pwnguinis policykit working?03:40
pwnguinwell, it looks like its not in the latest batch, guess it got pulled03:42
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Hobbseepolicykit appears to be there03:50
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Hobbseesigh.  it broke.04:56
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darkentityso whats up and cmoing in the new release?09:23
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dholbachMOTU Q&A Session in #ubuntu-classoom in 20 minutes12:40
lemonade*classroom perhaps?12:40
dholbachoops, yes :)12:40
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jimmygoonKubuntu-Hardy is based on KDE4?15:12
chandjimmygoon: no, Hardy will be ship with KDE 315:12
jimmygoonchand so we have to wait a year for plasma, etc15:13
Tm_Tjimmygoon: erm, KDE3 is default but there will be KDE4 packages15:13
Tm_Tone way or another15:13
jimmygoonTm_T, sweet15:13
Tm_Tjust like to gutsy15:13
jimmygoonso there are going to be backports? awesome15:14
pvandewyngaerdebecause hardy is LTS15:14
ddddddwho can i ask about xubuntu hardy artwork (i already asked on #xubuntu-devel)15:18
h3sp4wnDid anyone see a reason why there is no version of spice in ubuntu (only the rest of gEda)17:16
poorrrrrrrrHi!, I have nvidia driver but glxinfo|grep NVIDIA say "Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"."17:17
poorrrrrrrranybody can help me?17:17
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napsy_Hello. I just upgraded a fresh installation of gutsy to hardy. No problems there but when I try to login to a GNOME session the desktop won't start it just restarts GDM. Why?19:29
napsy_Is this a known problem?19:30
bardyrnapsy_, you tried failesafe?19:36
napsy_bardyr: failsafe works19:38
bardyrnapsy_, then try to login normal19:39
napsy_bardyr: logged in in failsafe gnome and logged out and tryed normal gnome again ad it still restarts19:45
Ximalhey guys... what's the link to check on hardy ? and it's status ?19:48
Ximalhi ?19:49
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