rick_h_Kmos: do you know how that's pulled from then in general packages?00:01
RAOFrick_h_: They're pulled from changelogs.ubuntu.com00:02
rick_h_so if I were to submit a LP bug for the PPAs what would I be saying it should be reading/doing that is getting done with main packages?00:02
rick_h_RAOF: ok, and hten changelogs.ub... is pulling the changelogs from the package?00:02
RAOFI'm not sure; that'd be internal launchpad/soyuz craziness, probably.00:03
RAOFI would imagine that the buildprocess pushes changelogs to c.u.c, rather than c.u.c trying to pull new changelogs periodically.00:03
Ubulette_c.u.c is only updated twice a day00:04
RAOFHowever, that is uninformed speculation.  that's just how I'd (naievely) do it.00:04
rick_h_yea, just seems strange that it doesn't just use the packages changelog00:04
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LordKowhow does the ubuntu livecd package the filesystem (such as /etc /usr, etc)?00:29
LordKowfor instance is it put into an archive or is it directly copied to the cd?00:29
UbuletteLordKow, why don't just grab and extract the deb ?00:32
LordKowgood idea :p00:32
LordKowthe fonts in qt apps right now are almost unreadable as of the latest fontconfig update (which i am trying to confirm as the cause of the font probs)00:34
crimsunLordKow: see casper.00:34
LordKowim guessing the specific package will be fontconfig-config00:35
tonyyarussoLordKow: It's called squashfs I think.00:35
Ubulettegrab the deb and extract it (ar x foo.deb)00:36
LordKowhey look i think i found the reason the new fontconfig-config package screwed up font rendering. bbiab00:40
pochuGood night folks!00:58
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bddebianHeya gang01:54
LaserJockhmm, packaging jams01:59
LaserJockor is that packages of jam02:00
TheMuso...or jamming packages... down our throats.02:01
LaserJockTheMuso: lol02:02
LaserJockI wonder where these experienced discussion leaders are gonna come from02:04
* LaserJock votes to have ajmitch teach them all02:04
* bddebian seconds that Mr. Chairman02:06
ajmitchLaserJock: please note that these are to be done in person02:07
ajmitchtherefore you're by far the best candidate02:07
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LaserJockajmitch: I know they are in person02:11
LaserJockyou need to see the world some more ;-)02:11
* Hobbsee waves02:11
LaserJockhi Hobbsee02:11
* DarkMageZ votes to send Hobbsee to teach.02:11
LaserJockDarkMageZ: I don't know, we don't want to see the DOOM Stick in person ;-)02:12
LaserJockHobbsee: I nominated ajmitch to teach all the Packaging Jams02:13
Hobbseesounds good.02:13
LaserJocktoday I was helping a labmate move his desk02:16
LaserJockand since I'm responsible for all the computers I was making sure everything got moved over alright02:16
ajmitchhello Hobbsee02:17
LaserJockso after navigating the cable jungle I got his computer moved over02:17
Hobbseehi ajmitch02:17
LaserJockand so he got it running02:17
LaserJockand then I gave him a power strip/surge protector02:17
LaserJockhe looked at it like he had no idea what it was for02:17
LaserJockso I told him to plug his computer into it to keep from getting fried during one of our power outages02:18
LaserJockand so before I could say anything he just rips the power cord out of the wall (his computer was running) and plugged it into the power strip02:18
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LaserJockluckily it's a Windows computer or I would have been more upset02:18
* ajmitch wonders if LadiesMan217 has been watching transformers lately...02:19
LaserJockbut he just said "that was easy"02:19
ajmitchsome people...02:20
bddebianLaserJock: Since it was Windows you weren't worried because you knew it would come right back up?02:21
* bddebian hides02:21
LaserJockbddebian: I wasn't worried because for Windows "it's not my problem"02:22
LaserJockI just have them call the help desk02:22
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bddebianHobbsee: Is the debian-games channel a black hole or what? :)02:27
Hobbseeit's quiet today02:28
ajmitchbddebian: are they ignoring you?02:28
bddebianHobbsee: It's always quiet :)02:33
bddebianajmitch: Everyone ignores me :)02:34
* LaserJock wonders how long we can go ignoring bddebian 02:38
LaserJockbddebian: it's been what .. almost 3 years now? ;-)02:39
ajmitchlonger for some02:41
* bddebian runs to the corner and cries :'-(02:42
Hobbseebug #17423902:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174239 in dhelp "Please merge dhelp 0.6.0 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17423902:55
* Hobbsee sighs02:59
* Hobbsee hits kmos with the cluebat.02:59
slangasek82% probability of crack03:02
imbrandoncan we just make a LP bot to follow kmos and close bugs03:03
imbrandonwould that be evil03:04
Hobbseeimbrandon: i wish.03:04
Hobbseeimbrandon: fortunately, it's not hard to find his bugs.  it would be possible with debhelper03:04
* Hobbsee rather likes the absolute idiocy in the bug.03:04
imbrandonnew net connection installed today, no more comcast, yay \0/03:04
Hobbsee you're not supposed ot add random recommends, with no indication as to why this might be a good idea03:05
Hobbseeif the random recommends change has a bug listed next to it, the bug should say at least *something* about why the random recommends change should be done!03:05
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imbrandonseems i get a flickr *pro* account with my isp account too03:09
* imbrandon goes to try flickrfs03:09
Hobbseenixternal: you have a kdiff3 merge outstanding, which has been kmos'd.03:11
imbrandonnixternal: that will teach you to leave merges laying arround :)03:11
Hobbseenixternal: you may want to upload, before someone uploads his changes03:12
Hobbseeimbrandon: it wouldn't matter - he still has no respect for stuff belonging to other people - even if it's a lp bug assigned to them.  *shrug*03:12
Hobbseeactually, this is already uplaoded, he just hasn't closed the bug.03:13
* Hobbsee throws out a kmos'd bug.03:14
* Hobbsee throws out another one03:15
* Fujitsu looks at the lonely Kmos email on the MC ML.03:16
Hobbseeid' reply, but a lot of what i think is already on there :)03:16
* Nafallo mumbles about gajim having 2500 packages to be built before it's built.03:18
LaserJockFujitsu: are people supposed to respond?03:19
TheMusoA response from the MC would b enice.03:20
FujitsuLaserJock: I would presume the email was sent for reasons other than to sit around.03:20
ajmitchLaserJock: yes, Kmos is meant to03:20
* StevenK waits for him to reply "I don't get it"03:21
Hobbseebloody kmos.03:21
Hobbseenow, who synced this without seeing the request was WRONG?03:22
StevenKWorse, who ACKed it?03:22
Hobbseeno one ack'd it.03:22
StevenKIf no one ACK'd it, they shouldn't have sync'd it.03:23
Hobbseewell, exactly03:23
Hobbseedoes anyone actually keep their hardy-changes mail?03:23
FujitsuHobbsee: I do.03:23
* Fujitsu doesn't delete mail.03:24
HobbseeFujitsu: can you find otu when it was synced, and who synced it please?03:24
FujitsuWhat's `it'?03:24
Hobbseestunnel4, sorry03:24
* ajmitch doesn't know what package Hobbsee is talking about03:24
* Fujitsu can't see anything.03:24
* ajmitch has no stunnel4 mail03:24
FujitsuMust have been an autosync.03:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 157095 in stunnel4 "Please sync stunnel4 3:4.20-5 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Incomplete]03:24
FujitsuKms uploaded it in Gutsy.03:25
Hobbseebut it had ubuntu changes....03:25
Hobbseeyeah, after i explained it to him a few times03:25
HobbseeOTOH, by the time the package has been kmos'd, do we actually care?03:26
FujitsuThe archive admin must have had the mail turned off when they synced it... Damn.03:26
imbrandonslangasek: wow, i thought you were core already heh03:26
imbrandonkmos'd, a new action03:27
* Fujitsu registers violent objections to slangasek's core-dev application, just to be different.03:27
FujitsuHobbsee: The autosync somehow caught it... please talk to an archive admin: something is broken.03:27
* Hobbsee sets another one to invalid03:27
Hobbseeslangasek: FIX IT, kthxbye.03:27
Hobbseeer, incomplete03:27
* Hobbsee sees another crack-filled bug, which dholbach has already dealt with03:28
* Fujitsu smokes said bug.03:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173529 in python-coverage "Please sync python-coverage 2.6-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Incomplete]03:29
TheMusoOk. With the exception of 4 packages that FTBFS, the libglib1.2ldbl transition is complete.03:29
FujitsuAll Ubuntu changes merged... into the null?03:29
FujitsuTheMuso: Nice.03:29
TheMusoAnd FTBFS as in don't build for me.03:29
HobbseeFujitsu: i think so, yeah.03:29
StevenK"The Ubuntu changes can be dropped because the package is now at Debian"03:29
HobbseeStevenK: i prefer "the ubuntu changes can be dropped, because debian has a new maintainer"03:30
* StevenK sharpens his ICBM.03:30
FujitsuHobbsee: Where have you seen that?03:30
Hobbseetook him a long while to get the explanation thru his thick skull as to why that wasn't correct.03:30
HobbseeFujitsu: i don't remember what the package was now.  it went from debian QA group to a maintainer03:31
* Fujitsu invokes the CoC.03:31
StevenKIt can't be against the CoC if it's truthful.03:31
FujitsuStevenK: Can't it?03:31
StevenKWait, did I say that out loud?03:31
StevenKFujitsu: It can, I was poking fun.03:32
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pwnguinperhaps one could invoke the "resign appropriately" clause on this fellow03:33
Hobbseepwnguin: until they nuke the ubuntu section of his LP account, that's impossible.03:34
* pwnguin is still unsure how someone without write access to ubuntu causes so much trouble03:34
imbrandonpwnguin: untill now none of us was sure03:35
Hobbseefiling masses of crap bug requests.03:35
Hobbseeflooding the queues.03:35
Hobbseebonus points for closing bugs at random03:35
Hobbseei can't find it03:36
Hobbseemy lp-searching-foo isn't good neough03:36
Hobbseecould probably grep the logs if i wished03:36
imbrandonpwnguin: whens the next time you will likely be in KC, I thought about org one of those pacakge jams here ( seperate from the LUG meetings ) and it would be cool if you were in town too03:36
pwnguinwell, i dont really make plans to come into town03:36
pwnguinim not sure if i'll be in for christmas03:37
* Fujitsu has 1000 bug mails from Kmos at the moment..03:37
imbrandonpwnguin: yea i dont think there would be good attendance arround xmas03:37
imbrandonthus thinking jan-ish03:37
HobbseeFujitsu: poor bastard.  just delete tehm.03:37
FujitsuHobbsee: They now get their own special folder.03:38
pwnguinif you make an announcement, i might be able to show. but I hope you don't expect me to colead such an endevor03:38
Fujitsu(no, not /dev/null)03:38
imbrandon"Junk" ?03:38
imbrandonpwnguin: no not at all, just thought you might like to attend too03:38
imbrandonmaybe field a question or two, but nothing along the lines of co-*03:39
StevenKSearching Launchpad for all bugs related to Kmos returns 1,152.03:39
imbrandonholy jebus StevenK03:39
RAOFThat's impressive03:39
* Fujitsu wonders how many the average MOTU has.03:40
Hobbseeyes, but how many of them were marked "invalid" or "won't fix"?03:40
FujitsuI have 2450 to my name.03:40
pwnguinwell, if we're going to legislate good QA behavior, can we also institute a "don't triage driver bugs if you dont have the hardware" policy?03:40
StevenKHobbsee: 33603:41
HobbseeStevenK: yeah, *odd* that.03:41
HobbseeStevenK: and how many bugs were related to ubuntu?03:41
FujitsuStevenK: Haha.03:41
HobbseeStevenK: got to remember that getdeb uses LP as well03:41
Hobbseeso he can have crack-filled bugs there that will increase his count.03:41
FujitsuEven better.03:41
StevenKI don't want to read through every page, but there is only one GetDeb bug on the first page03:42
Hobbseeyou can search for ubuntu bugs03:42
* Hobbsee has a look03:42
* Fujitsu notes that the Invalid/Won't Fix metric isn't particularly valid, as he might have been doing valid triage.03:42
HobbseeStevenK: was the total count for all states, including closed?03:42
HobbseeFujitsu: yeah, but the chance of that is...03:42
StevenKHobbsee: Yes, the >1,000 number was every state03:43
FujitsuHobbsee: True, but I was looking at counts from others, and found a quite high proportion of each was negatively closed.03:43
HobbseeFujitsu: oh, indeed.  but i'd say most of kmos' were closed due to a) kmos incompetence b) kmos was wrong c) kmos closed teh bug at random03:44
Hobbseeonly 245 total, reported by kmos.03:44
Fujitsu... then what the heck were the rest he ate!?03:44
Hobbseeoutside of ubuntu03:44
Hobbseethere appears to be 771 that he's commented on03:45
Hobbseeand...159 that he's both the reporter, and commented on03:45
TheMusoI'm outa here. GOing out for a couple of hours, but we have a storm coming, so offline my gear oges.03:45
Hobbseetherefore, 857, assuming LP's search is not screwed.03:45
FujitsuBye TheMuso.03:45
FujitsuHobbsee: And what are the chances of it not being screwed? I'm thinking of searches for bugs within distroseries, for example.03:46
FujitsuThey give completely bogus results, most of the time.03:46
chillywillyI have a buddy who replaced some hardware for an ubuntu install but now he can't get the right sata driver loaded (data_via) it still loads the old one sata_sis (he even supposedly rebuilt the initrd image)...03:47
HobbseeFujitsu: indeed, it would count bugs affecting multiple packages, multiple times, as well as multiple distroseries bugs03:47
HobbseeFujitsu: however, seeing as it does it for everyone03:47
FujitsuThat's not the sort of bogusness I was talking about, but right.03:47
Hobbseei haven't seen launchpad search *really* screw up for a while03:48
FujitsuThat's because you don't do SRUs or security things.03:48
Hobbseeno, tha'ts not what i meant03:48
Hobbseeit appears to be fixed now03:50
HobbseeFujitsu: i was searching for the busybox issues, iirc, so used a string that's common.03:50
Hobbseei got a whole heap of results that did not contain the words of the search string.03:50
Hobbseeonly a few of them, separately.03:50
Hobbseelike, only a few of the words, not all of them.03:51
FujitsuIf you want to search by textual content, you're much better off using Google.03:51
Hobbsees/by textual content//03:52
FujitsuGoogle doens't handle much of the meta-data well.03:52
imbrandonHobbsee: too if you use the UW search and then click "launchpad" in the results at the top, it limits it to LP only results03:54
imbrandonOR just search for "more:launchpad <term>" like "more:launchpad busybox" on search.uw.c or in the Firefox add-in03:57
pwnguinive got a couple ignorant questions about program memory usage =/03:57
pwnguinwhich is the best way to measure a program's memory usage in GNOME?03:57
pwnguinthere's Resident memory, and "Memory"03:58
pwnguin(and also x server memory, which firefox uses considerable amounts of)03:58
imbrandonHobbsee: and if you would find it usefull it would only take me meer minutes to whip one up that only searches bugs.launchpad.net by default without the need for extra strings03:59
imbrandonjust lemme know'03:59
imbrandonpwnguin: no idea03:59
Hobbseeimbrandon: hmm.  searching for something quite broad is something i don't tend to do much03:59
imbrandonthe more:launchpad then is probably the way to go04:01
imbrandon( fyi more:forums and more:wiki also work, but thats the only 3 i implmented, more upon request )04:03
LaserJockhmm, I've reported a whopping 62 bugs :/04:07
HobbseeLaserJock: the idea is that you fix / close more than you report.04:08
HobbseeLaserJock: sustainable bugs.04:08
RAOFpwnguin: It depends on what sort of memory usage you're after (although this is not helpful) :)04:08
LaserJockHobbsee: well, I've commented on 34404:08
RAOFpwnguin: But I think you're probably after either "resident memory" or "writable memory"04:08
LaserJockI'm still waaaay behind Kmos though :(04:09
* LaserJock write a random bug filing script04:09
pwnguinRAOF: does shared count stuff thats only shared in one program?04:09
RAOFpwnguin: See, here's where it gets difficult :(04:10
imbrandondo we get golden ponies for christmass ?04:10
pwnguinim just impressed that gnome's tool is keeping track of X04:10
LaserJockimbrandon: I sure hope so04:10
pwnguinits possible it also accounts for shared libs with a count of 104:10
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imbrandonwtf http://www.boingboing.net/2007/12/06/western-digital-netw.html04:14
LaserJockimbrandon: wow, that's ... interesting04:16
imbrandonkinda dumb, a hdd should do whats its told04:17
imbrandonlooks like i wont buy any wd's04:17
imbrandon( even though i have one sitting here with my OS on it lol )04:17
LaserJockI don't quite understand what they are preventing, can you put media files on it?04:18
imbrandonhere is a better link04:18
imbrandon( longer but explains more )\04:18
LaserJockshesh, with a URL like that it's gotta be good ;-)04:18
LaserJockimbrandon: even oggs :(04:19
LaserJockwell, i don't think it'd mess me up, but what the heck04:20
DarkMageZimbrandon, it's partly deceptive. the full story is that you can't share those files with OTHER users.04:20
imbrandonright, but my dvr frontend certainly dont run as the same user as my pc account04:21
ScottKLaserJock: I'm confident your random bug filing script would produce higher quality bugs than Kmos does on average.04:22
LaserJockScottK: I really don't get it04:22
=== DarkMageZ_ is now known as DarkMageZ
LaserJockI don't understand how he can do this so much04:23
HobbseeLaserJock: boredom?04:23
imbrandonnot knowign the processes or caring about them04:23
LaserJockwell, I mean like how can he be wrong so much04:23
Hobbseeimbrandon: lack of care.  he does know.04:23
imbrandoni doubt he knows them all, hell i dont know them all :)04:24
LaserJockwhat is he doing wrong so much?04:24
HobbseeLaserJock: the biggest problems seem to be sync bugs, where he doesn't feel it's appropriate to say why ubuntu changes can be dropped, sometimes adds more, for random, unknown reasons04:25
Hobbseeas in, that's what he's working on at the moment04:25
Hobbseedoesn't take enough care with his work, to see if it's right or wrong04:25
Hobbseeit's kind of like a monkey has glanced at the changelog, seen one bug is fixed in debian, so we can sync the entire thing.04:26
Hobbseeor the version is the same in debian, so we can throw out ubuntu changes.04:26
Hobbseeit's just utter stupidity like that, which he continues to do, even though he's told over and over again why things don't work that way04:26
LaserJockhmm, odd04:26
HobbseeLaserJock: other problems are just lack of care, including filing removal bugs for packages not actually in the archive anyway.04:26
=== asac_ is now known as asac
RAOFHobbsee: Has he really filed removal bugs for non-existant packages?  How do you even do that?04:28
=== DarkMageZ_ is now known as DarkMageZ
HobbseeRAOF: oh yes.  i gave him a good larting over it.04:28
HobbseeRAOF: by looking at the debian removal lists, then filing removal requests for everything, or almost everything, in ubuntu from it.04:28
RAOFBut surely you'd file a removal request on the source package you want to remove, right?  If that's not in ubuntu...04:29
Hobbseethen he filed it under ubuntu, i think.04:29
* RAOF blinks.04:30
Hobbseeit may have been a binary that w04:30
Hobbseeactually, no04:30
Hobbseeiirc, it was filed under a similar source package name04:30
RAOFI don't think a smiley exists for my current expression.04:31
HobbseeLaserJock: of particular brilliance was a sync request of adept, which was up to ubuntu23 at the time.04:31
Hobbseethat was a while ago...but...04:31
HobbseeLaserJock: now, he's not doing as spectacularly large errors as that, but multiple smaller errors04:32
Hobbseesame base problems, etc.04:32
LaserJockhmm, he's not even an Ubuntu Member04:37
=== DarkMageZ__ is now known as DarkMageZ
HobbseeLaserJock: no, they stopped him.04:39
HobbseeLaserJock: some people got together some objections about it04:39
LaserJockoh doh, I was there04:39
imbrandonDarkMageZ__: ping04:44
imbrandonDarkMageZ__: that diff.gz looks good, but umm you need to also provide me with a dsc if you want me to be able to do anything usefull with it04:46
nixternalHobbsee: I uploaded the kdiff3 merge earlier this week04:47
=== ghostingmyself is now known as DarkMageZ
DarkMageZimbrandon, sry. my isp's provider is being lame.04:48
nixternalHobbsee: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdiff304:51
imbrandonDarkMageZ: no worries, i just applied it manualy, ummm i'm gonna make quite a few changes to this prior to upload, me and you seem to have very diffrent package techniuqes04:52
Hobbseenixternal: yeah, i saw eventually04:52
nxvlhi folks!04:52
imbrandonDarkMageZ: also autotool-dev ftw :)04:52
nxvlwhich are the priority bugs on this proces? the merges?04:52
imbrandonheya nxvl hows it been going04:52
nxvlimbrandon: nice, with lots of work04:53
imbrandonmerges are pretty important yes04:53
nxvland some hard days, cause my girlfriend has gone yesterday to USA for all summer04:53
nxvlto work on vail04:53
nxvlso the last days i was very busy04:54
imbrandonwere at in the US ?04:54
nxvlimbrandon: no, it's nice to have some more free time now that i'm on my MOTU process04:54
nxvlimbrandon: vail, corolado04:54
imbrandonahh cool04:54
imbrandoncolrado is nice, cold this time of year, but nice04:55
nxvlyes and he has got a nice work, he will be lift oparator, so she will be snowboarding all day04:55
imbrandonsounds like fun04:55
nxvlyes, i'm kind of sad, but is an experience she must have04:56
nxvlso i'm happy on the other hand04:56
* imbrandon hates snow and we have about 2 inches on the ground right now here04:56
nxvli love board sports04:56
imbrandoni'd break me neck :)04:56
nxvli surf, skate, i have wakeboard, sandboard (which i want to do more), skinboard ...04:56
nxvli haven't only, skyboard and snowboard04:57
nxvland kniteboard04:57
nxvli haven't been on the snow04:58
nixternalHobbsee: don't scare me like that again...I had to search for my .upload file :)04:58
nixternalif he would have created a debdiff, I would have set as "will not fix" and uploaded it myself anyways...cuz I am a jerk like that :p04:59
nxvlnow i need to work to fix the lost days04:59
nxvlso lets merge :D04:59
nxvlimbrandon: are you planning to go to debconf 8?05:00
imbrandonnot sure yet, i will have to see what the $work scedule is like05:00
imbrandoni'd like to but who knows05:00
LaserJockwhere is debconf8?05:01
imbrandonthey only decided on a region iirc, not a place05:01
imbrandonsomewhere in EU05:01
LaserJockEU gets *all* the good ones05:01
imbrandonIt will be held in Mar del Plata, Argentina, from August 10th to August 16th, 200805:02
imbrandoni was wrong05:02
* tritium can't wait for a UDS in the southwestern states of the U.S.05:02
LaserJockheck yea!05:02
imbrandontritium: hehe it was in socal not long ago :)05:03
* RAOF thinks it's time for UDS - Hobart05:03
tritiumimbrandon: yeah, missed that one :)05:03
LaserJockimbrandon: socal?05:03
imbrandonLaserJock: souther california05:03
LaserJockimbrandon: Mountain View is not southern cali05:03
tritiumWow, email from a google recruiter!  :)05:03
imbrandonLaserJock: close nuff :)05:04
LaserJockimbrandon: pfftt05:04
LaserJocktell that to somebody from LA05:04
nixternalmt. view is middle cali :)05:04
nixternalmiddle/northern cali05:04
nixternalwine country cali05:04
imbrandonLaserJock: http://debconf8.debconf.org/05:04
LaserJockI heard somebody from LA say anything above Bakersfield is norcal05:04
nixternalit is for someone from LA05:05
nixternalpeople in LA have their heads in the clouds anyways05:05
nixternalthat smog has to be getting to them05:05
imbrandoncoke :)05:05
nixternalI think they have surpassed Newark in pollution05:05
nxvlimbrandon: nop, debconf 8 will be on Auguston Mar de Plata argentina05:06
nixternalhere we go, imbrandon you know as soon as you name another drug, your x-girlfriend cutiecoder will be in here correcting you with the technical crap05:06
nxvlimbrandon: they have just decide where it will be debconf 9, but i don't remember well, i have it somewhere05:06
imbrandonI ... I ... cant feel ... my face ! -- Blow, best quote evar05:06
imbrandonsooo true05:07
slangaseknxvl: Extremadura05:07
LaserJockI need a LaserRockConf05:07
LaserJockeverybody comes to my house05:08
nixternalworks for me!05:08
imbrandonheh we'd all be broke from the casinos and brothels ;)05:08
tritiumdriving distance for me05:08
LaserJockExtremadura gets everything05:08
LaserJocktritium: how about UDS-LANL?05:09
tritiumThat would be interesting...05:09
imbrandoncall me when Mark wants to have UDS-KC05:09
nixternalUDS Chicago!05:09
nixternalalthough, the Ubuntu fans are shrinking here05:09
tritiumimbrandon: you're in KC?  I travel there on business _all the time_05:09
LaserJockhmm, ChiTown would be great05:10
imbrandontritium: yup05:10
tritiumimbrandon: I'll let you know next time I'm in town.05:10
imbrandontritium: hit me up next time your in town, we can go for lunch/beer05:10
nixternalwe have a bunch of places that would definitely host it05:10
imbrandontritium: pwnguin is semi close to here too05:10
tritiumimbrandon: excellent.  How about Strouds or Jack Stack?  :)05:10
nixternalGoogle, Google, Google, IIT, UIC, Google, Red Hat :)05:10
imbrandontritium: cool i love them both05:10
tritiumimbrandon: great!  Thanks :)05:11
superm1go UDS Chicago!05:11
imbrandonas long as its jack stack on 435 & metcalf hehe05:11
nixternalsuperm1: you aren't allowed back in this state!05:11
nixternalare you here now by chance?05:11
superm1nixternal, finals are next week, and then i'll be home :)05:11
tritiumimbrandon: yes, that's the one near Overland Park, right?05:11
nixternalgoing to be around on the 16th? we are planning another packaging tutorial at COD05:11
imbrandonyup, its in OP05:11
tritium(I usually stay there)05:11
tritiumPerfect, then.05:12
imbrandonop is like 5 mintues from me, maybe 10 depending on traffic05:12
superm1nixternal, depends on how fast i get moved out.05:12
superm1nixternal, graduation is on the 15th, so i'll be packing up and headed back as quick as i can05:12
tritiumimbrandon: I had no idea!05:12
nixternalya, that will be a tough one05:12
* LaserJock needs to make some cash so he can fly to KC05:12
nixternalI hate crossing that river05:13
tritiummmm, barbecue05:13
imbrandonyesssssssssss bbq :)05:13
nixternaleww sweet sauced bbq :p05:13
imbrandonand the occasional fountain05:13
nixternalsmoking with a dry rub is the way to go!05:13
superm1i'm still quite torn between southern style, texas style, and KC style..05:13
nixternalya, me too actually05:14
imbrandonnixternal: kc as every kinda of bbq imagineable, but KC style is the best05:14
nixternalcuz there is Bullfrogs from KC that rocks05:14
LaserJockyou guys have Oakland ribs before?05:14
nixternalI prefer dry rubs, Texas style bbq05:14
imbrandonLaserJock: at ribfest in reno :)05:14
nixternalomg, and they do a bbq sausage in Texas that is insane05:14
superm1nixternal, you been to rudy's at all in TX?05:15
imbrandonTX isnt part of the US untill they disown dubya05:15
nixternalI dunno the places I went to....went to a couple places in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and some hick towns further south05:15
superm1nixternal, ah i just had rudy's for the first time a few weeks ago for an interview.  my "introduction" to TX bbq05:16
nixternaldubya's the man! he has joined the clinton train on copyright infringements now05:16
tritiumWe have a Rudy's here in Albuquerque05:16
nixternaltritium: you also have the sun!05:16
superm1yeah i love their style of serving food05:16
tritiumnixternal: yes, and green chile :)05:16
nixternalyou know another place I had great bbq and it was not at all expected? Mexico05:17
imbrandonwas it beef or goat ?05:17
LaserJocknixternal: they have a lot of pigs down there, I would think pork ribs would be popular ;-)05:17
imbrandonbeef ribs ftw05:18
nixternaldunno about that, but their pork tacos rock05:18
LaserJockimbrandon: yeah, I don't like pork05:18
nixternalya, I am not the biggest pork fan05:18
LaserJocknixternal: dude!05:18
LaserJockI was in mexico05:18
ScottKHeya nixternal.05:18
LaserJockand I had some pork tacos05:18
nixternalwasabi scotty2hotty05:18
imbrandonthe only thing i rember bout mexico was boystown :)05:18
nixternalwasn't that some wrestler back in the day?05:18
ScottKnixternal: Sorry I pissed you off (re your mail to -devel-discuss)05:18
LaserJockand on the way home to the hotel we drove past the landfill/river and that's where all the pigs were05:19
nixternalScottK: it only lasted a couple of hours and then it made sense after I started thinking about it :)05:19
ScottKnixternal: Cool.  Thinking is something I'm in favor of.05:19
nixternalsee, when I go to Mexico I usually go to Cabo San Lucas (every October) and every now and then I go to Jalisco to visit a friend of mine05:20
nixternalin Jalisco it is nothing but agave farms05:20
imbrandonnewva lorado aka boyztown :)05:20
imbrandonnixternal: ^05:21
nixternalnever heard of it, and will never go there05:21
nixternalI say the next UDS be in Cabo San Lucas...especially the october one...I would love to take a sponsorship to that one :) Free Sammy Hagar!05:21
nixternalMexican Meltdown is the 2nd weekend of October every year, schedule UDS around that time and all will be good05:22
nixternalpeople can stay out at my families house...it is definitely big enough to fit 20 people comfortably05:22
tritiumNice!  Tequila shots in Cabo Wabo!05:23
nixternalTequila shots of Cabo Wabo at the Cabo Wabo!05:23
nixternalmmmmm baby05:23
nixternalsome Anejo, some Reposado, and definitely some Los Complianos (I know I butchered it)05:24
tritiumI like the way you think, nixternal!05:24
nixternalI have about 40 bottles left of Cabo Wabo right here in my house05:24
nixternalI make a killer Waborita05:24
tritiumThat's a stockpile!05:24
slangaseknixternal: why are the Ubuntu fans shrinking in Chicago?  left in the dryer too long?05:24
ScottKCold does shrink things05:25
nixternalpeople switching to other distros...Foresight, Gentoo (eww), Fedora is getting big, and so is PCLOS now05:25
nixternalhahahaha ScottK05:25
nixternalGO BEARS!05:25
nixternalgod they suck05:25
* tritium only flys _through_ Chicago, but never stops05:26
slangasekwait, people are switching from Ubuntu /to/ Gentoo?05:26
nixternalon Sunday the Redskins play one down with 10 defensive players, tonight they play 12...they forgot hwo to play05:26
slangasekwhat's... wrong with them? :)05:26
tritiumBut I always grab a sandwich at PotBelly's in Midway airport05:26
nixternalslangasek: ya, I don't get it05:26
* Hobbsee goes off to drown05:26
nixternalmost of the Gentoo switching is going on at the University of Illinois at Chicago05:26
nxvli have a crashed merge05:27
* tritium saves Hobbsee with her long pointy stick05:27
slangaseknever heard of Foresight Linux before.  No mention of package management, smells like a fad to me05:27
nixternalUIC is somewhat pissed at Ubuntu right now (sabdfl & jono) for not doing a talk at 2 consecutive flourish events...I can't put the fires out there and I have tried05:27
nxvlthe old changes are missing (on the changelog)05:27
nxvlwhich are the procedures for this cases?05:27
nixternalslangasek: Foresight has Conary, which is a pretty sweet pkg mgr05:27
imbrandonits all python based from what soeone told me05:28
nixternalthat it is05:28
slangasek"With dependencies defined at the file level, Conary's built-in dependency resolution brings in only the components needed from other packages instead of entire packages."05:28
nixternalbddebian: hehe, that is what I call it, and still call it that every now and then...and I am helping develop their KDE side05:28
slangasekyeah, braindead, it'll kill itself off soon enough, moving along05:28
tritiumConary is just a front-end to forceps05:29
imbrandonslangasek: wow really? that sounds ignorant05:29
imbrandonexcept maybe in embeded05:29
nxvlslangasek: yes, extremadura!05:29
nixternalya, I doubt conary will kill itself off anytime soon...rPath has a bunch of clients using it now in cohoots with their rBuilder service05:29
slangasekimbrandon: no, even then it's a ridiculous amount of overhead to declare per-file dependencies for everything you need instead of just dividing your packages up right...05:30
nixternalslangasek: and lets not forget that you can install Foresight in less than 4 minutes :)05:30
=== RAOF_ is now known as RAOF
nxvlimbrandon: i have a broken merge, in the changelos, all the ubuntu* entrys are missing, which are the procedures on this case (i'm using grab-merge script)05:30
nixternalhaha, I leave those for other people to do :p05:31
imbrandonnxvl: fix the changelog manualy :)05:32
nxvlusing the last ubuntu one, and adding the debian changeS?05:33
slangaseknxvl: that's probably easiest, yes05:34
RAOFnxvl: That probably works.  You might also be interested in some graphical merging utility such as meld (gtk) or kdiff (I think?, QT)05:34
tritiumGood night!05:37
imbrandongnight tritium05:37
nxvlon mom the merge isn't broken, so i will use it05:59
SikonDoes the COPYING file need to be in the root directory in an upstream tarball?06:07
SikonIn QSvn, the README file in the root directory points to it being in src/licenses/COPYINH06:08
dholbachgood morning06:11
nxvldholbach: good night!06:12
nxvldholbach: you are part of the CC, didn'y you?06:18
dholbachnxvl: yeah06:18
nxvldholbach: oh nice, on perivuan LoCo team, we are trying to become an official LoCo team, so we are working on the missing point06:19
nxvldholbach: but i don't find the criteria used to aprove or deny a LoCo06:19
dholbachhang on06:19
nxvldholbach: can you tell me about the process?06:19
dholbachit's linked from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda06:20
nxvldholbach: i have read it already, but i have heard that we need a LoCo team supporting us?06:21
dholbachnxvl: no - it's good if some members of the team show up at the CC meeting06:22
dholbachso you can explain about what the team has been doing, etc06:23
nxvlok ok06:23
dholbachif there's people from a different loco team who can say something good about the peruvian loco, that's nice but not a "must"06:23
nxvlother thing i haven't clear is what are the thing a LoCo team must did to become oficial?06:25
nxvlwe are working on marketing06:25
nxvlmakings some talks, having stands on som others06:25
dholbachbest to look at other applications06:25
dholbachto get a feeling for what teams did that have done well06:26
nxvland giving support on install fest06:26
nxvlis that what you expect from a LoCo? or more developing or contribuiting work?06:26
ScottKnxvl: You should also ping Adri2000 about the package with the messed up changelong, so he can have a look at what went wrong.06:26
nxvldholbach: actualy, we are looking at some of them06:27
nxvlScottK: i use mom and there was fine, but i will ping her06:27
dholbachit's more important that your team is well organised, people know how to work together, have a clear agenda and got amazing things done without problems :)06:27
dholbach(in a nutshell)06:27
nxvldholbach: thnx, now i have it clear06:28
dholbachok good06:28
nxvldholbach: we have an internal discuss because someone says that we need thing you say we don't :D06:29
dholbachbest to talk to people from other locos06:29
dholbachor people on the loco-contacts list06:29
ScottKnxvl: That's what I generally do too if the DaD script has a problem.  Adri2000 is one of the DaD developers and so letting him know helps it not be messed up next time.06:30
nxvldholbach: yes, thats why i'm asking you, since you part of the ones who decide it :D06:31
nxvlwhy is it MOTU (and OS proyects) so fun06:34
nxvldholbach: as i understan MOTU fun is your fault06:34
dholbachno, it's not exactly my fault :)06:34
dholbachI was the fifth MOTU joining the team iirc :)06:34
nxvli went out of cigarretes06:35
nxvldholbach: oh! nice06:35
nxvlits kind late in here06:35
nxvlgood night folks!06:35
* dholbach sends nxvl a cigarette via letter chute06:35
dholbachnight nxvl06:36
LongPointyStickhey dholbach06:49
dholbachhey Sarah!06:50
dholbachor did somebody else borrow the LongPointyStick06:50
LongPointyStickno, i'ts hobbsee06:50
=== LongPointyStick is now known as Hobbsee
Hobbseethe LPS can not be borrowed!06:50
imbrandon( only stolen )06:50
dholbachoh, it's LPS now? that should be in wtf then06:51
dholbach. o O { Gee...  I don't know what lps means... }06:51
* Hobbsee beats dholbach with a big stick06:51
* Hobbsee can do better, and assigns all kmos' bugs to dholbach 06:51
LaserJockman, I gotta get the ponies done so I can blog something else without feeling guilty :/07:01
Hobbseeyes.  you do.07:01
imbrandonLaserJock: lol07:01
imbrandonman flickrfs is slick07:02
LaserJockimbrandon: did Yahoo! by flickr?07:02
imbrandonLaserJock: i got AT&T DSL yahoo branded to replace my sucky comcast cable, so i get flickr pro and such free07:03
LaserJockimbrandon: yeah, I think I got an email about that07:03
imbrandonjust installed this afternoon07:03
* LaserJock has had yahooish DSL for a couple years07:04
imbrandonthe only reason i dident use flickr before was the 100mb limit07:04
LaserJockthe only reason I don't use flickr is I don't have any pictures07:04
imbrandoni got like 100mb of pics uploading now hhehe07:05
imbrandonand thats only the ones i'll make public, but my collection is still small compared to say sflaw07:05
LaserJockyeah, but he shoots awesome pics07:05
LaserJockmine are like crap07:06
LaserJockI just steal his when I talk to people07:06
imbrandonmine are mostly crap too, hehe but this way now i'll use the flickr workdpress plugin too and make a gallery on my page07:06
imbrandonLaserJock: btw you see my new blog theme? it still needs some tweaking i dont like the lionk colors but its much better07:06
LaserJockummm ... that's a little disturbing ;-)07:08
LaserJock"hmm, I wonder if I can tattoo my body to look like Ubuntu"07:08
LaserJockit's nice07:09
LaserJockjust a little disturbing for an addict in recoverly07:09
imbrandonLaserJock: http://www.flickr.com/photos/imbrandon/sets/    lots are still uploading07:10
imbrandonbuta few are there07:10
LaserJockthe wallpaper background is  genius07:10
Adri2000nxvl: what merge is broken?07:11
LaserJockwell, the window border is too but the wallpaper works very well for a lot of blogs07:11
Adri2000nxvl: sorry, I should read my mail first :)07:12
LaserJockimbrandon: you have de Icaza in your blogroll? isn't that like heresy or something? :-)07:13
imbrandonwhy? mono is what got me started in floss :)07:13
LaserJockah right, was thinking more the Gnome part07:13
LaserJockwait a sec07:14
LaserJockwhy the heck do you run KDE then? ;p07:14
imbrandonbecause kde == love07:14
imbrandonand there are kde bindings to c#, infact when i got started with mono there was no gtk/gnome bindings :)07:14
LaserJocksome kind of sadistic love perhaps...07:15
Hobbseehe'll be developing checkinstall next07:15
Hobbseeand helping getdeb.07:15
imbrandonsystem.windows.forms was it, and it only kinda works on linux, unlike now07:15
* imbrandon beaats Hobbsee with her own LPS07:16
* Hobbsee beats imbrandon with mneptok 07:16
* LaserJock goes back to his nice procedural python code07:16
LaserJockone of these days maybe I'll find a use for OOP07:17
LaserJockdang it, what an idiot07:19
LaserJockI stupidly put my work computer on a network hub this afternoon07:19
LaserJockwe moved our offices and I've got two extra computers I'm gonna turn into backup servers07:20
LaserJocksince they are next to my desk I put all three computers on a hub07:20
LaserJockbut now of course I can't ssh into my computer :(07:20
imbrandonhrm a hub  shouldent make any diffrnce07:21
LaserJocka switch would?07:21
imbrandona router would07:22
LaserJockI can't remember the diff07:22
imbrandonrouter would give it a new ip/block traffic, swicthes and hubs should be transparent to ssh07:22
LaserJockwell I can't ping it07:23
LaserJockand I'm pretty sure it's on07:23
LaserJockI'll have to investigate tomorrow07:23
LaserJockit's so hard to get network drops and IPs at work I think I'm gonna have to use a hub07:24
imbrandona hub wnt give you any more ips, you'd need a router07:25
LaserJockI have IPs I guess07:25
LaserJockjust not network drops07:26
LaserJockalthough I do need to get a couple more IPs07:26
LaserJockthey took away all the IPs that weren't in use07:26
LaserJockcause we were hitting 254 I guess07:26
imbrandonheh i'm sure you all have more than one class c, i would think07:27
LaserJockfor the department07:27
imbrandontrime to go get a snack while i wait for flickr to finish, brb07:28
LaserJockand no dhcp so it has to be cleaned up every once in a while07:28
LaserJockmy group lost drevil in the last cleanup :(07:29
LaserJockwhich was an even cooler name after it spread a virus to the entire department ;-)07:30
LaserJockhuh, for some reason I thought gnuplot was in Main07:38
* LaserJock stabs firefox07:48
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
DarkMageZif a program wants the opengl headers. i should feed it libgl1-mesa-dev ? what should one add if that doesn't stop the configure from crying?08:25
imbrandonwhats configure crying about ?08:26
DarkMageZit wants the OpenGL headers apparently. but i already fed it libgl1-mesa-dev.08:27
imbrandoni've never used ogl headers in a package i've delt with, but i would find out exactly what file its looking for and verify that package provides it08:29
imbrandoniirc there are a few diffrent ogl -dev packages08:29
DarkMageZi tried reading the configure file to see what it was playing at. but it was fairly complex.08:30
imbrandone.g. if configure if looking for something via pkg-config or a certain .h etc and use apt-file or packages.u.c to find it08:30
imbrandonwhats the exact error where it breakes? can you pastebin it and a few lines before it also , maybe i can help you track it, i'm not a great ogl guy but i might stumble on somehing08:31
DarkMageZi'm rerunning the build under a clean pbuilder. i'll have that in a sec.08:32
imbrandon( unless someone that is more knoledgeable about ogl than me speaks up first hehe )08:32
imbrandonone sec, sending an email then i'll peek08:36
DarkMageZi've uploaded the source package to http://mirror.randumb.org/darkmagez/lemuria/ if anyone wants to read the configure and translate it to engrish.08:36
imbrandonDarkMageZ: try adding libglu1-mesa-dev to the build depends08:45
imbrandon( just a guess )08:45
DarkMageZalready there :(08:45
imbrandonhrm, i'm honestly at a loss then, OpenGL has never been a strong point of mine, someone else in here ( or possibly #ubuntu-x ? dunno ) might be able to help08:46
AmaranthDarkMageZ: it's looking for glAccum09:31
DarkMageZwhere do i find that :s09:32
Amaranthtry libgl1-mesa-swx11-dev09:33
Amaranthyou can't install that on your system though09:33
Amaranthah, wait09:34
Amarantherr, no, i was right the first time09:35
Amaranthtoo many different names for the same thing09:35
DarkMageZhmm, but if i install that then the package i build won't install on my system  due to dependency problems right?09:37
Amaranthtry that then09:37
Amaranthyeah, that should do it09:38
AmaranthGL crap is all over the place09:38
Amaranthmesa-common-dev has /usr/include/GL/gl.h which defines glAccum so if that doesn't work the project's build system is broken and you should patch around it09:39
DarkMageZmesa-common-dev is a dependency of libgl1-mesa-dev. guess it's a problem in the build system.09:39
imbrandonDarkMageZ: you on amd64 or i386 ?09:54
pochuMorning MOTU Land!10:11
Amaranthhey pochu10:12
pochuhiya Amaranth10:12
DarkMageZAmaranth, you're right. it was a bug in the build system. the dev got back to me and it was fixed in cvs. so i've got it working now ッ11:14
=== cprov-out is now known as cprov
=== Hobbsee is now known as LongPointyStick
DarkMageZimbrandon, i've got a new plugin for libvisual (this is a separate package) http://mirror.randumb.org/darkmagez/lemuria/11:31
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
=== jpatrick_ is now known as jpatrick
dholbachMOTU Q&A session in 11 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom12:49
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
=== cassidy_ is now known as cassidy
=== Igorots is now known as Knightlust
ScottKRiddell: Any thoughts about maybe putting ktnef in Main for Hardy?  Personally, I get enough broken mail from Outlook/Exchange users in my work that I'd be pretty well dead without it.13:51
ScottKSorry.  Wrong channel.13:57
frenchydholbach: Thanks for the session, that's a great service.  Is it normally that quiet or did I hog the room?14:02
frenchydholbach: Also, would you like me to remove the dirs file now and re-upload now?14:02
dholbachfrenchy: maybe I didn't announce it broadly enough this time :)14:02
dholbachfrenchy: try it out and see if makes a change14:02
Hobbsee\sh: full agreement on your post, btw14:03
frenchydholbach: But there were like 60 people in the room.14:03
dholbachfrenchy: if it works nicely, upload it and I'll check back14:03
\shHobbsee, thx :)14:03
dholbachfrenchy: lots of lurkers :)14:03
frenchydholbach: Maybe they wanted to ask something?14:03
dholbachfrenchy: don't blame yourself, I really appreciated your good questions and believe that everybody learned something new and took something good out of the session14:05
dholbachfrenchy: so thanks again14:05
=== Hobbsee_ is now known as Hobbsee
Hobbseeoh, that's right, there was a questions session on14:06
frenchydholbach: No worries.14:07
=== doko__ is now known as doko
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
Adri2000nxvl: gramps merge is broken because DaD is relying on snapshot.debian.net, and the base version of gramps is not available there (see http://snapshot.debian.net/gramps and the 404 if you try to get version 2.2.9-1)14:27
mok0ScottK: are you awake?14:33
ScottKYes, but on the phone14:34
mok0I'll wait14:34
jonnymindHello all.14:35
jpatrickhello jonnymind14:36
ScottKmok0: Off the phone.  What's up?14:41
mok0ScottK: I'm about to do my first python package, so I have a couple of questions14:42
frenchydholbach: Sorry, I missed a few things ... please let me try again.14:42
mok0It's very simple, python only, uses setup.py. I'd like to use cdbs14:43
mok0Can you think of an example for me to look at?14:43
ScottKmok0: Sure.  Give me a moment to make sure.14:44
ScottKmok0: Have a look at pyyaml and please consider joinint Debian Python Modules/Apps Teams and uploading to Debian.  They are very friendly to Ubuntu people and it's probably easier than getting uploaded via REVU: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributingToDebian/PythonModulesTeam14:46
mok0Sounds great. I'll take contact to the team, as my next project :-)14:47
* Nafallo tickles ScottK 14:48
ScottKmok0:  Excellent.  I'm on their IRC channel and can introduce you.14:48
mok0Which channel is that?14:48
* ScottK gets the dead fish (now warm, but still wet) and slaps Nafallo.14:48
POX__ mok0: #debian-python14:48
ScottKmok0: #debian-python on OFTC.14:48
mok0Cool, thanks! I'll see you there then14:49
NafalloScottK: lol. want me to smell fishy for any special reason? ;-)14:49
ScottKmok0: POX__ is a DD who is the primary sponsor for DPMT.  He's just a bit useless right now since his primary computer died.14:49
ScottKNafallo: No, I just still had it handy from our earlier discussion on #ubuntu-server.14:50
NafalloScottK: ;-)14:50
=== cprov is now known as cprov-lunch
POX__hehe, yep, I'm useless right now, like ScottK said ;)14:51
whiteanywone experiences the same problems as 454413 ?15:21
Nafallobug #45441315:22
Nafallono idea.. what is it?15:22
whiteproblems after a security NMU15:23
ScottKMaybe Debian Bug #454413 works better?15:23
ubotuDebian bug 454413 in libcairo2 "gecho crashes with the latest unstable libcairo2" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/45441315:23
Nafallowasn't that fixed in Ubuntu already?15:24
whiteit is a regression15:24
whiteand ubuntu uses the same patch15:24
Nafallosure, but wasn't the regression fixed?15:24
Nafalloah, right. I'm thinking of the wrong regression.15:25
whitewell i suspect that the same problem exists in ubuntu15:26
Nafallowe have had firefox rebuilt however...15:28
whiteNafallo: you mean it needed a rebuild against the new libcairo version?15:29
Nafalloa regression made firefox be rebuilt in -security after the cairo bug.15:29
Nafallowell, it's a possibilty to why I can't see the bug in current gutsy :-)15:29
whitebut wasn't the firefox regression totally unrelated and because of a sec fix in firefox?15:33
Nafalloyes. still got rebuilt against the new cairo.15:33
Nafallohi nion :-)15:33
nionNafallo: can you tell me more about the regression? i was the one who update cairo in debian and i really fail to see any problem with the patch15:34
whitenion: Nafallo and I are discussing the damn cairo problem and he suspects that a rebuild of firefox would make it dissapear15:34
Nafallonion: any information on how to reproduce the issue in cairo?15:34
Nafalloif it's just surfing around I can't reproduce it.15:34
nionwhite: yeah a rebuild of iceweasel will for sure solve this but i will see a reason to do it first :)15:35
nionNafallo: if you have a version that has not been rebuild go to debian.org/misc15:35
nionthis will crash iceweasel15:35
NafalloI should see this with firefox as well, right?15:36
nionyes i think so15:36
* Nafallo fish out the down-grade from launchpad15:37
ScottKimbrandon: You might want to follow-up on your openssl097 blog post that it's been removed from partner.15:39
Nafallonion: doesn't die with this version either.15:43
nionhmm strange15:43
nionif the reporter wouldnt say that downgrading solved his problem id really say this patch does not cause this :)15:44
nioni see no ABI breakage in the patch15:44
Nafallonion: rebuild it for the reporter and ask him to test that version?15:44
nionwhy this?15:44
nionor you mean iceweasel?15:44
Nafallonion: to see if rebuilding solves it :-). yes, the browser.15:45
* RainCT wonders if there is any reason why /usr/local/games isn't in the path15:45
nionah yes sure, already building15:45
NafalloRainCT: people shouldn't play games ;-)15:45
RainCTNafallo: but /usr/games is15:45
NafalloRainCT: people shouldn't compile games ;-)15:46
=== cprov-lunch is now known as cprov
Nafallonion: weirdness anyway. no idea then.15:47
nionNafallo: did you see the patch?15:47
RainCTNafallo: ok, I'll tell people that you volunteer to package any game that isn't in the repo.. muahaha :)15:47
Nafallonion: looking now15:48
NafalloRainCT: :-P15:48
nionNafallo: i mean what it bascially does is changing all malloc calls to the preprocessor function to fix the integer overflows, there should be no addresses involved that could change15:49
Nafallonion: agreed. if it didn't relied on buggy behaviour :-)15:51
RainCTomg, the kde-core package filled my "others" menu with crap :P15:52
nionmhm this thing is driving me nuts :)15:52
ScottKRainCT: IIRC (as in I didn't look it up to make sure): usr/local is all FHS calls for and by design subdirs are not in the path by default.15:52
RainCT(I guess that the reason that a 70% of the icons are missing is that  a KDE artwork package is missing, or?)15:52
RainCTScottK: but /usr/local/bin is. that's what I find strange..15:54
ScottKHmm.  Dunno then.  I don't ever install stuff that isn't packaged, so it doesn't come up for me (I'll roll my own if needed).15:54
RainCTI usually neither (most of what I've there are little scripts I created myself), but sometimes I try somewhat out (removing it later) and one of those times I noticed this..15:56
Nafallonion: nothing pops out.15:58
bobboIs this where you come to get help with packaging?16:00
ScottKbobbo: Yes.16:01
bobboright, I am trying to package a python script but i am totally stuck for writing the rules file (This is my first package)16:02
jeromegdoes anyone knows how I can find the patch whihc fixed http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=462906 ?16:02
ubotuGnome bug 462906 in GUI "[Win32] Tools->Preferences crashes" [Major,Resolved: fixed]16:02
jeromegI need it to do an SRU16:02
nionNafallo: ok thanks so far, i have to wait for the iceweasel build then16:04
* RainCT is going to have a look at KDE16:05
RainCTwow.. pretty nice this KDE thing :P16:18
ScottKRainCT: ;-)16:22
nxvl_workScottK: i made the changes you ask for gramps16:28
ScottKnxvl_work: I saw.  Did you send the bugs to Debian?16:36
nxvl_workScottK: nop, i don't find the LP bug to check the why of the change and don't feel good just saying "add this thing cause i say so"16:38
nxvl_workand on the changelog isn't the bug number so i can see the why16:39
ScottKOK.  dh_iconcache was an Ubuntu only thing.  dh_icons is in Debian.  It's a wishlist bug for Debian because their menu system doesn't need it.16:39
ScottKSo the bug would be please add dh_icons to help out downstream with a priority of wishlist.16:40
nxvl_workok, reporting16:40
keescookStevenK: (or other u-u-sponsors admin): can you renew my membership to the team?16:41
dcorderoif i add a new gpg key to my launchpad, it will be added automatic in revu system?16:51
pochuAre you in ~ubuntu-universe-contributors?16:52
pochuAnd no, a REVU admin needs to resync the keyring16:52
nxvl_workScottK: should i link bts to the LP bug? I think no, cause it has nothing to do with the merge "bug"16:53
dcorderoi am revu member with a old gpg key16:53
ScottKnxvl_work: That's correct (no).16:53
nxvl_workScottK: ok, it's reported16:53
ScottKdcordero: Keys will have to be resynced.16:53
pochudcordero: then a re-sync should be enough I guess. imbrandon, siretart?16:53
dcorderoi see16:54
nxvl_workScottK: you are also a DD, didn't you?16:55
ScottKnxvl_work: No.  Working on it.16:55
nxvl_workScottK: oh k, so you are a NM16:55
=== lamalex is now known as help
=== help is now known as lamalex
jpatrickhow does one use "dpkg --compare-versions" ?17:36
jpatrickI keep getting nothing17:36
=== santiago-pgsql is now known as santiago-ve
bddebiandpkg --compare-versions 1.0~rc1-1 lt 1.0-1 && echo true || echo false17:39
bddebian  true17:39
jpatrickah, ok17:40
geserHi bddebian17:41
bddebianHeya geser17:41
=== nikolas_ is now known as nikolas
blueyedStevenK: do you plan uploading a new virtualbox-ose-modules with the available fixes? I could put together a debdiff for sponsorship, but won't bother if you'll re-work it then anyway.17:45
Ngwhere abouts in a package would I put the necessary mojo to make a given binary setuid?17:49
=== cprov is now known as cprov-out
nionNafallo: ok, rebuild does not help, seems to be related to the maths in the preprocessor functions18:07
Nafallonion: lovely :-/18:07
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
_MMA_Hi guys. A backport request is just a bug filing right? Should it be formatted any particular way?18:26
geser_MMA_: have you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports#head-37a793d5ee480081f1c9f19e07fcdcdae5e6a9ed ?18:28
ScottK_MMA_: Not really.  Ideally you would have built and tested what you want backported.  If you have, please make sure you say the exact version tested.  Someone will have to test it before it can be approved.18:29
_MMA_geser: Done. ScottK: I already filed. :( In any case there's only one version and its in Hardy. I'm actually using that in Gutsy. Maybe I can get one of my guys to do it.18:32
ScottK_MMA_: GIve me a bug number.18:32
_MMA_bug 17472218:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174722 in mppenc "Please backport mppenc to Gutsy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17472218:32
* ScottK looks18:33
_MMA_ScottK: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/sound/mppenc18:34
jonnymindPpl, just fyi. I experience a series of random mouse hangs since tuesday night (I updated with adept, but I don't remember exactly the packages).18:35
jonnymindIn the  beginning, I thought it was my wireless mouse, then I switched to a standard USB one and the result was the same...18:35
jonnymindI am rebooting now for this reason. brb.18:35
ScottK_MMA_: Just add a comment that it builds, installs, and runs in Gutsy and I'll approve it.18:39
_MMA_Ahh... I see what you mean now. Sure. I think I can do this tonight.18:40
=== jdong is now known as jdong2
=== jdong2 is now known as jdong
DarkSun88Hi all19:20
geserHi DarkSun8819:24
Nafallohi Baby19:24
DarkSun88Hi geser :)19:24
DarkSun88See you later. I'm goint to eat.19:24
wraundwow ubuntu is adaptable, must be the generic kernel, my main MoBo died and ive temp replaced with an older Mobo and ancient processor19:34
wraundit works :o19:34
jussi01ScottK: ping. Please check bug 17472219:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174722 in mppenc "Please backport mppenc to Gutsy" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17472219:39
=== mathiaz_ is now known as mathiaz
ScottKjussi01: Looking19:47
ScottKjussi01: Thanks.  Acked from ubuntu-backporters.  Now we just need to wait for an archive-admin to process it.19:49
ScottK_MMA_: ^^^19:50
_MMA_ScottK: Thanx. :)19:50
ScottKNo problem.19:50
=== ember_ is now known as ember
* mdomsch needs some pointers20:00
mdomschpeople using my dell-firmware repository on linux.dell.com for updating their system BIOS20:00
mdomschnow see that 'apt-get upgrade', called several times, always re-downloads the packages20:01
mdomschfor system-bios-*20:01
sistpotyhi folks20:01
mdomschover and over and over again, and installs them, over and over and over again20:01
mdomschThe following packages will be upgraded:20:01
mdomsch   system-bios-poweredge-2950 (1.5.1-1 => 1.5.1-1)20:01
mdomsch   system-bios-ven-0x1028-dev-0x01a8 (0.a09-1 => 0.a09-1)20:01
mdomschI'm at my wits end trying to figure out why20:02
sistpotymdomsch: did you check bugs against apt yet? (though only getting part of what you wrote, it looks like one to me)20:04
* persia wonders if the MOTU Meeting is really scheduled for 20:00 UTC20:06
DktrKranzpersia, it is.20:06
sistpotypersia: now?20:06
persiasistpoty: I think.20:06
sistpotypersia: thanks... I completely forgot to check when it is *g*20:07
DktrKranzprobably all of us... -meeting is quite calm now20:07
mdomschsistpoty, http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=351056 sounds similar, but I don't know if it's the same20:09
ubotuDebian bug 351056 in apt "apt-get always install the same two packages during upgrade or dist-upgrade" [Important,Open]20:09
sistpotymotu meeting just started, please everyone join #ubuntu-meeting20:11
Ubulettepersia, fyi, prism has finally been sponsored (pitti rejected it once because of the MPL file)20:12
Ubuletteshould I nuke it on REVU ?20:13
persiaUbulette: Not nuke.  It should have been archived by the sponsor.  I'll archive after the MOTU Meeting.20:13
jonnymindppl, I don't know if this is the right place to ask, so plz. forgive me if not. Is there anything else I have to do about the "falcon" package I uploaded in REVU?20:23
ScottKjonnymind: This is the best place to ask.20:24
ScottKjonnymind: Have you gotten any review comments on it yet?20:26
imbrandonhrm "falcon" ? seems like we have a namespace issue , Seveas did you know about this falcon ? heh20:27
ScottKjonnymind: If you're around, you can ask for a review (with the link to your package on REVU) and maybe solicit interest.20:27
jonnymindimbradon: about the namespace thing, I may suggest "falconpl" (for falcon programming language)20:28
ScottKMondays (AET) are revu days and you can ask more often, but generally asking once a day is considered polite.20:28
jonnymindI made clear that the uploaded package is a "tentative" package, and has to be re-done anyway.20:28
jonnymindOk, thanks. I'll be around next monday to ask politely ;-)20:28
ScottKYou can ask before then.20:30
ScottKJust not more than once a day.20:30
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
jonnymindOk. I'll stick to the rules.20:31
jonnymindSo, I have asked enough for today ;-)20:31
jonnymindI don't wanna distract you while in the meeting, sorry.20:32
ScottKNo problem.20:35
* jonnymind is away: Sono occupato20:39
norsettoproppy: hmmmm, any link you want to share?21:08
proppynorsetto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Spec/ContributorREVU21:09
proppynorsetto: trying to write a spec on how non MOTU should post comment to review21:09
proppynorsetto: maybe you can help ?21:10
norsettoproppy: is that a spec on what exactly?21:10
proppynorsetto: it popped during the #motu-meeting21:11
proppy***persia proposes the drafting of a spec for how non-MOTUs would comment, for general review21:11
proppysistpoty: [IDEA] fix revu to allow non-motu contributors21:11
proppyMootBot: IDEA received:  fix revu to allow non-motu contributors21:11
proppypersia: proppy: Would you be up for drafting a spec for how Contributors would add REVU comments?21:11
proppyScottK: proppy: How about you make a first draft?21:11
norsettoproppy: ok, so is a spec for a functionality to be implemented in REVU.21:12
ScottKproppy: I really don't have time.  I volunteered someone else for a reason.21:12
apache|mobile<-- evil headache21:12
ScottKnorsetto: Also process changes in MOTU.21:12
norsettoproppy: hehe, I see you were volunteered hunanimously21:13
ScottKnorsetto: This is what he gets for raising the idea.21:14
proppynorsetto: I said I was ok :)21:14
norsettoapache|mobile: dave morris would like you to confirm your advocation in light of the lastest changes. Can you do that?21:14
apache|mobilenorsetto: what pacakge?21:14
proppynorsetto: I don't know how to say 'no'21:14
norsettoproppy: NO?21:14
proppynorsetto: ARG put this away from me21:14
norsettoproppy: try the japanese obsequios referential form ....21:15
proppynorsetto: yep and ScottK is right I raised the idea so I should at least bootstrap the spec21:15
norsettoproppy: what do we need a spec for, isn't enough just to leave it as is just precluding contributors from advocating?21:16
proppymaybe when writing the spec we will figure that out :)21:16
proppywriting the spec is all about facing the 'mental implentation' of it right ?21:17
norsettoproppy: I'm of the school "killing a fly with a bazooka might not always be appropriate"21:18
norsettoproppy: but, ok, first of all, what is it that we want?21:18
norsettooh spec left ....21:19
norsettopoor spec :-)21:19
norsettoapache|mobile: ccptest21:19
apache|mobilewill have a look21:19
proppynorsetto: first I should restore the SpecTemplate i've just overwritten :)21:20
norsettoproppy: write it down in your twigglydiggly wiki and we edit it together21:20
proppynorsetto: done https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpecTemplate21:20
proppynorsetto: you read in my mind :)21:21
proppynorsetto: I hate centralized stuff, since I m not cautious, I always break something :)21:21
ScottKYou two could always use Gobby.21:22
norsettoscottk: vade retro gobby!21:22
* ScottK doesn't know what that is supposed to mean.21:23
=== jdong is now known as jdong2
norsettogo away gobby! (like the exorcist saying it to the devil ....)21:23
=== jdong2 is now known as jdong
norsettoscottk: just latin, say it to fake being cool and wise and all that21:25
proppyScottK: I never used gobby21:25
proppyScottK: this seems more suited to live edition21:25
ScottKproppy: It's easy enough and it lets you both edit the document at the same time.21:26
proppyScottK: let's apt-get install it21:26
ScottKYou and norsetto.21:26
ScottKYou can use gobby.ubuntu.com to put your document while you work on it.21:26
proppywiki are good for async process21:26
norsettoits funny ,when you say You and norsetto. its red on my screen and I can hear your voice21:26
proppynorsetto: I've setup http://proppy.aminche.com/REVUContributor.html21:28
proppynorsetto: but let's try gobby21:28
=== nixternal_ is now known as nixternal
Ubuletteanyone for bug 174739 ?21:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174739 in seamonkey "[needs-packaging] seamonkey 1.1.7" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17473921:33
ScottKUbulette: Didn't we used to have that and it got removed?21:35
Ubuletteit's back21:35
Ubulette!info seamonkey hardy21:35
ubotuseamonkey: The Seamonkey Internet Suite. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 92 kB21:35
ScottKUbulette: Then the bug should be upgrade, not needs-packaging.21:36
UbuletteScottK, ok, what should I use then ?21:38
ScottKUbulette: Change the tag from needs-packaging to upgrade.21:38
=== Adri20001 is now known as Adri2000
Flare183How do i create the dsc file?22:16
norsettoflare138: debuild or dpkg-buildpackage22:17
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
Flare183problem: http://flare183.pastebin.ca/80879922:30
Flare183How do I fix it?22:30
stdinFlare183: install cdbs22:30
stdinand build-dep on it too22:30
Flare183Now it says that it failed to sign .dsc and .changes file22:32
Flare183What should i do22:32
geserFlare183: does your uid on your key match the Changed-By value in .changes? (including any comments)22:33
Flare183i can fix that22:33
Flare183i can't remember how, how do i go about doing so?22:39
frenchyHi there!  Should a man page contain a GPL header?22:40
geserFlare183: set DEBFULLNAME and DEBEMAIL and dch will use this values for this22:41
proppyshould I post https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Spec/ContributorREVU to the ML ?22:55
proppyfollowing the meeting minutes ?22:55
* proppy thanks a lot norsetto, for writing this together22:55
* sistpoty needs to go to bed now... gn8 everyone23:04
pschulz01what's the 'best/easiest' way of pulling in a new upstream release?23:48
norsettopschulz01: package it yourself23:48
pschulz01Ok.. yes.. but..23:48
norsettopschulz01: but?23:49
pschulz01norsetto: I have a new upstrean tar.gz.23:49
pschulz01norsetto: I have my exisitng diff.23:49
pschulz01norsetto: Do I just.. rename new tar to 'orig.tar.gz', untar, apply my diff, and the dpkg-buildpackage?23:50
norsettopschulz01: it all depends whats new23:50
norsettopschulz01: is there any change in copyright/license?23:51
pschulz01norsetto: new upstream release :-)23:51
norsettopschulz01: is there a change which need to modify configure/make options?23:51
pschulz01Let's say there isnt.23:51
norsettopschulz01: is there a change which need new/modified maintainer scripts?23:51
norsettopschulz01: new things to be installed? Old things to be removed?23:52
pschulz01(not at this stage.. I might make soem changes shortly)23:52
pschulz01norsetto: These are all changes in the 'debian' directory.. which I will be happy to modify.. once I've moved from 3.0.0 to 3.0.123:53
pschulz01Then I can go nuts with 3.0.1-1 (etc.)23:54
norsettopschulz01: perhaps we need to update few things, like .desktop file, standard version, compatibility level, menu23:54
pschulz01norsetto: What the? No. Command line app.. (perl)23:54
norsettopschulz01: well, if its just a new tarball and don't need anything, just package it. The current procedure is to provide an interdiff but apparently we are changing it, so I'm not sure if that is still advisable23:56
norsettopschulz01: you just need to change the changelog obviously23:57
norsettopschulz01: is this an ubuntu package or a debian one?23:57
pschulz01norsetto: neither at this stage... I'm building debs.23:58
norsettopschulz01: wait a second, you mean is a completely new package?23:58
pschulz01norsetto: I'm building on my gutsy, and will submit to Ubuntu at some stage.23:58

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