bradvamarrero: Xvid videos? You need gstreamer or xine plugins. You need to see the links I sent you.00:00
bodoamarrero, what's your player????00:00
EvilWalksWithMeWow! Is it always this hectic in here with people needing help? How do you guys manage to keep up?00:00
amarrerowhatever, it happens with totem, mplayer00:00
ChousukeEvilWalksWithMe: sometimes we don't00:00
amarreroi think the problem is not the player but the xv extension00:00
bradvamarrero: Be aware that if you are watching certain videos they may be designed for use with a particular codec which contains all kinds of malware and spyware. These codecs only properly install in Windows.00:01
ChousukeEvilWalksWithMe: help with helping is always appreciated00:01
mneptokamarrero: open one of those with Totem00:01
amarrerono, my problem is with same videos in my old feisty installation00:01
bodoamarrero, i think if it could be played the tottem will ask you to download aparticular codec00:01
soundraywers: I don't think it's possible to open psw files in any native Linux program00:01
mneptokamarrero: open one of those with Totem, please?00:02
geniisayanora bleh. tab no good, they left now00:02
werssoundray, you mean, I need windows? :((00:02
EvilWalksWithMeI couldn't help ... this is only my third day using Linux :( i found everything i needed to know over at http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy And if not there, Google helped :P00:02
soundraywers: either that, or wine00:02
bradvEvilWalksWithMe: Good stuff. Now you're qualified to stick around and help other people.00:02
amarreromneptok, i have done it00:02
wersoooh. what app under wine, soundray?00:03
soundraywers: don't know, MS Works possibly00:03
bodomy grub is down and i do edit roo(hd0,4) thats where my ubuntu but it gived me error 13 unexecutable file plz help00:03
kinglethi to all00:03
mneptokamarrero: pause playback, hit the "Sidebar" button to open the sidebar, and select "Properties" at the top. what does Totem say about the movie format?00:03
EvilWalksWithMelol, I'll try my best with my very limited knowledge :P00:03
kingletI have a question00:03
MiddleOfNowheregenii: i dont understand step 300:03
kinglethow I can run a VPN connection in Ubuntu 7.10 ?00:04
mneptokamarrero: some DivX codec?00:04
MiddleOfNowhereit gives a command i run but when?00:04
bradvbodo: There are howto's on the web to help you repair a damaged or lost grub installation. Try Google.00:04
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Step 3 is the part where you use syslinux.exe from the unzipped file on the drive letter of the usb stick00:04
brandon__is there a place to get quake rocket arena 3 without having rocket arena?00:04
bodoi tried it but i  cannot understand00:04
soundraykinglet: are you trying to connect to a VPN server?00:05
MiddleOfNowhereI dont see syslinux.exe00:05
DesiArnez6If anyone is able to help me, I have a very basic upgrade to Gutsy question, Is there a reason the upgrade option is no longer available from "update manager"?00:05
soundraykinglet: or set up a VPN server?00:05
EvilWalksWithMeKinglet: try this link, the second post might be of help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=33969900:05
amarreromneptok, that is what appears about video00:05
kingletYea its a dsl connection and run with a VPN connection no PPoE00:05
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: G to where you unzipped the file00:05
bradvDesiArnez6: is it available in synaptic? Is it possible you've already ugraded?00:05
amarreroCOdec: xvid mpeg-400:05
MiddleOfNowhereim there00:05
Cpudan80Hello all00:06
kingletno just for connecting to internet dear soundray00:06
Cpudan80anyone have any luck setting up a VNC server with Ubuntu?00:06
mneptokamarrero: ok, so it's actually a DivX file, not something bizarre. have you tried playing it with VLC?00:06
rmajCpudan80: I did sometime ago..00:06
amarreroone thing, i can play videos with x11, but not with xv00:06
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: There is a dir called win32   go in there00:06
Cpudan80I need it to work even if no user is logged in.... but for whatever reason I can't get it to work properly00:06
MiddleOfNowherek im there00:06
amarrerothat's why i think it's not a problem with codecs00:06
rmajCpudan80:  get some  VNC serwer... I think vncx11 or simmilar name..00:06
DesiArnez6bradv: I definitely havent upgraded already, still shows feisty 7.04, Im not sure how to upgrade with synaptic00:06
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: In there is syslinux.exe00:06
soundraykinglet: you don't normally need VPN to connect to the internet00:06
amarreromneptok, no but i can try00:07
bodono one can help me about gRUB  people?00:07
dtolj_Anybody have experience with sharing /home between multiple distros? what the best solution?00:07
Cpudan80rmaj: Yeah - but how do you set it up though?00:07
rmajCpudan80: there are some options, like waiting for connection,  closing or not after client disconnects etc00:07
amarreromneptok, wait00:07
mneptokamarrero: what kisd of video chipset? and are you using Compiz?00:07
kingletsoundray I know00:07
MiddleOfNowherei click it and it comes up and closes out on me00:07
bradvDesiArnez6: Is your situation listed in the FAQ on ubuntu.com regarding upgrading to gutsy?00:07
ArabEyesanone knows how to add the topaz pannel ?00:07
amarrerono, i can use compiz because i have an ati card00:07
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: For simplicity right now, just copy it to the directory c:\windows  or c:\winnt   whicheer is on the computer00:07
kingletsorry guys be right back soon00:07
dtolj_bodo: whats the problem?00:07
mneptokamarrero: try "sudo apt-get install vlc" and then play the file with that00:07
sitexeci am currently running ubuntu with compiz plugin and nvidia driver, the manager says its using the nvidia restricted driver, and compiz for the display, however, compiz is constantly using upwards of 80% of my 2gb of ram, when running beryl, i had none of these problems, any ideas?00:07
Cpudan80rmaj: I managed to get one thing setup, but then nothing would show up when you VNCd to it00:08
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: That will allow you to run it from a dos command00:08
DesiArnez6bradv: (It used to show the update button, for some reason it just isnt there any more), I checked the Upgrading to Gutsy page, nothing seems to adress this, Ill check again in detail00:08
MiddleOfNowherejust to c:?00:08
wersmmm.. can't openoffice.org open .psw files? :D00:08
bododtolj, error 13 unsupported exeutable format00:08
amarreromneptok, ok i'm doing it00:08
amarreromenptok, wait00:08
mneptokwers: what is a .psw?00:08
mangojambohi ... there is someone here from glasgow scotland?00:08
clay__how can i restart networking?00:08
MiddleOfNowhereok copied00:08
clay__i've lost my DNS.00:08
werspocket word file mneptok00:08
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: No, must be c:\windows or c:\winnt00:08
mneptok!offtopic > mangojambo00:08
mneptokwers: save it as something not so horrendously proprietary ;)00:09
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Ok. 98/me/2k/xp?00:09
etnoyI'm working on a program that is growing large with sockets, threads and curses, but I am not able to make Ctrl-C:s work. No keyboardinterrupt is raised00:09
genii(which you have?)00:09
etnoyany pointers?00:09
sayanora1818181WHY CAN NO ONE HELP ME?00:09
Cpudan80!shouting | sayanora181818100:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about shouting - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:09
wersthat's the only file type that my pocket pc can save :( mneptok00:09
huastekowhat do you need sayonora?00:09
mneptoksayanora1818181: please no <capslock>00:09
Cpudan80!patience | sayanora181818100:09
ubotusayanora1818181: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:09
Altu59hi all. in feisty fawn when i click on a windows media file (asx) in firefox, it shows the decoder download dialog, and then plays it. but in gutsy it opens the media player in firefox, but then does not play it00:09
sayanora1818181Well I need help00:09
Altu59is there a way i can fix this?00:09
amarreromneptok, same results00:10
soundraywers: I have a PocketPC too. I've given up on trying to import psw.00:10
wersaccording to http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Java_and_OpenOffice.org , oo.o supports .psw files but whenever I open them, gibberish come out00:10
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: OK. Need to get to a command prompt, on vista I forget offhand how to get there. I *think* is start..accessories...command prompt (or similar)00:10
dtolj_bodo: do you have the correct setup in boot/grub/menu.1st?00:10
mneptokamarrero: try disabling Compiz00:11
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: You will have to find it00:11
MiddleOfNowhereim there00:11
amarreromneptok, i have compiz disabled00:11
bradv!windows | genii00:11
ubotugenii: For discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents00:11
dtolj_bradv: lol00:12
|Zippo|hello, i've attached an extra HD on my computer and ubuntu didn't mount that automatically... what can I do?00:12
geniibradv: He is using win to create a linux bootable flash disk00:12
soundraywers: it claims it can save in that format. It doesn't mention anything about opening files.00:12
bododtolj_: bodo: do you have the correct setup in boot/grub/menu.1st?           dun know ??? iam new here00:12
bradvgenii: Well I guess we'll forgive him then.00:12
geniibradv: I am assisting him with this. It is relevant and also informative for others00:12
DesiArnez6bradv: OK, I checked again, I was directed here: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/upgrade-ubuntu-704-feisty-fawn-to-ubuntu-710-gutsy-gibbon.html THe first window looks exactly the way it did on my computer, but I didnt want to upgrade right away in case of bugs, so I waited, and then it disappeared. Is there an expiration date for automatic upgrade?00:13
werssoundray, :( I really need an app that will run on wine00:13
geniibradv: LOL sorry for being curt just now00:13
sayanora1818181Help me, please00:13
wersmy school notes are on .psw!00:13
sayanora1818181I am having a problem00:13
sayanora1818181I cannot create a partition00:13
werssoundray, can a pocket pc save using another file type?00:13
bradvIs there anyone here who can help DesiArnez6 upgrade to Gutsy?00:13
bodosayanora1818181, use gparted do you know????00:13
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Good :) what drive letter is the flash stick?00:14
sayanora1818181bodo: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62057300:14
soundraywers: install an editor that can save as .txt (there are free programs around). Then you can copy and paste your notes and save them as plain text.00:14
clay__how can i find out what my DNS is, and store in a file?00:14
dtolj_bodo: edit this file /boot/grub/menu.1st and make sure you see your installed OS there and that its pointing to the correct partition, see more info on google.00:14
wersniiice! soundray! niiiice!00:14
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: syslinux -s F:      if F: G: or so on, substitute the right drive letter for the stick00:14
MiddleOfNowhereits k00:15
MiddleOfNowhereso syslinux -s K: ?00:15
soundrayclay__: normally your DNS configuration is in /etc/resolv.conf00:15
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: syslinux -s K:                       then, yes00:15
bodo dtolj_: bodo: edit this file /boot/grub/menu.1st and make sure you see your installed OS there and that its pointing to the correct partition, see more info on google.00:15
MiddleOfNowherek done00:15
bodoyeah but how?????????00:15
domorCan somone hlp me to get my graphics card going00:15
Jangarianyonw use kibker-kblogger?00:15
Cap_J_L_Picarddomor: what card?00:15
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents00:16
bradvJangari: Sounds like a kubuntu question, no?00:16
domorCap_J-L-Picard: Geforce 8500Gt00:16
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Congrats. You have a linux bootable flash stick. You have a cdrom made from the iso, or just the iso file?00:16
MiddleOfNowhereyeh cdrom is made00:16
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: (of the ubuntu you d/loaded)00:16
bodo dtolj_: bodo: edit this file /boot/grub/menu.1st and make sure you see your installed OS there and that its pointing to the correct partition, see more info on google.00:16
bodohow i cannot even enter my ubuntu00:16
MiddleOfNowhereyes i burnt the iso to the cdrom00:16
Cap_J_L_Picarddomor: open the restrictive drivers manager and tick the box.00:16
bradvdomor: Use the restricted driver setup to install nvidia drivers.00:17
clay__i think using vpnc has something to do with this.00:17
bradv!nvidia | domor00:17
ubotudomor: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:17
dtolj_bodo: in that case do it from the grub menu, you have grub installed right?00:17
DesiArnez6Is there anyone else out there that knows how to update to Gutsy when the Upgrade button is no longer available from "update Manager"?00:17
timrsIf i install ubuntu then apt-get all of the kde stuff, will it be a vanila kde with no distro changes or will it pretty much be kubuntu?00:17
askandHi, is libexiv2-0 not in the repos?00:17
dtolj_bodo: always create a grub boot disk!00:17
domorCap_J-L-Picard: yea but when i restart it cant boot then a box comes up and says run a low resolution then it boots into unbunt then i go into restricted driver and says "not in use" and the box it "unticked"00:17
MiddleOfNowherei have cd burnt genii what do i do?00:18
bodo: bodo: always create a grub boot disk! now i have no one what can i do to get my ubuntu back00:18
dragonmchey guys, wanting to get some opinions onf which window manager is the best looking one.  last time i looked at this some years ago, enlighten was top dog in the eye-candy department.  that still the case?  i'll be installing this on a pretty hefty system, so resources are no object00:18
soundray!upgrade | DesiArnez6, the upgrade page contains information about other ways of upgrading than through update-manager00:18
ubotuDesiArnez6, the upgrade page contains information about other ways of upgrading than through update-manager: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:18
anomalyif I am using a thumb drive for / and boot media, yet have nfs on ~/storage giving me 30gb, anyway to get it to install to that instead of / on thumb?00:18
Wookstai've installed vsftpd and ive set it to use local logon accounts, ive then created a user that will be my ftp accoutn and i want that user to be able to upload / create directories in /var/www... ive tried chown'ing /var/www to the www-data:www-data user/group and then making my user part of www-data but it still cant create a dir in /var/www/, can anyone help me get the permissions right?00:18
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Good :) insert the cdrom and then go to it in windows file explorer. also in another file explorer window open up the flash drive letter k:00:19
bododtolj, bodo: always create a grub boot disk! now i have no one what can i do to get my ubuntu back00:19
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: If the cdrom insertion wants to run crap etc just cancel it00:19
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: And you have the cd in the cdrom drive of the computer we are working on, you are exploring the contents of the cdrom and exploring the contents of the flash stick?00:19
soundrayDesiArnez6: btw, if you have a working system, I suggest sticking with feisty -- I find it a bit more solid and reliable.00:19
domorCap_J-L-Picard: yea but when i restart it cant boot then a box comes up and says run a low resolution then it boots into unbunt then i go into restricted driver and says "not in use" and the box it "unticked"00:19
sitexeci am currently running ubuntu with compiz plugin and nvidia driver, the manager says its using the nvidia restricted driver, and compiz for the display, however, compiz is constantly using upwards of 80% of my 2gb of ram, when running beryl, i had none of these problems, any ideas?00:19
MiddleOfNowhereNO i have the cd in my other machine im not installing linux to00:19
Cap_J_L_Picarddomor: don't repeat, and tab auto completes the nick...00:20
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: We need to copy the entire cd contents onto the flash stick00:20
MiddleOfNowhereK lemme start it00:20
dowlingsI am having trouble connecting my PC to my router through my wifi usb card, can someone try to help me please?00:20
dowlingsndiswrapper is not necessary00:20
DesiArnez6soundray: It is working, I actually planned to wait until December break to upgrade, but I got scared when I saw the upgrade button gone, that I had missed some sort of deadline for automatic upgrade00:20
dtolj_DesiArnez6: from bash, apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade00:20
domorCap_J-L-Picard: sorry00:21
=== ForeverZero is now known as sea4ever
bodosayanora1818181, it might be a block of windows logical partions so you cannot put linux one there not after erase them all00:21
ridge-meisterwhat command do i use to identify myself to the server?  I can't get into #python00:21
soundrayDesiArnez6: I don't think you missed anything. Can't tell you why it vanished, though. dtolj_'s advice won't work btw.00:21
anomalyridge /msg nickserv identify password00:21
[ECC]hi peop!!!00:21
inversekinetixcan anyone explain to me how to install the new version of alien arena?00:22
Cap_J_L_Picarddomor: Still not using tab, it's the one with two arrows on it? and it seems like it can't load the kernel module...00:22
barbara_pearl Jam00:22
domorCap_J-L-Picard: im confused?00:22
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: After you have copy and pasted the entire cd contents onto the flash stick let me know, I need to take bathroom break :)00:22
DesiArnez6uboto and soundray, thx, for the site So when I upgrade, I can also use the server method from the terminal00:22
bododtolj,  always create a grub boot disk! now i have no one what can i do to get my ubuntu back00:22
askandHi, is libexiv2-0 not in the repos or am I doing something wrong?00:22
ridge-meisteranomaly: when i type that in (and my password) it just shows "identify ****"00:22
soundrayDesiArnez6: yes00:22
anomalyits the same command I use..so I don't know about an error00:23
sitexeci need somebody00:23
bodogrub error 13?????????????????????????????00:24
soundray!please | bodo00:24
ubotubodo: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience00:24
DesiArnez6soundray: ok, so sudo aptitude install update-manager-core , then sudo do-release-upgrade, then onscreen instructions? I still will probably take your advice and wait another month or too00:24
Mark761966Do you need power management on a desktop?00:24
clay__soundray, are you saying that resolv.conf is recreated whenever i obtain a lease, and anything that is already there is erased?00:24
domorMy ubuntu is weird!00:24
ridge-meisteri'm learning Python, but wonder if reading "Dive Into Python" and doing some programming examples, is the best way to go about this00:24
soundrayDesiArnez6: my suggestion is to wait for hardy and then do a fresh install.00:24
AdioHyperioni was just wondering if there was a simple way to setup a raid configuration with ubuntu00:24
Cap_J_L_Picarddomor: I really need to be going to bed, but someone else might be able to help if you pastebin you /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.00:24
domorhow do you reconfigre your xorg00:24
soundrayclay__: essentially, yes00:24
dowlingsCan someone help me connect over a WEP encryption?00:24
clay__soundray, i'm trying to find the difference between lease-acquired info, and additional manually create-able files.00:24
inversekinetixcan anyone explain to me how to install the new version of alien arena?00:25
soundraydomor: 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg'00:25
domorCap_J-L-Picard: ok00:25
struimy laptot uses fn + shift + pageup to scroll up, how can I map that so only uses shift + pageup?00:25
DesiArnez6soundray: ah, ok ;) will prob do then, since stability is very important00:25
domorsoundray: can i just open terminal and do that00:25
Vladimir32tlim finally ready to make the switch to ubuntu but before i do i ahve 1 question. i have 1 hdd with 2 partitions. c: is used by xp and d: is empty. i would like to install ubuntu on d: BUT if i decide to remove ubuntu from d: and give that back to xp, is it easy to convert it back to ntfs?00:25
Cap_J_L_Picarddomor: I think it's more than reconfigure though...00:25
soundraydomor: yes00:25
Mark761966Because I'm starting to wonder if its the power management that keeps making my computer crash00:25
geniidomor: if just to change resolutions sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg            if all of it then omit the -phigh00:25
dtolj_bodo: enter the grub prompt and type root (hd0,0) then find /boot/grub/menu.1st followed by setup (hd0)00:25
MiddleOfNowheregenii: its copying right now00:25
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Beautiful :)00:26
bododtolj_: bodo: enter the grub prompt and type root (hd0,0) then find /boot/grub/menu.1st followed by setup (hd0)00:26
soundraydtolj_: it's menu.lst (not menu.1st)00:26
bododtolj_: bodo: enter the grub prompt and type root (hd0,0) then find /boot/grub/menu.1st followed by setup (hd0) i've done that00:26
AdioHyperioni would like to talk to someone when you get a chance.... im not in any hurry00:27
soundray!ops | excrete abusing channel00:27
ubotuexcrete abusing channel: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Pelo!00:27
soundrayThanks nalioth00:27
dtolj_bodo: assuming your OS is installed on fist partition on first hd, then it will install the boot loader in at beggining of the drive00:27
Mark761966Is it safe to remove power manager?00:28
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: We are now on the part of the tutorial which is labelled there "Move dapper to stable" but of course in this case I think you are using a gutsy install so same step as there but with gutsy as the name00:28
soundrayMark761966: what are you trying to fix?00:28
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: If a feisty cd then substitute accordingly, etc etc00:28
inversekinetixcan anyone explain to me how to install the new version of alien arena?00:28
Mark761966My computer keeps crashing, soundray00:28
MiddleOfNowhereso rename dapper to gutsy?00:29
soundrayMark761966: what makes you think removing power manager is going to fix it?00:29
Mark761966First the mouse and keyboard becomes unresponsive and then the HD just stops00:29
domorgenii: will -phigh just iable to to recongire resolutions00:29
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Follow exactly the step in the tutorial which is labelled "move daper to stable" but move gutsy to stable instead00:29
laurencei have my /home directory on a small (4GB) partition and would like to move it to a larger partition. can this be done simply by copying the directory?00:29
geniidomor: Yes, thats what I said00:29
MiddleOfNowheregenii: its done copying00:30
bradvlaurence: Yes. Copy it as root though.00:30
Mark761966And it's obvious that power has been cut because pressing the power on button shuts down the computer with no log out00:30
laurencethanks brad00:30
dragonmci heard that switching window managers in KDE is a pain compared to Gnome.  is that true?00:30
bradvlaurence: And you will need to change fstab to reflect that.00:30
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Good, then do the move step00:30
soundraylaurence: yes, copy the directory and change /etc/fstab so it mounts the new partition on /home00:30
soundraydragonmc: yes00:31
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: On windows just instead rename gutsy to stable00:31
MiddleOfNowheregenii: gutsy directorY?00:31
soundrayMark761966: what this indicates is that the system is frozen. Don't shut it off with the power button when this happens00:32
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Yes. Rename this to stable00:32
laurenceis fstab something that I can edit in a text editor?00:32
Mark761966I can't do anything else Soundray00:32
inversekinetixcan anyone explain to me how to install the new version of alien arena?00:32
Mark761966Nothing works00:32
soundrayMark761966: it's safer to hold down Ctrl-Alt-SysRq and type R E I S U B in sequence00:32
Mark761966I don't have enough fingers to do that, soundray.00:33
Mark761966I don't think anyone does00:33
inversekinetixhas anyone else noticed that if you reset your computer while grub is loading it will completely bork grub and refused to boot again00:33
AdioHyperioni would like to know if installing a raid configuration with ubuntu is easy00:33
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: After this I will require you to use the pastebin website to paste the contents of the file isolinux.cfg         I will edit it for you. Then you will copy it to a new file called syslinux.cfg and save it back to the flash stick00:33
amarreromneptok, i have found a solution in the mailing list of xorg ati driver00:34
soundrayMark761966: get a friend to help. I can manage this with two hands after a bit of practice (holding down SysRq with my right fifth finger)00:34
dtolj_inversekinetix: interesting didnt notice that00:34
JDiverCould someone help me with Xephyr?00:34
amarreromneptok, if i run with mplayer -vf yuy200:34
Mark761966Yeah, but if the keyboard is unresponsive how is it going to work? soundray00:34
domoreverytime i enable my graphics card driver, restart, can't boot, box come up tick box for low resolution, load into ubuntu and go into restricted-driver-manager it's not enabled??????????00:34
genii!pastebin | MiddleOfNowhere            in case you are unfamiliar with pastebin00:34
ubotuMiddleOfNowhere            in case you are unfamiliar with pastebin: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:34
amarreromneptok, the movie plays fine00:34
amarreromneptok, thanks anyway00:34
inversekinetixdtolj_: yep, I did it once by accident then again to make sure it happens,00:34
soundrayMark761966: holding down Ctrl-Alt-Sysrq makes your keyboard responsive again. You won't believe it until you've tried.00:35
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: So far so good?00:35
Mark761966I'll try it next time it happens00:35
soundrayMark761966: let's come back to your freezes for a sec -- does this happen randomly?00:35
dtolj_inversekinetix: thats in ubuntu ?00:35
domoranyone got geforce 8500 gt here00:35
MiddleOfNowhereso far so good00:35
inversekinetixdtolj_:  the good thing is that i managed to fix the boot and now as grub loads and ubuntu loads I get lads of text on the screen and can wow people with "computer stuff"00:35
soundrayMark761966: or have you found a way to provoke it?00:35
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Good :)00:35
MiddleOfNowhereit wont let me rename gutsy directory to stable00:36
dtolj_inversekinetix: so what was the problem?00:36
MiddleOfNowhereit says there is already a file named that00:36
Mark761966It happens pretty randomly, soundray00:36
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: OK, let me think for a moment then00:36
Jangariwhat's the command to copy an entire directory and its contents to somewhere else?00:36
ross42please help ubuntu crash...don't know what to do00:36
MiddleOfNowhereits a 0kb file00:36
JDiverWhen ever I try to use the fast user switcher thing to open a nested login window the Xephyr window is massive and does not fit on my desktop and is unusable because of it size00:36
Mark761966Though I think I can provoke it by trying to run Fluxbuntu in Virtualbox00:37
soundrayMark761966: the first thing to check then is the RAM. In the boot menu, there is an option "memtest86". Boot that and let it run for a few hours (unless it shows errors, in which case you have to swap out RAM modules)00:37
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Actually on further inspection of the tutorial the renaming step appears to be unneccesary after the dapper release :)00:37
MiddleOfNowherewhat next?00:37
inversekinetixdtolj_: i have no idea, it seemed to change something in menu.lst .  i repaired the mbr with a windows disk and got to the grub screen, but all the pointers were wrong, I had to edit grub then edit menu.lst so it wouldnt save default,  at least thats what i think i did00:37
MiddleOfNowhereafter renaming00:37
Mark761966RAM is around 256MBs, soundray00:37
un33kg331anyone been having problem with there Usplash screen?00:37
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: So in this cae we proceed to the pastebin step00:37
mojowhere can I find a changelog of Ubuntu kernel?00:38
MiddleOfNowherewhat doi  paste?00:38
soundrayMark761966: how much you have doesn't come into it00:38
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Or you can follow the step there yourself by editing and renaming the isolinux.cfg file etc etc etc00:38
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:38
yagoHi, can someone help to me, cause I've delete my ejecutable java00:38
yagoI need program java /usr/bin00:38
MiddleOfNowherewhat file do i paste for you?00:38
Mark761966I'll try the memtest thing tomorrow00:39
yagoon /usr/bin ---->java00:39
ross42getting dpkg dependency problem error cannot boot except to recovery mode00:39
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: The isolinux.cfg    file00:39
soundrayyago: did you install java from the ubuntu repositories?00:39
Mark761966Although I already know there's something wrong with my memory00:39
soundrayyago: which package?00:39
yagobut now when I want execute $java -version00:39
soundrayMark761966: change it, then00:39
brandon__Hey, can anyone tell me where Firefox stores cookies in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon?00:39
soundrayyago: which package please?00:40
Mark761966I can't afford to00:40
yagocomputer doesn't let me run00:40
MiddleOfNowherewhat is there to paste in it?00:40
un33kg331usplash probs anyone?????00:40
domor coudl use Ubuntu with a video card00:40
soundrayMark761966: no point disabling power manager then00:40
geniiMiddleofNowhere: my battery is dying, afk while i find recharging cable00:40
yagowhit synaptic00:40
domorSomoe must of hjad the same problem as me00:40
Mark761966Oh well00:40
laurencethanks again00:40
Mark761966I'm going to go now00:41
soundraydomor: 'must of hjad'?00:41
domormust of had00:41
Mark761966Thanks soundray00:41
brandon__Hey, can anyone tell me where Firefox stores cookies in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon?00:41
domorDo other distro have problems with graphics card drivers00:41
soundraydomor: that still doesn't make sense. Do you mean "must have had"?00:41
domoryea thats what i meant00:41
ross42cookies stored in home/yourusername/.mozilla/firefox/default/cookies.txt00:42
domorIm almost about to just swithc to windows again00:42
soundraydomor: what's the problem?00:42
inversekinetixdomor windows is easier for sure00:42
domorsoundray: can;t get graphics card to work, driver problem00:42
geniiMiddleofNowhere: Back. What to do, is open the file up in wordpad or the vista equivelent. Then select everything in the file, copy it. Then paste that to the pastebin website00:42
AdioHyperiondid someone try to start a chat with me?00:42
domorwindows easier, but windows shit00:43
soundraydomor: can you be more specific?00:43
soundraydomor: don't use this kind of language here please00:43
ekeHello fellows! =D I cant get my japanese input system "anthy" working.. I decided to install ubuntu to my computer again.. and now I cant get it working.. :O it used to be there on the upper panel where you could choose your input system.. :I00:43
dav1anybody know if you can add print job to a cups server remotely?00:43
soundrayeke: 'sudo apt-get install anthy' ?00:44
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: I will edit the pastebin contents. Then give you a new pastebin url. You copy all  in there to a new file called syslinux.cfg and save that to where the isolinux.cfg file was00:44
dav1basically I want to print from a uni comp to home printet00:44
MiddleOfNowherepasting it now00:44
dtolj_How to list all available deb packages from bash?00:44
MiddleOfNowherewhat kinda syntax?00:45
soundraydav1: you can open the cups print spooler remotely, but that's not recommended00:45
ekesoundray: I have installed it already.. doesnt show up :O and I dont know how to put the settings to get it visible.. :O00:45
DamjanHi, how to upgrade distro from alternative cd?00:45
JDiverWhen ever I try to use the fast user switcher thing to open a nested login window the Xephyr window is massive and does not fit on my desktop and is unusable because of it size00:45
dav1why is it not recommended?00:45
inversekinetixdomor windows is not sthi\00:45
MiddleOfNowheretext only?00:45
bododtolj  i've done as you told me my pc boots centOS and windows only00:46
cafuegodtolj_: grep ^Package /var/lib/apt/lists/* |awk -F: '{print $2}'00:46
ross42sorry to keep repeating, but Ubuntu has fallen and I cannot get it up...what should I try?00:46
AdioHyperioni still need help when ever someone gets a chance00:46
dtolj_cafuego: thanks00:46
Damjanbodo: Why do u have windows?00:46
MiddleOfNowheretext only syntax?00:46
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: yes, straight text00:46
MiddleOfNowherek posting00:46
MiddleOfNowheregenii: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/45521/00:46
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Reading.returning shortly00:47
soundrayeke: don't know why that is, but for now you can probably start it with Alt-F2 anthy-agent00:47
MiddleOfNowheregenii: brb00:47
domorsoundray: insatlled restricted-driver now when i boot it stuggles to then a box come up "use low resolution" i ticked that then it boots up i log in, go to restricted driver manager and th enable box it "unticked". need help to get drievr going!!00:47
GanjaBuntusomeone told me ubuntu is the name of a Zulu godess?00:47
dav1Any body know how I can add printjbs to cups remotely?00:47
dtolj_bodo: you have to specify where Ubuntu is installed on which partition do you know? and then acordingly set the root (hd0,?)00:47
soundraydomor: nvidia or ati?00:48
domorsoundray: nvidia00:48
* GanjaBuntu S_INVALID00:48
* GanjaBuntu meows'00:48
ekesoundray: should something happen? does nothing... :I00:48
tarelerulzI got a HP Pavilioin  DV660cl and I was wondering is it hard to dual boot ubuntu and Vista ?00:49
domorubuntu is an african word "means humanness to the pople" or something like that00:49
Yokei have a folder full of deb files. how do i install them all without click on each one?00:49
PeloGanjaBuntu, don't make me warn you again, the ops don't like ppl being off topic in here, this is a support channel, if you don't need support please don't interfere with ppl who do00:49
* oxxen contimplates suicide.. Ive tried many ndiswrapper howtos to get wifi (WEP) working on gutsy, to no avail can anyone help me out, Im running dell truemobile 1300 wlan card, broadcom 4306 chipset, anyone any ideas, im really at my wits end00:49
domorsoundray: wnay idea00:50
Jangariwhat's the bash command to run a wine program?00:50
bododtolj_: bodo: you have to specify where Ubuntu is installed on which partition do you know? and then acordingly set the root (hd0,?) yeah00:50
PeloYoke, you can make a command line wiht sudo dpkg filename filename etc00:50
domorsoundray: any idea? correct spelling*00:50
scguy318Jangari: drop the word bash and the command is: wine program00:50
TV-VCRI need help00:50
scguy318Jangari: since what I wrote is not bash-specific00:50
soundraydomor: have a bit of patience00:50
inversekinetixwhy does the ubuntu installer recognise drive names randomly?00:50
Jangarisweet, thanka scguy31800:50
JDiverWhen ever I try to use the fast user switcher thing to open a nested login window the Xephyr window is massive and does not fit on my desktop and is unusable because of it size.  How can I make it smaller?00:50
TV-VCRI cannot install ubuntu00:50
TV-VCRError comes up00:51
soundraydomor: the agent is probably running now. Try Alt-F2 anthy-dic-tool00:51
dtolj_TV-VCR: what error?00:51
TV-VCRIt cannot create a partition00:51
PeloTV-VCR,  what error ?00:51
Yokepelo: how do i make a line? remember i want to install all the deb files auto.00:51
soundraydomor: sorry, I've never used it myself -- just looking at the list of files in the package00:51
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:51
domorsoundray: im a newbie?00:51
ekesoundray: what could be possibly wrong? still nothing.....00:51
TV-VCRI get this with installer: http://img248.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot3og0.png00:51
Jangarihow do i get the .exe into wine's 'system32' directory?00:51
PeloTV-VCR, pre partiton your hdd using  menu > ystem> admin > gnome partiton editor then use the manual partitonning bit in the installer00:51
TV-VCRAnd this with parted: http://img248.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot5ew1.png00:51
dav1soundray:everybody loves to talk to you00:52
inversekinetixJangari what are you trying to do?00:52
TV-VCRGparted does not work00:52
GanjaBuntuim patient00:52
Jangaricreate a launcher for this program00:52
GanjaBuntuim sitting in general hospital00:52
PeloYoke, make the line in gedit first, then copy it to the terminal when all the packages are listed00:52
TV-VCRWhy is this?00:52
bododtolj_: bodo: you have to specify where Ubuntu is installed on which partition do you know? and then acordingly set the root (hd0,?) yeah it's on 5 so i wrote root(hd0,4) and nothing new00:52
TV-VCRDrive is Seagate barracuda 7200 (or something) RPM, 500 GB, SATA 3.000:53
dtolj_TV-VCR: wow the error is not very descriptive where you trying to create a primary or logical partition?00:53
YokePelo:i don't understand00:53
PeloTV-VCR, try manual partitoniing first,  if that doesn't work I know some sata need to be set to legacy mode in the bios to work properly00:53
domorFrustarting ubuntu!00:53
ekemaybe I should give up... It feels stupid to reinstall the whole ubuntu just because some Anthy doesnt want to work out.. grr00:53
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/45522/             copy from the bottom window, not where the lines are numbered on top. Save to a file called syslinux.cfg     in the same place on usb stick where isolinux.cfg was.00:54
TV-VCRThis is setyp http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/8533/screenshotinstall1aj4.png00:54
soundrayeke: sorry, I addressed the wrong nick00:54
dtolj_bodo: once you enter root (hd0,4) do you get a message with the file system type, that would indicate its the correct partition.00:54
domorekeL ive realoded ubuntu twice in a rage to get my graphics card working but still no sucess00:54
Jangarihmm, lauchers don't operate using command lines, do they? as in, what you enter as the 'command' isn't a terminal command, right?00:54
YokePelo:can you send me a image how to do it?00:54
soundraydomor: have you tried Alt-F2 anthy-dic-tool00:54
PeloYoke,  open gedit,  type out  sudo dpkg (list each deb file here)    when you have finished creating the command ,   open a terminal,  cd to folder where all the deb files are lisetd , then copy the command from gedit and hit henter00:55
soundrayeke: have you tried Alt-F2 anthy-dic-tool00:55
domorsoundrayL yip00:55
PeloYoke,  no image this is comnmand line00:55
ekedomor: I have done the same with my ati.. hahaha =D00:55
Pelodav1,  I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel00:55
soundraydomor: sorry, that wasn't for you...00:55
Flare183Are there any app launchers for ubuntu?00:55
hikenbootgretings all...happy thanksgiving...anyone know what I might have done wrong building a usb encrypted thumb drive with grub so that it would come up with a grub prompt that says minimal grub supported?00:55
TV-VCRHow do I set to legacy?00:55
bododtolj_: bodo: once you enter root (hd0,4) do you get a message with the file system type, that would indicate its the correct partition.    i think so ...00:55
Flare183there has to be00:55
domoreke: got it working yet?00:55
soundraydomor: did you go through 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg'?00:55
TV-VCRThe hard drive?00:55
PeloFlare183,  the menu , or you can make launcher for individuals apps you want by right clicking on the desktop and selecting create launcher00:55
domorsoundray: yes00:56
domorsounrday: manytimes00:56
dav1Pelo:sorry - do you know if it is possible to add job to a cup server remotely?00:56
Flare183pelo:> no like mac's docker00:56
Pelodav1,  I don't00:56
domorsoundra: i don;t really know what to change in there, heaps of peole said to change stuff00:56
dtolj_TV-VCR: setup seems ok00:56
ekedomor: yup.. didnt knwo what I did but got it working when I was just about to give up.. haha00:56
TV-VCRHowever it fails00:56
JangariPelo: what does one enter as the 'command'? is there any specific syntax?00:56
PeloFlare183, google for avant window navigator00:56
ekesoundray: nono.. nothing!00:56
TV-VCRWhat I do to fix this problem, I donot know :(00:56
domoreke: can you help me00:56
PeloJangari,  command for what ?00:56
Jangaria launcher00:56
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: When this is done the stick should be ready :)00:56
tarelerulzDo any of you know of any good open source program for vista that burn iso? I am trying to install Ubuntu 7.10 this computer00:57
Dr_willisavant window navigator is neat.. but has some issues.00:57
dtolj_TV-VCR: are you applying all those changes at once, try doing it one partition at a time to see if it works00:57
PeloJangari, the command would jsut be the name of the app , usualy00:57
soundrayeke: maybe read /usr/share/doc/anthy/README.Debian00:57
geniitarelerulz: google cdburnerxp pro00:57
Dr_willistarelerulz,  'burn at one' is another decent tool for windows00:57
ekedomor: I dont know s*it about those things.. sorry.. I think I wouldnt be much of a help :(00:57
Flare183Pelo:> Not anything that requires any gtk packages. I am using kde not gnome stricty kde00:57
geniiWell, it's free but not open source :)00:57
sjovanhey guys, can some one help me out with VNC and some portfwd on PM? got a lot of questions00:57
domoreke: newbie? becasue i am00:58
Pelo Jangari and since this is linux and not windows no need for paths00:58
tarelerulzThank , Dr_willis and Genii  I will get too it.00:58
PeloFlare183, check for kdockers in the package managare in kubuntu00:58
JDiverWhen ever I try to use the fast user switcher thing to open a nested login window the Xephyr window is massive and does not fit on my desktop and is unusable because of it size.  How can I make it smaller?00:58
domorOes anyone run a geforce gt8500 gt in ubuntu?00:58
ekedomor: havent played with linux for a long time.. =D newbie.. yes00:58
domordoes anyone run a geforce gt8500 gt in ubuntu?00:58
AdioHyperionis installing a raid configuration simple with ubuntu?00:58
Pelodomor, several ppl I think ,00:58
Pelo!nvidia | domor00:58
ubotudomor: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:58
domorpeolo: are you00:59
Pelo!raid | AdioHyperion00:59
ubotuAdioHyperion: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto00:59
EruditeHermithi, is there an application that displays the system information?00:59
soundray!burniso | tarelerulz00:59
soundrayubotu: are you out to lunch?00:59
ubotutarelerulz: To burn an ISO image of a CD in Linux, Mac OS or Windows, read the howto at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto00:59
domorpoelo: yea i have treyd restricted dirv manager it doesn;t work i reoobt and it says it's not enabled00:59
Pelodomor,  no I don't I have a cheap onboard intel card00:59
Pelodomor,  my nick is pelo , not poelo00:59
ekesoundray: yes.. it tells me that it is a japanese method system.. nothing useful in that I think :(00:59
domorpelo: mistake00:59
MiddleOfNowhereso do i delete isolinux.cfg?00:59
MiddleOfNowhereand replace with syslinux.cfg?00:59
domoris soundray still about00:59
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: You can if you like but it's not needed01:00
JangariPelo: i'm creating a launcher for a wine app. it seems to work as a location laucher01:00
TV-VCRdtolj, it still fail :|01:00
soundraydomor: sorry, I haven't got any good suggestions01:00
Jangariif not a little delayed01:00
TV-VCRI get error message01:00
Pelodomor, it is piossible that the driver does not support your card,  or , is that computer connected to the internet , itmight need to dl some files to work01:00
TV-VCRPelo: Might you have any idea why?01:00
domorpelo: im on that comp now01:00
AdioHyperioni am wanting to install ubuntu on 2 harddrives that have never been used before01:00
PeloJangari, wine is different,  you need to make the command line   wine /path/to/exe/file.exe01:00
AdioHyperiontotally new system01:00
MiddleOfNowheresave it in same directory?01:00
domorDo other distro have problems wiht drivers01:01
bododtolj_: bodo: once you enter root (hd0,4) do you get a message with the file system type, that would indicate its the correct partition. yeah i do as i think01:01
Jangariah, i see01:01
soundrayAdioHyperion: why do you want RAID?01:01
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: After this, set the computer's bios to boot from usb stick/device on the one you are putting ubuntu on and try to see if it worked by booting it with the usb stick in there01:01
Jangarithanks pelo, i'll play around with it01:01
dav1sooo...cups servers.....anyone know how to add a print job remotely?01:01
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: yES, SAME DIR01:01
NineTeen67CometI've got a few machines that all have Gutsy, and all loose their network after reboot (2xwireless and 1xcat5) .. If I just mash the power button down and make it do a hard re-boot the cat5 box will pick back up for a while .. help?01:01
geniibah capslock01:01
PeloTV-VCR, try with the alternate install cd   get it fromt eh www.ubuntu.com site,   check the alternate cd box below the download button before hitting the download button01:01
AdioHyperioni am going to setup a server and i want to use 2 500gb hard drives01:01
ekesoundray: any suggestions left? :O01:01
bradvdav1: Go to http://computername:631/01:01
TV-VCRPelo, I try, it not work01:01
PeloTV-VCR,  did you try to manualy partitioon the driver first ?01:02
* genii takes a brief mental vacation01:02
cafuegoAdioHyperion: use the alternate or server install cd, and chosoe manual partioning, that will allow you to setup raid.01:02
TV-VCRWith installer01:02
TV-VCRUbuntu installer anyways01:02
dtolj_bodo: still nothing?01:02
soundrayeke: sorry, I'm not familiar with anthy at all, so I don't know how it *should* work01:02
PeloTV-VCR, try before the installer from the desktop , make 3 partitons,  one /  5-10 gig ,  2xram for swap, and the rest for /home01:02
domori think it's time to TERMINATE my ubuntu and be an xp user01:02
domori can;t seem to find help01:02
dav1yea I can get to the webui but i there are no options to add a printjob - only deletle them - Basically I want to be able to print from a university computer to my home printer...01:03
TV-VCRPelo, that what I have done01:03
* oxxen contimplates suicide.. Ive tried many ndiswrapper howtos to get wifi (WEP) working on gutsy, to no avail can anyone help me out, Im running dell truemobile 1300 wlan card, broadcom 4306 chipset, anyone any ideas, im really at my wits end01:03
TV-VCRIt not work either01:03
bododtolj yeah still nothing01:03
AdioHyperionok i will try that... thanks01:03
PeloTV-VCR, can you try with another hdd ?01:03
TV-VCRI have01:03
TV-VCRIt give same error :(01:03
bradvdomor: You can do that if you like. Why don't you try telling us your problem first?01:03
PeloTV-VCR, do a cd integrity check , from the cd menu01:03
TV-VCRI check disk integfrity and it ok01:03
soundraydomor: ask again in an hour or so. Sometimes it takes a few attempts to find someone who can help01:03
AfterDeathif you've got nothing important on the harddrive, you could try dd'ing the harddrive (either in write or read mode)01:03
PeloTV-VCR, checksum then01:03
AfterDeathI'd bet that the harddrive is not hooked up properly or such01:03
inversekinetixdomor get the XP powertoys, you can also get the cube desktop for it now01:04
TV-VCRMemory is god01:04
Pelo!checksum | TV-VCR01:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about checksum - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:04
cafuegoAdioHyperion: I use raid1 and raid5 (with lvm on top)  on a 3 disk server, works absolutely fine.01:04
ekesoundray: just like any other IME.. the only problem is that it looks like it doesnt start up at all.. :(01:04
Pelo!md5 | TV-VCR01:04
ubotuTV-VCR: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:04
TV-VCRI have also checked md5 hash01:04
TV-VCRit match one on site01:04
domorIve been trying for 2 weeks to fix this problem!!101:04
soundrayeke: IME?01:04
AfterDeathchecksum = md5sum /dev/cdrom =)01:04
PeloTV-VCR, I'm stumped,  did you try another distro ?01:04
TV-VCRI want ubuntu01:04
Pelodomor,  did you try the binairy drivers &?01:04
TV-VCRBut I suppose I can try gentoo, but I really do want ubuntu01:05
AfterDeathTV-VCR: trying another distro nonetheless, would be useful simply to see if it's ubuntu-related or harddrive-related01:05
PeloTV-VCR, how many hdd on your comp ?01:05
domorPelo something about the kernel01:05
TV-VCRPelo, 301:05
TV-VCR1 is occupy by windows01:05
ekesoundray: sorry.. Im mixing windowss terms here.. it means Input Method Editor..01:05
AdioHyperionthe ubuntu server install is only available on amd64?01:06
PeloTV-VCR, physicaly disconnect all the other hdd (just the power will do) then try installing again01:06
soundrayAdioHyperion: no01:06
mneptokAdioHyperion: no01:06
NineTeen67CometWhen I kindly shutdown -r now my machines network drops on boot, but if I unkindly mash the power button down and turn it back on, my wireless keeps working .. is it killing it in rc.local?01:06
oxxenAnyone usiing the broadcom restricted driver here?01:06
TV-VCRPelo I have!!01:06
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Let me know if it starts booting, or if not, if not what error messages or so on etc etc01:06
TV-VCRI think I have try almost everything01:06
Pelodomor,  what about the kernel ?01:06
bododtolj, no thing new the same problem it boots from centos and windows only01:06
PeloTV-VCR, then , and I am very sorry to say this,  it might be time to give up01:06
dav1oxygen: I am01:06
PeloTV-VCR,  did you try 6.06 ? or 7.04 ?01:07
bradvoxxen: You have two choices, fwcutter or ndiswrapper. Go with fwcutter first.01:07
domorim goign to try again01:07
TV-VCRWhat does sudo fdisk -l in terminal do?01:07
domorhow do you find what kernel your running01:07
JDiveruname -a01:07
ekesoundray: do you know how to get the SCIM working.. if the problem is there.. I dont remember if it showd up through SCIM.. grr01:07
oxxenbradv, I got that installed, i thought it was really flakey and speed was terrible, do you find the same?01:07
dav1I bet windows doesn't have any of these problems.....01:07
PeloTV-VCR, check the disk for error,  not sure what the -I option does01:07
JDiverWhen ever I try to use the fast user switcher thing to open a nested login window the Xephyr window is massive and does not fit on my desktop and is unusable because of it size.  How can I make it smaller?01:07
NineTeen67CometTV-VCR: fdisk -l will show you all the devices and partitions connected ..01:07
oxxendav1, How do you find it?01:07
AfterDeathNineTeen67Comet: try something like "shutdown -rn now" - (that's almost the equivalent of a forced instant reboot, but a bit safer) - if you still have the problem, it's probably a machine issue with your card + a warm boot01:08
Pelodav1, windows has it's own set of problems01:08
* NineTeen67Comet l will show a list of everything01:08
dav1oxxen: its really good!01:08
soundrayeke: System-Preferences-SCIM setup01:08
oxxendav1, really? inet access was really sloooow..01:08
bododav1: windows is an open gate system for hackers01:08
Mark761966Hey soundray, I know what;'s happening01:08
NineTeen67CometAfterDeath: This happens on 3 separate machines .. 2wireless and 1 cooper ..01:08
Mark761966My hard drive keeps stopping01:08
soundrayMark761966: so?01:08
AfterDeathNineTeen67Comet: same wireless card?01:08
domorhow do i find what kernel im running01:09
soundraydomor: uname -a01:09
Pelodomor,  uname -r01:09
geniidomor: uname -r01:09
bradvoxxen: I don't have that driver. If fwcutter doesn't work try ndiswrapper.01:09
geniialso -a01:09
NineTeen67CometAfterDeath: no, one is a desktop box with wireless, an HP notebook wireless and my server that's always been a champ until Gutsy Server edition ..01:09
dtolj_bodo: it should pick up the stage files from hd0,4 and put them in MBR01:09
oxxendav1, did you try Ndis at all?01:09
dav1oxxen:I haven't noticed it - im getting the maxium download.upload speed for my connectyion01:09
* Pelo wants a few easy questions to answer he's starting to feel useless 01:09
Dr_willisPelo,  whats your favorite color?01:10
* soundray knows the feeling01:10
oxxendav1, I may try it again01:10
bododtolj_: bodo: it should pick up the stage files from hd0,4 and put them in MBR01:10
bododonnot under stant clear plz?01:10
Dr_willisPelo,  whats the airspeed of a laden swallow? :)01:10
RoRzaHi ... I need help on this01:10
domorwhat does this mean: ind the appropriate package for your kernel. For example, if you have linux-image-amd64-k8 installed, then you should install linux-restricted-modules-amd64-k8.01:10
AfterDeathDr_willis: African or European?01:10
PeloDr_willis,  that's one of those psychological questions right ? if I tell you I like purple you will report me as a child molester right ?01:10
* NineTeen67Comet African or European?01:10
geniiPelo: Be careful :) some of those are trick questions01:10
Dr_willisAfterDeath, .... i dont know.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh....01:10
domorwhat a linux-image-amd64-k8 what does it mean by that01:10
PeloDr_willis,  affrican swallow or european swallow ?01:11
soundraydomor: what do you get from uname -r ?01:11
RoRzaI have problem installing ...can anyone help ?01:11
* Pelo is ueless an sslow01:11
dtolj_bodo: boot into cent, mount hd0,4 check what the entry for Ubuntu is, and copy it to the active boot partition01:11
PeloRoRza,  what part of it is troubling you ?01:11
Mark761966Why would my hard drive just stop?01:11
domorsoundray: ind the appropriate package for your kernel. For example, if you have linux-image-amd64-k8 installed, then you should install linux-restricted-modules-amd64-k8.01:11
bradvMark761966: Stop working? or stop spinning?01:11
soundraydomor: answer my question please01:12
PeloMark761966,  damage hdd ? nicked data cable, power supply problems, take your pick01:12
Mark761966It stops spinning01:12
domorsoundray: sorry i was meant to01:12
NineTeen67CometHello all, if I am having issues with rebooting and loosing my network, could it be an issue with rc.local? Or something shutting them down on reboot but not on boot? Since I can do the power button thing and they work, I'm assuming it is a shutdown script somewhere..01:12
zealothey, does anyone know where wine's C: drive is?01:12
RoRzaPelo, : I have downloaded Apata which is an IDE and I want to install it on Ubuntu.  But dont know how to go about01:12
ekesoundray: yeah.. and I have tried every option from there.. hmm maybe I have missed one.. maybe left box unchecked.. 0.0 I have been procrastinatin with this.. too long! oh my! wanna get it fixed now.. whether it takes this nite sleep.. or even the next days..01:12
soundrayMark761966: how old is it?01:12
domorsoundray: Linux nick-desktop 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Sun Oct 14 23:05:12 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux01:12
RoRzaPelo, : I extracted the file on the Desktop01:12
MinusSevenI have to say, having tried Kubuntu, and Ubuntu, Ubuntu seems a lot better01:12
bradvMark761966: You may have an inadequate power supply.01:12
PeloRoRza,  start by looking in synpatic to make sure there isn'T a pre compiled package available01:12
Mark761966Less than six months old, Soundray01:12
NineTeen67Cometzealot: should be /home/~user/.wine/ .. and look around in there ..01:13
PeloRoRza, menu > system > admin > synaptic package manager01:13
ekesoundray: but thank you for your effort! =)01:13
RoRzasynpatic ?  you mean from the Add/Remove sction ?01:13
Mark761966What can I do about the power suppy, bradv?01:13
soundraydomor: then you should install linux-restricted-modules-generic01:13
bradvMark761966: Go to your local computer store and buy a new one.01:13
zealotNineTeen67Comet: Thanks01:13
PeloRoRza, add remove also works if it is an app,  synaptic is another front end for apt but it lists all the packages, libs and such as well01:13
NineTeen67CometRoRza: Synaptic handles everything, add/remove can only do individual apps ..01:13
bradvMark761966: And don't cheap out either. $30 won't buy you a good power supply, $75 will.01:14
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Alive over there? :)01:14
domorsoundrway: they allreayd installed01:14
soundrayMark761966: install smartmontools and check your hard disk drive with the tools in that package01:14
Mark761966I don't have $7501:14
domorwhy can't ubuntu just install drivers and they work01:14
Mark761966Okay soundray01:14
soundraydomor: okay, continue following the wiki help then01:14
* NineTeen67Comet is there a front end for aptitude? me likes aptitude better than apt-get .. 01:14
genii!patience |genii01:14
PeloNineTeen67Comet, check in synaptic01:15
domorsoundrway: should i uninstall my restricted driver first01:15
bradvdomor: There are lots of reasons for that. If you have hardware where the vendor won't cooperate with Linux, then you are going to have lots of problems. That's why you don't buy ATI, for example.01:15
ekedomor: coz it would be too easy.. everyone neeeds challenges.. eh??? =D01:15
NineTeen67CometPelo: good idea .. ;)01:15
soundraydomor: no01:15
Jangaribecause the company that developed the driver doesn't want you to be able to use it at your leisure, domor01:15
RoRzaPelo, ; Yes apata its listed01:15
=== liberfiasco is now known as libervisco
PeloRoRza,  then just install it from there,  always check for a pre compiled package first , much easier01:15
soundraydomor: if you're unhappy about this situation, ask NVidia to support the development of free drivers for their cards.01:16
ekedomor: or just use windows.. lol =D01:16
soundraydomor: emphasize that by "free" you mean "open source" according to the definition of OSI01:16
RoRzawhich one is the pre compiled ?01:16
meoblast001i couldnt find screenlets in the Canonical repositories and the site is down, does anyone have the deb?01:17
RoRzaPelo, :  There are 4 on the list should I pick up the zapatel-source ?01:17
Pelodomor,  please understand that we do try to help but it is not like we are sitting in front of your computer to try stuff out on our own,  and there are occasions when it doesn't work for some reason , nothing is perfect,  I recommend you review the documentation available, on the forum, in the wiki , on google, and try to figure out where (if) you went wrong,  be very diligent about following intructions01:17
Flare183How can I join the #ubuntu-southcarolina's loco team?01:17
AdioHyperionone last question... is there a limited to the number of internal hard drives ubuntu can handle?01:17
domorpelo: ok01:18
PeloRoRza, hold on , let me check01:18
Mark761966Which submenu should smartmontools be in, soundray?01:18
bradvAdioHyperion: Probably. But you'll never reach it. Limitations are with your hardware.01:18
geniiPelo: Please stress again about diligence in reading the documentation01:18
domoris installing binary driver differetn to letting restricted-drver-manager do it01:18
AdioHyperionso i could technically use 6 hard drives if there is space for them on my motherboard?01:18
ari_stressmorning2 :D01:18
soundrayAdioHyperion: yes01:18
AdioHyperioni thank you all for your help - have a nice day01:19
soundraydomor: the problem is most likely your /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:19
PeloRoRza,  I suggest you install the one called zaptel , if the others are needed for it to work they will get checked as well01:19
domordomor: yea probaly is i don;t now anything a im a totla newbie01:19
soundrayMark761966: they are command line tools. Look at the documentation in /usr/share/doc/smartmontools01:20
RoRzaPelo, : actually there is nothing I have misspelled the word Aptana01:20
meoblast001does anyone know where i can get Screenlets?01:20
Flare183Can I join South Carolina's LoCo team?01:20
ari_stressmeoblast001: what is screenlets?01:20
PeloRoRza,  and to answer your question, all the packages in synaptic are pre-compiled for ubuntu01:20
bradv!info screenlets01:20
ubotuPackage screenlets does not exist in gutsy01:20
meoblast001ari_stress: its a widget system01:20
soundrayMark761966: or ask the channel for specific suggestions on how to examine your drive with those tools.01:20
PeloRoRza,  let me check again01:20
RoRzaPelo, check for Aptana01:21
PeloRoRza, ok so there isn't one,  you need to compile manualy01:21
peacepipej1hi, i interrupted a dpkg and tried to purge the app. It gave me this: " dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem." it didnt help me01:21
soundrayMark761966: you may have to enable S.M.A.R.T. monitoring in the BIOS setup01:21
PeloRoRza, close synaptic and add/remove if you have them open01:21
peacepipej1i dont know what im doing01:21
PeloRoRza, then open a terminal and type  sudo apt-get install build-essential01:21
bradvpeacepipej1: Did you run dpkg --configure -a  ?01:21
Yokei don't know much about computer, so can some tell me step by step how to install all my deb files automatic ?01:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about yum - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:21
Mark761966I don't think I have a BIOS setup, soundray01:22
Pelopeacepipej1, open synaptic,  select the filter button on the lower left,  check broken packages and remove then01:22
peacepipej1bradv: yea, but I dont know what to do next01:22
soundrayMark761966: what kind of computer do you have?01:23
PeloYoke,  i told you 3 times already , you didn,t listen , install them manualy one by one, if you had started doing that and hour ago you would be done by now01:23
peacepipej1Pelo: cook, ill try that, I should have thought of that01:23
Sp3c1alKSo I installed ubuntu desktop to my hard drive partition, but now when I select ubuntu as my operating system to boot into, all I get is a black screen, I've waited 15 minutes for it to come up..but nothing..why?01:23
Pelopeacepipej1,  no garranties01:23
Mark761966Compaq desktop01:23
RoRzaPelo, oI did type01:23
Yokepelo:there is more then 2000 deb files01:23
PeloSp3c1alK, boot the recovery mode and type sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg select your videocard if listed if not use vesa01:24
Yokepelo:i know there is a way i just don't know how.01:24
PeloYoke,  look in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org01:24
RoRzaPelo, I get the foloing error01:24
peacepipej1Pelo: nope, it wont even let me open synaptic cuz of the error. Same error message pops up01:24
RoRzaE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)01:24
RoRzaE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?01:24
soundrayYoke: it doesn't make sense to install all packages. Install only the software that you need01:24
PeloRoRza,  I said , close synaptic and add/remove01:24
Mark761966How do I change the BIOS settings, soundray01:24
soundrayMark761966: you enter the BIOS setup by hitting Del or F2 in the early phase of booting01:25
geniiSp3c1alK: Try hitting enter key. Or it could be you have 2 video cards/dual-head and video goes to the other one. Does it boot to failsafe kernel?01:25
Mark761966YOu mean when I turn the computer on, soundray?01:25
Yokesounddray:this deb files i have was the backup files.01:25
soundrayMark761966: there is normally a message on the screen01:25
domorin my rest5ited driver manager says card in use and it;s anable01:25
Mark761966I'll try that then01:25
soundrayYoke: 'sudo dpkg -i *.deb'01:25
RoRzaPelo, :ok  now its working.  what do I do next01:25
domorbut why can;t i use desktop visual effects01:25
bradvdomor: Is that your problem? You have the driver working find but compiz won't work?01:26
PeloRoRza,  whatyo just installed were the basics needed to compile manualy,  the next bit is in 4 steps, all in the terminal, ready ?01:26
bradvdomor: fine*01:26
Yokesoundray:will that install all my deb files01:26
Sp3c1alKgenii: I am running 1 video card and 2 monitors, that could be a problem? Also, when I boot into recovery mode i get soemthing that says: desktop->kevin (or something like that)01:26
domorbradv: think i just got the driver wokring hten01:26
bthorntonI've just downloaded the Ubuntu "Gutsy" ISO.  Anyone know if it would be possible to "burn" this to a USB flash drive and then boot from it?01:27
monke1anyone installed bluetooth obex client on ppc?01:27
soundrayYoke: all those that are in the present working directory01:27
domorbradv: and ic an;t chnage th resolution01:27
domoranyway i can test if graphics card actually working01:27
peacepipej1Pelo: never mind that last problem01:27
PeloRoRza,  you already unpacked the archive to your desktop,  in the terminal type cd and thename of the unpacked folder ,  cd foldername01:27
geniiSp3c1alK: recovery mode indicates successful install. The x server seems to be issue. Any video on the second monitor?01:27
bradvdomor: System Preferences Screen Resolution01:27
Pelopeacepipej1,  I wasn't anyway, I kind of lost track of everyone I was helping01:27
soundray!install | bthornton, scroll down the install page01:28
ubotubthornton, scroll down the install page: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:28
Sp3c1alKno video on either monitors, if I do get video it's only to display the boot screen, and the logging01:28
domoronly 800x600 & 640x48001:28
domorbradv: only 800x600 & 640x48001:28
domoris there any way i can see if graphics card actualyl working01:28
Sp3c1alKand that's only on 1 monitor01:28
bradvdomor: Then you don't have it working. Keep going through the howto's. What card do you have anyway?01:28
RoRzaPelo, : im in the folder01:29
geniiSp3c1alK: in recovery/failsafe edit the xorg.conf file and put as the name of the video driver "vesa" instead of "nv" or "ati" or whatever it has now01:29
Sp3c1alKgenii: i'm not sure how to do that, i'm  n00b to ubuntu01:29
monke1anyone installed bluetooth obex client on ppc?01:29
Yokesoundray:thank you. 1 more thing and app with 3D programs my ubuntu does not open01:29
geniiSp3c1alK: eg:    nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf                     then find where it has a line like "nv" or "ati" or so. Replace with vesa as the name01:30
PeloRoRza,  the next step check that you have all the dependencies needed to run the applications,   you will likely get several error running it, each time you get an error it tells you that you are missing a package, do not panick open synaptic and search for that package name , install it , also install the related -dev package , and then run the command again for the next missing package,  no need to close synaptic each time,   the command is01:30
Pelo    ./configure01:30
ross42can anyone help me fix a system crash with dpkg errors that wont boot into a gui01:30
devilhancan anyone help me with a wireless card problem?01:30
rdzhi all. where do i find checksums of the ubuntu isos?01:30
geniiSp3c1alK: then exit with ctrl-x and choose yes to save the file. after do: telinit 201:31
* Pelo realy hopes anyone needing to learn how to compile a source manualy is paying attention 01:31
troubledchanop around?01:31
=== reconnect is now known as recon
Sp3c1alKgenii: I will try that, and if that doesn't work I will try the sude dpkg command and then get back to you01:31
bradv!wifi | devilhan01:31
ubotudevilhan: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:31
AdemoSI have installed Ubuntu 7.10 and got it working. But I wanted to upgrade my video card, from onboard, to external pci card. The good news is livecd will detect and run everything fine. The bad news is, my current harddisk install will not detect the new card, after grub loading it shows a blank screen. --- My question: Is there anyway to get Ubuntu to detect this new video card without reinstalling?01:31
Pelo!md5 > rdz  check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu01:31
devilhanthanks guys01:31
geniiSp3c1alK: Ok I'll be arounf maybe another hour01:31
* genii tired01:31
devilhanI will look into it now. :)01:31
* ari_stress tired too01:31
soundraytroubled: they hang out in #ubuntu-ops01:31
troubledsoundray: i know01:32
geniiping MiddleOfNowhere01:32
devilhanbradv, not exactly what you mean, can you explain just briefly :)01:32
troubledPelo: Soskel would like your attenion regarding a ban01:32
Pelotroubled, if I didn,t ban him I 'm not gonna unban him01:32
RiyonukWhat exactly is a vps?01:33
troubledPelo: just trying to get him a contact to speak with01:33
RiyonukI'm having problems differing it from a vm01:33
rdzPelo, thanks.. i know how to get the md5checksum, but i don't know where to download the checksum ..01:33
Dr_willisnormally the site where the .iso is at has a md5sum file there with them01:33
Pelotroubled, don't give him my nick , I block pm anyway,  tell him bans are cleared by the banner periodicaly, he can try comming back tomorrow unless he realy pissed somene off01:33
troubledPelo: havent given him anything yet other than #-ops01:34
Pelordz, should be listed in the links you got01:34
AdemoSPelo: Any idea if I can get Ubuntu's hard disk install to detect my newly installed video card? Becasue livecd does, but hard disk install does not.01:34
PeloAdemoS,  sudo dpgk-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:34
AdemoSPelo: Would I type that in the grub menu?01:35
Dr_willisAdemoS,  what was your old video card? whats the new video card?01:35
rdzPelo, both seem to tell how to perform the check.. but they don't mention a download location01:35
ghormanhappy thanksgiving all01:35
Dr_willisAdemoS,  you need to get to the console  to use those commands.01:35
Yokesoundray:do you know anything about Graphic card with 3d problems ?01:35
rdzan dfor some reason, the location that provices the image doesn't have alink for the checksum...01:35
AdemoSDr_willis: My old video card was a onboard one, the new one is PCI01:36
PeloRoRza,  how are we getting along ?01:36
rdzPelo, i am confused... shouldn't there be alink as well for md5sum, where i can download the iso?01:36
AdemoSDr_willis: Can I get the console from grub?01:36
PeloAdemoS, did you disable your onboard card in the bios ?01:36
Wifi-PhreakAnybody in here have ubuntu 7.10 on a gateway laptop?01:36
AdemoSPelo: I tried to, I wasn't sure how because I didn't say anything specific01:36
RoRzaPelo, I am inside the folder but dont know which command to run01:36
=== Nyle is now known as stoned
AdemoSIt's a Intel Celeron with a on board VIA video card01:36
PeloRoRza, I give you quite an instruction earlier01:36
rdzPelo, do you see any md5sum here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloading?release=desktop-newest&arch=i386&mirror=http%3A%2F%2Fmirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca%2Fubuntu-releases%2F&debug=%5B%27country_US%27%2C+%27country_UK%27%2C+%27continent_NA%27%5D&download-button=01:36
PeloRoRza,  the next step check that you have all the dependencies needed to run the applications,   you will likely get several error running it, each time you get an error it tells you that you are missing a package, do not panick open synaptic and search for that package name , install it , also install the related -dev package , and then run the command again for the next missing package,  no need to close synaptic each time,   the command is01:37
Pelo    ./configure01:37
rdzargh.. sorrry.. for the long link01:37
reconis there any way to get the regular desktop install CD to install in text mode?01:37
Dr_willisAdemoS,  theres that rescue/recovery entry in grub i think that goes to the console01:37
Wifi-PhreakAnybody in here use 7.10?01:37
AdemoSDr_willis: Thanks I'll try that01:37
Pelordz, http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto01:37
reconi really don't want to download another 700 kb for the alternate.01:37
meoblast001anyone here have screenlets?01:37
RoRzaok how do I check ?  with the command that I used before ?01:37
meoblast001if so, can you tell me how to activate it?01:37
meoblast001i obtained a deb01:38
Dr_willisrecon,  ive never heard of a way to do  a alt install from a live cd.01:38
meoblast001and installed it01:38
PeloRoRza,  it was listed at the end  the command is ./configure01:38
meoblast001but cant start the daemon01:38
reconDr_willis: aw, well. ok, thanks.01:38
bthorntonis it possible (er, I know it's possible--but is it worth it) to install a kernel from Gutsy on a Feisty box?01:38
rdzPelo, this page says: "1 Download MD5SUMS and MD5SUMS.gpg"---01:38
=== T1m is now known as T1m0thy
rdzPelo, but from where?01:38
Pelobthornton, just upgrade01:38
ubotuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - New Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour - Please use bittorrent to download if possible, see !torrents01:39
bthorntonPelo: much harder than it sounds at the moment.  I just need to know if the kernel can be upgraded.01:39
rdzPelo, i am used to find the mdsum on the same site as the file itself01:39
Pelordz, check in the forum I guess or the search feature in the www.ubuntu.com website01:39
Soskeldoes ubuntu come with gnome 2.20?01:39
Pelobthornton, don't know01:39
AdemoSPelo: "sudo dpgk-reconfigure xserver-xorg" will that command force the harddisk install to re-detect my card on boot? or must I use the console to set it up?01:39
NemesisDanyone know how to revert back to regular grub from super grub?01:39
rdzPelo, i'll do...thanks01:39
Pelordz, I woudl hve expectdd it as well01:39
PeloAdemoS, the terminal will do01:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about supergrub - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:40
MiddleOfNowhereanyone called for me?01:40
Wifi-PhreakWhats super grub?01:40
RoRzaPelo, Do I need to put anything before or aftrer the ./configure ?01:40
PeloAdemoS, did you disable your onboard card ?01:40
AdemoSPelo: So I can just input that command in the terminal and it should detect on boot?01:40
Dr_willisWifi-Phreak,  a 'boot recovery' live cd/floppy01:40
NemesisDWifi-Phreak, its a boot disk that loads a modified version of grub with lots of menus and options, useful for fixing up screwed up mbrs and whatnot01:40
AdemoSPelo: I couldn't figure out how01:40
tarelerulzHow would you tell if an proccesor is 32 bit or 64 bit ? I am trying to find out if I can install Ubuntu 64 7.10 on my computer01:40
AdemoSPelo: I looked through the bios, but the most I could do was turn off fast-write to agp01:41
NemesisDexcept now it seems to have taken the place of grub01:41
Dr_willistarelerulz,  whats the cpu?01:41
PeloRoRza,  no , are you getting an error msg that is not telling you about a missing dependency ?01:41
AdemoSPelo: For somer eason though livecd sets it up fine01:41
Dr_willistarelerulz,  could boot a live cd and  check /proc/cpuinfo01:41
rdzPelo, i think i found it...01:41
PeloAdemoS, i don't know then, I'm just your basic home user,  you might want to give the forum a search  www.ubuntuforums.org01:41
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: :)01:41
rdzPelo, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes01:41
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Just making sure you are alive01:42
PeloAdemoS, try running dpkg from the recovery mode01:42
RoRzaPelo, I get this bash: ./configure: No such file or directory01:42
tarelerulzDr_Willis , I am on Vista right now .  I am trying to find this all out so I get the right iso for my proccesor .01:42
rdzPelo, i'd suggest the ubuntu people put a link on the download site01:42
AdemoSPelo: Will the command you showed me do that?01:42
MiddleOfNowheredid u need something?01:42
PeloRoRza,  and you are doing this from the extracted folder ?01:42
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: I'm curious of a progress/non-progress update. Did it boot and install, etc01:42
ZofoI am wondering if I am able to use a pci usb card on my ubuntu powermac01:42
PeloAdemoS, it should   full comman again   sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg , it should give you a list of videocards available to use01:43
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: I've been hanging on to help further if unexpected errors, etc01:43
rdzah finally, i see that the iso file is corrupt... that is why i coulnd't install it, though it booted from livecd............01:43
AdemoSPelo: and I can just select the pci from that list?01:43
rdzPelo, thanks for your help..01:43
PeloZofo, look up yoru card model here and in the forum  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport www.ubuntuforums.org01:43
PeloAdemoS,  you shold be able to01:43
AdemoSPelo: Great, thanks a lot01:43
Pelordz,  I did very little01:43
RoRzaPelo, : yeah01:43
=== JW91 is now known as NJA13
RoRzaxxxxd@xxxx-xxxx:~/Desktop/aptana$ ./configure01:44
tarelerulzintel (R) Pentium (R) dual-core T 2310 @ 1.46 GHz01:44
PeloRoRza, ok , then your install will be a bit different, possibly the file comes with it's own intaller, ,  open the extracted folder in  nautilus ( the gui file browser ) look for an INSTALL file,  read it01:44
Flare183How do I become a channel operator?01:44
PeloFlare183, by not asking01:45
geniiPelo: Good answer01:45
* Flare183 so supid01:45
* Flare183 so stupid01:45
* Flare183 thinks people can be just like microsoft literal01:45
Flare183let me reprase01:45
Flare183the question01:45
PeloFlare183, the last person to be made channel operator never asked, never hinted, he was just kind to noobs and helpfull, and then one day , he got a tap on the shoulder and ... the intiation01:46
Flare183right now my loco team is more or less dead I can i update the topic name01:46
tarelerulzI have a  intel (R) Pentium (R) dual-core T 2310 @ 1.46 GHz and I want to know if it 32 bit or 64 bit ? just wondering how I might do that01:46
=== solid_liquid is now known as solid_liq
Wifi-PhreakCan anybody in here tell me how 7.10 is?01:46
Flare183wifi-phreak:> pure excellance01:46
PeloFlare183, ask pricechild do to it for you if he wants to when you see him around01:46
theangrywolfexcuse me is there a x64 bit channel ?01:46
Flare183or pici ok01:46
Flare183yeah really01:46
Wifi-PhreakWhat are some of the new features?01:46
Pelotarelerulz,  32bit01:47
PeloWifi-Phreak,  read the release notes on the ubuntu.com site01:47
anomalybeen trying to mount root from nfs. I have edited /etc/fstab to server:/dir / nfs defaults 0 0 and /etc/rcS.d/S35mountall.sh has been edited for the nonfs. seems I am missing something though as it keeps loading the / from the thumb drive instead of nfs.. anyone have suggestions?01:47
Flare183restriction manager compiz-fusion, wine intergration01:47
Flare183a load of other stuff01:47
tarelerulzSo how did you find that out Pelo ? I really ant to know I look forever and I had a hard time finding anything other then what computer that proccesor came with01:47
Flare183pelo:> couldn't i like join #ubuntu-ops and ask there?01:48
* genii tries to remain awake01:48
theangrywolfwoot so how much better is x64 bit ubuntu than x86 32-bit??01:48
RequinB4well I have thanksgiving off so I have time to try and tackle the fact I have no sound... Can anyone help who is willing to think outside what is immediatly googlabe?  I have struggled with this for 2 months01:48
Dr_willistheangrywolf,  you proberly wont notice much of a diff.01:48
=== chuck is now known as iissmartest
theangrywolfwhy not?01:49
Pelotarelerulz,  conventionnal wisedom here is that unless you have an specific use for 64 bit version ( like special apps)  use the 32 bit one,  64 bit is still missing some driver support for stuff like nvidia and ati and some wifi , and no flash01:49
Dr_willistheangrywolf,  you proberly aint doing anything that will  be pushingthe system where you will gain01:49
=== iissmartest is now known as chuck
PeloFlare183,  feel free to go there and ask01:49
meoblast001how do i make the window hider not shrink screenlets?01:49
theangrywolfoh dont be so sure...01:49
Flare183Pelo:>Kinda dangerous don't you think?01:49
theangrywolfbut no really does it help with large and complex applications?01:49
Dr_willistheangrywolf,  it 'might' help in some cases01:50
PeloFlare183, if you have a legitimate need to be there nothing will happen to you , well nothing very bad or that can't be mended anyway01:50
theangrywolfis it going to make things more complicated in setup?01:50
RequinB4 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)01:50
Dr_willistheangrywolf,  it can have issues with drivers and other apps.01:50
theangrywolfwhat about video drivers?01:50
Dr_willisdepends on the video card. No idea on the specifics.. I dont use 64 bit. i avoide it. :)01:51
AdemoSPelo: "sudo dpgk-reconfigure xserver-xorg" got me "command not found" did I spell something wrong?01:51
theangrywolfum xfx 880001:51
Dr_willisi got sick of fighting it, and gained nothing.   So i dumped it for now.01:51
AdemoSPelo: Specifically "sudo: dpgk-reconfigure command not found"01:51
Dr_willisperhaps in a few more months/year i may try 64 bit again.01:51
theangrywolfso what im saying is should i just try it out, or should i save the 25cents worth of blank dvd?01:51
midnighthow do i take root access?? what is the command??01:51
Pelomeoblast001, I think you should check in the screenlets website for answers on that,  screenlets is not part of the ubuntu packages and is not realy covered here,  maybe the ppl in #compiz-fusion might know because screenlets actualy works better with a compositing windows manager01:52
Dr_willistheangrywolf,  its your time. :) I doubt if you will see any improvements.01:52
midnighttheangrywolf, sudo?? and??01:52
PeloAdemoS, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:52
Xenguy!root > midnight01:52
meoblast001Pelo: screenlets site is down01:52
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.01:52
RequinB4midnight - most people suggest putting "sudo" in front of one command01:52
AdemoSoooh I spell it wrong, thanks01:52
RequinB4midnight - but type "su" to be in root for the next indefinite commands01:52
Pelomeoblast001, not much more I can do for you on htis01:52
MeroigoDual screens with ATI Radeon 8500LE on Ubuntu 7.10. How?01:52
Dr_willissudo -s , for a root 'shell'01:52
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth.. there is no root password. Then you will see that it is sudo that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:52
PeloAdemoS,  jsut copy from my line to the terminal01:53
VSpikeIs there any good way to install real player as a package?01:53
Flare183Pelo:> in process of asking01:53
RequinB4anyone willing to help me with a difficult sound problem01:53
PeloVSpike, get the installer bin from the realplaye website01:53
* Pelo wonders what the ops will do to Flare183 and how much time it will take him to recover01:54
theangrywolflike sudo ~sh/ or something01:54
theangrywolfcant remember01:54
theangrywolfor whatever the hell your command is01:54
PeloRequinB4,  ask a specific question, you are more likely to get answer then asking for help01:54
theangrywolfits true01:54
* Flare183 says god help me! I need some luck!01:54
ricanelitewhen I head over to this site allgames.com I do not get any audio at all01:54
theangrywolflike my gecko installer is broken for whine and i think theres actually no real reason for it01:54
theangrywolfit just.... is01:55
* Pelo only speaks the truth, no mather how painfull01:55
ross42i now have gui but with no applications...and still dpkg dependency problems with dia-common dia-gnome gnome-office and gnome...what do I do?01:55
xossgood day to all of you... can someone recommend a good typing tutor application for ubuntu?01:55
RiyonukWhat exactly is a vps? Is it just virtulization software?01:55
RequinB4Pelo: agreed to some extent, but i won't argue it01:55
ricanelitewhen trying to stream but if i watch a video from youtube i get audio01:55
theangrywolfso what exactly IS a "debian" based linux os?01:55
RequinB4I have no sound on my  Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)01:55
RequinB4better? :P01:55
Pelo!sound | RequinB4  start here01:55
ubotuRequinB4  start here: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:55
RequinB4Pelo - been there01:55
theangrywolfRequinB4. I had that same problem, you have to reinstall ubuntu01:56
RequinB4Pelo - i've had this problem for 2 months01:56
PeloRequinB4,  any sound in windows ?01:56
theangrywolfno joke01:56
ghorman_has anyone got a usb headset working in ubuntu?  the usb headset has a builtin sound card01:56
RequinB4theangrywolf - yeah was trying to avoid that01:56
PeloRequinB4,  did y ou look up your card model in the forum or in the ahrdware list ?01:56
VSpikePelo: I figured.  Seems to be broken for me and has been for a couple of days.  Does it work for you?01:56
theangrywolfyour system is corrupt and your missing alsa drivers01:56
RequinB4i googled it and lots of people have had trouble with no sucess01:56
theangrywolfand sadly you cant just "get" them01:56
ricanelitewell i could use a usb headset on my gateway notebook pc and works perfect01:56
Peloghorman_, check your model in the forum or look for usb headset in general01:56
theangrywolfyeah it took me about a week to admit defeat to that01:56
RequinB4so i should burn a new live cd01:56
theangrywolfdont you have an old one?01:57
RequinB4its feisty01:57
ricanelitejust have to make sure on volume control that USB is selected and it is not muted01:57
PeloVSpike,  I think you are talking to the wrong person01:57
* Pelo is lost again, he's can't concentrate tonight 01:57
theangrywolfwoot 64 bit edition is done01:57
RequinB4I haven't needed sound on this box its basically a command line but i figured it'd be nice to fix - tomorrow i'll reinstall ubuntu, thx i guess theangrywolf01:58
=== ghorman_ is now known as ghorman
PeloRequinB4,  which version of ubu are you using right now ?01:58
theangrywolfhey isnt vista 64 bit edition supposded to be good but not good enough because no one acutally bothers to use it because they assumes it sucks because its vista?01:58
PeloRequinB4, and did the sound work in previous versions ?01:58
theangrywolfor something....01:59
VSpikePelo: in what way, sorry?01:59
Dr_willis64bit under windows has a lot of little issues also.01:59
Dr_willistheangrywolf,  and MS charges extra for it.01:59
RequinB4i've been through about 7 different tutorials01:59
theangrywolfits true01:59
theangrywolflike 200$ extra...01:59
RequinB4200 reasons to prefer ubuntu...01:59
PeloVSpike,  what is your issue ? I don't seem to recall having started to help you out with anything01:59
theangrywolfand im not sure if its 200$ worth of extra speed/performance01:59
theangrywolfno games?01:59
RequinB4virtualbox for games02:00
RequinB4no need for vista02:00
Oni-Draculai'm having some trouble with a hard drive... I used GParted to format a 150 gig SATA drive with ext3, now I'm trying to get it to automount but every time i click on the drive in nautilus (149.0 GB Volume) it asks for a password and mounts it read-only02:00
theangrywolfhad xp... it broke so someone put vista on it02:00
VSpikePelo: I asked about real player, you said download the bin from real.com02:01
theangrywolfso know i use it for games and linux for... everything else02:01
PeloOni-Dracula, you probably have the wrong settings in fstab,  copy the relevanht line here02:01
theangrywolftry using whine vspike02:01
geniieg: "users"02:01
VSpikePelo: I said I figured that was probably the only way (was wondering if medibuntu or someone had packgaged it but figured not)...02:01
RequinB4theangrywolf - yeah you can run windows off of linux if you have the install02:01
PeloVSpike,  I thinik it is a bin  might be another format,  but it was easy enoug to instal from me, hold on I'll check the name of the file02:01
Polygon89Hello, im trying to rip a dvd using handbrake, but the resulting file gets to be about 2 gb but then it stops because the system says the file size is too large and then it coredumps. Ive been told this is a system problem not a handbrake problem, so how do i fix this?02:01
VSpikePelo: but the download on www.real.com/linux seems not to work for me in firefox or konqueror and has not for a couple of days..02:02
PeloVSpike, realplayer is propriatary you have to get it from their site, you wonT' have a deb for it02:02
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
VSpikePelo: just wondering if you felt kind enough to check it for me02:02
geniiPolygon89: What filesystem is the hd you are putting the file to?02:02
VSpikePelo: true, but so are skype and google earth and medibuntu have those as packages :)02:02
MiddleOfNowheresorry been afk02:02
Polygon89genii, ext302:02
PeloVSpike,  it's only wokrs as a standalone you have to copy the link to it in order to stream the vid02:02
theangrywolfRequinB4 i have vista ultimate on a part now, but i want 64 edition because of stability, but im not sure were to get it02:02
MiddleOfNowherehave i missed anything i need to know?02:02
mgolhello, I've got a problem: I run Longman's CuttingEdge under Linux and got the following error: "Unknown keysym name:  osfActivate" and many others, similar to that mentioned. As I checked, osfActivate is an alias, one of many defined in /usr/share/X11/XKeysymDB. So it seems that this program looks for the file in a different location. At one site I found a solution to make Smalltalk work - one had to make a symbolic link to this file in /opt/X11R5/lib, but 02:02
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: I almost sept :)02:02
theangrywolfim pretty sure most NEWER games run on 64 bit arcitecture02:03
Sp3c1alKhey genii02:03
Oni-DraculaPelo, here's my entire fstab... since I can't seem to be able to read it atm:  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/45526/02:03
RequinB4theangrywolf - the all-powerful intraweb02:03
VSpikePelo: fair enough.  I have helix player installed, but every time I try to play something with it it tells me that I have to get Real Player instead ;/02:03
xosshow do i reset the admin passwd? do i have to reinstall ubuntu?02:03
leo_rockwhello everyone02:03
theangrywolfworking on that...02:03
MiddleOfNowherealmost slept?02:03
MiddleOfNowherewhat ya mean?02:03
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: There is one more crucial step in the very lasty of the tutorial which can only be done when you are using the stick, but you have the url so you can examine it02:03
Polygon89Hello, im trying to rip a dvd using handbrake, but the resulting file gets to be about 2 gb but then it stops because the system says the file size is too large and then it coredumps. Ive been told this is a system problem not a handbrake problem, so how do i fix this?02:03
PeloOni-Dracula, give me aminute to check it , which partition is it ?02:03
theangrywolfok... 64 bit times for the mes02:04
Oni-DraculaPelo, it's supposed to be /dev/sdb(#)02:04
leo_rockwi never, ever sent a fax before. i need to send one tomorrow, anybody willing to give me a hint or point me in the right direction to do that using (k)ubuntu?02:04
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: I got 3 hours sleep last night then agreed to be here to help you today, etc. Just about to logoff and get some Zzzzzs02:04
MiddleOfNowheregenii: how do i switch to command line during installation?02:04
peacepipej1hi, having trouble installing vbox, it tells me pipeline is broken and processing erors02:05
Sp3c1alKgenii: I tried the nano etc/x11/xorg.conf and it was an empty file, so I did the sudo dpkg=reconfigure  and configured everything, i set vesa as my video card driver, but when I boot normally my monitor looses signal, but if I choose the nva (nVidia i guess) it loads but still just a black screen02:05
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: ctrl-alt then functikn key, usually F102:05
MiddleOfNowhereand thats all i need to do?02:05
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Then alt-f7 for X again02:05
PeloOni-Dracula,  we have a problem,right now , the only 2 partitons listd in your fstab are you / and the swap , no other ones02:05
MiddleOfNowherealt f7 for what?02:05
PeloOni-Dracula,  what is the devtree of the extra partiton you want to mount ? I'll make you a line for it to add to fstab02:06
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: alt-f7 to return to the graphical installer when running Xwindows etc etc02:06
RequinB4does the 'passwd' command change your user or root pw02:06
Sp3c1alKgenii: I tried the nano etc/x11/xorg.conf and it was an empty file, so I did the sudo dpkg=reconfigure  and configured everything, i set vesa as my video card driver, but when I boot normally my monitor looses signal, but if I choose the nva (nVidia i guess) it loads but still just a black screen02:06
theangrywolfwoot disc images yay!02:06
Polygon89Hello, im trying to rip a dvd using handbrake, but the resulting file gets to be about 2 gb but then it stops because the system says the file size is too large and then it coredumps. Ive been told this is a system problem not a handbrake problem, so how do i fix this?02:06
Oni-DraculaPelo, it should just be one /dev/sdb1 mounted at /media/sdb1 (unless I misunderstand you)02:06
leo_rockwgenii: i always thought it was CTRL+alt+f7... this is an ephyphany, haha02:07
theangrywolfwtf mates02:08
geniiSp3c1alK: Unfortunately I'm too wiped to assist much today. The key to it seems to be obviously in your x server setup someplace however02:08
RoAkSoAxleo_rockw, when you change from Desktop to Command line you do hve to use CTRL+alt+f702:08
PeloOni-Dracula, add this line to fstab before the cdrom line , and make sure that /media/sdb1 already exist     /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 defaults 0 202:08
leo_rockwRoAkSoAx: no, i do ctrl+alt+fx02:08
Sp3c1alKgenii: any good forums or other irc channels to check upon?02:08
leo_rockwRoAkSoAx: so i figured i had to do the same for X02:08
casio1374633i install mutt yesterday, and now i can't access X02:08
MiddleOfNowheregenni: unable to find kernal image: Linux02:08
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: If you are on alternate install cd image, use instead alt-f2 then alt-f1 to go back to progress screen02:08
leo_rockwRoAkSoAx: i just realized ctrl is not necessary02:08
casio1374633how can i fix this problem02:09
MiddleOfNowheregenni: unable to find kernal image: Linux02:09
Oni-DraculaPelo, ok...now "sudo mount -a" ?02:09
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Yes, I saw02:09
RoAkSoAxleo_rockw, my bad, from desktop to command ctrl+alt+FX , but between commands lines you can use alt+FX02:09
PeloOni-Dracula,  I don't know the command line way to reload fstab , sorry,  you might have to reboot02:09
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: It seems to be in the syslinux.cfg file that we need to make edits. But I really ned sleep :(02:09
RoAkSoAxleo_rockw, ctrl is just necessary fwhen changing from desktop to command line02:10
MiddleOfNowhereo man :(02:10
MiddleOfNowhereok u can sleep02:10
* MiddleOfNowhere really wants to install linux so badly02:10
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Same bat-time same bat-channel tomorrow then?02:10
jalsare any of the Time Machine clones good, such as the ones i've found from googling - .ext3cow, Dirvish, Time Vault, Flyback...?02:10
Sp3c1alKgenii: what are some good forums I could use to fix the probme?02:10
leo_rockwRoAkSoAx: i thought it was always necessary... i never studied this things, i just figured them out some 8 years ago with slackware 7.102:10
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: Or you can just mess with the file yourself02:10
mrspinxI was wondering what is the equivalent to time machine from apple for ubuntu02:10
PeloMiddleOfNowhere,  can you summarize your install problem ?02:10
MiddleOfNowherei booted from usb stick and it says:02:11
leo_rockwSp3c1alK: idk your problem, but the ubuntuforums are really good02:11
geniiSp3c1alK: ubuntuforums is usually very useful02:11
MiddleOfNowhereunable to find kernal image: Linux02:11
RoAkSoAxleo_rockw, hahaha lol i used to believe it was necessary too but it is not02:11
Sp3c1alKgenii: thanks02:11
Oni-DraculaPelo, it's still mounting as read-only02:11
PeloMiddleOfNowhere, and i assume you installed ubuntu on the usb stick,  well I can'T realy help with taht , sorry,  I suggest you do a forum seqarch for the error msg02:11
Sp3c1alKleo_rockw: do you know anything about the xserver ?02:11
geniipelo: he followed the howto to install from usb stick. but syslinux.cfg that was edited from isolinux.cfg seems to have been edited improperly (my doing)02:12
MiddleOfNowhereno no no pelo02:12
leo_rockwSp3c1alK: i know some things, but i'm not a guru02:12
XenguyMiddleOfNowhere: what is the installation media?02:12
PeloMiddleOfNowhere, genii ,I'm gonna but out of this one02:12
PeloOni-Dracula,  restart the computer02:12
MiddleOfNowhereXenguy: Im installing from usb stick02:13
Sp3c1alKleo: do you have any idea why nothing is displaying? I've reconfigured it and changed the video to nva and vesa, on vesa i don't get any signal, on nva the screen is black02:13
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: 1 minute I'll try 1 more thing.AFK02:13
leo_rockwSp3c1alK: was it like that on the live cd too?02:14
XenguyMiddleOfNowhere: I have no experience with that, but if the kernel is not present on the USB stick, then you would need to have configured a working network connection to get it, yes?02:14
Sp3c1alKleo: the live cd worked fine, I didnt mess around on the desktop to much, just installed ubuntu but the display worked fine then02:14
patrickkkkhey i lspci says ihave " VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. K8M890 [Chrome9] Integrated Video (rev 01)" as a video card, is there a way to get compiz-fusion working?02:14
Pelopatrickkkk, ddi yo try to enable the effects in menu > sustem > prefs > appearance ?02:15
patrickkkkPelo : yes but it says desktop effects cannot be enabled or something to that effect02:16
Pelopatrickkkk, try asking in #compiz-fusion if your card is strong enough, itmight not be,  the isntaller usualy adds compiz if the hardware can handle it02:17
leo_rockwSp3c1alK: and you don't know what could have triggered this behaviour?02:17
patrickkkkokay thanks Pelo02:17
Sp3c1alKnope, I just installed ubuntu on my hd partition, and when i select the os i want to boot too the screen goes black02:17
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: bah I'm too tired. You can edit the syslinux.cfg file however. put in front of all vmlinux  a    / , save,  try boot again02:17
PeloSp3c1alK, whatvideo card do you have ?02:18
RequinB4sp3clalk what vid card do u have02:18
MiddleOfNowheredo what?02:18
PeloSp3c1alK, boot the recovery mode and  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg , if your video card driver is listed but doesn't work use the vesa for now, and get the binairy driver later02:18
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: open the file on the stick called syslinux.cfg   and then wherever it has vmlinuz    put /vmlinuz   instead02:18
leo_rockwSp3c1alK: i don't have nvidia, so i won't be of much help here02:19
=== gregorovius_ is now known as gregorovius
geniitry boot again ,etc02:19
RequinB4Sp3c1alk - do.... ok what Pelo said02:19
RequinB4should be nvidia driver02:19
geniisave first, then try boot again, etc02:19
Sp3c1alKPelo: I've done that, buy when I choose the vesa, my monitor doesn't get any signal at all, instead of staying just black02:19
Sp3c1alKbuy = but*02:19
RequinB4can u still change your cursor02:20
RequinB4when you highlight things02:20
RequinB4or do you have no GUI at all02:20
PeloSp3c1alK, i suggest you reinstall with the alternate isntall cd,  thats should at least get you a gui , aftertaht you can get the binary02:20
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: I'll hang on a little while longer to see if that takes. If not, it must be tomorow to continue02:20
Sp3c1alKno GUI at all unless I choose recovery mode02:21
Peloso Oni-Dracula  what is the verdict ?02:21
* genii is seeing double from exhaustion02:21
RequinB4ok then sp3c1alk hold on a sec b4 u try to reinstall02:21
Sp3c1alKHow will I uninstall ubuntu if I can't see anything? Is there something on the live cd I could02:21
RequinB4i had a similar problem but it might not be the case b/c your vid card is good enough02:21
Pelogenii,  go to bed, you are useless to us if you see more problems then there realy are02:21
* Sp3c1alK test02:22
VSpikeCan someone do me a favour and tell me if the "Download RealPlayer" button at http://www.real.com/linux/ is working for them?02:22
Xenguygenii: get to bed02:22
geniiPelo: Well, after he reports if go/no-go then I absolutely must02:22
VSpikeJust if the download starts at all - no need to actually wait it out02:22
Sp3c1alKDoes my monitor need to be vga? lol02:22
PeloVSpike,  hold on02:22
* Pelo will have to go to bed soon as well 02:23
PeloVSpike,  starts for me02:23
CrazyPoultryjust a quick(hopefully simple) question, just installed the Ubuntu desktop(apt-get install) from a kubuntu install, i really just want to check out the visual effectsbut when i try to enable them from Preferances > Appearance ,i get an error stating they could not be enabled, Any help would be appreciated02:23
VSpikePelo: what browser?02:23
PeloVSpike,  ff02:23
* genii fluffs Pelo's pillow02:23
* Pelo is just waiting for Oni-Dracula to tell him it worked02:24
rapidhow can i tcpdump without ssh traffic02:24
geniiPelo: I empathise. I really do02:24
MiddleOfNowherekk im changing it02:24
^Minotaur^anyone here familiar with T61p and gutsy install?02:24
Pelogenii, it is a pitfall of this adiction we have ,  we need to know it turned out fine02:25
geniiPelo: Yes02:25
DaemonXIHi, I'm having trouble getting ATi drivers to work with Gutsy.02:25
VSpikePelo: very strange - it doens't work for me with ff, swiftfox or konqueror02:25
patrickkkkhey i installed ubuntu 2 times, both 7.04 upgrade to 7.10 and both times after i upgrade the logout screen dissapears when i upgrade and i cannot see the screen, yet it comes up and if i click where the shutdown button should be, the computer shuts down, but i cant see it so i usually end up clicking the wrong button, any ideas?02:25
* Pelo stands up : hi my nick is Pelo and I am addicted to support channels02:26
geniiLOL pelo02:26
* VSpike cheers for Pelo02:26
PeloVSpike,  maybe your local mirror is too busy atm, try again tomorrow02:26
* genii joins the 12 step program02:26
* VSpike hands Pelo a white keyring02:26
delfoshi, i would love to turn off my computers pc speaker bleep sound, using gutsy, do you know how?02:26
leo_rockwdelfos: h/o i have your solution02:26
VSpikepelo: that's what I'm thinking - dont suppose you can share the actual download url can you?02:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about beep - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:26
VSpikepelo: maybe I can wget it02:27
PeloVSpike,  it's 5 meg , you want me to dcc it to you ?02:27
DaemonXII've installed them, and the driver shows up as "ATI accelerated graphics driver" in the Restricted Drivers menu. But when I check or uncheck it, it tells me "Reconfiguring X.org video drivers is not possible: /etc/X11/xorg.conf is invalid or does not exist."02:27
delfosleo_rockw: and what is it?02:27
DaemonXIWhich is baffling, as I thought you kind of needed the X config file to run graphically.02:27
leo_rockwdelfos: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist02:27
VSpikePelo: if you're feeling very generous, that would be lovely02:27
delfosleo_rockw: then.... ;)02:27
leo_rockwdelfos: add this: blacklist pcspkr02:27
PeloVSpike,  you'll need to accept02:27
leo_rockwdelfos: there, no more pcspeaker02:27
VSpikePelo: ta muchly02:28
leo_rockwdelfos: i hate that beep too, haha02:28
leo_rockwdelfos: ctrl+o saves02:28
DaemonXIDoes anybody have any ideas about the ATI drivers? They seem like they're installed but I can't enable them.02:28
leo_rockwdelfos: ctrl + x exits02:28
delfosleo_rockw: cool i hope it goes soon!!02:28
VSpikedelfos: that can usually be disabled by unplugging the speaker from the motherboard :)02:28
leo_rockwdelfos: you may need to restart, but idk02:28
* Pelo is ashamed he's only sending at a mear 48 kB/s02:28
VSpikePelo: I think it's me that's only receiving at 48kB/s02:29
leo_rockwVSpike: yeah, that's true, but i'm on a laptop and didn't feel like opening it for the pc speaker02:29
VSpikePelo: 512kbps ADSL here02:29
MiddleOfNowheregenni: rebooting02:29
delfosi have done it! but does it auto switches it of?02:29
PeloVSpike,  could you kill everything else just for now02:29
malikoris it possible to use the Install option on the Ubuntu desktop to install the OS to an external hard drive?02:29
leo_rockwdelfos: you probably need to restart so the new blacklist takes effect02:29
PeloVSpike,  nvm I was reading the thing wrong, I though we had an hour to go02:30
RequinB4Sp3c1alk - do you have xgl running02:30
VSpikePelo: heh.  that *was* with everything else killed :)02:30
VSpikePelo: thanks!02:30
delfosallright, i think someone is already awake because of that stupid bleeeep02:30
MiddleOfNowheredidn't work02:30
PeloVSpike, enjoy02:30
Pelook , enough for me,  g'night folks, see you tomorrow ,unless I get a life02:31
MiddleOfNowheregenni: go get some rest02:31
MiddleOfNowherei might see u tomorrow02:31
orion2I just install ubuntu server edition on a computer i have if i want to run vncserver on it i have to install gnome does anyone know how to install gnome. I dont think i want to use apt-get install ubuntu-desktop I know that will install gnome though02:31
geniiMiddleOfNowhere: OK, tomorrow then, same time02:31
malikorPelo: thats unlikely02:31
geniibye all02:31
ross42you guys were absolutely no help at all, thanks02:31
leo_rockwross42: you're welcome02:31
leo_rockwbleh... he left02:31
malikoris it possible to install ubuntu on an external hard drive02:32
rippedmonkeyhi um is anyone here?02:32
delfosgonna restart, cant stand the bleep anymore... see you and thankx02:32
RequinB4rippedmonkey - no02:33
leo_rockwrippedmonkey: we're hidding02:33
^Minotaur^hiding even02:33
Xenguyrippedmonkey: just us chickens =)02:33
rippedmonkeyWELL KEEP HIDDING02:33
leo_rockwrippedmonkey: don't yell, we can read you fine02:33
RequinB4rippedmonkey do you have a question xD02:33
DaemonXIDo you *need* /etc/X11/xorg.conf to run graphical?02:33
leo_rockwDaemonXI: yes02:33
RequinB4DaemonXI yes02:34
malikorrippedmonkey: the yelling hurts my virtual ears02:34
leo_rockwmalikor: lol02:34
DaemonXIThe problem is that the restricted drivers window says I don't have it, or it's invalid02:34
rippedmonkeywell... i i have a dual core cpu and how do like make it work more efficient?02:34
DaemonXI"Reconfiguring X.org video drivers is not possible: /etc/X11/xorg.conf is invalid or does not exist."02:34
orion2Hey i am trying to install a package and my computer is asking for the install cd is there a way to install the package from the internet?02:34
earlmredwhat's a good gui based cd/dvd burner software?02:34
rippedmonkeybecause now its using the generic kernel02:34
Xenguyearlmred: k3b02:34
earlmredxcdroast seems to not be wanting to create it's config file02:34
leo_rockworion2: not only possible... that's usually what we all do02:35
RequinB4DaemonXI - what happens when u type 'sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf'02:35
orion2leo_rockw: im trying apt-get install build-essential how would i do that then?02:35
rippedmonkeyare you talking to me?02:35
leo_rockworion2: if i tell you to modify your sources.list would you understand that? if you need a step by step guide just lemme know02:36
orion2leo_rockw: i understand nano /etc/apt/sourse.list add something thter02:36
rippedmonkeyso can anyone help me?02:37
TheMolehi all, anyone have any experience with PCI IDE cards?02:37
orion2!ask | rippedmonkey02:37
uboturippedmonkey: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)02:37
bigcx2TheMole: what's your specific question02:37
leo_rockworion2: yes... there probably is an entry that is calling your cd drive02:37
leo_rockworion2: you will need to use sudo in order to modify the file02:37
robdigrippedmonkey: does dmesg show that it recognized the multiprocessor while booting up?02:37
orion2leo_rockw: is it this one? deb cdrom:[Ubuntu-Server 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016)]/ gutsy main restricted02:38
DaemonXIRequin84: When I type that, I get a blank document.02:38
DaemonXIIt's bizarre, really02:38
orion2leo_rockw: should i comment that out?02:38
TheMolebigcx2: i've installed gutsy, all went fine, rebooted and getting error 17, grub is on mbr of first disk (motherboard) ubuntu is located on first disk of PCI card.02:38
leo_rockworion2: looks like it... just comment that one with a # at the beginning of the line02:38
rippedmonkeyit doesnt02:38
rippedmonkeyi think02:38
RequinB4DaemonXI, so you're using GUI but get a black xorg.conf?02:38
leo_rockworion2: and that should do the trick, if not just lemme know02:38
rippedmonkeycan i pm robdig?02:38
orion2leo_rockw: good call it worked02:39
bigcx2TheMole: i've seen that before....have you swapped hard disks?02:39
leo_rockworion2: awesome02:39
TheMoleNope, literally rebooted from the livecd.02:39
hanasakiRemotewhat is a good web based email client I can run to get to my imap mail?02:39
TheMolehanasakiRemote: squirrel mail?02:39
RequinB4DaemonXI - that shouldn't happen, if you have graphical interface you have xorg.conf - try using the same gedit window that appeared to manually open the file02:39
hanasakiRemoteTheMole:  thanks02:39
hanasakiRemoteTheMole:  whyh do you like it over other systems02:40
TheMolebigcx2: or do you know how I can boot from a device on the PCI card as that would fix the problem. But it doesn't appear as a device in my bios.02:40
robdigrippedmonkey: preference is to keep answers in channel. if system is not recognizing your mp, then unfortunately I can't help, maybe someone else can02:40
TheMolehanasakiRemote: free, small, works :p02:40
bigcx2TheMole: what device is it and how old is your pc02:41
rippedmonkeyhold on thank you for your help i got it :) sorry02:41
DaemonXIOkay, thanks Requin84. I'll try that.02:41
rippedmonkeythanks for your help02:41
guhhhis there any way that i can recover my system? its all messed up!02:41
hanasakiRemotelol mole02:41
TheMolebigcx2: pc is about a year old, pci card is an it8212 cheapo card.02:41
TheMolebigcx2: in all the google results i've tried it says select "SCSI" as the boot device in the bios, but that doesn't appear, the only devices I get are "CDROM", "Removable" or "HDD"02:43
bigcx2there should be some other hard drive selection between scsi and ide02:43
CodenutHI gang02:44
TheMolenot that i can find.02:44
TheMolebigcx2: i can't see anything, pretty standard phoenix bios :/02:44
TheMolethere's an option that says "bootable addin cards" but that doesn't seem to do anything :/02:45
guhhhif my system is lost, what should i copy to make a backup? /usr /var /etc /home ....?02:46
leo_rockwguhhh: how "lost" is it? usually people do not reinstall in the linux world02:47
mh092186hey all02:47
bigcx2TheMole: don't know :( sorry02:48
bigcx2maybe it's pissed off because it's a raid controller but ...02:48
bigcx2i dunno02:48
orion2leo_rockw: i just install ubuntu server edition, do you know if there is anyway to install gnome on that so that i can use vncserver?02:48
guhhhleo_rockw: yeah? in theory.02:48
ToHellWithGAdpkg: syntax error: unknown group `uml-net' in statoverride file02:48
ToHellWithGAE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)02:48
Dr_willisorion2,  you can install 'vncserver' and some other desktops for a remote desktop02:48
leo_rockwguhhh: no, not in theory... this is not windows world02:49
TheMolebigcx2: no probs.02:49
ToHellWithGAi need help finding the statoverride file and removing a group from it.02:49
leo_rockwguhhh: 99.9% of the time things have a solution02:49
Dr_willisorion2,  if you are going to install gnome and other desktops.. why bother with the server install at all. :)02:49
guhhhleo_rockw: so tell me the solution... my system doesnt boot anymore... i did fsck, the system is all messed up... it boots and restarts automatically02:50
leo_rockworion2: yeah, you can install gnome, kde, fluxbox or xfce... sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop for gnome02:50
orion2dr_willis: well i dont want other desktops i just want gnome not all the other crap that comes along with the install im using this computer as a server and i thought it might be nice to have the ablity to get a active desktop if i eveer needed one02:51
leo_rockwguhhh: why do you need what to backup if you can't access the partition then?02:51
Dr_willisorion2,  you can do that without gnome.  if you just need a minimal desktop.   you dont have touse gnomes 'desktop shareing' feature.  you can use the actual vncserver service.02:52
guhhhleo_rockw: because the configurations files can still be saved, the base system is messed up02:52
buttercupsguhhh, you didn't fsck a mounted partition did you02:52
leo_rockwguhhh: usually you save your ~02:52
leo_rockwguhhh: if you did what buttercups said... then yes, you will need to reinstall02:53
guhhhbuttercups: sure i dont02:53
Wifi-PhreakCan anyone tell me, is there a way to revert back to Ubuntu 7.4 from 7.10?02:53
stdin!downgrade | Wifi-Phreak02:53
ubotuWifi-Phreak: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.02:53
leo_rockwWifi-Phreak: i would make ubotu tell you but i forgot the command. the answer is no02:53
scguy318Wifi-Phreak: if you clean-install i guess that would be it02:54
nanbudhhow do i go about installing a previous version of the driver for my SIS integrated video adapter on asus motherboard. I am having graphics corruption in my gutsy installation, while it worked fine with daper02:54
leo_rockwor we can wait for stdin to help us out, thank you stdin :-)02:54
macdWifi-Phreak, do you have /home on a seperate partition by chance?02:54
ouellettesrdoes anyone have any idea what java programs I need to run worldwind java?02:55
ouellettesrI get this error Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: libgluegen-rt: libgluegen-rt.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:56
macdWifi-Phreak, well, word to the wise, next time do that, then in case you ever need to reinstall, or an upgrade gets b0rked you can keep all of your settings, and saved files (assuming theyre in your home dir)02:56
Wifi-PhreakIs there anything anybody doesn't like about 7.10?02:56
jorgerosahello adiv02:56
adivjorgerosa ola :)02:56
adivhello :)02:56
ari_stressWifi-Phreak: well, i havent been able to print in 7.1002:56
ari_stresscups error [Job 30] Print file was not accepted (client-error-document-format-not-supported)!02:56
sdondleyI reinstalled ubuntu on a dell. Now the network card no longer shows up in network maganger. do I run a dpkg command to have ubuntu try to detect the card and install the driver for me?02:56
macdsdondley, was your dell one of the preinstalled ubuntu ones?02:57
stdinouellettesr: that file doesn't exist in any ubuntu package on gutsy02:57
macdsdondley, and what model is it if so?02:57
sdondleyI f*cked up the screen res settings and could not get a working x11 display so I reinstalled02:57
Wifi-PhreakAri_stress what kind of printer you got?02:57
macdsdondley, on the dell website dell has specific ISO's for the models they ship with ubuntu, that have all the proper drivers rolled into them already02:57
ubotuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - New Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour - Please use bittorrent to download if possible, see !torrents02:58
sdondleyinspiron 53002:58
drewzfOkay, I've installed emerald and the outside of my windows look sleek, but in an ubuntu environment what do I use to configure the interior of my windows?02:58
VJainHi, I'm trying to partition my main drive in Ubuntu... but using GParted, I see a lock next to the main HDD and I can't do anything to it. How can i fix this?02:58
ari_stressWifi-Phreak: an epson stylus c87, it was ok with 7.0402:58
macdsdondley, http://direct2dell.com/one2one/archive/2007/09/10/29517.aspx  that is a link to the remastered ISO for dells.02:58
Dr_willisVJain,  you booted your installed system? or is this from the install/live cd?02:58
sdondleymacd, I used the ubuntu disk that came with the dell machine02:59
stdinVJain: no part of the disk can be in use if you want to partition it, so no part can be mounted02:59
VJainI'm using my installed system02:59
stdinVJain: use the live cd02:59
VJainI'll do that now02:59
sdondleymacd, so I still need the iso, then?02:59
ghormanis there a topdesk effect in compiz?02:59
macdsdondley, this is a different ISO02:59
nanbudhWifi-Phreak:: yes Gutsy is its very unstable and has corrupted graphics on my athlon 64 machine, asus motherboard, sata HDD. anyone having similar probls?02:59
sdondleymacd, ok. but, damn, they should could make this shit easier02:59
macdsdondley, well, at the time you bought yours I imagine the ISO wasnt done yet03:00
DaemonXIWhat do you guys think about Mint Linux?03:00
crdlbghorman: what is that?03:00
macdsdondley, and don't forget, you can contact Dell support ;)03:00
nanbudhWifi-Phreak:: it freezes a lot and all i can do is reboot. a search on forums tell me that many ppl are having the same probs03:00
sdondleyI mean, why the doesn't dell ship a disk with the drivers? I went with dell precisely so I would have to spend 5 to 6 hours worrying about drivers and driver configs but it happened anyway03:00
Dr_willisDaemonXI,  it works.. its ok..but wth each new release of ubuntu, i see less and less need for the mint linux  stuff.03:00
ghormanit puts all you open apps in a stack and you scroll thru them03:00
sdondleymacd, well, not on t-day03:00
macdDaemonXI, thats more for #ubuntu-offtopic, this is more for ubuntu support.03:00
DaemonXIOh, okay. Sorry :)03:01
macdno worries :)03:01
ghormanhere is a link to some screenshots - http://www.otakusoftware.com/topdesk/index.html#screenshots03:01
sdondleymacd, bought the inspiron last week, so it should have had the iso dated sept 10 according to the link03:01
sjovanhey, my landlord restarted the router and some portfwd got stopped, so i need some help setting up my ssh client with VNC so that i can use firefox or something to open up the ports again on the router. can maby some one help me out?03:02
macdsdondley, no telling really, I have a d530 (which is pretty much the same) and I used that ISO to install ubuntu on it, and it worked with my wifi.03:02
sdondleymacd, you know if that iso has drivers for the nvidia card, that's what got me in the mess in the first place, trying to change the screen res and instllaing the driver03:02
Wifi-Phreakari_stress What do you like about 7.10 the most?03:02
drewzfHow do I change my icons, buttons, etc in a typical ubuntu install?03:02
rattttshey people what do you type in the terminal to completely remove an installed software?03:02
sdondleymacd, and then dell ships cds with windows drivers, wtf?03:03
guhhhleo_rockw, buttercups what can i try? fsck.reiserfs --rebuild-tree -S /dev/sda3 (per example) ?03:03
Wifi-PhreakShit... I want to downgrade!03:03
leo_rockwratttts: sudo apt-get purge app03:03
macdthe dell linux wiki says to follow the wiki for isntalling the nvidia drivers, since its a restricted driver.03:03
sjovanleo_rockw it's in fact --purge03:03
ghormandell linux support is weak03:04
leo_rockwsjovan: i tried it today with purge only and it worked03:04
sdondleymacd, ok, I'll check out that wiki03:04
sjovansomething new or?03:04
leo_rockwsjovan: i used to do remove --purge all the time03:04
adivbye :)03:04
thinsoldieranyone here do web development?03:04
macdthere ya go sdondley03:04
leo_rockwsjovan: just today i did purge (by mistake) and it worked03:04
sdondleythanks, bro03:04
sjovanmacd: the compiz faq got a realy good tut for installing nvidia drivers. just google up the compiz site03:04
CubeXombihas anyone else experienced less than mediocre 3D performance using the open source ATI drivers in Gutsy.03:05
thinsoldierwhere are the files I see when I access http://localhost03:05
macdsjovan, and the dell site does too ;)03:05
leo_rockwguhhh: idk i let fsck do its magic on its own03:05
Dr_willisCubeXombi,  im suprised you get any 3d preformance. :)03:05
ghormani had to get rid of my ATI and go nvidia for linux support03:05
guhhhleo_rockw: fsck by default didnt solve :(03:05
PDETWho knows freelotto?03:05
sjovanmacd: ah, k :)03:05
PDETWhat is freelotto?03:06
macdghorman, and now ATI releases the full hardware spec to F/OSS devs ;P03:06
sdondleymacd, you save me about 2 hours of googling and searching. Thanks!03:06
CubeXombiDr_willis in feisty it was usable 40fps in tremulous, now I'm luky to get 10,03:06
leo_rockwguhhh: i meant "i never touch fsck, the only time it runs is on boot after 30 boots"03:06
macdsdondley, no worries mate03:06
thinsoldieris there a "Find" feature in ubuntu?03:06
ghormanI now, its too bad is about $500 to late :003:06
Dr_willisCubeXombi,  disable compiz for a start perhaps? assumng its enabled.03:06
macdthinsoldier, load up a console, and type 'man find', or use desktop search.03:06
Dr_willisthinsoldier,  the 'locate' command is also very nice.03:07
thinsoldierwhere is desktop search?03:07
leo_rockwghorman: yeah, the new amd/ati drivers will be a great improvement (the actual ones are a great improvement too compared to the previous ones)03:07
macdthinsoldier, right click on your panel at the top, and hit add applet, then add it.03:07
rattttsdoes amarok have good visualizations? i mean, visualizations suck, but they are pretty interesting to look at when you are high03:07
ghormananyone know the effect to make your programs stand out when rotating your cube desktop?03:07
macdthinsoldier, its called "Search for files"03:07
macd!ohmy ratttts03:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ohmy ratttts - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:08
macd!ohmy | ratttts03:08
uboturatttts: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:08
FU_DICKi know you03:08
CubeXombiDr_willis, yup, though Imay complete remove it, I like it, but realisticallly this  is a 4 yearold laptop. I can't work majic03:08
rattttslol ok03:08
macdyes you do, its been a long time03:08
thinsoldiergeez i hope they put the search feature in an easier to find place by default next time03:08
cstrippiewow, someone is begging to be kicked.03:08
rattttsim using amarok...how do i add music that i have in a folder on my desktop?03:08
SajesAnyone feel like helping me compile firefox from source? <_< here's the error it gave me. http://pastebin.com/m6f099a7003:08
FU_DICKi don't think you remember03:08
ghormanwhat does this key stoke mean? <Shift><Super>s03:09
ghormanwhat is Super?03:09
macdFU_DICK, we could take it to #ubuntu-offtopic03:09
macdghorman, the windows key03:09
thinsoldierdoes anyone here do web development with ubuntu?03:09
macdthinsoldier, sure03:09
RequinB4ghorman - super is usaully the "windows" key on most keyboards03:09
ghormanok thanks03:09
leo_rockwthinsoldier: i recommend learning the find command. and locate is great too03:09
thinsoldiermacd: I have no idea where to put files so they show up on http://localhost03:09
leo_rockwghorman: i have a Firefox sticker on it ^_^03:10
sdondleyhey, macd, I actually followed the directions in that wiki earlier tonight, but nothing ever showed up in the "Restricted Drivers Manager"03:10
FU_DICKho3 mu3h3 3wod 333oodawood chjhuck chuck if a wood chuch ckh,md cbhcm wkkd03:10
macdthinsoldier, /var/www/apache2-default03:10
leo_rockwthinsoldier: are you using apache?03:10
=== FU_DICK is now known as echosyp
ghormandoes ubuntu support a logitec G15 keyboard?  I'm not seeing it up the keyboard options03:10
thinsoldierleo_rockw I recommend they put the find option somewhere easier to find by default instead of me having to add it to the top panel manually months after using ubuntu without it03:11
thinsoldieryes using apache03:11
macdghorman, I have one! and not really, you have to install some custom packages and decide what you want it to display03:11
leo_rockwthinsoldier: you can change whatever you want. they decided to keep it hidden you can enable it...03:11
macdghorman, I happen to have the packages rolled for the g15 already ;)03:11
leo_rockwthinsoldier: use kde next time if you don't like ubuntu03:11
ghormanmacd, does you windows key work? mine doesn't right now03:11
thinsoldiermacd: why can't I save files in /var/www/apache2-default ?03:11
macdghorman, yessir it does03:11
ScriptDevili deleted my /etc/apache2 by mistake. i tried reinstalling apache.. but it did not reinstall apache2.conf. Is there any way, i can get it back?03:12
macdthinsoldier, b/c you need to be 'sudo'03:12
thinsoldierhow do I do that03:12
ghormanmacd, what keyboard do you have selected?03:12
leo_rockwthinsoldier: you can't save files there unless you're root03:12
macdScriptDevil, sure, sudo apt-get --purge reinstall apache203:12
ghormanmacd, I have a genetic one selected right now03:12
leo_rockwthinsoldier: you can change the default folder, tho03:12
leo_rockwthinsoldier: i used ~/www03:12
macdghorman, I just have generic03:12
thinsoldierI need my text editor and regular file browsing windows to be able to open/save files in there03:12
ScriptDevilmacd: thanks a lot03:12
leo_rockwthinsoldier: lemme find the file you need to change03:12
thinsoldieri need to sudo start all of them 1 by 1?03:12
ghormanwell crap03:12
macdghorman, you need some of the g15 drivers to make it work properly, the macro keys, the lcd etc03:13
leo_rockwthinsoldier: sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/default03:13
macdghorman, you can get them http://macd.shacknet.nu/~david/debs/g15/03:13
ghormanmacd, i don;t need the macro stuff I got mu nostromo speedpad sorking03:13
leo_rockwthinsoldier: the line that says "DocumentRoot"03:13
ghormanwhich genetic one do you have selected?03:13
leo_rockwthinsoldier: change the folder to a folder in your home03:13
macdin fact, both my super keys work left and right03:13
macdghorman, one sec.03:13
macdghorman, generic 105 key US03:14
ghormanok thanks03:14
ScriptDevilerrr... macd apache2: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/apache2.conf:03:14
macdScriptDevil, one sec03:14
leo_rockwScriptDevil: i can send you mine if you want03:14
thinsoldierwhat does ^ mean?03:15
leo_rockwthinsoldier: ctrl03:15
ScriptDevilleo_rockw: thanks03:15
thinsoldierwrite out is save?03:15
ScriptDevili would need it03:15
leo_rockwthinsoldier: ctrl + o is save03:15
=== jedusor_ is now known as jedusor
leo_rockwthinsoldier: mine is in spanish, so idk what it says in english03:15
thinsoldierwrite out is save then03:16
macdScriptDevil, do this: 'sudo apt-get --purge remove apache2', then 'sudo apt-get install apache2'03:16
thinsoldierdon't I have to restart apache now?03:16
ScriptDevilmacd: thats what i did03:16
smamerI succeeded in it a week ago, but when I tried to install mediawiki today I'm at a loss now what to do03:16
retourI have latest Ubuntu 7.10 and problem passing boot option to the kernel. My BIOS is older than 2000 so I have to pass ACPI=FORCE. Worked fine under Ubuntu 6.06. Under 7.10 all the tricks adding acpi=force doesn't work. Any success here or ideas?03:16
leo_rockwScriptDevil: http://senduit.com/30bf3f03:16
macdScriptDevil, after you issue the first command, check /etc/apache2, verify it DOES NOT exist03:16
ghormanmacd, i have the 105 also but my keys are not working...03:17
CubeXombiwee little issue here, removed compiz, now, I'm in gnome but have no window manager, any suggestions?03:17
ScriptDevilmacd: wait. i will try purging apache-common03:17
smamerI installed the packages, but I can't remember how, (withotu moving mediawiki) for it to appear on my webserver03:17
macdghorman, wierd, your not by chance using one of those usb to ps3 connector things?03:17
retour! boot03:17
ubotuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto03:17
ghormannope, the usb is going straight into the PC03:17
thinsoldierwhere can I see a list of all running processes...and kill them?03:17
macdScriptDevil, also do 'sudo apt-get clean' before issuing the apt-get install again03:17
thinsoldierwith a gui?03:18
macdthinsoldier, either gnome-system-monitor, or 'top' in a console03:18
leo_rockwCubeXombi: you have metacity03:18
leo_rockwCubeXombi: try metacity --replace03:18
jansenqthinsoldier: ps -ef or ps auxww.  Look into killall03:18
thinsoldierapache isnt listed in the system monitor03:18
technelI installed kiba-dock and I don't want to have any Gnome panels. However, it requires at least one panel. Even on autohide, it's annoying--what can I do?03:19
macdthinsoldier, what are you trying to kill or restart?03:19
smamerWould anyone know how to help me with my apt/mediawiki dillemna03:19
leo_rockwthinsoldier: it is a daemon03:19
macdthinsoldier, dont kill apache like that!  use the init script 'sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop'03:19
saxartisthey all03:19
robdigretour: add them to the kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst03:19
CubeXombileo_rockw , thanks- ahh much better03:19
leo_rockwhello saxartist03:19
nephlimhey kids03:19
macdthinsoldier, its also not called apache in the proc list, its called "httpd"03:19
thinsoldiermacd: how can I make a shortcut that runs that command?03:19
leo_rockwCubeXombi: it took me a while to remember the name... i use kwin03:19
ghormanIf I change my keyboard do I need to restart X?03:19
macdthinsoldier, put it in a bash script, then make a shortcut on your desktop03:20
saxartistI accidentally created this mutant GNOME/KDE thing on my system today by installing some kxxxx packages, like kmix, so now I can't get back to pure gnome XD03:20
nephlimis there anyway to have write access to a smb share, without a password03:20
saxartistany suggestions03:20
saxartistI already purged kmix03:20
macdsaxartist, "apt-get remove kde*" might work03:20
leo_rockwsaxartist: i never understood when gnome people come with that problem. i can install gnome apps and my menues stay the same.03:20
thinsoldierhttpd isnt in there either03:20
ScriptDevilsaxartist: open up synaptic and remove those kde files you installed.. then do an apt-get autoremove to remove the deps03:20
nephlimlike, a no pswd share on /home/user/sharefolder that my mac can automount to without the pass promt?03:20
macdsaxartist, you can use regex, and * in apt to specifiy a blanket of packages03:20
macdthinsoldier, then its not running03:20
saxartisthahah I'm overwhelmed03:21
thinsoldierbut it is03:21
saxartistleo_rockw: I know, this is weird, it didn't happen before03:21
macdsaxartist, "sudo apt-get remove kde*" then "sudo apt-get autoremove", done.03:21
CubeXombiwell it looks like dumping compiz didn't seem to help my 3d performance.03:21
SeanConneryhey where can I find more information on Jeos?03:21
saxartistand my KDE env. got messed up pretty bad too03:21
saxartistthanks all, macd03:21
ScriptDevilmacd: purging and reinstalling apache2-common did the trick03:21
SeanConneryhi where can I find more information on Jeos?03:21
jansenqthinsoldier: try 'lsof -i'.  Looking for www/apache/http03:21
leo_rockwsaxartist: i never used gnome that much, so my gnome experience is close to 003:22
macdSeanConnery, http://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntu-jeos03:22
PuZocan someone here help me install a gui?03:22
macdSeanConnery, though I'll tell its just being started on for Hardy :)03:22
thinsoldierso i just make a text file and name it *.bash?03:22
leo_rockwthinsoldier: .sh03:22
guhhhim having problems with permissions in the compromised system... is there any way i can copy the files that im having permissions problems to copy?03:22
macdPuZo, which one would you like to install? and do you need it to be a desktop env or just to manage a server via gui?03:22
EvilWalksWithMeanyone know how i can get hold of instructions to install some nice Gutsy themes and icon packs?03:22
SeanConnerymacd, I saw that, but I meant documentation. What does it provide besides less packages?03:22
jansenqthinsoldier: don't forget the '#!/bin/bash' on the first line03:22
leo_rockwthinsoldier: and you need to give it executable permision03:22
macdthinsoldier, .sh, then "chmod u+x script.sh"03:22
saxartistIf I "remove kde*" it's going to uninstall my rose-garden dependencies.. :(03:22
bradvEvilWalksWithMe: gnome-look.org03:23
saxartistand kalarm03:23
EvilWalksWithMeThanks bradv03:23
saxartistand kwrite03:23
macdSeanConnery, there is no documentation for non existant things yet ;P03:23
saxartistmebbe I should use kubuntu03:23
SeanConnerymacd, but its downloadable...03:23
macdSeanConnery, head on over to #ubuntu-server for some more info03:23
saxartistthanks all03:23
ESphynxHi, anyone could please help me with scim?03:23
leo_rockwESphynx: i can help you a lil bit... i'm on kde tho, so things might be different03:24
macdSeanConnery, oh man, now I feel stupid http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/jeos/releases/gutsy/release/ , there it is03:24
=== iineg is now known as genii
ouellettesrhow do I install glibc 2.4?03:24
SeanConnerymacd, yeah :-)03:24
ESphynxleo_rockw: i'm on my own distro03:24
SeanConnerymacd, don't want to spend time to install it and play with it if it doesn't provide me any benefit!03:24
ouellettesrI can't find it in synaptic03:24
ESphynxleo_rockw what's the basics?03:24
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.03:25
ESphynxso far I added to my ~/.xinitrc03:25
macdSeanConnery, in a nutshell according to the spec for it on LP its just a bare bones base system, similar to if you just bootstrapped03:25
ESphynxexport XMODIFIERS="@im=SCIM" and scim -d03:25
ScriptDevilwhat is jeos?03:25
macdSeanConnery, I think they're aiming it at being the base OS for a virtulization system03:25
leo_rockwESphynx: i installed scim-hangul from the repos03:25
ESphynxI changed the shortcut to alt-Shift-Space03:25
thinsoldierok I changed that file to change the web root to a folder on my desktop and I restarted apache03:25
ESphynxI installed scim , anthy and scim-anthy03:26
thinsoldierbut now i get a 40403:26
PuZoI just ned a gui03:26
ouellettesrdoes anyone know anything about glibc?03:26
PuZoI believe I have ubuntu server 6.003:26
macdthinsoldier, you should look at the apache logs in /var/log/apache2/03:26
ESphynxi dont see anything when i press alt-shift-space03:26
oldmanstananybody know which script i should edit to have commands run after the whole system has booted but before anybody logs in? can i put them in /etc/rc.local?03:26
Invert314can someone please poke me? i'm doing a test on ubuntu03:26
SeanConnerymacd, thanks for your help and comments03:26
* genii returns from de-icing a coworker's car door (and drinking a coffee) after receiving a panicked phone call03:26
ESphynxleo_rockw: would you please join my channel so we could discuss this there without interference? :) ecere03:27
PuZoIf someone can help me, can they pm me?03:27
ScriptDevilouellettesr:  well... it is a package  glibc-2.6-103:27
macdPuZo, if you just need a GUI, 'sudo apt-get install gnome gdm'03:27
ScriptDevilouellettesr:  aptitude search  glibc03:27
joeb3_oldmanstan, /etc/init.d/rc.local03:27
macdand Im out for the night, have a good one everyone.03:27
PuZodo i use putty to connect?03:27
oldmanstanjoeb3_: ahh thank you much03:27
* ScriptDevil pokes Invert31403:27
Invert314ty ScriptDevil03:27
_zach_is there a channel for xen/virtual machines?03:28
NemesisDi've been getting grub error 21, which i've been told means that the selected disk could not be found, should i be editing menu.lst or map or something?03:28
ouellettesrScriptDevil: I can't find that in the repos, is that where you are seeing it?03:28
PuZowhat does this mean?03:28
PuZoE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)03:28
PuZoE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?03:28
thinsoldiermacd: thanks, had the folder on my desktop instead of my home03:28
ScriptDevilouellettesr: use aptitude search. i dont use gui clients03:28
ScriptDevilPuZo: run the command as root03:28
ScriptDevilPuZo: do a sudo command03:28
PuZoso put sudo infront?03:29
thinsoldierany idea why my dvd player never worked in ubuntu?03:29
PuZoi did03:29
PuZooh wait03:29
kg96which dvd player?03:29
geniiNo rest for the wicked I guess03:29
thinsoldieromfg! my dvd player opened. it might be working this time03:29
geniiInvert314: What is the nature of the test?03:29
thinsoldierbrb testing03:29
PuZoalso, how do i do this?03:29
PuZoYour 'root' password can be found in the home directory for dpaznekas03:29
PuZoin a file called 'su.txt' please copy the password and REMOVE the 'su.txt'03:29
PuZofile ASAP.03:29
ouellettesrScriptDevil: OK, I have never used aptitude, are the packages configured for ubuntu? I remember installing glibc from their website once and it ruind my system.03:29
Invert314genii, i was testing out xchat beep messages03:29
Invert314i wanted it my PC to beep from the mobo03:30
Invert314it worked03:30
geniiInvert314: Cool03:30
Csabaare there any dvd players that show menus on linux?03:30
thinsoldier:) dvd player works today03:30
* ouellettesr pokes Invert31403:30
ouellettesrdid it beep again?03:30
* Invert314 likes being poked03:30
PuZodo i use putty to connect?03:30
kg96thinsoldier:which dvd player do u use03:31
thinsoldieryou know of windowskey+D hides all windows in Windows03:31
thinsoldieranything like that in gnome?03:31
crdlbthinsoldier: ctrl+alt+D03:31
Invert314thinsoldier, windowskey + M does the same03:31
kg96so does windows key m03:31
mohkohnI am able to connect to the internet with an ubuntu feisty live cd but my hard drive install is not working.03:31
Gnurduxok, someone i know just did something stupid: they did the normal ubuntu installer on vista03:32
Gnurduxany way to repair the damage?03:32
=== Maximus is now known as Lapinux
mohkohnwhat settings do I need to copy over. It should be just using dhcp03:32
thinsoldierwould it be possible to set apache to use a web root that I already have on my windows drive?03:32
PuZowhat does this mean?03:32
PuZoX: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting.03:32
mohkohnon the hard drive I can sometimes get the network up with ifdown etho and ifup eth0 . I can ping yahoo. then it suddenly drops out.03:33
graelb Are there any known issues with abiword not spellchecking correctly03:34
geniiPuZo: Most times that means you shouldn't try to login as root03:35
PuZoso how else do i login?03:35
Gnurduxplease does anybody know if its recoverable?03:35
geniiPuZo: As the username you created when you installed the os03:35
Csabaanyone running firefox 3?03:35
PuZoisnt that teh root?03:35
Dr_willisCsaba,  i couldent get it to install.03:36
CsabaDr_willis.. heh same, i thought coz i was a noob i did something wrong03:36
Dr_willisCsaba,  some sort of package issue with xulSOMTHING i recall03:37
Gnurduxif the ubuntu installer broke vista, is it because it ruined the partition or because grub doesnt boot vista correctly?03:37
Dr_willisGrub can boot vista.03:37
Tarkuswhats the best way to install widget factory?03:37
EvilWalksWithMeGrub boots vista perfect :)03:37
Dr_willisNow it may be missconfigured. depending on what you means 'broke vista'03:37
GnurduxDr_willis, i mean someone from my school whos a linux n00b downloaded ubuntu and attempted to install it on a vista machine03:38
Gnurduxand vista doesnt boot03:38
Oli``Is Firefox3b1 in the repos?03:38
Dr_willisGnurdux,  if he miss-understood wht the installer was asking.. he very well could of deleted windows03:38
Dr_willis!info firefox-303:39
ubotuPackage firefox-3 does not exist in gutsy03:39
Gnurduxbecause he recovered files from the machine apparently03:39
Gnurduxfrom the windows partition03:39
Csabahow can i make a boot floppy? so i can dual boot without changing bootloader on hdd03:40
DShepherd!boot | Csaba03:40
ubotuCsaba: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto03:40
EvilWalksWithMeI find the easiest way to install Ubuntu on a Vista machine, Is use Vista to resize the partition (it's faster than the ubuntu installer) and then go from there.03:40
sjovani found a awnser to my problem. how to get opera to work remote ---> ssh -L external.ip.of.router , but i got one big problem port 8880 isnæt open03:41
sjovanhow can i finde a open port?03:41
GnurduxDr_willis, apparently all his files are there, there is 1 not 2 vista choices in Grub and it takes him to Windows Error Recovery03:41
nomasteryodaEvilWalksWithMe, what about Wubi?03:41
thinsoldieri've got 14 folders found with 'apache' in the name, which one probably contains the settings for apache that would let me use .htaccess files?03:41
DShepherd!find firefox | Dr_willis03:41
ubotudr_willis: Found: firefox-themes-ubuntu, mozilla-firefox-locale-af, mozilla-firefox-locale-ar, mozilla-firefox-locale-be, mozilla-firefox-locale-bg-bg (and 71 others)03:41
PuZocan some1 please help me install a gui?03:41
DShepherd!info firefox-3.003:42
ubotufirefox-3.0: lightweight web browser based on Mozilla (Development Version). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0~alpha8+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 1130 kB, installed size 3832 kB03:42
computer_Newbeeshould i download Sun UltraSPARC based for my imac?03:42
nomasteryodathinsoldier, /var/www/03:42
EvilWalksWithMenomasteryoda: im new to all of this, so thats just the method I used personally, which seemed to work well :)03:42
DShepherdOli``, no its no in the repos03:42
Gnurduxso whats broken03:42
Gnurduxthe boot record or the partition03:42
thinsoldiernope: thats just the default web root03:43
PuZocan some1 please help me install a gui?03:43
computer_Newbeeid like to install ubuntu. should i download Sun UltraSPARC based for my imac?03:43
thinsoldierno settings in there03:43
xirdnehhi there03:43
sdondleyhey, macd, downloaded and burned that iso, so what do I do with it? don't see any drivers on it03:43
Kalamansihello..cant think which one to install...which is nice?with lifetime support?is it ubuntu 7.10 or 6.10 (server edition)?03:43
xirdnehdoes the ubuntu cd comes with a live cd?03:43
DShepherd!powerpc | computer_Newbee03:43
ubotucomputer_Newbee: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ03:43
naelrssinssriggood evening all and happy thanksgiving to USA irc'ers03:44
DShepherdxirdneh, the desktop cd is the live cd03:44
thinsoldierok found it03:44
EvilWalksWithMexirdneh: Yes... It is the live CD.03:44
EvilWalksWithMeoops, too slow :P03:44
thinsoldieris there any documentation on what the F /etc/ means and all the other top level folders03:44
thinsoldieri'd be less lost if I had a clue what these words stood for03:44
geniiThere is in fact03:45
Csabaanyone running ubuntu on PS3?03:45
ediktuswww.reallylinux.com/docs/consult.shtml "Users of UBUNTU, this page for you!!!03:45
DShepherdthinsoldier, http://www.freeos.com/articles/3102/ -- maybe this will help. google knows alot about the linux fileystem03:45
thinsoldierwhen dragging and dropping, what key makes it a shortcut?03:45
Kalamansihello..cant think which one to install...which is nice?with lifetime support?is it ubuntu 7.10 or 6.10 (server edition)?03:46
tntCrycan any1 help me?03:46
zacharythinsoldier hold down "alt" while dragging03:47
Gnurduxcould it be a grub problem?03:47
Kalamansihello..cant think which one to install...which is nice?with lifetime support?is it ubuntu 7.10 or 6.10 (server edition)?03:47
tntCryin prefrences resoloution my refresh rate is 50 , does this mean my laptop is running 50 Refresh RATE???03:47
geniithinsoldier: http://www.linfo.org/root_directory.html03:47
=== usser is now known as stdio
julio3patasi have a new hd i want to add to my computer and i want ubuntu to recognize it as a drive ,    do i use qtparted to create an ext3 partition? and how do  i mount it automatically so when i boot is there thx03:47
=== stdio is now known as usser
ediktuswww.reallylinux.com/docs/consult.shtml "Users of UBUNTU, this page for you!!!03:47
Kalamansihello..cant think which one to install...which is nice?with lifetime support?is it ubuntu 7.10 or 6.10 (server edition)?03:48
Pyrobytehello all whenever i try to open amarok i get this error "Could not start process Unable to create io-slave: Permission denied." it opens and works, but there is no system tray icon. any ideas03:48
DShepherdKalamansi, install 6.06 has longterm support. not 6.10. install 7.1003:48
Kalamansithanks DShepherd03:48
DShepherdPyrobyte, no ideas. you can ask in #kubuntu though, they know alot about amarok03:48
DShepherdKalamansi, yw03:49
PyrobyteDShepherd: thanks03:49
ediktuswww.reallylinux.com/docs/consult.shtml "Users of UBUNTU, this page for you!!! Im out.... Good day!03:49
geniiI  think ediktus is a bot03:49
KalamansiDShepherd: im a bit confused.which is for server?ubuntu,edubuntu or kubuntu?03:49
DShepherdi think so too03:49
DShepherdthere's only one server Kalamansi . no need to be confused03:50
julio3patasi have a new hd i want to add to my computer and i want ubuntu to recognize it as a drive ,    do i use qtparted to create an ext3 partition? and how do  i mount it automatically so when i boot is there thx03:50
UlmadilloHello. Can anybody help me with NetworkManager?03:50
DShepherdjulio3patas, you can use qparted. ubuntu should automattically mount it03:50
Tarkuswhats the best way to install widget factory?03:50
elec999anyone know any easy to get the latest kernel03:51
DerangedDingojulio3patas: use a partition editor like Qtparted, mkfs, or Gparted, and set a mount point in /mount03:51
thinsoldieris there a way to sudo open stuff without having to go to the command line03:51
elec999using apt-get03:51
usserjulio3patas: put an entry to /etc/fstab03:51
usserjulio3patas: something like that03:51
UlmadilloI'm confused. I'm trying to get Ubuntu to connect to wifi and can't. I can get past partitioning issues. I'm looking for NetworkManager in my system and can't seem to get it to open properly.03:51
julio3patasDShepherd: so just create a 500gb , and set mount point to whatever03:51
usserjulio3patas: /dev/sda1 /vmachines      ext3    defaults        0       203:51
=== Ulmadillo is now known as ulma3
KalamansiDShepherd: and its ubuntu right?03:52
usserjulio3patas: just adjust it according to your setup03:52
DerangedDingojulio3patas: i meant /media not /mount :P03:52
DShepherdjulio3patas, if you partition it, ubuntu should automattically mount it03:52
DShepherdjulio3patas, no sweat03:52
DShepherdKalamansi, yeah, its ubuntu.03:52
julio3patasit is a 500gb hard drive i want to make a single ext3 partition to put all my vmware machines from within ubuntu03:52
DShepherdjulio3patas, ok03:53
thinsoldieris there a way to sudo open stuff without having to go to the command line03:53
grimeboythinsoldier, gksudo03:53
julio3patasok will try qtparted and see haha03:53
elec999is there any easy way install newest kernel, using apt-get?03:53
=== stoned is now known as Nyle
ussergrimeboy: yea but that requires going to command line doesnt it :)03:53
* ulma3 requests easy help.03:53
DShepherdthinsoldier, yeah.. alt + f2 and type gksudo program03:53
thinsoldiergksudo? a little more info?03:53
KalamansiDShepherd: thank you..may i know whos the financer/owner/ceo/president of ubuntu,edubuntu and kubuntu?03:53
ubotuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:53
grimeboythinsoldier, Syntax: gksudo <program>03:54
DerangedDingothinsoldier: 'gksu [NAME OF PROGRAM]03:54
Jack_Sparrowelec999: dont bother with a new kernel unless it is for a specific fix03:54
DShepherd!mark | Kalamansi03:54
elec999I am having problems with my HP laptop03:54
ubotuKalamansi: Mark "sabdfl" Shuttleworth is our favourite cosmonaut, the founder of Canonical and the primary driver behind Ubuntu. You can find pieces of his thinking at http://www.markshuttleworth.com03:54
thinsoldierhmm.... i'm so tempted to just try loggin in as root all the time03:54
elec999and current kernel03:54
elec999giving me pci bios bug03:54
=== rattts is now known as rattits
Jack_Sparrowgksudo nautilus... but I prefer gksudo thunar   a lighter file manager03:54
elec999at boot03:54
gorbhas anyone won the battle of a comcast modem and dhcp?03:54
* ulma3 wants to get online under Ubuntu using wifi but cannot seem to navigate the configuration stuff.03:54
grimeboythinsoldier, Don't03:54
leo_rockwthinsoldier: that's the worst idea you could have03:54
* ulma3 hopes it to be simple but needs basic starting guidance. Please.03:55
thinsoldierbut this is more annoying than vista (and i fukin hate vista)03:55
Jack_Sparrowthinsoldier: really really a bad idea03:55
buttercupsthinsoldier, nautilus-gksu in Synaptic, privilege granting extension for nautilus using gksu03:55
PuZohow do i open a file?03:55
DerangedDingothinsoldier: it makes your whole system vulnerable to, even a mean bash script03:55
KalamansiDShepherd: thank you.you seem very updated.are you the developer of this distrobutions?03:55
Jack_Sparrowthinsoldier: If you are needing root access that much, you are doing something wrong03:55
thinsoldieris there nothing that adds 'run as root' or 'open as root' to the context menu?03:55
rattitshow do i find out wat my defualt gateway is with ubuntu?03:55
DShepherdKalamansi, yes =)03:55
grimeboythinsoldier, Yeah, what buttercups said03:55
PuZowhats the command to open a file?03:55
zacharythinsoldier  bad idea :)  Root is dangerous.  you can create shortcuts to gksudo programs in the menu editor so you don't need to type anything.03:56
DShepherdKalamansi, nah, I am joking.. no, I just chill out here from time to time03:56
cafuegorattits: route -n03:56
usserrattits: route03:56
thinsoldierJack_Sparrow: i'm trying to edit apache2.conf so I can finally at least attempt to work from home with ubuntu03:56
thinsoldieri've been configuring shit for weeks now :(03:56
KalamansiDShepherd: i see.its my first time to use ubuntu.just this november 2007.im a windows guy before03:56
thinsoldier...trying to find out how to configure 90% of the time, 10% actual configuring03:56
thinsoldieris there nothing that adds 'run as root' or 'open as root' to the context menu?03:57
elec999i like ubunut03:57
DShepherdKalamansi, ok03:57
zacharythinsoldier yes there is a gnome script that adds "run as root" from the right click menu03:57
cafuegothinsoldier: In such cases I run 'sudo -i' in aterminal, gives you a permanent root shell.03:57
KalamansiDShepherd: i found out that we can less expenses if we setup an Internet Cafe in our town using ubuntu.03:57
buttercupsthinsoldier, yes I told you03:57
grimeboythinsoldier, """nautilus-gksu in Synaptic, privilege granting extension for nautilus using gksu"""03:57
grimeboythinsoldier, As buttercups said03:57
Jack_Sparrowthinsoldier: not a good idea....   but some people insist on learning the hard way03:57
KalamansiDShepherd: than buying expensive license of windows03:58
elec999my ubuntu on laptop keeps on freezing, or lagging for a few seconds03:58
elec999thats why i want to try newer kernel03:58
grimeboyJack_Sparrow, What's wrong with having those on the context menu?03:58
Jack_Sparrowgrimeboy: He is going to keep running as root until he runs it into the ground03:59
* genii sips coffee and settles in for the old sudo vs root debate etc etc03:59
Jack_Sparrowgenii: Pour me a cup.. this is always fun03:59
leo_rockwgenii: better than vi vs emacs or kde vs gnome03:59
ratttshi all. what is the port that youtube uses? i want to block it04:00
* genii slides Jack_Sparrow a large cup o coffee04:00
KalamansiDShepherd: How do you guys make money for your needs?why is it free?developer needs food,dress and daily needs...04:00
PuZowhat does this mean?04:00
grimeboyJack_Sparrow, Well, maybe but you don't know what he's doing. He may well have a legitimate reason. I use sudo all the time, but he doesn't seem to want to use the command line so it seems equivalent.04:00
PuZoFatal server error:04:00
PuZoServer is already active for display 004:00
PuZo        If this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock04:00
PuZo        and start again.04:00
PuZoXlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server04:00
PuZoXlib: Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key04:00
PuZogiving up.04:00
PuZoxinit:  unable to connect to X server04:00
PuZoxinit:  No such process (errno 3):  Server error.04:00
* genii slides leo_rockw a large cup o coffee as well04:00
Jack_SparrowPuZo: stop04:00
DShepherdPuZo, dont paste here ok04:00
ArthurArchnixthinsoldier, check out what is going on in the suoders file. There's stuff there that could make your life easier.04:00
leo_rockwgenii: thank you :-D04:00
KalamansiDShepherd: hehe sorry too much !04:00
ratttscan someone tell me what port youtube uses. i need t block it04:00
leo_rockwKalamansi: canonical pays some developers04:00
geniileo_rockw: np :)04:00
KalamansiDShepherd: i mean too ! hehe04:00
usserrattts: 8004:01
Kalamansileo_rockw: i see04:01
ratttsany of u use kismet?04:01
usserrattts: and if u block it u'll block all http requests04:01
DShepherdKalamansi, its free because its not owned by anyone, or owned by everyone04:01
Kalamansileo_rockw: why is it ubuntu free and windows is not free?04:01
ratttslol ok nvm then04:01
leo_rockwKalamansi: most stuff comes from upstream (debian)04:01
leo_rockwKalamansi: debian developers are volunteers04:01
Jack_SparrowKalamansi: because we dont get paid04:01
DShepherdKalamansi, ask bill about microsoft04:01
Kalamansileo_rockw: i see...04:01
usserrattts: just uninstall flash and youtube wont work04:02
Jack_SparrowKalamansi: and we are better at this than MS is at Vista04:02
jansenqrattts: and 44304:02
usserrattts: or make flash plugin file root readable only04:02
grimeboyrattts, Easier way, add *.youtube.com to /etc/hosts04:02
basskozzPlease someone help me with VNC ?04:02
KalamansiJack_Sparrow: how about if you get sick who will pay you?you need money because you guys give your time developing...04:02
leo_rockwKalamansi: there are companies that make money with free software, tho04:02
ratttsim managing a wireless router, and the damn kids keep watchin youtube. they are slowing me down.. they're on windows, im on linux04:02
ussergrimeboy: haha wow neat trick04:02
PuZocan some1 please help me then?04:02
ussergrimeboy: :)04:02
leo_rockwKalamansi: some people get paid to code free software, other people do it because they like it and they have regular jobs too04:03
KalamansiDShepherd: MS is expensive because bill has lots of hotchix i guess04:03
Jack_SparrowKalamansi: I give as much time as I can to the project...04:03
DShepherdKalamansi, people develop when then can, if they can. no one is forced too04:03
leo_rockwKalamansi: i'm a translator, i get paid to translate, but then i go to launchpad and translate for free04:03
Jack_SparrowKalamansi: I also make money supporting MS products04:03
DShepherdKalamansi, however they are some developers that are paid to develop ubuntu04:03
zacharyKalamansi, Red Hat makes money selling support with Linux for corporations.04:03
elec999how does ubuntu make its profit?04:03
hatterwhich file shows the ubuntu version i am on ?04:04
usserelec999: i dont think it does yet04:04
DShepherdelec999, its not designed to make profit04:04
usserelec999: its all financed by Shuttleworth04:04
elec999then how can it afford to pay its developers?04:04
elec999I see04:04
leo_rockwelec999: ubuntu gets money from commercial support04:04
ubotuMark "sabdfl" Shuttleworth is our favourite cosmonaut, the founder of Canonical and the primary driver behind Ubuntu. You can find pieces of his thinking at http://www.markshuttleworth.com04:04
geniihatter: the command is: lsb_release -a04:04
elec999I am complety new to ubuntu and linux04:04
leo_rockwelec999: they get enough money to pay developers and for shipit i guess04:04
grimeboyrattts That's harder. I know a lot of router have lists of domains ban. If you wanted to be a crazy and it's a linksys you might be able to install a specialised linux distro on it.04:04
elec999but making my way04:04
hattergenii, thx04:04
geniihatter: np04:05
zacharyhatter, system>administration>System Monitor, and the first tab shows you your version info04:05
ratttsi have another idea04:05
grimeboyleo_rockw, No, it's in loss.04:05
ratttscan someone tell me some kind of free remote desktop program fro linux so i can secretly control their computer?04:05
hatteri have a problem on two of my 7.10 boxes,  after a short period of time there is a great network lag for a minute or so then it goes away.04:05
grimeboyleo_rockw, Or so I heard.04:05
* genii prefers to distribute dist-agnostic methods04:06
hatterthey are different h/w to each other04:06
ArthurArchnix!o4o | rattts04:06
uboturattts: Some things are inappropriate for #ubuntu. Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars: war, race, religion, politics (unless related to software licencing), gender, sexuality, drugs, questionable legal activities, removing of oneself from the planet (except by space or time travel) are not for here, perhaps #off-topic or ##politics. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy) - Thanks.04:06
hatterrattts, vnc04:06
Jack_Sparrowrattts: rdesktop.. it is included04:06
leo_rockwgrimeboy: probably yeah. but then again, mark has looots of money04:06
ratttsok thanx04:06
Jack_Sparrowrattts: they need to give you permission to access them..04:06
Jack_SparrowPeople.. need to run.. play nice04:06
julio3patasok i installed a new hd on my computer , i went into qtparted and created one single ext3 partition with mount point /extras, but i can not see it at all how do i see the parition i created and use it from within ubuntu, thx04:06
grimeboyTrue dat. I'm sure it'll break in to profit at some point soonish.04:06
ratttsi can access their comp. im admin04:07
ratttsbut i dont want to seem evil so i want to discreetly do it?04:07
ratttsso maybe remote desktop is the best way lol04:07
elec999what are some usefull apps04:07
elec999to get for ubunut beginer04:07
grimeboyrattts, I want to tell you just how wrong that is.04:07
leo_rockwelec999: what do you want to do?04:07
grimeboyBut I can't because I know it'll degenerate.04:08
DShepherdjulio3patas, type the mount command and see if you see it mounted04:08
ratttscontrol the kids comps04:08
tntCrymy refresh rate is 60 when i enable 3d accelerator it gets down to 50!!! HELPP MEE04:08
grimeboyWhy not learn to talk to your children?04:08
ratttsthey are always eating up my bandwidth04:08
hatterare there any others #ubuntu channels ?04:08
Altu59I have a Thinkpad and it doesn't have the Windows key04:08
usserelec999: amarok04:08
DShepherdelec999, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ -- read this04:08
Altu59how can I map Capslock to Windows key?04:08
julio3patasDShepherd: mount command???04:08
DerangedDingojulio3patas: why /extra's?? well, that, doesn't matter I think. "mount /extra's/filesystem'04:08
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Gnome under Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For Edgy, see !fstab and !DiskMounter04:08
leo_rockwhatter: many04:08
zacharyAltu59, I have a Thinkpad with a Windows Key :)04:09
hatterthis channel spends a lot of time off topic, are there moderators here ?04:09
DShepherdjulio3patas, open a terminal and type mount04:09
ArthurArchnixhatter: #ubuntu-offtopic04:09
Altu59zachary: Lenovo?04:09
DShepherdhatter, yeah moderators are here04:09
DerangedDingohatter: there isn't much offtopic talk, and there are several moderators here04:09
buttercups!irc | hatter04:09
ubotuhatter: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines04:09
chilli_hello all04:09
ghormananyone here using a G15 logitech keybaord?04:09
zacharyAltu59, Yep Thinkpad Z60t04:09
chilli_no sorrie04:09
ghormanI'm not getting an event in xev with my superkeys04:09
zacharyAltu59, Excellent Machine04:09
hatterDerangedDingo, ok, i must enter at the wrong times :)04:09
zouzouhi all,04:10
Altu59zachary: yeah, thinkpads are rock strong04:10
chilli_hey does any one were to start learning C04:10
zouzoui am trying to get my tvcard to run on linux,04:10
zouzoui have Bus 006 Device 002: ID 2304:0208 Pinnacle Systems, Inc. [hex] Pinnacle Studio PCTV USB204:10
julio3patasDShepherd: nope extras is not there , does it matter what i named it , i used qtparted to create the ext3 partition one single 500gb04:10
hatteris freenode the official server ?04:10
shishirmkhi is there anyway to recover things in /tmp folder when i shutdown and restart??04:10
zouzouand i installed USBvision but nothing happens when i start tvtime!04:10
thinsoldier:( i give up04:10
ESphynxchilli_ you can start in my channel :P04:10
chilli_whats the cannel04:11
zacharyAltu59, Have you looked in Gnome's Keyboard settings to see if you can map your key combo?04:11
ESphynxwhois me :P04:11
DShepherdjulio3patas, is it on your desktop? of in your places menu?04:11
shishirmkhi is there anyway to recover things in /tmp folder when i shutdown and restart??04:11
DerangedDingojulio3patas: it doesn't matter that it's 1 single 500 GB partition.04:11
DShepherdshishirmk, i doubt it04:11
zacharyAltu59, What is your model #?04:11
* tntCry wants 60 refresh rate when the system limits to 5004:11
Altu59zachary: no, it's a UK R5104:12
Altu59UK = United Kingdom04:12
shishirmknobody has any clue??04:12
shishirmkhi is there anyway to recover things in /tmp folder when i shutdown and restart??04:12
tntCrythis channel is dead04:12
julio3patasDerangedDingo: it is not on mydesktop or anywhere else, qtparted sees it that is it04:12
tntCryevery1 out partying04:12
leo_rockw!repeat shishirmk04:12
sproingieshishirmk: if they're not there they're pretty well gone04:12
DShepherdshishirmk, i think its called tmp for a reason..04:13
leo_rockw!repeat | shishirmk04:13
ubotushishirmk: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:13
sproingieshishirmk: i think ubuntu uses tmpfs, which means it's basically swap04:13
shishirmkya i know04:13
zacharyAltu59, I have an R50e U.S. Model too.  Wish I had your euro key.  Worth more than my $04:13
KalamansiDShepherd: leo_rockw: Jack_Sparrow: zachary: ah so you guys earn BIG money then.but you guys will do developing the products for the rest of your life?i mean do you guys have your own family?do you guys spent time with your family?i heard alot of issues especially developers..many times they dont eat..they code..04:13
tntCryfor sure somebody knows something about refresh rate !04:13
shishirmkso i wont get my file back??04:13
chilli_hey does any one were to start learning C04:13
chilli_hey does any one were to start learning C04:13
tarelerulzdo windows vista use ntfs ?04:13
leo_rockwKalamansi: i'm not a developer, i'm a translator04:13
basskozzI am willing to pay someone $10 (via paypal) if they can help me get VNC working in Xubuntu, See: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3821473 for more info and /msg me your e-mail address and I'll send the cash ... PLEASE I am dieing here, I've been trying to get this working for 3 days now :(04:13
cafuegotarelerulz: yes04:13
DerangedDingochilli_: what?04:14
chilli_hey does any one were to start learning C04:14
Altu59zachary: lol!04:14
DShepherdKalamansi, are you for real?04:14
Kalamansileo_rockw: yes i know.04:14
leo_rockwKalamansi: i make no money with free software04:14
DerangedDingochilli_: you aren't making much sense. I know C if that's what you're asking04:14
zacharyKalamansi, I am just a user, not a devel.  It's a hobby for some, a paid career for others.04:14
nephlimhow do i make a folder that a guest can read/write to, and access w/samba without passwords?04:14
leo_rockwi'm here to help people in need because free software was there when i needed it04:14
chilli_i want to start learning it04:14
cafuegoBut feel free to pay us if you so desire ;-)04:14
tntCrymy laptop screen only acceptsd least refresh rate of 60 and maximum of 60  but UBUNTU system says im on 50 , is it just a saying or an engaged authority of linux distro , if so .... i have a book to write about this04:14
tarelerulzThanks for the information cafuego ? that was really big question for me.  See how all my media is on my windows partition at list it will be when I install Ubuntu04:14
sproingiebtw, anyone know how to turn off spellcheck in xchat?04:15
Jack_SparrowKalamansi: yes, I have no financial wories, yes I have family, I work a project, when done take as long a break as I want.  My office looks out over a private lake and working environment is very nice04:15
leo_rockwyeah, Kalamansi, if you want to pay me go ahead, haha04:15
DerangedDingochilli_: K&R's The C Programming Language and C-For-Dummies 2nd Edition are good books.04:15
cafuegotarelerulz: Linux cna read ntfs just fine, I believe Ubuntu 7.10 can even write to it now.04:15
DShepherdJack_Sparrow, i thought you were gone =)04:15
chilli_any good websites04:15
sproingieoh duh, right there in the prefs04:15
leo_rockwKalamansi: i enter #ubuntu every once in a while, it's not like i'm here every day04:15
chilli_or channels04:15
ghormanmacd, are you there?04:15
KalamansiDShepherd: just asking..i have a lot of friends who are developers too.same thing..late eat..sometimes they forgot to eat and bath..sometimes of their wife have other man...04:15
zacharytarelerulz, Yes 7.10 reads and writes NTFS fine.04:15
basskozzPLEASE is there anyone out there who can help me?04:15
leo_rockwKalamansi: they forget to bath... i think you mean stallman04:15
Jack_SparrowDShepherd: I am NOT here.. honest..04:16
pianoboy3333how do you apply a .diff.gz to a tar.gz source archive?04:16
DShepherdKalamansi, life is exciting isnt it :-)04:16
tntCrymy laptop screen only acceptsd least refresh rate of 60 and maximum of 60  but UBUNTU system says im on 50 , is it just a saying or an engaged authority of linux distro , if so .... i have a book to write about this04:16
leo_rockwwell, g'nite everyone04:16
sproingiebasskozz: just ask your question, we can't help if we don't know your question04:16
DShepherdJack_Sparrow, ah, just checking04:16
soblivion_70basskozz: what's up?04:16
* genii sniffs his armpits and calls his gf04:16
cafuegopianoboy3333: unpack && patch04:16
DerangedDingochilli_: uhh. I think there is a #programming on freenode. It is very, very important you try to not learn from a website. you will do 50 times better from a book04:16
basskozzI am willing to pay someone $10 (via paypal) if they can help me get VNC working in Xubuntu, See: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3821473 for more info and /msg me your e-mail address and I'll send the cash ... PLEASE I am dieing here, I've been trying to get this working for 3 days now :(04:16
KalamansiDShepherd: yeah. life in real life is better than in Internet04:16
superbennyis anyone here familiar with fluxbox?04:16
tntCrybasskozz, lol dont say im dieing , this is just a computer04:16
pianoboy3333cafuego: a little more specific, how exactly? just untar it and then use patch? I'm not sure how to use patch04:17
zouzoui am trying to get my tvcard to run on linux,04:17
zouzouand i installed USBvision but nothing happens when i start tvtime!04:17
dev_chilli : http://computer.howstuffworks.com/c.htm was very informative for me04:17
zouzoui have Bus 006 Device 002: ID 2304:0208 Pinnacle Systems, Inc. [hex] Pinnacle Studio PCTV USB204:17
Jack_SparrowKalamansi: Yes, I have spent days at the terminal with the wife feeding me.  Three days was the longest session04:17
DShepherdKalamansi, anyways this is a support channel. #ubuntu-offtopic is right for your type of chatter04:17
tntCryi have a problem with refresh rate since a month , and every morning i talk here about many things but i always get back to my issue04:17
tarelerulzhow about gurb for dual booting ubuntu and vista ? No problem there or do I need to manual configure the file ?04:17
elec999thanks guys04:17
elec999im out04:17
MidnighTokerbasskozz: does the webpage access connect? think thats port 580004:17
basskozztntCry: I am thou... this has been plauging me for 3 days now04:17
ubotuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:17
DShepherdtarelerulz, it works fine for me04:17
chilli_whats wrong with websites04:17
tntCryits plague , and why use xubuntu basskozz ?04:17
cafuegopianoboy3333: Untar, the diff.gz may or may not be a set of files that would go into debian/patches/ in the unpacked source dir.04:17
Kalamansileo_rockw: i cant pay you.im just a worker too...with minimum salary..enough for my kids...milk,food,dress and for their future school and shelter...sometimes i work over time...04:17
FezzlerInkscape rock!04:17
tntCryi have a problem with refresh rate since a month , and every morning i talk here about many things but i always get back to my issue04:17
DShepherdtarelerulz, install it and it just worked04:17
tntCrymy laptop screen only acceptsd least refresh rate of 60 and maximum of 60  but UBUNTU system says im on 50 , is it just a saying or an engaged authority of linux distro , if so .... i have a book to write about this04:17
superbennyanyone familiar with fluxbox?04:18
DShepherdFezzler, ditto04:18
superbennyat all?04:18
basskozztntCry: using Xubuntu because it's an older machine p3 800mhz04:18
pianoboy3333cafuego: and then just use soemthing like debuild?04:18
KalamansiDShepherd: hehe sorry..04:18
basskozztntCry: and was told xubuntu is better/faster on older machines04:18
cafuegopianoboy3333: To check, cd <sourcedir>; zcat ../patch.diff.gz | patch -p1 --dry-run04:18
soblivion_70superbenny: i used flux for quite a while04:18
DShepherdKalamansi, no problem04:18
tntCryim on an old laptop 32mb card , 256 ram , p4 1.7ghz basskozz04:18
cafuegopianoboy3333: if it doesn't report errors remove the --dry-run param04:18
[Neurotic]does anyone have any good guides for upgrading the iwlwifi drivers from source?  I'm a bit stuck, and I cant get through one point of the on site walkthrough04:19
basskozzMidnighToker; localhost:5800 shows nothing04:19
tntCrymy laptop screen only acceptsd least refresh rate of 60 and maximum of 60  but UBUNTU system says im on 50 , is it just a saying or an engaged authority of linux distro , if so .... i have a book to write about this04:19
DerangedDingochilli_: Websites don't contain the amount of information and depth that books do. You can't fit all of the words on a website that you can inside two book covers... ALTHOUGH, WikiBooks has a good book on C, it's just very hard to understand. If you want to know the language well, START from a book, and then use online resources to understand harder things04:19
MidnighTokertntCry: please stop re-posting that every 2 min04:19
tntCryhow the hell can you fix REFRESH RATE!???? its stupid or what04:19
MidnighTokerbasskozz: how did you install vnc on xubuntu?04:19
MidnighTokertntCry: its quite a clever OS. have you tried googling or looking at the config files?04:20
chilli_ty vm04:20
ussertntCry: lcd screens dont have refresh rates in the pure sense of the word04:20
basskozzMidnighToker: using this guide: http://grumpymole.blogspot.com/2006/12/xubuntu-remote-desktop-with-vnc4server.html04:20
sproingieis there any way to make the shift-switcher in compiz work with alt-tab?04:20
tntCrythen whyt he hell it says 50?04:20
shishirmkwhich application has a good download manager??04:20
DerangedDingochilli_: np. i tried from websites when i started, but now that i know the language i can just google stuff i don't understand04:20
DShepherdtntCry, cause its kool04:20
sproingiei can't seem to bind it to alt-tab at all, it just doesn't detect it04:20
MidnighTokertntCry: watch your language, and where does it say 50?04:20
MidnighTokershishirmk: wget :)04:20
ussertntCry: so whatever the refresh is its probably the native one unless u see any artifacts, problems with graphics04:20
chilli_ok sweet04:20
tntCrywhy the hell it says 50 and sometimes my screen gets dark and many windows are dark colord all black you cant see them someitmes DShepherd MidnighToker and usser04:20
DerangedDingochilli_: keyword: 'tried'04:20
FezzlertntCrybaby: relax04:21
graelintntCry: I read somewhere online the other night about that being a display bug or something.. there was an option line to add to your display device section. Something about TwinView.... can't remember. I did it and didn't get any bad effects, but have since screwed up my conf trying to get my damn mouse to play nice04:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 911 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:21
sproingiefailing that, is there any way to make shift-alt-tab work with the normal task switcher in compiz?04:21
ubotuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX04:21
mylogicafter modifying my .bashrc file, is there something I need to type to update the changes? maybe updating environment variables somehow?04:21
DShepherdsproingie, it works here. have you install ccsm?04:21
sproingieDShepherd: yep, i'm using it now04:22
shishirmka good download manager in ubuntu with support to restart downloads and stuff?04:22
StoneNotefreenx rocks.04:22
tntCrythis is my 7th format , believe me before i formatted i had 60 refresh rate on eyecandy showing me the message 60 Refresh Rate , and i can access nvidia-settings in terminal ,... the problem is now i dunno why i have this problem that i had 4 months ago usser graelin MidnighToker DShepherd04:22
DerangedDingomylogic: open a new terminal window?04:22
DerangedDingomylogic: changes take effect every time you login or start a shell04:22
Altu59how can I change the shortcut key for deskbar?04:22
basskozzMidnighToker: can you help?04:22
DShepherdsproingie, it should be there somewhere. check out the switcher plugin04:22
DerangedDingoAltu59: System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts04:22
sproingiei click the keybinding in the "key" column, it says "new accellerator", but it never registers me pressing shift-alt-tab04:22
MidnighTokerbasskozz: looks self explanitary, check /var/log/xorg.0.log to see if it loads the vnc module properly04:23
hatteris anyone aware of any smp problems with the kernel in 7.10 ?04:23
sproingieDShepherd: i'm in the switcher plugin right now, it just doesn't recognize the shift-alt-tab keypress at all04:23
julio3patasok i installed a new hd to my existing ubuntu sys and i created an ext3 /extras using qtparted ,i can see it when i click on konqueror/storage media but when i try to access it it gives me this error hal-storage-fixed-mount refused uid 100004:23
tntCrybtw my lcd didnt work before , i had to type manually in my xorg file by doing the nano command at Ctrl Alt F4 , .. and have Options UseDisplayDevice dfp then ctrl alt f7 then ctrl alt backspace ...04:23
shishirmkhey please give the name of a good download manager in ubuntu04:23
basskozzMidnighToker: /var/log/xorg.0.log is empty04:23
DShepherdsproingie, oh, hmmm... not sure why that is though04:23
shishirmki use freeloader it sucks04:23
trwwwI saw an app about a month ago that, among other things, starts apps for you on different workspaces. But I forget the name of it :/ Anyone care to jog my memory?04:24
sproingieDShepherd: anywhere i can go to manually edit the keybindings?04:24
superbennywhere are the default init/menu files located in fluxbox? i have one in /home/(myname)/.fluxbox and one in /etc/X11/fluxbox04:24
DerangedDingojulio3patas: try mounting it with sudo04:24
DShepherdsproingie, I am sure there is. I dont know where to look though04:24
tntCryim not blaming ubuntu im blameing this laptop lo04:24
DerangedDingojulio3patas: sudo mount /extras/<NAME OF FILESYSTEM>04:24
tntCryim pissed now04:25
tntCryim leaving !04:25
DShepherdpoor guy04:25
Altu59DerangedDingo: there's no item for deskbar there :-?04:25
RequinB4anyone willing to think outside of the box to help me get sound back on my Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)04:25
DerangedDingoAltu59: i could've sworn there was.04:25
sproingieDShepherd: just found it in gconf.  hopefully it'll work04:25
stunatrashishirmk, I use Gwget, it's in the repos.04:25
DerangedDingoAltu59: is there  apreferences box in deskbar?04:25
Ashfire908can i boot ubuntu from a hard drive without having grub on a floppy or on the hard drive?04:25
DShepherdsproingie, ok. good luck04:25
superbennywhere are the default init/menu files located in fluxbox? i have one in /home/(myname)/.fluxbox and one in /etc/X11/fluxbox04:25
basskozzMidnighToker: /var/log/xorg.0.log is empty04:25
Altu59DerangedDingo: no04:26
julio3patasok now all i want to do is add a new hd to my existing ubuntu sys, how hard could it be????   apparently, very hard gee weez04:26
sproingieDShepherd: ok this sucks, it does show up in gconf, but as unassigned in ccsm04:26
hatterjulio3patas, did you mount it ?04:26
DerangedDingoAltu59: try gconf-editor04:26
DerangedDingoAltu59: h/o i'm adding deskbar to my panel04:26
DShepherdsproingie, have you tried assignining it in ccsm?04:26
DerangedDingojulio3patas: it's not very hard.04:26
StoneNoteRequinB4, how about inside the box? run "gnome-volume-control -root-mode"04:26
sproingieDShepherd: it just doesn't recognize it.  but i changed it from <Shift><Alt>Tab to <Alt><Shift>Tab and now it works04:27
MidnighTokerbasskozz: what about the other xorg logs? any fo them not empty?04:27
RequinB4StoneNote - i can tell you i haven't tried that before, but speaker-test gives me no sound, sec04:27
hatterjulio3patas, linux procedure for new hard disk : partition with fdisk, format with mkfs.ext3 /dev/sd?1 mount /dev/sd?1 /newharddisk04:27
DerangedDingoAltu59: Right click on Deskbar applet, select Preferences, select the View tab, and the keyboard shortcut is right there.04:27
julio3patashatter: so don't use qtparted????04:28
RequinB4StoneNote - been there04:28
nDevastatorcan anyone help me figure out whats wrong with my burner04:28
StoneNoteoh well04:28
sproingieaside from some rough edges in compiz, i'm pretty impressed on my first day with 7.1004:28
nDevastatorit keeps saying use a lower speed but i chose the slowest speed04:28
RequinB4I asked outside the box because i haven't gotten it able to work for 2 months04:28
DerangedDingomy experiences with QTParted have never been very good, but I'm 90% sure it's just a frontend for mkfs, so it really shouldn't matter04:29
sproingiei never thought 7.04 was much of an improvement over 6.06 but this is really nice04:29
Altu59DerangedDingo: thanks04:29
RequinB4compiz-fusion is a lot more clean then beryl in feisty too04:29
sproingieif it'd only get s/pdif output working on my soundcard now ... but i don't expect miracles, that's more a general linux problem i've had04:29
basskozzMidnighToker: I see what I was doing wrong here /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:29
basskozzCaptial 'X'04:29
basskozzok I got the log open, now what am I looking for?04:30
julio3patasi can see the partitin within konqueror ---- storage media ----- /extras but when i try to access it says this     hal-storage-fixed-mount refused uid 100004:30
DerangedDingobasskozz: to see if it loaded the VNC module incorrectly04:30
DerangedDingobasskozz: or something like that. just search for vnc04:30
RequinB4!sound | RequinB404:30
DerangedDingojulio3patas: Are you running Konqueror as root??04:30
basskozznot found04:30
sproingiei'm an old hand at commandline, but i actually haven't had to reach for it for anything yet04:31
basskozz'vnc' not found in the log04:31
MidnighTokerbasskozz: can you dump it into a pastebin?04:31
nDevastatorcan anyone help me with my burner04:31
basskozzsure... 1sec.04:31
DerangedDingojulio3patas: are you going to try?04:31
Ashfire908can i boot ubuntu from a hard drive without having grub on a floppy or on the hard drive?04:31
nDevastatorit seems to loaded fine but wont burn..04:31
hatterAshfire908, you can use a cd04:31
MidnighTokerAshfire908: you could install lilo04:31
hatterlike knoppix04:31
zacharynDevastator, whats up?04:31
MidnighTokerbasskozz: and how are you launching X?04:32
Ashfire908hatter yes can i use a live cd?04:32
nDevastatorzachary: when i try to burn an iso it says choose a lower speed but i chose the lowest speed... even tho i know the burner supports higher speeds04:32
=== cafuego is now known as evil_cafuego
basskozzMidnighToker: http://pastebin.com/d70d3f24004:32
Ashfire908MidnighToker, no i mean no boot loader on the HDD, and i have no floppy04:32
hatterAshfire908, yes of course, be sure to make it bootable in the bios04:32
julio3patasDerangedDingo: i ran sudo konqueror and went into the ---storage media and clicked on  /extras and it says the same   hal-storage-fixed-mount refused uid 100004:32
zacharynDevastator, and it fails to burn at a low speed?  Or are you wondering why you can't use a higher speed?04:33
DerangedDingojulio3patas: i think it's a problem with your /etc/fstab04:33
Ashfire908hatter, no i mean how do i launch the ubuntu on the hdd from the cd?04:33
MidnighTokerAshfire908: you can get bootable CDs, your bios might support booting from USB04:33
nDevastatorzachary: im wondering why it fails even at low speeds i cant burn anything04:33
DerangedDingojulio3patas: as in, whatever you typed in it is causing the error, unless your formatted it improperly04:33
hatterAshfire908, you can mount it and use chroot04:33
julio3patasi go back to my original statement ,   i just want to add a new hd to my existing ubuntu system  , how hard could it be????04:34
Ashfire908hatter, that's not booting ubuntu on the drive.04:34
DerangedDingojulio3patas: pretty darn easy04:34
hatterjulio3patas, a few people have told you how04:34
zacharynDevastator, I am not aware of any cd-burning issues with ubuntu.  Perhaps it's the media you are using? Some burners are very specific.04:34
MidnighTokerbasskozz: i'm sure you need a module "vnc" in your xorg conf04:34
zacharynDevastator, Does it crash with an error?04:34
julio3patasDerangedDingo: ok how come i can still access my new hd and no one seems to have a specific answer04:34
basskozzMidnighToker: and how would I go about adding that?04:35
nDevastatorzachary: doesnt crach but does spit the disc out with an error04:35
Ashfire908hatter that's booting a cd and then act like i'm running off the system04:35
StoneNoteRequinB4, "ls -la /dev/dsp" and if it's not crw-rw-rw- then "sudo chmod 666 /dev/dsp"04:35
nDevastatorzachary: however it never starts burning04:35
nDevastatorzachary: disc is still blank04:35
DerangedDingojulio3patas: because there's a few things that you could have done wrong and we don't know what04:35
MidnighTokerbasskozz: with a text editor, and editing the file, i think its /etc/X11/xorg.conf  -sorry, not and xubuntu user04:35
hatterAshfire908, yes ,  once you are booted you can use chroot to get into your system04:35
Ashfire908can i use a live cd as a boot launcher/loader?04:35
julio3patasi created the partition with qtparted as ext3 i named the mount point /extras it is formatted to ext3 i can see it but it gives me an errot when i try to access it    hal-storage-fixed-mount refused uid 1000 so no is not that easy04:36
Ashfire908that's what i'm asking.04:36
trwwwthere tis... devilspie04:36
basskozzthis is getting way too deep for me... I am off to give FreeNX a try instead, will report back.04:36
MidnighTokerAshfire908: you might be able to get grub to launch from a CD, not easily tho04:36
MidnighTokerbasskozz: hang on, you just want to be able to remote login?]04:36
hatterAshfire908, i see, you could make a cd do it, just like a floppy is made to do it04:36
zacharynDevastator, Very wierd try running it from a command line:  type - nautilus-cd-burner  an let us know what error if any it gives04:36
RequinB4StoneNote: crw-rw---- is close enough?  I'd assume not but04:37
DerangedDingojulio3patas: okay, let me rephrase this: it's easy except for you. the UUID problem can be checked with a terminal command and is making me think it's caused by your /etc/fstab04:37
Ashfire908hatter: i lack any blank cd-r discs04:37
DerangedDingojulio3patas: have you rebooted in safe mode to see the error messages at bootup?04:37
hatterAshfire908, sool then04:37
Ashfire908hatter, "sool"?04:37
hatter'Shit Out Of Luck'04:37
Ashfire908hatter, i have a flash drive?04:38
panfisthi im using 7.10 on a 3 year old hp laptop and it won't come back from suspend, can anyone help me out?04:38
nDevastatorzachary: same thing... same error, but no error in term04:38
hatterAshfire908, most new mobos can boot from usb, there is some work setting it up04:38
basskozzMidnighToker: yes04:38
Naelrssinssriglooking for help with an acer aspire 5520 laptop.. ubuntu installs but will not boot after the installation04:38
julio3patasDerangedDingo: for experience people could be as easy as 123 cause you know for newbies it might not be, you all say this is better than win, i will not even go there my point is that if it is so hard for a newbie to add a new hard drive how can you expect for people to acceppt "it"04:39
RequinB4Naelrssinssrig - at what point exactly does it not go normally04:39
DerangedDingojulio3patas: http://linux.byexamples.com/archives/321/fstab-with-uuid/04:39
RequinB4or does it just boot window$04:39
NaelrssinssrigRequinB4: it installs just fine when I reboot it will not find the hard drive and I end up in a busybox04:39
zacharynDevastator, hmm, I don't know if I can help you.  I have been using Ubuntu since 6.06 and never experienced burn errors except with bad disks (off brand el cheepos)04:39
MidnighTokerbasskozz: X as standard supports remote login. if you're running gnome you can easily allow remote logins from the gdm config and then you can enable remote login, just get to a login screen on another linux box on the network and select log in to remote computer  -done04:39
MidnighTokerjulio3patas: you have a new hard drive connected but you can't use it?04:39
Naelrssinssrighere is my post in the forums04:40
RequinB4Do you have a harddrive partition04:40
Ashfire908hatter, any tutorials on installing grub to a flash drive? (only using 7.04 live cds/any version alternate cd)04:40
basskozzMidnighToker: I am trying to logon via WinXP box thou04:40
julio3patasMidnighToker: yes04:40
Naelrssinssrigyea I have a partition04:40
NaelrssinssrigI have tried several switches in grub to include noapci04:40
MidnighTokerjulio3patas: `sudo fdisk -l` will show you all HDDs and partitions, work out which is your new disk, create a partition and format it. done.04:40
RequinB4I'd re-install and double check you did the partition correctly, unlikely you could have done anything between installing and the bug started04:41
MidnighTokerbasskozz: there is a free program for XP, hang on, i'll boot my winbox and tell you what it is04:41
basskozzMidnighToker: k, Thanks :)04:41
NaelrssinssrigRequinB4: I have reinstalled several times..04:41
julio3patasDevice Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System04:41
julio3patas/dev/sdc1   *           1       60801   488384001   83  Linux04:41
NaelrssinssrigI have been using linux (all kinds of distros) the paritions are correct04:42
Naelrssinssrigoops using linux for 10 years04:42
julio3patasMidnighToker: it is there but when i try to access it ,   it says   hal-storage-fixed-mount refused uid 100004:42
RequinB4Naelrssinssrig, don't know what to tell you if its a HDD problem, beyond me04:42
MidnighTokerjulio3patas: edit you user, make sure they're in the hal group04:42
RequinB4Anyone else want to take a stab at fixing my sound >.>04:43
asathoorcan I safely make a dualboot system with Vista / Ubuntu 7.10?04:43
DerangedDingojulio3patas: Look, it helps if you're experienced, you're right, but I'm just getting really mad that you're blaming Ubuntu for the trouble you're having04:43
MidnighTokerAshfire908: there are a number of tutorials on creating a whole linux system on USB boot. find one of those, it should give you bootloader info04:43
MidnighTokerasathoor: yes, good luck :)04:43
Cpudan80asathoor: Yes04:43
asathoorMidnighToker >> thanx, have u tried it?04:43
riotkittieasathoor: yes. but bear in mind, anytime you make changes to partitions or the like, you do risk data loss. if you have data that you value, may be wise to back it up.04:43
Cpudan80asathoor: Google, Vista ubuntu dual boot04:44
asathoorthanx ...04:44
dfliddleasathoor: I prefer using one main OS with VirtualBox for additional Oses.04:44
RequinB4asathoor - it works fine04:44
Cpudan80asathoor: Vista tries to screw it up royally04:44
PatrickPatienceWhat about Wubi?04:44
RequinB4asathoor - revision - it works fine for me04:44
Cpudan80asathoor: There is a good tutorial out there, under that google search term... I forget the exact link04:44
MidnighTokerasathoor: not with ubuntu but other linux's.04:44
Dr_Willisi have to say.. avoide wubi.04:44
ediktushow can i install online games? ubuntu cannot read the windows. pls help me..04:45
PatrickPatienceHow come?04:45
joeaminedi get the orange color as desktop background when gnome is initializing even though I changed it in desktop background settings and in gdm connection settings04:45
MidnighTokerediktus: wine might help you04:45
PatrickPatienceHow come Dr Willis?04:45
riotkittienot read which windows, ediktus?04:45
joeaminedi din't get that behaviour in previous gnome versions04:45
Elvis85RequinB4: i got 82801G High Definition Audio Controller and its working fine ... what did you try so far?04:45
asathoorI tried xubuntu as a virtual pc, but would prefer a dualboot-system, sinde it's faster04:45
ediktusexecutable files04:45
Dr_WillisPatrickPatience you are better off using normal ubuntu in vmware or virtual box. Much 'safer' and better documented.    wubi is a bit .. odd in ways. :)04:45
RequinB4Elvis85 - everything and its mother, if you pardon the bad phrase04:45
julio3patasDerangedDingo: i'm not blaming ubuntu ,   i am saying that regardless of what distro it should not be so hard just to add a new hard drive, yes i am new to linux and yes i like it   but if someting as "basic" as adding a new hard drive to an existing system without having to know what fstab/fdisk and uid then one may consider other options rather than deal with the headaches04:46
dfliddleasathoor: What I have on my notebook is Ubuntu OS, with Windows as guest ...04:46
riotkittiejoeamined: orange?  o_o04:46
Dr_WillisPatrickPatience of course it all depends omn your needs.04:46
Elvis85did you tried alsa drivers?04:46
Naelrssinssrighal-problem http://linuxmint.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5798#p4111504:46
dfliddleasathoor: Windows runs better virtualized than real04:46
RequinB4i'm trying not to re-install ubuntu because it would be a pain to reset settings04:46
riotkittieediktus: you can try installing them with wine but i'm not sure they're going to work04:46
RequinB4alsa is updated04:46
riotkittie!wine | ediktus04:46
ubotuediktus: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.04:46
mylogicdoes anyone have a good .bashrc that they would be willing to pass on? I need a base.04:46
RequinB4hold on ima check something04:46
MidnighTokerRequinB4: for most of it just backup /home and you should kepe most of your user settings04:46
Zippy111hi guys, newbie back here just a quick question about enabling 2 restricted drivers?04:46
DerangedDingojulio3patas: a lot of beginning users have no problems adding hard drives, is another point of mine04:47
riotkittiemylogic: err. what kind of base?04:47
CrazyPoultryi just installed ubuntu-desktop from a kubuntu install, i'm trying to setup compiz , from preferences > appearance trying to enable the custom option i get the error "The Composite extension is not available", any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated04:47
Dr_Willismylogic check the advanced-bash-scripting guide - they have a well dopcumented one or 2 in there.04:47
RequinB4i can't 'modprobe sda-hda-intel'04:47
riotkittiejoeamined: are you using gutsy?04:47
Zippy111everytime i go to enable the restriced drivers i get bcm43xx-fwcutter is not enabled04:47
DerangedDingojulio3patas: i'm just gonna shut up now, though. it doesn't matter, anyway04:47
asathoordfliddle >> ok, I'll do that on my stationary pc then :). But my laptop is provided by the job, so I cannot put ubuntu first...04:47
mylogicriotkittie, well I just deleted mine thinking I made a copy and I didn't haha -- does the file regenerate itself or not?04:47
RequinB4FATAL: Module sda_hda_intel not found.04:47
BassKozz_MidnighToker, and luck on that XP app for remote logon?04:47
Zippy111any idea what i can do?04:48
riotkittiemylogic: uhmmm. uhmm. uhmm. hold a sec.04:48
BassKozz_and* any04:48
hatterjulio3patas, if its a new hard drive then start again, repartition, format ext3 again then mount04:48
RequinB4is the exact error (which tells me a lot btw thx modprobe program -.-)04:48
dfliddleasathoor: Sorry. So's mine, but I have a lot of freedom with it. :-)04:48
MidnighTokerbasskozz: sorry, took a while for my vmware box to boot  -i need more ram :)  but yeah, its ccalled xming04:48
Dr_Willisxming is a handy tool.04:48
ediktusok, thks a lot. I will search for Wine04:48
BassKozz_I am using xming, and I love it... the problem is I don't know how to use it as a "Full Desktop Environment" viewer, I can only open individual apps04:48
Zippy111anyone? :(04:48
BassKozz_How can I get Xming to display the full desktop?04:48
riotkittiemylogic: cp /usr/share/base-files/dot.bashrc ~  then rename it04:49
Dr_WillisBassKozz_ with the xming wizard - you have to select the right options.   I recall.04:49
Dr_WillisBassKozz_ i haventused that - in that way in ages04:49
BassKozz_I've gone thru the wizard and I can't get it to open the full desktop04:49
MidnighTokerbasskozz: lucky you, i cant get individual apps :) but yeah, in the wizard check th elatest version04:49
Dr_WillisBassKozz_ i think you ned to have it run 'startkde' or 'gnome-session'04:49
julio3patasDerangedDingo: maybe i am doing something wron,   that was my first quetion whether i should use qtparted which i did to create an ext3 partition , i just can't access it cause it says hal-storage-fixed-mount refused uid 1000,   i did run qtparted as root maybe that have something to do with it , i don't know, i came here for info , not to piss anyone off, have to admit that is frustrating tho04:49
Zippy111can anyone PLEASE help me!!!04:49
BassKozz_but if I type in "gedit" for instance it will open gedit in winxp04:50
PatrickPatienceDr_Willis it's because I only have 512 ram, so Virtual Box is slow for me.04:50
BassKozz_I am using Xubntu, do you know which one it is?04:50
RequinB4grr, i guess i'll reinstall tomorrow...  anything special to copy /home or just 'sudo mv'04:50
Dr_WillisBassKozz_ no idea there.  it uses xfce., so i would guess 'startxfce'04:50
=== Wikinewsie426 is now known as demortes
MidnighTokerbasskozz: you're going to want to start X with gdm, that will let you log in04:50
BassKozz_whats the exact terminal command?04:51
BassKozz_to put into putty04:51
Jack_Sparrow!broadcom > Zippy11104:51
geniiBassKozz_: Probably more help for that in #windows04:51
MidnighTokerbasskozz: thats all I do, let the gui logon manager run on the headless box and then the clients conenct to that  -i have it as an init script04:51
Zippy111Ehyyy jack thanks for your attention, im a real newb here, jumped in head first and got rid of vista so plz bear with me04:51
Shaharis there a way to create a HFS+ file system on ubuntu?04:51
MidnighTokergenii: the problem is on hte linux side  -he isn't running a login manager, so the remote X session cant connect to log in :)04:51
RiXtErhey guys what package would i find aclocal in ?04:52
julio3patasi'm giving it a break till tomorrow , maybe do some reading online thanks for all the suggestions04:52
Jack_SparrowZippy111: I am shutting sown for the night, just hoped that would pint you in the right direction04:52
MidnighTokermmm pint04:52
RequinB4stay focused now >.>04:52
Dr_WillisBassKozz_ actually now that i amt rying it again.. I belive i used the xdmcp feature for the full desktop. :)04:52
Zippy111what am i supposed to do?i havent a clue?04:52
Jack_SparrowZippy111: Yea, had a few of those today too04:52
geniiMidnighToker: Ah, OK. I had gathered instead that he wanted to just make the X window occupy the entire screen instead of being windowed04:52
dev_qemu -boot d -cdrom live_image.iso doesn't work anymore with gutsy, it says can't find root file system04:52
ShaharZippy111: what's up?04:52
Jack_SparrowZippy111: Read that link.. it is vry easy.04:52
ubotuxdmcp is the X Display Manger Control Protocol -- look at http://tldp.org/HOWTO/XDMCP-HOWTO/ to find out how to configure it04:53
Elvis85i know i had problem with sound when i first installed ubuntu... i know it was related to the ESD thing... something like killall ESD and then i was able to enable alsa drivers04:53
PatrickPatienceI like how chatty this channel is.04:53
MidnighTokergenii: i believe he wants a full desktop rather than just a gui app04:53
Zippy111hi shahar i think i got it pal04:53
PatrickPatienceGo to any program channel no one talks. :|04:53
mzuverinksudenly acroreader is coming up with an error message stating that it inneds the location of the html rendering lib, libgtkembedmoz.  Nothing that I can remember caused this error to start but my kids were on my user account, wher is that lib located?04:53
ShaharPatrickPatience, 1113 people can have that affect.04:53
basskozzUnknown Start Job (KDE, Gnome-Session, Xfce)04:54
basskozzAny others I coudl try04:54
Shaharmzuverink: /usr/lib/firefox on my computer04:54
Shaharmzuverink: use "locate" to see if it's on yours04:54
MidnighTokerbasskozz: you might need to install gdm (the gnome display manager)04:54
RiXtErBassKozz did you use /etc/init.d/gdm start?04:54
Shaharas in "locate libgtkembedmoz"04:54
RequinB4Elvis85 - well i have the drivers just not the module if i understand my problem correctly04:54
Shaharor just reinstall firefox04:54
RequinB4I also know that there is about a billion litle fixes/problems with this sound card04:55
Shaharapt-get remove firefox && apt-get install firefox04:55
basskozzfor example I can open xeyes and it will popup on XP, but I dont' get the fulle desktop w/login04:55
RequinB4apt-get moo04:55
mzuverinkShahar, trying the firefox, that one made sense to me too, but seemed to obvious, so i thought id ask, thanks04:55
basskozzRiXtEr: what's /etc/init.d/gdm start04:55
Shaharbasskozz: are you trying to get a full X login on your windows machine?04:55
MidnighTokerbasskozz: i believe you need the login manager running on the computer, that would be gdm (for gnome, or "the gnome one") -thats an init script -starts system services04:55
MidnighToker`/etc/init.d/gdm start` to start it04:56
RiXtErBassKozz it will start the gnome desktop manager04:56
Shaharchkconfig gdm on04:56
RiXtErsix ways to do the same thing ;)04:56
RequinB4'sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop' should give you the desktop if you don't have it04:56
Shaharsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop is a better bet04:56
RequinB4haven't tried, so if you say so04:57
RiXtErso can anyone point me to the package that might have aclocal in it?04:57
Elvis85i noticed u have rev 2... maybe its somehow different... i dont remember having problems with any module...04:57
demortesRiXtEr - sudo apt-cache search aclocal04:57
mzuverinkShahar, that was not it...04:57
open_ladhow to install uybuntu from iso file???04:58
MidnighTokeropen_lad: burn the iso to a CD04:58
RequinB4open_lad: you have to burn a CD - R with that iso file04:58
RiXtErdemortes: it pops back to the prompt.04:58
MidnighTokeropen_lad: dont just burn a CD with that file on it, you need to burn the image to the disk04:58
RequinB4if you look on ubuntu site there is a link to a open source CD burner if you need it04:58
RequinB4yes, don't just copy the file to CD04:58
demortesor on Windows XP, CDBurnerXP I think04:58
basskozzI've heard the gnome desktop is slower then Xfce (Xubuntu) are u sure it's ok if I install that?04:59
RiXtErcdburnerxp is a good free one.04:59
demortesIsn't xfce bare min?04:59
MidnighTokerbasskozz: gnome is a little more bloated, but possibly nicer, if you prefer it. xfce is a good alternative04:59
tarelerulzCan you tell Ubuntu 7.04 to install the grub in the Linux Partion and not mbr ?04:59
=== evil_cafuego is now known as cthulfuego
open_ladi downloaded ubuntustudio. which is cdimage of 800mb but it donot get burn to cd  due to less space and donot burn to dvd=r . it says mediup donot match04:59
RequinB4hey since i'm here waiting for a sound guru to get on - how do i change the background color during logon?  my splash screen is really small04:59
MidnighTokerdemortes: xfce is a rather nice little cutdown DE05:00
open_ladso what is the option05:00
demortestarelerulz - Yes you can, but I don't know how well it works, since I've never tried it05:00
demortestarelerulz - At the end, you just tell it the partition, rather than the HDD05:00
tarelerulzDo have gurb install on the mbr and call it good05:00
basskozzMidnighToker: I wish I could figure out how to start the XFCE desktop from Terminal (putty ssh) because I am sure that would work for Xming, since I am able to open up other apps05:00
RiXtErso.... no one has any idea where i could find aclocal ?05:01
MidnighTokerbasskozz: becuase its a DE i'm sure it needs a DE to run it. if you look in /etc/X11/Sessions it might have a launcher file for xfce, cat that and see what it does05:01
demortesRiXtEr - Pull up terminal and do "sudo apt-cache search aclocal"05:01
mzuverinkShahar, though I tried /usr/bin/... not usr/lib/firefox... which IS what is was looking for.  Too much turkey i think, I mean it did say they were looking for a lib, duh...05:01
RiXtErdemortes: I just did... there is no results.05:02
demortesRiXtEr Oh, hrm. Hold on05:02
tarelerulzThe size of the swap file is two time the amount of memorie you have right ?05:02
MidnighTokertarelerulz: yeah, but cap it at 1gb usually.05:03
Some_PersonHow can I duplicate a user account?05:03
cthulfuegotarelerulz: No, there is no need for that.05:03
tarelerulzWell, I have one gig of ram as it is so the swap would be 2 gb05:03
demortesRiXtEr - libguile-dev - Development headers and static library for libguile - Returned for apt-cache search aclocal05:03
demorteswhat version of Ubuntu?05:03
demortesRiXtEr That's from an LTS version, server.05:04
cthulfuegotarelerulz: The 2xram rule is from 1997. There is no need for it now. Just make sure you have enough swap to suspend to disk.05:04
RiXtErdemortes:  what ?05:04
demortesRiXtEr - Headless machine returned that one... try it05:04
Elvis85RequinB4: did you tried that http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1742116?05:05
tarelerulzSO how do you know how much swap you need then? Cthulfuego ? just asking here05:05
Elvis85without question mark05:05
MidnighTokernight guys05:05
cthulfuegotarelerulz: On a desktop box, anywhere between zero and lots, depending on what you plan to do with the machine.05:05
stellahow do you get a dvd to play in ubuntu05:05
open_lad: i downloaded ubuntustudio. which is cdimage of 800mb but it donot get burn to cd  due to less space and donot burn to dvd=r . it says mediup donot match05:06
open_lad: i downloaded ubuntustudio. which is cdimage of 800mb but it donot get burn to cd  due to less space and donot burn to dvd=r . it says mediup donot match. What is the option for me to install it???05:06
demortesopen_lad I believe youc an burn to CD....05:06
ratttsdoes linux have an equivalent to media player classic of vlc media player?05:06
cthulfuegotarelerulz: http://etbe.coker.com.au/2007/09/28/swap-space/05:06
ratttsdoes linux have an equivalent to media player classic of vlc media player?05:07
Amendtrattts yes05:07
ratttswats it called?05:07
cthulfuegoLinux has vlc.05:07
ratttsok kool05:07
ratttsso sudo apt get install vlc media player?05:08
cthulfuego'apt-cache search vlc'05:08
defrysksudo apt get install vlc05:08
cthulfuegoThen use the package name it finds.05:08
RequinB4Elvis85 - yep05:08
demortesrattts - sudo apt-get install vlc05:08
Some_PersonHow can I set permissions for a whole set of folders?05:08
cthulfuegoUse the -R flag to chmod. Use with care!05:09
geniichmod -R <whatever permissions here> /dir05:09
h1st0Wow 8B/s of ubuntu server wtf.05:09
demortesYes, chmod -R 777 / is bad05:09
cthulfuegodemortes: Not half as bad as chmod -R 000 /05:09
Amendtwhat is that firefox plugin that allows me to load websites only designed for IE?05:09
geniidemortes: sudo chmod -R -x /    is worse05:09
demortescthulfuego Touche....05:10
demortesand genii05:10
defryskAmendt, probably a user-agent plugin or something05:10
chilli_what is a good programing program C05:10
cthulfuegoMind you, it *is* nice and secure ;-)05:10
sproingiechilli_: the linux kernel :)05:10
* genii thinks chilli_ has C on the brain tonight05:10
h1st0chilli_: vim or any text editor05:10
demortescthulfuego - The only secure box is one you don't use :P05:10
Amendtdefrysk i tryed searching for emulate05:11
StoneNotec is a good language to program c in05:11
h1st0demortes: not necessarily.  basically the only secure box is offline. and not used.05:11
Dr_Willisbasskozz still trying to get a full desktop on xming?05:11
cthulfuegodemortes: I don't use windows, does that make windows secure? ;-)05:11
chilli_im trying 2 get ecere05:11
sproingieStoneNote: i disagree, i like to write prolog in c.  setjmp/longjmp are my friends!05:11
* sproingie eyes himself warily05:11
cthulfuegochilli_: http://groups.google.com/group/CppForum/browse_thread/thread/3a40f9ad4314b9f905:11
defryskAmendt, look here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/browse/type:105:12
StoneNotesproingie, at least you didn't say you like to write your C in COBOL05:12
RiXtErAmendt: is it ietabs ?05:12
Dr_Willisbasskozz if so - i did it using the xdmcp feature - i had to enable it in kdm, (or gdm if you use that) info on kdm = http://klomdark.servebeer.com:8081/MessageBase2/ReadMessage.aspx?MsgNum=196705:12
RiXtErAmendt: if it is that plugin actually uses ie.05:12
demortesIE installable and useable under wine?05:12
RiXtErI doubt it.05:13
cthulfuegoIE6 yes05:13
Amendtit is not ie tabs too many firefox pluggins05:13
Dr_Willisdemortes thers is a ie4wine web site/prog/tool i recall..never used it.05:13
demortesDr_Willis hehe, don't know the use, but that's interesting05:13
sproingieStoneNote: i've often heard cobol would be better if it allowed profanity as reserved words.  F**ING OUTPUT RECORDS ARE F***ING STANDARD.05:13
RiXtErUnless you hack ie7 with the fixed dll it will ask you for the stupid microsoft authenication crap05:13
Dr_Willisdemortes to see how well you can get infected i guess...05:14
StoneNoteIEs4Linux http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page05:14
cthulfuegochilli_: ##c might be of more use05:14
demortesDr_Willis Heh. Just need to download the plugin to allow Firefox to change it's UserAgent05:14
defryskdemortes, http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page has some info to set up explorer with a script05:14
demortesdefrysk - At work, not gonna try it now :P05:15
StoneNotesproingie, heh. I've coded it.  you mean F**ING LABELS ARE F***ING STANDARD.05:15
defryskdemortes, omg :s I created a monster05:15
sproingieStoneNote: oh F***, you're right05:15
demortesdefrysk Nah, on Windoz I still use Firefox and THunderbird05:16
chico_camhola alguna girl to speak with my05:16
sproingiewith your ....05:16
c0Ldhas anyone ever gotten networking/internet access to work with slackware in virtualbox before?05:16
Amendtthanks defrysk and others!          IE View Lite          by Grayson Mixon     should work05:16
chico_camin private please05:17
Jimdbanyone been able to get the firefox 3 beta installed on ubuntu?05:17
CsabaDr_Willis.. i got Firefox3 running05:17
tarelerulzWell, my new HP Pavilion dv6604cl I play to watch avi ,watch dvd and download movies etc05:17
jamiejacksontrying to record while playing in audacity, but playback stutters. anybody have tips on what to try/where to go next?05:17
Jimdbi get error messages in the script.05:17
Shaharjamiejackson: what are your load averages while doing this?05:18
jamiejacksonShahar: hmm, you mean cpu load?05:18
Shaharjamiejackson: yep05:18
ShaharJimdb: if you really want to run the firefox beta, compile it from source05:19
Shaharbut I advise against05:19
defryskShahar, you can just download the binaries too05:19
MFenhow do i change the default actions for things that launch apps? in particular media programs05:19
CaRtzhi, do people usually prefer ubuntu than slax?05:19
MFenfor example, a blank disc launches serpentine, a disk with music launches sound juicer05:19
ShaharCaRtz: isn't slax a livecd?05:20
MFeni want to change those default choices, or at least stop any app from launching05:20
jamiejacksonShahar: That doesn't seem to be the bottleneck. One core is at 55%, the other has little utilization.05:20
defryskCaRtz, /j #slax05:20
Jimdbthe installer script fails and really don't think it is approopriate these days to ask anyone to compile from source.05:20
tarelerulzI am still lost as to how much  swap should be . I have  1gb of ram. So what should the swap be05:20
ShaharJimdb: It's always appropriate to ask people to compile from source.05:20
defrysktarelerulz, if you have the space 2 gigs05:21
Shahartarelerulz, tradition has always been ram*205:21
Jimdbshahar:  no, it is inappropriate, and always has been, but much more offensive to ask them to in this day and age.05:21
ShaharJimdb: that's a load of crap. It's also not an argument.05:21
Jimdbshahar:  i guess I should ask you to assemble your own refridgerater or your own tv05:22
tarelerulzthannks all, I will read up on it and it sucks I can all ways reinstall ubuntu . The fun of all Linux .  Or the best is when something don't work haha05:22
ShaharCaRtz: IIRC slax is a livecd distribution, which makes it incomperable to ubuntu05:22
MFenso nobody knows how to change the default apps? stop serpentine/sound juicer from launching?05:22
sproingiegentoo is over that-a-way.05:22
ShaharJimdb: I would much prefer a fridge or a tv that would come as a kit, that way I would know how to fix it if something went wrong05:22
Shaharor at least have a much better idea05:22
sproingieShahar: if you want gentoo you know where to find it05:23
bazhangMFen: install the ones you want and map the apps to the various items you want to launch05:23
Shaharsproingie: yeah I do, but when I want to install a single piece of software in beta then I know where to download the source.05:23
Jimdbshahar:  that's fine for you, but you don't ask most people to assemble their own TV or refrig.   You get the point.  You just don't ask people to compile any more because it is inappropriate and often offensive to request it.05:23
MFenbazhang: i already have installed the ones i want. mapping the apps is the hard part05:23
sproingieincidentally the tradition of ram*2 is an artifact of linux's long-gone buddy allocator.  the correct answer to "how much swap" nowadays is "as much as you need"05:24
MFenbazhang: i don't know what mechanism causes gnome to decide to launch some app when a cd goes in the drive05:24
Shaharsproingie: I always wondered where that tradition came from05:24
BurlynnMFen: some of what your looking for is under preferences -> removable drives and media05:24
Shaharbut 2*ram seems to be as good a guess as any05:24
MFenBurlynn: aha!05:24
Cpudan80Ok everyone05:24
sproingieShahar: it used to panic the kernel if you allocated less than 2x the system ram05:24
Cpudan80I switched my gfx card driver to the propriety ATi driver, but now it won't display right05:24
Shaharthat's hilarious05:25
bazhangMFen: a window should open up and prompt you to choose an option--is not configure an option as well?05:25
Cpudan80I switched it back to the previous setting, but I cant get it to stick...05:25
buttercupsMFen, Alt+F2, gnome-control-center,Removable drives,Multimedia05:25
sproingieShahar: that was a bug fixed long ago, but it sorta persists as a myth that it's more efficient at certain sizes, etc05:25
MFenbuttercups, Burlynn: thanks, that was it05:25
Cpudan80It stays at Generic Vesa05:25
Shaharsproingie: I mean, at 4gb it's kind of unnecessary to have a swap, but with 500 gb hard disks spinning at 15k rpms etc, there's no real reason not to have 8gb05:26
Cpudan80If anyone has any ideas... they are much appreciated !05:26
darkentityare they planning on making kiba dock look a little like apples stacks?  where could i email to recommend this to them05:26
sproingieShahar: sure, but only if you're actually going to use that 8G05:27
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:27
CrazyPoultryi just installed ubuntu-desktop from a kubuntu 7.10 install, i'm trying to setup compiz , from preferences > appearance trying to enable the custom option i get the error "The Composite extension is not available", any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated05:27
darkentitynevermind i got it05:27
ShaharCpudan80: worst case, edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf, find the line that says "Driver "vesa"" and change it to rage128 or whatever05:27
bazhangCrazyPoultry: do you have ccsm installed?05:27
Cpudan80Shahar: I have a backup of the file05:28
Cpudan80I might restore it05:28
Shaharthat might be best05:28
Shaharbut read that help page05:28
CrazyPoultrybazhang: the settings manager?05:28
sproingiei had to install xserver-xgl by hand to get compiz to work.  maybe it's an ati thing05:28
Cpudan80Shahar: It's a laptop --- I dont think the drivers support my model05:29
ShaharATI's drivers have always been flaky05:29
Cpudan80The good news is it's fixed anyway05:29
MFenthanks, #ubuntu05:29
sproingieer install by hand meaning install it myself, not compile (that'd be insane)05:29
bazhangCrazyPoultry: yes the compizconfig-settings-manager called advanced desktop effects manager I believe05:29
dannyCan anybody help me get an emerald theme working how do i enable it?05:29
ShaharCpudan80: the rumor is that they support all cards05:29
Nicarkhey guys. is there a tool i can change a partition with linux to resize it so i can create another partition?05:29
Shaharnvidia now has 2 sets I think05:29
Cpudan80Note to self: Do not ever mess around in the screens/gfx window05:29
jamiejacksontrying to record while playing in audacity, but playback stutters. dual core processor has one core at 55%, so that doesn't seem to be the bottleneck. anybody have tips on what to try/where to go next?05:29
brinkerOkay. I'm working on someone else's 7.10 install. They managed to totally bone their ATI drivers. How do I restore them to the version that was on the CD?05:29
CrazyPoultrybazhang: yea it's installed05:29
int86CAn somebody help me installing Nvidia 520005:29
Shaharone for old cards and one for new cards05:29
sproingiedanny: run emerald --replace05:29
bazhangdanny: alt f2 emerald --replace05:29
Cpudan80Shahar: Well... ehh I'd rather not mess with anymore lol05:29
sproingiei found emerald's themes pretty buggy05:29
sproingiewindow decorations disappearing all over the place05:30
bazhangCrazyPoultry: did you alt f2 compiz --replace?05:30
demortesint86 - What do you need?05:30
brinkerHow do you reinstall the ATI drivers?05:31
mrkawfeeanyone have a suggestion as to how i might capture a video of all the cool things my compiz does without a capture card or a video camera?  I want to make a short video clip of some kind.05:31
buttercupsbrinker, was this ati driver installed using the restricted driver manager?05:31
h1st0mrkawfee: there are plenty of apps.05:31
darkentitygtk record my desktop05:31
darkentitygo to add and remove and search for it05:31
int86demortes when I switch to 5200 display , booting stop at progress bar page05:31
h1st0mrkawfee: perhaps you might want to use the one people use for screencasts?05:32
brinkerbuttercups: Frankly, I have not even the slightest clue. It's whatever was set up by default off the CD install.05:32
mrkawfeehavent heard of it, but i am listening... :)05:32
darkentityclick applications05:32
brinkerNot my laptop, unfortunately, so I'm not entirely sure what happened.05:32
ratttsanyone use netscan for windows?05:32
CrazyPoultrybazhang: "Checking for Xgl: not present.  No whitelisted driver found aborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity " was the result, sorry if this is something stupid i mised still new to linux in general05:32
darkentitytype in gtk05:32
darkentityand scroll to find gtk record my desktop05:32
h1st0mrkawfee: xvidcap istanbul etc... all should work05:33
bazhangCrazyPoultry: which video card? you may need to install the correct driver05:33
mrkawfeecool, thanks for the tip...i'm checkin into it now....05:33
CMCDragonkaiHey, has anyone found flash support in Mozilla for Ubuntu 64 bit?05:33
bazhangrattts: you could ask in ##windows05:33
Some_PersonHow do I make another user account with the exact same settings for every single app as mine?05:33
buttercupsbrinker, simply un checking the box in the restricted driver manager will do05:33
CrazyPoultrybazhang: Ati05:33
darkentitycool...it saves the output to .ogg format05:33
ratttsanyone use kismet or anything like that to retrieve wep passwords?05:33
bazhangCrazyPoultry: which one?05:33
int86demortes: somebody told me to reconfigure the xorg, but how to do that, will I have to download nvidiadrivers too05:33
CrazyPoultrybazhang: not sure tbh05:34
brinkerbuttercups: Just checked, there's nothing listed in the restricted manager.05:34
Csabai had nvidia issues, someone from here suggested i try envy05:34
darkentityubuntu is so cool i got my whole desktop to look like leopard osx05:34
defryskCsaba, dont advise envy here05:34
Csabafair enuff05:35
bazhangCsaba: no need for it, may break your machine05:35
darkentityi dont get optimal refresh rate too on my nvidia card i have a 7800 gp05:35
defrysk!worksforme | Csaba05:35
ubotuCsaba: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/05:35
xwinderswhat's wrong with envy? worked for me05:35
Zippy111Hi guys back again, just wanna say 2 things, 1 thanks I got my wireless working, 2 last prob, how do i get my graphics working? it says ATI accelerated graphics driver is in the restricted drivers section I have followed this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI but it hasnt worked for me, any ideas guys?05:35
darkentityand i get like 60hz max05:35
darkentityi wanna get 75hz minimum05:35
darkentitybut i dont know how to05:35
defrysk!worksforme > xwinders05:35
abhihow do i enable the expose feature on compiz in gutsy? i like compiz on gutsy otherwise. it's neat. the cube was too much eye candy05:36
abhibut the horizontal desktop switcher is practical05:36
crdlbabhi: shift+alt+up05:36
bazhangabhi: it's the scale plugin05:36
buttercupsbrinker, reconfigure your x, choose ati for driver, make sure xorg-driver-fglrx is not installed in Synaptic05:36
CrazyPoultrybazhang: mobility radeon x600 sorry took a min to remember05:36
Zippy111anyone? just a quick pointer uin the direction will do! :)05:37
bazhangCrazyPoultry: have you enabled the restricted drivers?05:37
xwindersdefrysk: so it doesn't work for everybody then?05:37
`LePGeL[BoY]<abhi>: superlogo+e05:37
bazhangerr installed05:37
abhibazhang: how do i enable the scale when i go to the corner of the screen?05:37
CrazyPoultrybazhang: yes05:37
demortesZippy111 Update your sources, especially enable universe.05:37
abhibazhang: how do i do a ZOOM?05:37
Zippy111it says its already updated mate05:37
bazhangabhi: under keybindings--click the plugin and then choose keybindings then choose the corner you want05:37
darkentitysuperlogo+ mouse wheel05:37
demortesZippy111 Than I'm tapped out :P05:38
Zippy111lol cool, thanks anyway dude05:38
darkentityone of the best features i think of beryl is that zoom05:38
defryskxwinders, no it does not and it can break systems05:38
brinkerbuttercups: Now how do I reconfigure X?05:38
sproingieis there a real expose-like plugin for compiz, i.e. one that actually reduces the windows to be visible instead of zoomed out?05:38
abhibazhang: whereis keybindings?05:38
Some_PersonHow do I duplicate a user account so it has the exact same settings for everything as mine does?05:38
darkentityu wanna fade the windows out sproingie?05:38
bazhangabhi: you need to have ccsm installed05:38
buttercupsbrinker, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:38
abhiccsm? why don't u guys just bundle it by default. it'll save lot of trouble05:39
crdlbsproingie: huh?05:39
crdlbsproingie: scale is expose almost exactly05:39
sproingiedarkentity: expose on the mac shrinks the windows til they don't overlap.  the expose feature in compiz just zooms out05:39
joankii'm trying to oplay a dvd, but it's not working - which software should i use?05:39
sproingiecrdlb: hm, i'll try that one05:40
crdlbsproingie: there's an organic layout mode for scale but it's broken right now so it's not included by default05:40
darkentityoh i see05:40
crdlbsproingie: I think you're using "Expo" :)05:40
anowI'm running dual screen, and the screen is making me pan around to beable to see anything.05:40
anowany ideas?05:40
crdlbwhich is unrelated05:40
Zippy111anyone know how i can enable xorg-driver-fglrx05:40
sproingiecrdlb: yeah that.  which is a kind of uninteresting plugin05:40
silencer666Is Ubuntu recommended for "normal consumers" like myself?05:41
bazhangyes indeed05:41
anowI'm running dual screen, and the screen is making me pan around to beable to see anything. Any Ideas?05:41
crdlbsproingie: it's more like "Spaces" on OS X05:41
xwindersdefrysk: after trying everything else envy kept me from reverting back to FC05:41
darkentityoh true i want to learn how to do that where i can get all my windows to pane out05:41
darkentityin equal boxes05:41
demortessilencer666 - Dell sells computers with Ubuntu on them, I think you'll be safe :)05:42
caligarn1037silencer666: what do you want out of ubuntu?05:42
darkentityi think compiz has that feature05:42
joankii'm trying to oplay a dvd, but it's not working - which software should i use?05:42
joankican anyone please just telll me which software to use?05:42
darkentitytry mplayer05:42
brinkerbuttercups: Okay, I hope this is going to work now. Gonna do a restart here.05:42
joankitotem mplayer?05:42
dannyHow do i install a splash screen on ubuntu 7.1005:42
crdlbdarkentity: if you're using compiz now, press shift+alt+up05:42
Some_Persondanny: it comes with one05:42
joankihow do i get the right plugins?05:42
darkentitythanks some person05:43
joankiit says it cannot play it because it does not have the appropriate plugins to be able to read from the disc05:43
darkentityworks beautifully05:43
sproingieoh hey scale is exactly it.  now i wish i had buttons 6 and 7 working on my mouse, i'd activate it with that05:43
dannySome_Person: comes with one of what?05:43
darkentitydo this05:43
darkentitygo to add/remove05:43
Some_Persondanny: it comes with a splash screen05:43
dannySome_Person, i want to install my own05:43
darkentitymake sure that tab says all applications05:43
joankiim there05:43
darkentityand type gstreamer05:43
Some_Persondanny: then make your own usplash theme05:43
darkentitythey have 1 star as popularity05:43
darkentitytry to install all of them05:43
Some_Person!usplash | danny05:43
ubotudanny: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork05:43
darkentityif that dont work then type in mplayer05:44
darkentityinstall that05:44
darkentitythat should work05:44
darkentitybut try gstreamer first05:44
int86demortes: you there05:44
int86can somebody help me in installing nvidia 5200 card05:44
Csabai got mplayer and totem, why dont they display menus?05:44
Zippy111Anyone please, i just wanna go bed but i cant unless i get this done05:44
darkentityit should install when u first run ubuntu05:44
darkentityor did u just added that card int86?05:44
bazhangjoanki: you might want to enable the medibuntu.org repositories to play that dvd instructions can be found at the site05:45
darkentityif u just did then go to add/remove type in nvidia and install nvidia card driver05:45
Zippy111how can i enable xorg-driver-fglrx05:45
Zippy111 :o05:45
demortesdarkentity - I believe the restricted driver manager is best...05:45
joankidarkentity, so then after getting all that gstreamer stuff, i should be able to play it in mplayter?05:46
joankihonestly it's been a lot of work switching to ubuntu05:46
joankii always feel like everything is disabled05:46
Csabawhat happens if it has CSS?05:46
Zippy111Nvm thanks anyway05:46
Some_PersonHow do I duplicate my user account05:46
anowMy Screen is zoomed in, and I have to pan around by moving my mouse to the sides of the screen, how do I fix this?05:47
Cpudan80Im trying to install ATIs third party driver05:47
int86darkentity: yep i just added the card05:47
bazhangjoanki: a physical dvd? I believe you need libdvdcss2 from medibuntu.org05:47
joankihow do i get that bazhang?05:47
Cpudan80But ehh - it doesn't show up in restricted drivers -- should I follow the edgy instructions ?05:47
darkentityit'll be better believe me05:47
Cpudan80from the !ati factoid05:47
darkentityu dont have to worry about dreaded viruses like windows05:47
caligarn1037vlc should be able to use menus if you download the libdvdcss2 liibrary from synaptic05:47
joankiit still doesn't play in mplayer05:47
Cpudan80It says to follow the edgy directions if something goes wrong....05:47
demortesdarkentity - yet05:47
darkentitydid u install all the gstreamer things05:47
joankiyes i did05:48
bazhangjoanki: try darkentity's way, and if that is not successful then check out medibuntu.org05:48
joankibazhang, can you help me get that thing you're talking about?05:48
darkentityur right demortes05:48
caligarn1037joanki: just grab libdvdcss2 from syanptic05:48
joankihow caligarn103705:48
joankiplease help me i'm so sick of this05:48
anowIs there a reason everyone is ignoring me? I have a few friends who had the same problem and switched back to windows cus of it.05:48
ganeshhegdehow to set emerald as window decorator?05:48
darkentityjoanie go to system05:48
bazhangjoanki: medibuntu.org is a website--take a look there05:48
joankii just wanta do  my yoga video before i go to sleep05:48
caligarn1037joanki: go to System>Administration>Synaptic Package manager05:48
joankik caligarn05:48
caligarn1037joanki: and search for libdvdcss205:49
darkentitynah just use synapic05:49
darkentityits better05:49
caligarn1037joanki: and download it05:49
darkentityi think05:49
joankidoing it now05:49
caligarn1037joanki: and then use vlc...select open DVD (menus) and it should work05:49
caligarn1037joanki: sweet05:49
anowMy Screen is zoomed in, and I have to pan around by moving my mouse to the sides of the screen, how do I fix this?05:49
caligarn1037super-button 105:50
joankinothing happens when i do that caligarn103705:50
caligarn1037anowsuper-button + 105:50
caligarn1037joanki: have you opened up vlc player?05:50
darkentitythe windows logo button05:50
darkentityand 105:50
ganeshhegdecaligarn1037:how to set emerald as window decorator?05:50
anownot doing anything05:50
joankicaligarn1037, when i search for it,05:50
joankido i look in name?05:50
darkentitywhat if u dont have the windows button on ur keyboard then what?05:50
Csabai cant find libdvdcss2 , do i add repositories? for mediabuntu?05:50
caligarn1037Csaba: hm...05:51
bazhangCsaba: yup05:51
joankii can't find it either caligarn1037 Csaba05:51
ratttsi have 2 comps, both connected to a wireless router, one comp has shared folders, how can i access this comp or at least see it using ubuntu?05:51
caligarn1037Csaba: let me check05:51
joankii am SO sick of my frekaing ubuntu05:51
bazhangit's medibuntu.org Csaba05:51
caligarn1037joanki: yah it's in the medibunut repositories05:51
anowcaligarn1037: its not doing anything.05:51
joankiit doesn't find it05:51
ratttsi have 2 comps, both connected to a wireless router, one comp has shared folders, how can i access this comp or at least see it using ubuntu?05:51
=== joe_ is now known as Rencore_
buttercupsCsaba, you can use Medibuntu or just , sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh05:51
defryskjoanki, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu05:52
caligarn1037anow: okay..go to Advanced Desktop Settings and check out the setting for Zoom05:52
joankiis there just a way to install from sudo apt-get install?05:52
caligarn1037joanki: let me check05:52
caligarn1037sorry man...05:52
defryskjoanki, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu05:52
anowAdvanced Desktop Settings would be where? caligarn103705:52
bazhangjoanki: yes, but you need to a repository05:52
darkentitydid u right click on the dvd and click open with mplayer??05:52
bazhangerr enable05:52
taz_hi guys.. why it not work with desktop cube ?05:52
caligarn1037joanki: do you already have the medibunutu repository in?05:53
joankithere's no option to do that, darkentity05:53
demortestaz_ - got four desktops? Did you specify it in the Desktop Effects?05:53
joankii don't know caligarn05:53
joankihow do i get it05:53
defryskjoanki, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu05:53
ganeshhegdedefrysk:how to set emerald as window decorator?05:53
taz_how ?05:53
caligarn1037okay...here we go...go into the software sources...05:53
caligarn1037and add this...05:53
bazhangtaz_: you need to install ccsm, then go to general in that settings manager and choose from general horizontal virtual desktops--set it to four05:53
joankii'm annoyed i downloaded all those gstreamer thingies05:53
joankisorry i dont meant to be crabby05:54
joankitired after thanksgiving and i really need to do my yoga video and everything on ubuntu has been crapping out05:54
taz_where that  ccsm?05:54
bazhangjoanki: best to be a bit patient, not much more now05:54
caligarn1037joanki: yah...i agree with bazhang. i think we're almost there05:54
bazhangtaz_: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz05:54
joankiwhere do i find software sources?05:54
joankithat was for you, caligarn103705:55
ganeshhegdebazhang:how to set emerald as window decorator?05:55
Ubuntu_Rocksjoanki: just put the dvd in let it come to desktop/right click and open with vlc.05:55
caligarn1037joanki: under Administration...same place as the Synaptic05:55
taz_u mean compizconfig setting manger?05:55
joankiit doesn't WORK Ubuntu_Rocks05:55
bazhangganeshhegde: do you have emerald installed?05:55
joankiVLC CRASHES when i open it05:55
caligarn1037Ubuntu_Rocks: he doesn't have libdvdcss2 yet. so VLC isn't reacting correctly05:55
joankiin there05:55
RequinB4how can i connect to my desktop via vnc? i've done the remote desktop thing, now i'm trying to connect from my XP box05:55
RequinB4I have VNC viewer installed05:55
bazhangganeshhegde: alt f2 emerald --replace05:55
caligarn1037joanki: okkay...go to third-party05:55
Ubuntu_RocksInteresting..the only media I loaded was vlc and everything works 4 me.05:56
joankiSHE doesn't have it05:56
joanki but that's ok05:56
ganeshhegdeya...thanx  bazhang:05:56
joankicaligarn1037, how can i get it plesae??05:56
caligarn1037joanki: and add "deb http://packages.medibuntu.org/"05:56
bazhangganeshhegde: no worries :}05:56
joankihow do i do that caligarn???05:56
caligarn1037okay are you in Third-part software05:57
caligarn1037click add05:57
joankii'm in synaptic package manager05:57
joankiand there is no add button05:57
caligarn1037and then type in "deb htt://packages.medibuntu.org/ gutsy free non-free"05:57
taz_bazhang ....i did already after what05:57
caligarn1037no. no...not in synaptic...but you'lll find "software sources " in the same menu....with Adminsitration....05:57
caligarn1037i misled you briefly05:57
bazhangtaz_: you installed those? now try alt f2 compiz --replace05:58
joankinow i'm in add/remove applications05:58
joankiis that where you meant???????05:58
caligarn1037joanki: no05:58
taz_ok bazhang05:58
taz_then what05:58
caligarn1037joanki: go to administrastion05:58
caligarn1037and then scroll down to "software sources"05:58
bazhangtaz_: go to the settings manager and choose the general plugin05:58
ojk007can someone help me, i cannot boot into my windows partition. Grub give me error 12. I have tried every partition all get error 12 for the standard windows grub entry.05:58
ojk007should i have any partition flags set?05:58
shortcakesI'm trying to reinstall a server which was running suse with gutsy, it was using software raid, when I try to delete the multidisk devices from the software raid tool in the ubuntu installer, it says it cant delete them05:59
caligarn1037joanki: any luck05:59
anowcaligarn1037: Zoom Desktop  was enabled, now disabled, but nothing is changing.05:59
bazhangojk007: windows partition is ntfs?05:59
joankiwhat you told me ot type caligarn1037 is NOT working05:59
joankijoanki: and add "deb http://packages.medibuntu.org/"05:59
ojk007bazhang: yes ntfs05:59
caligarn1037anow: you should go to the #compiz-fusion irc channell...im no expert on compiz05:59
joankithe +Add Source button is not highlighted05:59
silencer666caligarn: I want to use Deluge on Ubuntu05:59
taz_bazhang it  show compconfig now..06:00
anowcaligarn1037: should it have been enabled default, when I installed ubuntu?06:00
bazhang!ntfs | ojk00706:00
ubotuojk007: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE06:00
joankiis this basic thing really this ridiculous?06:00
joankii'm SO sorry for being a bit rude caligarn103706:00
darkentityyeah vlc works fine06:00
joankibut this is NOT working06:00
darkentityvlc media player works good06:00
caligarn1037and then type in "deb htt://packages.medibuntu.org/ gutsy free non-free"06:00
joankiwhat you told me to do is NOT working06:00
darkentityinstall that and then choose to open dvd06:00
caligarn1037this is what you want06:00
buttercupscaligarn1037, an easy way to install libdvdcss2, sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh06:00
joankiis tsays enter the complete APT line06:00
ojk007no i cannot BOOT it. Grub gives me Error 12. I can view the Partition, cant boot into it06:00
bazhangtaz_: ok, you are in the advanced desktop settings manager? look for the general setting06:00
joankiand what it is yo ugave me is NOT working06:00
joankii freaking just want my windows back06:01
shortcakesanyone know why the ubuntu 7.10 server installer raid config util would not be able to delete raid1 multi disk devices from a previous suse install?06:01
caligarn1037joanki: try what buttercups said06:01
shortcakessays they are busy06:01
joankibuttercups, in terminal?06:01
shortcakesbut they are not mounted06:01
buttercupsjoanki, yes06:01
bazhangshortcakes: you might want to ask in #ubuntu-server06:01
Csabai got libdvdcss2 installed finally, cheers06:02
joankithen do i run it in vlc?06:02
taz_bazhang   genral options ?06:02
joankior mplayer?06:02
caligarn1037joanki, is it working?06:02
shortcakesbazhang: thanks06:02
darkentityvlc try it06:02
bazhangshortcakes: no worries :}06:02
anowmy super button isnt working = /06:02
darkentitythen choose open disc in vlc06:02
darkentityit should work06:02
joankiit CRASHED06:02
ojk007can someone help me, i cannot BOOT into my windows partition. Grub give me error 12. I have tried every partition all get error 12 for the standard windows grub entry.06:02
caligarn1037joanki: ugh...06:02
joankii mean seriously06:02
caligarn1037joanki: i wonder what happened there.?06:02
joankii'm over my ubuntu06:03
darkentitytry rebooting i guess06:03
Soskelojk007: easy fix.. 1 sec06:03
bazhangtaz_: yup, now choose horizontal virtual desktops and set to four06:03
caligarn1037yah...good idea06:03
ediktusI download da WIne, but still i cannot install online games06:03
caligarn1037if only i could show you on synaptic...it'd work cleaner06:03
darkentitywine wont work with any program06:03
darkentitytry virtual box06:03
darkentityand emulate windows os system06:03
darkentitybut wine is for sorta small programs06:03
darkentityi use it for keygens06:03
Shaharwine works great with starcraft06:04
Shaharand some other things06:04
darkentityi see06:04
bazhangdarkentity: that talk is not welcome here06:04
taz_tab  desktop size ,,,, vertical virtual size ??06:04
Shaharbut why anyone would need a windows program that isn't called "starcraft" I wouldn't know06:04
darkentitywhat do u mean bazhang06:04
bazhangtaz_: horizontal06:04
caligarn1037anow: any luck...on #compiz-fusion?06:04
Shahardarkentity: they pretend not to like hax0rs06:04
Soskelojk007: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435106:04
caligarn1037joanki: still around man?06:04
bazhang!piracy | darkentity06:04
darkentityoh i see06:04
ubotudarkentity: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o06:04
ojk007thanks soskel06:04
darkentitylegal keygens06:04
caligarn1037joanki: probably rebooting...06:04
joankiand this thing sucks06:05
darkentitynot illegal ones06:05
SoporHi there.06:05
joankido i NEED to reboot????06:05
joankisorry but i'm pissed06:05
darkentityu could try it06:05
joankiubuntu has screwed up my whole system06:05
caligarn1037joanki: it might help...06:05
caligarn1037are you on a dual-boot?06:05
bazhangjoanki: I can get you up and running if you just calm down a bit06:05
SoporWhat is his problem?06:05
Flanneljoanki: You dont need to reboot unless you've updated your kernel.06:05
caligarn1037darkentity: im praying for joanki06:05
taz_bazhang  yes horizontal virtual size06:05
darkentitytrue she could've restarted X06:05
bazhangtaz_: set to four06:05
darkentitybut i always do a full reboot anyway06:05
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion06:06
taz_bazhang i did set 406:06
bazhangtaz_: now check 3d cube and rotate cube plugins06:06
=== joseph_ is now known as ratts
rattshi, im reading something for a shortcut and it says ctrl+super+c    what is the super button?06:07
taz_go back front of compizconfig to see cube and rotate cube ??06:07
Csabaso do any dvd players play menus or just revert to title1 and play from there06:07
caligarn1037ratts: the button that has the windows logo on it06:07
bazhangratts: the windows button06:07
DGLGood morning.  I am a bit of a newbie and have run into a problem with Gutsy and audio.  It says "Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in the Multimedia settings." however, I can't find any multimedia settings.  HELP!06:07
caligarn1037uh oh guys...gotta run...06:07
HadeshornHi all, im trying to install debhelper but its saying the package doesnt exist06:07
darkentitywindows logo button06:07
King-DeltaCsaba: vlc player will play menus06:08
bazhangtaz_: yes go back to the main settings manager window and check those plugins (put a check in their boxes)06:08
taz_bazhang i did mark on desktop cube and rotate cube06:08
HadeshornPackage debhelper is not available, but is referred to by another package.06:08
HadeshornThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or06:08
Hadeshornis only available from another source06:08
HadeshornE: Package debhelper has no installation candidate06:08
AdemoSif anyone sees Pelo, tell him his xserver advice saved me a lot of time, and thanks06:08
AdemoSlater all06:08
bazhangtaz_: ok, now try alt control arrow06:08
Hadeshornthis is the first time this has given me an error, usually it just installs fine06:09
taz_bazhang stand by ok06:09
rattsanother question...i see many compiz and beryl themes on a website. all of them say to open beryl manager to install them; however, i have compiz manager. how do i install them?06:09
taz_bazhang  nothing change only desk 1 and 2 at all06:09
bazhangtaz_: did you alt f2 compiz --replace?06:10
Csabaking-delta, cheers VLC works great06:10
bazhangratts: that is not a good place to go or way to install--best to get the plugins from the software repositories06:10
King-DeltaCsaba: :) cool06:11
Rencore_i use a laptop with a usb mouse and sometimes i take the usb out when i am moving the laptop but when i put it back in it doesnt recognize the mouse so i need to reboot is there a way to fix this06:11
Soporratts : Try to move files with your mouse and put them into the " bery manager" window ?06:11
ShaharRencore_: do you have hotplug installed?06:11
Soskelwhy do people need help with ubuntu at 1:11 am??06:11
Sopora copy/paste..06:11
Hadeshornanyone else have loads of problems with gutsy?06:11
Hadeshornfeisty seemed to work better06:11
Rencore_Shahar, what is hotplug?06:11
ojk007im in australia :p06:11
ShaharSoskel: it's only 1:11 am EST06:11
anarcatonly 1am :)06:12
Rencore_Hadeshorn, it crashes a lot06:12
bazhangtaz_: you need to check the keybindings for rotate cube (under the plugin setting)06:12
ojk007its 1.30pm over here :p06:12
ediktusis theres any applications how can  i install online games?06:12
HadeshornRencore: Gutsy?06:12
Rencore_Hadeshorn, yes06:12
ShaharRencore_: it's a program that detects usb things being plugged in06:12
chilli_what is the best linux distro06:12
DGLI am in EST, I wonder if I should ask for help at a different time.06:12
Shaharmake sure it's running06:12
chilli_what is the best linux distro06:12
taz_ok let me check ok06:12
chilli_what is the best linux distro06:12
HadeshornIm seriously considering going back to feisty06:12
Shaharchilli_: ubuntu06:12
anarcathey i've got this weird bug here where the last character of the essid gets stripped out (on wifi connections, on a r818x driver)06:12
Soporediktus, What kind of game ?06:12
bazhangchilli_: stop it06:12
anarcatanyone seen this?06:12
Hadeshorngutsy is giving me grief over my video card06:12
Csabaking-delta, VLC puts totem and mplayer to shame06:12
King-DeltaCsaba I even use it to play my movies on Vi$ta too06:13
darkentityit does06:13
SoporCsaba : I disagree. I used VLC before, but there still are codecs that cannot read. As the rmvb.06:13
darkentityi remmeber my dvd use to work with just totem player06:13
Soskelchilli_: Linux Mint by far06:13
darkentitydont know what happened06:13
Csabaahh damm it06:13
SoporSo, i use mplayer since.06:13
darkentityi just install all three lol06:14
Shaharit's not like disk space is expensive06:14
taz_i see it mark in the box already?06:14
Csabai got all 3, was hoping for a 1 app solution06:14
SoskelI love freenode  at night, it's much more quite06:14
ediktusonline games06:14
bazhangtaz_: control alt left arrow does nothing?06:14
Shaharso you can queue up all your porn in one playlist?06:15
nephlimhey gang06:15
=== billenium is now known as BilleniumzZz
caligarn1037darkentity: did joanki come back?06:15
SoporI think you should install only one. If you don't use rmvb or commercial codec, you can use vlc. And if you do, try mPlayer with w32codec, ffmpeg, and so on.06:15
taz_just desk 1 and 2 at all06:15
SoporAnd.. VLC can read dvds06:15
SoporEither mplayer do.06:16
rattshow do i make my background transparent?06:16
Hadeshornanyone familar with debhelper?06:16
nephlimratts, which application?06:16
darkentityyeah vlc does06:16
bazhangtaz_: you are able to shift between them and that's it? do you have the drivers installed for your video card that allow for 3d effects?06:16
darkentityi thought all i needed was gstreamer plugins i dont know how it worked b406:16
Csabaill keep all 3, diskspace is cheap :)06:17
chilli_what is the best linux distro06:17
darkentityubuntu in my opnion06:17
Rencore_all i can find is usbmgr in synaptic06:17
=== Leilani is now known as Palionu
ediktuscan ubuntu also use in internet shop?06:17
bazhangratts: that would be in the rotate cube or 3d cube settings iirc06:17
Rencore_no hotplug06:17
Soskelchilli_: Linux Mint by far06:17
Xenguychilli_: debian =)06:17
ganeshhegdebazhang: how to change sise of title bar of all windows?06:17
badkitty_chilli_: It all depends on what you are using it for06:17
SoporYeah. gstreamer should do only one big package.. That's pretty heavy, install one, and one else, and one else....06:17
darkentityu mean to sell internet time??06:17
Soskelanything but ubuntu06:17
chilli_im going 2 start programing06:17
darkentityi think it would be the best06:17
bazhangchilli_: please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic06:17
darkentityin my opinion06:17
taz_i see .. what require videocard 64 or128 ??06:18
chilli_ok soz06:18
nephlimratts, hmm, what is it specifically in the compiz desktop enviroment that you want to make transparent06:18
Rencore_Shahar, i cant find hotpug06:18
darkentityu woudlnt have to worry so much about viruses but u do have to worry about crashes06:18
Rencore_Shahar, i cant find hotplug06:18
darkentityand other mix ups06:18
bazhangganeshhegde: which windows?06:18
HadeshornDebhelper anyone?06:18
Hadeshorndebhelper seems to have vanished from the repos!06:18
Soskelchillli_ is going to be the next Mark Shuttleworth everyone@06:19
bazhang!info debhelper06:19
ubotudebhelper: helper programs for debian/rules. In component main, is optional. Version 5.0.51ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 513 kB, installed size 1288 kB06:19
ganeshhegde bazhang:all window ..like a window when w open a folder06:19
bazhangganeshhegde: not sure there sorry :}06:19
darkentityubuntu is great i just wish it had more smarter features of a bigger os like windows or mac where u could browse ur photos and email it with one click like in windows live or have a cover flow type of display and such06:19
taz_bazhang i think my videcard 3206:19
Rencore_i use a laptop with a usb mouse and sometimes i take the usb out when i am moving the laptop but when i put it back in it doesnt recognize the mouse so i need to reboot is there a way to fix this06:20
darkentitythings like that would blow those os's away06:20
bazhangdarkentity: you can do those things now06:20
darkentitycuz thats the big features of those os's when it comes to simple use u know06:20
Alien_Freakwhat do I need to install to setup my wireless connection?  I just got ndiswrapper to see my wifi card...06:20
bazhangtaz_: not sure what you mean--your video card 32?06:20
darkentityi havent been able to see that in ubuntu06:20
darkentitywhen i send pics i always have to fire up evolution06:20
darkentityand then attach06:20
Xenguydarkentity: bye06:21
SoporAlien_Freak, What is your ubuntu's version? In feisty and gusty, you haven't to install anything.06:21
bazhangXenguy: stop spamming06:21
darkentitywhy do i have feeling im about to get booted lol06:21
Xenguybazhang: what exactly are you talking about?06:21
Alien_Freakgutsy.. i think i found it.. one sec06:21
King-Deltadarkentity : lol06:21
chris_I need help06:21
niuqhow can i enable telnet sessions?06:22
taz_bazhang what about upgrade drivers install for 3d ???06:22
SoporXenguy,  " omfg " " die ".. I think he talked about it06:22
Flannelniuq: Why telnet?  use ssh06:22
bazhangtaz_: what card do you have? the name, etc. and what driver for that card?06:22
niuqFlannel: it's a practice06:22
ganeshhegdetaz_: how to change size of title bar of all windows?06:22
Alien_Freakthe ndiswrapper driver might not support wpa06:22
SoporAlien_Freak, click right on your network icon, in your starterbar06:22
SoporIt does. : /06:23
Flannelniuq: SSH is easy as install the openssh-server package.  And I strongly recommend it over telnet.06:23
_nix_!ask | _nix_06:23
Alien_Freakit's enabled06:23
SoporHave you got any visible network ?06:23
nomojo1Is it possible to install Ubuntu from a USB jump drive?06:23
King-Deltawb darkentity did u get the boot06:23
darkentityi think so king delta06:23
taz_ganeshhegde  what do u mean ??06:23
darkentityit just said connect reset by peer06:24
niuqFlannel: i have to install telnet, it's like a homework06:24
bazhangnomojo1: yes--check out pendrivelinux dot com06:24
taz_ubuntu 7.1006:24
niuqFlannel: i might use ssh for a real environment06:24
nomojo1bazhang: thank you06:24
SoporAlien_Freak, Or maybe have you forgotten to press the " wireless" button on you keyboard ?06:24
Flannelniuq: wait, telnet server? or telnet client?06:24
CrazyPoultryok i got compiz to work, but do i have to type compiz --replace at every login or am i missing something here?06:24
niuqFlannel: client06:24
bazhangnomojo1: no worries :}06:24
XenguySopor: you know what? fuck you, fuck ubuntu, and fuck the ridiculous political correctness on this channel - censor that :P06:24
Flannelniuq: Oh.  Its already installed.  telnet.06:24
Alien_Freakdesktop.. no button06:24
* Xenguy waits for it...06:24
SoporXenguy, Lol. ( :06:24
niuqFlannel: and server?06:24
darkentityi dont know why its been rebootin in xchat... i think its cuz i need to install the driver for this os but its complicated it talks about either patching the kernal or recomplying the kernal which i have no idea how to do i dont even know if i have a kernal lol06:24
Csabagoing back to rmvb, what do i need?06:25
bazhangCrazyPoultry: does it not stick between reboots?06:25
* _nix_ thinks Xenguy was funny06:25
CrazyPoultrybazhang: nope :(06:25
bazhangCsaba: real player06:25
linux_user400354I edited xorg.conf earlier.  I have two GPUs.  One is integrated and other is a APG ATI Radeon card.  My xorg Screen section is listing 'device' intel.  Which will not startx.  How do I change that to match my ATI card?06:25
Flannelniuq: uh, I guess.... telnetd.  Its in universe.06:25
Csabai cant use real player codecs in mplayer?06:26
nomojo1bazhang: can I use the pendrive to install a copy onto my computer?06:26
nephlimwhat's the best way to make a smb share that has read/write but no user authorization06:26
niuqFlannel: thanks06:26
SoporAlien_Freak, Hum, click right on your starterbar and add "network monitor", if there is.06:26
klaxianhello.  i have a machine running gutsy and the load average is 0.5 consistently, but the processor is 100% idle...any ideas?06:26
nephlimsmb.config i'm good with, it's making the folder with such perms06:26
bazhangnomojo1: yes, or to boot from either one06:26
taz_my videocard  nvidia graphic  geforces2 mx//mx 400 32mb06:26
SoporIn french it's " moniteur reseau ". dunno the exact name in english06:26
bazhangtaz_: what driver do you have installed for that?06:26
ganeshhegdetaz_:i mean how to change the size of title bar of all windows(the bar which we press and hold to move around...)06:27
alch3misthi does anyone knows a good audio player based on xine that resembles rhythmbox... rhythmbox is nice very intuitive simple to use very user friendly but i don't like the fact that it is base on gstreamer. Amarok are good but it is cluttered unlike rhythmbox which is very easy to use. Does anyone knows xine base audio manager/player like rhythmbox's philosophy but based on xine?06:27
klaxiandoes anyone know why my system load is 0.5 with a 100% idle processor?06:27
Soporwhy based on xine? : (06:27
nephlimalch3mist, have you tried xmms?06:27
pyrak_i just installed deluge06:27
Soporquodlibet !06:27
pyrak_and i want to set ff to use it for torrent files06:27
Soporpyrak_, congratulation. Welcome XD06:27
Rencore_i use a laptop with a usb mouse and sometimes i take the usb out when i am moving the laptop but when i put it back in it doesnt recognize the mouse so i need to reboot is there a way to fix this06:27
alch3mistxmms is nice but i'm lookin for a "rhythmbox" likeness06:28
nephlimalch3mist, i've had really good luck with that, and you can install a plugin for gkrellm06:28
nnnbagsi'm trying to apt-get remove a package that didn't install right, however its trying to stop the init script which isn't working, so i can't remove the package. how do i manually tell ubuntu that the daemon is stopped?06:28
bazhanglatin Sopor :}06:28
pyrak_Sopor, so here's what i can't figure out: where is the actual program located?06:28
darkentityinstead of rhytombox i use banshee06:28
darkentityi dont know why they set rhytombox as default06:28
darkentityi think banshee is the best06:28
alch3mistbanshee is gstreamer based.. i was lookin for a xine based06:28
pyrak_amarok here, best audio player out there06:28
taz_will download from internet for driver06:28
darkentitysynchronizes with the ipod perfectly06:28
darkentityoh ok06:28
alch3mistamarok is great but cluttered "I Love Gnome"06:29
bazhangtaz_: are you using a driver from the software repositories?06:29
Soporpyrak_ : try a "whereis firefox" in your terminal. And choose the right one ( :06:29
nnnbagsanyone? how to manually stop an init script? i used to use '/etc/init.d/<daemon> zap' in gentoo06:29
Alien_FreakSopor, my wifi doesn't support scanning of the network ... so it's likely it's just the wireless driver06:29
Soporbazhang, pwned xD How can you know?06:29
darkentitymy friend was able to record music off the radio channels in his mandriva os could u do that in one of ubuntus os?06:29
bazhangSopor: just a guess :}06:29
piemanUbuntu is not an OS.06:29
Alien_Freaknext question.... opengl libraries...   I see a libopengl for every language but C in my source list... anyone know which one i should be installing?06:29
piemanMandriva is not an OS.06:30
zacharyI love exaile music player. It is the most similar to Amarok but is GTK06:30
taz_i lost it software..that why and www.nvidia.com and download06:30
piemanThey are distros.06:30
_nix_nnnbags: sometimes the init scripts can't stop something that was not started in the first place. try starting the daemon...06:30
piemanAnd yes.06:30
tigranHey. When I go to 'Screens and Graphics' for my second screen (TV via S-Video), the 'Mirror default screen' is inactive. I was wondering how I can fix this.06:30
SoporAlien_Freak, dunno : /06:30
alch3mistanyone knows a good xine based audio manager that resembles ryhtymbox?... "totem has xine based player" why can't they make a rhythmbox based on xine?06:30
bazhangpieman: thanks for the clarification06:30
darkentityhow pieman06:30
piemanYou can record radio in almost any OS or distro.06:30
_nix_I use mplayer -dumpaudio for that kind of stuff06:30
darkentitycool nix06:30
Soporbazhang, Btw, I often use french word, and i remove a " e " to make the word " more english ".. That a typical french behavior xD06:31
alch3mistMPlayer is nice but poor playlist manager... anyone?06:31
Alien_Freakdarkentity, most likely you can use the same application in mandriva as in Ubuntu06:31
cardc26I just got a Lenovo L3000 Y410 notebook, I loaded up Gutsy onto it and upon bootup have no sound. I have attempted all manner of troubleshooting and have been pulling my hair out over this, are there any suggestions that could help me?06:31
bazhangSopor: hehe06:31
nnnbags_nix_: no it is started, however the init script is trying to do something in /etc/ and it deleted the config file so its b0rked06:31
_nix_smplayer I guess06:31
Soporbazhang, Do i speak very badly? : /06:31
taz_bazhang .. what u think it will work with download ??06:31
Alien_Freakor.. swap the two..06:31
zacharydarkentity, technically Ubuntu IS an OS.  It also IS a distribution06:31
_nix_nnnbags: urmm.. would you like to go manual on that?06:31
alch3mist"simplicity is beauty" ---> Gnome06:31
bazhangSopor: not at all Linux is the language here :}06:31
darkentityi know zachary06:32
darkentitytechnically it is06:32
nnnbags_nix_: huh?06:32
ganeshhegdennnbags: how to change the size of title bar of all windows(the bar which we press and hold to move around...)06:32
Rencore_i use a laptop with a usb mouse and sometimes i take the usb out when i am moving the laptop but when i put it back in it doesnt recognize the mouse so i need to reboot is there a way to fix this06:32
tigranWhen I go to 'Screens and Graphics' for my second screen (TV via S-Video), the 'Mirror default screen' is inactive. I was wondering how I can fix this.06:32
ngabrielanything i need to know for installing ubunto on a notebook system as opposed to a desktop system?  I've done the former dozens of times but never the latter.  On my notebook, it gets to a loading screen and then i just get a block screen forever06:32
bazhangtaz_: you may need to get the restricted manager for this card06:32
ngabrielblack screen rather06:32
Soporbazhang, 'cause if i do.. I'm the best studient in my classroom at college. So.. Imagine the worst xD06:32
nnnbagsganeshhegde: err ... ?06:32
=== DrUnKnMuNkY1 is now known as drunknmunky
darkentitywhy would they call it restricted manager06:33
Dr_5hard drive problem...can anyone help?06:33
pyrak_darkentity, when u say banshee synchronizes perfectly with ipod06:33
tigranDr_5 more specific06:33
Soporbazhang, Linux is an international language ( :06:33
bazhangdarkentity: software patents06:33
darkentityyeah pyrak06:33
pyrak_does that include re-encoding oggs?06:33
darkentityi see06:33
ganeshhegdennnbags:change the size of title bar..06:33
pyrak_also album art?06:33
alch3mistbanshe.. is based on mono which is buggy...06:33
darkentitythank u for the clarification baz06:33
darkentitydont tink so pyrak06:33
darkentityi never done that06:33
darkentitynot with oggs06:34
Soporipod must be as the other mp3's players.06:34
nnnbagsganeshhegde: errr, i dunno. why you asking me?06:34
zacharydarkentity, restricted drivers are those which are not open source.  In order to please the Open Source Purists Ubuntu makes clear which drivers do not follow the ideation.06:34
SoporDon't read oggs06:34
_nix_nnnbags: theoritically you _can_ fix a script which can delete each and every file installed by the package bu that certainly would b0rk apt's database.. maybe trying something on the lines of re-installing the package and then removing it should work06:34
SoporSo yeah, you must encoding ogg into mp306:34
darkentityani see zacahry06:34
Dr_5the hard drive often freeze for about 10-15 seconds...i run ubuntu 7.10..06:34
nnnbags_nix_: the problem is it never installed right in the 1st place06:34
darkentityu would have to use a converter i suppose06:34
nnnbags_nix_: its half installed06:34
SoporMaybe one day.. We'll be able to listen ogg music in the street T_T06:34
darkentitybut yet again i dont know how to add photos and videos to my ipod from linux06:34
_nix_nnnbags: apt gave you an error?06:34
darkentityi havent found it on google yet06:34
darkentityi havent searched for it yet i mean06:35
bazhangganeshhegde: have you taken a look at ubuntuforums.org? that is a very good source of info if you are not getting an answer here06:35
Sopordarkentity, Try a copy/paste ?06:35
nnnbags_nix_: i just need to know how to tell the init script that its stopped. there _must_ be any easy way to do this. other distros have 'zap' which manually sets the state to stopped06:35
darkentityyeah but im not sure where to paste them too06:35
darkentityyeah i know its dumb06:35
darkentitybut all i know is that i dont know a special program THAT CAN do that for me ;)06:35
Soporor try http://ipodlinux.org/Main_Page that.06:35
darkentitycool sopor thanks06:36
Soporyou're welcome.06:36
niuqFlannel: ok, now how i start the telnet service?06:36
ngabrielcan anyone give me a clue as to why during installation, i get this error: "/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off"?  From there it takes me to a "initramfs" prompt.  Thanks06:37
chilli_does any106:37
darkentitythink network tools has something like that06:37
darkentitynot sure though06:37
chilli_here know how 2 install windows on ubuntu06:37
_nix_nnnbags: I don't know if there is any standard way for init scripts to record process states.. I mean there are some that keep a pid file and there are some that do some ps -e | grep -i <process-name> thing.. you can try to manually kill the process06:37
nnnbags_nix_: hmmm maybe just put 'exit 0' at the start of the script ;)06:38
darkentityon ubuntu chilli?? u mean a dual boot?06:38
_nix_nnnbag: sure thing.. nice and dirty06:38
Rencore_anyone know why i cant plug my usb mouse in06:38
SoporDr_5, what?06:38
Rencore_im tired of using the touchpad06:38
nnnbags_nix_: heh it worked :)06:38
chilli_here know how 2 install windows on ubuntu06:38
bullgard4[Gnome] Main menu > System > System Administration > System log. The System Log Viewer in one of my Ubuntu 7.10 computers offers 8 logs to view but in another only 4. How can I change this number?06:38
_nix_nnnbags: great XD06:38
SoporWith a virtual machine?06:39
joshua__hey all im following the wiki to enable ntfs mounting and when I run the command $deb www. i get the error deb command not found06:39
darkentitychilli? as a VM or dual booting06:39
=== synth_ is now known as delirious
chilli_Dule booting06:39
darkentityon just one hard drive??06:39
joshua__im basically trying to enable all reposits06:40
Bucknice someone here with vm know how06:40
SoporI search a tuto06:40
_nix_somewhat I guess.. qemu?06:40
darkentityor with ubuntu on one hardive and windows on another or both ona single drive06:40
chilli_yer on 1 drive06:40
Bucki,m on xp need want to test everyop system06:40
_nix_joshua__: check out www.ubuntuguide.org and adding extra repositories section06:41
zacharyjoshua__, you can able all repos by going to System>Administration>Software Sources06:41
chilli_any one know how 2 do it06:41
zacharyjoshua__, then add your repo to the 3rd party repo section.06:41
darkentityman das a pain simple way would be to erase the whole drive install windows first and resize the partition to half the size of hard drive and then after install ubuntu ull have an optimal effect in my opninon06:41
joshua___Nix_ zachary ty06:41
Soporhttp://www.linuxdevcenter.com/pub/a/linux/2006/05/08/dual-boot-laptop.html Try it.06:41
bullgard4A dmesg message reads: "swsusp: Resume from Partition 3:8." What does '3:8' mean?06:42
chilli_thats what i want 2 do06:42
chilli_but it wornt run the cd06:42
darkentityok well then just run ur windows disc06:42
darkentityformat the drive06:42
bazhangchilli_: which is installed first windows or ubuntu?06:42
_nix_Buck: you can try the qemu-manager on windows. nice and free vm to test out live iso06:42
chilli_well i first had windows06:42
zacharyjoshua__, n/p bro06:42
chilli_then full linux06:43
Bucknix spounds good06:43
chilli_so i have only ubuntu06:43
SoporOr format with windows, install windows on a partition ONLY for windows, next insert the livecd, create 3 parts.. /(ext3, about 6Go), only for linux system , /home( ext3, for your data)  and swap( swap, about 1Go)06:43
bazhanghttp://apcmag.com/5459/dualboot_ubuntu_and_windows_xp chilli_06:43
darkentityi think u could resize the partion of ubuntu using gparted i think06:43
cardc26I just got a Lenovo L3000 Y410 notebook, I loaded up Gutsy onto it and upon bootup have no sound. I have attempted all manner of troubleshooting and have been pulling my hair out over this, are there any suggestions that could help me?06:43
darkentityand then install windows but i dotn know how that will work afterwards06:43
SoporYeah, a complete explanation like bazhang's site is more useful.06:43
Buckyou there\06:44
_nix_yup yup ;)06:44
RequinB4cardc26 - what sound card do you have06:44
Buckcan i pm you06:44
joshua__is apt-get update neccessary in ubuntu?06:44
bazhangcardc26: open up a terminal and type alsamixer06:44
_nix_sure thing06:44
darkentityonly way i know is just install windows first resize the partition for windows and after its done use ubuntu and tell it to use the remaining storage to install ubuntu06:44
bazhangjoshua__: if you want to update :}06:44
Buckty jsec06:44
darkentitythat simple06:44
BilleniumzZzis nVIDIA GeForce 6150 compatible with Beryl?06:44
Soporcardc26, gnome-sound-properties, and you chose your sound card.06:45
darkentityits called compiz now billien06:45
chilli_but i dont have windows06:45
darkentitywell ur gonna need windows06:45
bazhangBilleniumzZz: in feisty? or gutsy06:45
zacharyjoshua__, yes if you add a new repo you have to update the list.06:45
BilleniumzZzumm feisty06:45
_nix_*need windows* !!! ong06:45
SoporWindows doesn't exist on livecd.06:45
chilli_i ahve windows disk06:46
bazhangBilleniumzZz: should do, though gutsy would be nice with that card06:46
SoporWhy do you want use windows?06:46
zacharyjoshua__, after that, it will be done automaticly through the gnome update manager06:46
BilleniumzZzi can get gutsy though06:46
RequinB4'needs windows' is a phrase no one should have to hear06:46
darkentityif he wants to dual boot06:46
BilleniumzZzthanks =)06:46
cardc26The soundcard is a HDA-Intel06:46
darkentityhe wnats to dual boot06:46
SoporYou're turning into the dark side of the force, padawan.06:46
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion06:46
RequinB4cardc26 - do the following: go to terminal and type 'alsamixer' and unmute everything06:46
darkentitywell use the windows disk to format and install06:47
RequinB4type 'lspci' and tell me what your audio card is06:47
RequinB4!sound | cardc2606:47
ubotucardc26: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:47
DShepherdok guys, here's a tricky one, login screen starts up fine and allows me to enter my username and password. after accepting my credentials the brownish screen comes up and then hangs. If I just to one of the ttys and login and run startx there the X server works fine06:47
SoporLinux has many equivalent softs for windows'. So, maybe you have not to use windows ?06:47
DShepherdany ideas?06:47
bazhangcardc26: there is a gude here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544906:47
SoporWhat kind of program do you want to run on windows ?06:48
cardc26i have gone through the guides and it still does not work06:48
RequinB4Dshepherd - can your comp handle Xgl06:48
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
darkentitythe restricted nvidia drivers dont fully utlize the hardware of the card right?06:48
darkentityit feels like it just uses a portion06:48
RequinB4cardc26 - 'lspci' in terminal w/o quotes06:48
DShepherdRequinB4, i think so, but i dont think i need it though06:48
darkentitynot the full card06:48
DShepherdRequinB4, why do you ask?06:49
RequinB4Dshpherd, i had troubles with xgl b/c my laptop sucks06:49
tarntowi've encounted a strange problem with the live cd after selecting install ubuntu the screen would be fine should the progress bar but then when that's finished the screen goes blank with a little red box saying 'out of range 60hz / 64khz' ...so i tried to use the alternate install cd which went find and installed xubuntu but once again after choosing xubuntu from dual boot screen the same 'out of range' box would appear after the xubuntu progress bar...???06:49
RequinB4kept getting no GUI06:49
Cpudan80What's the command to test 3D acceleration ?06:49
Cpudan80The gears thing?06:49
DShepherdRequinB4, well xgl is not installed..06:49
bazhangtarntow: that means that the video resolution is not working out06:50
CrazyPoultrysorry to ask again but my wife's making me get ready to go shopping soon, do i need to type compiz --replace at every login?06:50
Cpudan80trusatoRi: let's see...06:50
newguyhey why doesnt sound work in gutsy? i get "resource buisy" when trying to play mp3's with rythmbox06:50
_nix_tarntow: monitor not syncing thre..06:50
darkentityhe must have a crazy resolution on that screen06:50
_nix_we do have a BulletProofX thing right?06:50
allencHello.... are there programs that are free and allow users to run windows programs in ubuntu?06:50
bazhangCrazyPoultry: have you tried choosing it a session? in the login screen06:50
tarntowbazhang: has never happened b4 with previous versions of ubuntu06:50
darkentityallen wine is an alternative06:50
RequinB4DShepherd, problem is its a heck of a generic symptom lol06:50
newguyya and the login screen resolution is way off too06:51
newguythe desktop is fine06:51
DShepherdRequinB4, huh?06:51
darkentityalso go to applications>add/remove programs06:51
Burlynnhow can i list what modules are currently loaded?06:51
GINZ3Sorry to butt in06:51
newguybut everytime i go to login, its warped06:51
CrazyPoultrybazhang: was unaware it was listed as a session06:51
darkentitytheres a bunch of opensource software06:51
tarntow_nix_: how sould i go about fixing ?06:51
bazhangtarntow: you may need to reconfigure your xserver06:51
Buck_nix_ can you pm me i my mouse died so i,m only doin keybourd06:51
_nix_lsmod | less06:51
allencdarkentity: the app is called wine?06:51
GINZ3I have just addedXchat to my ubuntu06:51
Sopor3d acceleration?06:51
chilli_its not working06:51
basskozzCan someone help me understand something?06:51
Soporglxinfo | grep rendering ?06:51
bazhangCrazyPoultry: just a thought.. not sure it will work :}06:51
newguyno sound, warped login screen, firefox crashes every two bloody minutes, its like gutsy has become windows 98 or something06:51
SoporI think.06:51
SoporNot sure06:51
GINZ3and want to add dalnet channels06:51
darkentityyea it runs some windows .exe06:51
cerealkillerguys need help06:51
CrazyPoultrybazhang: guess i'll try it06:51
allencok, thanks06:52
GINZ3How do I do that please06:52
darkentityjust some not all allen06:52
RequinB4!ask cerealkiller06:52
acidrockguys i cant hear sound if i'am running another software...means either i can watch video in firefox or listen to music in armarok06:52
SoporCpudan80, glxinfo | grep rendering Try it06:52
RequinB4!ask | cerealkiller06:52
ubotucerealkiller: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)06:52
_nix_tarntow: ask for Bullet Proof X mode.. it's a kind of safe mode build into ubuntu06:52
Cpudan80Sopor: Yeah, it works, the command was glxgears06:52
tarntowbazhang: but if i can see anything how should i go about fixing06:52
Cpudan80Funny how I remove the proprietary ATi driver and my FPS shoots up 200x06:52
chilli_windows isnt working06:52
=== KinkyBlackGoa_ is now known as KinkyBlackGoat
chilli_\when i boot nothing happens06:52
Cpudan80Stupid ATi gfx card06:52
=== madturk is now known as FalandA
SoporCpudan80, Ok, sorry (:06:53
cerealkilleri have a dual boot system, windows and ubuntu, but the problem i format my xp system on the first disk, the second disk contains ubuntu, how can i fix grub06:53
Cpudan80Sopor: Where can I send ATi angry E-mail?06:53
tarntow_nix_: then what commands to type once in safe mode?06:53
darkentitydas another pain cereal06:53
Cpudan80Oh wait - there drivers dont even work right in WIndows, so much for *nix06:53
cardc26How do I send you the outPUT RequinB4?06:53
chilli_i have only ubuntu installed06:53
chilli_and i want windows back06:53
chilli_but it doesnt work06:53
SoporCpudan80, Lol.. I don't think they will read you, but try the official website and "contact"06:53
patbamhi, during boot my laptolp is segfaulting and hanging. tips on what to do?06:53
RequinB4just copy and paste here the line that says "audio device" - i don't need the rest06:53
_nix_its gui aimed so that a user doesn't have to enter any commands06:53
Cpudan80Sopor: only kidding :-)06:53
darkentityjust reformat ur whole hardrive06:53
RequinB4that command just tells you what PCI devices are on your system06:53
darkentityreinstall both oses06:53
patbamweird detail: i get a message: "mount: mount point gedit does not exist"06:54
chilli_how do i reformat06:54
_nix_I guess lsmod lists the modules list06:54
darkentitylol wow06:54
FalandAhello guys, someone can tell me how can i use Wine ? is it installation or something or is it use installed files on windows?06:54
GINZ3Sorry i can;t sort out answers to my question here  Can you please prefic an anser to me with my nick06:54
CrazyPoultrybazhang: that did't work06:54
darkentityput the windows disc into ur machine06:54
patbamdarkentity: was that commment about reformatting for me?06:54
CrazyPoultrybazhang: err didn't06:54
darkentityno pat06:54
chilli_nothing happens when i puit the windows disk in06:54
darkentitythat could be ur bios setting too06:54
darkentitytheres alot of things to look at..gotta make sure ur bios boots ur dvd drive first then ur hard drive06:55
SoporWell. Maybe should i go at school.. I'm late T_T.. Tss. To study " english "..we'll speak again about britney spears or steve fossett T_T I don't care ! i'll tell to my teacher if you can study on irc..06:55
darkentitydifferent motherboards have a different way of doing that different buttons chilli06:55
=== Sopor is now known as Sopor-Atcollege-
darkentityusually its f106:55
_nix_tarntow: here you go.. I haven't tested that personally though. Using a distro I put up myself.. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BulletProofX06:55
darkentityor tab when ur machine boots chilli06:55
FalandAcerealkiller: ?06:55
cerealkiller<FalandA> install wine first in ur repository06:55
darkentityonce ur in ur bios settings chilli06:55
chilli_it is the microsoft business edition 2003 cd06:56
FalandAcerealkiller: yes its installed06:56
patbami was able to boot into recovery mode. should i run fsck?06:56
chilli_and when i start my comp it boots normaly06:56
darkentitythats fine make sure ur cd aint scratch to death if its clean and cool its probably cuz ur machine isnt booting windows first06:56
_nix__guys?_ what no ladies here?06:56
FalandAcerealkiller: forexample i have an setup.exe of a program, should it  work with wine?06:56
chilli_its ok cuz i put in the drive06:56
darkentitychilli it doenst ask u to press a key to boot into cd??? when u reboot???06:56
acidrockladis and guys06:56
darkentitygo into ur bios settings06:57
GINZ3Please tell me is this a Dalnet channel?06:57
inittry F12 and F1206:57
darkentityits gonna tell u to press a button06:57
chilli_it says boot option06:57
initsrry F206:57
darkentityeither f106:57
patbamwhoa, crazy, there actually is a line gksu gedit /etc/fstab in my /etc/fstab. should that be there?06:57
darkentityor tab06:57
_nix_acidrock: lol06:57
darkentityor someting06:57
FalandAGINZ3: NOO06:57
chilli_like F1006:57
darkentityand u there r settings there chilli06:57
darkentityyeah something06:57
chilli_or F106:57
darkentityit all depends chili06:57
darkentitydepends on ur machine06:57
chilli_lots of setting06:57
chilli_AMD 6406:57
acidrocknix is it a bug that you can hear only hear sound from one source06:57
GINZ3FalandA  Please tell me how to get into a dalnet channel in Xchat06:57
darkentityfind something that talks about changing priority of drives06:57
cerealkiller<FalandA> then open wine supported executable, after u installed it, go to wine in the menu then click the program you've installed06:57
darkentityor boot 1st06:57
darkentityboot 2nd06:57
darkentityboot 3rd06:58
cerealkilleri have a dual boot system, windows and ubuntu, but the problem i format my xp system on the first disk, the second disk contains ubuntu, how can i fix grub06:58
darkentitysomething int hat order06:58
chilli_ill try 2 boot it up again06:58
darkentityusually its boot 1 floppy drive06:58
darkentityboot 2 either hard drive06:58
darkentityor cd06:58
darkentitymake sure boot 2 or boot 106:58
chilli_lol i dionbt have a floppy drive06:58
darkentityis set to ur cd /dvd drive or whatever06:58
bazhang!grub | cerealkiller06:58
ubotucerealkiller: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:58
initdid windows get rid of GRUB cereal?06:58
nomatrixhi, someone in here who can help me (newbie) installing my isa sb16pnp?06:58
chilli_ill try06:58
darkentityjust make sure u boot ur cd before ur harddrive u feel me chilli06:58
bullgard4A dmesg message reads: "swsusp: Resume from Partition 3:8." What does '3:8' mean?06:59
FalandAcerealkiller: Programs folder shows only Notepad program, but how will i install a program ? is it install exe files or what?06:59
darkentityso boot floppy boot cd then boot hard drive06:59
chris_I have a Lenovo L3000 y410 notebook, I have been trying for over a month to try to get the sound working, does anyone have any suggestions?06:59
chilli_what will happen if i run setup.exe in wine06:59
darkentityin that order but u have to fish for that if that dont work than thats wierd could be ur disc is messed up06:59
darkentitywont get nothing chillie06:59
RequinB4chris_ do you have intel sound06:59
darkentitydont think so06:59
Naelr2from a2t3canov3r10rd http://madderhatters.blogspot.com/ to moderator06:59
chris_HDA Intel06:59
chilli_ill try anyway06:59
darkentitybut if anything chilli if worst comes to worst06:59
darkentitygo to applications06:59
chris_RequinB4, how can I send you the output of that command?06:59
darkentitytype in virtual box06:59
darkentityand install it as a virutal machine07:00
darkentityitll boot windows right on ubuntu07:00
darkentitythe whole os07:00
chilli_what will happen07:00
bazhang!paste | chris_07:00
ubotuchris_: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:00
RequinB4chris_ http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/07:00
Aleksander-plHello. How to mount filesystem to make it accesible for every user?07:00
darkentitybut chilli07:00
darkentitysometimes when u run vm's07:00
darkentityit gets a lil buggy07:00
chilli_so if i do that it will stuff my comp07:00
cerealkiller<nomatrix> what do u mean installing?physically or installing with drivers07:00
darkentityyeah it will a bit07:00
darkentitybut if u got a big hard drive07:00
darkentitythen ur straight07:00
initaleksander, you'll need to change the umask in fstab07:00
darkentitybut u set the partition of the size u want it to07:00
darkentityso i could say i want to give windows 50gbs07:01
initsee man mount07:01
darkentityor 100 gbs07:01
darkentityor just 10 gbs07:01
chilli_its working07:01
darkentityand windows will use that07:01
bullgard4darkentity: Please use your Enter key less often.07:01
darkentitynow its working chilli07:01
darkentitysorry bullgard07:01
chilli_wine is07:01
chilli_and im putting in the cd key07:01
darkentityur crazy07:01
RequinB4chris_ ?07:02
darkentitychilli hit me up on an private im07:02
dotneti am newbie on ubuntu 7.1007:02
initwhat do you need, dotnet07:02
acidrockguys i cant hear sound if i'am running another software...means either i can watch video in firefox or listen to music in armarok07:02
rohanin /etc/environment, i've set LANG="en_US.utf8" yet on logging in i get LANG=en_IN07:02
acidrockis it a bug?07:02
rohanwhat do i do to change it ?07:02
dotnetany body knows.., how to using remote dekstop ?07:02
nomatrixhi, someone in here who can help me ionstalling my sb16pnp? please message me private. i already tested varoius things (ispnp and such things)07:03
darkentitywhat do u mean07:03
initfor remote desktop, you'll need to set up an XDMCP or VNC server. ill send some links...07:03
acidrocki mean i cant hear any thing07:03
chris_I have tried going through the forums and so far everything has not worked yet07:03
acidrockonly from one source07:03
chilli_how do i im you07:03
cerealkilleri have a dual boot system, windows and ubuntu, but the problem i format my xp system on the first disk, the second disk contains ubuntu, how can i fix grub07:03
chris_But maybe there is something I missed07:04
initdotnet, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC07:04
darkentityoh dont know ur using 7.10?07:04
rohanubotu: grumo07:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about grumo - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:04
rohanubotu: grub > cerealkiller07:04
darkentitychilli check ur left side i sent u a an i.m.07:04
dotnetok ill read first : init (thanks)07:04
darkentityu should see my n ame i think on the left under ubuntu server07:04
RequinB4chris_ - I'm working on a similar problem with a sound card similar to yours, if i can fix urs hopefully i can fix the G version07:04
chilli_but ther is no talking07:04
darkentityclick it07:04
chilli_i did07:05
RequinB4chris_ - type 'alsamixer' into terminal07:05
RequinB4and unmute everything07:05
acidrockdarkentity: ?07:05
chilli_i was talking 2 you07:05
darkentityi dont know then07:05
chilli_what did you say07:05
nomatrixevereryone wants to tell me that ubuntu and such things are working better than my old win98. but i cannot agree. noone will help me nad my soundcard isn't working07:05
nomatrixso what?07:05
darkentityi sent u a private im acid07:05
nomatrix someone is able to halp me?07:05
darkentityhit me up on that07:05
GINZ3Oh Gee. I can;t see any instructions of ow to get to Dalnet. Please, I am new to Ubuntu07:05
darkentitywhat sound card do u have nomatrix07:06
bazhangnomatrix: we are volunteers please be patient07:06
darkentityif u have a creative labs card lol07:06
nomatrixSB16 PNP07:06
darkentitygood luck07:06
bullgard4A dmesg message reads: "swsusp: Resume from Partition 3:8." What does '3:8' mean?07:06
acidrockdarkentity: you did?07:06
darkentityyeah acid07:06
nomatrixyes, i need this luck, wehre can i get this :)07:06
darkentityjust right click on my name and choose open dialog window07:06
m0nk3ym4nCan anyone help me on getting my sound reset/working?07:06
buttercups!register | darkentity07:06
ubotudarkentity: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration07:06
CreedCan someone tell me how I can host my own .net domain? I have BIND installed but not sure where to go from there...07:06
bullgard4[Gnome] Main menu > System > System Administration > System log. The System Log Viewer in one of my Ubuntu 7.10 computers offers 8 logs to view but in another only 4. How can I change this number?07:07
darkentitydont know creed07:07
MinusSevenWhich irc client are people using in Ubuntu?07:07
acidrockis this dalnet or what07:07
MinusSevenI was reading up on kvirc07:07
bullgard4MinusSeven: irssi07:07
acidrockdo i have to reg to get pm?07:07
abhihow do i get the expose that was there in beryl for compiz fusion in gutsy?? what option in compiz settings manager am i looking at?07:07
MinusSeveni've tried irssi before, seems to be good07:07
acidrock-R lol07:07
darkentityminux seven either xchat is good07:07
tdruskhow can I start gnome-panel?07:07
m0nk3ym4nI can't find the PCM switch for my sound card?07:07
chilli_IM GONNA REBOOT07:07
bazhangabhi that would be the scale effect07:07
m0nk3ym4nI think it was after I installed alsamixer07:07
acidrockgood luck07:07
chilli_see if any thing comes up07:08
CreedCan someone tell me how I can host my own .net domain? I have BIND installed but not sure where to go from there...07:08
MinusSevenwhat about ident daemon?07:08
acidrockwb darkentity07:08
darkentityis xchat supose to reboot all the time07:08
abhibazhang: where?07:09
acidrockso darkentity  seems i cant get your pm's unless i reg?07:09
bazhangabhi: in ccsm07:09
dotnetinit : can i use [Zencafe : for client] and ubuntu 7.10 as server .. for cyber cafe ?07:09
abhibazhang: which section of ccsm?07:09
dotnetusing VNC ofcourse07:09
m0nk3ym4nDoes anyone know how to reset the sound settings in 7.10? I've looked all over the forums but I can't find out how to reset my sound settings07:09
bazhangabhi: the plugin marked scale07:09
abhibazhang: u mean under window management?07:10
bazhangabhi: yes07:10
darkentityman my connection keeps resetting07:11
RequinB4m0nk3ym4n - double click on the speaker icon :D07:11
bazhangdarkentity: try Konversation lol07:11
abhibazhang: how do i set some key to disabled??07:11
darkentitydamn asus motherboards07:11
acidrockdarkentity: ddos?07:11
darkentitywhas ddos?07:11
=== Buck is now known as Turkey
darkentityi think its cuz i did that trick to speed up firefox and google earth07:11
abhibazhang: how do i disable some keys for the shortcuts?07:11
acidrockjus tell me the pm you sent07:11
bazhangabhi double click them? not sure which keybindings you are referring to07:11
Turkeygooble gobble07:11
m0nk3ym4nI used to have a PCM option switch but I don't have one anymore07:11
abhibazhang compiz settings manager07:12
acidrocki did it too but im using KSirc07:12
darkentityksirc?? and ur not getting any resets acid?07:12
=== Turkey is now known as Funkin-Farbin
bazhangabhi you want the scale effect--best to set a window corner or a key combo--double clicking will bring up a box that will allow you to set that up07:12
darkentityima look into that07:12
acidrockso what did you say in that pm darkentity07:13
cerealkillerwhere i can download easybcd07:13
RequinB4m0nk3ym4n - try editing the options in that program07:13
darkentityi forgot acid07:13
darkentityhold on07:13
initill look it up07:14
init ok, ZenCafe looks great for internet cafe use07:14
init but if your intent is to have many ZenCafe computers using VNC to connect to a single Ubuntu server, you may be looking for something more along the lines of thin client support07:14
m0nk3ym4nThanks Requin but I have tried that and playing with all the options doesn't work07:14
Funkin-Farbinhello dark07:15
darkentityusing gnome irc if this fails ima go for the kde version u mentioned acid07:15
darkentityur on a laptop acid?07:15
=== Funkin-Farbin is now known as Fire-a
darkentitywhat kind of sound card u got07:15
=== Fire-a is now known as Fire
darkentityooh man07:15
Naelr2looking for help with ubuntu and a new acer aspire laptop07:15
m0nk3ym4nI have a Dell 930007:15
darkentityget rid of it07:15
m0nk3ym4nIt's an intel07:15
darkentityi have creative07:15
acidrockits working fine07:16
m0nk3ym4nI think07:16
darkentitythey suck when it comes to linux07:16
acidrock7.1 sorrund is ok07:16
darkentityi see07:16
m0nk3ym4nHow do I just reset my alsa settings?07:16
bullgard4[Gnome] Main menu > System > System Administration > System log. The System Log Viewer in one of my Ubuntu 7.10 computers offers 8 logs to view but in another only 4. How can I change this number?07:16
m0nk3ym4nand my sound driver?07:16
darkentityur just getting it that it works with one program at a time?07:16
darkentitywhat version07:16
darkentityof the soundcard07:16
acidrockver of what?07:16
acidrockhow can i know07:16
darkentitydont know how to do that in linux07:17
acidrockSB 24-bit07:17
noah_Hey i just installed the drivers for an ATI Radeon X1550 and it says i need to enable the restricted drivers to fully use the 3d capabilities of the card. is this the correct corus of action?07:17
acidrocksound blaster 24-bit07:17
darkentityoh okay i see07:17
bazhangnoah_: yes that is07:17
darkentitydid u try the obivios07:17
acidrockwhat is this?07:17
bazhang!enter | darkentity07:17
ubotudarkentity: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:17
noah_Just makin sure cus i have had to resinstall ubuntu 5 times cus i messed up the dan thing07:18
noah_i am realy nooby about linux hehe07:18
Firewelcome to the club brother\07:18
darkentitywhich is trying to find to see if they have a driver at creativelabs.com if not then ull just have to google for info thats about as much as i know brother sorry07:18
bazhangnoah_: you shouldnt have to reinstall linux like that--fixes are available for problems such as yours07:18
acidrockthanks darkentity07:19
acidrocki'll check07:19
noah_I had to reinstall cus the display wouldn't show up07:19
noah_and i didn't know how to fix it via command line07:19
darkentityok acid good luck07:19
bazhangnoah_: you may have to reconfigure the xserver07:19
noah_well i ran aticonfig --initial07:19
bazhangsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg noah_07:19
noah_it configured tthe xorg to use the card07:20
RequinB4has any of the 1092 people here found a way to fix this sound problem -