fujin_somerville32: you don't.. use something like x11vnc00:03
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nealmcbKamping_Kaiser: looks like gbindadmin is a bind gui admin tool....  of course it suffers from the many x11-on-the-server problems....02:19
kgoetzlooks like i just learned something then *heh*02:28
SeanConneryHi, is there any documentation on Jeos ?03:23
Burgundaviain what sense?03:24
SeanConneryBurgundavia, namely, besides providing less packages, how is it useful?03:25
kgoetzSeanConnery: its been optomised to run in vmware03:25
SeanConnerykgoetz, how?03:25
Burgundaviait is a very stripped down version of Ubuntu, designed to build stuff on03:25
kgoetzSeanConnery: i dont know.03:25
SeanConnerymakes sense03:25
kgoetzbut the kernel has been recompiled at least03:26
kgoetzor thats th impression i got from the anouncements03:26
nealmcbSeanConnery: more documentation is in progress03:26
SeanConnerynealmcb, is there somewhere I can sign up to get more documentation when it is available?03:26
nealmcbit will probably show up at help.ubuntu.com03:26
SeanConneryI've been wanting something like this for a while actually03:27
nealmcbsome discussion is at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=549222&page=403:27
nealmcbincluding my notes on the very cool in-progress "ubuntu-jeos-builder"03:27
SeanConnerynealmcb, sounds like what I've been wanting..03:28
kgoetznealmcb: whats it do?03:28
SeanConneryso this ubuntu-jeos-builder lets you build the appliance, I assume03:28
nealmcbthere are notes on it at the server team wiki - meeting 2 days ago03:28
nealmcb90 seconds to build a custom vm and start it running (with the right build-time optimizations)03:29
* kgoetz will have to check his email03:29
SeanConneryhow can I keep informed of developments :D03:29
SeanConnerynot sure I can help besides feedback, but...03:29
nealmcbjoin the ubuntu-server email list03:29
nealmcbif there is interest we may have a dedicated email list in time03:29
nealmcbwhat do you want to do with it?03:29
SeanConnerymake an appliance :-D03:30
nealmcbweb deployment?  local use?03:30
SeanConneryits an application, not web03:31
nealmcbkvm/qemu?  vmware?03:31
SeanConneryvmware likely03:32
SeanConnerybut if I can support xen, that would be good03:32
* nealmcb like kvm03:32
* nealmcb likes kvm03:32
nealmcbvery flexible.  you can snapshot moments in time efficiently and resume them later03:33
fujin_OH MY?03:33
nealmcbI like free software also03:34
fujin_I prefer working, expensive software03:34
kgoetzfujin_: huh?03:34
fujin_kgoetz: </sarcasm>03:34
nealmcbbut the qemu part also supports so many different architectures03:34
nealmcbof course there are lots of tradeoffs and different goals03:35
SeanConnerylets not forget that vmware is currently the king in the virtualization space when it comes to market cap/mindshare04:20
SeanConneryI hate firefox04:21
SeanConneryso nealmcb is the jeos iso just an install CD or is it supposed to be a vmware image04:42
nealmcbSeanConnery: it is an install cd for use in any sort of vm04:42
SeanConneryI'm installing it now04:43
nealmcbbut without unnecessary hardware support modules04:43
SeanConneryI'm afraid04:43
nealmcbnote that IIRC scsi is not supported04:43
nealmcbnotes on that are in that forums thread I think04:43
SeanConnerydoes it matter for a VM?04:43
nealmcbsure - vmware provides virtual hardware, and the vm needs drivers to use it04:44
nealmcbbut the ubuntu-jeos-builder was much more flexible, fast and useful for me04:45
SeanConnerywhere is this builder?04:47
SeanConnerycan I see it?04:47
nealmcbsee the links in that forums thread04:47
SeanConneryseems like VMware uses SCSI04:48
SeanConneryoh nm, custom vm04:49
SeanConnerymy cats are in my socks... bastards04:49
nealmcbI've heard that - haven't tried it - but I guess it can be changed04:49
SeanConnerynealmcb, where do you live?04:50
nealmcbboulder.  you?04:50
SeanConneryI was in Aspen this year04:51
SeanConnerynice place04:52
SeanConnerynealmcb, I see this link: https://code.launchpad.net/~nealmcb/ubuntu-jeos/nealmcb05:10
SeanConneryIs that what you meant?05:10
nealmcbthough actually the trunk branch is more up to date now05:10
nealmcband you can get the best code by just browsing that - it is just a single shell script05:11
SeanConnerywhat the heck05:12
SeanConneryits a shell script? thats awesome05:12
nealmcbsimple and powerful05:12
nealmcband still in development.....05:12
SeanConnerydon't turn it into a configure script! :-)05:13
nealmcba configure script?  for what?05:13
SeanConneryyou know, ./configure && make && sudo make install05:13
SeanConnerythe configure scripts are awful05:13
nealmcbwell, it has that sort of thing in as part of the packaging, but you shouldn't see that05:14
SeanConneryok, I'm gonna run this bad boy05:14
nealmcband so far it is just a single shell script, with some dependencies05:14
nealmcbI really recommend the apt cacher in particular05:15
SeanConneryis that what you're using there?05:15
nealmcbit depends on qemu, debootstrap, parted05:17
nealmcb(qemu-img in particular)05:18
SeanConnerynealmcb, so why does the script need to be run as root?05:23
nealmcbgood question.  I guess there are a few parts that need it05:23
SeanConneryah, looks like you mount something or the other05:24
nealmcbI seem to recall some comments suggesting that may have been hoped to be unnecessary at some point but I forget05:24
SeanConnery21:29:39 Setting target vm to "vmw6"05:29
SeanConnery21:29:39 mkdir: cannot create directory `/home/sohail/src/jeos/ubuntu-jeos-gutsy-i386': File exists05:29
SeanConnery21:29:39 ./ubuntu-jeos-builder: 556: qemu-img: not found05:29
SeanConneryseems to require qemu even if I'm setting to vmware? /me debugs.05:30
SeanConnery<nealmcb> it depends on qemu, debootstrap, parted05:32
SeanConneryman this is getting a lot of packages...05:36
nealmcbSeanConnery: you mean during the building?  that is why apt-cacher is a huge help05:41
SeanConnerynealmcb, are those going to be in the final image then?05:41
nealmcbit is everything for a minimal install05:41
nealmcbyeah.  it is capable enough to add more packages, etc.  but I think stripping some of that out would make sense for many users05:42
nealmcband you can add arguments to do all that05:42
SeanConneryI'd like to say ./ubuntu-jeos-builder --please-build-something-with-networking-and-I-can-login-k-thanx05:43
nealmcbsounds like a nice contribution ;-)05:43
nealmcbbut I agree05:43
nealmcbbusybox comes to mind, but that would be a radical change05:44
SeanConnerynealmcb, I think mine failed. Can I paste you the log somewhere so perhaps you know what went wrong?05:59
nealmcbI like dpaste.com05:59
nealmcbdid you use the trunk branch, or mine?06:00
SeanConnerynealmcb, I used yours06:01
nealmcbhmm - may have been some vmware problems in that one -06:02
SeanConneryok, will try that one06:03
shortcakesHi, any idea why ubuntu 7.10 server install (sw raid tool) would not be able to delete existing raid1 devices from a previous suse install?06:03
shortcakesit says they are busy, yet they are not mounted06:03
SeanConneryhey nealmcb whats this launchjeos script you're using?06:05
nealmcbahh - it is a little hack for qemu - put all the necessary arguments to run qemu.  I guess vmware users would know how to use that vmware description file06:06
SeanConneryyes, I do06:06
nealmcbbut I was thinking it would be nice to be able to tell folks "just run this"06:06
nealmcbfor any vm system06:06
nealmcbbut I only know kvm/qemu myself, and only a bit at that....06:07
nealmcbadvice solicited.....06:07
SeanConnerywell I figure its up to the user06:07
nealmcbsoren is the main guy writing it....06:07
nealmcbfor qemu, you need to know which disk to configure with which image on the command line, and that is a pain without the script helping06:08
SeanConnerywhat is probably most user-proof is that the builder script generates the runner script, if possible06:09
nealmcbright - that's why I added it06:09
SeanConnerywith vmware its just as simple as opening the vmx file06:09
SeanConneryso, it can't be any more dum dum for me06:10
nealmcbshortcakes: the raid gurus may be around more actively in the next 16 hours or so06:10
shortcakesok, ty06:10
CrummyGummyHi all, My server has just filled up with relay-bin files in /var/lib/mysql. This has happened since I moved to Gutsy. What changes were made this time?06:14
* CrummyGummy points to the last time when the same files were in /var/run....06:14
CrummyGummyI'm lying, its the latest mysql upgrade in Feisty...06:15
* CrummyGummy reaches for more coffee.06:15
Burgundaviahmm, openldap 2.4 has just been released10:50
avatar_Burgundavia: package it for hardy10:53
Burgundaviaavatar_: yep, that is going to happen10:54
avatar_does it have big advantages over 2.3. ?10:55
Burgundaviafrom what I understand, yes10:55
avatar_OpenLDAP 2.4 Change Log10:56
avatar_OpenLDAP 2.4.6 Release (10/31) Initial release for "general use"10:56
avatar_hmm, the announcement has more information10:57
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roving_prolehello all, is there a utility on US similar to authconfig on RHEL?17:35
roving_prolealso, what's a good book for Ubuntu server administration?17:36
roving_proleI come from RHEL17:36
DM|omg hai guyz17:38
ivokswhat does authconfig do?17:40
roving_proleit's an ncurses util to set up LDAP and Kerberos auth17:41
roving_proleall auth, actually17:41
ivoksthere is auth-client-config17:41
ivoksit's not ncurses17:41
roving_proleah, that sounds promising17:41
ivoksapt-cache show auth-client-config17:41
roving_proleCouldn't find it...17:42
ivokswhat version of ubuntu is that?17:43
roving_prolenot sure... how do I determine?17:43
ivokslsb_release -r17:44
ivokslike on any other linux distribution17:44
roving_proleI always use redhat-version on RHEL, sorry17:44
roving_proleit's 7.0417:44
ivoksoh.. this tool is in newer version of ubuntu17:45
roving_proleah, ok17:46
roving_prolethanks then.  I'll just find and edit all the config files manually, no big deal17:47
roving_proleis the Official Ubuntu book good for server stuff?17:47
ivoksyou are setting up a client or a server?17:47
roving_prolea good resource, rather17:47
ivoksofficial book is mostly for a desktop, iirc17:48
roving_prolebut I have another ubuntu server I was going to set up as a client17:48
ivokswe are planing some improvments on that area for 8.0417:48
ivokswe'll see if we could implement all planed :)17:48
roving_proleyeah, lots to do, I'm sure17:49
roving_proleyou just get used to one distro, and the transition is bumpy sometimes17:50
ivoksproblaby bigest change from redhat is 'no /etc/sysconfig' :)17:50
roving_proleoh yeah, I've noticed that... now I remember why I was looking for authconfig... there's a file that's updated by authconfig in /etc/sysconfig that tells the system to check kerberos first and then use shadow passwd17:52
roving_proleI don't remember the file, but that's what I was looking for on Ubuntu17:52
ivokswell, configuration of tools is the same17:52
ivoksi've used debian for a long long time17:52
ivoksand then went to RHCE exam...17:53
ivoksscored 100% :)17:53
mathiazroving_prole: The Ubuntu Server Guide is a good ressource for starters18:08
mathiazroving_prole: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/server/C/ for the version for Feisty (7.04)18:09
ivoksmathiaz: hi18:09
mathiazhi ivoks :)18:09
ivoksi wanted to ask you something, but now i don't recall what :)18:09
mathiazivoks: well. I can give an answer then.... 4218:10
ivoksmy plan for email stuff is like this:18:11
ivoksinstall dovecot, and in .postinst check if there is postconf from postfix18:11
ivoksif there is, check sasl setting, and if there is none, run postconf to set dovecot18:12
ivoksthen copy /usr/share/dovecot/dovecot-sasl.conf to /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf18:12
ivoksdo you see any problems with that?18:13
mathiazivoks: hum... how can you be sure that postfix will be installed before dovecot ?18:13
mathiazivoks: does postconf work if postfix is not running ?18:14
ivoksthat was the question i wanted to ask you :)18:14
ivokswe can pre-depend on postfix...18:14
ivoksbtw, postconf works while postfix is offline18:15
mathiazivoks: ok. that's great then (postconf works while postfix is offline)18:16
mathiazivoks: I'm not sure pre-depends works (I have to look into that)18:16
ivoksit does... i used it one year ago18:17
mathiazivoks: would this break the case where dovecot is installed withouth postfix ?18:17
ivoksmathiaz: it could pre depend on postfix | mta?18:17
ivoksis there usecase where there is imap/pop service and isn't smtp?18:18
mathiazivoks: running a cluster of servers serving from an nfs mail spool.18:19
mathiazivoks: dovecot doesn't depend on an mta now. I don't think it would be well accepted to add that dependency.18:19
ivoksand meta package is not an option?18:20
mathiazivoks: well - that would be my suggestion.18:21
mathiazivoks: I'd actually see this in the mail-server tasksel18:21
ivoksas a tasksel postinst?18:21
mathiazivoks: I think the postinst script from the task would be a great place to handle that sort of configuration18:21
ivoksright... it's easy for postfix, but we chould do some thing else for dovecot18:22
maethhi, i have to internet connections on my place, i heard that i can do load balancing with a dual wan router, but is there a way to do it with my ubuntu server? , got the 7.04 release18:23
maethsorry two internet connection :P18:23
maethgot 3 ethernet cards, got DHCP3 and internet sharing via firestarter18:24
ivoksmathiaz: i think i have a solution for dovecot too...18:25
mathiazivoks: shoot !18:25
ivoksmathiaz: /usr/share/dovecot already has some predefined profiles18:25
ivoksmathiaz: for ldap and sql18:25
ivoksmathiaz: i'll check what's that all about and integrate sasl.conf into dovecot18:26
mathiazivoks: is there a how-to/tutorial on what needs to be done ? I'm still confused about what needs to be done exactly.18:29
ivokspostdfix needs two lines18:29
ivoksdovecot needs more editing since we have to tell it to place auth socket into postfix chroot18:30
nealmcbmaeth: do you have your own AS?  or do you just want to bind two channels to the same ISP?18:30
ivoksand enable it18:30
ivoksiirc, 3-4 line changes18:30
ivoksin dovecot.conf18:30
maethnealmcb, AS? , ive got two internet cable modems connection, 2 fisical modems...18:30
nealmcbdo they go to totally separate ISPs?18:31
nealmcbdifferent cable companies?18:31
maethnealmcb nop, the same company , but separted bandwith and diferent ips18:31
nealmcbas = autonomous system.  if you want to use two different connections, you end up with much much more complicated routing18:32
nealmcband I bet that is true for two connections to the same cable company, but I'm not sure18:32
maethnealmcb, k , but it seems this is not the case? :D18:32
nealmcbyou'd have to ask the cable company....18:32
maetharrr... :S k...18:33
nealmcbor that is my intuition....18:33
maethits easier get a dual wan router isnt?18:33
nealmcbdo they typically use T1 lines?18:34
nealmcbI suspect that in any case you need to work it out with the folks at the other end (cable company)18:35
maethnealmcb, k ... thnx anyway ^_^!18:37
DM|So ... dumb question18:49
DM|what is a LAMP server?18:49
ivokslinux apache mysql php18:50
DM|ah i see18:50
DM|For an example, what could i use it for?18:50
ivoksnothing if you don't know what it is18:51
DM|lol yes, im breaking into the server world18:51
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)18:51
ivoksyou could use it to create new google :)18:52
DM|lol been a long time, whats the command to add a sudo password19:24
DM|in server19:25
DM|so... how do i shut down ubuntu-server19:32
DM|command line19:33
lamontpostconf doesn't work before postfix is configured (postfix's postinst must run before postconf works19:45
lamontmathiaz: ivoks: ^^19:45
mathiazlamont: hum.. Thanks.19:55
lamontonce it's been configured once, then things tend to be golden20:00
phaidrosDM|: halt or shutdown -h now20:59
DM|says i need root privs21:01
DM|when i Sudo it tells me mail error and that im not part of sudoers21:01
Centaur5DM|: add yourself to the admin group21:09
DM|command line, how would i do that21:09
Centaur5DM|: usermod -a -G admin user-name21:10
Centaur5no prob21:10
Centaur5Could anybody tell me the best way to have 2 eth cards on the same server offer DHCP?  Is there a way to bind interfaces to the DHCP server?21:13
lamontCentaur5: see /etc/default/dhcp or so21:14
lamont  /etc/default/dhcp3-server  even21:14
lamontand then man dhcpd.conf21:14
Centaur5That's great, I didn't know about that file.  :)21:14
lamontgenerally, I look at /etc/default/$package, and then /etc/init.d/$package to see what's going on21:15
h4x0r7h1shey, I'21:15
Centaur5Yeah, I already have the server DHCP running I've just never setup 2 NIC's to offer them.21:16
Centaur5Thanks lamont, that was easy.  :)21:16
h4x0r7h1shey, I'm trying to get Apache mod_jk to hook up to tomcat on a remote host but I'm always getting the error "jk_handler::mod_jk.c (1986): Could not find a worker for worker name=tomcat"21:16
h4x0r7h1sthis happens usually because worker.list doesn't contain that worker name21:17
h4x0r7h1sit does now.21:17
h4x0r7h1sthe config works on another server, which has apache and tomcat; this server has apache only, pointing to that server's tomcat on 8009 (ajp 1.3 connector) ...?21:17
h4x0r7h1sall the docs I'm finding keep talking about a local tomcat install but I don't want that.21:18
Centaur5Is it possible to have a mail server with a host name mail.domain.com also be a dns server for a local network for domain.bogus?22:59
Nafallowhy wouldn't it?23:45
Centaur5I guess I just don't know how to assign 2 hostnames to a machine.  Just keep adding to /etc/hosts?23:48

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