mwhudsonjam: dammit00:01
mwhudsoncan you press the button again?00:01
igcping poolie00:11
igcpoolie: the --pack-0.92 options are screwing up the User Reference generation :-(00:12
igcCan I rename the format to pack-0-92? That fixes it.00:12
fullermdigc: Funnily enough, it was the -, not the ., in the format name that always glared out at me   ;)01:02
poolieigc, hm, except that may be confusing01:02
igcpoolie: any thoughts?01:12
igcI've sent a patch to the list btw01:12
Jammerwhy does "bzr ignore" add the .bzrignore file into the repository? (I even have .bzrignore itself listed as ignored file)01:25
igcjammer: that doesn't sound right01:26
Jammerusing version that is in Ubuntu repository01:29
Odd_BlokeJammer: So that ignores get propagated to all copies of the branch.  If you want ignores specifically for you, there is a way to set it.01:32
Odd_BlokeI'm afraid I can't rememeber what this is as I've never had call for it. :(01:32
poolieigc, does the pdf actually need review? or is it just a version of that svg?01:37
poolieif it looks poor on evince, maybe file a bug to that effect01:37
igcpoolie: just a version of the svg01:37
igcbug in evince me thinks01:37
poolie+1 then01:41
igcpoolie: thanks - I'll submit it to pqm01:42
jam-laptopmwh: pushed01:44
jam-laptopI'm reviewing igc's work on switch02:23
igcthanks jam-laptop02:23
spivI'm reviewing jam's status after merge.02:41
jam-laptopigc: review is finished, bb:tweak02:45
jam-laptopA couple of small fixes, overall, I think it is worth 1.002:45
jam-laptopis anyone else finding Bundle buggy to be slow?02:46
jam-laptopI think igc mentioned that it doesn't seem to be noticing merged patches02:46
jam-laptopwhich I have brought up with Aaron earlier in the week02:46
jam-laptopand he thought he saw that fixed02:46
jam-laptop(or at least forcing a rescan cleaned it up)02:46
jam-laptopigc: Any chance you can figure out why the PDF looks weird on Ubuntu?02:47
jam-laptopIt would seem important to have it looking good there02:47
igcevince bug I think02:47
jam-laptopany chance we could not provoke the bug?02:48
jelmerhmm, would be interesting to have bb support for irc (-:02:48
jam-laptopreviewing spiv's hpss translate root patches02:51
igcjam-laptop: if I use inkscape to generate the PDF instead of the script in the Makefile, the result is much better02:54
jam-laptopigc: You know you can script inkscape, right?02:55
igcI did but I haven't done it02:55
jam-laptopI don't see a command in my Makefile02:56
jam-laptopam I just missing it?02:56
jam-laptopah, wrong makefile02:56
jam-laptopyeah, I just found it02:56
jam-laptopI haven't done much with inkscape, other than to regenerate the .png files for the website02:57
jam-laptopanyway, I would probably recommend using inkscape if possible02:57
igcyeah - seems so02:58
jam-laptophmm... the directory is quick-reference02:58
jam-laptopthe target is 'bzr-quickref.png'02:58
jam-laptopbut yet we call it the Quick Start Guide02:58
igcwell, Quick Start Card right now02:59
jam-laptopigc: shouldn't the targets be renamed as well in the Makefile?02:59
jam-laptopbzr-quickref.png: $(OBJECTS)02:59
spivjam-laptop: is abentley's concern about find_difference a showstopper for your "make 'bzr status' after merge faster" patch?03:10
jam-laptopspiv: maybe...03:10
spivjam-laptop: trading slow-but-correct for fast-but-not-necessarily-correct seems worrying :)03:11
jam-laptopI didn't feel like it was a strict show-stopper, but03:11
jam-laptopthe only time it is incorrect is when the shortcut is longer that the distance to origin03:11
jam-laptopand igc did point out that we could probably detect it03:11
jam-laptopspiv: the other trade off is that when it is "incorrect" it just means that a few more entries show up in03:12
jam-laptop(it isn't a data loss/corruption/etc)03:12
spivOk, so it would only affect "status" output.03:12
spivAlthough there's the risk that someone might look at this code and think "that looks like a good way to do it" and use the same approach somewhere more critical...03:13
spivSo I guess a big scary comment is called for :)03:13
jam-laptopspiv: it is currently on my todo plate03:13
jam-laptopit is what I was working on that lead me to the Graph.heads() fix03:13
spivYeah, I thought they might be related.03:13
jam-laptopwhich is mostly "get find_differences()" to be correct03:13
spivIt seemed a bit more than coincidence that you were reworking graph guts :)03:13
PengHey, there's a "bzr find-merge-base" command. No need to do "bzr revision-info ancestor:..." or anything.03:31
igcping poolie: pack-092 or pack-0-92? I can adjust it before I submit to PQM03:51
lifelessits really ugly both ways03:54
lifelesshow sure are you that its unavoidable ?03:54
PengOkay, so you're going to stop introducting new formats in each version, you're just going to rename the current ones! :P03:56
fullermdEh?  Microsoft bought bzr?03:57
Odd_BlokeWill there ever be a circumstance in which a revision won't have the 'branch-nick' property?03:58
igclifeless: I tried to escape it and it didn't03:58
fullermdOdd_Bloke: Frex, I've got a number of revisions from before bzr started putting nicks in.03:58
igcI'm yet to look at the ReST code itself03:59
fullermd(0.7 it came in, I think?)03:59
Odd_BlokeOK, rephrase the question: s/revision/new revision/03:59
lifelessI think its worth looking at it; 0.92 is the version number, anything else will surprise people.04:00
lifelessOdd_Bloke: yes04:00
Odd_Blokelifeless: Cool, thanks. :)04:00
PengI'm always irritated by abbreviated version numbers. I was very happy that "pack-0.92" didn't do that.04:00
lifelessOdd_Bloke: primarily importers and such things04:01
spivigc: I reckon we could monkey-patch the regexes in docutils.parsers.rst.Body fairly easily...04:10
pooliei'm really not keen on having docs that are almost but not quite rest04:17
poolieotoh it's ugly to change our program because of doc tool quasi-bugs04:18
fullermdWe could just pretend 0.92 didn't happen, and call it 'pack-1'  ;)04:21
igcfullermd: :-)04:23
lifelessthat would be pack-1.004:24
poolieigc, lifeless: i think we should just pick one and do it, so we can get an rc out today04:30
poolieigc, spiv, can i recap what we're trying to review or merge today04:34
lifelesspoolie: I would what spiv suggets - work around the bug by fixing rest on the fly04:34
lifelesss/would what/would do what/04:34
spivIt does seem backwards to have a documentation tool force us to lessen the beauty of our tool. :)04:36
igccan spiv give that a try? we ought to confirm that will work04:36
pooliespiv, do you think that kind of change could be accepted by upstream docutils?04:36
spivAnother hack would be to format the option list without using ReST's special option list format (seeing as it's apparently not appropriate for us!).  Maybe just a list of ":`--pack-0.92`: this option blah blah blah"?04:38
poolieor a table maybe04:38
spivYeah, or a table.04:38
spivIt's not as beautiful, but we avoid the rather strange restrictions on what ReST automagically considers to be valid option names.04:38
spiv":`--pack-0.92`:" works, and looks pretty similar to the existing output.04:40
spiv(The online renderer at http://www.hosting4u.cz/jbar/rest/render.py is convenient)04:40
poolieor we could put the formats into a separate table from the options...04:40
spivOr a *really* nasty hack is to s/\./DOT/ before feeding the file to docutils, then s/DOT/./ on the output ;)04:41
pooliespiv, what did you mean by  ":`--pack-0.92`:"04:43
spivMarkup like:04:43
spivThe list of options is:04:43
spiv 04:43
spiv  :`--pack-0.92`:  use pack-0.92 format, which blah blah blah...04:44
spiv  :`--other-arg`:  do other thing04:44
spivThe :foo: is a description list, and the backticks formats the text like a literal.04:44
pooliedon't we want two backticks then?04:45
spiv(Oops, that URL should have been http://www.hosting4u.cz/jbar/rest/rest.html)04:46
spivpoolie: oops, yeah.04:46
spivMy ReST is apparently rusty :)04:47
poolieyeah i worked that out04:47
pooliethat's ok04:47
pooliesingle backticks have a kinda odd meaning04:47
poolieigc, how about changing it to render like that?04:47
pooliealso, i wonder why this didn't cause the tests to fail04:47
igcsounds ok - better than hacking ReST code I think04:47
spiv15:47 < igc> sounds ok - better than hacking ReST code I think04:47
spiv(for the benefit of poolie)04:48
poolieor changing our format thing now04:48
spivBtw, there's near comment in the regexes for the option list parsing saying: "# @@@ Loosen up the pattern?  Allow Unicode?"04:49
spivSo perhaps the docutils guys are amenable to changing this :)04:49
poolieso, maybe we should send them a patch after all, but use a non-option list syntax for today?04:49
spivI agree.04:50
igcme too04:50
igcI'm bust tweaking switch so I'd like spiv to do the work :-)04:50
pooliespiv, what are you up to now?04:51
spivpoolie: just finished a review of jam's status after merge.04:51
spivpoolie: so now's a reasonable time to look at tweaking the doc generation, but I'd also was planning to review jam's "Graph.heads() optimization... 1500 times faster".04:52
pooliespiv, i'll look at the docs04:57
Odd_BlokeAre bzr planning on participating in Google's Summer of Code this year?  And, if so, how many people have been accepted for bzr in years past?04:58
ubotuNew bug: #148087 in bzr ""bzr break-lock bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/..." fails to break a lock" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14808704:58
spivpoolie: ok05:03
poolieOdd_Bloke, we may, we had 3 people last year05:14
poolieare you interested in participating?05:14
Odd_Blokepoolie: Yeah, definitely.05:21
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PengUsing find_differences to show pending merges in "status", how many could incorrectly show up?05:53
PengAny is a serious problem, and I don't like that you'd sacrifice that for performance..05:53
abentleyjam: it can also be incorrect if it hits a ghost.05:57
poolie_igc, just where does the problem with the --packs-0.92 name show up?05:59
igcmake doc/en/user-reference/bzr_man.html05:59
poolie_i thought so06:00
poolie_oh, they're just warnings06:00
igcyes, but check the output06:00
igcin your browser06:00
poolie_yes i see06:01
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pooliehm, so the rst generation is quite punned with the regular command line help...06:25
poolieand since we already use our own tool to generate the help, maybe it is reasonable to monkeypatch from there06:26
spivA twisted user just brought bug 147836 to my attention.  The fix is trivial, so I just posted it to the list.  I hope we can get it into 1.0rc2.06:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 147836 in bzr "'RemoteRepository' object has no attribute '_make_parents_provider' - bundle command fails with bzr remote repositories" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14783606:46
spivIt should be a quick review.06:46
pooliethis is a pain to monkeypatch :/06:46
poolietoo much stuff is evaluated at load time06:46
poolie_igc, hey well done with bryce!07:49
poolie_have a good weekend, all!07:49
igccheers poolie_!07:49
igchave a great weekend everyone07:54
ubotuNew bug: #174607 in bzr ".bzrignore is not honoured. [Bazaar (bzr) 1.0.0.candidate.1 - win32]" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17460708:40
wamWhen I bzr add a directory and commit, bzr status tells me, that several files were removed. All further commits say that these files were removed although they're there. Where could I start to debug/correct this?09:13
wamI tried to add the files several times without success.09:13
spivwam: what platform?09:28
spivwam: and what bzr version?09:29
spivwam: that sounds a bit like a bug we've had on case-insensitive filesystems, but I'm not sure of the details.09:30
wamspiv: sorry, was afk. It's linux ext3 fs.10:15
wambzr 0.15.010:15
fullermdwam: Can you pastebin a 'bzr stat' output and an ls (from the root of the branch) of those files?10:18
wamfullermd: http://pastebin.org/1077010:21
fullermdOh, I meant a regular unix 'ls', not the 'bzr ls'.  What does ls of the src/archetypes.schemaextender/archetypes.schemaextender.egg-info/ dir yield, say?10:22
fullermd(ls -l, probably)10:22
wamfullermd: http://pastebin.org/1077110:23
wamfullermd: added ls -ls10:23
fullermdHm.  No symlinks in that path?10:26
wamfullermd: none10:26
fullermdThat's the full 'bzr stat' output?10:27
wamfullermd: no, just for those 2 dirs. Do you need the full one?10:28
wamfullermd: second10:28
wamfullermd: there's only a unknow-section. This is all for "removed".10:28
fullermdHm.  Does it have all those files in the unknown section?10:28
wamfullermd: this is the full output: http://pastebin.org/1077310:29
wamfullermd: both dirs are from a svn checkout.10:29
fullermdHm.  Wacky...10:30
wamfullermd: maybe this means something? Because all other dirs work.10:30
fullermdThose names are all just plain 7-bit ascii like they look, right?  No weird chars that look normal?10:30
wamfullermd: not that I'm aware of.10:30
wamfullermd: navigation works w/o tabs. so I can at least type them ;)10:30
fullermdNote that it doesn't list the directories as removed; just the files in them.  That means it's still seeing the dir.10:31
wamfullermd: yeah - this is really strange.10:32
fullermdI don't remember any such bugs in the 0.15-now timeframe.10:32
wamfullermd: oh10:32
wamfullermd: second - i got something.10:32
wamwas in .bzr.10:33
wamforget it ;)10:33
wamfullermd: I can add one of the files and then call bzr stat again and it's shown as "removed".10:34
wamfullermd: when I remove the dirs where the buggy files are in, they (=the dirs) show up in bzr stat as "unknown".10:36
wamfullermd: as expected ;)10:36
fullermdWell, if you haven't changed those files (or anything else, but stat doesn't show any), a quick 'bzr revert' is probably the quickest way to get them all back.10:37
wamfullermd: well, I'm doing a svn up in those dirs sometimes.10:37
wamfullermd: but as the product also belongs to my project, I want the files in bzr also10:38
fullermdOh, well, that'll probably resurrect them too   :)10:38
wamfullermd: so do you recommend to remove them from filesystem and get them back from somewherE?10:40
fullermdWell, when they show back up in the filesystem, bzr should notice them and move them back into unchanged (or changed, of course).10:40
PengWorth trying a modern version of bzr anyway?10:48
fullermdWell, upgrading is always a good idea.  Though usually by the time you upgrade, the next release cycle has gone through...10:49
spiv0.15 is many release cycles ago now :)10:49
fullermdIf ressurecting the files doesn't do the job, I'd certainly try that; particularly if it's a dirstate tree, 0.15 was pretty squirrely.10:49
spivI'd definitely try upgrading.10:49
fullermdOr even resurrecting them.  Take your pick.10:50
* fullermd obviously needs sleep.10:50
PengOoh, rc2?10:52
fullermdSee?  Told ya!  You upgraded, so there's a new [semi-]release   :p10:52
PengHas the download page been updated yet?10:53
PengIf so, the /topic should be.10:53
PengThe website has been updated.10:55
PengWho's an op?10:55
Peng'Course, http://bazaar-vcs.org/releases/src/bzr-1.0rc2.tar.gz is a 404.10:56
fullermdDon't need to be op to set the topic.10:57
PengThe PGP sig has been uploaded, though!10:57
PengThat's the important part anyway...10:57
fullermdDoes it match?   :]10:57
alwynHi, everyone10:57
datopoolie_: as reported by Peng above, seems that the rc2 tarball wasn't uploaded?10:59
Pengpoolie_: Also, the /topic needs to be updated.10:59
dato11:57 <fullermd> Don't need to be op to set the topic.10:59
alwynI have a bit of a problem with the eclipse plugin for bzr.  My project root is a shared bzr repository. I used Team->Share, but it shows all files bzr status as question marks and really slows down my eclipse.  Known bug?11:00
ubotuNew bug: #174625 in bzr "Performance regression with pack format in missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17462511:01
Pengdato: You're right. WTF?11:01
PengIf I was just slightly less mature...11:01
alwynhmm, maybe I should not have used the word b u g.11:01
* Peng gets the bug spray.11:03
fullermdI don't use a bug, I use a straight key   :]11:04
ubotuNew bug: #174627 in bzr "Large performance regression when pulling fromdirstate-with-subtree into rich-root repo" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17462711:05
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ubotuNew bug: #174643 in bzr "help for --sort option of `tags` command needs more help" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17464312:31
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blauwaljelmer: ping16:09
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jdstrandis there any way for bzr to follow a symlink out of the bzr controlled tree?17:27
jdstrand(I don't want it to, I want to make sure it doesn't :)17:27
Nafallojdstrand: hehe. almost scared me for a sec :-)17:28
sabdflhi folks17:31
sabdflis there a command to find the root of the current bzr working tree?17:31
Nafallohiya sabdfl :-). how are you?17:31
sabdflhey Nafallo, great thanks, how are you?17:31
Nafallosabdfl: home sick, thanks for asking ;-). plans to be back at work on Monday :-)17:32
Nafallosabdfl: bzr info shows that information it seems :-)17:32
jelmersabdfl: yep, "bzr root"17:33
sabdfljelmer: ah, thanks! so much better than bzr info | grep "repository branch" | cut -d":" -f217:44
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fullermdjelmer: You doing bzr-gtk hacking?18:12
jelmerfullermd: yup18:22
fullermdDoes viz on trunk work for you?18:23
jelmerfullermd: yup, like a charm18:24
jelmerare you running bzr-gtk trunk?18:25
fullermdCrud.  Why does it hate me?18:25
fullermdImportError: No module named about18:25
jelmerfullermd: we changed the owner of the branch18:25
jelmerfullermd: you're using the old location of trunk18:25
jelmerreplace "~bzr" in the branch url with "~bzr-gtk"18:25
fullermdAh, I forgot about that...18:26
fullermdCan we remove that old location so that morons like me can get error messages instead of just 'Nope, nothing new...'?18:27
jelmerfullermd: it's on launchpad - afaik it's not possible to remove stuff from there18:29
bialixjelmer: launchapd has button to delete branches18:30
bialixat least if it hosted18:30
jelmerbialix: where? I don't see anything on https://edge.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr-gtk/trunk18:30
jelmerit refuses to delete because there are subscribers18:32
bialixwell, at least you could delete it via sftp18:32
bialixunsubsribe them!18:32
jelmerI can't unsubscribe other people afaik18:33
jelmerand deleting over sftp gives permission denied18:33
bialixyou can ask this people, peraps, to unsubscribe18:33
bialixfor me it's the bug in launchpad18:34
bialixhey, launchpad people, are you here?18:34
keescookso, I've hit bug 152746.  It's not clear to me what the work-around is...18:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 152746 in bzr "bzr commit to bzr+ssh hangs on 'No handlers could be found for logger "bzr"'" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15274618:48
ddaawhere are the option:policy values documented?18:52
ddaa(for locations.conf)18:52
ddaaI'd need a policy which would be "the path for the inner subsection that matches this path, plus this fixed string"18:53
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englahm. how to get a list of branches in a repo, and then switch to one of them?19:00
bialixpoolie_: are you still here?19:04
bialixwhy no one report that 1.0rc2 tarball is actually missed on the server?19:06
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bialixnobody download it? heh19:06
datobialix: Peng noticed and I pinged poolie_ about it19:07
bialixwe need to wait some hours probably until sun rise in the Oz land...19:08
bialixok, no sources - no win32 installer19:08
englaif this project I checked out a branch of; if it had more than this trunk branch, would that show in bzr info?19:09
bialixengla: to get list of branches you can run bzr branches (you need to have bzrtools)19:15
bialixengla: info shows only actual info about your branch19:15
bialixbzr repository is optimisation technics, it's not dedicated to hold branches for only on project19:16
bialixyou can mix several projects in one repo19:16
englagood help19:53
englabut I didn't have bzrtools19:53
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mwhmmm, the rc2 tarball has some minor errors in various version_infos22:39
abentleyIn case anyone's wondering about Bundle Buggy, there's some kinda routing issue.  It's disrupting my email, too.22:49
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