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calccjwatson: yea know about the issue wrt OOo been working on it along with several other fixes for several days now04:10
calccjwatson: last bit left is to determine what feisty did for broffice splash and fix up gutsy's and then upload04:10
* calc was off today for national holiday04:11
calccjwatson: did you get my email last night about the openoffice.org-cd-reduction blueprint?04:12
calccjwatson: i was unable to post it since launchpad was down for a prolonged (longer than specified) outage which extended until very late local time04:13
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* Hobbsee curses at hardy's borkenness04:15
calcHobbsee: whats broken for you?04:15
Hobbseecalc: my X keeps freezing04:15
LaserJockHobbsee: threaten it with the DOOM stick04:16
* Hobbsee wonders what this laptop is even running04:16
calcHobbsee: oh :(04:17
Hobbseeedgy, it appears04:17
Hobbseeand if it doesnt blow up, i'll be in luck04:17
lifelessHobbsee: rofl04:19
Hobbseelifeless: i almost renamed this machine to OnFire for a reason!04:19
pwnguinbecause it plays Frets?04:20
Hobbseelifeless: i've had this thing up to 89C before04:23
lifelessHobbsee: miaow!04:23
ajmitchonly 89?04:23
ajmitchI suppose, it is a laptop04:24
calcHobbsee: that would probably kill a Core 204:24
RAOFHm.  When does the autosync run again?  I'd like git-core to be installable again :)04:24
ajmitchhighest I've seen on one of my systems was 9304:24
ajmitchthat box is now dead, of course :)04:24
Hobbseeand update-manager autofreezes.  yay04:24
* RAOF 's GPU hits 95 under load.04:24
LaserJockmy laptop keep shutting off a ~ 90C04:24
StevenKI've not seen how hot this machine gets04:25
RAOFLaserJock: Tell it to push through the pain barrier!04:25
LaserJockRAOF: I cracked it open and cleaned out the fan an put on fresh thermal paste04:25
LaserJocknow it's running 40-50C04:25
ajmitchit feels like beer o'clock04:25
LaserJockthat reminds me of our wonder uni Apple support04:26
LaserJockmy labmate had an iMac that was constantly overheating and shutting down04:26
LaserJockand she'd have to leave it of for a couple hours04:26
LaserJockshe called the help desk people and had the support guy come over04:26
Hobbseei think i'll upgrade X, and see what happens04:27
LaserJockand he said "huh, why don't you just put a fan behind it?"04:27
LaserJockso she ran it with a fan blowing on the back of it until it got fried in a power outage04:27
calcthe highest i've seen a cpu was in a desktop and that was in the 80s04:27
calcwas the regular operating temperature for the chip though04:28
RAOFHeh.  That'd be one of the pentium 4s, right?04:28
calcan athlon 1200 (iirc)04:28
LaserJockmy desktop procs don't get above 50C04:28
ajmitchsounds about right04:28
calcsomewhere around 185F04:28
ajmitchmy one that got to 93C was an athlon xp04:28
LaserJockcalc: did you check the thermal grease/tape?04:28
calcit still did that temp even with a lapped heatsink and good thermal compound04:29
calcit was on my dad's pc so i checked it out and apparently it was within specs04:29
LaserJockmy athlon XP 1800+ dropped ~20C avg temp after I redid the thermal compound04:29
calciirc the top temp it was rated for was ~ 95C04:29
calcit wasn't an XP it was original athlon (chip based not slot)04:30
calcmy XP was much lower temps04:30
calciirc the max my XP got to was around 60C04:30
LaserJockthat sounds like mine04:30
calcbut that was many years ago so i am not certain about its exact load temp04:30
* calc wants a core octo ;)04:31
calcbuild OOo faster!04:31
LaserJockmy athlon XP is my fastest machine still04:31
ajmitchcalc: what, in only 18 hours?04:31
StevenKcalc: Then buy an 8-core Niagra04:31
calci have a core 2 duo 2.8GHz04:31
calcisn't niagra a bunch of low end cores?04:32
calcin any case sun hardware is way to expensive04:32
StevenKcalc: Eight 1.4GHz SPARCv9 cores04:33
* calc wishes wine could run Adobe CS 3 already04:33
calcah, i thought they were crippled in some way to achieve that, maybe i am misremembering04:34
Hobbseesigh.  X broke.04:35
StevenKLaserJock: You need an amd6404:36
LaserJockStevenK: I do04:37
LaserJockI just got a "new" machine04:37
LaserJocka 1.7GHz P404:37
StevenKLaserJock: And we need ponies04:37
LaserJockyep, working on it04:37
LaserJockah well, at least my computing situation isn't as bad as imbrandon04:38
calci'm going to try to hold out on upgrading until dec 200904:40
calcof course i love new machines so that will be hard, heh04:41
LaserJockI should be graduating this spring04:41
StevenKWhy until then?04:41
calcStevenK: 3 years since my last new machine04:41
LaserJockand my reward is going to be a new laptop04:41
calchard drives and ram increases are so pathetic for the past 5 years that it probably won't even be worthwhile until then anyway04:41
calccpu are getting faster but not that much either04:42
calci bought a 2gb hard drive in spring 1996 and  100gb drive in oct 200104:42
LaserJockI'm just getting a bit behind with everything04:42
calcand the largest available hard drive is still only 1TB now04:43
Hobbseeit appears that gnome-control-center needs a rebuild.04:43
calcit should be up to like 100TB by now04:43
TheMusocalc: I'd say we are starting to hit the upper limits of current technologies.04:44
Hobbseeno, a merge04:44
calcTheMuso: yea way past the limit, heh04:44
persiacalc: There's also a price factor: 1TB today isn't very expensive.04:44
calcfrom 5MB ~ 1985 to 100GB in 2001 to 1TB in 200604:44
calcpersia: it costs more than 100GB in 200104:45
persiacalc: I'll trust you: I haven't purchased a TB storage device since 1997, but it was expensive then.04:46
calc1TB in 1997 would probably have been in the 150K range (i would guess)04:46
calcer $150K USD04:46
LaserJockhmm, I could by a new laser for that04:47
persiacalc: We paid about 200k USD, but that included the routing HW, Digital support, etc.04:47
calci helped install a large 2 rack 250GB (max) worm drive system back around 199404:47
calci bet that cost a large sum of money back then04:47
persia2 racks?  Anything with 2 racks is still expensive :)04:48
calclooks like 1TB drive still costs ~ $280 USD now04:48
calcpersia: yea they were 12" WORM discs iirc04:48
* persia is amused that 1TB drives are currently cheaper than 10GB drives, which frequently sell for > 100,000 yen04:49
calcwhy would anyone buy a 10GB drive, is anyone even still making them?04:57
TheMusoIMO small drives still have their uses. Pitty they aren't as fast as the drives of today however.04:58
persiacalc: People seem to like them for vast farms of SparcStation 2s.  These are common in factory automation environments, etc.05:01
calcwell if they were manufactured long ago they are more likely to fail... so just buy the smallest modern drive, 100gb or whatever05:01
persiacalc: Not supported by ancient Solaris.05:03
calcancient solaris isn't supported either... is it?05:04
IntuitiveNippleInteresting issue: xchat2 icon in the notification panel has just zoomed it's icon about 500% so all I can see is the top half of the X, and it is about 3x normal width... what'd cause that?05:05
persiacalc: Not by Sun, but turnkey vendors support it for the turnkey systems, as it's cheaper than porting to keep up, when one can just release a new turnkey, and migrate customers after the 8-10 year depreciation has finished.05:05
* Hobbsee ponders if it's worth attempting to fixthis today05:08
Hobbseeaww, crap05:11
Hobbseewhat am i supposed to do if ia have no more gnome-screensaver, and the machine has gone into powersave?05:11
Hobbseeah, shut it down remotely.  got it.05:13
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pittiGood morning06:26
Hobbseemorning pitti!06:26
thegodfatherhey Hobbsee06:27
Hobbseehi thegodfather06:27
Hobbseethegodfather: why are you titled as such, today?06:27
thegodfatherHobbsee: new nick06:27
Hobbseewell, obviously, but why?06:27
thegodfatheryou are gonna have to guess that :)06:28
slangasekthegodfather: because you're now a godfather?06:40
thegodfatherslangasek: i was before as well :)06:40
slangasekbecause you've opened a pizza delivery service?06:41
thegodfatherslangasek: :)06:49
tjaaltonthegodfather: you are now in the waste management business?-)06:59
thegodfathertjaalton: pizza delivery  :)07:00
tjaaltonthegodfather: so in a sense, yes :)07:02
DaBonBonpitti: are you aorund ?07:07
DaBonBonpitti: you'd told me that to change locale in kubuntu one needs to edit /etc/environment .. in that file on my machine i've put LANG="en_US.utf8" .. yet in konsole echo $LANG shows en_IN07:08
pittiDaBonBon: hm, there might be something in KDE which overrides it, I'm not sure; but KDE certainly has its own language selector? Hobbsee?07:09
Hobbseepitti: pass.07:13
dholbachgood morning07:19
dholbachcan somebody please sync traverso from sid?07:45
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dholbachpitti: can you sync  traverso  from sid?07:49
DaBonBonpitti: i don't think kde has it's own07:53
DaBonBonwow, i guess i missed something.. brb.07:54
pittidholbach: done07:54
dholbachpitti: thanks a lot, now I can close ONE of the 247684276426 needs-packaging bugs07:55
dholbachhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~dholbach/sponsoring exploded07:55
pittioh, was it a new package from Debian?07:55
pittiah; please don't ask me to do that for a particular package in the future07:55
pittiI was going to sync all new stuff from Debian today anyway07:56
dholbachok good :)07:56
pittiand it's easier that way with source NEW etc.07:56
* pitti news07:56
* dholbach hugs pitti07:56
* pitti hugs dholbach *knuddel*07:56
dholbachpitti: sorry for the extra-work - I got desperate, when I looked at the list :)07:57
DaBonBonpitti: my fault, i didn't notice it .. it's deep somewhere in kcontrol ..07:59
DaBonBonty anyway :)07:59
DaBonBonthough shouldn't the system follow LANG from /etc/environment ?08:00
HobbseeDaBonBon: i suspect kde localisation is borked.08:00
DaBonBonwell after selecting US English from Kcontrol -> Regional and language settings -> System language -> Dialog box i could set it :D08:01
DaBonBonHobbsee: borked in what way ?08:01
Hobbseeas in, doesn't work08:03
DaBonBonoh ok ..08:04
DaBonBonactually it's highly irritating that the installer sets the locale automatically .. atleast in the "Expert Settings" mode an option should be given to modify the locale :-/08:04
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DaBonBonhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/164648 -- :)08:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 164648 in ubiquity "Allow user to select preferred locale" [Undecided,New]08:25
MacSlowGreetings everybody!08:26
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pittihey MacSlow08:44
MacSlowTag pitti08:48
StevenKThe new gimp provides is own printing plugin, conflicts with gimp-print, and now gimp-print is gimp-gutenprint08:49
* StevenK merges gutenprint08:49
DaBonBonhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sun-java6/+bug/127053 could someone triage this and mark it as New if required ?08:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127053 in sun-java6 "Problem in sun-java6-jdk documentation" [Low,Fix released]08:53
DaBonBon(sorry, I meant that for #ubuntu , not here ! )08:54
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mdzcjwatson: regarding your question from yesterday evening, what I pointed out was that ckbcomp will be run at boot (via setupcon --save) *unless* the init.d script detects itself being run by init.  the mobile folks have observed (via bootchart) ckbcomp running, so I inferred that that logic was not working09:22
warp10Hi all!09:23
miloshello, i have a bug to report, who do i turn to?09:24
\shmilos, http://www.launchpad.net/09:27
pittihi warp1009:27
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warp10pitti: hi martin! I got your mail, thanks. :)09:28
milos\sh can you give me a direct link to the official kubuntu section?09:31
pittisorry guys for the source NEW spam on -changes (new sources from Debian, forgot to disable mail)09:31
milosthere are a lot of ubuntu/kubuntu entries, i don`t know where to post my problem09:31
\shmilos, there is no special kubuntu section...you need to know the package name and search for it...and file the bug against the package09:32
miloswell.. what is the package that runs the bootcd installer? :)09:33
\shpitti, debian removed ircii-pana from their archive....can we remove it from hardy as well now? there is a bug filed already09:33
\shmilos, debian-installer?09:33
milosnot that one09:33
milosthe graphical one09:33
pitti\sh: I'll do some mass-removal processing soon09:33
Fujitsupitti: I fail to see a problem in changes going to -changes.09:34
pitti\sh: as well as traverse the bug list09:34
\shpitti, cool thx :)09:34
pittiFujitsu: traditionally we don't mention autosyncs from Debian09:34
milosand for kubuntu?09:34
milos(the same thing happens in both distros)09:34
\shmilos, it's the same...09:34
Fujitsupitti: Right, which I think is a bit strange.09:34
milosyou have been very helpful!09:34
\shmilos, ubiquity has a gnome and a kde frontend...it's the same package09:34
milosubiquity does not use Launchpad as its bug tracker.09:37
milosmeh, nevermind09:37
milosi`m prolly the only one that has that problem :(09:37
milosi`ll just use alternative cd and debian-installer09:37
sorenpitti: I agree with Fujitsu. I realise it would increase the volume significantly, but I subscribe to *-changes to see what changes in Ubuntu, and new stuff (new packages or just new versions of packages) from Debian that gets imported is still a change to Ubuntu.09:43
sorenpitti: If I really wasn't interested, it would not be that hard to make a procmail rule that discarded any mail to *-changes that didn't have "ubuntu" in the subject.09:44
pittithat's a lot of mail for autosyncs, especially for the first one (some 2000 mails!)09:44
Ngmilos: its "upstream" project page does say it doesn't use lp for bugs, but you can still file bugs at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/09:44
pittiand if you are interested, you better read debian-changes09:44
soren2000 interesting mails, IMO :)09:44
pittisoren: by the same argument we don't get changelogs from other upstreams either09:45
sorenpitti: Hm?09:45
pittisoren: well, that list is meant to describe changes Ubuntu folks did to Ubuntu, not our upstreams09:45
sorenpitti: Updating package foo from version 1.0-1 to 2.0-1 in Ubuntu is a change to Ubuntu. Regardless of the origin of the update.09:47
sorenpitti: Ok, rephrasing: I'd really like to have some way of getting notified about *every* upload to Ubuntu, and I really consider *-changes the most suitable place for that sort of thing. Maybe we could add some additional headers to the mails there, so that people could more easily filter out automatic syncs or whatever.09:48
sorenpitti: I've not completely understood your argument about other upstreams.. Which other upstreams are we talking about? Could you give an example?09:49
pittithen I think we should revive https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-changes-auto/09:49
pittisoren: we don't put the changelogs from OO.o, Gnome, etc. to that list either09:50
pittijust Debian's changelogs for autosyncs (which we don't do usually)09:50
sorenpitti: Indeed, but there's a mail on that list when there's a new oo.o upload.. If I'm interested in the details, I can look them up.09:50
pittihaving a separate ML seems more appropriate to me, and you can sort them into the same folder if you want09:51
sorenpitti: The difference between OO.o, GNome, etc.  and Debian is that a change in OO.o doesn't change anything in Ubuntu until someone uploads said change, but a change in Debian does.09:53
pittisoren: so WDYT about -changes-auto@?09:53
sorenpitti: It would indeed solve my problem.09:54
sorenpitti: I'm just still puzzled why it's a separate list.09:54
sorenpitti: I don't think automatic changes are any less relevant than UBuntu specific ones are.09:54
pittimost people are interested about things Ubuntu devs change in Ubuntu, and getting 2000 mails on one day is not generally considered nice by many people09:55
pittiso providing an opt-in with -changes-auto seems better to me than starting to spam people09:56
pittisoren: they aren't less releavant09:56
pittifor the functioning of Ubuntu09:57
sorenpitti: I don't know "most people", so I can't say anything about what they're interested in. I can only say that if I subscribe to hardy-changes that early in the release cycle I wouldn't be one bit surprised to get a massive flood of mails about stuff that gets imported. I'd expect it.09:57
pittibut they are less interesting to many people to read the details about them09:57
sorenpitti: I don't think we'll get much further with this discussion. Reviving auto-changes will give me the info I want, so that's fine.09:57
pittiok, great09:57
sorenI reserve the right to think it's odd, though :)09:58
* Hobbsee finds it annoying that the merge bugs are just filled with "remaining ubuntu changes" but you rarely tend to see what *debian* has changed10:06
persiapitti: While I tend to read changelogs from sources other than the mailing list, finding Debian changelogs with which I disagree is a common prompt for me to make an Ubuntu upload.  I'm only interested in a subset of packages, but for someone with wider scope, the ML may be a strong point.10:06
persiaHobbsee: Kick it back if they don't include the Debian changelog.10:06
Hobbseebut that may well be because of the options used for merging10:06
Hobbseepersia: it's auto-accepting10:06
Hobbseeas in, debian changelog is there, but not shown in the mails to -changes10:06
sorenHobbsee: If people don't debuild -v<last ubuntu version> someone should politely tell them to do so.10:07
persiaHobbsee: If it's not shown in the mail, the uploader made a mistake: one should always generate a changelog containing all changes since the last Ubuntu release.  I use `debuild -S -v(last ubuntu version)` for that.10:07
Hobbseesoren: or have keybuk yelling, yes.10:08
sorenHobbsee: Well, yes, depending on who did it.10:09
sorenHobbsee: If it's one of his minions, sure :)10:09
* Hobbsee taught this room a whole new expletive that day...10:09
Hobbseesoren: he doesn't only blast his minions for it10:09
Hobbseeunless i'm suddenly a minion, without realising.10:09
sorenHobbsee: oh :)10:10
KeybukWhen did I yell?10:15
HobbseeKeybuk: a while ago, when i didnt use MoM at all.10:17
KeybukI bet I didn't tell10:17
Keybuksee, I can't even spell yell10:17
StevenKI remember cjwatson telling someone about -v10:23
TheMusoI have a package I am trying to merge, which is a frontend for another package in the archive. The backend package in question uses libgcrypt11, which recently had its .la file moved from /lib to /usr/lib. The frontend FTBFS on this, as the .la can't be found in /lib. However, attempting to rebuild the backend package results in the package still assuming that the .la file is in /lib, when its in /usr/lib.10:31
TheMusoThe libgcrypt11 .la file is listed in several .la files in the backend package, in the dependency_libs field.10:31
TheMusoI've noticed that libgcrypt11 uses clean-la.mk for use with cdbs. I am wondering whether I should re-upload the backend package with this code in debian/rules, to clean the .la files. I've tested this, and it allows the frontend package (my merge), to build. I am wondering however, whether this is the right approach to take.10:31
MithrandirTheMuso: cleaning .la files is fine, on a general basis10:32
TheMusoMithrandir: Ok. I guess the only other question then, is whether this code will be put into something else that is usable by packages that use staright debhelper, which this backend package does. If not, I'll copy/paste and modify the clean-la.mk cdbs code accordingly for the package.10:34
pittiTheMuso: I added the sed to gnutls13, which doesn't use cdbs (AFAIR)10:42
pittiTheMuso: it took us about 5 uploads until we tamed those *($#$# .la files enough to not break libgpg-error/gnutls13/libgcrypt11 any more10:42
pittiTheMuso: unfortunately we had to put it back10:42
pittiTheMuso: but putting it into /lib is useless, libtool doesn't find it there10:42
Mithrandirpitti: why did we have to pit it back?10:42
Mithrandirput, even10:42
mvodoko: hello! I'm currently checking my stuff to forward to debian and noticed that python-gamin-dbg is something we may want to forward. is there a spec or anything that explains a bit about the rational for the python-dbg packages? I would like to have something to point people at when sending the diff to debian10:43
pittiI forgot, someone else did that; /me checks changelog10:43
pittihm, StevenK, why did you put back the .la to libgpg-error again?10:44
pittilibgpg-error (1.4-2ubuntu7) hardy; urgency=low10:44
pitti  * Add symlink from /lib/libgpg-error.la to /usr/lib/libgpg-error.la10:44
pitti    since /lib is where other .la files expect it to be10:44
pitti -- Jonathan Riddell <jriddell@ubuntu.com>  Thu, 15 Nov 2007 23:19:09 +000010:44
pittiTheMuso: ^ maybe you have to do that as well, but this is REALLY EVIL10:44
TheMusopitti: heh, it does sound rather evil.10:44
Riddellif I have been evil, it is because I was standing on the shoulder of evil giants10:45
* pitti hugs Riddell10:45
pittiit seems that three long-experienced developers haven't found a proper way to make .la files work for stuff in /ilb10:45
pitti/lib even10:46
pittiRiddell: standing on the thin and shaky evil libtool ground? :)10:46
TheMusoSounds wonderful.10:46
Mithrandirwe could, like, clean out those other .la files.10:47
MithrandirI'd recommend that, especially now that we're in free-fire-mode.10:47
TheMusoIn the case of the backend package, nothing goes into /lib, but its .la files point to the libgcrypt11 .la which it still thinks is in /lib, which it isn't... If the autotools foo was rebuilt for that package, would that change anything? Or, should I just clean the .la files and be done with it?10:51
pittiTheMuso: if it works without a .la at all, then this is preferable IMHO10:52
pittiTheMuso: but we need to remove .la files top-to-bottom, and clean their stated dependencies bottom-to-top10:52
TheMusoBut if the .la files were removed from the backend -dev package, what is the likelyhood of something needing to be changed in the frontend package?10:55
TheMusoTo not rely on the .la files10:55
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pittiTheMuso: AFAIK, in the worst case, it FTBFSes and you need to remove the .la files from the reverse dependencies, too10:56
dokomvo: have to write this p10:56
dokomvo: the rationale is to provide an extension to be used with the python-dbg interpreter10:56
TheMusopitti: I'm not that knowledgable with autotools.. What reverse dependencies are you referring to in this context?10:57
pittiTheMuso: reverse build dependencies I mean10:57
TheMusopitti: Ah ok.10:57
mvodoko: thanks, I found https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PyDbgBuilds10:57
pittiTheMuso: e. g. if we would remove the .la files from libgpg-error-dev, then we would likely break the build of everything that build-depends on libgpg-error-dev10:57
mvodoko: it would have been cool to get a mail about this to ubuntu-deve-announce, it looks incredible useful10:57
TheMusopitti: Yep, I understand now.10:58
pittiTheMuso: which is why we just remove the 'dependencies' line from its .la, so that it does not spread any superfluous dependencies any more and not pull in the lower-level .la files any more10:58
Mithrandir.. and then we can get rid of the .la files in the next round.10:58
TheMusopitti: Ok, so I'll just clean the .la files. Thanks for your explanations and help.10:59
pittiTheMuso: you're welcome; for non-cdbs; please look at gnutls1310:59
TheMusopitti: Will do, thanks again.10:59
pittiTheMuso: hm, no, it wasn't gnutls13, that's cdbs, too11:00
pittiTheMuso: but well, it's just copying the sed -i, so it's no big deal11:00
dokomvo: hmm, didn't we do this for feisty?11:00
StevenKpitti: But I didn't...11:01
pittilibgpg-error (1.4-2ubuntu4) hardy; urgency=low11:01
pitti  * Install the .la again. Libtool, I will have my revenge!11:01
TheMusopitti: Yeah, figured as much.11:01
pitti -- Steve Kowalik <stevenk@ubuntu.com>  Mon, 05 Nov 2007 10:13:41 +110011:01
pittiStevenK: I know there was a reason for it, but I forgot11:01
StevenKpitti: Oh right, um, because it meant libtool went looking for it and then bitched it couldn't find it11:02
mvodoko: I can't find it here, maybe I overlooked it, but it seems to be not in my mailbox11:03
seb128doko: right, it's create load of extra work, would be nice to write some announce mail to debian about those and send the patches we have to the bts11:06
seb128it should have been made much early, we have lot of packages patches for that an often the debian/rules is changes are not trivial11:07
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rexbronmr_pouit: Has the patch to stop gimp segfaulting with murrine been sent upstream. (It is in the debian package though)11:25
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dholbachMOTU Meeting in 8 minutes in #ubuntu-meeting11:52
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dholbachpitti: MOTU Meeting :)12:00
pittidholbach: joined, thanks12:00
dholbachthanks pitti12:00
* highvoltage also attends for a change12:04
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carlospitti: hi12:10
carlospitti: sorry for bother you again... what's the status of language pack generation?12:10
pitticarlos: they should all be in PPA, and I got some initial good feedback12:10
carlosare they in proposed already?12:11
rexbronmr_pouit: There is a major issue with the murrine package12:30
rexbronmr_pouit: the debian package does _not_ clean the patches when it builds the package. Afaict, it is in the debian rules, but was not called by the DD when it originally created12:30
dholbachthanks pitti12:35
pittimy pleasure, not much to do :)12:35
pitticarlos: I'll do that now12:36
HobbseeFujitsu: i see what you mean about this -intel driver being rather tempramental12:37
FujitsuHobbsee: Yeees.12:37
FujitsuDieing on me a lot tonight.12:37
FujitsuHobbsee: Why did you upgrade?12:37
HobbseeFujitsu: because of something else i upgraded, which gave me random syslocks.12:38
Hobbseeas in, X would entirely freeze, at random, with no way of fixing it, it appears12:38
Hobbseeyeah, 20 mins, and it had already crashed.12:38
Fujitsu-intel does that too, but with the added bonus of killing everything regularly.12:38
FujitsuAlthough you can sysrq and suspend out of it, which is good.12:38
pittiseb128: new bug-buddy requires libelf-dev, which needs a MIR12:39
FujitsuHobbsee: Again?12:39
dholbachMOTU Q&A Session in #ubuntu-classoom in 20 minutes12:40
Hobbseethere we go.12:40
Hobbseetwice in 25 mins.  this could get fun.12:40
ograpitti, uuuh, we'll have pulse in desktop now ?12:40
* ogra just sees the changelog for edubuntu-desktop ... thanke for uploading btw12:41
pittiogra: yes; you don't want it in edubuntu? I thought you were yearning for it12:41
pittiogra: I merged your seeds, BTW (I think I didn't screw them up too badly)12:41
ograpitti, i'm not sure the ltsp alsa emu works if pulse is installed locally12:41
pittiogra: well, feel free to kick it out again12:41
ograi dont care, i still have some months to fix them :)12:41
FujitsuHobbsee: I've had it within 5 minutes of restarting twice tonight.12:42
ograwelll, there wont be an edubuntu desktop like you knew it anymore after we redid the edubuntu CD design12:42
FujitsuAnd sometimes suspending doesn't work, which is annoying.12:42
ograthe point is that i will just depend on ubuntu-desktop and edubuntu-desktop only adds artwork and a basic set of edu apps12:42
HobbseeFujitsu: bring on the new kernel :)12:44
FujitsuHobbsee: Why?12:44
HobbseeFujitsu: because then we get the new -intel12:45
FujitsuHobbsee: I have the new -intel.12:45
FujitsuIt doesn't actually need the new kernel.12:45
HobbseeFujitsu: doesn't it require something or other from the kernel?12:45
Hobbseethat any better?  presumably not.12:45
FujitsuIt says it does, but apparently not.12:45
FujitsuNo, it's really not.12:45
ograpitti, i actually thoght we were beyond the time where we need sound daemons12:45
FujitsuThough I have had a couple of periods where it has gone for upwards of 12 hours.12:45
ograwhat for do we add pulse ? only for the system sounds ?12:45
FujitsuBut other times just a few minutes or seconds.12:46
pittiogra: apparently not, see the PulseAudio spec (lots of use cases)12:46
* ogra goes looking ...12:46
pittiseb128: FYI, I'm traversing through http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/hardy_outdate.txt and give back some failed buids on the way12:47
ograhrm ... no hal or consolekit on ltsp clients ... that will get tricky12:49
pittidoko: the ocaml merge blocks some packages from getting built; however, do we really need ocaml-native-compilers on lpia? (that's our only change)12:52
Mithrandirpitti: I don't think we care about ocaml on lpia12:53
pittiMithrandir: the interpreter still works, and few packages need the native compiler12:53
pittiMithrandir: so ok to sync that?12:53
pitti(nothing in main b-deps on -native-compilers)12:54
Mithrandirpitti: I don't mind, at least.12:54
pittilet's do it then, for the sake of avoiding unnecessary work12:54
pittiMithrandir: thanks12:54
dokoMithrandir, pitti: As long as we don't have a simple way to sort out the packages in main not needed for lpia I would prefer to have the package be buildable, or else these show up as build failures12:54
dokopitti: please don't, you create extra work for buildd admins12:55
pittidoko: how so? it's simply not built for lpia then12:55
dokopitti: but other packages do fail?12:55
pittidoko: which? as I said, there's exactly one rdepends in the entire universe12:55
dokoahh, ok12:55
pittithis won't be built on lpia then either12:56
pittibut *shrug*12:56
pittidoko: your call, though, if you want to do the merge, I don't object :)12:56
dokopitti: no, I don't care about universe build failures anymore =) these can be sorted out now with the help of new mail headers12:57
carlospitti: ok, thanks12:58
pittiseb128: eww, and gnome-games wants guile-1.8 now; MIR or drop that feature?13:01
* StevenK tries to sort out gutenprint13:02
dokodrop gnome-games ;p13:02
pittiRiddell: are you aware of the kdebase FTBFS?13:07
ogradoko, !13:07
Riddellmm, don't think so pitti13:07
pittiRiddell: and kdebindings is depwaiting on libgtk1.2-dev; I think it'll cost you lots of beer to convince me to promote that again :-P13:07
Riddellhrm, hal badness13:08
Riddellpitti: that'll be an oversite, I'll remove it13:08
* pitti gives back kdebluetooth and hopes for the best13:09
pittiRiddell: thanks13:09
seb128pitti: hum, I think we could build with guile-1.6 again, but might it would make sense to try switching main to the new version?13:09
pittiseb128: ah, indeed, wasn't aware of 1.6; absolutely!13:09
pitti-- hardy/main build deps on guile-1.6-dev:13:10
seb128I've no idea on how much change between 1.6 and 1.8 and how easy it would be to make those use the new version13:10
seb128but that's not too many package, easy to give it a try13:11
StevenKpitti: So, cupsys-driver-gimpprint, foomatic-db-gimp-print, and ijgimpprint are all transistional packages in Dapper - do they need to stick around for Hardy as well?13:11
pittiStevenK: if they were only used for upgrading *to* dapper, then we can drop them13:12
pittianything used for upgrades *from* dapper needs to stay until after Hardy's release13:12
dokoogra: ?13:12
StevenKThey were dropped since Etch released, I'm not sure13:12
ogradoko, dropping gnome-games ...13:13
StevenKpitti: Let me check Breezy13:13
pittidh_install: kdepim-doc missing files (/usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kdepim-apidocs/*), aborting13:13
* StevenK blows the dust off of his Breezy chroot13:13
pittimake: *** [binary-install/kdepim-doc] Error 113:13
pittiRiddell: ^ another one for your list (i386 only FTBFS)13:13
pittiStevenK: *cough*13:14
StevenKHeh, sorry13:14
StevenKpitti: It became a transitional package in between Breezy and Dapper.13:14
StevenKEr, they did, rather13:14
pittiStevenK: ah, it should have been dropped long ago then13:14
* doko watches more StevenK fallout and hides ;)13:15
StevenKdoko: Hmph13:15
StevenKdoko: Next time I see you I'm going to tickle you :-P13:15
StevenKpitti: Okay, Debian killed them, they can stay dead.13:15
=== Hobbsee_ is now known as Hobbsee
* pitti sobs on http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS/; what an awful amount of review work13:16
StevenKYeah, I suppose I should do some NBS work13:16
HobbseeFujitsu: *grumble*13:16
pittiStevenK: I removed some NBS I cross-checked13:16
seb128pitti: you should better not hammer on it that early in the cycle13:16
pittiStevenK: problem is that it has a lot of noise from needsbuild packages13:16
StevenKAfter I merge gutenprint and stop being seb128's bitch13:17
seb128StevenK: do you plan to do your abiword merge btw? ;-)13:17
pittiseb128: well, alpha 1 is in one week, and at least hardy_outdate.txt needs constant attention13:17
seb128pitti: NBS is not really revelant for alpha13:17
pittiseb128: right; but outdate is13:17
pittiI was just whining, not planning to spend my afternoon on it, don't worry13:18
StevenKseb128: Why do you care, it's universe? :-)13:18
seb128StevenK: it's not13:18
StevenKSilly me.13:18
StevenKseb128: Added to my mental list after gutenprint and gimp.13:18
seb128StevenK: thanks13:18
StevenKMy mental list is like a steel trap, though.13:19
StevenK(Rusty and illegal in 6 states)13:19
seb128pitti: autogen builds fine with guile-1.8, I'll file a Debian wishlist to use guile-1.8-dev | guile-1.6-dev | libguile-dev13:19
* pitti hugs seb128, thanks13:19
seb128you're welcome13:19
* seb128 hugs pitti back13:20
jpatrickpitti: thanks for the backport13:20
pittijpatrick: you're welcome; welcome in the backporter team!13:20
seb128I'll also look to graphviz and swig1.313:20
seb128new backporters?13:20
dokonew swig version?13:21
seb128doko: no, swig1.3 is one of the few packages using guile-1.6 and I'm looking if we could switch those to guile-1.813:22
seb128I'm speaking about main there13:22
seb128doko: any opinion on the topic?13:27
dokoseb128: no, guile-1.8 is still beta, isn't it?13:28
seb128doko: not sure, if that's the case we should switch gnome-games back to 1.613:28
ograsounds messy13:28
dokoseb128: ahh, no, that was ruby1.813:31
StevenKOh, *TWITCH*13:32
StevenK  C  scripts/config.guess13:32
StevenK  C  scripts/config.sub13:32
seb128doko: ok13:32
seb128pitti: would a Build-Depends on guile-1.8-dev | guile-1.6-dev work? or does it need to be the other way?13:39
pittiseb128: no, that works13:39
seb128ok, will do that for now then, so it builds13:39
pitticool, thanks13:39
seb128you're welcome13:40
pittiseb128: any idea why python-gobject-doc is not built any more? dropping -doc packages doesn't seem very obvious to me13:48
seb128pitti: it has been merged back to -dev to lower the delta with Debian13:49
pittiah, great13:49
seb128pitti: I'll merge pygtk today13:50
* pitti hugs pygtk13:50
seb128pitti: in case you are having a look at what needs fixing, it's on my list already13:50
pittiseb128: ah, great, thanks13:50
seb128no problem13:50
pittiyay, I'm through hardy_outdate.txt13:55
so1looks like gtk or something is broken ...13:57
so1get an error about setuid, and something that it's not supported to run gtk as root after logging into gnome13:58
pittiso1: that's a feature, not a but13:58
pittiso1: which application do you try to run?13:58
so1pitti: i can't even run an app13:58
so1i just log into gnome via gdm13:59
ion_As root?13:59
so1gdm works, but after i typed my password and pressed enter nothing happens, and i get that error13:59
pittino, it complains about suidness, not root13:59
so1my normal sudo account13:59
pittiso1: any third-party applications/drivers/etc.?13:59
* pitti is afraid of another story like the Samsung printer drivers which made OO.o suid root13:59
seb128where does it complain about setgid?14:00
so1bad thing is, i would try to do a aptitude update, dist-upgrade, but i don't get an internet connection anymore14:00
pittilikely because network-manager applet doesn't start14:00
so1"this session lastet less than 10 seconds blablabla14:01
so1and when i open ~/.xession-errors:14:01
seb128those errors are "normal"14:01
seb128that's due to some gdmflexiserver calls14:02
seb128not likely what creates your issue14:02
seb128you said that nothing happens14:02
seb128and then that the session exit14:02
seb128which one is true there?14:02
seb128does it hang or does it exit rather?14:03
seb128and what version of ubuntu are you using?14:03
so1sorry, just tried to get the error message14:04
so1don't really know14:04
so1mouse doesn't move anymore14:04
seb128pitti: can you give a retry to the lpia libgnomekbd build?14:04
pittiseb128: done14:05
so1wth? i copied the error message to an usb stick and now it isn't there anymore14:06
so1here it is ...14:09
so1most important thing would be an internet connection, it is statically configured, no dhcp14:09
so1but even a ping to the router fails!14:09
seb128nothing useful there14:09
seb128does starting an another session than GNOME works correctly?14:10
so1"xterm could not be found to start a recovery session"14:11
seb128your install is in a weird state14:12
seb128is gnome-session event installed?14:12
seb128dpkg -l gnome-session14:12
so1even starting kde4 i get the same gtk setuid error14:12
seb128the warning is a gdm known issue and not breaking your login14:12
so1is that an "i" or an "l" behind dpkg?14:13
so1ah ok14:13
seb128a small one14:13
* StevenK wonders where Till is hiding14:13
so1the output: thousands of "=", then at the end "the gnome 2 session manager"14:14
pittiStevenK: better mail him, he isn't on IRC very often14:14
seb128so1: you have a column describing if the package is installed or not14:15
so1first the screens fills with ==============================================14:15
so1and after a few seconds the screen is cleared and at the end "the gnome 2 session manager"14:15
so1nothing more14:15
seb128what did you type there?14:16
so1dpkg -l gnome-session14:16
seb128you have a line starting with gnome-session then14:16
pittithis is such a lot of unspecific breakage that I'd advise a memory and file system check14:16
seb128right, something weird is going on there14:16
seb128looks like a local computer issue and not a distribution one14:17
so1mhhh ok14:17
so1the laptop worked!14:17
so1it broke after an dist-upgrade a few days ago ...14:18
so1how can i get into the internet from the commandline to update my system?14:18
pittiso1: what does 'apt-get -f install' say?14:18
pittiso1: try 'sudo ifup eth0'14:19
so1i thought configuration isn't needed, if i have it statically configured14:19
pittibut apt-get -f install works without net14:19
so1apt-get has no problems14:19
pitti(for the diagnosis anyway)14:19
=== d33p__ is now known as luisbg
so1"ifup: interface eth0 already configured"14:20
pittiso1: so it should be up?14:21
so1ping -> destination host unreachable14:21
pittiroute -n14:21
so1i even brought it down and did it again ... :-(14:21
pittithis should now be handled -> over there, but not in #devel any more14:21
so1sigh ...14:24
pittithat looks fine14:25
so1the router is
so1and the ip of the laptop ...14:25
so1i don't know what i did wrong :-(14:25
pittiso1: please pastebin 'dmesg' output14:26
pitti(or inspect it first for some obvious error messages)14:26
=== cprov-away is now known as cprov-lunch
theunixgeekwhat's the EOF under Ubuntu GNU/Linux?14:27
theunixgeekfound it - ^d14:28
pittiyeah, that changed last week14:28
pittiso2: nothing there; so: 1. close yes, 2. reboot world, 3. wake up from this bad dream14:29
so2i just don't get it, why can't i even ping my router?! :-(14:31
so2i guess i'll get my ubuntu cds and reinstall :'-(14:32
* so2 starts to cry14:32
mvopitti: do you need a MIR report for cwidget? its just a split out from the old apittude codebase into its own lib15:04
pittimvo: no, that's fine15:04
* pitti bites into the table15:19
pittiso I wated 70 minutes just to find out about a totally counterintuitive Python misbehaviour15:19
pittiwasted, even15:19
* ogra hands pitti some mustard15:19
* Hobbsee removes the table15:20
pittiPython experts, can http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/tmp/default_args.py be justified somehow? or is this worth a bug report?15:22
pitti(I know why the implementation does that, but it shouldn't IMHO)15:22
mvopitti: IIRC this is documentend15:24
pittiit works as intended with scalars, but with complex objects it doesn't instantiate a new one each time you call the function15:24
mvopitti: http://www.network-theory.co.uk/docs/pytut/DefaultArgumentValues.html (under important warning)15:26
pittiah, http://docs.python.org/ref/function.html mentions it15:26
mvoyeah, that too15:26
mvojust found it there too, I couldn't remember where I read it initially :)15:27
pitti"Default parameter values are evaluated when the function definition is executed. This means that the expression is evaluated once, when the function is defined, and that that same ``pre-computed'' value is used for each call."15:27
pittithat contradicts itself, though, but I see the point15:27
Keybukpitti: right, you define a dictionary as the default argument15:27
Keybukso it's the same dictionary for all instances of that function15:28
Keybuksame for objects, etc.15:28
pittiso I'll modify the code to use {} when it is None, that's safer15:28
Keybukthat's the usual idiom, yes15:28
KeybukPython consistently behaves like that15:28
Keybukso although it's surprising the first time you come across it15:28
Keybukit doesn't surprise you later by behaving differently15:29
Keybuk(the same holds true for decorators, parent classes, etc.)15:29
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
=== norsetto is now known as norsetto_limbo
Keybuka justification for why it behaves like that:15:30
Keybuk  def foo():15:30
Keybuk    pass15:30
Keybuk  def bar(func=foo):15:31
pittiKeybuk: it just surprised me that it already instantiates formal parameters at function defintion time; that's quite counterintuitive15:31
Keybuk    func()15:31
Keybuk  def evil():15:31
Keybuk    pass15:31
Keybuk  foo = evil15:31
Keybuk  bar()15:31
Keybuk(will call foo not evil)15:32
pitti$ devhelp15:39
pittidevhelp: error while loading shared libraries: libgtkembedmoz.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:39
pittiwhoops, sorry, wrong window15:42
=== cprov-lunch is now known as cprov
pittimvo: cwidget promoted, and I bumped the build score to actually get builds soon16:12
so2does someone know when network manager will be updated?16:12
so20.6.5 is a pita16:12
=== norsetto_limbo is now known as norsetto
Ngisn't 0.6.5 the most recent version?16:20
pittiI heard stories about 0.716:21
gaspapitti, but does usplash 0.5.8 works? (i'm not able to make it work, without any changes of mine)16:22
pittigaspa: current hardy usplash works, yes16:22
gaspammm... i'm in gutsy, could be this the problem?16:23
pittiworks there, too16:23
* gaspa crying...16:23
pittiusplash only changed a tiny bit since gutsy16:23
dholbachso2: there was no new release since 20-Apr-2007 (0.6.5)16:23
mvopitti: cool, thanks16:24
so2dholbach: fedore shipped a newer one, don't know if it ws officially released16:24
so2this thing is one big mess here, segfaults, forgets configuration, hangs when i try to change something ...16:25
so2and it seems the configuartion was so cleverly stuffed away so that i can't find it16:25
so2i just wonder where .network-manager is ...16:26
so2to do a rm -rf16:26
pittiso2: do you use the version from gutsy-updates?16:26
so2i use the version shipped from cd16:27
so2because i can't get into the internet since a week16:27
pittiso2: you should really upgrade16:27
so2reinstall didn't help16:27
pittigutsy-updates has a ton of fixes16:27
so2nice to hear, but i can't get an internet connection16:28
pittiso2: I thought that only happened a few days ago?16:28
pittiso2: (I take it you are 'so1' from some hours ago?)16:28
dholbachanyway, best to try to get 0.6.5-0ubuntu16.7.10.0 installed on the machine16:29
so2i didn't count the first few days because i thought it would have something to do with hardy16:29
so2but i reinstalled16:29
so2and it is f***ed up as always16:29
so2with a fresh user it works, but with my normal user it doesn't16:29
so2i just wonder where network manager stores its configuration16:29
pittihuh? you can ping your router with a fresh user, but not with an existing one?16:29
so2(or network-admin)16:30
pittiso2: network-admin uses /etc/network/interfaces16:30
so2understand why i'm quity angry? :-P16:30
pittibut that's absolutely independent from users16:30
so2obviously not ...16:30
so2i had a new user, verything worked, wired, wireless, few seconds, everything ok16:31
dholbachmight be gnome-keyring-manager keys16:31
so2old user, nothing works, dhcp: no, static: no16:31
dholbachother configuration in .gconf16:31
so2where in gconf?16:31
so2i already looked there but didn't find anything16:31
dholbachI don't know, I would have to search too... ok16:32
dholbachbest to file a bug16:32
pittiso2: is your old user in 'admin'?16:35
so2i reinstalled it+16:36
so2tried it with the user from the new installed system -> worked16:36
so2mounted my home-partition -> old user -> did not work!16:36
dholbachyou could try strace-ing NetworkManager and nm-applet16:37
so2nm just segfaulted :-)16:39
dholbachfile a bug report16:39
so2i'd just say: pull the latest version ...16:39
so2this one is just unbelievable16:40
so2it crashes more often than not16:40
dholbachplease file bug reports on it16:40
dholbachwe can't change what's in gutsy and the people who maintain network-manager are not around at the moment16:40
pitticarlos: FYI, -proposed packages are uploading16:41
Hobbseehum, that reminds me.  why has my network manager not segfaulted at all yet?16:41
dholbachso it's no point re-iterating it in here, bug reports are really the best way to go about it16:41
NgHobbsee: mine's stopped segfaulting since I installed the one in -proposed \o/16:41
pittihere too16:41
pittinow it just misbehaves after suspend-to-ram16:42
HobbseeNg: mine didn't seem to segfault even before that16:42
pitti(or, rather, it doesn't behave at all; it just sits around until I restart it)16:42
NgHobbsee: mine only did on resume16:42
Hobbseeahhh, well, i've been running kde, so i've only started even thinking about resume.16:42
LaserRockHobbsee: you didn't resume with kde?16:43
HobbseeLaserRock: it bunged up each time, so, no.  just took me back to kdm.16:44
so2ok, i'll reboot16:44
pittiLaserRock: KDE devs never sleep16:44
Hobbseeyeah, well.  about that16:44
* Hobbsee really hopes she's not supposed to be at work in <5 hours.16:44
pittiHobbsee: there's a night supposed to be in between now and then, right?16:44
Hobbseepitti: yeah, something like that.16:45
pittiHobbsee: I think your suspend/resume is broken, too16:45
Hobbseepitti: on kde?  yeah16:45
Hobbseeoh, mine personally16:45
Hobbseehah.  we knew that :)16:45
* Hobbsee recently told the night manager what time she usually gets to sleep. he was....uh...somewhat surprised.16:45
zuli think most people are Hobbsee  :)16:46
Hobbseezul: most people don't do the conversion back into syd time, so don't know how bad it actually is.16:46
Hobbseelike, most people dont realise that it's almsot 4am - just that i'ts kinda late.16:46
geserHobbsee: that's because you stay up late, so it can't be that late in Sydney if you're still here :)16:47
dholbachgeser: 03:48?16:48
geserdholbach: I don't usually check the time in Sydney but only check if Hobbsee is here or not16:49
mathiazsoren: I've modified submittodebian to call reportbug with '-T patch' to the patch tag to the bug report.16:56
sorenmathiaz: I thought the bts did that automagically, but perhaps not. Feel free to upload a new version.16:56
mathiazsoren: '-T patch' to add a patch tag to the bug report.16:56
mathiazsoren: Just wondering if this is a good practive when forwarding patches to debian.16:57
mathiazsoren: As we're already using ubuntu-patch in the user tags.16:57
sorenmathiaz: I'm not entirely sure.16:58
=== asac_ is now known as asac
pittiI grab infinity's "lilo" change; complain now or never17:01
=== illovae is now known as illovae_
sorenEr... which change is that?17:02
pittierm, s/change/merge/17:03
pittisoren: blame it to Friday evening17:03
pitti(and wrestling with Soyuz for 6 hours)17:03
sorenOh, ok.17:04
mathiazpitti: is it a good practice to add "Tags: patch" when forwarding patches to debian bts ?17:04
seb128mathiaz: sure17:04
pittimathiaz: yes, that, and some more17:04
mathiazseb128, pitti: great ! thanks.17:04
pittiso that we can track them17:04
seb128mathiaz: that's the purpose of the tag, indicating when there is patch attached17:04
mathiazseb128: I've just added it to submittodebian.17:05
* soren boggles at Debian's kvm packages17:07
* pitti boggles at how much cruft lilo accumulated17:07
pittiseveral dpatch.orig and dpatch.rej files, patches of dpatches, other rej files, duplicated changelog entries...17:08
sorenkvm in Debian has got about 1 MB of blobs in it. Most recent changelog entry says "don't bother building a +dfsg orig.tar.gz. It's clean now". Er... no?17:08
* soren calls it a day17:10
gaspapitti: I did it !17:12
gaspahow can I send you the patch? is fine bazar?17:12
pittigaspa: yes, that's fine; just commit it to your branch and make a note in the bug report17:13
pittiI'll read the bug mail17:13
gaspaok. ;)17:13
gaspapitti: it just made some mess, while cleaning the code...17:14
so1deleting /root/.gnome2/netwrok-admin* helped17:28
so1connected immediately ...17:28
so1now i'm just downloading the 300 mb of updates17:28
so1takes ages17:28
so1germany is really a development country if you compare internet connection speeds ...17:29
so1btw, is there one package which removes the _whole_ mono crap?17:30
so1removing libmono0 doesn't seem to uninstall everything17:30
=== luisbg__ is now known as luisbg
Keybukpitti: you can change the f-spot import folder17:31
Keybukit's in Preferences17:32
carlospitti: cool, thanks17:32
slangaseksbalneav: ping17:36
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slangaseklamont: hmm, ok; db4.5 ftbfs on hppa because java-gcj-compat-dev isn't up to date there, is this in progress? (seems to have no problems in Debian unstable...)17:55
pittiKeybuk: ah, great17:56
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geserpitti: please give-back blktrace, camera.app, timemon.app, zipper.app, terminal.app, textedit.app. Thanks.18:49
geserpitti: should I ask for retries for builds which failed because the build-depends weren't build yet or is a massive give-back planned soon?18:51
rexbronmr_pouit: Did you get my earlier messages?18:54
mr_pouitrexbron: yes: I don't know if this has been reported upstream (let's ask vorlon), and I hadn't gave a look at the patch~clean issue yet.18:57
rexbronmr_pouit: What channel/server would that be?18:58
mr_pouits/hadn't gave/haven't given/18:58
slangasekmr_pouit: ask me about what?18:59
slangasekmurrine, I gather19:00
mr_pouitslangasek: yes, has the patch been forwarded upstream?19:02
pittigeser: no, it's not planned, I don't know how to do that wholesale19:03
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pittigeser: given back19:04
_MMA_mr_pouit: You can often catch Cimi (Murrine author) in #ubuntu-artwork. (not ATM though) He's usually on every day.19:04
pochupitti, geser: let's hope the soyuz crew fixes bug 160439 soon :)19:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 160439 in soyuz "Some builds fail when they should depwait" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16043919:05
_MMA_mr_pouit: Actually he's on Freenode now just not in Ubuntu channels.19:05
mr_pouit_MMA_: ah ok, good to know, thanks :)19:06
geserpitti: so it's ok when I give you a list of packages which should build now?19:08
slangasekmr_pouit: not by me, at least19:09
mr_pouitslangasek: ok, I'll check with the upstream author, th//##ModelId=4746BF63023619:12
mr_pouittypedef vector<Extremite*> vExtremite;19:12
mr_pouitarg ^^"19:12
mr_pouittypedef vector<Chemin*> vChemin;19:12
* mr_pouit hates its touchpad19:13
slangasekmr_pouit: thanks for running with it :)19:13
rexbronmr_pouit: I always knew you were a turing machine :P19:16
nxvl_worki need a give back for advi, can someone do it?19:23
tjaaltondoes anyone know why https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHardwareDetection is missing?19:26
LaserJocksomebody must have eaten it for breakfast19:27
nxvl_workLaserJock: heh19:28
tjaaltonwrong url19:28
tjaaltonit was moved :)19:28
gesernxvl_work: I guess all buildd-admins are already in the weekend19:30
geseroh, nice, Hobbsee can now also do give-backs19:31
lamontslangasek: we still have yet to bootstrap a working hppa/java into gutsy.,  er hardy19:44
slangaseklamont: on the agenda, though?19:46
slangaseklamont: or should I attend to fixing db4.5 to ignore java on hppa again?19:46
lamontyeah.  sadly, I'm not a toolchain guy19:46
lamontdropping java in ubuntu may be the quicker route19:47
Mezargh, how do I creaate proper linda overrides?19:50
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poningruanyone around?23:10
poningrulooks like alpha1 will be shipping in a week23:10
poningruis there plans for release notes?23:11
slangasekponingru: we'll want some web page à la http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/tribe1, but I wouldn't say there are "plans" per se right now23:16
slangasekother than the plan that it should be done :)23:17
poningrubut I was wondering what the nomer was going to be23:20
poningruflight has already been used23:21
slangasekfrom here on, they're just being called "alpha"23:21
poningruoh :(23:21
AmaranthWhich doesn't make sense to me23:21
AmaranthBecause we've had them after beta/rc releases23:22
poningruright what he said23:23
* poningru wonders where he can appeal that decision23:23
Fujitsu/wi/win 523:25
poningruhedge / sedge / seige23:26
poningruso can I call it seige1 in the wiki?23:26
slangasekponingru: uh, if you call it a "seige" in the wiki that's just going to be confusing to others because we're not releasing seige1, we're releasing alpha123:44
poningruI know but only for the wiki, the release notes will be on the website23:54
poningrualpha1 it is23:54

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