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fghello everybody! I'm on the latest Mythbuntu distro and need some advice to fine-tune it.02:38
fgIn my Mythbuntu Control Center software, I need to know wether it changes something not being able to check Ubuntu Desktop as my choice, since an update shows broken packages are marked to be kept which prevents any change.02:43
fgUbuntu is already installed, though. It's in it that I open session by default.02:45
* Dr_willis is totally lost on that.. and rereads it a 4th time.. :)02:45
Dr_willisYou are saying that the Mythubuntu control center "MCC for short" some how flaged/broke some packages?02:46
Dr_willisor 'might of did that'02:46
fgI've already installed the three Desktop environments but unchecked from MCC afterwards. Now I simply can no more check Ubuntu which I use.02:48
Dr_willisI just install them all.  and i use them. I dont have mythtv set to auto login or run. (the backend is running, not the front end) so not sure exactly what you are trying to do.02:50
fgThe problem preventing this simple choice is "broken" Ubuntu packages installed MCC is unable to uninstall or repair.02:50
Dr_willisits possible theres some broken packages on the repos at this time as well.02:51
fgI wondered if it implied something more in the MCC software than the install to choose such or such environment.02:52
fg2nd problem - I'm a little tired before using NTSC cable TV with pcHDTV 5500, I use it with xawtv or similar but need curiously to click on Sound software test button to get the sound out. My motherboard sound controller is Intel HDA.03:01
fg*Second problem - I'm a little tired and before running well MythTV, I use xawtv software and similar but need curiously to click on Sound software test button to get the sound out. My motherboard sound controller is Intel HDA.03:02
fgHow come there wouldn't be sound output but with Test button of Audio Conference Sound Capture in Sound Preference software?03:05
hugolpnew mythtv updates?07:34
superm1hugolp, yes on proposed09:54
hugolpsuperm1:  and they are bugs fixes or something else?09:55
superm1hugolp, bug fix for bug 15856209:56
superm1if it works for you and doesn't break anything, please comment on that bug09:56
hugolpsuperm1:  link?09:56
superm1if you didn't have the hardware and nothing broke even09:56
superm1<ubotu> Launchpad bug 158562 in mythtv "PVR-350 Video output fails" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15856209:56
hugolpI dont have that hardware but if in a couple of days mythtv keeps working ill coment there09:57
hugolpthanks for the good work09:57
superm1no prob, thanks, most appreciative, it's always hard to get testers for these sorts of patches :)09:58
beavisIs anyone using the multi-channel patch from #1104? (for ac3)10:04
frink_ho hum10:48
frink_get superm110:49
levanderAnyone can tell me why whenever I hit "Watch Live TV" the master volume on the alsa mixer goes down?13:36
hugolplevander:  its in the options13:37
hugolpyo can set the default master volume13:37
levanderhugolp: Where? I was looking for it.13:37
hugolplet me look13:37
hugolplevander:  setup -> general -> 3rd screen (Audio)13:38
hugolpwasnt that hard13:38
levanderhugolp: i'm brand new...13:39
levanderyeah, i got it now, thanks13:39
levanderI had actually seen that screen.13:40
levanderGuess I just started skipping too much stuff when I don't understand, must have jumped right over it.13:40
hugolplevander:  mythtv setup seems big at the begining, but after a while it makes sense13:40
levanderhugolp: Yeah, I'm pretty pleased so far.  I had some serious hardware problems getting a box built for it out of old parts.  But, am really impressed with how neat it is.13:41
hugolplevander:  for me having different computers accesing the same server is one of the best mythtv capabilities13:43
hugolponce you have 2 or more front-ends mythtv starts showing off13:43
levanderNo one's done any work to make a program guide that's like Tivo's has they?13:56
hugolplevander:  whats Tivo?13:58
hugolpah, the US company13:58
hugolphows the guide?13:58
levanderIt's got two really tall columns.  The first column lists all the channels with the shows on now.  When you select a channel in the first column, the second column shows all the shows for that channel for the rest of the day, or as many shows as will fit.14:00
levanderIncidentally, I thought you were being sarcastic mythtv fan boy when you said "whats Tivo"?  Didn't occur to me that Tivo isn't known outside USA.14:00
levanderI'd do multiple front-ends, but all the hardware sounds expensive.14:01
levanderThe Tivo guide makes it really easy to find a show that's not on till tomorrow.14:01
hugolplevander shouldnt be too hard to do14:02
hugolpthe info is allredy there14:02
levanderI'm surprised it's not already in there.  Myth isn't young software.14:05
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Davieyfrink_: ping17:25
Davieyfrink_: *urgent*17:25
scarteri have multiple tuner cards and at every reboot, the cards change position. can someone point me to a FAQ or HOWTO that will assist me in solving this issue? I heard of something like making a static udev rule/file/something...18:26
mindframe_what's up with the updates today?19:57
tgm4883beavis, ping21:04
williammandaanyone hear have any desktop lockup and or pink screens issues?21:24
Davieyfrink_: ping21:28
levanderwilliammanda: you gotta be more specific than that, what is the computer doing when you have lockups and "pink screens" - whatever those are22:11
Alowishusmythbuntu site down?22:11
tgm4883_laptopAlowishus, yes, :(22:12
Alowishusohs no ;(22:12
Alowishusserver ok?22:12
tgm4883_laptopunknown at this point22:12
Alowishusno fun22:12
tgm4883_laptopworking on it, backup server is coming up22:14
williammandaHere is a link to the screen issue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3680550#post368055022:21
williammandahere is the link for the lockup issue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58790522:23
superm1Alowishus, should be back to life now22:33
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Alowishussuperm1: cool thanks23:16

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