Ubulette_<asac> sorry for not teaching you that properly ;)00:01
Ubulette_<asac> Ubulette: no idea ... why lool00:01
Ubulette_<Ubulette> well, it's not in any MOTU specs.00:02
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asacUbulette: uploading xulrunner09:27
asacUbulette: please set the merge bug to fix released once all archs have built09:29
asacUbulette: prism uploaded as well09:34
Ubulettefor xul, it will be difficult because of hppa10:25
asacwell ... if all _supported_ archs are build10:43
asacdoes xulrunner really fail on hppa?10:44
armin76if you didn't add the patch it does11:26
asacxulrunner 1.8?11:31
asacoh ... damn i missed the 1.9 patch?11:31
asachmmm ... there is no bug listed for that in https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xulrunner-1.911:31
asacUbulette: prism was rejected because copyright needs to ship MPL11:32
asaccan you fix it ... so i can reupload?11:35
armin76hppa under linux support is not in the head branch, so if you don't add yourself the support, it doesn't work :)11:36
asacarmin76: i know ... but you did a patch for that, right?11:46
armin76asac: i didn't do the patch :)11:48
armin76i just updated it to be included in the head branch11:48
armin76but yes, there's a patch debian already applies and gentoo as well11:48
asacfor 1.811:49
asac1.8 will be more or less gone in hardy11:49
asacwell ... xulrunner 1.8 should contain it then, because we merge it from debian11:50
asacfirefox 2 doesn't11:50
* asac lunch13:07
asacUbulette: xul 1.9 is in main now ... congrats13:39
asacnow the hard work begins :)13:40
asacAdmiral_Chicago: you pinged me the other week?13:41
asacUbulette: ok is the prism branch ready for distribution now?14:21
* asac building prism14:23
Admiral_Chicagoasac: i had a question, its resolved now14:25
asacAdmiral_Chicago: ok ... sorry, but i forgot and just remembered today :)14:26
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Admiral_Chicagothanks anyways14:28
asacUbulette: ok i uploaded without your ack14:29
cwong1_asac: ping18:01
asaccwong1_: pong18:01
asacgood morning ;)18:01
cwong1_I just uploaded the ff30+midbrowser source archive to launchpad18:02
asaclets see18:02
cwong1_sorry about the screw up. I click on the wrong file the first try18:02
asacyeah ... no problem. was too obvious to be serious ;)18:02
cwong1_it should be about 43.mb in size18:03
asacyes it is18:03
cwong1_Can you take a look at the hildonize menu problem that I reported in the bug?18:04
cwong1_Jimmy has mentioned that some interfaces has changed in FF3.0. That could be the cause of the problem.18:05
asacwow the client.mk is18:06
asac   Repository revision:  /cvsroot/mozilla/client.mk,v18:06
asac   Sticky Tag:          FIREFOX_2_0_0_6_RELEASE (revision:
asacwhat is going on?18:06
asaccwong1_: lets hope that the other files are all from the right branch18:07
asacotherwise its too broken to be not-painful18:07
* asac producing the diff (somehow)18:07
cwong1_asac: I think he copy the one from branch and modified it.  I will ask him when he gets in.18:08
asache copied what?18:08
cwong1_the client.mk18:08
asachow can that happen?18:08
asacif you get 3.0b1 from cvs you will have the new one18:08
asacif you get the upstream source tarball it will have the right one as well18:08
asac... anyway, lets see what the diff looks like and if its applicable against a *real* 3.0b118:09
cwong1_hmm.. I will have to chat with him when he gets in.18:09
cwong1_I built it and i did see some feature only available in ff3.0b1 like page zoom.18:10
asacyeah ... i have no idea whats going on18:10
asaclets hope that its just old CVS directories18:10
asacand not half-half18:10
asacok it seems that all CVS directories are not updated ... so cvs diff is not really helpful i guess18:11
asaci will try to replace them with the b1 CVS directories18:12
cwong1_ok.  I will chat with him when he gets in and find out exactly what he did.18:13
cwong1_asac: btw do you know when the final FF3.0 scheduled to be release?18:14
asacfind -type d -name CVS | xargs rm -r18:15
asaccp -r * ../mozilla/18:15
asaclets hope they match :)18:15
asaccwong1_: its not yet decided ... january or february i guess18:16
cwong1_keep my fingers crossed :)18:16
asac \o/ at least the client.mk diff makes sense now ;)18:16
cwong1_asac: when do you think we should migrate to ff3.0? beta2 or after the real release?18:16
asacasap ... doesn't make sense to put scarce resources in something that might require more work later when going to 3.018:18
asacwe (ubuntu) bet on 3.0 being ready for hardy ... if that doesn't happen, we have a real problem18:18
asacand would rather release with a RC instead of keeping 2.018:18
asaccwong1_: i think we can upload midbrowser 3 as soon as we can build on top of xulrunner-1.918:19
* asac starting cvs diff -Nurp8 18:19
asacof course all features currently working should work then, but i hope that won't be a big problem18:20
cwong1_asac: Lets just hope between beta 1 and the final release, the delta are small18:21
asaccwong1_: those parts affecting us should be pretty stable18:21
asacat least not real hard work ... just minor maintenance things should be required on our side18:22
cwong1_asac: need to run to a meeting.  back in an hour18:24
asaccwong1_: i will be gone ... friends birthday18:24
asaci will take a look at midbrowser diff on weekend18:24
asacbefore i cannot say much18:24
cwong1_asac: ok thanks18:25
asacUbulette: hi18:25
asacUbulette: prism is accepted18:25
Ubuletteasac, for prism, I had to revert the changes that persia and the motu guys asked me to do18:25
asacdid you include MPL in copyright before?18:26
asacthought you didn't include it at all18:26
asacUbulette: good news ... system-cairo might become reality soon again :)18:26
Ubulettehow ? 1.5.* or 1.4.10 ?18:27
asacdo you build cairo trunk packages?18:27
asacso we can try?18:27
asacaccording to vlad, final patches have landed last week18:27
Ubuletteno but that's easy18:27
asacso everything should be in sync18:27
asacUbulette: would be coold if you could try ... if it works i could push seb to update cairo and then we can switch to system-cairo18:28
Ubulettewill he accept cairo 1.5 ? it's the dev branch18:28
asacUbulette: i don't think latest snapshots works18:30
asacvlad said it landed on trunk a week ago18:30
Ubulettebtw, the subpixel patch does not apply in 1.5.2-5518:30
asacyeah ... probably its different there ... or even fixed18:31
asacah no ... someone complained ;) ... but who knows. there are other issues as well in hardy atm18:31
asacUbulette: vlad said that only difference is that mozilla needs a 24.8 build to display things perfectly18:32
asache hopes that cairo will make this the default for 1.6 final18:32
asachopes == was pretty confident18:32
asacdon't ask me what option that is18:32
Ubuletteit's a bit per plane or something like that18:34
Ubulette16.16, 24.8, etc.18:35
armin76asac: system-cairo works fine for me18:36
asacarmin76: which cairo version?18:36
armin76[I--] [ ~] x11-libs/cairo-1.5.4 (0)18:36
Ubulettethat's expected18:36
Ubulettebut i doubt the subpixel freetype patch is in18:37
asacwhy? was it a hack?18:37
Ubulettewell, I'm sure it was not in 1.5.218:37
Ubulettethat started last year18:39
asacok i am out18:44
asachave to run18:44
asaccu tomorrow18:44
Ubulette!info libcairo debian19:00
ubotuPackage libcairo does not exist in gutsy19:00
Ubulette!info libcairo sid19:01
ubotuPackage libcairo does not exist in sid19:01
Ubulette!info libcairo2 sid19:01
ubotulibcairo2: The Cairo 2D vector graphics library. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.10-1.1 (sid), package size 509 kB, installed size 828 kB19:01
Ubulette!info libcairo2 hardy19:01
ubotulibcairo2: The Cairo 2D vector graphics library. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.10-1ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 510 kB, installed size 832 kB19:01
Ubulette!info libcairo2 experimental19:02
ubotulibcairo2: The Cairo 2D vector graphics library. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.10-1ubuntu4.1 (gutsy), package size 511 kB, installed size 832 kB19:02
Jazzvabluekuja_: You around?21:52
bluekuja_Jazzva, yes, just for a while21:53
bluekuja_Jazzva, yes?21:55
JazzvaI'm looking at kobodeluxe merge. You are the last uploader, so I just want to check if it's ok with you if I post the merge request on LP...21:56
bluekuja_Jazzva, yeah, feel free to do it21:56
bluekuja_Jazzva, and thanks for asking ;)21:56
JazzvaThanks :)...21:56
bluekuja_np mate21:56
* bluekuja_ off21:57
UbuletteJazzva, wants to be a MOTU ? :)21:58
JazzvaSomewhere in the (near) future... :)21:58
Ubulette_damn timeout22:04
JazzvaYeah... nobody likes it...22:05
JazzvaBTW, if you haven't received, I said I would like to be a MOTU.. :)22:06
Ubulette_yep, and i see you already did a few merges :)22:08
Ubulette_I did 2 too22:09
JazzvaYep... Planing to do a few more for hardy :).22:09
Ubulette_in fact, I prefer packaging over merging22:10
JazzvaSure. It's more interesting :).22:11
JazzvaAnd offers more to learn :)22:11
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Ubuletteasac, http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=seamonkey23:03
UbuletteBug 17473923:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174739 in seamonkey "[upgrade] seamonkey 1.1.7" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17473923:10

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