robert__umm I plugged in this wireless usb and installed the driver for it then set it up in /etc/network/interfaces did ifdown on ethernet interface and ifup on wireless interface yet it doesn't work...00:45
robert__it thinks its an ethernet interface and won't use essid or key00:46
robert__are there like certain packages I need to use wireless that might not be installed? I'm using 6.0600:49
robert__hmm I have wireless-tools installed00:50
robert__turns out my wireless device that uses zd1211b only will work on 802.11b since its a usb 1.101:03
robert__anyone know if there are other drivers I could use for g support?01:03
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ToHellWithGAdpkg: syntax error: unknown group `uml-net' in statoverride file02:45
ToHellWithGAE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)02:45
ToHellWithGAdo yall know what that might mean?02:45
graelbAre there any known issues with abiword not spellchecking correctly?03:33
ToHellWithGAlitlebuda likes unplugging his network cable and plugging it back in during non-resumable downloads to see if he is fast enough03:39
The-Kernelhow do i turn on desktop effects in Xubuntu 7.10?06:27
The-Kernelit's different from 6.1006:27
benpiccoHi, iś searching for a download manager which can use multiple sessions to increase speed - is wget able to do this, too?07:21
CyberMadhow to protect panel on desktop from changing? one of our office staff, sometime remove the panel.. and it really waste our time to fix it08:13
ablomenyou could try making the panel files ro or something like that08:17
CyberMadablomen how is that? from /home/username/.config/xfce/panel ?08:21
ablomen~/.config/xfce4/panel/panels.xml << if you chmod that so they dont have write rights i guess they cant change the panels08:23
ablomendunno if xfce shows up errors then, you should just try i guess08:23
CyberMadok ablomen :) i will never know if not try it08:38
CyberMadablomen sorry, i'm new.. if i want to do chmod of panels.xml08:39
CyberMadchmod 555 panels.xml ?08:40
ablomenchmod -w ~/.config/xfce4/panel/panel.xml08:40
CyberMadwhat is the best image viewer?11:00
CyberMadi want install it..11:00
CyberMadGQview is not good..11:00
ablomengthumb is my fav11:08
ablomenyou can try fspot too11:11
CapsAdminIs there a way to instal xUbuntu without formating my xbox?12:29
CapsAdminI don't see any options, but I was thinking of a way like you can with GentooX12:29
CapsAdminI want to be able to run it as an application through EvoX12:30
CapsAdminI don't want it to take over my entire xbox12:30
pleia2CapsAdmin: this is the channel for Xubuntu, not xUbuntu12:30
pleia2might have better luck finding an xbox linux channel12:30
CapsAdminDammit, I can't search with a specific case12:32
CapsAdminat google12:32
ddddddno cursing12:32
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nobhello all12:53
nobis there a network browser for xubuntu similar to ubuntu?12:53
TheSheepnob: no, you need to install a separate application for that12:57
TheSheepnob: like pyneighborhood12:57
nobTheSheep: cheers for the heads up13:01
kwhki need to run ssh commands in Terminal from time to time in order to connect via internet to some different computers located at another location.  can i save the commands so that i can save typing the command every time?15:21
TheSheepkwhk: sure, the simpliest way would be to make an alias in .bash_rc15:26
kwhkTheSheep: thanks.15:29
Asbanolhello @all, I can't get my soundcard to run. I'm using Xubuntu 7.04 on an ASUS M2N-VM DH (nVidia nForce 430). The chip should be HD audio with an AD1988 codec16:24
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP316:41
kwhkTheSheep: just did some searches about .bash, doesn't seem to be something simple to me. but will certainly try. thanks.17:10
TheSheepkwhk: just add a line to .bash_profile in your home directory17:12
TheSheepkwhk: somethin like  'alias foo="some long and twisted command"'17:13
TheSheepkwhk: then you can call it by typing 'foo'17:13
loguser1what are pre released updates.?  is it important to check it while upgrading or updating.17:14
TheSheeploguser1: they are updates that haven't been tested yet17:15
TheSheeploguser1: and may contain bugs17:15
TheSheeploguser1: I mean more than usually17:15
loguser1http://www.kubuntu.org/announcements/7.10-release.php says to enable them           why?17:15
kwhkTheSheep: thanks again.17:16
loguser1you there?17:20
TheSheeploguser1: yes, was reading what they wrote17:20
TheSheeploguser1: basically, before you update to 7.10, you want to have a maximally up-to-date 7.417:21
loguser1but untested apps..........!!?17:22
TheSheeploguser1: they are going to be replaced after you update anyways17:22
loguser1they would be replaced even if i dont update them with pre released. they will be directly updated by the upgrade17:23
loguser1what do you think17:35
loguser1 how to change user name and computer name in kubuntu?17:40
techjimdoes xubuntu come with desktop effects?  my graphics haven't been in order since 6.10 --> 7.0418:21
evil_techyay i killed my ubuntu partition18:22
loguser1 if i have wine installed . how much should i worry about windows viruses. (iam a singer user in linux) and what can i do to prevent damage?18:27
loguser1is there a way that i can stop wine to auto open an .exe (windows app)   instead i always have to open a windows exe file by konsole.  ?18:30
ToHellWithGAi would like my laptop to suspend when i close the lid when it is not plugged into power.  can i do that with xubuntu?18:36
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theunixgeekIs there anything Visual-Studio like for Linux?20:04
Tony_what's that? studio software?20:05
theunixgeekvisual studio20:05
theunixgeekit's for designing software20:06
Tony_like visual basic?20:07
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EcoBlueWho would I alert as to violations of the GPL license inside of Xubuntu?21:02
GilgadI'm having problems getting the most recent liveCD to boot on my computer21:26
GilgadIt's a bit old, and i don't beleive it has acpi support21:26
Gilgadit crashes with the message "bios year==0, assuming acpi support"21:27
Gilgadi tried to add the noacpi boot option, but it doesn't change anything21:27
Gilgadany extra info on adding boot options beyond what is here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions?21:28
TheSheephi KillerMonkey[p]22:09
KillerMonkey[p]i need help22:11
KillerMonkey[p]with xubuntu22:11
KillerMonkey[p]TheSheep u there?22:11
TheSheep!ask | KillerMonkey[p]22:14
ubotuKillerMonkey[p]: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)22:14
evil_techso apparently 64 bit (k)(x)ubuntu dont like radeon x80022:19
KillerMonkey[p]My cd that i installed (I tried both new versions) said that files on it were corrupt.22:24
KillerMonkey[p]Everything else before the install worked perfectly22:24
KillerMonkey[p]what should i do?22:24
evil_techreburn or run the disc verification utility22:25
KillerMonkey[p]what will the disc verification utility do?22:26
evil_techverify that the installer can access all the files necessary22:27
TheSheepKillerMonkey[p]: tell you that the files are corrupted22:27
KillerMonkey[p]and if it does tell me the files are corrupted then what should I do?22:27
evil_techthough that wouldnt really be necessary if it is telling you it has corrupt files22:27
KillerMonkey[p]ive burned the disk 3 times22:27
evil_techmeaning its an rewritable disc or you've burnt the same ISO 3 times?22:28
TheSheepKillerMonkey[p]: burn at the slowest speed possible22:28
TheSheepKillerMonkey[p]: and verify the image before burning22:28
KillerMonkey[p]um....ok....ill try over22:28
TheSheep!md5 | KillerMonkey[p]22:28
ubotuKillerMonkey[p]: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows22:28
KillerMonkey[p]i dont get it22:34
evil_techdon't get what22:36
KillerMonkey[p]wait should i have the i386?22:36
KillerMonkey[p]i have a previous 95 computer22:37
KillerMonkey[p]screw it im not doing the checksum22:39
evil_techyou need the 32 bit install and i'd recommend using the alternate install cd22:40
Ashfire909ok, i'm on the live cd and am about to showing to a friend. the font is like,huge. xubuntu22:50
Ashfire909(i can't see what i'm typing, sorry.)22:51
Ashfire909how do i shrink the fonts? i tryied setting the relsution up and shrinking the font but it's still huge22:51
Ashfire909all the fonts are big, 9 is like 66 size22:52
KillerMonkey[p]32 bit install?23:19
KillerMonkey[p]is that i386?23:20
KillerMonkey[p]and i am using altertate23:20
KillerMonkey[p]it didnt pass the integrity check23:20
infernodoes xubuntu come with a firewall23:55

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