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Ubuletterhelmer, fullerscreen has been updated. prefs ui is fixed16:26
Ubuletterhelmer, now, prism shows: Error: window.opener.opener.document.getElementById("navigator-toolbox") is null. Source File: chrome://fullerscreen/content/fs_prefs.js Line: 4216:26
Ubulettewhich i guess is expected16:27
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* armin76 yawns17:15
bluekujahi armin7617:29
bluekujaare you still around?17:29
Ubulettebluekuja, so ?17:31
bluekujaUbulette, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/2170/17:31
Ubulettebluekuja, all the iceape*_all.deb and mozilla*_all.deb are dummy transitional packages (empty)17:32
bluekujaUbulette, are they needed?17:33
bluekujaUbulette, I mean now if this package gets uploaded17:33
bluekujait will install them as well17:33
bluekujaI don't think it's good17:33
Ubulettethis is required for the iceape->seamonkey migration and the previously missed mozilla->iceape migration that I fixed as mozilla->seamonkey17:34
Ubuletteasac wanted that17:34
bluekujait should be noted that they are just transitional packages then17:37
bluekujamaybe in the package description17:37
bluekujabut we may wait asac to hear what he thinks about that17:40
bluekujaanyway it builds fine17:40
UbuletteI just reused the wording from debian that has been dropped in ubuntu17:44
Ubulettebluekuja, why do you want to wait ? just read the logs of this channel from two weeks ago17:48
UbuletteNov 07 20:40:3717:48
bluekujaUbulette, usually dummy packages17:48
bluekujagot a description that explains17:49
bluekujathey are empty and so on17:49
bluekujafrom what I see here, it seems they are like normal packages17:49
bluekujawith content17:49
Ubulettei know. i've done those for ff3 from ff-trunk and ff-grandparadiso but here, I've just reused the debian stuff for control17:49
Ubuletteso it matches with current debian iceape17:50
Ubulettesure I can improve but if it's good enough for debian, it should be for you17:50
bluekujaare they transitional for Debian as well?17:51
bluekujaUbulette, ^^17:54
UbuletteNov 07 20:47:58 <Ubulette>      i dont remember me dropping them, it has been dropped earlier17:55
UbuletteNov 07 20:48:49 <asac>  hmm ... oh yeah ... thats then a bug of gnomefreak ... e.g. debian dropped them becausethey  already did that transition17:55
UbuletteNov 07 20:49:05 <asac>  and gnomefreak probably didn't readd them17:55
UbuletteNov 07 20:49:22 <Ubulette>      so ?17:55
UbuletteNov 07 20:49:49 <asac>  either readd them or file a detailed bug against update-manager :) ... e.g. which packages need to migrate to which17:55
UbuletteNov 07 20:49:57 <asac>  or bug gnomefreak to add them ;)17:55
Ubulettebluekuja, ^^ see ?17:55
bluekujaso Debian already did the transition17:56
Ubulettedebian did the mozilla-* -> iceape-*17:56
Ubulettei did mozilla-* + iceape-* => seamonkey-* based on the same scheme17:57
bluekujaUbulette, did Debian add some special transitional descriptions when they did the transition?17:57
bluekujae.g (dummy package)17:57
bluekujaand so on17:57
Ubulettemaybe my english is bad. "I did reuse the exact same debian/control file for those packages"17:58
bluekujaUbulette, checking lintian18:00
bluekujaUbulette, W: seamonkey-mailnews: extended-description-line-too-long18:01
bluekujabut we can skip that18:01
bluekujaand W: seamonkey-chatzilla: extended-description-line-too-long18:01
bluekujaW: seamonkey-browser: postinst-has-useless-call-to-ldconfig18:01
Ubulettenope, it doesn't18:01
bluekujalintian is crazy then18:02
Ubulettejust look, you'll see it doesn't18:02
bluekujacrazy then18:03
bluekujaI'm going to have dinner now18:04
bluekujathen I'm off for sport18:04
bluekujathe package looks fine18:04
bluekujaI need to do some more tests18:04
Ubuletteso ?18:04
bluekujaand then I upload it18:04
bluekujaneed to see dest paths18:04
bluekujabuild it on hardy18:04
bluekujaand so on18:04
Ubuletteplease don't disappear for days :)18:05
bluekujaI had really a lot to do this week18:05
bluekujabut please remind me18:05
bluekujawhen you see I'm up18:05
Ubulettei know you're busy but if you don't intend to finish it, please tell me so I can ask someone else. no offense but it's been blocked for a while now.18:07
Ubulettethat was my 1st request for sponsoring, it's still not in while I now have 4 other packages in as big as this one.18:08
Ubulettebluekuja, ^^, and I'd hate to see the next upstream release out before this gets in. I'd have work for nothing.18:11
gnomefreaki cant see real good the drops they gave me i found out im allergic to. Ubulette you cant add nobinonly to gutsy and you cant change iceape -> seamonkey in gutsy, why did you do iceape at all since i already did it and pushed it to review? ONLY security fixes can be put into stable rlease unless it is oked by a SRU and nobinonly doesnt fit within that AFAIK18:36
gnomefreakUbulette: if my package isnt good enough for gutsy than tell me and ill fix it but I REALLY FUCKING HATE DOING WORK FOR NO REASON! ill be back some other time18:37
Ubulettethat's the 3rd time asac and me explained.. hmm18:40
Ubuletteif someone sees gnomefreak, please tell him to check his gmails20:16
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