mneptokthose join/parts gonna slow down anytime soon? :)00:11
LjLpwah, i've done it twice today00:12
LjLthrice, just because you asked00:12
PriceChildLjL, what's happenned with them?00:13
naliothPriceChild: he quit 2 of them, and the 3d is doing what it's supposed to00:13
LjLnothing PriceChild, i just modified some things and restarted them.00:13
PriceChildah ok00:13
LjLnothing big, changed the lag tolerance a little, made the logs less awfully verbose...00:14
LjLTm_T, the *logs*. the one that are saved on my computer. on the stuff they print in here :P00:15
Tm_TI know00:15
LjLs/one/ones/ and s/on/not/00:15
Tm_TI got that00:16
PriceChildLjL, hmm what about all of them always talking in -unregged...00:17
Tm_TPriceChild: op me on proxy channel?00:17
LjLPriceChild, yeah, they talk there when they're in emergency mode now. previously, they'd only do that after they'd set +r00:19
LjLand when they join, they're in emergency mode00:20
Tm_TPriceChild: thanks00:21
Tm_Tfelt lonely when didn't saw all speech00:22
naliothwhat speech?00:23
Tm_TI don't know because I didn't saw it00:24
naliothare you referring to #ubuntu-proxy-users or #ubuntu-unregged ?00:24
nalioththere have been no speeches in there00:24
Tm_Tyou lie ;(00:25
PriceChildif there was, you would have seen for we are opped00:27
ubotusoundray called the ops in #ubuntu (excrete abusing channel)00:27
mneptokLjL: do they really need to set limits here? the scrool is a bit much.01:27
naliothmneptok: all this will be much less when they go 'live'01:28
mneptokhello Soskel 01:32
Soskelcould someone unban me from here and from #ubuntu please01:32
mneptokSoskel: you're not banned here. your presence speaks to that.01:32
SoskelI was invited here01:33
naliothmneptok: i just unbanned him01:33
Soskelcould you also form ubuntu please nalioth, thanks01:33
naliothSoskel: please stay on topic in #ubuntu 01:33
Soskelwill do01:33
Soskeldoes it say if there was a reason why I was banend?01:34
naliothyes. you were wildly off topic01:34
mneptokSoskel: you were also incredibly rude to Seveas in this channel.01:35
SoskelI don't remember any of this...01:35
naliothwell, that may be for the best.  enjoy01:35
mneptok2007-10-16T01:05:30 <Seveas> Soskel, please leave if you have nothing useful to say01:35
mneptok2007-10-16T01:05:50 <Soskel> Seveas: please stfu01:35
Soskelthat was last month, October 16? 01:36
naliothmneptok: it's past and done.01:37
mneptoknalioth: agreed. but i thought he might like a reminder of what kinds of behaviors are not tolerated.01:37
Soskelso can I be unbanned please?01:37
mhatcherso when was he banned?01:37
naliothmhatcher: oct 16th or thereabouts01:37
mneptokSoskel: you have already been unbanned. please stay on-topic and abide by the Ubuntu Code Of Conduct.01:38
mhatcherweird :)01:38
Soskelthank toy01:38
* mneptok points at nalioth 01:38
mneptokthanks go thataway01:38
mneptokbribes come this way.01:39
mhatcher2000 users on a single channel is not a nice practice 01:40
LjLWho has01:41
LjL 2000 users on a single channel?01:41
mhatcherwell it is 100001:42
LjLPrepared to see awfully funny phrases from me01:42
LjLI am trying to use speech recognition01:43
mhatcherstart with hello01:43
Tm_Tmhatcher: ?01:43
mneptokLjL: pn'aa vuu ghaghnasdiak tl'aas k'tiri?01:44
LjLYes, I totally agree01:44
* mneptok nods sagely01:44
Tm_Tmhatcher: what about 1000 users?01:45
LjLAt least, this makes me use capital letters correctly01:45
mhatchertoo many questions01:45
mhatchertoo many answers01:45
mhatcherand what not01:46
Tm_Tmhatcher: better solution?01:46
LjLHolding the microphone hurts my hand of more than typing however01:46
Tm_TLjL: aye, I can feeel your pain01:46
mhatcherget smaller channels01:46
Tm_Tmhatcher: how?01:46
mhatcher#ubuntu1 #ubuntu2 ...01:46
Tm_Tmhatcher: and how making sure that guy who knows about foo is in channel where that is asked?01:47
LjLTm_T you, you cannot feel the pain of being told by Dr to choose the keyboard and mouse any more for a while01:47
LjLIt hurts the sour01:47
Tm_Tsour =)01:47
LjLSour sour so so so solved01:48
mhatchersome bot should pm spam pro users with messages from other channels 01:48
Tm_Tthat is plain silly01:49
Tm_Tyou really think you would jump to different channels?01:49
Tm_Tmhatcher: if #ubuntu is too crowded, ask in your loco channel01:49
Tm_Tthat's splitting enough01:50
mhatcherfortunately I dont need to ask anything01:50
LjLThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog01:50
Tm_Tmhatcher: you got the point anyway :)01:50
LjLAnd you jump01:51
LjL channels01:51
LjLNow, how can this thing complete nicknames01:51
Flare183How can i become a opertor for my loco team?01:52
Flare183Local Community01:53
Flare183#ubuntu-sc to be exact01:53
LjLYou mean an operator on their channel01:54
Flare183#ubuntu-southcarolina ot exact sorry01:54
Flare183yeah i guess all i want to do is update the topic01:54
Tm_Twell your channel is right place to ask that01:54
pleia2Flare183: there is a contact for that loco, the US Mentors have sent an email01:55
pleia2best let us handle it, rather than bringing it here01:55
Tm_Thi pleia2 01:55
pleia2'lo Tm_T 01:55
* mneptok shoves pleia2 around playfully01:55
Tm_Tgood to see you too01:56
naliothFlare183: i'm afraid you should use #ubuntu-us-sc01:56
* pleia2 elbows mneptok 01:56
mneptokthat's gonna smart in the AM01:56
pleia2nalioth: heh, the US teams are a bit split WRT such naming ;)01:56
naliothpleia2: the CC is not split.  US teams should be #ubuntu-us-[state abbreviation]01:57
pleia2ah ok, I don't think any of the approved US teams use that scheme01:57
naliothpleia2: it's a fairly recent change.01:57
* pleia2 nods01:57
naliothseems #ubuntu-tn is both Tennessee and Tunisia01:58
LjLnalioth, our naming guidelines say a different thing though i believe...?01:58
mneptoknalioth: the mental image of imams at the pedal steel is classic.01:58
Tm_TLjL: that wasnt speech recognition01:59
LjLTm_T: no it wasn't, i'm already frustrated enough. it works badly enough for italian - for my undecipherable english, it's just crap01:59
LjLnalioth: or perhaps they don't, i think i had a dream where they did.02:00
LjLalso, it's crashed02:00
mneptokLjL: you could try Dvorak or some other alternative layout ...02:00
LjLmneptok, doesn't really help when you wake up with your hand in pain and the doctor tells you "no, no x-ray and no pills for you, just get away from that keyboard and mouse"02:00
mneptokLjL: punching that doctor may loosen things up ...02:07
Tm_TLjL: hi?02:11
LjLi'm here, i went back to ubuntu02:13
LjLdid i miss anything?02:13
* mneptok mops up the pig blood and Jell-O02:18
Tm_TLjL: #kubuntu minataku, whaddya say?02:19
LjLopinion after a very quick grep is, he's way offtopic.02:21
Tm_Tbit more and I'll give him some remove love02:21
LjLdon't be afraid to. he's not new to this sort of thing02:22
pleia2nalioth: you still about?02:23
pleia2need #ubuntu-southcarolina forwarded to #ubuntu-us-sc and some access changed02:24
naliothpleia2: hmm?02:27
LjLnalioth: so, it's #ubuntu-us-initials, or #ubuntu-us-fullname, or #ubuntu-us-whatever-the-team-prefers?02:46
LjLwhere's the document anyway?02:46
naliothLjL: ask the dutchman02:46
nalioth #ubuntu-us-[state code]02:47
LjLnalioth: he'd say "ask the council", you know that :)02:47
Tm_Tnalioth: you have seen tomato monsters?02:47
naliothTm_T: i have.02:47
LjLthe only document i know about is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/ChannelNaming02:47
Tm_Tnalioth: roger, so it's known spammer then?02:48
LjLand that does specify #ubuntu-countrycode-regioncode, and the fact that "YY" is used to indicate the region code would seem to imply it has to be two characters02:48
naliothTm_T: for weeks now02:48
LjLanyway, US states lend themselves quite well to that since they are *already* encoded with two characters in addresses and stuff i think02:48
Tm_Tnalioth: I did small help for removing him fast02:49
Tm_Tnalioth: trigger.pl and right command will do :)02:49
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vorianJono has asked that we do #ubuntu-statename02:50
pleia2what a pain he is02:50
vorianso do we need to send out an alert to the mailing list?02:51
naliothvorian: #ubuntu-georgia belongs to whom?02:51
Tm_Tvorian: I haven't seen any discussion about this to our side, so wonders02:51
LjLthis seems complicated02:51
LjLbut i mean, seriously. the US aren't the only country in the world. other countries have "regions", "states" or somesuch in them, and they might want to have loco teams for them02:52
vorianTm_T, this discussion was had in January when we started the US teams project02:52
LjLare we seriously suggesting that separate namespaces are *not* needed?02:52
Tm_Tvorian: with irc-ops team?02:52
naliothvorian: does it belong to the country of Georgia or the state of Georgia?02:52
voriando people in the Country of Georgia use latin characters?02:53
Tm_TI really really think it MUST be foobuntu-countrycode-state02:53
LjLnalioth: the country of georgia would have #ubuntu-ge or whatever the country code is... but clashes can exist anyway02:53
Tm_Tvorian: when needed yes02:53
LjLTm_T: i agree. and i'd add that state initials are better than full state names02:53
Tm_TLjL: yup02:54
Tm_Tor I will start #kubuntu-Karjala 02:54
vorianI don't care either way, but most every state is set up as #ubuntu-statename 02:55
LjLvorian, +f is cheap02:55
vorianso is that the councils final decision?02:56
vorianIf so, I will send out a message to the US mailing list02:57
naliothvorian: in the beginning the channel naming guideline weren't very clear, i suspect02:57
vorianyes, there was only clear direction for country teams02:58
vorian(yes as in i agree :)  )02:58
LjLvorian, the naming guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/ChannelNaming - for some reason, i (and probably somebody else too) was in the belief that they (provisionally, or permanently, or something) didn't apply to US teams, and that there were other guidelines for them02:59
LjLbut i don't think that's the case, and i also think it's best, in term of possible naming conflicts, to just use #ubuntu-cc-ss03:00
LjLvorian: so, yes, please send a message to the mailing list. explain that existing channels can be forwarded by using /msg chanserv set #channel mlock +if #new-channel-name03:01
LjLand /msg chanserv set #old-channel guard on03:01
naliothor just swing by #ubuntu-ops if there are any questions03:01
Tm_Twe are here to help :))03:01
vorianokie dokie03:02
LjLnalioth, *or* #ubuntu-irc, which is there for that :)03:02
LjLalthough you aren't there :P03:02
Tm_Tthat too!03:02
Tm_Tvorian: yes, #ubuntu-irc :))03:02
voriansure thing03:03
Tm_TLjL: whoo, action soon?03:05
LjLTm_T: action? a logbot?03:06
LjLah minataku03:06
Tm_Tyup :p03:06
Tm_Tthat is just sooo close to trolling03:07
vorianok, message sent03:08
Tm_Tvorian: :)03:08
etankthanks vorian 03:08
vorianthanks IRC council :)03:08
vorianwhat contact do we add to the access list for the IRC council?03:10
LjLvorian: UbuntuIRCCouncil. note that you don't *have* to.03:10
naliothvorian: there is no need to add that nick to the list03:10
LjLvorian: instead, add *!*@freenode/staff/* if it's not there already, that's much more useful03:11
vorianI guess not with you around nalioth :)03:11
vorianLjL, right :)03:11
LjLvorian: also feel free to mention to all US loco channel contacts that they can pop in #ubuntu-irc for anything IRC operation related. i've sent a notice to that effects to most LoCo channel contacts, but only the international ones, not the US ones (i sent it to #ubuntu-us itself, but that was all)03:12
vorianLjL, sure thing03:13
voriancan we have ubotu in #ubuntu-us-oh  :)03:16
LjLvorian: you need seveas for that... we can bring ubotwo or ubot3 there03:16
vorianno big deal03:17
etankso how do i go about changing my teams channel?03:17
etankdo i need to create the chan first and then the forward?03:18
naliothetank: which team?03:18
LjLvorian, anyway, once you set +f from -ohio to -us-oh, ubotu will join the latter as soon as he disconnects and reconnects for any reason. so, i assume, will the locobot03:18
LjLalthough it's still probably much better to notify the bot owners of the channel changes03:19
etanki dont need anyone to do it for me03:19
naliothvorian: use mlock03:19
naliothvorian: and use +mif #target_channel03:19
vorianok, i was using +if03:19
LjLvorian, no big difference, but set also chanserv guard on03:20
naliothwell, if there is a split or services go down, the +m will keep folks from congregating in the channel03:20
naliothmake them go "hmm, why can't i talk?03:20
naliothas opposed to "where are all the buckeyes?"03:21
LjLyeah well not saying it shouldn't be set03:21
naliothit's a gentle reminder in case services disappear 03:22
Tm_Tstdin: one wrong move from minataku and feel free to remove him, he's been pain in the ass himself03:23
stdinI'll keep an eye on him03:24
vorianLjL, KB3LLM just showed up on our channel for the first time yesterday, he's kind of trollish...03:26
LjLvorian, your channel, your trolls :P03:26
LjLi have enough with mine :P03:26
LjLvorian: anyway, i can part ubotwo, or i can leave it joined, it doesn't really matter to me. you really want ubotu at the end of the day, though03:27
LjLbut i have no idea where seveas is right now03:28
vorianLjL, it's fine, thanks for letting it join :)03:28
etankLjL: we used to have ubotu but it left many months ago03:37
etankany way we can get it back03:43
etanki have no idea why it went the way of the dodo03:44
LjLvorian, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/MovingChannels <- wrote some instructions for US channel owners to move to the new names, nalioth, please check for accuracy03:46
LjLetank, you can probably have it back, but you need seveas, i can't bring it back, i can bring ubotwo (which only has !factoids and nothing else)03:47
etankscrew it03:47
naliothLjL: ubot3 is there for the present03:47
naliothetank: but you'd need to poke seveas if you want ubotu there (which is really the bot you want)03:48
vorianthanks LjL 03:48
Tm_Tmneptok: please03:50
mneptokTm_T: hm?03:50
Tm_Tofftopicness :(03:51
* Hobbsee defenestrates mneptok03:51
mneptokHobbsee: i haven't used Windows since 199803:52
Hobbseemneptok: and you live in a basement?03:52
mneptokHobbsee: i sleep in a drawer.03:58
* nalioth applies hot glue to the edges and nails it shut03:59
Hobbseegood, thanks nalioth!04:01
ajmitchpoor, poor mneptok 04:02
mneptokCanonical Quotes page: "<mneptok> I'm the Ralph Wiggum of Canonical."04:03
ajmitcha very special individual indeed04:04
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naliothHobbsee: ssh!04:16
Tm_Tssh <304:24
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no0ticelkbuntu, good evening(?)08:21
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ubotuFlannel called the ops in #ubuntu (worldfighter_958)10:15
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ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, aoupi said: ubotu: that is enougH! quit it this instant!12:31
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Tm_Thi FloodBot3 13:32
Tm_Thi Pici 14:42
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PiciNice name14:49
LjLThe speech recognition program lets you choose between British English, American English, Indian English, Asian English suspension marks14:49
LjLI'm a bit embarrassed about which one to choose14:50
LjLI was thinking Indian14:50
LjLCertainly something not very standard anyway14:51
PiciI would think that Indian English would be close to British English14:51
LjLpici think about the pronunciation, though, not the actual language14:52
LjLI was thinking that the vowels might be a bit closer to the Italian ones14:54
LjLIs just an impression, though14:54
LjLIn any case, this is much harder than typing14:55
LjLAlso, it cannot switch languages without waiting a minute or so14:56
LjLAnd the computer is even to slow to recognize in real time14:57
Seeker`LjL: What spec computer?14:58
LjLIt is a celeron 170014:58
LjLWith far of the gigabyte of RAM14:59
Seeker`i would have thought that you could have gotten reasonable performance from that15:02
LjLSeeker` maybe with a decent microphone and without the PSU fan grinding... dunno :)15:02
Seeker`fair enough15:03
LjLgee this might help my wrist but it doesn't help my throat for sure15:03
LjLnor my patience15:03
Seeker`LjL: RSI?15:03
LjLSeeker`, dunno, something15:03
LjLdoctor said to stay away from keyboard & mouse anyway15:03
LjLBUT I CAN'T!15:04
Seeker`LjL: Is it worse in your "mouse hand"?15:04
LjLyeah it *is* in my "mouse hand" (right), although i'm starting to feel a little pain in the left hand too... i suspect that's just because i've started using it for things i normally use the right hand for, and to which it's not quite apt15:05
LjLbut in the right hand it reached the point where it woke me up during sleep, although it's got better with a wrist, uhm "collar"15:05
Seeker`I found that using a graphics tablet + pen really helped when I started getting RSI like symptoms15:05
Seeker`you mean the sports support type thing?15:06
LjLSeeker`: my sister has a graphics tablet, so i could try... but i have a terrible relationship with pens, never been able to hold them correctly and write for more than 10 minutes without feeling pain15:06
Tm_TLjL: you too?15:06
Tm_TLjL: leftie?15:06
Seeker`I got pain in my wrist, and the back of my hand felt really weak (I could clench my fist, but unclenching didn't feel "right")15:06
LjLSeeker`, not sure, it's really just a wide strip i place around the wrist with velcro15:06
LjLTm_T, no, right handed15:06
Tm_TLjL: okie15:07
Tm_TLjL: but pens, nnngh, just doesn't fit into my hand15:07
LjLTm_T: it's just i've never learned to hold a pen correctly i guess, also it's been so long since i last used one =)15:07
Tm_Twriting is painnnnn15:07
Tm_TLjL: I do have learned multiple15:07
Tm_TLjL: none of them stop me getting frustration and panic15:07
Seeker`LjL: It is a bit differnt from writing - it doesn't require quite as much find movement of the fingers.15:08
Seeker`right clicking can be a bit of a pain15:08
LjLno Seeker`, it's something much simpler, without a thumb support or anything... just a strip, some 6x30 cm, i wrap around the wrist. but to be honest actually, i don't use it very much as it moves away from the wrist all the time unless i tie it really (too) hard15:09
LjLright now i'm using a pencil and scotch tape =)15:09
Tm_Tok, I'm about to get really big load of drugs, so, I think it's better I'm not in irc15:09
Tm_Tsee you later ->15:09
LjLis there anybody who's well in here? =)15:10
* Seeker` is (mostly) well at the moment15:10
Seeker`my RSI disappeared after using the graphics tablet for 2-3 weeks, as well as taking 1 week away from the computer15:10
LjLSeeker`, the latter is probably the real solution... :|15:11
Seeker`it was about 50% better before I took the week off15:11
LjLSeeker`, you didn't use the tablet for typing as well did you?15:11
LjL(i.e. with writing recognition15:12
Seeker`but most of my problem was the right hand, which I use for the mouse15:12
Seeker`keyboards dont bother me as much - probably 70% of the keypresses I do are with my left hand15:12
Seeker`I dont type properley15:13
LjLSeeker`: hm yeah but that it's *already* aching quite a bit, i can feel that the keyboard isn't helping either15:13
LjLah no i definitely use both hands and mostly the right, typing with left hand only would be a pain15:13
LjLalthough, perhaps it'd be less of a pain that using this horrible voice recognition thing, after all15:13
PiciI guess I should count myself as lucky for not haivn any rsi issues.15:14
LjLwell i never had something like this before...15:14
Seeker`I do use both hands, but I am left handed, and I tyype prettym uch everything left of "u j m" with my lef hand15:14
LjLi mean, after playing TEG for hours my fingers felt a little weird15:14
LjLbut i wasn't playing TEG for hours now15:15
LjL!info tegclient15:15
ubotuPackage tegclient does not exist in gutsy15:15
LjL!info teg15:15
ubotuteg: Turn based strategy game. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.2-1 (gutsy), package size 2392 kB, installed size 3708 kB15:15
Seeker`my friend got RSI really bad, he was on strong anti-inflammitories, used wrist supports and a graphics tablet15:15
Seeker`he also used workrave15:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about workrave - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:16
Seeker`meh :(15:16
Seeker`!info workrave15:16
ubotuworkrave: RSI prevention tool. In component main, is optional. Version 1.8.4-2ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 855 kB, installed size 2564 kB15:16
TheSheepSeeker`: evil thing15:18
Seeker`TheSheep: oh?15:18
TheSheepSeeker`: don't know what's worse, rsi or heart attack :)15:18
Seeker`heart attack?15:19
PiciI could learn to type with my feet.15:19
Seeker`Pici: You could also pay someone else to tpye for you!15:20
PiciI was getting pain in my wrists at one point, but I use a gel wrist pad now and don't have any problems.15:20
Seeker`hmm, is it too early to go to the pub?15:21
Seeker`LjL: The floodbots working ok?15:23
Picithey're flooding...15:23
PiciAlthough I do regularly crack my knuckles, maybe I'm setting myself up for joint pain in the future.15:25
Seeker`Pici: I do that too15:25
PiciIt would be quicker to list the joints that I dont regularly crack then the other way.15:25
Seeker`crack my knuckles that is, the floodbots are doing enough flooding for the both of us15:26
Seeker`hmm, i think it my be pub time15:31
LjLSeeker`, i'm relatively satisfied at the moment15:33
LjLI had just finished reading the sixth chapter of 2001 space Odyssey15:39
LjLIt doesn't really seem like the recognition accuracy has improved very much, though15:40
ikoniaheads up guys, just got PM's from super-sonic-sega complaining about being kciked, he's got loads of autoscripts thats responds to things, eg: if I say "lol" in channel it will respond in lol15:47
ikoniahe's gonna cause trouble15:47
Tm_Tikonia: thanks15:48
Tm_Tikonia: other triggers?15:48
ikoniaTm_T: help15:48
ikoniaand a few othres15:48
ikoniahe's "leet script kid" or so he says and wants to show off15:48
ikoniagot a ton of pm crap about it15:48
Tm_Tikonia: something which isn't help or lol or similar?15:49
Tm_Tneutral etc15:49
ikonianot sure15:49
ikoniahe was spouting crap 15:49
ikoniahard to know what was real and what was false15:49
Piciikonia: do you mind pastebinning the log?15:51
Tm_TI like to see it too15:51
Tm_Tpastebin or some txt somewhere15:51
ikoniaPici: let me see what I've got15:51
ikoniamy buffer is not a lot15:51
PiciBetter than nothing15:51
ikoniaI've got about 4 lines15:52
ikoniasorry 15:52
ikoniapastebin or here ?15:52
Tm_T4 lines is nothing in this case :p15:52
ikonia<Super-Sonic-Sega> I think your just jealous that I'm a better script then you15:52
ikonia15:42 <ikonia> yup15:52
ikonia15:42 <ikonia> your right15:52
ikonia15:42 <ikonia> bye15:52
ikonia15:42 <Super-Sonic-Sega> w/e loser15:52
ikoniakk was me doing crtl+k to paste - sorry 15:52
ikoniaI think he saw me say "ban him"15:53
ikoniaso I explained I didn't ban him and he should enjoy it15:53
ikonia"I'm l33t" etc etc etc15:53
ikoniaso I just ended it15:53
PiciI'm going to try the 'lol' test again, and if it goes off, I will ban him.  15:53
PiciI told him to turn the script off already.15:53
ikoniahe failed :)15:54
Tm_TPici: danke15:54
ikoniagratzi mille 15:54
ikonianow he's pming me15:54
ikoniaI thoought I turned it off etc15:54
ikoniaI don't know why he thinks its me that banned him15:54
Tm_Tdoesn't matter15:54
PiciWhy is he bothering you?15:54
ikoniano, he's on ignore15:55
Tm_Tforward to here15:55
ikonianot a big deal 15:55
FloodBot3WARNING: ChanServ is not replying, removing limit16:00
Tm_Tboring :(16:01
Piciinteresting 16:01
Tm_Tikonia: get him here?16:01
ikoniahe's logged off16:01
ikoniaas far as I know16:01
ikoniaI stuck him on ignore16:01
Tm_The is apparently16:01
ikoniathe last lines before I ignored him16:02
ikonia<ikonia> upi are banned now16:02
ikonia15:51 <ikonia> I didn't do it though16:02
ikonia15:52 <Super-Sonic-Sega> Well I don't want to be in there if people can't papreciate my awesome 1337 scripts.16:02
ikonia15:52 <Super-Sonic-Sega> >:(16:02
ikonia15:52 <Super-Sonic-Sega> * apreciate16:02
ikonia15:52 <ikonia> good16:02
ikonia15:52 <ikonia> enjoy being banned then16:02
ikonia15:52 <ikonia> people didn't appricaite it16:02
ikonia15:52 <Super-Sonic-Sega> well they are noobs then.16:02
ikonia(for your ammusment16:02
ikonianow he's showing as offline so I can't direct him in16:03
PiciNo loss16:03
ikonianot at all16:03
ikoniaI'm too noob to appriciate his l33t scripts16:04
elkbuntuoh loordy... /msg nickserv info super-sonic-sega and note his quit message16:05
Picithats a 1337 script16:05
ikoniayup, he had me fooled with that16:06
ikoniahe's mega16:06
* ikonia waits16:06
ikoniaI wonder what the other triggers where16:08
Tm_Tikonia: like to see leet scripts?16:08
ikoniaeducate me16:09
ikoniaI'm a noob etc etc etc16:09
Tm_Tikonia: join #ubuntu-fi and say WRAARRR!!! I just installed gutsy ARRRRR!!!16:09
ikonianice !16:13
ikoniaTm_T: thanks for that !16:14
Tm_Tikonia: :)16:14
Tm_Tone spammer made me do that16:14
Tm_Tmyrtti had fun with it then earlier16:15
ikoniaha ha ha16:19
ikonia'tis a good one16:19
ikoniaa good script16:21
Tm_Twell yea, he repeats same spam so when he comes he gets quickly removed16:21
ikoniaI think I saw him in #ubuntu last night actually16:22
ikoniathe WAaaaaa thing made me remember16:22
Tm_Ttomato monster16:26
Tm_Thits #kde-devel mostly16:26
Tm_Twhat I have seen16:27
stdinhe hits everywhere, including #qt and ##c++16:27
ikoniahas anyone thought about making #ubuntu reg users only ?16:29
Tm_Tand don't allow new users in?16:30
Tm_Tnot a good idea IMO except when really really needed16:30
stdinthen the place we send un-registered users would get flooded and attacked. just moves the problem to another channel16:30
ikoniafair point16:31
Tm_Tand new users fails to get help16:31
ikoniaI queried because of the ammount of unregged users not getting pm's from ubuot16:31
ikoniaman typing is bad today16:31
stdinunregged users can receive /msgs, just can't send them16:31
Tm_Tunless you allow them to msg you16:32
ikoniareally, a few have been complaining they don't get anything from ubotu 16:32
stdinsometimes they expect a new window to pop-up, rather than a new tab16:32
stdinx-mirc users and MSM people mostly :p16:33
ikoniayes, I guess it could be user perception error, rather than an actual problem16:33
stdinTm_T: actually it's "Windows Live Messenger" now :p16:34
Tm_Tstdin: I know16:59
PriceChild*wonders why GoldenPony hasn't been auto-voiced*17:03
legolas-San_Why are the Ubuntu channels #Ubuntu-<country> instead of #Ubuntu-<language>?17:10
PiciRoAkSoAx: Can we help you?17:10
PriceChildlegolas-San_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/ChannelNaming is the naming policy we use.17:10
RoAkSoAxPici, i just wanted to red the explanation PriceChild is going to give legolas-San_ about why channels are ubuntu-<country> and not ubuntu-<language>17:11
PriceChildlegolas-San_, What used to happen was that locos just made their channel... and gave support there. We're just based these guidelines upon the already happenning ways.17:11
PriceChildso that future loco teams follow the already set practices17:11
PriceChildIf we had language channels... we'd then need more loco channels than the other way around.17:13
ubotuInformation on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams17:15
LjLlegolas-San_, Local Community. anyway, loco channels can decide that they do not give support, and support is only given in another loco channel (if that other loco channel agrees)17:15
LjLso for instance there are many spanish loco channels that just tell people to join #ubuntu-es for support17:15
legolas-San_What I like about Ubuntu is that it now feels like the official Linux distro somehow. That's what "Linux" needs -- a common "face".17:15
legolas-San_Why -XX instead of .XX, though? Yes, I know I wonder a lot of things...17:16
LjLlegolas-San, this is IRC, not the web =)17:16
legolas-San_Yes, but... :S17:17
legolas-San_Just that even on IRC, .XX seems to be pretty common.17:18
legolas-San_Maybe you can use .XX for language channels as opposed to location channels? ^^17:18
Tm_TI mean why we need lang channels with loco channels?17:18
legolas-San_I dunno. For people who speak language X but are living in a different country than the main one of that language.17:18
Tm_Tjust to make more channels where you're the only one?17:19
Tm_Tno point to spread it further without real purpose17:19
legolas-San_Has somebody made a series of historical screenshot of each Ubuntu release?17:22
Tm_Tthere is somewhere17:25
Tm_Tanyway, this is not a place to ask that17:25
PriceyWhat does my router think it is...17:38
Seeker`Pricey: problems?17:39
Seeker`LjL: Waht is the reasoning behind setting -l when one of the bots dies?17:39
PriceyNot sure... its dropped twice in as many hours.17:39
PriceySeeker`, a bot dying is normally a sign of a netsplit or server death or services death...17:40
LjLor just bot death anyway17:40
LjLand if the bot is opped, another one must take over17:40
PriceySeeker`, netsplits and services death may mean we're unable to op. That means we can't -l ourselves if the channel grows naturally larger and the services or whatever dont' come back up.17:40
Seeker`Pricey: Yes, but why does the bot quitting = services death?17:41
Seeker`and isn't the point of the redundancy to continue "normal" operation?17:41
LjLwell, if the bot is on the dead server...17:41
LjLno Seeker`17:41
PriceyIt isn't redundancy at all.17:41
Pricey*will be quiet now*17:42
LjLthe point of redundancy is to make sure the limit is *un*set if anything is wrong17:42
LjLto avoid the drawbacks of +J17:42
LjLotherwise we'd just use +J17:42
LjLMy first priority, while writing the bot, was to ensure that users wouldn't be blocked from the Channel17:45
LjLThe second priority is to avoid attacks17:45
LjLBut the first priority over a right to the second priority17:46
PiciI like it thus far for the mass join detection17:46
Tm_TI need more ram17:47
LjLPici, you should like it even more17:47
LjLthe reason exploit17:47
LjLYou should like it even more the next time there is an exploit17:47
PiciOoh, I guess I'll somewhat look forward to that then17:48
mc44LjL: the reason the reason typo17:48
LjLso am I17:48
PriceyLjL, how much have you tested that bit? 8-)17:49
LjLPricey, not very much admittedly, but I'm pretty confident it should work17:49
LjLAnd less confident that it works with other kinds of attacks17:50
LjLWhich were harder to test without actually making an attack17:50
LjLmc44: this thing plain sucks, is to pay for Italian, and not just because my English accent is terrible17:51
LjLis to pay = it is ok17:51
LjLAlso because English is just an awkward language17:51
LjLWere all words sound alike17:51
Priceyhaha ;)17:51
LjLIncluding where and where17:51
Priceydon't you mean where and were?17:51
LjLYes, I suppose I mean that17:52
LjLBut how can I tell it to the programme?17:52
LjLAnd how can I tell you to spell decently, such as program and not programme17:53
mc44should be a command to scroll through homophones17:53
LjLWell, perhaps I shouldn't have choose an Indian English as variant to use17:54
Garywoo l just installed loadsa ram in my laptop17:54
LjLmc44: there is a command to spell but it's not quite handy to use, anyway it's supposed to pick up words from context17:55
LjLof course, its idea of context is sometimes awkward17:55
LjLOf course, its idea of context is sometimes awkward17:56
LjLSee, the line above what was interpreted perfectly17:56
LjLWhile absolutely couldn't get it to write " the recent man to spell"17:57
LjL(there is a command to spell)17:57
ubotuDaSkreech called the ops in #ubuntu ()18:28
symlink`I just fixed the DCC vuln on my router, and I would like to be let back into #ubuntu18:29
tomawPricey: note that guy didn't exactly have a connection problem18:33
Priceytomaw, yeah someone just pointed that out to me.... its still better than a straightforward ban... I'll remove it in a little.18:33
PiciSomeone was ghosting him, he reconnects, gets ghosted..18:34
tomawNot someone18:34
tomawOne of our utilities was colliding his nick for some reason18:34
PiciWhats hints then?18:34
tomawThere's be a reason for it, I just don't know what it is :)18:34
Pricey"root" was jacob btw (ubuntu member)18:44
* Pici wonders why anyone, especially a member, is running irc as root18:44
GaryI am, well if running Vista counts... :-)18:47
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
* Gary hides18:47
PiciI'm going home, -offtopic is a bit rowdy today18:58
Garyset it moderated then18:59
PriceChildGary, you have the helm18:59
Garycan I kick em all?19:00
ubotuIn ubotu, pike_ said: teamspeak is TeamSpeak is the proprietry VoIP software see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TeamSpeak19:24
ubotuIn ubotu, pike_ said: TeamSpeak is the proprietry VoIP software see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TeamSpeak19:25
ubotuIn ubotu, pike_ said: TeamSpeak is the proprietry VoIP software see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TeamSpeak  For a open source alternative consider using Mumble http://mumble.sourceforge.net/19:47
FloodBot3WARNING: ChanServ is not replying, removing limit20:00
MezLjL, I don't think that FloodBot1 should output that warning when it's in #ubuntu20:59
ubotuIn #ubuntu, markus_ said: ubotu: my problem is a little more complicated^^, i have two ubuntus on my notebook, and the false grub is in the mbr21:02
FloodBot3!ops | Mass join21:37
ubotudgjones called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:37
ubotugenii called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:38
PriceChildIf only we had some sort of anti-flood measure...21:40
PriceChildDon't know why I was opped there :/21:41
naliothPriceChild: we soon will have an antiflood measure21:42
PriceChildnalioth, we ok to -r?21:48
naliothlet's -R first21:49
PriceChildWhoops I didn't see that.21:53
tomawWhat are these floodbots btw?21:56
naliothtomaw: channel limit setting bots (like in #debian)21:56
naliothtomaw: if they'd been 'live' today, that attack would have not been as severe21:57
PriceChildThey're doing in here what they will hopefully be doing in #ubuntu soon.21:57
tomawwhat's the advantage of that over +J?21:57
PriceChildHopefully these will be nicer on server death.21:57
naliothtomaw: during splits +J isn't nice21:58
tomawIn what way?21:59
tomawsplit shouldn't matter.21:59
PriceChild+J handles splits fine doesn't it nalioth?21:59
tomawif we killed an ircd and people reconnected to another then yeah, +J would be a pain21:59
nalioththe mass rejoins all get shunted to #ubuntu-unregged, tomaw 21:59
PriceChildBut when a server dies... all the clients normally reconnect immediately.... then get hit by +J21:59
tomawnalioth: a rejoining servers users should pass straight through +J, surely?22:00
naliothtomaw: they do not22:01
naliothtomaw: or they don't seem to22:01
naliothwe were running +J a while back and somethning happened and we ended up with hundreds of folks in -unregged22:02
PriceChildthat was server death22:02
PriceChildthe splits were fine22:02
PriceChildI'm going to -r?22:02
tomawnalioth: +J won't affect users who haven't reconnected22:03
naliothPriceChild: go for it22:03
tomawso, if we split a server off now and reconnected it, users wouldn't be affected by +J22:03
tomawhowever, if a server explodes and people connect to another (or reconnect to the same one, potentially) then they will22:04
* PriceChild wonders if you guys all have a big red button labelled "split off server 1"22:04
naliothwell, i'm not the most technical person, but in the past, +J has caused problems22:04
tomawnalioth: never has in #gentoo :)22:04
tomawalso, you're going to need similar code to maintain the +l anyway22:04
tomaw(that and +l is noisy)22:04
PriceChildhmm yeah22:05
tomawhow long do you leave it after kornbluth splits before reducing your limit by a good few hundred, etc22:05
PriceChildWhy don't we use +J instead of +l.... but still the bots monitoring watching for death22:05
LjLMez, it has a concept of being in *two* channels, and outputting warnings in one while changing the limits in the other. it just currently does both in here.22:06
crdlbwell the advantage of +l is that it's not really vulnerable to server death is it?22:06
PriceChildcrdlb, neither is +J with this system?22:06
PriceChildI'm sure there's a good reason we've discussed before 8-)22:07
tomaw+J will hurt if an ircd crashes22:07
LjLtomaw, there's also the case when the servers *split* (don't *die*) but the split causes so many quit/rejoin messages that hundreds of people do down with SendQ Exceeded. when they all rejoin at once, they're bounced to -unregged22:08
tomawLjL: yeah, that too22:08
tomawyou'll need fancy +l code to mitigate that, of course22:08
crdlbPriceChild: +l is based on the absolute number of people in the channel, so if a bunch of people leave, then rejoin over the next few minutes, there's no problem22:08
LjLPriceChild, i *have* proposed that we use +J *with* the bots watching for it... yesterday, i think, and you replied :P22:08
tomawmodifying +J dynamically could be interesting maths22:09
PriceChildtomaw, no... because the bots notice this and -J immediately?22:09
LjLbut PriceChild, there could admittedly still be some more risks compared to +l, although i personally believe it'd be a workable solution22:09
LjLtomaw, the +l code is already quite fancy. if the bots detect that "many" users quit, they go into a mode where +l is only decremented very slightlu22:09
FloodBot3Simulating a netsplit with 244 users lost due to debug command22:11
PriceChildSo what's wrong with the bots just doing +-J then...22:11
LjLerr, where are my bots though22:11
LjLPriceChild: the fact that +J, in any case, doesn't limit the *total amount* of users, but the *join rate*. my bots also "emulate" the latter, but in quite a different way22:12
PriceChildWhy's that better?22:12
LjLPriceChild: you could end up in an emergency situation where the bots, after a while, think there's no emergency anymore, and set +l again22:12
LjLPriceChild: with +l, that's not very bad, because they set it to the previous value - i.e. still those 1200 users or so that were there previously22:13
LjLPriceChild: if, instead, they set +J back, we're back to the situation where everyone's redirected to -unregged22:13
FloodBot3Simulating a rejoin from netsplit due to debug command22:13
FloodBot3Synced to #ubuntu, 1187 users present22:13
LjLPriceChild: admittedly, that's a pretty worst case scenario. as i said, i think it *is* a valid solution22:13
PriceChildAnyone got a script to clear -unregged? :/22:14
LjLPriceChild, with +J that would be bad to have ;)22:14
LjLPriceChild: i could implement that in the bots themselves anyway22:15
LjLthey already know about -unregged (and are in it)22:15
LjLuhm, and they've perhaps been a bit too eager to inform users that they should register22:17
LjLthey were still doing it way after the "emergency" passed...? at least it looks like that from my logs22:17
PriceChildLjL, shouldn't you make a new trigger for that22:19
LjLPriceChild, a trigger for what? telling users, or kicking?22:19
PriceChildand perhaps verify it against a hostname/only allowed to be triggered from this channel for something.22:20
LjLyeah. it's one of the things that it might be a bit dangerous to implement, so it's not coming right now22:20
PriceChildok :P22:21
PriceChildLjL, I'm just hearing about how all us loco channels should migrate to "correct" naming scheme?22:22
PriceChildnalioth, ^22:22
PriceChildI thought that policy was just for new channels?22:22
LjLPriceChild, i was a bit confused about it yesterday, but anyway the end result is that all channels should migrate. it's a good end result IMHO.22:23
crdlbLjL: what about having the bot kick people who paste in the channel?22:23
Garywhat's the new scheme?22:24
naliothPriceChild: do you think that it's fair for #ubuntu-georgia to belong to the US state, just because they got there first?22:24
crdlbGary: #ubuntu-us-st22:24
PriceChildcrdlb, I don't like the idea of that.... I see a lot of users in other channels getting kicked because they type really really fast22:24
PriceChildnalioth, I never said that.22:24
crdlbPriceChild: then they deserve to be kicked for !enter :)22:24
crdlbbut it should have a very high threshold22:24
naliothPriceChild: well, that is why 'migrations' are suggested22:24
LjLcrdlb, that's more complicated than it sounds. i'm not excluding that sort of features, but not before i know the basic ones work right.22:24
jjessehello i just read on IrcTeam/Cloaks that i can be cloaked so show ubuntu/member/nickname how would  i go getting that setup?22:25
PriceChildI thought that document was a guideline for new channels... and the council resolves any current/future conflicts22:25
Gary so essex could be #ubuntu-uk-essex ?22:25
LjLanyway, be back later22:25
PriceChild!member | jjesse 22:25
ubotujjesse: Want to become an Ubuntu member? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember22:25
jjessealready a member22:25
PriceChildgah that's not the page I thoguht it was.22:25
PriceChildjjesse, have you linked 2 nicks and set an email?22:25
jjesselinked 2 nicks?22:25
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration22:26
LjLGary, that's about US channels for now... it's valid for other nationalities too, but wait a moment before doing anything with them. the guidelines specify "YY" as a region code, which could mean "only two letters"... i think they should be changed to specify that, if there exists a two-letters code (used in addresses for example) to identify the region, it should be used, otherwise it's full name22:26
jjesseah my nickname jjesse is registered22:26
LjLanyway be back later22:26
PriceChildjjesse, that factoid explains how to link an alternate nickname.22:26
PriceChildjjesse, you should get two registered nicks linked, set an email, then poke us again :)22:26
PriceChild(back to previous convo) I was thinking we weren't going to impose ourselves and tell them _everyone_ had to change...22:27
jjessePriceChild: ok thanks22:27
PriceChildWhich I'm getting the impression has happenned? :/22:27
PriceChildOr has the message been missunderstood along the way?22:28
Garyyeah, not like that not ever happened before...22:30
PriceChildnalioth, LjL?22:30
Seeker`PriceChild: Should -uk be -gb then?22:31
PriceChildGary, it happens all the time... I'm just getting a very strong impression that they are royally pissed off :)22:31
PriceChildSeeker`, uk is fine... there's no need to change is there?22:31
PriceChildnalioth, could you cloak jjesse please?22:32
naliothPriceChild: sure22:32
PriceChildnalioth, thanks22:33
PriceChildLjL, btw they haven't stopped in -unregged.22:34
Seeker`PriceChild: Well, if everyone has to change to the "proper" code...22:35
Garyjoin #ubuntu-gb22:35
PriceChildSeeker`, I don't remember the council saying everyone had to move...22:35
Garyhe he22:36
PriceChildalready forwards doesn't it?22:37
PriceChildmaybe not22:37
naliothgentlemen, the 'request to migrate' is aimed at primarily the US channels which use #ubuntu-XX as their channel name22:37
PriceChildI'm just concerned because from their side it sounds like an 'order'22:38
GaryPriceChild, it'll forward as soon as i remember the command22:47
PriceChildGary, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/MovingChannels22:48
* Mez slaps Gary22:51
* Seeker` prods Gary 22:52
MezGark - why #ubuntu-gb? uk is a valid iso code 22:53
MezGary *22:54
Seeker`Mez: As is -gb22:55
Garywell yeah, but many think it is gb, as do i when doing keyboard codes...22:55
Mezbut -gb and -uk are seperate things22:55
Mezif you had -gb, you'd have to have -ie too22:55
Garybut .ie already have a channel22:56
Mezuber :D22:57
Garyi'd not go there, they are all drunk :p22:58
PriceChildnalioth, LjL are we not discussing this? :/22:59
naliothi thought we had23:00
nalioth'primarily aimed at US loco channels who have squatted on other countries iso codes' ?23:01
naliothsuch as #ubuntu-tn and #ubuntu-sc23:01
PriceChildYeah and I'm agreeing that in these cases its best that the Council look after the discussion/debate/discussion of naming... My problem here is that the us loco teams seem to have the impression that they all need to move asap because we said so.23:02
PriceChildOne of the big issues we had at the meeting when we discussed this, was that we didn't want to impose ourselves, and revolutionise everything, moving everyone around.23:03
Garywoo, i have access on channels i cannot remember ever being in23:06
Seeker`Gary: such as?23:41
Gary#ubuntu-uk-chat (forwards to _uk)23:42
bigfuzzyjesusso when can i go in #ubuntu-offtopic23:43

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