mptHi kiko00:02
jjessequestion: how do i go about resolving a bzr branch that has divereged if i have already done the bzr merge and bzr push?00:23
Odd_Blokejjesse: Could you be more specific about the branches on which the operations are being performed?00:24
jjesseOdd_Bloke:  sure its a branch of the ubuntu-desktop-training-course that i'm working on... i've created my branch and made changes00:25
jjessewhen i go to push my changes to my branch it says it has divereged and to use bzr merge and bzr push00:25
jjessei ran thebzr merge and have no conflicts00:25
jjesseas far as i can tell00:25
Odd_Blokejjesse: You need to commit merges.00:26
Odd_Blokei.e. If you run ``bzr status`` you should have a list of pending merges.00:26
jjesseOdd_Bloke: hmm ok let me check, thanks00:26
jjessei think that worked sorry for bothering00:27
Odd_Blokejjesse: No worries. :)00:29
jjesseok another question, looking at: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/110210/ i see a note next to the bug # that "Bug #110210 is not in Ubuntu" what does that mean?00:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110210 in hal "Unable to mount external USB hard drives" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11021000:39
Odd_Blokejjesse: That's because you're accessing it under Ubuntu.  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/110210 is probably what you want.00:41
Odd_BlokeAck, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/110210 even.00:41
jjesseoh i understand the difference, first time i saw it00:42
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kiko-zzzjjesse, Odd_Bloke: that does suggest the displayis kind of buggy though.01:21
kiko-zzzI mean, the bug /is/ in Ubuntu01:21
kiko-zzzand more specifically, in a specific source package01:21
kiko-zzzis there a bug filed for that?01:22
mptkiko-zzz, I think so01:32
mptone moment01:32
mptActually, I don't get the bug on edge01:32
mptoh, wait, I do01:33
* mpt didn't even notice the first heading :-]01:34
mptAnd Launchpad doesn't let me search for a phrase such as "is not in"01:35
* mpt gives up and reports it01:36
mptAh, I was remembering bug 3628601:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 36286 in malone "Don't show "not reported here" message at distro if bug is on a distro package" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36286 - Assigned to Brad Bollenbach (bradb)01:40
ubotuNew bug: #164621 in malone "Bug "is not in" distribution when it's in a package of that distribution" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16462101:51
ubotuNew bug: #164624 in launchpad "staging.launchpad.net subhosts have bad certificate" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16462402:31
SeqIs anybody able to help me with an upload problem I'm having with dput and my PPA?02:40
Hobbseeprobably.  more info?02:41
SeqI'm uploading a modified kernel source, but it seems to just stop after a while. I have gnome system monitor open, and network activity is decent for a good while02:41
Seqit just stops, and dput does not give any output02:41
SeqIndeed. when I tried with dupload, it actually gave me an error after doing the same sort of thing (transferring at 60+ kb/s for a while)02:44
Seqdupload fatal error: Can't upload linux-source-2.6.22_2.6.22.orig.tar.gz: Opening Binary connection for /~chrisirwin/ubuntu/linux-source-2.6.22_2.6.22.orig.tar.gz02:44
Seqbut it uploads for about ten minutes or so before that, with constant network activity..02:45
ubotuNew bug: #164625 in malone "Pressing "Enter" in Summary on first bug-reporting page doesn't work in IE7" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16462502:46
Hobbseei don't know, then.  you just tried this?02:46
SeqI've been trying for a few days. I don't get much time to look at it02:46
Hobbseeright, so you wouldn't have hit the rollout time02:47
Hobbseewhich would have stoppe duploads02:47
SeqI had initially tried before I knew I had to join the beta team, and then again after being added. I was added last weekend I believe02:49
Seqso this is about a week or so I have been unable to do this.02:49
SeqI guess I could try from another computer to try and rule out some network problem on this one..02:50
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SeqHobbsee: I just started an upload from my other machine. It is going at 88KB/s (Bytes??) according to system monitor. The kernel source package is 54 MB. I'll let you know when it stops02:56
SeqIs there a capacity limit with the PPA?03:00
Hobbseeit will be 1gb, but not until you can delete things.  it's in the ppa quickstart03:00
SeqAlright, it looks like it completed. System Monitor's Total for sent data has increased by slightly more than the kernel source size. dput has not continued, however..03:06
Seqyeah, it looks like dput is not continuing with the rest of the required files..03:11
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ubotuNew bug: #164637 in malone "hpss data_stream from pack repository has deltas out of order, fails with KnitCorrupt exception" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16463707:06
somerville33Hi, I renamed a branch while uploading and I blew things up, lol07:24
jameshthat does not sound like a laughing matter07:30
somerville33jamesh: lol07:59
jameshsomerville33: if you'd like some help with the issue, you'll need to provide some more information08:00
* Hobbsee notes that somerville33 should know better, too.08:00
somerville33I'm sorry, it is 4:02am and I'm trying to do a billion things at once. I'm just waiting to see if the lock clears up on it's own before I ask for assistance.08:02
jameshsomerville33: if it is a bzr lock, you may need to run "bzr break-lock bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~user/project/branch"08:03
somerville33Ok, thanks.08:04
ubotuNew bug: #164646 in launchpad-bazaar ""Product $foo does not exist" error message is wrong" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16464608:15
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somerville33Does branding really have to be 192x192?10:31
mrevellsomerville33: Hi - for the larger image, yes.10:33
somerville33But it makes my logo look... squished.10:34
mrevellsomerville33: Could you add white space to make it into a square?10:35
somerville33Interesting idea10:37
somerville33Bamm, thanks10:40
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ubotuNew bug: #164679 in soyuz "Binary upload archive consistency check became obsolete for source copied across or to PPAs" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16467914:01
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Ubulette"since we now allow sources to be copied across PPAs and/or to PRIMARY archive". does that mean it's now automatic ?14:29
kikono, it's not automatic, but it can be done using a tool14:30
Ubuletteso you're not rejecting uploads in ppa if the same tarball is already in main, correct ?14:30
UbuletteI mean, an upload with a tarball in it14:31
kikoI am pretty sure we don't14:31
Ubuletteok, goof14:31
kikowe actually require tarballs to be uploaded -- we don't look them up in the primary archive yet.14:32
kiko(but we should, there's a bug open etc)14:32
Ubuletteit will be a problem for me otherwise14:32
* Hobbsee waves to kik14:46
* Hobbsee waves to kiko14:46
Hobbsee. o O { who switched my tab and enter keys around temporarily? }14:47
kikohey Hobbsee 14:49
Hobbseekiko: how were the holidays?14:52
kikoHobbsee, whew.. beautiful. hard to believe how great they were14:52
Hobbseekiko: heh :)14:56
Hobbseekiko: i don't think they exist, myself14:56
Hobbseesomeday i'll have to be enlightened or something14:56
kikothe galapagos? or holidays as a concept?14:58
Hobbseethe latter14:58
Hobbseethe galapagos...as in the island variety?14:58
kikoI tell you15:00
kikoit is very hard to be there and not be on vacation15:01
Hobbseekiko: i don't suppose you'd have any pictures from it?15:01
kikoHobbsee, I have many; I'll post them when I have some more time15:03
Hobbseekiko: cool :)15:04
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LaserRockkiko: still around?17:23
kikoRock on lazer!17:24
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ubotuNew bug: #164737 in rosetta "error ID  OOPS-692EA106 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16473718:55
rav3i need some free ubuntu cd's ..how do i get it soon18:58
kikorav3, shipit.ubuntu.com19:03
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pumpichankquick codehosting question.  we don't support tags for lp hosted branches yet, do we?20:03
chxhi http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/drupal/main gives me The requested URL /00/00/0a/af was not found on this server.20:11
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TtechHello, someone was sayipng there is a way that you can mirror a SVN reop with BZR using somehting in Launchpad? How do I do this?20:13
TtechAnd second part of that question, which is kinda stupid, how do I check if I'm admin?20:13
Ttech*not admin but dev20:13
chxit broke 43 hours ago :(20:13
chxTtech: neh20:14
chxTtech: I am talking aobut my problem, sorry20:14
Ttechnp 20:14
TtechJust thought that was to me. :D 20:14
Ubulettepumpichank: what do you mean, i've just tested, it works20:20
Ubulettepumpichank, i've added two tags to a clone of an existing bzr branch of mine (i had to migrate it 1st), i've pushed it to lp, it's there. I've branched it from somewhere else, still mo problem and my 2 tags are still there.20:22
pumpichankUbulette: i think i need bzr upgrade --dirstate-tags but i'm wondering what will happen when i push that to lp20:23
chxanyone could help me please?20:24
chxI can't work on Drupal w/o a bzr mirror from here20:24
Ubulettepumpichank, if it's with a new name for that branch, it will just work. if it's the same, you may have to push --overwrite, but you'd better test 1st.20:25
Ttechanyone on my q?20:26
pumpichankUbulette: thanks.  i'm actually trying bzr upgrade --dirstate-tags lp-branch-url.   i can't tell what it's doing but it hasn't complained yet ;)20:28
kikoTtech, sure20:29
kikoTtech, what SVN repository, and which project?20:29
chxme too, please, please! :)20:30
UbuletteTtech, https://help.launchpad.net/VcsImports20:30
kikoisn't drupal already available?20:30
TtechOk, cool. Its a SF repo.20:30
chxkiko: please click http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/drupal/main20:30
chxkiko: it's not really availbe.20:30
kikoTtech, so far so good. what project?20:30
chxkiko: according to the project page, it broke 43 hours ago.20:31
TtechCustom project? Its not a big one, but I need it to sync with BZR20:31
kikohow annoying.20:31
kikoTtech, what's the project's name?20:31
kikochx, http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/drupal/main/files20:32
kikochx, I think you may be confused.20:32
kikochx, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/drupal/main\20:32
kikochx, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/drupal/main20:32
chxkiko: http://drupal.org/project/cvs/306020:33
kikoTtech, okay. you need to first register the project in launchpad. once you've done that I can guide you to getting the import going.20:33
Ttechits reg, but I''am not admin20:33
kikoTtech, what's the URL? launchpad.net/fcm-colab doesn't exist.20:34
kikochx, ah, what you're saying is that the branch is out of date.20:34
Ttechone sec20:34
chxkiko: the mirroring broke 46 hours ago, yes.20:34
kikochx, mwhudson is the person to ask about that20:34
kikochx, why do you say it broke?20:34
kikoImport status:  Online20:34
kikoLast run: Success 43 hours ago20:34
chxkiko: because i get a 404 http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/drupal/main here.20:34
kikoit just seems to not have run since 43h ago20:34
chxkiko: I might be confused.20:34
chxkiko: ah.20:35
chxkiko: and only mwhudson can run the script?20:35
kikochx, mwhudson takes care of imports20:35
Ttechkiko: ok, catfacts is admin, I'm  just dev. the project is https://launchpad.net/fcmcolab/20:35
chxmwhudson: ping.20:35
kikochx, fwiw bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/drupal/main works but indeed gets you a branch missing the recent revisions20:36
chxkiko: OK, thanks.20:36
Ttechkiko: how do you add a nothe admin to a project on Launchpad?20:37
kikoTtech, so, catfacts has stated that the project uses bzr and that that's the main branch for it, but that branch has nothing published to it.20:37
chxkiko: We are between beta3 and beta4 (due Dec 1) with Drupal and I travel and where I am , most ports are filtered, so I can't really do cvs from here and I am hosed w/o the bzr mirror. And http://www.slideshare.net/drumm/maintaining-your-own-branch-of-drupal-core if you check slide 13, that's quite a bit of trouble.20:37
kikoTtech, you create a team, add yourself to it, and make the team the owner of the project.20:37
TtechWe need to get the syncing going between the SVN on SF and the BZR on LAunchpad.20:38
TtechSo no there are no files on the BZR20:38
kikoso first things first.20:38
Ttechcatfacts: get that message?20:38
kikoyou can create the team, say "FCMColab Maintainers"20:38
kikoadd both of you to the team20:38
kikoand then catfacts can change the owner to point to the team.20:39
Ttechon that20:39
kikoto create a team go to launchpad.net/people/+newteam20:39
chxkiko: is the script you guys use available? I might start my own bzr mirror on some server :(20:39
kikochx, we use launchpad.net/cscvs to do the conversion20:39
TtechWait? where do go do add a group?20:39
Ttech* team20:39
kikochx, we use launchpad.net/launchpad-cscvs to do the conversion20:39
kikoto create a team go to launchpad.net/people/+newteam20:39
kikoTtech, as for the SVN import, I can update the branch information for you. what's the SVN URL?20:40
Ttechcatfacts: SVN url? 20:40
imbrandonwhere can one request removal of package(s) from a PPA ? is there an official way pre-UI change ?20:41
kikoimbrandon, yes, add a question (see /topic)20:42
imbrandonkiko: thanks20:43
kikocatfacts, I'll need mwhudson to actually make the change in the backend. the backend is slightly voodoo and you need shell access to trigger changes like this, but it should be done over the weekend.20:44
kikocatfacts, Ttech: if you want you can also convert the SVN repo using tailor or other tools. here: http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrMigration20:45
catfactsyou said you wanted to keep using sf.net but mrmonday wants launchpad tracking20:46
catfactsso we dont want to move the repo but more so mirror it i guess20:46
chxkiko: is there any way I can help this in the future? become part of some team? I have a launchpad registration, I believe.20:46
catfactsat least that was my impression20:46
kikocatfacts, okay. if it's an up to date mirror you need then launchpad is really the way to go.20:48
kikochx, it's not actually possible because IS controls who has access to the engine room and mwhudson and ddaa are the only ones with that clearance20:48
chxI see.20:49
chxddaa sounds familiar :)20:49
catfactsok so what do i need to set this up?20:50
catfactsand sorry if i respond sloly kiko but im wrinting an essay that is due today for school so yea :P20:51
kikocatfacts, no probs. right now you don't need to do anything but we need to wait for ddaa or mwhudson20:51
catfactstimeframe? cuz i will need to leave in about half an hour :)20:51
kikocatfacts, probably not today.20:52
catfactsso i wont wait around then :P20:52
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SeqHello. I'm trying to use dput to upload a package, but it seems to stop working after uploading the orig source file -- it appears to upload it all, but fails to continue with other files. Has anybody encountered this before?22:33
SeqThis is to my ppa by the way. I've been trying to upload the package for several days.22:33
frenchySeq:  I'm new to packaging so I probably won't be any help but no one else seems to be answering.  How did you build the package?22:38
frenchySeq: BTW, I do have my PPA working.22:38
Seq`debuild -S -sa` so it would be source-only, and include orig source22:38
SeqIt is a patched kernel. I got the source with apt-get, I applied a patch, appended .cwi1 (my initials and revision) to version with dch, then ran `debuild -S -sa`22:41
frenchySeq: Does the dsc file mention the diff? Once again, I'm new at this.22:43
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Seqyes. It lists the orig.tar.gz, and the diff.gz22:44
frenchySeq: When you say it "fails to continue with other files", do you get an error message?22:47
Seqno. I even left it running overnight. Network activity stops after 55 MB (the size of the orig file), but it does not continue to the next file. No error.22:49
kikoSeq, that's weird.22:54
frenchySeq: sorry mate, no idea.  What's your LP id?22:54
kikoSeq, is it particularly large?22:54
kikoSeq, have you tried uploading directly using ftp?22:54
Seqfrenchy: 55mb orig.tar.gz. It is the kernel source22:55
ubotuNew bug: #164765 in launchpad-bazaar "can't delete codehosted tags" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16476522:55
Seqkiko, no I have not. Do all four files go (.dsc and .changes plus orig and diff)?22:55
kikoSeq, yes.22:55
Seqfrenchy: ~chrisirwin22:55
frenchySeq: That's funny http://ppa.launchpad.net/chrisirwin/ubuntu gives 404.  Are you a member of beta-testers?22:58
frenchySeq: Yes you are.22:59
Seqfrenchy: I was not when I created the PPA though, but I would think that would either allow me to not upload at all, or it would hang on the first file (it successfully uploads the dsc)22:59
kikoSeq, did you rename your user?22:59
SeqI just tested dput on my local repository and it uploaded fine (i usually use dupload)22:59
kikoSeq, if you did, oh-oh22:59
Seqkiko: as in recently, or ever. I have not recently, but I had two accounts at some point when the ubuntu bugzilla migration occurred23:00
kikoSeq, ah, that's not meant to be a problem.23:01
kikounless you merged in the wrong direction after creating your PPA. :)23:02
Seqwell the account merge was over a year ago. I set up the PPA last week23:03
kikobut there are no packages published so it's understandable that it's 404ing I think.23:03
kikoSeq, try doing a straight ftp upload.23:03
Seqno account changes have occurred since the migration23:03
SeqI'm just trying now23:03
SeqI'm just going to use plain-old `ftp` from the command line. I've turned 'hash' on, so I should be able to see when it stops23:06
frenchykiko: I thought that the directory was created when I joined beta-testers.  I could be wrong.23:06
kikofrenchy, nope.23:06
Seqfrenchy: this is my first package23:06
frenchySeq: I also was not a member of beta-testers when I created my PPA.23:06
Seqfirst package for my ppa, i should clarify.23:07
Seqfrenchy: good to hear, that hopefully crosses one thing of the list23:08
frenchySeq: But if it's been uploading the orig.tar.gz (assumption) then where's it going?23:08
kikofrenchy, things are not what they seem.23:10
kikofrenchy, you upload to a virtual directory23:10
SeqI did "cd ~chrisirwin/ubuntu" as that is the path that it indicates to put in .dput.cf in the quickstart guide23:10
kikogood job.23:10
frenchyWhen I FTP in I get nothing?  ftp ppa.launchpad.net, used michael-lamothe user and cd ~michael-lamothe/ubuntu and nothing is listed.23:16
kikothat's right23:17
frenchyThe files are transferred to librarian.23:17
kikoit's a virtual, one-shot directory.23:17
SeqOkay, ftp just stopped23:18
Seqno more hash marks, and no prompt23:19
kikosounds like a fun problem to debug.23:19
kikodoes this happen ftping from anywhere?23:19
Seqnot on my internal network. I have not tried external... Any ideas where I could try to upload a file to?23:20
FujitsuOh, so after all that, it wasn't actually rolled out? Nice.23:20
* kiko rolls eyes23:20
kikoSeq, hmmm. 23:20
frenchyI might turn into a spectator and learn some things from you guys.  Hope you get it solved Seq.23:21
kikoSeq, if you have shell access somewhere you could try uploading from there.23:21
SeqI don't have shell access anywhere23:21
kikoI just want to make sure that it's something with the upload itself and not a networking thingy.23:21
kikothat's not fun23:22
SeqI could take my laptop to my work, and try from there23:22
kikothe thing is that there are a number of people who have uploaded the kernel before23:22
kikoSeq, did you manage to upload the smaller files?23:22
Seqkiko: I did mput *.* (only had the neccessary files) and it did the source first23:23
kikoyeah. 23:24
kikoI'd try uploading the smaller files and then closing the connection23:24
Seqi stand corrected. it uploaded the changes, build, dsc, and diff.gz23:24
kikotry uploading everything but the orig and then closing the connection.23:25
kikoit should fail and you should get emailed.23:25
Seqthis ftp is still "active" in that it hasnt actually killed or timed out the client. Did you want me to kill it and see if I get a failure?23:28
kikoyeah, kill it.23:28
SeqI guess i would have to anyway.. nevermind23:28
Seqthis is interesting:23:28
Seqctrl-c in ftp: 56913972 bytes sent in 1273.92 secs (43.6 kB/s)23:28
Seqand from ls: -rw-r--r--  1 chris chris 56913972 2007-07-10 06:03 linux-source-2.6.22_2.6.22.orig.tar.gz23:29
Seqso it looks like it actually uploaded the entire file23:29
kikoso it hung when closing the upload. weird.23:29
SeqI just got a package accepted email, which is the first time I have gotten one. it lists everything but the orig source23:34
kikopackage acceptede23:35
SeqSubject: [PPA chrisirwin] Accepted: linux-source-2.6.22 2.6.22-14.46.cwi2 (source)23:37
Seqbut it does not list the orig source file in the file list. I would imagine it would encounter a build error relatively immediately...23:38
Seqif I look at "all states" for my ppa, it lists no matching builds..23:39
kikoyou need to wait for it to be published.23:40
kikohang on for a few minutes23:41
FujitsuThe Accepted mail will include the .orig.tar.gz if it was mentioned in the .changes... If it's not there, it wasn't necessary.23:44
SeqFujitsu: it is indeed not listed in the changes23:45
Fujitsukiko: Do you recall offhand if PPA fetches .orig.tar.gzs from the primary archive yet?23:46
Seqaccording to the quickstart guide, it does not23:46
FujitsuI thought it was targetted for this release or next. So what you're seeing is fairly strange.23:46
Seqit suggests building with `debuild -S -sa` to make a source-only build and include the source file.23:46
Seqwhen I used dput, it tries to upload the .orig.tar.gz as well23:47
FujitsuEr... that's strange.23:47
Fujitsudput looks at the .changes to see which files to upload.23:47
Seq...okay, it is listed... sorry23:47
SeqI didn't search for it, I just scrolled to the bottom23:48
FujitsuThat makes more sense.23:48
SeqFujitsu: you entered after I outlined my problem. would you like to see a log of the discussion?23:49
FujitsuSeq: I should have logs elsewhere. I'll look.23:51
FujitsuSeq: Have you tried multiple FTP clients?23:53
FujitsuIt seems that it's either a client or poppy problem, if the file transfer is fine...23:53
SeqFujitsu: I've tried dput on two machines, and manually used `ftp` on one of those as well23:53
SeqI will stop by my work tomorrow and try from a different network connection as well if I don't figure anything else out tonight23:56
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