Nafallowhich git tree should I use to have an up-to-date with dapper-security + cobalt raq 4 patch git? :-)01:43
Nafalloor feisty maybe...01:48
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Kanohi, how about adding drivers/md/dm.h to headers package?11:41
Kanoit is only include/config/blk/dev/dm.h there,but that is a different one11:42
Kanothat file is needed for truecrypt11:49
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kaur_Is this the right place to speak about an issue with ubuntu kernel?15:53
kaur_Gutsy's kernel causes my hdd to make constant quiet beep sound... That can't be good. I'd use feisty's kernel instead, but it has some other problems15:56
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LimCoreHello devels20:09
LimCoreloopaes do not work on recent amd64 kernel (2.6.22-14)20:09
LimCorewhoops never mind... just not pooled in cryptoloop while modprobing aes... shouldnt cryptoloop be automatcailly used?20:13
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tormodhi now with the "linux" package for 2.6.24 (and up, I guess) should old 2.6.22 (and down) bugs in that package be reassigned to their "linux-source-2.6.xx" package?22:31
IntuitiveNipplethe package is now "linux" - just to confuse you :)22:38
IntuitiveNippleahh, sorry, for Gutsy? then linux-source-2.6.22 yes :)22:38
fswhere can I find the patch for linux-2.6.22 to build gfs1 in LUM?22:46
fsnever mind, found it in your git-web22:48
tormodmaybe I was not clear: there are many old bugs filed on "linux" (by mistake I guess). Should they be reassigned?22:54
IntuitiveNippleI think the rationale is, if they're still open they probably still affect the current kernel23:02
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