mindframe-any idea why mplayer wont start my videos?  it just says 'loading xxxxxxxx' then goes back to video browser00:04
mindframe-im getting a segfault when trying to run mplayer on 64bit arch00:16
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vvarderQuick question for anyone who can help...autotranscode as an option during a recording schedule doesn't work for me - but flagging commercials does.  I've looked on the Wiki but haven't found the nugget I need, am I missing a service or some configuration?01:46
MythbuntuGuest68Hi all, when I first installed mythweb I could download recordings right off it, now all of a sudden its trying to launch some application... any idea how to fix it?02:08
mindframe-anyone familiar with the mplayer-rar.pl script?03:19
justinhmorning all03:30
justinhhow is it possible to make mythfrontend (built myself) start automatically in the default mythbuntu session? I've tried playing with .dmrc & .config/xfce4-session/xfce4-session.rc to no avail. I assume I'm missing some simple bit of info but I'm out of ideas right now03:32
justinhnm.  sorted it04:04
rhpot19922007-12-06 21:31:02.929 MPEGRec(/dev/video0) Error: Error getting codec params using old IVTV ioctl04:27
rhpot1992                        eno: Bad address (14)04:27
rhpot1992is that error anything to worry about?04:27
rhpot1992then I got this: 2007-12-06 22:26:08.239 RingBuf(/mythtv/recordings/1001_20071206213100.mpg): Invalid file (fd -1) when opening '/mythtv/recordings/1001_20071206213100.mpg'.04:29
rhpot1992and eventually the box locked up04:29
rhpot1992seems it created the file but for some reason couldn't write to it, as its only a byte in size04:30
rhpot1992perms are fine, it recorded everything else04:30
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eric[d]hey all, I'm still getting my feet wet with myth on ubuntu, and I thought I'd ask for some advice...14:12
eric[d]I'm running myth on standard fiesty, and am thinking of moving to a mythbuntu install, which runs on gutsy14:12
eric[d]should I upgrade my box to standard gutsy first, then install the mythbuntu components?14:13
eric[d]I'm running a box with two tuners: a Hauppage PVR-250 and an ATI All-in-Wonder.14:14
eric[d]The ATI card has started intermittently become "unavailable", and a reboot doesn't help14:15
eric[d]I'm hoping a standard mythbuntu install will help(?).14:15
eric[d]Thanks in advance, I'll sit back for a while. =)14:15
superm1eric[d], surprised to hear you've had any luck with the all-in-wonder in the first place14:21
superm1but i'd say, go for the upgrade from feisty->gutsy first14:22
superm1and if things are smooth, add on the mythbuntu components14:22
superm1if for some reason they're not smooth, backup whatever you need and then install from the live disk14:22
eric[d]I was able to get the AIW to work using the custom firmware surprisingly quickly14:24
eric[d]getting it to tune in any channels was the hard part.14:25
eric[d]thanks for the advice.14:25
superm1eric[d], interesting14:25
superm1i've not heard of this custom firmware14:25
superm1do you have some documentation you can point me to for some (light) reading upon the matter?14:26
eric[d]I may have misspoke, it's not custom to the AIW per se. Let me double check what I did14:27
superm1is it an HD TV wonder?14:27
eric[d]I had to download and run a script to d/l the firmware14:28
eric[d]heh, yes14:28
eric[d]my bad14:28
superm1oh okay that makes a lot more sense14:28
eric[d]I see it listed here under fiesty, but not under gutsy. Would that be a problem, you think?14:29
eric[d]ah, I can look that up.14:30
eric[d]I'm sure that's documented on the myth site somewhere14:30
superm1it's supported under gutsy, just that page for gutsy probably hasn't had anyone update it with a "verified" mark14:31
superm1whereas the hardware on the feisty page has had someone ack it14:31
superm1should be the same situation though with just needing the firmware14:31
eric[d]well, I suppose I could do it.14:31
superm1there are plenty of cards that use that driver otherwise14:31
eric[d]cool. I'm feeling optimistic (famous last words). I'll give it a try over the weekend. Thanks!14:34
superm1have fun :)14:35
superm1if you end up needing to use the mythbuntu disk, hopefully it goes very smooth, that's it goal.14:35
eric[d]yeah, I'm tempted to do a backup and fresh install just to get every component talking to the others in the way they expect.14:37
eric[d]superm1: heh, just saw you in a thread on the ubuntu forums14:38
eric[d]Thanks again, superm114:46
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pdragonmy parents get free HD channels on their TV by tuning to stations between others (like 67.5). Would the HDHomrun be the thing to get for them to be able to record those channels plus the other normal ones?15:33
pdragonwould like to make them a mythtv box15:33
pdragonthey don't have a digital box or anything from the cable company15:34
bendaileypdragon: yes hdhomerun should work great15:34
pdragonany idea whether schedulesdirect.org gets those in-between HD channels for their listings?15:36
pdragonor just have to check and see?15:36
bendaileyare they getting them via cable feed or off the air?15:36
pdragoncable feed15:36
pdragonjust the same cable line they've had forever15:36
pdragononly reason they have those channels now is cause of the new tv they got15:36
bendaileyyou will have to check schedules direct then15:37
bendaileyyeah their new tv has a ATSC/QAM tuner which is what the hdhomerun has 2 of15:37
pdragonahh ok15:38
pdragonthanks :)15:38
bendaileyschedules direct has a 7 day free trial period so you can check for lineups without a commitment15:38
ejkI was able to map over the air schedules to my HD tuner card's channels using schedules direct15:38
pdragonperfect. that was my only real concern about building them one15:38
pdragonoh, i'd still get them an SD account for their regular stuff anyway even if it didn't have the inbetween HD ones15:39
pdragonwas just curious if anyone else had seen if their SD account had them in it15:39
ejkI have that exact setup15:41
ejkI have 2 lineups from Schedules Direct: one for comcast, one as Local Antenna listings that map to the HD tuner's channels15:42
bendaileypdragon: the hdhomerun will not do "regular cable" just a clarification15:42
pdragonhmm... how does that work then when they want to record things on regular chanels?15:43
ejkall the unencrypted HD channels on comcast have the same channel number as the Antenna channels so they line up perfectly15:43
ejkThey'll see two guides, one for regular cable, and one for the HD channels15:43
bendaileyyou will need an ntsc capture card probably one with a hardware mpeg encoder15:43
pdragonlike a regular hp150?15:44
bendaileyhere is a list: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Video_capture_card#Analog_Hardware-Encoding_Cards15:44
pdragonyeah, i have an hp150 myself in my mythbox15:45
pdragonejk: how does that work with multiple guides? they see one guide when tuned to regular channels and a different guide when tuned to HD?15:45
bendaileyyou could opt for a kworld ATSC-115 which does ATSC/QAM as wells as NTSC without hardware encoder in one card but you have to create dependencies on tuners15:47
bendaileypdragon: you will have one guide with all channels in the case of duplicate contents you can set a priority to the HD tuners to get used first15:47
bendaileypdragon: I should clairfy that I can only speak for the svn version so if something isn't true for you my apologizes but it will be coming15:48
pdragonwell, before i'd go building it, i'd probably post all my hardware to the forums and see if it's a workable solution15:49
pdragondidn't know they had all-in-one cards like that15:49
pdragonany disadvantage to not having a hardware encoder for the NTSC stuff?15:49
bendaileyyour main cpu will be busy encoding captured video15:50
pdragonso, just get a better CPU in it, and it would be fine?15:51
directhex|bspthere are several limitations on the file format used by lamegrabbers15:52
bendaileyyeah cpu encoding isn't super tasking but it does burn cycles15:52
directhex|bspe.g. capture from a digital tuner card will just work, over a network, with non-myth things like a ps3, but that's not the case with framegrabber output15:52
bendaileydirecthex|bsp: when have you had problems iwthe the file format?15:52
directhex|bspit's also very low quality video15:53
directhex|bspbendailey, NUV? since forever. nothing except myth understands it15:53
bendaileydirecthex|bsp: understand I never watch video on anything but myth15:53
pdragonso stuff recorded on regular channels would look like crap? :/15:53
bendaileyit will look good but will be playable by only myth15:54
pdragonthat's fine15:54
pdragoniffy reviews of that all-in-one card15:56
pdragonseems a lot of people having sound problems and bad NTSC quality15:57
bendaileypdragon: possible I only use off air ATSC16:01
pdragonhmmm... looking like the better (but more expensive) choice is separate HD and NTSC tuners16:04
pdragonhonestly, i think most of the stuff they still watch/record is NTSC. might be best to just get them an hp150 and if they want to record HD stuff, get them an HDHomerun later16:05
pdragonactually, hp500. need dual tuner16:06
padanI just got the pinnacle mce kit and I am trying to get lirc setup.  I have it setup for mceusb2, the module is loaded, but I have no actual device loading up (eg. ls /dev/lirc* just returns the daemon driver, /dev/lircd)16:08
padani am assuming that for some reason the ir/usb receiver is not working16:08
padanit is seen in lsusb: Bus 002 Device 002: ID 2304:0225 Pinnacle Systems, Inc. [hex]16:09
padanany ideas on how to troubleshoot this?16:09
ejksry pdragon was afk for a while16:37
ejkyes, you see a separate guide on each tuner, but the full guide shows them together16:39
sebrockanyone knows if pad2keys-patch is included in mythbuntu 7.10? or if it is possible to patch the source?16:45
sebrockis the lirc source even included in mythbuntu?16:45
superm1_sebrock, you can apt-get source16:45
superm1_it's on the deb-src repositories16:45
superm1_the source isn't shipped on disk though to save space16:45
pdragonejk: cool thanks16:46
superm1_sebrock, which patch are you referring to16:46
superm1_for pad2keys?16:46
sebrocksuperm1_ so can I apply it to the source, compile and just replace the lirc_imon and lirc_dev?16:46
superm1_sebrock, if its for a kernel module, that's a little more troublesome16:46
sebrocksuperm1_ its a patch that makes a sertain PAD working on the imon remote16:46
superm1_can you point me at the patch?16:47
superm1_i can double check16:47
sebrocksure hold on16:47
sebrocksuperm1_ http://www.brakemeier.de/electronics/vdr/lirc-imon.html16:47
sebrockI have no idea why this is not in lirc sources already16:48
superm1_Okay that isn't in ours no16:49
superm1_if you want to see it in hardy though, file a bug in LP against lirc with that patch referred to and/or attached16:49
sebrockhm, how do I get this into my lirc_imon and lirc_dev sources?16:49
superm1_i would also say that you should send a message to the lirc-list and see if you can get this applied upstream16:49
superm1_okay well so to apply this...16:49
sebrocksuperm1_ I think someone did this but it was rejected and told to put into lirc bugs instead16:50
padani have a more or less clean install of mythbuntu and i need to modify one the code for mceusb2 to include my remote, but when I try and autoconf the lirc cvs I get this: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_PROG_LIBTOOL16:50
padanany ideas as to why?16:50
superm1_padan, did you apt-get builddep lirc?16:50
superm1_sebrock, so start out by getting the build dependencies for lirc16:50
superm1_by apt-get build-dep lirc16:50
superm1_and then apt-get source lirc16:50
superm1_and then apt-get devscripts16:51
padannope, i'll give that shot16:51
superm1_sebrock, and then you will apply the patch to that lirc tree that you have16:51
superm1_and then you will increment the changelog version via dch16:51
superm1_dch -i16:51
superm1_is what will do it16:51
sebrockwhat is the last bit?16:52
superm1_it makes sure that the package doesn't conflict with anything16:52
superm1_so the current version is16:52
sebrockcan I then remove the source?16:52
superm1_well after you build this and install the deb yeah16:52
superm1_your version will be 0.8.2-0ubuntu8+sebrock116:52
sebrockwill it overwrite the lirc I have installed now?16:52
superm1_it will replace the package16:53
sebrockor do I have to clean this first16:53
superm1_that way if things don't work you can roll back to the old package16:53
superm1_you are going to be building a deb out of this16:53
sebrockthe deb how?16:53
superm1_well once you make the new changelog entry16:53
superm1_you type16:54
superm1_and then it will build everything and make you all the .deb's16:54
sebrockwell, I'll try16:54
sebrockis this the easiest way of patching?16:54
superm1_well this is the "cleanest"16:55
superm1_because if things fail, you just open synaptic and roll the package back16:55
sebrockok, so it saves the old package somehow?16:55
superm1_well the old package is just pulled from http if necessary16:56
superm1_if you roll back16:56
sebrockthanks I'll try it16:57
superm1_sebrock, hopefully that works out well16:58
sebrockhowever, you can consider putting the patch into your sources aswell16:58
superm1_sebrock, please file a bug against lirc16:58
sebrockI cant imagine anyone with this remote that doesnt want this16:58
sebrockI'll do16:58
superm1_sebrock, and i'll get to it next time i update lirc16:58
superm1_otherwise will most definitely forget :)16:58
sebrockthank you!16:58
superm1_sebrock, okay i need to be running for a little bit here.  if you run into difficulties that no one else in the room can help you with, ping superm1 and i'll get to it when i get back later on tonight16:59
padanok I just finished installing lirc from source and i have /dev/lirc now... irw starts and doesn't crash lircd, which is nice, but when I hit buttons on the remote, nothing is coming up in irw17:01
sebrocksuperm1_ just saw this: 0.8.3~pre1-0ubuntu1 includes the patches17:03
sebrockHardy rep that is17:05
superm1_sebrock, oh so i did apply it to hardy then :)17:08
superm1_see i forget these things easily17:08
superm1_easier solution for you then17:08
superm1_grab the sources for hardy17:08
superm1_and build them17:08
superm1_sebrock, dget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/lirc/lirc_0.8.3~pre1-0ubuntu1.dsc17:09
superm1_sebrock, then dpkg-source -x *.dsc17:09
superm1_and then switch into the directory17:09
superm1_and type debuild17:09
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cornell_workI've got a problem...  Myth is trying to auto-expire tv episodes whose files aren't there anymore.  It throws an error to the log.  Log  fills up drive, Myth hangs.  How can I stop it from trying to auto-expire?  Or, auto-expire these files?19:59
wsuetholzcan you go into view recordings and delete them?20:00
directhexwhy aren't the files there anymore?20:00
cornell_workwsuetholz: they're not there20:01
cornell_workdirecthex: Had an lvm failure.  They were lost.20:02
directhextry to delete the recordings. worst case, remove them from the sql table20:02
cornell_workI mean, I assume that's the case, the only files in the recorded list were recorded in the past week or two.20:02
cornell_workDo you know which sql table?20:03
cornell_workOr could I just update them with some flag?20:03
directhex"recorded" i think20:04
directhexoff the top of my head20:04
cornell_workCould I just create, touch, those file names and let it "expire" them?20:06
Jeff_Dhey is anyone around who can help?20:16
Jeff_Di'm having a bit of a set back20:16
Jeff_Dwell if anyone comes back ill be here20:23
padani think i have my remote almost setup, but i need to use irrecord to create the config file.  however, when I use irrecord, about 60 or so dots into the recording, it crashes with this error:20:24
directhexyou need to state your problem, you don't ask to ask20:24
padanirrecord: could not find gap.20:24
padanirrecord: gap not found, can't continue20:24
padanit doesn't happen on any particular key20:24
padananyone know why this is happening?20:24
Jeff_Dwell my problem is basically this. I'm installing mythbuntu on a computer. I select the first option which is something like "install on hard drive". then i go through the loading process, and when i get to a screen thats supposed to have white writing, 2 icons, and a bar at the top the picture is all distorted. it looks like i have 4 blurry desktops on my one screen.20:27
directhexati graphics card?20:29
directhexnotice how i guessed that detail, without you mentioning it? what does that suggest20:30
rhpot1991tgm4883: you around?20:30
Jeff_Dits not compatable is it?20:30
padanati hasn't been as forthcoming with linux developers as nvidia has, but basic 2d support is availbale for the majority of ati cards, 3d support and hw acceleration is available with the ati driver from ati20:33
directhexrandom screwups is not uncommon20:33
padani had no problems with the new radeon series after installing hte newest ati driver20:34
Jeff_Dso i should try updating the driver before running the instaliation?20:34
padanno you have to do it after installation20:35
padani do not know why you get the error you are getting20:36
Jeff_Dwell i might be able to rough it through with screen shots20:36
padanif that doesn't work you could always just try installing ubuntu and hten myth tv over that20:37
Jeff_Dyes good point20:38
padanive long since moved to nvidia for desktop machines20:38
padanbut i still have a radeon in my laptop20:38
Jeff_Dyes i had a nvidia actually but it wouldnt fit inside the case20:38
Jeff_Dso i moved to a radeion because its cut out in the area where a part had to lay20:39
Jeff_DLinux X86 or X86_64 driver?20:39
padanwhat processor do you have?20:39
padanintel or amd?20:40
padango with x86 then20:40
Jeff_Dok, thank you for all your help20:40
directhexpadan, that's a bit of an all-encompasing suggestion isn't it? intel has been 64-bit since late pentium 4's20:42
padanthey do20:42
padanbut the standard core-dou type line is 32bit20:43
padanis it not?20:43
padandesktop procs20:43
padani know the xeon line is 6420:43
directhexcore 1 was never released as a desktop cpu20:43
directhexcore 2 is 64-bit20:43
directhexpentium-d is 64 bit as well20:43
directhexthe new "pentium dual core"20:44
directhexand even celeron these days20:44
padanok well 32bit will work no matter what intel processor he has20:44
padan64 may or may not20:45
padanit also depends if he installed the 32bit binaries of mythbuntu20:45
padanor thre 6420:45
directhexyes, that's a rather big question20:45
padani was basically assuming that if he had amd then he may have dl'ed something like 'amd64' disk20:46
padanbut its nice to know that the intels are 64bit for hte most part20:46
sebrocksuperm1, did I talk to you before?20:48
sebrocksuperm1, I installed 0.8.3~pre1-0ubuntu1 from repository by adding hardy to my sources.list. However, I still cant see any reaction on the PAD using irw command20:48
sebrockchangelog says it should be there20:49
sebrockanything I need to do extra?20:49
Jeff_Di think im going to install ubuntu first then mythtv20:51
Jeff_Doh maybe not20:52
Jeff_Dit calmed down20:52
Jeff_Dya im going to install ubuntu first. its like a cartoon. every time i move closer everything starts moving again20:55
tgm4883rhpot1991, ping21:17
tgm4883Jeff_D, did you try the safe graphics mode?21:19
MythbuntuGuest07Hi,  I got a question about mythbuntu.  I just built my PVR and tried to boot the CD last night.  I downloaded the AMD64 build and put the CD in.  It boot the CD and I chose Start Mythbuntu.  My screen went blank.   I waited for around 5 minutes, and then gave up for the night and went to bed.  It may just be because I didn't wait long enough, but it seemed wierd that the Monitor turned off.  When I have installed ubuntu on other computer21:23
tgm4883what video card?21:23
MythbuntuGuest07 MSI NX8500GT21:24
tgm4883does the motherboard have onboard video?21:24
MythbuntuGuest07i believe so21:24
MythbuntuGuest07i'll look it up on newegg21:25
tgm4883is it possible that it's trying to use the onboard video?21:25
MythbuntuGuest07yea it has onboard video21:25
tgm48836100, not bad21:26
MythbuntuGuest07I thought about that, and tried pluggin in the monitor on the onboard, but there was still no signal21:26
tgm4883have you tried the safe graphics mode?21:26
MythbuntuGuest07then again, i was really tired last night when i was doing this.  When i get off work, I am going to try again21:26
MythbuntuGuest07No, I didn't.  I tried the Check for CD Defects, but when I ran that - the monitor turned off again, and I coudln't see the results21:27
MythbuntuGuest07btw, thanks tgm4883 for the help.  I talked to you yesterday about C2D and HD and HDHomeRun.21:28
tgm4883i'd try the safe graphics mode and see if that works for yo21:28
MythbuntuGuest07k, thanks.  I'll try it when I get off work.  I should have thought of that last night21:29
mindframe-MythbuntuGuest07, safe graphics mode is best bet.  After installation is complete go get the nvidia beta drivers and install them.21:36
mindframe-tgm4883, no surprise that LG still hasnt responded to my request for the specs on that TV.21:37
mindframe-i ended up using my girlfriends 30" olevia LCD21:38
mindframe-LG moved to the bedroom with the xbox21:38
tgm4883kinda a little surprised21:39
Jeff_D(16:17:44) (tgm4883) Jeff_D, did you try the safe graphics mode? <- no im about to try that, thank you21:39
tgm4883LG at least sticks the RS232 commands in their books21:39
mindframe-well they were claiming that "your TV is not meant to be hooked up to a computer so we don't provide refresh rates for it"21:40
mindframe-i love the picture on that tv though21:40
mindframe-slim CRT21:40
tgm4883how do you have it hooked up?21:40
mindframe-i HAD it hooked up via HDMI21:41
tgm4883what TV is it again?21:41
mindframe-LG 32FS4D-UC21:41
mindframe-also known as 30FS4D21:42
tgm4883from the manual21:45
tgm4883Check the image on your TV set. There may be noise associated with the resolution, vertical pattern, contrast or brightness in HDMI21:45
tgm4883Source Devices. If noise is present, change the HDMI Source Devices to another resolution, change the refresh rate or adjust the bright-21:45
tgm4883ness and contrast on the menu until the picture is clear.21:45
tgm4883"oh just change the refresh rate, ok"21:45
* tgm4883 blows up tv21:45
Jeff_Dwell it works in safe graphics mode21:46
Jeff_Dso should i continue to install and then update the graphics driver?21:47
tgm4883Jeff_D, I would say yes21:47
Jeff_Dok, thanks21:47
* Jeff_D runs into other room21:47
padandoes anyone know what it means when irrecord says this: irrecord: could not find gap.22:01
padani am trying to map out the buttons for a pinnacle mceusb2 remote22:01
tgm4883padan, what are you using for an IR receiver?22:03
padanits what comes with "pinnacle remote kit for windows media center"22:03
padanshows up as22:03
padanBus 001 Device 002: ID 2304:0225 Pinnacle Systems, Inc. [hex]22:03
padanthere are some forum posts floating around talking about how to get it working with mceusb222:04
padanbut you are supposed to map out your own config22:04
padanat least from what other people are saying22:04
williammanda_hey guys22:32
williammanda_anyone have a snapstream firefly remote?22:33
williammanda_i have two now and they both operate on the same channel frequency22:34
sebrocksuperm1, your there?23:32
sebrockaw man...23:47
sebrockI need some help here: I've installed this: lircd 0.8.3pre1 from ubuntu rep. According to this https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-patches/2007-October/013993.html it should inlcude pad2keys right?23:51
williammanda__not sure23:57

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