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dholbachgood morning06:11
* jussio1 walks in and waves07:33
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jussio1InSearchOf: ping08:48
jussio1dholbach: do you know which timezone agoliveira is in?08:56
dholbachjussio1: he's in brazil09:00
jussio1dholbach: ahh, thank you.09:01
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sivangHOwdy all14:28
sivangnice to be back14:28
sivang(to ubuntu in general, that is)14:28
sivangI wonder if anyone would know if there's a version of ubuntu mobile + cross compilation environment available to test it on an Alchemy AU1500 based evaluation board ?14:29
sivang(I'm currently running a debian nfs root under a hand made kernel, but need X on it so want to try ubuntu mobile)14:29
sivangah right, so it's only for intel based hardware at the moment. I should come back later then :)14:31
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ian_brasili am getting an error running sudo debootstrap --arch lpia hardy ${DIR} http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports17:13
ian_brasil of -> Failure trying to run: chroot /home/ian/Dev/Ume/hardy-lpia-chroot/ubuntu-ports dpkg --force-depends --install var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.6.1-6ubuntu2_lpia.deb17:13
ian_brasilany ideas?17:14
agoliveiraian_brasil: Just that? No other info?17:15
ian_brasiljust that it seems17:18
agoliveiraian_brasil: Have you seem any erros related to debootstrap not being able to mount /proc?17:20
* ian_brasil looks17:20
ian_brasilno...only warnings -> Couldn't download package libgnutls13 , libasound2, libgnutls13, util-linux17:22
ian_brasil and sed17:22
agoliveiraian_brasil: Sorry, beats me17:24
ian_brasilnp...libgnutls13 depends on libc6 so i imagine th original error might be related to the download problem...i will try again in a while17:27
edwin_wangping agoliveria...  r u there17:55
agoliveiraedwin_wang: 17:56
agoliveiraedwin_wang: Hi, yes, I'm here but about to enter in a meeting17:56
edwin_wangyes, i know. i will try to join the same meeting as well17:57
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InSearchOfagoliveira, I have a few more questions about moving pdaxrom or UME, are you available?17:59
agoliveiraInSearchOf: Sorry, meeting now.18:00
agoliveiraedwin_wang: ok18:00
InSearchOfagoliveira, will chat later18:00
agoliveiraInSearchOf: ok18:01
kyleNlool: I'm trying to install gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse lpia and can't do it. is there a problem with this package?19:05
agoliveirakyleN: Yes, they are ilegal for you and I already sent your data to RIAA and MPAA. Expect SWAT, FBI and the Spanish Inquisition arriving any minute now...19:16
agoliveirakyleN: as nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, you can just relax :)19:16
kyleNI always expect the Spanish Inquisition!19:18
agoliveirakyleN: You can't. Their chief weapon is surprise!19:18
smagounagoliveira: it's not the inquisition, it's another silent LPIA build failure: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gst-plugins-bad-multiverse0.10/0.10.5-1/+build/36477419:18
* smagoun is not amused19:18
* agoliveira is just going to stop before starts to recreate the whole sketch...19:19
agoliveirasmagoun: Damn...19:19
ian_brasilagoliveira: i am not sure what that was about as the debootstrap is working now20:05
agoliveiraian_brasil: Gee... call a rezadeira :)20:06
ian_brasili have one dancing outside constantly ;) (rezadeira == shaman in english (more or less))20:09

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