wolfgerAnybody in here?01:06
lamontwolfger: I see 99 of us01:21
lamontof course, I think we're all just lurking01:21
wolfgerI was looking for a meeting, but was notified it's being held in ubuntu-us. Sorry to have bothered the peace :-)01:22
somerville32@schedule atlantic02:30
ubotuSchedule for Canada/Atlantic: 29 Nov 10:00: Desktop Team Development | 29 Nov 12:00: Community Council | 01 Dec 07:00: Kubuntu Developers | 01 Dec 15:00: Art Team | 04 Dec 12:00: Server Team meeting02:30
* somerville32 wonders if he can swing the CC02:30
no0tic@schedule europe02:32
no0tic@schedule europe/rome02:33
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Rome: 29 Nov 15:00: Desktop Team Development | 29 Nov 17:00: Community Council | 01 Dec 12:00: Kubuntu Developers | 01 Dec 20:00: Art Team | 04 Dec 17:00: Server Team meeting02:33
=== ubotu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 29 Nov 14:00 UTC: Desktop Team Development | 29 Nov 16:00 UTC: Community Council | 01 Dec 11:00 UTC: Kubuntu Developers | 01 Dec 19:00 UTC: Art Team | 04 Dec 16:00 UTC: Server Team meeting | 05 Dec 20:30 UTC: Xubuntu meeting
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coolbhaviis popey sir there?12:46
coolbhavi is popey sir there?13:03
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=== ubotu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Current meeting: Desktop Team Development Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 29 Nov 16:00 UTC: Community Council | 01 Dec 11:00 UTC: Kubuntu Developers | 01 Dec 19:00 UTC: Art Team | 04 Dec 16:00 UTC: Server Team meeting | 05 Dec 20:30 UTC: Xubuntu meeting
kwwiihi pitti13:53
* mvo waves13:55
* ccm waves but only reads until the next meeting :)13:56
KeybukRiddell: here?13:57
MacSlowGreetings everybody!13:57
* Keybuk wonders whether Ted is up yet13:59
MacSlowhi Riddell14:00
Keybuklet's get going anyway14:00
KeybukI've been collecting agenda items at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/DevelopmentMeeting14:00
Keybuk(and this also links to the previous meeting minutes now)14:00
Keybukso previous meeting actions14:01
Keybukkwwii: is the art-team spec ready for review?14:01
kwwiiKeybuk: yes14:01
Keybukkwwii: could you mark it as Review in LP?14:01
MacSlowdesktopEffects I'll have finished by tomorrow, face-browser is done and the other two are also done by the weekend14:01
kwwiiKeybuk: will do14:01
MacSlowhi kwwii14:02
kwwiihi MacSlow14:02
Keybukok, so the following actions get carried over14:02
KeybukACTION: kwwii to complete hardy-theme and hardy-icon-theme after decision at London presentation14:02
KeybukACTION: MacSlow to complete drafting of hardy-desktop-effects and other assigned specs14:03
Keybukok, so spec progress14:03
Keybuknot expecting anything significant at this point, but if you have any interesting highlights, please shout out when your name is called ;)14:04
KeybukRiddell: ?14:04
RiddellKDE 4 packages are all done for this round14:04
Keybukcool, so updated beta for alpha 1?14:04
Riddellrelease candiate infact14:05
Keybukwhich RC?14:05
RiddellKDE 4 rc 114:05
Keybukgood work!14:05
Riddellalthough KDE 4 will probably be delayed until early january14:05
Keybukoh, why the hold up?14:05
Riddelllots of bits are broken14:06
Riddellpeople were complining you can't change the desktop background, that seems to be a favourite feature14:06
RiddellI also packaged trolltech's webkitkde for konqueror, still very experimental but promising14:06
Keybukoh, the confusement14:06
Keybukso webkit started as khtml, used by konq, and now knoq uses webkit? :)14:07
Riddellthat's the circle of life14:07
Keybukok, thanks14:07
Keybukkwwii: your specs are largely blocking on the london meeting next week, but any interesting developments?14:07
Riddell(New queue processing on webkitkde appreciated archive admins)14:08
pittinoted ^14:08
kwwiinothing amazing, I have just about every idea under the sun in the presentation, we'll see what comes of that14:08
Keybuk:-)  If you want to send me another draft, please feel free14:08
kwwiione thing with the art team that we are blocked on is getting out the new art.ubuntu.com site14:08
Keybukwho is that blocking on?14:08
kwwiiKeybuk: I'll send you something in a few hours14:09
kwwiiit is waiting for some code review14:09
KeybukLP?  IS?  newz2000?14:09
kwwiiyeah, newz2000 got the new stuff running but he told me it is waiting for review14:10
kwwiiI am guessing it is some lp functionality which was missing before14:10
Keybukdo you need any pressure from me to help that through?  do you have bug#s or anything?14:11
kwwiiat this point we have only been waiting for a couple of weeks, if it gets to be a month and nothing happens I'll move the pressure up a notch14:11
Keybukplease do let me know14:12
kwwiiwill do14:12
Keybukpitti: any interesting developments/progress to report this early?14:12
pittinothing beyond my weekly report14:12
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pittiI was mainly hacking on r-m and doing archive/release stuff14:13
pittibut there's nothing shiny about the new r-m yet14:13
pitti(and dapper.2, but nothing for this meeting)14:13
MacSlowpitti, hey... we can do widget-reflections now ;)14:13
Keybuk*nods*  I have added the discussion about weekly reports to the team leads meeting later today; my preference is just to include all of yours in our own team meeting report14:14
tedgKeybuk: versus what?14:14
Keybukversus a single one for the entire distro team, for example14:15
tedgAh okay.14:15
Keybuk(which was the original plan which has never happened :p)14:15
Keybukmvo: anything interesting?14:15
mvocompiz: git HEAD packages almost ready for upload, keybinding settings14:15
mvo        changed, need to be updated14:15
mvobut otherwise its good to go14:15
Keybukis git head based on 0.6 or 0.7?14:15
Keybukwhat's the progress like on that?14:16
mvoall packages are ready, the complete stack needs to get uploaded14:16
Keybukupstream, I mean14:16
mvonot too much new stuff in 0.7 yet, it seems everyone is waiting for the new object system branch to get merged14:16
seb128is 0.7 an unstable serie?14:16
seb128will they get a stable one before hardy?14:17
seb128(just curious there)14:17
mvothey told us they will branch  a stable in time14:17
mvoMacSlow: any word from david yet?14:17
mvoupgrades are working okish too, dapper->hardy inside kvm with the release-upgrader and backported apt/dpkg works now (server upgrade only)14:17
MacSlowmvo, no :/ I'll tell you first once I do get a reply14:17
mvodapper->hardy with ubuntu-desktop is currently runnig on my machine, I got some file overwrite problems and postinst issues, but its not yet finished14:18
mvo(thats all)14:18
Keybukok, thanks14:18
KeybukMacSlow: ?14:18
MacSlowKeybuk, you too don't worry :)14:19
KeybukI mean any interesting highlights to report for the past week?14:19
MacSlowwell the most interesting thing is probably that I got redirected widget-rendering working in gtk+ (with some cairo-magic) http://macslow.thepimp.net/clips/reflected-widgets-1.ogg14:20
kwwiiboah, killer14:21
MacSlowin the works and not done are similar experiments with redirected gtk+-widgets _ontop_ of a OpenG-context14:21
tedgMacSlow: That's pretty cool.14:21
MacSlowbut that will probably still take a day or two more14:21
Keybukvery shiny :-)14:22
Keybuktedg: any interesting news to report?  I know you've spent the past week on gnome-screensaver, etc.14:22
tedgNothing interesting.14:22
tedgWorking on the screensaver blueprint.14:22
tedgDo you want to look at removing "boring" screensavers?14:22
KeybukI saw a question about a Debian screensaver?14:22
ogratedg, i guess it would make sense to review our default hacks selection in xscreensaver14:23
Keybukboring ones, those that are impossible to use without configuration, etc.14:23
ograthe list we ship is quite old14:23
Keybuk(the question of actually getting configuration back is +n material)14:23
MacSlowtedg, are the rss-screensavers in main?14:23
ograthere are surely new intresting ones14:23
tedgYeah, apparently adding the Debian logo screensaver might offend Debian.  I don't get it, but that was the chat last night.14:23
ograMacSlow, yep14:23
MacSlowI like those14:23
kwwiiit would be better to offer only a few really good ones that including a long list of useless/ugly crap14:23
ograMacSlow, very expensive ressource wise though14:23
MacSlowscreensavers are something so useless... but so fun thing to hack on14:24
tedgOkay, we might need to have a selection for older computers and such.14:24
ograif you take them away expect people to show up at yur door :)14:24
MacSlowogra, hm... joa... kind of battery-burning14:24
* Keybuk uses "Blank Screen" and the f-spot screensaver, heh14:24
ograusers love screensavers ... whyever14:24
Keybukwe can always have a -extra ;)14:25
MacSlowogra, funky and shiny screensavers rock on booth-computers at computer-fairs14:25
ograwe already have that  :)14:25
tedgShould we break the "Ubuntu Screensaver" into it's own package so that it's easier to theme?14:25
ograKeybuk, -extra-extra you mean ;)14:25
Keybuk(or is that rss?)14:25
Keybuktedg: I can't remember what the theme plans are this time?  kwwii would know14:25
tedgAlso, my other question: does it make sense to have an "Ubuntu your video card sucks" and a "Ubuntu it looks nice"?14:26
KeybukI have no problem with it only working on decent video cards14:27
Keybukok, thanks14:27
KeybukI didn't receive any additional agenda items this week14:28
Keybukso we do have any other business?14:28
tedgKeybuk: Okay.  I think we should keep it simple though -- for things like LTSP.  Not over the top.14:28
tedgI wanted to ask about the art-packages, who got stuck with those?  kwwii?14:28
kwwiitedg: yeah14:29
kwwiiapparently so14:29
ogratedg, LTSP wrt screensaver you mean  ?14:29
MacSlowtedg, Keybuk: i915 are decent... as long as you're not a hard-core fps-gamer14:29
tedgogra: Yeah.14:29
kwwiitedg: I think the screensaver should be in a seperate packge14:29
ogratedg, there is a patch that disables anything but blanking for LTSP clients14:29
tedgKeybuk: Okay, I knew I was on the list at some point, I wanted to make sure I didn't miss getting tagged :)14:30
MacSlowtedg, Keybuk: unfortunately "decent" is more dependent on driver and exposed GL-features14:30
ograkwwii, the "screensaver" is in 6 separate packages atm, how much fragmentation do you want ?14:30
MacSlowtedg, Keybuk: I wonder if it would make sense to write a cairo-only screensaver-module (assuming proper EXA-support)14:31
tedgogra: Good to know, no performance issues on blank :)14:31
kwwiiogra: I just want the ubuntu one to be in a package of it's own so that art people can update it without a problem, in addition to allowing other variants to use their logo14:31
tedgYeah, it would be nice of there was a default Ubuntu Studio screensaver that would work there also by default.14:32
ograkwwii, thats the purpose of xscreensaver-data14:32
ograit just needs a cleanup of the list it ships14:32
ogra(-data are all non GL screensavers we ship by default ... the GL ones are in xscreensaver-gl)14:32
tedgDoes data have .desktop files in it?14:33
ograit generates them in debian/rules iirc14:33
kwwiihow easy is it or variants to change the logo and include only their version in their variant atm?14:34
ograthey can just add their hack and change the gconf setting14:34
tedgogra: Wow, that's a complex rules file -- I'll take your word on it :)14:34
ogratedg, feel free to pick my brain if you stumble over anything :)14:35
kwwiiogra: but that would still install the ubuntu version as well, or?14:35
Keybukok, sounds like this can be taken offline now :-)14:35
tedgkwwii: To replace the Ubuntu one they'd have to spin gnome-screen-saver14:35
ograkwwii, right14:35
Keybukany other any other business?14:36
ograkwwii, but yzu can make the other one default easily14:36
tedgKeybuk: nope.14:36
kwwiiogra: right, but the inclusion of an extra logo is what I want to avoid, anyway...we can talk about it later14:36
ograkwwii, look at /usr/share/gconf/defaults/10_gnome-screensaver .... if you make a /usr/share/gconf/defaults/20_ubuntustudio-screensaver it will override the settings and you can put "/apps/gnome-screensaver/theme screensavers-ubuntustudio_theme" in it14:36
ograthe ubuntu one would still be in the selection indeed14:37
Keybukok, adjourned14:37
kwwiithat is what I want to avoid14:37
kwwiithanks everyone14:37
ograkwwii, then package it into the artwork packages ;) it doesnt need to be in g-s-s14:37
kwwiiogra: right, that was my whole point :p14:38
pittiwhoops, sorry14:38
tedgkwwii: That's an interesting point, it doesn't need to be it's own package -- it could be in the theme packages.14:38
kwwiipitti: 15:37 < Keybuk> ok, adjourned14:38
pittikwwii: thanks14:39
kwwiitedg: yeah, that was really what I meant when I said "put it in it's own package"14:39
* ogra misundersood, sorry14:39
kwwiiwhen I say "it" I just mean the artwork :p14:39
ograyeah, thats trivial, just grab the svg and .desktop file from 01_ubuntu_floaters.patch out of the gnome-screensaver package14:40
ograand put them in the right place14:40
tedgOkay, so that sounds good.  We'll put the Ubuntu screensaver in an art package.14:41
tedgSo that then, art things can be done to it ;)14:42
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
ograand the art team actually gets the bugs about the artwork ;)14:42
* ogra suggests to put a unlock screen theme in teher as well 14:43
kwwiioh no, you can keep the bugs :p14:43
kwwiiogra: yeah, we wanted to add that for gutsy but it was too late14:43
no0tic@schedule europe/rome15:26
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Rome: Current meeting: Desktop Team Development 29 Nov 17:00: Community Council | 01 Dec 12:00: Kubuntu Developers | 01 Dec 20:00: Art Team | 04 Dec 17:00: Server Team meeting | 05 Dec 21:30: Xubuntu meeting15:26
=== ubotu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 29 Nov 16:00 UTC: Community Council | 01 Dec 11:00 UTC: Kubuntu Developers | 01 Dec 19:00 UTC: Art Team | 04 Dec 16:00 UTC: Server Team meeting | 05 Dec 20:30 UTC: Xubuntu meeting
ccm@schedule europe/berlin15:38
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Berlin: 29 Nov 17:00: Community Council | 01 Dec 12:00: Kubuntu Developers | 01 Dec 20:00: Art Team | 04 Dec 17:00: Server Team meeting | 05 Dec 21:30: Xubuntu meeting15:38
ccmnice, timezone calc15:38
Andre_Gondim@schedule america/brazil15:47
Andre_Gondim@schedule america/brazil/east15:48
AndreNoel@schedule america/saopaulo15:48
AndreNoel@schedule america/sao_paulo15:49
ubotuSchedule for America/Sao_Paulo: 29 Nov 14:00: Community Council | 01 Dec 09:00: Kubuntu Developers | 01 Dec 17:00: Art Team | 04 Dec 14:00: Server Team meeting | 05 Dec 18:30: Xubuntu meeting15:49
Andre_Gondimthanks :D15:49
=== ubotu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Current meeting: Community Council Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 01 Dec 11:00 UTC: Kubuntu Developers | 01 Dec 19:00 UTC: Art Team | 04 Dec 16:00 UTC: Server Team meeting | 05 Dec 20:30 UTC: Xubuntu meeting
* Burgundavia yawns15:59
* coolbhavi waiting16:00
* ogra pokes a finger in Burgundavias mouth16:00
RainCT*me laughs16:00
* RainCT thinks oops16:00
* ScottK looks for coffee.16:00
atoponcegood morning16:01
Burgundaviawhose idea was it schedule at 8am my time?16:01
* somerville32 crawls out of bed.16:01
dholbachwe have an agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda - let's get started16:01
RainCTgood afternoon :)16:01
Hattoryhi all16:01
Burgundaviado we have quorum yet?16:02
dholbachfirst up would be Jono, but as he's ill we won't have the "LoCo Council Proposal" discussion today16:02
ZelutBurgundavia: its got to be early for somebody!16:02
dholbachBurgundavia: it seems it's you, MikeB-, elmo and me today16:02
BurgundaviaI thought sabdfl could make it16:02
MikeB-sabdfl should be coming16:03
dholbachI pinged somebody to ping him16:03
Hobbseeoh erk, it's a CC meeting already16:03
dholbachwith four of us, we still can move on now16:03
Hobbseethis says i really should be in bed!16:03
dholbachfirst up is the New Jersey Loco Team16:04
dholbachdo we have anybody of the New Jersey team here?16:04
* Hobbsee would like to register her great objections to Kmos' application for membership, seeing as she's here.16:04
totopalmahi all16:05
sabdflhello all16:05
Joe_CoTSome of our members weren't able to make it on such short notice. Others are late rousers :)16:05
Joe_CoThi sabdfl16:05
luisbghello sabdfl16:06
dholbachwhat are the plans for the next time for your team?16:06
bbartekhi all16:06
huatshi all16:06
Joe_CoTnext time?16:07
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewJerseyTeam/Events doesn't say anything about the future :)16:07
Joe_CoTIt's on the application. We're planning a Linux LAN Party at my house in December. Looks like it'll be December 22nd16:07
Joe_CoTstill ironing out a date on that.16:07
Joe_CoTThat, and we'll have another installfest for Gutsy. We'll probably go back to the Columbus Farmer's market, since the previous event there was a success.16:08
dholbachhow many people are on the team and help out regularly? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewJerseyTeam/Team lists 4 members?16:08
* jedijf does16:09
* christinaeater helps out too16:09
Joe_CoTand Trenton Computer Festival is in April. Dave (he couldn't make it) is organizing talks to TCF. We'll have another big table there16:09
Joe_CoTBryan, Dave, Christina, Me, Jim. One of our members, Chris, is away in California for an extended period.16:10
jedijfit seems like 5 regulars and then 2 to 3 floaters per event16:10
Joe_CoTBesides that, we have a lot of support from the Cherry Hill Linux User Group, the Rutgers SLUG, and the Princeton LUG16:10
Joe_CoTAnd a few newer members who I won't meeting until the LAN Party :)16:11
dholbachhow many people attend your IRC meetings?16:11
jedijfand we seem to have drawn some younger members that have transportation issues at the moment16:11
dholbachwhat do you use those IRC meetings for?16:11
Joe_CoTHonestly, the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewJerseyTeam/Team wasn't one I created, or aware of, so I haven't kept it up to date :)16:12
dholbachit's linked from the menu bar :)16:12
Joe_CoTdholbach, between 4 and 8 usually. Usually to come up with new ideas for events, or to prepare for an upcoming event. I try to have a meeting the week before16:12
atoponcethere are about 70 members or the launchpad page: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-nj/+members16:12
* Joe_CoT will remove or update it later.16:13
Joe_CoTOne of the auxiliary members recently made some changes while i wasn't lookin16:13
sabdfllooks good to me16:13
* jedijf exhales16:14
dholbachfor how long does your team exist?16:14
Joe_CoT*thinks* I picked it up from OgMaciel sometime in November 2006. I started giving talks at Local LUGS after that, and our first event was TCF last April16:15
dholbachelmo, MikeB-, Burgundavia: are you having any questions?16:15
Burgundavianope +1 from me16:16
MikeB-nope, +1 from me. I would update the wiki though:)16:16
coolbhavierr sorry to interrupt... am I late?16:16
* coolbhavi wondering16:16
dholbach+1 from me too, and MikeB++ - that's really important16:17
dholbachsabdfl: I guess your "looks good to me" means "+1"? :)16:18
sabdflany further questions?16:19
sabdflok, then well done NJ and welcome aboard!16:19
MikeB-none here congrats16:19
atoponceJoe_CoT: congrats to the NJ team!16:20
jedijfthank you :D16:20
dholbachit seems we have an approved New Jersey Loco Team - congratulations :)16:20
Palintheus\o/ \o/ Congrats NJ!!!!16:20
lamalex_2yay congrats!16:20
greg-gcongrats NJ16:20
* jedijf cheers16:20
Joe_CoTThanks guys! :D16:20
ccmcongrat, Joe_CoT16:20
dholbachNext up is the Georgia team! Who represents Georgia here? :)16:21
JonReaganHello everyone! I'm Jon Reagan, Council member for the Georgia LoCo Team16:21
JonReaganI might be the only one here... one of our guys is on vacation, and the others are busy at work (not quite lunch yet!)16:21
dholbachyou mention sub teams on your page - how are they coming along?16:22
JonReaganvery good!  we have a support team, marketing team, new user team...16:22
JonReaganthey each consist of one person, and each are doing great things16:22
sabdflyou have, in fact, the *seeds* of three teams there ;-)16:23
sabdflbut it sounds great16:23
JonReaganthey are seeds indeed... :)16:23
sabdfli see your mailing list is relatively busy16:24
dholbachthe forums and mailing lists look quite busy too16:24
MikeB-Jon, I lived in Georgia about 5 years ago, so I'm familiar with the linux scene their16:24
sabdflseems like your event schedule has been pretty busy16:25
dholbachwhich cities are you most busy in?16:25
MikeB-where do you have your meetings, and do you work with ALE and CHUGALUG (my old LUG) closely16:25
JonReaganmainly atlanta16:25
JonReaganwe have been working with ALE for the InstallFest (and future Installfests as well)16:26
MikeB-any presence in Athens16:26
JonReaganWe do have several members who are in athens16:27
JonReaganthey work with FreeIT Athens16:27
sabdflthis looks well organised to me16:27
dholbachto me too: +116:27
MikeB-+1 from me16:27
dholbachBurgundavia, elmo?16:27
Burgundavia+1 from me16:28
dholbachnice work Georgia! congrats!16:28
sabdflok, welcome aboard!16:28
atoponceJonReagan: congrats on GA!16:28
JonReaganThank you so much!16:28
greg-gwell done GA16:28
dholbachnext up is New Mexico! :)16:28
AlexDeGruvenGood job, GA, congrats16:28
Palintheus\o/ \o/ Congrats GA!!!!16:28
dthomasdigitalHello From New Mexico16:28
dholbachhey tritium :)16:29
sabdfli like the look of the two fools ;-)16:29
MikeB-congrats Georgia, Go Dawgs!!! :)16:29
dholbachholy cow... this page looks good, lots of action on the mailing list16:29
dthomasdigitalI can't wait to have some shepherds pie.16:30
sabdfllooks good from me - any comments from the team?16:30
sabdflwhen is the next quarterly install fest?16:31
dthomasdigitalWe will actually have a meeting tonight to get a solid date, I'm hoping for mid January.16:31
dholbachI'm pretty happy with what I've seen: +116:33
sabdfl+1 from me too16:33
MikeB-+1 here, great work16:33
Burgundavia+1 from me16:33
dholbachcongratulations New Mexico!16:34
atoponcedthomasdigital, boredandblogging: congrats on GA approval!16:34
greg-ggo GA16:34
atoponceer, NM i meant! :)16:34
* Zelut throws in the obligatory "w00t"16:34
* atoponce is not awake quite yet16:34
dthomasdigitalHappy folks in NM16:35
MikeB-congrats NM16:35
* greg-g oh yeah, NM... ;)16:35
dholbachNext up is the Danish Loco team - who's here from Denmark?16:35
* Hobbsee will pretend to speak danish, if required16:35
ScottKsoren is from Denmark.16:36
dholbachok... let's move on to the folks of the Michigan team then and get back to Denmark later16:36
dholbachWho's here from the Michigan team?16:36
greg-gHello, I'm Greg Grossmeier, Team Lead/Contact for the Michigan LoCo Team (where it is a pleasent -1*C today).  We also have a few team members here watching today.16:36
* AlexDeGruven raises his hand16:37
* rick_h_ looks from the shadows16:37
* atoponce cheers on greg-g and MI16:37
* tjagoda raised hand16:37
elmo[it'd be wrong to +1 the michigan team on the basis of the RHCP song, right?]16:37
rick_h_elmo: never wrong to +1 MI16:38
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-away
Burgundaviaas wrong as it would be to -1 them on the basis of jorge living in the state ;)16:38
sabdflinteresting - seems quite a few folks came to the last irc meeting16:38
PriceChild!away > dendro-away (see the pm from ubotu)16:38
sabdflis chris dibona based in michigan?16:38
rick_h_no, he's in CA16:38
greg-gsabdfl: no.. ...16:38
rick_h_he came and saw us with Mako a bit ago though16:39
greg-gsee rick_h's answer :)16:39
sabdflgood of him to show up then :-)16:39
sabdflhow many folks are regulars at your meetings?16:39
greg-ganywhere from 2 of us (bad busy days) to 10ish16:39
dholbachI'm particularly happy to see PackagingJams happening in Michigan - that's awesome: how many people of you are considering becoming MOTUs? what do you think?16:39
rick_h_usually physical meetings are much larger than irc meetings somehow16:39
=== OgMaciel is now known as GnuKemist
greg-gyeah, we haven't found a great time for everyone to make IRC meetings yet16:40
MikeB-greg-g: where in the state are you based16:40
rick_h_dholbach: right now there's maybe 2-4 of us. We're hoping to repeat the packaging jam in Jan and increase that16:40
sabdflok, looks fine to me, +116:40
greg-gI am in Ann Arbor, South East side.. where most people are16:40
dholbachrick_h_: that's great, I'm really happy to see that happening16:40
greg-gdholbach: and some people are just interested for other reasons than being MOTUs16:41
dholbachapart from that the Loco seems to be really really organised, I'm happy to give +116:41
Burgundaviaa stunning amount of work, +1 from me16:41
MikeB-+1 here16:41
dholbachgreg-g, rick_h_: let's chat about that again, once I've got the packaging guide under control :)16:41
rick_h_greg-g: runs a tight ship16:41
greg-gdholbach: most definitely16:41
dholbachcongratulations Michigan!16:41
atoponcegreg-g: congrats on MI approval!!16:41
greg-gI try :)16:41
* dholbach hugs greg-g and rick_h_16:41
jcastrowoo michigan!16:41
Palintheus\o/ \o/ Congrats MI!!!!16:41
* tjagoda celebrates16:42
atoponcew00t!! 4 US Teams approved!!!16:42
homanjgreg-g: congrats16:42
greg-gUS Teams rock!16:42
greg-gthanks all16:42
dholbachDo we have deadwill, William Lima here?16:42
Hobbsee\o/ deadwill!16:42
dholbachdoesn't seem to be on freenode16:42
dholbachdemrit? paulliu?16:42
ScottKdholbach: IIRC deadwill is no longer involved in the project.  I'd suggest removing him.16:43
dholbachandrea-bs! Hello Andrea :)16:43
andrea-bshi dholbach16:43
andrea-bscan I paste?16:43
dholbachScottK: thanks - I'll write him an email16:43
* mvo fanboys forlong16:43
dholbachandrea-bs: sure :)16:43
andrea-bsI'm a developer, I use Python as main programming language, but I know also16:43
andrea-bsC/C++ and ASM (AT&T syntax). Sometimes, I build some deb packages to test the16:43
andrea-bsLaunchpad PPA. I use Launchpad to:16:43
andrea-bs * triage bugs with the Ubuntu BugControl Team16:43
andrea-bs * offer support in the Ubuntu Support Team16:43
andrea-bs * make translations16:43
andrea-bs * register blueprints (sometimes)16:43
andrea-bsMy plans for the future: become MOTU and CoreDev and improve my current16:43
sabdflandrea-bs: what's you LP URL?16:44
sabdflah, thanks :-_)16:44
sabdflwhat do you think of PPAs? how would you improve the service?16:44
dholbachandrea-bs: what kind of packages are you most interested in? how was your MOTU experience up until now?16:45
* soren notes that Gnomonic (the Danish LoCo team guy) just stepped in16:45
andrea-bssabdfl, first of all, I'm waiting for the function to delete packages16:45
* Gnomonic is sorry to be late16:45
dholbachGnomonic: we'll get back to the danish loco in a bit16:46
andrea-bssecond: I've tried to build a package in dapper that uses pycentral16:46
bluekujahi everyone, dholbach, sabdfl :)16:46
andrea-bsi can built it because it's not on the default repos of dapper16:46
andrea-bsso a function to use self-built packages as build dependencies should be fine16:47
dholbachI think PPAs can build-depends on PPA packages.16:47
dholbachwhat team do you feel have you been most involved with up until now?16:47
andrea-bsdholbach, python packages and i don't have a great experience of motu yet :(16:48
andrea-bsthe support team and bugcontrol16:48
no0tichi LjL-Mobile :)16:48
dholbachandrea-bs: don't lose faith yet, there's https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted and a MOTU Q&A session at 13:00 UTC tomorrow :-)16:48
LjL-MobileHello there16:48
andrea-bsdholbach, thanks :)16:48
sabdflok, +1 for andreas-bs from me16:48
dholbach+1 from me too16:49
Burgundavia+1 from me, nice work all around16:49
dholbachcongratulations Andrea16:50
andrea-bsthanks all!16:50
somerville32woot! :)16:50
dholbachlet's pedal back to the Danish team, I believe Gnomonic is standing by now16:50
GnomonicSo, what is the procedure?16:50
no0ticcomplimenti andrea-bs16:50
Hattoryandrea-bs, good job!!!16:51
andrea-bsgrazie no0tic16:51
andrea-bshey Hattory, thanks!16:51
dholbachGnomonic: we're just reviewing your application and web pages and will then probably ask a few questions about your Loco team16:51
totopalmaandrea-bs, congratulations :)16:51
dholbach8791 indlæg on the forum, not bad :)16:52
dholbachGnomonic: when you say 15-20 people in the meetings - are those IRC meetings or real life meetings somewhere in denmark?16:52
sabdflis there a mailing list URL?16:53
sabdflfor the Danish team?16:53
Gnomonicdholbach: IRC-meetings.16:53
dholbachsabdfl: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-dk16:53
Gnomonicsabdfl: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-dk16:53
Gnomonicdholbach: thanks16:54
Gnomonicdholbach: Denmark IS a small country, but there are still some km's from one end to the other :-)16:54
dholbachis most of the action happening in Copenhagen? what are most of the danish members interested in?16:54
sabdflis ther e aschedule of regular meetings?16:55
sorenWe meet the first Sunday of each month.16:55
dholbachthere seem to be motnthly IRC meetings: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanishTeam/M%c3%b8der16:55
Gnomonicdholbach: There seems to be an equal weighting between advocacy and localisation. And then just some 'being close to the magic that is Ubuntu' :-)16:56
sabdfl+1 from me16:57
Burgundavia+1 from me16:57
dholbach+1 from me too - good work Denmark :)16:57
illovaehello :)16:58
dholbachcongratulations :)16:58
dholbachdomibel, RicardoPerez seem not to be around, coolbhavi?16:58
* soren high fives Gnomonic and shiyee16:58
* Gnomonic high fives right back at soren16:59
sabdflfire away coolbhavi16:59
coolbhaviI am Bhavani Shankar 20 yrs old.. please bear with my slow typing.. I have to type in a single hand16:59
coolbhaviPlease I am a cerebral palsy disabled guy upto 75%17:00
sabdflyou manage to get to quite a lot of ideas and areas of work!17:00
coolbhavisabdfl sorry it was a clear case of email spoofing17:01
sabdflwhat areas would you say you contribute the most to ubuntu in?17:01
coolbhaviAnswer tracker actively and Ubuntu Media center17:02
dholbachwhat's the state of Ubuntu Media center right now?17:02
coolbhavisoftware is up in 7.10 repos17:03
musashi1I came to cheer for Bhavi. I see him put in a lot of effort on the answer tracker. My full comment is on his wiki page.17:03
coolbhaviremote control applet is done17:03
somerville32Snazzy wiki page too :]17:03
coolbhavirest all is still in the spec stage17:04
jsgotangcohi sorry i just checked in (there was an attempted coup in our country earlier)17:04
penguimhi all17:04
penguimAndre_Gondim, good luck man17:05
coolbhaviaramud is down with illness and is busy with NUT tools he is maintaining17:05
Andre_Gondimpenguim thanks :D17:05
dholbachcoolbhavi: its great you want to get involved with the accessibility team, you should get in touch with Luke Yelavich (TheMuso) if you haven't done so already17:06
coolbhavimeanwhile i have started an idea of iptablesfe17:06
coolbhaviCouple of days back I registered it on google soc17:07
dholbachI'm pretty happy with your wiki page, especially all the good you have done in the answers tracker, +1 from me17:07
Burgundavia+1 from me17:08
coolbhaviits about developing a Front end for iptables using pygtk module similar to nmapfe17:08
Burgundaviaand due to school, I need to run17:08
somerville32coolbhavi, is ubuntugames still active?17:08
dholbachsabdfl, elmo, MikeB-?17:09
coolbhaviDont know I am mainly concentrating on UMC and the answer tracker17:09
dholbachcongratulations coolbhavi - keep up the good work!17:10
coolbhavithank you all..17:10
musashi1congrats coolbhavi, keep up the good work17:10
dholbachnext up is ccm17:10
coolbhavianother thing17:10
ccmI' am a linux consultant and focus, besides involving in bug squatting (with a break due to my diploma thesis), in organising Berlin based loco activities and marketing events.17:10
ccmRight now my main Ubuntu task is to support "Berliner Fenster" - a Berlin Underground television advertisement company - to bring a long term story about Ubuntu reaching millions of passengers...17:11
ccm... as well as bringing up a smooth colaboration of Berlin group with the official German LoCo team.17:11
ccmIn the beginning of the next year there will be an Ubuntu network gaming event and of course a Hardy release party.17:11
coolbhaviI will take this issue up in the locoteams..:)17:11
coolbhaviThanks all once again....17:11
* coolbhavi overjoyed17:11
dholbachcoolbhavi: have a great day :)17:11
sabdflccm: very nice wiki page17:12
ccmsabdfl: thanks17:12
coolbhavithanks its midnight now......17:12
ccmsabdfl: based on copy and paste, i admit17:12
ccmsabdfl: i mean the design not the content17:12
dholbachI'm in full support for ccm, since I reached out to other Berlinian Ubunteros he's done a lot of good work in organising the team17:12
coolbhavithanks musashi1 and sabdfl17:13
sabdflis berlin very active?17:13
ccmof course it is :)17:13
dholbachhow many people were at the last release party?17:13
ccmdholbach: 80 to 10017:13
sabdflwhere would you say you make the biggest contribution to ubuntu?17:13
sabdflis the media agency the company where you work?17:14
ccmsabdfl: involving in berlin, making marketing contacts here17:14
* coolbhavi waving and sleepy......Bye!!!!!!!17:14
dholbachthe party has grown a bit since the 40 people at the release party at my place :-)17:14
ccmsabdfl: no17:14
ccmas i am not a programmer but a linux guy i bring in my tech stuff in bug squatting17:15
dholbach"Berliner Fenster" was Ubuntu friendly before, after the last release they sent an Ubuntu ad on their own accord17:16
dholbachbut from what I've heard this story about Ubuntu is going to be bigger than that17:16
ccmdholbach: yes, they want to change their it infrastructure and bring a long term story about it17:17
ccmdholbach: they requested input from our team17:17
ccmdholbach: i met them just last friday at their office17:17
dholbachyeah, I read the thread on the mailing list but didn't have the chance to reply yet17:17
sabdfl+1 from meok, +1 from me17:18
dholbach+1 from me too17:18
dholbachelmo, jsgotangco, MikeB-?17:18
jsgotangco+1 very nice contribs17:18
* ccm smiles17:19
dholbachcongratulations ccm - see you soon again :)17:19
dholbachit seems kmos is not around, jdstrand is popping in and out of the channel, let's move on to MenZa17:19
ccmthank you, guys, that made my day17:19
Hattoryccm, congrats!!17:19
* dholbach high-fives ccm17:19
nininccm: Juhu - congrats!17:19
huatsccm congrats17:19
no0ticccm, congrats :)17:20
* ccm thanks around17:20
nininccm: Keep up the great work ;-)17:20
dholbachMenZa - are you around?17:20
bullgard4ccm: *thumb up*17:20
MenZaYep, dholbach :)17:20
dholbachgreat, your stage17:20
MenZaAh, cheers dholbach - first, apologies for being a bit late; I'd missed the date of the meeting. Second, let me attempt to introduce myself. My name is Lasse, I'm a member of the Danish Ubuntu (now official LoCo team, whoo), and I've been using Ubuntu for a couple of years now17:20
MenZaI've done a bit of wikipage-writing and stuff, helped at the Danish Ubuntu release party for Gutsy a while back, and a few others, including marketing, where I've helped jenda with the initial stickers he's had great success with17:21
sabdflanyone care to cheer for MenZa?17:22
SpecI cheer MenZa!17:22
MenZaI think Spec might :)17:22
MenZaI had a bunch of references lined up, but alas, I missed the date of the meeting, so I'm not sure who's around anymore17:22
* Gnomonic cheers at MenZa17:23
dholbachGnomonic, Spec: what have you been working on together with MenZa?17:23
MenZaI'm currently spending most of my Ubuntu-time with Gnomonic, among others, working on building up the Danish LoCo team17:23
somerville32I've seen him chumming around with the Marketing team :)17:24
SpecI have not worked directly with MenZa on any project, but I've seen him support users.17:24
Gnomonicdholbach: We have mainly been organizing in general and especially the release party17:24
sabdflMenZa: where would you say you are making your strongest contribution to ubuntu?17:25
somerville32If I recall, he helped me do some heavy lifting a few times when I was still involved with the UWN and we were doing the comprehensive upload summaries.17:25
MenZaCurrently? Helping out on ubuntuforums.org and #ubuntu - I poke around on a bunch of mailing lists and comment on ideas and such as well; but I'd have to say my heart lies with ubuntu-dk, attempting to build that up.17:25
dholbachI have to step out for a bit - brb17:27
MenZaMy greatest, uh, 'visual success', for a lack of a better term, would probably be on the marketing side, though, helping out jenda.17:28
jsgotangcoi have to step out too, its almost 2am on my side, ill catch up early next meeting17:28
jsgotangcosorry for the short  stay17:28
sabdflMenZa:  i think you need to document more actual contribution17:29
sabdflit looks like you are doing good stuff, it's just not enough to get +1 from me yet17:30
sabdflor, it's not documented :-)17:30
=== ubotu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 01 Dec 11:00 UTC: Kubuntu Developers | 01 Dec 19:00 UTC: Art Team | 04 Dec 16:00 UTC: Server Team meeting | 05 Dec 20:30 UTC: Xubuntu meeting
sabdfli can only judge from what i read and what others say17:30
MenZaAh, a topyli17:30
MenZaYes; my major issue is with the references right now, as I see it17:30
MenZaI had quite a current members lined up to support that, but I see how it's a tad weak without them here.17:31
somerville32MenZa, I've seen you do some good work and hopefully I see you back here again with a more padded wiki page :)17:32
dholbachback again17:32
dholbachsorry MenZa, I hope you're not disappointed at the prospect of joining us for another CC meeting soon again :)17:32
MenZaNot at all :)17:33
dholbachok great :)17:33
no0tichi, MefistoRQ :)17:33
MenZaI just need to find a way to get the date a bit in advance. Cheers for considering me :)17:33
sabdflRainCT: you#re u[17:33
sabdflyou're up17:33
dholbachrock on MenZa17:33
RainCTHey, I'm Siegfried Gevatter (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RainCT,  https://launchpad.net/~rainct), a 16 years old from Catalonia (I lived 9 years in Germany, though).17:33
RainCTI started actively using Ubuntu by the time Dapper was about to be released. In December 2006 I joined the Catalan mailing list, and I've been an active member of the LoCo Team since then. I started getting involved with packaging and a bit bug triaging some months ago ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RainCT/Contributions), and I maintain some packages in Debian. Some weeks before Gutsy was released I also started contributing to the Catalan Ubuntu Tr17:33
dholbachRainCT: the text was cut off at "contributing to the Catalan Ubuntu T"17:34
RainCToops.   to the Catalan Ubuntu Translators team (I haven't done much there yet, but I did many translations in direct contact with upstream before;  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RainCT/Translations).17:34
norsettogo RainCT go!17:35
ScottKI'd like to speak in favor of RainCT.  He's done a lot of good MOTU related work and is very mature for his age.  I had no idea he was so young.  Definite +1 from my MOTU perspective.17:35
dholbachI'm familiar with the work that RainCT did in the MOTU team and I'm very happy with what I've seen there17:35
RainCTthanks norsetto, ScottK, dholbach :)17:35
sabdfl+1 from me, excellent wiki, testimonials, and clear evidence of contribution17:36
alex_muntadaI'm with ScottK and want to speak in favor of RainCT too... he's a pillar of the Catalan LoCoTeam17:36
jpatrickI can also support him from the MOTU side +117:36
sabdflRainCT: are you using PPAs?17:36
profoX`RainCT: remarkable that you use Qt for development as a GNOME user :) never met anyone like that before..17:36
dholbachrock and roll RainCT, +1 from me :)17:36
dholbachsabdfl: looks like it: https://launchpad.net/~rainct/+packages :)17:36
dholbachelmo, MikeB-?17:37
RainCTsabdfl: I tried it :). Like the other one you asked before, I think that a option to delete packages is missing17:37
MikeB-+1 from me17:37
dholbachcongratulations RainCT :)17:37
no0ticcongrats RainCT17:37
* somerville32 cheers.17:38
RainCTprofoX`: heh well, it's better documented. I'm starting to look into Gtk+ now, though17:38
arualavicongarts RainCT17:38
huatsRainCT: congrats17:38
HattoryRainCT, good job!!!17:38
alex_muntadacongrats RainCT!!!17:38
dholbachnext up is jdstrand, who we skipped before - he's back :)17:38
arualavi*congrats oops17:38
RainCTThanks! :D17:38
jpatrickcongrats RainCT!17:38
nxvl_workRainCT: congrats!17:38
* keescook is a big fan of jdstrand and his work. :)17:39
dholbachjdstrand: mind introducing yourself?17:39
dholbachkeescook: I thought so ;-)17:39
profoX`RainCT: I have experience with both, and I must agree that it's better documented :) they are both very good though.. in their own ways (I'm a KDE/Qt contributor myself, but in the past I've done some Gtk+ development in GNOME)17:39
jdstrandI am Jamie Strandboge and an Ubuntu Secuirity Engineer.  I was hired back in September, and have already done quite a few security updates17:39
jdstrandYou can see some of my background on my wiki page:17:40
ograjdstrand, is also a guitar hero :)17:40
jdstrandI work with keescook and am a part of the Ubuntu Server team17:40
jdstrandogra: ah shucks...17:40
jdstrandI have been playing guitar for 22 years, yes17:40
sabdfl+1 from me, jdstrand.... rocks ;-)17:41
dholbach+1 from me too :))17:41
dholbach_MMA_: haha :)17:41
* ogra cheers for jdstrand and swings the pompoms17:41
* somerville32 cheers.17:41
dholbachcongratulations jdstrand17:43
MikeB-sorry phone17:43
ogracongrats !!!17:43
dholbachROCK ON!17:43
jdstrandthanks everyone!17:44
ograliterally :)17:44
dholbachnext up is juliux? (review)17:44
* jdstrand feels quite affirmed now17:44
dholbachhe's not around, but I'll drop him an email and ask what he wanted in the CC meeting17:44
dholbachno0tic: are you there?17:44
no0tichi everybody17:44
no0ticI'm going to introduce myself17:44
no0ticHi, my name is Gabriele,17:45
no0ticI obtained a degree in General Physics in Pisa on July 200717:45
no0ticI'm an ubuntero and member of the Italian LoCoTeam17:45
no0ticMy main occupation in the Ubuntu Community is giving support on the #ubuntu-it IRC channel (since 2005)17:45
no0ticI joined that channel first when I installed Warty and I've almost always been there since then17:45
no0ticI have become an operator on #ubuntu-it on late 2006 (if I remember correctly)17:45
no0ticIn these days we are defining the new structure of #ubuntu-it-* channels and their administration and two other ops and I are leading this process17:45
no0ticI also try to help filing bugs on launchpad too when I spot any17:45
no0ticThe italian review "Dietro le quinte", inspired from BehindUbuntu, asked me for an interview that will be ready in few days...17:45
no0ticI would like to contribute to translations in the near future, probably focusing on FCM17:45
sabdflIRC is your area of most contribution?17:46
dholbachwhat's FCM?17:46
no0ticyes, indeed17:46
no0ticdholbach, Full Circle Magazine17:46
sabdflhow much time would you say you spend on Ubuntu IRC channels?17:46
LjL-Mobileno0tic is certainly a driving member of the Italian IRC support and operators team, and as we exchanged opinions and operating modes, I have found that, together with his other operators, he's helped "revamp" the #ubuntu-it guidelines17:46
HattoryGabriele is doing an amazing work in the channels of support IRC. He's waiting to join in the "Full Circle Translators Team" and "Ubuntu Italian Translators Team" and I think he'll do a great job here too..... is a very active person.... GOOD JOB GABRIELE!!!!17:46
no0ticsabdfl, from 4 to 16 h a day17:46
totopalma I would like to support Gabriele as well, he's doing a great work for the italian community, for the channels of support IRC and wiki. Nice work, Gabriele! :)17:46
sabdflok, +1 from me, and thanks!17:46
twilightno0tic plays a very important role in the Italian IRC channels, spending a lot of time supporting users. He has played an important role in the recent IRC team's reorganization (in fact he's one of it's administrators and operators ;) ), too. Definitely great work for our community :)17:47
dholbachwow... +1 from me too no0tic - great work17:47
no0ticthanks :)17:47
dholbachelmo, MikeB-?17:47
LjL-Mobilea work which I found most well done, and which gave us #ubuntu operators some interesting food for thought as well17:47
* nealmcb missed jdstrand's quick road to glory - congrats! well deserved :-)17:49
jdstrandthanks nealmcb17:49
dholbachcongrats no0tic17:53
Hattoryno0tic, ohhhh yessss!!! you rock :D17:53
sabdflwho's next?17:53
no0ticthanks everybody :)17:53
totopalmano0tic, great17:53
MefistoRQno0tic: :)17:53
dholbachStevenHarperUK and quadrispro seem not to be around17:53
dholbachabogani: are you there?17:53
abogani_MMA_, luisbg, joejaxx: rock'n'roll!17:53
Andre_Gondimmay I?17:53
LjL-Mobilecongratulations no0tic17:53
no0ticthanks LjL-Mobile17:53
aboganiI'm here!17:53
luisbgabogani, I'm here17:53
profoX`Andre_Gondim: wait your turn for a little while longer ;)17:53
dholbachAndre_Gondim: we're going through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda top to bottom17:53
jussi01 I would like to put a good word in For Alessio (abogiani). In my opinion he has been a vital part of the Ubuntu Studio team, working with the RT kernel and fully deserves membership.17:54
dholbachBenC, _MMA_: you're here to cheer for abogani?17:55
BenCdholbach: yes17:55
_MMA_I was waiting for his intro. :)17:55
* luisbg is waiting too17:55
aboganiSorry for poor english. It isn't my native tongue and now i'm very excited also. :-)17:55
aboganiMy name is Alessio Igor Bogani. I am 30 year old Linux enthusiast from Prato, Tuscany, Italy. I have been advocating Ubuntu since the day I started using it in late 2004. Before that time I was a Debian user. I am a member of the Ubuntu Kernel team and founder and team leader for the Ubuntu Realtime Team. My Ubuntu pages are https://launchpad.net/~abogani and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlessioIgorBogani.17:55
_MMA_As the lead on Ubuntu Studio I have to give a big +1 to Alessio from the entire team. His creation/maintenance of the -RT kernel is a key component for us. Our users have greatly appreciated it. He has also worked hard to integrate himself into the kernel team. (BenC could also chime in on this)17:56
profoX`while I don't know abogani personally, I want to put in a good word for him too.. he seems a very active contributor in a lot of areas.. i'm a bit surprised he has done this much in just a half year?17:56
sabdflabogani: do you know anything about carrier-grade linux? i see you are in the CG-Ubuntu team :-)17:57
luisbgI must advocate for abogani too, his work in the Real Time kernel has made it what it is right now. This kernel is key for Ubuntu Studio, but also used by some part of the rest of the community.17:57
BenCI've worked with abogani a lot concerning the -rt (realtime) kernel flavour. He's been generally responsive to suggestions, and requests. He's dealt with the kernel team in a professional manner through out gutsy. The ubuntu-studio folks owe him a great deal.17:58
aboganisabdfl: a little! :-)17:58
sabdflis it still an active upstream idea, or is it just a bureaucratic situation?17:59
aboganisabdfl: at the moment the second one. :-(17:59
sabdflok, +1 from me based on strong contributions over six months17:59
dholbach+1 for abogani from me18:00
MikeB-+1 from me, great work18:00
aboganiThanks! :-)18:00
luisbgmy congrats abogani :)18:00
ccmgrats, abogani :)18:00
huatscongrats abogani18:00
jussi01congratulations abogani!!18:01
aboganiThanks to all!18:01
dholbachcongrats abogani18:01
BenCabogani: congrats18:01
penguimabogani, congrats18:01
KmosI don't know if have passed my time, but I just know about the meeting right know from somerville3218:01
sabdflMatthew Craig around?18:01
somerville32sabdfl, kmos missed his spot earlier.18:02
desertcI am here!18:02
sabdflok, go ahead Kmos18:02
Kmossabdfl: i don't have prepared nothing, if you can give me some minutes.. but maybe I don't need a lot of introduction18:02
sabdflLP url?18:02
sabdflwiki page?18:02
Kmos2 secs18:02
KmosWiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarcoRodrigues18:03
dholbachthere were some problems with Kmos and the MOTU team some weeks ago, I'd prefer if we talked this through with the MOTU Council before18:03
sabdfllet's jump to juliank18:03
sabdfland come to Kmos next, when he's prepared18:03
sabdfljuliank: are you ready?18:03
julianksabdfl: Of course.18:03
glatzorsabdfl: dholbach: sorry for interrupting I am here as a fan boy of julianK. I have to leave for work, so I cannot wait any longer. but it would be great to bind julian to the ubuntu project. I worked with him on gnome-app-install.18:03
juliankHi, I am Julian Andres Klode, 17 years old, from Germany [near Kassel, Hesse], with a GPG key signed by a Debian Developer.18:04
juliankI develop software (dir2ogg,ndisgtk) [in Launchpad], maintain packages in Debian and Ubuntu, test Launchpad betas, and I am in the [early] process of becoming a Debian Developer.18:04
juliankI apply for membership because I want to become a MOTU, in order to merge my packages [and other packages] when needed, to sponsor uploads for others and to improve the quality of packages [if I find some] and to reduce the diff between Debian and Ubuntu (I am part of the Utnubu team).18:04
juliankMaybe, I will also start to make some german translations.18:04
juliankMy main activity is reading, answering bug reports and backmerging to Debian at the moment, the number of uploads is very low.18:04
juliankI currently merged 2 of my packages myself, the others were merged by someone else [aufs,sexy-python] or are not suitable for Ubuntu.18:04
juliankI work together with mvo and glatzor on gnome-app-install (mainly on the debian side, where I maintain it).18:04
juliankI also work with mvo on getting command-not-found into Debian (sync'able) <http://alioth.debian.org/projects/cnf>.18:04
juliankI am also working on dir2ogg, which I develop, which has been uploaded for me by mr_pouit.18:04
juliankMore information can be found at https://launchpad.net/~juliank/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JulianAndresKlode18:04
mvoI would like to support juliank, he does good work on the packages and on the ubuntu<->debian bridge18:05
glatzorgood luck, juliank! my train leaves in a few minutes.18:05
juliankglatzor: thx18:05
sabdfl+1 from me on the back of mvo's testimonial and focus on ubuntu<->debian18:06
nealmcb sabdfl - note that Matthew Craig (desertc) did promptly respond when you asked - he's here18:06
desertcThanks, nealmcb!18:06
elmobut JOOI, shouldn't/couldn't this kind of application go through the MOTU council?18:07
jussi01just out of interest18:08
dholbach+1 from me18:08
Kmossabdfl: i'll follow what dholbach said..18:09
HattoryI go out.... great meeting, see you soon!!18:10
juliankCool :)18:10
* mvo hugs juliank18:11
dholbachelmo: yeah, it could18:11
sabdflyes, folks should rather join a specific team and get membership that way18:11
sabdflor go to a regional group18:11
dholbachelmo: ScottK prodded me about it some days ago - I'll make sure I look at all the membership information on the wiki and fix it to point to all the team councils we have in place18:11
sabdfli don't want to do membership in this forum any longer18:11
sabdflwe have other business to attend to!18:11
dholbachwhat's the hold-up regarding the membership approval boards or whatever they're going to be called?18:12
sabdfli don't know!18:12
dholbachI think we all agreed on the spec and filled the gaps in it18:12
sabdfljono? i think we're just trying to put together the lists18:12
dholbachalright... once Jono's back again, I'll ping him about it18:13
dholbachalright... seems that Andre_Gondim is next on the agenda?18:13
pleia2desertc is here18:13
Andre_Gondimmay I?18:13
nealmcbyou skipped desertc18:14
Andre_GondimI am a Brazian guy. I use a Linux since 2002 and met the Ubuntu about two years and I´m Brazilian Translation Member ans member of Brazilian LocoTeam, this is my greatest contribution as you can see here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+topcontributors . I will talk about Launchpad with focus in Translation in a local event about linux. I am active in #ubuntu-br to help and support in Portuguese Language.18:14
Andre_GondimI write somethings I learned about Ubuntu in my Blog http://andregondim.eti.br to share with others. I´m Brazilian Planeta Member http://planeta.ubuntu-br.org and very active member in the Brazilian LocoTeam. In the future I want to continue to translate Ubuntu until it becomes 100% Portuguese. My Ubuntu´s wiki is http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndreGondim my Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~andre-gondim18:14
dholbachdesertc: oh... sorry for that, missed it18:14
profoX`poor desertc :P18:14
profoX`that's the second time18:14
AndreNoelhi, Andre_Gondim has all my support to become a member. As leader of brazilian portuguese translators team I can say that he is doing a very great job on translations. He's a very good (and fast) commiter.18:14
sabdfl+1 from me on the back of a strong track record in translations18:15
dholbachwow... definitely +1 from me too18:15
dholbachMikeB-, elmo? :)18:15
josevitorAndre_Gondim writes on Planet Ubuntu-BR and helps others on tutorials and how-to.18:16
josevitorHe also translates a lot!!18:16
dholbachcongratulations Andre_Gondim18:17
Andre_GondimThanks!! :D18:17
dholbachdesertc? :)18:17
sabdflcongrats Andre_Gondim18:17
sabdfldesertc: you're up!18:17
desertcGreetings all!  I am a huge Ubuntu promoter within my community.  I feel it is especially important to let schools and educators know about the availability.  I attend education trade conferences, for example.  I am also a fan of the Ubuntu online collaboration tools, and I try being as helpful as possible for several teams.  One big interest for me right now is the Ubuntu Students team I co-founded a couple months ago.18:17
huatsAndre_Gondim: congrats !!18:17
penguimAndre_Gondim, congrats18:18
penguimAndre_Gondim, very fast18:19
pleia2big cheers for desertc from me, I'm on the US Mentors team and worked very closely with him when the US-TN team was having some trouble, he did a lot of work with them - no he's regularly going to conferences and making connections18:19
SpecI've talked with desertc over the phone and in person to help him get through troubles with setting up and organizing a LoCo team, and am a member of the Ubuntu Students Team. He's doing great work for the Tennesse LoCo.18:19
Andre_Gondimpenguim :D18:19
nealmcbAs an observer from Colorado, I've seen desertc recently and enthusiastically jump into the Tennessee Team, do some organizing and go to a number of education conferences.  As I told him before, my only reservation is the length of time he has been active in the Ubuntu community, though he has been active elsewhere for longer.  I hope he continues to be active with us.18:19
pleia2he just recently put the US-PA team into contact with someone from the National Science Foundation who is doing FOSS work in our region! :)18:19
profoX`I think it's great that you are interested in the ubuntu/education link :) after all, those kids are the next generation, and if they grow up using open source software like ubuntu, it'll be a really good thing :) for the rest, you seem to be quite active in multiple areas.. i want to give him my support.18:20
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ograis desertc on (sorry my line dropped, i dont want to miss cheering for him as great edubuntu iso tester)18:21
sabdfldesertc: how long have you been active in ubuntu?18:21
sabdflwe usually look for a contribution sustained over at least six months18:22
desertcI began using the operating system late last year, but I did not take the plunge into the community later... mid 2007.18:23
ograsabdfl, he was very actively helping in edubuntu iso testing through nearly the whole gutsy cycle (probably rather 4-5months though)18:23
desertcUp until then I had employment that had me traveling and on the road so much that it was difficult.18:24
nealmcbsabdfl: - from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewMemberHowto - at least two months of visible, significant activity - might want to reconcile those18:24
sabdflok, +1 from me, lots of energy, thank you!18:24
MikeB-+1 for me18:24
dholbach+1 from me too18:25
popeya cheer for desertc from me, very enthusiastic and eager to help18:25
ogracongrats desertc !18:25
* nealmcb cheers for desertc18:25
dholbachhuats: your stage :)18:25
huatsWell, my name is Christophe Sauthier, I am French and I am 30.18:25
huatsI am using Linux since 1995-96, going through many distros : Suse (for 318:25
huatsyears), Debian (5 years) and Ubuntu since Warty.18:25
huatsA couple of years ago I started to do some translations for a few18:25
huatsFOSS, and than I discovered rosetta where I've done some french18:25
huatstranslation on it.18:25
norsettoGO HUATS GO!!!18:25
huatsSince I am a technical person, I've decided to help out on another18:25
desertcThank you for the cheers.  Much appreciated.18:25
huatslevel after last year GUADEC, and I tried to do some packaging. It was18:25
huatsgreat. But due a lack of time, I had to stop right after I had some18:25
huatsvery rough basics. I just took the time to continue some work of18:25
huatsinterview translations. I was part of BehindUbuntu (and before that also in a18:25
huatsfrench project that has the same goal).18:25
huatsFor the last 6 months, I have decided to take more time to give back18:25
huatsto the Community and especialy to Ubuntu.18:25
huatsI have taken some responsabilities in the french Loco, and I am right18:25
huatsnow one the responsibles for the whole ubuntu-fr site18:25
huats(www/planet/forum/wiki). I've also been involved in some other aspect18:25
huatslife  of the french loco (tshirt order, gutsy cd order...).18:25
huatsLate August I resume my packaging road, and start doing some stuffs in18:25
huatsthe MOTU community. Right now, I try to be an active contributor, in18:26
huatsorder to become a MOTU one day. I am part of the mentoring program,18:26
huatswith Daniel Holbach as my mentor.18:26
huatsYou can find some aspects of my contributions here :18:26
huatshttps://launchpad.net/~christophe-sauthier and18:26
huatsOups .... that was a bit long (the copy/paste)18:26
huatsAnd of course, I'll be happy to answer your questions...18:26
dholbacha clear +1 from me: good work in the french community, good work in the MOTU team, a friendly contributor who helps out where he can18:26
ScottK+1 from me on MOTU involvement.18:27
norsettoif I'm allowed to vote, a +2 from me, great guy, helpuful and always available, will be a great MOTU very soon18:27
dholbachand with that, I have to leave - I'm sorry ... have a nice day18:27
sabdfl+1 from me too!18:28
sabdflhuats: excellent documentation of your contributions, and i'm very happy with the strength of the french loco team18:28
huatssabdfl: thanks18:28
huatsI'll let the other guys know18:29
dholbachcongratulations huats18:29
huatsdholbach: thanks :)18:29
dholbachsee you guys tomorrow18:29
sabdflcheers and thanks dholbach18:29
norsettohuats: congrat huats, how would you like your pizza tonight to celebrate?18:29
huatsnorsetto: hum... let me think about :)18:30
sabdfljelmer: around?18:30
huatsnorsetto: thanks18:30
jelmersabdfl: hi!18:30
jelmerMy name is Jelmer Vernooij. I'm a CS student and Ubuntu user living in the Netherlands working on various upstream projects, the main ones being Samba, Bazaar and OpenChange.18:30
sabdflnice to see you here in a different context :-)18:30
jelmerI've contributed to the packaging of these projects and a couple of other packages within Debian and Ubuntu.18:30
jelmerThe reason I'd like to become a MOTU is so I can continue to work on these packages and help within integration of them in Ubuntu (in particular for Samba).18:30
sabdfljelmer has done great things in bzr18:30
jelmerMy launchpad user id 'jelmer', http://launchpad.net/~jelmer/18:30
jelmersabdfl: :-)18:30
jelmerI'd be happy to answer any questions18:32
sabdfljelmer: where would you say you make your biggest contribution to Ubuntu?18:33
jelmerAt the moment Bazaar packaging I think18:33
sabdflhave you had a look at bzr-buildpackage?18:34
sabdfli'm not sure if i have the right name for it...18:34
jelmersabdfl: Yep - I use it regularly, and even contributed to it a bit18:34
imbrandonand hopefully OpenChange later, thats a really promising project :)18:34
JanCbzr-builddeb ?18:35
jelmerbzr-builddeb is the name of the package, but it also provides a 'bzr-buildpackage' binary18:35
jelmerbzr-builddeb works really well with tags support in bzr - it can export upstream for you18:37
sabdfli'm going to +1 jelmer because i know him and have watched his quality of contribution18:37
sabdflthough the wiki page might be a bit thin for others?18:38
elmoI'm fine with +1-ing too, but probably equally biased18:39
MikeB-+1 for me18:39
jelmerThere is a list of my packages here: https://edge.launchpad.net/~jelmer/+packages, and list of bugs I'm involved with: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~jelmer/18:40
sabdflguys, i have to step out18:40
elmowe lost dholbach and burgundavia too18:40
elmoso that's +3 for jelmer, but I think we'll have to stop now18:40
pvandewyngaerdei'm here for bbartek18:41
sabdflif bart is around, then +1 from me for him too!18:41
sabdflthanks all18:41
bbarteksabdfl: hi18:41
sabdflhey bbartek18:41
bbartekthx sabdfl18:41
SWATsupporting bbartek (testimonial is on the wikipage)18:41
sabdflsorry i won't get to chat, but i read over your page and am happy to +1 you18:41
rulusI'd like to cheer for bbartek, he does great work in the Dutch forums and helps out at computerfairs in Belgium. He's a very passionate Ubuntu advocate and recently organised a Gutsy release party with 100+ attendees :)18:41
elmobbartek: ok, want to do your intro?18:41
bbartekI'm not a programmer so I concentrate my efforts on promotional / marketing activities. You can reed my contributions so far in the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BartBroeckx18:41
MikeB-from Mark van den Boore: Bart Broeckx, a community member from Belgium, will be up for18:42
MikeB-membership tomorrow. He's a really good guy and invaluable to both18:42
MikeB-ubuntu-be.org and ubuntu-nl.org. But of course it's up to you guys to18:42
MikeB-decide on his membership application.18:42
bbartekMy future plans: Ubuntu-be has good contacts with Ubuntu-nl. I'm now working with the 2 teams to ceate a dutch speaking marketing team, for Ubuntu-be and Ubuntu-nl so we can work more closely and combine and coördinate our actions.18:42
profoX`(i'm here to cheer for bbartek too.. very active in ubuntu-BE and ubuntu-NL and has organized an awesome releaase party in Belgium [+100 visitors] and is planning an even bigger one)18:42
elmoMikeB-: have you (or anyone) been doing LP so far?18:42
bbartekIn May I will host a Release Party with www.cats&dogs.com We hope to make this one much bigger (300-500 people) then the last one in October.18:42
MikeB-elmo: no18:42
elmobbartek: www.cats&dogs.com ?18:42
JanC& → and I guess18:43
bbartekI made Catsanddogs do the switch from Windows to Ubuntu on there office pc's.18:43
elmoI thought IDN sneaked up on me while I wasn't watching18:43
MikeB-elmo: I got the log, will do it later18:43
elmoMikeB-: ok, cool, thanks18:43
bbartekHappy to answer some more questions18:44
JanCI can say Bart has helped with several events (fair booths & release party)18:44
MikeB-bart has my +1 between his wiki and large cheering section:)18:44
JanCand he helps on the Dutch forum too18:44
SWATand that's all on the wiki page by the way18:44
bbartekI'm a moderator of the dutch forum thx JanC18:44
elmoyeah, +1 from me too18:44
JanCand I carpooled with him twice to go to ubuntu-nl meetings  ツ18:45
* profoX` once too ;)18:45
bbartekThx elmo18:45
elmobbartek: congrats18:45
ogra+1 for carpooling and saving the environment :)18:45
elmook, I think that's a wrap then - thanks everyone18:45
SWATcan we congratulate bbartek or not?18:45
MikeB-look like, thanks all18:45
bbartekThank you so much, thx everybody for supporting me18:45
MikeB-Swat: yup18:45
elmoSWAT: sure, he got +318:45
profoX`good job bbartek :)18:46
* bbartek is so happy18:46
somerville32Did kmos do his?18:46
MikeB-somerville32: I think the MOTU council want to talk to him18:47
MikeB-somerville32: he removed himself for now18:48
MikeB-later all18:48
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juliuxhi all20:30
juliuxhas somebody the logfile from the cc meeting?20:31
somerville32!irclogs | juliux20:31
ubotujuliux: Channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/20:32
juliuxsomerville32, i should read the topic;)20:32
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