rick_h_statik: (or anyone bored right now) I have some LP questions on what I need to do to get my PPAs to have the changelog in update manager for users?00:08
rick_h_I want to submit a bug, but not sure where it needs to go00:08
* Fujitsu looks with interest at the new announcements feature.00:09
FujitsuNafallo: What about it?00:10
NafalloI'm pretty sure that branch is stuck.00:10
Nafallothere where a new release just about 2h ago.00:11
FujitsuOh, I see, 'tis rather out of date.00:11
Nafallonot by the main-tree though. but still. looking at trac there are changes just hours ago :-)00:12
* Nafallo looks for ddaa00:12
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mptrick_h_, if no-one can answer your question now, try asking it at https://answers.launchpad.net/soyuz00:19
mpt(for PPA questions)00:19
rick_h_thanks mpt, I'll give it a shot00:21
stdinrick_h_: you can't display a changelog, it seems the url for them is hard-coded to changelogs.ubuntu.com00:41
kiko-afkhey poolie 01:01
* kiko-afk yawns01:01
pooliekiko-afk, hi, on phone to steve atm01:02
kiko-afkokay, cool01:02
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rick_h_stdin: so should I submit a bug/wishlist in the PPA area, another area? Or just not bother because it's not happened02:29
Fujitsurick_h_: It would require significant changes to the way things work in Ubuntu, too.02:29
rick_h_ok, well I just had a couple of users hit me up with this as a bug so I wanted to push it to someone else :)02:30
rick_h_thanks for checking into it02:30
* Fujitsu notes that an implausibly large number of people seem to have registered their accounts on 2005-06-15.02:49
* Fujitsu thinks it would be better to say `Unknown' or so, there.02:49
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mptGoooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!09:00
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Nafalloddaa: hiya. around?12:44
ddaadoing food atm, back in ~30 mins12:46
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ubotuNew bug: #174649 in soyuz "do not overwrite manually set build score" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17464913:10
ddaaNafallo: how can I help?13:19
Nafalloddaa: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/gajim/main < seems a bit stalled :-)13:19
Nafalloddaa: care to look into that?13:19
ddaaI'll have a quick look13:20
Nafalloddaa: ehrm yea. doesn't tell me much though :-)13:21
Nafallowhy failed?13:21
ddaadoes not seem to be any reproducible error13:21
ddaavariants of "connection closed"13:22
ddaaon revision 897213:22
ddaaprevious failures were timeouts13:22
ddaait seems that some cat'ing some file changed in 8972 causes the server to crash13:23
Nafallohehe. that's why I want to use the bzr indeed ;-)13:24
ddaaSorry, professional restraint prevents me from speaking my full mind here. So I'll leave it all to your imagination.13:24
* Nafallo planned to start building ~ bzr`date`13:24
Nafalloddaa: feel free to air in PM ;-)13:25
kiko-phoneHobbsee, did you see salgado's comment on bug 174452?13:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174452 in launchpad "Contact addresses impossible to remove from teams" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17445213:25
Hobbseekiko-phone: looking13:29
Hobbseekiko-phone: ah, thanks.13:35
kiko-phoneHobbsee, so can I just kill that portlet and be done with the problem?13:37
Hobbseekiko-phone: yes, it appears so13:37
ddaaNafallo: this gajim thing is puzzling13:55
Nafalloddaa: oh?13:55
ddaaran three imports and saved the output tree each time13:55
ddaaand it looks like the error happened at different places each time13:56
ddaaI'm starting to suspect is not a problem with the svn data itself13:56
ddaabut more something like the quality of service on the server decreased at some point13:56
Nafalloddaa: yea. I agree. what happened around the date the failures began?13:57
ddaaand became insufficient to support the (extremely inefficient) way we talk to the svn server13:57
ddaaI can't know.13:57
ddaaThat would be something on the server side.13:57
Nafalloor network13:57
Nafalloif it still is timeouts that is...13:57
ddaanot in our network13:57
ddaathe "timeout" is something else than what you think13:57
ddaait's our import system that kills jobs when they show no progress for a long time13:58
ddaa(several hours)13:58
ddaathe significant thing is that our connection gets closed on us at some seemingly random points13:58
ddaado you know who's sysadmining the svn.gajim.org machine?13:59
Nafalloddaa: yea. he doesn't look as to be online right now :-/14:00
ddaaMaybe he added something like a "flood protection" firewall rule about three weeks ago14:00
ddaaour svn import code makes a stupidly large number of sequential svn connections14:01
ddaa(that's arguably a bug in our code, but it's a hard one to fix)14:01
ddaaor maybe the machine's base load has increased over time14:02
NafalloI'll check with him when he gets online.14:02
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threethirtyhello all17:30
threethirtyI am trying to import my pgp key into launchpad and frankly I'm confused17:32
pochuwhat's up?17:33
threethirtyI dont kow what the "key id" is17:33
threethirtyas in   2. Ensure the key has been uploaded to a keyserver. To do this:gpg --send-key key-id17:34
Nafallogpg --list-secret-keys will show17:34
threethirtyhere is what I get but I can't make heads or tails of it (never used encryption or PGP before)17:35
threethirtythree@Condor:~$  gpg --list-secret-keys17:35
threethirtysec   1024D/437AFC03 2007-12-0717:35
threethirtyuid                  threethirty (Free Your Software and the Rest Will Follow) <three@threethirty.us>17:35
threethirtyssb   4096g/65863FA7 2007-12-0717:35
stdinthreethirty: "437AFC03" is your key-id then17:36
threethirtyoh ok, ty17:36
lamont`hrm... build-queue-depth on edge/+builds should really separate out ppa from non-ppa, since the dispatch is also separated...17:40
lamont`threethirty: although you want to upload your public key, not your secret key...17:40
threethirtylamont': I know in theory what you are talking about, but i have no useful knowledge, what key have I been uploading and how would i find that out17:43
lamont`threethirty: if you just said --export and didn't pass any options that include the word 'secret', then you're fine17:43
threethirtylamont`: the only command i ran with "secret" in it was gpg --list-secret-keys, and i haven't run a command that had --export in it at all, is that what I am missing?17:46
lamont`where are the instructions you're following?17:47
lamont`AFAIK, you would say: 'gpg --export --armor 437afc03' and then cut/paste that into the page on launchpad to upload your key17:47
threethirtylamomnt': https://launchpad.net/~threethirty/+editpgpkeys17:48
lamont`but it has been a while since I did that.17:48
threethirtylamont': i hope i never do this again17:48
lamont`so, since you've generated the key.17:48
lamont`gpg --send-key 437AFC0317:49
lamont`which should succeed17:49
lamont`then gpg --fingerprint 437AFC0317:49
lamont`and paste that output (as shown) into the nice box17:49
threethirtyjust the fingerprint or all of the output?17:50
lamont`just the fingerprint17:50
threethirtySCORE! ty17:50
lamont`np.  if you ever upload packages, you'll be using gpg.  ditto for signing codes of conduct, etc.17:51
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gsprkiko-phone: In case you didn't notice, cprov fixed my problem. Thanks for the help yesterday!19:31
kiko-phonegspr, wow, thanks for saying that. groovy that he fixed it:)19:34
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pabloHi, I want to upload a package for ubuntu to my ppa in Launchad. How may I generate the .changes file for dput?20:50
stdinpablo: the easiest way is with debuild20:52
stdin"debuild -S -sa" will make a .changes file for a source upload20:52
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Nafalloddaa:  still here?21:51
Nafalloddaa: re gajim: [21:51:52] Asterix: could it be this ip?
ddaaDC machines are in 91.189...21:53
Nafalloddaa: there is an anti-flood rule that haven't changed for months :-P21:54
Nafalloddaa: have the code become more aggressive? ;-)21:55
ddaaI guess we are not hitting this particular rule.21:55
ddaaNope. No significant change there in the past months.21:55
Nafallothat rule was apparently for ssh :-P21:56
Nafalloand the errors are that it just stops to receive data?21:57
Nafalloddaa: he checks if something needs upgrading.22:03
ddaaThe error is that connection gets closed by the server22:03
Nafalloddaa: he upgraded 'something' some weeks ago.22:03
ddaaand at almost, but not quite, random places22:03
NafalloAsterix: indeed that souns an anti-flood thing ... but I don't have that22:06
Nafalloweirdness :-P22:07
ddaaanother thing that might be relevant22:07
ddaais that we make tons of very short lived sequential connections22:08
Nafallolast update of subversion was in June :-P22:09
ddaathat's not it then22:09
ubotuNew bug: #174758 in soyuz "Build queue depth should separate PPA and non-PPA stats" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17475822:10
Nafalloddaa: he restarted his MSN Transport that took lots of CPU. care to try? :-)22:12
Nafalloddaa: cheers :-)22:13
ddaano improvement22:16
ddaapysvn._pysvn.ClientError: Connection closed unexpectedly22:16
ddaain some propget command22:16
ddaafor some file changed in revision 897222:16
ddaawhich is the next revision to import22:16
ddaanext = first22:17
Nafallo22:07 < ddaa> another thing that might be relevant22:17
NafalloI guess 7652?22:18
ddaadifferent metrics22:18
ddaa7652 would be sequence number of the trunk change22:18
ddaabut svn revno are repository-wide22:19
ddaathe corresponding svn revno of a bzr revision is recorded in some custom revision property22:19
wiggycan someone tell me how to create a release in a series?22:20
wiggyI can't seem to find an option to do that22:20
Nafallohmm. oki...22:20
wiggyah, found it by manually tweaking a URL22:21
Nafalloddaa: 8971 is 7651 in bazaar :-)22:25
ddaasee :)22:25
Nafalloddaa: so it fails on 8972 :-P22:25
Nafalloddaa: http://trac.gajim.org/changeset/897222:26
ddaaI looked at it already.22:26
ddaaIt has nothing special.22:26
ddaaAnd it does not always fail at the same place.22:26
ddaaThat's why I think it's a sysadmin kind of problem.22:26
Nafallobut always in that revision?22:26
ddaayes, but I guess it's only because it's the first one...22:27
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Nafallo[22:28:44] Asterix: I don't know what do tell you ... I can svn co from every where, even the whole repos with all branches without any problem22:28
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ddaaI can't really help either from this side...22:57
ddaaI know our import tool is not making good use of the svn protocol22:57
ddaabut it's not quite enough of a nuisance for it to be worth the substantial effort involved in fixing that22:58
ddaaI really hope we'll fix it eventually22:59
ddaabut at the moment all our effort is spent on rewriting the code import infrastracture22:59
ddaaso, for example, users can see the log of failed jobs22:59
ddaaNafallo: if you are trying to get your team to move to bzr23:00
ddaamaybe you should try bzr-svn23:00
ddaait's a great tool for transitions23:00
ddaaespecially if you have a team you need to convince23:00
ddaaFWIW, I did succeed in checking out the offending revision here.23:01
Nafalloddaa: I'm the maintainer in Ubuntu. not involved with upstream :-)23:01
Nafalloddaa: but thanks anyway :-)23:01
ddaasorry we could not make this work :(23:02
Nafalloddaa: ..and yes, I can see what you mean :-). would I be better of svn co locally and bzr-svn it? :-)23:02
ddaano need to svn co23:03
ddaajust: bzr branch svn://svn.gajim.org/gajim/trunk gajim23:03
ddaabzr-svn is magic23:03
ddaathen you'll bzr pull, or bzr merge23:03
ddaathe svn co is only needed if you want to commit back to svn using bzr23:04
Nafallo:-O even23:04
jelmerddaa: That's no longer the case actually23:04
NafalloI don't, no :-)23:04
ddaa(which keeps track of merges, and file ids, etc.)23:04
ddaajelmer: how's that?23:04
jelmerddaa: you can "bzr co" a subversion repository23:04
ddaaDid I say you could not? :)23:05
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jelmerddaa: you can commit back to svn using bzr without using "svn co"23:05
jelmer"alias svn=bzr" works for most workflows23:06
jelmerthough there are obviously some differences in output and supported options23:06
* ddaa hugs jelmer23:06
jelmerand bzr can't set file properties yet23:06
Nafalloddaa: why aren't launchpad using this? :-)23:06
ddaaAs lifeless summed it up for me: because bzr-svn "is not 1.0 yet"23:07
ddaathere are some tricky issues involved with revision ids.23:07
ddaaThat makes bzr-svn suited for individual use, but problematic for a large scale hosted service such as Launchpad imports.23:08
Nafallowell. I hope it gets there anyway :-)23:09
ddaaEarly this year, I made a very thorough analysis of what would be needed. I think it can get there eventually, But there's a lot that needs to be done.23:09
NafalloI got an error though.23:10
ddaaI'm happy enough with users running it themselves and uploading their converted branches to Launchpad.23:10
Nafallobzr: ERROR: Repository KnitRepository('file:///home/nafallo/devel/gajim/.bzr/') is not compatible with repository SvnRepository('svn://svn.gajim.org/gajim')23:11
ddaaNafallo: jelmer is your man.23:11
ddaaNafallo: trying branching outside of your repo23:11
ddaait needs to use some experimental format23:11
Nafalloah. no support for shared-repos :-P23:11
ddaait does support shared repos23:11
ddaabut that repo needs to be in that experimental format23:12
Nafallokinky :-)23:12
jelmerbzr init-repo --rich-root if you have 1.0rcXX or otherwise --dirstate-with-subtree23:12
Nafallogutsy :-)23:12
Nafallo0.90.0 :-P23:12
jelmerthen --dirstate-with-subtree should do it23:13
jelmer--rich-root (which is in 1.0) is not experimental anymore23:14
* Nafallo tries23:14

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