dholbachgood morning07:19
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edsiperian_brasil, ping20:44
edsiperoi, tudo bem ?20:45
ian_brasilblz..um favor, a gente falar ingles neste canal 20:46
edsiperian_brasil, do you know who can give some orientation about the new opportunity job  to work in  the  ubuntu mobile team ?20:47
ian_brasilwhat sort of orientation do you need?20:48
edsiperI would like to apply but I don't have experience in some with some technologies as hildon or create deb packages, but I don't think that can be so difficult to learn... I would like to know if this requirement can exclude me before to apply and make your (or HR team) lose a bit of time20:50
ian_brasilI have no idea about this but why not apply and see what they say20:52
edsiperI though that ask before to apply can save a bit of time for both :)20:53
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