desertcStill there?  Well, we'll have to catch up in a bit.00:02
DPicdessertc, i have logs i can look through i believe. i'll look now00:23
DPicdessertc, i just looked through my logs and i see CR3 a couple times leaving or entering but i guess i wasn't in the room when any actual discussion happened, sorry. 00:25
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desertcWhat is a good way to get secondary schools interested in this project?  http://code.google.com/opensource/ghop/2007-8/01:41
DPici guess if there's anyone on any ubuntu tams that go to a secondary school just ask them to spread the word however they can01:57
desertcI think this would be a good way to continue an open, running dialog with schools, too.01:58
desertcI just wonder the best way to present it to them.01:58
DPicwhat do you mean? as in how to actually present it to them or how to get it out to all of them? 02:02
desertcWell, I have already emailed all the secondary computer teachers in my area, and some have written me back again.  I can send them this link by email, but I wonder about the verbiage I will use to ask them to encourage students to pursue the projects.02:04
DPicwell you could write a draft and have some me and maybe a couple others read it over 02:07
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