu restricted extras 5) Click Apply Changes00:27
spl0itcoastsid1 at least with regards to apache2, it really isn't that hard, read some documentation, and a couple of howto's and you should be well on your way :)00:27
akincerthat will get you Java and all sorts of goodies00:27
dredhammerdoes anyone know if the new ati driver that came via updates has AIGLX support?00:27
eric__Pici, I do have multiverse enabled00:27
Clinton__Whenever I select System->Quit it hangs for a good 60 seconds, any reason why this might be?00:27
spl0ithmm I deleted the icon system preferences/administration in my task bar, any idea what that is called I want to re-add that00:27
bwg_can't get sound through firefox..any ideas?00:28
Pelospl0it,  what icon is this exactly ? the ubuntu logo to the left of the  applicatsion / places / system  menues ?00:29
akincerbwg: What sound card and are you sure your sound isn't muted?00:29
bwg_got an hda intel00:29
spl0itpelo: nm I found it - I just got confused...00:29
bwg_sound works everywhere else00:29
Picieric__: hmm00:30
Clinton__Whenever I select System->Quit it hangs for a good 60 seconds, any reason why this might be?00:30
akincerbwg: What specifically doesn't have sound? What kinds of web apps?00:30
eric__Pici, I am also having weird problems with getting things like urbanterror and google earth to run00:30
PeloClinton__, shutting down active process00:30
eric__Pici, I am missing libraries for some reason00:30
NATASanyone here that can help me with two configuring two monitors on slackware00:30
Clinton__Pelo: it hangs before it brings up the dialog to do anything at all00:30
Picieric__: Is this an upgrade or fresh install?00:30
eric__Pici, fresh install00:31
akincerNatas -- wasn't that the bad guy in an old Turbografx 16 game?00:31
NATASand the hard core skater00:31
DownhillGameshonest question: am I the only one who thinks OpenArena is a joke? :P00:31
PeloClinton__, check to make sure that some prog isn't still trying to start00:31
akincerNot up on my skaters. Only really know two or three00:31
pike_NATAS: there is a very active slackware channel00:31
eko_hermiyantoI am installting Windows with QEMU for my Ubuntu00:31
Clinton__Pelo: how can I do that?00:31
Picieric__: What architecture?00:31
eric__Pici, and for some reason I keep getting the messages saying the packages are not in the repository but referred to by something else00:31
eko_hermiyantocan I use the same ip number with my Ubuntu for my Windows?00:31
eric__Pici, AMD6400:31
NATASpike_ where?00:32
Picieric__: Ah... That can be an issue.00:32
eric__Pici, something is wrong with my source list...00:32
akincerDownhillGames: No, I happen to like it. Although I had to download version .7 to really like it00:32
J-5how to i allow ftp access to /var/www/ for me to upload stuff to apache? I have ftp up and running, but I get 550 permission denied?00:32
DownhillGameseko_hermiyanto, are you dual-booted?00:32
pike_NATAS: /join #slackware00:32
PeloClinton__, check in menu > system > prefs > sessions,  see if all the progs there are stuff you can identify and want started ( go easy some of this stuf is default)00:32
NejkoHi, since I've installed the nvidia restricted drivers update, I'm having this anoying startup logo/screen from Nvidia, how do I turn this off?00:32
DownhillGamesakincer, isn't the one in the repos the most current?00:32
Clinton__Pelo: k00:32
NATASwow yea here we go00:32
eko_hermiyantoDownhillGames, no00:32
DownhillGamesI haven't looked.00:32
akincerI don't think so. It is .600:32
Picieric__: can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list ?00:32
eko_hermiyantoDownhillGames, I am using windows in qemu in ubuntu00:32
Pelog2g, later folks00:32
akincerDownload 0.70 and then get the 0.71 patch00:32
DownhillGameseko_hermiyanto, 2 computers cannot have the same IP address on the same subnet.00:32
DownhillGamesvirtual or not00:33
Clinton__Pelo: what exactly am I looking for?  This hang can happen whether I try 5 minutes or 5 hours after I login00:33
eko_hermiyantoyes, it's virtualization using qemu00:33
eko_hermiyantoUbuntu -> QEMU -> Windows00:33
DownhillGamesthat wasn't a question...00:33
DownhillGamesit doesn't matter if it's virtual or not, 2 NICs cannot have the same IP on the same subnet00:33
akincerDownhillGames: also make sure to do a /cl_allowdownloads 1 so you can get all the bizarre maps the servers are running that don't come with it00:33
spl0ithow do I disable hdd? (I don't want to ever use it - I don't really want to disable it in bios tho - I dual boot)00:33
eric__Pici, hang on, lemme try something00:33
eko_hermiyantoDownhillGames, ohhh ic, so I will use different ip then00:33
DownhillGamesakincer, I'll check it out but it was pretty meh00:34
NejkoHi, since I've installed the nvidia restricted drivers update, I'm having this anoying startup logo/screen from Nvidia, how do I turn this off?00:34
DownhillGameseko_hermiyanto, good call :)00:34
akincerDownhill: You also need to find a good server. Beer Garden usually has good competition. I play there regularly00:34
eric__Pici, I took the one from http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy00:34
Picispl0it: you just want to not automatically mount it? remove it from /etc/fstab00:34
eko_hermiyantoDownhillGames, actually, I am still in the process of installing windows for my QEMU00:34
DownhillGamesNejko, gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf   in the device nvidia section add Option "Nologo" "on"00:34
DownhillGameseko_hermiyanto, word00:34
CrozarPici, i miss you00:34
eric__Pici, but I am getting messages like error while loading shared libraries: libSDL-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:34
eric__Pici, and I am entirely confused00:35
spl0itpici: I guess... not 100% sure what I want to do, but if I start k3b right now it will just lock my system up trying to access hdd...00:35
DownhillGamesNejko, google in case I f'ed up the exact spelling or something on that.. but yeah00:35
CrozarPici, my cd r /rw problem was not a bug it was my lens it needed cleaning lol00:35
Baxokay, once in a while when I try to get a game to run and the computer freaks out and crashes the game, ubuntu seems to like going into this weird display mode where all everything becomes huge.  Mind you the desktop has the same proportions, it's just that everything is huge.  Any ideas?00:35
CrozarPici, even a slight problem can be a 2month of trouble00:35
NATASis everyone on bitchx or using wine with mirc00:35
PiciCrozar: ... <no comment>00:35
DownhillGamesnautilus-gksu = da bomb00:35
DownhillGamesNATAS, xchat00:35
DownhillGamesnot xchat-gnome, just xchat00:35
CrozarPici, i cant find a paltalk program for ubuntu :(00:35
DownhillGamesCrozar, lots of people are asking for that... dang00:36
pike_NATAS: irssi mostly or xchat or pidgin maybe00:36
eric__Pici, what is going on with my computer :( Feisty was way more stable than this00:36
DownhillGamesI've never been able to see the quality on paltalk to know if I wanna use it or not00:36
NATASpike_ will those work on slackware as well00:36
CrozarDownhillGames, the gaim plugins are not available , all sites have the file not found00:36
DownhillGamesand it's Pidgin now :P00:37
=== Greebo||Away is now known as HeadGreebo
CrozarDownhillGames, yes i know , and im the kind of guy who dont do gaming :p00:37
pike_NATAS: yeah irssi is very easy to install its like bitchx but good. xchat is well a gtk app00:37
Picieric__: I'm not sure whats going on then.00:37
DownhillGameswhat does that.. have to do with... anything... ? :P00:37
CrozarDownhillGames, chat , paltalk , surf , type assignments while a cool breeze of snow on the screen for more inspiration in my essays00:37
eric__Pici, =\00:37
Picieric__: You used AMD64 in feisty as well?00:37
DownhillGamesPidgin = chat, not gaming00:38
jessedoes anyone know how to use the Super key + a letter in Gnome keyboard shortcuts?00:38
eric__Pici, no, I used the 32 bit00:38
Picieric__: Any particular reason you went for 64bits this time?00:38
dredhammeris the update to the fglrx driver from the restricted repos AIGLX compliant?00:38
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zonumAnyone have issues playing more than one mp3 in Rhythmbox?00:38
kevin__i had that problem00:38
DownhillGamesdredhammer, what version is it?00:38
J-5how to i allow ftp access to /var/www/ for me to upload stuff to apache? I have ftp up and running, but I get 550 permission denied?00:38
eric__Pici, but I didn't think there would be that much problem switching to 64 bit... and in fact I asked #ubuntu and I was confirmed that00:38
NATASi am farly new to running slack and linux i am trained well in eploits and  have a basic cmd mind set. i still need help runing proggies on them though00:38
kevin__its a setting to change in xorg.conf00:39
NATASpike_ feel  up for a run down on a install00:39
athemPelo: I got it working, the missing packages where libxine1-gnome and libxine1-ffmpeg. somehow those aren't installed on default..00:39
eric__Pici, I don't feel that has much to do with missing repositories though00:39
dredhammerDownhillGames xorg-driver-fglrx 7.1.0-8.37.6+
DownhillGamesdredhammer, no AIGLX in that one.00:39
DownhillGameswait a few weeks, a new one should be coming out very soon00:39
DownhillGamesTHAT one will probably be available via repos00:39
ZzRicezZif I delete the gnome panel by mistake is there anyway to get it back?00:40
DownhillGamesZzRicezZ, alt+f2 gnome-panel00:40
Picieric__: some packages are only available in certain architectures00:40
dredhammerok thanks DownhillGames i don't want to risk breakng X using the one from ATI00:40
pike_NATAS: basically its easy in slack. you can just grab the source and compile it its a very simple app00:40
athemPelo: still getting some artifacts showing up on WMV files, but that should be fixable too ;)00:40
ceil420it didn't specifically tell me to, but do i have to "make install" wine?00:40
ceil420after ./configure, it just said do "make depend && make"00:40
ceil420nothing on make install00:40
eric__Pici, it isn't like I have 64-bit specific repositories00:41
eric__Pici, I don't understand why the packages would not show up00:41
EjChanybody can help-me for this?00:41
EjCh!!! WARNING: Module file much too big (>1MB)00:41
EjCh!!! Check your kernel settings or use 'strip'00:41
Picieric__: The repositories only give you packages that meet your architecture00:41
zonumAnyone have issues with Rhythmbox stopping after one mp3 song?  Banshee same issue (under Gutsy)00:41
ceil420if nothing else, it wouldn't hurt, right? <_<00:41
=== stephen is now known as uhlive
ceil420which wine returns nothing, so i'm tryin' it <_<00:42
uhliveanyone know how i can get ahold of the orginal sources.list file from a ubuntu 6.06 install?00:43
Baxokay, once in a while when I try to get a game to run and the computer freaks out and crashes the game, ubuntu seems to like going into this weird display mode where all everything becomes huge.  Mind you the desktop has the same proportions, it's just that everything is huge.  Any ideas?00:43
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:43
ceil420Bax, it sounds like the game you're trying to run has a lower resolution than your desktop, and when it crashes, it's not restoring the desktop size00:43
kevin__no, zonum i'm not having a problem with python00:44
spl0itpici: hdd is already commented out in fstab... suggestions? disable in bios? :/00:44
kevin__sorry i am not registered yet  so i could not send a PM00:44
ceil420Bax, i don't know how to fix it :x00:44
vxworkshi all, I got a intel core 2 duo processor, what ubuntu image should I download?00:44
Picispl0it: is it still mounted?00:45
uhliveanyone know how i can get ahold of the orginal sources.list file from a ubuntu 6.06 install?00:45
spl0itasoundconf list shows no devices, where can I go from here to get my sound working?00:45
spl0itpici no its not, but as soon as I try and start k3b it hangs my machine trying to access it00:45
Baxceil420, well it's a place to start00:45
Palintheusvxworks: you can use either 386 or amd64, it should require less work to get working on the 386 version, though Im not for sure00:45
pike_vxworks: generic00:45
kevin__nope, i have not played MP3s with rythumbox in gutsy00:45
kevin__i try to stick to ogg vorbis as much as possible00:46
vxworkswhat image supports my processor?00:46
Picivxworks: I suggest using the i386 image00:46
Palintheusa core 2 duo is a 64bit proc, but 386 will run just as well00:46
Picispl0it: How do you know thats whats hanging your machine?00:46
akincerI've played plenty of MP3s and it doesn't stop after one00:46
eric__Pici, I did a little more googling and found someone who installed ia32-libs-sdl which worked for them00:46
eric__Pici, and it worked for me :D00:47
Picieric__: odd.00:47
Palintheusvxworks: and it will require less work on your end to get working00:47
eric__Pici, nahh :P00:47
Chinaski1i have a little trouble as i eject a cd/dvd . The systems comes out with a popup like"impossible to eject the volume". i click ok and then it ejects the cd.any hint to remove the useless popup?00:47
spl0itpici if I hit alt-f1 I can get to a terminal and my screen just flashes [#####.#####] HDD: drive not ready for access <-- or something along those lines..and I have to reboot - killing k3b won't even stop the problem...00:47
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vxworksOK, I wanna use all the power my processor has, so should use amd64 arch, right?00:49
kevin__has anyone had issues burning cds and dvds with gutsy?00:49
Palintheusvxworks: if you want to work harder getting flash in ff working along with some other things, research on ubuntuforums.org first is my suggestion00:49
Picivxworks: I warn you, getting some proprietary apps, like flash/java and even wine to work properly will be a bit tough.00:49
PalintheusI have a core 2 duo and run the i386 kernel, works great00:50
DownhillGamesvxworks, use 32-bit...00:50
eric__Pici, now I have to find why google earth does not work00:50
DownhillGamesdesktop users should use 32-bit unless you do a crapload of intensive stuff (not gaming)00:50
vxworksPalintheus, great, does i368 kernel supports core 2 duo ?00:51
Palintheusit runs00:51
Palintheuswhat do you mean by supported?00:51
DownhillGamesuse the linux-image-generic00:51
DownhillGamesit supports smp00:51
Picivxworks: the generic kernel, which the i386 compatible iso runs, supports smp00:51
spl0itpici: I'll just disable it in bios - I'll see if I can concentrate on getting my soudn card to work lspci -nnvv lists my card, but thats all I have for now asoundconf list shows nothing00:51
DownhillGameshow does one start a xinetd service in Debian/Ubuntu?00:52
Jangariwhoever i was asking this time yesterday about workspaces and desks in gutsy - i figured it out. There's a bug in the desktop effects- or at least there is on mine.00:52
Picispl0it: what card?00:52
DownhillGamestftpd to be exact.00:52
spl0ithmm lsmod | grep snd shows nothing! SB Live!00:52
Clinton__Whenever I select System->Quit it hangs for a good 60 seconds, any reason why this might be?  This is before the dialog comes up to logout, shutdown, etc.  verb3k: all subsequent attempts bring the shutdown dialog up right away.  It is only the first time that it hangs.00:52
=== dsarmientos is now known as dsarmientos_
Jangariwhat does ctrl+alt+(either F1 or F2) do?00:53
spl0itclinton__ find out what command that is making, then run it from a terminal so you can see any debug information..00:53
DownhillGamesJangari, puts you in a Linux Console00:53
Clinton__Jangari: takes you to different tty terminals00:53
Jangarihow do i escape from it?00:53
akincerSpeaking of OpenArena earlier, I'm off to kick some . . . well, you know  [shakes head at amusement towards the language nazis]00:53
DownhillGames...it's called a "Linux Console" hence TERM=linux00:53
Clinton__spl0it: isn't that dialog a part of debug and not a command?00:53
mechungdoes anyone elses desktop ever get fuzzy or vibrate?00:53
=== dsarmientos_ is now known as dsarmientos
akincermechung: you probably have an incorrect refresh rate on your monitor00:54
DownhillGamesyeah, sounds nasty for your monitor00:54
vxworkshey, how many performace do I lose in running i386 instead amd64 on a intel core 2 duo processor? do u guys have an ideia?00:54
mechungahh... thanks00:54
DownhillGamesvxworks, zero.00:54
Palintheusvxworks: none00:54
DownhillGamesand use the -generic00:54
matthewhow do I create my own intranet?  Like, for example, typing localhost in the browser takes me to the contents of /var/www/.    I'd like to type "matthew" and it take me somewhere else (perhaps a subdirectory of /var/www/).  how do I achieve this?00:54
Jangarihow does one leave the linux console once entering it?00:54
akincerDownhillGames: Beer Garden (my replies to private messages don't tend to work)00:54
DownhillGamesJangari, ctrl+alt+f700:54
mechungsometimes the smallest fixes are the ones you overlook00:54
PalintheusJangari: ctrl-alt-f700:54
Jangarita, DownhillGames00:54
DownhillGamesJangari, if you are logged in, type "exit" first00:54
Jangariand Palintheus00:55
spl0itmatthew your going to have to setup some virtual hosts in apache00:55
vxworksnone!? so, why is there two different archs?00:55
dna_I'm having an issue with my nvidia glx-new drivers, on 7.10, it makes the computer freeze for 5 seconds or so00:55
Jangarimy ctrl+alt+1-or-2 to switch btw workspaces is disasterously similar00:55
matthewspl0it:  great, that's what I needed, to be pointed in the right direction.  thanks.00:55
eric__is libgl referring to glade?00:55
DownhillGamesno, that's libglade00:56
spl0itmatthew: hope that helps.. if your local machine is mydomain.com you should be able to setup matthew.mydomain.com to go to a specific folder, etc..00:56
HairyDudehow do I tell firefox to open images with gnome-thumb instead of eog? I find the latter totally redundant00:56
DownhillGamesHairyDude, right click the image, properties, open with00:56
Jangariis there a patch to make the edges of workspaces flip to the adjoining one when dragging a window to it? the desktop effects that do the same cause me to lose all workspaces effectively00:56
spl0itpici: if lsmod | grep snd shows nothing - what am I missing? can you point me in the right direction? :o00:56
eric__DownhillGames, what is libgl and how can I get it? I cannot find it in repository00:56
DownhillGamesyou'll need to do this for each image time (stupid gnome thingo)00:56
DownhillGameseric__, what are you compiling and why?00:57
HairyDudethere is no 'open with'00:57
DownhillGamesHairyDude, sure is00:57
eric__DownhillGames, not compiling anything... trying to run google earth00:57
Picispl0it: whats your card listed as in lspci?00:57
PalintheusHairyDude: you can select properties and select the program that is the default00:57
DownhillGameseric__, apt-get install googleearth00:57
spl0itpici: can I private message you the whole block of text?00:57
Palintheusnot sure which tab, not on my ubuntu machine00:57
aretiHas anyone else seen a problem with Nautilus and too many files? (right now my nautilus process has over 1200 pipes open, according to lsof)00:57
Pici!pastebin | spl0it it00:57
ubotuspl0it it: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:57
mechungi downloaded apache but it doesnt show up anywhere...any reason for that?00:57
Optimus55how do i open port 110 and 25 for thunderbird in 7.10?00:58
Picimechung: how did you download it?00:58
jribmechung: what do you mean by "download"?00:58
eric__DownhillGames, it did the same thing for me00:58
pike_Optimus55: it is open by default00:58
eric__DownhillGames, I seem to be lacking this libgl00:58
Chinaski1hello i have a little trouble as i eject a cd/dvd . The systems comes out with a popup like"impossible to eject the volume". i click ok and then it ejects the cd.any hint to remove the useless popup?00:58
mechungin terminal...sudo apt-get install....etc etc00:58
matthewspl0it:  i'm not publishing this, just want it for my own use.  can I get it without any .com extensions?  works the same way?00:58
pike_Optimus55: sudo iptables -L to check but everything should be just accept unless youve installed firestarter or setup iptables yourself00:58
jribmechung: where are you looking for it?00:58
Picimechung: And where are you looking for it?00:58
Clinton__spl0it: how can I determine which program is being ran for the shutdown dialog?00:58
* jrib eyes Pici :)00:58
PalintheusChinaski1: sounds like its not unmounting the cd before ejecting the tray00:59
* Pici backs off :p00:59
HairyDudeDownhillGames: no, no there isn'T00:59
mechungapplications places system and filesystem00:59
spl0itpici: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44568/00:59
HairyDudePalintheus: I don't see that option00:59
jribPici: nah, you can help, I'm eating a sandwich anyway00:59
spl0itclintin__: I was trying to find that myself for you, no luck so far00:59
=== Aresilek|Videos is now known as Aresilek
mechungi know i have it because it wont let me install it again00:59
PalintheusHairyDude: your trying to open a image file?\00:59
HairyDudePalintheus: oh, you mean preferences00:59
espmobile3533who knows any channel about wxwidgets?00:59
Optimus55pike_: okay gona check. using thunderbird with hotmail extension but the 2 servers fail to start on ports 110 and 2501:00
Chinaski1Palintheus , yes the same does with external hds. i have to do type sudo umount...01:00
PalintheusHairyDude: that may be it, Im VNC'ing into my machine now to check01:00
Piciespmobile3533: #wxwidgets01:00
mechungbut im a noob so im sure im missing something important01:00
espmobile3533o rly?:)01:00
HairyDudePalintheus: yes. I save it, then click 'open' in the downloads dialogue, and it opens in eog. I want it to use gnome-thumb instead.01:00
Piciespmobile3533: reports a topic, I guess it exists01:00
zetheroois it possible to install Windows XP as Dual boot after Ubuntu has already been installed?01:00
Picispl0it: Can you pastebin lsmod as well?01:00
Optimus55pike_: yeah everything says accept.01:00
espmobile3533Pici: yep thx ;)01:01
spl0itpici: sure01:01
mechungwhat is that command that brings up the search bar thing to start an app?01:01
Picizetheroo: sure.01:01
kkathmanzetheroo,  well, it is, but you probably would have an easier time the other way01:01
HairyDudeit'll be under 'content', but there aren't any image files listed there (presumably because firefox can open them itself)01:01
PalintheusHairyDude: OH! in FireFox, one sec...let me look01:01
Pici!grub > zetheroo (Please see the private messsage from ubotu)01:01
Picizetheroo: Check the 'fix grub after installing' link01:01
jribmechung: apache is a server.  It runs automatically unless you tell it not to.  There is no gui01:01
zetherooPici: what link?01:02
spl0itpici: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44569/01:02
Picizetheroo: The one that ubotu sent you.01:02
HairyDude"how do I tell firefox ..." I said. you two seem to have missed that :)01:02
scguy318mechung: Alt-F201:02
Don64I have 7.04 successfully installed on a Sony desktop Vaio, 1.4ghz 136mb Ram 40gb hd Cd r/w dvd r.  it ran the live 7.04 install disk with no error or problems.  will it upgrade well to 7.10?01:02
Chinaski1Palintheus: should the cd unount automatically before ejecting? if so my ubuntu has some ploblem01:02
PalintheusHairyDude: sorry, forgot that detail ;)01:03
PalintheusChinaski1: it should if no process is using when you want to eject it01:03
Clinton__Whenever I select System->Quit it hangs for a good 60 seconds, any reason why this might be?  This is before the dialog comes up to logout, shutdown, etc.  All subsequent attempts bring the shutdown dialog up right away.  It is only the first time that it hangs.01:03
ipx_laptopIs there any graphical wlan-scanning tool?01:04
SaculHOLAA alguien que hable español ?01:04
Pici!es | Sacul01:04
ubotuSacul: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.01:04
Chinaski1is it possible that amarok blocks the unmounting..i mean all those dependancies like kio_media...kio.mounthelper.i use ubuntu01:04
PalintheusHairyDude: I think you're correct since ff can open them natively there is no preference for it01:04
Picispl0it: hmm...01:05
SaculNadie habla español ?01:05
zetherooPici: could not find anything on what I want to do01:05
HairyDudePalintheus: looks like your last suggestion was correct, actually, I just had to figure out that you meant to do it in nautilus (which I hardly ever use) :)01:05
Ax3ok im desperate and need help, im installing ubuntu 7.10 from the cd-r .iso i downloaded, and I popped it in, and my resolution is now 800x600! I can't see the Next or OK buttons to progress through the installation.  Please help!!!01:05
spl0itPici: any suggestions would be helpful at this point - it was working fine before upgrading :o - same with several other small things - its almost like some configuration changes happened or something..01:05
Picispl0it: I'm thinking01:06
HairyDudePalintheus: thanks for the help :)01:06
anathematichow do i view the permissions on a file in console?01:06
PalintheusHairyDude: np\01:06
HairyDudeanathematic: ls -l filename01:06
Ax3ls -la01:06
spl0itanathematic: ls -al filename01:06
anathematicthanks :)01:07
=== Aresilek is now known as Aresilek|Away
HairyDudewhy the -a ?01:07
spl0itwe all jumped on the easy question lol01:07
Palintheusheh 3 diff suggestions01:07
Picispl0it: try doing `sudo modprobe ac97_bus`01:07
Pici!away > Aresilek|Away (Please see the private messsage from ubotu)01:07
Ax3please does anyone know how to increase my resolution for the installation, i can't see the buttons01:07
Jangariman, is there a published list of console commands?01:07
spl0itpici: FATAL: Module ac97_bus not found.01:07
Ax3and the [tab] button doesn't work so I can't even guess01:07
Jangaritry pluggin in an external monitor just for the installation, Ax3?01:07
PalintheusJangari: google01:07
BlueDevilhi guys, i extended a lvm volume, how do i tell the kernel about it (i.e. to refresh the kernel info so it sees the extra space) ?01:07
Picispl0it: aha.  what does uname -a return?01:08
JangariPalintheus: fully01:08
Ax3external monitor... hmmm01:08
spl0itLinux secure 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Sun Oct 14 23:05:12 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux01:08
Ax3ok well im desperate, i'll try anything at this point01:08
spl0itAx3 did you try ctrl-alt then plus on the keypad? or minus - I forget which but it cycles through resolutions01:08
Jangariwhat release are you on now, Ax3?01:08
Ax3im using the livecd ubuntu 7.1001:09
Ax3fresh from the website, just downloaded it01:09
Ax3spl0it: hmmm i'll try one sec01:09
spl0itax3 can't you just install it now and then fix the resolution after..?01:09
lunartearcan anyone help me figure out what is causing an error when i try to install interchange?01:09
spl0itpici: not sure if you saw this before -forgot your nick: Linux secure 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Sun Oct 14 23:05:12 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux01:10
Picispl0it: SBLive should be detected and working out of the box.. this is very weird.01:10
Ax3spl0it: i can't see the next or OK buttons, the resolution is soooooo low01:10
spl0itax3: ewww :o01:10
Ax3ctrl + alt + plus didn't work01:10
muskogeerabbitA3x, I had the same problem, but I requested that the panels hide themselves and that barely allowed me to see the button.01:10
Ax3muskogeerabbit: hmmmm01:11
kevin__i finally got ktts to read the messages from the IRC chat window01:11
pike_Optimus55: sorry im tied up atm maybe someone here can offer better advise01:11
spl0itpici: I tried a patch the other day, and it completely broke gnome, I had to reinstall libasound (which meant I had to reinstall about 80patches)... before that at the very least I could at least see both cards (onbard & sblive) with asoundconf - still neither worked..but at least they were there... I'd like to get aat least get it back to there01:11
Ax3muskogeerabbit: how did you accomplish that?01:11
muskogeerabbitI right clicked on the panel and set it for auto hide. I installed UBUNTU first.01:12
Ax3im so disappointed01:13
DownhillGamesme, too01:13
Ax3ubuntu is supposed to be a GRACEFUL installation01:13
PalintheusAx3: you could use the alternate cd01:13
DownhillGamesheh... Fedora has a nicer install than Ubuntu, but not by a whole lot... besides, that distro is a mess now days01:13
scguy318Ax3: it is, but perfection is hard01:13
adorablepuppyAnybody else's python uno not working?01:14
DownhillGamesadorablepuppy, elaborate please.01:14
Ax3muskogeerabbit: i can see them, kinda sorta!01:14
* Ax3 dances01:14
muskogeerabbitDidn't hiding the panel let the top of the buttons appear?01:14
PalintheusAx3: \o/01:14
adorablepuppyDownhillGames: Python UNO bridge isn't working at all on my gutsy. And when I try to import it regularly, it throws me an error.01:15
DownhillGamesadorablepuppy, reinstall whatever you're trying to get working.01:15
DownhillGamesit should.01:15
Ax3Palintheus: yea that auto-hide for the panels worked, now i can click the edges to progress thru the installation lol01:15
adorablepuppyDownhillGames: You suggest I remove Open Office and reinstall?01:15
muskogeerabbitAfter the install the new drivers will kick in.01:16
PalintheusAx3: what video card do you have?01:16
binHello! What would be sensible thing to do after "sudo do-releaseupgrade" command failed on "tor"? (Ubuntu Server 6.10 (Edgy Eft) to 7.04 (Feisty Fawn))01:16
mechungthe apache channel sucks01:16
SudoKingIt's a shame to be in here and hear a loud screech everytime someone says "sudo"01:16
DownhillGamesadorablepuppy, sure... why not01:16
Ax3Palintheus: onboard nvidia 6100 chipset01:17
freebird223hey, i had the effects working then i installed my restricted driver for my graphics card now the effects dont work... is it the drivers fault?01:17
DownhillGamesunless Python (the interpreter itself) is the one erroring)01:17
Shpooksorry, gave in to temptation01:17
SudoKinghey! you are shpooky!01:17
=== espmobile3533 is now known as espmobile
SudoKingaw, stop picking on me...:(01:17
Palintheusfreebird223: what video card do you have?01:17
freebird223Palintheus: asus a955001:17
ShpookHas anyone ever come across an equalizer plugin for RhythmBox?01:18
adorablepuppyHmmm. . . I removed python uno and it also removed openoffice.org-writer, openoffice.org-help-en-us, and strangely, thunderbird-locale-en-gb01:18
spl0itk nm gotta01:18
maynards-girli'm running 6.06 LTS. what can I use as a firewall?01:19
DownhillGamesShpook, yeah, it's called amarok01:19
mechunganyone here use apache?01:19
DownhillGamesmechung, millions.01:19
DownhillGamesI'm sure someone in here does01:19
muskogeerabbitMaynards-girl Have you tried Firestarter?01:19
jribmechung: what's your next question?01:19
Picimaynards-girl: iptables + firestarter01:19
ShpookDownhillGames...ugh, i want to run Amarok, but not install all the KDE packages01:19
nilihanthHow can I password protect a folder?01:19
DownhillGamesShpook, that makes no sense :P do you have a very small HDD?01:20
ShpookDownhill: no, just a very picky mind01:20
maynards-girlmuskogeerabbit and pici: thanks. i'll look into those01:20
mechungwell this has got to be the dumbest question of the night but im stuck...i have installed apache and want to host my own website....now what?01:20
Palintheusa lot01:20
adorablepuppyDownhillGames: KDE is horrible and I'd never let it grace the presence of my hard drive.01:20
ShpookDownhill: lol last time I installed KDE alongside Gnome, in Feisty, my system was real unstable01:20
DownhillGamesexaile, then01:21
DownhillGamesit's a GTK, wannabe amarok01:21
jribmechung: type 'localhost' in your browser and press enter01:21
ShpookI tried Exaile...I don't like the library organization01:21
nilihanthis it possible to password protect a folder?01:21
ShpookMaybe I'll try KDE, and reinstall if anything goes wrong01:22
jribnilihanth: you can use gpg to encrypt it01:22
mechungholy shit jrib like an epiphany lmao01:22
nilihanthjrib, heh...what is gpg?01:22
jrib!gpg > nilihanth (read the private message from ubotu)01:22
adorablepuppygnu privacy guard.01:22
stgmavricki'm having a problem with volume control.  I've got my volume up and down keys mapped and when pressed i see the onscreen volume GUI moving up and down, however it does not affect the actual volume of the system01:23
nilihanththx jrib01:23
jribmechung: so your website files go in /var/www01:23
mechungand then from there i can modify it and host it under ehh any open address?01:23
adorablepuppyAnybody know how well the aspen web server performs?01:23
T1mI'm getting a messed up display with lots of lines and copies of the same stuff like pasted across the entire screen,.01:24
jribmechung: if you open up your firewall and forward the right port on your router, then outside people can view it with your ip (or you can buy a domain or get a free one like from dyndns.org)01:24
adorablepuppyT1m: Are you watching the news?01:24
RevslowmoHey I just installed ubuntu and trying to get my screens setup and the resoultions correct, and it wont do 1280x1024 without doing a virtual screen. Any ideas01:24
T1mpuppy: No, why?01:24
adorablepuppyJust a joke. heh01:25
T1mEhh.. I'm going to reinstall anyways.01:25
BlueRiderplease, i need to know how i can log in as root in the ubuntu visual interface. i am aware of the risks. i know how to log in in a terminal window but if i try to manipulate a file with the visual interface it still considers me as "ubuntu". if i try to just log in as "root" the login window says root shouldn't be supposed to log in like that. how do i do it. again, i know it is risky but i have to do it01:26
BlueRider(i know how to set password with sudo passwd and all i just want to be logged in as root in the ubuntu main interface)01:27
mechungJrib: Thanks youve been a great help01:27
adorablepuppyBluerider: sudo works just fine01:27
RevslowmoBlueRider, sudo bash01:27
jribBlueRider: gksudo nautilus    and be careful...01:27
stgmavrickBlueRider:  enable it01:27
adorablepuppyOr gksudo01:27
mechungmore so then the assholes on the apache channel01:27
espmobilesudo startx ;)01:27
astro76BlueRider, yeah just gksudo nautilus01:27
Pici!language | mechung01:27
ubotumechung: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:27
BlueRiderlet me try01:27
mechunglol sorry01:28
jbraddockSo, quick question... What would cause the ubuntu splash to not show up on 7,10?01:28
ShpookAhh...nothing better than some Dio for dinner01:28
kevin__about the splash01:28
stgmavrickdoes anyone know of any keyboard drivers that let you map your keys by hand, i've got a laptop with media keys on the front that are only recognized as Super L and Super R01:28
BlueRidergksudo nautilus or sudo nautilus?01:28
BlueRiderwhat's the difference01:28
Don64I have 7.04 successfully installed on a Sony desktop Vaio, 1.4ghz 128mb Ram 40gb hd Cd r/w dvd r.  it ran the live 7.04 install disk with no error or problems.  will it upgrade well to 7.10?01:28
Pici!gksudo | BlueRider01:29
ubotuBlueRider: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)01:29
kevin__i saw something about it in the ubuntu 7.10 faq01:29
BlueRideroh, ok01:29
stgmavrickDon64:  i'm running 7.10 on a 2001 gateway laptop PIII01:29
stgmavrickDon64:  u'll be fine01:29
espmobileanyone know how convert stream from rs232 port into keyboard?01:29
BlueRiderit still launched an explorer window but it gave this message in terminal: (nautilus:24085): GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager:01:29
BlueRiderAuthentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed.01:29
BlueRiderany problems?01:29
mechungsudo apt-get delete libdirty-language01:30
Don64stgmavrick: did u upgrade from 7.04?01:30
jribBlueRider: no, now you can proceed to mess up your system01:30
stgmavrickno, i just used the livecd01:30
jribBlueRider: but honestly, why do you need this?01:30
anizeeI have just upgraded a vaio c1 to 7.10.  I have 3 problems 1. The colors are all messed up.  Even the boot screen.  It looks like everyhting is now green.  I have checked, and I can change get other colors (IE in firefox).  Can I reinstall XFE easily?01:30
DownhillGamesmechung, no such action01:30
DownhillGamessudo apt-get --purge remove language-filthy01:31
BlueRideri can't mess it up more than it already is. my hard disk is ruined, dos, windows and ubuntu 7 can't mount my partitions. i am in ubuntu 5 the only version in which i can access one of the partitions01:31
anizee2. I need to edit the config file for my moniter, after looking online, I still cant find it in my computer01:31
mechungahh haha01:31
BlueRideri can't format or create new partitions, even linux freezes when i try01:31
DownhillGamesBlueRider, www.killdisk.com01:31
DownhillGamesor if you have another linux box, voodoo black magic.01:32
BlueRideri just want to copy the information i have to an usb card and i can't do it if i don't have full privileges01:32
mechungwhats the best webdesign tool?01:32
adorablepuppygksudo is a GUI password entry tool for sudo01:32
anizee3. after trying to fix the color Issue I lost the icons on my desktop, they have been replaced with shortcuts of the progs I am running01:32
Pici!best | mechung01:32
ubotumechung: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose among a number of different applications, depending on your preferences, the features you require, and other factors.01:32
DownhillGamesBlueRider, oh, if it boots... n/m that URL01:32
Shpookmechung, that's a very general question01:32
jribBlueRider: fair enough01:32
BlueRideri am on live cd ubuntu 5 i don't even have a primary partition anymore01:32
mechungsorry..well what would you reccomend?01:32
DownhillGamesmechung, what he means to say is, look in the repos or http://google.com/linux "web development software" or something01:33
Shpookmechung: it depends on your style, language, if you use flash, prefer WYSIWYG or text..on and on01:33
BlueRideri have 10 gigs of void and 100 gigs of another partition which is still readable by ubuntu 501:33
jerbearpam_gnome_keyring does not seem to be unlocking login.keyring, because nm-applet keeps prompting me to unlock it when it tries to connect... anyone have any suggestions?01:33
Picimechung: I hear kompozer is a good wysiwyg editor01:33
Shpookmechung: I use bluefish, and i love it01:33
DownhillGamesDreamweaver CS4 on Linux... now that'd be nice.01:33
anizeecan anyone help with any of these01:33
Shpookmechung: I'd prefer HTMLKit, but it's windows only01:33
mechungsphook: is bluefish like.."newb friendly"?01:33
BlueRideri can't make a new partition in the void, it freezes linux. i can't format it in dos either01:33
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:34
jbraddockKevin__ Where would I find the FAQ you are talking about?01:34
ubotuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications01:34
=== piranha_ is now known as PiranhaP
Shpookmechung: depends, do you a WYSIWYG editor? (What You See Is What You Get)01:34
jbraddockI looked at the main one and didn't see anything about it.01:34
BlueRiderwhen it tries to write to FAT, it freezes, seems a problem with the fat. i ran a tool from my hard disk maker and the surface scan seemed allright01:34
Shpookdo you want*01:34
DownhillGamesBlueRider, what the heck did you do to your hard disk? :S01:34
SAM_themanIs there a Tutorial / Guide on Ubuntu Studio x64 ?01:34
adorablepuppyBlueRider: Use vfat?01:34
Shpookmechung: in other words, a graphical editor?01:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about moniter - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:34
SAM_themanbecause i need java01:34
BlueRideri think it is a boot/fat/bios virus01:34
DownhillGamesSAM_theman, didn't you used to use Fedora? (I think I know you from #fedora)01:35
ubotuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org01:35
jerbearpam_gnome_keyring does not seem to be unlocking login.keyring, because nm-applet keeps prompting me to unlock it when it tries to connect... anyone have any suggestions?01:35
PiciSAM_theman: see ubotu's response.01:35
DownhillGamesok, maybe not.. sorry01:35
BlueRideror the disk is really broken but i haven't touched it. i don't move my disks, ever01:35
mechungSphook: yeah im sure a graphical editor would be better01:35
DownhillGamesBlueRider, ouchie :(01:35
BlueRideryeah i tried to format it to vfat or ntfs or heck ext3 just to have ubuntu on it but it freezes in ubuntu 7 and gives an error in ubuntu 5 gPartEd01:36
ShpookmechungL: BlueFish is a programming editor, and is text only. I believe Amaya is a graphical editor though01:36
ubotuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO01:36
adorablepuppyBlueRider: Monitor the terminal on CTRL+ALT+F8 for errors.01:37
mechungok thanks for all the help01:37
adorablepuppy(or maybe it's F1 on the live cds. . .)01:37
Shpookno prob01:37
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=== [r00723r0] is now known as r00723r0
adorablepuppyOn my computer, I get these "Drive Seek Ready" errors. Usually about the time the kernel locks up. . ..01:37
=== newbuntu is now known as newbuntu1
jerbearpam_gnome_keyring does not seem to be unlocking login.keyring, because nm-applet keeps prompting me to unlock it when it tries to connect... anyone have any suggestions?01:37
comicinke1jerbear: do you use auto - login?01:38
jerbearcomicinke1: no01:38
comicinke1no idea01:38
DownhillGamesnow that's an IRC name01:38
BlueRiderphew! it works!! at least now i can save my data!!!01:39
DownhillGamesBlueRider, ;)01:39
BlueRiderthanks guys, it seems i needed root access to be able to copy01:39
seismic_cowgirlsorry, somebody already took cowgirl01:39
newbuntu1any1 give tips on how to setup lvm. i did an apt-get install lvm2. then a modprobe dm-mod. now what?01:39
anizeelooking for xorg.config01:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xorg.config - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:40
newbuntu1gparted does not show me any way to make an linux lvm partition01:40
newbuntu1anizee, is it maybe xorg.conf ?01:40
anizeewhere is it01:41
=== xipietotec_ is now known as xipietotec
newbuntu1/etc/X11 i think01:41
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:41
BlueRiderhonestly, although it seems very bad at first sight, i can access files and copy them with no problem so that really gives me high hopes that the drive is fine. i don't even think i have a single bad cluster on it01:42
BlueRiderit's something with the FAT. when i save my data i'll do a low level format, hopefully that would help01:42
newbuntu1any help on the next step on that lvm?01:43
=== USC_Guest is now known as TaylorT1293
ubotuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO01:44
newbuntu1or what your favorite partitioner is01:44
DownhillGamesgparted is good :)01:44
newbuntu1and strange thing is, im pretty sure i used gparted like 5 days ago to do this lvm stuff01:44
DownhillGameswhat are you trying to do?01:45
newbuntu1create an lvm01:45
DownhillGamesare you installing Ubuntu on it?01:45
newbuntu1i have ubuntu installed, but now i want to make a /storage lvm01:45
DownhillGamesmk... just use gparted01:46
bluefox83ok i'm having a NFS issue...01:46
mechungsphook are you still there?01:46
newbuntu1i have installed lvm and did the modprobe dm-mod... but gparted does not show me the option to create an lvm :(01:46
bluefox83when i create a new directory on my nfs share, it gives it permission to group 1001, which i don't even have, or to my girlfriend's username01:46
bluefox83how do i fix it?01:46
UnNaturalHighdoes anyone here know of a LVM GUI or would perhaps gparted support such features?01:47
DownhillGamesUnNaturalHigh, gparted01:47
newbuntu1and UnNaturalHigh, if u get it right, please report back ;)01:48
CharlieSuHow can I get a list of all packages installed on my system ?01:48
ScalaHello, I'm sure there is an easy solution to my problem, but being new I don't quite know how to approach this.  I downloaded the RealPlayer10 bin, and extracted it to my desktop, how do I associate my .rmvb files with realplay.bin and where can I put my realplayer folder so that it's hidden and neat01:48
PiciCharlieSu: dpkg -l01:48
PiciCharlieSu: if you're looking to install them again if reinstalling, look up aptoncd01:49
CharlieSuPici: when do you use dpkg instead of apt-get?01:49
CharlieSuaptoncd ?01:49
keegangraysonhas anyone had any experience with setting up Tor?01:49
PiciCharlieSu: dpkg installs debs, apt-get looks in the repositories for deb's and their dependencies.01:50
Pici!aptoncd | CharlieSu01:50
whaboI need help guys, how do i install flash/java/ and shockwave .. for firefox or for the computer in general. thx01:50
ubotuCharlieSu: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers01:50
CharlieSuPici: that actually helped me understand a lot.. thanks01:51
PiciCharlieSu: sure thing01:51
whaboI need help guys, how do i install flash/java/ and shockwave .. for firefox or for the computer in general. thx01:51
DownhillGameshehe: http://img18.imagevenue.com/aAfkjfp01fo1i-1185/loc802/03004_N-ATI-DIA_HD9900GTX_122_802lo.jpg01:51
avishow do i format an external usb backup drive and have it auto mounted every boot ?  should i use gparted for one big partition, then copy existing fstab so i can edit it when its gone ?01:51
freebird223hello, ive downloaded wine but can someone help me use it? im not sure how and i want to get steam01:51
Pici!java > whabo (Please see the private messsage from ubotu)01:51
Pici!flash > whabo (Please see the private messsage from ubotu)01:51
jribwhabo: there is no shockwave for linux01:52
seismic_cowgirlquestion -> Where do I go to find a listing of recommended updates?  I'm not referring to the security updates (found those)?01:52
CharlieSuPici: aptoncd is only gui??  I am using linux as a server w/ no gui...01:52
jrib!shockwave > whabo (read the private message from ubotu)01:52
PiciCharlieSu: I belive it only is. I havent used it much01:52
jribCharlieSu: look at apt-zip then01:52
CharlieSujrib: ahh.. thanks..01:53
kdittyone of my friends just got a message from road runner, about him spamming. hes not a spammer i know for sure, is it possible hes infected with a bot net on dapper drake?01:53
seismic_cowgirlI should add the listing after I've already installed them01:53
kdittythere is the page he was sent to when he signed on01:53
jimmybondo I recently installed ebox on a home server, then decided it was not for me. I removed it have now lost ssh and http access to the machine, any ideas on why this might be?01:53
UnNaturalHighDownhillGames, http://gparted.sourceforge.net/larry/generalities/gparted.htm - As it says at the beginning. gparted does not support lvm2.01:54
DownhillGamesawwww :(01:54
DownhillGamesthen look in the repo for some lvm utilities :/01:54
newbuntu1UnNaturalHigh, thanks, that is y i could not get it to work ;)01:55
UnNaturalHighnewbuntu1, are you trying to make a lvm install?01:55
newbuntu1tying to make a new lvm to store mythtv recordings01:56
rastai need audio help01:56
rastamy sound card is installed, but i get no sound01:56
BlueRiderwhy doesn't ubuntu have gcc? :(01:56
newbuntu1UnNaturalHigh, so lvm helps as i keep having to add storage01:57
LjLBlueRider: what?! it does, you just need to « sudo apt-get install build-essential »01:57
UnNaturalHighnewbuntu1, sucks to have to use cli though :(01:57
rastai have installed my sound card (drivers), i have turned everything on high on alsamixer... i still get no sound01:57
newbuntu1UnNaturalHigh, i thought i had used gparted before01:57
usr13Anyone tried any text-to-speech applications?  Like Nuance or Xvoice?01:58
=== RAVTUX-AWAY is now known as RAVTUX
BlueRideryeah, the problem is i have to do that every time i boot (cause i only can use the cd live version) :)01:58
newbuntu1but i remember getting it from somewhere else, in rpm and converting it and installing it.. i guess it was a hacked gparted01:58
BlueRiderso maybe it should come already installed cause it's really useful01:58
DownhillGameshow does one start xinetd services in Ubuntu/Debian?01:58
CochiseIRLho houmala01:59
CochiseIRLhi House01:59
alphini fixed it i believe, it was the ndisgtk02:00
bluefox83when i mount my nfs share, how do i mount it with my own user privileges? for some reason everything i create or move to it gets privs 1000 as group and user...02:00
yuaokiI need a link to Envy02:00
riotkittie!envy | yuaoki02:00
ubotuyuaoki: envy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »02:00
DownhillGamesdon't use envy...02:00
CochiseIRLyuaoki, what graphics card have you02:01
usr13DownhillGames, /etc/init.d/....02:01
yuaokigeforce fx 520002:01
DownhillGamesusr13, not the service itself but a service OF xinetd02:01
CochiseIRLyuaoki, if it was an ati i might have been able to help, just type envy ubuntu into google you'll get it02:01
DownhillGamesxinetd is used for on-demand processes, etc... tftpd is one of those IIRC and I need to start it for PXE boot.02:01
yuaokiok thanks02:02
NutubuntuWhat would make Ubuntu boot into initramfs sometimes? I'm running a software RAID (md), and wondering whether it's a grub issue ...02:03
avisi have the boinc manager installed in ubuntu.  how do i setup the software to run rosetta@home ?02:03
DownhillGamessoftware raid, you say? why not your onboard chip or whatever?02:03
avisis software raid fast ?02:04
DownhillGamescan be, sure... are your disks fast?02:04
avisstandard 7200rpm barracudas02:04
NutubuntuDownhillGames, no RAID controller on the mobo, and no good reason not to run it in software02:05
DownhillGamesah right02:05
Nutubuntuavis, what DG said - can be fast, sure02:05
avisthank you Nutubuntu02:05
DownhillGamesNutubuntu, I had to reinstall LinuxMint thanks to that stupid problem.02:05
avisanyone have experience running rosetta@home ?02:05
DownhillGamesNutubuntu, I caused it tho... I switched on my RAID _after_ install and it cleared the magic crap (some key for the partitions) and blahb lahb al blahbhslhsd.... I had to reinstall to fix it02:06
DownhillGamesI tried reinstalling grub, the kernel, etc... nothin02:06
_aibhow can I print the version (Feisty/Gusty etc..) of ubuntu i'm presently on?02:06
DownhillGamesheh... cat /etc/* | grep Ubuntu02:07
ubotuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell02:07
DownhillGamesor that02:07
riotkittie_aib: you can try lsb_release  in a term, or if that doesnt work cat /etc/lsb-base/02:07
riotkittie_aib: you can try lsb_release  in a term, or if that doesnt work cat /etc/lsb-release  <<< rather02:07
NutubuntuDownhillGames ... sounds like a bad situation :/    I decided to setup the RAID at install (was building a new box), and it mostly works fine, but every now and then it boots into the busybox (initramfs), not sure why02:07
bluefox83how do i change gid and uid ?02:07
DownhillGamesNutubuntu, did you change the disk order or something?02:07
jribbluefox83: usermod02:08
junkboxdo you have to do anything special to add memory to a ubuntu machine.  i had 512 and replaced it with a 1G and it freaked out.  best i could tell the chips were a good match.02:08
junkboxso anything special i would need to do?02:08
NutubuntuNo ... it's just as it was when I installed it. When it occurs, I reboot, usually only once, and generally get my usual boot sequence and login02:08
DownhillGamesI wonder how bad x64 SUCKS in Ubuntu... wonder if it's any nicer than XP or Fedora02:09
Renganyone know how to add back vacuum effect on minimize in compiz animation section?02:10
bruenig!compiz | Reng02:10
DownhillGamesReng, enable the "animation" plug in then check it's prefs02:10
ubotuReng: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:10
DownhillGamesshould be on the "Minimize" tab ;)02:10
DownhillGamesbbl, peace02:11
Rengi dont see vacuum on minimize tab only on close tap and open tab02:11
orangeflywhere does ubuntu install crossover office....???....it's not in my apps menu....02:13
ajnewboldHas anyone else ever run into the problem where you do a fresh install of 7.10 and the default screen resolution is way too big, so you drop it down to something somewhat smaller and then the whole thing breaks and you're stuck at 640x480 forever?02:13
athemis there a way to increase scrollspeed on my mousewheel?02:13
scguy318ajnewbold: not me, but if X doesn't want to use any higher reses, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg or the like02:14
anizeeI fucked up my xorg.con02:15
anizeehow do I get ubuntu to rerecognize the hardware02:15
ajnewboldscguy318: well, the odd problem is that everything works fine at the higher res (which is the default) --- things only go bonkers when I actually reduce the resolution.  And by "bonkers" I mean it jams up into 640x480, and won't let me change it to anything else once it's stuck there02:15
alphinwhen firefox has to be forced to quit and leaves pieces of the website on my screen how do I get them off?02:16
ajnewboldI've reinstalled 7.10 like four times over this :(02:16
bluefox83exactly how would i change user bluefox's uid and gid to 1000 ? i need the command since using man to figure it out isn't working....02:16
edwarddoes anyone know some boot cheat codes on the startup of a kernel? .. im jsut trying to get into the system, and it won't let me02:16
alphinthey arent called cheat codes02:16
jribbluefox83: what did you try?02:16
anizeeor wahts the genaric xorg.conf02:16
edwardi just installed UBCD to my usb drive02:16
scguy318edward: cheat codes sound like you're trying to get infinite uptime cheat or something :P02:17
bluefox83just tell me how to do it, i apparently didn't try the right thing...02:17
edwardnow i scguy318  thanks02:17
Evanlecscguy318: hey dude02:17
jribbluefox83: tell me what you tried02:17
DownhillGamesReng, then you can't use it for that specific thing.02:17
scguy318Evanlec: hallo02:17
alphinscguy318, hey02:17
DownhillGamesk, now I'm out02:17
scguy318alphin: hello02:17
alphinI fixed my internet02:17
lousygaruaanyone used wacom here before? i got some questions02:17
bluefox83jrib, about a half dozen things. all of them around the lines of sudo usermod --g 1000 bluefox02:18
scguy318alphin: yay02:18
MartinJDHi - can anyone help throw some ideas into the ring for the reasons why my sound is so slow when playing video? Its mainly when playing XVID. The video seems to play at normal speed, but the sound around half.02:18
Evanlecscguy318: so im connected to my buntu box with ssh via putty, how do i get Deluge to start? it gives me errors about no X server found02:18
alphinnow my messages in system log say booting up ndiswrapper and my wireless cards name02:18
jribbluefox83: -g, not --g02:18
scguy318Evanlec: tunnel X?02:18
scguy318Evanlec: or use VNC to start Deluge02:18
Evanlecscguy318: to widnows?02:18
scguy318Evanlec: *start Deluge in the VNC session on your desktop02:18
bluefox83bluefox@ubuntu-server:/Shared/Clay$ sudo usermod -g 1000 bluefox02:18
bluefox83usermod: unknown group 100002:18
Evanlecscguy318: i cant seem to get vnc working02:18
scguy318Evanlec: or perhaps set the DISPLAY var02:18
scguy318Evanlec: DISPLAY=:0 or w/e02:19
jribbluefox83: yes, so that tells you what is wrong02:19
alphinbut scguy318  when you have to force quit something and pieces of it remain on your screen how do you clean it off?02:19
bluefox83jrib, so what is wrong?02:19
ajnewboldas a recent switched to Ubuntu, is it normal to feel like the fonts all look like ass?02:19
jribbluefox83: there's no such group... why do you want to do this?02:19
tritiumajnewbold: please try not to use vulgarity02:19
scguy318alphin: that stuff should be gone when the app quits, if not a last rest would be to restart the X server02:19
TheShadowFirst time user with Blank Screen on install anyone willing to lend me a hand?02:19
ajnewboldtritium: Ah, sorry02:19
scguy318TheShadow: sure, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg in Recovery Mode02:20
aviswhat ports need to be open for boinc manager and boinc client ?02:20
scguy318TheShadow: select vesa for driver02:20
bluefox83jrib, because i can't get the right permissions from nfs when i write to my share02:20
scguy318avis: none I think, its all outgoing02:20
alphinscguy318, it always happens and I do need to reboot and I hate doing it02:20
avisthank you02:20
Evanlecscguy318: there's no way to just launch the app in my other session?02:20
bluefox83jrib, i have uid and gid 1000 on my system and 1001 on the server02:20
scguy318alphin: you dont have to reboot, just restart the X server02:20
TheShadowwhat do I need to do to get into recovery mode I can't get past the splash02:20
scguy318Evanlec: which other session?02:20
Evanlecscguy318: i mean, im logged in locally, but also connected by ssh (same user)02:21
scguy318TheShadow: its in the GRUB menu02:21
orangeflywhere does ubuntu install crossover office....???....it's not in my apps menu....02:21
scguy318TheShadow: press Esc, then select Recovery Mode02:21
jribbluefox83: create a group with gid 1000 I guess then, but maybe you should wait for someone familiar with nfs to see if there is a better solution than this02:21
scguy318Evanlec: so you wish to start an app via SSH and have it run on the local X?02:21
tritiumorangefly: it's not an official ubuntu package.  That's a question for the makers of crossover office.02:22
Evanlecscguy318: yea, i just want deluge running (downloading) while im at work02:22
scguy318Evanlec: I guess just type like02:22
PiranhaPCan somebody tell me how can I fire up Ubuntu from within an already running linux userland?  The goal is to boot a Ubuntu on an embedded device using a USB HDD.  The bios is very basic and supports only loading a kernel; no initrd.  So the initially-booted custom linux will only need to delay 5 seconds (to allow the USB mass storage to be detected) and then .. somehow .. load Ubuntu  (kernel+initrd) from the USB drive.02:22
scguy318Evanlec: DISPLAY=:0 deluge02:22
scguy318Evanlec: something like that02:23
orangeflyjust wondered if anyone else had that problem....crossover worked fine in fiesty....02:23
MartinJDCrossover installed fine for me on Ubuntu.02:23
Evanlecscguy318: mm okay02:23
mechungcould someone tell me what    svcs -a | grep apache    would do?02:23
scguy318Evanlec: I'm not totally sure if that works but worth a shot02:23
Evanlecscguy318: i tried doing like deluge & to launch it in the background, but didnt work02:23
PiranhaPCan grub do what I want?02:24
scguy318Evanlec: that won't do it, it still wont find an X session02:24
edwardscguy318, can you help me out with a ubce to usb?02:24
TheShadowThis is happening during the install. no GRUB. I'm popping in my disk and booting from it and I get the "Start or install" menu and no option I try works02:24
Evanlecscguy318: yea...would rtorrent work?02:24
TheShadowthey all just go to blank02:24
scguy318TheShadow: tried safe graphics?02:24
TheShadowoh yah02:24
scguy318Evanlec: sure02:24
scguy318Evanlec: just nohup it of course02:25
TheShadowmy monitor is reciving no sig02:25
scguy318TheShadow: in that case you'll have to use alternate CD unfortunately02:25
scguy318!alternate | TheShadow02:25
ubotuTheShadow: The Alternate CD (available as of Dapper) is the classical text-mode installation CD. Use it if you wish to upgrade via CD, or for an "expert" mode install. For normal installs, use the Desktop CD, which is also a "Live" CD - See also !Minimal02:25
TheShadowthought so02:25
scguy318TheShadow: post install we can fix X server issues02:25
TheShadowright but not before02:25
Dino_I'm installing KDE right now...02:25
scguy318Evanlec: do actually test my suggestions to see if they work :)02:26
Dino_Mmm... KDE02:26
scguy318Evanlec: I'm just citing from secondary knowledge, so I might be dead wrong02:26
Renghey guys i accidently hide menu bar on xchat. how can i bring it back?02:26
avisi formatted a external hard drive with mkfs.ext3.  i did not choose a partition just used the whole disk.  when i turn the hard drive on, ubuntu doesn't respond.  no icons on gnome for the drive.  would like to mount it for user02:26
scguy318edward: putting Ubuntu CD on USB?02:26
scguy318not sure, but perhaps !install would be helpful02:26
Evanlecscguy318: alright, i think i need to learn how to use screen too ;p02:26
scguy318!install | edward02:26
ubotuedward: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:26
Evanlecscguy318: otherwise i just open another ssh session lol02:27
Evanlecscguy318: but i dont think thats the most eficient way02:27
scguy318Evanlec: mebbe the whole job control features of the shell :P02:27
edwardscguy318,  i was wondering if you can help me out with another issue02:27
scguy318edward: shoot02:27
edwardscguy318, http://pendrivelinux.com/2006/03/25/install-and-boot-ultimate-boot-cd-ubcd-from-a-usb-device/02:27
adayahi have a wireless broadcom card in my ubuntu 7.10 machine.  i tried to take my computer to work and connect to the wired network there and now i´m back home and get this eth0:avahi crap for my wireless and can´t connect at all.  i do not know what has happened02:28
MartinJDso no one has any idea about this sound problem with xvid movies? I thought it must be the codec but after installing so many I'm now stumped.02:28
buttercupsReng, f902:28
scguy318adayah: did it work before?02:28
Rengcrap i mapped that to screenlet02:28
scguy318adayah: Gutsy's bcm43xx seems finicky02:28
edwardscguy318,  i did everything that site told me to do, and it boots from the usb, but now i get this command interface "Boot: "02:28
adayahbefore i took it to work yes it did work fine02:28
edwardscguy318,  i don't know exactly what to put in their02:29
scguy318edward: hit enter?02:29
edwardi did but it just restarts02:29
buttercupsReng, right click, view menu bar then02:29
scguy318edward: hmm, dunno then :(02:29
adayahi was seeing something about ipv4 on my properties for the eth0 but now i´ve fiddled around and it says ethernet instead of ipv402:30
edwardscguy318,  it say's Inserts is based on the knoppix -- bah im lost02:30
scguy318adayah: hmm, ndiswrapper? :P02:30
scguy318im surprised how many times I've said that today02:30
ClimhazzardAlright, so I am currently upgrading from 7.04 to 7.10 via Distribution Update, and it seems like it's hanging on "fetching file 49 of 50" under "preparing the upgrade"02:30
Rengo that was easy, i was going to disable all my screenlets. lol02:30
adayahi´ve tried doing ndiswrapper of the driver again and reinstalling to no avail02:30
scguy318adayah: you did blacklist and modprobe the thing?02:30
ClimhazzardIs there something wrong? Should it be taking this long?02:31
scguy318adayah: *blacklist bcm43xx02:31
adayahi blacklisted bcm43xx and modprobed02:31
scguy318adayah: with mention in /etc/modules? hmm02:31
adayahdid the ndiswrapper -m too02:31
scguy318adayah: ndiswrapper -m wont work for nm-applet I think02:31
SentixHello, can anyone point me in the direction of a howto or guide for dual booting with Vista... I am under the impression that MS did some odd things to the mbr02:31
scguy318adayah: if that's what you're using02:31
scguy318!dualboot | Sentix02:31
ubotuSentix: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:31
scguy318!grub | Sentix, to restore GRUB02:32
ubotuSentix, to restore GRUB: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:32
Sentixscguy318: Thanks, didn't realize there was bot in here02:32
adayahi have modprobed ndiswrapper  with modprobe ndiswrapper so the module loads etc02:32
scguy318adayah: but does it on startup? :)02:32
skkaneanyone on a core2duo with lm_sensors installed that can paste their "sensors" core temperatures outputs ?02:32
ClimhazzardCan anyone help me out?02:32
scguy318adayah: make sure that ndiswrapper is mentioned in /etc/modules02:32
scguy318!ask | Climhazzard02:32
ubotuClimhazzard: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)02:32
adayahhmm? good question...i see what you´ŕe saying now02:32
adayahlet me see02:32
ClimhazzardI did up there...02:33
adayahaccording to lsmod the module is there....let me see in /etc/modules02:33
Rengis there any compiz repositories where i can get compiz fusion 6 with all the effects like 3d windows and snow?02:34
adayahndiswrapper is mentioned in /etc/modules02:34
scguy318adayah: hmm ok02:34
Climhazzard<Climhazzard> Alright, so I am currently upgrading from 7.04 to 7.10 via Distribution Update, and it seems like it's hanging on "fetching file 49 of 50" under "preparing the upgrade".  Does the last file usually take a while, or is something wrong?02:34
usurpwhat is the command when a button is clicked to open a new form in VB?02:35
usurpive been searching and googling02:35
usurpcant find it02:35
scguy318adayah: anything of interest in syslog? what happens in syslog if you try to connect via Network Manager?02:35
usurpim new to this02:35
scguy318adayah: I'm kinda grasping at straws here :P02:36
BlueRiderhi, one more question please: how do i listen to mp3's in ubuntu? they file is associated with totem or rhytmbox but both are unable to open and suggest installing codecs (i am running the live cd version)02:36
scguy318usurp: VB like Visual Basic?02:36
usurpvisual basic02:36
adayahhaven´t ever looked at a syslog....where is that02:36
scguy318usurp: well, this isn't the channel for programming talk02:36
scguy318adayah: System -> Admin -> System Log02:36
usurpwhat channel?02:36
riotkittietry #programming maybe02:36
scguy318usurp: that said it should be something lkie Form.Show?02:36
scguy318usurp: and you haven't told us what VB version :)02:37
usurpi figured this is the "crowded" room so i wanted to ask here02:37
mechunghow can i sign in as root?02:37
scguy318usurp: because if it's VB.NET you'll have to construct the form and then call the Show method02:37
scguy318mechung: sudo -i02:37
scguy318mechung: login as root? can't02:37
julian_i just installed crossover office, but its not in the main menu02:37
scguy318mechung: unless you set root password02:37
mechunghow is that done?02:37
ClimhazzardHow long does it generally take to fetch files for an ubuntu update from 7.04 to 7.1002:37
scguy318usurp: like MyForm m = new MyForm() then m.Show()02:37
anizeeis tere a command to reinstall 7.1002:38
anizeeto scratch02:38
scguy318usurp: you really should google for some VB guides02:38
mechungscguy: how is that done?02:38
usurpworks like a charm02:38
scguy318mechung: sudo passwd, but please read the discussion in !sudo02:38
scguy318!sudo | mechung02:38
ubotumechung: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.02:38
scguy318mechung: if you just want root access for a bit, sudo -i is best02:38
usurpfor helping me i give you this:http://people.type-z.org/seb/music/Drukqs/02:39
usurpafex twin02:39
julian_how do you run crossover office from terminal02:39
scguy318usurp: thanks I guess02:39
mechungi know about the sudo thing but the problem is i need to save in a folder that i cant unless im root02:39
TheShadowMy friend was metioning something about useing alternate partions, something about /home and another one. what was he talking about02:39
scguy318mechung: then sudo -i to enter root shell02:39
scguy318julian_: if you paid for it shouldn't there be a guide to it?02:39
scguy318julian_: if you're just using it as trialware how about Wine?02:40
adayahi see stuff about eth0:ipv4 not relevant anymore for mdns....uhm i see Nov 14 20:26:19 ubuntu avahi-daemon[5726]: Withdrawing address record for on eth0. among many things...to much to list i should do that pastewindow thing or whatever you do to post terminal stuff02:40
mechungok thanks02:40
scguy318adayah: hmm dunno then :(02:40
adayahbunch of references to avahi02:40
adayahme either.....02:40
adayahthanks anyhow02:40
julian_I have tried wine. It installed my office software but then when I try to run it, it says the software isnt installed for this user. then closes02:40
anizeeanyone, a command to reinstall 7.1002:41
scguy318!appdb | julian_, if you haven't already checked02:41
ubotujulian_, if you haven't already checked: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org02:41
Flannelanizee: What do you mean 'reinstall'?02:41
julian_I know. but my office applications will not run. and they wont uninstall so i can start over02:42
=== adante_ is now known as adante
newbuntu1UnNaturalHigh, i installed system-config-lvm02:42
TheShadowThanks for your help scguy318, I've been mucking with this thing for 2 days now.02:42
usurpscguy how do i close the first form?02:42
newbuntu1greatest tool for lvm setup02:42
anizeeI fucked up my xorg.conf02:42
anizeeand te gamma was all screwy02:42
anizeeFlannel, is there a way to start fresh02:43
anizeewith no cd rom and no floppie02:43
BlueRiderwhat codec do i need to install to listen to mp3's please?02:43
whabowhat is a good p2p client like limewire .. and a really light and fast-good torrent client .. THANK YOU02:43
JordiGHWhere can I submit a bug report about a Kubuntu doc? This page is completely muddled about the GNU/Linux naming controversy: http://www.kubuntu.org/doc/7.10/about-kubuntu/C/index.html02:43
Flannelanizee: What did you break (what are you trying to undo?)02:43
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:43
NutubuntuIs there a guide or a do-and-don't for upgrading from Feisty to Gutsy? The FAQ only goes up to upgrading from 6.10->7.0402:43
pavanhow do i disable automatic mounting of my windows partitions.. and i keep seeing icon for the mounted drive.. please help disable it02:44
vbabiyHey is there a deb for VMware Server yet?02:44
anizeeFlannel, I broke xorg.conf02:44
FlannelJordiGH: its on launchpad, theres a ubuntu-website, although the documentation might be a different project, and kubuntu might have a different project as well.  But it'd be launchpad at any rate02:44
whabo what is a good p2p client like limewire .. and a really light and fast-good torrent client .. THANK YOU02:44
Flannelanizee: And reconfiguring it doesn't help?02:44
Nutubuntuvbabiy, vmware-server ... for awhile now02:45
anizeeyea, not so much02:45
anizeeI didnt back it up02:45
anizeeand the settings Im goin to keep giving me errors02:45
vbabiyNutubuntu: not on gusty02:45
JordiGHFlannel: This documentation for Kubuntu is included with the CD, which is how I found it in the first place. Any clue what package I should submit the bug to or see if someone else has already submitted it? I'm not running Ubuntu right now.02:45
NutubuntuOh? Sorry ... I'm still on Feisty, my bad :/    vbabiy02:45
whabo what is a good p2p client like limewire .. and a really light and fast-good torrent client .. THANK YOU02:46
FlannelJordiGH: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-doc02:46
JordiGHFlannel: Thanks, I'll try there.02:46
scguy318!p2p | whabo02:47
ubotuwhabo: Peer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information02:47
scguy318!torrent | whabo02:47
ubotuwhabo: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P02:47
ganymedewhabo: rtorrent?02:47
alejo0789hi i want know if the ultimate ubuntu 1.6 have compiz fusion o beryl? thanks02:48
squish102_whabo i use rtorrent cli02:48
bruenigalejo0789, this is ubuntu support not ultimate ubuntu support02:48
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=== ossefuscia is now known as mdl-unit
alejo0789aah ok thanks02:48
binHi, can someone be so kind as to check my forum post: "Ubuntu Server 6.10 (Edgy Eft) to 7.04 (Feisty Fawn): "do-release-upgrade" problem." http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61338202:48
patricknevillehey i was wondering what port the ubuntu 7.10 upgrade uses, it seems to be going slow on my other comptuer and i wanted to see if my router was not forwarding it correctly02:48
whabothank you guys for your suggestion im checking them in teh package installer02:49
Flannelalejo0789: However, Official Ubuntu Gutsy does.  you might try that, you'll have a better experience anyway02:49
scguy318patrickneville: whatever random local endpoint the TCP stack wants to use, but port forwarding is moot since the connection is outgoing02:49
patricknevilleoh okay thanks scguy31802:49
alejo0789hmm thanks02:50
DerangedDingoanyone her know how to set up .font.conf's?02:50
alejo0789compiz fuzion != beryl?02:50
adayahwell I´ll be....regarding eth0:avahi apparently there is some stuff titled avahi that interacts with network manager and these avahi packages once reinstalled and i added others too made the wireless work again...i am now sending this wirelessly....02:51
Flannelalejo0789: beryl is deprecated for compiz-fusion02:51
DerangedDingoCompiz fusion != beryl02:51
crdlbalejo0789: compiz fusion is the successor to beryl02:51
adayahso there you have it.....try reinstalling avahi02:51
DerangedDingoBeryl++ == Compiz Fusion02:51
Crozari cant find a paltalk program for ubuntu :(02:51
DerangedDingoerr, Compiz Fusion == Beryl++02:51
riotkittieomg. people still use paltalk ?02:51
alejo0789ok very  thanks02:52
alphincan someone explain to me why firefox is sooo messed up in ubuntu02:53
crimsunalphin: "messed up"?02:54
armyriadWhat are some good games for Ubuntu?02:54
Flannelalphin: what's messed up?02:54
Crozarwhats wrong with paltalk riotkittie ?02:54
alphinlike when I am on youtube or any site for that matter02:54
AaronfromchinaI'm trying to install Monkey Audio plugin for K3B. ./configure says "Can't find X includes, Please check your installation and add the correct paths!"02:54
alphinwhen I go to load something02:54
Crozarpaltalk is a great chat , tell me a place to hangout with voice ? pidgin?02:54
usurphow do i login to my nick02:54
alphinit's so slow it sometimes stops responding02:54
Crozarif you like public talks then its Pal talk02:54
crimsunalphin: on gutsy?02:54
Thecks_Anybody know why sometimes when my laptop (running Gutsy) switches off the screen, if I leave it for a long time (like overnight) it stops responding and I have to reboot?02:54
Crozarhow can i get paltalk anybody02:54
tmbaanyone know why when I set up lvm2 in ubuntu, the volumes are not recreated at boot time?  I have to manually do a vgscan; vgchange -a y after booting up..02:55
FlannelCrozar: you might try running it with wine02:55
d|vcrozar install windows02:55
NutubuntuWell, other than that it crashes every few minutes, firefox is fine in Feisty ...02:55
d|vunder virtualbox02:55
d|vwine doesnt work02:55
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whabodoes anyone know of a good client i can use as Peer2peer like limewire???? thx .. limewire is not supported by linux02:55
Flannel!ops | steveie02:55
ubotusteveie: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici02:55
=== DARKUSURP is now known as DUSURP
d|vwhabo yes it is02:55
alphincrimsun, yes on gutsy02:56
binHi, can someone be so kind as to check my forum post: "Ubuntu Server 6.10 (Edgy Eft) to 7.04 (Feisty Fawn): "do-release-upgrade" problem." http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61338202:56
kidbuntuI lost all my panels in xfce.. how can i recover it back02:56
Crozari have cirtualbox d|v02:56
alphinand I dont want to change to something else I need my JAVA02:56
AaronfromchinaI'm trying to install Monkey Audio plugin for K3B. ./configure says "Can't find X includes, Please check your installation and add the correct paths!"  Do I need to install any extra packages to support the compliatiion?02:56
whaboLimewire is supported bt linux??? there is no linux version :(02:56
d|vyes there is02:56
whabod|v can u please give me teh link i didnt find anything02:57
Pici!limewire > whabo (Please see the private messsage from ubotu)02:57
Amaranthbin: uninstall tor then run the upgrade again02:57
guerocan someone tell me how to make screenlets start after beryl. Currently the screenlets crash because they turn on before beryl, any suggestions?02:57
alphincrimsun, so is it a main problem?02:57
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d|vinstall the debian package02:57
Flannelbin: I'd go ahead and ensure you have ubuntu-standard, ubuntu-minimal, and whatever kernel metapackage you have (thatd be linux-image-generic (linux-generic if you have -restricted for some reason) or linux-server), change your sources.list, and update/dist-upgrade02:58
Crozarcant i start paltalk through ubuntu i hate windows02:58
d|vcrozar no02:58
ray2007i have a question concerning installation of ubuntu on a macbook.https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook02:58
d|vit needs windows02:58
ray2007oops https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook02:58
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ray2007"If necessary, use Boot Camp to resize your OSX partition and make space for Ubuntu."02:58
smoah t es revenu yannick02:59
riotkittieCrozar: *mabye* you can run it via wine but i'm not sure.02:59
smobig deconnexion dis donc02:59
crimsunalphin: it's a bit difficult to diagnose with the (lack of) detail you've given02:59
Crozard|v, i bought a new laptop which all students must get it to the computer service before using it for university and now my laptop with windows vista is crap its like im being spyed on lol , i dunno how to enter through administrator i only login through my uni user and debugger mode02:59
ray2007would i partition the hard drive first?02:59
NutubuntuIs there a guide or a do-and-don't for upgrading from Feisty to Gutsy? The FAQ only goes up to upgrading from 6.10->7.0402:59
Flannelray2007: The harddrive is unpartitioned?02:59
John_Roolite pwns02:59
crimsunalphin: some people have had "issues" with IPv6; you may wish to check that factoid02:59
ajnewboldcan anyone help me with my graphics driver? do I want to use "fglrx" or something else?02:59
ray2007flannel, it has mac os x leopard currently02:59
alphincrimsun, let me take a guess.. turning it off?03:00
Crozard|v, i will install ubuntu on this laptop but im afraid i wont be able because of this Sophos antivirus it might not let grub take place or?03:00
FlannelNutubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades  check out the release notes03:00
crimsunalphin: possibly.  [I have no issues with it.]03:00
Nutubuntut/y Flannel :)03:00
sipsipclickray2007, boot camp will attempt to repartition the drive, reducing the OS X install partition and creating a new partition03:00
alphinI never had issues either03:00
alphinit was said it helped speed things up03:00
alphinnow it causes problems?03:01
Flannelray2007: What thats saying is shrink your OS X partition, then let ubuntu do the ext3 partitioning (but you save ubuntu from having to shrink the hfs+)03:01
d|vare you talking dual boot?03:01
sipsipclickray2007, it's not very good at it though.  you should consider reinstalling OS X and creating the partitions manually03:01
snkmadwhats the changelog for this latest nvidia-glx-new update??03:01
CrozarFlannel, is ext3 th e best way and fastest for linux?03:01
ray2007sipsipclick, i didn't want to hear that :)03:01
FlannelCrozar: ext3 is a good default, "best" is a misnomer03:02
ray2007so boot camp would work, but not great?03:02
sipsipclickCrozar, it's a good general purpose fs and it's probably the most widely used03:02
ray2007and is rEFIt necessary?03:02
CrozarFlannel, i got a vista laptop , with Sophos antivirus , i dont feel i have full rights of this laptop because of what the university did to it , however i am concerend about UbuntU if i install it will the antivirus reject grub loader? or can i install ubuntu and just use the vista loader instead?03:02
ray2007i'd rather log into mac os x by default without a menu everytime03:03
Ax3ok, installation was successful, however, as soon as I enable my restricted drivers for my nvidia 6100 chipset, to make proper my resolution and reboot, the resolution looks great, but the effects make the desktop unusable, how do I keep the resolution but drop the default effects? Thank you.03:03
snkmadwhats the changelog for this latest nvidia-glx-new update??03:03
sipsipclickAx3, System->Preferences->Appearance->Visual Effects03:04
CrozarAx3, its great and if we donate then it will be greater03:04
Ax3it's not great, the system is unusable03:04
renee_anyone know how to get menu animations out of compiz?   I lost mine some how03:04
sipsipclickAx3, run "xdpyinfo | grep GLX" in the terminal03:04
Crozari ask myself how to get the snow plugin installed to this default compiz built in03:04
ElyHey everyone.....03:05
Ax3so I need to reenable my restricted drivers? and then turn off the visual effects?03:05
kidbuntuI'm having trouble with my xcfe.. all my panels are gone..03:05
Ax3right now my resolution is 800x600 sipsipclick03:05
CrozarFlannel, you theyr :(03:05
FlannelCrozar: no idea.03:05
renee_ anyone know how to get menu animations out of compiz?   I lost mine some how03:05
SentixThis is going to sound dumb, but does anyone know how to force Vista to reboot instead of hibernate?03:05
Ax3    GLX   SGI-GLX03:05
FlannelCrozar: What do you mean by not-full rights?03:05
SentixNvm power button fixed it03:05
CrozarPici, > can i install ubuntu from a laptop that has vista bussiness and sophos antivirus03:06
anizeecan someone copy the modline from there xorg.cong03:06
ElyGiving Linux another try here after a few years, Anyone who can recommend a good place to find themes and wallpapers for Ubuntu?03:06
d|vcrozar just try it03:06
_boysdontcryhi.. can anyone point to linux hardware compatibility lists? i was planning to buy a dvd super drive today that supports lightscribe03:06
anizeeI need to see one03:06
CrozarFlannel, i mean that , the university takes every laptop from every student and reconfigure them to theyr own desires for optimum recreation03:06
FlannelEly: check out gnome-look.org03:06
sipsipclickAx3, i wonder why it says SGI-GLX.. i've got an nvidia card and it says NV-GLX03:06
renee_ anyone know how to get menu animations out of compiz?   I lost mine some how03:07
anizeecan someone copy the modline from there xorg.cong03:07
_boysdontcry<renee_> : instal ccsm...03:07
kidbuntuI'm having trouble with my xcfe.. all my panels are gone..03:07
ElyThanks Flannel  will the themes there install in the latest Ubuntu release?03:07
Ax3sipsipclick: no idea, im a newbie lol03:07
FlannelCrozar: Unless you've got a BIOS password that prevents you from booting from CD, ubuntu will install fine, and GRUB will work plenty fine.  Sophos is just AV/Firewall/etc, it runs within windows only03:07
_boysdontcryhi.. can anyone point me to linux hardware compatibility lists? i was planning to buy a dvd super drive today that supports lightscribe03:07
Ax3sipsipclick: im assuming i need to reenable the restricted drivers, and then attempt to turn off the visual effects03:07
linux__alieni find one feature in Ubuntu 7.10 lacking03:07
mattgax3: you will catch on :)03:08
_boysdontcrylinux__alien> i find one feature in Ubuntu 7.10 lacking : what is it?03:08
Murphy_mancould someone help me out here, i have a bunch of wget batch files in seperate directories, and i want to execute all of them but i want the files to download to their designated folders (where the wget batch files are located); when i do ./*/*/wget, it downloads everything to the current directory, and i don't want that. Any way to get the files to download to their own directories?03:08
Ax3i just hate 800x60003:08
Ax3it's 2007 for christ's sake03:08
FlannelEly: Ubuntu themes are just gnome themes.  If the themes are compatable with the latest gnome (I have no idea how compatable themes are, I imagine theres not a big difference, if any) then theyll install in Ubuntu03:08
Crozard|v, my main purpose for ubuntu is to help the community also in my method , to recruit more into linux rather then windows , but i want to have everything working on it like paltalk , all the great effects , the people i will talk to are the people who dont do gaming , the people who likes entertainment and factors like great effects breezy snow good for inspiration on researching the web or doing essay assignments03:08
sipsipclickAx3, did you try "System->Preferences->Appearance->Visual Effects"03:08
mattgax3: what kind of graphics you got?03:08
_boysdontcryMurphy_man> : install a gui wget03:08
Crozarthank you Flannel03:08
ElyThanks a lot Flannel03:09
Ax3sipsipclick: not before when i had enabled "restricted drivers" for my nvidia 6100 chipset03:09
mattgax3: try the restricted drivers yet?03:09
linux__alieni had installed some updates yesterday but the system didnt inform me that the updates are available . It used to notify in 7.04 but i dont know it does not inform me about available updates.03:09
Crozari will be defragmenting the drives before i shrink a partition Flannel03:09
ElyFlannel,  are you the same one from the Neowin forum?03:09
FlannelCrozar: that's always a good idea03:09
linux__alien_boysdontcry, i have to manually go to update manager and click on check updates to check whether there are updates available.03:09
Ax3mattg, the system was left virtually unusable, i couldn't see my keystrokes, and navigating with the mouse was impossible03:09
FlannelEly: No03:09
Ax3my xorg.conf has 1440 x 900 in it03:09
linux__alien_boysdontcry, how do i make Ubuntu to notify this automatically03:09
ElyOkies, thanks03:09
Ax3why doesn't it work?03:09
snkmadcan i run programs made for MacOS under linux?:03:09
_boysdontcry<linux__alien> :  i didn't ask that wrong guy03:09
mattgax3: doing some research for ya03:09
_boysdontcry<linux__alien> :  i didn't ask that wrong guy03:09
Murphy_man_boysdontcry: i should have thought of that thanks03:10
wease|hey folks03:10
anizeesnkmad, no03:10
Ax3ok thank you mattg03:10
Ax3this is super frustrating03:10
Crozarbtw Flannel is theyr a recovery technology with ubuntu like in vista? not backup but something like you have your system put in the cd , and get it back like it was like the exact WAS for purpose needs when forexample your computer is infected03:10
Sentixsnkmad: look into vmware fusion... think thats the virtual machine for runn OsX03:10
snkmadanizee even if its x86 macos?03:10
_boysdontcryhi.. can anyone point me to linux hardware compatibility lists? i was planning to buy a dvd super drive today that supports lightscribe03:10
linux__alien_boysdontcry, i dont understand what you say03:10
mattgax3: custom computer?03:10
sipsipclickAx3, check the Xorg logs03:10
Ax3mattg: nope bought it from circuit city03:10
_boysdontcry<linux__alien> : oops03:11
mattgax3: brand name?03:11
anizeefrom my understanding masos is still freebsd not actualy linux03:11
_boysdontcry<linux__alien> : sorry bout that03:11
Ax3Lenovo, mattg03:11
FlannelCrozar: there are various ways to do that yeah.  Except you don't get infected.  Really backups are your best bet03:11
Crozarnot system recovery mode Flannel but the new technology which makes a full recovery to a cd like when you buy a laptop and have system recovery cd's from factory settings , you can have a checkpoint and built a custom factory settings for such in vista03:11
sfireAx3: intel video?03:11
anizeeits like trying to run linux progs on unix03:11
mattgax3: never heard of it...lookin it up...what's the laptop model number?03:11
Ax3sfire, on board nvidia 6100 chipset03:11
_boysdontcrylinux__alien : notificatio problem? hmmm i really don't know... mine notifies me late03:11
wease|anizee.... wtf?03:11
wease|its unix based03:11
Ax3Lenovo owns IBM i believe mattg, they are a huge manufacturer03:11
sfireAx3: bummer.. know a fix for that with intel video03:11
sipsipclickAx3, "lspci | grep VGA"03:12
Ax3mattg: it's a tower, not a lappy03:12
Crozaramazingly the Mac OS X has another new technology i wish to know how these brats steal from linux and linux dont do this for us !!!03:12
Flannelwease|: OSX commmand line stuff will probably work fine.  The problem with the GUI stuff is it all runs ontop of cocoa and all those other proprietary frameworks03:12
Ax3mattg, 3000 j series03:12
mattgaight, ax3, im gettin somewhere, hold on03:12
Crozarlinux is working on themselves rather then builting eyecandy interfaces factors for the NewUbuntu users03:12
Jordan_UDoes the DVD image contain all of main and restricted?03:12
Ax3sipsipclick: 00:05.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C51G [GeForce 6100] (rev a2)03:12
Crozaror without offending i guess the community is slow :P or we are helpless03:13
grimlockquick question03:13
mattgax3: 3000 j...03:13
tritiumhrm, I installed xubuntu-desktop via aptitude.  I'm surprised to see "sudo aptitude remove xubuntu-desktop" not removing the dependencies...03:13
grimlockim trying to connect my ubuntu laptop to the wifi at work03:13
linux__aliencould some one help me with this problem ? Is this a problem or is Ubuntu lacking this feature in 7.10 ?03:13
grimlockwhich is a hidden SSID and WEP 128but key index 2 only03:13
Crozarlinux__alien, what feature?03:13
_boysdontcrylinux__alien : state your problem03:13
Murphy_manactually the gwget didn't help much, any other suggestions?03:13
bruenigupdate manager is a cron job03:13
grimlockwhere is the config file so i can manually edit the settings in03:14
_boysdontcryMurphy_man : yes03:14
bruenigso you might have problems with cron03:14
Murphy_mani meant to paste my original message not your name sorry03:14
MeeKssome reason ubuntu wont see my ati 1650 gpu03:14
Murphy_mancould someone help me out here, i have a bunch of wget batch files in seperate directories, and i want to execute all of them but i want the files to download to their designated folders (where the wget batch files are located); when i do ./*/*/wget, it downloads everything to the current directory, and i don't want that. Any way to get the files to download to their own directories?03:14
linux__alienbruenig, how do i start it then03:14
MeeKsits making me nuts03:14
mattgax3: my brother knows exactly how to install the drivers...i just wish i could get a hold of him.  he's got it all written down on a tablet....GRRRR03:14
linux__alienbruenig, even when i start it next time i reboot it does not run03:15
Ax3mattg, no problem i appreciate the effort03:15
_boysdontcryhi.. can anyone point me to linux hardware compatibility lists? i was planning to buy a dvd super drive today that supports lightscribe03:15
brueniglinux__alien, there is probably a daemon in /etc/init.d, but it might also be an issue with how cron is configured03:15
linux__alien Starting periodic command scheduler crond                             [fail]03:15
Ax3mattg, im going to reenable the restricted drivers and *try* to kill the visual effects03:15
linux__alienbruenig, this is what i get it fails :(03:15
brueniglinux__alien, yeah that looks to be the problem03:15
Ax3mattg, but last time it wouldn't even let me into the menu03:15
Ax3so we'll see....03:16
sipsipclickAx3,  you should go back to the restricted drivers and make sure they're actually loading by reading the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file03:16
wease|murphy, build a script if you want each to separate to individual directories03:16
linux__alienbruenig, any idea on how to rectify it ?03:16
CoyPraetorianso i just booted Ubuntu for the first time last week and I'm having a couple of issues03:16
wease|wget will only go to a singular directory without it as far as i know03:16
brueniglinux__alien, read through the script, see where it is having problems03:16
tritiumhas default aptitude behavior changed?  it used to remove dependencies installed along with a package.03:16
sipsipclickno wget will do mirroring03:16
Ax3sipsipclick: what exactly am i looking for in the log, it's very long03:16
CoyPraetorianWine freezez every time it tries to do something with the config and I have to do a hard reboot03:16
mattgax3: my bro does it in 5 minutes, but he knows how to do it...here's the best i can do for ya    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia03:16
Undead_ZeusI am having difficulty installing Flash for Opera. I use their instructions, and no matter how many times I say no i do not want to commence (it wants to install ONLY to mozilla's directory and not opera's)03:17
grimlockAx3 i had a similar issue, it said it was loading the restricted drivers for my card and it wasnt, snagged the package and it worked after disable reboot enable reboot03:17
wease|mirroring but not to multiple directories per file03:17
bruenigtritium, it still does that, just like apt-get still does that03:17
wease|without a script03:17
Undead_ZeusIs there a way to successfully install flash to opera on ubuntu 7.10?03:17
linux__alienbruenig, are there any logs for this?03:17
bruenigtritium, well not just like apt-get, it has more problems than apt-get but yeah03:17
Murphy_manany1 know how to do it without a script?03:17
brueniglinux__alien, read through the script in /etc/init.d03:17
sipsipclickin fact there's a "-m" to wget for mirroring mode03:17
Ax3mattg, ok thx will read03:17
CoyPraetoriancan anyone suggest a good app for lrunning .exe's that isn't Wine?03:17
Murphy_mannice i'll try that03:17
Ax3how about this: (II) NV(0): Not using mode "1440x900" (no mode of this name)03:17
sipsipclickAx3, post it to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org03:17
mattgax3: hopefully it's what you want03:17
Ax3found that in the xorg.log03:17
tritiumbruenig: evidently not in the same way as before.  I'm trying to uninstall xubuntu-desktop per http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205002 or http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome.php, but it's not working03:18
sfireCoyPraetorian: vmware ?03:18
wease|sipsip, but that will allow multiple directory location files moved simultaneously?03:18
tritiumbruenig: i.e., sudo aptitude remove xubuntu-desktop only removes the meta-package03:18
CoyPraetorianis that in the Global repo or do I need to go find it?03:18
Ax3grimlock: recall what it was? :p03:18
bruenigtritium, you really don't want to follow that first thread03:18
wease|ive never been able to make it work as such03:18
bruenigtritium, someone needs to flag that, that is a terrible idea03:18
=== RAVTUX is now known as RAVTUX-AWAY
CoyPraetorianand I'd rather just use wine, if anyone can tell me why it's freezing03:18
sipsipclickweasel, what are multiple directory location files?03:18
tritiumBucatoAmano: nevertheless, it should work, yes?03:18
Undead_ZeusHow do I install flash for opera?03:19
kidbuntucan someone help me pls... my panel in xubuntu crashed... dont know how to fix it03:19
tritiumbruenig: sorry, above was for you03:19
grimlockAx3 mine was with a geforce 7400 go03:19
grimlockwouldnt let me enable advanced stuff03:19
Undead_ZeusHow do I install flash for opera on ubuntu 7.10?03:19
bruenigtritium, how did you install xubuntu-desktop?03:19
grimlockdesktop cube and rotation03:19
tritiumbruenig: via aptitude03:19
sipsipclickAx3, use gedit to open the log file and post the entire thing to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org03:19
wease|sipsip, err multiple files moved to directories (single files moved to different locations simultaneously)03:19
* tritium has /var/log/aptitude to prove it03:19
bruenigtritium, you do not want to install meta-packages via aptitude, just a tip for the future, but you should be able to remove the dependencies03:19
grimlocklike i said snagged the nvidia package (in synaptics) and then reboot and such03:20
Ax3sipsipclick: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44577/03:20
grimlockgot better03:20
grimlockone sec let me look03:20
Undead_ZeusOk. How do I copy and paste a file to a usr/bin/ folder? It says I don't have permission03:20
tritiumbruenig: and why is that?03:20
Ax3hmmm ok thanks grimlock03:20
bruenigtritium, what did you install in its place?03:20
bruenigtritium, meta-package hell: http://pastebin.ca/65342403:20
tritiumbruenig: in what's place?03:20
CoyPraetorianalso, Ubuntu will spontaneously crash03:20
Ax3the #ubuntu channel window is moving so quickly because of my ultra-low resolution, it's hard to keep up with all of you...lol03:20
bruenigtritium, did you install another meta-package instead of xubuntu-desktop?03:20
_boysdontcryis lightscribe supported in ubuntu? can anyone point me to dvd compatibility list?03:20
CoyPraetorianthe screen will go blank and fuzzy and I need a hard reboot03:21
Ax3ok i will look, thanks grimlo03:21
Ax3grimlock: *03:21
wease|ax3, have a beer03:21
tritiumbruenig: no03:21
Undead_ZeusHow do I copy and paste a file to a usr/bin/ folder? It says I don't have permission03:21
grimlockanyone have an idea on my wifi issue? need to change a hidden SSID to key index 2 by default03:21
Ax3after i solve this wease|, no linux pain, no reward lol03:21
tritiumbruenig: installed xubuntu-desktop to try it out.  Having installed nothing else after that, would now like to remove it03:21
sipsipclickAx3,  post your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file too03:21
bruenigtritium, how did you remove it?03:21
dok_Does xubuntu come with compiz fusion already installed03:22
Murphy_manthanks w/ the wget, that'll work for me03:22
tritiumbruenig: sudo aptitude remove xubuntu-desktop03:22
DM|anyone know if there is a ipodlinux IRC?03:22
CoyPraetorianwhere can I get VMWare?03:22
sfireCoyPraetorian: vmware.com03:22
Undead_ZeusHow do I copy and paste a file to a usr/bin/ folder? It says I don't have permission03:22
sfireCoyPraetorian: its now released for free03:22
grimlocki was doing that03:22
sfirejust have to fill out annoying info03:22
Ax3sipsipclick: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44578/03:22
bruenigtritium, yeah I don't now, aptitude is crap, could have just failed. It is supposed to do that though.03:22
CoyPraetoriansfire where is it?03:23
CoyPraetorianjust VMWare.com?03:23
tritiumbruenig: okay, thanks.  What is your paste an output of?03:23
wease|aptitude used to have super cow power03:23
wease|i miss it so03:23
* wease| cries03:23
sfireCoyPraetorian: its called VMware server  its in their downloads section03:23
jstone2Is there some way to have multiple drives appear as one and have some sort of redundancy? Not like basic raid, but dynamic to the point the drives don't have to be the same size but all of the space is used. There was a standalone enclosure that did this, but I was wondering if there was some software solution.03:23
sipsipclickAx3,  try replacing your Modes line with "Modes      "nvidia-auto-select"03:23
ElyCould someone tell me how in the world do I put the Recycle Bin / Trash icon on the Ubuntu Desktop ?03:23
sipsipclickAx3,  line 80 in the paste bin03:23
Undead_ZeusHow do I copy and paste a file to a usr/bin/ folder? It says I don't have permission03:24
_boysdontcrySony DRU835 Int. 18X w/ LightScribe <--- is this supported in ubuntu?03:24
sipsipclickAx3, then you might need to kill the xserver with control-alt-backspace03:24
high-freqhello is there a program that will open a paperport scan file with ext .max?  has anyone opened one before?03:24
bruenigtritium, that is meta-package hell03:24
wease|undead, it requires a pint of blood and your first child03:24
bruenigtritium, caused by installing a meta-package with aptitude03:24
sfire_boysdontcry: I've seen no linux software to do lightscribe.. there could be some now.. but wasn't before03:24
sipsipclickAx3, well i mean, that might be the minimum you need to do03:25
whabohello, i would like to know what is a recommended antivirus to use with ubuntu .... i heard there is an antivirus for linux. ( just in case) and an ANtispyware. THANK YOU03:25
opteroNdo you know how to change a icon size in the panel? i downloaded fusion icon but it will not be displayed in the panel unless i make the panel 26 pixels03:25
opteroNit is just blank03:25
sipsipclickwhabo, there are, like clamav, but they are really for scanning for windows viruses03:25
fignutsUndead_Zeus: copying from the command line or nautilus?03:25
sfirewhabo: antivirus isn't necessary03:25
opteroNwere the icon is suppouse to be03:25
_boysdontcrysfire : do u think Sony DRU835 Int. 18X is supported?03:25
mjbrookssfire, I thought I heard that Lightscribe has some beta linux software available03:25
Undead_ZeusI am just copying from a folder to another03:25
Undead_Zeustrying to drag one file into another03:25
whabothank you.03:25
sfire_boysdontcry: I'm sure the drive should work fine03:25
sainzeo_Ely: press ALT-F2 and type "gconf-editor" into the text box03:25
Ax3sipsipclick: ok now, just to make sure im doing this correctly, should restricted drivers be on or off when i do the xorg.conf alteration?03:25
CoyPraetorianI'm also looking for a printer Driver for my Lexmark Z735 printer, any ideas?03:26
sainzeo_Ely: this will bring up the Configuration Editor03:26
BigDaddyHey all, this maybe a dumb question, but is there a way to change from amd64 to the i386 without reinstalling?03:26
sacamanoCan someone help me? I did a fresh install of Gutsy and there is definitely some kind of mem leak in my NetworkManager. It was fine for a while but now it's just constantly surging to take 95%+ of CPU after an 30minutes or so03:26
Ax3grimlock / sipsipclick: i found nvidia-glx-new in synaptic should I grab that?03:26
grimlocktry that03:26
sipsipclickAx3, you should use the restricted drivers unless you have stability issues.  installing them might overwrite changes to xorg.conf though, i don't know03:26
tritiumbruenig: I've never had any troubles with aptitude before03:26
Ax3so hold off on the xorg.conf change and try glx first?03:26
sainzeo_Ely: next, click the arrow next to "apps" then look for "nautilus" and click the arrow next to that03:26
mjbrookswhabo, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Linux_computer_viruses03:27
CoyPraetoriancan't find a DL link for VMWare. . .03:27
* CoyPraetorian is puzzled03:27
Ax3ok well here goes nothing03:27
sainzeo_Ely: highlight "desktop", and look on the right side of the window for "trash_icon_visible"03:27
sainzeo_Ely: check that box and it should appear on your desktop03:27
sfireCoyPraetorian: http://vmware.com/download/server/03:27
Cpudan80How can I combine 2 PDFs into 1?03:27
Undead_ZeusHow do I copy and paste a file to a usr/bin/ folder? It says I don't have permission. I am trying to drag a file from one folder to another...03:27
Cpudan80Is there some GUI tool for it? I use adobe pro in Windows... but... in ubuntu... :-/03:27
_boysdontcryOops.... found no lightscribe in synaptic uoh...03:27
mjbrookssacamano, a mem leak would involve your memory taken up, not your processor being maxed03:27
sacamanomjbrooks well it does both03:28
Ax3back in a few hopefully :) thx grimlock / sipsipclick - i'll report back as soon as im able... lol03:28
Jordan_UCoyPraetorian, You can also get it from the Ubuntu Commercial Repository03:28
high-freqhello is there a program that will open a paperport scan file with ext .max?  has anyone opened one before?03:28
sfire_boysdontcry: that just means you won't be able to burn lightscribe labels03:28
fignutsUndead_Zeus: type "sudo nautilus" from terminal, then enter your pw03:28
sfire_boysdontcry: the drive itself will still work03:28
sacamanoit's taking up currently 93% of CPU and 35% of memory03:28
sainzeo_Undead_Zeus: i believe you need to have root privileges in order to alter files in that directory, therefore, open a terminal window and type sudo cp "path1" "path2" - it should then prompt you for your root password03:28
_boysdontcry<sfire> : i was planning to buy one...03:28
Undead_ZeusAwesome. Thanks03:28
sn3ipen<_boysdontcry>sudo nautilus in a terminal03:28
sainzeo_fignuts: that works too haha03:28
_boysdontcry<sn3ipen> <_boysdontcry>sudo nautilus in a terminal : wrong guy03:29
grimlockanyone have any ideas on my wireless issue?03:29
fignutssainzeo_: yeah thats what i'd normally do too03:29
rustlerharvhas anyone had problems booting lately03:29
robotoworksHey I have a wireless issue too03:29
fignutsrustlerharv: yeah I actually did today...03:29
sfirerobotoworks: what is your issue?03:29
Undead_ZeusNautilus worked, thank you03:29
grimlocksfire mine is03:29
grimlockanyone have an idea on my wifi issue? need to change a hidden SSID to key index 2 by default03:29
Jordan_UCoyPraetorian, Ahh, seems the repo is not available for Gutsy, here are intructions though: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Server?action=show&redirect=VmwareServer03:29
Elysainzeo_,  wow thanks!03:29
fignutsrustlerharv: not sure if it was from a recent update or what03:29
robotoworksJust a sec and Ill tell03:29
sainzeo_Ely: no problem -glad i could help!03:30
grimlockany ideas sfire?03:30
Undead_ZeusAnother question: I have a Zen V Plus, 4GB. How do I browse its contents?03:30
Undead_ZeusI don't see its drive in Computer03:30
robotoworksI just recently installed my Seirra WireLess AirCard 875 on my Ubuntu, everything went fine with the installation, and it will even show that it has connected online, the only thing is that immediately after connecting it gives me an error message and doesnt let me access the internet. Can someone breakdown a step by step installation process so I can reinstall it and make sure everything is right? And please no links, I installed usi03:30
robotoworksng a link that someone gave me and thats why I think I ran into the errors because the link's instuctions were hard to follow.03:30
ElyI would have never found that lol03:30
sainzeo_Undead_Zeus: is that a thumbdrive?03:30
Jordan_UDoes the DVD image contain all of main and restricted?03:30
CoyPraetorianJordan, sfire: any thoughts as to why Wine would crash like it does, just from loading the config?03:30
Undead_Zeussainzeo: Techincally it is an MP3 player.03:30
morganHey I am looking for help, just installed 7.10 on a friends old dell inspiron 1000 and the wired connection is not working03:30
sainzeo_Ely: yeah, its quite hidden haha03:30
sn3ipen<_boysdontcry>Type: sudo nautilus in a console window03:31
robotoworksI just recently installed my Seirra WireLess AirCard 875 on my Ubuntu, everything went fine with the installation, and it will even show that it has connected online, the only thing is that immediately after connecting it gives me an error message and doesnt let me access the internet. Can someone breakdown a step by step installation process so I can reinstall it and make sure everything is right? And please no links, I installed usi03:31
robotoworksng a link that someone gave me and thats why I think I ran into the errors because the link's instuctions were hard to follow.03:31
sfireCoyPraetorian: from loading the wine config?03:31
sfirerobotoworks: I'm sure everyone saw it03:31
marx#join /telugu03:31
mjbrooks!patience | robotoworks03:31
uboturobotoworks: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:31
CoyPraetorianyes sfir03:31
Elysainzeo_, I wonder why they hide it like that; I remember in older versiosn it was on the control panel and easy to do.03:31
sainzeo_Undead_Zeus: when you plug it into a USB port, do the lights and whatnot appear on the device?03:31
CoyPraetorianI click "Configure wine" and it just borks03:31
BigDaddyOK, it looks like from what I have read, I am going to have to reinstall the i386 version. How do I tell the installation to keep my /home directory?03:31
Elybtw the control panel is nowhere to be found lol03:31
Sir_Sidmarx, if you want to joing the channel #telegu do this command: /join #teleu03:31
bluefox83i'm trying to understand why a proc with 1333mhz would have a 256 kb cache size, and a proc of 1800 mhz would have a 128kb cache size...03:31
sainzeo_Ely: nowhere to be found?03:31
robotoworksThanks for the help, may I ask what channel I can go to for real help?03:31
Jordan_UCoyPraetorian, Try installing the lastest version from wine's repos and if that doesn't work try moving your .wine directory to see if it03:32
sfireCoyPraetorian: I would try re-installing wine.. if that didn't work I would try building from source03:32
Sir_Sidmarx, if you want to joing the channel #telegu do this command: /join #telgu03:32
ElyFor me03:32
CoyPraetorianwill that be in synaptic?03:32
Undead_ZeusCreative.com says there are no drivers or anything for my Zen V Plus for Linux03:32
sainzeo_Ely: do you have the standard toolbar with Applications, Places, Systems?03:32
sn3ipen<_boysdontcry>oops sorry03:32
sfirerobotoworks: using ndswrapper03:32
Jordan_UCoyPraetorian, ... to see if it is a problem with some configuration / applications you have installed in wine03:32
Undead_ZeusErr woops, hold on03:32
ElyI do03:32
Geekomancer1I have a USB flash drive that I want to rename the volume. Is there a way I can do that?03:32
Jordan_UGeekomancer1, Yes03:32
sainzeo_Ely: the "control panel" should be under "System - Administration" or "System - Preferences"03:32
robotoworksWow, you guys are the best, I got my problem working*Sarcastic*03:32
Undead_Zeussainzeo_: Yeah, it turns on, and it starts playing music. It doesn't say "Docked" like it should (indicates it is currently being accessed from an outside source)03:32
Undead_Zeus(docked on the mp3 player screen)03:32
BigDaddyUndead_Zeus: try using Gnomad. It's what I use for my Zen Vision W03:33
BigDaddyActually, that should be Gnomad203:33
Undead_ZeusAll of these applications start with G. what does the G stand for? gedit? gnomad? gopen?03:33
usserUndead_Zeus: gnome/gtk03:33
sainzeo_Ely: if you want a different "control panel" where everything is listed in one window, you'll have to sudo apt-get that03:33
CoyPraetorianI seek a driver for a Lexmark Z735 Printer.  Thoughts? Files? Help?03:33
high-freqdoes anyone know how to open a paperport scan with an extension .max?03:33
sfireUndead_Zeus: get sick of that you can change to kubuntu... its k everything03:33
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici03:33
mjbrooksrobotoworks, would you like everyone to stop helping others so they can give you their full attention?03:33
Undead_ZeusAh hah. Ok, thanks BigDaddy, sfire, and sainzeo_03:34
sainzeo_Ely: i believe it would be sudo apt-get install gnome-control-center03:34
BigDaddyUndead_Zeus: it's no worse that MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Messenger...03:34
Cpudan80tonyyarusso: floodbotX03:34
tritiumCpudan80: yes?03:34
Cpudan80tritium: tonyyarusso got it03:34
usserCoyPraetorian: did u check lexmark site they should have a linux driver not best linux support but at least some03:34
jonny5Do you have to be connected to a server to talk to someone on IRC? Or can you give them a direct link of some sort to talk to you directly?03:34
Undead_ZeusiPod, iPhone, iRack, iRan...03:34
CoyPraetoriannot since yesterday03:34
Elyso I just open a terminal window and type sudo apt-get install gnome-control-center03:34
CoyPraetorianproblem is the Z735 isn't their newest printer03:34
Ax3grimlock / sipsipclick : success! :)03:34
sainzeo_Ely: or it might already be installed - in that case, do Alt-F2 again and try typing in "gnome-control-center"03:34
CoyPraetorianor even close03:34
Undead_Zeusit is funny because flood bots have no impact on this channel since people talk so much they don't even read the flood03:34
Jordan_UGeekomancer1, I believe with: parted <partition> name "whatyouwantthepartitiontobecalled"03:34
bluefox83how do i find out what motherboard i have?03:35
sipsipclickAx3, cool03:35
sainzeo_Ely: yeah thats what you would do, but i would try Alt-F2 first and typing "gnome-control-center" as it may already be installed03:35
* tritium high-fives Cpudan80, tonyyarusso 03:35
Cpudan80you need a real ban on that I think03:35
Elylet me try03:35
Cpudan80not a % ban03:35
BigDaddyOK, it looks like from what I have read, I am going to have to reinstall the i386 version. How do I tell the installation to keep my /home directory?03:35
jonny5Do you have to be connected to a server to talk to someone on IRC? Or can you give them a direct link of some sort to talk to you directly?03:35
docenergybluefox83: you could always open it up and read it03:35
Cpudan80This guy just join-floods I think03:35
jonny5Do you have to be connected to a server to talk to someone on IRC? Or can you give them a direct link of some sort to talk to you directly?03:35
PokerFacePenguinjonny5: yes, you can private msg03:35
Elythat is the one pannel I was looking for!03:35
bluefox83docenergy, how about a command, as i dont really have time for opening up the case...03:35
LjLtonyyarusso, look at your invites :)03:35
Ax3grimlock / sipsipclick : I enabled restricted drivers again, and then (a shot in hell) had to guess where the menu was since it wasn't rendered using glx, and then navigated to visual effects and (again) guessed where the "turn off effects" button was.... lmao03:35
Elythanks a lot sainzeo_03:35
=== kae_ is now known as kae
sainzeo_Ely: haha, well there ya go - hey no problem03:36
CoyPraetorianwell i'm going to try and run Wine.  if i sign off it's because it borked03:36
Cpudan80At any rate -- anyone know about my PDF question, combine 2 PDF docs into 1 larger one?03:36
PokerFacePenguinjonny5: not everyone has it turned on tho03:36
sipsipclickAx3, glad you got it workign03:36
Elysainzeo_,  is there a way to create a short to that ALT F2 key trick?03:36
BigDaddyCpudan80: depends on the app I would assume.03:36
ElyIm afraid I might forget the command lol03:36
Ax3sipsipclick, yea I hope that doesn't happen in the next version of Ubuntu, that's something they really need to work on.  Is my video card simply not strong enough for glx?03:36
Jordan_UDoes the Ubuntu DVD image contain all of main and restricted?03:36
BigDaddyCpudan80: acrobat under 'doze allows for importing/merging03:37
Ax3sipsipclick, because I had beryl/emerald working great under Feisty....03:37
morganAny ideas where to start looking why my network card is not working? I am trying to use the internet with a wired connection and no luck?03:37
Cpudan80BigDaddy: I'm looking for a nix alternative03:37
sifhelp i'm a pretty much a linux noob and my cdrom has stopped working after upgrading from 7.04 to 7.1003:37
usserCoyPraetorian: looks like that z735 is really cheap huh?03:37
BigDaddyCpudan80: what apps have you tried so far03:37
PalintheusEly: yes, right click the top panel and select add to panel and select 'run application'03:37
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: ifconfig03:37
usserCoyPraetorian: buy an hp inkjet they have superb linux support03:37
AsphaltMy mouse acts crazy when I use the scroll wheel.  Anyone know of a possible solution or where I should begin looking?03:37
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici03:37
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: will give you your network details03:37
mjbrooksLjL removed the ban too soon03:38
LjLmjbrooks: it's ok, they're muted03:38
Undead_Zeusthis guy isn't  very good at flooding03:38
Cpudan80BigDaddy: Well I mean, openoffice only exports to PDF, what if I want to combine a PDF output from writer and one output from drawer ?03:38
Undead_Zeussame IP03:38
CaT[tm]dumb question, but... is feisty the latest ubuntu flavour? Have someone who buggered his install and I'm trying to fix it.03:38
mjbrooksLjL, ah,  sry03:38
morganNetwork Interface: Integrated 10/100 Ethernet. - thats kinda all I know about the hardware03:38
sainzeo_Ely: i'm not sure about that03:38
tritiumNice work, mjbrooks!  Thanks for the watchful eye.03:38
Cpudan80CaT[tm]: Gutsy Gibbon03:38
Ax3CaT[tm], "Gutsy" is the latest flavor03:38
robotoworksHey I need some major help03:38
Cpudan80Is the latest one03:38
jonny5Is there a way i can make this IRC chat more colorful? I'm using XChat-gnome03:38
sainzeo_Ely: there must be a text command that would do the same thing..if we can figure that out, you could create a shortcut03:38
Cpudan80jonny5: Enable nick coloring03:38
robotoworksDamn its the crowded chat03:38
Jordan_UEly, What are you trying to do?03:39
Undead_Zeus#ubuntu: Thanks for all of your help. Whenever anyone needs help they get it almost immediately or within 10 minutes. Much faster than I could google for help on Windows XP.03:39
Cpudan80Change text colors / background colors03:39
CaT[tm]thanks. bring on the gibbon I say. I take it 'gutsy' is what I should be using in sources.list?03:39
morganPokerFacePenguin: it doesnt do the spinning green lights when I plug it in like it should03:39
Jordan_Urobotoworks, Just ask a question03:39
sainzeo_Ely: ahh, i have an idea03:39
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: ifconfig gives you all the details of your interfaces, eth0 is probably your onboard nic03:39
mjbrookstritium, gotta be watchful here ;)03:39
usserCaT[tm]: exactly :)03:39
CoyPraetorianmy Wine is still borked03:39
crdlbjonny5: if you use regular xchat, yes03:39
CoyPraetorianand the irony of me whining about Wine is not lost on me03:39
sainzeo_Ely: if you right-click on your panel (toolbar) and do "Add to Panel"03:39
squish102_if my network is 100mbit, and system monitor is showing 10MB/s is that as fast as it will go?03:40
usserCoyPraetorian: why how is it borked?03:40
CaT[tm]thanks for the help. Off I go for a bit of fawn and gibbon wrestling.03:40
ElyYeah I got it03:40
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: ifconfig gives status (up down) and inet address (you have successfully dhcp'd one or set it static)03:40
Elythanks you both03:40
sainzeo_Ely: you should be able to add the "Run Application" applet which is located under "Utilities" way on the bottom03:40
Ax3squish102_, 100mbit equates to theoretical 12mb/sec limit03:40
PalintheusEly: np03:40
ElyPalintheus, and sainzeo_03:40
Jordan_U  CoyPraetorian Did you try installing the newest version from the wine repos or moving your ~/.wine directory?03:40
Elythanks guys03:40
Ax3squish102_, so that's ballpark you should be fine03:40
Elyvery cool03:40
squish102_thanks Ax303:40
CoyPraetorianeverytime i press configure, the mouse won't respond, keyboard freezes, music stops playing.  I need a hard reboot to restore any sort of functionality03:40
jonny5crdlb: Does regular xchat have the same features?03:40
sifhelp i'm a pretty much a linux noob and my cdrom has stopped working after upgrading from 7.04 to 7.10  can someone help fix please please please03:40
crdlbjonny5: yes, xchat-gnome is a simplified version03:41
sainzeo_Ely: no problem - thanks to you too Palintheus03:41
Palintheusjonny5: vanilla xchat is much more configurable03:41
cabroni_wich program can play MIDI files? :O03:41
CoyPraetoriansif: same problem  Every time i load a CD the entire thing flips it sh**03:41
Jordan_Ucabroni_, timidity03:41
sanguisdexso why does my wifi crash when torrenting?03:41
Ax3squish102_, simple math: (1024 x 100) / 8 ;)03:41
robotoworksWhat chat would be good for wireless issues?03:41
arsenipslightly off topic - but in windows im used to using klitecodecpack .. anyone know what packages id need to get the same sort of coverage in codec terms?03:41
ElyI'm loving the Ubuntu desktop03:41
sanguisdexdid any one answer me my wifi crashed again03:41
sifcoypraetorian: mine says hdb not found when i try and mount03:41
cabroni_just   sudo apt-get install timidity   ?!03:41
Palintheussanguisdex: could be any number of things03:42
grimlockno one answered my issue yet either sanguisdex03:42
sainzeo_Ely: just recently switch from Windows?03:42
Jordan_Ucableroy, Yes03:42
squish102_Ax3, i just realised i need a 1gbit home network ;)03:42
mjbrooksarsenip, what codecs does it contain?03:42
Ax3arsenip, install vlc player and _most_ of your codec needs should be taken care of lol03:42
robotoworksWhat chat would be good for wireless issues?03:42
usserarsenip: u'd probably would not need nothing its all there, just install vlc or mplayer03:42
ElyWell sainzeo_  Not exactly switched but giving it a try03:42
Elymight start using it more now03:42
sainzeo_Ely: nice nice - well good luck with it - hopefully you enjoy it03:42
Ax3squish102_, honestly, what sort of data are you sharing that 100mbit isn't good enough heh03:42
Elyas everything seems to work03:42
Elysound, video etc03:42
morganPokerFacePenguin: I see the eth0  and there are 2 inet lines, inet and inet603:43
docenergybluefox83: if you find out let me know i can't figure it out03:43
Elysainzeo_,  I'm sure I will thanks03:43
squish102_Ax3, rsyncing about 200gig... taking awhile03:43
sainzeo_Ely: anytime03:43
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: does eth0 say up?03:43
ussersquish102_: wow :)03:43
Elyfew years ago I tried different distros but many things didnt work properly03:43
sanguisdex Palintheus:  here is a a clue when it goes down I turn of the wifi adapter and then restart  /etc/dbus-1/event.d/25NetworkManager restart;03:43
jonny5Palintheus: vanilla xchat?? I looked in synaptic it's not in there. Just xchat and xchat-gnome03:43
Elyand I got frustrated it was very hard to get it to work03:43
sainzeo_Ely: yeah, things have definitely come a long way03:43
Palintheussorry just xchat03:43
offipsoIs there any way to get the GUI network tool to allow me to connect to Wired Network and a Wireless network at the same time?03:43
ElyI lack applicatications I needed too but now I see everything I need is there too03:44
morganPokerFacePenguin: broadcast running multicast MTU:1500 Metric:103:44
Elyyeah I see that03:44
malloc64i am looking for a step by step for getting fluxbox up and running on a fresh gutsy gibbon server install. i having trouble finding such a document. anyone know of such or can step my through it?03:44
bluefox83docenergy, ok03:44
robotoworksWhat chat would be ideal for wireless issues?03:44
PokerFacePenguinoffipso: i am not sure about GUI, but google bonding and failover it will give you good stuff using ifup ifdown03:44
Palintheusmalloc64: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=11675903:45
CoyPraetoriangloodbots are back03:45
robotoworksWhat chat would be ideal for wireless issues?03:45
CoyPraetoriani'll come back when the server is less crowded. . .03:45
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: give a summary of your problem please03:45
offipsoPokerFacePenguin: Bonding and failover you say? I'll check it out. I could configure it by hand, and did in fact, but the gui tools seems to reset my settings every few minutes03:45
robotoworksWhat chat would be ideal for wireless issues?03:45
sfirerobotoworks: none if you are not patient03:45
malloc64thanks very much Palintheus03:45
sanguisdexgrimlock: I had asked again because my wifi crashed03:45
Palintheus!repeat | robotoworks03:46
uboturobotoworks: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:46
Palintheusmalloc64: np03:46
usserrobotoworks: are u running ubuntu?03:46
krisbo9000hi again everybuddy03:46
robotoworksYes I am03:46
Sir_Sidhello krisbo900003:46
robotoworksI need wireless help03:46
docenergybluefox83: lshw should do it03:46
jonny5Yeah Regular xchat is much better.03:46
Sir_Sidrobotoworks, can you explain?03:47
offipsoPokerFacePenguin and others, perhaps my question should instead be: why does the gui network tool change my routing tables and automatically bring interfaces back up that I have specifically turned off with ifconfig?03:47
PokerFacePenguinoffipso: yes, there were several examples using suse that i found i a search yesterday concerning failover03:47
ElyI'm loving the special GUI effects too hehe03:47
Elylove the transation effect from one virtual desktop to another03:47
robotoworksI need to get my Sierra Wireless AirCard 875 to work on Gutsy03:47
morganPokerFacePenguin: when I plug in the network cable, the network icons do not spin the green lines, when I open the browser it cannot find any web pages03:47
sfirerobotoworks: do you know what chipset it uses?03:47
krisbo9000hey is it possible to install grub to a floppy from windows03:47
robotoworksWhat do you mean by chipset?03:48
WindowsSuxi need a link for some good ubuntu docs, like on apache on other packages is there one?03:48
Sir_Sidrobotoworks, the chip the card runs on03:48
offipsoWindowsSux, the best way to find documentation for specific programs is to search for it without limiting yourself to docs just about ubuntu03:48
robotoworksHow would I find that, sorry total noob03:48
offipsowindowssux, for example apache has good documentation on their site03:48
Sir_SidWindowsSux, you can type the man APPNAME in console and get the manual file as well03:48
Sir_Sidrobotoworks, google for your card03:49
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: a command to get you an ip address for your interface etho is "sudo dhclient eth0" .........try that after you plug in the wire03:49
sfearswhen i try to play an mp3 amarok opens up and gives an error box saying no mp3 support, there is a button "install mp3 support" but it freezes up and won't let me click on it. Any ideas?03:49
jonny5In Xchat, what is give voice, and take voice??????03:49
offipsoIs there a way I can disable, but not uninstall, the GUI network tool? Is it a running service?03:49
Palintheus!codecs | sfears03:50
ubotusfears: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:50
morganPokerFacePenguin: what am I looking for, the i.p.? Then what do I do with it?03:50
WindowsSuxok so i have wine installed, how do i install windows apps with it?03:50
krisbo9000why cant i mount a floppy anymore: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,03:50
krisbo9000or too many mounted file systems03:50
Palintheusjonny5: thats channel ops changing their status in the channel03:50
Sir_SidWindowsSux, in console type wine PATHTOFILE03:50
kirikasomehow i cant see the top of any window it just disappeared, which means i can only run 1 application at a time, its the bar that lets you minimize and close apps, so now i have to click file quit03:50
docenergyWindowsSux: wine filename.exe03:50
robotoworksI googled it but Im not sure exactly what Im looking for03:50
WindowsSuxand it will install?03:50
kirikaanyone know how to get it to the way it used to be03:51
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: you are trying to get your isp/router to give you an ip address so that your computer can talk to other computers on the network03:51
Sir_Sidrobotoworks, look if it mentions chipset somewhere03:51
offipsoWindowsSux: Keep in mind that wine might not work well for graphically-intense programs. There's an alternative to it, Cedega I think it's currently called03:51
WindowsSuxlike the setup file of a xp app?03:51
docenergyWindowsSux: it will run it03:51
Sir_SidWindowsSux, yes, a .exe file will install in wine.03:51
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: after the command, try to surf the net with your browser03:51
docenergyWindowsSux: if it's a setup file then yes it will install it03:51
WindowsSuxso just copy xp files to minux box and type wine in console to run the setup.exe of desired xp app?y l03:51
cabroni_  HEYY, i come from Winamp, 1000% winamp, and i done install xmms...03:51
sfearsthanks.. will try that03:51
cabroni_TOO NICE!!!!03:51
robotoworksIt doesnt mention chipset03:51
sfirerobotoworks: if it wasn't auto detected that means you have to use ndiswrapper03:52
docenergyWindowsSux: wine setup.exe       yes03:52
krisbo9000guys ... is it possible to install grub onto a floppy from windows?03:52
robotoworksHow do I use that?03:52
WindowsSuxthas badass03:52
Ax3anybody know where xchat's plugin directory is by default under ubuntu?03:52
WindowsSuxthats badass!!!03:52
sfirerobotoworks: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper03:52
PalintheusAx3: ~/.xchat203:52
offipsoAx3: Could it be ~/.xchat2 ? That's where my default directory is, though I have no plugins03:52
offipsothere we go03:53
docenergyWindowsSux: you need to run winecfg first03:53
Ax3ok thanks Palintheus / offipso03:53
ussercabroni_: try amarok03:53
sfirerobotoworks: even shows you how to identify it03:53
PalintheusAx3: np03:53
WindowsSuxwhats winecfg do?03:53
usserWindowsSux: runs wine setup utility03:53
sfirerobotoworks: the other option is to take the card back and get something that linux supports03:53
morganPokerFacePenguin: hey it works, the icons dont look like they do on my laptop when I plug it in, but Im not worried about looks, im looking for functionality, is this something that will need to be done with each reboot or each time its on a new network?03:54
docenergyWindowsSux: sets up wine so it can emulate properly03:54
offipsokrisbo9000, there might be a way to make a boot disk that can boot operating systems on the different partitions, but I dont' know if you can install it to a floppy..and if you could, if it would be useful03:54
sfearsso i installed compiz using apt-get, it says it's installed.  i can't find it. ???03:54
robotoworksTHanx, but I dont think taking the card back is possible, got it off of ebau03:54
morganPokerFacePenguin: thank you for your help03:54
nol13hi, just installed fiesty and i cannot get the quote key to work, tried different keyboards and they all have the same problem03:54
WindowsSuxhey how do i get ie 7 on my ubuntu box, just so i can show the guys at work03:54
offipsosfears: check under your preferences / appearance / Visual effects03:54
ussersfears: try out compiz --replace if  u have 3d driver installaed03:54
sfirerobotoworks: I've had very good luck getting them to work with ndiswrapper03:55
BoratHello, can someone help me set up mpd,? im trying, but in sonata, there is no music appearing....03:55
sfears3d driver?03:55
VovkWindowsSux, IE 7 is only for windows (assuming you're talking about internet explorer) firefox is superior anyway03:55
robotoworksWill ndiswrapper do the trick or is it only part of it?03:55
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: there are multiple possibilities for why, but you probably have more than one nic installed and your interfaces set up improperly somehow, dhclient will ask the network for an ip for whatever interface you specify03:55
sfirerobotoworks: it will do the trick.. I have to use that for my laptops wireless card03:55
offipsoIs evolution really worthwhile? anyone use it over gmail's web interface? I'm debating trying it again03:56
john__how can I add a menu item to the context menu in nautilus (right click on file)?03:56
Vovkbarring that, I have gotten IE 5 to work in wine... but it's even worse than usual and it's really alot of hassle03:56
robotoworksThanx, I g2g now03:56
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: another useful command you can try is man ifconfig, it will give you information on that command03:56
RMXPjohn_  just asked what I was going to ask... heh.03:57
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: and man will work for any command03:57
sfearsusing ubuntu studio, i don't have appearance under prefs. any idea what else it might be under03:57
kalp0mancan someone tell me what port I need to forward in my router for x-chat to work?03:57
jonny5How do you reverse incoming messages so the newest messages appear at the top of Xchat??????????03:58
royyea how?03:58
jonny5lol no clue03:58
bmt2hello to all03:58
bmt2how can i tel what "/dev" my cdrom is using ?03:58
Vovksfears: try themes?03:58
offipsoThunderbird or Evolution?03:59
crdlbsfears: on feisty, compiz isn't as integrated03:59
robotoworksDo I have to install ndiswrapper 1.8 or is it preinstalled?03:59
crdlbas it is in gutsy03:59
sfearsi'm upgrading to feisty as we speak03:59
Vovkthat's true, all the settings on feisty are spread around the menus.03:59
sfearsmabey it'll show up after restart03:59
crdlbsfears: to feisty or from feisty?03:59
sfearsto feisty.. i think03:59
bmt2how can i tell what "/dev" my cdrom is using ?04:00
=== Tux_ is now known as chippas
Vovklol - if I were you, I would just backup all my files and do a clean upgrade to Gutsy04:00
sfearsdistro upgrade 7.1004:00
crdlbthat's gutsy04:00
Vovkthat's gutsy04:00
Vovkjynx :)04:00
PokerFacePenguinmorgan: you can also type cat /etc/network/interfaces to see how you are set up to load at boot, do a google on this standard file for detailed info04:00
WindowsSuxso i have ie 6 working for ubuntu, how do i get ie 7, anyone please?04:00
Borat.Can someone help me work mpd?04:00
offipsoWhy do you want IE to work in linux, if I might ask?04:00
sfearsohh.. well, guess i'll see what happens after restart04:00
VovkWindowsSux... why are you determined to do IE?04:00
bruenigBorat, what is the problem04:00
helpyhelpertonyeah forget IE04:00
WindowsSuxto test html code at work04:00
jonny5How to you make new messages flow down instead of up on xchat???????????????????????????????????????????04:01
Vovkhmm... does't html work for any web browser?04:01
Vovkmost web browsers?04:01
helpyhelperton... we web designers should really stop catering to the IE regime!04:01
WindowsSuxi hate ie, i just do html , i need to test it with the BLUE  E04:01
RMXPYou're right...04:01
Borat<bruenig> i have installed it, and ln -s04:01
RMXPWe should. -_-04:01
jonny5How to you make new messages flow down instead of up on xchat???????????????????????????????????????????04:01
Borat<bruenig> and done sudo mpd, but when i open up sonata, i dont know how to connect04:02
RMXPIE should burn...04:02
robotoworksHoe do I install ndiswrapper 1.8?04:02
greg-gjonny5: only ask your questions once please04:02
WindowsSuxyea but 90 percent of business's use ie 604:02
crdlbjonny5: please stop repeating, but it's probably not possible04:02
bruenigBorat, did you setup the mpd configuration file?04:02
ghost_okay, moronic question, but I"m hoping someone could help me: Does anyone know how to find out which version of ubuntu you're running in terms of 32 or 64 bit? I can't remember which i installed on this computer and I'm trying to find out:(04:02
Borat<bruenig> no, where is that?04:02
helpyhelpertonyeah but 90 percent of businesses are wrong04:02
crdlbghost_: dpkg --print-architecture04:02
WindowsSuxi had to fight at my job to get firefox pushed for the end user04:02
offipsoAH, I have a question. Does anyone else have a gdesklet icon that disappears in the notify bar and never comes back? I've done gdeskelts configure, too04:02
knifepointhmm the newest update just broke my compiz I saw the restricted drivers being updated do you know if they added the fglrx drivers to restricted drivers?04:02
ghost_crdlb: thanks so much04:02
robotoworksHow do I install ndiswrapper 1.8?04:03
RMXPAnyway, does anyone here know how to edit the right-click context menus?04:03
bruenigBorat, I imagine /etc/mpd.conf04:03
WindowsSuxso does any one know how to install ie 7?04:03
sfearsafter the updates are fetched i can disconnect and it will continue to install right?04:03
RMXPI can't even get IE6 working... -_-04:03
Burlynnrobotoworks: ndiswrapper is in the repos04:03
offipsoRMXP, I'm just guessing, but try gconf-editor and look for Nautilus in there04:03
kirikahey guys my borders on my spplication are there so now i can only run 1 app at a time i cant minimize anything either it only does this on this account i dont really want to use the root account04:03
RMXPOkay, thanks.04:03
robotoworksWhat do you mean repos?04:03
Vovkrobowroks: if you have the tar.gz file, look into the readme- it's in there04:04
sainzeo_WindowsSux: you should be able to use a virtual machine and install IE7 in that04:04
Vovkit's also in the repositories04:04
Burlynnrobotoworks: the repositories, via synaptic04:04
robotoworkstar. huh? Im so confused04:04
Vovkalright... let's explain this04:04
tritiumbruenig: I hate myself for the mess I've made!04:04
antmenjcould it be:  sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper04:04
bruenigtritium, not a big deal04:04
Vovkthere are a few ways to install things in ubuntu - you can get .deb files, .tar.gz files, or the repositories04:04
Boratbruenig, what do i do from there?04:04
blackvdhaving a small prob here. added http://hendrik.kaju.pri.ee/ubuntu thirdparty sources but I still cant find screenlets when searching? running gutsy.04:04
bruenigBorat, open that file with a text editor and go to town04:05
Vovkthe repos are by far the easiest way, just type "sudo apt-get install xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" where the x is the name of your program04:05
bruenigBorat, it is all well commented, just read it and change stuff as appropriate04:05
Vovk.deb files work like windows .exe files. download and run them04:05
tritiumVovk: not exactly04:05
Vovk.tar.gz files have instructions to install them inside of them. just look for something like a readme04:05
WindowsSuxr u there?04:06
sainzeo_WindowsSux: yes04:06
Vovktritium: just an overview... it's not exact, but it was faster to type04:06
robotoworksHuh, as soon as I enter synaptic it automatically quits04:06
tritiumVovk: that's cool.  I agree.04:06
=== HeadGreebo is now known as Greebo||away
WindowsSuxso do u think i should download it from microsoft or what?, i hate this but im trying not to use xp or vista ever again yet i have to use ie  7 , to test my .css,html ect....04:07
Evanlec_anyone know how i can get a gui application to launch while im connected via ssh04:07
Vovkmake sure you don't have Add/Remove programs up04:07
Vovkor the update manager04:07
BurlynnEvanlec_: ssh -X?04:07
robotoworksSomeone who can really help and wouldnt mind would you mind going to:  www.robotoworks.prosoftstudio.com  ?04:07
sainzeo_WindowsSux: well, if you use a VirtualMachine, it will be like a virtual Windows therefore allowing you to run IE, but, if you just want IE there might be a way to do it through wine04:07
sainzeo_WindowsSux: do you need IE6 or IE7?04:08
RMXPWindowsSux: You should just stop supporting IE users.04:08
Evanlec_Burlynn: i dont want it to run here, i want it to run on the remote machine im connected to (my ubuntu box)04:08
WindowsSuxie 704:08
WindowsSuxi have to use ie 7, for my job04:08
DerangedDingoWindowsSux: wine iexplore04:08
sfearsis a wireless network card a pci device?04:08
Evanlec_Burlynn: im on a windows machine rite now04:08
WindowsSuxrmxp, i agree04:08
blackvdok I'm lost here? this should be simple enough. what repo do you guys use to get screenlets with?04:08
helpyhelpertonWindowsSux: It sux having to cater to the moronic breast fed businesses eh?04:08
WindowsSuxi just need $04:08
Evanlec_sfears: usually04:08
crdlbEvanlec_: so use vnc?04:08
RMXPGood way of putting it.04:08
DerangedDingoi think that's what it is. it doesn't use IE's engine though04:08
Evanlec_crdlb: i cant seem to get vnc working...04:09
BurlynnEvanlec_: vnc then, or i dunno if windows has a freenx client04:09
DerangedDingoWindowsSux: it might format it like IE though. i dunno04:09
offipsoIsn't the whole point of Linux and open source software choice? If we didnt' support IE, wouldn't we be doing the same thing that business used to do , which is only support IE and not Firefox?04:09
offipsowe'd be no better.04:09
=== Q_Continuum is now known as Q_Contoxicated
Evanlec_Burlynn: windows does have a freenx client, but where's the freenx for gutsy?04:09
robotoworkswww.robotoworks.prosoftstudio.com/forum  please go there if you can hep me04:09
sfearsndiswrapper install directions give two choices pci or usb.. i guess i'd configure using pci then right?04:09
sainzeo_WindowsSux: this link may help you out: http://webexpose.org/2007/01/07/internet-explorer-7-on-linux/04:09
DerangedDingoEvanlec_: what do you need help with in VNC?04:09
WindowsSuxyes, i work in the corporate world in TEXAS they all use ie 6 and 7, firefox is forbidden, they think that Internet Explorer is the INTERNET, its funny04:09
helpyhelpertonEvanlec_: sorry if Im jumpin in, I have no clue where you left off.. umm does the machine you are trying to access have the server running04:09
helpyhelpertonsfears: what type of card do you have04:10
Evanlec_helpyhelperton: which server? it has a vnc server running, and port forwarded..try connecting from ehre with tightVNC and timeout04:10
sfearslinksys wpc300n04:10
Geekomancer1Jordan_U: Thanks for the help04:10
Borat<bruenig> i have done all of this, and it is telling me that i am not connected, is it possible for host i just put, localhost?04:10
helpyhelpertonWindowsSux: Oh wow Texas.. yeah that 'll do it all right04:10
sfearsmabey on this 7.10 upgrade drivers will be there????04:10
RMXPUm... isn't that just about everywhere?04:10
sfearsi won't need to use ndiswrapper.. that'd be tha shit04:10
helpyhelpertonsfears: Im not sure, I'd give it a try though04:11
Evanlec_can anyone link me to freenx server for gutsy?04:11
ubotuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX04:12
sykehi! I've noticed that my wireless with WPA2 is much slower in linux than when booted into windows. It's a bcm43xx card. I have noticed in that the "Rx invalid crypt" number in iwconfig goes up by one every few seconds, which may be related. how do I fix this?04:12
BsdGangsterwhy does Ubuntu seem to be like Debian-BETA?04:12
morganis iTunes possible in Ubuntu?04:12
BurlynnEvanlec_: get the deb off the net. google for it. there's all kinds of tutorials for freenx on gutsy04:12
CrevilOI need help creating a bridge for VirtualBox, my XP client isn't getting DHCP.04:12
helpyhelpertonEvanlec_ hmm what about uh ssh?04:12
sfearsthis switch to linux has been far from smooth... lots of things i can't get to work right, and i'm rarely hardwired to the net.. it's been a pain in the ass04:12
Evanlec_helpyhelperton: im on ssh, but i wanna get Deluge started so it continues my downloads while im here at work04:12
tonyyarussomorgan: It _might_ be possible with Wine, but I haven't succeeded yet.04:12
morganthats what i was afraid of04:12
Evanlec_helpyhelperton: but it gives me "no x display found"04:12
PokerFacePenguinsyke: try using regular old wpa, your wireless card might not support version 2 under linux04:12
tonyyarussomorgan: looking to play, or buy?04:13
helpyhelpertonsfears: Yeah I dpn't blame you, I stil dual boot and when I don't have to dive into things, I just go the easy way and use winblows04:13
blahblahxwhy does ubiquity install open office?04:13
tonyyarussoblahblahx: why wouldn't it?04:13
sfearsi downlaod ndiswrapper & don't have build-essential, i get build-essential & don't have header files for the make install... one thing after another04:13
blahblahxbecause my custom livecd didnt have it installed tonyyarusso04:13
kirikamy borders disappeared on all apps does anyone know how i can get them back04:13
helpyhelpertonEvanlec_ yeah I never used ssh with X, so I'm the wrong guy to ask for that... although I have had success with vnc04:13
morgannot sure, I am installing Ubuntu on a laptop for a co-worker, she really wants itunes, I guess she would be purchasing, playing and synching04:14
WindowsSuxcan i use wine to install my wireless driver?04:14
Burlynnsfears: you dont need to compile ndiswrapper, its in the repositories04:14
sfearsyeah.. now that i figred that out i'm in the middle of installing 7.1004:14
WindowsSuxcan i use wine to install my wireless driver?04:14
sfearsand by the time that finishes i won't have my hard wired connection anymore04:14
sykepokerface: it does work, it's just a bit slower04:14
sfearsso it'll be another week untill i can apt-get04:14
robotoworkswww.robotoworks.prosoftstudio.com/forum please I need major help!04:14
helpyhelpertonWindowsSux: Im thinking no04:15
sainzeo_WindowsSux: did that link help you out?04:15
VovkWindowsSux: probably not04:15
Vovkalthough there are open source drivers for almost everything04:15
Vovkyour best bet is to try to get a new wireless router, this time making sure that it is compatible with linux04:16
PokerFacePenguinsyke: but it is complaining of invalid crypts, which leads me to believe that you might need to back it down from wpa2 to test the issue04:16
helpyhelpertonWindowsSux: although it seems that the wireless support is getting better. I actually was able to get mine working with the new upgrade, I just had to tweak with the settings to be able to conncet properly04:16
bruenigall routers should be compatible with linux04:16
bruenigrouters have their own OS04:16
sykepokerface: it's one invalid crypt every 10 seconds or so04:16
sykeI'm still getting about 18k/sec via HTTP04:16
WindowsSuxyes thanks so much, u rule!!04:16
davubunt1Hi guys, I am having trouble trying to upgrade to gutsy from feisty because my cddrive doesn't seem to be detecting my gutsy CD. Can someone help me please?04:16
sykebut I get 50k/sec in windows04:16
Vovkone more thing I've learned... still, some wireless drivers do not work so well with linux04:16
sainzeo_WindowsSux: haha, good luck with it!04:17
sandaru1davubunt1: did you download alternative install CD?04:17
johnsmith2If I want to set permissions on a device at boot time is it correct to add 'KERNEL=="video[0-9]", MODE="0666"' to the /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules file?04:17
davubunt1no what;s the alternative CD04:17
johnsmith2or is there an easier way?04:17
robotoworksSo can someone help me, please go to my site its less crowded there04:17
helpyhelpertondavubunt1: Do you know if the CD was burned as a bootable .ISO rather thanthe iso as a file?04:17
jonny5Anyone new to Ubuntu, and want to talk in a private chat????????04:17
WindowsSuxi cant get my wireless to work, i got a dell latitude d420, the new super slim, one, and yet i have to use my old linksys wireless b card, it sux!!04:17
sandaru1davubunt1: you can't use normal live CD to upgrade.04:18
Vovkit is a text based installer for ubuntu... but it sounds like there's a problem with your cd drive mounting04:18
davubunt1Okay first04:18
WindowsSuxfedora 8, recognized it04:18
kaedavubunt1: you can't use normal live CD to upgrade. <- i didn't know that :O04:18
davubunt1I burned it using Gutsy04:18
WindowsSuxfedora 8 rocks, ubuntu is still cleaner lookin04:18
Burlynnyou cant upgrade via CD without the alternative CD04:18
Vovkdavubunt1: can you actually see any CDs when you put them into the disk drive?04:18
sfireWindowsSux: ndiswrapper is your friend04:18
davubunt12nd I can install gutsy over the top of feisty using the liveCD04:18
sfireuse that and almost any wireless card will work04:18
davubunt1I'm sure of that04:19
sandaru1kae: normal live cd only supports installation. in fact, it have the file system compressed not packages04:19
WindowsSuxhow do i run xp in a window on my ubuntu box?04:19
kaeoh, got it :)04:19
sfiredavubunt1: don't do it.. gutsy sucks.. feisty is much better (IMHO)04:19
davubunt1Whatever... you are missing the point. The disk isn't being detected04:19
VovkI'm not very good at networking/webdesign/anything else web-related... yet.   can someone tell me what ndswrapper does?04:19
Burlynndavubunt1: its going to try and format whatever partition you install it on04:19
sainzeo_WindowsSux: you can do a virtual machine (www.virtualbox.org) or you could VNC into a different windows machine04:19
davubunt1Well I've used both and I like gutsy much better04:19
helpyhelpertonWindowsSux: VMWARE04:19
sandaru1davubunt1: do you want to upgrade keeping old settings or do a reinstall erasing feisty?04:19
robotoworksI dont know how to get ndiswrapper or use it, please come to www.robotoworks.prosoftstudio.com/forum to help me out please!04:20
davubunt1That's fine I have a seperate /home and /04:20
helpyhelpertonsainzo_: ok your answer is better.. but yeah any virtualization software04:20
floresc8Hi, I asked this question yesterday with no answer: I am trying to connect to a PEAP network using Gutsy.  Does anyone have a solution?04:20
WindowsSuxcan i install vmware on ubuntu?04:20
kaegood to read that, next time i'll get the alternatives to save download time...04:20
davubunt1reinstall... but that's beside the point the computer isn't detecting the cd or any cd04:20
sfirerobotoworks: how about reading the link I gave you04:20
BurlynnWindowsSux: yes04:20
sfirerobotoworks: you haven't had nearly enough time to read it and try it04:20
sainzeo_WindowsSux: yes, you may wanna try VirtualBox though first as it has a cool "Slipstream" function04:20
PokerFacePenguinsyke: read http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-353598.html and check out the comments from jml, may be a similiar issue04:20
Vovkdavubunt1: easiest way, do a full install of ubuntu gutsy, keep your /home partition and wipe the / partition to create a new one04:20
sykepokerface: will read it -- thanks! :04:21
Burlynndavubunt1: it wont boot it or wont detect it when an OS is running?04:21
robotoworksI tried reading it, but it is above my undertstanding of Ubuntu and computers04:21
davubunt1Vovk/: Thanks. I know that already. That is my plan. The problem is the disk is being detected by my machine04:21
robotoworksPlease go to my site so we cvan talk without distraction04:21
davubunt1N either04:21
helpyhelpertonWindowsSux: Yes although I was having trouble the other day when I tried I suggest finding a deb and installing rather than using the repo for vmware04:21
helpyhelpertonsainzo_: what is slipstream?04:21
kaeoh, when i tried to install vmware, ubuntu accused that it coudn't install it in my machine, but i already istalled vmware in other distros, how should i proceed?04:21
davubunt1Burlynn: I try to boot from it and that doesn't work and I have checked boot order in the bios04:21
PokerFacePenguinsyke: not sure about your supplicant file, but it might get you headed in the right directions04:22
davubunt1I also put the disk in and normally nautilus would mount the disk and open a window04:22
sainzeo_helpyhelperton: it will allow you to run the virtual machine without the window so that it appears like its directly on the desktop04:22
davubunt1but that isn't happening04:22
sandaru1davubunt1: may be you burned it in a high speed.. try a lower speed04:22
Burlynndavubunt1: bad iso? bad disk?04:22
davubunt1It opens fine on my opther machine04:22
helpyhelpertonsainzo_: oh ok i have seen that function on a youtube compiz video04:22
davubunt1The one I burnt it with04:22
davubunt1Could that still be the burn speed04:23
tw73hello, can anyone answer me how to install software updates locally, i have 100+ users so i want to download updates on one server and then others install from that server. Please help me!04:23
Vovkdavubunt1: some machines can't read disks that are burned too fast. use a very slow setting04:23
sainzeo_helpyhelperton: its also possible with vmware, but you need to use another program and do all this other nonsense haha04:23
kaehow do i install virtualbox? apt?04:23
sandaru1davubunt1: yes, it should read properly in the burner.04:23
sainzeo_kae: if you use apt, it will install the opensource version which doesn't have all the features04:23
Vovkjust do Add/Remove programs kae :) it's very easy for common things like that04:24
sainzeo_kae: otherwise, you can download a DEB straight from their website04:24
Burlynndavubunt1: does the computer's drive your having trouble running it on support the kind of disk it is burned on?04:24
floresc8Does anyone know how to get PEAP using MSCHAPv2 on Gutsy for 802.1x wireless?04:24
helpyhelpertondavubunt1: Some people have had problems with certain disk brands too.. I'd make sure the cd is bootable, check the hash also...04:24
Vovkor, follow sainzeo_'s advice... it's better04:24
kaeand how do i get all the features? a paid version?04:24
davubunt1Hnag on it doesn't matter I tried other CDs and DVDs in this drive too and they aren't working04:24
tw73hello, can anyone answer me how to install software updates locally, i have 100+ users so i want to download updates on one server and then others install from that server. Please help me!04:24
sainzeo_kae: no, its still free, just closed source04:24
davubunt1It's the drive not the disk(s)04:24
sandaru1tw73: there are some solutions like apt-proxy.. but i'm not familiar with those. I can suggest you a workaround04:24
IsaqueFDthe modem "vostro1000" has working in Ubuntu 7.10?04:24
kaeyou guys rock, thank you for your help :D04:24
sainzeo_kae: anytime - goodluck!04:25
tw73sandaru1: thanks04:25
floresc8I have tried to to find any information on it, but none of the suggestions are working.04:25
sandaru1tw73: upgrade one computer. then, copy /var/cache/apt/archives to each computer and do a upgrade04:25
jerrynewt    /msg nickserv set email <your-email-address>04:26
tw73sandaru1 : i'll try it, thanks!04:26
helpyhelpertonsainzo_: virtualbox: Can you install new OS or is it just a virtual player?04:26
sainzeo_helpyhelperton: you can install a new OS04:26
sainzeo_helpyhelperton: you need the CD or ISO of the OS though of course04:27
helpyhelpertonsainzo_: and virtualbox is free?04:27
Vovkdoes anyone know how I can change the colour of the "burn" animation in Compiz-Fusion?  Beryl set all fire the same color (user choice) but the compiz-fusion burn animation only seems to be fire coloured. I'd like it to be a very dark reddish black04:27
sainzeo_helpyhelperton: yes sir04:27
the_nakaiihello room04:27
CochiseIRLhello the_nakaii04:27
Jordan_U_helpyhelperton, Yes, and there is a fully open source version and a version with extra proprietary features ( also free as in Beer )04:27
VovkI have set the color of the "paint fire" option to the shade that I would like... but not the burn animation for opening and closing windows04:27
the_nakaiii am a newbie to linux04:27
helpyhelpertonsainzo_: well thats better cause vmware server cost some clamshells... is the emulation pretty decent?04:27
Vovkthe_nakaii: I hope you like it :D04:28
WindowsSuxwjat is slip stream?04:28
the_nakaiii run a mac machine04:28
sainzeo_helpyhelperton: vmware server is actually free now as well - i believe virtualbox is much faster than vmware though04:28
WindowsSuxwhat is slipstream?04:28
CochiseIRLhelpyhelperton, virtualbox is great, really fast04:28
scguy318WindowsSux: when you integrate service packs and patches onto a Windows installation CD04:28
kaei didn't know it went free...04:28
kaethat's great news...04:28
the_nakaiiUbuntu 7.04 is the distro I have installed04:29
sykepokerface: yea, these people all had issues connecting at all. I have connectivity -- I'm chatting on it right now :)04:29
scguy318WindowSux: if that's not the context you were interested, then clarify04:29
sainzeo_kae: yeah, you're just required to register in order to get a serial - but no money04:29
helpyhelpertonJordan_U: Thanks ... I think we should clone your DNA..and then inject your smart cells into the population04:29
cleit0nhi anyone know, how i do to syncrozid 2 directorys?04:29
kaegreat :]04:29
LineOf7sI share my broadband connection with many others.  I wish to 'throttle' my connection so when I download, I don't steal all the bandwidth (and generate all the whining).  How might I got about doing that?  (Gutsy)04:29
helpyhelpertonsainzeo_: I though that was just for the player04:29
floresc8Can anyone help with setting up PEAP for wireless?04:29
the_nakaiiI have a powermac G4 desktop04:29
Vovkthe_nakaii: please don't use the "enter" key as punctuation, it makes it hard for us to read/solve your problem04:29
sykeI just get these intermittent invalid cryptos and downloads are little slower than in win200304:29
sandaru1cleit0n: between two computers?04:30
sainzeo_helpyhelperton: vmware server? no, vmware server is now free, and has been for a bit now04:30
the_nakaiiI can't get OSX to install so I am trying out Linux04:30
helpyhelpertonsainzeo_: Cool, well I will give virtualbox a run, had problems with vmware on ubuntu, I guess a known bug of some kind.04:30
sainzeo_helpyhelperton: sounds good - i'm sure you'll enjoy virtualbox much better anywhoo04:30
cleit0nsandaru1: no same HD..04:31
Jordan_U_Does the Ubuntu DVD image contain all of main and restricted?04:31
floresc8Or at least point me in the right direction for setting up PEAP04:31
helpyhelpertonCochiseIRL: sweet04:31
sandaru1cleit0n: use symlinks04:31
the_nakaiioh okay guess i'm new to irc too04:31
VovkJordan_U_: main and restricted what? repositories? yes. you have to enable them yourself though04:31
kaehey guys, i don't know if my processor is 64 bit capable, how can i know that?04:32
CochiseIRLhelpyhelperton, there is a virtualbox repo for ubuntu too so it'll auto update to the newest visit there site and you'll get instructions for adding it04:32
helpyhelpertonJordan_U: Wait a minute.. you don't know everything??04:32
the_nakaiii didn't know that the use of the enter key was a no-no04:32
CochiseIRLkae, whats the processor?04:32
sandaru1cleit0n: then there will be one directory but two paths to access it04:32
cleit0nsandaru1: i will try tkx04:32
helpyhelpertonCochiseIRL: I'll have to do that once I reboot, somehow I ended up in XP on last reboot04:32
kaeintel core2duo e214004:32
sandaru1cleit0n: ln -s /path/old /path/new04:32
helpyhelpertonCONSPIRACY I TELL U04:32
Jordan_U_floresc8, Not sure if there is an easier way but check out http://www.oreillynet.com/etel/blog/2004/03/peap_support_on_linux_with_xsu.html04:32
RAdams88% of my memory is being used by programs, but I cannot see why... gnome-system-monitor shows no intensive processes...04:32
Vovkthe_nakaii: lol, it's not a no-no... it's just that now your one question is spread throughout all the messages :) just trying to make it easier for us to help you04:33
CochiseIRLkae, i think it is04:33
cleit0nsandaru1: no, i need real files04:33
kaehaha, i didn't know that, i always run 32bit things...04:33
dxdt if using gutsy, will installing the package kde4base-dev get you the latest beta of KDE 4 or just the beta that was around when gutsy was released?04:33
kaei'll get a 64bit version of ubuntu and test it here then04:33
helpyhelpertonHey is anyone using E in gutsy?04:33
gotamaHi! Is there anything like "English language grammar checker" in Ubuntu?04:34
CochiseIRLkae, i have a 64-bit processor, an amd and i always run 32-bit04:34
the_nakaiiMy mac G4 runs a 400MHz single processor and has a full gig of RAM04:34
Vovkhelpyhelperton: I did a while ago, but I didn't like it as much as gnome... why?04:34
helpyhelperton<-- 64-bit processor running 32-bit04:34
CochiseIRLhelpyhelperton, i used, i liked it alot but since i installed gutsy i just stuck with gnome04:34
sandaru1cleit0n: there will be some proper sync solutions for that then. i'm not familiar with those. however, you'll be able to use a cron job and do a workaround04:34
helpyhelpertonVovk: Just wanted to check it out at some point, see what others thought, I have heard it looks alot better?04:34
kaeoh, but wouldn't it be better if we installed a 64bit version?04:34
PokerFacePenguin<--- quad core/4gigs ram on order04:34
helpyhelpertonkae: in theory but no04:35
floresc8Jordan_U_: thats some old stuff, does it still apply to gutsy?04:35
CochiseIRLkae, yeah but java, flash and wine have issues on x6404:35
Jordan_U_floresc8, I don't know, sorry04:35
kaei think i'll stay 32bit so :P04:35
Vovkhelpyhelperton: I can see why others would like it alot. in my opinion, it is not as shiney as Compiz... but it's worth trying out. make sure to get E17 if you want the eyecandy04:35
helpyhelpertonkae: Yah I tried the 64-bit route in edgy... big mistake04:35
kae<helpyhelperton> Hey is anyone using E in gutsy? <- E is for enlightenment?04:35
Vovkkae: yes04:35
CochiseIRLkae, yup04:35
the_nakaiifor some reason i can't upgrade to Gutsy Gibbon and make it boot after the upgrade install. won't even run as a livecd I've tried that too04:36
kaei didn't tried to install in gutsy yet...04:36
RAdamsCan anyone help me figure out why 88% of my memory is in use when it shouldn'04:36
RAdamst be?04:36
mattgi have a centrino duo x64 laptop, but i only run x86 version os' on it04:36
helpyhelpertonVovk: Im thinking maybe I'll get virtual box running and try it in a virtual environment first.. compiz fusion is doing me justice in gnome right now04:36
floresc8Jordan_U_:ok, well I'll give it a try, thank you!04:36
helpyhelpertonkae: Yes04:36
Vovkhelpyhelperton: there is really no need, they can run side by side and you can switch them by logging out and logging back in.04:36
Jordan_U_floresc8, Not really a tutorial but this might be a usefull reference: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/knetworkmanager/+bug/10732104:37
the_nakaiiI even went to the trouble to find the PPC versions of Ubuntu04:37
helpyhelpertonkae: E is for enlightenment04:37
* BunneH- moos loudly04:37
Jordan_U_the_nakaii, What model Mac do you have?04:37
Vandaliteanyone know why the ubuntu livecd locks up during its boot? trying to use it on an ibm thinkpad a22e.04:37
PokerFacePenguinhelpyhelperton: i got compiz fusion installed with gnome on a old p4 2.something ghz laptop 128m graphics card, does great04:37
Vovkhelpyhelperton: in fact, you can install it, and only use it when you feel like it, using compiz for the rest of the time04:37
DShepherdhello all04:37
kaei love enlightenment, but it was so complicated to get it (e17) installed04:37
VovkDShepherd: hello04:37
kaeand it took many hours...04:38
sivikkae: there is this nice little easy_e17.sh that makes it simple04:38
helpyhelpertonPokerfacePenguin: Yah I was surprised at how well it runs on older gfx cards myself04:38
kaeyeah, i used that script :P04:38
Vovki had the same kind of ordeal04:38
Vovkbut i was glad I tried it04:38
the_nakaiiI have an AGP Graphics tower04:38
CochiseIRLkae, try out gOS its based on ubuntu and enlightment04:38
helpyhelperton<-- shamed of his AGP card as well04:38
davubunt1Okay so I just tried burning the disk again at the lowest speed possible and it's still not appearing when I put the disk in while booted into feisty. Can someone please help me troubleshoot this CDROM not working problem?04:38
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kaegOS, is it a distro?04:39
Vovkoh yeah, I saw that... you had the enlightenment window manager running under gnome DE04:39
Vovkyes it is kae04:39
CochiseIRLkae, yup04:39
helpyhelpertonkae: yes it is a distro very new04:39
Dr_WillisIve had some issues with gOS live cd's on several of my machines. :(  - when it did work . it looked 'useable' :)04:39
Vovkbased on ubuntu04:39
kaegreat, i'll try it :]04:39
floresc8Jordan_U_: yeah I read that whole thing yesterday, I did change wpa_supplicant.conf to reflect what works on windows and mac, but still no go with that setup04:39
Jordan_U_kae, It's the distro being used in the Walmart PC's04:39
kaei wanted to get the elive cd, but it has to donate and i have no way to pay them :s04:39
Vovkeew... wallmart lol04:39
CochiseIRLkae, best bet is to try it out in virtualbox04:39
helpyhelpertonThey dont even have their website up yet, but they have attracted alot of attention04:39
PokerFacePenguinhelpyhelperton: i never fooled with it cuz i always thought it was above my hardware, quite surprising.  haven't tried it with kde yet, thats next :)04:40
PokerFacePenguinhelpyhelperton: or maybe something lighter even04:40
ThecksI tried elive, it was OK but so lacking04:40
CochiseIRLits not a bad distro for first offering and its nice and simple. fluxbuntu is pretty good too04:40
Vovkactually, I find E to be very light, it uses 2D effects instead of the 3D composting effects of compiz04:40
davubunt1Okay that's great everyone jumps in with advice and then no one responds when it's clear the advice didn't work04:40
Theckskae: If you want it, pop into the channel and message the owner he will give you a direct link if he is feeling kind :p04:41
the_nakaiiThis Mac is eight years old and still runs faster than my wifes brandnew HP04:41
kaewoah, that's very kind :)04:41
sfiredavubunt1: bad downloaded data04:41
helpyhelpertonPokerFacePenguin: I was messing with beryl for a while before compiz fusion and I never had trouble with it.. Im kinda sad they lost the name Beryl though because I found a street called Beryl and I felt oh so special04:41
cens0red`define faster04:41
sfiredavubunt1: that is a classic example of why FTP sucks04:41
Vovkthe_nakaii: have you tried this? http://forums.macrumors.com/archive/index.php/t-148617.html04:41
kaethank you very much, guys...04:41
robotoworkssfire are you there?04:42
davubunt1sfire: okay first of all the disk works in my other machine04:42
Vandalitei've got an issue with trying to boot the ubuntu livecd (version 7.10) on a thinkpad 122e. when going text-only install, it displays a line like this (mind the spelling):04:42
Vandaliteacpi: pci interupt 0000:00:003.11[a] ->link [lnkc] ->gsi 11 (level low) ->irq 1104:42
sfirerobotoworks: yes.. the link took me away from your site04:42
Vandaliteand then it just stops, and sits there.04:42
Vovkhere are some more linux for installing mac on ubuntu http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&client=firefox-a&rls=com.ubuntu%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=IoB&q=ubuntu+install+mac&btnG=Search04:42
helpyhelpertondavubunt1: is it possible to find another brand of cd to try?04:42
davubunt1sfire: second I have tried other disks in this drive and the drive no longer works04:42
kaediscovering linux was was the second best thing i've ever discovered after losing virginity...04:42
CochiseIRLkae, haha04:43
helpyhelpertondavubunt1: OIC...04:43
davubunt1helpyhelperton: I have tried DVDs in this drive too04:43
sketchylaptopyou discovered how to lose virginity? oh please, tell us the secret!04:43
tritiumkae: keep it family-friendly, please (and work-safe)04:43
Vovkbwahaha... going on bash04:43
CochiseIRLkae, to get the iso of gOS by the way you have to use torrents04:43
davubunt1helpyhelperton: you'll have to lert me in on your secret code... OIC?04:43
helpyhelpertondavubunt1: hmm well if the drive no longer plays ANY cd at all...04:43
kaethat's no problem :]04:43
cens0red`kae: losing my virginity was the worst sexual experience of my life.  my first attempt at instlaling linux (gentoo CLI) was the worst install of anything in my life.  simile++04:43
helpyhelpertondavbunt1: OIC = Oh I See04:43
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=== Apap is now known as Apan
the_nakaiidDAVUbuntu1 I use IsoRecorder in my wifes HP running XP tho you can get a version for Vista You can set IsoRecorder burn speed to !X04:44
davubunt1It plays one DVD I have but not another04:44
sketchylaptopmy worst experience was the time i shot on my shirt jacking off. ubuntu 5.10 installed right the first time04:44
davubunt1I have tried multiple CDs differnt brands and they are not coming up04:44
davubunt1I have tried lowest speed burn04:44
the_nakaii1x i mean04:44
=== Apan is now known as Apa
davubunt1Both disks work in my other machines but not this one04:44
cens0red`sketchylaptop: was it a black dress shirt?04:44
cens0red`<-managed that.04:45
robotoworksDoes anyone run this card on Ubuntu?   http://www.ubergizmo.com/photos/2006/11/cingular-aircard-875.jpg04:45
sketchylaptop^^close enough04:45
user_hey guys on my other account my boarders somehow disappeared and i can minimize or close apps any way i can fix this04:45
tritiumsketchylaptop, cens0red` enough of that, please04:45
=== Apa is now known as Apan
davubunt1Is it possible that it is a software problem?04:45
helpyhelpertondavubunt1: Man I don't know sounds like your drive is playing hardball04:45
Vovkuser_: are you using compiz? what version of ubuntu are you using? have you tried disabling all desktop effects?04:45
the_nakaiianyone know if 7.10 is buggy?04:45
helpyhelpertondavubunt1: It is possible sure... can you try to put another drive in to make sure it isn't the drive?04:46
DShepherdthe_nakaii, it seems to have its ups and downs04:46
Vovkthe_nakaii: it has it's bugs, but I have run into very few of them... there might be different ones for mac tho04:46
user_im actually using Xubuntu the latest version04:46
tomddavubunt1,  you're inserting a cd in your ubuntu box and the cd doesn't work, but it works in other computers? what are  the other computers it works in? is it only for data cds (burnt isos)?04:46
sainzeo_the_nakaii: i've been running 7.10 even before it was officially released and haven't had any problem, but i'm sure there are as there usually is in any OS04:46
davubunt1helpyhelperton: is your screen name ironic or satirical?04:46
davubunt1tomd: my other machine is already upgraded to gutsy04:46
davubunt1I burnt and ran the disk in my gutsy laptop and it worked04:47
tomddavubunt1: and what kind of cd are you putting in?04:47
Vovkdavubunt1: is this the new cd that you burnt at a lower speed?04:47
helpyhelpertondavubunt1: Well it was meant to be both, which is also ironic, which is also satirical... it could keep going on into infinity04:47
LotacusHey fella's anyone know how to get my laptop fan working again. I only notied it hasn't kicked in after the laptop has started to melt to my legs.04:47
davubunt1Vovk: it was burnt at the lowest speed possible 4.704:47
Dr_WillisLotacus saw a laptop the other day had lint in the fan - that kept it from running.04:48
Vovkdavubunt1: strange... and you're sure your bios support it?04:48
helpyhelpertondavubunt1: I was asking if you could take a drive from another computer and put it into the one with the problem and see if that drive would boot it04:48
the_nakaiiI used the mac version of 7.10 both as a burnt livecd and as an upgrade from a new install of 7.04. it won't even boot the live cd and the upgrade wont boot after install tho 7.04 runs just great! Go figure!04:48
davubunt1tomd: if you mean the brand it's a maxwell. But I tried an imation and that isn't working either04:48
tomddavbuntu1: also, try doing this dd if=/dev/yourdrive of=file to see if you can read from the drive?, also, are you sure you have proper permissions to the drive?04:48
tomddav: i mean is it like data or audio04:48
davubunt1helpyhelperton: it's a laptop... no04:48
helpyhelpertonLotacus: Man my CPU fan never startsup anymore it takes about 30 seconds of being in the os for it to start.. I feel your pain... although my desktop does not sit on my lap...04:48
tomddavbuntu: you're not able to mount the drive?04:48
Lotacuswell I would have concidered that IF the laptop was kept in a dirty state, however, only rebooting fixes the problem.  I had this same problem before when my laptop stays on for an extended period of time running Ubuntu04:49
helpyhelpertondavubunt1: Oh maybe I glazed over that tiny shred of critical data...04:49
davubunt1tomd: correct... well it doesn't mount automatically like it does on the other machines04:49
the_nakaiiwhere do i go to find a workaround for 7.10?04:49
Vovkthe_nakaii: try the alternate install cd04:49
davubunt1helpyhelperton: easy to do :)04:49
tomddavubunt1: so it is a data cd, and the problem is it doesnt do it automatically? have you tried mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt ? (as root)04:50
the_nakaiihow long will ubuntu support 7.04?04:50
Vovkthe_nakaii: 200904:50
davubunt1the CD was burnt with gutsy from an iso it's a liveCD for gutsy04:50
tomddavubunt1: what is the device name of your drive?04:50
davubunt1tomd: no I haven't tried that command04:50
davubunt1tomd: I don't know04:51
fiveironanyone know if there is a way to use a firewire camera as a webcam in flash?04:51
davubunt1tomd: how do I determine that04:51
isleshocky78I'm trying to connect my Treo 700w to my Ubuntu for syncing to Evolution. I've followed all the instructions online but I've come across the problem of Ubuntu not recognizing my Treo as a usb device.04:51
kaegOS site is up :]04:51
the_nakaiiVovK thanks but what makes you think that will work? Don't misunderstand I will try it04:51
tomddavubunt1: get down with the ubuntu manual on drives man... its probably /dev/scd0 or /dev/scd1 if you're using ide-scsi or if you have a scsi drive04:51
isleshocky78When I do a lsusb it doesn't show up, when I put my thumbdrive I get something in the lsusb.  Any suggestions?04:51
helpyhelpertondavubunt1: You are trying to install Gutsy right? I just want to make sure that if that is the case you set the drive to be in the first boot order in BIOS04:51
Vovkthe_nakaii: the alternate install cd often works when the live CD doesn't... it just does ( I can't explain it )04:51
davubunt1helpyhelperton: yes I'm trying to install gutsy over feisty on a laptop. yes I checked boot order04:52
tomddavubunt1, google the mount command, read a how to on mounting cd's, or read the man page for mount.. your basic command is mount -t iso9660 /dev/yourcdrom /mnt/yourmountpoint ... where iso9660 is the fs type04:52
robotoworksI just got a Cingular Wireless Broadband card... has anyone had any luck getting it to work04:52
tomdit sounds to me like you should be able to mount it with the command04:52
Vovkthe_nakaii: for instance, i was trying to install Xubuntu on a very old dell. it would boot to the live desktop, but the installer wouldn't work. So I tried the alternate CD and it worked like a dream04:53
the_nakaiithanks VovK firing up the pc and i am off to the alternat install land! Thanks again Vovk  let u know if it works for me04:53
davubunt1tomd: do I need to do that when it mounts a DVD I have fine?04:53
Vovkthe_nakaii: yw04:53
davubunt1I have a movie DVD and it mounts and starts playing the movie straight away04:53
tomddavubunt1: if its a dvd movie, it probably will just read data.. it usually only mounts the drive when there is a filesystem you'd want to browse on it, although I might be wrong..04:54
davubunt1And if it's an iso?04:54
tomdit should probably mount the iso, youd want to use the command I showed you.04:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about show - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:54
tomdsomething about your drive in't alerting hotplug to the presence of a cd in it or whatever.. try looking at dmesg and see if there is any garbage in it04:55
davubunt1tomd: i don't understand that last bit04:56
TillUnnHello guys. I'm trying to run "show ip bgp" but system says that there's no such command& also I can't find a package with 'show' inside. What should I do?04:56
kaegOS site is up :]04:56
tomddavubunt1: just try this command:   sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom with a iso data cd in the drive.. make sure you mkdir /mnt/cdrom first04:56
kaewrong window04:56
davubunt1tomd; I tried the command sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt but it didn't work04:56
davubunt1tomd: oh... I 'll try that one04:57
tomdwhat is the output of the command when it fails in a brief form04:57
ussertomd: dump04:57
davubunt1mount: mount point /mnt/cdrom does not exist04:57
tomdmkdir /mnt/cdrom first04:57
usseroh sorry04:57
tomdsudo mkdir /mnt/cdrom  ----- actually04:57
tomdthen do it again04:57
kaewhy don't you try mounting the iso?04:58
tomdi believe thats what were doing lol04:58
kaeoh, sorry... lol04:58
Jordan_U_Does the Ubuntu DVD image contain all of main and restricted?04:58
davubunt1no medium found04:58
Vovkg'night all04:58
Jordan_U_tomd, Did it give you an error?04:58
kaegood night :]04:58
tomddavbuntu1: what does it say when you do ls -l /dev/cdrom04:58
davubunt1lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 2007-11-14 22:04 /dev/cdrom -> scd004:59
tomdtry this: sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd1 /mnt/cdrom04:59
tomdmake sure there is a cd in the drive04:59
davubunt1mount: special device /dev/scd1 does not exist04:59
tomdwell, this is your last resort before you have a real problem05:00
tomdput a cd that is known to mount on other boxes in the drive and do sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /mnt/cdrom and MAKE sure that there is an iso filesystem on it05:00
tomdif that doesn't work then maybe your drive bit the dust...05:01
Dr_WillisWell.. You dont normally use /dev/sdc1 for a cd. it would be /dev/sdc or whatever. :)  and the mountpoint MUST exist beforhand.05:01
davubunt1Do I need to do that when I put the disk in my other machine nautilus opens a window showing the filesystem of the diskl05:01
Dr_Willisor am i thinking /dev/sda that may be it.05:01
tomdDr_Willis: on his system /dev/cdrom -> /dev/scd005:01
Dr_Willisi never have figured out when/where scd comes into play05:01
tomdi assumed that since his first command failed, that maybe he had two drives and the cd was in the other... and on my system i have scd0, scd1, so i went with scd105:01
tomdi think scd is for scsi emulation05:02
davubunt1\if it's scd0 why did the command you gave me have scd1 instead05:02
tomdi think you get sda sdb etc wheny you have authentic scsi05:02
tomddavubunt1, because i assumed you had the cd in the wrong drive ;-X05:02
CochiseIRLyup since gutsy ubuntu attachs ide drives to an emulated scsi bus05:02
Dr_Willishe could do a 'eject /dev/scd1' and see if it ejects. :)05:02
davubunt1Only have one drive05:02
tomdwell, we know he doesn't have that.. so why not try it with scd005:02
tomddavubunt1, do sudo eject /dev/scd005:03
Dr_WillisMy CDrom under gutsy is hdc and /dev/cdrom -> hdc05:03
davubunt1Yep the disk popped out05:03
davubunt1so it's scd0 not scd105:03
davubunt1do I do that sommand again but change cd1 for scd005:04
tomdand you are sure that the disc has a valid iso filesystem? put in your linux install disc and do sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /mnt/cdrom05:04
tomdbecause we know that the linux disc works05:04
tomdno, you only have one device /dev/scd005:04
davubunt1Did it... no medium found05:05
tomdok.. there is a problem here.05:05
tomddavubunt1: do you have other operating ystems on the computer, that you could test the drive with?05:05
davubunt1Just feisty edubuntu05:05
aumhi - i'm using (up-to-date) feisty - can I expect any unpleasant surprises if i point my /etc/apt/sources.list at gutsy and dist-upgrade?05:05
SpragieI have a question; I am trying to set my monitor's refresh rate to one higher than one given by default in x server, I am using a NVidia driver (on Gutsy) with a dell monitor, I have tried using modeline generators but they are turning up funky results with (ie) pixel hz too high05:05
tomdyou have 2 ubuntu installs?05:05
davubunt1But I have two other machines05:05
davubunt1one with edgy and the other with gutsy05:06
eboyjrWow... no matter what people say, I like using Dreamweaver because it is roomier than gedit or nano or vi or whatever... the problem is, my MySQL server in on Ubuntu and Dreamweaver is on Windows. Can I run MySQL on both Windows and Ubuntu accessing the same databases?05:06
tomdthe problem is either a driver issue, kernel support for iso9660 filesystems, or the drive is trash05:06
tomdor, pebkac. but i hope not05:06
Ubuntupwnsaum very good question! id also like to know that one05:06
davubunt1Well I'd go with the former then because the drive plays this DVD05:07
davubunt1I have05:07
aumlast thing i want is a b0rk3n system05:07
tomddavubunt1: lsmod | grep isofs what comes up?05:07
davubunt1isofs                  36284  005:07
tomdiso filesystem support is on...05:08
SpragieI have a question; I am trying to set my monitor's refresh rate to one higher than one given by default in x server, I am using a NVidia driver (on Gutsy) with a dell monitor, I have tried using modeline generators but they are turning up funky results with (ie) pixel hz too high, according to the monitors specifications05:08
tomdbut you cant mount an iso05:08
tomdbut you can play a dvd05:08
tomdthis is very strange05:08
towlie_how do i stop the media player app from running when i insert a dvd into my dvd player05:08
davubunt1yes ... I also have an imation dvd that is a data cd which won't auto-mount either05:08
m0hello, I did apt-get install apache2, and then /etc/init.d/apache2 start, and it works fine, but I don't know where Apache2 is installed..., but i found /etc/apache2/ and the httpd.conf file is 0bytes, so can someone tell me where the original httpd.conf file is?05:09
orionrHey i need some help05:09
tomddavubunt1: are you sure these arent like dual layer dvd's that require a superdrive05:09
orionrI just installed ubuntu on my computer and it worked fine that i installed the restricted drivers for my nvidia 6800 video card and when it boots the screen says input not suported05:09
towlie_m0 do find * -name httpd.conf*05:09
robotoworksno one will really help you here05:09
noob69hello everyone05:09
davubunt1I tried doing the upgrade using the update manager and I got errors05:09
robotoworksTry #linux05:09
davubunt1I have no idea about dual layer discs05:10
towlie_how do i stop the media player app from running when i insert a dvd into my dvd player05:10
davubunt1it doiesn't say anything about that on the disc05:10
* orionr I just installed ubuntu on my computer and it worked fine then i installed the restricted drivers for my nvidia 6800 video card and when it boots the screen says input not suported05:10
noob69help i just notice i can start application 'Update Manager'05:11
noob69i cant*05:11
helpyhelpertonrobotoworks: people will help you if they know how to, but saying that no one helps here is rude man05:11
m0towlie_: yes, only /etc/apache2/httpd.conf05:11
tritiumrobotoworks: please don't scare off people looking for help05:11
m0I really don't understand where ubuntu installs apache205:11
helpyhelpertonorionr: hmm did you try and reconfigure x?05:11
Flannelm0: It installs it in the regular place; what don't you understand?05:12
Theckshelpyhelperton: I guess he thinks people who help get paid :)05:12
merovingianAbsolute Noob here dudes: Any other IM software that has Webcam capabilities? or is there an "add-on" for pidgin?05:12
tritiumm0: dpkg -L <packagename> tells you where each file in a package is located05:12
towlie_m0 so whats the problem ?05:12
tritiummerovingian: amsn, kopete, ekiga05:12
orionrhelphelperton: how do i do that? dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?05:12
m0It installed it fine, but why is the httpd.conf 0 bytes and it is working fine with php and all05:12
gatenhow would i go about removing the last 5 characters of a line? suchas 'hello12345', i want just hello left.05:12
merovingiantritium: i tried amsn, its kinda unstable and interface kinda sucky, but will try kopete and ekiga. THANKS!!! :)05:12
Flannelm0: Thats because httpd.conf isn't used.  Ubuntu uses the debian style of apache configuration05:12
tritiummerovingian: ekiga is installed by default.05:13
m0Flannel: I see, can you tell me what the debian style is05:13
towlie_Flannel, what do you mean ? apache is apache05:13
merovingiantritium: okay. hehe didnt know that...05:13
Flannelm0: serverwide things are in apache2.conf, site-specific things are in their respective /sites-available file, and module specific things are in /mods-available along with their .load files05:13
tomddavubunt1: something is very wrong, search for your drive model along with the phrase "ubuntu" and something will probably pop up.. if not, maybe file a bug or something05:13
robotoworksOKay sorry05:14
MidtronicHowdy, I just upgraded to Gutsy recently and now I'm having issues with TCP connections.  I'm fairly certain that my box is dropping things I don't want it to drop (for instance, port 22)05:14
davubunt1Do you know how I found out what the drive model number is?05:14
m0Flannel: ahh05:14
m0Flannel: thank you05:14
orionrany help?05:14
helpyhelpertonorionr: did you try to reconfigure x?05:15
davubunt1Because my problem is it is stopping me from upgrading. My problem is not that the drive doesn't work... if you get my meaning.05:15
ninnemanaexaile won't play music, can anyone help?05:15
orionrhelpyhelperton: how do i do that?05:15
tomddavubunt1: take a drive out of another machine and put it in and then put it back later or something05:15
m0Flannel: so they disabled documentroot and made virtual hosts?05:15
helpyhelpertondpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:16
davubunt1this is a laptop05:16
Flannelm0: document root is handled per virtual host.  You'll find a default site in sites-available, which has its own documentroot05:16
helpyhelpertondavubunt1: maybe try to look up by the laptop model and see if you can find any documentation on which drive model they use05:16
m0Flannel: so what is sites-enabled for? it looks exactly same as sites-available05:16
Flanneltowlie_: The apache config mentions 'debian style' of configuration and.. the other style (monolithic httpd.conf), I don't remembe what that was called exactly05:17
m0towlie_: it seems debian separated in into many files so it isn't one big file05:17
Flannelm0: the -enabled direcotries contain symlinks to the files in the -enabled directories.  To disable a site, for instance, you remove the symlink.  That way you don't have to delete the file to disbale the site/module (check the modules directory and you'll see what I mean)05:17
m0Flannel: so the symlinks should be of form  000-default ?05:18
=== hagabaka` is now known as hagabaka
Flannelm0: Doesn't really matter what you name them05:18
robotoworksIs there an IRC channel for Ubuntu themes?05:18
m0Flannel: ah, but I thought there could be only 1 site-available (which is default)05:19
xaxxonI have a box on my local network and whenever I try to ssh out from it, I get a 30 second timeout.  I haven't done anything with DNS, but I'm guessing it's a reverse lookup timeout - -but I don't know what to do about that.  first it hangs on debug1: Local version string SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.3p2 Debian-8ubuntu1 -- then it hangs on Unknown code krb5 19505:19
m0Flannel: to add more virtual hosts we just create another file?05:19
Flannelm0: However, you don't need to mess with symlinks yourself.  a2ensite a2dissite, a2enmod and a2dismod will enable/disable sites/modules, respectively05:19
noob69anyone has problem running applications 'Add/Remove...'05:19
m0Flannel: or we add to that file (default)05:19
Flannelm0: create another file in the -available, then use a2ensite to enable it05:19
towlie_m0 oh well i havent used apache in a while05:19
Flannelm0: no, there can be as many virtualhosts as you want05:19
noob69or 'update manager'05:20
helpyhelpertonrobotoworks: #cpmpiz-fusion or #compiz??05:20
m0Flannel: ah nice, so a2ensite will automatically do that for you05:20
xaxxonI get the same timeout whether I connect with the name or IP address05:20
CaT[tm]well that was highly entertaining. libc broken, libncurses gone, libc didn't wanna install, cats and dogs fighting each other all over the place...05:20
KI4IKLHow do I add things to my kernel options? I'm getting "Could not locate resource region" and then the screen goes black I read i needed to add pci=routeirq to kernel options...but how?05:20
m0not bad not bad05:22
xaxxonoh I needed to turn off gssapi05:22
noob69what do i do if i can do 'Add/Remove...' applicaitons05:22
ninnemananone of my media players will play music..anyone know the solution?05:22
noob69or check for updates05:22
sainzeo_ninnemana: which type of media file?05:22
m0Is there any Desktop Icon for Apache ?05:23
sainzeo_ninnemana: i believe you need to install some gstreamer plugins05:23
helpyhelpertonnoob69: if you CAN? Isn't that a good thing?05:23
m0When I was at windows, I installed wamp, and it had those nice stuff all preconfigured05:23
sainzeo_ninnemana: or perhaps the ubuntu-restricted-modules05:23
tonyyarussom0: uh, what would the desktop icon open?  it's just a background process.05:23
adastra23Anyone ever experienced a sudden loss of usb ports in linux, its not hardware, still works on another os.05:24
helpyhelpertonm0: I tried out wamp but I felt more secure using lamp05:24
noob69its a bad thing, it means i cant check for latest update05:24
noob69or install new applications05:24
sainzeo_noob69: you may need to check the repositories you have enabled05:24
helpyhelpertonnoob69: can you try sudo apt-get update in a terminal05:24
offipsoI don't suppose anyone uses emacs in here? I'm terrible with making it run commands in .emacs05:24
merovingianHi guys. Is there any software in Ubuntu like in Windows FINEPRINT. My printer is working, but i cant set the printing settings and its printing everything out in full colour/full black, rather than grayscale, i tried the scripts provided on forums, but its not working05:25
m0oh boy, ubuntu has an option to install LAMP preconfigred?05:25
helpyhelpertonm0: Yes sir05:25
helpyhelpertonm0: hold on I have a link for you...05:26
sketchylaptophow much configuration does it need05:26
ninnemanasainzeo_: the strange thing is that it's not a fresh install, it just stopped working like something got removed05:26
noob69yes i can do sudo apt-get update at terminal05:26
orion1Hello is anyone here running dual monitors?05:26
tonyyarussom0: yes, plus DNS, fileserver, etc.05:26
m0helpyhelperton: I am seeing screenshots, they went to Ubuntu Software in startup or something05:26
m0tonyyarusso: eh :x I was doing that myself :/05:26
pipelineaudiogot my wireless up!05:26
krisbo9000Guess - what after 2 days i finally got ubuntu working on dual boot05:26
sketchylaptophow hard is apt-get install bind, samba, apache, php, etc05:26
pipelineaudiobut I need some help with this page : http://www.davehayes.org/2007/04/27/howto-reaper-on-ubuntu-linux-with-wineasio/05:26
sainzeo_ninnemana: so you're saying that it had been working fine previously?05:26
tonyyarussom0: You'll need the "Server install CD"05:27
krisbo9000what should i do next with my installation05:27
tonyyarussom0: then it's just a matter of checkboxes05:27
m0tonyyarusso: that explains it, I installed it using the cd ubuntu provided for me05:27
lockdi find alternate install more useful05:27
helpyhelpertonhttp://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu_debian_lamp_server or http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_ubuntu70405:27
tonyyarussom0: yeah, it's possible with that, but not as easy05:27
adsfsdfsis there a way to install libssl0.9.7 in gutsy?05:27
tonyyarussohelpyhelperton: there's one for 7.10 now on htf I think.05:27
noob69you think i should de-install ubuntu-desktop from server and reinstall it again05:27
fignutsi love lamp05:27
Flannelhelpyhelperton: howtoforge has some bad howtos.  Theres a perfectly good ubuntu one too05:28
m0how easy is it to install lamp on ubuntu ?/05:28
Flannelm0: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP05:28
helpyhelpertontonyyarusso: yeah probably05:28
m0without server cd05:28
orion1I am running dual monitors and when i first set it up the menu bar on the top only spaned onle monitor now it is spanning two. Does anyone know how to fix this?05:28
Flannelm0: Super easy.  Follow that guide, you'll be up and running05:28
helpyhelpertonm0: you may use this for running multiple sites? http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/41205:28
tonyyarussom0: Very.  I've installed bunches of server stuff on my laptop for testing.05:28
pipelineaudiohow do I know if the newest wine and stuff? the guide says not to use synaptic but to install in terminal05:28
sainzeo_ninnemana: i'm not exactly sure...i guess i would just make sure that the gstreamer stuff is installed still and the ubuntu-restricted stuff05:28
m0Flannel: alright I guess I have to uninstall my apache and php :/05:28
Flannelm0: No, they're part of it.05:28
helpyhelpertonThanks flannel I'll add that to del.icio.us05:29
usserpipelineaudio: go to winehq go to getwine and follow the instruction for ubuntu05:29
ninnemanau know the name for the gstreamer plugins off hand?05:29
s00p_I saw those $100 laptops here at the conference.05:29
m0Flannel: but I did apt-get install apache2, so I dont' have to uninstall it?05:29
usserpipelineaudio: winehq.com that is05:29
Flannelm0: "LAMP" is just a conglomeration of programs/utilities05:29
s00p_the green ones05:29
Flannelm0: No.  Just skip the steps in that howto that you've already done.  (Your first command will be to intsall apache2)05:29
sainzeo_ninnemana: GStreamer extra plugins or Ubuntu restricted extras - located in Add/Remove05:30
noob69anyone has suggestion on how to fix problem05:30
KI4IKLhow can I read some of the bugs that my grub says when it's booting that go too fat05:30
m0alright brb, let me do this05:30
=== offipso is now known as hmmm
helpyhelpertonnoob69: hmm I don't know how to fix that.. I guess you could just use the command line instead of going through synaptic05:31
adastra23I second KI4IKL's question - how can you read all the stuff that flies up the screen so fast - is there a log you can access?05:32
adsfsdfsis there a way to install libssl0.9.7 in gutsy?05:32
vkonghi,who use the  Netbeans  with J2ME  in ubuntu ? sun_java_wireless_toolkit    can't run a phone05:32
FlannelKI4IKL: You mean Ubuntu, probably.  Check your system log05:32
m0What does LAMP stack mean?05:32
usseradastra23: /var/log/syslog05:33
sridm0: Linux Apache Mysql Perl/PHP/Python05:33
m0yea i know what LAMP but what does stack next to it mean?05:33
noob69LAMP = Linux Apache MySQL PHP05:33
RinkaruUhm anyone here uses nrg2iso converter tool for linux? I have a question to ask regarding package missing..05:33
m0I know :) but why they said "stack"05:33
helpyhelpertonm0: stack meaning that stack of software?05:33
sridm0: ((Perl/PHP/Python on_top_of Apache), Mysql) on_top_of Linux05:33
m0sudo tasksel install lamp-server05:33
fellacioushello #ubuntu.  I have a stupid question that I would like a !answer to.  The software update applet is yelling at me about the software that I am about to update that CAN'T BE AUTHENTICATED!, which I gather is not supposed to happen.  However, I am using the standard Ubuntu repositories05:34
xivanariheya how can i install virtual machine to run windows xp05:36
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers05:36
fellaciousI have searched the "CommonQuestions" on your the wiki for anything about "auth", there's nothing there05:36
sainzeo_xivanari: www.virtualbox.org05:36
xivanariim a major ubuntu newbie and somehow formatted my whole drive and it didnt keep partitioned so my windows died.05:36
Cpudan80xivanari: ^^05:36
xivanarithanks a ton05:36
noob69i just did a sudo apt-get upgrade command05:37
sainzeo_xivanari: download the DEB for your ubuntu system and you should be good to go05:37
RinkaruUhm anyone could recommend me a good NRG to ISO Converter for Ubunto?05:37
noob69and gave me an error says 'Segmentation fault (core dumped)05:37
fellaciousyes.  the ubuntu installer has definitely gone downhill ever since they removed gparted05:37
xivanariwell it didnt even really warn me05:37
xivanarijust formatted my drive05:37
fellaciousi mean, there's no simpler way to set up partitions than gparted05:37
xivanariand really rather fast.05:37
xivanariand it just completely formatted my whole drive05:37
helpyhelpertonnoob69: generally you do a apt-get update then an apt-get upgrade05:38
xivanarii was like... uhh... wtf?05:38
fellaciousactually, if you had realized what it was doing and not done anything05:38
m0For a 512 MB machine do I need to increase memory limit of php if it is just a testing station?05:38
fellaciousthen it might have been recoverable05:38
helpyhelpertonnoob69: hmmbeats me05:38
oxyrosishey guys, gutsy is being difficult05:38
fellaciousall it does to initialize your drive is write the ext3 superblock05:38
m0oxyrosis: why whats wrong05:38
xivanariwell i backed up my drive completely05:38
xivanariso all my data is there05:38
oxyrosiswell, i upgraded to gutsy adn now my sound is out of commision05:38
fellaciousyour ntfs should be recoverable even after being initialized05:38
xivanaribut i backed it up using a simpletech external one button backup hdd05:39
xivanariand ubuntu doesnt read the .exe required to install the program that allows me to restore all my dada!05:39
helpyhelpertonoxyrosis: yeah my sound is gone too05:39
xivanariwell shait05:39
fellaciousStatus of somebody knowing how to get rid of the CAN'T BE AUTHENICATED! issue with the package manager:05:39
xivanarii dont even have my music yet05:39
lockdxivanari: can you mount the drive?05:39
oxyrosisi heard of a .deb file that repairs it on a post in the forum, anyone have it?05:40
RinkaruUHm guys, anyone can recommend me a good Torrent downloader and a NRG to ISO Converter for Ubunto?? Help pls ._.05:40
lockdxivanari: oh, if it's wiped then you may have trouble getting any of it back05:40
lockdRinkaru: KTorrent, don't know of a converter but i can look05:40
oxyrosisis that a no?05:41
Rinkarulockd, i found one already, its NRG2ISO but im having a hard time installing it.05:41
helpyhelpertonxivanari: hmm yah thats not good...05:41
xivanarihow can i mount the drive lockd05:41
tomdlockd: i think that he backed it all up to an external hdd05:41
xivanarii mean i have full access to the drive05:41
fellaciousrinkaru: if the default torrent downloader installed with ubuntu isn't good enough for you, try deluge05:41
lockdRinkaru: that's what i was about to suggest05:41
xivanarii backed it up onto an external yes05:41
xivanaribut it was backed up using a program05:41
Rinkaruthere's a default torrent downloader? i cant seem to find it05:41
lockdnever tried deluge personally05:41
whaboHello guys.... i need to know > how to get beryl or compriz im using ubuntu 7.10 ( im new) i searched for beryl in the package manager but coudnt find anything. THANK YOU05:41
xivanariand i need to install this program with a exe file in order to be able to restore all the info05:41
helpyhelpertonxivanari: ok good so you want to run a virtual box to install the program to get the data back05:41
fellaciousnrgs are hard.  but theres some linux program (iat?) and some other programs that can deal with them05:41
Rinkaruoh there nevermind bout the torrent. Anyway about on NRG2ISO05:42
xivanarihow do i do this.05:42
fellaciousRinkaru: last i checked ubuntu came with some torrent program *shrug*05:42
Ebiggscan someone give me a hand with a power management issue?05:42
xivanarii dont even know how to install things that well :S05:42
helpyhelpertonwhabo: compiz-fusion is the new eyecandy for 7.1005:42
tomdxivanari: yeah but it can probably still be mounted. do a google for <drive name> mount linux and see what it turns up?05:42
oxyrosisi thought it came with azureus05:42
fellaciousmaybe it doesnt any more.  Deluge is an excellent, lightweight torrent downloader05:42
brandonI need help with wine can anyone help me?05:42
lockdhelpyhelperton: xivanari: that could even work? virtualbox doesn't seem to work with real drives05:42
utahvwI am trying to understand why compiz will run on my Thinkpad t42 (Pentium M 1.7, 1.5 gig RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 32MB) but not on my Evo n610c (Pentium 4 M, 2.4,1 gig RAM and the exact same video)...is it the extra 512 RAM in the Thinkpad?05:42
Rinkarui just downloaded it but when im about to do sudo apt-get install nrg2iso it says an error "E: package not found nrg2iso"05:42
whaboHello guys.... i need to know > how to get beryl or compriz im using ubuntu 7.10 ( im new) i searched for beryl in the package manager but coudnt find anything. THANK YOU05:42
helpyhelpertonwhabo: read my post?05:42
Ubuntupwnswhabo, 7.10 comes with compiz05:43
oxyrosisno ideas on repairing my sound?05:43
xivanarihelpyhelperton: how do i run a virtual box05:43
brandoncan anyone help me with wne?05:43
helpyhelpertonlockd: never tried virtualbox yet...05:43
CochiseIRLbrandon, whats up?05:43
lockdRinkaru: it's working for me, BUT i use kubuntu05:43
xivanarihey i actually got wine earlier05:43
xivanaribut it doesnt work at all05:43
whabohelpyhelperton: how do i get it please? thank you05:43
xivanaricrashes my system05:43
CochiseIRLxivanari, did you get it from winehq?05:43
helpyhelpertonxivanari: you have to install it. VMware  is one ive used in xp but i hear vitruualbox is better05:43
helpyhelpertonwhabo: do you have nvidia??05:44
oxyrosisthanks guys05:44
brandonwell I tried downloading steam this weak and when I went to go in it said I needed wine gecko and Ive been looking and looking and can't seem to find anything on the subject05:44
xivanariheya folks sorry05:44
whabohelpyhelperton: no i have ATI05:44
ninnemanasainzeo_: i have the gstreamer and ubuntu restricted extras installed, any other ideas?05:44
xivanarisee i just tried to uninstall wine05:44
helpyhelpertonxivanari: are you dualbooting or did you wipe your mian drive and switch over completely05:44
xivanariand it just force logged me out05:44
CochiseIRLbrandon, open a terminal05:44
lockdxipietotec: are you sure a windows program can even restore the data?05:44
xivanarii wiped and switched05:44
=== marko-_-_ is now known as marko-_-
lockdwiped will generally, like, wipe05:45
xivanarii am positive the windows program will restore the data05:45
xivanariit actually has an autoextractor in a .exe format05:45
orion1Hey where is the option in compizconfig settings manager to let me set like a corner of my screen to display everyhing that i have open when i mouse ever it?05:45
helpyhelpertonwhabo: ok are the drivers updated? I don't know too much about the ATI situation... hold on let me find the command to get you the compiz manager...05:45
lockdis there still a "special partition" somewhere hidden?05:45
xivanariso if i can just get something that will allow me to open a .exe than i will be able to use the restore option05:45
xivanariso how do i do that05:46
lockdxivanari: what i'm saying, is did you leave the special partition it uses? or is this an external drive you never wiped?05:46
tomdxivanari: you can probably mount your external hard drive with linux, this would be an easier option05:46
helpyhelpertonxlockd: he has it backed up on a safe unwiped external05:46
xivanarithe backup is on an external drive i never wiped05:46
whabohelpyhelperton: yes drivers are fine everything working perfectly.05:46
tomdlike lockd is saying05:46
tomdbut i think you confused him05:46
=== Tomek- is now known as Tomek
CochiseIRLbrandon, run wine: iexplore http://www.winehq.org05:46
xivanaritomd i dont know what mounting a drive is.05:46
CochiseIRLbrandon, that will install gecko05:46
xivanarii can access the hard drive perfectly fine right now05:46
xivanarithat isnt the problem05:46
* databuddy sighs05:47
databuddyanyone good with virtualbox?05:47
xivanariit has a .exe file that i have to be able to run to restore the data05:47
CochiseIRLdatabuddy, whats up?05:47
tomdxivanari: mounting a drive is equivalent to going into my computer on windows and clicking D: or C: kind of.. except you put all the drive contents in a tree under a directory..05:47
helpyhelpertonsudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager05:47
databuddycant seem to get vbox to see my usb drive :<05:47
databuddytechnically my cell phone05:47
lockdokay, drive is mounted, it's in a proprietary windows-only archive format?05:47
tomdso instead of going to D:\ to get your stuff youll go to /mnt/yourdrive/yourstuff1 .. yourstuff2 ... yourstuff..05:47
databuddyproblem is tho ive done the usual usb fixes the windows doesnt have any usb devices/05:47
databuddynor does the settings etc05:47
xivanarijust ntfs05:48
CochiseIRLdatabuddy, i have the same problem, cant help you im afraid05:48
RinkaruIts getting weird. My Firefox always shuts down from time to time. -.-"05:48
databuddyRinkaru try changing your theme05:48
whabo<helpyhelperton> sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager ?? was this for me?05:48
lockdxivanari: or are the backup files hidden somewhere..05:48
xivanarithey are not hidden somewhere05:48
m0hey how do I find my current group ?>05:48
helpyhelpertonwhabo: yes sorry05:48
tomdxivanari: what kind of external hard drive do you have05:48
xivanarithey were compressed and put into different weird files05:48
m0my login name is m005:48
m0but how do I find my group ?05:48
xivanarii have a simpleTech one button backup external 250gb05:48
whabo<helpyhelperton> thank you05:48
lockdxivanari: extension name of the files?05:48
xivanarilockd extension name .nbz05:49
helpyhelpertonlockd: Did he say what program he used to backup05:49
xivanaribut the uQuickRestore.exe is the thing i need to use to access all those05:49
xivanarii used TotalMedia backup and record for PC05:49
lockdlooking up .nbz05:50
helpyhelpertonlockd: on it too05:50
xivanarithe .nbz files arent named properly though05:50
pipelineaudiodo the jacklab guys make libjack?05:50
pipelineaudioand qjackctl?05:50
lockdxivanari: aren't named properly?05:50
xivanarino they are named ,like ArcNB1.NBZ05:51
m0the debian apache thing is cool05:51
tomdxivanari: ah, proprietary compression05:51
lockdxivanari: they are an archive, they won't be named the same05:51
m0I can do localhost/~user as well05:51
helpyhelpertonlockd: hellanzb??05:51
xivanariand yes.05:51
pipelineaudioI need to find the newest libjack and Im dounting its in synaptic05:51
xivanarialso, i would like to be able to use a MSN messenger client that will actually allow me to use my webcam05:51
xivanaribut i dont know if my webcam is even compatible yet05:51
xivanarilogitech fusion webcam05:52
tomdxivanari: do you have access to another computer?05:52
CochiseIRLxivanari, try amsn05:52
lockdxivanari: file one of them05:52
xivanaritomd i do not05:52
xivanarithanks CochiseIRL05:52
lockdxivanari: use another computer to convert to a .tar.bz2 or so05:52
xivanarilockd file one of what?05:52
xivanarilockd i dont have another computer.05:52
lockdxivanari: file one of the nbz files05:52
helpyhelpertonxivanari lockd: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/nzb-par-and-unrar-all-in-one-using-hellanzb.html ?05:52
andresjhello, I got a problem with my firefox/flash isntallation: sometimes it just hangs there. Doesn't let me do anything. I think it has to do with flash, for example, when in http://lernu.net/ I click on a link to hear a sound (which uses flash) this happens. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.05:52
CochiseIRLxivanari, if the fonts are funny on amsn check the forums for a script for installing it05:52
lockdxivanari: what helpy said05:53
cdm10andresj: Flash for Linux and Firefox can be an unstable combination... if you don't want to use Gnash (and you probably don't, it's not that great yet) then you'll just have to live with it I guess.05:53
lockdstill interested what 'file' says those .nbz files are05:53
helpyhelpertonlockd: but I think it may be good for him to have xp in virtual box in case he needs it for other things???05:53
andresjcmd10, yeah... but I remember that this worked before (not sure when, because didn't try it right away).05:54
andresjI mean cdm05:54
andresjI mean cdm1005:54
helpyhelpertonlockd: especially if the file is in a strange proprietary format05:54
lockdhelpyhelperton: yes, that's always a good idea05:54
xivanarii think i definately will helpyhelperton05:54
xivanarican i run itunes in that?05:54
xivanariif i can than i would really like it.05:54
xivanarithats gonna be the thing i miss the most about windows, which is kinda sad05:54
helpyhelpertonxivanari: I have never tried it, but I would think you can05:54
helpyhelpertonxivanari: why did you like itunes so much?05:54
cdm10xivanari: have you tried any of the Linux music players?05:54
lockdyeah, it should definitely be runnable05:54
m0apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName05:54
lockdbut with an iPod, probably NOT05:55
helpyhelpertoncdm10: which player do you like best for linux?05:55
cdm10andresj: hmm, i'm not sure...05:55
cdm10helpyhelperton: I use Rhythmbox05:55
Ubuntupwnsm0, thats normal just ignore that05:55
JML1hi everyone05:55
m0Ubuntupwns: thanks05:55
xivanaricdm10:  i liked the rating system in iTunes.  I have 20,000 songs and they were all rated05:55
helpyhelpertonm0: Yah I've seen that before....bah i fogret...05:55
cdm10lockd, xivanari: You may actually be able to use an iPod with iTunes in VirtualBox... it's got USB passthrough support. However, I recommend using something native to Linux...05:55
xivanaricdm10:  what would you reccommend?05:56
echosafor iPod support, I'd use RhythmBox05:56
lockdcdm10: oh right, commercial version of virtualbox05:56
JML1has anyone had any issues getting a Dell Latitude D640 to recognize and read ubuntu install disks?05:56
cdm10xivanari: I use Rhythmbox.05:56
xivanaribut that doesnt work for the ipod does it?05:56
cdm10xivanari: Exaile is also nice, but it's a little unstable at this point...05:56
echosait does05:56
cdm10xivanari: it does05:56
xivanariwell than i will stay away from instability05:56
helpyhelpertoncdm10: is that the one that uses mysql to store everything05:56
lockdusb passthrough works for all devices (except mice and stuff like that)05:56
xivanaristability is part of the reason i switched to linux.05:56
xivanarii just have to learn my way around it and i know i will like it05:57
cdm10xivanari: and also, Rhythmbox's ipod support is better than Exaile's05:57
lockd(things it wouldn't make sense to use)05:57
cdm10helpyhelperton: I think Amarok does...05:57
echosaany have any comments/advice on the whole laptop hard drive load cycle business? I've read so much on it.. I want to put linux on my laptop, and I'd like to stick with Ubuntu05:57
JML1anyone willing to help me with an install issue?>05:57
=== crummygummy_ is now known as CrummyGummy
cdm10xivanari: I once noticed really really slow transfer speeds when using it with an iPod though... I really just transfer a few podcasts to it a week, all my albums were transferred long ago from itunes when i lived in windows-land.05:57
helpyhelpertoncdm10: ahh, yah that sounds familiar, you prefer rhythmbox over amarok?05:57
brandonsorry I exited05:58
cdm10!anyone | JML105:58
ubotuJML1: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:58
helpyhelperton!ask JML105:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ask jml1 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:58
cdm10helpyhelperton: well, amarok is nice, but it's kde-oriented05:58
helpyhelpertoncdm10: Good point.05:58
xivanaricdm10:  that will likely be the same case with me and my iPod05:59
helpyhelpertoncdm10: But it still works in gnome05:59
xivanariokay i am having some serious trouble downloading and installing this hellanzb05:59
brandonsorry again lol05:59
xivanariwhy couldnt they make installs point and click like they have em in windows.05:59
Mustang50187any one knows wharf the best Linux os out there05:59
xivanarithis whole process i have to go through for every install seems a bit silly.05:59
echosaxivanari: what process? everything I do basically is point and click06:00
xivanarithe process of installing any software06:00
cdm10helpyhelperton: yeah, but it's a little weird in Gnome...06:00
cdm10xivanari: which process?06:00
helpyhelpertonxivanari: It's cat and mouse really.. after a while you will see how much easier installing is in linux06:00
JML1!ask I'm having issues getting a Dell Latitude D640 to recognize any ubuntu install disks (5.04,5.1,6.1,7.1), although it can read bootable windows install disks fine, and i've tested the ubuntu disks on other PCS, when i put the ubuntu disk in the laptop, its just cycles and spins for about 5 minutes, then if i go to windows explorer and try to view the contents of the disk, it tells me its an incorrectly formatted disk06:00
cdm10xivanari: going to Add/Remove and checking it off is hard?06:00
xivanarithe having to use a packet manager like you do and download many different files and input lines into a CLI06:00
echosaxivanari: do you use synaptec?06:00
xivanarithats not point and click06:00
Mustang50187gnome kicks ass06:00
cdm10xivanari: Well, you can always use the point-and-click version :)06:00
xivanariwell thus far everything ive gone to download has instructed me to do differently06:00
cdm10xivanari: Applications>Add/Remove06:00
cdm10xivanari: and if it's not there, System>Admin>Synaptic06:01
echosaxivanari: sure it is.. open synaptec, search what you want, check the box, click install...06:01
xivanarigod dangit.06:01
cdm10xivanari: Add/Remove is easier to use, but Synaptic is more powerful... I'd use Add/Remove unless you find that you need to do something that Synaptic can do.06:01
Mustang50187yep add/remove is point and click06:01
cdm10xivanari: I use the commandline even though Add/Remove and Synaptic exist... it's just faster for me.06:01
helpyhelpertonxivanari .. but sudo apt-get install becomes your friends quick06:01
cdm10helpyhelperton: yeah, definitely :)06:01
Mustang50187hell yea06:02
xivanarihellanzb wasnt on that list.06:02
helpyhelpertonxivanari: And I am a noob...06:02
whaboHELP. when i go to appearances and check the NORMAL or CUSTOM or EXTRA settings for the visual effects it blanks out for a second then gives me changes cannot be occured. It was set on normal effects before, but now i cant go back. why? THANK you06:02
Mustang50187I love using the terminal06:02
adastra23what is one the site where people post logs here?06:02
echosawho misses the days of Debian 2 (Sarge)? lol06:02
cdm10!logs | adastra2306:02
ubotuadastra23: Channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/06:02
helpyhelpertonxivanari: right well this is going to be a little more complicated06:02
Morgan555how do I open the repositories?06:02
xivanarithanks for all the help folks.06:02
adastra23its like putfile or something06:02
cdm10adastra23: pastebin?06:03
cdm10adastra23: pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org06:03
helpyhelpertonxivanari: I think your best bet is to try the virtualbox06:03
xivanariok installing the hellanzb06:03
Morgan555alt f2 then gedit /etc/apt/sources.list06:03
helpyhelpertonxivanari: atleast thats the easy way out06:03
whabo HELP. when i go to appearances and check the NORMAL or CUSTOM or EXTRA settings for the visual effects it blanks out for a second then gives me changes cannot be occured. It was set on normal effects before, but now i cant go back. why? THANK you06:03
xivanarioh well i will be installing a virtual box as soon as possible06:03
cdm10!repeat | whabo06:03
ubotuwhabo: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:03
xivanariis virtualbox the name of one i can search for in synaptic?06:03
cdm10xivanari: virtualbox btw is a little difficult to set up... not THAT difficult, you won't need to use the terminal or anything, but it's not completely straightforward06:03
helpyhelpertonxivanari: it should be yes06:04
cdm10xivanari: you can, but there's a better version available at their site06:04
cdm10helpyhelperton: i think he should use the commercial version...06:04
xivanaribut i dont know how to download anything from a site atm06:04
Mustang50187your computer might not support compiz06:04
xivanarinot and install it06:04
cdm10xivanari: http://virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads06:04
helpyhelpertoncdm10: Like I said, I've never tried virtualbox, I always used vmware, but I'm sure your right06:04
cdm10xivanari: just find the i386 one for Ubuntu 7.10, download it to your desktop, and double-click it06:04
cdm10helpyhelperton: well, I use VBox, so yeah :)06:04
echosaso who is running Ubuntu on a laptop? anyone?06:04
cdm10oooh, mee!06:05
Mustang50187I'm run ubuntu on a labtop06:05
xivanariokay doing so cdm1006:05
cdm10xivanari: here's a direct link if you want: http://virtualbox.org/download/1.5.2/virtualbox_1.5.2-25433_Ubuntu_gutsy_i386.deb06:05
xivanariim running ubuntu on my laptop as well06:05
helpyhelpertonechosa: I WAS before it got stolen...now I have VISTA, and its my GF's lappy06:05
xivanarii got it, but thank you very much cdm1006:05
Morgan555anyone know how to open the repositories?06:05
echosaok, laptop folks, what did you to about the hard drive load cycles thing?06:05
cdm10Morgan555: sorry, what do you mean by open the repositories?06:05
echosahelpyhelperton: I've got vista currently... looking to get away from it06:05
helpyhelpertonMorgan555: someone answered that but there is another way....06:05
xivanarii am very much enjoying just how much more quickly and smoothly my laptop is running now though06:05
cdm10Morgan555: do you want to install stuff? add or change repos?06:05
xivanarieven the internet is working better.06:05
Morgan555I am trying to install AWN and its says add xxxxx to the rpos06:06
cdm10Morgan555: System>Administration>Software Sources, go to 3rd party stuff, hit add06:06
JML1cdm or xiv : can u help with an install issue?06:06
noob69anyone know what error message 'Segmentation fault (core dumped)' mean06:06
cdm10!ask | JML106:06
ubotuJML1: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)06:06
cdm10!who | JML106:06
ubotuJML1: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:06
Mustang50187I had a dell WLAN card wit 7.04 I had screws wit ubuntu06:06
helpyhelpertonxivanari: A lot of that could be due to other things (spyware, settings,etc inside of windows); fresh installs always make internet seem speedy06:06
Morgan555cdm10 thank you06:07
helpyhelpertonxivanari: linux has a way of keeping it that way06:07
JML1!cdm10 : any reason why a Dell D640 laptop wont read an install disk, but other PC's will, something to do with file system?06:07
helpyhelpertoncdm10: Thanks for backin me on Morgans question, I'm in XP right now so I couldn't follow up on that06:07
cdm10JML1: Is it set to boot from CD?06:08
helpyhelpertonJML1: Are you sure it is a BOOTABLE burn?06:08
JML1cdm : i can boot from a windows install disk06:08
cdm10JML1: What sorta error do you get? Could it be the optical drive?06:08
cdm10helpyhelperton: he said it worked on other comps06:08
whaboi cant enable my normal effects anymore .... :( can anyone please help me? i would love to slide my applications into different desktops....06:08
dmzhey y'all, if i added a new service to /etc/event.d how do i force it to reload (since it's not using init & i can't init q)06:08
cdm10JML1: okay... sometimes burned discs don't work so well in some computers.06:08
helpyhelpertoncdm10: But that doesn't mean it booted on other pcs06:08
cdm10whabo: do you have your graphics drivers set up?06:08
JML1cdm : but the windows distros are all cracked copies, burnt disks06:08
helpyhelpertonwhabo: nvidia card would help .....06:09
JML1cdm : all the linux distros i am trying work on other PCS06:09
alka_trashhello U-L-nix-ers!06:09
JML1ive used them to install before06:09
cdm10whabo: if you've got nVidia or ATi, you'll need to install or re-enable the restricted drivers in System>Admin>Restricted Drivers Manager06:09
xivanariits telling me when i try to install virtualbox that it cannot download whatever06:09
xivanaricannot download all required files06:09
cdm10JML1: okay... can the computer read from it, if not boot from it?06:09
xivanariplease check your internet connection06:09
xivanaribut yet it is clearly working06:10
cdm10xivanari: hold on a sec06:10
helpyhelpertonxivanari: clearly06:10
cdm10xivanari: go to System>Admin>Software Sources06:10
whabocdm10 : okay hold on thank you.. ill try that06:10
JML1cdm : if i boot to windows and try to view the disk contents with windows explorer it tells me that the disk is incorrectly formatted06:10
helpyhelpertonwhabo: lol06:10
xivanariok there06:10
cdm10JML1: try burning it on a different PC...06:10
cdm10xivanari: hold on a sec06:10
JML1cdm : but if i take that same disk and put in my Desktop, it reads fine06:10
xivanariok holding06:10
JML1i used nero 706:11
JML1i will try burning a copy at work tomorrow06:11
helpyhelpertonDML1: Can you explore the disk??06:11
cdm10JML1: Sometimes, certain PCs have issues reading stuff burned with other specific PCs... just weirdnesses with the optical drive.06:11
cdm10helpyhelperton: no06:11
JML1I'll try burning at work...is a USB Key an option?06:11
helpyhelpertoncdm10: I mean from the other PC to check the file structure06:11
Tarkushi. anyone know what would cause me to get horizontal splitting in are where there is movement and contrast? window edges, videos, etc.. http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/8661/screenshotgu6.png06:11
JML1i have a 2GB key that will hold the ISO06:11
xivanarioh yknow what i think it was06:11
xivanarii was using synaptic to download hellanzb06:11
cdm10helpyhelperton: he said it boots on other PCs06:12
echosaJML1:  try burning the linux install cd from the computer on which you wish to install linux... that way you know the drive will read the disc properly since it burned it06:12
xivanarii got some errors06:12
cdm10xivanari: oh, yeah, those 2 things can't be going on at the same time...06:12
alka_trashxivanari: you might want to check synaptics repositories that your pulling form. if you go to synaptic, setting repositories, check the  country that its using,  (mine says United States06:12
cdm10xivanari: while you're in Sources, make sure main, universe, restricted, and multiverse are all checked off06:12
JML1echosa : unfortunately, the laptop im trying to install doesnt have a burner (CD/DVD read only)06:12
xivanarithere we go working now06:12
cdm10alka_trash: no, he might not... we figured out the issue.06:12
cdm10xivanari: anyway, once it's installed, there's some other stuff you'll have to do06:12
alka_trashcdm10: cool06:13
echosaJML1: ah, well never mind then :-P06:13
xivanaricdm10:  i didnt see a place for that in ources.06:13
xivanariand virtualbox isnt installing06:13
JML1cdm10, helpy, echosa : i will try burning a copy at work tomorrow, and i'll bring my laptop with me,  if that doesnt work i'll be back tomorrow night !!!06:13
JML1THANKS for the help06:13
cdm10xivanari: look in the parentheses at the end of each line in the first tab06:13
xivanarisays could not install all dependencies06:13
helpyhelpertonJML1: Goodluck!06:13
JML1... 1 other thing?06:13
JML1will ubuntu install via LAN?06:13
cdm10xivanari: in Sources, go to the Ubuntu Software tab and check off the first four checkboxes06:13
adastra23USB stopped working. any help would be appreciated. output of lspci -vvnn http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44587/06:14
xivanarithey are all checked off06:14
cdm10JML1: yes, but you need to set up a netboot server06:14
xivanariwere before06:14
Mustang50187what does some one think of vmware06:14
cdm10Mustang50187: I use VirtualBox06:14
JML1CDM : thanks, i will research that, im sure i can find instructions on google or digg06:14
echosaMustang50187: vmware is ok, I prefer virtualbox06:14
helpyhelpertonMustang: I use it for winxp to boot ultimateubuntu .. had problems installing it on my linux box though06:14
ovenmitt85not sure if this is the right place, but, does anyone know anything about the gRIM plugin on Pidgin?06:14
Mustang50187vbox is better06:14
whaboHAHAH it worked THX ALOOTTTT06:14
xivanaristill giving me error could not install all dependencies when trying to install virtualbox06:14
cdm10xivanari: okay, first, make sure that all package-management software is completed its task and closed... that means update manager, synaptic, add/remove, sources, etc.06:14
helpyhelpertonwhabo: drivers??06:15
Mustang50187thanks guys or gals06:15
cdm10xivanari: then try it again...06:15
cdm10helpyhelperton: apparently... but he's gone06:15
helpyhelpertoncdm10: blah.. maybe I should go back to xchat or something so I can tell when folks leave06:15
xivanariok started from the beginning that time06:15
cdm10helpyhelperton: what are  you using?06:15
xivanariit would seem as though it is working this time06:15
helpyhelpertoncdm10: I don't want to tell you.. you'll laugh06:16
cdm10helpyhelperton: Pidgin/Gaim?06:16
echosahelpyhelperton: I'm using xchat-gnome06:16
helpyhelpertoncdm10: worse.. keep in mind Im in XP right now06:16
cdm10helpyhelperton: ah, chatzilla06:16
xivanariok virtualbox up and working06:16
helpyhelpertoncdm10: cheater06:16
echosahelpyhelperton: not using mIRC in windows?06:16
cdm10helpyhelperton: you can config that to display join/part messages i think...06:16
ovenmitt85Yeah, Pidgin is basically GAIM from my understanding.06:17
cdm10helpyhelperton: try right-clicking the tab06:17
helpyhelpertonovenmitt85: Yes06:17
cdm10ovenmitt85: that wasn't really what I was talking about, but okay...06:17
xivanariokay virtualbox is installed06:17
xivanarinow how do i run windows programs within it06:17
cdm10xivanari: sweet. Now go to System>Admin>Users and Groups06:17
cdm10xivanari: do you have a Windows disc?06:18
xivanarii dont think so06:18
xivanarii have a laptop windows disc i believe06:18
xivanaribut thats about the extent of it.06:18
xivanarias this is my laptop and not a desktop06:18
cdm10xivanari: dammit, I just assumed because you were talking about vbox when I came in here that you knew what it was for...06:18
cdm10xivanari: oh, well, any install disc should do the trick06:18
Mustang50187i do06:18
xivanarii dont even know if i have that disc tho06:19
xivanarii will have to find it which wont be easyt06:19
echosacdm10: as long as its not a restore disc06:19
xivanariand it might have been left with most of my computer stuff back at my parents house when i moved out06:19
cdm10echosa: that might work too, you never know...06:19
Jordan_U_Does the Ubuntu DVD image contain all of main and restricted?06:19
echosacdm10: might yeah.. it'd be interesting to know06:19
Mustang50187can't use oem software06:19
cdm10xivanari: what VBox does is allow you to install any OS in a virtual computer... so you'll end up with a window with a windows desktop in it that you can use to run windows apps.06:19
xivanariah i see.06:19
xivanarivery cool.06:19
helpyhelpertonxivanari: Yah that sucks.. I have to break the habit of assuming everyone has a windows install cd sitting next to them...06:19
xivanaribut unfortunately pretty useless to me.06:20
=== daniel0815 is now known as dapper-daniel
cdm10xivanari: the new version actually makes the windows a little more integrated... but you still need the OS disc to install. And you need a decent amount of RAM... enough for both OS's combined.06:20
cdm10xivanari: Wine will do what you want, but unlike VirtualBox, it won't work with every Windows app.06:20
xivanariwell i have 1gb of ram on this machine06:20
Jordan_U_Does the Ubuntu DVD image contain all of main and restricted?06:20
xivanariwell but wine crashes my computer06:20
cdm10xivanari: Wine's a lot easier to install... it's in Add/Remove.06:20
cdm10xivanari: oh...06:20
xivanariforces me to log out very suddenly06:20
xivanarithen screws up all the text on the login screen06:20
xivanarimakes it huuuuuge06:20
xivanarilike size 7206:20
Jordan_U_xivanari, Are you running a 3D program in wine?06:21
xivanarii am not running anything in wine06:21
xivanarii cannot open wine06:21
xivanarii tried to uninstall wine it crashed my computer06:21
xivanarii tried to configure wine it crashed my computer06:21
xivanarii tried to run wine it crashed my computer :P06:21
Jordan_U_xivanari, How did you try to uninstall it?06:21
xivanariby going apps>wine>uninstall06:21
cdm10xivanari: that doesn't install wine, it just lets you uninstall windows apps from wine...06:22
echosaxivanari: that's how you uninstall windows apps that you've installed with wine06:22
Jordan_U_xivanari, That doesn't uninstall wine, it uninstalls windows applications you have installed in wine06:22
cdm10echosa: HA, I BEAT YOU!06:22
cdm10echosa: sorry 'bout that :)06:22
adastra23USB stopped working. any help would be appreciated. output of lspci -vvnn http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44587/ what else should I look at?06:22
xivanarialrighty then06:22
helpyhelpertonJordan_U: You are a fountain of enlightenment, is there an easy way to run a windows executable (outside of wine) so that xivanari can extract a backedup .nbz on an external drive06:22
echosacdm10: darn.. I"m getting tired lol06:22
xivanarithank you helpyhelperton06:22
cdm10xivanari: in Ubuntu, all uninstallation/installation is done using APT... which means through Add/Remove, synaptic, or terminal commands like apt-get and aptitude.06:22
xivanarialright gotcha.06:22
helpyhelpertoncdm10: haha06:22
Jordan_U_xivanari, .nzb, that's a usenet binary, correct?06:23
echosaxivanari: when you ran wine, what did you run? you have to give wine a windows .exe file to run06:23
xivanarii dont know Jordan_U_06:23
xivanariechosa:  how do i give it an exe file to run?06:23
Jordan_U_xivanari, I think it is, in which case there are Linux apps that can extract it06:24
cdm10xivanari: right-click the EXE, click Open With, go to custom, type wine06:24
echosawell, lets say you have a windows game to install... put the disc in, browse to it in a command line and type wine install.exe or wine setup.exe or whatever the exe is named06:24
xivanarifull stop06:24
xivanariwine is working06:24
helpyhelpertonJordan_U: the question is will the APP that he used have a proprietary format that might exclude normal extraction06:24
cdm10xivanari: lol06:24
echosaxivanari: or you can just double click the .exe file in the file manager06:24
cdm10xivanari: don't get your hopes up, though... a lot of Windows apps don't work in it.06:24
Jordan_U_xivanari, sudo apt-get install nzb06:24
echosaxivanari: helps to know how a program works :) lol06:25
echosaxivanari: cdm10 is correct06:25
cdm10echosa: unfortunately, that doesn't work by default until you do the Open With thing... or at least it didn't on my computer.06:25
xivanariit would be appearing to be working at the moment06:25
cdm10be appearing to be working?06:25
xivanarihowever it has stopped working as i typed that.06:25
Jordan_U_xivanari, You might as well use a native solution06:25
echosacdm10: works fine on mine, by default and everything06:25
xivanariso the appearances lied.06:25
cdm10echosa: ugh, weird...06:25
xivanarioh wait its working06:25
cdm10the suspense is killing me06:25
helpyhelpertonxivanari: try Jordan_U's solution06:25
helpyhelpertonOh geez.. Im gonna squirt!!06:26
echosaxivanari: what are you running in wine?06:26
cdm10helpyhelperton: yeah... but i want to see him get Wine working!06:26
livefoniksWine needs to ferment a bit longer, by my reckoning.06:26
cdm10livefoniks: quite true :)06:26
xivanariand it does appear to be working06:26
xivanaribut it has 60gb worth of data to restore06:26
xivanariand uncompress06:26
Jordan_U_I'll wait untill wine hits 1.0 ;)06:26
xivanariso it will take a bit.06:26
helpyhelpertoncdm10: never used wine myself.. i hear too many things don't work.. I think a virtual envirnoment makes more sense anyhow06:26
xivanariheh yea sounds about right livefoniks06:26
cdm10helpyhelperton: it certainly does, except for games06:27
xivanariagreed helpyhelperton if your computer can manage the full environment why not.06:27
cdm10helpyhelperton: and VirtualBox's new Seamless Mode makes it really awesome06:27
Jordan_U_xivanari, I would still trust nzb ( a native linux application ) more than an app running in wine06:27
rbrevoortcan someone help me to get totem working? for some reason i can't play any dvd?06:27
chrono13gksu gconf-editor I accidentally set a key as mandatory instead of default. Now I can not change that key. Unsetting the key makes the edit window editable, but when I click OK, it says "Can't overwrite existing read-only value". How do I fix this?06:27
xivanarihmm okay Jordan_U_ is the name of it actually just nzb?06:27
cdm10xivanari: wait, how were you trying to install hellanzb?06:27
helpyhelpertoncdm10: Yeah I remember hearing talk about special virtualized packages that were going to offer options to use the 3d hardware06:27
Jordan_U_xivanari, Yes, "sudo apt-get install nzb"06:27
cdm10xivanari: because it's right here, in the repositories...06:27
xivanarii was trying to install it through synaptic06:27
cdm10helpyhelperton: I think Parallels on the Mac has some sort of 3d support...06:28
Jordan_U_rbrevoort, totem-gstreamer can't play DVD's06:28
cdm10xivanari: and what was happening?06:28
xivanariJordan_U_:  is that a cli command?06:28
cdm10Jordan_U_: Certainly can, with libdvdcss06:28
Jordan_U_xivanari, Yes06:28
xivanaricdm10: i forgt, it gave me some error a the end of its installation06:28
cdm10xivanari: you can of course do it through Synaptic... but the command is easier06:28
xivanaribut im being bombarded by errors and frankly getting tired of them lol06:28
helpyhelpertoncdm10: That would be balls if they could do it in VM or Virtualbox06:28
rbrevoortwhere do find libdvdcss?06:28
cdm10rbrevoort: hold on06:28
Jordan_U_cdm10, It can't display the menu's, might as well use VLC mplayer etc06:29
cdm10rbrevoort: run this command: < sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh >06:29
Jordan_U_!DVD | rbrevoort06:29
uboturbrevoort: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs06:29
cdm10Jordan_U_: well, taht's true...06:29
xivanarican i install something using synaptic while having a .exe file open in wine06:29
cdm10xivanari: yep, tehy don't conflict.06:29
chrono13rbrevroot -06:29
chrono13sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/gutsy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list06:29
chrono13wget -q http://packages.medibuntu.org/medibuntu-key.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update06:29
chrono13sudo apt-get install libdvdcss206:29
cdm10rbrevoort: you can read that, but my command should just install what you need to play DVDs... but you won't be able to navigate menus.06:29
cdm10chrono13: seriously, no need for medibuntu... one command is all you need. That script is there in /usr/share/doc for a reason.06:30
cdm10chrono13: that's fine06:30
rbrevoortwhere do i go to use that command cdm10?06:30
cdm10rbrevoort: Applications>Accessories>Terminal06:30
cdm10rbrevoort: then paste it in using ctrl-shift-v (it won't work the normal way, without the shift06:31
helpyhelpertonsomething funny: I make ctrl-T the command to open a terminal...Not good when Im surfing in firefox06:31
echosaI gotta say, this channel is nicer than the ones I was on when I first started messing with linux a decade ago... all I ever got for answers were "man is your friend" and "rtfm"06:31
xivanariyes i really appreciate all the help i am getting06:31
Ubuntupwnsechosa, same here lol06:31
xivanarihow can i use all the buttons on my mouse to their full capability06:32
J-5how do i tell what version of php i have installed? is there a command?06:32
Flannel!mouse | xivanari06:32
echosaproblem is, the Linux man pages are sadly not very good often times... BSD on the other hand has much better man pages06:32
ubotuxivanari: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto06:32
adastra23It wasn't that long ago that I got answers like that - I was trying to burn an iso of knoppix and they said if you can't figure that out you can't figure out linux.06:33
adastra23I guess 5 years is a long time with this stuff. people are coming around.06:33
chrono13No answer can sometimes seem worse though.06:33
echosaJ-5: make a .php page that says <? phpinfo(); ?> place it in your www folder and open it in a browser06:34
cdm10I'm outta here... does anyone need anything before I go?06:34
rbrevoortcdm10: the command doesn't work? no such directory?06:34
cdm10and xivanari, you should be able to remove virtualbox from synaptic06:35
cdm10rbrevoort: hold on a sec06:35
helpyhelpertonSo where are we06:35
cdm10rbrevoort: can you copy (select and ctrl-shift-c) what you typed in and what it said, and paste it to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org?06:35
cdm10(without the ?)06:35
helpyhelpertonxivanari: you all good yet?06:36
=== helpyhelperton is now known as badkitty
cdm10xivanari: you should really have used the linux commandline nbz-extractors...06:36
=== Tomcat_` is now known as Tomcat_
badkittyok its help helperton here06:36
debianohi all i have an etch system i want to a ubuntu faisty and a repo to use the packages and way to do this sicne i have this erroe "gpgv: Can't check signature: public key not found"06:37
rbrevoortcdm10: just pasted it06:38
cdm10rbrevoort: have you posted it? if so, give me the url06:38
cdm10rbrevoort: ah, well, i need the url of the page it sent you to06:38
rbrevoortyep, ok06:38
badkittyxivanari: where you at men06:38
rbrevoortthere it is06:38
cdm10rbrevoort: well, you typed it in wrong06:38
sainzeo_hey everyone, is it possible to get pidgin to auto authorize jabber contacts?06:38
cdm10rbrevoort: i told you to paste it for a reason...06:38
rbrevoorti should the <>??06:38
cdm10sainzeo_: not that i know of06:38
pipelineaudiohow do you paste in terminal? control v doesnt work06:39
cdm10rbrevoort: no, you just messed up what i typed06:39
xivanariheya badkitty06:39
cdm10pipelineaudio: add a shift to that06:39
rbrevoortok i will try again06:39
cdm10rbrevoort: hold on06:39
xivanariwhat is up06:39
livefoniksYe need a space between sudo and /06:39
CochiseIRLdoes anyone here have 2 cd drives in there pc running 7.10?06:39
badkittyxivanari: its helpyhelperton here, this is my real nick06:39
xivanarii am having some issues with getting my mouse and all its buttons to work06:39
echosapipelineaudio: you can right-click and select "paste" in most terminals06:39
xivanarioh isee06:39
cdm10rbrevoort: < sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh > (without the <>)06:39
pipelineaudionokeyommand though?06:39
sainzeo_hey everyone - is it possible to get pidgin to auto authorize jabber contacts?06:39
badkittyxivanari: did you get your files extracted?06:39
echosaCochiseIRL: I have 2 dvd drives06:39
chrono13Cochise - 2 DVD RW dirves.06:40
cdm10pipelineaudio: like i said... add a shift to that. ctrl-shift-v06:40
xivanarii have not yet06:40
cdm10!repeat | sainzeo_06:40
ubotusainzeo_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:40
debianoi have an etch system i want to use  ubuntu faisty as repo to use the packages any way to do this sicne i have this erroe "gpgv: Can't check signature: public key not found"06:40
cdm10!repeat | debiano06:40
ubotudebiano: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:40
debianoi have an etch system i want to use  ubuntu faisty as repo to use the packages any way to do this sicne i have this erroe "gpgv: Can't check signature: public key not found"06:40
CochiseIRLEchelon, could you open /media and list the symlinks in there for me06:40
cdm10debiano: cut it out.06:40
pipelineaudioahhh doh06:40
sainzeo_cdm10: sorry, it quit on me so i wasn't sure if the message was sent06:40
pipelineaudiothanks :) screen scrolls so fast06:40
xivanaribadkitty: i PMed you06:40
cdm10sainzeo_: oh, ok. Well, I said that I was pretty sure there's no way to do that.06:40
debianook thnx ubotu06:40
badkittyhmm /ignore06:40
CochiseIRLechosa,  could you open /media and list the symlinks in there for me06:41
badkittyxivanari: I dont see it.. Im using a crappy client right now though06:41
rbrevoortcdm10: still no working? i pasted from command: ... and just <> and between < > and i still doesnt work06:41
sainzeo_cdm10: hmm, i found a plugin that was supposed to do it, but I didn't seem to be able to get it to work06:41
sainzeo_cdm10: http://jrpomeroy.com/pidgin/06:41
cdm10rbrevoort: paste it again...06:41
echosaCochiseIRL: I only have 2 symlinks: cdrom and floppy06:41
rbrevoortwhich part?06:41
rbrevoortfrom command forward?06:41
yokomo_are there any better wifi managers out there than wicd and network-manager?  I live in an apartment complex with included wireless access but some jackass in the apartment close to me has his internet set up with the same ESSID and everytime I switch rooms I lose the correct AP06:41
cdm10rbrevoort: yes06:41
xivanariahh well you have msn badkitty?06:41
CochiseIRLechosa, and the mount folders is one cdrom0?06:41
cdm10yokomo_: change your ssid...06:42
yokomo_cdm10: read my post again06:42
pipelineaudiodo I want to try to install line6 drivers in wineasio or in linux itself?06:42
yokomo_it's included, I don't have access to the AP06:42
cdm10xivanari: type /msg nickserv register PASSWORD and you'll be able to PM06:42
echosaCochiseIRL: the folders are cdrom0 cdrom1 floopy0 and windows (I made that one for my windows partition)06:42
chrono13Has anyone used gconf-editor in 7.10 to mark any keys as mandatory, and then "unset" the key to edit it?06:42
echosaCochiseIRL: oops I mean floppy006:42
rbrevoortcdm10: carbon@Carbon:~$ command: < sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh >06:42
CochiseIRLechosa, thanks alot06:42
rbrevoortbash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'06:42
cdm10yokomo_: oh, ok, sorry. I don't know of anything else that can help.06:43
badkittysorry afk .. had to get chocolate milk06:43
cdm10rbrevoort: Just put it in, starting at sudo and ending at sh06:43
wiseleoGood evening.06:43
badkittywell helllllllloooooooo06:43
wiseleoHi kitty.06:43
badkittyxivanari: No MSN06:43
xivanaridid you get that message cdm10?06:43
cdm10xivanari: yep06:43
xivanariokay perfect06:43
cdm10xivanari: but that doesn't mean anything06:44
xivanaribadkitty:  you have been msged.06:44
Poul|RaiderAnyone know a app to browse a MDI file on linux?06:44
cdm10xivanari: i have my account set to be unfiltered, so anyone can msg me06:44
wiseleoSo I've had my share of fun trying to make the gforge package deploy on Ubuntu Fiesty... has anyone succeede?d06:44
cdm10xivanari: but i just checked, and you're all set to PM people...06:44
cdm10so you should be fine06:44
xivanarialright fantastic06:44
cdm10rbrevoort: what's going on?06:44
yokomo_again... are there any better wifi managers out there than wicd and network-manager?  I live in an apartment complex with included wireless access but some jackass in the apartment close to me has his internet set up with the same ESSID and everytime I switch rooms I lose the correct AP06:45
rbrevoortcdm10: it said that the command was not found06:45
cdm10rbrevoort: just put this in.06:45
rbrevoortbut it worked06:45
cdm10sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh06:45
cdm10nothing more, nothing less06:45
cdm10oh, it worked?06:45
rbrevoortno doesn't06:45
cdm10rbrevoort: could you just put in the command i sent as one message?06:45
Poul|RaiderAnyone know a app to browse/open a MDI file (ubuntu)06:46
sosusyokomo_, why not change you ESSID?06:46
echosarbrevoort: cdm10: I just used that command and it worked flawlessly06:46
yokomo_sosus: READ AGAIN06:46
wiseleoMDI as in Microsoft document image? I think it's just a TIFF06:46
rbrevoortsudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh06:46
cdm10echosa: yeah, but rbrevoort is thick and can't get it right06:46
cdm10rbrevoort: yep, that's it06:46
cdm10and sorry about that06:46
yokomo_INCLUDED as in I pay rent and I get wifi access06:46
cdm10i'm just a little annoyed06:46
rbrevoortit doens't work!!!06:46
Poul|Raideryes wiseleo, a Microsoft document image06:47
cdm10rbrevoort: no <> or command: bit?06:47
rbrevoortmaybe i'm missing the file?06:47
cdm10rbrevoort: ok, do this06:47
cdm10rbrevoort: sudo aptitude install libdvdread306:47
cdm10rbrevoort: then try again06:47
cdm10with the other one06:47
cdm10i have to go now06:47
cdm10bye all06:47
echosabye cdm1006:47
Poul|RaiderWiseguy, and gimp cant open it so not a tiff06:47
wiseleoPoul: try renaming it to .tiff and see what happens06:48
rbrevoortcdm10: it worked that time06:48
rbrevoortso now the dvd will play?06:48
echosarbrevoort: good, now run that command from before, that wasn't working, should work now06:48
yokomo_so there are only two wifi managers for linux? wicd and network-manger?  neither of them allow me to set the mac address of the AP I connect to which would solve my problem06:48
HalaiHi, I'm having trouble with remote desktop. I reset my password recently to login remotely, but since then I've been getting an authentication failure when I try to VNC into the desktop. Using Gutsy.06:49
tomdyokomo_ can't you use the ap parameter to iwconfig to prevent your problem?06:49
alka_trashyokomo_:  I hate to say it but you might have to setup a bash script06:49
rbrevoortok thx echosa06:49
yokomo_tomd: no, network-manager overwrites it06:49
AyabaraI have ati graphics on a lenovo R60 with a secondary screen attached. When I run in big desktop mode with xgl, my panels are stretched out over both screens. Anyone know a way to fix this?06:49
yokomo_when it tries to connect to the AP with the strongest signal06:49
rafaelhallo i want compile kernell on the faster system , what do I use kernell sources , patches, vanilla ?06:50
rbrevoortechosa: the command still doesn't work?06:50
eboyjrIn a terminal, what does '(' do?06:51
Poul|RaiderWiseguy, nothing shows when open in viewer, just a tranperant page06:51
echosarbrevoort: try watching a DVD then, you might not need to run that command... make sure you close totem and reopen it if it is open now06:51
echosarbrevoort: if that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas, I've never used linux to watch dvds so I have little to no experience in the matter06:51
crazy6for some reason dhclient doesn't run on startup?06:51
yokomo_alka_trash: and what should this bash script look like?06:51
tomdyokomo_ i guess just don't use the network manager, just use iwconfig instead06:52
alka_trashyokomo_: I taking a look, just a sec06:52
eboyjrIn a terminal, what does '(' do?06:52
tomdyokomo_ do iwconfig to get the address after Access Point:06:52
eboyjrIn a terminal, what does '(' do? ( without quotes )06:52
tomdyokomo_ then from there on whenever you iwconfig do ap xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx and it will pick the right one06:52
yokomo_no, it doesn't do that06:53
rbrevoortechosa: totem want a plugin.06:53
mindframe-i just got the update notice for a few packages and the update manager says they cant be authenticated.  why is this?06:53
echosarbrevoort: then I'm out of ideas... maybe look around on google for the answer, or look at totem's man page.. it might say something about it06:53
tomdyokomo_ than what does it do?06:54
rbrevoortom thanks06:54
rbrevoortok thx06:54
tomdyokomo_ I thought it specified a specific access point06:54
mindframe-libpcre3 libcrecpp0 and gnome-system-tools upgrade packages cant be authenticated.  should i be worried?06:54
yokomo_network-manager connects to the other AP (because it has stronger signal?)06:54
eko_hermiyantoI have installed Windows on QEMU using Ubuntu06:54
eko_hermiyantoby why the network interface limited?06:55
yokomo_if I use iwconfig it doesn't matter, network-manager connects eithwr way06:55
tomdyokomo_ you're not going to be able to use network-manager06:55
point1why not use vmware?06:55
point1of QEMU06:55
tomdyokomo_ end the process and don't use it.. uninstall it even06:55
tomdyou don't need it anyway06:55
rbrevoortcan someone please help me with me with totem? doesn't want to play dvd for some reason? its an IBM Thinkpad.06:55
eko_hermiyantowell, I am just learning :D06:55
alka_trashyokomo_: yep I'm still looking up info06:55
thedonvaughn!anyone | rbrevoort06:55
uboturbrevoort: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:55
yokomo_if I don't use it, I honestly don't know how to connect then06:55
pipelineaudioanyone get the sigmatel 92xx card to work in linux?06:55
tomdyokomo_ look it up, its really easy believe it or not06:56
rbrevoorttotem doesn't work dvd won't play? my computer is an IBM Thinkpad06:56
tomdyokomo_ you just need to know your dns server addresses06:56
yokomo_if it were aseasy as "looking it up" I woulnd't be here06:56
echosarbrevoort: perhaps this will get you started: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+question/1129706:57
rbrevoortok thanks06:57
tomdyokomo_ type iwconfig tutorial into google06:57
tomdyou need only these commands: iwconfig, ifconfig, route06:57
tomdand to edit /etc/resolv.conf06:57
yokomo_oh, SO much easier...06:57
tomdi will try and find a tutorial06:57
tomddon't be arrogant. its really actually very simple.06:58
pipelineaudiolinux guys have their own definition of "easy"06:59
daurnimatoranyone able to help me get pptpd working?06:59
alka_trashyokomo_:   check out this app06:59
daurnimatorwhen I try and start it, It just sits there06:59
alka_trashyokomo_: http://www.gnomefiles.org/app.php/wlan-ui06:59
Jordan_U_yokomo_, Just use something like wifi-radar or wicd06:59
alka_trashyokomo_: erase that one07:00
yokomo_wicd doesn't work either, i specify the correct ap to use and it connects to the other07:00
Jordan_U_yokomo_, Wifi-radar will even automatically disable network-manager ( I think at least )07:00
alka_trashyokomo_: it hasn't been updated in 2 years07:00
jc_alguien me puede ayudar ??07:01
yokomo_jc_: #ubuntu-es07:02
jc_ups  back up07:02
jc_i need a little help her07:02
echosadaurnimator: what's it supposed to do.... it is a server daemon, so wouldn't it just sit there running waiting for somethign to do?07:02
daurnimatorits meant to background itself07:02
daurnimator - I've also tried starting it via init.d07:02
jc_never mine07:03
weltschmerzis .bashrc the right place to put aliases?07:03
daurnimatorbut it just sits there on "Starting Daemon"07:03
Ademanif someone wanted to install a keylogger on a computer would they need superuser permissions?(i swear i'm not planning on doing anything like this, my friend claims a keylogger could operate with only user permissions)07:03
echosadaurnimator: I've never used it, was taking a shot in the dark07:03
daurnimatorechosa: give it a try, see if you have the same problem :p07:04
=== iStiKs is now known as r0b
echosadaurnimator: don't have it installed07:04
daurnimatorapt-get :p07:04
daurnimatorsee http://poptop.sourceforge.net/dox/debian-howto.phtml07:04
echosadaurnimator: I prefer not to install anything I won't/dont' use07:04
daurnimatorwell, anyone else?07:04
echosaI like a clean system, as clean as I can keep it at least07:04
=== Elvis is now known as __ELvis__
echosahave you read the man pages and googled around?07:05
__ELvis__Hello! How can I open Corel Draw (cdr) files in Ubuntu?07:05
daurnimatorechosa: yeah07:06
daurnimatorcan't find anyone with my problem07:06
daurnimatorand I've tried all sorts of config07:06
echosa__ELvis__: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=376258207:06
daurnimatorman pages aren't the greatest07:06
yokomo_daurnimator: what is the issue?07:07
__ELvis__echosa, thank you07:07
daurnimatoryokomo_: I can't get pptp(d) working07:08
echosathis is fun.. I haven't been in an IRC channel in months... maybe over a year07:08
daurnimatorechosa: this channel is just too busy for my liking07:08
yokomo_daurnimator: sorry, beyond me07:08
daurnimatorI need somewhere quieter than here, but not empty that i can ask linux/ubuntu questions07:08
echosadaurnimator: I've seen much worse :-P07:09
wiseleoThis is busy? Hahahaha...07:09
wiseleoTry uh.. #sex on Undernet07:09
daurnimatorhehe, a certain torrent site's channel after it was closed comes to mind07:09
echosawiseleo: true that07:09
wiseleo<- spent too much time on Undernet in the mid 90s07:10
=== _noname- is now known as _xsex_
tomdyokomo_ if you are still there, I prepared a small script to fix your problem07:10
yokomo_haven't left07:11
tomdill put it on my server hten07:11
yokomo_trying to read through the wifi howto's... again...07:11
echosawiseleo: didn't we all07:11
=== _xsex_ is now known as Indigo[voodoo]
=== Indigo[voodoo] is now known as _xsex_
tomdyokomo_ http://tomd.no-ip.org:8080/network.sh should help you figure out the process of connecting.. it will need to be modified by you07:12
tomdthe AP= variable is most important, because it will keep you from connecting to the guy's ap07:12
yokomo_thank you07:13
yokomo_now, how do I make this run when I boot up?07:13
yokomo_do i have to add it to services?07:14
echosaso, back to what I was wondering... has anyone running Ubuntu on a laptop fixed/worked around the hard drive load cycles problem that's all the rage currently?07:14
yokomo_alright, gonna get to trying this07:14
yokomo_tomd: thank you very much07:14
tomdi think you can just put it in /etc/init.d and it will boot, it just need to recognize like the standard parameters...07:14
echosaI found a work around but using it makes battery life suffer07:14
tomdyokomo_ for now just execute it from a terminal07:15
tomdill look at a script in /etc/init.d to see what i can make it do, i am new to debian/ubuntu, thats why i am interested07:15
sn00zerdoes anyone know how to save favorite channels in xchat?07:15
tomdnp, btwe07:15
echosasn00zer: *can* you save favorite channels? I'm using xchat-gnome and dont' see a way07:16
tomdyokomo_ once edited, move it to /etc/init.d chmod +x it then do update-rc.d network.sh defaults and it will run at boot time07:16
tomdyokomo_ just get it to work first07:17
sn00zerhmm i dunno, i assumed you could07:17
echosasn00zer: looks like you need a plugin... http://www.linux.com/feature/11965307:17
bnqnqanyone knows about WiFi not starting on 7.10?07:18
sn00zerthanks echosa07:18
echosasn00zer: google is your friend :) I just typed 'xchat save favorite channels' and that was the first result07:18
* echosa is never ceased to be amazed how quiet a channel with 1100 people can be...07:20
ttolssanyboy know this error?  ssldump=>"ERROR: Couldn't create network handler"07:20
d34dh4ckdoes anyone know of (or how to if its a common one) an irc client that tiles the chat windows (similar to mIRC)?07:20
ttolsssuddenly ssldump do not work well.07:21
Jordan_U_Does the Ubuntu DVD image contain all of main and restricted?07:21
sn00zerhow did you do that echosa?07:21
echosasn00zer: do what?07:21
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
echosasn00zer: OH... type /me then whatever you want07:22
* echosa just typed /me07:22
m0u5ewhere are all the fonts stored in ubuntu?07:22
echosam0u5e: open a shell, type 'locate fonts', that might help you out07:23
echosasn00zer: you're at tamu?07:24
Dyst_MingusI am having trouble getting mpeg video to work, is there a how to somwhere? V 7.0.407:25
echosasn00zer: I'm in Bryan, I'll start working for the university in Dec. :)07:25
t74teamspeak fench ????????????????????,07:25
ray_a friend of mine was telling me about a program and i want to say it was like arg or something, it allows to program macros, but they arent macros07:25
echosaDyst_Mingus: all over google07:26
Myrtti!fr | t74team07:26
ubotut74team: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.07:26
Dyst_Mingusk, thnx07:26
echosasn00zer: small world07:26
sn00zerwhat are you going to do07:26
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!07:26
Xenocide21anyone a mac user here?07:26
=== t74team is now known as TROJAN
Xenocide21of course07:27
Xenocide21im on linux too07:27
Xenocide21but the machine is a mac07:27
Xenocide21and i need help :P07:27
echosaPHP Web Programmer for the Research and Graduate Studies Dept.07:27
echosaMyrtti: oops sorry07:27
Xenocide21does anyone know anything about this OS and running it on a mac?>07:28
echosaMyrtti: not much else was being said.. didn't think I'd be interrupting :-P lol07:28
Myrttiit's quite quiet here I see, but still... let's not make a habit out of it :-D07:28
blahjustcan someone help me figure out how to "recompile my kernel" so i can install bttv drivers?07:28
MyrttiXenocide21: I bet a lot of people07:29
TROJANMyrtti:  thank you07:29
blahjustor at least find some information about it07:29
echosaMyrtti: Good practice makes good habit07:29
MyrttiTROJAN: de rien ;-)07:29
tomdyokomo_ it just occured to me that you need to use dhcp. so comment out the last line of that script and add /sbin/dhclient-script07:29
echosablahjust: its quite the undertaking07:29
Xenocide21well im stupid when it comes to it, i have never used linux before, and my mac doesnt seem to want to comply with it07:29
daurnimatorechosa: I got it, my conf file didn't have a blank line at the bottom07:29
Myrtti/me pops out her emacs07:29
blahjusthmm...so this is going to be hard?07:29
powerservehi there guys!07:30
echosadaurnimator: of course07:30
daurnimatorstupid problem :s07:30
echosaviva la emacs07:30
daurnimatorIt could have at least errored out on me07:30
powerserveis there anyone here who could help me with virtual box installation?07:30
Xenocide21i mean i can boot it with the CD in, do i have to do this every time i want to use linux? not to mention it got stuck on the installing, trying to install IDE drivers or something07:30
echosapowerserve: you should have been here about an hour ago, that exact thing happened... what do you want to use VirtualBox for?07:30
Xenocide21(i have no IDE drives anyway, just SCSI, but yea)07:31
linxuz3rmy phone is supported under linux07:31
bnqnqanyone knows about WiFi not starting on 7.10?07:31
sn00zerwhat does that bad device message mean? i see that in my terminal alot07:31
powerservei want to run crossloop on it sir07:31
Myrttibnqnq: please be more precise, what wifi chip do you have?07:31
Myrttibnqnq: there's plenty of experience of working wifi, so you'll have to detail a bit07:32
echosawhat is crossloop? a windows program? never heard of it?07:32
powerservei tried to install it but along the way i interrupted the setting up procedure and met an error07:32
sn00zerpowerserve: did you get it from the repos?07:32
[chr0n0s]hello, in ubuntu, if i leave laptop idle for 5 minutes, the gamma changes from 1 to 0.1, any idea how ? as of now i am using the xgamma command everytime that happens07:32
sn00zeri'm also trying to get it running but i think my install is messed up07:32
powerserveyes sir i got it from add remove07:32
bnqnqWiFi chip doesn't matter.  It works only when after /etc/init.d/network restart07:32
[chr0n0s]wireless networking is a mess in ubuntu07:33
Myrttibnqnq: so you've tested it with several wifi cards?07:33
echosapowerserve: sn00zer: I just isntalled it from symantic using instructions I found either on google or in the virtualbox manual pdf found on their website07:33
tomdchr0n0s: funny you should mention that07:33
bnqnqMyrtti: no, but as it works after restart, it is not related to the card itself07:34
sn00zerits not in my repos....07:34
tomdchr0n0s: someone here was having problems staying on the right ap because network manager doesn't give you the option of specifying an ap, or... does it? anyone?07:34
sn00zeri installed it from a tarball from their website07:34
powerservewould it be okay if i show you the error i encountered sirs? i tried for several times to reinstall and delete the vbox settings that i used but to no avail07:34
sn00zerand it runs, but not easily07:34
echosasn00zer: I've done that too, it worked fine07:34
[chr0n0s]tomd, i have to reboot at times, i cannot switch b/w wireless networks07:35
sn00zersure powerserve but i'm pretty new so i doubt i can help07:35
echosapowerserve: yes what is the error07:35
tomd[chr0n0s] maybe you could run /etc/init.d/networking restart instead of rebooting07:35
powerservehttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43515/ <--- this is the error i encountered sir..07:35
tomdwould that work?07:35
[chr0n0s]tomd, doesn't work07:35
powerservei placed it on the pastebin07:35
rbrevoortwhy can't i install 7-zip?07:36
bullgard4After upgrading from Feisty to Gutsy I have no LAN access any more. Knoppix 5.01 and WinXP provide LAN access though. sudo dhclient eth0 answers: "No DHCPOFFERS received. No working Leases in persitent database - sleeping." What command should I use next to analyze my configuration further?07:36
echosapowerserve: open a terminal, type groups and tell me if you see vboxusers in the output07:36
powerserveok sir i would do that.. wait07:37
[chr0n0s]powerserve, use sudo ?07:37
rbrevoortfor some reason i can't install 7-zip?07:37
rbrevoorti'm using ubuntu v7.1007:38
Xenocide21*sigh* no one likes mac hardware apparently07:38
powerservei apologize sir i am still a newbie with ubuntu... i don't know how to use the sudo...07:38
powerserveechosa: sir if i open a terminal what do i type into it?07:38
sn00zertype sudo before the command07:38
_boysdontcryhi... just bought sony dvd lightscribe and it works out of the box except i dunno if lightscribe is supported...07:38
[chr0n0s]powerserve, what command are you using to start vbox?07:38
sn00zerand it runs that one command as root07:38
echosapowerserve: I dont' understand... do you have a terminal open?07:39
powerservechronos: i just open it through the applications tab sir07:39
Nergaranyone knows how to recover deleted data in a USB dongle?07:39
rbrevoortuse recuva?07:39
blahjustanyone here know how to install bttv drivers?07:40
Scareyrbrevoort, can't you find it in Synaptec ? (p7zip-full) ?07:40
rbrevoorthow do install 7-zip?07:40
_boysdontcryNergar : i was able to recover deleted file using filesalvage i think there's a tool for linux too you can find it in synaptic ctr+f then type "undelete"07:40
rbrevoorti can but it won't install07:40
_boysdontcryNergar : thre are many to choose actually07:40
Scareyrbrevoort, try removing it first then.. (completely)07:40
rbrevoorti though i just use add/remove to install it07:41
Scareyrbrevoort, try using a console and do this:07:41
powerserveechosa: sir its like this when i open virtual box since i already configured a new vbox when i click start i always see that error and i couldn't get in to the program07:41
rbrevoortscarey i haven't download anything07:41
[chr0n0s]In ubuntu, if i leave laptop idle for 5 minutes, the gamma changes from 1 to 0.1, any idea how ? as of now i am using the xgamma command everytime that happens07:42
sn00zerpowerserve, during the install did you ever modprobe vboxdrv?07:42
Scareyrbrevoort, ok, try to open a console07:42
Scareyrbrevoort, write: sudo apt-get update07:42
rbrevoorthold on07:42
Scareyrbrevoort, then sudo apt-get install p7zip-full07:42
Xenocide21can someone answer me this at least? When running on a macintosh system, will i have to boot with the CD every time i wish to use ubuntu? I notice it boots the whole OS in a ram disk (i have a gig of ram so i dont really complain about that)07:42
_boysdontcrydoes anyone knows a tool for linux that supports lightscribe?07:42
powerservesnoozer: sir how do i do that? i am sorry i am a newbie07:43
sn00zerno you don't xenocide07:43
rbrevoortscarey: now what?07:43
Scareyrbrevoort, then sudo apt-get install p7zip-full07:43
echosapowerserve: do this: completely close virtualbox, from a terminal type 'sudo usermod -G <your linux user name >' without the quotes, replacing <your linux user name > with whatever your linux user name is, so for instance, I would type 'sudo usermod -G vboxusers echosa'07:43
ray_i am looking for a network information helper application that gives me my ip address, mac, ect without using ifconfig in the terminal, any reccomendation?07:43
sn00zerits running off the livecd, you have to install to your hardisk07:43
Scareyrbrevoort, now it's installed.07:43
sn00zeri've seen ubuntu on a mac before07:43
linxuz3rhow do you spell hip hop07:44
Xenocide21ok, well when i tried to install it, it halted at "searching for hardware" it just basically sat there looking for "IDE drivers" or something07:44
linxuz3rhip-hop or hip hop?07:44
_boysdontcryray_ : avahi i think07:44
Xenocide21at 91%!!! =(07:44
_boysdontcryyou can right click and choose connection information07:44
rbrevoortscarey: 7-zip is not available07:44
_boysdontcryray_ : you can right click and choose connection information07:44
Scareyrbrevoort, okay. sounds weird.07:45
sn00zeri dunno xenocide, no experience with macs, my ubuntu install was flawless07:45
punzadalinxuz3r, either is acceptable.07:45
Xenocide21well i did burn the cd from a pc..07:45
rbrevoorti know? am i using the right version of ubuntu? 7.10 scarey:07:45
sn00zerha, that shouldn't matter07:45
Xenocide21i know, seeing as it booted :P07:45
ray__boysdontcry: i will try avahi thank you07:46
Scareyrbrevoort, I use 7.10 aswell.. and I just did what I wrote you should do, and it works fine07:46
rbrevoorti don't have 7-zip downloaded yet07:46
sn00zermaybe check the architecture? you can dl amd64, x86, ppc, maybe you got the wrong version?07:46
powerservesir snoozer i got disconnected07:46
Scareyrbrevoort, when you write "apt-get install" it will download the program / package for you07:46
Xenocide21no, its ppc07:46
Scareyrbrevoort, or it will take it from the CDrom07:47
linxuz3rpunzada, thanks07:47
sn00zerwell thats all the ideas i have07:47
sn00zerdisconnected from what powerserve07:47
Xenocide21im running it in a Powermac G3, it has OSX on one of the other hard drives07:47
powerservefrom irc a while ago07:47
rbrevoortcan the server be down?07:47
Xenocide21i already tried disconnecting that drive, to no avail07:47
xivanariheya folks im back07:47
xivanariand with a pretty bothersome problem07:47
echosapowerserve: did you try what I said?07:47
xivanariall my title fonts are all ridiculously huge07:47
powerservesnoozer: this is the link to the pastebin sir with details of the error i encountered..07:48
xivanarias are the icons in the top right corner07:48
xivanarithey are ginormous07:48
xivanarilike size 100 font07:48
rbrevoortscarey:  can the server be down?07:48
Scareyrbrevoort, I don't think so..07:48
Xenocide21im only experimenting with linux, so if it doesnt work oh well, i just thought i would check here maybe someone else knows something i dont, seeing as im a noob when it comes to linux, never used it before07:48
sn00zerdid you try echosa's advice or were you disconnected before it was sent?07:49
powerserveechosa: would you mind guiding me again sir on what to do.. i am a newbie with just a month of experience in running ubuntu..07:49
sn00zerha, seems we're all noobs except for a couple07:49
rbrevoortfor some reason i can't install 7-zip?07:49
xivanarihahaha it would seem that is the case sn00zer07:49
Xenocide21indeed it would07:49
echosapowerserve: do this: completely close virtualbox, from a terminal type 'sudo usermod -G <your linux user name >' without the quotes, replacing <your linux user name > with your linux user name07:50
xivanarii am having a really hard doing anything right now cause of the ridiculouslky huge fonts i have07:50
Xenocide21im pretty computer savvy, but that ends at Mac OS and windows07:50
keeganhi guys, how do i know what user my apache web server is running under ?07:50
powerserveechosa: ok i would do that sir07:50
Xenocide21Linux is a new breed of computing for me07:50
echosapowerserve: wait07:50
sn00zeri've been playing with live cd's for awhile but i didn't jump into a full install until this past summer07:50
echosapowerserve: that should say 'sudo usermod -G vboxusers <your linux user name>'07:50
Xenocide21really? hahaha07:51
echosapowerserve: that's what you want to type into the terminal07:51
Xenocide21well here goes round 2, with a new CD07:51
powerserveechosa: ok i already did it sir i would now enter my password07:51
sn00zerlinux puts you in your place fast07:51
echosapowerserve: yes it will ask for a password, and you need to enter the root password07:51
punzadagoogle becomes your best friend quick if it wasn't already.07:51
sn00zerhaha ya07:52
Xenocide21i already figured out how to get internet up though!07:52
keeganhi guys, how do i know what user my apache web server is running under ?07:52
powerserveechosa: i did it sir and nothing happened...:(07:52
J-5how do i give myself permission to upload stuff to /var/www/ ?07:52
sn00zeri was crazy at first, i attempted gentoo for the first install07:52
Xenocide21lol, im a tech, i infiltrate the guts of nearly any OS and figure out how it works07:52
sn00zerthat was fun....07:52
xivanarianyone know a solution to having gigantic out of whack fonts?07:52
Xenocide21eh, my mandriva burn wouldnt even boot at all =[07:52
sn00zerafter a month of failed kernel compiles, kernel panics, and no gui i switched to ubuntu07:52
Xenocide21that one looked cool07:52
echosapowerserve: now type 'groups' in the terminal, and tell me what it shows07:52
keeganJ-s  :   gksudo nautilus , and copy and paste stuff in var www07:53
powerserveechosa: ok sir07:53
cozbyhey anyone install ubuntu in virtualbox?07:53
cozbyhow do you make ubuntu go full screen?07:53
keeganj-s: youll also have to change permissions of files there so they can be read my all07:53
cozbynot virtualbox07:53
powerserveechosa: already did it sir07:53
cozbybut ubunt07:54
J-5ok thanks07:54
echosapowerserve: what does the terminal say when you type 'groups' (without the quotes)07:54
_boysdontcryusername adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev scanner lpadmin admin netdev powerdev vboxusers07:54
Scareyrbrevoort, http://packages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/download.pl?arch=i386&file=pool%2Funiverse%2Fp%2Fp7zip%2Fp7zip-full_4.51~dfsg.1-1_i386.deb&md5sum=0f3176dc9499e8b2e7fc944f71995ccf&arch=i386&type=main07:54
powerserveechosa: it just flashed and gone sir nothing was shown07:55
echosa_boysdontcry: I know what groups does, I'm helping powerserve determine if he or she is in a certain group07:55
echosapowerserve: can you put it into pastebin so I can see?07:55
_boysdontcryechosa : no.. its the output of the command07:56
_boysdontcryechosa : why do ihave two users output when i type 'users'?07:56
powerserveok sir this is the link to the pastebin http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43515/ actually i have been having a hard time since nov 6 on this..:)07:56
echosabecause you are logged in twice, probably once in X and once in the terminal window07:56
_boysdontcryechosa : thanx07:57
echosapowerserve: that is the output form virtualbox07:57
powerserveyes sir07:57
echosawe aren't dealing with that just yet, its not time07:57
powerserveechosa: yes sir07:57
echosaI need you to make sure virtual box is closed completely07:57
powderkeegan, try using system monitor.  You can add the "user" field in preferences.  Then View -> All processes07:57
=== Puppy is now known as CaRtz
echosaand open a terminal window so that you are at a prompt07:57
_boysdontcry <echosa> : is it possible that the kernel module is not installed ?07:58
powerserveechosa: i closed it completely sir when u instructed me to open the terminal. after i did it, nothing was shown...07:58
CyberMaddoes anyone here use Psi on ubuntu? i use Psi on 6.06 and 7.10 (Gutsy), but i got screen resolution problem with Psi GUI on Ubuntu 7.10, the GUI is so big... but no prolem with 6.06  :(07:58
echosa_boysdontcry: if you look at the error on pastebin, it says the user needs to be added to teh vboxusers group, which is what I"m trying to do07:58
tinmani have somehow screwed my mp407:59
tinmanfirst i couldn't delete files due to permission issue so i added rw in mount option and now i can't mount it07:59
tinmanSays invalied mount option07:59
echosapowerserve: ok, so virtualbox is not running and you are at a prompt ready to type a command.... I need you to type 'groups' (without the quotes) and press enter. It should list the groups you are in and give you another prompt08:00
tinmanAny idea?08:00
powerserveechosa: ok i would do it again sir08:00
_boysdontcry<tinman> the mount options depends on the fs type... what fs type are trying to mount?08:00
tinmanit's fat3208:00
sandaru1tinman: if you haven't speficied umask or gmask then try deleting files as root08:01
_boysdontcrytinman : wait08:01
powerserveechosa: the screen just flashed sir after doing it08:01
sandaru1tinman: sudo rm file08:01
tinmani tried deleting as root which didnt work cause it said it was read only disk08:01
tinmannow i can't even mount it08:01
echosapowerserve: I don't knwo what to tell you.. what do you mean the screen flashed? do you mean your whole monitor screen, or just the terminal window?08:01
tinmanI tried adding rw in mount option through GUI options08:01
powerserveechosa: the terminal window sir08:02
keeganpowder i checked08:02
keeganpower it shows 3 pids with www-data  as user and 1 with root08:02
keeganis there some thing wrong08:02
echosapowerserve: what terminal are you using?08:02
_boysdontcry<tinman> I tried adding rw in mount option through GUI options : go to gconfi and delete that options08:02
tinmani was reading ubuntu forums where someone was solving a problem like mine but kinda stopped :(08:02
bshi'm having a problem, please help. i use ubuntu 7.0.4 with xfce. whenever i'm running a gnome-terminal or gedit on the desktop, and close them when i'm done, they close normally. but in fact, they leave many defunct processes which run as root and can't vene be killed as root. why dothey stuck there?08:02
jdecosteanyone knows what's wrong with these nvidia drivers ?08:03
tinman_boysdontcry: /etc/gconfi?08:03
powerserveechosa: the terminal "alt + f2 sir...08:03
echosapowerserve: ok.. that's not a terminal08:03
tinmanwhat one?08:04
powerserveechosa: i apologize sir..08:04
echosapowerserve: in your Applications menu, go to Accessories, then click on terminal08:05
tinmanokey it's not gconfigger08:05
tinmani can't find gconfig08:05
echosapowerserve: a black and white window should open08:05
powerserveechosa: ok sir08:05
_boysdontcrytinman : sudo mount /dev/hda1 /media/mountpoint/ -t vfat -o iocharset=utf8,umask=000 <--- mount any fat partion using this command08:05
echosapowerserve: tell me when its open08:05
powerserveechosa: it did sir08:05
_boysdontcry<tinman> _boysdontcry: /etc/gconfi?  it's gconfig-editor type in in terminal08:06
=== mrigns_ is now known as mrigns
powerserveechosa: it is now open sir08:06
echosapowerserve: ok, this is a terminal... you should see a prompt that ends with $08:06
_boysdontcrytinman : sorry it's gconf-editor08:06
powerserveechosa: yes it has sir08:06
echosapowerserve: type 'groups' (without quotes) and press enter08:06
echosapowerserve: and tell me what it shows08:06
powerserveechosa: there is an output presented sir. should i place it on the paste bin?08:07
echosapowerserve: yes08:07
tinman_boysdontcry: mount: special device /dev/hda1 does not exist08:07
Oli```How can I access a samba share through a shell script? I want to back-up some files off another computer onto this one08:07
powerserveechosa: ok08:08
_boysdontcrytinman : /dev/hda1 <--- it's the hardrive you want to mount it could be /dev/sdc or /dev/sdb08:08
Tarkusanyone know the recommended way to get AWN and Affinity for gutsy??08:08
powerserveechosa: this is the link to the pastebin sir... http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44591/08:09
tinmansdb, i think08:09
tinman_boysdontcry: it worked :D08:09
tinmanbut can't it be like plug and play??08:09
JakesHi There - I'm about to buy a HP Laptop 6710b with a Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100- just want to make sure its supported with compiz before I buy? gonna use on ubuntu 7.10 - or if u can point me to a hardware matrix list would be appreciated, cant find much on google.08:09
echosapowerserve: ok.. in the Terminal window, type 'sudo usermod -G vboxusers powerserve'08:09
echosapowerserve: it will ask you for a password08:10
echosapowerserve: you'll need to give the root password08:10
linxuz3ranyone here uses itunes?08:10
tinmanand _boysdontcry i get this ( pasting 2 lies) :x08:10
tinmanrm: cannot remove `06 The Train//6;\033\nû\035█ñ.j\023¿': Read-only file system08:10
tinmanrm: cannot lstat `06 The Train//▓.¢\017\033': Input/output error08:10
Oli```linxuz3r: Amarok FTW08:10
powerserveechosa: ok i would do that sir08:11
echosapowerserve: tell me when its done08:11
powerserveechosa: ok sir08:11
echosapowerserve: ok... now that that's done, type groups again... you shoudl see vboxusers in the list this time... if so, run VirtualBox, it shoudl work now08:12
=== max500 is now known as max`
Tarkusanyone know the recommended way to get AWN and Affinity for gutsy??08:12
tinmanMr _boysdontcry sir, any way to make it auto play like plug and play and i still can't rm stuff :x08:12
renancan someone quickly help me out installing unshield from http://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty/source/unshield08:12
=== CaRtz is now known as Roy-
=== Roy- is now known as Xnx
tinmanrenan: what is the problm?08:12
renantinman, i download http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/u/unshield/unshield_0.5.orig.tar.gz08:13
=== Xnx is now known as Sinclair
renanand then.. i extraced08:13
=== Sinclair is now known as blimey
powerserveechosa: it has the same data as what i had posted in the pastebin sir...08:13
renantinin, now how do i install?08:13
tinmanthen dpkg -i package.deb?08:13
=== blimey is now known as CaRtz
tinmandpkg -i package.deb should do it08:14
Nergarany other recovery software?08:14
echosapowerserve: put the whole thing into pastebin, the first groups, the sudo usermod, and the second groups08:14
powerserveechosa: ok sir08:14
tinmanshould i add that line to fstb or osmething?08:15
tinmanto make it plug and play?08:15
peteryanghello, i cannot get webmin using apt-get. does it exist in the repository?08:16
linxuz3rOli```, Rythmbox08:16
linxuz3ritunes for linux is rythmbox right08:16
BlistokAnybody know why my "other collected keys" tab on seahorse is full of people I don't know?08:16
patbamhi, sound has suddenly stopped working on my laptop; can anyone help me try to track down what th e problem is? alsamixer doesn't help. no sound app works08:16
echosapeteryang: apt-cache search webmin08:16
Mustang50187I'm have problems with vbox any one can help08:17
sn00zerlinuxuz3r have you tried amarok?08:17
tinman:( so noe one else knows about this ?08:17
cerealkillerguys, i have a question08:17
Oli```Amarok is better linxuz3r (IMO)08:17
sn00zerits my favorite out of all the ones i've tried08:17
cerealkillerguys, i have a question08:17
crazymanoh oh08:17
crazymanhe has a question08:18
sn00zerwhats your problem mustang?08:18
Myrtticerealkiller: you seem to have several08:18
linxuz3rAmarok is only for kde08:18
Oli```linxuz3r: but yeah they'll both connect to your iPod08:18
_Lucretia_any Ada programmers here?08:18
linxuz3rill try it08:18
_Lucretia_I want to try and get the AWS examples to build08:18
Mustang50187I have a input device error 15808:18
sn00zerkde is better than gnome anyway08:18
echosapowerserve: post that to pastebin... I'll be back soon08:18
Oli```linux4me: only for kde? You can install kde apps in gnome, you know =) apt-get install amarok08:18
powerserveechosa: ok sir08:18
peteryangechosa, apt-cache search webmin return nothing08:18
patbamshould i have the alsa-utils service running?08:18
sn00zersorry mustang thats over my head08:19
echosapeteryang: then probably not.. google it08:19
* tinman needs to make his exit now :( no one has an idea about how to make my mp4 plug and play again and how to delet the files/08:19
patbamaka " audio settings management"08:19
Myrttipeteryang: so then it's not in the repositories08:19
Mustang50187thanks any way08:19
powerserveechosa: i think i did some mistakes anyway the link to the pastebin sir is http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/44593/08:19
cerealkillerwhy is it my ubuntu 7.10, i set the bottom panel to transparent, why is it everytime i restart the system always viewing it in white and then goes back to transparency mode08:19
daurnimatorhow do I give a usergroup access to usbfs?08:19
cerealkillerwhy is it my ubuntu 7.10, i set the bottom panel to transparent, why is it everytime i restart the system always viewing it in white and then goes back to transparency mode08:20
giovanniHow do I do to have write OOffice in icon mode and not in text mode?08:20
ray_really foolish question, i want to log on as root, but i cant remember how, i got used to sudo08:20
riotkittiebecause it's not real transparency, and it takes some time to draw08:20
nanonymecerealkiller, stop looping, that's for bots08:20
smmagicray_: type su root08:20
switchcatwhat is with the ubuntu firefox version?  now I'm going to a site that thinks my browswer can't accept cookies which it does.. only happened after ubuntu firefox version 'upgrade'...08:21
Mustang50187how do I add myself as vboxuser group08:21
CyberMadhow to fix this error:08:21
CyberMadsorry wrong channel08:21
cerealkilleroh i see, but why the other linux distro08:21
riotkittieCyberMad: best way to fix the wrong channel error is to join the right channel <hides>08:21
daurnimatorMustang50187: sudo adduser YOURUSERNAME vboxusers08:22
tsoulMorning, Can anybody try help me out, have a problem with my USB speakers, there is just not sound ?08:22
brynk_i've got a ups (apc) connected to my pc, i used to install apcupsd for it, but i'm not sure i need to anymore with the new power management, can anybody confirm i don't have to install apcupsd?08:22
CyberMadriotkittie  hehe08:22
sn00zermustang you have the same issue as powerserve08:22
sn00zerhold on, i'm looking08:22
sn00zeri managed to do it last week but i don't remember how08:23
powerservenow i have a classmate... hihihi08:23
patbamhow can figure out if esd is running? (and maybe conflicting with alsa?)08:24
* patbam is grasping at straws08:24
* tomd couldn't get virtualbox to work.. 08:24
Mustang50187yea that didn't work still says I'm not a member08:24
fuzzy_can somone help im useing miro and xine wouldent run i had to use gstreamr08:24
cerealkillerwhy is it my wine, my office doesnt run08:24
tomdi installed it, followed the directions, added to vboxusers, but when i put the xp cd in, it just kept getting to "Setup inspecting your hardware..." then went in