troseph_MMA_, did you see the new DIY gdm? Is that more what you were thinking?00:29
* _MMA_ looks.00:31
_MMA_Looking very cool. I will say however that the concept has been delayed from being used in Hardy. I will email you what Im working on now. It more in line with your original but might need some tweaks. That is, if you still wanna do it. :)00:33
troseph_MMA_ yes sir. You've got my help. :) And on that note, let me know what you think of this one: http://ubgdm.notlong.com00:35
_MMA_troseph: And I prefer you not make them that public (on Deviantart) until we decide whats gonna be used. I dont wanna throw everything out there only to release 5 months later and its stale.00:35
troseph_MMA_ sounds good.00:35
_MMA_troseph: I like the layout but the background images will need some work. I'm trying to use more photography. Im waiting on some emails but Ill send you what Im currently working on so you can get a better idea. Ill do that tomorrow as Im doing the family thing atm.00:37
Toma-_MMA_➔ are you still around?01:39
_MMA_Just for a second.01:39
Toma-still working on a punk thing right?01:39
_MMA_Yes, but it wont make Hardy.01:40
Toma-im ripping Glossy P to shreds and making a pixmap based gtk theme01:40
Toma-just for the hell of it01:40
* _MMA_ goes back to the family.01:40
troy_skwwii: WTF are you doing with the trash applet in the upper panel?01:45
_MMA_Stealing my ideas.01:50
_MMA_Though, I cant actually find a pic where he does it.01:52
troy_s_MMA_: It was shite.01:52
troy_s_MMA_: The point is that with AWN you don't need one. ;)01:52
_MMA_You can have it on your own shite-assed desktop. We ain't shipping it. But you are gonna do my new Usplash. :P01:53
troy_s_MMA_: I only do usplashes of the things I do the rest of.  Besides, to be absolutely honest, I would not know where to start brainstorming a usplash for it -- well at least until the wallpaper came along.01:55
troy_s_MMA_: I honestly don't think the photos are the way to go for DIY... you have such a rich opportunity to capitalize on the silhouetted shapes trend and mix it up with DIY -- the result should be pretty stellar.01:55
_MMA_I already have a mock-up you control-freak.01:55
_MMA_troy_s: I told you I dropped DIY for Hardy. Photo use isnt for DIY.01:56
troy_s_MMA_: Animatic?01:56
troy_s_MMA_: And I had no idea you dropped DIY01:56
troy_s_MMA_: When did that happen and why?  There is still quite a bit of time and (icons aside) I can see no reason why it wouldn't be doable.01:57
_MMA_huh? We talked about it. You even said it was good I saw that I will still stay with it.01:57
troy_s_MMA_: Oh heck -- I thought you were more _IF_ you couldn't make it happen.01:57
troy_s_MMA_: I had no clue that you were making a decision.01:57
_MMA_Oh no. I _know_ I cant make it happen now. I simply dont have the time doing it pretty much by myself.01:58
_MMA_Hey, there's wedderbiscuit.01:59
wedderburntis :), hows the art going in US?01:59
_MMA_DIY has been dropped due to my art team abandoning me.02:00
_MMA_But will continue to be developed for Hardy+1.02:00
wedderburnyou got a new art team?02:00
* _MMA_ looks around.02:00
* _MMA_ then points at himself.02:01
wedderburnoh daer02:01
troy_s_MMA_: Sooooooooooooooooooooo in the vacuum of style, where are you now and where is this 'mock'?02:02
wedderburni didn't think the DIY look was going to go down well02:02
_MMA_troy_s: Ill send you the mockup and my theme.02:02
_MMA_wedderburn: It will go over fine.02:03
Toma-put it on the wiki?02:03
_MMA_*When* I get it done.02:03
troy_swedderburn: Yeah I don't think I could disagree with you more on that point.  DIY is almost the perfect pairing for something as 'underground' and 'rebellious' as Ubuntu Studio and the audience that would potentially be able to maximize use from it.02:04
_MMA_wedderburn: Its just sad you bailed on me over it. I was sure from the moment you left that was why. Too bad you just didnt say.02:05
darkmattertroy_s: bah02:05
wedderburni left because of lack of time, also didn't like the direction it was going in, replacing the intire icon set wasn't something i was up for doing02:05
troy_sdarkmatter: ?02:05
_MMA_wedderburn: I believe the latter was the real reason.02:06
darkmattertroy_s: you and you're 'buzzwords'02:06
troy_sdarkmatter: Yikes.  Never knew I used buzzwords.  Unfortunately my lexicon is a little rooted in my past.02:07
troy_s_MMA_: I chatted with the guy who did these folders (which in my opinion are damn terrific) http://kde-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=38254&file1=38254-1.png&file2=&file3=&name=Some+more+SVG+Icons02:09
darkmattertroy_s: yeah "underground' and 'rebellious' is something I dont really id with ubuntustudio. its just another studio. just minus the need to install half the extras02:10
troy_s_MMA_: they are elegant (subtle curves here and there and the outright avoiding of that shitey outline trend) and quite beautifully crafted.02:10
_MMA_darkmatter: Then you wouldnt be our target audience. ;)02:11
troy_sdarkmatter: The belief being that realistically -- an independent band type scenario is probably one of the audience groups that would _maximize_ the work presented in Ubuntu Studio.02:11
_MMA_troy_s: Those are _very_ nice.02:11
troy_s_MMA_: Goes to show you what a default folder can do for your desktop.02:12
troy_s_MMA_: Of course, if it were uh... usabilitized it would end up a square at 48x48 with a big hideous glowing orange outline on it or something equally perfect.02:12
_MMA_Sure. So my current plan was to help with Ubuntu's icons and branch from there.02:12
wedderburnso you take a niche and slice it into another niche by having a desktop that would appeal to only a small % of users02:13
troy_swedderburn: Hardly.  You take a massive number of people who don't have a fecking clue what is available and present it to them in a visual styling that is contemporary and probably speaks to their independence.02:13
_MMA_wedderburn: I'm for taking chances. That what the DIY thing is for sure. In any case, people can change the theme.02:13
troy_swedderburn: _THAT_ attitude is the _EXACT_ shitey one that the FOSS geniuses use to further propel us into the dark ages.02:14
troy_swedderburn: When _I_ speak of audience, I speak of the audience that doesn't use FOSS / Ubuntu.  Those are the _only_ people who matter.02:14
troy_swedderburn: If Ubuntu is strong enough as a distribution, the current users will use it and warp it to their rather liking.02:15
troy_swedderburn: To be honest, I could give a rat's ass about the bulk of the current users of FOSS.02:15
_MMA_troy_s: I dont agree completely but I know what you mean.02:15
troy_swedderburn: They are (by and large minus a relativley new influx) the same people who vote the OSX clones and Ninja Manga themes to the top of gnome-look and kde-look.  It makes me laugh when people cite the voting percentage of those sites as even remotely credible.02:16
Toma-i think the DIY theme would appeal greatly to people that are stuck in the normal ubuntu/vista/mac type of themes frame of mind. something outrageous like a DIY theme would generate huge amounts of publicity. good and possibly bad. :)02:16
_MMA_troy_s: New theme idea for hardy coming at you.02:17
Toma-_MMA_➔ Whens the wiki going up? :/02:17
_MMA_Toma-: Sure, and I'm willing to take that hit.02:18
_MMA_Its already there. Just moved.02:18
Toma-i mean the new theme concept02:18
_MMA_Oh that, I pretty much have most of that under control.02:19
_MMA_I want to use pics for wallpapers and the like.02:19
troy_s_MMA_: You get demerits -- you didn't put it in a folder... grr.02:19
_MMA_No. It extracts to one.02:20
Toma-_MMA_➔ yeh about that...02:20
Toma-Would you be willing to think about a cool photo of something and have a really good manipulation of it?02:20
_MMA_troy_s: This is one we're looking at.02:21
Toma-im thinking about those old russian photoshop jobs02:21
Toma-to take something and make it incredible abstract02:21
_MMA_Toma-: Sure. Ill look at whatever from you.02:21
troy_s_MMA_: No theme dir -- cant' install via appearances.02:21
Toma-IM not very good at it but i can get some ideas rolling :)02:21
_MMA_troy_s: bah. Suck it up.02:21
troy_s_MMA_: Trying... can't get the sucker to inst.02:22
_MMA_Extract it, then drop it in .themes.02:22
_MMA_(should extract to a folder)02:22
troy_s_MMA_: It needs a subdir...02:22
troy_s_MMA_: .themes/blahtheme02:22
troy_s_MMA_: which is what i am creating.02:22
_MMA_Right-click and extracting will create a dir.02:23
troy_s_MMA_: hrm... dont' see much difference.02:23
troy_s_MMA_: although i don't have the windeco as i am running emerald.02:23
_MMA_That is one change. Turn off emerald.02:24
_MMA_The theme is alot flatter.02:24
_MMA_Highlight colors are changed. Mouse-over used to go darker. Now goes lighter. A usability issue or two fixed.02:25
_MMA_Side-by-side with the Feisty theme you would easily see it.02:25
troy_s_MMA_: Yeah ... Not familiar.  Not a huge fan of Murrine and the outline hell.  Glider is what I have been using of late.02:26
_MMA_troy_s: This is another photo Im trying to get. http://flickr.com/photos/3rdfoundation/29147001502:29
_MMA_troy_s: And this is just a quick, simple mock-up of what I was thinking for Usplash. http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/1029/ubuntustudiohardyusplasft5.png02:32
trosephthat is nice02:33
_MMA_Which? I posted a couple of links.02:33
Toma-usplash looks interesting02:34
* Toma- wishes you could get a theme to stay from usplash to desktop02:34
troy_s_MMA_: Surely you can do better than yet another shitey Ubuntu progress bar, no?02:34
_MMA_With my limited help/experience, no.02:35
_MMA_It would be another story if its all I had to do.02:35
troy_s_MMA_: hrm...02:35
Toma-troy_s➔ can you get like a fade in effect from usplash?02:35
troy_sToma-: Uh... you can do what you like really.  If you add in alpha blending and such yes.02:35
Toma-so usplash just piles images ontop of itself basically?02:36
_MMA_troy_s: So you gonna do it or no?02:36
troy_s_MMA_: As in eek out that progress bar?02:38
troy_sToma-: No, you are only limited by what / how you want to do something.02:38
troy_sToma-: Plus the obvious performance hit.02:38
_MMA_As in create a Usplash for us.02:38
Toma-i see02:39
_MMA_troy_s ?02:42
troy_s_MMA_: Sorry... with daughter.  What is the default wallpaper / theme ?02:48
troy_s_MMA_: I could certainly do something assuming I can grab onto what you are aiming for with this release.02:49
_MMA_Lemmie get what might be it.02:49
_MMA_Here's one we might ship, thought not default. http://flickr.com/photos/3rdfoundation/29147001502:49
_MMA_troy_s: This might be default.02:51
_MMA_So maybe I could show progression on a VU meter?02:52
_MMA_Thats a idea.02:52
troy_s_MMA_: Yes that was the initial thought.02:52
troy_s_MMA_: Need to think up something that seems interesting or clever and build from that.02:52
_MMA_Hmm... Ill work on that tomorrow as well.02:52
* _MMA_ -> TV.02:56
darkmattertroy_s: https://www.nextgendesigncomp.com/Default.aspx03:20
darkmattertroy_s: design patterns hit yast http://en.opensuse.org/Image:Ycc_yoogle_start_it1.png05:45
darkmatterYOOGLE.. LAWL05:45
kwwiiwow, yast still uses the logo I made like 5 years ago07:32
darkmatterkwwii: yes, but now its tangoed. so its 5 years old and meant for preschoolers ;)08:59
darkmatterkwwii: have you seen the Yoogle concept yet?09:32
kwwiidarkmatter: yeah, I saw that09:40
kwwiiI doubt that it would help anyone really get to anything faster09:42
darkmatterkwwii: indeed. I'm surprised the fella that did that mockup didn't suggest css support ;)09:44
kwwiido you know who made that?09:46
darkmatterdidn't check09:47
kwwiiI probably hired the person who made that :p09:48
kwwii_MMA_: is a geek14:51
_MMA_Yep. 24" LCDs = Geeky. ;)14:52
_MMA_Quicky VU meter Usplash mockup. http://img57.imageshack.us/img57/6849/vusplashmockupup1.png15:38
_MMA_(needle would sweep from left to right.)15:38
Toma-not a fan of the 2 logos15:39
Toma-looks awesome otherwise15:39
kwwii_MMA_: wow, pretty good start15:54
_MMA_Yeah. Just working on elements.15:55
_MMA_Ill add some gradients and things to make it look a little more real.15:55
kwwiiman, this damn presentation is going to kill me15:55
_MMA_Can I have your LCD?15:56
kwwiisure, come around to my house and pick it up15:56
* _MMA_ hops on a plane.15:58
bersacetroy_s, kwwii : Hi !!! :)16:57
bersaceYou can't imagine what i'm hacking nowadays :D16:57
kwwiihrm? what is that?16:59
kwwiihi, btw17:00
bersacethat's the preliminary Linux driver for iMac G5 iSight17:01
kwwiilol, killer17:01
bersacewell, i don't find it low-level enough17:02
bersaceit's just a policy driver17:02
bersacenot a real hard-ware driver17:02
* bersace remember trying to reverse engineer a windows driver for a scanner …17:03
bersacei gave up17:03
andreasnbersace: was it for HP ScanJet 2400?17:04
bersaceandreasn: a dump I.R.I.S. scanner which was in fact a PandP. Co. scanner17:05
bersacevery low price and quality17:05
bersacefinaly i send it to plustek driver developer17:05
andreasnI totally need to pay someone to fix a driver for my ScanJet scanner17:06
bersacei'll go out for skateboarding :)17:06
bersacesee you soon17:06
andreasnhm, I need to learn how to do textures http://www.flickr.com/photos/jakubsteiner/2075422487/in/set-72157594445393899/18:18
kwwiiwow, that looks pretty nice18:19
kwwiigood to see that jakkub is learning from oxygen :p18:19
kwwiihis ear is probably bleeding right now18:19
andreasnI assume it's totally on purpose18:20
andreasnjust takes ages to draw stuff so detailed18:20
andreasnand we don't even have coverflow :)18:21
kwwiiit does take much more time per icon18:22
andreasnwell, if you charge your work per hour... :)18:23
kwwiilol, yeah18:24
_MMA_vUsplash update: http://img126.imageshack.us/img126/2411/vusplashmockupwi9.png22:22
kwwiilook like it is getting better :-)22:28
_MMA_I *think* so. I just removed the "communication" text.22:29
_MMA_Still feels kinda sparse but they are like that. :-/22:29
kwwiiseems like it needs a bit of reflection and shadow on the glass22:30
kwwiibut it looks pretty cool22:30
_MMA_vUsplash update 2: http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/8532/vusplashmockupaa4.png22:52
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