apostols__I have problem with upgrade timezone in Ubuntu Dapper00:09
apostols__This dont have tzdata package and i need upgrade Venezuelan timezone (like http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=443202)00:12
ubotuDebian bug 443202 in tzdata "Venezuelan time zone change, September 2007" [Normal,Fixed]00:12
Kmosapostols__: do you have -proposed active on dapper ?00:13
apostols__Kmos, No00:13
Kmosthis is the lat one in -updates and -propopsed00:14
Kmosit has the changes for venezuela00:15
Kmos* Replace tzdata2007i.tar.gz with new version tzdata2007j: - Updates DST rules for Venezuela.00:15
Kmosas you can see here00:15
apostols__Kmos, This dont workfor Dapper00:16
apostols__Kmos, tzdata package dont exist in Dapper00:16
apostols__Kmos, Just exist locales package00:16
Kmosapostols__: it must exist00:19
apostols__Kmos, dont exist in Dapper00:20
Kmosyou have all repositories active?00:20
RAOFKmos: He's right.  tzdata was introduced in Edgy.00:20
StevenKKmos: tzdata was split out from locales in Edgy00:20
apostols__Kmos, http://packages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/search_packages.pl?keywords=tzdata&searchon=names&subword=1&version=dapper&release=all00:20
Kmosups.. he's right..00:21
KmosStevenK: you're right00:21
Kmosas always =)00:21
apostols__How to fixed its?00:21
StevenKapostols__: Make sure a bug is filed in Launchpad and has a task open against locales in Ubuntu Dappper00:23
Kmos!info locales dapper00:23
ubotulocales: common files for locale support. In component main, is required. Version (dapper), package size 3208 kB, installed size 12788 kB00:23
slangasekapostols__: have you checked whether version of locales in dapper-updates includes this fix?00:24
Kmosslangasek: that version has the fix..00:24
Kmosand it's at -updates00:24
apostols__slangasek, I have installed Version:
apostols__slangasek, in my source.lists have deb http://ve.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ dapper-updates main restricted00:30
apostols__slangasek, this package is in main tree00:30
slangasekapostols__: and this version has the wrong timezone data for Venezuela?00:30
apostols__slangasek, yes00:30
apostols__slangasek, one second. I try test the timezone00:31
apostols__slangasek, This work00:34
apostols__root@arismendi:~# date00:35
apostols__Sun Dec  9 02:59:53 VET 200700:35
apostols__root@arismendi:~# date00:35
apostols__Sun Dec  9 02:30:01 VET 200700:35
apostols__slangasek, Thanks for you help00:37
slangasekapostols__: are you saying that it works now? I don't understand what you're showing, all I see is that your clock jumped back in time by a half hour. :)00:37
apostols__sladen, Yeah, this change of timezone back in time half hour (the change is -04:00 to -04:30)00:38
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apostols__slangasek, Yeah, this change of timezone back in time half hour (the change is -04:00 to -04:30)00:38
apostols__sladen, excuseme00:38
stratusslangasek, please come back w/ my vorlon!01:04
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infinitygeser: Have you filed a bug about the versioned build-dep thing?02:01
infinitygeser: Would be nice to have a way to track it.02:01
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* Hobbsee waves02:11
pwnguinwhich is the best way to measure a program's memory usage in GNOME?04:00
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dholbachgood morning06:11
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pittiGood morning08:09
dholbachhey pitti08:11
dholbachhey seb12808:18
seb128hello dholbach08:18
seb128pitti: can you give a build retry to evolution?09:31
pittiseb128: done09:31
seb128pitti: danke09:31
seb128pitti: ditto for nautilus? ;-)09:39
TheMusoIf an archive admin is around and doing duties, could they please promote python-pyatspi from universe? Its source package, at-spi is in main. Python-atspi is needed by gnome-orca to function. Otherwise, I assume I need to file a bug to get this taken care of?09:51
pittiTheMuso: no, that's fine09:51
pittiTheMuso: done09:52
TheMusopitti: Thanks.09:55
StevenKpitti: It seems gcrypt is still causing havoc09:58
StevenKcreating libqgis_core.la09:58
StevenK/bin/sed: can't read /lib/libgcrypt.la: No such file or directory09:58
pittimeh; can libtool finally decide where it wants to look for the .la?09:58
StevenKIt seems not09:59
StevenKShould we put the .la in /lib, and have a symlink from /usr/lib?09:59
pittiStevenK: I thought Riddell already did something like that?10:01
StevenKHe did?10:01
pittiah, that was in libgpg-error10:01
pittiso, yes10:02
StevenKSo, should I do the same for gcrypt?10:03
pittiStevenK: either that, or we give up and revert all our patches *sigh*10:03
StevenKpitti: I daresay adding a symlink should be simple-ish10:04
pittiit is10:04
TheMusoIs libtool just not realizing that .la files it needs to fnd or packages have moved or something?10:04
StevenKpitti: I think we need to ask for battle pay, and go on a rampage hurting the libtool authors10:04
pittiTheMuso: it's behaving bizarre10:04
pittiTheMuso: the basic problem is that libtool seems to have no way to install a lib into /lib10:05
TheMusopitti: No kidding.10:05
pittiso, if it's there, it sometimes looks for the .la in /usr/lib, and sometimes in /lib10:05
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* StevenK hacks libgcrypt1110:06
StevenKpitti: Real file in /lib or /usr/lib?10:06
pittiStevenK: /usr/lib, I'd say, but it shouldn't matter much10:07
pittijust for consistency with libgpg-error10:07
sorendpkg uploaded.10:13
* soren starts to sweat uncontrollably10:13
* pitti congratulates soren for being TIL now10:14
* seb128 hugs soren10:14
sorenpitti: :p10:15
StevenKpitti: Giving libgcrypt11 a nice hard test build before uploading10:17
sorenI've been looking into kvm and qemu a lot lately, and I've stumbled upon bug 64501.10:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 64501 in openhackware "FTBFS" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6450110:20
sorenIt's an arch: all package that needs to be built on powerpc.10:20
sorenWould be acceptable to change that package to be arch: powerpc, build it, and make an arch: all package that ships the resulting files (kind of like ia32-libs for amd64)?10:20
sorenI know :)10:22
pittisoren: why not just keep it as Arch: powerpc?10:22
sorenBetter suggestions?10:22
sorenBecause it's a BIOS image that qemu needs on other archs as well.10:22
soren..to be able to emulate powerpc.10:22
sorenAnd it only builds on powerpc.10:23
* pitti rolls back to "Eww"10:23
pittisoren: do you know why it can only be built on powerpc?10:23
pittidoes it actually compile the bios?10:23
sorenAFAIR, yes.10:23
TheMusosoren: I can test build on PowerPC if you need it tested before you upload.10:24
sorenTheMuso: I have access to a powerpc machine, but thanks for the offer!10:24
TheMusosoren: Ok no problem then.10:24
sorenpitti: It might just be the case that my crossbuild-fu isn't strong enough.10:25
StevenKOr that dpkg stole it10:25
* StevenK sniggers, and feeds soren's complex10:25
* soren whimpers10:26
StevenKpitti: libgcrypt11 uploaded, and I've upped my bounty on the libtool developers.10:28
pittigreat, thanks10:28
pitti/msg StevenK let's have a good beating at it in the afternoon10:28
StevenKThe bounty, the developers or libtool? :-)10:29
TreenaksStevenK: hmm.. are those devs in paris?10:29
pittilibtool; I'm not *that* cruel :)10:29
StevenKTreenaks: I'm only naming the guilty party.10:29
pittiStevenK: for the developers, my evil plan is to lock them into a room with libgpg-error and libtool, and not allow them to come out again until they made it work right10:30
StevenKpitti: Add libgcrypt11 and cryptsetup with /usr on a seperate partition, and you have my vote.10:30
Hobbseesoren: how the *hell* did you manage to bork dpkg like that?10:33
sorenHobbsee: :p10:33
sorenHobbsee: You should at least until the thing has actually built and been published before trying that :)10:34
Hobbseesoren: haven't you heard that buildd admins can see, even before others can, and can smell breakage almost immediately?10:34
sorenHobbsee: No, I must have missed the memo.10:35
Hobbseesoren: now you know.10:35
sorenNoted :)10:35
sorenYou know... One day, a long time from now, I'll stumble upon that note, and wonder why "buildd admins have superhuman sense of smell".10:36
sorenI could make it even more cryptic and make it say "buildd admins smell really well".10:37
* Hobbsee has uploaded dpkg before, and only just survived to tell the tale10:37
StevenKsoren: You could make it an in-joke and s/ really well//10:38
* StevenK hides from Hobbsee, pitti and Mithrandir10:38
* Hobbsee beats StevenK 10:38
sorenHobbsee: That's odd. I don't see your name in the changelog?10:38
Hobbseesoren: i sponsored a change10:39
sorenHobbsee: Oh.10:39
Hobbseethen had iwwj attempting to eat me10:39
StevenKWho's change did you sponsor?10:40
StevenKOh damn10:40
StevenKpitti: Can you reject libgcrypt11?10:40
pittiStevenK: no10:41
* StevenK quickly uploads a new version10:41
pittiStevenK: nowadays sources wander straight into DONE10:41
pittino reject-from-accepted any more10:41
StevenKBad Soyuz10:42
StevenKThere we go, uploaded10:42
HobbseeStevenK: no, it's just more efficient now :P10:42
* StevenK raises an eyebrow.10:43
Hobbseeyou're complaining about it being more efficient?10:43
StevenKIt introduces that you can't reject uploads, and besides, it seems to wait until sources are published before creating build records10:43
* StevenK idly wonders if Soyuz deals with Pending -> Superseded10:45
StevenKHrm. So far both -2ubuntu6 and -2ubuntu7 are Pending10:46
ograurgh, somewhitng really weird happened to my fonts since the last update10:50
ograah, restarting FF helps :)10:51
pittiStevenK: no, it doesn't; build records can be created immediately after upload10:51
pittiof course it actually takes eons, but it's not tied to publishing10:52
StevenKOh right, so it the build machinery just taking that long, and not waiting for the publisher10:52
pittiStevenK: ideally build records would be created immediately on accepting, and that's in fact the plan10:55
loolIs it easy to run my own local CD builds, perhaps with locally modified packages or package lists, to have ISOs to run in emulators?11:07
loolOr are you people using daily images and pushing changes via hardy to see how they affect the live CD? :)11:08
sorenHmm... I'm trying to determine what changed in debian-policy between and 3.7.3... The changelog lists only bugfixes afaics, but that would usually cause the version to be bumped to rather than wouldn't it?11:09
loolsoren: Well there are some changes in upgrading-checklist such as using ${binary:Version} instead of ${Source-Version} which are required by the new version11:10
loolsoren: Or the recommendation to link to the GFDL in /usr/share/common-licenses instead of copying it11:11
sorenlool: Hm.. Ok. That's it?11:12
loolsoren: There are other things as well; upgrade-checklist lists some stuff which you probably wouldn't want to care about, but it has some useful bits I think11:13
loolI don't think it's very useful to mention "may do" stuff when it's already widely done for example :)11:14
sorenlool: I'm just looking for a list of functional changes (not just fixed typos or whatever), so that I can tell if I can update my package to "Standards-Version: 3.7.3". :/11:14
loolsoren: Well upgrade-checklist is meant to be exactly this11:14
sorenlool: Ah...11:15
sorenlool: Ok, now I get it. :) Thanks.11:15
loolIt's a bit too long to my taste, but it's supposed to list effective things you should check when upgrading to a newer standard-versions11:15
loolOn my packages, I'd probably double-check binary:Version, check copyright for GPLv3 or GFDL, check menu sections (but probably lintian would tell me anyway), and that's probably all I'm using11:16
soren      * The Source field in a .changes file may contain a version number11:16
soren        in parentheses.11:16
loolYeah, that's really a lot of chatter for something probably two people care about11:17
sorenThat sounds odd.11:17
sorenlool: Ok. Thanks for pointing out upgrade-checklist a sufficient number of times for me to actually get it. :)11:19
loolsoren: Ah you didn't know about the fiel?11:19
sorenlool: Nope.11:19
loolI discovered it after a lot of time too; but it's mentionned in the changelog this time around :)11:20
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sorenOh, really?11:20
TomaszDwho can I speak with about whitelisting a laptop for acpi?11:21
cjwatsonlool: it's unfortunately tedious to run one's own CD builds11:21
cjwatsonthe code's all there, but it's something of a pain to set up11:21
cjwatsonif you need it, I can help you11:21
cjwatsonyou also need a full local mirror, at least of main and restricted11:22
sorenlool: Well, even if it did, I wouldn't have considered looking at it. I think I expected it to be a checklist for when upgrading packages, like: "Make sure if files move, you put conflicts: and replaces:" or something. I didn't put much thought into the matter, clearly.11:22
cjwatsonthe Source thing is support for dpkg experiments I think11:22
TomaszDsomeone resigned from triaging my bug and I've been waiting for nine months11:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 92806 in linux-source-2.6.22 "N340S8 laptop needs to have ACPI enabled" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:23
loolcjwatson: Is it ok to have a http_proxy like squid?11:23
cjwatsonlool: no, it really needs a mirror on disk11:23
loolThat sounds like many intermediate steps to reach the point where I can do actual tests; I think I'll defer that a little then11:23
cjwatsonI suppose you could mount one with something to do with fuse over a squid proxy but argh11:24
loolcjwatson: Is it easy to override packages or package lists -- bit still keeping the mirrors a clean true mirror?11:24
cjwatsonlool: the cdimage code has some (unused for some time) support for local packages11:25
cjwatsonback when we were doing warty it took a while to get Ubuntu itself into shape, so I had local overrides of a few packages in cdimage in order to be able to build installable CDs11:25
cjwatsonthat would be easier than changing the mirror11:25
loolOk; perhaps I'll just boot a CD and use casper USB persistence if that's still available to install my experiments and see how to do that properly later11:26
cjwatsontypically I just modify things on the fly if I need to do this sort of test, I must admit11:26
loolOk; thanks for the info11:26
cjwatsonI do think it would be useful to have a facility for this eventually, but no capacity for it for hardy ...11:26
cjwatson(as in a proper user-oriented facility for customising CD images; we talked about it at UDS)11:27
loolcjwatson: If I wanted to look into building hardy daily images, where should I start?  I think it's "ubuntu-cd"?11:28
cjwatsonhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/bzr/cdimage/mainline/ and also check out the bits listed in configs/devel11:28
sorencjwatson: How do you usually test stuff like gfxboot and isolinux then? Extract an existing iso, replace the relevant files, re-mkisofs, test?11:28
cjwatsonsoren: I have a little manually-driven test suite for the gfxboot theme11:29
loolcjwatson: Noted, thanks11:29
cjwatsonit's just a thing where I can do 'make -C test' and it fishes stuff out of known places in my local directory layout11:29
cjwatsonI don't use a full tree for it, just a few files that are enough to test the theme11:30
sorencjwatson: Alright.11:30
cjwatsonsoren: http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/tmp/gfxboot-test.tar.gz11:30
cjwatsonbit dated but hasn't changed much either11:31
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cjwatsonpitti: I assume you'll want another d-i for dapper-proposed?11:31
* soren looks11:31
pitticjwatson: yes, please; if that lbm ever condescends to build11:32
pittibut yeah, having d-i in the queue would be great11:32
LongPointyStickwhere's my supersonic jet?11:32
sorencjwatson: Ah, clever.11:33
cjwatsonpitti: heading queuewards now11:33
sorenLongPointyStick: Where are you going in that?11:33
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pittiRiddell: do you know about libkarma? the MIR (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportlibkarma) is almost useless11:50
pittiRiddell: does it actually work on a standard Ubuntu kernel? the cited pmount bug is long obsolete11:50
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Riddellpitti: I'm told it does yes11:50
cjwatsonTomaszD: the bug was confirmed so there was no longer a need for a triager anyway11:55
cjwatsonTomaszD: odd though, the patch for your system still seems to be there11:55
TomaszDcjwatson, indeed, but it doesn't work :(11:56
TomaszDafter dapper or edgy I have to acpi=force in menu.lst11:56
cjwatsonTomaszD: yeah, it's just that you explicitly said the patch was removed and I don't see that it was11:57
cjwatsonso trying to work out what happened11:57
TomaszDcjwatson, ok. You know IANAE, but I thought that once I don't have the functionality the patch must have been dropped by mistake11:58
cjwatsonTomaszD: to be clear, we're talking about ACPI sleep, right?11:58
pittiasac: xulrunner MIR> when we will switch firefox to 3 by default?11:58
cjwatson(you just said "ACPI" in the bug)11:58
TomaszDcjwatson, we're talking about turning on ACPI at all11:58
TomaszDcjwatson, because I get the message about the bios being to old and going under the bios cut-off age11:59
cjwatsonerr, acpi-support doesn't have one of those11:59
TomaszDcjwatson, so it's not whitelisted then?11:59
cjwatsonperhaps it would help if you copied the *exact* message you're seeing into the bug11:59
asacpitti: in january i guess ... there is still too much work going on upstream to not cause any confusion ... for now i need xul 1.9 in main to update all the other rdepends.12:00
seb128mdke: any news about the yelp layout patch update?12:00
asacpitti: maybe b2 will be good enough though (which will be next week i guess)12:01
* pitti switches his desktop to ffox 3 for testing love12:01
TomaszDit appears just for a second, it says your bios falls under the bios cut-off age, because it's older than 1998 (which isn't true, it's 2002), so acpi functions will have to be forced to be enabled cjwatson12:01
pittiasac: ah, I see; but we'll definitively drop 2 for hardy12:01
cjwatsonTomaszD: I've commented on the bug; it's not an acpi-support problem, it's a kernel problem12:01
asacpitti: yes. we cannot support ffox 2 for such a long time12:01
TomaszDwhenever I install a new version of ubuntu cjwatson I just go menu.lst and acpi=force there, I got used to it, but acpi was working in dapper12:02
asacpitti: as proposed in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XulrunnerGecko ... we will allow universe rdepends to switch to xulrunner 1.8 ... in case they don't get ready in time.12:02
cjwatsonI imagine the kernel got stricter12:03
pittiasac: ah, so in ffox 3 I don't have those ugly typewriter fonts (as broken by recent fontconfig), but I don't have the smooth fonts either; but slightly better, I'd say :)12:03
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asacpitti: yeah ... there is a request to patch xulrunner for subpixel stuff (bug 164640) ... maybe thats the problem?12:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 164640 in xulrunner-1.9 "Build Firefox 3 against a subpixel-patched cairo" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16464012:04
pittiasac: I guess so12:04
pittiasac: ok, promoted12:05
asacpitti: rock!12:05
pittiasac: but what's wrong with switching to 3 early? after all, testing is why we all run hardy now?12:06
seb128xulrunner1.9 promoted?12:07
seb128which means we can build the GNOME packages using it now?12:07
asacseb128: yeah ... if you apply the patches i have ;)12:07
asacseb128: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/xulrunner/xulrunner-porting12:08
asacthere is yelp, devhelp and epiphany ... though epiphany is against current trunk12:08
asaci will add the python gtkmozembed today i hope (after cleaning things up)12:09
asacseb128: ah ... totem is in that xulrunner-porting thing as well12:09
pitticjwatson: WDYT about libssh? There's a MIR for it, but I have some concern about having two ssh implementations in main12:10
asacpitti: i wanted to fix xulrunner to consider all the needed plugins/extensions directories before making firefox-3.0 default ... otherwise we will end up installing plugins in a place that is not ment to be the final one.12:10
pittiasac: ah, that's a good point, yes12:11
seb128asac: do you want to do the upload or should have a look to that? I've nothing special to do this afternoon so I'm fine looking at the changes and the wiki page I said I would read the other day and upload the xulrunner versions ;-)12:11
asacseb128: i would prefer if you could take the uploading part and maybe even upstream submission12:12
asacseb128: before you touch a package better ask me for any regression i know of ... so you can decide if its good enough for initial upload12:13
asacto start with: yelp patch has no known regression for me12:14
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seb128asac: ok, will do that after lunch then, thanks12:17
asacseb128: nothing to hurry ... you need to wait till the xulrunner-1.9 package i uploaded today is build because it changed the names of the .pc files to the final ones12:18
seb128asac: ok12:22
cjwatsonpitti: since openssh is never likely to provide a library, it doesn't hugely bother me12:24
pitticjwatson: yeah, but it just feels...wrong12:24
cjwatsonyour call12:25
* gicmo yawns12:26
LongPointyStickfor the love of the great green arklesneezer, this is absolutley ridiculous!12:46
NafalloLongPointyStick: what now?12:47
LongPointyStickmy system has frozen 4 times in the past 10 minutes!12:47
LongPointyStickthat's a new low for hardy.12:47
LongPointySticktjaalton: where should i start looking as to why it's freezing?12:48
dholbachMOTU Q&A session in 11 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom12:48
tjaaltonLongPointyStick: well, there have been no updated x-packages lately, to my knowledge :)12:52
LongPointySticktjaalton: this has happened for a while, but seems worse atm.12:53
LongPointyStickoh, interesting.  compiz is showing 100% cpu12:53
ogracompiz was updated today :)12:53
ograand yesterday12:54
tjaaltonwell, there you go :)12:54
LongPointyStickand now it behaves, with another machine ssh'd in12:58
Hobbseeor not.13:00
asachmm on lpia i get a strange build failure for xulrunner-1.9 : http://paste.ubuntu.com/2524/13:01
Nafallocompiz doesn't do the newer Intels yet, right?13:01
HobbseeNafallo: this isnt' really a newer intel13:03
NafalloHobbsee: was more of a general question dear :-)13:03
NafalloGM965 / X3100 or so.13:04
asacpitti: maybe the promotion in the mids of a xul build caused these "failed to upload" errors? https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xulrunner-1.9/1.9~b1+nobinonly-0ubuntu213:06
Hobbseetjaalton: actually, i don't think you get blamed for this.  it appears that compiz shows 100% CPU and locks up (while the programs all still run), when more than 1 active "notify me" window is there.13:06
pittiasac: right; let me give them back13:06
Hobbseeasac: yes, that's correct13:06
asacpitti: thanks!13:06
torkelNafallo: they removed the blacklistning of 965 in -0ubuntu313:07
* asac lunch13:07
Nafallotorkel: cheers. sounds scary 'nough to update according to Hobbsee though ;-)13:07
Nafallo...and Fujitsu13:08
HobbseeFujitsu: you still around?13:17
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pittiasac: is there a way to tell gnome to use ffox-3 as my prefered application? it opens ffox 2 on clicking on a link ATM, but ffox 2 doesn't appear in gnome-default-applications-properties13:23
loolpitti: You can set a manual command?13:23
loolpitti: %s for the URL13:24
pittiyeah, of course13:24
pittibut it shuold still appear there13:24
loolIt needs to be patched in control-center IIRC13:24
seb128pitti: how is the binary called?13:24
pittioh, it's hardcoded there?13:24
pittiI thought it was some .desktop file somewhere13:24
pittiafter all, even lynx appears there :)13:25
loolI think it has a mapping13:25
seb128pitti: /usr/share/gnome-control-center/gnome-default-applications.xml has the list of known applications13:25
pittiseb128: aah, I understand; thanks13:25
seb128need to patch gnome-control-center13:25
seb128I'll do it13:25
pittiseb128: well, shouldn't be necessary in the end13:25
pittiseb128: once we ship 3 by default, the binary will be 'firefox' (hopefully :) )13:26
seb128if the binary is renamed firefox no need to rename13:26
pittiI just wondered by which mechanism a package appears there13:26
pittiso I was concerned that ffox-3 needs to ship a .desktop file for that, or so13:26
seb128that would be a better way to do things13:27
seb128but at the moment the list is in gnome-control-center13:27
pittiseb128: ok; nevermind then13:27
pittiand thanks for the explanation13:27
seb128you are welcome13:27
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xhakerseb128, can i discuss default torrent client for Ubuntu with you?14:30
seb128xhaker: if you want too, I'm not sure I'm the best person for that discussion though since I don't know the alternatives nor use bittorrent14:32
xhakerseb128, just thought you were appropriate since you are a "gnome" guy. My take is that gnome-btdownload + bittorrent should step back14:33
xhakerI've been thinking to myself, that Transmission is very much the best for a default torrent client14:34
xhakerWhile trying out fedora8 live through an usbkey, i noticed they have transmission there. :) I wish we could do the same.14:36
seb128xhaker: maybe mail ubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-devel-discuss list about some rational on why you think transmission is better14:36
seb128I think some people did in the past but other users replied that transmission was not stable and crash all the time, etc14:36
xhakerseb128, it might be true.. but i've been following the development.. they're really active.. and they're running up for the 1.0 release.. last version on the repositories is 0.9514:37
xhakerWill send my rationale to ubuntu-desktop ml14:37
seb128xhaker: is there anybody looking at the launchpad bugs for transmission? like an upstream guy?14:37
azeemjust because they call it 1.0 doesn't mean it's bug-free14:37
seb128that would show they have interest to have it used in ubuntu ;-)14:38
seb128xhaker: thanks14:38
xhakerazeem, it means they're pretty confident it'll be good.. check their trac page.. they look into HIG, and there are lots of worrying with memory leaks :D14:39
* ogra wonders if there is a way to compile dillo with xulrunner now :P 14:44
* xhaker is not smart enough to understand why debian and ubuntu build-depend differently in respect of xulrunner-dev and firefox-dev14:47
poningru xhaker please also add deluge to the possibility of default torrenting clients14:47
xhakerponingru, don't get me wrong.. I'm using deluge right now.. I have both clients installed.. but Transmission is leaps ahead in ease of use14:48
ograxhaker, lawyers will uderstand that :)14:48
xhakerponingru, it just downloads, and does a good job at that. :) hence the proposal for shipping in the default install14:49
poningruxhaker, ah k14:49
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poningrusomeone also needs to solve the natting problem with those things14:50
poningruas in some client program that works with routers that automatically adds a port14:50
xhakerTransmission will use http://miniupnp.free.fr/ projects.. provides upnp and natpmp14:52
xhakerIt will maybe handle more routers than their solution now14:52
pittiseb128: I assume totem-pl-parser should go into main?15:33
seb128pitti: yes15:33
seb128pitti: totem will depends on it when it's accepted15:33
seb128pitti: danke ;-)15:34
pittiseb128: looks good to me, accepted15:34
pitti*whistle* NEW is empty again15:35
* Hobbsee uploads more15:37
ScottKpitti: Did you figure out how to remove crack from partner yet?15:37
pittiScottK: yes, it's actually gone; I just didn't close the bug yet15:38
ScottKpitti: Great.  Thanks for that/15:38
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Nafallo"remove crack for partner". that can be quite misunderstood ;-)16:00
pittiBenC: re lbm patch> I sent a mail about that this morning with a pointer to the patch16:03
BenCpitti: oops, must have missed that, sorry16:03
pittiBenC: no problem; it's attached to bug 164449, so you can grab it from there16:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 164449 in linux-backports-modules-2.6.15 "undefined symbols in mptspi driver" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16444916:04
HobbseeBenC: can i ask when we get l-u-m for .24?16:04
BenCHobbsee: before monday16:04
HobbseeBenC: \o/16:04
pitticjwatson: wrt. getting the noptrace group into base-passwd; do you think we should discuss abusing an existing group and put that into a meeting (TB or whatever), or shall I file a bug about adding 'noptrace' to base-passwd?16:30
cjwatsonI'd like it to be discussed on debian-devel16:32
cjwatsonbase-passwd is one package I really don't want to be out of sync16:32
cjwatsonand I want complete propriety in how changes to the master files happen16:33
pittiok, I'll send a mail there16:33
ScottKNafallo: Pick a better word that characterizes uploading software to a public repository with known remote code exploits unpatched?16:37
NafalloScottK: foolness. what did I do now?16:41
ScottKNafallo: Not you.  I was responding to your comment about crack and partner.16:45
NafalloScottK: ah :-)16:45
loolI don't understande why some uploads to hardy-changes aren't signed16:47
cjwatsonlool: syncs are unsigned16:47
lool3.16.0-4ubuntu1 => probably not a sync; I think the body of the mail has in fact a signature, but Mutt doesn't recognize it as such16:48
cjwatsonwe just copy those from Debian, and they're done on a trusted system and inserted through basically a back door in the queue system rather than inventing a fake key to sign them with16:48
loolEither an encoding issue or a Mutt bug16:48
cjwatsonScottK: not that it was the right thing to do; but we did know that the problems in openssl097 did not affect vmware16:49
ScottKcjwatson: I understand that.  That was no where publically documented and certainly doesn't help a bit when people (our competition) says ubuntu-server isn't secure enough to take seriously.  The percpetion (if not the fact) was very poor.16:50
ScottKIt also pained me personally after investing a lot of time in getting it removed from Universe.16:50
loolAh it's UTF-816:51
loolThat's the data confusing Mutt16:51
cjwatsonScottK: I know, we still have work to do on a proper response that includes documentation on what will be allowed in partner; it's in progress ...16:52
ScottKcjwatson: Good to hear.  Thanks.16:52
* ScottK grumbles again that it'd be better if Partner were more clearly a Canonical production than an Ubuntu one.16:52
cjwatsonwhat can we do to make that clearer?16:53
cjwatsonor, perhaps a fairer question, in what places is it currently unclear?16:54
ScottKIn LP it's not clear at all.16:54
ScottKFor example, bugs against things in Partner are described as "in Ubuntu"16:54
cjwatsonhmm, I didn't realise that packages in partner showed up under Ubuntu16:54
cjwatsonI agree that that's unfortunate16:54
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cjwatson(or perhaps I did know and forgot)16:55
ScottKIf you go to the front page for the 7.10 release, Partner is listed as just another repository.16:55
ScottKcjwatson: There's an LP bug.  Let me find it.16:55
cjwatsonI don't see partner mentioned on /ubuntu/gutsy16:56
ScottKcjwatson: Bug #15379816:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153798 in soyuz "canonical partner repo packages showing as "in ubuntu"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15379816:56
* ScottK looks again16:56
cjwatsonah, it's on /ubuntu16:57
ScottKYes.  Sorry about that.16:57
ScottKThat's actually worse.16:57
cjwatsonfollowed up to the bug16:58
ScottKcjwatson: Thanks.16:58
cjwatson(not with good news, I'm afraid)16:58
ScottKcjwatson: I understand your answer, but as a non-Canonical developer, it's very frustrating.17:00
blueyedmjg59`: are you planning to merge powernowd? I've collected a whole bunch of fixes in the last days, which are attached to bug 67341. If you like, I could do the merge and include those - then you could just sponsor it.17:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 67341 in powernowd "powernowd doesn't use /etc/default/powernowd anymore" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6734117:50
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geserpitti: please give-back: compiz-fusion-plugins-extra18:03
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cjwatsonScottK: some things are frustrating both inside and outside Canonical ...18:11
pitticjwatson: d-devel@ mail about ptrace() sent; let the flamefest begin :)18:18
pittikeescook: ^ I BCCed you to that FYI18:23
keescookpitti: cool; thanks.18:23
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* pitti blinks18:28
pitticjwatson: I just wanted to add a gutsy task to your SRU bug, but guess which release is missing on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/finish-install/+bug/174689/+nominate18:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174689 in finish-install "hvc/hvsi consoles not handled" [Undecided,New]18:29
pitticjwatson: any idea why?18:29
cjwatsonbecause I targeted it myself 10 minutes ago or so18:29
pittiah, heh; sweet race18:30
pittiI stared at the check boxes for at least 10 seconds until I realized :)18:30
cjwatsonmight be worth a Malone bug18:30
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geserpitti: please give-back: gdome2-xslt18:44
geserpitti: please give-back: ocamlgraph18:50
pittigeser: both done18:50
geserpitti: please give-back: compiz-fusion-plugins-extra18:55
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sistpotyhi folks20:01
pochuhiya sistpoty20:03
sistpotyhi pochu20:03
gesershould build-dependencies on gs-common be replaced with ghostscript or is build-depending on gs-common still ok (especially for a package in main)?20:14
tjaaltonany hal experts around?20:40
Burgundaviatjaalton: you might be better to ask in #hal or #gnome-hackers on gimpnet20:42
tjaaltonBurgundavia: right, I'll do that if I can't figure it out myself eventually20:44
tjaaltonthe problem, that is20:44
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AgentHeXi've got a bug in the gnome power manager where the display brightness will "dim" to a value higher than what i manually set with the keyboard shortcut when it thinks i'm idle.  i would like to fix this bug.  what should i download to take a look?22:29
ScottKAgentHeX: I have a vague recollection that there was a bug on this already.  Dunno if it's been fixed in Hardy or not.22:29
AgentHeXScottK: i'm on gutsy right now.  i was kind of looking for an introduction to developing in ubuntu.  i'm a C++ coder but i have little experience coding in linux, and i'm looking for a way i can explore.  any hints?22:30
ScottKSorry.  I'm a KDE person.22:31
AgentHeXScottK: i'm pulling eclipse atm, so i'll have that soon, and i figured the gpm bug might be a good start22:31
AgentHeXScottK: how might i go about getting the source for the gnome power manager?22:31
ScottKI'd suggest looking for the gdm bug and seeing what's already there (it had a proposed patch, dunno how good it is).22:32
slangasek"apt-get source gnome-power-manager"22:32
AgentHeXslangasek: i was looking in synaptic.22:32
ScottKAgentHeX: First lesson is developers will taunt you if you insist on using GUI tools and not command line.22:33
slangasekthey will?22:33
* slangasek covers up his update-manager22:34
Nafallohmm. I use sudo update-manager from a terminal ;-)22:34
AgentHeXScottK: i would *rather* use a GUI IDE, but i *could* use a CLI22:36
ScottKYou'll get over it ;-)22:37
AgentHeXScottK: i'm familiar enough with vim that i prefer it to a generic text editor (gedit, notepad, et al), and it's proably a good thing since i'm on a laptop and the touchpad is kinda annoying22:37
ScottKI think your basic strategy of find stuff that annoys you and try to fix it is a good one.22:38
AgentHeXScottK: but i'd still rather use a gui.  if there was a gui version of vim, i'd be in heaven.22:38
ScottKI think there is, but I don't recall for sure.22:38
tkamppeterpitti. hi22:38
AgentHeXScottK: i'm kinda kidding.  what's the point of having a gui version of vim anyway?  it's designed to be lightweight.  that gui adds tons of cruft22:39
AgentHeXScottK: now once i actually have the source for the package, how do i go about compiling it?  will i need source for all the dependencies as well?22:39
* ScottK has no idea, but it's FOSS, so all it takes is one coder who feels liek it.22:39
AgentHeXi'm pretty sure apt-get source will drop the source in my /usr/src path.  can you confirm?22:42
ScottKNo, it'll drop it into the current working directory.22:43
AgentHeXah...  do not want in home22:43
ScottKhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/BuildingTheSourcePackage?highlight=%28build%29 is a start on how to compile it.  It'll lead you to other quesitons, but I have to run.22:43
tophathas anyone used git instead of svn?22:48
tkamppeterdoko, did you upload hplip and hal-cups-utils for me?22:51
gesertkamppeter: is the new dpkg already built?22:53
gesertkamppeter: the current version of hplip needs the newer dpkg for building22:53
AgentHeXScottK: how might i go about running a modified gpm?  do i need to replace the original and hope i don't bork my system?  how might i debug something like gpm?22:53
slangasekAgentHeX: anyway, "vim-gnome" :)22:55
doko_tkamppeter: yes22:56
AgentHeXslangasek: hah.  nice22:58
tkamppeterdoko_: Thank you very much23:00
AgentHeXoh snap.  i can't see my appearances window to turn off compiz.23:06
AgentHeXHAH!  i did it blind!23:06
tkamppeter_geser, I have taken HPLIP from the Debian RPM as I am working together with Mark Purcell from Debian on the maintenance and so our packages and Debian's are the same.23:07
tkamppeter_On this build I had a problem and I had to remove "--dpkg-shlibdeps-params=--ignore-missing-info" from dh_shlibdeps in debian/rules.23:07
tkamppeter_My system is a Hardy which I have updated today.23:07
tkamppeter_geser, would this mean that I can reintroduce this "--dpkg-shlibdeps-params=--ignore-missing-info" on dh_shlibdeps as soon as the newest dpkg hits Hardy?23:07
tkamppeter_dpkg --version23:07
tkamppeter_Debian `dpkg' package management program version 1.14.12ubuntu1 (i386)23:07
tkamppeter_s/Debian RPM/Debian SVN/23:07
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gesertkamppeter_: if I understand it all correctly, yes23:12
tkamppeter_geser, so which version dpkg must be so that I can re-introduce  "--dpkg-shlibdeps-params=--ignore-missing-info" on dh_shlibdeps?23:12
geser--ignore-missing-info was introduced around .8 or .9 and .12 is getting build now23:12
slangasektkamppeter_: if you're working with hplip, how about fixing it so that it has a proper shlibs file and doesn't *need* the --ignore-missing-info?23:13
geseraccording to the changelog --ignore-missing-info works since dpkg 1.14.823:13
tkamppeter_So strange that it did not work with 1.14.12ubuntu123:14
slangasekI don't know what possessed the maintainer to do that instead of looking at the reason why dpkg-dev thought the package was wrong :P23:14
tkamppeter_Mark Purcell has introduced --ignore-missing-info. I do not even know for what that is good for.23:15
slangasekit's to stop dpkg-shlibdeps erroring out with a message about missing shlibs for a library dependency23:15
slangasekand the reason dpkg-shlibdeps was erroring out was because he has a library that's missing a shlibs file (required by policy), which means the package interdependencies are wrong23:16
tkamppeter_HPLIP seems to build and install fine without --ignore-missing-info.23:16
slangaseknot with the new dpkg23:17
gesershould build-dependencies on gs-common be replaced with ghostscript or is build-depending on gs-common still ok (especially for a package in main)?23:17
tkamppeter_geser, I think this can be moved to ghostscript. ghostscript has a transitional package gs-common, but things should depend on the main package.23:18
slangaseknote that the "ghostscript" package doesn't exist in dapper, so this will affect ease of backporting23:20
geserslangasek: it's a change for graphviz, see bug #17474923:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174749 in graphviz "[hardy] Drop libttf-dev from Build-Depends" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17474923:22
gesergs-common is in universe but ghostscript provides gs-common so build-depending on it should work, but to be on the safe side I changed it23:22
slangasekthere's no need here to be "on the safe side".  It's perfectly valid to build-depend on virtual packages23:24
slangasekand as I said, build-depending on "ghostscript" is an additional change that has to be made for backports (as well as increasing the size of the Ubuntu delta here, of course)23:24
ScottKslangasek: If it doesn't exist in Dapper, then I'd just backport ghostscript first (no regression risk).23:25
geserso I should revert it back to gs-common?23:25
slangasekScottK: uh?  in what sense is there no risk of regression?  it's a complete reorganization of the source packages23:26
geserScottK: I guess ghostscript was called gs-somehting in dapper23:26
ScottKslangasek: I haven't actually looked at it, but generally if a package doesn't exist, it's good for backporting (I do check before I actually approve these things).  Nevermind then.23:26
slangasekScottK: right; this isn't a "ghostscript doesn't exist in dapper", it's a "someone thought it would be clever to rename all the ghostscript-related packages in Debian because renaming is FUN"23:28
ScottKslangasek: Ah.  Yes.  That'd be totally different.23:28
ScottKslangasek: I'd say you got the first two letters right.23:29
slangaseksorry for my hash collision23:30
tkamppeter_geser, gs-common is in Universe? I thought we have taken it from the distro? It does not make sense any more with the new ghostscript. ghostscript contains everything now. So please remove gs-common from the Universe.23:32
tkamppeter_geser, in dapper the default ghostscript was gs-esp, as alternative there were also gs-gpl and gs-afpl.23:33
ScottKtkamppeter_: Does it have any rdepends left?23:34
tkamppeter_slangasek, we decided on renaming it /the Debian maintainer and me) to make it searchable more easily. Searching for ghostscript gives better results than for gs.23:35
tkamppeter_and with the merger of ESP and GPL Ghostscript (http://www.cups.org/espgs/) which I have done this year all gs-... got obsolete.23:36
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tkamppeterScottK, what are rdepends?23:37
slangasektkamppeter_: a) gs-common is being built from the ghostscript source as a dummy package, to facilitate smooth upgrades; I'm not sure why it needs to be a transitional package instead of just the gs-gpl and gs-esp packages, but that's the rationale given. b) "apt-cache search ghostscript" already worked fine?23:37
tkamppeterslangasek, is it not the case that for every package which my new package replaces I have to provide a transitional package? And ghostscript replaces gs-common.23:40
slangasektkamppeter: you just said "please remove gs-common from the Universe", how exactly do you expect it to be removed and still be a transitional package?23:40
slangasekthe gs-common package in universe /is/ the transitional package23:41
slangasekas for whether every package needs a transitional package, no; you generally only want transitional packages for things that an end-user is likely to install directly23:41
tkamppeter_slangasek, so "apt-get dist-upgrade" would work also without transitional packages? Only "apt-get install gs-common" needs them?23:52
tkamppeter_slangasek, then with the gs-common in Universe being the transitional package everything is OK. Nothing needs to be removed.23:53
slangasektkamppeter_: "apt-get dist-upgrade" would not do what you want without /some/ transitional packages.  But I think users are unlikely to have gs-common alone installed, right?  They're likely to have gs-esp or gs-gpl installed?23:54
slangasektkamppeter_: in which case, you only need to provide transitional packages for gs-esp and gs-gpl, since gs-common would be sorted out according to dependencies23:54
tkamppeter_slangasek, I understand, gs-common is like a lib... package which does not make sense alone. So can I take it out on the next ghostscript packaging then?23:57
slangasektkamppeter_: since ghostscript also has a Provides: gs-common that will meet the needs of reverse-deps, that's what I would suggest, yes23:58
tkamppeter_slangasek, OK and thanks for the help.23:58

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