xhakerScottK, why pass on pilot-link?00:00
Jazzvaryanakca: I suppose you can add it to schroot, then update, install what you need, remove the repo, then update again... and remove the package you need after build.00:03
RAOFryanakca: You could use a scratch chroot.00:04
RAOFryanakca: ie: log in with schroot, add the repo, get the build-deps, and build manually.00:05
ryanakcaRAOF: is there a way to automate the build from inside the chroot?00:09
RAOFUm.  Probably.00:10
RAOFI can't think of it at the moment.00:10
RAOF(Or indeed, think at the moment at all)00:10
ajmitchsingle mysql query filling up /tmp (a tmpfs)00:11
ryanakcaRAOF: hmm... ok, thanks, I'll read the manpage :D00:11
ryanakcaajmitch: ouch...00:11
ajmitchone could say that00:12
ajmitchthat's why it's being moved onto another server, but it still shouldn't do that00:16
ajmitchthat's just madness00:16
ryanakcaummm... how can you edit a dpatch if you can't apply it?00:16
ajmitchbreak it until it applies?00:17
ajmitchhow are you trying to apply it? dpatch-edit-patch?00:18
ryanakcaand I've tried dpatch apply-all ...00:18
ajmitchmanually tweak it?00:19
ryanakcaajmitch: ok... and, since I'm merging aptitude... I guess I should file a bug under it for merging, saying that I'll provide more information & new .dsc/etc soon? (That way we don't end up being two people doing the same thing?)00:21
ajmitchaptitude, you're a brave one00:22
ajmitchthat may help, but it's in main, so you'd best hope that whoever was looking at it would check the bugs first00:22
ryanakcaajmitch: *nods*... I missed mvo by a matter of minutes this morning, so I'll poke him about it when he shows up again...00:23
Amaranthryanakca: This is why quilt > dpatch/simple-patchsys00:29
Amaranthryanakca: you can force the patch to apply, clean up the mess, then run `quilt refresh` and you're good to go :)00:29
ryanakcaAmaranth: feel like complaining to the Debian maintainer for me? :D00:30
* ajmitch wonders how this query can cause such a massive file in /tmp to be created :)00:34
StevenKajmitch: Because MySQL is crap? :-)00:35
ajmitchStevenK: oh I know that00:35
* ajmitch is driven to drink because of it00:35
StevenKCan't use Postgres?00:35
ajmitcha single dump of this database is ~90MB00:35
ajmitchthe query was dying because there was only about 4GB free in /var/tmp, where I moved it00:36
ajmitchsad, no?00:36
StevenKYeah. Neat.00:36
ajmitchand no, I can't use postgres without rewriting a bunch of this code00:36
ryanakcain Please upload merge <sourcepackagename><version> (repository) from Debian <repository> (<component>) ... is <version> the Ubuntu or Debian version?00:36
ajmitchI'd really like to00:36
StevenKajmitch: As much I like to loathe Perl, this is one place where DBI is *good*00:37
ajmitchthis is PHP00:38
ajmitchand the code uses a couple of useful things from mysql00:38
StevenKI assumed it was.00:38
ajmitchlike count(*) isn't fast in postgres due to its design00:38
StevenKIf I recall, count(id) (or whatever) is fast enough00:39
LordKowhttp://merges.ubuntu.com/u/uswsusp/REPORT should i let this go until the kernel dev team gets the new kernel out?00:40
ajmitchyeah, I think it's CALC_FOUND_ROWS or something that's used00:41
LordKow2.6.22 -> 2.6.23/.24 includes new suspend and hibernation code.00:41
ajmitchproblem is, I know I'm going to have to try & 'optimise' this query so it doesn't die00:42
LordKowbug 134238 what do you guys think? put s2ram back in or not. it *should* be included with powersaved00:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 134238 in uswsusp "Please re-enable build of s2ram binary" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13423800:48
StevenKLordKow: Right, I'd suggest you leave uswsusp alone. It's fragile, and can override parts of the suspend and resume code that runs under Ubuntu userspace.00:49
LordKowcorrect, and we differ from debian with regard to suspend/resume & splash (ie usplash vs libsplashy).00:51
LordKowi will gladly leave it alone :)00:51
=== d33p__ is now known as luisbg
LordKowokay. working on tiger merge and we added a portugese translation before debian did. our portugese translation is basically the same as debians, but was created 2 months later. use debians? the only difference in the translation is where newlines are (same wording)01:12
LordKow(latest debian package adds the translation)01:12
persiaLordKow: looking at backscroll, I noticed you were looking at the wxwindows2.4 merge.  You don't happen to be familiar with that API do you?01:19
LordKowpersia ^01:21
persiaLordKow: Ah, well.  There's only about 4 rdepends, and I'd rather drop the package than merge it.01:22
LordKowpersia, fair enough but that is not a decision i can make.01:23
persiaLordKow: No worries: I already made the decision: it's a matter of who can code it.  The remaining few are messy, so one needs to know the API.01:24
ryanakcaIs 9.1M an "acceptable size"? (to upload as a debdiff to LP for a merge?)01:38
ryanakcaor should I gzip it?01:38
persiaryanakca: At that size, a gzip is preferred.  What is the size of the diff against the past Ubuntu version?01:41
* persia is confused about how a debdiff can get so large01:41
ryanakcapersia: in a merge... new upstream version or something of the sort... *shrugs*01:43
persiaryanakca: There are 9MB of Ubuntu-specific patches?01:43
ryanakcapersia: it's the size of the diff against the past ubuntu version...01:43
ryanakcapersia: no.01:43
persiaryanakca: Ah.  Please do a diff against Debian for that then.01:43
ryanakcaok... 38K seems much more reasonable :)01:44
persiaYes.  Basically, the rule is to do a debdiff against the version that contains the orig.tar.gz that you want uploaded to the archives.  Anything else is hard to read.01:45
imbrandon( make sure and specify what version you diffed against though, diffrent sponsors assume diffrent )01:46
* persia seconds imbrandon: even if there are no assumptions, it's important to know the source01:48
ryanakcapersia: one last thing before I upload... what do these lines in the diff do?01:53
ryanakcaonly in patch2:01:53
persiaryanakca: That generally indicates the addition of a new file, but I'd need more context to be sure (such context would be the entire stanza of the diff, the original, and the result, and I've too long a queue to examine it now)01:54
ryanakcaex: http://pastebin.ca/79436801:54
ryanakcaok :)01:54
persiaryanakca: If Debian added a new file, and that's it, I'm right.  If I'm wrong, you'll want to look at the file in question to figure out how (and I'd appreciate a correction).01:55
LaserJockphew, so much food.01:56
* LaserJock is sleepy01:56
ajmitchoh that's right, one of those funny public holidays over there01:57
LaserJockNew Zealand doesn't have holidays?01:58
* persia is happily celebrating "Honor the Laborers" Day01:58
ajmitchLaserJock: we don't have that one :)01:59
LaserJocksucks to be you ;-)02:00
persiaajmitch: You need more holidays then :)02:00
LaserJockfootball and turkey, couldn't get much better02:00
ajmitchhi Hobbsee02:02
imbrandonLaserJock: yea i'm stuffed and will likely call it  short night, although not yet02:03
imbrandonmucho turkey and ham02:03
Hobbseehey ajmitch02:04
imbrandonajmitch: is it possible to search the db.debian.org and find DD locations ( e.g. if there are any near KC )02:04
imbrandondosent look like that info is exposed afaict02:05
ajmitchyes, it's possible02:08
* ajmitch would need to dig out his password to do it02:08
imbrandonajmitch: if you find a few moments to do that it would rock02:09
imbrandonKansas City, Mo 64138 ( and others thats just the zipcode i'm in ) if that helps any02:09
LaserJockimbrandon: what's the population of KC?02:16
imbrandonLaserJock: ummm <1 million with the whole metro area02:17
imbrandoni would have to lookup the exact though02:17
* imbrandon looks02:19
imbrandonLaserJock: according to wikipedia02:20
imbrandonAs of 2006, the city had an estimated population of 447,306[4], with a metro area of nearly two million.[5]02:20
LaserJockphew 2 million02:21
persiaThat's a city?  Wow: population density is low out there.02:21
imbrandonpersia: one of the largest in the midwest, yea population density is low in the midwest02:21
LaserJockthat's freakin huge02:22
* persia found Boston small, with only ~3 million02:22
imbrandonboston is packed and fskin huge by our standards02:22
imbrandonLaserJock: reno metro is like what 750k ?02:22
LaserJock> 100k is a big city to me02:23
LaserJockimbrandon: try 300 to maybe 400k02:23
imbrandoni would have thought more, guess lots of tourist though02:23
LaserJockyeah, tons of tourist02:23
LaserJockHot August Nights gets us 800k02:24
LordKowbug 16462302:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 164623 in tiger "Please upload merge tiger-3.2.2-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (admin)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16462302:24
imbrandonheh i've been to those, down on virginia street02:24
LordKowcan someone give me their ideas on the last comment I added please :)02:24
imbrandonand the rib-fest02:24
LaserJockimbrandon: yeah, that's pretty big too02:24
LordKowi should reset the status back to in progress, i guess02:24
LaserJockimbrandon: a Cabelas store just opened up last week02:24
LaserJockimbrandon: we got people from all over, supposedly several million a year are supposed to come02:25
imbrandonwe just have lots of Datacenters, something about there are tons of peering points in KC because its smack in the middle of the US02:28
ryanakcapersia: 3 million? Small? Then what's 116k? nano? :D02:29
LaserJockimbrandon: I went to Lawrence, KS once for a few days. I liked that area out there. I don't like the idea of tornados though02:29
imbrandonyea thats just a few miles from here02:30
imbrandonpersia: umm the epoc is required isnt it 0.4.4-5 ( published ) > 0.4.4-2+debian-102:30
persiaryanakca: A large town: likely only one or two shops of any given specialised type, and many things need to be imported.  One knows everyone of shared interest, and is not surprised to find someone similar at a party who one will never see again.  "Local" means the entire area, rather than the neighborhood, etc.02:30
persiaimbrandon: Than don't use that version number.  What's wrong with 0.4.4+debian-1?02:31
ryanakcapersia: heh :)02:31
imbrandonpersia: because upstream uses -X also02:31
imbrandonpersia: eg -2 -3 -4 etc02:31
imbrandone.g their release is 0.4.4-202:32
persiaimbrandon: Hrm.  Upstream is even more broken than I thought.  In that case, the watch file is way broken.  Looking again...02:32
imbrandonyea watch may not work for them, upstream is really fubar, their tarbal is 0.4.4.tar.gz but unzip it and its really 0.4.4-202:34
imbrandonpersia: ^02:34
persiaimbrandon: I can't find any evidence that upstream ever releases multiple revisions for a given version: the revision number seems only for local convenience.02:34
LaserJockpersia: and I thought my home town was good sized at 4k :/02:35
persiaimbrandon: you can fix that in get-orig-source :)02:35
imbrandonheh i loth getting source from vcs02:35
persiaimbrandon: get-orig-source isn't just for VCS: use uscan to grab upstream, unpack, blow away debian/, repack sensibly.02:36
imbrandontrue but what about the problem -3 will also be 0.4.4.tar.gz from upstream02:37
imbrandonupstream just needs to let me fix their shit LOL, but i've pleased with him more than a year now02:37
imbrandonto no avail02:37
saivann_Hi everyone, #ubuntu-bugs seems empty of awake people, can I ask a question about bug importance here?02:37
persiaimbrandon: Looking at sourceforge, upstream has never released an update without bumping the upstream version: 0.3.0-2, 0.4.1-0, 0.4.2-0, 0.4.3-2, 0.4.4-2.02:37
persiasaivann_: Don't let the lack of traffic bother you: just ask there.02:38
imbrandonhrm very true, i coudl probably get away with 0.4.4+debian-1 then02:38
imbrandon0.4.4+debian-1 > 0.4.4-5 correct ?02:39
persiaimbrandon: So my dpkg tells me (dpkg --compare-versions 0.4.4+debian-1 gt 0.4.4-5 && echo Woot!)02:39
saivann_persia : Thanks, I just wanted to know one thing, I set the importance of the bug 101943 to medium, but since it can crash or freeze a computer for a while with default ubuntu stuff, should-I change to "High"02:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 101943 in xscreensaver "Braid screensaver crashes system with compiz activated" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10194302:40
imbrandonseeing how i've never used get-orig-source personaly in a p[ackage it will be a good thing(tm)02:40
imbrandonpersia: thanks for the feedback, i might poke you in a few hours to take another quick glance02:40
imbrandonif your up for it02:40
persiaimbrandon: No problems.  The more I get to review, the easier it is to put off actually maintaining any of the libraries I should be updating :)02:41
imbrandonheh, yea i have one thats converted to cmake i've been putting off02:41
StevenKimbrandon: No DD in KC02:42
imbrandonlibvisual0.4 i'm looking at you ..02:42
imbrandonStevenK: crap02:42
imbrandonStevenK: what about the state of MO or KS ? ( I seen one listed for St. Louis but thats about 4 hours away )02:42
StevenK3 in MO02:43
imbrandonwhat cities ? one might be closer than stl02:44
StevenK3 in KS, too02:44
imbrandonnice 1 out of 6 must be semi close02:44
LaserJockimbrandon: you need a new key signed?02:47
imbrandonLaserJock: yes02:47
LaserJockfor DM?02:48
imbrandonyea from a DD, i have ubuntu sigs02:48
imbrandonfor DM02:48
LaserJockimbrandon: the ubuntu sigs aren't from a DD?02:48
imbrandonnot the ones i currently have, my old key had ajmitch and sabdfl02:48
imbrandonbut that one is revoked02:48
ajmitchimbrandon: just fly here & I'll sign it again02:49
imbrandonStevenK: can i have the @debian.org emails of those 6 people ? or would that be shady use of debian resources02:50
StevenKimbrandon: I'm sorting out where they are, first02:50
imbrandonahh ok02:50
=== LongPointyPony is now known as LongPointyStick
imbrandonthanks a ton for doing that btw02:50
=== LongPointyStick is now known as GoldenPony
StevenKimbrandon: Let's just say you'll owe me. :-)02:50
imbrandonsounds fair :)02:51
ajmitchrun now, LaserJock02:52
imbrandongolden ones at that02:53
LaserJockhmm, how do you see who's signed your key?02:53
imbrandonyou should be able to see it in gpg --list-keys iirc02:53
StevenKgpg --list-sigs <id>02:53
* ajmitch looks at calendar02:55
ajmitchah, q&a session is 1 hour after start of motu meeting?02:56
* ajmitch got confused at seeing 13:00 for the q&a, since I knew that the meeting was at 1AM here02:56
persiaajmitch: Right.02:56
ajmitchso we have to keep the arguing short02:57
LaserJockhmm, --list-sigs only give me self signatures02:57
* ajmitch is doubtful that he'll really be very awake by then02:57
persiaCurrent agenda is just SRU: we should be OK if there's not a lot of "other business"02:57
ajmitchpersia: we've got plenty of other issues02:57
* persia looks at the agenda again02:57
ajmitchI thought they had been added to the agenda, but I guess not02:57
ajmitchour little discussion about what to do with MOTUs who don't follow policy, and how to try & prevent having that happen in the first place02:58
persiaajmitch: Add something if you want to discuss :)02:58
ajmitchthat would commit me to being there :)02:58
persiaajmitch: True.  Next time should be saner: a saturday morning, and perhaps you'll want to raise it then?03:00
persiaThere's a couple things that seem pending: how to make sure everyone is aware of current consistent policy, how to manage process change so everyone is aware, how to deal with scaling as we get closer to Dunbar's number, etc.03:02
StevenKLaserJock: If it's only showing self-sigs, then your key either hasn't been signed, or you haven't pulled your public key off of a keyserver03:03
LaserJockStevenK: I think maybe the later03:06
StevenKLaserJock: gpg --recv-keys 0x<id>, then03:06
LaserJockalrighty, back in business03:10
LaserJockmako is a DD isn't he?03:10
LaserJockalright, I guess that's my only DD sig then03:12
* minghua needs his keys signed, too.03:12
* StevenK just counted -- 33 DD signatures03:13
LaserJockwow, nice03:13
LaserJockif you add a new email address do you have to get new sigs?03:14
StevenKIf you add a new e-mail address, that uid only has a self signature03:14
minghuaStevenK: Can you sell me a couple? :-)03:15
StevenKNope. :-P03:15
LaserJockStevenK: but does that mess me up if I need a DD sig?03:16
LaserJockdoes it matter what uid I use?03:17
LaserJocklike I have mantha@ubuntu.com03:17
LaserJockbut if I wanted to use a different address for Debian say03:17
StevenKLaserJock: No, since your AM will look at all UIDs on your key03:18
StevenKLaserJock: Ponies!03:19
LaserJockyes master03:21
imbrandonLaserJock: i use @imbrandon.com for debian and @kubuntu.org for ubuntu but both are on the same KEY03:22
imbrandonseems to work ok03:22
LaserJockyeah, I have one that's actually an old address03:23
LaserJockis it a good idea to remove older keyids? or is it ok to just leave them?03:23
* persia thinks the key is signed, rather than the UID03:23
StevenKpersia: People may choose to sign one UID03:24
LaserJockI don't think so actually03:24
persiaStevenK: Really?  Interesting.  Thanks.03:24
LaserJockbecause I added my @ubuntu.com later03:24
LaserJockand some sigs are not on it03:24
StevenKpersia: I sign using --edit-key, and the command sign asks "Really sign all UIDs?"03:24
LaserJockbut I think people look at all the UIDs03:24
* StevenK chuckles at imbrandon's e-mail03:25
mdomschStevenK, go to OLS and do the keysigning for a few years...03:25
* mdomsch counts 102 debian.org sigs03:25
=== `23meg is now known as mgunes
mdomschLaserJock, caff is really nice for handling that03:26
mdomschapt-get install signing-party03:26
StevenKmdomsch: OLS is a little far03:26
imbrandonStevenK: did you get it ? i got a returned mail03:26
StevenKimbrandon: I got it, yes03:26
imbrandonhrm strange03:26
mdomschit mails a separate signature to each uid you're signing03:26
imbrandonStevenK: i got SMTP: host 550 user account locked03:26
persiaI'm looking at a multiverse package that build-depends on a wrapper package that downloads the actual contents at install-time.  Unfortunately, this just completely fails to work for the current build environment.  Does anyone have any suggestions?03:26
mdomschand the receiver then decrypts, adds it to their keyring, and uploads it to the keyservers03:27
imbrandon( thats my ISP's smtp server )03:27
mdomschso you know they own the email addr03:27
StevenKimbrandon: That's master.d.o, so one of them is locked03:27
imbrandonlooks like both i think, lemme look03:27
imbrandonyea they both say that, so not active?03:27
mdomschStevenK, I presume LCA has keysignings too, but I've never been able to go03:28
Hobbseepersia: fix the package so it doesn't.03:28
persiaHobbsee: Doesn't what?03:28
Hobbseepersia: need to access the net during build.03:28
StevenKpersia: The Ubuntu buildds have no Internet access (for obvious reasons)03:28
persiaHobbsee: There are no open-source versions of the API against which the package builds available.  It needs the build dependency.  I could copy the binary blobs to multiverse directly, but that would be bad.  Any other ideas?03:29
persiaStevenK: Yes, I know: I'm hoping someone will tell me a way to handle binary uploads or something.03:30
StevenKpersia: Beg lamont03:30
persiaStevenK: Thanks.03:30
imbrandonStevenK: ok so should i wait a few days to see if those accounts are still active or does locked mean something i'm not aware of, it said failed to deliver03:31
imbrandonseems only you got the corny email hehe03:31
persiaHmm..  Now to find a non-US, non-EU buildd admin...03:33
imbrandonheh goodluck03:33
* LaserJock gets back to ponies03:41
* imbrandon wonders if he will finaly get a GoldenPony :)03:41
* Hobbsee cant help you there03:43
ajmitchimbrandon: you'll get an extra special one, just for you03:43
imbrandonmt dew colored ?>03:44
ajmitchjust wrong03:45
LaserJockimbrandon: maybe a pony pulling a cart of Mt. Dew?03:47
imbrandonhahaha :)03:47
* StevenK is reminded of an Australian radio ad.03:47
StevenK"G'day, I'm a draught horse. I'm used to pull big, heavy carts around. Full of beer. Er, the carts, not me."03:48
StevenK(It turns out the draught horse, has been replaced with a ute, and so the horse talks about the ute, and then says, "Still, I shouldn't complain. The boss got me a new job. In a factory. Making glue, I think. I start tomorrow!")03:50
bmk789is there any progress being made on the penguintv package?03:50
persiabmk789: penguintv?  What's the current status.03:50
persiabmk789: Are there bugs?03:51
bmk789needs a couple variables exported to run correctly, but then it runs03:51
bmk789the software itself is kinda buggy but thats not gonna be fixed with packaging03:52
LaserJockStevenK: heh03:52
persiabmk789: I meant, "Is there a bug about this problem filed on Malone?".  Sorry for the confusion.03:52
bmk789its bug #131958 on launchpad, i havent seen anything else about it03:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 131958 in penguintv "PenguinTV segfaults with GtkWarning: gtk_window_resize: assertion `width > 0' failed" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13195803:53
persiabmk789: looking at the bug history, it appears nobody is working on it.  If you know how to fix it, a patch would be great.03:54
lifelessbmk789: we'll happily take non-packaging bugfixes if they are clear and understandable.03:55
bmk789i really wish i could but i just dont know how to set it up right03:55
lifelessbmk789: well, perhaps adding a default for those environment variables, within the code, would be a good start03:55
persiabmk789: OK.  I'd be happy to help get it set correctly, I just don't use the package, and don't know how to fix it.  Does it maybe need adjustment of the default configuration file?03:56
bmk789well its python and run from a script /usr/bin/PenguinTV but i dont know how to integrate the "export ....." lines into that script to get it to work03:57
bmk789i tried just putting them in at the top but that didnt do it03:57
* persia defers to someone who knows python, but is available to help with packaging questions03:58
lifelessbmk789: export lines are shell, is /usr/bin/PenguinTV shell?03:58
imbrandonpersia: got a simple get-orig-source example ( or some docs woudl be better ) google is not my friend atm03:58
bmk789im assuming not since it starts with #!/usr/bin/python03:58
imbrandonos.system('export BLAH=blah')03:59
imbrandonhehe assuming os is imported04:00
lifelessimbrandon: wrong answer04:00
persiaimbrandon: it's just a make rule that generates a tarball.  There are a few examples on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Basic#CommonMistakes, but I'll see if I can find a nice repack example.04:00
lifelessbmk789: try this -04:00
lifelessimport os04:00
lifelessos.environ['VARIABLE'] = 'value'04:00
imbrandonahh much cleaner :)04:00
lifelessimbrandon: with the added advantage of actually working :)04:00
imbrandonhehe i have -0- python-foo as StevenK found out the other night, only hacks04:01
lifelessimbrandon: calling os.system() will run a sub process, but its environment is in a child process04:01
persiaimbrandon: I'm not sure I like the style of http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/ike-0711191320/ike-2.0.3+dfsg/debian/rules (not very make-like), but it works.04:01
lifelessimbrandon: so it doesn't get fed back into the running python script; which is why it wouldn't work04:02
imbrandonpersia: ok cool gives me something to work with atleaste04:02
imbrandonlifeless: ahhh i see04:02
lifelessimbrandon: same thing will happen with mono, C, perl etc.04:02
lifelessand all shell for that matter  :)04:03
imbrandonpersia: so get-orig-source isnt intended to run at every build correct, only manualy via debian/rules ?04:05
bmk789lifeless: i changed it to this http://pastebin.com/m6cb4f6a but it did the same thing04:05
persiaimbrandon: The genpo get-orig-source (from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=genpo) is a simple uscan-based repack, and might be a good example.04:06
bmk789lifeless: i added lines 20-2104:06
persiaimbrandon: Right.  It's run manually only.04:06
persiaimbrandon: Essentially it serves to document the repacking procedure, so that anyone else can duplicate it, and the next upstream is easy to repack.04:07
imbrandonahh right ok04:07
lifelessbmk789: but it works when you export those variables ?04:08
LaserJockfor some reason it just seems like README.Ubuntu would be better for documenting stuff than debian/rules04:09
bmk789yes when i export those before running that script it works but the edited script doesnt work04:09
lifelessbmk789: oh, two issuees04:09
lifelessbmk789: the main one si that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is, if I remember correctly, not something that can be trivially changed... hang on04:10
lifelessthe runtime loader will check it04:10
lifelessbut you have to tell it or something04:10
lifelessman ld.so04:10
lifelessI think you might need to rebuild some extension to know where its dependent libraries are, or some such.04:12
bmk789so its gonna take more than tweaking that file to fix this04:13
persiabmk789: You might also try in #ubutu-mozillateam for hints on making things work well with firefox.  I don't know how active they are now (seems to be US-time based, and there's a national holiday on), but can be a good source other times.04:14
=== GoldenPony is now known as Hobbsee
bmk789i really wish i could contribute to stuff like this but i really dont know what im doing04:16
persiabmk789: Trying is the best way to learn: eventually you get something that works for you, and you share it with others.  If it also works for them, you share it with everyone, and find the next thing that annoys you :)04:17
bmk789i know i just dont wanna barge in on all the developers and be the n00b that needs everything explained04:18
lifelessbmk789: we're all noobs, all the time, on some stuff04:19
persiabmk789: Don't worry about asking questions: if you ask something really low-level, you'll get a pointer to a document, rather than an answer, but the question is still worthwhile.04:19
bmk789alright, ill give it a shot04:20
persiabmk789: Good luck.04:20
bmk789would it be wrong to rename PengiunTV to PengiunTV.2 then create a shell script for PenguinTV that runs the 2 export lines then runs PenguinTV.204:25
RAOFbmk789: That can work.  The traditional way to do that is to rename the binary to pengin.real & have penguin be the wrapper script.04:26
bmk789ah, so thats what all the .real threads are04:26
RAOFThe compiz package does it, miro does it (upstream, now.  Yay!)04:27
bmk789i suppose that isnt the "proper" way to solve the problem is it?04:28
RAOFThere probably is, from what I've gathered (I'm not really in possession of all the facts, though)04:29
bmk789well that does the trick04:29
RAOFThere's nothing terribly wrong with a wrapper solution, though.04:30
persiaThe "right" solution is to have a real shared library for firefox, which I think is coming soon.04:31
TheMusoAfternoon folks.04:37
StevenKAfternoon TheMuso04:38
nenolodwho do i subscribe to a bug requesting a sync from debian unstable?04:45
nenolodwe just knocked out the audacious 1.3 -> 1.4 transition in debian today04:46
nenolodso, it'd be good to sync the packages in ;)04:46
persianenolod: The same sponsors teams that you'd subscribe for a patch04:51
persianenolod: On the other hand, if there's no Ubuntu variation, the autosync scripts will grab things soon, and if there is Ubuntu variation, it needs a merge.04:52
persiaErrrr... *may* need a merge04:52
nenolodwell audacious 1.4.2 needs to go in first04:58
nenolodwhich has new deps (libprojectm1) which aren't in ubuntu :D04:58
persianenolod: Is libprojectm1 in main in Debian?  If so, it should hit Ubuntu NEW fairly soon.04:59
imbrandoni thought libprojectm1 was in NEW or should be soon-ish05:00
* persia hasn't looked at NEW05:00
nenolodhow do you view NEW?05:00
nenolodit's in debian main ;p05:00
nenolodlibvisual-projectm is in NEW, but is entirely unrelated to libprojectm105:01
persianenolod: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue05:01
* imbrandon perks up , libvisual ?05:01
* imbrandon just took that over in debian05:02
nenolodlibprojectm1 is not in any of hardy's queues ;)05:02
persiaimbrandon: You might want to chat with DarkMageZ, who has been maintaining libvisual-plugins in Ubuntu.05:04
persianenolod: Wait a few days: the next autosync run will probably happen when the build queues have quieted a little.05:04
imbrandonpersia: yea i just filed the ITA for libvisual and libvisual-plugins in debian about 12 hours ago05:04
nenolodlibvisual-projectm is a seperate package05:05
imbrandonman i need to find some mentee work for nxv*l to "learn the tools" he has a good grasp of the bug triage and packageing requiremnets, but wants to learn the "tools" better05:07
imbrandonsugestions ?05:07
Hobbseeimbrandon: unmet deps?05:08
persiaimbrandon: FTBFS issues?05:08
imbrandonyea i was thinking ftbfs but either i guess would be ok05:08
persiaimbrandon: More generally, pick a few things from qa.ubuntuwire.com: there's lots of little stuff, most of it packaging-related.05:09
=== Hobbsee is now known as GoldenPony
GoldenPonyLaserJock: ponies!05:22
* minghua ponders about the horror when golden ponies turn into long pointy sticks.05:23
* minghua actually never understands this pony business.05:25
persiaminghua: As long as we have Golden Ponies we can all ride happily to another release.  Unfortunately, they can only be forged with very high-powered lasers, so sometimes it takes a while.05:26
* imbrandon considers upgrading to hardy on his main workstation05:28
minghuapersia: Hmm.  Lasers.05:28
Hobbseeimbrandon: don't.05:28
Hobbseeactaully, kde might not be too bad.05:29
imbrandoni'm in fluxbox + kde apps + gnome apps lol05:29
imbrandonjust an all arround mix05:29
persiaimbrandon: You might want to check the NBS list before upgrading: just to make sure you have have a normally unstable system as a result.05:29
Hobbseethe gnome apps are breaking05:29
imbrandonyea looks like even irssi is on the NBS list05:30
imbrandonmaybe i'll wait another week05:30
* persia grumbles that the buildds are too responsive, and that more uploads are required to keep the delay > 1 day.05:35
=== LaserJock is now known as LaserRock
=== Hobbsee_ is now known as Hobbsee
Hobbseejust try hppa or something.05:36
persiaHobbsee: True.  HPPA is happy.  The others are getting hungry.05:37
Hobbseeyeah, must be time for a kernel upload.05:38
Hobbseegutsy's boring.  it actually works.05:38
lifelesshardon time05:39
lifelessturkish food; I'm hanging out for that05:39
lifelessdown near jeff and pia's, theres a most excellent turkish place.05:40
* persia suspects channel skew05:40
Hobbseelifeless: goign to go visit them?05:42
lifelessthats the current place05:45
Hobbseesounds like fun05:45
Ahmucki would love to see a p2p tv app in a deb.  sopcast has a linux version for thier player, unlike joost05:47
persiaRight.  Isn't there a plethora of places that indicate one should file  bug for that request?05:51
* minghua wonders if Ahmuck thinks #ubuntu-motu channel as post office to Santa or something...05:51
Hobbseeminghua: likely from the forums05:51
imbrandonhe is actualy from my LUG, figures lol05:52
nixternalshoot, if santa is watching, then I want a new car (preferably one of them new Honda hydrogen ones), some new computers (preferably the fastest thing God could ever think of), and world peace!05:52
persiaimbrandon: Could you pass a clue followed by a solid thwack?05:52
imbrandonpersia: definately05:52
imbrandonspeaking of LUG i havent seen pwnguin lately, he must be afk for the holidays05:53
somerville33I'm getting an error when I attempt to generate an interdiff05:55
somerville33cody-somerville@osunta:~/packages/exaile$ interdiff -z -p1 exaile_0.2.11-0ubuntu1.diff.gz exaile_0.2.11.1-0ubuntu1.diff.gz    diff -u exaile-0.2.11/debian/rules exaile-
somerville33--- exaile-0.2.11/debian/rules05:56
somerville33+++ exaile-
somerville33interdiff: hunk-splitting is required in this case, but is not yet implemented05:56
somerville33interdiff: use the -U option to work around this05:56
imbrandonsomerville33: paste.ubuntu.com is easy to rember :) and umm did you try -U ( not -u like you pasted )05:56
imbrandon-u != -U05:57
imbrandonleaste not most of the time05:57
somerville33That isn't part of the command05:58
somerville33It is a part of the output05:58
somerville33ie. "diff -u ..."05:58
somerville33And using -U does not work either05:58
minghuainterdiff(1) man page says -U needs an argument, i.e. "-U n".06:01
somerville33I put 5006:01
minghuaMaybe too much? :-P  Seriously though, probably interdiff doesn't work well in your case.06:02
somerville33Doesn't work with 2 either06:02
somerville33And interdiff is the SOP for new package releases06:03
somerville33*new upstream releases06:03
somerville33I'm just going to dput it to revu than06:05
somerville33Could someone review please? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=exaile06:14
Hobbseesomerville33: is that tarball any different from what's already in the archive?06:22
minghuaHobbsee: If it's a new upstream, the tarball is probably not in the archive?06:23
Hobbseeminghua: they re-released 0.2.11, as they screwed it up the first time.06:24
minghuaHobbsee: I see.06:24
Hobbseeminghua: and, after a while (and after bluekuja packaged it), they decided to rename the tarball to
Hobbseebut o06:24
Hobbseebut i'm not sure if they ever changed the contents of the tarball too06:24
* imbrandon loves upstream sometimes06:25
minghuaSounds pretty crappy upstream releasing work...06:25
Hobbseeahh, it appaers they have changed some stuff06:25
nxvlimbrandon: did rudy soponsored your package?06:28
Hobbseesomerville33: btw, if you've removed debian/pyversions, arent i supposed to see the file removed, somewhere in the diff between that and current gutsy?06:28
Hobbseeer, hardy06:28
imbrandonnxvl: yup, it was just uploaded about ~15 minutes ago06:29
Hobbseewhatever we're developing for now06:29
nxvlimbrandon: nice, now the only thing missing is mi mail :D06:29
imbrandonnxvl: i'm actualy working on revising that now, i'll pm you in a half sec06:29
somerville33Hobbsee: Yea, I forgot to remove pyversions. As for the tarball, I didn't modify the tarball to not include debian/ from upstream like previous releases.06:30
Hobbseesomerville33: then why's it in the changelog?06:31
somerville33Hobbsee: A mistake. I'm reuploading.06:32
somerville33The new version does not contain debian/pyversions06:32
Hobbseesomerville33: oh, what does "  * debian/README.Debian: touched to rid ghost" mean?06:40
minghuaYay, ghost!06:41
imbrandonghosts are cool, much better than clowns06:41
* imbrandon hates clowns06:41
imbrandonnxvl: sleep well, long day tomarrow06:41
somerville33Hobbsee: I removed README.Debian06:42
somerville33I suppose I should make that more clear06:43
* Hobbsee fixes06:43
Hobbseeah yes, must set up the gpg agent.06:45
imbrandonpersia: ok all fixed up and uploaded to debian ( apt-mirror ) , now to just wait to sync it, thanks for the feedback06:49
imbrandoni'm still pondering putting a debian/ubuntu specifc conf files in06:50
somerville33Hobbsee: You uploaded exaile for me?06:51
somerville33Hobbsee: I would have preferred if you had told me what changes I should have made instead of just signing the package yourself and uploading. I'm attempting to become a MOTU and having a list of my uploads on launchpad is handy when applying.06:55
imbrandonsomerville33: you will still be listed as the uploader via the changelog, she just sponsored the package06:57
imbrandone.g. it will still show up06:57
somerville33Not the way she did it06:57
Hobbseesomerville33: yes06:58
Hobbseeimbrandon: no, i had to modify it.06:58
Hobbseesomerville33: well, i had to sign it.  </pedant>06:58
imbrandonahh ( you could have still left his name hehehe )06:58
Hobbseeimbrandon: i did a Riddell.06:58
imbrandoni seen :)06:58
imbrandonsomerville33: aside from that you can stil list it individualy ( i did many packages like thta pre-MOTU )06:59
imbrandonahh 4 bugs closed tonight , i feel better07:00
nand`hiya! I'd like a review of the ike package please : http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ike  (one ACK to go)07:02
dholbachgood morning07:19
Hobbseemorning dholbach07:21
Hobbseesomerville33: you'll probalby end up getting enough stuff uploaded that it wont matter for one upload, btw07:21
dholbachhey Hobbsee07:21
somerville33Hobbsee: Well, hopefully you'll be able to give a good recommendation by that point ;]07:23
imbrandonmoins dholbach07:24
dholbachheya imbrandon :)07:24
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HobbseeLaserRock: ponies!08:23
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
=== Sikon_Stargate is now known as Sikon_Japanese
\shif anyone is interessted in cool music created with just a guitar, a gameboy, a C64 and two creative guys, check out http://www.sourcecode.de/node/924 :) download of music for free under CC license :)09:18
* proppy hugs dholbach09:20
* dholbach hugs proppy back09:20
\shNstrike...ircii-pana aka bitchx is removed from debian :)09:21
=== Sikon_Japanese is now known as LucidFox
proppydholbach: up to a one Q&A question :) ?09:22
dholbachproppy: yeah :-)09:22
* highvoltage hugs the entire *#motu* (Friday!)09:23
warp10Hi all!09:24
proppydholbach: I see a bug status I was assigned change from In progress to Triaged09:24
proppyIs that a bad thing ?09:24
proppyI mean I not very familiar with the "triaged" status09:24
proppyoutside of the hospital context09:25
proppyIt means "sorted" but sorted into what ?09:25
dholbachproppy: it means that the problem in the bug is well-understood, but that there's nothing to review yet09:27
dholbachif there is, it should be 'in progress'09:27
proppyoh ok09:27
proppyI see09:27
dholbachI linked to the policy decision I guess09:27
proppydholbach: you're right I forgot to read the header of the mail09:28
=== elkbuntu_ is now known as elkbuntu
proppydholbach: sorry for the disturbance :)09:28
* dholbach hugs proppy09:28
proppylet's turn in back to In progress then !09:30
proppydholbach: If i understand correctly it's fine to turn in progress when there is on REVU for example ?09:31
proppyif there is example in a tooklit library, IIRC then need to be packaged in a separate nonlib package ?09:40
proppyex: libjuce, libjuce-dev, juce09:40
tjaaltonany idea how to make a for loop in a makefile that updates a variable?09:42
tjaalton"@for pkg in $(PKG); do ENV="$(ENV) $$pkg"; done" doesn't work09:44
mok0Does someone have 10 minutes to help me with a merge?09:47
mok0I've never done it before09:47
persiamok0: Sure.  Which package?09:47
* Fujitsu wonders how 60GiB of local mirror manages to evaporate.09:49
persiamok0: OK.  The first thing to check is to make sure the tarballs are the same.09:49
mok0I only have 109:49
persiamok0: From where did you get that?09:50
* persia grumbles about grab-merge.09:50
persiamok0: OK.  Do you have the .dsc file for the latest Ubuntu upload?09:51
* mok0 shrugs09:51
persiaYou can compare that to the latest .dsc file for the latest Debian upload, to make sure that the md5sums for the orig.tar.gz matches.09:51
persiaSometimes with -0ubuntuX to -1 there are tarball differences which make it tricky.09:52
mok0looks good09:52
mok0same md509:52
mok0I'm confused by all the diff.gz's09:53
persiamok0: Great news: we can do this the simple way.  I usually ignore all the diff.gz files, as they never help me much for a merge.09:53
persiaUnfortunately, it looks like there is no "base" version for eigen, which again makes it a little harder, as we can't compare two branches to a common root.09:54
mok0I think there is a weirdness when interdiff -z debian ubuntu09:55
persiaI'd start with `debdiff eigen_1.0.5-0ubuntu2.dsc eigen_1.0.5-1.dsc` to find out what is changing, and if there is anything being removed that we'd prefer.09:55
mok0It looks like the date of the initial release in changelog was changed09:55
persiamok0: We don't need interdiff, because the tarball is the same.  interdiff -z is rather verbose, and I generally recommend interdiff -z -p1 for human consumption.09:56
persiamok0: The initial release date change would be correct, as each represents an initial release for a specific distribution.09:56
mok0But it was changed in debian09:57
mok0relative to what J.Ridell started out with09:57
persiamok0: Based on http://packages.qa.debian.org/e/eigen.html, I don't see any change in Debian, just an upload.  An initial release in Ubuntu is not important to Debian.09:58
persiaLooking at debian/copyright, it appears that the Ubuntu version was based off that of the Debian Maintainer anyway, so it oughtn't be much variation.09:58
mok0eigen_1.0.5-1.patch is null09:59
mok0which is weird09:59
persiamok0: That's an artifact due to merges.ubuntu.com not being a perfect merger, it's currently a human-intelligence problem.10:00
persiaEssentially, MoM gets confused if there is no base version from which to branch.10:00
* mok0 's head just exploded10:01
mok0you know, it *should* build10:01
persiaSo, the only thing you need to do is decide whether the changes to debian/cdbs/cmake.mk and debian/cdbs/kde.mk are good changes.  If you think Debian is doing the right thing, you'll want a sync.  If you think they need tweaking for Ubuntu, you'll want to generate a merge.  Let me know which you decide, and I'll help you with the next step.10:01
mok0ok, thanks persia. I need to go to a seminar now, but I'll continue when I get back. Catch you later!10:02
persiamok0: Sure.10:04
warp10dholbach: Hi! Pitti told me there is an existing list of software which needs packaging for Ubuntu. Where is it?10:14
persiawarp10: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=needs-packaging contains a list of 480 items, some of which are in progress, but most of which need help.10:18
warp10thanks persia, I'll check it out. Anyway, probably pitti was spoking about another list somwehere on the internet (not in launchpad), but your link should be fine for my needs.10:20
TheMusough wrong tab10:20
persiawarp10: Daniel maintains a list of needs-packaging bugs that have been committed to REVU, but I don't think that's a good list for a packager to hit: it's more a list for reviewers.10:21
persiaThat list is at the bottom of http://people.ubuntu.com/~dholbach/sponsoring/10:21
warp10persia: ah, ok. Thank you :)10:22
mok0persia: grrr, the seminar is in 3 hrs10:32
persiamok0: And after you've gone down to find an empty room?  How annoying.10:32
mok0persia: wrt eigen, I think debian took over the ubuntu pacakge10:32
mok0persia: yes :-(10:32
mok0I think it can be synced10:33
persiamok0: I think Ubuntu grabbed a Debian pre-release, and Debian caught up.  Note the packaging at the bottom of debian/copyright.10:33
mok0the debian version still has the ubuntu mods10:33
mok0so what do you think?10:34
mok0in such a case we drop the ubuntu tag in release, right?10:34
dholbachnixternal: can you send "REVU: Accepted: ..." mails to ubuntu-motu@ next time?10:35
dholbachnixternal: I just came across kopete-plugin-thinklight and kwest - it'd be nice if we could track all the stuff that goes into NEW10:36
persiamok0: Generally, it's worth syncing in these cases.  I don't understand the reasons for the changes to the CDBS includes, and don't understand why they aren't being pulled by build-depends anyway.  If the Debian source builds properly, and generates a proper package, it is preferred.10:36
mok0I'll try to pbuilder it10:36
persiamok0: That's a good start.  Next step would be to compare the dpkg --contents output of the two packages to make sure that things are going in the right places.10:39
mok0So, the ubuntu version to build is... ?10:39
mok0the old or the merged?10:40
persiamok0: If the Debian package is good, it's better to just file a bug requesting a sync.10:40
persiaThis bug needs to include information on the nature of the Ubuntu changes, the reason why they aren't required, and the Debian changelog since the last Ubuntu version (in this case, the entire changelog).10:40
mok0persia: the problem is, I can't reproduce those differences. When I unpack the source packages, there are no differences10:42
persiamok0: Really?  That's odd.  In that case, I'd just go for a sync.10:43
mok0persia: indeed10:43
mok0... what a boring package to merge ;-) It's just a bunch of C++ header files, anyway....10:44
mok0persia: In fact, I don't know what the files in debian/cdbs/ are for...10:45
persiamok0: Aren't they included in debian/rules?10:45
mok0persia: yes10:46
mok0kde.mk ??? why is THAT there?10:46
persiaI'd say they helped build the package then10:46
persiamok0: See, maybe you do want a merge, to use the normal kde.mk, and build-depend on the standard provider :)10:47
mok0persia: you mean fix the packaging bug?10:47
mok0I'll take a look10:48
persiamok0: Yep.  One of the things we try to do with merges is make sure that the Ubuntu packages are nice and clean.  It'd be nice to do that for everything, but it's especially important for Ubuntu versioned packages.10:48
mok0persia: but isn't it preferable with a sync? And perhaps to contact the debian packager with the change?10:50
mok0there is also a dependence on quilt, but no patches10:51
persiamok0: There's too schools of thought.  I believe we should just fix it, notify Debian, and hope for a future sync.  Others believe we should notify Debian and wait, and then do a sync.  As we don't support users at this point in the cycle, it doesn't really matter which school you join, although if you follow my opinion, you're promising to pay attention later.10:51
mok0persia: I'll try fixing it10:52
mok0persia: and go on with the merge.10:52
persiamok0: Thanks.  Just please watch Debian: if we can make a sync later (even after DIF) to reduce the Ubuntu variation, it will make it easier in the future.10:54
mok0persia: I'll ping you for the next step10:55
persiamok0: You'll likely do better to ask for help with the next step generally.  I'll answer if I'm around, but you shouldn't have to wait for me if I'm not :)10:55
mok0persia: sure, thx10:56
proppyI've got  a question about installing headers in a -dev packages11:07
proppysince the Makefile miss an install rule11:07
proppyI've to install the headers myself11:07
proppythe header are mixed with sources in a src/ subdirectory11:07
proppythe only command I know to mirror a directory tree with excluding some file is rsync11:08
proppyis it worth to add rsync as a build-depend for that ?11:08
persiaproppy: No, you really want to do it with dh_install.11:09
persiadh_install accepts some arguments to exclude files, or can specify files to be included on an individual basis, as proves more convenient to you.11:09
proppyyou mean dh_install when it don't rely on an .install file ?11:10
persiaproppy: I think dh_install can do it either way, but I'll admit that the finer points of convincing dh_install to do the right thing are beyond me.  The manual page is a little confusing, but worth reading.11:11
TheMusoYou also want to be sure that you are placing the header files where other packages would expect to find them when being built.11:12
proppypersia: reading it right now11:12
proppyTheMuso: yep there are no other package right now11:12
proppyTheMuso: but I guess creating a subdirectory for the whole library and adding a .pc file is fine doesn't it ?11:13
TheMusoproppy: Nevertheless, if you do intend to package other software that uses it, or even if not, I would still make sure you have it correct.11:13
TheMusoproppy: Yes that would work. Does other software exist that depends on this package yet?11:13
persiaproppy: It's only good to have a private library if you know there will never be a client package.  Otherwise you end up with a mess like we have with firefox today.11:14
proppyTheMuso: I plan to release software I've done using this package11:14
mok0persia: I know what's going on now. Like you said, jridell took over a prerelease, which has since been put into Sid. The change in the debian/cdbs/ directory (which _is_ required) has to do with an update to KDE4. The debian changelog only contains the initial entry.11:14
mok0persia: so I think it's sync.11:14
TheMusoproppy: Ah ok.11:15
persiamok0: Excellent.  Good research.  Now, does it need a build-depends tweak and deletion of debian/cbds/kde.mk, or does a sync generate the right binary?11:15
persiamok0: Right.  Time skew.  Just create the sync bug then, and subscribe the sponsors.11:15
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LucidFoxdholbach, kwest was actually rejected from the queue, so setting the bug as "Fix Released" was a bit premature11:15
mok0ok, i'll do that11:16
proppyTheMuso: I know a few people who are using it for crossplateform apps11:16
TheMusoproppy: Ok.11:16
dholbachLucidFox: I misintepreted https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kwest then, sorry - could you add a link to the current source package and set back to 'in progress' please?11:16
TheMusoproppy: Just as long as they know how to reference the headers.11:16
proppybut everybody seems to rely on uncompressing the tarball11:16
proppyand directly fetch header from here11:17
LucidFoxdholbach> sure11:18
dholbachLucidFox: you ROCK - thanks!11:18
proppyTheMuso: every code I've seen include it just like that include "juce.h" <juce.h>11:20
TheMusoproppy: Ok.11:20
TheMusoproppy: I didn't know it was new code for software that hadn't been developed yet.11:20
TheMusoI've just seen people screw up headers when the package didn't offer make install.11:20
proppyThere is some software already developed for it, but no package since the base library is not packaged11:22
proppynor installable11:22
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TheMusoMeeting in 30 minutes...11:29
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
* TheMuso wonders if the quietness of this channel reflects on the possible number of meeting attendees.11:47
* \sh 's online ,-)11:48
proppyTheMuso: where ?11:51
TheMusoproppy: In #ubuntu-meeting in approx 10 minutes.11:51
dholbachMOTU Meeting in 8 minutes in #ubuntu-meeting11:52
* TheMuso will be there, whilst poking some packages into line. :)11:53
sistpoty|workhi folks11:57
=== sladen_ is now known as sladen
sistpoty|workmotu meeting about to start in #ubuntu-meeting11:59
highvoltagewhat is SRU?12:05
ubotuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates12:06
highvoltageaaah, thanks Hobbsee12:06
ubotuuvf is Upstream Version Freeze.  For an exception, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess#head-9523bc4076ff011324d67cddc97969ec609618d612:09
highvoltageah right.12:09
rexbronI have an issue with a debian upstream package that seemes to include patched sources in the diff.gz12:21
Fujitsurexbron: What is said issue?12:22
rexbronas a result, when I try and build the package, the patch rule fails12:22
rexbronFujitsu: It's the package gtk2-engines-murrine (which is in main)12:22
Fujitsurexbron: Is it a patch that you added that fails to apply?12:22
rexbronFujitsu: we sent a patch upstream and now have to merge the package as the debian maintainer does things different;y12:23
Fujitsurexbron: You need to make the patch in debian/patches apply over whatever is in the rest of the source.12:23
rexbronFujitsu: I am unfamiler with quilt, but it seemes that the source is not being unpatched when a source package is built12:24
Fujitsurexbron: Oh dear... so all the patches are applied in the Debian .diff.gz?12:24
rexbronFujitsu: it is only one patch, but still12:24
rexbronas a result, trying to rebuild the source package fails12:25
Fujitsurexbron: Has that patch perhaps been applied upstream?12:25
rexbronperhaps in SVN, but not in the latest release12:25
FujitsuSo Debian has done evil things. Nice of them.12:26
FujitsuYou'll have to either unpatch the actual files (probably clearn), or drop the patch from debian/patches.12:27
Fujitsus/clearn/cleaner/, damn lag.12:27
rexbronFujitsu: isn't dropping the patch unadviseable?12:28
rexbronSince this is a main package, i will take it up in -devel12:29
TheMusoWell that was short and sweet.12:37
rexbronFujitsu: Now this is odd, when I try and unpatch it myself (using the command in the rules file) it does not work....12:37
* TheMuso will get these two uploads done, then hit the sack.12:37
effie_jayxHobbsee, :D12:40
* persia celebrates the abolishment of ircii-pana from hardy12:40
dholbachMOTU Q&A Session in #ubuntu-classoom in 20 minutes12:40
Fujitsupersia: Yep... but we've got 4 releases of it left.12:40
FujitsuAll with the lovely security issues.12:40
proppyircii-pana  ?12:40
Fujitsuproppy: aka bitchx.12:40
proppy!info ircii-pana12:40
ubotuPackage ircii-pana does not exist in gutsy12:40
persiaproppy: BitchX12:40
Fujitsu!info bitchx hardy12:41
proppyBitchX is bad ? :)12:41
persiaFujitsu: Yep.  At least one goes away in 5 months...12:41
Fujitsuproppy: Dead and full of security holes.12:41
ubotubitchx: Advanced Internet Relay Chat client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.1-4ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 1515 kB, installed size 6524 kB12:41
FujitsuNooooo, it's not dead yet!12:41
* rexbron is really anoyed12:41
persiaFujitsu: Wait for the publisher run12:41
DktrKranz\sh, ming looking at tikiwiki at some point? It has *many* security fixes12:42
rexbronpersia: Do you have experience with quilt12:42
FujitsuDktrKranz: Many? I doubt it. See wordpress and phpmyadmin.12:42
persiarexbron: Yes, but I've a bit of an immediate stack right now, aside from my queue.  The wiki patching guide has a nice example.12:42
rexbronpersia: Does it show up in diff.gz?12:43
persia rexbron: quilt patches should be in debian/patches in the diff.gx12:43
DktrKranzFujitsu, didn't check these two, but upstream developers mailed me a looooong list of vulns12:43
rexbronpersia: ok, time it yell at the debian maintainer12:43
FujitsuDktrKranz: Are there more than the six CVEs that I see?12:43
FujitsuDktrKranz: wordpress has 42, for comparison.12:44
DktrKranzFujitsu, IIRC, they released two security releases recently12:44
DktrKranzdon't know exactly how many CVEs are involved, though12:44
DktrKranz42? Yay! Is wordpress branded Micros...omething? :D12:45
proppyhi norsetto!12:45
norsettoso, where is this fantastic Q&A session everybody is speaking of?12:45
norsettoheya proppy12:45
proppynorsetto: you've just missed the meeting !12:45
highvoltagehey norsetto12:46
FujitsuDktrKranz: wordpress should die die die.12:46
highvoltagewhat's wrong with wordpress?12:46
norsettohighvoltage: hi there. Did you see the last mail from dholbach?12:46
DktrKranzno, my poor blog :(12:46
* Fujitsu wonders how many times more vulnerabilites the PHP webapps have over the total of the rest of the archive.12:46
highvoltagenorsetto: let me check...12:46
Fujitsuhighvoltage: It has so many security vulnerabilities it is really not funny.12:47
DktrKranzwhat about phpBB?12:47
FujitsuDktrKranz: That's not good either.. let me check.12:47
FujitsuJust the 20 for it.12:47
FujitsuAnd I haven't triaged them yet.12:47
highvoltageFujitsu: ouch. i run wordpress too :(12:47
DktrKranznot many, if compared with WP12:48
FujitsuLooks like they'll all affect at least Dapper, though.12:48
FujitsuExcept for one or two.12:48
FujitsuDktrKranz: phpmyadmin has 22.12:48
highvoltagewin 3612:48
Fujitsudrupal 25...12:48
Fujitsu(there are a bit less than 1000 overall)12:48
\shDktrKranz, sure...can you give me a list of CVEs ? :)12:48
DktrKranz\sh, of course :)12:49
persiaRight.  It's not woth a competition.  They're all bad: the competition is to see who can get to 0 first :)12:49
FujitsuSo those 4 alone make up more than 10% of the total...12:49
\shthere are some packages which we can't fix...and sometimes I think it's not worth the time12:49
DktrKranzheh, I think it's easier to fix bug #1 than having webapps 0 CVEs12:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112:49
Fujitsupersia: The solution seems to be to ban people who write PHP webapps.12:49
persiaFujitsu: Maybe, or perhaps to ban PHP webapps?12:50
\shespecially the php stuff...it's broken by default somehow, and seeing many php projects to releasing any patches for those issues, but new versions is quite difficult to follow up12:50
highvoltageFujitsu: yeah!12:50
Fujitsupersia: Possibly, but they'll probably take their coding practises to other languages.12:50
* TheMuso finally kills off another merge.12:50
highvoltageFujitsu: you'll write me a django/turbogears based blog, right? :)12:50
Fujitsu\sh: phpmyadmin is a whole lot better, but the rest are terrible.12:50
persiaFujitsu: Maybe.12:50
\shother projects like drupal are quite good...but not all versions in our archives can be fixed as well...12:51
FujitsuQuite a number of the wordpress CVEs mention that it's quite conceivably a PHP bug, but they can't tell. That's not encouraging.12:51
DktrKranz\sh. Gotta go right now. Mind if I forward you tikiwiki developers' mail?12:51
\shFujitsu, we need some fixes to php4 in dapper...there is a hell of a lot crap12:51
\shDktrKranz, sure, please do sh@sourcecode.de12:51
Fujitsu\sh: Note that php4 officially dies in a month.12:52
DktrKranz\sh, I will flood your mail again :)12:52
\shFujitsu, right, but we have it in dapper and we should fix it somehow ;)12:52
DktrKranzSee you later :)12:52
norsetto proppy: did I miss anything interesting?12:52
\shbtw..if you need some nice music while you are doing some work on universe, follow the green signs at http://www.sourcecode.de/content/cool-music-revealed :)12:52
\shdholbach, it's also something for you as DJ :)12:53
FujitsuOh, I see that drupal5 is actually up-to-date with fixes in Gutsy. I didn't notice, because of that removed Soyuz feature.12:53
\shFujitsu, yepp...:)12:53
\shFujitsu, I added some fixes to it12:54
\shoh no...i did that for feisty12:54
\shfeisty should be up2date in a few, when I get the "approved" mail from our security team12:54
Fujitsu\sh: Which releases does bug #162385 affect?12:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 162385 in drupal5 "[Security] Several Security Issues for drupal 5.x before 5.3" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16238512:54
FujitsuJust Feisty?12:55
\shFujitsu, feisty12:56
huatshello everybody12:57
\shFujitsu, jepp..in gutsy it was geser who fixed it12:57
\shFujitsu, for the 4.x releases I still have to check...but most likely it's "un"fixable12:57
persiamok0: You need to include the debian changelog in a sync request description :)12:59
\shFujitsu, what about bug #162296, in hardy and debian it's removed on my request (debian removed it on my request)12:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 162296 in ircii-pana "CVE-2007-4584 stack based buffer overflow via long MODE command" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16229612:59
Fujitsu\sh: I really don't know. It will just have to be left to rot, I guess.12:59
\shFujitsu, and reading the bug report from debian it won't be fixed in the future...12:59
persia\sh: It's fixed in hardy: the other releases are a little harder.12:59
proppynorsetto: ~SRU team is back | but not merged with ~uvf | then will be a special meeting for security issue | and dholbach will figure about timezone issue13:00
\shpersia, you mean bitchx? in hardy it's removed :)13:00
proppybut I may have got it completly wrong13:00
persia\sh: Yes, yes, and thank you :)13:00
* norsetto hugs proppy, the best meeting's digest he has ever met13:01
\shpersia, don't thank me, but thank debians ftpmaster != elmo13:01
\shwhere is motu-faq session now?13:01
FujitsuIdeally we send an email to our universe security announcement list notifying people of impending doom from continuing to use bitchx.13:01
persia\sh: I thought you requested it, but thanks also go to elmo and pitti :)13:01
persia\sh: #ubuntu-classroom13:02
\shpersia, yeah...after talking to nion who agreed that's better to remove it without having a living upstream13:02
=== proppy is now known as propeat
TheMusoOk, packages uploaded, I'm off to bed.13:03
TheMusoNight folks.13:03
\shFujitsu, what about a transitional package of ircii-pana with depends on irssi ? ;)13:03
FujitsuNight TheMuso.13:03
* Fujitsu goes too.13:03
\shFujitsu, for releases before hardy13:03
Fujitsu\sh: That is evil and Kees would murder you.13:04
\shFujitsu, I think so ;)13:04
FujitsuAnyway, night all.13:04
FujitsuTomorrow is security update and working out what ate my mirror and what else it ate day.13:05
persianight Fujitsu13:05
FujitsuNight persia13:05
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=== Solarion_ is now known as Solarion
pochudoes someone remember where the ubuntu logo fonts are? Or what the package is called?13:39
persiapochu: ttf-ubuntu-title maybe?13:40
pochupersia: looks like, thanks :)13:45
pochuyeah that is13:45
=== propeat is now known as proppy
proppyjust uploaded juce to REVU: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=juce13:51
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
effie_jayxI gotta get back to the conference14:01
effie_jayxtonigh I will hack another bug14:01
huatsnorsetto: my dear friend how are you ?14:01
effie_jayxand be as thorough as I was in lesson 514:01
norsettohuats: hey, como on in the classroom14:02
nenolodjuce on revu contains files outside of debian14:02
nenolodthis is a bad practice. please don't do it ;)14:02
huatsnorsetto: it is over, I think14:02
nenolodproppy, ^^14:02
proppynenolod: strange let me take a look14:02
huatsnorsetto: you were again looking by the window, and not listening the master dholbach14:03
dholbachmaster...? pffft :)14:03
proppynenolod: thanks it was my fault I forget to clean the dir before building :)14:03
huatsdholbach: jono  said once : "with daniel the packaging Master"... I am just repeating :D14:04
nenolodproppy, also, you should try to shoot for debian inclusion too14:04
nenolod</usual line>14:04
proppynenolod: you mean uploading it to mentors at the same times ?14:04
nenolodproppy, right14:05
proppynenolod: ok14:05
norsettostdin: all are kde 4 packages in gutsy-backports already?14:10
stdinnorsetto: no, just kdelibs and kdepimlibs so far (i think)14:10
norsettostdin: ok, thanks!14:11
proppyhow should I bump REVU upload ?14:14
proppyI mean should I increase a version number somehow14:14
norsettoproppy: doh?14:14
norsettoproppy: just upload it14:14
proppylike juce-0ubuntu1~revu0 ?14:14
norsettoproppy: keep it at the same version number, no need to change it for revu14:15
proppynorsetto: yes but it's hard to figure which upload we are talking about if the same version if overwritten ?14:15
proppyoh ok14:15
proppythen forcing the dput should be fine14:15
proppymaybing I confusing myself with ppa practices14:15
norsettoproppy: yes, use dput -f, or remove the .upload file14:16
proppyrecommended pastebin commandline client ?14:17
=== d33p__ is now known as luisbg
proppyby default poastebinit rely on the unavailable http://paste.stgraber.org :)14:22
persiaproppy: You've hit the MOTU ideal: recursive patch requirements :)  Patch that to point at paste.ubuntu.com, and submit your paste :)14:23
proppypersia: will be glad to do that just after my revu upload :)14:26
=== cprov-away is now known as cprov-lunch
proppyarg doesn't know if it supports paste.ubuntu.com :)14:28
stgraberproppy: you can -b http://pastebin.com14:30
stgraberproppy: unfortunately I'm not the one managing paste.stgraber.org (even if that's on my domain), I'll probably host one myself if the website isn't back shortly14:30
proppystgraber: yep I just tried that :)14:31
mok0Does someone have time to help me with some merge questions14:38
norsettomok0: yes?14:47
=== MenZano is now known as MenZa
mok0norsetto: I14:57
mok0norsetto: I found a conflict in the control file, and fixed it. Should I change DaD's entry in changelog with my own?14:58
norsettomok0: you should always do that14:58
mok0norsetto: OK. Then, I test the package in a hardy pbuilder, yes?14:59
norsettomok0: yes14:59
mok0... and upload to... ?14:59
bluekujamok0, make a debdiff14:59
bluekujaand open a bug report15:00
bluekujaagainst the package you are merging15:00
mok0A debdiff on the source package?15:00
bluekujaa debdiff between the new ubuntu package and the debian one15:00
bluekujanew Ubuntu package (your one)15:00
bluekujamok0, that's explained around in the docs anyway15:01
mok0I'll have a go at it15:01
mok0... and have another look at the docs.15:01
bluekujamok0, when the debdiff is ready, just open a bug where you report any information needed15:01
bluekujathen subscribe u-u-s15:02
mok0bluekuja: ok, will do. I've done that before15:02
bluekujamok0, fine. so why do you ask <mok0> ... and upload to... ?15:02
mok0Because I wasn't sure whether to upload the source package to REVU for review15:03
bluekujais it a new upstream release?15:03
bluekujaor just a merge?15:03
bluekujaREVU is not needed then15:03
* mok0 thinks a picture of the process is starting to take form in his brain15:04
bluekujamok0, you should read about "how to report a sync request" as well15:04
bluekujaI've commented one of yours before..15:04
mok0I did it wrong?15:05
bluekujacheck it out15:05
bluekujaand fix it15:05
mok0ok, it's the eigen package, right?15:05
mok0OK, I'll do that. Whew, there is lots to learn about this workflow15:06
mok0They should have an option over at LP, so you could just click: "This is a sync request"15:07
bluekujait's impossible to have15:07
bluekujaa rationale changes between package and package15:07
mok0If you say so...15:08
mok0I though computers were supposed to be smart ;-)15:08
bluekujayep, but for this case we need manual changes15:09
mok0Errr, not if you just want to sync debians version and throw away ubuntus??15:10
bluekujaevery sync needs a rationale15:10
mok0Debian has a new version of the package that compiles perfectly and needs no specific customization15:11
bluekuja(you don't need a rationale if the package is NEW)15:11
Hobbseebluekuja: every drop of ubuntu changes needs a rationale - not every sync.  </pedant>15:11
mok0it's the same version15:11
mok0Debian started to distribute the same version15:12
bluekujaHobbsee, yes, but I was right as well. Every sync *request* need a rationale (apart from NEW)15:12
bluekujaHobbsee, I forgot to add "request"15:12
* mok0 checks out LP15:13
mok0bluekuja: you want those changelog details in the bug report15:14
bluekujaHobbsee, is that what you mean?15:14
mok0... and the build log?15:14
bluekujamok0, what?15:15
mok0attach the build log, I guess15:15
Hobbseebluekuja: not really.  you dont actually need a rationale to request a sync - assuming it doesnt get hit by feature freeze and friends15:15
bluekujayes, it's written in my comment15:15
Hobbseeyou need a rationale on why any ubuntu changes can be dropped, though15:15
bluekujaHobbsee, agreed15:15
Hobbseebluekuja: your statement falls over when you request a sync with no ubuntu changes after DIF.15:15
mok0There were never any ubuntu changes in this package15:16
bluekujamok0, you should write that then15:16
mok0It was grabbed from debian before released15:16
Hobbseebluekuja: (because you don't need a rationale for that, but by your logic, you do)15:16
bluekujayou can't assume me to know it15:16
mok0bluekuja: I thought I wrote that?15:17
bluekujaHobbsee, exactly, plus a package gets synced automatically if there are no ubuntu changes, right?15:17
bluekujaHobbsee, I mean at a new revision/release15:17
bluekujamok0, no15:17
bluekujamok0, write things clearer15:18
mok0bluekuja: ok I'll do my best15:18
bluekujamok0, thanks15:18
Hobbseebluekuja: until debian import freeze, yes.  after that, no.15:18
bluekujaHobbsee, exactly15:18
Hobbseewhich is why your statement wasnt' really correct.  </pedant> :)15:18
mok0Hobbsee, bluekuja: ping me when you come to an agreement ;-)15:19
bluekujamok0, add a build log15:19
Hobbseemok0: the agreement was that i was correct, and that bluekuja needed to change his opinion.  this is simple :)15:19
Hobbseemok0: at the moment though, as everything's still autosyncing, the point is moot.15:19
bluekujamok0, if there are no changes, *write* it15:19
bluekujamok0, and as Hobbsee said, it should be autosynced now15:20
mok0bluekuja: So dont be verbose?15:20
bluekujamok0, question here is....why the package is not autosynced?15:20
bluekujamok0, no Ubuntu changes, no DIF15:20
bluekujaso why do you ask for a sync?15:21
mok0Because it existed in a 0ubuntu1 release15:21
mok0now it becomes available with tiny changes15:21
mok0It's just a bunch of C++ header files15:23
bluekujamok0, the section is different from the one added by riddel15:25
bluekujamok0, actually debian has libs15:25
bluekujaand Riddell added libdevel15:26
bluekujaRiddell, what do you think about eigen sync?15:26
mok0bluekuja: I don't follow. Is that important?15:26
bluekujamok0, actually Riddell manually changed the section from libs to libdevel15:27
bluekujamok0, Debian has libs15:27
Riddellbluekuja: (without looking at the situation) I'm for syncing it15:27
bluekujamok0, if we sync this, the package will get into libs again15:27
bluekujaRiddell, your last change can be dropped then?15:28
bluekujaRiddell, the section one15:28
mok0I can't see Riddell's response15:28
bluekujamok0, huh?15:28
Riddellbluekuja: that was just to please the archive admin15:28
bluekujaRiddell, ok, fine. I gonna ack it then15:29
bluekujathanks for answering15:29
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
Riddellcan't remember if I poked debian about that, but I can do so again15:29
bluekujayes, it would be great15:29
Ubulettebluekuja, ahh, you're back :)15:30
bluekujaUbulette, heya :)15:30
=== norsetto is now known as norsetto_limbo
mok0bluekuja: so I'm off the hook?15:30
Ubulettebluekuja, any progress with seamonkey ?15:30
bluekujaUbulette, thanks for reminding it, I think I gonna process it now15:30
Ubulettebluekuja, if not, don't worry, i can ask someone else15:30
Ubuletteoh, good15:30
* bluekuja grabbing reminder mail from Ubulette 15:31
bluekujamok0, let's wait Debian for that15:31
bluekujamok0, Riddell gonna forward the request15:31
bluekujamok0, so we can sync the package with his latest change as well15:32
bluekujamok0, maybe add a comment about that15:32
bluekujaand don't subscribe u-u-s until a new revision gets uploaded in Debian15:32
bluekujaUbulette, something changed in the branch?15:32
* mok0 wipes sweat from forehead15:33
Ubulettebluekuja, just pull to be sure, i don't remember where you stopped15:33
bluekujaUbulette, please give me the exactly branch url15:34
bluekujainstead of LP one15:34
bluekujaso I can branch it directly15:34
Ubulettethat's the one15:34
bluekujaI mean http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/seamonkey/seamonkey-1.1.dev15:34
bluekujagive me this next time15:34
bluekujayes, that's what you gave me15:35
Ubuletteyou're picky. it's in the header ;)15:36
bluekujaUbulette, is it the NEW iceape in fact?15:37
bluekujawhich package does it replace?15:38
Ubuletteiceape but only in hardy so far15:38
Ubuletteno decision taken for gutsy as of today15:38
Ubulettelet's wait for asac and gnomefreak to be back to discuss what's best for gutsy15:39
bluekujaUbulette, I'm building it15:40
bluekujaIt will take 30 mins I guess15:40
bluekujaas alwais15:40
Ubulettemore like 50m ~ 1h depending on how fast your box is15:40
bluekujaah damn :/15:41
mok0bluekuja: how can I conveniently see when a new package becomes available from debian?15:43
mok0bluekuja: I added a comment at LP15:43
bluekujamok0, it should appear in mom or dad automatically15:43
mok0Ah, ok15:44
bluekujamok0, if there are no changes it gets synced15:44
bluekujaas we said before15:44
bluekujabefore DIF15:44
bluekujaafter DIF everything is blocked15:44
mok0But there will be changes15:44
bluekujamok0, for eigen?15:45
bluekujamok0, debian should change the section15:45
bluekujato libdevel15:45
bluekujaand upload a new revision, which will be synced here15:45
mok0yes, but there are a couple of other minor things that don't matter15:45
bluekujamok0, like?15:45
mok0ubuntu changelog gets zapped15:45
mok0because there is no common base version15:47
bluekujamok0, actually I think it doesnt matter since the only changes will be pushed inside Debian15:48
bluekujaI don't think the changelog will be zapped for Ubuntu, Hobbsee can you confirm?15:49
proppyI don't manage to overwrite my upload on REVU15:49
bluekujamok0, and if you check other packages synced, you'll see they still have Ubuntu changelogs15:50
mok0the ones that come from debian?15:50
mok0They sync against ubuntu??15:50
bluekujamok0, no15:50
geserbluekuja: no, Debian changelogs don't have Ubuntu entries15:50
proppylet's try again15:50
bluekujageser, who said that?15:51
geserbut LP stores the old changelogs15:51
bluekujageser, and anyway some package got Ubuntu entries15:51
bluekujain Debian15:51
geserbluekuja: I haven't seen much Debian changelogs (from Debian) with Ubuntu entries15:51
bluekujaI've heard about it in -devel some days ago15:51
mok0the problem is, ubuntu version has no debian base version15:51
bluekujageser, I just said "and if you check other packages synced, you'll see they still have Ubuntu changelogs"15:51
bluekujageser, in fact that LP stores old entries15:51
mok0bluekuja: a diff3 only works if there is a common base15:52
bluekujamok0, anyway I don't see the problem here15:52
mok0there isn't in this case15:52
mok0Well, mom can't resolve the conflict that comes15:52
proppywhat is the REVU rotate time ?15:53
proppy15min ?15:53
bluekujageser, other packages synced = from Debian to Ubuntu15:53
bluekujageser, maybe you misunderstood me :)15:53
bluekujamok0, so?15:53
bluekujamok0, if ubuntu entries gets zapped15:54
bluekujawe just sync the package, that will be the same for both distros15:54
geserbluekuja: if the Debian maintainer didn't include the Ubuntu entries (which is seldom) then the changelog inside the (new) debs don't have them anymore15:54
mok0bluekuja: I'll wait and watch when the update comes. Then we can deal with it :-)15:54
=== cprov-lunch is now known as cprov
proppyoups I was uploading tu upload.ubuntu.com instead of REVU15:54
bluekujageser, so LP doesnt store old entries?15:54
geserLP has them (more or less) but not the debs15:55
bluekujageser, yes15:55
bluekujageser, binaries dont have them15:55
bluekujabut LP yes15:55
bluekujathat's what we mean actually15:55
bluekujamok0, agreed15:56
mok0bluekuja: cool. Hey it was fun15:58
bluekujamok0, are you sure about what you just said? :)15:58
mok0Sure. I'm trying to do another merge, now :-D15:58
proppyjuce updated on REVU: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=juce16:00
proppynenolod: on mentors as well :)16:08
mok0hehehe xtide builds in my brand-new hardy pbuilder...16:12
lamontpersia: send me email with the details of the package that needs some bootstrapping love, and I'll see what can be done16:12
mok0Normally, can the automatic merge cope with diffs in the control file, where Maintainer -> XSBC-Original-Maintainer??16:15
=== norsetto_limbo is now known as norsetto
norsettoproppy: do you build your packages before uploading to revu?16:17
proppydebuild -S -sa16:17
proppyon my workstation16:17
proppyand debuild -us -uc remotly16:17
proppyon http://juce.aminche.com/16:17
norsettoproppy: dpkg-source: error: Version number suggests Ubuntu changes, but Maintainer: does not have Ubuntu address16:18
norsettoproppy: you know why?16:19
proppynorsetto: it is because of (proppy) in the changelog ?16:19
norsettoproppy: yes, and the maintainer doesn't have an ubuntu address16:20
proppymaintainer should be MOTU ?16:20
proppyand originial maintainer me ?16:20
proppyjust like if my package was uploaded to debian and patched in ubuntu ?16:20
norsettoproppy: yes16:20
proppybut about the (proppy) thing16:20
proppymy gpg data are looking for something like that16:21
proppyin the changelog16:21
norsettoproppy: ah, didn't get that before, no, the changelog has an ubuntu number16:21
gesermok0: depends16:21
norsettoproppy: don't worry about the (proppy)16:21
proppynorsetto: ok16:22
proppynorsetto: so I can leave it as this ?16:22
norsettoproppy: don't upload a new one yet, let me check further16:22
proppynorsetto: ok16:22
gesermok0: sometimes you get a conflict there, and sometimes not, depends if some other changes were also made (like updated Build-Depends)16:22
norsettoproppy: the (proppy) yes, but the maintainer no, you need to change it16:22
norsettoproppy: can you add a final separate line to the Description, that differentiate between the two binary packages? Something like "This package contains the development libraries and headers"for the -dev, etc.16:27
proppyyou mean in the -dev description: add this line "This package contains the development libraries and headers"16:28
norsettoproppy: for your -dev, it could be a good idea to have it Provides and Conflicts with libjuce so that you only have one -dev at a time installed (unless you want more, then you need to change the name)16:29
proppynorsetto: http://hg.juce.aminche.com/rev/6419365cb4c516:30
norsettoproppy: I guess that libjuce should be libjuce0?16:30
proppynorsetto: http://hg.juce.aminche.com/rev/644d2d7e1b7816:31
norsettoproppy: better as a separate line (use .)16:32
proppy(05:29:27 PM) norsetto: proppy: for your -dev, it could be a good idea to have it Provides and Conflicts with libjuce so that you only have one -dev at a time installed (unless you want more, then you need to change the name) I'm not sure do get this16:32
norsettoproppy: ok, whats the problem?16:32
proppyhow can libjuce-dev depends on libjuce and confligt with it at the same time ?16:33
norsettoproppy: as I said, that because your name is wrong16:34
norsettoproppy: should be libfooX, where X is the soname16:35
proppyoh ok16:35
proppyI don't understand this part16:36
proppywhat is the soname ?16:36
norsettoah ....16:36
proppyhow can I get more that one installed at a time16:36
proppyI thought 0 and 1 suffix were related to ABI changes16:36
proppyi.e: if c++ abi change you want a package name change and the conflict provide thing16:37
proppyto make sure every you revert-depends get updated16:37
proppybut It seems I get it completly wrong16:37
=== ^4nDr3s is now known as RoAkSoAx
norsettoproppy: yes, the soname should be the same if there is no ABI change16:39
norsettoproppy: the soname (what you call the 0 and 1 suffix) is an information stored inside the shared library16:40
norsettoproppy: you can see it with an objdump command for instance16:40
norsettoproppy: wanna check some shared libraries you have installed?16:40
proppynorsetto: who set it ?16:40
norsettoproppy: upstream, its not distribution dependant16:41
norsettoproppy: some sonames are a bit complex (openssl for instance)16:41
proppynorsetto: I'm compiling the .so from debian/rules16:41
norsettoproppy: yes, thats beacause the upstream makefiles don't do that, right?16:42
proppynorsetto: yep16:42
proppynorsetto: how I can rigure the so name using objdump objdump -x ?16:43
norsettoproppy: let me check the man page16:43
norsettoproppy: well, just a grep should do16:43
mok0Heh, I've done another merge.16:43
norsettoproppy: objdump -p file | grep SONAME I think16:43
norsettoproppy: try this (you should have this lib) objdump -p /usr/lib/libgstreamer-0.10.so.0.13.0 | grep SONAME16:45
norsettoproppy: you should see  SONAME      libgstreamer-0.10.so.0 (0 is the soname version number)16:46
proppy  SONAME      libgstreamer-0.10.so.016:46
proppyI don't see it in juce16:46
norsettoproppy: yes, because you are trying to be upstream16:47
proppyI think I'm missing a part of it16:47
proppyis this an arbitrary number ?16:48
proppyor is there a meaning attached to it ?16:48
norsettoproppy: try objdump -p file | grep NEEDED16:48
proppynorsetto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2168/16:48
norsettoproppy: ok, you see these are all sonames16:49
proppynorsetto: but what do they mean ?16:49
proppyis that some kind of versionning thing ?16:49
norsettoproppy: yes, its mainly abi compatibility16:49
norsettoproppy: but it seems to me that you are trying to cover upstream there, which I don't think its correct16:51
norsettoproppy: to tell you the truth, I don't think your package will be accepted on this ground16:52
proppynorsetto: for generating the so file ?16:53
proppyhow is the soname choosen ?16:53
norsettoproppy: how would I know? I only know the packaging side of things16:53
norsettoproppy: and not much of that too ....16:54
geserproppy: by upstream, usually starting at 0 and increased if API/ABI changes16:54
proppygeser: it's a g++ flags ?16:54
geserthat's where my knowledge ends16:54
proppynorsetto:  (05:29:27 PM) norsetto: proppy: for your -dev, it could be a good idea to have it Provides and Conflicts with libjuce so that you only have one -dev at a time installed (unless you want more, then you need to change the name)16:55
proppynorsetto: how can I have more than one -dev at a time on my system ?16:55
norsettoproppy: if you name them with the soname version number16:55
proppyI guess it's a linkflags16:55
norsettoproppy: like libjuce0-dev etc.16:55
proppynorsetto: but -dev package usually don't change with soname right ?16:56
norsettoproppy: some do16:56
proppynorsetto: how ok16:56
dholbachhave a great weekend everybody!16:56
proppydholbach: seeya16:56
norsettodholbach: rock well!16:56
dholbachrock on! :-)16:56
proppyYou should be able to pass "-soname=name" to the linker yourself,16:56
* dholbach hugs y'all16:56
norsettoproppy: your bet is my bet, I'm off my ground here16:57
proppynorsetto: I mean I understand It's bad to replace the upstream and all16:57
proppynorsetto: that's why I've provided to the upstream a way to generate the dll16:57
proppynorsetto: and a premake.lua patch16:58
norsettoproppy: well, you would have to take over maintenance of that library replacing effectively upstream16:58
proppynorsetto: you mean forking ?16:58
proppyso soname usually begin with 016:59
norsettoproppy: not really, I mean providing the linux side of things16:59
proppyand get bumped everytime there is an abi change ?16:59
=== asac_ is now known as asac
proppynorsetto: but by that you mean shipping a tar.gz somewhere with my change it in16:59
norsettoproppy: and upstream have responded to your queries?16:59
proppyinstead of making these change in the debian/ directory16:59
proppynorsetto: I'll bump the post in the forum17:00
norsettoproppy: or back through proper upstream17:00
proppynorsetto: If I maintain a linux friendly upstream17:01
proppynorsetto: some of my changes will get in the orig.tar.gz17:01
proppynorsetto: instead of being in the debian diff right ?17:01
norsettoproppy: yes, thats always better17:01
james_wproppy: it gets bumped every time there is an incompatible ABI change.17:02
james_wproppy: so if an exported function gets removed. There is a tool in ubuntu-dev-tools to try and help you to spot this.17:03
james_wif something gets added then you just need to bump the shllibs.17:03
james_wand you can deal with some of this better using a version script, but that requires more work from upstream. It's great if you have a lot of reverse-depends.17:04
proppynorsetto: post bumpped http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/juceforum/viewtopic.php?t=2343&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=17:04
norsettoproppy: your compilation fails btw17:04
proppynorsetto: http://hg.juce.aminche.com/rev/26e1d5d4e0eb descriptions ok ?17:06
norsettoproppy: I meant as a separate line, use the . as a line separator17:06
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)17:07
nxvl_workthere are some packages on qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs that are not on packages.ubuntu.com like amarok217:07
nxvl_workis there any reason for that?17:07
proppynorsetto: like this http://hg.juce.aminche.com/rev/3562d0f8cce217:07
norsettoproppy: yes, here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/45577/17:08
proppynorsetto: 64bit ?17:09
norsettoproppy: yes17:09
proppynorsetto: I should made it i386 only then17:09
proppyor fix the linking on x64 issue17:09
proppyg++ -shared -o bin/libjuce.so bin/intermediate_linux/Release/*.o17:09
norsettoproppy: why? Seems like you just forgot the -fPIC option17:09
proppythat's the line I've added to generate the so files17:09
proppy-fPIC is missing17:10
proppyI should try to add a SONAME too17:10
proppynorsetto: correct me if I'm wrong17:10
proppyor anybody :)17:10
proppyshared library always need to have a SONAME17:11
proppystarting at 017:11
norsettoproppy: upstream makefile is making the static library?17:11
proppyand the package name needs to be named against the version with a suffix17:11
proppythere is no such thing like libfoo17:11
proppyonly libfoo0 or libfoo117:11
proppynorsetto: yep17:11
norsettoproppy: ok, make sure they use -D_REENTRANT, and you should use that for the shared too17:12
james_wproppy: you don't need to have a soname, but if you are going to package it and put it in /usr/lib you should.17:12
james_wproppy: and where you start doesn't matter, as long as it increases monotonically, and so 0 is a good start.17:12
norsettoproppy: have a look at this too: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-files.html#s-libraries17:13
proppyabout the package name does it needs to be named after the SONAME ?17:14
proppybecause I've seen package which aren't17:15
LaserRockif you don't care about having multiple versions available at the same time you can have just -dev17:16
LaserRockI think generally the libfoo package has the soname though17:16
proppyLaserRock: you mean multiple -dev or non-dev package ?17:17
proppyjames_w: norsetto: thanks for the links (reading)17:18
nxvl_worki miss tge motu-meeting again, didn't i?17:18
LaserRockproppy: multiple lib versions17:19
LaserRockproppy: like goffice in debian now has goffice 0.4.x and goffice 0.5.x17:19
LaserRockso there is a libgoffice0.4 package with a libgoffice0.4-dev17:20
LaserRockand also a libgoffice0.5 package with a libgoffice0.5-dev17:20
proppyI see17:20
proppy0.5 and 0.4 are SONAME ?17:20
norsettonxvl_work: yes17:21
norsettonxvl_work: you can check the log17:22
nxvl_worknorsetto: be sure i will17:22
Ubulettebluekuja, are you done ?17:22
proppyI don't think there will be multiple ABI version of the library, I mean it's a bad thing isn't it ?17:23
* proppy is thinking he is completly missing the point17:23
LaserRockif the library is in active development I don't think it's possible17:24
LaserRockeven python changes SONAME sometimes ;-)17:25
proppybut I thought new so name were introduced by new version of g++ right ?17:25
proppyand of stdlib++17:25
proppyI'm missing the point :)17:26
LaserRocka new version on the library17:26
LaserRockproppy: the SONAME comes from the library17:27
proppyI see17:27
proppyeverytime you break the Binary compatibility17:27
proppyby removing function by example17:27
proppyyou bump the SONAME ?17:27
LaserRockthat's the idea17:27
proppyand then you name the package against that ?17:28
proppyso that people are able to get their program working against old versions ?17:28
LaserRockyeah, basically if you write something based on a lib17:28
LaserRockyou need to know it's not going to change on you17:29
proppyso shipping multiple dev package17:29
LaserRockso you can tie to a SONAME17:29
proppyonly people not only to run old program17:29
LaserRockso in the goffice example I had earlier17:29
proppybut to compile program based on old version of the library17:29
LaserRockgnumeric uses the 0.5.x goffice series17:29
LaserRockbut gchemutils/gchempaint uses the 0.4.x goffice series17:30
bluekujaUbulette, is normal that I see some iceape binaries as well?17:30
proppyLaserRock: so for the moment as it's the first version of the package17:30
proppythere is no multiple version of the library17:30
proppyand then no multiple -dev17:30
proppyfor now17:30
Ubulettebluekuja, dummy transitional packages, yes. otherwise, please show me.17:31
proppymy guess is that the upstream doesn't maintain SONAME17:31
bluekujaUbulette, let's move to -mozillateam17:31
=== luisbg__ is now known as luisbg
proppyon the basic you've just explained, i.e: everytime I break binary compatibility I bump the library version17:31
proppythe upstream does not provide shared library at all17:31
proppyso just like norsetto suggested I should take care over it17:31
proppyor raise the upstream concern about it17:32
proppyright ?17:32
proppynorsetto: http://hg.juce.aminche.com/rev/7e78b2d01c7a17:38
StevenHarperUKHi, my package has been accepted onto Hardy : https://www.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue/?queue_state=3&queue_text=easycrypt - I have been reading teh contributing page - but its not 100% clear on how to supply a new version17:38
StevenHarperUKThis is the first time I have done this17:39
norsettoproppy: whats that?17:39
proppynorsetto: should fix the compilation on x6417:39
proppynorsetto: let me upload a new version on REVU17:39
proppynorsetto: since I can't test on X6417:39
StevenHarperUKDo I create a new Bug named "Candidate revision packagename_version-revision" and follow that procedure?17:39
norsettoproppy: no need to upload, I can just do it myself17:40
StevenHarperUKOh also I want to use the translations feature : how do I enable that for : Candidate revision packagename_version-revision17:42
StevenHarperUKsorry bad paste : https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/easycrypt/17:42
proppynorsetto: http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/juceforum/viewtopic.php?p=12927#1292717:45
norsettoproppy: well, we shall see17:45
proppynorsetto: does it match your concern ?17:47
norsettoproppy: my concern is that if upstream don't act I don't see this thing going well17:48
proppynorsetto: everything will just go fiiiiiiiiiiiiine :)17:49
proppynorsetto: btw does the rules thing seems ok ?17:49
norsettoproppy: let me finish this first17:50
norsettoproppy: same error17:55
nxvl_workmm i'm not sure about a FTBFS bug17:56
proppydid -fPIC is passed to g++ ?17:56
nxvl_worki first try to build it and it failed, but it was a dependency  error, i update my pbuilder and then it works17:57
nxvl_workdo i need to report it?17:57
proppynorsetto:  did -fPIC get passed to g++ call ?17:58
james_wnxvl_work: you could perhaps suggest increasing the Build-Depends version of that package.17:58
norsettoproppy: from the log: g++ -fPIC -shared -o bin/libjuce.so bin/intermediate_linux/Release/*.o17:58
imbrandonnxvl_work: no, you should update your pbuilder regularly17:58
proppynorsetto: ok17:58
imbrandonno need to report it17:59
proppynorsetto: and exactly same error17:59
proppynorsetto: thanks you17:59
norsettoproppy: yes, exactly the same17:59
nxvl_workok, moving to next one17:59
proppyI have a question regarding library example ?17:59
imbrandonnxvl_work: but if the rebuild fixes the FTBFS bug then thats good, there is still something to do17:59
proppyshould they get shipped in a separate package  ?17:59
proppylike binary package 'juce' for exemple ?17:59
nxvl_workimbrandon: the thing is that i don't have the server error log, or it is somewhere?18:00
norsettoproppy: here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/45587/18:00
imbrandonnxvl_work: if no other fixes need to be done to the package , you can either 1) ask for a giveback for the package in #ubuntu-devel or 2) you can append build1 to the version and upload ( signifying just a rebuild )18:01
norsettoproppy: usually they will go in the -doc package18:01
proppynorsetto: ahah18:01
proppynorsetto: recompile with -fPI18:01
proppynorsetto: not link with -fPIC18:01
=== davro is now known as davromaniak
proppynorsetto: I should pass -fPIC to the whole compilation18:01
proppynot only to the linl step18:02
imbrandonnxvl_work: see what i mean ?>18:02
nxvl_workimbrandon: i don't really understand 1)18:02
norsettoproppy: ok, isn't that what you do with that line? I must admit I didn't check what that is18:02
imbrandonnxvl_work: ok jabber me i'll explain 1) a bit more18:03
norsettoproippy: ok, I see now, you should really compile twice18:03
proppynorsetto: nop with that like I link all the .o to a .so file18:03
norsettoproppy: ok, I see now, you should really compile twice18:03
proppynorsetto: I should compile twice18:03
proppynorsetto: and since I can't override CFLAGS of the Makefile without breaking the whole compilation ..18:04
norsettoproppy: this is getting hackier and hackier ....18:04
proppynorsetto: I can't disagree18:05
proppynorsetto: the good part is that I learned a lot of thing :)18:05
norsettoproppy: oh yes, you can't beat this for learning :-)18:05
norsettoproppy: actually, not much learning from a packaging pov ...18:06
proppynorsetto: I'm glad I've understood the SONAME thing :)18:07
proppynorsetto: about the need to private a proper Makefile for people to package you stuff too18:07
proppynorsetto: I will definitly be aware of that for packaging my own things18:08
proppynorsetto: does build: got call for each binary package ?18:10
effie_jayxnorsetto,  thanks for the log18:11
norsettoeffie_jayx: np18:11
norsettoproppy: the build target?18:11
norsettoproppy: thats just per makefile18:11
norsettoproppy: or did I misunderstand the question?18:12
proppythe debian/rules/build target ?18:12
norsettoproppy: ok, but what is the question about build: ?18:14
proppyis it called one time for libjuce and libjuce-dev ?18:15
proppyor two times :)18:15
norsettoproppy: build knows nothing about libjuce or libjuce-dev18:16
norsettoproppy: think about a rules files divided in 4 main sections: clean, configure, build and install18:16
norsettoproppy: build is where you call make (like for a compilation from source)18:17
norsettoproppy: (ok, sometime is not make, is qtmake, or whatever, but the concept is the same)18:17
proppyok I see18:17
proppythese are the package generation entry point18:17
proppyused by debuild18:18
norsettoproppy: so, yes, unless the Makefile provided from upstream already does that, this is something you have to instruct yourself (like you did with the .install files)18:18
norsettoproppy: after the install: rule (which is where you invoke upstream makefile to install in the buildd)18:19
proppynorsetto: so only the debhelpers actually knows about the deferrent packages ?18:19
norsettoproppy: well, yes if you tell them18:20
proppynorsetto: so I believe debhelper parses the debian/control files ?18:21
proppyI see18:22
norsettoproppy: yes, some of the debhelper do parse files in debian/ (for sure changelog and control)18:22
proppywhen you use cdbs18:22
warp10Hi superm1. I was looking for an easy merge to do, and I saw xmltv, whose you are the last uploader. May I take care of it? Any suggestion about the merge?18:22
proppyyou can name your rule after the package name18:22
proppyI guess that's why I was a bit confused18:22
norsettoproppy: but by default if no package is specified with -p they only act on the first one of the binaries18:23
norsettoproppy: yeah, cdbs do take care of that and hides the gory details18:23
proppynorsetto: I should take a look at the code18:24
proppynorsetto: cause I don't know how to "dynamicaly" call a rule form another one18:24
norsettoproppy: debhelper?18:24
proppynorsetto: cdbs18:24
proppynorsetto: how did they manage to have rules named after packagename ?18:24
norsettoproppy: what do you mean dynamically?18:25
proppynorsetto: since the rules doesn't know anything about the packagename18:25
norsettoproppy: oh, ok, yes, I've stumbled on that snippet not long ago18:25
proppy$(patsubst %,binary-install/%,$(DEB_ALL_PACKAGES)18:26
proppyand I guess debuild set DEB_ALL_PACKAGES env var18:27
norsettoproppy: no, thats in buildvars.mk18:29
proppynorsetto: /usr/lib/cdbs/list-packages18:31
norsettoproppy: but, what is it that you want to do?18:32
proppynorsetto: I was just curious, how cdbs managed to call n*package rules, from a single one18:32
norsettoproppy: you want to call make twice?18:32
proppyopen (CONTROL, 'debian/control') ||18:32
proppynorsetto: yep18:33
norsettoproppy: well, what about build: build_1 build_2 for instance ?18:33
proppynorsetto: yep or I can inline then in build:18:33
proppybut if I understand how to do it staticaly18:34
proppyI was wondering how cdbs could do it from a file input18:34
norsettoproppy: well, thats most probably done in a second pass18:34
proppyor doing variable substitution on Makefile rules dependencies ?18:35
proppynorsetto: you can try the following http://hg.juce.aminche.com/rev/9781079dc3cb18:36
proppynorsetto: it compiles only once, with -fPIC passed18:36
proppynorsetto: I guess it's bad for the static library18:36
proppynorsetto: but at least I will figure out if it fixes the dynamic library one18:36
norsettoproppy: yes, thats right, the static one should not be compiled with -fPIC18:38
hyper___chapachelogger__: *ping*18:39
proppynorsetto: but does it fix your compilation error on x64 ?18:40
norsettoproppy: for the time being is building18:41
proppynorsetto: niceee18:41
proppynorsetto: thinking about the demo (examples)18:42
proppynorsetto: they are linked against the static file, again18:43
proppynorsetto: so I believe your point of making a linux friendly upstream is even better18:43
norsettoproppy: errr18:44
proppynorsetto: same ?18:45
norsettoproppy: :(18:45
proppynorsetto: same error ?18:45
norsettoproppy: like two water drops ...18:45
norsettoproppy: gotta go, wifey is calling for dinner18:47
proppythanks for the helps18:47
proppysee you18:47
proppyso do I18:47
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norsettoproppy: a+18:48
=== cyberix_ is now known as cyberix
=== LaserRock is now known as LaserJock
DktrKranznxvl_work, around?19:10
jpatrickI think he's at work19:11
DktrKranzI guess so :)19:11
warp10I am working on a merge, and there is a remaining change (a bugfix) that hasn't been reported to Debian. Should I report it filing a bug on BTS, altough I am not the author of that bugifx?19:12
nxvl_workDktrKranz: yep19:12
slangasekwarp10: yes, please19:12
DktrKranznxvl_work, hi. I looked at bug 164727. I think a give-back can be enough to fix it.19:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 164727 in advi "advi FTBFS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16472719:12
slangasekwarp10: assuming you can adequately explain the reason for the change, if not feel free to ask for help here?19:12
nxvl_workDktrKranz: thats what i have done19:13
warp10slangasek: ok, thank you!19:13
DktrKranzIt's a rebuild. A give-back is usually managed by buildd-admins19:14
nxvl_workthe patch only changes the changelog19:15
imbrandonnxvl_work: he is talking about doing 1)19:15
imbrandonin our discussion19:15
imbrandone.g. what geser just asked pitti in #ubuntu-devel19:16
imbrandonvs a build1 uplaod19:16
gesernxvl_work: a new upload isn't needed in that case, simply asking a buildd-admin is enough19:16
nxvl_workimbrandon: oh, ok19:17
nxvl_workgeser: yes but i find better to do it myself instead of asking another person to do it for me, i feel a little lazy doing that way19:18
imbrandonugh i need a personal DD, lol, sponsors are never on at the same time as me19:18
nxvl_workimbrandon: rudy is online19:18
imbrandonnxvl_work: hejust left for a few hours19:18
gesernxvl_work: -XbuildY packages aren't autosynced anymore, so you need to file a sync request later19:19
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nxvl_worki did't knew that19:19
nxvl_workok going to ubuntu-devel19:19
nxvl_workimbrandon: or have you already uploaded it?19:20
LaserJockimbrandon: email works in all TZs19:20
slangasekpersonal DDs are expensive to maintain19:20
nxvl_workslangasek: heh19:21
LaserJockthat'd be kinda funny, "Hello, I'm LaserJock you personal DD, how may I be of service?"19:21
LaserJock"Oh, for an actualy upload that's going to cost you $500"19:21
LaserJock"Rants on debian-devel on your behalf will be $100/email"19:22
DktrKranzDo I need a discount if I have to manage multiple uploads?19:22
imbrandonnxvl_work: no i dident upload it19:22
LaserJock"Votes are $10, or sometimes a freebie if I feel generous"19:22
DktrKranz500$ the first, 400$ the second... and so on19:22
imbrandonmentors are encouraged NOT to sponsor mentees uploads :)19:23
imbrandonnxvl_work: ^19:23
hyper___cha question: how can a new package be requested or how can I make a .deb file out of the source?19:23
imbrandon!packageguide | hyper___ch19:23
ubotuhyper___ch: The packaging guide is at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/New for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources - See also !backports19:23
LaserJockwhat the heck19:23
LaserJockI changed that19:23
luisbghey he is LaserJock again19:24
imbrandonLaserJock: yea but i like to be able to talk to sponsors in realtime, helps fix issues faster if there are any19:24
Kmosshould be https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide :)19:25
DktrKranzmh... is a mass-rebuild for packages which do FTBFS scheduled in the future?19:25
imbrandonDktrKranz: not sure, geser just asked pitti that19:25
geserDktrKranz: I asked pitti about it and no such massive give-back is planned19:25
geserDktrKranz: [20:03:43]        pitti | geser: no, it's not planned, I don't know how to do that wholesale19:26
ubotupackagingguide is The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports19:26
LaserJockoh stink19:26
DktrKranzSo, manual give-backs are required?19:27
LaserJockpackageguide vs packagingguide19:27
hyper___chimbrandon: the one I would like to have included is already requested ;)19:27
DktrKranzboring :)19:27
imbrandonLaserJock: its an alias19:27
imbrandon!packageguide is <alias> packagingguide19:28
ubotuBut packageguide already means something else!19:28
imbrandon!no packageguide is <alias> packagingguide19:28
ubotuYou are editing an alias. Please repeat the edit command within the next 10 seconds to confirm19:28
imbrandon!no packageguide is <alias> packagingguide19:28
ubotuI'll remember that imbrandon19:28
imbrandonLaserJock: fixed :)19:28
nxvl_worki'm supposed to go to the university but i don't want :(19:29
LaserJockimbrandon: geeze, no need to spam ;-)19:29
imbrandonoh wow, i give up :)19:29
imbrandonLaserJock: PONIES! :)19:30
LaserJockI'm trying fix this factoid mess19:30
Kmosat the end19:31
Kmos".desktop file fails validation"19:31
Kmosthe command doesn't work19:31
Kmosonly show the available desktop files, but not run desktop-file-validate against it19:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about package - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:33
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/New for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources - See also !backports19:33
LaserJockah hah19:33
tritiumLaserJock: do you have a minute?19:36
LaserJocktritium: sure19:36
tritiumLaserJock: thanks.  I'll /query.19:36
ubotupackaging is The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports19:36
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Mezhow do I create Linda Overrides?19:50
superm1warp10, sure if you want to, have at it20:00
superm1if not, laga was going to get at it in the future20:01
warp10superm1: ok, thanks :)20:04
superm1oh and looking through bug mail you've got debdiff's on the bug now20:04
superm1i'll take a look and upload them as long as they're good20:04
=== cprov is now known as cprov-away
norsettosuperm1: are you looking at bug 164738 ?20:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 164738 in xmltv "Please upload merge xmltv (universe) from Debian unstable" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16473820:13
superm1norsetto, yes20:13
superm1i'm doing a test build right now20:13
norsettosuperm1: ok, I just set it in progress and assign to you if you don't mind?20:14
superm1sure no biggie20:14
superm1warp10, okay looks good i'm gonna upload this.  thanks :)20:16
warp10superm1: great! thank you! :)20:16
TheMusoHey folks.20:38
geserHi TheMuso20:45
norsettohi TheMuso20:49
joejaxxanyone have a plan about the lp downtime? :) ( it is 8 horus :(  )20:59
TheMusojoejaxx: I think we just have to wear it.21:00
joejaxxTheMuso: yeah, unfortunately :\21:01
joejaxxbetter pull everything locally then21:01
* geser will be sleeping the most time LP is down21:02
TheMusoOh well, I have other stuff I can do while I wait. :p21:03
imbrandonits not for another 24+ hours correct ?21:03
geserNov 25th 3:00 UTC - 11:00 UTC21:04
TheMusoIts the morning of the 24th here.21:05
imbrandonyea it seems it will be Saturday, November 24, 2007 at 9:00:00 PM here21:07
imbrandonseems for that long of a downtime they could put up a static copy of the db or soemthing21:11
RainCTcan somebody please check if pbuilder-dist from hardy works correctly?21:13
RainCTI get a strange error when I use it on gutsy with the backported pbuilder, but I'm not sure if that's just me or there's really something wrong21:15
RainCToh, today it seems to work fine :S21:16
LordKowhm my xchat icon decided to pick its own size for the tray icon. kind of dominates the rest of 'em21:18
LordKowthats better21:19
LordKowbug 13951821:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 139518 in deluge-torrent "Please sync deluge-torrent from debian unstable" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13951821:28
LordKowshould i make a new bug report or use that one? it needs to be a merge21:28
TheMusoYay! Seems the buildds are uber clogged atm.21:29
LordKowTheMuso, which means... we are working faster than the build machines can build the packages? i like that21:29
TheMusoLordKow: More due to the fact that a lot of stuff was brought in from Debian21:30
LordKowah k21:30
LordKowwith regards to the deluge-torrent bug, would it be too invasive to change the bug title and status when it was not me who filed it?21:31
LordKowits an invalid report with regards to a sync.21:31
jsomersdumb question: when using debuild -S I get the error that my secret key is not available. When using gpg --list-secret-keys I do see my name and the email address that I configured in my bashrc file21:31
jsomersany pointers on why this may still be happening?21:31
LordKowdebuild -S -rfakeroot -k<your_gpg_key_id>21:32
LordKowi think that will work21:33
LordKowi always use dpkg-buildpackage21:33
LordKowand i have the GPGKEY env var set to i always use -k$GPGKEY21:33
jsomersallright, that worked21:35
jsomersthank you very much21:36
nxvllast week of classes sux21:50
nxvlis so boring come to do nothing21:50
SWATwhat's the best way to package a svn-revision from scratch? (I usually use pbuilder + dh_make)22:04
nxvlu can also use CDBS22:12
nxvlit's easier22:12
warp10hi zul. May I take care of the merge of nginx, whose you are the last uploader?22:21
* RainCT asks if the unknown author of 404main is around as he is working on improving and cleaning it up but there's a chunk he doesn't understand :P22:37
TheMusoRainCT: No, he's not.22:38
RainCTTheMuso: do you know who he is? :P22:39
geserRainCT: which part you don't understand?22:39
* geser notes it's *not* his script, but /me is learning python22:40
RainCTthis one22:41
RainCTI understand the code but I don't know what it's for22:41
RainCT(deps is a list of build dependencies)22:42
RainCTah ok22:42
* RainCT understands it now.. should look right next time :P22:43
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
RainCTgeser: thanks anyways :)22:43
geserRainCT: I didn't do anything, but I'm glad I could help you :)22:44
LordKowRAOF, why can deluge-torrent be synced? what about the last ubuntu package which removes the update entries from the preferences dialog, and also what about disabling auto-checking for updates? debian's version does this and we do not want it to22:58
LordKowdoes this, as in they DO check for auto-updates.22:58
LaserJockdang it, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the back of this laptop off23:01
LordKowthe screen?23:01
LaserJockno, the bottom23:01
LaserJockI took out all the screws23:02
LaserJockbut it seems to be still hanging on towards the back23:02
LordKowdid you take off the keyboard and the panel that goes over the power buttons, etc?23:02
LaserJockI'm going in from the bottow23:02
LordKowwell, some laptop manufactures will screw it down (towards the bottom of the laptop) with a couple of screw23:02
LaserJockI don't see any visable screws23:04

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