ardchoillegenii: Those are plugins, I meant extensions.00:00
geniiardchoille: As such, no00:00
ardchoilleOh well, guess I don't need them anyway.00:02
ardchoillegenii: But, thanks for the plugin search tip :)00:02
MinatakuAny Unix user should know grep :P00:02
Dr_Willisheh.. by the time i get ssh'd to the other box and irc'd here.. the machine is done fscking.. and time to reboot..00:02
MinatakuI'm installing DR-DOS 7.03 on Minataku (Toshiba Satellite 100CS)00:03
MinatakuI told it no memory manager, I plan to install a separate one00:04
MinatakuQEMM :300:04
ahmadi can't play audio on my kubuntu00:08
ahmadanyone has a solution ?!00:08
tashiroUadio or mp3?00:08
ahmadit tells me that amarok cannot play mp3 as package is not installed00:09
ahmadand after i installed and restarted amarok it didn't play it again00:09
tashiroForgot how to do that00:10
mith__i didn't have any problem with mp3 support00:10
tashiroGoogle "Mp3 codecs for kubuntu" thats wat i did00:10
* Dr_willis jamms to Kenny G.00:11
mith__amarok has offered install the support, end it installed it automatically00:11
ahmadi have a question00:11
Dr_willisI belive the 'kubuntu-restricted-extras' package installs mp3 and other things as well. :)00:11
ahmadwhat kubuntu did you install00:11
mith__did u really quit from amarok or just put it down to the panel?00:11
ahmador which one you already downloaded ?!00:11
ahmadno .. i quit it00:12
ahmadwhat size is it00:12
mith__less than 700 mb00:12
ahmadi think it is the same i have here00:13
ahmadhow do you enter your root then ?! it didn't ask me about the root password in log in !!00:13
* Dr_willis is totally confused by this conversation.00:14
mith__why do you need the root?00:15
mith__(sorry my english isn't the best :d )00:15
ahmadto install programs and mount HDD drives00:15
Tm_T!sudo | ahmad00:15
ubotuahmad: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.00:15
ahmadwhat ?00:16
mith__i don't need it... hey man if i start the "add/remove programs" it's automatically asks my password00:16
tashirotry pasting this into ur terminal00:16
tashirosudo apt-get install libxine-extracodecs00:16
tashiroIt worked for me00:16
Jangarianyone use kicker-kblogger?00:18
Tm_TJangari: what is that?00:18
ahmadE: Couldn't find package libxine-extracodecs00:18
Jangariit's apparently a rather good blog editor00:18
Tm_TI see, never heard00:18
Jangariexcept i can't seem to find it00:18
Jangarii mean, i've installed it, but can't find it anywhere in the system00:18
Dr_willisJangari,  it may be the menus need to be refreshed.,00:19
mith__hmm if I install anything in the "add/remove programs" section, it downloads and extracts the packages perfectly, but before installation ends, it writes: "problems with installation, the packages have errors" or something like this..... but the programs what i installed, are working perfectly, after this eror message too..... has anybody knows whats this?00:19
Dr_willisOr ya could launch it from a terminal.00:19
Jangariwhat's the command?00:19
Dr_willisor log out/backin and seeif it shows up..00:19
Dr_willisJangari,  no idea try 'kicker-kblogger'  :) or look in apt:/ in konqueror and search the package to see what files it installed00:19
Jangariis konqueror kubuntu's package manager?00:20
=== ForeverZero is now known as sea4ever
ahmadi don't even know how to install xmms00:21
ahmadi am trying now to install it00:21
Tm_Tahmad: tried amarok?00:22
ahmadTm_T : i already tried it and it failesd00:22
Tm_Tahmad: failed in what?00:23
ahmadTm_T : it says it cannot play mp3 and asked me to install mp3 support00:24
tashiroAhmad try installing vlc it comes with its own mp3 codecs that work for amarok00:24
Tm_Ttashiro: untrue00:24
ahmadand after installation i restarted it and it fails again00:24
Tm_T!codecs > ahmad00:24
tashiroIt works fine for me00:25
Tm_Tdid you look that?00:25
Tm_Ttashiro: doesn't matter00:25
navidI just installed00:25
ahmadseems that this kubuntu version is defective00:25
tashiro<tm_t> Loosen up dude i was just tryin to help00:26
ignoramusI cannot install Synce (to connect Smartphone to Kubuntu) - I get the following error: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/45519/  Any ideas?00:26
Tm_Ttashiro: I know00:26
Tm_Ttashiro: and I appreciate it00:26
lgkanI have some screenshots showing the trouble I'm having, every second line such as this window and others like username list, is blacked out00:26
lgkanhow do I correct that00:26
Tm_Tlgkan: check your coloursettings00:27
Dr_willislgkan,  there are some kde color themes that do that.00:27
ahmadit seems a big mistake to leave suse and install kubuntu00:27
navidI just installed Kubuntu Gusty on a box with a Radeon HD 2400 XT. Now I tried to change the resolution to 1024*768 but now it gives me a 16 color screen. I ran dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and installed fglrx but it doesn't work. Any idea?00:27
Tm_Tahmad: hold on00:27
lgkandoesnt seem to matter on the theme, happens on all themes, so colors??00:27
Dr_willisahmad,  then dont leave.  I would suggest getting away from xmms however.. its code base is quite dated and i dont beliuve theres much  work on it any more00:27
Tm_Tlgkan: colors, see "alternate background in lists"00:28
Tm_TDr_willis: ehm00:28
Dr_willisI like the beep-media-player these days.00:28
Dr_willis!info bmpx00:28
ubotubmpx: Beep Media Player eXperimental. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.40.0~rc3-1build1 (gutsy), package size 2999 kB, installed size 9264 kB00:28
tashiroAny advice on how to run Warcraft 3?00:28
Dr_williswhatever happened to xmms2 ?00:28
ahmadDr_wills:so what is your suggestion00:28
Dr_willis!info xmms200:28
ubotuxmms2: Client/server based media player system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2DrJekyll-4ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 10 kB, installed size 56 kB00:28
tashiroI used wine but it slows up the game00:28
Dr_willisI wonder if xmms2 is useable now. I havent tried it lately.00:29
claydohignoramus: the package you are trying to install conflicts with the package dcc-milter that you have installed00:29
Dr_willistashiro,  wine or cedega. thats about you ronly options.00:29
navidI just installed Kubuntu Gusty on a box with a Radeon HD 2400 XT. Now I tried to change the resolution to 1024*768 but now it gives me a 16 color screen. I ran dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and installed fglrx but it doesn't work. Any idea?00:29
tashiroThanks doc i'll go try it00:29
ignoramusclaydoh: is dcc-milter necessary, or can I remove it?00:29
claydohI dunno, it isn't installed by default in kubuntu so I think so00:30
claydoh!info dcc-milter00:30
ubotudcc-milter: Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse - sendmail milter plugin. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.42-4build1 (gutsy), package size 240 kB, installed size 576 kB00:30
ignoramusclaydoh: thanks - i was thinking that, but it's good to check with the experts first ;)00:30
Tm_Tahmad: install kubuntu-restricted-extras00:30
dennisterhey folks...i'm still very unhappy with how slow and unresponsive my pc (I think its xorg that's not redrawing as quickly as usual) is, and while purging all the compiz stuff yesterday did improve things a bit, the problems still exist00:30
dennisterhere r the system-wide issues: apps are very slow to load and close; i constantly get the message that an app is not responding (terminate or keep running); even my K menu is slow or won't respond; it took over 20 minutes to do a simple apt-get update00:32
Tm_Tdennister: run "top" in konsole00:32
ahmadi am curious about some point00:32
Tm_Tahmad: yes?00:32
dennisterthese are recent issues (last 48 hours) in a normally-zippy machine00:32
ahmadwhat is the difference between alternate and desktop ?!00:32
ahmad:-shy face00:32
Dr_willisdesktop includes a live cd/desktop on the cd.. alternative is just an installer00:33
ahmadoh mann00:33
Tm_Tinstaller and packages, no live00:33
dennisterTm_T: i did that last night, as well as just now, and it shows very little system and cpu usage00:33
Tm_Tdennister: load?00:33
dennisteri should say memory % and cpu usage00:33
ahmadthen the alternate copy has more packages than the desktop one ?!00:33
Tm_Tahmad: no, contents in different format00:34
Tm_Tbut same stuff00:34
Dr_willisahmad,  it may have a few more packages never counted... but proberly not many. nothing you couldent install anyway00:34
Tm_Tahmad: did kubuntu-restricted-extras install well there?00:34
ahmadi don't know how to make this task00:34
ahmadTm_T : i don't know how to make this task00:35
dennisterload average: 0.02, 1.89, 3.4800:35
Tm_Tdennister: interesting, still sluggish?00:35
dennisterTm_T: so sluggish it's almost unusable00:35
Tm_Tdennister: weird00:35
Tm_Tdennister: something in cd/dvd drive?00:36
Tm_Tahmad: run "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras" in konsole00:36
dennisterTm_T: nothing, and yes it's wierd...which is why i come to the experts :P00:36
Dr_willisive seen hard drive/cd be 'bad' and the system keeps scanning the disk/drive  and really lag things out00:36
Tm_TDr_willis: I have that in times00:36
Dr_willisHmm. dang it - firefox keeps dieing on me. :) teach ME to go to Youtube.00:37
dennisterwell the hard drive is only 1 yr old, the optical drive 18mths...i know that doesn't rule them out, but...00:37
Tm_Tahmad: luck?00:37
ahmadTm_T : E: Couldn't find package kubuntu-restricted-extras00:38
ahmadi am about to cryy00:38
Tm_Tahmad: no need to worry :)00:38
Dr_willisahmad,  you are using the latest Gutsy release of kubuntu?00:38
Dr_willis!find restricted-extras00:38
ubotuFound: kubuntu-restricted-extras, ubuntu-restricted-extras, xubuntu-restricted-extras00:38
ahmadis that the last one ?!00:39
dennisteri've also got gentoo on this same hard drive and it's not sluggish...seems to be only and suddenly affecting kubuntu00:39
Tm_Tahmad: "sudo apt-get update" gives what?00:39
Dr_willisi would do a 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get upgrade' then try 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras'00:39
Tm_Tahmad: use pastebin :)00:39
Tm_TDr_willis: hmm, you like? :)00:39
Tm_TDr_willis: if you have time, help ahmad, I'm bit in the middle of something here00:40
leleji all00:40
Tm_Tvit___: excuse me?00:40
Dr_willisahmad,  be sure your spelling is correct also. :)00:40
ahmadTm_T or Dr_wills :00:41
ahmadIgn cdrom://Kubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016.1) gutsy/main Translation-en_US00:41
ahmadIgn cdrom://Kubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016.1) gutsy/restricted Translation-en_US00:41
ahmadReading package lists... Done00:41
Tm_TDr_willis: thanks :)00:41
ahmadyou mean about my spelling here dr_wills ?!00:41
dennistersomething else that's wierd about this kubuntu installation? all of a sudden only *some* of my fat 16 partitions on other drive weren't writable anymore from kubuntu, but ok with gentoo00:41
Dr_willisall spelling. :) for the package names at least.00:41
ahmador in the konsole ?! :D00:41
lgkanthanks the alternate txt color fixed that problem00:41
ahmadit gives reading packages lists ... Done00:42
ahmadwhat next ?!00:42
Dr_willisi would do a 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get upgrade' then try 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras'00:42
Dr_willisupdate, upgrade, try again00:42
Tm_TDr_willis: ahmad: you don't have repositories enabled00:42
dennisterso no one has any other suggestions about my sluggish system? i'd really like to know before i wipe the whole thing clean, cause my son is having the same problem with his new feisty installation00:42
Dr_willisTm_T,  thats possible also. :)00:43
Tm_TDr_willis: that's the case00:43
lgkananyone have any recommendations for wirless tools for a laptop00:43
Dr_willis!info kubuntu-restricted-extras00:43
ubotukubuntu-restricted-extras: Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 10 (gutsy), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB00:43
ahmadDr_wills : 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras00:44
ahmadDr_Wills : E: Couldn't find package kubuntu-restricted-extras00:44
ahmadTm_T : please discuss alittle more00:44
Dr_williswell if You are using Gutsy., its possible you dont have the 'multiverse' repository enabled.00:44
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu00:45
Tm_TDr_willis: he doesn't have any repositories enabled00:45
Dr_willisI forget the proper way to enable them. :) i do it old skool and manually edit the configs00:45
=== lele is now known as fibonaccixp
Dr_willislets see fire up adept_manager with    kdesu adept_manager00:46
=== jorhumcc is now known as kuadrosx
ahmadi already started that approach 5 mins ago00:46
=== matrix is now known as __Motodev0120
Dr_willisi always hate adept :) cant een get it to do the reositories00:46
ubotusource-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic00:46
Dr_willisCheck your /etc/apt/sources.list you should have some lines like the following 300:47
Dr_willisdeb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu gutsy universe multiverse00:47
Dr_willisdeb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu gutsy-updates universe multiverse00:47
Dr_willisdeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu gutsy-security universe multiverse00:47
Dr_willisyou may or may not have 'us' but the 'multiverse' at the end is impiorntant.00:48
Tm_Tahmad: actually, paste your whole /etc/apt/sources.list to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org00:49
Dr_willisTm_T,  good idea. :)00:49
ahmadthe kubuntu updates is inactive in the software sources windows in the Adept Manager00:49
Tm_Tahmad: activate all sources00:50
=== matrix is now known as Moto_dev120
oem__hi to all00:50
=== oem__ is now known as JJtech
JJtechim a new kubuntu user00:51
JJtechpleeeaase som1 help00:51
DM|so in GNOME there is a way to set up so people can control your desktop , where is that setting in KDE?00:51
DM|JJtech just ask the question, dont ask if anyone can help00:51
JJtechahhh.. ok00:51
dennisterjjtech, like this: how do i test my hard drive and dvd for bad sectors/hardware probs?00:52
JJtechi just finish installing kubuntu.. how do i use optimal performance for my geForce 8400 nvidia??00:52
dennisterthat's for everyone helping, too , lol00:52
nosrednaekimDM|: you mean like VNC?00:52
Dr_willisJJtech,  you did install the nvidia drivers for your video card? that would be step 1.00:53
JJtechfinish updating actually00:53
DM|nosrednaekim yes00:53
nosrednaekimDM|: I think there is kvnc..00:53
DM|nosrednaekim ive set up VNC all the ports blahh blahh and it still refuses connection00:53
Dr_willisI thought the restricted-manager thing asks by default. :) other then that - i cant think  of anything else to do from the start.00:53
dennisterJJtech: updating itself won't necessarily install the restricted graphics drivers00:54
ubotuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX00:54
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:54
JJtechkk.. i'll try00:54
ubotuKDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. For more information see <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_4>. The Release Schedule is available at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule. RC 1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc1.php00:55
DM|nosrednaekim no im trying to set up KDE to allow me to VNC into the box00:55
lovrehi alll00:56
lovrewhat should i use to emulate windows games?00:56
nosrednaekimDM|: oh, go to #kde and they'll probably be able to help you more.00:56
nosrednaekimlovre: wine?00:56
akiralovre wine00:56
lovreWine is no good for games. No sound in most games, and the screen flickers :(00:56
nosrednaekimplay native linux games then00:56
lovrewaiting for UT3 for linux :D00:57
lovrethere arent many native linux games out there00:57
lovreat least not good ones00:57
akiraim currently working on microslugs freelancer for linux00:57
Dr_willisI normally ssh into a box, then start a stand alone vnc session.00:58
JJtechguys, what is more in eye-candy? kubuntu or ubuntu?00:58
nosrednaekimJJtech: kubuntu for sure00:59
Dr_williseye candy - causes ocular cavaties00:59
Dr_willisi think i spelt ocular right. :)00:59
JJtechDr_will u from where?00:59
julio3patashow can i imrpove dvd playback it plays and is like it hesitates sometimes i am using xine and have a 8800 gts plenty of memory and quad cpu, how can dvd playback be improve, thanks00:59
r0y4lis there a kde4 package that includes the new version of kate?01:00
nosrednaekimjulio3patas: that is a problem with dma01:00
nosrednaekimr0y4l: I believe its part of kde4-sdk01:00
julio3patasnosrednaekim: it is a sata dvd drive01:00
Tm_Tr0y4l: topic01:00
nosrednaekimjulio3patas: does it always stutter... or is it only occasionally?01:01
JJtechhow to dual boot???01:01
JJtechi want to use my VISTA ultimate01:01
akirawhich os.s01:01
julio3patasevery other couple of seconds01:01
nosrednaekimJJtech: you should probably have loaded that first01:01
nosrednaekimjulio3patas: sure its not your DVD drive?01:02
DM|UGH kde sucks for mounting stuff GUI01:02
r0y4lnosrednaekim: thx that was correct! :)01:02
akirayep and only use half your hard drive01:02
julio3patasi tried on a sata drive and a ide drive same thing, the drive is fine01:02
nosrednaekimDM|: eh?01:02
ubotudma is Direct Memory Access/Addressing. It makes hard disks & optical drives transfer data faster, and is almost always enabled in Ubuntu 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DMA01:03
DM|nosrednaekim trying to mount an ext3 and it keeps giving me errors , yet in GNOME it works just fine01:03
julio3patassata drives don't use dma01:03
nosrednaekimjulio3patas: yeah... I know, just wanted to see that factoid for something01:03
nosrednaekimDM|: use "disks and filesystems" in systemsettings01:04
JJtech1st i load windows XP SP2, then dual boot with VIsta Ultimate, then Ubuntu on my secondary SATA... but when i tried loading UBUNTU, it beeps wild.. then a very loooong beep01:04
nosrednaekimjulio3patas: did you try another media player?01:05
Dr_willisor the media:/ address01:05
akirajjtech did you make the proper swap partition01:06
JJtechi used guided01:07
JJtechi have 2 SATA and EDIE drive..01:08
JJtech1 hard disk for every OS...01:08
Dr_willisHmm.. Only beeping i can think of would be the bios beeping.. It boots up ubuntu then starts beeping?01:09
akirajjtech was there any othe os.s runing at the time or was it on boot01:09
JJtechi think when ubuntu loads up it starts beeping..01:11
JJtechit beeps wildy, then a very loong beep01:11
Dr_willisYou think? Hmm...  you see the grub menu? it beeps befr/after that?01:11
JJtechblank screen01:12
akirano grub?01:12
JJtechblank screen then beep01:12
JJtechmy red LED blinking01:12
=== litbang is now known as riefzu
Dr_williscaps lock led?01:12
JJtechno.. on my CPU01:13
MinatakuCPUs have no LEDs01:13
JJtechi mean01:13
MinatakuYou probably mean the case01:13
JJtechin my casing01:13
ardchoilleSounds like maybe the hard drive light (hd being accessed)01:13
MinatakuSorry, but that's an error that really annoys me01:13
Dr_willismy wife calls it the 'guts' :)01:14
ardchoilleDr_willis: lol01:14
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion01:14
Dr_willisand she has a new 'lapdesk' :)01:14
JJtechbut anyways, i figured it out just recently01:14
JJtechim just wondering why it beeps annoyingly01:14
JJtechit's like it will explode or something01:14
ardchoilleDr_willis: Your wife's dictionary have lots of white out?01:15
Dr_willisit beepes befor you get to any OS then?01:15
Dr_willisardchoille,  you dont whant to know the fight we had over a 'mango vs. a greenpepper'01:15
akiradr.willis lmao01:15
Dr_willisI would say.. open up the case. dust it out.. double check all fans,  power up and look.01:15
ardchoilleDr_willis: There was a recent bug that disallowed tty1-6 showing text, they're active, they just don't show anything. And if he is experiencing a grub error, he won't see the output01:16
Dr_willisardchoille,  havent seen that one.01:16
JJtechno.. there is no problem with the internals..01:16
ardchoilleDr_willis: tons of folks confirmed it in launchpad01:16
Dr_willisJJtech,  you dont want to know the times ive heard that. :)01:16
akirajjtech then you have something tweaked wrong01:16
Dr_willisJJtech,  it wont boot any os?, could try unpluging  all the hd's except one.01:16
JJtechthen why when i load my VISTA it wont do like ubuntu does01:17
Dr_willislive cd would be a good test also01:17
ardchoilleJJtech: Did you install nvidia or ati drivers via the restricted drivers manager?01:17
JJtechardchoille> not yet..01:17
* Dr_willis thinks the whole deal needs more clarification. HOW can you boot vista if you dont even see a grub menu?01:17
ardchoilleDr_willis: default entry in menu.lst ?01:18
akiraDr_willis : you got me on that one?01:18
JJtechwhen booting, i press F11 to choose where to boot 1st...01:18
Dr_willisso hes bypasing grub totally with F11 - ive done similer with a machine,01:18
JJtechi hav 3 hard disk, each with diffirent OS01:19
Dr_willisProblem with the f11 method. is that some times hard drives get 'swaped' around in the bios ive noticed. so  what was sdb when you installed.. becomes sda whenyou boot it with the bios menu feature.01:19
JJtechi see01:19
redelfhi all01:19
Dr_willisBut ive never heard of the ubuntu system beeping.. the flashing led. ivbe seen when the kernel really really crashes bad.,01:19
JJtechi think it's not with the ubuntu01:20
akirai only have 1 hd with 3 o.s and never had a prob01:20
Dr_willisakira,  you hit a key at boot and tell the pc what hd to boot? ive had different machines handle that 'way' differntly.01:20
JJtechno problem with 1 hard disk..i tried that already..01:21
Dr_willisbut eevnif the hd;s were getting switched - he still should be seeing a grub menu.01:21
JJtechbut i want to use each hard drive, and separate system..01:21
akiraDr_willis i never used more than 1 hd01:22
JJtechanyway, i change settings in my BIOS, when i want to load Kubuntu i change bios settings..and it fixed.. no beeping01:23
JJtechi have 3 hard disk, but each only 80g01:23
akiraDr_willis:not is he didnt have a swap01:24
=== twylight is now known as Cake
=== Cake is now known as twylight
akirawifes buggin me for dinner be back latrs all01:28
dennisterJJtech: ok, well it looks like i'll be wiping this hard drive clean over the weekend and starting from scratch01:28
Dr_willisive booted with no swap. there would be some errors if the fstab tryes to mount the thing and its not there.. but ive had it boot.01:28
JJtechi see01:29
JJtechgot to go... bRb01:29
dennisterJJtech: having a different OS on 2 or 3 diff 80G drives is actually a good idea...i have 2 drives and if  one drive goes bad, you have a backup while u try to rescue/re-install the other01:30
dennisteri loved the fact that while my winblows was on sata drive, i put linux on ide drive...and i never have to "fool windows" to think it's on the first drive01:30
dennisterwhen i was a noob i wasted a coupla weeks following howtos on how to "fool windows"; then found out by lucky accccccident that ubuntu did all that for me01:31
dennister<----talks to ghosts, herself...01:32
dennisteractually, it was my slow-to-redrrraw xorg that was at fault :P01:33
roar_KDE 4  is awesome!01:33
|Jason8|MK|Hey guys.01:35
|Jason8|MK|I just installed kubuntu today, and it didn't install my sound card.01:35
|Jason8|MK|I checked in /dev/ for the sound card device, and it's not even there.01:36
|Jason8|MK|Any ideas?01:36
Dr_willisthere are some newer sound cards/chipsets that dont have linux/alsa support.. yet... sadly.01:36
Dr_willisi would say use 'lspci' and see what your sound card is. and check the ubuntu forums01:36
Dr_willisalso check the !alsa wiki page01:36
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:36
=== Nyle is now known as stoned
|Jason8|MK|I just got this computer over the summer, it has an Nforce 405 chipset on the board01:37
BluesKaj|Jason8|MK|, in the konsole : cat /proc/asound/cards01:37
|Jason8|MK|no such file or directory.01:38
BluesKajok try , lspci | grep audio01:38
dennistergonna close this to save hdd seek time ppl, annnd wipe hdd clean over weekend...later all01:39
lgkan>>>bring it on<<<<O01:39
|Jason8|MK|BluesKaj: nothing happened.01:39
|Jason8|MK|Just gave me a new line in the terminal.01:40
BluesKaj|Jason8|MK|, look for "audio controllers "type : lspci01:40
onishidatohello veryone01:42
RATTTTSi have a problem with wine01:42
|Jason8|MK|No audio controllers :/01:42
onishidatodo you know how can i play a .DAT file on Kubuntu?01:42
|Jason8|MK|It's a High-Definition Audio card with an nvidia chipset.01:43
RATTTTSi have a dual boot, and in my vista boot, xfire runs perfectly with its updates. when i log onto my linux boot and access the vista os from it to run the xfire.exe with wine, it runs the oldest version of xfire. how do i make it run the updated version??????01:43
onishidatosomeone can help me?01:43
|Jason8|MK|...Actually, most of the stuff when I use lspci comes up as NVidia Corporation: Unknown Device01:43
angeljason i have nvidia hd  and run good01:44
Dr_willisRATTTTS,  i wouls suggest you reinstall xfire with wine, and not run apps from a windows hd. that has caused issues with me in the past.01:44
RATTTTStrue, but i cant get xfire to install with wine so i have to do it that way01:44
Dr_willisits also possible thers some other xfire.exe  thats the newer one.01:44
RATTTTSi get some errors01:44
Dr_willisim suprised that xfire works at all. :) old or new.01:45
|Jason8|MK|RATTTTS: sounds like you have two copies of xfire installed.01:45
angeljason8: my module is   snd_hda_intel01:45
RATTTTSi doubt i have 2 copies01:45
DM|So i got VNC working to connect to a KDE box but cant control the desktop, any ideas?01:45
BluesKaj|Jason8|MK|, did you setup alsa in the soundsystem as Dr_willis suggested ?01:45
Dr_willisProve it. :) you could reinstall xfire under windows and tell it to installto c:/NEWXFIRE and see if you an run it from there.01:45
RATTTTSby the way. has anyone successfully run WOW on linux without cedega?01:46
RATTTTSil try that01:46
=== solid_liquid is now known as solid_liq
Dr_willisDM|,  there may be some  security setting for the kde remote desktop (sounds like)  I never share the current desktop - so cant  tell ya even where to look.01:46
angelchip: alc883  with module: snd_hda_intel01:46
DM|RaTTTTs i do yes01:47
lgkanhow does one take ownership of a harddrive previously with xp or vista on it01:47
RATTTTSu run wow?01:47
RATTTTSon wine?01:47
DM|RATTTTS: yes with WINE01:47
RATTTTShow did u do it?01:47
DM|cedega f*ing blows01:47
lgkanIf I can run gw on wine wow should work too01:47
DM|RaTTTTs there are how twos01:47
onishidatohow can i play a .DAT on kubuntu?01:48
RATTTTSi tried the how tos01:48
RATTTTSthey all suck01:48
|Jason8|MK|BluesKaj: It seems as though kubuntu can't even see the sound device.01:48
RATTTTScan you direct me to a good how to?01:48
DM|RaTTTTs http://www.wowwiki.com/Linux/Wine#Sound_stops_working_after_alt-tabbing_out01:48
RATTTTSthats what you used right?01:48
DM|yeah thats the one01:48
DM|RaTTTTs i didnt use a guide, i know wine pretty well01:49
BluesKaj|Jason8|MK|, ' alsamixer ' in the terminal ?01:49
|Jason8|MK|BluesKaj: alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device01:49
angelplay .data  in kubuntu01:49
angelfist aptitude install   libxine-dev libxine-doc libxine1-gnome libxine1-plugins libxinerama-dev01:50
RATTTTShey DM|01:50
BluesKaj|Jason8|MK|,  hmmm... bummer :/01:50
DM|RATTTTS yes?01:50
Tm_Tangel: er?01:50
=== dave_ is now known as MrBiggZ
angelsecond: open kaffeine  and search .dat01:50
RATTTTSi did access my vista boot from wine to run wow.exe and it got me to the login screen...graphics were great, but when i login and select my character and it loads the game, it just keeps loading01:50
|Jason8|MK|BluesKaj: I was looking around google and this computer's supposed to be real good with linux in general.01:50
RATTTTSand dodest play01:51
Tm_Tangel: you don't make much sense01:51
RATTTTSdoesnt play*01:51
|Jason8|MK|Maybe it's because I'm running an old version of kubuntu.  I got 6.06 right now.01:51
BluesKaj|Jason8|MK|, so your machine is fairly new ?01:51
|Jason8|MK|BluesKaj: Yeah.01:52
|Jason8|MK|It's an Acer T180, bought it this summer.01:52
BluesKaj|Jason8|MK|, yeah, could be01:52
|Jason8|MK|So far kubuntu/ubuntu hasn't liked the integrated graphics or the sound.01:52
DM|RATTTTS so you are running it from a Windows drive?01:52
RATTTTSyes and it runs but when it loads it just keeps loading...after i select my character01:53
MinatakuI've got DESQview/X up and running01:53
MinatakuIt's pretty cool01:53
DM|RATTTTS what vid card01:53
MinatakuX11 on DOS01:53
RATTTTS8600 m gs01:53
DM|RATTTTS nice, ok do you have write permissions on the windows drive01:53
RATTTTSya i think so01:53
BluesKajmy pc ran dapper , thats 6.10 I think , and mine's almost 2 yrs old01:53
angeljason8: yes you have kernel old01:53
RATTTTSpretty sure i do01:53
DM|RATTTTS create a folder on the windows drive to be sure01:53
RATTTTSok let me try01:54
onishidatohow can i change my profile to root?01:54
onishidatothey ask me if i'm a root01:54
DM|!permissions onishidato01:54
Dr_willisonishidato,  who asks you?01:54
RATTTTSya, i can make a folder on it01:54
DM|lol woops wrong one01:54
BluesKaj|Jason8|MK|, I'd defeintely go for the newer release 7.1001:54
MinatakuHaha, sweet01:54
onishidatomy computer01:54
MinatakuXEV.EXE XD01:54
RATTTTSi made a folder DM|01:54
DM|RATTTTS try the following command: wine /path/to/folder/wow.exe -opengl01:55
jhoc2x2im back01:55
=== jhoc2x2 is now known as JJtech
Daisuke_Laptopmmmkay, apparently something didn't like that kde4 rc1 installation01:55
onishidatowhen i try to use the aptitude install   libxine-dev libxine-doc libxine1-gnome libxine1-plugins libxinerama-dev, they ask me that01:55
RATTTTSok hold on01:55
JJtechis wine ok to use? what r pros and cons01:55
JJtechis wine ok to use? what r pros and cons??01:55
MinatakuWINE is great01:55
Dr_willisonishidato,  when using 'system' type commands like that you NEED to use sudo at the start of the command01:55
ubotuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience01:55
Dr_willissudo aptitude install   libxine-dev libxine-doc libxine1-gnome libxine1-plugins libxinerama-dev01:56
MinatakuThe pros are it lets you run a whole bunch of various Windows programs without Windows01:56
|Jason8|MK|BluesKaj: Got ya.  I'll download it at school next week some time :D01:56
Tm_TDr_willis: erm?01:56
MinatakuThe cons are that it can't run all of them01:56
Daisuke_LaptopRATTTTS: check winehq and look for the opengl line in the comments.  add that to the .WTF config file01:56
JJtechi see01:56
Dr_willisonishidato,  get it? sudo aptitude install   libxine-dev libxine-doc libxine1-gnome libxine1-plugins libxinerama-dev01:56
RATTTTSok ill try your method. thanx for helping01:56
Daisuke_Laptopbecause yes, WoW works great with opengl (daggerspine ftw :D)01:56
Tm_TDr_willis: that makes no sense01:56
Daisuke_Laptopi didn't say that >_>01:56
JJtechcan my splinter Cell double agent run in wine?01:56
Dr_willisTm_T,  hes trying to install stuff without using sudo.,01:57
MinatakuThere's something strangely awesome about typing "xset q" at a DOS prompt and having it return info about the running X server01:57
Tm_TDr_willis: yes but why -doc -dev and xinerama packages?01:57
Tm_The doesn't need them01:57
JJtechwill my SplinterCell4 run in wine?01:57
ubotuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience01:57
Dr_willisTm_T,  because thats what he said he was trying to install.. I dont have ESP.. ask him. :P01:57
Daisuke_LaptopS.T.A.L.K.E.R works, no reason that shouldn't.  if it offers an opengl mode, you're probably even better off01:57
Minataku!coc | JJtech01:57
ubotuJJtech: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/01:57
MinatakuIt's worth a shot, but probably not01:58
MinatakuIt's okay01:58
MinatakuJust calm down01:58
|Jason8|MK|Thanks for your help guys.  I appreciate it.  And happy Thanksgiving!01:58
JJtechi have been using windows OS since win95 up till now.. just recently change to linux01:59
NickPrestaJJtech, welcome.01:59
Daisuke_Laptopsince win95?  noob...   :P01:59
Tm_TDaisuke_Laptop: krhm01:59
JJtechi have win95, win98, XP SP@, VISTA ULTIMATE01:59
geniilol Daisuke01:59
joseph_hey DM|   the filepath is wrong here /media/VistaOS/Program Files/World of Warcraft/wow.exe     i got it by right clicking the wow.exe file and going to properties02:00
Daisuke_Laptopand oh, definitely welcome.  always ready to bring another soul into the light02:00
joseph_what do i do?02:00
DM|joseph_ RATTTTS?02:00
joseph_yes lol02:00
joseph_sorry about that02:00
angelratsss --dieee02:00
=== joseph_ is now known as RATTTTS
RATTTTSthere u go02:00
DM|joseph try...  wine "/media/VistaOS/Program Files/World of Warcraft/wow.exe" -opengl02:00
angelratt logout02:00
Tm_Tangel: ?02:00
Daisuke_Laptop!coc | angel02:01
RATTTTSwith quotes?02:01
ubotuangel: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/02:01
DM|RATTTTS aye, linux doesnt like spaces in file paths02:01
DM|RATTTTS wine "/media/VistaOS/Program Files/World of Warcraft/wow.exe" -opengl02:01
Dr_williswith the name  'program files' having a space - quotes are needed02:01
Tm_Tyou\ can\ escape\ spaces02:01
Dr_willisor cd to   "/media/VistaOS/Program Files/World of Warcraft/" then wine wow.exe  :)02:01
Dr_williswhich i find works better02:02
DM|Tm_T  \ \ \ \  is too time consuming, quotes are easier02:02
Tm_TDM|: well tabfilling does it for you02:02
DM|Dr_willis wine wow.exe -opengl02:02
DM|Tm_T yes, quotes = easier though02:02
DM|copy paste, bam02:02
Tm_Tall works02:02
DM|im not arguing the validity of the statement only its ease of use02:03
Daisuke_Laptopand therein lies the beauty of linux!  for any action, there are usually multiple ways to go about it.02:03
MinatakuI find escaping easier02:03
Tm_TDM|: heh, well, you still have to write quotes, or just hit tab02:03
MinatakuBecause I usually forget the first quote then I have to go back02:03
Dr_willisDont forget the proper Case also.. :)02:03
DM|Tm_T to each their own :)02:03
Daisuke_Laptopworks for me, don't think it does in a tty02:03
JJtechhow to install flash player in konqueror browser??02:03
Tm_TDM|: yup02:04
RATTTTShey DM| awesome help man it worked...problem is now, i cant alt tab out of the game lol02:04
MinatakuDaisuke_Laptop: Not that easy, and even then, there's still multiple pressings of arrow keys02:04
angeli sorry02:04
MinatakuFollowed by "End"02:04
RATTTTSi alt tab and it flashes what im tabing into then just goes back to the game02:04
MinatakuPig Up02:04
Daisuke_Laptopwhy followed by end?02:04
DM|RATTTTS you wont be able to , try switching to a diff desktop <alt><cntl> <left> or <right>02:04
MinatakuDaisuke_Laptop: I've usually forgotten to put quotes on the end, too02:04
Daisuke_LaptopRATTTTS: because the game is pretty much taking over that desktop02:05
Dr_willisor run the game in a window02:05
RATTTTSoh ya ill try that...lol02:05
Tm_Tok, back to topic, kids02:05
DM|RATTTTS also activate "sound in background in wow settings02:05
MinatakuThis is on topic02:05
DM|otherwise sound will be messed02:05
MinatakuThis can happen in Kubuntu02:05
RATTTTShmm how to you make batch files in linux....i would like to run the game by double clicking from now on02:05
Tm_TMinataku: support channel02:05
MinatakuIt's valid to everyone here02:05
Daisuke_Laptopnow.  kde4rc1 screwed02:05
MinatakuIt's also support related02:05
Daisuke_Laptopcan't launch a kde4 session...02:05
RATTTTSsound in background....is that in a file, or in the game setting within the game?02:05
Tm_TMinataku: not currently02:05
MinatakuSince someone may have wanted to know but was too afraid to ask02:05
DM|RATTTTS we dont do batch files here, you can make a custom entry in your kmenu02:05
Dr_willisRATTTTS,  make a file with the line you typed..    then chmod +x the file, then ya can double click onit02:05
DM|RATTTTS a setting in Sound in wow02:06
MinatakuLike the kid in the back of the class who wet himself the first day and doesn't talk anymore02:06
RATTTTSok kool02:06
RATTTTSsave file as .txt?02:06
NickPrestaRATTTTS, you don't have to have an extension02:06
Daisuke_Laptop(/usr/lib/kde4/share/kde4/apps/kdm/ doesn't exist)02:06
DM|RATTTTS doesnt need an extension02:06
Dr_willisRATTTTS,  extensions  are not needed. :) perhaps save it as .run so you rember what it does02:06
RATTTTSok kool. hey DM| wats this background sound thing you mentioned?02:06
JJtechexcuse me, how do i install flash player in konqueror??02:06
DM|RATTTTS a setting in Sound in wow02:07
RATTTTSok kool02:07
RATTTTSso u mean just press escape in the game and go to the sound options right?02:07
DM|Ok now to my problem :) hehe , VNC, wont allow me to control the desktop once connected, only view, is there a KDE setting02:07
Tm_T!flash | JJtech02:07
ubotuJJtech: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:07
DM|RATTTTS yes02:07
RATTTTSok thanx02:07
Tm_TRATTTTS: can you set your nick to lowercase?02:08
Tm_TJJtech: ok, you have flash installed?02:08
JJtechnot yeet02:08
JJtechpls help02:09
Tm_TJJtech: install kubuntu-restricted-extras package02:09
=== RATTTTS is now known as rattts
DM|Tm_T but you can tab fill his name :P ..... hehe02:09
ratttsthere we go02:09
Tm_Trattts: thanks02:09
Tm_TDM|: erm?02:09
DM|Tm_T type ratt and tab, autocompletes the name02:09
Tm_TDM|: I know02:10
DM|Tm_T im giving u a hard time :)02:10
Tm_TJJtech: open konsole and enter "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras"02:10
Tm_TDM|: I recommend not to02:10
MinatakuTm_T: Now, now, don't be abusive02:10
ratttshey DM| i did "chmod +x wowrun" without the quotes...and nothing happened.02:10
Tm_TMinataku: ?02:10
DM|rattts usually doesnt give an output02:11
JJtechok i'll try02:11
DM|tm_t just create a launcher in your kmenu (right click, edit menus)02:11
Daisuke_Laptoprattts: that's a typical thing.  if a command is successful, it probably won't tell you.  if there's an error, it'll let you know02:11
MinatakuThrowing your weight around doesn't look too good02:11
DM|tm_t mt.02:11
DM|rattts:  just create a launcher in your kmenu (right click, edit menus)02:11
ratttsya ok but no double clickable icon popped up on my desktop02:11
=== danny is now known as new2kubuntu7
JJtechTm_T>> with the quotes in it?02:11
ratttsno queotes lol02:11
MinatakuNo, no quotes02:11
Tm_TJJtech: without quotes :)02:11
new2kubuntu7Can anybody remote connect to my desktop and help me fix my windows02:12
ratttscan i just do a make file?02:12
Dr_willisnew2kubuntu7,  thats scary in several ways. :)02:12
new2kubuntu7Dr_willis, lol02:12
Tm_Tnew2kubuntu7: try ##windows if you need MS Windows support02:13
new2kubuntu7Dr_willis, im just seeing what you guys would say lol02:13
DM|new2kubuntu7: Windows fixing? bleh02:13
JJtechi typed it already, then it appear: " [sudo] password02:13
MinatakuI have a DOS machine running X Window System :302:13
ratttsthere is no right click edit menus???02:13
new2kubuntu7Lol my theme!02:13
new2kubuntu7not ms windows02:13
Tm_TJJtech: then enter your password02:13
DM|rattts Menu editor when u right click on your kemenu02:13
Rukusso i officially uninstalled the KDE desktop. it made me mad. I went to gnome.02:13
Rukusso yah02:13
Rukusnice knowin you all02:14
Tm_TRukus: ok02:14
Rukusthanks for all the help02:14
ratttswhere is my kmenu?02:14
DM|Rukus yeah im not likeing KDE right now02:14
JJtechok.. done.. i thinks its installing02:14
new2kubuntu7Rukus: i hate kde!!! grr i love gnome easy!02:14
Tm_TJJtech: great :)02:14
ratttsim running ubuntu newest version02:14
DM|rattts that big fat hard to miss K on the kicker bar02:14
Rukusi went to ubuntu to get away from frills and  bling that made things complicated.02:14
ratttsi have no k lol02:14
Rukusso i duno why i chose kde02:14
Rukusgnome is for me02:14
DM|rattts running KDE right?02:14
ratttsoh ok u  mean the ubuntu icon lol02:14
Dr_willisgo run jwm then. :)02:14
Tm_TRukus: http://www.tm-travolta.net/shots/current.png02:14
DM|you are in the wrong channel02:15
MinatakuUgh... GNOME FTL02:15
MinatakuWorst. DE. EVER.02:15
DM|rattts for #kubuntu is for kubuntu support02:15
MinatakuSorry, had to get that out.02:15
Dr_willisC64 Geos! :)02:15
ratttsya i know lol but they are pretty much the same lol02:15
DM|rattts #ubuntu is for vanilla ubuntu support (gnome by default)02:15
MinatakuDr_Willis: JWM is awesome02:15
Rukusgnome, KDE, same thing, Its what YOU make it. both run the same programs, both can look the same, its all the same thing. KDE is a little more user friendly tho.02:15
ratttsyou guys are much more help than people on the #ubuntu channel02:16
DM|rattts not really when u ask a question here, we assume you are running KDE, which can give you different support methods02:16
MinatakuFluxbox is even better02:16
DM|rattts im not usually in here..02:16
DM|: P02:16
MinatakuActually, DM|, I don't even use *buntu02:16
MinatakuI use Gentoo and NetBSD primarily02:16
ratttsok i know what you mean but can you guys finish helping me with this. i just  right clicked and opened the menu thing02:16
RukusTM _T.  you better get a gf02:16
Tm_TRukus: like to join #kubuntu-offtopic ?02:16
DM|Minataku Well yes but obviously you wouldnt ask a gentoo question here now would u02:17
DM|who got kicked02:17
ratttslol can i just make a .bat file and run it with wine?02:17
DM|oh rukus02:17
DM|no rattts02:17
MinatakuI can't stand GNOME, I think KDE is bloated and I seriously dislike how Ubuntu dumbs everything down02:17
MinatakuDM|: No, I'm here to provide support02:17
Dr_willisrattts,  you could of..02:17
DM|rattts its easy, right click ubuntu icon , edit menu02:17
ratttsya i am in edit menu but i dont know what to do now?02:17
DM|Minataku and thats fine and dandy02:18
Tm_TMinataku: yes, enough02:18
lgkanany idea how to configure, or what util for a logitech mx4000 will enable the side scroll on the wheel02:18
MinatakuOn less of a distro level and more of a Linux level02:18
DM|rattts select the section you wnat the "shortcut" to go, and click new item, its all very easy, you just have to look02:18
MinatakuTm_T: I'm allowed to have an opinion02:18
MinatakuEspecially since I _DO_ volunteer my time here02:18
angelalguien que hable español02:18
angelalguien que hable español02:18
Tm_TMinataku: you are, but take that to offtopic please02:18
Minatakuangel #kubuntu-es02:18
DM|Minataku you are, but not in here lol02:18
MinatakuDM|: It would seem so02:19
DM|Minataku : )02:19
MinatakuSomeone hoisted the USSR flag, it seems02:19
MinatakuNo opinions. Follow the state.02:19
MinatakuI did explicitly avoid a certain flag02:19
MinatakuI'm never gonna go there02:20
AzzcoStill off-topic ;)02:20
Dr_willisits off topic tobe talking about offtopic!02:20
DM|VNC, I can connect to my KDE desktop and view it but not control it, is there a setting im missing02:21
DM|Im new to KDE02:21
ubotuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:21
Dr_willisDM|,  may want to check  http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdenetwork/krdc/using-krdc.html02:21
JJtechTm_T> ldconfig deffered processing now taking place.. what shud i do?02:21
MinatakuOh, yeah, I forgot there's yet another stupid KDE reimplementation for VNC, as well02:21
DM|Dr_willis im using xtightvncviewer not rdesktop02:21
ratttsok thank for all your support people. one more question...i crtl+alt+"right arrow key" out of wow and wow dissapeared? wats up with that?02:22
Tm_TJJtech: wait02:22
MinatakuTry the Ubuntu link from the bot02:22
DM|rattts press alt cntl <opposite key> to get back02:22
Dr_willisDM|,  you need to check the  kddc settings that are shareing the desktop i guess..  thats why i mentioned that site02:22
DM|JJtech wait it out, its working. the hamsters are on their wheels02:22
ratttsi did. i went to all 4 of my desktops and wow is gone lol02:22
ratttsi think it closed02:22
JJtechis it ok if i type help in konsole?02:23
DM|rattts running compiz?02:23
Minatakurattts: Open a terminal and type ps -ax02:23
MinatakuThen look for it02:23
DM|Dr_Willis kddc?02:23
MinatakuIf it IS still running, it's likely you'll have to close it manually02:23
ratttsyes im running compiz..unfortunately i can turn my screen into a cube for some odd reason02:23
Dr_willisDM|,  krdc02:23
MinatakuHe meant krdc02:23
MinatakuThe stupid KDE reimplementation of VNC02:23
DM|Dr_Willis KDE is the server not the client02:24
ratttswat does ps -ax do?02:24
Dr_willisDM|,  and yes.. you need to be sure the SERVER is not set to 'read only' type mode.02:24
MinatakuKDE seems to love taking things that exist and work excellently and making idiotic, broken reimplementations of them for no good reason02:24
DM|rattts dont worry about that,02:24
Minatakurattts: It'll list all running processes02:24
MinatakuDM|: Don't horn in on my assist02:24
DM|rattts if  you are running compiz it clears the wow screen, shut it down and restart wow,, DO NOT RUN COMPIZ WHILE PLAYING WOW IN FULL SCREEN MODE02:24
ratttshey, does linux have a ctrl+alt+delete windows equivalent...i like being able to manage my processes02:25
MinatakuI'm trying to get him to see if WoW did indeed stop running02:25
DM|Minataku he has no need for that, thats not the problem02:25
MinatakuSorry then, DM|02:25
DM|Minataku its ok, i wasnt calling you out about it, just trying to help02:25
MinatakuI thought you were just trying to push me aside02:25
ratttshow do i shut compiz down again its been  a while since i installed it and i forgot how?02:25
MinatakuStill, sorry, DM| :)02:25
DM|rattts alt F2, then metacity --replace02:25
DM|: )02:25
* Minataku shudders02:26
DM|rattts to run compiz again, AlT f2 "compiz --replace"02:26
MinatakuUgh... metacity02:26
ratttsso in alt f2 i type in "metacity --replace"02:26
ratttsok thanx02:26
DM|Minataku i prefer it, but this is not the place to discus it02:26
* Minataku pulls out a frisbee and wags his fox tails02:26
DM|grr this vnc is making me want to scream02:27
MinatakuSpelling errors can be fun. :)02:27
MinatakuDid you check the link from ubotu?02:27
ubotuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:27
MinatakuIt might have something that'll help02:27
ratttsok umm in gnome, i have 4 desktop icons i can ctrl+alt+"right or left" into...when i do metacity replace i only have 2, how do i make 4?02:27
DM|The thing is Minataku i can connect... but it doesnt allow me to move windows, only view02:28
Minatakurattts: Well, when a male desktop icon and a female desktop icon love each other...02:28
stdinrattts: you know where to go for gnome support...02:28
ratttslol i fixed it nvm02:28
MinatakuDM|: There's no extra info there?02:28
ratttsthank for all the help02:28
ratttsim logging out now cya guys02:28
JJtechTm_T> uhhmm, my konsole here is still.. nothing happens.. shud i close it?02:29
MinatakuDM|: Hm. Perplexing problem.02:29
MinatakuUnfortunately, I've never used VNC.02:29
Tm_TJJtech: not yet, it installed and doesn't show any error?02:29
MinatakuSo I can't really help02:29
JJtechno error02:29
Rukuswhats the best way to reinstall the KDE desktop back? aptitude install kubuntu-desktop ?02:29
DM|Minataku yes, GNOME worked fine when i set it up the same method on a diff computer, it seems its KDE02:29
Tm_TJJtech: yay! lovely :)02:29
Tm_TRukus: that02:29
JJtechbut still i can't watch video at youtube02:29
Tm_TJJtech: now, open Konqueror, settings -> configure -> plugins02:30
JJtechok..i'll try02:30
MinatakuTo think, if you'd just used Firefox, you'd have been vegging out on YouTube videos hours ago02:31
Dr_willisI start the kde desktop with the SystemSettings->shareing-> Desktop, and start a inviatiation, then i run vncviewer IP.it.says:#itsays and then when it connects it ASKS if i want the client to have read only access or not.  - Interesting way to do it.02:31
Dr_willisits not a good idea to share the current desktop and view it at the same time in vnc viewer.. :) it was sort of like having 2 mirrors faceing each other effect. heh.02:32
MinatakuWhen I'm doing cross-network dealings, I usually just use X tunneling over SSH02:32
Tm_TJJtech: there's "scan new plugins" button to hit02:32
MinatakuWhich takes away the need to constantly retransmit an entire screen02:32
JJtechTm_T> ok02:32
JJtechTm_T> then?02:33
JJtechi hit the scan button02:33
Tm_Tyes, when it have done the scan02:33
Tm_Tsee the next tab02:33
Tm_Tif you find any flash related there, you're done02:33
=== joseph_ is now known as ratttts
DM|Minataku nope nothing in that helps02:34
JJtechnot a thing02:34
rattttshey DM| sound doesnt work on wow lol. i did the enable background sound thing but nothing happened02:34
DM|ratttts: again check out the link i gave you02:34
Tm_TJJtech: hmm?02:34
Tm_TJJtech: back to konsole02:36
Tm_TJJtech: "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree"02:36
Tm_TJJtech: and uhm, ->02:37
RukusTM_T is that the proper way to make flash work under amd64? is to install that?02:37
ardchoilleTm_T: apt-cache search "uhm"  didn't return anything02:37
* ardchoille hides02:37
Tm_TRukus: no idea, I have never used 64bit system02:37
Rukusoh ok02:38
Rukusthanks anyways02:38
DM|oy this is really stinkin, VNC wont allow me to control the deskto02:40
Dr_willisDM|,  when i connected KDE poped up a dialog that had a checkbox to allow the remote user to controll the desktop or not.02:40
Dr_willisit also randomly generated a password.. which i found annoying. :) but i rarely use that method.02:41
guhhhis there any way that i can recover my system? its all messed up!02:41
windswepthow do I start the installer from the live cd.02:41
=== jalbert is now known as MyNameIsURL
Tm_Twindswept: it's in desktop, icon?02:42
ardchoilleguhhh: You're going to have to narrow it down a little more than that02:42
ardchoillewindswept: There should be an icon on the desktop02:42
windswepttim, no icon...02:42
MinatakuWoohoo! I fixed the no-mouse problem in DESQview/X :D02:42
DM|Dr_willis lol now its just straight up refusing connections02:43
MinatakuI had to load a DOS mouse driver first02:43
MinatakuHooray for CuteMouse :D02:43
rdvonwhere can I download a debian file of the purple plugin pack for pidgin?02:43
windsweptalso, the machine currently has a version of ubuntu on it which I want to blow away. (sort of)02:43
Dr_willisDM|,  im testing this on a single machine using localhost as my ip:02:43
ardchoillewindswept: alt+f2, type in "ubiquity" (no quotes)02:43
Dr_willisDM|,  i enabled the uninvited connections, and the allow uninvited connections to controll.02:43
Dr_willisnow when i 'vncviewer localhost:0' i get a dialog that  confirms it. then it works.02:44
MinatakuThat's rather dangerous, though02:44
lovredoes any1 know if i can send SMS messages over internet by some free gateway? Im trying to write an application that would send SMS' to my phone when im away from computer.. is this possible?02:44
lovresorry for OT02:45
MinatakuUnless you're sure that it can't get out over the network02:45
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)02:45
guhhhif my system is lost, what should i copy to make a backup? /usr /var /etc /home ....?02:46
DM|Dr_willis thats weird, works now.. i didnt change anything02:46
rdvonI'm trying to compile pidgin.. running ./configure worked and it said to type "make".. So I did and this happens:02:46
ardchoilleIs kwrite not in the kmenu at all?02:46
DM|Dr_willis lol it crashed02:47
Dr_willisDM|,  dont forget the 'apply button' at the bottom. :)02:47
Dr_willisDM|,  now ya know why i normally SSH into a box. and run vncserver  with a real light window manager,02:47
DM|lol i did02:47
DM|Dr_willis aye... lol its sad02:47
ardchoilleIs kwrite only a shell that uses the kde text editor component?02:47
Dr_willisive noticed a lot of the KDE control center panels. get sized where the buttons are not seen02:47
DM|Dr_willis KDE is so heavy02:48
MinatakuAnd GNOME is so ugly02:48
Dr_willisDM|,  i perfer the manual way. :) i keep icewm going (or jwm) and just a few apps that i always want running.02:48
MinatakuSorry XD02:48
DM|ssh for the win02:48
Rukus41 minutes to back up a DVD so far02:48
MinatakuFluxbox is both very light and featureful02:48
rdvonHelp plz.... :'(02:48
DM|rdvon ask the question, dont ask for help02:49
rdvonI asked it. >.>02:49
Rukuswe missed it02:49
Rukusask again02:49
ardchoillerdvon: Is there some reason you're compiling instead of using the one in the repos?02:49
nosrednaekimardchoille: pretty much02:49
=== downix is now known as A`Adjensenu
DM|rdvon sudo apt-get install pidgin02:49
rdvonNot pidgin >.>02:50
MinatakuYou don't have to ask again, we can just scroll (or look) up02:50
rdvonthe pidgin plugin pack02:50
rdvonI meant the plugin pack.02:50
ardchoilleAh, ok02:50
DM|Dr_willis anyway to scale down the effects and stuff so my VNC is faster02:50
ardchoillerdvon: That amke file is messed up02:51
=== A`Adjensenu is now known as Downix
ardchoillerdvon:  in "rm -f $file &&  -o $file en_AU.po"  That "-o" is an argument that is missing a command02:51
ardchoillerdvon: That's the reason for the "/bin/sh: -o: not found" error02:52
Downixok, I ran cedega no problem yesterday, but today after update, the graphics driver for my nvidia no longer seem to handle 3D at all02:52
Dr_willisDM|,  use a lighter window manager/desktop. :) disable wallpaper. disable fancy themes, eyecandy, other stuff...02:52
MinatakuI highly recommend Fluxbox02:53
Dr_willisDM|,  of course you will be turning them off on your main desktop as well..02:53
* Dr_willis highly reccomends jwm 02:53
MinatakuIt's extremely featureful while also being extremely light02:53
MinatakuHe IS replacing this on his MAIN DESKTOP02:53
Dr_willisIt's extremely featureful while also being extremely lighter. :)02:53
* ardchoille looks up jwm02:53
MinatakuJWM is a bit light for that02:53
DM|Minataku Fluxbox is too simplistic for me, i find it ugly, thats why im trying KDE02:53
rdvonI use compiz fusion with a nice vista-ish style theme.02:53
rdvonFlame effects optional.02:53
Dr_willisKDE + VNC = proberly going to be slow no matter what.02:54
MinatakuThen forget about ever using VNC02:54
DM|thats what im fearing02:54
DM|im using ssh mostly02:54
* BonesolTeraDyne perfers afterstep for a light desktop02:54
Dr_willisnow freenx might be a little better.02:54
DM|and running apps through ssh02:54
DM|freenx doesnt have resumable sessions, or i havent found out how to do it02:54
Dr_willisnever noticed. :) never used freenx actually. Last i looked there was some bugs with it and gutsy.02:55
rdvonI'm still getting the same compile error >.>02:55
ardchoilleDr_willis: jwm reminds me of icewm02:55
DM|Dr_willis worked fine for me under gnome02:55
Dr_willisardchoille,  its lighter :) its about as basic as one can get and still have  a start button.02:55
NickPrestardvon, the makefiles created for my system didn't have errors in them. I don't know what to tell you02:55
rdvonarchdoille: so how do i fix the make file?02:56
NickPrestaI just compiled the plugin pack02:56
MinatakuYeah, jwm is incredibly light and very nice02:56
johndavidany know how to install n1 mimo wireless card driver on xubuntu?02:56
rdvonI just got downloaded and configured again.02:56
rdvonsame error.02:56
Dr_willisjwm does have some issues with twinview/dual monitors however.02:56
MinatakuBut it's a little too light IMO for standard use02:56
ardchoillerdvon: I'd contact the developer and ask him/her. You're going to have to, cuz it's simply not gonna work as it.02:56
Dr_willis I use it for vnc. and my mythtv box desktop.02:56
MinatakuIt's good for very tight systems02:56
=== joseph_ is now known as ratttts
rdvonardchoille: is there a .deb file I could use :'(02:57
rattttswhats a good media player for linux?02:57
rattttsfor music02:57
rdvonrattts: amarok02:57
DM|rythymbox i like02:57
MinatakuBut I prefer to step up to Fluxbox for capable systems02:57
MinatakuLike Piyoko02:57
rdvonAmarok! :)02:57
Minatakuratttts: Audacious02:57
rattttswow a big mix lol02:57
Dr_willisratttts,  amarok. bmpx, songbird.02:57
rdvonOf course, songbird.02:57
ardchoillerdvon: Be careful with .deb's, find one made for Ubuntu, don't use one made for another distro cuz that's a bad idea.02:57
MinatakuDefinitely use Audaciots02:57
Dr_willissongbird is getting better all the time. :)02:57
DM|Dr_willis they finally fix songbird of all the bugs and crashes?02:57
johndavidanyone know how to run ndis wrapper?02:57
rattttshonestly. which one is lightly packaged and easy to use02:57
Minatakuratttts: Audacious.02:57
Dr_willisDM|,  havent seen it crash on me lately.  they di release a new version last week02:57
rdvonardchoille: could you send me a precompiled .deb... plz... :'(02:57
MinatakuEver use XMMS?02:58
DM|rattts if you use gnome, just use rythmbox02:58
rattttsok thanks ill give it a try02:58
BonesolTeraDynerdvon: songbird... heh, I forgot about that thing.02:58
Downixanyone know why an update of the system would cause 3D to fail?02:58
MinatakuAudacious is pretty much the exact same02:58
rdvonrattts: no no no. use amarok02:58
ardchoillerdvon: I don't have one02:58
* BonesolTeraDyne goes off to get the latest version02:58
Dr_willis!info bmpx02:58
ubotubmpx: Beep Media Player eXperimental. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.40.0~rc3-1build1 (gutsy), package size 2999 kB, installed size 9264 kB02:58
MinatakuSo if you've ever used Winamp then you'll be comfortable with Audacious, too02:58
rdvonardchoille: could you compile quickly.. only takes a sec :'(02:58
DM|i sense "brand" loyalty here02:58
MinatakuPlus, I know a developer of it02:58
rattttsok ya i used winamp02:58
ardchoillerdvon: And I don't compile. If it isn't in the repos, I don't use it :)02:58
MinatakuSo if you have problems, I can bug him for you02:58
rattttsill try audacious first02:58
Minatakuj/k, but you can always report any bugs, of course02:59
rdvonIf rattts doesn't want access to an extensive script collection which you can download within amaroK then sure. go with the other ones :P02:59
MinatakuVictory is mine!02:59
Minatakurdvon: Useless waste02:59
MinatakuHe's already not using KDE because it's a bloated pile02:59
Dr_williswe all need 1000+ scripts to paste what we are listing to - into irc.02:59
rattttswats that command to completely remove somethign asgain?..i know it has the word purge in it02:59
DM|Dr_willis omfg, i cant reboot the computer and connect via VNC02:59
MinatakuIt's just purge02:59
rdvonMinataku: well... fine... But everyone I'm talking to on pidgin knows what I'm listening to via the pidgin plugin :P02:59
MinatakuYou need to make it a switch, though02:59
Dr_willisDM|,  Now you get to learn 'trouble shooting 101' skills. :)03:00
rattttsno lol its not purge03:00
flaccidkopete can do that too03:00
Minatakurdvon: Those scripts are incredibly annoying and also banned most places03:00
DM|Dr_willis im just tired, its KDE's problem03:00
rattttsits some long command to completely remove something03:00
rdvonMinakatu: For im. Not on irc.03:00
rdvonThat'd be annoying >.>03:00
MinatakuI don't even use IM, thankfully03:00
DM|Dr_willis KDE have an XDMCP option?03:00
MinatakuConsidering IM is already annoying enough03:00
Tm_TDM|: IIRC has already03:00
flaccidxorg has xdmcp03:00
rdvonMinataku: IM is the greatest thing on earth.03:00
rattttsok let me ask it this way, what do you guys type in the termianl to completely remove some software you have installed?03:00
ubotuxdmcp is the X Display Manger Control Protocol -- look at http://tldp.org/HOWTO/XDMCP-HOWTO/ to find out how to configure it03:01
Minatakurdvon: The crap it is03:01
rattttsok let me ask it this way, what do you guys type in the termianl to completely remove some software you have installed?03:01
MinatakuIt's as bad as cell phones03:01
flaccidalso stuff on xdcmp/think client on the ubuntu wiki03:01
NickPrestardvon, I created a deb using checkinstall. I can't promise you it will work on your system but I suppose it's worth a short?03:01
Tm_TMinataku: rdvon: offtopic03:01
Minatakuratttts: emerge --remove packagename03:01
rdvonCould someone *please* compile this for me. :'(03:01
BonesolTeraDyneOk, that's annoying. Konqueror just decided that blogger.com doesn't need a working editor, and now the page is non-functional.03:01
MinatakuBut that won't work for you03:01
rdvonand make a .deb03:01
DM|flaccid looks like i have to install gdm :P03:01
NickPrestardvon, look at my messages above03:01
rdvonOh thanks nic.03:01
ardchoillerdvon: If that make file is corrupt, no one else will be able to compile it either03:02
flaccidDM|: you don't have to use gdm, i guess that was what the guide was written for.. you can use kdm03:02
NickPrestardvon, meet me in #kubuntu-offtopic for the deb/information03:02
NickPrestaardchoille, I just compiled it just fine on my system03:02
Minatakuardchoille: It's "makefile"03:03
MinatakuNo space03:03
DM|flaccid that guide isnt written for ubuntu03:03
coreymon77hey guys03:03
flaccidDM|: the one on the ubuntu wiki is03:03
coreymon77i have a computer on a livecd03:03
ardchoilleI wasn't aware the phonics police were here03:03
Minatakuardchoille: There's a big difference03:03
coreymon77and im trying to mount a osx drive03:03
DM|flaccid it linked me a tldp.org03:03
MinatakuNamely, if you add a space, it doesn't work right03:03
coreymon77its giving me the error that its not in fstab03:04
flaccidubuntu wiki is a good place to search for anything you need to do. if its not there add it after you have done it :003:04
flaccidDM|: search the wiki...03:04
DM|I am03:04
ardchoilleMinataku: Worked quite well for me, I added a space and irssi posted the sentence :P03:04
coreymon77how would i go about puting the right information in fstab in order to mount the drive03:04
Minatakuardchoille: Try naming it "make file" in your next programming project03:04
MinatakuIt'll fail without specific instructions to make03:04
Tm_TMinataku: and you can stop that offtopicing03:05
MinatakuAt which point you're just being stupid03:05
ardchoille!coc | Minataku03:05
ubotuMinataku: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/03:05
MinatakuUh, if you named it "make file" in your project, that would be stupid. You can ask anyone and they'll agree.03:06
MinatakuI wasn't calling you stupid03:06
DM|lol im gonna set it to auto login... lololo03:06
MinatakuI was saying that it's a stupid thing to do. :P03:06
Tm_Tnobody isn't renaming anything so stop it03:06
MinatakuSorry, as an engineer, if it's not correct within reasonable tolerance, it's wrong.03:08
DM|well we arent engineers03:08
rdvonThanks for your help everyone.03:08
rdvonthe 8ball loves you all.03:08
DM|rdvon : )03:08
rdvonThe Purple 8 Ball says:  It's possible03:08
ardchoilleI love tose things03:09
MinatakuI had a real one, but it broke03:09
MinatakuOut of nowhere it started leaking :(03:09
DM|Dr_willis my only solution ... auto login03:09
MinatakuCheap plastic 8ball03:09
coreymon77so, can anyone help me mount a ppc osx drive on a dapper livecd?03:10
rdvonThe Purple 8 Ball says:  Certainly03:10
ardchoillerdvon: lol03:11
MinatakuDr_Willis left03:11
coreymon77please, this is an emergency03:11
Minatakucoreymon77: It uses the Apple Partitioning Scheme03:11
coreymon77Minataku: so, what do i put in fstab?03:11
MinatakuIs this on a PPC machine or an X86 machine?03:11
BonesolTeraDyneMinataku: he\she said PPC03:12
MinatakuWell, when you look in /dev, you should see partition entries there03:12
MinatakuBonesolTeraDyne: I can take a harddrive out of a PPC machine and put it into an x86 machine03:12
MinatakuIt'll still use whatever scheme it used in the old machine03:12
Minatakucoreymon77: One of those entries will probably be the partition you're looking for03:13
BonesolTeraDyneMinataku: ? Wha? I answered your question...03:13
coreymon77Minataku: i know the partition03:13
MinatakuBonesolTeraDyne: An HDD from a PPC Mac can be put into an x86 PC03:13
DM|later all03:13
coreymon77Minataku: thats not the point03:14
coreymon77Minataku: its a laptop03:14
coreymon77Minataku: and the partition is hda303:14
Minatakucoreymon77: What filesystem did you use?03:14
BonesolTeraDyneMinataku: That's a given, but I was just answering your question on what coreymon said.03:14
coreymon77Minataku: i still need to know what to put in fstab03:14
MinatakuHFS+ ?03:14
coreymon77Minataku: whatever was the default03:14
coreymon77Minataku: because its my moms computer03:14
MinatakuI don't know what that is03:14
coreymon77Minataku: and she wouldnt do anything out of the ordinary03:14
MinatakuWe'll try both then03:14
coreymon77Minataku: any way to find out, with konsole maybe03:15
MinatakuYes, you can try file -zrks /dev/hda303:15
MinatakuThat SHOULD read the fs and give the report03:15
MinatakuIf it's HFS+, it should be easy03:16
MinatakuIf it's UFS, it may be impossible03:16
=== joseph_ is now known as rattts
ratttshey people.  i have compiz installed. why wont a cube desktop show up?03:16
MinatakuFirst, you can try seeing if the kernel can figure it out03:16
MinatakuJust type "sudo mount /dev/hda3 /<someemptydirectory>"03:17
stdinrattts: 1) you have to activate that plugin, 2) support in #compiz-fustion03:17
Dr_willisHmm.. My HD just did a  backflip on me.. AGAIN.. weird03:17
Dr_willisata2.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x003:17
MinatakuIf it fails, it'll complain and we'll be a bit stuck03:17
Dr_willis:)at elast i got some error messages however03:17
nosrednaekimrattts: install ccsm03:17
MinatakuToo bad they're practically useless03:18
coreymon77Minataku: heres what it says03:18
r_Anyone figure out how to move widgets? I can only rotate them...03:18
DaSkreechDr_willis: check the cables?03:18
coreymon77 /dev/hda3: writable, no read permission03:18
Dr_willisres 51/40:00:9d:f1:60/00:00:00:00:00/e2 Emask 0x9 (media error) - Hmm so 0 is this a sign that my hd is getting ready to die a big death?03:18
Minatakucoreymon77: Do it with sudo then03:19
stdinr_: kde4 support in #kde4-devel03:19
Dr_willisDaSkreech,  i will do that in a min. Its sata.. Hmm.. could be the cable is pinched i guess.03:19
MinatakuDr_Willis: Ah, that's a better error03:19
MinatakuAnd it could very well be on it's way out03:19
coreymon77Minataku: Macintosh HFS Extended version 403:20
Dr_willisHmm. i hope not - its a fairly new 500gb hd. :)03:20
bmk789i need a good program that will do RSS, podcasts, and video podcasts all together, is there something good like this03:20
Dr_willis  well be back in a little bit.03:20
bmk789like miro + rss feeds03:20
MinatakuNow, to see if the kernel supports HFS+03:20
MinatakuOr if you need a userland tool03:20
coreymon77Minataku: i dont need anything complicated03:21
coreymon77Minataku: i just need a way to get the data from the hd03:21
stdinMinataku: CONFIG_HFSPLUS_FS=m     (from "grep HFS /boot/config-2.6.22-14-generic")03:21
MinatakuIn that case03:21
coreymon77stdin: this is a dapper livecd though03:21
coreymon77stdin: does it use the same kernel?03:21
stdinhmm, nope03:22
stdinlet me see if i can find out if dapper has it...03:22
Minatakucoreymon77: sudo mount -t hfsplus /dev/hda3 /<emptydirectoryasmountpoint>03:22
MinatakuOr try that03:22
guhhhim having problems with permissions in the compromised system... is there any way i can copy the files that im having permissions problems to copy?03:22
MinatakuIf it fails, then you're up crap creek :\03:22
stdincoreymon77: what kernel version do you have>03:23
MinatakuBTW: HFS is a pain in the ass with it's dual fork system03:23
MinatakuYou'll probably have to do some crazy crap to get the data correctly03:23
coreymon77stdin: 2.6.15-26-powerpc03:23
MinatakuI.E. the data forks and not the resource forks03:23
coreymon77Minataku: well that may be, but it doesnt matter now03:23
MinatakuOf course, the Mac will require both03:23
DaSkreechguhhh: sudo ?03:24
MinatakuBecause Macs frickin' suck ass in that kind of way03:24
=== iineg is now known as genii
coreymon77Minataku: thats not the point!03:24
Tm_T!ohmy | Minataku03:24
MinatakuI gave you the command03:24
MinatakuTry it already03:24
mneptokMinataku: teh Nac no longer uses resource and data forks.03:24
MinatakuTm_T: "Ass" is not a swear word anymore03:24
ubotuMinataku: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:25
MinatakuCome back to 2007 from 195003:25
coreymon77stdin: will it work?03:25
stdinMinataku: don't be rude03:25
Minatakumneptok: It does if it uses HFS+03:25
stdincoreymon77: looking03:25
mneptokMinataku: no, it doesn't03:25
MinatakuWhich I believe is still an option03:25
MinatakuFunny, since the dual forks is what HFS is MADE FOR03:25
mneptokMinataku: HFS and HFS+ both support forks, but only Classic MacOS uses them03:26
Minatakucoreymon77: You can try typing the damn command and seeing if it will03:26
MinatakuBut if you don't actually want any help, then that's fine too03:26
guhhhDaSkreech: no, im trying with k3b03:26
stdincoreymon77: yeah, same config as the newer kernels03:26
coreymon77stdin: thanks03:26
MinatakuYou can scroll up to find it. I don't care to repeat it.03:26
MinatakuIn fact, I'm done for tonight.03:27
MinatakuY'all can help yourselves.03:27
* Minataku walks off03:27
* mneptok laughs03:27
stdinMinataku: as a warning, behave or don't speak03:28
MinatakuI already said I'm done03:28
mneptokand yet there you are.03:29
MinatakuMy apologies for my behavior, but I'm rather frustrated03:29
mneptokthis planet has that effect on people.03:29
MinatakuSo I'm stepping back03:29
* genii hands Minataku a soothing coffee03:29
* Minataku downs it in one gulp03:30
MinatakuThanks XD03:30
DaSkreechguhhh: I don't know waht the problem space is03:30
* mneptok hands Minataku a soothing metadone prescription and a copy of Dom Giampolo's "FS Design With The Be Filesystem"03:30
* Minataku shreds the perscription and just reads the book03:31
geniiheh I have a book like that03:31
mneptokgood read. Dom's at Apple now.03:31
MinatakuI'm not a big drug guy03:31
mneptokand probably more frustrated than you ;)03:31
MinatakuOnly what I'm perscribed by an actual doctor03:31
MinatakuIf he's at Apple, he must be03:32
MinatakuHe lost his GOOD job because of them03:32
MinatakuNow he's a slave there instead03:32
ardchoillecoreymon77: It works?03:32
mneptokit's more what he wants to do for Apple vs. what The Steve wants him to do for Apple03:32
Minatakucoreymon77: You'd have been saying that 15 minutes ago if you had tried the command when I gave it to you03:32
mneptokMinataku: don't make me shove you out the airlock03:33
* mneptok *raar*s halfheartedly03:33
MinatakuHey, I have a point, don't I? :P03:33
nosrednaekimMinataku: you sound like my little bro..03:33
mneptokyes. sadly, at the moment, it's at the top of your head. :P03:33
* genii examines Minataku's pointiness03:33
Dr_willisPerverts! :)03:34
* BluesKaj doesn't see the point ...of the discussion03:34
Dr_williswell backing up stuff off this hd.. befor it dies..03:34
Dr_willisBluesKaj,  its like a Broken Pencil.03:34
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!03:34
MinatakuI gave him the command, and he chose to ignore it. The worst that would have happened if he had typed it and there had NOT been HFS+ support would have been an error.03:34
MinatakuSorry, but that is one of my all time buttons, being ignored when I'm helping someone03:35
MinatakuYou push that one, and I'm over the edge03:35
Dr_willisHuh? did you say somthing? :P03:35
BluesKajgive the guy a medal or somebody pat him on the back or something :)03:35
MinatakuIt's really the utmost in disrespect, as if my help isn't good enough or something03:36
stdinMinataku: regardless of others behaviour, it's not an excuse to mirror it. just rise above it and relax03:37
MinatakuSorry, but when I'm disrespected, I don't feel much like giving respect back03:37
stdinthen respect the channel if not the user you're helping03:38
stdin(and the other users in the channel)03:38
MinatakuEither way, I'm sorry for getting out of hand03:38
stdinok, forgiven :)03:38
MinatakuI'm sure you've had times like this :P03:38
MinatakuI just don't tend to handle them as well as others. XD03:38
DaSkreechMinataku: Coffee?03:39
MinatakuDon't drink it03:39
MinatakuCaffiene has no effect on me anyway03:39
stdinI compile something when I'm upset, like the kernel or something. when it's done I'm too tired to be angry :p03:39
ubotucoffee is a caffeinated beverage made by filtering water through ground up roasted beans of the coffee plant. Flavouring to taste such as milk or cream, sugar or sweetener are often added afterwards. Not to be confused with !java03:39
geniiDaSkreech: :)03:39
MinatakuEverything I tried to compile today failed and pissed me off. XD03:40
geniitm_t added !coffee for me today03:40
stdinMinataku: that's why the gnu folk added the "rm" command03:40
biovorerm -- remove microsoft :-P03:41
MinatakuYeah, but using it in that case is admitting failure :P03:41
stdinbiovore: no, that's mkfs :p03:41
Tm_Tyes yes03:41
Tm_TMinataku: no reason to misbehaviour03:41
MinatakuWe already established that03:41
NickPrestathere needs to be a "simulate" option for `rm`. Doing something like `rm -rfs /*` when I'm upset with my computer would make me feel better =D03:41
Tm_Tyup yup03:41
DaSkreechif you had a blank file system what would you need to add to it to start apt-getting ?03:41
MinatakuSorry, I'm still a tad angry03:42
MinatakuDaSkreech: A kernel, for one03:42
DaSkreechNickPresta: that's what chroots are for :)03:42
DaSkreechMinataku: Well a live cd could suply that03:42
MinatakuLibraries would be nice, too03:42
mneptokMinataku: people ignore my advice all the time. and with all due respect, mine's worth more than yours. you learn to let people make their own beds.03:42
MinatakuI'll partially ignore your comment, mneptok03:42
stdinlet them crawl back :)03:42
mneptokMinataku: your *Ubuntu advice will be worth as much as mine when we share an office. :)03:43
MinatakuWell if it's buntu advice :P03:43
mneptokBeOS and any Apple OS, too. i've worked in those sausage factories, as well.03:44
MinatakuI've used BeOS03:44
MinatakuI also have fair experiece with A/UX03:44
mneptokit's a great OS. if this is 1994.03:44
MinatakuWhich I must admit, is the best OS to ever come out of Apple03:44
MinatakuThey should have stuck with that one03:45
naelrssinssriggood evening all and happy thanksgiving to usa irc'ers03:45
mneptokDaSkreech: necrophilia is *really* unattractive ;)03:45
jacobhello, what are the packages i need to install to give dvd playback03:45
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:45
mneptokjacob: or just install VLC03:45
naelrssinssrigI hate jumping into a chat room new and asking for help but this one has been kicking my butt for 3 days03:45
jacobmneptok: i did install vlc but i can't get past the first menu03:46
jacobmneptok: like i press play disc, and then dvd (titles) but it plays like a 15 second clip03:46
naelrssinssriganyone out there have a one of these acer aspire 5520 laptops and having problem getting kubuntu to boot03:46
mneptokjacob: menus are usually a different track on the DVD. try skipping to the next track.03:47
=== usser is now known as stdio
=== stdio is now known as usser
DaSkreechmneptok: It was the only really innovative OS for lie .. a long time03:48
DaSkreechnaelrssinssrig: you do realise that's what this channel is for? :)03:48
MinatakuThen Jobs went and ruined it03:48
jacobmneptok: after it plays the 15 sec thing it basically acts like its the end of the playlist03:48
DaSkreechnaelrssinssrig: did you try any cheat codes?03:48
mneptokDaSkreech: but there were fundamental problems that are not easily remedied03:49
naelrssinssrigwhat channel is this03:49
naelrssinssrigkubuntu channel right03:49
Tm_Tplease please stop that offtopic03:49
DaSkreechnaelrssinssrig: kubuntu support .. to fix your problems03:49
Pyrobytehello all whenever i try to open amarok i get this error "Could not start process Unable to create io-slave: Permission denied." it opens and works, but there is no system tray icon. i do not have kde installed but was told to come here as you may know more about amarok any ideas03:49
naelrssinssrigright .. I am having problems03:49
mneptokDaSkreech: (e.g. lack of a decent netstack and half-right POSIX compliance)03:49
naelrssinssrigkubuntu won't boot on this laptop03:49
DaSkreechnaelrssinssrig: live cd ?03:49
naelrssinssrigno the live cd works just fine.. and installs...03:50
naelrssinssrigwhen I reboot... I end up in a busybox ash03:50
DaSkreechwhat does the install do?03:50
DaSkreechwith no errors?03:50
NickPrestaPyrobyte, is that the only error you get?03:50
Pyrobytei used to gat another error about dcopserver but it doesn't come up anymore03:50
naelrssinssrigfound on tht ubuntu forums that it is appeantly the acpi that the hard drive controller uses.. and noacpi in grub doens't help the boot03:50
sovietwhy kubuntu stinks so much ?03:50
NickPrestasoviet, that is your opinion.03:51
BonesolTeraDynesoviet: How does it stink?03:51
naelrssinssrigthe install goes great... no problems03:51
sovietin a lot of special ways03:51
Pyrobytewait, i found the system tray icon, its in a window not the tray03:51
sovietexact same problem heare03:51
sovietis the update manager03:51
sovietcan't stop stinking03:51
DaSkreechnaelrssinssrig: so It's never booted?03:52
Tm_Tsoviet: are you ranting or asking help?03:52
naelrssinssrigDaSkreech: no it always fails.. even in recovery mode ends in busybox03:52
geniinaelrssinssrig: By any chance was it the server install? No gui with that one03:52
naelrssinssriggenii: no it was graphical...03:53
DaSkreechgenii: that wouldn't explain bustbox03:53
geniiDaSkreech: Yeah, true should just give regular shell03:53
naelrssinssrigand the 64 bit won't even boot to the install desktop03:53
=== stoned is now known as Nyle
NickPrestaPyrobyte, you may need to `find ~ -user root -group root` and see if there are any files related to amarok owned by root. If there are, `chown yourusername:yourusername /path/to/file`03:53
PyrobyteNickPresta: i will give it a go thanks03:54
naelrssinssrigI have been using linux for bout 10 years... this is the first problem I have not been able to figure out myself03:54
naelrssinssrigkubuntu is one 4 of my 5 comptuers...03:54
naelrssinssriger is on03:54
naelrssinssrigI have read that opensuse works on this laptop.. and someone else suggested fedora 8 but I want Kubuntu/Ubuntu...03:55
PyrobyteNickPresta: only output is "/home/mitchell/.kde/socket-ubuntu    /home/mitchell/.rnd"03:55
naelrssinssrigI didn't try Ubuntu because both K and U come from teh same package sources.. it wouldn't help do ya think?03:55
DaSkreechNo it wouldn't03:56
naelrssinssrigdidn't think so03:56
DaSkreechis there a list of the cheatcodes03:56
DaSkreechI forget03:56
DaSkreechI recall there are two powermanagement cheat codes03:56
DaSkreechnoapci and another one03:56
=== huahua is now known as Lige
DaSkreechIt may be the other one that you need03:56
DaSkreech noapci always seems to work for me so far03:57
NickPrestaPyrobyte, yes, the folder .kde/socket-YOURHOSTNAME is owned by root but the files instead shouldn't be (at least they aren't on my system). I don't know how else to help you. Try asking in #amarok03:57
NickPresta!boot | DaSkreech03:58
ubotuDaSkreech: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto03:58
PyrobyteNickPresta: thanks03:58
NickPrestashould be in BootOptions03:58
naelrssinssrigDaSkreech I tried both cheat codes and ended up in the busybox03:58
=== Lige is now known as lige
DaSkreechnaelrssinssrig: what's the hard drive controller?03:58
naelrssinssrigDaSkreech: lemme see if I can figure it out in this vista crap.. one sec03:59
DaSkreechha ha03:59
DaSkreechThat's normally easier in the live Cd03:59
soberonHi... Please: I am trying to share files, but says: "SMB and NFS servers are not installed..." Which package(s) I must to install? Thanks in advance04:02
sovietwhy are you all speaking about kubuntu ?04:02
sovietif you can go out and fuck04:02
Dr_Willis_The babes dig linux04:02
geniiWell, the nerdy ones04:03
Dr_Willis_Nerdy babes... drooooooooollll....04:03
* genii stops04:04
Dr_Willis_I leave for a few min.. and all heck breaks out.04:04
naelrssinssrigDaSkreech: I can't find it in vista.. it isn't where it should be..04:04
=== voila is now known as voila_
DaSkreechnaelrssinssrig: the theme song of Vista04:04
Tm_T!samba | soberon04:04
ubotusoberon: samba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT04:04
* DaSkreech hums Noooothing is where it should be04:04
ubotuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org04:05
DaSkreechThough that's probably defunct now04:05
DaSkreechnaelrssinssrig: #ubuntuforums is maybe your best bet04:05
naelrssinssrigDaSkreech: I have worn out the forums... that is why I ended up here04:05
soberonYes... but what package is needed for it?... I can see other machines in the net, but if I try to share one of my files theese announcement appears04:06
naelrssinssrigthat is the closest I found to my exact problem04:06
DaSkreechnaelrssinssrig: I'm guessing if you figure out the chipset that's making the kernel hurl you will be a long way to the fix04:06
DaSkreech #ubuntuforums is an irc chan that would probably be able to help you narrow it down quickly04:07
naelrssinssrigok I will try there...04:07
naelrssinssrigthanks daskreech04:07
naelrssinssrigI will reboot with the live cd and find the exact chipset..04:08
naelrssinssrigdaskreech: just do the kinfo?04:08
metaborn /msg nickserv identify Valexor904:10
DaSkreechsudo lshw | less works for me04:10
DaSkreechWhoot :)04:10
DaSkreechTime to have a personal chat with nickserv04:11
metabornI'm new to this, it's a pain04:11
metabornTrying to register my nic04:11
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration04:12
stdinmetaborn: the name metaborn has already been registered 2 years 18 weeks 2 days (5h 28m 18s) ago04:12
metabornThank you04:12
metabornI know, I registered it a long time ago, but I forgot the password04:13
stdinmetaborn: you have to get a staffer to drop it for you so you can register it04:13
metabornHow do I do that?04:13
metabornhow do I get a hold of a staffer?04:13
metabornI'm looking though the faq right now04:13
DaSkreech#freenode might help04:14
metabornThank you04:14
DaSkreechI thought they nuked people who didn't log in?04:14
stdinor /who freenode/staff/*04:14
MinatakuNot here they don't04:14
coreymon77okay guys04:15
coreymon77new question04:15
coreymon77if i boot this computer into target disk mode04:15
coreymon77and connect this computer and the other laptop through firewire cable04:15
coreymon77how do i get the dapper livecd kubuntu to recognize and mount my target disk mode laptop as an hd an mount it04:15
coreymon77so that i can take the files from the hard drive and move them to my computer04:16
surgyi need help compiling a program anyone up to the task?04:17
coreymon77you guys do know what target disk mode is right?04:17
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first: not all !repositories are enabled by default!)04:18
surgygenii: lol how did i know your answer? actually i was looking for application specific help, im trying to compile pcsx2 and it doesnt have a make file or a config file, and was wandering if a guru such as yourself might be of some assistance?04:19
coreymon77lets try this04:19
coreymon77how do i set up a bcm43xx wifi card on a dapper livecd without an internet connection on that computer04:20
NaelrssinssrigDaSkreech: Nvidia.. almost everything is nvidia.. wtf it should work04:20
geniisurgy: Normally yes but tonight I am weary and only giving the simple fast answers LOL04:20
stdinsurgy: post (to pastebin) what "ls" shows in the dir04:20
surgygenii: lol thnx anyways04:20
genii!info pcsx204:21
ubotuPackage pcsx2 does not exist in gutsy04:21
geniiwhat is it?04:21
surgya ps2 emulator04:21
stdin!info pcsx04:21
ubotupcsx: Sony PlayStation emulator. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.699df-rc3-1 (gutsy), package size 8 kB, installed size 40 kB04:22
geniiAaah ok04:22
surgyas in playstation 204:22
stdinlike that ^?04:22
surgyyeah but pcsx is the playstation one emu i want the playstation 2 emu which is called pcsx204:22
DaSkreechNaelrssinssrig: you said this series is known to have problems?04:22
NaelrssinssrigDaSkreech: yea I found a forum post with the same problems I have the series doesn't have them just this one laptop in the series04:23
ubotugimp is an advanced image manipulation application for Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.04:23
stdinsurgy: it has .am and .ac files (automake/autoconf), make sure you install autoconf and autotools-dev, then run "autoreconf"04:24
surgystdin: any ideas?04:24
stdinsurgy: that should make a configure script04:24
surgystdin: ok04:24
geniisurgy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=39916504:24
* genii sips04:25
NaelrssinssrigDaSkreech: most of the aspire 5520's have a few wireless driver problems or the video but they are most fixed with the restricted drivers packages... mine the 5520-5716 seems to be the only one with this boot problem04:25
stdinwhat type of evil app donesn't even have a README??04:25
geniistdin: That IS evil04:25
surgystdin: it has one in a subdirectory but its very vague and missleading, also the configure script is going to make me a make file right?04:25
stdinsurgy: configure is easy (for the user)04:26
stdin./configure ; make ; sudo make install04:26
surgyyeah but when i run ./configure it should create a make file right?04:26
stdin(that installs to /usr/local)04:26
geniithe url I gave has about 3 steps involved to make the program, ubuntu-specific04:26
DaSkreechNaelrssinssrig: that's the 5520 G ?04:27
surgygot some errors04:27
NaelrssinssrigDaSkreech: it has an nvidia 8400M G video card so I figure that is what t hey are talking about it is the 5520-571604:27
surgystdin: http://pastebin.ca/79447404:27
stdinsurgy: did it make a configure tho?04:28
surgystdin: yes sir!04:28
stdinthen who cares! :p04:28
stdinrun it and roll :)04:28
surgystdin: this cares:04:28
surgy./configure: line 1706: syntax error near unexpected token `pcsx2,0.9.4'04:28
surgy./configure: line 1706: `AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(pcsx2,0.9.4)'04:28
surgywhich is relevant to the above errors right?04:29
NaelrssinssrigDaSkreech: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683411541104:29
stdinsurgy: it may be using a different version of autoconf04:30
geniiI just built the thing while you were discussing it using exactly the info supplied at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=39916504:30
stdingo for the guide then :p ^04:30
geniiBah I'm getting cranky LOL04:30
surgystdin: can you clarify this? "If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow."04:30
DaSkreechNaelrssinssrig: I guess grabbing a daily would be out of the picture for you04:31
surgygenii: lol you built pcsx2?04:31
rdvonI know this is a stupid question BUT04:31
rdvonhow do i access the mini player in amarok?04:31
geniiyes, just now04:31
NaelrssinssrigDaSkreech: what do you mean?04:31
geniisurgy:yes, just now04:31
stdinsurgy: remember when I said "configure is easy (for the user)" ?04:31
NaelrssinssrigA daily release?04:31
stdinsurgy: well autoconf (the thing that makes configure) is pure evil, in fact it's nickname is 'autohell'04:32
surgygenii: yeah i tried that post it doesnt work for me.....04:32
geniiWeird. Maybe I have additional libs installed04:32
surgystdin: lol im prolly a bit green to be doing battle with demons :)04:32
apparleDaSkreech: My installer crashed while cpying installation logs(97%) . Reinstall is required or not04:33
surgyif only i could get genii to send me his prebuilt source :) or whould that even work?04:33
stdinsurgy: I've used linux for, well, ever. I don't get automake and I never will!04:33
DaSkreechhi apparle04:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about conky - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:33
surgystdin: well it said something about making tokens legitimate?04:33
apparleDaSkreech: hi04:34
Naelrssinssrigconky is a system monitor04:34
NaelrssinssrigDaSkreech: are you talking about a daily release do you think that might help?04:34
stdinsurgy: to fix that you'd need to learn autotools, there are only about 10 people in the world that really understand autotools and I'm not one of them04:34
weenusexcuse me I'm learning kopete as an irc client04:34
DaSkreechNaelrssinssrig: they have a new ubuntu CD built every day you could get the one for the latest hardy release and see if that works >_<04:34
NaelrssinssrigDaSkreech: ouch... I guess it couldn't hurt to try..04:35
apparledaskreech: what do you say04:35
surgystdin: oh :( well this blows, why whould a software dev make a package and add it to the repos then make a better version of it and not add the better one to the repos? or even make a deb for that matter.....04:35
DaSkreechapparle: does it boot?04:35
weenusso I'll sending up message that won'[t warant a response04:35
geniisurgy: I have my system set up to compile with dynamic libs so it likely will do you no good anyhow if yer missing the lib thats on mine04:36
DaSkreechsurgy: time?04:36
stdinsurgy: did you read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=399165 ?04:36
surgystdin: yeah and i tried it twice, i guess i can try it again, the other two atempts failed04:37
surgyDaSkreech: ?04:37
apparledaskreech: yes04:37
surgyDaSkreech: gotcha :)04:37
DaSkreechapparle: ok apt-get install kubuntu-desktop04:37
surgyman i really want this program04:38
geniistdin: He said he tried it, yes. But then he has 0.9.4 code and not 0.9.3 which is what I just made (per the post)04:38
apparleDaSkreech: why should i do that??04:38
DaSkreechapparle: the install crashed but it boots?04:39
DaSkreechNaelrssinssrig: this is a production laptop?04:39
apparleDaSkreech:yes and I also have the desktop04:40
surgygenii: good point04:40
surgygenii: i guess sourceforge might have the older source?04:40
geniisurgy: I imagine so04:40
apparleDaSkreech:yes and I also have the fully functional desktop desktop. installer crashed after installing grub while copying the installation logs(97%)04:41
geniiI got it by the svn04:41
surgyok ill check it out04:41
DaSkreechapparle: Oh .. Pfft04:41
surgygenii: can you verify the compile by running the program? if you have time of course?04:41
geniiok hangon04:42
geniibah. Crashes and burns :(04:42
* genii fumes04:42
surgygenii: error?04:42
apparlenow does anybody know how to install PCTel HSP56 modem (I don't want  to change the kernel)04:42
geniicore dump04:42
se7endoes someone know a good type writing trainer04:42
surgyse7en: mmorpg04:43
apparlese7en: I also want one04:43
geniisurgy: No error. Immediate core dump04:43
apparlesurgy: from where to get mmorpg04:44
surgygenii: any ideas?04:44
geniisurgy: Not ofhand04:44
surgyapparle: was a joke mmorpg is a genre of games play them it will make you better at typing :)04:44
apparledoes someone know a good type writing trainer04:45
surgygenii: where did you get your 9.3 source?04:45
geniifrom the svn command. So it may then be whatever was in there04:46
apparlehow to install the PCTel modem04:46
genii(I need more coffee)04:46
surgyok thnx04:46
geniiapparle: the command:  apt-cache search typ|grep tutor       gives some install candidates for typing tutors04:47
weenusapparle: there is a Mavis Beacon like program for Ubuntu I will find it for you.04:47
Dr_Willismavis bacon does work under wine. :)04:47
sparrhow can i find the UUID of an ext3 partition?04:47
ubotuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)04:47
Dr_Willisor ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid (i think)04:48
geniisparr: sudo blkid /dev/whatever04:48
DaSkreechapparle: kde-edu has some good ones04:48
weenusapparle: I just tyuped typing tutor into synaptic and 8 programs came up. tuxtype, ktouch, junior typing04:49
weenusthere is no end to open source bounty04:50
DaSkreech that was it :)04:50
apparlehow to pen passworded rar files04:51
cs__ati fglrx GL is still stuck at mesa no matter what i try on that cchtml wiki >_<04:51
DaSkreechapparle: try unrar04:52
wilsoncat /etc/fstab is basically the same thing isn't it ?04:52
DaSkreechNetersLandreau: ping04:52
soberonIn order to edit a config file, What text editor is used?... kate do not works04:52
apparledaskreech: i have it04:52
DaSkreechwilson: as ?04:52
cs__fglrx is working, opengl is not04:52
DaSkreech!doesntwork | soberon04:53
ubotusoberon: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:53
surgygenii: how do i use the svn code?04:53
weenussoberon: It doesn't matter what editor you use, you have to have permissions to write to the file your editiing04:53
geniieg:    svn co https://pcsx2.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pcsx2 pcsx204:54
geniifetches it04:54
soberonwell... from console with # kate /etc/samba/smab.conf says some as cannot connect to xserver04:54
surgyin the address bar of a browser?04:54
DaSkreechsoberon: ah you want a command line editor?04:55
DaSkreechsoberon: try nano04:55
geniioh, I used bash instead of sh as in the instructions.04:55
wilsoni would be lost without mc aka midnight commander04:55
geniisurgy: No, at command line04:55
surgygotcha thnx :)04:56
soberonThanks... i come from Debian an used gedit04:56
cs__i like vi04:56
soberonThanks again... I will try nano04:57
apparleany one who uses a PCTel modem04:57
cs__no one knows how to fix my mesa gl software problem? :(04:57
DaSkreechcs__: what does mesa do?04:58
cs__daskreech - be really slow :P04:58
apparle :(04:58
cs__i want to have hardware gl rendering on my x850 gt radeon in fglrx04:58
surgygenii: so its built now how do i install/run it?04:58
DaSkreechWhich fglrx ?04:59
cs__the new 7.11 one04:59
wilsonsurgy: what are you compiling ?04:59
cs__i'm not touching the older 8.3x drivers from the repositories with a stick04:59
cs__they're poor at GLSL04:59
apparlemodem :( :(04:59
wilsonhave you run configure yet ?04:59
surgylol :)04:59
DaSkreechwouldn't 8 be better than 7 ?05:00
surgythere is no configure05:00
cs__DaSkreech: i'm referring to a different version number05:00
DaSkreech!winmodem | apparle05:00
geniisurgy: just run the pcsx2   eg in same dir you just built it, or copy the file someplace accessible:   ./pcxs205:00
ubotuapparle: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto05:00
wilsoni see, well there's make install   but who knows where it will put it05:00
cs__7.11 is basically 8.43305:00
wilsonusually in /usr/local05:00
cs__the 8.4x fglrx driver has massive speed improvement05:01
surgygenii: there is no executable05:01
cs__and aiglx05:01
DaSkreechRight i heard05:01
geniisurgy: cd pcxs2; sudo bash install.sh all; ./pcsx205:02
geniisurgy: cd pcxs2; sudo bash build.sh all; ./pcsx2                     rather05:02
surgygenii: ../GS.h:41:21: error: GL/glew.h: No such file or directory05:03
apparleDaSkreech: i am unable to understand what the page says. would you explain it05:04
flaccidcorrect place to add a path to the user shell path?05:05
DaSkreechapparle: Wooooah :)05:05
surgygenii: any idea what dependancy is cuasing that one?05:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about path - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:05
geniisurgy: I would recommend to diligently read the url I provided earlier. Install the packages which are specified there before doing the command provided above. Especially important to install the Nvidia CG toolkit as specified there.05:05
flaccidah ~/.profile05:05
DaSkreechflaccid: ~/.bash_profile shoudl work05:06
surgygenii: yes sir and thank you sir for your patients and all of your help, i shale return informed and compiled :) thanks again!05:06
flaccid~/.profile is where it is but it calls that anyway05:06
DaSkreechapparle: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto/PcTel05:06
DaSkreechthat's old thought05:06
DaSkreechand very Gnome centric05:06
DaSkreechapparle: You have kppp ?05:06
apparleDaSkreech: yes05:07
=== gtmbrb|g1ydistro is now known as gtmbrb
geniistdin: Got some aspirin? ;)05:07
=== gtmbrb is now known as gtmbrb|gaydistro
stdingenii: no, but plenty of paracetamol05:07
DaSkreechapparle: but you can't dial out?05:08
geniiWell, bedtime for me.05:08
apparleDaSkreech: when i query the modem it says 'unable to open the modem'05:08
DaSkreech!find pctel05:08
flaccidhmm hopeful: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/SimpleXModeSelection05:08
* DaSkreech hordes the !coffee05:08
ubotuPackage/file pctel does not exist in gutsy05:09
ubotucoffee is a caffeinated beverage made by filtering water through ground up roasted beans of the coffee plant. Flavouring to taste such as milk or cream, sugar or sweetener are often added afterwards. Not to be confused with !java05:09
DaSkreech!find linmodem05:09
ubotuPackage/file linmodem does not exist in gutsy05:10
cs__http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide hrm05:10
DaSkreechapparle: can you type sudo modprobe linmodem for me ?05:10
apparleDaSkreech: i am online on windows05:11
DaSkreechRight. of course05:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about linmodem - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about linmodems - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:12
DaSkreechapparle: Gutsy right?05:13
apparleDaSkreech: yes05:13
weenusHow do I get the normal irc commands to work with this?05:13
weenusThis kopete is giving me fits05:14
DaSkreechapparle: are you registered with Nickserv ?05:14
DaSkreechweenus: you irc in kopete ?05:15
weenus#nick wenus05:15
apparleDaSkreech: what is that05:15
weenussee that doesn't work05:15
DaSkreechIt's /nick05:15
=== weenus is now known as wenus
DaSkreechapparle: Never mind then :)05:15
awaghello all05:15
DaSkreechwenus: Not that hard05:15
DaSkreech!hi | awag05:15
ubotuawag: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!05:15
wenusalright cool05:16
apparleDaSkreech: tell me how to register05:16
DaSkreech!register | apparle05:16
ubotuapparle: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration05:16
wenusIsn't there a simpler way that this: apparle: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration05:17
awaganyone ever have a problem, where about 5 hours after logging into kde, all of a sudden video playback stops working,. avi mpg wmv, in every player that i have installed stops displaying video correctly, only sound05:17
awagthis only has happened since my upgrade to gutsy05:17
Tm_Tawag: nvidia?05:17
awagyes, geforce 6 series, compiz fusion05:18
Tm_Tawag: try this: ctrl+alt+F4 and ctrl+alt+F705:18
awagTm_T, first one brings me to tty4 after showing some weird artifacts on the screen05:19
Tm_Tand latter should bring you back05:19
Tm_Tdoes video playback works now?05:20
awagTm_T, yes ! :)05:20
Tm_Tnvidia driver issue05:20
awagthanks man05:20
awagis it an issue regardless if i am using compiz or not?05:21
Tm_Twell OpenGL does help to trigger it so kinda yes05:22
Tm_Tbut you can't fully avoid it05:22
DaSkreechTm_T: want to fix a Linmodem? :)05:22
Tm_TDaSkreech: nope sorry :)05:22
DaSkreechBugger :)05:22
DaSkreechI mean05:23
nanoalguien sabe como instalar java en x8605:23
Tm_T!es | nano05:23
ubotunano: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.05:23
cs__ha ha, 'vi'05:23
awagis that the bot speaking spanish?05:24
cs__glad my tv card works great in 7.10 though05:24
apparleDaSkreech:when i become online again i will tell you the result of 'sudo modprobe linmodem'05:24
apparlebye everyone05:24
cs__i miss recording and 60fps though :(05:24
DaSkreechapparle: bye05:24
cs__kdetv doesn't seem featureful and mythtv expects me to have the entire kitchen sink05:25
flaccidtry tvtime05:26
awagcs_, i've been thinking about getting a tv in card, what is the one that you have working in kubuntu?05:26
cs__Encore ENLTV-FM05:27
cs__it's not very good (it was $20 lol)05:27
cs__in previous kubuntu versions it crashed the kernel05:27
awagcs_, sweet05:27
angel!es | nano  ----> what purpot?05:27
cs__the tv card lacks closed captioning support05:27
cs__and is mono sound only05:27
awagmono sound, that kinda sucks05:28
cs__yea :(05:28
awagi can do without closed captioning though05:28
cs__it's also windows dependent and has crappy software for windows05:28
cs__i'm hoping linux will suit this card better :P05:28
DaSkreech!en | angel05:29
ubotuangel: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat05:29
* cs__ sudo apt-get install tvtime05:30
angelwho is ubotu ?   an robot?     (question)05:31
awaghe is a space robot05:32
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:32
awaghey, another question, does anyone here ever get random full system freezes? like the kind that you can't kill X or switch to another tty05:33
slaestatHi im new in kununtu05:33
angelok thank of all05:33
angelkununtu ---> is new distro linux ???  sorry n_n05:33
bazhangnot that new-several years old now05:34
awagkununtu is kubuntu for nuns05:34
DaSkreechawag: I do05:35
DaSkreechslaestat: Welcome05:35
angelthank you05:35
slaestat:o, sorry i thouht all you are using kubuntu because this is the default irc chat with it05:35
DaSkreechangel: It's still kinda young but not young enough to think of it as young :)05:36
awagDaSkreech, was that in response to the system freezes?05:36
slaestatsorry for my write, i dont speak english very well05:36
DaSkreechslaestat: Which language ?05:36
awagDaSkreech, awesome, any idea what causes yours?05:36
DaSkreech!es | slaestat05:36
ubotuslaestat: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.05:36
DaSkreechawag: almost sure it's X drivers05:36
slaestattnx, but im just want chat, jejeje i can use ubuntu/kubuntu05:37
DaSkreech!offtopic | slaestat  :-)05:37
slaestatim not expert but, at least i can chat and use oficce05:37
ubotuslaestat  :-): #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!05:37
DaSkreechI win :)05:37
twylightneedless pissing contest05:37
twylightI need a smoke <.>05:37
DaSkreechawag: if I SSH in X is taking up over 90% CPU05:38
Tm_Ttwylight: what?05:38
twylightI said no contest is required for getting to the !offtopic command first05:38
slaestatok i dont know how can i change chanel :P05:38
twylightand that I need to ingest some nice toxic nicotine05:38
bazhangslaestat: type /join #channelname05:39
twylightslaestat: /join #channelnamehere05:39
twylightoh wow05:39
twylightso close05:39
awagDaSkreech, I usually get it when I have about 50 firefox tabs open for too long, but today I got it randomly when I was just looking around in the compiz-fusion settings menu, firefox wasn't even running, weird05:39
twylightI'm not on the ball today05:39
bazhangtwylight: get any sleep? :}05:39
twylightawag: I've found that many GL desktop apps mess with other apps that run05:39
twylighta minor amount05:40
twylightbut my dad kicked me out05:40
twylightso I'm kinda in between living arrangements05:40
DaSkreechawag: well firefox sucks :)05:40
DaSkreechawag: I think I'm getting close to what causes it but it's X05:40
awagDaSkreech, well i'm hoping that the next release fixes the memory usage issues05:41
DaSkreechIt happens in Ubuntu as well but much less often05:41
ubotufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins05:41
ubotuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/05:41
DaSkreechawag: thats' a feature You can tweak it and tone it down05:41
Tm_Ttwylight: /msg ubotu05:41
awagDaSkreech, oh?05:41
DaSkreechtwylight: Firefox sucks unfortunately the extensions kick large round butt05:42
cs__hrm tvtime didn't work05:42
cs__no yuv2 overlay support05:42
cs__maybe it's related to the mesagl problem05:42
twylightwell this isn't #firefox-debate05:42
awagDaSkreech, my firefox seems to take up like 80% of my system memory if i open about 5 tabs and just let it sit there, it will slowly eat memory until it's at about 80% of my entire physical memory05:42
awagDaSkreech, what browser do you use?05:43
DaSkreechawag: firefox doesn't have memory leaks I'm aware of almost certainly your plugins05:43
DaSkreechI have about 18 open with about 4 tabs each some with 9 tabs05:43
twylightif I start firefox at 8am05:44
twylightby 8pm05:44
twylightI have 120 tabs open05:44
twylightand my cpu is at 20%05:44
hydrogenopera is the greatest handler of tabs I've seen05:44
hydrogenand yes, firefox sucks05:44
flaccidopera 9.5 makes tabs damn fast05:44
hydrogenwell, more appropriatly.. gecko sucks05:44
awagflaccid, lol05:44
hydrogenand firefox is just along for the ride05:44
flaccidits true05:44
awagi like your name05:44
awagthat was why i loled05:44
* hydrogen hops on Tm_T, i'm along for the ride!05:45
twylightTm_T: did this place turn into a social channel while I was gone?05:45
DaSkreechhydrogen: you are light anyway :-P05:45
Tm_Tno idea05:45
awagDaSkreech, I always resort to konq after my firefox starts to become sluggish05:45
DaSkreechtwylight: Well unless you ahve a fix for awag I don't see any outstanding support requests05:46
Tm_Tanyway, please keep offtopic in #kubuntu-offtopic05:46
* DaSkreech keeps to his pillow05:46
DaSkreechNight all05:46
Tm_TDaSkreech: nighty :)05:46
awagI wonder if there is something wrong with the forcastfox plugin that i have05:47
DaSkreechawag: that's an extension05:47
DaSkreechplugins are different05:47
awagalso, in firefox, and sometimes though rarely in konquerer flash video has weird pauses, even though the video is loaded05:50
ratttsi have 2 comps, both connected to a wireless router, one comp has shared folders, how can i access this comp or at least see it using ubuntu?05:53
angel !bot05:53
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:53
DaSkreechawag: yeah I just blame flash for that05:53
DaSkreechawag: if it helps your anity any it doesit in windows as well05:54
awagDaSkreech, yeah I think I remember reading that it was a known issue or something05:54
awagDaSkreech, seems to work better the fewer firefox tabs I have open however05:54
rdvonCould someone please tell me that there exists a program for linux which converts mp4 files to 3g2 :'(05:57
rdvonOr say there isn't..05:58
=== surion_ is now known as Surion
rdvonNo program for linux then.05:58
twylight-6 C ;_;05:58
twylightthis isn't going to be fun05:58
rdvonSuper lame. :(05:59
rdvonI hate my phone!05:59
rdvonIt needs to go die.05:59
awagwhat is 3g2?05:59
DaSkreechrdvon: http://www.google.com/linux?hl=en&q=3g2&btnG=Search05:59
DaSkreechFirst and third links05:59
DaSkreechAh you are joking05:59
awaghe left05:59
awagoh there he is05:59
rdvonI'm back!05:59
rdvonYou have a program!!?!06:00
DaSkreechrdvon: search engines are helpful :)06:00
rdvonI forgot about the linux one...06:00
rdvonof course!06:00
awaghmm, i want to make a recording of my cool compiz-fusion desktop, but xvidcap and recordmydesktop both seem too slow on my machine06:04
twylightyou could always take a bunch of screenshots06:05
DaSkreechTm_T: really going to bed now.06:05
ChriscoWho can suggest the easiest programming language to learn?   RUBY?  PERL?  PYTHON?  I programmed in basic back during the  80s, but am looking for something easy and fun to learn this weekend.   Anyone have thoughts?06:05
DaSkreechTm_T: KDE4 is going to be amazing :)06:05
DaSkreechChrisco: Binary. it only has two states!06:05
rdvonawag: I know of a great program.06:05
twylightChrisco: RUBY is supposed to be a beauty to use06:05
awagrdvon, really?06:06
twylightPERL is supposed to be very functional06:06
rdvonOne sec, forgot the name06:06
twylightand PYTHON is supposed to be easy to use too06:06
ChriscoDaSkreech ------     000000006:06
DaSkreech!info diveintopython06:06
ubotudiveintopython: free Python book for experienced programmers. In component main, is optional. Version 5.4-2ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 340 kB, installed size 4220 kB06:06
DaSkreechYou can apt-get that ^^^06:06
cs__still stuck in mesa =\06:06
=== ubuntu is now known as JJtech
rdvonawag: istanbul is the name.06:07
rdvonit's in the synaptic package manager06:07
awagrdvon, ok sweet i'll check it out06:07
ubotuSi busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.06:07
awagChrisco, I like java personally06:07
ChriscoAWAG --- was java easy to learn?06:07
JJtechhi to all06:08
angelbye good night an all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:08
JJtechim back06:08
rdvonI'm learning python...06:08
rdvonslowly yet surely ;)06:08
twylightjava is a mess no matter how you use it06:08
JJtechi switch back to kubuntu.. i found that it is much nicer than ubuntu..06:08
awagChrisco, well I'm by no means a pro at it, still learning myself, but it is pretty straightforward06:08
scrubbAdept keeps crashing with a SIGABRT error.  Help!06:08
awagtwylight, why do you say that?06:09
rdvonthat's funny, cuz I switched back to ubuntu thinking it was nicer then kubuntu,.06:09
JJtechwhy said so?06:09
JJtechrdvon> ???06:09
twylightawag in my experience it's just very messy to deal with06:10
twylightclasses everywhere06:10
JJtechactuall right now im installing from a live CD of Kubuntu06:10
rdvonI like my default ubuntu :)06:10
twylightright on JJ06:10
twylightbut you're talking to a 16 year old script kiddie so don't take my word as law06:10
rdvonwith compiz fusion, and emerald06:10
awagtwylight, well yes, but it all fits together nicely in the end, I like how everything is a Class06:11
JJtechanyways, how to install the nvidia graphics driver?06:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about drivers - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:11
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:11
JJtechi see06:11
awagrdvon, your using gnome right?06:11
twylightgnome *hiss*06:11
rdvonawag: yup06:11
JJtechi like KDE06:12
scrubbCan someone please help me fix adept?06:12
awagrdvon, when using emerald and compiz, when you maximize a window, does the window title text get all big for a second before resetting to the correct size?06:12
ubotuadept is the Kubuntu package manager. Howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdeptHowto06:12
rdvonawag: yeah, it does. Not all the time though.06:12
twylightscrubb: how'd you break it?06:12
scrubbBeats me.  I installed firefox and opera and then it started crashing.06:13
awagrdvon, ah, same here, i thought maybe it was a kde issue or something, that wouldn't really make sense though06:13
awagi stopped using emerald because that annoyed me :)06:13
scrubbI never know how I break things in linux.  They seem to break themselves.06:13
awagusing the normal kde decorator06:13
rdvonI'm mad>=[06:14
rdvonvlc doesn't so 3g2 as a transcoding option!06:15
scrubbtwylight, hang on a sec.06:15
JJtechshe left already06:15
=== scrubb is now known as scrubb2000
rdvonI found an insane website http://media-convert.com/06:15
JJtechwhat's with the website?06:16
JJtechwhat does sudo mean?06:17
awagsuper user do06:17
awagi think so06:18
JJtechwhen to use it?06:18
rdvonI knew the su was super user..06:18
rdvonBut do makes me laugh :D06:18
awagyou use it when you need to do something that requires root06:18
JJtechi think system user06:18
awagbut you don't want to have to log in as root06:18
awagso it just does that one command that follows sudo as root06:18
surgywhen i compile and make a source file and then install it what is the defualt installation path? i know the link to the executable is in /usr/local/bin but where are the data files?06:19
scrubb2000a nice feature, unless you're doing a lot of things that need root permissions...then you use 'su' instead06:19
rdvonor you type sudo -i and it makes everything run in root.06:19
JJtechi see06:19
JJtechwhat is su then?06:19
surgysu signs you on as root06:20
surgytry "sudo su" in your terminal06:20
scrubb2000but only in the current terminal, no?06:20
rdvonsudo -i06:20
JJtechb d way, what command to type installing flash player?06:20
surgywell if your working out of a terminal06:20
surgyelse it signs you on as root in that session06:20
surgycan anyone answer my question?06:21
surgy!flash || JJtech06:21
ubotu| JJtech: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:21
JJtechthanks <surgy>06:21
surgyno one knows the answer to my question?06:22
JJtechim at 93% in my Kubuntu installation..06:22
awagrdvon, i think my computer sucks too much to record my desktop while running compiz :)06:22
rdvonomg i'm at 93% on transcoding06:23
rdvonawag: sucks :(06:23
rdvonyou tried istanbul?06:23
rdvonusing vlc or anything like that makes any pc lag.06:23
awagrdvon, yes, it runs smooth during recording, but when i watch it, it always seems to skip huge periods of time and has a low fps in general06:23
scrubb2000Could someone please help me figure out why adept keeps crashing?06:23
surgybecuase its adept06:24
surgyit sucks06:24
surgyuse the terminal06:24
awaghaha, i was gonna say the same thing06:24
surgyuse apt-get instead of adept06:24
JJtechwhat's the diffirence?06:24
surgy"sudo apt-get install flash-nonfree" or whatever package06:24
scrubb2000What if I like GUIs more than terminal commands?06:24
awaginstall synaptic06:24
surgyone sucks the other doesnt06:24
surgyscrubb2000: use windoze then06:25
awagwhat does adept tell you when it crashes? anything?06:25
scrubb2000Are you one of those "06:25
surgylol no06:25
scrubb2000awag, hold on06:25
surgyim just frustrated becuase i cant find this directory please excuse my meaness06:25
JJtechit's done installing...completed.. ^_^  i have to restart guys.. BRB06:25
scrubb2000awag, it says "Another process is using the packaging system database (probably some other adept application or apt-get or aptitude)  Would you like to attempt to resolve the problem?"06:26
scrubb2000Clicking yes makes it think for a bit.06:26
awagscrubb2000, hang on, i think i might know how to fix this06:26
awagscrubb2000, i had this problem a few weeks ago06:26
surgyscrubb2000: try logging out and logging back06:26
surgyshould fix it06:26
scrubb2000then the KDE crash handler says adept_installer crashed with SIGABRT06:27
surgyeither that or try "sudo killall adept"06:27
twylightor sudo rm rf /06:27
rdvonI think the wine abbreviation should be changed to WINdowsEmulator06:27
twylightthat'll make all your problems go away06:27
surgytwylight: can you help me pleasE?06:27
flaccidits not an emulator06:27
flaccidits a subsystem06:28
rdvonwell... the other abbreviation is stupid :P06:28
twylightwhat's your issue surgy?06:28
scrubb2000lemme try the logout thing.  brb06:28
flaccid"MS Windows Subsystem" or similar is appropriate06:29
surgyor flaccid? i know one of you guys knows the answer: i just compiled an emulator and it needs plugins and a bios image both of which i have i just cant find the data directory where the emulator was installed after "make install" was ran during compilation, can you point me in the right direction?06:29
flaccidright direction of what06:29
twylightprobably in somewhere under /06:29
flaccidi dont even know what you are doing06:29
surgywhere the data directory is06:29
awagscrubb2000, working?06:29
scrubb2000Nope.  Same thing.06:29
flaccidread the make file06:29
awagscrubb2000, try this sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock06:30
flaccidor the README or INSTALL file should advise06:30
awagscrubb2000, if that doesn't fix it, do this sudo dpkg --configure -a06:30
surgyflaccid: ok it has the executable and a plugins directory and a bios directory, etc etc, and i looked in /usr/local/bin and all that is there is the executable non of the sub directories06:30
scrubb2000rm /var/... didn't work...06:30
awagsurgy, when i install something from source, it somethings ends up in my home dir, but i'm a nub, so i don't really pay attention, but sometimes it's in a hidden folder in my home06:31
flaccidsurgy: iirc the make file will show all the install paths06:31
surgythere was no readme and i had to, sh build.sh all, in order to make a configure script to make a "make" file........ been at it for hours06:31
awagscrubb2000, did you try this sudo dpkg --configure -a ?06:31
scrubb2000awag, yeah.  It's given me some options.06:31
flaccidsurgy: there is no actual standard way to package source trees for compilation, so its really up to the vendor's doco..06:32
awagscrubb2000, what kind of options?06:32
surgyflaccid: :( that sucks06:32
scrubb2000install package maintainer's version, keep my version, show differences, background the process to examine the situation06:32
surgyis there a search feature where i can search for every file with a certain keyword?06:32
flaccidsurgy: its actually good. check the Makefile06:32
awagscrubb2000, what is the default? keep your version?06:32
awagscrubb2000, just do that for everything06:32
flaccidsurgy: grep "keyword" /file/location06:32
=== DrUnKnMuNkY1 is now known as drunknmunky
scrubb2000awag, that did the trick.06:33
awagscrubb2000, adept is working?06:33
scrubb2000I noticed it set up opera while it was at it...06:33
surgysurgy@derek:~/pcsx2/pcsx2$ iirc Makefile.am06:33
surgybash: iirc: command not found06:33
scrubb2000Must have been opera that buggered it the first time.06:34
awagscrubb2000, yeah, did it crash the first time like in the middle of an install of something?06:34
scrubb2000awag,indeed it did.06:34
awagscrubb2000, when that happens i think you have to fix the install by doing sudo dpkg --configure -a06:34
jhoc2x2im back06:34
scrubb2000awag, what's that doing, exactly?06:34
ubotuIIRC means "if I remember correctly"06:34
jhoc2x2ha! officially kubuntu user06:34
scrubb2000I'm still new to the inner workings of linux06:34
awagscrubb2000, i'm not entirely sure, i think it goes through and looks at packages that aren't configured or installed correctly and fixes them06:35
awagscrubb2000, me too, hehe06:35
Ayabararunning compiz-fusion on kubuntu should be quite easy in most cases, right? I have it working in Gnome, but not when I switch to KDE06:35
Ayabaraand compiz-kde is installed06:35
jhoc2x2how to get compiz-fusion <ayabara> ???06:35
Ayabarajhoc2x2: on Ubuntu it should be installed by default, on Kubuntu I don't know06:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about desktop-effects - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:37
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion06:37
awagscrubb2000, you should also check out synaptic, just search for it in adept, it is the default package manager in normal ubuntu06:37
awagscrubb2000, alot of people seem to like it better06:37
scrubb2000k.  Is it less prone to weirdness?06:38
awagscrubb2000, yeah, in fact i just opened it up to check it out for the hell of it, and searched for a program that adept didn't find for me, and synaptic found it06:39
Naelr2still need laptop help... anyone out there have kubuntu installed on an aspire 552006:40
scrubb2000awag, how can I set one or the other to be the default package manager?06:42
surgyi just dont know where to look for help on this thing06:42
surgy4 hours now06:42
Naelr2what kinda help you need surgy06:43
surgymade some long strides but now im stuck on something that should be easy06:43
scrubb2000surgy, that describes almost all of my experiences with linux so far. =P06:43
Naelr2scrubb2000: what do you mean default packagte manager06:44
Naelr2sorry package06:44
awagscrubb2000, well, i'm not sure you need to set either one to default, i just put the one i like in my quicklaunch bar06:44
awagand click on it, and use it06:44
surgyNaelr2: i just compiled pcsx2 and got it running now it needs bios and plugins i have the bios and the plugins i just need to know where the directory of pcsx2 is i used "sh build.sh" and "./configur" and "make installe" to build and install the program, there is no readme or any decent documentation on what i need help with06:44
scrubb2000It may not be a non-issue now...06:45
awagwhen i said it is the default package manager in normal ubuntu i just meant it comes installed with synaptic from the start06:45
scrubb2000Opera wanted to install flash, and seemed to run adept, which then crashed.06:45
scrubb2000But flash seems to be working now.  Maybe Opera just wasn't configured right.06:45
surgyscrubb2000: you need to get confortable with terminal commands and then trash a few installs06:45
scrubb2000Already done that.06:45
awagyeah apt-get is more fun anyway06:46
scrubb2000I'm not afraid to use command lines, I just don't like doing it ALL the time, ya know?06:46
surgythen you should be installing from the command line its faste more stable and easier to use and troubleshoot06:46
Naelr2surgy: oh wow.. I never played with emulators ... have you googled it yet?06:46
scrubb2000and probably takes 10x longer.06:46
* Naelr2 loves the command line06:46
jhoc2x2do u have any idea why they did not use GUI installs?06:46
surgyNaelr2: for 40 mins now ive been working on it for hours06:46
surgyscrubb2000: you can do anything on the command line 10x faster than with a gui06:47
Naelr2surgy: doh... sorry man.. I have been using linux for 10 years and never played with emulators like those...06:47
jhoc2x2how so?06:47
Naelr2I am looking for help with a new laptop I just bought ... damn thing installs but will not boot06:48
scrubb2000surgy, if you know the commands to use...06:48
surgyNaelr2: well i just need to know where the file hierarchy for the installed application is so i can find out where the compiled plugins went06:48
scrubb2000Takes bloody forever if you don't.06:48
surgyscrubb2000: nah06:48
jhoc2x2<naelr2> try tweaking BIOS setting06:48
surgyscrubb2000: just use ! before a word here in irc, and ubotu will help like "!ati" she will teach you how to install ati06:48
Naelr2surgy: do (from the command line) sudo updatedb06:49
awagsurgy, is there a way to  search for packages with apt-get ?06:49
surgyNaelr2: what does that do?06:49
Naelr2awag: it is called synaptic06:49
scrubb2000Not everyone wants to spend hours reading man pages or forums.  I usually just want to boot up and go.06:49
surgyawag: yeah "sudo apt-cache search packagename"06:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nividia - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:49
Naelr2surgy: there is a database of all files on the system... updatedb updates taht database06:49
wilsonwhen you use configure you might as well use ./configure --prefix=/usr06:49
Naelr2then you do a locate filename and it will tell you where it is06:49
awagNaelr2, do you mean i should just use synaptic?06:50
surgyupdateing db now06:50
Naelr2awag: synaptic has a search feature06:50
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:50
wilsonit's probably been installed to /usr/local/bin06:50
wilsonthat's not in the path by default06:50
surgywilson: yeah i see the link to the executable there but not the datafiles06:50
awagNaelr2, yeah i know, i was just wondering if i could do it from the command line06:51
Naelr2surgy: also alot of programs will have hiden directories in your home directory that you keep all your addons too it ...06:51
wilsoni dunno, datafiles maybe in /usr/local/share  or something06:51
jhoc2x2guys, adept batch is running in my pc, but i need to restart, shud i wait adept to finish??06:51
surgyawag: try what i told you, sudo apt-cache search packagename from the command line06:51
Naelr2awag: I have never used one if it exists06:51
awagsurgy, oh yeah thanks i got that06:51
surgyNaelr2: i looked in hidden files in all the obvious directories, and my db is updated now what?06:52
awagNaelr2, i was simply bringing it up because people were talking about how they could do everything faster from the cmd line06:52
surgyawag: thats how you search for packages from the command line06:52
Naelr2awag: what is the command to start the program06:52
Ayabaracompiz-fusion is working for me in kubuntu now, but I only see one desktop in the desktop switcher in my panel. anyone?06:52
awagand i was thinking that searching for a package is easier through synaptic and the like06:52
Naelr2awag: I agree06:52
surgyeasier if your migrating from windows in my opinion but after you start getting into linux cmd will be better06:53
Naelr2surgy: after you update your database use command locate <filename> to find files06:53
awagsurgy, that command works nicely06:53
awagnow the only thing on my system that remains a problem is strigi06:54
Naelr2Ayabara: use the desktop settings manager06:54
awagthe search program from feisty worked great for me, but strigi never seems to find anything lol, and yes i have my home folder and some other folders indexed06:55
AyabaraNaelr2: thanks, but that wasn't it. removing and readding the applet did the trick..06:55
surgyuse "locate filename"06:55
surgywhich im having no luck with06:55
Naelr2surgy: you can use strigi as well I guess.   I keep forgetting about that I use command line locate06:55
surgyyeah im not finding it with locate06:56
A2t3can0v3r10rdfinally a channel with real live people! hey i need someone to go to ubuntu and give the site moderator this link http://madderhatters.blogspot.com/?06:56
surgyseams what im looking for doesnt exsist or im doing something wrong06:56
Naelr2have you run the emulator yet06:56
Naelr2hmmm what is the name of it and where did you get it06:56
Naelr2surgy: I will try to install it06:57
surgyit needs to be configured and asks for the bios file directory and the plugins directory, bios is no problem but the plugins were compiled with the emulator and are with its data files so i cant find them06:57
awagsurgy, another useful command you've made me aware of tonight06:57
surgyawag: whats that?06:57
awagsurgy, locate :)06:57
A2t3can0v3r10rdwould somebody join into ubuntu and give the moderator this link as i cannot get on the channel please http://madderhatters.blogspot.com/?06:58
wilsonwhat's the point A2t3can0v3r10rd06:59
surgyawag: well while Naelr2 is trying to install pcsx2 ill teach you more06:59
surgyawag: what else do you need to do from cmd?06:59
neileshcan a newbie ask a question06:59
A2t3can0v3r10rdi would like to call the moderator's attention to what is written about them06:59
surgy!ask | neilesh06:59
ubotuneilesh: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)06:59
=== neilesh is now known as fortytwo
Naelr2I posted it06:59
awagsurgy, well, right now i don't really have anything that comes to mind :)07:00
Naelr2A2t3can0v3r10rd: I posted it07:00
=== fortytwo is now known as neilesh
wilson"without going into specifics"07:00
neileshi am having probs with adept.. it refuses to dl the updates..but mah net works just fine07:00
A2t3can0v3r10rdthank you very much naelr207:00
Naelr2not sure if he reads it but I sent it07:00
A2t3can0v3r10rdi had some bogus moderator cut me for life for nothing07:01
awagman, some of the window animations in compiz are so cool, i just kinda sit there playing with them sometimes07:01
Naelr2who is the moderator do you know07:01
Naelr2or who is the moderator y9ou want to read this07:01
A2t3can0v3r10rdim not sure it was so long ago07:01
jhoc2x2awag> will you teach me to configure compiz?07:01
Naelr2ok I posted it to the irc for ya07:01
surgyawag: you getting your pms?07:02
Naelr2surgy: exactly waht did you download07:02
Naelr2I see .exe07:02
wilsonyou might want to mention it's A2t3can0v3r10rd asking, or he won't even know who he's supposed to unban07:02
surgythe source package07:02
A2t3can0v3r10rdi only ever used irc for ubuntu support i hate chatting half the chat is peverted07:02
Naelr2I see .exe's on that page07:02
twylight!offtoipic ]07:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about offtoipic ] - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:02
rohanhow do i change locales in kubuntu ? in ubuntu there is some Language tool gui07:03
rohanwhat do i do in kubuntu ?07:03
rohanubotu: locale07:03
ubotuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf07:03
surgy!kubuntu | rohan07:03
uboturohan: Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE07:03
rohansurgy: err.. so ?07:03
rohanwhat was the reason of giving me that factoid, surgy ?07:03
surgyrohan: check out http://kubuntu.org07:04
A2t3can0v3r10rdyea i dont really care at this point im just disappointed that people act the way they do on ubuntu it's pretty uptight sometimes07:04
ubotuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . Latest KDE version is 3.5.8 for Gutsy and Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org for more information.07:04
surgyrohan: your qoute "<rohan> what do i do in kubuntu ?"07:04
rohansurgy: are you actually trying to help or just playing the fool ?07:04
A2t3can0v3r10rdgod forbid you go off topic or throw down more then 4 lines of text07:05
scrubb2000Hmm...how do I make compiz focus and bring windows to the top when I click anywhere on them?07:05
awagscrubb2000, as opposed to focus following the mouse?07:06
A2t3can0v3r10rdi actually wrote a complaint to shuttleworth's secretary! lol07:06
wilsonscrubb2000: it's in the general options but for some reason it always unticked itself automatically for me so i stopped using compiz07:06
surgyNaelr2: any luck?07:06
scrubb2000Pardon my M$ accent, but I'd like it to emulate the way windows brings focus.07:06
scrubb2000Is it the "raise on click" option?07:07
awagscrubb2000, ie, you click and it brings it to the top, yes i agree that is what i like, it is in the general options07:07
Naelr2surgy: wow... it has been a long time since I compiled from source.. and I have been drinking .. refresh my memory please ... it is unziped... dont' I gotta automake something07:07
scrubb2000why does it automatically untick?07:07
surgyscrubb2000: you said you like gui right? check out systems settings in your kmenu and toy around there07:07
wilsonscrubb2000:  that sounds like it07:07
A2t3can0v3r10rdthanks people!07:07
surgyNaelr2: thats like a 15 page post on the forums on how to compile that07:07
awagscrubb2000, oh wait, there is also a "click to focus" one that needs to be checkted too07:07
neileshi am having probs with adept.. it refuses to dl the updates..but mah net works just fine..no firefox :(07:07
Naelr2surgy: u have the link?07:08
scrubb2000got it clicked already...07:08
awagscrubb2000, both of those are clicked?07:08
surgyNaelr2: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=399165&highlight=pcsx2 have fun07:08
jhoc2x2GTG... bye all07:09
scrubb2000well, they would be if the raise on click didn't keep unchecking itself.07:09
awagscrubb2000, go to system settings and make sure under window behaviour that too is set to click to focus07:09
wilsonscrubb2000: i had the exact same problem heh07:09
scrubb2000awag, it is.07:10
awagscrubb2000, not sure what is wrong then..07:10
scrubb2000wilson, did you fix it?07:10
Naelr2surgy: did you get svn code or just what wason the website?07:11
surgythe 9.4 source is what i used other than that it was all the same as on that link, although that just sets you up for the ./configure make bs07:11
wilsonscrubb2000: i'm trying again now07:14
Naelr2surgy: I got an error on the build07:14
wilsonthere's some things mentioned here http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-503145.html   but i'm not holding my breath07:14
surgyNaelr2: what error?07:16
Naelr2In file included from Conf.cpp:25:07:16
Naelr2../GS.h:41:21: error: GL/glew.h: No such file or directory07:16
Naelr2make[1]: *** [libZeroGSLinux_a-Conf.o] Error 107:17
Naelr2make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/naelr/work/pcsx2/plugins/gs/zerogs/opengl/Linux'07:17
Naelr2make: *** [install-recursive] Error 107:17
Naelr2Error with building plugins07:17
surgyyou need another package07:17
Naelr2wtf I installed all from their recomendations07:18
Naelr2what am I missing07:18
ForgeAussometimes you need to find out all of what you have to answer that one :(07:19
surgylol theres another in there somewhere im looking for it, it wasnt on the main list :(07:19
awagdoes pcsx2 actually work that well?07:20
Naelr2I never used an emulator07:20
wilsonhmm that seemed to fix it for me scrubb200007:20
wilsoni went to system settings > window behaviour07:21
wilsonunticked 'click raise active window'07:21
wilsonapply > then ticked it again   and it works as you'd expect07:21
ForgeAusPCSX2? I know PS1 emulation works ok but PS2? I'm not so sure about07:21
ForgeAusI do have the emulator I just don't have any games to try it on lol07:22
ForgeAusI think PS2 is meant to be backwards compatible anyway...07:22
scrubb2000wilson, yeah, same here.07:22
scrubb2000Must be a session thing.07:22
wilsonwoo yeh ! we done it haha07:22
scrubb2000These rubbery windows are too cool.  I'm probably going to set compiz to autorun.07:23
surgyForgeAus: hey man long time no see07:23
wilsonmight have to do it everytime though07:23
ForgeAushey surgy :) yeah I havn't been around here much lately07:23
surgyive been trying to get pcxs2 working for over 5 hours now07:23
ForgeAusbeen busy elswhere07:23
Naelr2hahah gosh I came in looking for help with my problem... how did I get distracted07:23
ForgeAusI take it you compiled it07:23
scrubb2000Since  can't play any HL2-based games on this, I need something to give my video card a workout while I"m using Linux. =)07:23
scrubb2000Now, what is the "super" button??07:24
Naelr2the windows key07:24
scrubb2000ah ha07:24
Naelr2they can't call it the windows key in linux now can they07:24
ForgeAusof course they can...07:24
ForgeAuslinux can still have windows07:24
wilsoni really really like the negativity + transparency combo , i can take like this irc window, negatize it and make it a little transparent, pretty cool07:24
surgyForgeAus: yes sir but now i cant get the pluggins installed or the bios installed, i have both, i think but i cant find out where to put them and when i tell the emulator where they are it says it cant read from that dir07:24
ForgeAusits a general term...07:24
ForgeAussurgy, sounds odd07:25
jhoc2x2what command to get flash??07:25
surgyNaelr2: i cant find that dep now07:25
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash07:25
surgyForgeAus: yeah i know07:25
ForgeAusmaybe the bios you have is not the one its looking for?07:25
Naelr2the ubuntu keyboard http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r19478366-The-Ubuntu-keyboard07:25
ForgeAusTOSEC has ps* bioses07:25
Naelr2they can't call it a windows key on that one07:25
surgyForgeAus: i have over 100 different images........07:25
ForgeAusI dind't know there were THAT many of them07:26
ForgeAusI thought there were only about 6 different ones...07:26
surgyoh yeah rangeing from sph1000 all the way to scph4400007:26
ForgeAusmostly SCPH#####.rom07:26
surgyForgeAus: you havnt tried pcsx2 yet?07:27
ForgeAusI've installed it but not tried running it07:27
surgytry it real fast07:27
surgyif you dont mind07:27
ForgeAushavn't got a ps2 iso or CD to try it with yet..07:27
surgyrun the bios?07:28
ForgeAushmm I'm in XP right now.. brb... I wonder if its the same07:28
ForgeAus(there is PCSX2 for Windows as well)07:28
surgyyeah id rather bury myself alive07:28
wilsonthey really need to do something about adept07:28
ForgeAusahh give me a list of your directories07:29
ForgeAusor at least the subones of /pcsx207:29
ForgeAusin the bios dir I have 5 files07:29
ForgeAussony playstation 2 bios (e)(v1.6)(200-10-04)[scph30004].bin07:30
ForgeAusso look slike they're all .bin not .rom files07:30
surgyi have three different versions of that bios07:31
surgyv4 v5 and version 607:31
surgyi tell pcsx2 too look in that dir for that bios and it doesnt show up in the drop down bios area07:31
ForgeAuswait... the .bin bios files should reside /bin/branches/pcsx2/bios07:32
ForgeAusin windows all the plugins are in <rest of the path>/pcsx2/plugins but they're all .dll's in *nix I don't know if it works the same way07:33
ForgeAusthats probably where the files are but if they're .dll's???07:33
surgyyeah it sounds like my file structure is a lot different07:33
ForgeAuswhen you run it it should give you a configuration dialog where you choose the plugins07:34
ForgeAusthey should come with the emulator...07:34
ForgeAusif not pcsx ones should work...07:34
surgythey did07:35
surgybut they either didnt build with the rest of the emu or the were built and now i cant find them07:35
ForgeAusdo you have pcsx? or (I think epsxe and fpse are same basic emulator - just not sure which ones had *nix equivs)07:36
surgyi have epsxe pSX and pcsx207:36
naliothhow do you remove widgets from your desktop in kde4 ?07:37
ForgeAusok from epsxe, I think the plugins are probably the same ones as you can use in pcsx207:37
ForgeAusdunno much about pSX havn't heard of that emulator...07:38
Naelr2awe man this is making me crazy... can anyone help me make this laptop boot07:38
surgyit doesnt take plugins its totally emulated with software drivers no hardware acceleration07:38
ForgeAusepsxe I'm sure has plugins07:39
twylightnight all07:39
surgyjust tried07:39
surgythey dont show up on the drop down lists for pcxs207:39
ForgeAusdev 9, usb and firewire could be a problem tho07:39
evil-rhinodoes kubuntu gutsy use utf-8 for filesystem encoding by default?07:39
ForgeAus(not sure if they apply to epsxe)07:40
surgyForgeAus: may i pm you to keep spam down? i feal bad being off topic here07:40
=== Naelr2 is now known as naelr
scrubb2000Thanks for the help, everyone.  Happy thanksgiving.07:43
naelrguess this laptop is gonna remain windows only07:43
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awaggood night all07:49
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Tm_Tnaelr-asleep: noooo07:51
Tm_Tnaelr-asleep: no awaynicks thanks07:51
surgyanyone there?07:54
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SSJ_GZRiddell: ping08:04
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araizenhey all08:14
araizeni just installed gutsy, but now wine freeze up my whole system every time i run it08:14
araizeni also updated wine from the repo at the winehq site08:14
araizensame prob08:14
araizenhas anyone else had this problem?08:14
nevilleI get that problem when I run games in it, but it's a problem with my motherboard08:15
araizenit's not just games08:15
araizenit's even when i do 'configure wine'08:15
araizenand it worked great in feisty, so i don't think it's my motherboard08:15
nevilleTry purging it, and then freshly installing it, or compiling it from source?08:16
araizenhow do i purge it?08:16
araizenuninstall it?08:16
nevilleOpen Adept08:17
nevilleRight click Wine, request purging08:18
nevilleThen apply changes08:18
araizenjust curious, how do you purge via the command line08:20
araizencould i do 'sudo apt-get purge wine'?08:21
nevilleI'm not entirely sure, to be honest, I'm a noob =)08:21
nevilleCheck apt help though?08:21
araizenah okay thanks08:21
nevillesudo apt-get purge package_name08:22
SatManUKi have downloaded additional levels for pingus - when i try to run them im getting an error zenity not found - when i try to install zenity - its saying i already have the latest version, any suggestions?08:22
stdinaraizen: that's "sudo apt-get --purge remove wine"08:23
araizenstdin: thanks08:23
nevilleThanks for clearing that ^^;08:23
timristdin: note: purge is now a valid command with apt-get and aptitude08:24
stdintimri: is with aptitude, with apt it's a patch08:25
timristdin: According to the man page sudo apt-get purge package_name is valid syntax (on Gutsy)08:26
stdintimri: yep, it was added via a patch08:26
timriBtw: why not use aptitude instead of apt-get (so you don't have to autoclean)?08:26
stdinmaybe they want to reinstall it after? who knows. apt works fine (I do use aptitude tho)08:27
timristdin: Erm, I meant autoremove *blush*08:28
araizen_well, that wasn't it08:28
stdintimri: I know you did ;)08:28
timriSatManUK: If you're referring to the levels I mentioned yesterday: According to the site you can just copy them. Only the (optional) pingus_levels uses zenity (if i understand correctly it is some kind of guide/walk-through)08:31
SatManUKtimri: i put them where they are supposed to be - in /usr/share/games/pingus/levels/ok08:32
SatManUKwhen i run pingus_levels it says:08:32
SatManUKstuart@ubuntu:/usr/share/games$ pingus_levels08:32
SatManUK[: 7: not: unexpected operator08:32
SatManUKzenity not found08:32
SatManUKbut when i try and sudo apt-get zenity08:33
SatManUKzenity is already the newest version.08:33
* timri is downloading the source now08:34
timri(will take a while on my connection 9mb...whoa)08:35
SatManUK9mb of pingus?08:35
SatManUKor pingus levels?08:35
SatManUKtimri: what connection do you have?08:35
timriSatManUK: Dunno. It said Quellcode, so I'am downloading it now.08:35
SatManUKinside Georgia i got 8mb / outside Georgia i got 128k :(08:35
timriSatManUK: I am sadly forced to use a 512Kbits/s with a 5Gbyte monthly cap08:36
timrijoin #kubuntu-offtopic08:36
SatManUKno monthly cap08:36
SatManUKand kubuntu has a nice mirror in Georgia..08:36
SatManUKthats why i chose this distro08:36
SatManUKi always been a suse user myself..08:36
SatManUKbut when your connection stinks / no mirror in site - hobsence choice..08:37
timriSatManUK: apt-cacher to the rescue !08:37
SatManUKi put the binary in /usr/share/games instead of usr/games08:37
SatManUKthink that might be the problem08:37
timriSatManUK: -> join me in #kubuntu-offtopic08:38
sebastian^good morning folks :)08:39
* ForgeAus takes the NextStep backwards08:40
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dmHello. My umask is set to 0022 so when I create a file or dir its perissions are 0644 resp. 0755. When I save an attachment from kmail its perms are 0400. How can I correct this behaviour?08:45
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JJtechhi guys..08:48
JJtechim reinstalling kubuntu but not the 64bit edition.. im having trouble with 64bit.. so im reinstalling the 32bit version..08:49
tashiroDoese any 1 know were i can gather knowledge about Kubuntu?08:50
JJtechhow to configure compiz??08:50
ubotuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE08:50
stdin!compiz | JJtech08:50
ubotuJJtech: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion08:50
se7enUsenet Download World Record !!!  674 MB in 56 seconds + 28 seconds for uncompressing = 1:24 for downloading a 712 MB Ubuntu CD image. More info about this contest at http://www.usenext.com :)08:52
WaltzingAlongse7en: no need to spam here08:53
JJtechyeah.. no need08:53
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JJtechim having trouble with compriz-fusion... when loading, screen freezes08:54
JJtechpls help08:54
se7ensorry guys had something to do with (k)ubuntu will not happen again08:55
tashiroWats Compiz?08:55
WaltzingAlongJJtech: check the compiz wiki and channel08:55
twihohi folks08:56
twihois this mainly a chat room or customer care?:)08:56
bazhangcompiz is the 3d effects available in Linux (though best in Kubuntu) tashiro08:56
bazhangsupport channel twiho08:57
WaltzingAlongtwiho: support in here08:57
JJtechno 1 in compiz channel watlz08:57
twihooh I am off then :) see you when some problems here show up:D08:57
stdinJJtech: in #compiz-fusion ?08:58
WaltzingAlongthen check the wiki08:58
JJtechi followed the instruction at wiki, but failed.. although compriz loads up, the menus and button in my window are gone08:59
JJtechand i can't resize, or move the windows after loading compriz08:59
WaltzingAlongJJtech: so reload kwin with             alt+f2 kwin --replace09:00
bazhangJJtech:  in gutsy?09:00
bazhangcheck move windows plugin09:01
JJtechi have a kubuntu 7.10 64bit edition09:01
JJtechand also im having trouble setting plug-in flash09:01
bazhangseems a common complaint with 64bit these days09:02
stdinJJtech: flash is 32bit only, you should look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava09:02
JJtechyeah.. i can see that now09:03
JJtechthis is why im changing from 64bit to 32bit version09:03
JackWinterhiya.  i left my new & shiny kubuntu running over night.  when i came back scrollwheel of my logitech mouse is no longer functional.  this is the 2:nd time this happens?09:04
JJtechat this moment im using Live CD 32bit, and installing.. hoping not get caught with the previous problem again..09:04
WaltzingAlongif i had 64bit hardware i would be running kubuntu 64bit09:04
JJtechim running 64bit earlier, but got the problem of installing flash, and compriz..(i think bcoz im just a newbie)09:06
JJtechwhat would you most prefer??? ubuntu or Kubuntu???09:06
WaltzingAlongi guess compiz will be a problem again with 32bit but flash can work through the nspluginwrapper09:06
WaltzingAlongJJtech: i have a suspicion those in #kubuntu may lean toward kubuntu09:06
JJtechi guess so09:07
WaltzingAlongso i prefer kde and thus kubuntu09:07
JackWinteris there a way to fire up gnome under kubuntu to check it out, wo installing another partition?09:08
JJtechwell, me too.. i use the live CD ubuntu before, but it's not like kubuntu..(i think)..09:08
JackWinterah, live ubuntu would be a good idea ;-)09:09
miloshello ppl09:09
stdinJackWinter: you can just install ubuntu-desktop and login to gnome09:09
WaltzingAlongJackWinter: you could also install the package ubuntu-desktop ... ^^09:09
JackWinterhey, cool. is it dificult to remove if i don't like it?09:10
JJtechguys, can som1 send me a list of commands regarding kubuntu?? jhoc2x2@hotmail.com09:10
stdinif you use aptitude to install it, then no09:10
WaltzingAlongJackWinter: install it through aptitude then remove it through aptitude.  just a package to install then remove09:10
stdin!shell | JJtech09:11
ubotuJJtech: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal09:11
JackWinterand dependencies?09:11
milosis anyone here familiar with the parameters given at boot for the kubuntu live 7.10 cd?09:11
stdinJJtech: this channel is logged and crawled by google, not a good idea to post you email address09:11
WaltzingAlongJackWinter: sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop          will install all that is needed for the 'ubuntu' gnome; sudo aptitude purge ubuntu-desktop     would get rid of that package and the installed dependencies (which are no longer required)09:11
milosi have a problem with the default installation - screen flickers even in safe vga mode with resolution set (resolution disregarded and set to a resolution that monitor or gpu does not support)09:11
stdinJackWinter: aptitude takes care of that for you, that's why we suggest it09:11
milosso, if anyone could tell me the parameters to give at boot time so i dont have to download the alternative cd09:12
WaltzingAlongor just remove in place of purge* JackWinter09:12
milosk i`ll wait :)09:12
milosanyone? :(09:13
surgywhy do i get this error while compiling a plugin?09:13
surgy/Cache.c: In function ‘_CacheLoadTexture32’:09:13
surgy../Cache.c:73: error: memory input 2 is not directly addressable09:13
JackWintercool.  just to make sure i understand correctly. all packages i install with aptitude, will have it's dependencies removed when i remove it in aptitude?  this is a q i've been asking myself for a while..09:13
WaltzingAlong!aptitude | JackWinter09:13
ubotuJackWinter: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies (on Dapper and earlier, however, only aptitude keeps track of unused dependencies). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide09:13
WaltzingAlongJackWinter: yes09:13
meta_Heya everyone!09:14
meta_I was hoping to find out whether or not this distro has a package manager which takes care of all your dependencies.09:14
stdinmeta_: yep, it's debian bases so we use apt09:15
milosok let me make this shorter. is there a way to run a debian-installer from the DESKTOPcd?09:15
meta_Thanks. I think I have a basic idea.09:15
milos(i`m talking about booting from the cd)09:15
stdinmilos: no, the debian installer isn't even on the live cd09:15
meta_It would be apt-get ndiswrapper?09:15
stdinmeta_: close "apt-get install ndiswrapper"09:15
stdinmeta_: kubuntu installs Adept as it's default GUI package manager, so you don't need to know apt at all09:16
stdin(unless you want to know it, that is)09:16
milosstdin, is there a way to set the resolution to something safer? when i press F4, choose 800x600, and do the installation in the "safe vga mode" - the installer seems to disregard that, and set the resolution to 1920xsomething , and the screen flicers etc...09:16
meta_Well, Adept isn't showing any packages other than those installed.09:17
timrisurgy: Could be an old simd bug in gcc, or it can't find gcc. Try export CXX=`which g++`09:17
tashiroMy amarok always freezes my system any ideas?09:17
meta_I'm gonna reboot for a sec. That command you gave me was yapping about some process using something and rebooting will probably close that process sooo brb.09:17
stdinmeta_: that's probably because you have the repositories disabled, go to Adept>Manage Repositories and check the boxes09:17
JJtechwtf..english pls09:17
meta_Okay. Thanks.09:17
surgytimri your way over my head09:17
timrisurgy:  and export CC=`which gcc`09:17
milosbtw desktop computer, geforceFX5600, nforce2 mobo09:18
stdinmilos: afaik that should work, don't know why not09:18
meta_Sorry I'm a Kubuntu noob. Lol.09:18
miloswell it doesent09:18
milosit starts in 1920xsomething09:18
timrisurgy: That's the first time anyone says that :))09:18
milosand the screen goes weird09:18
JJtechchange PC09:18
milosheheh no thx :)09:18
meta_I was gonna manually compile ndiswrapper... But the dependency list was massive and I couldn't be bothered. Lol.09:18
milosi`ll just download alternate install cd09:18
stdinmeta_: are you using gutsy?09:19
milosthx for the help guys09:19
milosi`ll hang around untill it gets downloaded :p09:19
meta_stdin: Sorry, forgot to mention. No I'm not.09:19
meta_I'm using 7.04.09:19
meta_That's the one installed by default in Wubi.09:19
JackWinterwhat would be the right channel regarding linux-rt related qs?09:19
stdinmeta_: that's ok, was just going to recommend the restricted drivers manager if you were09:20
meta_Well, Adept isn't showing anything about repositories.09:20
JackWinteri got it: #linux-rt ;-)09:20
meta_When I click Adept, there's only one option. It's quit.09:20
stdinmeta_: should be the 2nd option down09:20
meta_stdin: There is no second option...09:21
milosbrb switching clients09:21
meta_I click on Adept (beside Edit) and it says Quit.09:21
* ForgeAus wows at the explosion...09:21
ForgeAushey jkl09:22
stdinmeta_: strange...09:22
ForgeAusstdin! :) sup?09:22
miloswhere do i inform kubuntu developers about their installer not setting the resolution in the installer?09:22
stdinForgeAus: the sun :p09:22
ForgeAusthat depends on which side of the world your on :)09:23
stdinmilos: #kubuntu-devel (or #ubuntu-devel )09:23
WaltzingAlongmeta_: adept manager09:23
milosits both09:23
ForgeAusluckily its still true (barely) here...09:23
milostried ubuntu 6.0609:23
WaltzingAlongmeta_: adept_manager is the name of the program's exec09:23
milossame thing happens09:23
meta_WaltzingAlong: I know.09:23
JackWinterwho do i login to ubuntu-desktop if i install it?  do i get a choice of which windowsmanager at the login prompt?09:24
stdinmeta_: ok, close adept and press Alt-F2, then type in "kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list"09:24
BEGINNER_IRCwho does have a microphone and want to speak with me?09:24
WaltzingAlongJackWinter: yes at X login (kdm) you can to pick which session09:24
bazhangchoose session JackWinter09:24
ForgeAuswow kdesu kate, man its been a long itme09:24
stdinmeta_: then post what's in the file to pastebin09:24
stdin!pastebin | meta_09:24
ubotumeta_: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)09:24
* stdin waits09:24
stdin!ot | BEGINNER_IRC09:25
ubotuBEGINNER_IRC: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!09:25
JackWinterthanks alot guys. i think i'll give it a go.09:26
meta_stdin: I love progress. Starting adept_manager worked... But now the option to manage the repo is faded out.09:26
ForgeAusJack your gdm or kdm (or whatever dm you use) to log in generally has a way of selecting which desktop you can log into...09:26
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meta_But at least I see it. Lol.09:26
WaltzingAlongmeta_: wait for adept to stop filtering09:26
stdinmeta_: ahh ok, just wait a while for adept to finish sorting09:27
ForgeAusfor kubuntu's kdm its a from a menu that you have to open from the login screen09:27
WaltzingAlongmeta_: what did you have to do to see the option in adept manager? ... just start adept_manager?09:27
Beaucan any help me with enabling fire effects on my kubuntu? I got water, wobbly and fade working np. Now Iḿ stuck.09:27
stdinBeau: #compiz-fusion09:28
WaltzingAlong!compiz | Beau, help in there09:28
ubotuBeau, help in there: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion09:28
meta_WaltzingAlong: Yeah... Should that not have appeared when I went to System > Adept Manager?09:28
stdinshould be/is the same program09:28
Beauubotu, thank you09:28
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)09:28
WaltzingAlongmeta_: there are a few packages: adept_updater, adept_installer, adept_batch, adept_notifier, and adept_manager09:29
meta_Excellent. It's working now.09:29
meta_I don't understand why...09:29
meta_All I did was open and close it 3 times and it worked. Lmao.09:29
stdinmeta_: when you install with no internet connection the internet sources are disabled, that's why it was only showing packages you had installed09:30
meta_That's just weird. Well, thanks!09:30
meta_stdin: Yeah, I didn't have one at the time.09:30
meta_Which is why I'm installing ndiswrapper for wireless internet.09:30
stdinwhat wireless card do you have?09:31
meta_stdin: Don't worry. I'm fairly certain I can take it from here. I've already extracted the driver using cabextract and all I needed was ndiswrapper.09:32
stdinmeta_: well ndiswrapper should be a last resort, usually gives poor performance09:33
stdinif it's broadcom there are native drivers09:33
meta_stdin: It is broadcom.09:33
ubotuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx09:33
stdinthe native version should be quite simple to do09:33
dmHello. My umask is set to 0022 so when I create a file or dir its perissions are 0644 resp. 0755. When I save an attachment from kmail its perms are 0400. How can I correct this behaviour?09:34
JJtechmy box is AMD64bit athlonFX 4000+ , 1.5g RAM, 2 SATA 80gb, 1 EIDE 40gb, nforce430 mainboard, geForce 8400GS video card       what shud i do to take full effects and optimal settings??09:36
stdinnot much, you could install the nvidia graphics driver but that's it.09:37
stdinlinux optimises the rest for you09:37
stdinJJtech: #kubuntu-devel is not a support channel09:38
milosstdin, how many people do you help daily?09:40
stdinno clue, I don't keep count09:40
milosit is commendable09:40
Tm_Tit's our call, you can say09:41
Tm_Tcalling even09:41
JJtechgot to go.. have to restart.....again..09:41
milosis your work IT related, or do you do this just for a hobby? (sorry for the personal question)09:42
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Tm_Tmilos: you can consider me as retired hobbyist09:43
miloshahaha great :)09:43
stdinit's more a lifestyle than a hobby09:43
Tm_Tstdin: that yes09:43
si0ux                                                                        09:44
milosnot many people in the world that would help just because they can...09:44
Tm_TI do that in every aspect I can09:44
stdinwell, that's the open-source philosophy09:44
Tm_TIT-related or not09:44
milosi`m forcing myself to do similar work that you guys do09:45
milosand i will09:45
milosas soon as i get my army/work sorted out09:45
Tm_Tanyway, this is slipping to offtopic :-P09:45
Tm_Tno need to be sorry09:46
Tm_Tmilos: feel free to join #kubuntu-offtopic09:46
miloshaha cool09:46
ForgeAusI always thought openStep should have been opensourced by now :)09:47
surgyhow do you extract a rea only tgz.gz archive?09:49
ForgeAusa read only tarball?09:49
meta_Gotta go! See ya! Thanks again.09:49
ForgeAusshould be smae way as a normal one, you don't need to write to it to extract it09:49
ForgeAusalthough generally its .tar.gz09:50
ForgeAusI've never really heard of read only archive files09:50
surgyark says its not in gzip format and the operation failed09:51
dmHello. My umask is set to 0022 so when I create a file or dir its perissions are 0644 resp. 0755. When I save an attachment from kmail its perms are 0400. How can I correct this behaviour?09:51
surgyonly thing holding me back from my emu09:51
ForgeAuseither its corrupted or a different format that ark isn't recognising09:51
ForgeAus(do you have midnight commander? you might want to see if it opens it)09:51
surgysays gzipped archive with extension .tgz09:51
ForgeAusyeah you'd expect that, but maybe its named wrong?09:52
ForgeAustry making it .tar.gz instead?09:52
ForgeAus.tgz ive mostly only seen used in slackware packages09:52
ubotuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with ark - also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression09:53
ForgeAus.. sofar09:53
ForgeAusyes I'm aware that its an archive09:53
surgywell my gpu is in it09:53
surgyand i need it09:53
ForgeAusokok I understand that09:53
ForgeAuslike I said try renaming it to .tar.gz and see if its any different09:53
surgyi did didnt help09:54
ForgeAusok... well then I'm not sure I know how to help... it sound sstrange that they're gzipping something thats already gzipped09:54
ForgeAus(ie I'm not 100% certain but I think .tgz = .tar.gz'd already.. so .tgz.gz is a bit strange)09:55
ForgeAus.tar.gz is much more common09:55
bucatoamanohi i have a problem with kommander , save a wigettree setttings09:55
bucatoamanoand restore the settings09:55
surgyso i need it extracted, either that or i need gssoft.so09:57
ForgeAusum do a file command on it09:57
ForgeAus<sauvin> ForgeAus, do a 'file' command on that file to make sure what the extension says it is is, in fact, what it is.09:57
surgyand how do i do that?09:58
ForgeAusfile <filename> from tthe prompt I gather09:58
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ForgeAushe's h ere09:59
sauvinYou have a .tgz.gz or somesuch?09:59
surgyand ive been at this progect for over 9 hours :(09:59
ForgeAusalmost sounds like a slackware package thats been re .gz'd09:59
sauvinDo a 'file whateverfile.tgz.gz' and observe what the command returns. That file may have been renamed.09:59
surgyGSsoft-0.61.tgz.gz: gzip compressed data, from Unix, last modified: Tue Nov 25 07:20:35 200310:00
sauvinMmkay, gunzip it.10:01
sauvinA new file will appear in that directory. do a 'file' on it, as well.10:01
JJtechwhat's the command to get compiz fusion?10:01
* ForgeAus nods sounds wise10:01
surgyno new file10:01
sauvinDid it hurl an error?10:02
surgysurgy@derek:~/Desktop$ gunzip -f GSsoft-0.61.tgz.gz10:02
ForgeAusum... can't remember JJtech, something like apt-get compiz-fusion10:02
ForgeAusjust curious whats the -f flag?10:02
surgyactually i gotta hit the sack10:02
surgyforce unzip10:03
JJtechok... i will try10:03
surgyima pick this up tommorow10:03
surgyemail me surgy_377@yahoo.com if you get the chance please10:03
surgythnx for all the help especially you ForgeAus10:03
ForgeAusno problem surgy10:03
ForgeAuslike I said, good luck :)10:03
surgyor just pm me with any info you guys got10:04
ForgeAusI really don't know why they made it so difficult10:04
JJtech<Forge> i got invalid command10:04
ForgeAuslol JJtech I'm not suprised10:05
JJtechand why?10:05
JJtechwhat shud i do?10:05
ForgeAusyou can get it from adept if you run adept-manager10:05
ForgeAusfind the compiz package in the list then install that one10:05
ForgeAus(as long as your using #Kubuntu)10:06
ForgeAuserm kubuntu10:06
JJtechkk... i will see to it10:06
ForgeAus(if you ar using a different distro you may have to use synaptic or whatever it has instead)10:06
ForgeAusbtw sauvin thanx for helping surgy :)10:07
sauvinI tried.10:07
ForgeAusyeah well I'm not so certain its even doable...10:07
JJtechForge, can't understand what distro mean... im a kubuntu nood..10:08
ForgeAusfor all I know it could be a corrupt file or something10:08
ForgeAusok there are many different forms of the "linux" operating system10:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about distro - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:08
ForgeAus(actually its a linux kernel with alot of gnu programs)10:08
Tm_TForgeAus: and KDE or GNOME10:09
Tm_Tor both10:09
ForgeAusthey all have different names like Mepis, Arklinux, Kubntu, Debian, etc etc..10:09
JJtechok.. and???10:09
ForgeAuswell they come with different systems and different software10:09
ForgeAusits most common that they have one of Gnome and/or KDE as a display manager for X-windows...10:10
ForgeAusbut they often vary between different package management systems10:10
ForgeAusie, redhat and Mandriva use .rpm files10:10
ForgeAusDebian based ones use .deb's10:10
ForgeAusslackware uses .tgz10:10
ForgeAusGentoo uses a system called portage or ebuild..10:11
JJtechso what is this im using???10:11
ForgeAusyour using Kubuntu which is based on debian, hence .deb packages10:11
JJtechit said here in the CD, KUBUNTU10:11
JJtechahhh.. i see10:11
JJtechand what shud i do in order to gain it's optimal performance?10:11
ForgeAusnote Ubuntu is an alternate Kubuntu in fact kubuntu is based almsot directly on it, only with KDE packages instead of Gnome ones...10:12
rysiek|plhi all10:12
ForgeAuslearn how to tweak your system10:12
JJtechmy PC specs " AMD64 athlon FX dual core 4000+, 1.5gb RAM10:12
ForgeAusI have a p4 3gig processor... (socket 768)10:13
JJtechmy PC specs " AMD64 athlon FX dual core 4000+, 1.5gb RAM, 200+Hard drive, Geforce 8400GS10:13
ForgeAusand only 1 gig of ram10:13
ForgeAus2x 160 gig hdd's tho10:13
ForgeAusand an ATI video card10:13
rysiek|plhmmm... does anybody know if there is a way to use sed to substitute parts of a file with an output of a command, BUT giving this command one of the matches (e.g. \1) as a command-line argument?10:13
ForgeAusum not sure what you mean rykiek but sounds like you should be able to pipe it????10:14
ForgeAusie output of command a | input of command b10:14
ForgeAusmuch like you do with something like: cat < filename | less10:15
rysiek|plForgeAus: aye: some_command | sed "s/myreg(exp)/$( my_command )/"10:15
rysiek|plForgeAus: thing is: I want to do something like: some_command | sed "s/myreg(exp)/$( my_command \1 )/"10:15
rysiek|plwhere \1 is "the first regexp match of sed" (in this case - "exp"10:16
JJtechwow you guys!! u do have a great knowledge of commands...10:16
ForgeAusI'm not familiar with the sed command nor the format of regexp10:16
JJtechrysiek> i don't know what you mean with that s/myreg thing10:16
stdinregexp is insane, don't expect to understand it :p10:17
ForgeAusregular expression right?10:17
ForgeAusjust describes the syntax of things somehow?10:17
Larsonanyone here using the iwl4965 wireless driver? I'm having some bizarre performance issues here.. just want to check if it's the driver or something else10:17
ForgeAusie to match stuff like number number number exclaimation number number ???10:18
stdinForgeAus: something like that ;)10:18
ForgeAuswell at that general level I understand it, as for the symbology it uses is another matter entirely10:18
stdin$(echo "Hello" | sed 's/[a-z]//') outputs "H"10:19
stdinand that's probably the simplest example I can think of10:19
onishidatohow can i play  .DAT on Kaffeine10:21
emilsedghonishidato: rename it to .mpg :)10:21
onishidatoảe you sủe?10:21
stdin.dat is usually mpeg1 from VCDs10:21
onishidatoare you sure10:22
onishidatorename and we can play?10:22
stdintry it and see10:22
WaltzingAlongreally would not need to rename it either but doing so should not hurt10:22
stdintry "file yourfile.dat" to see what it is10:22
onishidato"file yourfile.dat"?10:25
onishidatocan you explain?10:25
stdin"file" is a command, and "yourfile.dat" is the .dat file you have10:26
stdinso if your file is ~/Desktop/MyVid.DAT  you'd run "file ~/Desktop/MyVid.dat"10:26
onishidatothere is a problem10:30
onishidatowhn i use Linux10:31
=== redoo_ is now known as redoo
onishidatoi can't manually onpen my DVD disc tray10:31
onishidatohow can i fix it?10:31
WaltzingAlongunmount it first10:31
stdinthat happens when you have it mounted10:31
stdingo to media:/  right click the dvd drive and choose Eject10:32
onishidatothis is what i got when i try to play the .DAT file on kaffeine10:33
onishidato05:33:01 PM: xine: couldn't find demux for >/media/cdrom0/MPEGAV/AVSEQ01.DAT<10:33
onishidato05:32:54 PM: xine: found input plugin : file input plugin10:33
=== user__ is now known as suey
JJtech06:34:52 PHT: xine: couldn't find demux for >dvd:///dev/hda<10:35
JJtech06:34:52 PHT: xine: found input plugin : DVD Navigator10:35
=== martin_ is now known as SpoZen
emilsedghonishidato: aah, youre trying to play a video cd? use kaffeine's menu...there's an option to play vcd10:37
emilsedghonishidato: file->Open VCD10:37
suey÷å çà õðåíü10:37
stdinsuey: ??10:37
onishidatoemilsedgh: thanks10:38
Larson-hanyone knows if a 2.6.23 kernel will be offered (soon?)10:38
JJtechhow about DVD?? how to play??10:38
JJtechi got this message10:38
JJtech06:34:52 PHT: xine: couldn't find demux for >dvd:///dev/hda<10:38
JJtech06:34:52 PHT: xine: found input plugin : DVD Navigator10:38
sueyÏîøëè âñ¸ íàõ10:38
baudthiefHas anyone got GridWars 2 (version 5.4) for linux? I have the windows version, and an older linux version10:38
stdin!ru | suey10:38
ubotusuey: Пожалуйста войдите в #ubuntu-ru для помощи на русском языке  /  Pozhalujsta vojdite v #ubuntu-ru dlq pomoshchi na russkom qzyke10:38
WaltzingAlong!dvd | JJtech10:38
ubotuJJtech: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs10:38
emilsedghJJtech: Kaffeine->File->Open DVD10:39
suey[Ñðä Íîÿ 14 2007] [16:53:19] |Çàéòè| johnsmith2 âîøåë íà êàíàë (n=d110@210-84-14-248.dyn.iinet.net.au).10:40
suey[Ñðä Íîÿ 14 2007] [16:53:20] <lg188> no the bits10:40
suey[Ñðä Íîÿ 14 2007] [16:53:30] <lg188> :s10:40
suey[Ñðä Íîÿ 14 2007] [16:54:09] <Sonjaaa> i have to go now10:40
suey[Ñðä Íîÿ 14 2007] [16:54:10] <Sonjaaa> bai!10:40
JJtechnaay bisaya diri?10:47
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=== ken is now known as onishidato
nick_Hey everyone, I have a k3b question, I keep getting the error "cdrecord has no permission to open this device"  It only started yesterday and before that it worked perfectly.  I have the debugging report, but I don't know how to use pastebin10:56
nick_I've been web searching and the best I came up with was to run it as sudo but when I do that it gives me an unknown error10:56
nick_I also just got Nero to use on Windows and it returns an error as well, although it's debuggin report is worthless11:00
rysiek|plcu all11:02
nevilleWhat are you trying to do?11:13
=== stdin__ is now known as stdin_
ahmadi have realtek sound card on toshiba satillite but there is no sound at all11:16
ahmadany one help11:16
nick_neville: The first time it messed up I was just trying to do a data burn to a normal cd, then it again messed up with a data dvd and now it messes us doing cd iso images11:18
nick_neville: It simulates fine, but when I go to write it it gets stuck at the 31st megabyte and returns the error11:18
soonI'm having network problems - just re-installed (up from 7.04 to 7.10). My laptop (IBM T60) has an Intel Atheros card, which seems to be working. Also ethernet (wired) connection to my dhcp router works fine - alas, if I unplug the ethernet I cant get the wifi to work properly.11:21
mweijtsi have a question about kde411:21
mweijtsSetting up kdm-kde4 (4:3.96.0-1ubuntu3~ppa1) ...11:21
mweijtsdpkg: error processing kdm-kde4 (--configure):11:21
mweijts subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 111:21
mweijtsErrors were encountered while processing:11:21
mweijts kdm-kde411:21
mweijtswhats wrong ?11:21
nevilleHave you tried using a different disk?11:22
nick_neville: Yes, everytime it writes a little bit on them so they are no longer blank, I've been thru 7 cds so far and 2 dvds11:23
nevilleIs it able to read other disks fine?11:24
=== stdin_ is now known as stdin
nick_neville: Yes, it can read data disks that were already made and I can run programs from cd11:26
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion11:26
WaltzingAlongmweijts: apparently that one fails on postinst       sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/kdm-kde4.postinst; sudo aptitude -f install11:35
studentSomebody who knows if its possible to download a Kubuntu 7.10 +KDE 4 prepatched iso somewhere?11:36
stdinstudent: nope, kde4 isn't even out yet11:38
mweijtsThanx WaltzingAlong that removes the error message in Synaptic Package Manager the error is not longer appearing11:41
soonI need to pass a command to my wireless network card (iwpriv ath0 mode 2) for it to work - where should I put this to have it executed at every boot / network start ?11:53
ghostcubeany news for crashing systemsettings on 3.5.811:53
alesan hi, what is the component that manages the mounting of for example USB keys?11:54
stdinsoon: try /etc/rc.local11:54
loguser1does any one knows which port is used by msn messenger? in windows11:57
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ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion11:58
antonHey, I have a problem: I try to enable restricted drivers, then it says: "there was an error committing changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages"...why?11:59
antonJust installed Kubuntu 7.1011:59
antonAnyone? :(12:01
ghostcubeahh found bug report for 3.5.8 systremsetting crash abnden fix for it thx guys12:02
antonHey, I have a problem: I try to enable restricted drivers, then it says: "there was an error committing changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages"...why?12:06
antonthat link didn't work :(12:10
antonor, the fix didn't work12:10
guhhhplease i lost my system. is there anyway i can reinstall the system without losing my data?12:14
ArmakidonWhen install kde4?12:19
=== jhoc2x2 is now known as JJtech
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion12:20
moofoohello, is there a "real" kio client for strigi? like the beagle one (or ftp/fish/etc.) so it can be used in file open dialogs etc.?12:29
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Riddellmotu Q&A in 15 mins in #ubuntu-classroom12:46
Tm_Tthanks :)12:46
SSJ_GZRiddell: quick ping12:53
antonHey, I have a problem: I try to enable restricted drivers, then it says: "there was an error committing changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages"...why?12:53
tuxwulfanton: you forgot to accept the licence agreement12:54
=== toaster4623 is now known as neoxygen
tuxwulfanton: There is a java package asking to accept some agreement; you have to scroll to the bottom anbd check some box, then click next12:55
RiddellSSJ_GZ: hi13:00
SSJ_GZRiddell: Ho.  Are you a Dot editor?13:00
RiddellSSJ_GZ: tell me about this daily thing13:00
SSJ_GZRiddell: Aha - so it did arrive, then?13:00
* SSJ_GZ wasn't sure, as I didn't get a confirmation e-mail :)13:01
SSJ_GZRiddell: Not much to tell, really, apart from what's on the webpage :)13:01
ardchoilleWhoa, digikam is quite nice. It can make html photo galleries as well as an mprg slideshow.13:01
SSJ_GZRiddell: Any particular questions you had in mind?13:01
RiddellSSJ_GZ: what is the image it based on?13:01
SSJ_GZRiddell: Mainly vanilla Kubuntu 7.04 server, with KDM3 and third-party dependencies needed for KDE413:02
RiddellSSJ_GZ: no kdm 4?13:02
SSJ_GZRiddell: I thought that would be a little too risky - I always want the user to be able to boot into a graphical login.13:03
RiddellSSJ_GZ: and is it available now?13:03
SSJ_GZRiddell: Yep - there's a torrent for it:13:03
SSJ_GZRiddell: http://linuxtracker.org/torrents-details.php?id=485513:03
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Bauldrickwhat command can i use to send a drive 'to sleep'?13:06
WaltzingAlongBauldrick: hdparm ?13:07
BauldrickI need to perform a 'live' logic board swap of my hdd13:07
WaltzingAlonganton: get it working?13:11
poison--hi guys13:11
WaltzingAlongguhhh: which system did you lose? "your data" is on the partition with /home, i would guess13:11
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:11
RiddellSSJ_GZ: ping me in half an hour if I havn't got back to you13:11
SSJ_GZRiddell: Thanks, will do :)13:12
loguser1if i cant find linux drivers of a hardware . can i use wine to install windows drivers and then use that hardware?13:12
poison--whats the easiest way to convert MPG to avi?13:12
WaltzingAlongloguser1: http://wiki.kde.org/tiki-index.php?page=Kopete%20Webcam%20Support13:12
WaltzingAlongloguser1: no13:12
poison--<loguser1, what hardware drivers u need?13:12
WaltzingAlongpoison--: mencoder!13:13
loguser1WaltzingAlong:  why not13:13
loguser1poison--:  alpha tv tuner13:13
poison--<WaltzingAlong, sweet!! thanks13:13
poison--ouch.. tv tuner is a pain13:13
WaltzingAlongloguser1: wine is an implementation of the windows api not the hardware interface13:13
loguser1WaltzingAlong:  ic..13:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mencoder - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:14
loguser1WaltzingAlong: but i cant use the software of the tv tuner by wne ? can i?13:14
poison--already had it installed, lol13:14
WaltzingAlongloguser1: you will need a driver (kernel module) that recognizes/supports the hardware first13:14
loguser1WaltzingAlong:  after that. can i use that soft?13:15
WaltzingAlongloguser1: you could. i do not know how well wine would handle tv-in programs. how about mythtv, kdetv, or tvtime13:17
loguser1if i use most of the windows softwares by wine. will that give any harm to my linux. does it have any drawbacks?13:17
stdinloguser1: besides the drawback of using windows software and the buggyness of wine, nope13:18
WaltzingAlongalso that you make the transition more difficult for yourself13:19
WaltzingAlongand then get to brag to people "yeah i use kubuntu to run my windows programs through wine" to which the reply is "ah ha, so linux does not have applications!"13:19
loguser1stdin:  is wine buggy ?13:19
BluesKajhiyas all13:19
loguser1too much?13:20
stdinloguser1: buggy like no other :p13:20
WaltzingAlongand of course it does but you prefer to use the effort in emulating the windows api on gnu/linux rather than finding or learning native programs13:20
loguser1ok. last question. HOW to install and use a software by wine ?13:20
poison--<BluesKaj, hi buddie13:20
WaltzingAlongloguser1: grab the .exe installer then at the prompt in konsole            wine setup.exe or whatever it is called13:21
BluesKajdepends what one runs on wine ...neotrce runs well, google-earth not so well:)13:21
loguser1dont i have to tell the location of setup.exe to wine ?13:22
stdinyou can cd to the directory with the .exe in it13:22
BluesKaj<--reverted to the default gusty ATI grphx driver 8.37 after GE just wouldn't go13:22
loguser1stdin ok13:22
BluesKajopen the exe with wine works for some apps13:23
BluesKajwhat's up poison-- ?13:23
poison--<BluesKaj, workin as usual, u?13:27
WaltzingAlongBluesKaj: not a fan of the linux build of googeearth?13:30
BluesKajWaltzingAlong, agreed , kinda clunky , but I have a biy of a geography habit ...and it's worse since I retired.. planning trips etc :)13:34
BluesKajpoison--, not doing much today ...cold here :/13:36
cs__still can't get new fglrx 8.433 to work in 7.10 with accellerated GL13:38
BluesKajcs__, what are you trying to do ?13:40
thomax_for some reason, after apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, I can't change the brightness of my screen and my battery isn't detected anymore13:41
loguser1what is ssh13:41
thomax_any idea how to repair this13:41
ubotuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/13:41
loguser1thomax_:  whats the client for linux?13:44
thomax_loguser1: ssh13:44
thomax_just go to commandline13:44
thomax_type: man ssh13:44
cs__BluesKaj: trying to get GL to work and not using Mesa Indirect13:45
cs__ati radeon x850gt 256mb too btw13:45
poison--<BluesKaj, remeber the last issue i asked u, about my machine freezing?13:45
poison--it was the damn video card... overheating and died13:46
loguser1thomax_:  an app called ssh ?13:46
loguser1i need gui ssh client13:46
thomax_loguser1: jep13:46
thomax_ah gui13:46
stdinloguser1: konsole is a gui ssh client13:47
stdinssh = secure shell13:47
ardchoillestdin: I've never seen it put quite that way :)13:47
BluesKajcs__, I reverted to the older 8.3713:47
thomax_loguser1: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ssh-gui/13:47
stdinwell, konsole is a GUI terminal emulator13:47
cs__BluesKaj: the older 8.37 isn't an option13:48
cs__it's too slow13:48
stdinall "GUI ssh clients" are terminal emulators13:48
stdinjust like konsole13:48
cs__i plan to work with GLSL, which the 8.4x series don't suck at13:48
thomax_stdin: uhm ok13:48
BluesKajcs__, yes but it works , right ?13:48
cs__8.4x worked in dapper13:48
cs__doesn't in gutsy :S13:48
SSJ_GZRiddell: ping, as requested :)13:49
loguser1_thomax_:  an app called ssh ?13:50
loguser1_i need gui ssh client13:51
thomax_loguser1_: read what stdin just sais13:51
thomax_[14:48] <stdin> all "GUI ssh clients" are terminal emulators13:51
thomax_[14:48] <stdin> just like konsole13:51
WaltzingAlong!info kdessh13:51
ubotukdessh: ssh frontend for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 35 kB, installed size 100 kB13:51
Daisuke_LaptopSecure SHell.  by its very definition NOT gui13:52
stdinDaisuke_Laptop: unless you use -Y13:52
Daisuke_Laptopstdin: point13:52
loguser1_thomax_:  i missed it13:53
loguser1_stdin:  what you just said?13:53
stdinloguser1_: konsole is a gui ssh client13:53
* genii sips a coffee13:53
ardchoilleDaisuke_Laptop: True13:53
BluesKajcs__,according to the ATI driver site your 850 series should be using the propriestary ati driver , not the 8.4313:53
loguser1_stdin:  graphical user interface ?          no i need something like putty13:54
stdinloguser1_: yes, konsole can do everything putty can13:54
geniiloguser1_: konsole is better than putty13:54
stdinloguser1_: you can save a session and then click on it to start that session again13:54
stdinkonsole kicks putty's butty :p13:55
cs__yea well, tell that to this http://openarena.ws/crap/bench2.txt13:55
ardchoillekdessh? Isn't that simply konsole with diff features?13:55
loguser1_stdin: iam very bad at konsole and typing commands13:55
Daisuke_Laptoploguser1_: get good?13:56
loguser1_geni ^13:56
stdinloguser1_: well ssh is command line13:56
stdinardchoille: I think it actually uses the konsoke kpart13:56
ardchoilleloguser1_: Having Linux and not using the cli is like having a Porsche and walking13:56
cs__old fglrx = 8.3713:56
stdinso it's a gui for a gui13:56
WaltzingAlong!info sshm13:56
ubotusshm: A command-line tool to manage your ssh servers. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1-1 (gutsy), package size 13 kB, installed size 72 kB13:56
loguser1_ardchoille:  :)13:56
cs__new = 8.40 (at the time of bench2.txt written file)13:56
cs__on dapper13:57
loguser1_how about openshh ?13:57
BluesKajcs__, what card do you have again... exactly ?13:57
loguser1_!info openshh13:57
ubotuPackage openshh does not exist in gutsy13:57
stdinopenssh is ssh, ssh installs openssh-server13:57
loguser1_!info open-shh13:57
cs__Radeon X850GT 256MB13:57
loguser1_!info openshh-server13:57
stdin!msgthebot > loguser1_13:57
ubotuPackage open-shh does not exist in gutsy13:58
ubotuPackage openshh-server does not exist in gutsy13:58
cs__sure, the ati drivers officially tell you to use 8.37, but the later drivers bring *MUCH* better performance (and supports x850, though unofficially)13:58
ardchoilleloguser1_: ssh is command line, any app that says it's a GUI for ssh, you're still going to have to type in commands.13:58
cs__no way am i going to play games at 2fps13:58
ardchoillecs__: dunnet :)13:59
loguser1_ardchoille:  that doesnt happens in putty. why?13:59
stdinloguser1_: it does, it's just that putty open a shell then starts an X server. that's not all ssh is13:59
WaltzingAlong!info putty | loguser1_13:59
ubotuloguser1_: putty: Telnet/SSH client for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.60-1 (gutsy), package size 302 kB, installed size 744 kB13:59
ardchoilleBecause Windows designers don't understand the power of computers?13:59
WaltzingAlongmaybe loguser1_ maybe you mean xming for ms windows boxes?14:00
dopezis there a 'safe' way to downgrade from gutsy to feisty again ?14:00
stdinloguser1_: there's no point in doing that in linux, you already have an X server running14:00
stdindopez: no14:00
ristohow i can open zip file ?14:00
loguser1_WaltzingAlong:  no14:00
WaltzingAlongristo: click it14:00
stdinuse ark (make sure you have unzip installed)14:00
WaltzingAlong!zip > risto14:01
BluesKajwell cs__ I tried the driver rec'd by ati for my card too ans the 3D was 50% faster FPS running 'fgl_glxgears' , but I couldn't run my google earth app , and i don't do games so I had no choice but to revert14:01
WaltzingAlongBluesKaj: ever try solarwinds (i think that is the name of it)14:02
BluesKajwind world ?14:02
loguser1_oooooooooohh ic.14:02
WaltzingAlongBluesKaj: world wind, yeah perhaps that14:03
ngochaiHi, can someone please help me wit this: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m10f0b24314:03
loguser1_these putty and other things are just clients.      the actuall ssh is that same and have to be commaned after putty or any other app logs in...        right?14:03
=== emilsedgh_ is now known as emilsedgh
stdinloguser1_: yeah, putty just runs command in a shell, it just doesn't show the user them14:04
WaltzingAlongloguser1_: putty is a frontend to the command line interface of ssh14:04
stdinthere's a reason it has "tty" in it's name14:04
loguser1_my server (network) doesnt allows portforwarding. can i resolve it by using ssh and making a tunnel?14:05
BluesKajWaltzingAlong, yeah world wind...open source java and windows14:05
stdinyou can, but that's rather complex14:05
WaltzingAlongBluesKaj: but you run through wine anyway ;D14:05
loguser1_iam a client14:05
BluesKajyup, gonna try it in wine , WaltzingAlong14:06
WaltzingAlongBluesKaj: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ww2d14:07
ngochaican someone please take a look at this: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m10f0b243 and help me out?14:08
WaltzingAlong!brokenkde4 | ngochai14:10
ubotungochai: If you're trying to install KDE4 RC1 but getting errors about dependencies or files being overwritten, make sure you remove ALL of the KDE4 beta packages first. Try this in a !terminal: « sudo apt-get --purge remove $(dpkg -l | egrep '(KDE 4|KDE PIM 4|-kde4)' |cut -d ' ' -f 3) kdebase-workspace kdebase-runtime »14:10
ngochaithat brings me to this http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m22a1f0f514:13
ngochaiapt-get -f install again give me the same thing14:14
WaltzingAlongngochai: how about that?14:18
stdinngochai: add "kdebase-runtime-bin kdebase-workspace-bin kdebase-workspace-dev libplasma1" to the end of the command14:19
WaltzingAlong/notice ngochai  ok add those others too: apt-get --purge remove $(dpkg -l | egrep '(KDE 4|KDE PIM 4|-kde4)' |cut -d ' ' -f 3) kdebase-workspace kdebase-runtime kdebase-runtime-bin kdebase-workspace-bin kdebase-workspace-dev libplasma114:19
* genii takes a brief mental vacation14:19
loguser1i just installed kubuntu. i cant open videos and audio files. whats wrong14:19
ngochaiok, just did that, it worked14:19
WaltzingAlong!codecs | loguser114:19
ubotuloguser1: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:19
ngochaido I need to remove anything else before going for KDE 4RC1?14:20
stdinngochai: that removed it all14:20
WaltzingAlongngochai: no14:20
geniiWaltzingAlong: LOL yer the !ubotufact master14:20
WaltzingAlongmuhahaha genii ;)14:20
ngochaiok, going to install KDE4 RC1 now, thank you guys14:21
stdinbtw, I uploaded koffice2 as well last night :)14:21
geniistdin: How are you finding koffice2 ?14:22
stdinhaven't installed it yet, haven't had time :p14:22
genii(not where you found it, how is it's usability, etc)14:22
stdinI'll probably install it later today and compare it to ooO14:22
* genii awaits the review14:23
stdinhow you finding the "new" konversation?14:23
WaltzingAlonglike 1.0.1 ? :D14:24
stdin"konversation 1.0.2~svn20071122-0"14:24
simion314something strange is happened, i want to install crossover, i try to run with out sudo and it gives me "Permision denied" i tried with sudo:"sudo  ./install_cxoffice...."  but it gives me command not found, finaly i start konsole as root and i try to run it and it gives me again permision denied, even i am root14:25
WaltzingAlongpackage konversation, state installed, version 1.0.2-svn20071122-014:25
dmHello. Any idea how to persuade kmail to respect my umask of 0022 when saving attachmants?14:25
nosrednaekimsimion314: try "sudo chmod -x install_cxoffice"14:25
loguser1can any one tell me the codec name that can play mp3 avi dvd and almost all video audio formats. ?14:25
WaltzingAlongsimion314: need to make it executable? chmod +x file14:25
WaltzingAlong!info kubuntu-restricted-extras | loguser1, or just install this package with kubuntu gutsy14:26
ubotuloguser1, or just install this package with kubuntu gutsy: kubuntu-restricted-extras: Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 10 (gutsy), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB14:26
loguser1WaltzingAlong:  kubuntu-restricted-extras will play every thing ?14:27
andrewminhey all, you know the alt-tab in kubuntu that pops up a list of the windows and you can cycle through them?  one day, mine disappeared and now i just have this normal alt-tab with no list.  any idea how to get it back?14:28
WaltzingAlongandrewmin: sure thing; system settings/window behavior/focus/navigation and check 'show window list while switching windows'14:29
ardchoilleandrewmin: Been messing with the window manager?14:29
andrewminthe odd thing is, no i havent.  kinda weird.14:29
BauldrickI can no longer watch my videos over samba from my server? How can I do this14:29
konradWhen I try to install programs, any program, with Adept I get an error message claiming failure during saving changes. Any ideas as of how to fix this?14:30
simion314the file is executable , but i got Permission denied, and i am root, why it does not recognize sudo ./install_cxoffice.. command?14:30
WaltzingAlongkonrad: open konsole. type   sudo aptitude -f install                what is the output?14:30
loguser1WaltzingAlong:  kubuntu-restricted-extras will play every thing ?14:30
bucatoamanokommander problem ... how can i ssave settings of my wigettree?14:31
WaltzingAlongloguser1: it is a metapackage to install the commonly desired codec packages, so the short answer, yes14:31
ardchoilleloguser1: No, there are some flash video that even flash9 won't play14:31
nosrednaekimsimion314: try "sudo sh install_cxoffice"14:31
andrewminany idea how to snap windows?  for some reason, my window manager reset itself....14:32
WaltzingAlongandrewmin: that should be in the same area14:32
WaltzingAlongandrewmin: window behavior/moving14:32
simion314thx, i made it work now, is chmod +x the command, i remembered it wrong14:32
andrewminthanks WaltzingAlong, that fixed it14:32
WaltzingAlongchange mode to executable, yeah14:33
konradWaltzingAlong: Seems like it will try to install/update adept. I'll see where this will get me. Tnx. I'll be back if it doesn't help.14:33
RiddellSSJ_GZ: how does the updater script work?14:34
SSJ_GZRiddell: Magic!14:34
WaltzingAlong!pastebin > konrad, feel free to pastebin the output of that if you want. otherwise apt-get with -f install will just attempt to fix any broken dependencies (perhaps an upgrade was interrupted or a package was forced by the user)14:34
Bauldrickwhy can't I stream .avi's via samba anymore?14:34
SSJ_GZRiddell: Basically, a list of changed files, and the ops to perform on them.14:34
Evil_`I downloaded Kubuntu and made a live cd, but after I installed it..when I try to run without the disk it doesn't ever start up, it stays on a black screen14:35
simion314o god, now it sais that my home directory is not belonging to me, i do not enderstend14:35
RiddellSSJ_GZ: source files or binary files?14:35
WaltzingAlongsimion314: had you used chown ? to change the owner?   ls -lh /home/simion314 or whatever it is to show who owns it14:35
SSJ_GZRiddell: Binary.14:35
SSJ_GZRiddell: Basically - a very, very crude package manager that updates only files that have changed.14:36
WaltzingAlongBauldrick: and the process you had been using by which you could stream the files?14:36
simion314w it works, sorry14:36
Bauldrickthey're sat on a debian box, i would just search to the file and click on it to view... normally14:37
simion314i used sudo and thats why it do not work, so strange this message errors, it said permision denied and the file was in fact not executable, thx foe all, grath comunity14:37
Bauldrickkaffeine gives eror... xine: cannot find input plugin for MRL14:39
WaltzingAlongBauldrick: so what changed?14:44
WaltzingAlongBauldrick: package updates? permission changes?14:44
konradWaltzingAlong: apitude finished, still get error when trying to install. Reran sudo aptitude -f install with output as of http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/45556/14:44
RiddellSSJ_GZ: it alls seems good http://dot.kde.org/1195678280/14:45
WaltzingAlongkonrad: ok so looks like there were no errors, right? now what did you wish to install?14:45
Bauldrickby the looks of things its this bug, although I didnt see it way back then. Has it been fixed... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kaffeine/+bug/8504914:46
SSJ_GZRiddell: Whee - my first Dot article! Many thanks :)14:47
konradLast try was the java firefox plugin, but I also get errors with KMyMoney14:48
konradkpat also gives the same error14:48
RiddellSSJ_GZ: published, sorry for the delay14:49
SSJ_GZRiddell: No problem at all; thanks for sorting this for me :)14:50
WaltzingAlongkonrad: ok so which error when attempting to install kmymoney? sudo aptitude install kmymoney2         ? feel free to pastebin the errors14:50
konradWaltzingAlong: Hmmm... then I get a message saying that the program is already installed... Weird14:51
WaltzingAlongkonrad: ok and about flash? sudo aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree14:52
konradWaltzingAlong: "Nothing to install, upgrade or remove". sudo aptitude install kpat installs as expected though.14:54
cs__that is VERY strange14:54
cs__there is no fglrx.ko in /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/misc and volatile14:54
WaltzingAlongkonrad: and results of aptitude show flashplugin-nonfree ?14:54
cs__this is probably the killer of my opengl :(14:55
nosrednaekimcs__: how did you install your driver?14:55
konradWaltzingAlong: sudo aptitude install j2re1.4-mozilla-plugin seems to be getting me somewhere14:55
cs__http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide manual method14:55
WaltzingAlongkonrad: using kubuntu 7.10 (gutsy gibbon) ?14:56
cs__i'm down to the 'Check that fglrx.ko has been created' step14:56
konradWaltzingAlong: yes14:56
WaltzingAlongkonrad: and what were the results of            aptitude show flashplugin-nonfree        in konsole?14:57
konradWaltzingAlong: And as for show flashplugin it says installed. I can send it to the pastebin if you can cope with the Swedish :)14:58
konradWaltzingAlong: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/45557/14:59
WaltzingAlongkonrad: aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree      said nothing installed, removed, or so on because the requested package was already installed. if the requested package had not existed (in available repositories) there would have been the same message plus a line about package not being found. hence asking for aptitude show package14:59
WaltzingAlongkonrad: ok thanks. so far so good it seems15:00
konradWaltzingAlong: So basicly I might just be getting random error messages from Adept but the programs still gets installed?15:00
konradFlash is working now15:01
WaltzingAlongkonrad: ah no. just that it would have told you nothing was installed or removed, just running the show made it clear that the package was available (and in your case installed as well)15:01
=== hbl04028 is now known as hectorber
nosrednaekimcs_: are you instaling the 8.42 ot 7.11 drivers?15:02
WaltzingAlongkonrad: with aptitude install nonfree-flashplugin for example, aptitude show give the summary: 0 upgraded, 0 new installed, 0 to remove, and 0 not upgraded but it also would have a line about not finding the package. (perhaps that one line gets hidden among the rest, is what i meant)15:03
manuel_i have an crypted home part can this cause trouble wehn i upgrade to gusty?15:04
nosrednaekimmanuel_: not if you just upgeade and don't do a fresh install15:05
konradWaltzingAlong: Yes but in the case of KMyMoney it was not installed on my computer. I then try to install with adept, which results in an error saying installation failed. I then run aptitude which says nothing to do because program already installed.15:05
manuel_ok thx15:06
WaltzingAlongkonrad: well the package name is kmymoney2 .try in adept again now15:06
konradWaltzingAlong: Adept shows it as installed now after running aptituse15:07
WaltzingAlongkonrad: ok perhaps aptitude -f install / apt-get -f install   took care of it15:07
konradWaltzingAlong: Yes, that could be it15:07
WaltzingAlongwhich as far as i know adept manager cannot do15:08
konradWaltzingAlong: Thanks a lot for all help!15:11
WaltzingAlongkonrad: glad you got it working!15:11
ZenFishHi...I'm having a spot of trouble with dolphin. The menus on either side where it says 'bookmarks' and 'information' - when I mouseover them, they flicker on and off. I can still use them, but it's bugging me. Is there anything I can do?15:12
konradStill got to figure out Java in Firefox (on AMD64) - usually a pain in other distros.15:12
WaltzingAlongflash is 32bit only, you should look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava | konrad15:12
konradTnx again!15:14
stdinWaltzingAlong: copy cat :p15:14
ristohow i can extract http://codeigniter.com/ zip file ?15:14
WaltzingAlongmaybe a bit though i updated it now15:14
WaltzingAlong!info ark | risto15:15
uboturisto: ark: graphical archiving tool for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 294 kB, installed size 1016 kB15:15
WaltzingAlongstdin: but thanks all the same.15:16
guyhello guys - i need help - i have kubuntu 7.04 and whenever i shut it down - it doesn't shut down it just shows the word kubuntu in black. what should i do?15:16
ristowhem i choose Archive Format 7-zip then i dosent' extract15:17
ubotuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with ark - also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression15:17
WaltzingAlongristo: is the archive a 7z format or just normal .zip ?15:17
WaltzingAlong!info unzip | risto15:17
uboturisto: unzip: De-archiver for .zip files. In component main, is optional. Version 5.52-10ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 150 kB, installed size 340 kB15:18
cs__fglrxinfo: error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:18
cs__fglrx.ko doesn't want to show up =\15:18
WaltzingAlongcs__ the guide you are following covers that as well, does it not?15:18
cs__yes, though there is no solution provided to make fglrx.ko exist15:19
cs__just symlinks :S15:19
cs__of files that don't exist15:19
cs__(and doing the libgl symlink gives Mesa GL again)15:19
WaltzingAlongcs__: so you need to remove package libgl1-mesa ?15:20
cs__it's not installed15:20
=== weenus is now known as wenus
WaltzingAlongso  /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/misc/fglrx.ko never gets created?15:20
cs__infact, there's no misc/ directory in there either15:21
cs__hmm fglrx.ko suddenly appeared in the volatile folder15:22
cs__that wasn't there before :S15:22
* cs__ does that symlink step again15:22
=== wenus is now known as asshole
WaltzingAlongwell it *is* volatile afterall15:22
=== asshole is now known as wenus
WaltzingAlongmuhahah ;D15:24
* genii thinks about the volatility of ATI15:24
soonI'm using Konversation - In the Identity window (under server list) I've got the field 'Auto identity' set to just 'NickServ' (and the password in the next field obviously) - but it dont work15:24
soonShould it be something other than just 'NickServ' ??15:24
Tm_Twenus: you really should not have that kind of nickchanges15:24
cs__http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Talk:Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide#still_Mesa hrm15:25
WaltzingAlongsoon: it is just NickServ here. have you already registered with nickserv?15:25
soonyes - and If I use the regular /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password from the dialogue here it works fine15:26
stdinsoon: you can just put your nickserv password in as the server password15:26
stdinjust make sure you set your username to your nickname15:27
wenusTm_T It is a cry for help. I am very irritated with the registration process not working. I put in ? /msg NIckServ IDENTIFY mypassword and then says "password incorrect"15:27
Tm_Twenus: not an excuse to misbehaviour15:27
WaltzingAlongwenus: /msg nickserv register15:27
soonIll just try that ...15:28
soonjep - it worked thx stdin15:28
stdinsoon: no problem :)15:28
cs__this mesa issue i'm having is new in the 7.11 driver15:29
wenusHow do I tell if I'm registered? I put in /register "password" and no error came up15:30
wenusfor once15:30
jack111hey, i've got the problem that in sent mails in kmails e.g. italics or paragraph actuallyall formatting disappears, is there a way to use that with kmail?15:30
WaltzingAlongwenus: check in the status window. if you are registered then /msg nickserv identify password15:30
funcrushI can't install build-essential cuz my system request a cd-rom, Gutsy Gibbon15:30
WaltzingAlongfuncrush: remove the reference to the cd in the sources.list or through manage repositories in adept manager15:31
BluesKajwenus, try a PM with someone in the channel...if you're registered it will connect15:31
Jucatofuncrush: in Adept Manger, go to Adetp menu -> Manage Repositories and disable the cdrom repository15:31
funcrushyup thank you!!15:31
wenuswhere's the status window?15:32
BluesKaj!register | wenus15:32
ubotuwenus: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration15:32
funcrushthank you, I resolve that problem15:32
BluesKajwenus, then you haven't registered properly15:33
WaltzingAlongwenus: Ubuntu IRC ?15:33
pagwenus, I thing you have to ask for a staffer to drop that nick for you, since it's already registered (though owner had not been around for more than a year)15:33
wenusquery ubuto15:33
* cs__ sighs15:34
cs__i'm going back to winblows15:34
cs__i give up on this ati issue15:34
jack111hi, can anyone help?15:34
jack111i've got the problem that in sent mails in kmails e.g. italics or paragraph actuallyall formatting disappears, is there a way to use that with kmail?15:34
wenusI've been here http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration and copied and pasted the commands using gaim and kopete clients and it still doesn't work.15:35
WaltzingAlongwenus: it could be that someone else registered the nick already - so you cannot register it and do not know the password to it15:35
=== wenus is now known as weenus5000
BluesKajpoor cs_  , there goes another ATI victim back to windows :/15:36
stdinweenus5000: it was registered, but hasn't been used in over a year so you can ask a staffer to drop it for you15:36
draikHello all15:36
ptathHello, I have just recently changed to KDE from Gnome. There are two things I am missing: 1)  ability to open a new session  keeping the current working directory 2) URL handler able to work from the text in the terminal window. Any advice?15:36
stdinptath: KMenu -> Switch User15:37
draikQuick question. I just plugged in my new 500GB external HDD. I got the following error: hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 100015:37
WaltzingAlongjack111: kmail / options / html formatting, then bold and such still are not sent?15:37
WaltzingAlongdraik: right mouse click the device, properties, then uncheck 'mount as user'15:38
ptathstdin: i was talking about konsole sessions not login sessions15:38
stdinptath: ohh, session > new shell  not working?15:39
WaltzingAlongptath: to launch konsole from konqueror with F4 would keep the current working directory15:39
ardchoilleptath: For your question number 2)  try this: kfmclient exec file  (where file can be a file on your system or an url like http://www.google.com)15:40
stdinptath: you can also use bookmarks to open a shell at a specific location15:40
draikThank you WaltzingAlong15:40
ptathWaltzingAlong: thanks but I want to start the new session form the konsole15:41
jack111WaltzingAlong: hey, where do i check that if the option is ticked? i have only settings there and cannot really find it ..just looked through all15:41
ptathstdin: bookmarks are not felxible enough for this15:42
jack111WaltzingAlong: hey i found in the folders...prefer html to plain text..thats it i guess?15:42
WaltzingAlongptath: good question. if you did the f4 through konqueror then each subsequent session within konsole would start in the same working dir15:43
ptathardchoille: thanks for kfmclient, it is kind of half solution but is better than nothing15:45
naelr_good morning15:45
cucohas anyone tested the 4.0 rc1 packages on 7.10?15:45
naelr_looking for some help with kubuntu on my new laptop15:45
Tm_Tcuco: yes many of us15:46
WaltzingAlongcuco: yes15:46
naelr_it installs fine but will not boot15:46
ardchoilleptath: It simply uses the file association to launch the file in the associated app15:46
cucoanything special that will mess up completely my machine?15:46
ptathWaltzingAlong: re f4 from  konqueror : interesting, unfortunately I don't really use file browsing, i am a cmdline type, will try anyway15:46
=== naelr_ is now known as Naelr
WaltzingAlongcuco: kde4rc1 does not replace your kde3.5.x so you can use both or one and apps from the other15:47
cucois it possible to run a full session?15:47
WaltzingAlongcuco: yes15:47
cucoWaltzingAlong: yes yes... but do the new packages requier something that may mess up?15:48
WaltzingAlongcuco: na just follow the guide at www.kubuntu.org15:48
Tm_Thi risto15:48
WaltzingAlongristo: still with the zip?15:48
ristonormal zip15:48
ptath WaltzingAlong: re f4 from  konqueror :  it does not work either, the working dir ins not inherited15:49
ristoi dont no why i cant open it with ark15:49
Naelrdoes anyone have any idea how to get my HD recognized by the boot up process I end up in a busybox everytime I try to boot15:49
cucoWaltzingAlong: any ubuntu rebranding, or stock kde4 packages?15:49
WaltzingAlongwould be kubuntu rebranding i suppose but as far as i know kde4 built for kubuntu15:49
* Tm_T slaps MPat 15:50
WaltzingAlongptath: for example when browsing with konqueror to ~/downloads then pressing F4 brings up konsole which starts in ~/downloads15:50
stdincuco: it's pretty much stock kde415:51
Naelrcan someone suggest a channel that might be able to help me?15:51
ptathardchoille: yes I understand, just read the manual. in gnome terminal you can open a menu with right click on any url no need for copy-paste15:51
WaltzingAlongristo: so what do you think is the issue? i just downloaded that zip through konqueror/kget then clicked on it in konqueror which opened it in ark. now i could extract it all15:51
dmHello. Any idea how to persuade kmail to respect my umask of 0022 when saving attachments?15:51
stdincuco: in fact, I don't think we apply a single patch15:52
ristoi dont no mine thinks its docx file15:52
cucostdin: sweet15:52
ardchoilleptath: You can do that in konsole too, use klipper and enable actions. Then right click on a url pops up the actions and asks what you want to do with the url.15:52
cucostdin: are you using an intel based video card by any chance?15:52
ardchoilleptath: I use klipper actions quite a bit in irssi15:53
blendtuxUptime: 1 days, 7 hours and 28 minutes15:53
stdincuco: "Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)"15:53
blendtuxwrong channel15:53
cucostdin: tested the kwin effects? when i tried it on svn a few months ago, it did nothing on my machine15:53
Naelrcan anyone even see me ?15:53
ardchoilleNaelr: Yes15:54
Naelrperhaps they have naelr filter set to on....15:54
Naelroh I am alive .. this isn't a dream15:54
cuco00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)15:54
stdincuco: it works if you don't choose OpenGL15:54
ptathWaltzingAlong: f4, yes I tried, it works first, but it does not keep the work dir subsequently,15:54
stdinlemme see if I can find the config15:54
Naelrso no answer means we don't know... :D15:54
weenus5000ptath; if you're using konqueror you're in gui context so another way that you might want to make the console always available is to go to settings -> configure toolbar->main toolbar move konsole to active so it will come up on the menu and can be activated in what ever context that you are in in konqueror15:54
WaltzingAlongptath: right it will always be the one from which f4 was pressed15:54
ardchoilleNaelr: Or it means the person(s) who do know are either away or not in the channel15:55
ptathardchoille: re klipper: I will try it, never used before15:55
ardchoilleptath: klipper has lots of actions for different apps and content. copying text to the clipboard can trigger certain actions.. makes using the cli much easier.15:56
Naelrardcholille: i figured that one.. it was the people who are here and don't say sorry sir perhaps so and so might know but he is not on right now.  This problem has been kicking my butt for going on 5 days now.. no help in forums so went looking for live people15:56
Naelrardchoille: don't suppose you know of a good ubunutu or even just linux channel where people might know some good stuff about busybox and why my hd isn't being detected on reboot15:58
ignoramusHello all.  I need your help- KNetworkManager no longer automatically connects to my wifi - and there's an entry listed as "hpsetup" ... any help?15:58
ardchoilleNaelr: The problem with that is you'd end up having 380 replies of "I don't know".. that'd be annoying.15:58
ardchoilleNaelr: #linux ?15:58
bucatoamanomm i have  a problem -,.- i have tryed to install kde4 but it said it has some problme with dowloading kde4core15:59
bucatoamanowhere can i download that package15:59
ignoramusbucatoamano: what exactly did the error say?16:00
draikI have my / and ~ on two separate partitions. How can I merge them into one partition?16:00
bucatoamanoignoramus: just a second a redo16:00
bucatoamanoignoramus: There was an error committing changes. Possible reasons include problems downloading some of the packages or that the commit would break other packages.16:01
ignoramusbucatoamano: did you try " sudo apt-get -f install " ?16:01
bucatoamanoignoramus: i think yes but i re.try now16:01
stdincuco: having something like this in ~/.kde4/share/config/kwinrc should work http://stdin.pastebin.com/m65a121d116:02
cucostdin: XRender? wow... lame... how is the performance?16:03
bucatoamanoignoramus: naa =( it said trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/kde4/share/icons/oxygen/64x64/actions/knewstuff.png', which is also in package kde-icons-oxygen16:03
stdincuco: it's fine, I could never get the OpenGL backend to work so I tried XRender and it magically worked :p16:03
ignoramusbucatoamano: have you tried compiling from sources?16:03
stdincuco: no noticeable lag that I saw16:04
bucatoamanoignoramus: no i have read this http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta3.php16:04
cucostdin: well, i will try tonight probably16:04
stdincuco: if you're lucky I'll have kdeutils, kdetoys and kdenetwork uploaded by then16:05
ignoramusbucatoamano: and you've installed all the dev packages?16:05
stdinbucatoamano: remove ALL the old package FIRST16:06
bucatoamanoignoramus: i have done only this sudo apt-get install kdebase-workspace and kde4base-dev.16:06
stdinhttp://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc1.php <16:06
bucatoamanoignoramus: i have done only this sudo apt-get install kdebase-workspace  kde4base-dev.16:06
funcrushhttp://funcrush.tistory.com/77            is this wrong?16:06
weenus5000for anyone: I'm a Ubunutu user but for the heavy lifting I rely on konqueror because it supports just about every protocol I can think of fish, webdav http https bluetooth samba, I can copy a picture from my cellphone to my server across the internet. I'd like to see Windows explorer do that!16:06
stdinbucatoamano: wrong16:06
surgyhow do you extract a tgz.gz ?16:06
bucatoamanostdin: but omg i have read this http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta3.php16:06
ignoramusbucatoamano: please follow *every* step and try again16:06
ptathardchoille: re klipper: that works - thanks; do you have any idea about keeping the working directory?16:07
stdinbucatoamano: that's beta3, that's old. we're at RC1 now16:07
ardchoilleptath: Working directory? Please explain16:07
stdinsurgy: with ark16:07
weenus5000surgy  first you do tar xzvf filename.gz16:07
ardchoilleweenus5000: It works like that because konqueror is simply a shell for other modules16:07
ignoramussurgy: with Ark or tar xvf filename.tar16:08
surgygzip: stdin: not in gzip format16:08
surgytar: Child returned status 116:08
bucatoamanostdin: ignoramus ok thank i will read http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc1.php =)16:08
Ristohow i can extract with unzip command ?16:08
ardchoilleRisto: unzip filename16:09
stdinRisto: unzip filename.zip16:09
Ristounzip <filename>?16:09
ptathardchoille: when i open a new (terminal) session from konsole I'd like to keep the current working directory of the root (initial) konsole16:09
surgyweenus5000: ark says its not a zip16:09
Ristohhe got to work :D16:09
Ristoty for all16:10
stdinsurgy: try just using "tar xvf filename"16:10
ardchoilleptath: I've not done that before, sounds like bookmarks or saving a session, not sure.16:10
ignoramussurgy: you can download rar, 7zip, etc to simply right-click and extract other types of compressed files16:10
Ristois there flash plugin for konqueror?16:11
surgystdin: i tryed that16:11
ardchoillestdin: We no longer need the z or j (gz or bzip) in the arguments?16:11
ptathardchoille: like bookmarks, but more dynamic; gnome-terminal always works this way -- make more sense than going $HOME16:11
surgyRisto: libflash-nonfree16:11
stdinardchoille: tar will normally autodetect the type16:12
ardchoilleptath: Ah, yeah, ok16:12
ignoramusristo: for further documentation -------> http://freebsd.kde.org/howtos/konqueror-flash.php16:12
ardchoillestdin: Nice, ty16:12
surgystdin the extension is just .tgz which is weird to me, and ark doesnt know how to handle it16:13
ardchoilleWow, it went from "tar -xzf file.gz" to "tar xzf file.gz" to tar xf file.gz", the arguments are getting easier to remember :)16:13
stdinsurgy: tgz is short for tar.gz, usually used by slackware16:13
surgystdin: ok16:13
ignoramussurgy: and tar xvzf filename.tgz didn't work?16:14
ignoramussurgy: dumb question- you did "cd" to the proper directory, yes?16:14
surgyignoramus: of course.......16:15
ignoramussurgy: ya never know... last week I troubleshot sound issues with a guy for 20 minutes before he discovered he had muted it =)16:15
BluesKajsurgy, tar -xzvf filename.tgz16:16
surgywell i spent 9 hours on this project last night just to find out i couldnt unzip the last file i need16:16
BluesKajerr , tar -xvzf filname.tar.gz16:17
surgygzip: stdin: not in gzip format16:17
surgytar: Child returned status 116:17
surgytar: Error exit delayed from previous errors16:17
stdinsurgy: bad file16:17
surgycant be16:17
ignoramussurgy: do you have either Rar or 7Zip installed - sometimes theyre helpful...16:18
ardchoilleIf stdin says it's a bad file, then I would believe him16:18
WaltzingAlongfile file.tgz16:18
ardchoilleBad file, bad file!16:18
surgysurgy@derek:~/Desktop$ file GSsoft-0.61.tgz16:18
surgyGSsoft-0.61.tgz: POSIX tar archive (GNU)16:18
stdinit's not tgz, it's TAR16:19
surgyits the only file that has this software that im aware of16:19
surgystdin: so?16:19
WaltzingAlongtar xfv GSsof-0.61.tgz16:19
stdinsurgy: mv GSsoft-0.61.tgz GSsoft-0.61.tar; tar xf GSsoft-0.61.tar16:19
WaltzingAlongor that first ^^16:19
stdinI'm not sure if tar detects my magic or filename, so rename to tar16:20
surgyrawks thnx guys16:20
WaltzingAlongi thought tar knew what to do because of tar z for gzip and j for bz216:22
ardchoilleWaltzingAlong: NEwer versions of tar should have detected that16:22
ardchoilleI guess it's not perfect yet16:22
stdinardchoille: it probably looks at the file extension16:23
WaltzingAlongcourse if we tell tar to extract through gzip though the file is not gzipped should tar ignore our request?16:23
* genii thinks about the magic tricks stdin could do with tar16:24
stdinno, options are explicit16:24
stdintar expects the user to be smarter than it is :p16:24
dan__help, i cant seem to make tremulous or google earth to work in my 7.04. when i try to run them it goes back to login screen badabing16:26
surgyi need help with pcsx2 but this is the wrong place.16:28
dan__a lot of people seem to be asleep?16:28
dan__ok,can anybody pls tell me why im brought back to log in screen when i try to run tremulous or google earth?16:29
SSJ_GZdan__: Sounds like a crash, I'm afraid :/16:30
SSJ_GZdan__: Let me guess - ATI card?16:30
dan__ok nvidia geforce 6416:30
Ristowhat was the widget engine for KDE ?16:30
dan__very old16:30
Ristoi got to geforce 440 64mb16:31
dan__i run a pentium 3 with 256 mb ram and 4 gigs of hard disk16:31
SSJ_GZdan__: Hmmm... not sure then.  What about something simple like glxgears?16:31
SSJ_GZdan__: Wow!16:31
dan__but i was able to run trem on dapper then16:32
biovoreRisto: widget engine is QT3.3 I think for KDE 3.5.x16:32
dan__hehe ok maybe not 4 gig - its 3016:32
ubotuTo display the FPS in glxgears, run 'glxgears -printfps' in a terminal.16:33
dan__SSJ_GZ: could you tell me what you meant?16:34
SSJ_GZdan__: Oh - open a terminal, and run16:34
SSJ_GZdan__: and see if it crashes at all.16:34
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=== sebastien__ is now known as sebastien
SSJ_GZdan__: Obviously, save your work first :)16:35
dan__ok the gears are turning blue green and red16:36
dan__i meant they were turning aroound16:36
SSJ_GZdan__: Ok, so your comp can run a 3d app without crashing - that's good news16:37
SSJ_GZdan__: Not really sure what to suggest from here - I was expecting that to crash :/16:37
dan__sigh...thanks for trying tho16:38
ardchoillesounds like tremulous and google earth are crashing xorg16:38
dan__im really a nub been switching back and forth - winxp - dapper - winxp - feisty16:39
dan__this is the first time i wasnt able to run trem16:39
dan__man i love that game16:40
dan__imho best ever fps (aside from cs)16:40
ardchoilledan__: nvidia geforce 64 ? Not geforce go 6400?16:40
dan__yep the first one 64 - and a pentium 3 with 256 mb of pc100 ram16:41
ardchoilledan__: I don't even see that card listed on nvidia's list16:42
combiniohow can i record radio ?? :]16:42
dan__? meaning not existing or not supported? well its here16:42
biovorecombinio: internet radio you mean?16:43
ardchoilledan__: Meaning not supported16:43
combiniobiovore: yeap :)16:43
biovoregstreamripper works I think16:43
dan__thats strange tho for it not to run in 7.04 when it ran trem in dapper16:43
biovorethere are programs16:43
ardchoilledan__: How did you get the model of that card? lspci | grep vga  ?16:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gstreamripper - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:43
biovoreI guess thats not it..16:43
combiniobiovore: i've already installed streamripper16:44
dan__that command didnt do anything16:44
combiniobut don't know how to use it :/16:44
ardchoilledan__: Sorry, it's: lspci | grep VGA16:44
dan__oops my bad16:45
dan__01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV11 [GeForce2 MX/MX 400] (rev b2)16:45
ardchoilleThought so16:45
ardchoillenp :)16:46
ardchoilledan__: That card requires the legacy nvidia driver. Did you install it?16:46
dan__not yet16:47
ardchoilledan__: Want me to walk you thru it?16:47
surgytheres a gui for that now16:47
ardchoillesurgy: I realise that but that gui has broken things on lots of computers16:48
dan__ill try to spare you the trouble ;)16:48
ardchoilledan__: It's no trouble, let me know if you want me to help :)16:48
surgyardchoille: i was unaware worked fine on mine :)16:48
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ardchoillesurgy: You're lucky16:48
dan__alright - ill tell when im desperate lol16:49
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion16:52
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loguser1while upgradeing to 7.10 http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/8529/snapshot4ao3.jpg16:54
ardchoilleloguser1: Did you try upgrading by manually editing your sources list and dist-upgrade?16:56
ardchoilleloguser1: Ok, then you need to install the required meta-package. It's usually installed by default and sounds like you may have removed it.16:57
NetersLandreauif the window decorator crashes in compiz, what's the easiest way to restart it?16:58
ardchoilleNetersLandreau: join #compiz-fusion16:58
ardchoilleloguser1: you using kubuntu? If so, you should install the kubuntu-desktop meta-package16:59
_michaelhello is there a way when dual booting to get lilo to when booting linux show the existance of the windows drive, but when windows boots for it to not know the linux drive even exists?16:59
stdin_michael: windows only recognises windows formatted partitions (FAT and NTFS), anything else it ignores17:01
sandsmark_michael: firstly, Kubuntu comes with GRUB as default17:01
sandsmark_michael: secondly, GRUB chainloads Windows, so it thinks it's started by the BIOS17:02
_michaelsandsmark: I know but I had to install lilo to get it to boot it was available as an alternative17:03
loguser1what are pre released updates.?  is it important to check it while upgrading or updating.17:03
_michaelMy biggest concern is that a virus that may format the drive woudl come on windows and with the linux drive connected it may be formatted. Is that a valid concern or is it impossible?17:04
dan__<ardchoille> i installed nvidia legacy17:04
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sandsmark_michael: highly unprobably17:07
sandsmark_michael: there's been maybe two proof-of-concept viruses that could spread between different types of partitions in windows17:08
loguser1what are pre released updates.?  is it important to check it while upgrading or updating.17:10
* genii sips a coffee17:10
_michaelWell that is a relief, but do you know I can edit lilo.conf and add an option to the windows entry blocking it from knowing about a second drive? maybe something like "ignore hda" (as windows will be the slave drive)17:11
ardchoilledan__: Good job! Is the game working now?17:16
ardchoilleMorning genii17:16
wightstrakerI just upgraded from 7.04 to 7.10 on a ppc, and now my kmix won't work at all; I'm getting now sound. Any advice?17:16
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP317:17
bazhangwightstraker: on a laptop? open up konsole and type alsamixer17:17
dan__series of errors17:17
wightstrakerNot a laptop17:17
wightstrakerOld lamp imac17:17
dan__i am editing xord.conf17:18
wightstrakerARTS is running too17:18
loguser1whats expected that ubuntu will maintain its updating. or will exist in self and in support and in making kubuntu.             for how many years more   ????17:18
ardchoilledan__: ok17:18
_michaelA second question if I were to do a full upgrade in adept followed by a version upgrade would I lose ANY of my current configurations (even aethetic preferences?) or would I turn on the system and everything would be displayed as I had before with only "under the hood" changes?17:18
geniiardchoille: Hiya :) Sorry for lag, giving assistance in #ubuntu plus also trying to eat lunch17:18
ardchoille_michael: your personal configs are in your $HOME, usually upgrades don't touch those unless absolutely necessary17:19
wightstrakerI put alsmixer through the terminal and got this: alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device17:20
niels__ubotu: !adept crash frix17:20
niels__ubotu: !adept crash fix17:20
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »17:20
ardchoilleloguser1: With the increasing use of certain Linux distros, I would guess they will be around for quite some time17:21
_michaelardchoille: Thanks and I'm running off the backup kernel know if I upgrade the kernel again will it remove by current backup kernel?17:21
dan__brb ardchoille need to free up resources - thanks in advance17:21
loguser1ardchoille:  about how many years?17:21
ardchoille_michael: No, you'll ned to remove kernels manually. But, it's good to keep the last three kernels just in case, IMHO.17:21
ardchoilleloguser1: No one knows the future. 10 years from now a different OS maybe gaining popularity. Who knows.17:22
_michaelardchoille: Great but in the upgrade will it only upgrade the packages I have installed or will it install all the packages in the new kubuntu-desktop (for example I don't need bluetooth support so I removed it along with other things), and I would have to remove then all over again?17:23
loguser1are disrtros converatable?17:23
ardchoilleloguser1: There's no guarantee that you or I will be alive 10 years from now.17:24
loguser1but there is probabilty17:24
loguser1are disrtros converatable?17:24
ardchoille_michael: I'm not sure how upgrades work exactly, I never upgrade.17:24
ardchoilleloguser1: What do you mean by convertible?17:24
wightstrakerI opened gnome-alsamixer and I get a blank window. When I go to the "configure soundcard" menus, it crashes. Still no sound...please advise!17:25
_michaelardchoille: Thank you :)17:25
loguser1i use ubuntu. its stops. now i have apps installed i upgrade but to another distro17:25
bucatoamano=( kde4 i have made everythings but.... now when i try to log on it cames back to loggin window17:25
awaghello all17:25
ardchoilleloguser1: No, I don't see that ever happening.17:25
bazhangloguser1: no, you need to do afresh install17:25
loguser1atleast linux reamisn same17:26
ardchoilleloguser1: That is why I didn't choose "joe's Linux distro" as my main OS :)17:26
loguser1is there any major difference in linux comands in distros?17:26
loguser1ardchoille: :)17:26
bazhangloguser1: yes, quite a bit17:26
loguser1which one did you used?17:27
ardchoilleloguser1: basically, most commands will be the same. The arguments may differe due to differing versions, but the commands will be the same for the most part17:27
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loguser1which is the most long lasting forcast distro?17:27
ardchoilleloguser1: I have used Ubuntu since 2004 and Kubuntu this year17:27
ardchoilleSlackware is the oldest surviving distro to date17:27
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=== Renice is now known as Reniced
loguser1and what do you think in future what will by/17:28
=== Reniced is now known as Renice
bazhangkubuntu of course17:28
ardchoilleI try not to look too far ahead, there's enough in "today" to keep me busy :)17:28
loguser1bazhang:  ic.. :) serious ?17:28
bazhangloguser1: why not?17:29
loguser1ardchoille:  hmm17:29
loguser1bazhang:  ok17:29
ardchoilleloguser1: I seriously doubt Kubuntu is going to die out17:29
awagyo, anyone ever have this problem? open office all of a sudden loads all it's windows without window decoration attached... all other programs have window decor17:29
loguser1ya. its very fast growing17:29
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loguser1how to change user name and computer name in kubuntu?17:29
awagjoin #openoffice17:30
awagmy bad17:30
tlaytonis this the proper channel for kubuntu/kde4 rc1 question?17:30
=== rui is now known as upgraded
tlaytonboth with beta3 and rc1, i'm getting the "cannot start kstartupconfig4"17:32
Tech-Mikeis there another way to blacklist a driver, need rt73usb blocked17:32
tlaytonkstartupconfig appears to be returning a value of 12717:33
loguser1tlayton:  yesif i got disconnected from internet during upgrade of kubuntu. will it resume of i have to dl is all over again?17:34
loguser1during upgrade if i got disconnected from internet during upgrade of kubuntu. will it resume of i have to dl is all over again?17:34
bazhangloguser1: if you don't delete the apt-cache17:35
loguser1i will resme17:35
loguser1 how to change user name and computer name in kubuntu?17:40
antipetyaвсем привет17:45
bazhang!ru | antipetya17:46
ubotuantipetya: Пожалуйста войдите в #ubuntu-ru для помощи на русском языке  /  Pozhalujsta vojdite v #ubuntu-ru dlq pomoshchi na russkom qzyke17:46
Bucatino:) thanks gusy i  am in kde417:46
bazhangantipetya: first type /join #ubuntu-ru17:47
antipetyathx, done17:47
yotuxhello can anyone help me figure out xorg problem on hp notebook17:48
claetussanybody awake who wants to help with a missing-data-due-to-reinstall problem?17:58
loguser1i installed wine and then i just click a windows exe file and it began to run. isnt it dangeourous . i mean if i click a windows virus like that. it will destroy the pc. ?18:00
biovoreloguser1: well it can kill everything that wine has access too.. aka your user account and files..  but the system is safe..18:01
biovoredon't run wine as root..  for that reason..18:02
supersonitalguien puede echarme una mano?18:07
claetussany filesystem gurus in here?18:07
Jucato!es | supersonit18:07
ubotusupersonit: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.18:07
newguysshi, I get this message when trying to install some programs : the following packages have unresolvable dependencies, make sure that all required repositories are added and enabled.18:07
newguysscan some one please tell me how to add and enable all repositories for everything so I dont get this message again18:08
claetussyou using adept?18:08
loguser1i installed wine and then i just click a windows exe file and it began to run. isnt it dangeourous . i mean if i click a windows virus like that. it will destroy the pc. ?18:08
newguysstrying to install from the synaptic18:08
claetussany filesystem gurus yet?18:14
Stiloi installed the kde4 beta. When i log in i see a little window with the workspace. But it fills not my full screen. The rest is white. Where is the problem? The resolution?18:14
emilsedghclaetuss: im not a filesystem guru, but just ask your question :)18:14
claetussword... I just reinstalled kubuntu (old habit from growing up on windows), mounted my home partition as home, now it shows that the drive has space taken up, but ls-al only shows the home folder auto created by installer18:16
claetussand lost+found of course, both empty18:16
claetussany thoughts on how I'm going to see my data again?18:18
awagare you sure it is mounted on home ?18:21
claetussto the best of my knowledge18:21
awagwhat does df show?18:21
claetuss"/dev/sda6            288370844    204916 273517468   1% /home"18:23
claetussamong other things18:23
loguser1i installed wine and then i just click a windows exe file and it began to run. isnt it dangeourous . i mean if i click a windows virus like that. it will destroy the pc. ? if i have wine installed . how much should i worry about windows viruses. (iam a singer user in linux) and what can i do to prevent damage?18:23
jbesieehi, i have exaclty the same problem as described here http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=95493&p=22 post 540 while trying to install kde 4 rc 1. I followed the instructions here,http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc1.php and i don't know what to do now ...18:24
Jucatologuser1: you can ask in #winehq if viruses that are made for Windows will work on Linux. but biovore already gave you an answer18:24
loguser1biovore:  can you repeat pls18:25
awagclaetuss, hmmm i'm not really to knowledgeable about things like this..18:25
awagclaetuss, maybe a permissions problem?18:26
claetussyou'd think though, that the directory would be visible, just inaccessible, esp. as root, right?18:26
fdoving claetuss that looks formatted. so your data is probably long gone.18:27
awagoh yeah, i didn't see that 1% use..18:27
jbesieeNo one to help me ? ...18:28
fdovingclaetuss: unless you have only around 200MB of data on it, which is unlikely i guess.18:28
claetussawag/fdoving: yeah... poop. I don't remember formatting it. Thanks for the help though, it's appreciated18:29
awagyeah, that sucks man18:29
loguser1is there a way that i can stop wine to auto open an .exe (windows app)   instead i always have to open a windows exe file by konsole.  ?18:30
claetussjbesiee: I'd try, except I don't speak french and the translator won't pick up on the colloquialisms18:30
geniiloguser1: Perhaps ask in channel #winehq18:30
awagloguser1, if you go to properties of any file18:31
awagloguser1, in kde, you can set the defualt application used to open it18:31
awagloguser1, just remove all the applications from the default application for .exe files18:31
awagloguser1, which should only be wine18:31
awagloguser1, then even if you click on it i think it should ask you what you want to open it with18:32
loguser1yes. but there are many kings of viruses.    like          .bat   .scr          etc18:34
jbesieeclaetuss : i'm going to revert back to english and make a pastebin18:35
simion314Hi, i have a problem , i instaleed crossover and install a program, all is ok except that the .exe fle are not asocieted to run with crossover, the .exe have now the crossover icon but i cannot run them, and the shortcuts to the installed software do not appear on descktop18:36
claetussjb: not promising anything, I'm a bit of a noob myself, want to save yourself some effort and synopsize for me?18:36
jbesieeclaetuss : what do you propose me to do ?18:37
awagloguser1, won't a virus run inder wine only cause problems within the wine folder and other wine related things18:37
manuel_i have upgraded to gusty now and kde has now shortcuts on my Email and mute key18:37
claetusssimion: can you find the installed software? if so, just click and drag to desktop and choose create link here (or whatever it says)18:38
awagloguser1, i'm pretty sure that is the case18:38
manuel_how can i delete these default shortcuts??18:38
awagloguser1, i don't think you need to worry about a windows virus coming and like deleting your home directory via wine18:38
boeroecan anybody tell me hwhere i can find an yahho mesenger for kubyntu18:38
boeroeyahoo messenger for kubyntu18:38
loguser1are you sure?18:38
awagloguser1, not positive18:39
Jucatologuser1: why don't you ask in the right channel? in the channel that deals with wine18:40
Jucatoboeroe: Kopete can handle (basic) Yahoo Messenger18:40
claetussjb: what's the basic jist of your problem?18:41
boeroeoke have kopete but do not see how i can do it will try again18:41
awagloguser1, http://www.3000ad.com/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=36;t=000377#00000018:42
jbesieeapt-get seems lost after broken dependencies, even apt-get -f install don't complete18:42
claetussjb: crap, i've been banging my head against that problem too, and you prob have a better understanding than I anyway18:43
jbesieei think i solved it by commenting the falting repository in the /etc/apt/sources.list file, and then launching apt-get -f install18:44
beata_Hello. I've installed kUbuntu and removed "konqueror" and "hplip" packages after that. Now there's no option to pack/unpack a file with ark, when I right-click on an icon. I can open it with ark, which IS installed, but no option is in the menu :/18:45
ubuntuHi, I wonder, I want to have a virtual machine, I'll use virtualbox, Can I decide on which parition I want to install it? Or do I have to install the guest OS at my main "/" partition?18:45
claetussJB: YOU ROCK18:46
claetusssorry for shouting18:46
awagubuntu, you can put it anywhere you want i think18:46
awagubuntu, you make a file, that acts as a virtual harddrive for your virtual machine18:47
awagjust start up virtualbox, it more or less will tell you what to do i think18:47
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
Jucatoubuntu: by default it will install in a hidden .VirtualBox folder in your home18:47
jbesieeclaetuss : thx :D18:48
Jucatoubuntu: you're not going to really install an OS on a real partition18:48
ubuntuJucato, Ok. But I can change it?18:48
beroualmhi all18:48
beroualmspeak french ?18:48
Jucatoubuntu: yes18:48
ubuntuawag , :), but Im planning my partitioning18:48
Jucato!fr | beroualm18:48
ubotuberoualm: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.18:48
Jucatoubuntu: it has nothing to do with partitions18:48
jbesieeCan anyone edit this page : http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc1.php ? It seems you also have to remove the kde4base-data package before attempting an kde4 rc1 update18:48
Jucatojbesiee: it does say remove all kde4 beta packages right?18:49
ubuntuJucato, oh :(, well, my goal is that if my XP parition gets a virus, it shouldn't be able to touch my "/" path18:49
jbesieehere is what is said : "Remove previous KDE 4 packages, they are not compatible (apt-get remove kdelibs5)"18:49
awagubuntu, it won't work like that anyway18:49
Jucatoubuntu: it really won't18:49
Jucatoubuntu: again, you are not installing on a partition. think of a virtual machine as a big file that holds the OS18:50
awagubuntu, the way it works to my knowledge, is that virtualbox will make a file that will act as a virtual harddrive, the entire disk18:50
Jucatoit's just a file18:50
jbesieeit should be "Remove previous KDE 4 packages, they are not compatible (apt-get remove kdelibs5 kde4base-data )"18:50
Jucatostdin: ping18:50
awagubuntu, anything that you do in virtualbox, with windows xp, will be contained in that one file18:50
Jucatostdin: re: what jbesiee said18:50
=== beata_ is now known as Aleksander-pl
ubuntuawag, jucato, thanks. Can I decide to have that specific 'big file' on another partition? Or is that just unnessecary?18:51
munk_how can i get a microphone working with kopete? for a yahoo account?18:52
Jucatoubuntu: unnecessary unless you really *really* want to18:52
maikelespanñol alguien habla its my firts time18:52
awagubuntu, but yeah if you want to, like for example, i had my virtualbox stuff on an entire different harddrive for a while, just because i didn't have space on my main drive18:52
ubuntuawag,jucato , I though to have 16 GB for my main parition (Im in live CD installing), but I shoiuld rather make it huger if I want to have a virtual machine on it, right?18:52
Jucatoubuntu: the thing is, it doesn't matter. virtual machines don't really mind your partitions18:52
Jucatoubuntu: yes18:52
awagubuntu, how big is the drive?18:53
Jucato!es | maikel18:53
ubotumaikel: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.18:53
ubuntuawag. It's totally 160 GB,  I at very first thought to have a 16 GB and a ~20GB for the XP guest Virtual machine, but I should put those togehter, right?18:53
awagis the rest of your drive, other than swap going to be used as /home?18:54
munk_how can i get a microphone working with kopete? for a yahoo account?18:54
ubuntuawag, I have another drive jsut for legally downloaded stuff ;), I thought of it being 110 GB18:54
awagubuntu, if you are going to mount a nice big partition on /home then you don't have to have a huge main partition, but i'd definately go with more than 16 gb18:56
=== nietgen is now known as Nietgen
ubuntuawag, hmm, 36 GB :)?, what do you think about that?18:56
ubotuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell18:57
awagubuntu, sure, is your home going to be on a different partition / drive though?18:58
ubuntuawag, No, I have my /home/ at the same partition Im installing Kubuntu, is that good/bad?18:59
awagoh, well in that case, make it way bigger18:59
ubuntuawag, /home/ ,I dont use that so much , do you? I thought it just was for some personal documents and such, I have all my media on the big partition19:00
awagubuntu, for example, i have an 80 gb drive as my main drive mounted on / and then i have a 320 gb drive mounted on /home19:00
awagubuntu, well yeah i did that at one point a few years ago, when i first tried to use linux, and then someone told me to do it this way19:00
awagsee if you put all your important stuff in home, and have it so that home points to another disk or partition entirely19:01
ubuntuawag, did you see any improvement? I mean, was it worth it?19:01
awagwell, the only thing is, if you want to reformat, and reinstall your OS19:01
awagyou can reformat your / without touching your home19:01
awagand since alot of things automatically get saved to your home dir, if it is all safe on a separate partition you won't have to worry about trying to find your files to back up if you want to format19:03
ubuntuawag, what you say makes sense, but I keep it to less than 2-3 GB; I mean documents take no space right?19:04
awagyeah if thats all you use it for thats fine19:04
ubuntuawag, If I want it that way.... should I type the mount point: '/home/' in kparted?19:05
ubuntuawag, or wahtever that partitiion program that is in the installation program is labeled19:05
awagare you in the middle of an install on another machine right now?19:06
ubuntuin the middle of the install, not that it have started, but im playing around testing how I want my partitions19:07
* ubuntu pressed install button19:12
henry_Hello everybody, I'm installing Kubuntu on a laptop and I try to access to an smb print server, but I can't see it in my domain, is there something to do ?19:16
ubuntuhenry_ are you installing right now?19:17
ubuntuhenry_ so ur in hte live CD?19:17
_miquelHello, how can I connect my laptop to my PC?19:17
henry_no, I'm on a installed system19:17
_miquelI'm running kubuntu dapper on both and both are connected to the same router via ethernet19:18
henry_but I'm in the process (there is some other things remaining)19:18
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows19:18
ubuntuhenry_ that might help, but im not really experienved19:19
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awagubuntu, hows the intstall going?19:25
nick_I'm having a k3b problem, it worked fine a few days ago, but now whenever I try to burn any kind of disk (data cd, dvd, iso cd, dvd) it says the device has no permission to open the device (it always happens on the 31st megabyte) but I havn't changed permissions in anyway, can someone explain to me how to fix this before I ruin all my cds :)19:27
nick_I've been searching the web but most of the answers I find are about suse or other distros and I can't find the files they say to edit in kubuntu19:28
Lacrymologyerror while trying to version-upgrade:19:31
LacrymologyTraceback (most recent call last):19:31
Lacrymology  File "/tmp/kde-root/adept_updaterN0iGya.tmp-extract/dist-upgrade.py", line 33, in <module>19:31
Lacrymology    logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG,19:31
LacrymologyAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'basicConfig'19:31
workhi every body19:31
workthis is my first time to log on this chat19:32
Jucato!hi | work19:33
ubotuwork: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!19:33
worki am from egypt19:33
workand you19:33
Jucatothis isn't really the place for that :)19:34
JucatoThis is the Kubuntu user support channel.19:35
Lacrymologycan anyone give me some support on why won't kubuntu upgrade to .10?19:35
workok sorry let's us discuss or Kubuntu19:36
Jucatohm... I haven't encountered that error...19:36
JucatoLacrymology: did it crash while upgrading?19:36
LacrymologyJucato: if I open the updater and click on new version, it downloads the "updater program" or something like that and dies19:37
LacrymologyJucato: then I sudo adept_updater and I get that output after doing that19:37
Jucatobut you should use adept_manager for upgrading to 7.10... although not sure if that will fix it19:38
LacrymologyI mean, I get the "press version upgrade" then the "press finish" after "downloading and veryfying upgrade tool"19:38
Jucatodid you follow the upgrade instructions exactly?19:38
jhutchinsLacrymology: You might want to kill X/kdm, clean out /tmp, reboot and retry.19:39
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=== blendtux is now known as blendtux-away
nick_I'm having a k3b problem, it worked fine a few days ago, but now whenever I try to burn any kind of disk (data cd, dvd, iso cd, dvd) it says the device has no permission to open the device (it always happens on the 31st megabyte) but I havn't changed permissions in anyway, can someone explain to me how to fix this before I ruin all my cds :)19:40
nick_Can someone tell me how to tell what drive number my cdrom drive is?19:46
WaltzingAlongnick_: drive number?19:50
WaltzingAlongnick_: cat /etc/fstab19:50
nick_Intresstingly enough, when the speed is turn way down (4x) for cds it seems to be working...why is that?19:52
awagnick_, are you running alot of other programs or something?19:53
nick_awag: nope, just k3b when it crashes, I am running 3 programs now at the slower speed and it works19:53
nick_awag: I ran across this post where this guy said he saw on a windows forum that sometimes the laser can get dim and won't write as fast, but would that return that kind of error?19:54
nick_Yep, successful burn at 4x19:56
WaltzingAlongeven if the cd could be burnt at 32x, for example, should be more compatible with a slower burn19:58
WaltzingAlongat least this has been so in my experience especially with video dvd formatted discs20:01
s4xxoni'll agree. as lower the speed. more secure to write a cd/dvd better20:01
nick_Oh yes, I know they work down, I just can't figure out why k3b was returning the permission error when it was set on auto (and we're not talking about hyper speed 16x or less)20:01
nick_Anyway, I don't mind waiting thanks for the help everyone20:02
theunixgeekIs there anything Visual-Studio like for Linux?20:04
s4xxonno, but there is grasshopper20:04
s4xxondepends what u mean with visual studio20:04
s4xxon.NET ?20:04
theunixgeekjust a way to Visually design applications20:04
s4xxonon what language20:05
s4xxonnet beans is good for that, and if i am not wrong it has also package to design C++ forms20:06
hydrogenqt has a designer20:07
WaltzingAlongthere are plenty of IDE tools. which language do you want?20:07
WaltzingAlong!info kdevelop20:07
ubotukdevelop: An IDE for Unix/X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.0-0ubuntu2.1 (gutsy), package size 8840 kB, installed size 26992 kB20:07
s4xxonWaltzingAlong,  kdevelop doesnt support GUI i think. its just an ide20:08
MilitantPotatoAt login I keep getting No command arguments supplied! Usage: kdesudo [-u <runas>] <command> KdeSudo will now exit...  How do I fix this?20:08
s4xxonwith editor compiler debugger20:08
wolfearHi all..trying to set up dancer-ircd. I ahd previously installed, then removed ircd-hybrid(using apt-get for everything). When trying to test the dancer installation from my desktop, I'm still getting the hybrid MOTD when trying to connect using konversation..is there a cache or tmp area I need to clear out to test dancer20:08
hydrogenkdevelop embeds qt designer20:08
WaltzingAlong!info kdevdesigner20:08
ubotuPackage kdevdesigner does not exist in gutsy20:08
MilitantPotatoIt happens regardless of me saving a new session or not20:08
hydrogen!file kdevdesigner20:08
s4xxonqt is good, but he has to know what kind of applications he wants and in what language20:08
WaltzingAlonganyway kdevdesigner is a part of kdevelop which is the built-in gui designer or yes links to the qt designer20:08
WaltzingAlongs4xxon: yes true20:13
WaltzingAlongs4xxon: and actually in my experience anyone who has asked for a gnu/linux equiv of visual studio has not found one ... mostly looking for the RAD part of building GUI apps quickly20:14
wolfearIf memory servers me correctly..doesn't the kdewebdev meta have pretty much everything included?20:14
s4xxonfrankly talking i dont get what you mean :)20:15
s4xxonanyway, going for a gui developing ide isnt that easy to start with20:15
s4xxoni myself know how to some basic java applications with gui through a text editor, and when i used netbeans it took me several days to figure out a bit whats happening20:16
s4xxonso its not the best way to start with using it as basis20:16
WaltzingAlongwell i mean that the people who have been asking me were looking for a way to build programs without thinking about building programs. if it were well planned, using gui designers first or during would have worked too20:19
WaltzingAlongbut of course there are the learning curves as one can expect20:21
s4xxonguing straight for gui means you are lazy to learn the basic code :)20:22
WaltzingAlongyes i know and i was thinking that forcing developers to well design first yields better results20:22
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=== row_ is now known as jake_
arashHi, my knetworkmanager seemed nice at first, but i did something and I can't get it back the way it was directly after installing Kubuntu, how can I restore it?20:36
elfo_wee, greetings from my recent installed kubuntu 7.10 :) it's working flawless till now :)20:38
elfo_hello ksal20:39
ksalhow can I set a Label of a partition?20:39
SSJ_GZelfo_: Glad to hear it :)20:39
elfo_anyway is running in vmware :) I'll migrate to real machine tomorrow or so. Then I'll test how's going with 3d accelerated nvidia graphic card20:40
elfo_and maybe i'll take a look to compiz-fusion20:40
elfo_Planned to use treviño¡s repositories.. any suggested alternative?20:41
ksalI mean something like in windows, i could name a disk as 'WinSux' etc.20:41
jpatrickelfo_: updated compiz-fusion is in backports20:42
elfo_ksal take a look at /etc/fstab maybe that helps :)20:42
ksalhow can i do this in linux? i know it's possible somehow, because names i set on windows are seenable20:42
elfo_really? good to hear jpatrick, thanx for the tip :)20:42
arashhmm... I dont think that has to do with fstab, though im not sure at all20:43
jpatrickksal: right click it in konq and properties, should be there somewhere20:43
jpatrickksal: under "media:/", I think20:43
elfo_oops. I missunderstood I thought that he wanted to change the mount point :) sorry20:44
ksaljpatrick: thanks, i did it. i just wanted to make sure, that there's no config for this ;)20:45
jpatrickksal: no problem20:46
ksali didn't ever see anything like this in fstab, so i wondered if there's anything else20:46
arashHi, I want to remove all data files for one of my KDE applications, can anyone help me?20:47
jpatrickarash: you better look for it's folder in ~/.kde/share/apps and remove it20:47
jpatrickbut check what's inside first.20:47
=== casey| is now known as ee|
Evil_`Anyone know why after I installed Kubuntu from the livecd, when I try to run without the CD, it says cannot allocate from memory region 7 or something and wont run?20:48
jernejovchi, I've tried to connect to wireless network with Kubuntu 7.10, and I couldn't get the wireless connection to work in kubuntu. router: Linksys WRT54GL, wireless card: TP-Link TLWN610G. help any1?20:50
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs20:50
arashjernejovc, I m having trouble with wireless netwrok now too20:50
egulcinarkadaşlar aranızda ubuntusa ses sorunu yaşamış olanlar var mı?20:51
egulcinve bunun çözümünü bulmuş olan?20:52
jernejovcarash, can you connect to network if you have DHCP turned on? because if I use manual config i can conenct to network, but can't connect to any site at all. not even ones in LAN.20:52
Dr_willisI had a HD yesterday that started spitting out errors. i reformated it - and it 'seems' to be fine. There a decent way to test it out better then just fsck ing it?20:53
arashjernejovc, im currently using my normal connection, but i want to be able to use the wirelsss  one too20:54
arashknetworkmanager is killing me, anyone know how to reset it , it seems to say that 'networkmanager' isn't running, and therefore it doesnt like to show me any GUI20:56
ee|Dr_willis: smartctl, and do bad block checking when you format.21:02
Dr_willisee|,  Hmm ok i will check that out.21:02
ee|mkfs.whatever will have some option.21:03
ee|for bb checking21:03
Dr_willisdarn hd went kabam when i did a fsck /dev/sdb4 it said 'is this a zero legenth partition' unfortunatly it was /home :)21:03
leo_rockwhello everyone. i'm trying to record some sound using krec and that's not working. audacity and skype work with my mic, how can i tell kde what to use as sound input?21:03
Dr_willisi did do a mkfs with an option to check badblocks21:03
Dr_willisjust wondering if there was somthing more 'in depth'  to help me decide to toss the HD. or reformat/reinstall/watch it die again. :)21:04
* genii sips a coffee21:06
leo_rockwgenii: all that coffee can't be good :-P21:06
johannes__hi everybody21:07
leo_rockwhello johannes__21:07
geniileo_rockw: To the contrary, it's extremely tasty21:07
leo_rockwgenii: hahaha21:07
johannes__can someone help me with wine? im new to linux ^^21:07
geniijohannes__: There is a channel for them, #winehq    Just to install it, use the package manager21:08
johannes__thx for the channel ;)21:08
geniieg: kmenu..Add/Remove Programs21:08
johannes__I have it already instaled21:08
leo_rockwyou should need wine too much, unless you're trying to play games. in which case you can buy a ps2 with the money you saved from the winbugs license21:09
johannes__I don't ned it for gaming21:09
leo_rockwjohannes__: what are you trying to run?21:10
morphinexhowdy folks, I am having trouble connecting my mp3 player...21:10
morphinexI am getting error -71 in my dmesg output21:10
* Wolf32 is away: Zur Zeit nicht da.21:10
* Wolf32 is back.21:11
MinnozzHi, which progam should I use to scan (images, text)?21:22
Dr_willisHmm. I thought 'kooka' was the default tool for that.21:23
Dr_willis!info kooka21:23
ubotukooka: scanner program for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 744 kB, installed size 1204 kB21:23
Minnozzthanks, I'll try that one =)21:23
keatonKopete seems to have spontaniously stopped letting me connect to any chat services.21:23
* ScorpKing waves..21:24
keatonAnyone know where Kopete stores user settings and such?21:26
Dr_willisin .kde/somwehere :)21:27
jhutchinskeaton: probably somewhere under <home>/.kde/share/21:27
Dr_willisthats one nice thing about Kde.21:27
ardchoillekeaton: ~/.kde/share/{config|apps}/kopet*21:27
Tm_Tardchoille: meh21:27
* ardchoille got them both :)21:28
morphinexany thoughts on how I can install libqca2 in edgy?21:28
Tm_Tmorphinex: for...21:28
morphinexTm_T: for Psi 0.1121:28
noviziois there anybody that can help me for my printer on kubuntu 7.04?21:28
morphinexIt seems kind of insane to do a full upgrade to gutsy justy so I can get that one library21:28
Evil_`IS there any known problems with installing Kubuntu on a Dell laptop? because I've resinstalled this about 5 times, and no luck21:29
Evil_`it keeps saying something about not being able to allocate memory in resourse 7 or something21:29
noviziois there anybody that can help me for my printer on kubuntu 7.04?21:29
Dr_willisDell makes a lot of laptops. :)21:29
Dr_willisEvil_`,  may want to try the alternative installer cd.21:29
Evil_`alternative installer cd?21:29
Dr_willisIhad a odd machine that would crash on the live cd. but the alt install cd worked fine.21:29
Dr_willisAlternive install cd  = text only installer, no live desktop21:30
jhutchinsnovizio: Better to state the specific problem you're having, and what printer it is.  No need to repeat while your original question is still on-screen.21:30
Evil_`Ok, I'll try it...thanks :)21:30
ardchoilleEvil_`: It's test-based, but very easy to follow.21:30
Evil_`alright, is it on the livecd?21:31
ardchoilleNo, it's a diff cd, the alternate cd21:31
jhutchinsEvil_`: The alternate install CD is not on the live CD, no.21:31
morphinexPsi is packaged in a weird way... the .deb file I found will actually installed on edgy, but it crashes when it tries to connect21:32
novizioi have an Epson dx7400 print/scanner, and mi kubuntu 7.04 haven't driver for that printer.21:33
leo_rockwhow can i tell kde what device to use to input sound?21:33
Dr_willisnovizio,  check cups.org to see if that printer has any linux sypport. that site may suggest a alternative driver for it.21:33
noviziothanks! i'm going..21:34
Dr_williswell bbl.. egads.. the 'inlaws' got a computer at walmart today.. Now i have to explain to them why they cant get the internet... they dont even have cable. :)21:35
Dr_willisI think i may hide from them for a few days21:36
Evil_`Hmm, is there a way I can download the alternative CD and burn it to a disk...from the livecd? I have a feeling the answer is no lol21:36
jhutchinsDr_willis: They thought... you just plug it in, eh?  Maybe all that wifi stuff people talk about...21:36
jhutchinsEvil_`: Dunno why not.21:37
Evil_`because I can't take the livecd out21:37
jhutchinsEvil_`: ...because you have a partial install that doesn't work?21:37
Dr_willisjhutchins,  they are so old.. they can barely read the screens with 1 inch tall letters.21:37
jhutchinsEvil_`: Were you setting it up to dual-boot?21:37
=== ee| is now known as casey|
novizioDr-Willis, on cups.org i don't found my drivers, but on epson-org i found they... the problem is this: how can i install the drivers named f.es.: pipslite-1.0.1.tar.gz ??? this ia a zipped archive and i don't know whot can i do!21:45
=== genii is now known as skynet
jhutchinsEvil_`: It's worth a try.21:45
voicuif i shrink and ext3 partition in qtparted how can i be sure it won't damage the data on it?21:45
jhutchinsnovizio: Look for instructions on the web site or in the tar.gz, which should open with ark.21:45
Evil_`my disk drive won't open :P21:45
julshabouhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!21:46
jhutchinsvoicu: Have a verified backup on alternate media.21:46
jhutchinsEvil_`: then no.21:46
julshaon va pas s'en sortir21:46
jhutchins!br | julsha21:47
ubotujulsha: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.21:47
voicujhutchins: a backup isn't possible... it's too big21:47
jhutchinsvoicu: External hard drive.21:47
voicui could go on windows and use partition magic but i want to know how to do it in kubuntu21:47
jhutchinsvoicu: You can never be completely sure you won't loose data if you mess with partitions.21:47
ubuntuhello, I downloaded this live dvd from my isp and it said it's ubuntu but it installed kde automatically from wubi, any idea how I can get it to run ubuntu-desktop? I've tried sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop and it almost completed but half way through unpackaging it gave me no space errors.21:47
novizioI open it, but inside there are about 300 files, but nothing with the extension like a driver...21:48
jhutchinsvoicu: qtparted is as reliable as partition magic.21:48
=== juergen_ is now known as fowler
jhutchinsnovizio: look for README or INSTALL.21:48
=== fowler is now known as fowlerhh
voicujhutchins: can't i defragment an ext3 or something? put all the data at one end?21:48
=== RogueJediX is now known as genii
jhutchinsvoicu: ext2/3 doesn't usually fragment.21:48
=== genii is now known as RogueJediX
voicujhutchins: soo... i can assume the data is already at the beggining and all the free space at the end?21:49
jhutchinsvoicu: Let's say yes.21:49
=== skynet is now known as genii
snikkerhow can i fix this error: "ar: lib/lib.a: No such file or directory" ? i've got lib.a in my kernel-lib directory...21:49
jhutchinsvoicu: If not, qtparted is going to move it anyway.21:50
jhutchinssnikker: context?21:50
snikkerjhutchins: kernel recompile...21:50
=== ubuntu is now known as Newbuntu
jhutchinssnikker: Which step?21:50
voicujhutchins: aha, i'll try qtparted then21:50
jhutchinssnikker: What guide are you following?21:50
snikkerjhutchins: make bzImage21:51
=== Newbuntu is now known as nicknotpwned
jhutchinsvoicu: Just be aware that there is always a risk, even with partition magic.21:51
nicknotpwnedwhat are the odds newbuntu is registered? lol21:51
voicujhutchins, well yeah, i know21:52
voicujhutchins: could i save the file table or something? is it in a particular place?21:52
jhutchinssnikker: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile21:52
voicumaybe dd if=/dev/sda3 of=backup count=10000?21:52
nicknotpwnedam I in the right channel to get help on this installing ubuntu from kubuntu wubi problem?21:52
biovorenicknotpwned: you boot into kubuntu..  and do apt-get install ubuntu-desktop..21:53
noviziojhutchins, this is my command in the shell 'rpm -i --nodeps pipslite-cups-1.0.1-1.i386.rpm' and this the 'error.. rpm -i --nodeps pipslite-cups-1.0.1-1.i386.rpm' can u help me?21:53
biovorenovizio: we don't use rpm's in this distro..  try alien21:54
nicknotpwnedbiovore: yes. I did that. But half-way through unpackaging it gave me errors that there was no space left. But I've only used about 8% of my 5gb virtual fs.21:54
snikkerjhutchins: i'm in a uclibc chroot, and i can't compile in ubuntu-way, i must use the classic way ()make menu config, make dep, ecc.)...21:55
biovorehmm.. probably out of disk space.. if its only 5GB..  kubuntu and gnome at the same time takes some space.. 3 -> 4 GB with all the apps it installs with them..21:55
nicknotpwnedany idea how I can find out how much this wubi kubuntu is using?21:56
jhutchinsvoicu: The option to dump the partition table to a file is missing from the current gnu fdisk, but may be available in parted, gparted, or qtparted.21:56
biovoreI think you can grow the virtual filesystem in windows with the wubi installer I think..21:56
biovorenicknotpwned: boot into linux and type "df -h"21:56
jhutchinsnovizio: You would need to use alien to transform the rpm to a deb file, or you can look for a deb file directly.21:57
jhutchinsnovizio: you would need to aptitude install alien first, since it's not included by default.21:57
nicknotpwnedbiovore: it says there are 8 fs, one of them is the live dvd.21:57
jhutchins!info alien21:57
ubotualien: install non-native packages with dpkg. In component main, is optional. Version 8.68 (gutsy), package size 101 kB, installed size 276 kB21:57
jhutchinsnicknotpwned: df? df -h? fdisk -l?21:58
nicknotpwnedbiovore: if I add them all up it's using about 17mb which doesn't sound right.21:58
noviziojhutchins, how can i do to install alien?21:58
=== miles_ is now known as stansmith
jhutchinsnovizio: aptitude install alien21:59
stansmithcan anyone point me to a great reference on microcontrollers using C ?21:59
biovorestansmith: Depends on the microcontoller21:59
noviziojhutchins: can u tell me what have to do for became root?22:00
jhutchins!sudo | novizio22:00
ubotunovizio: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.22:00
jhutchins!kdesu | novizio22:00
ubotunovizio: In KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)22:00
lovrehi ppl.22:00
stansmithbiovore: i have seen the word "PIC" thrown around, im guessing this is the type of MC i want22:00
lovreIm trying to play a game under wine, but its not working very well. Is there any other game-oriented emulator (free)?22:01
nicknotpwnedis there a channel for pasting stuff?22:01
biovorewell pic is a simple 8bit microcontroller from www.microchip.com22:01
jhutchins!paste | nicknotpwned22:01
ubotunicknotpwned: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)22:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about piklab - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:01
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rowHey what do I need to add to /etc/apt/sources to get stuff like mysql-server?22:01
casey|stansmith: "position independent code"22:01
snikkerlovre: you can try cedega, but i don't know if it's free22:02
lovresnikker: its not free as i can see22:02
lovresnikker: :(22:02
stansmithi went to radio shack today, and the only microcontroller set they had used some language called "BASIC stamp"...id rather learn it in C..something i can actually use22:03
snikkerlovre: sorry, i don't know another one :(22:03
novizioUnable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it? :(22:03
biovorestansmith: "Pic MicroController, An Introduction to Software & Hardware" By Huang  (ISBN 140183967-3) Is a decent book... I learned HC11 and HCS12 before PIC..22:03
stansmithk, thanks biovore, i just need a push in the right direction22:03
jhutchins!sources | row22:03
uboturow: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu22:03
biovorestansmith: Basic Stamps are cool.. I got 2 here..  They actauly use a pic micro with propritary basic interpiter running on it..22:03
lovresnikker: ok, thank you22:04
jhutchinsnovizio: in response to what command?22:04
novizio!sudo aptitude install alien22:04
ardchoillerow: Are you on Gutsy?22:04
jhutchinsnovizio: We will often forget to mention that you need to use sudo in front of apt-get or aptitude.22:04
jhutchins!aptfix | novizio22:05
ubotunovizio: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »22:05
jhutchinsnovizio: but first make sure any GUI tools are closed.22:05
rowardchoille: yeah just switched to non default mirror and it has it.22:05
nicknotpwnedbiovore: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/45627/ is what I get when I do df -h. It doesn't look very informative, so I don't know whether I've filled up the wubi.22:05