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molivercan anyone talk me through "shutting down X" so I can install my nvidia drivers?06:36
effie_jayxRichEd, :D12:41
RichEdhi effie_jayx12:41
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Joris_anyone arround?15:32
Joris_I have an edubuntu ltsp setup; upgraded it and now I'm having trouble with (probably) the lts.conf15:32
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stgraberogra: Do you know if there is a command to shutdown the system without being root (like the logout box does) ?19:25
jamey-ukI'm looking to build a thin client network to initially 36 clients. So far my requirements are: AMD Opteron/Intel Xeon dual-core processor, 4GB RAM, 1TB RAID 1 storage. Is software RAID rubbish? Are there motherboards with hardware RAID at a reasonable cost?19:37
Amaranthstgraber: That only works because it talks to xdm/gdm/kdm which is running as root22:45

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