steph_Can I rm initrd.img.old and vmlinuz.old from / ?00:02
crimsunthose should be mere symlinks.00:02
crimsunso, yes, if you really wish to.  If you use GRUB (which one does by default), you can use tabbed path-completion at the GRUB prompt anyhow.00:03
steph_what is the link between these files and GRUB ?00:04
crimsunthose symlinks point to their respective files in /boot00:05
crimsunthey only exist if you either 1) install another Debianised linux package using dpkg, or 2) create them manually00:05
crimsunGRUB is the default boot loader, and its configuration file uses those symlinks.  Those entries normally point to the second set of linux images.00:06
steph_Is the second set a "kind of emergency files" ?00:08
crimsunyes, the entries point to the older, previously installed linux set.00:09
crimsuni.e., "backup"00:09
steph_Did GRUB will automaticaly switch to it in case of a bad luck ?00:10
steph_I did a updated from 7.04 to 7.10. And there is now a initrd.img -2.6.20-16,  initrd.img -2.6.20-14 and initrd.img -2.6.20-16.bak.00:11
crimsunyes, that's correct.00:11
steph_I just want to understand what's "under the hood"00:12
crimsunwhat would you like me to explain regarding those three files specifically?00:12
steph_I just started to explore files and folders from / . Now I have to read http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/ ;)00:14
steph_Do I have to keep the old one (initrd.img -2.6.20-14 and initrd.img -2.6.20-16.bak) ?00:15
steph_I thought there was "cleaning" after an upgrade...00:16
crimsun2.6.20-16 is a newer package than 2.6.20-14.  There are numerous security errata applied.00:18
johnnyyou want to understand what's under the hood, read the linuxfromscratch howto :)00:18
johnnythen you'll really understand :)00:18
johnnyweb search it00:18
crimsunYou may choose to remove the 2.6.20-14 linux packages if 2.6.20-16 does not introduce any regressions.00:18
steph_web ?? (I'm jocking)00:18
crimsunI do not recommend removing the backup initramfs image /ever/.00:18
johnnyi don't say "google it" anymore...00:18
johnnyi use other search engines too afterall00:19
steph_Is it the right channel to LEARN BY QUESTIONS, or am I to boring ?00:20
johnnywell you should learn by reading first00:21
johnnyand then ask questions00:21
steph_Thanks. Humility is the path to knowledge...00:22
johnnythis prolly isn't the right channel .. but i don't know what would be the best for that00:22
johnnyexcept for #gnulinux101 (sadly it doesn't exist)00:22
johnnyi'm always willing to help folks learn stuff when i have time.. unless they are going to work with me on open source projects00:23
johnnythen i spend all sorts of time :)00:23
steph_see you soon.00:23
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steph_We have 15 old PII 400 with 512MB RAM, including hard drive, that we wanted to recycle at school.03:08
steph_What would be the best? A powerful server with LSTP and light clients or a medium server with heavy clients and LDAP and MySQL?03:09
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MasterOneDamned, just recently I found a link to an edu-something site, which had the recent version of libflashsupport as a .deb package, but I am unable to find that site again. The version from vdbonline.net is over 1 year old, and a recent version is supposed to operate more stable. Anyone seen the site I mean?10:15
Joris_some of my LTSP clients don't start their Xserver anymore since updating the server to gutsy13:00
Joris_locally X works with the i810 driver - I tried changing it to 'intel'13:01
Joris_after the boot process, the system stops with blinking a '-' in the upper left corner  of the display13:02
Bauer|Ctrl-Alt-F1 - is there any error-message?13:03
Joris_nope, just the login prompt13:04
Joris_I don't know where to look for logs :/13:05
Bauer|/var/log/Xorg.0.log ?13:06
ograJoris_, some intel cards try to forcefully run at 32bt colordepth but aret capable of that ...13:06
ogratry X_COLOR_DEPTH=24 for them13:06
Joris_ogra: tried that too, sorry :/13:06
Joris_Bauer|: that's on the server?13:06
Joris_Bauer|: I mean LTSP server, xorg client13:07
Joris_ogra: 16bit even13:08
Bauer|I am thinking the client13:08
Joris_how would I login into it?13:09
Bauer|now thats a good question :p i don't know :p i would think ogra knows?13:11
ogradefine SHELL_07=ldm  SHELL_02=shell13:11
ograthat spawns a shell on tty213:11
Joris_in lts.conf ?13:11
ograad keeps to try to configure and start X on tty713:11
Joris_is that correct? it appears not to work13:15
ograthats correct13:20
ograshould work13:20
Joris_doesn't... login on tty1, failed X on 713:21
ograthere should be a rootshell running13:23
Joris_1, 2, 3 are empty13:23
ograthen yur lts.conf isnt read or the MAC is wrong13:23
Joris_hmm, mac = copypaste, so that should be ok13:24
Joris_if lts.conf isn't read that could explain wy setting the xserver or colordepth doesn't solve anything13:25
ogradoes your lts.conf lie in the path thats defined in the filename directive in your dhcpd.conf ?13:25
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ograthats where it should reside13:25
Bauer|you do upgrade you image after editing lts.conf?13:26
Joris_Bauer|: no, I didn't' - should I?13:26
Bauer|i have to rebuild my image after editing lts.conf13:27
Joris_ogra: no, it doesn't: option root-path "/opt/ltsp/i386" and /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf13:27
ograBauer|, not if you have your lts.conf in the right path13:27
ograJoris_, "filename" not root-path13:28
ograroot-path isnt used at all in gutsy ltsp13:28
ogra(only there for backwards compatibility)13:28
Joris_tought so, it's commented in that file there :)13:29
Joris_filename "/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.0"; and filename "/ltsp/i386/nbi.img";, so it should be ok?13:29
ograhmm, thats strange13:32
Joris_trying with inotify o the file13:33
ograyou didntput links into that folder or something i suppos13:33
ogra(tftp isnt capable of following links ... )13:33
Joris_I did, to figure out another problem - but removed them again13:33
ogra(especially not outside its own root (/var/lib/tftpboot/))13:33
Joris_according to inotify, my lts.conf is not being read :s13:35
Joris_(iwatch -e access  /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf does not register any reads-13:36
Joris_in.tftpd[1240]: RRQ from filename /lts.conf13:37
Joris_ in.tftpd[1240]: sending NAK (1, File not found) to
Joris_something is really really wrong13:39
Joris_without changing anything, the client now does request the lts.conf13:40
Joris_and is now unresponsive, blinking with the caps and scroll lock13:40
Joris_maybe it's better to reinstall the server completely13:41
Joris_(screen hangs on kubuntu progress bar btw)13:42
ograits missing the path13:42
ografilename /lts.conf must be filename /ltsp/i386/lts.conf13:42
ograare you sure the dhcpd you configure is actually used ?13:43
Joris_good question13:43
ograpaste your config to a pastebin13:43
ograand your tftp line in inted.conf has "-s /var/lib/tftpboot" at the end ?13:48
Joris_yes, can you refresh that url?13:48
Joris_open http://pastebin.com/m54c93530 rather :)13:49
ograwhats pxelinux.0\377 ??13:49
ograthats broken13:49
ograalso: ls -la /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp would be intersting13:50
Joris_I tried copying the file because some clients request that13:50
ograno, thats an internal code of PXE13:50
Joris_ah, oh :/13:51
Joris_that's also giving me problems...13:51
ograshow me ls -la /var/lib/tftpboot and ls -la /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp13:51
Joris_(staring on line 54)13:52
ograyeah, nothing suspicious13:53
ogramake a backup of your lts.conf, wipe the i386 dir and run: sudo ltsp-update-kernels13:53
ograthen copy the lts.conf back13:53
ograthat should clean up anything you could have broken13:53
Joris_ok :D13:55
Joris_boots without the caps/scroll blink again, but still no xserver13:56
ograshell ?13:56
Joris_neither :(13:56
ograwhy did you put the |uniq in the lts.conf part ?13:57
Joris_there are no double entries of any kind I think13:58
* ogra headdesks ...13:58
Joris_ouch :D13:59
ograblind me13:59
ograyou can drop SOUND,LOCALDEV and SYLOG_HOST ther are set by default to these values14:00
Joris_doesn't work :/14:03
Joris_but the file is requested, according to inode14:04
ogradid it fix your PXE error on the other terminals ?14:04
Joris_nope, no idea how14:05
ograany info in the logs ?14:05
ograwith your triple -v you should see everthing tftpd does14:06
Joris_just the not found \33714:07
Joris_RRQ from filename /ltsp/i386/boot/pxelinux.0\377  -> NAK14:08
ograyour is clean now btw ?14:08
ograyour /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/14:08
Joris_I think so14:08
Joris_I ran the kernel update thing14:08
ograwhats boot ??14:09
ograthats shouldnt be there14:09
Joris_a symlink to .14:09
Joris_did I break that too? :(14:09
ograbut you just wiped that dir14:09
ograhow can it be there again14:09
Joris_I don't know14:10
ograthere should only be three links (vmlinuz, initrd.img and nbi.img)14:10
Joris_manually removed it, ltsp-update-kernels and now itt's gone14:10
ograand one subdir pxelinux.cfg14:10
Joris_no pxelinux.0?14:11
ograthe dir looks good now14:11
Joris_I'll retry14:12
Joris_what's wrong with that /ltsp/i386/boot/pxelinux.0\377?14:12
Joris_client boots, but no X and no shell14:13
ograwell, i wonder how you get the boot in there14:13
ograit shouldnt be there14:13
ograsomething is really wonky, either in your chroot or with the setup of your server14:14
Joris_and NO /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf read!!?!14:14
Joris_I think something went really wrong with the gutsy upgrade of this machine14:14
ograyou are not running another dhcpd in your network or so ?14:14
Joris_yes, but it is pointing to me as it's next-file14:15
ograupgrade ?14:15
Joris_or something14:15
ograbut you rebuilt the chroot as advised i hope14:15
Joris_it was a 6.06/7.07 and updated it to 7.1014:15
Joris_certainly, I rebuilt the chroot14:15
ogrado you have any other tftpd running ?14:17
Joris_on the network? not sure, but not on this server14:17
ograhow does your /opt/ltsp/i386/boot/pxelinux.cfg/default look like ?14:18
ogra(paste here, should be one line)14:18
Joris_root@dotkomserver:~# cat /opt/ltsp/i386/boot/pxelinux.cfg/default14:18
Joris_DEFAULT vmlinuz ro initrd=initrd.img quiet splash14:18
ogralooks fine14:18
ogra/var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.cfg/default has the same content i suppose14:19
ograi really dont understand how it gets the boot in there :/14:21
Joris_it could be I did it, but I don't tremember14:21
Joris_ogra: I can reinstall the server :?14:22
Joris_directly from 7.1014:22
ograyes, but i'dlike to find the cause :)14:22
mcfloppy_is there a way to run ltsp 4.1 and 5.0 together?14:23
mcfloppy_cause i need ltsp 4.1 for my netvista devices and the other pcs from the system running under 5.014:24
ogramcfloppy_, there surely is, but i bet its a lot work to set up the servers right14:24
Joris_ogra: I'd be more than happy to dig further into this, but:14:24
Joris_not today, I have to get going14:24
Joris_and also: they are depending on me getting a lot of clients functional, I don't know how long the current situation can persist14:25
ogradpkg -l ltsp-server ?14:25
Joris_it's installed14:26
ograand chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 dpkg -l ltsp-client-core14:26
Joris_138 files14:26
ograi want to compare te versions :)14:26
mcfloppy_ogra hmm kay,14:26
mcfloppy_what would you do?14:26
ogramcfloppy_, well most easy would be to have two different networks (a NIC each) for the different implementations and direct either to different files in the dhcpd.conf14:27
ograJoris_, ok14:28
mcfloppy_orga du sprichst doch deutsch, oder?14:28
ograif oyu start splitting on a higher level it gets more tricky14:28
ogramcfloppy_, jup14:28
Joris_ogra: you can email me at my nickname @v5.be... I'll come back to this channel to haunt you some more later14:28
mcfloppy_ogra bitte lass uns das in deutsch klären...14:28
mcfloppy_query oder so14:28
ogra#edubuntu-de :)14:29
Joris_ogra: thanks and have a nice weekend14:29
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lns Is there a grub boot option in Ubuntu/Edubuntu Gutsy to boot the server kernel directly? I need this for correct hardware detection for my Proliant servers...22:32
lnsas in, from the live/install cd22:33

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