Seeker`hmm, net is slow tonight00:01
MikeyMikeok i was sent to ubuntu-read-topic for some router exploit00:40
MikeyMikei really need to get back into #ubuntu for help on how to put 7.10 on a usb flash drive00:40
Jack_SparrowMikeyMike: pendrivelinux.com00:40
MikeyMikelol but i cant get back into #ubuntu00:41
MikeyMikeit says i have to come here00:41
MikeyMikehow do i get back in00:41
MikeyMikei appreciate your help haha00:41
Jack_SparrowMikeyMike: Did you read the info about fixing your router?00:41
Jack_SparrowMikeyMike: did you do it?00:41
MikeyMikei could use the alternate port00:42
MikeyMikei dont really feel like updating the firmware right now i'm in the middle of something important :/00:42
Jack_SparrowMikeyMike: Start with that..  it is disruptive to the channel to leave it for others to exploit.00:42
MikeyMikei was in there for a really long time and i didn't have that problem00:42
PriceChildMikeyMike, stop00:42
MikeyMikei believe it was erroneous00:42
MikeyMikestop what00:43
Jack_SparrowMikeyMike: Once they get a few hits, they tend to try again..00:43
PriceChildNot interested in any of this talk... please read the instructions and connect on port 8001 then ask here for a test.00:43
MikeyMikeJack_Sparrow,  hmm00:43
MikeyMiketest me00:43
MikeyMikei think it was erroneous00:43
voriana hahaha00:43
Jack_Sparrowhi PriceChild.. I'll be quiet now.. Hoped I could feed him his link and have him leave.00:43
crdlbthat was erroneous too of course00:43
MikeyMikehaha okay00:44
MikeyMikei guess not00:44
PriceChildMikeyMike, You failed. Still not interested in any of this talk... please read the instructions and connect on port 8001 then ask here for a test.00:44
PriceChildJack_Sparrow, no problem at all :)00:44
MikeyMikePriceChild,  that's fine. I understand00:44
MikeyMikei'll fix it the easy way for now00:44
PriceChildJust noticed all the mightyboosh episodes are still available even if the week is over :O00:46
MikeyMikealrighty i'm on port 800100:46
MikeyMike:] can i get back into #ubuntu now :(00:47
PriceChildMikeyMike, you can rejoin #ubuntu00:47
MikeyMikethank you PriceChild00:47
MikeyMikei'll fix the router later if possible00:47
PriceChildno problem00:47
MikeyMikeok bye00:47
PriceChildwell that's alie00:47
PriceChildhardly any problem00:47
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cdm10Can I ask "who" FloodBot3 is?01:44
naliothcdm10: the brother to floodbot1 and floodbot201:44
cdm10nalioth: lemme guess... detects flooders and deals with them swiftly?01:44
nalioththey're a bunch of tag team wrestlers who are here to react more quickly than we slow old humans can01:45
cdm10So, have the FloodBots been in #u often before? I don't remember them every being in there01:45
naliothbeen in there a couple weeks now01:46
PriceChildThey're just a little louder lately.01:46
cdm10That's strange. I've never actually seen them kick some flooder ass... do they ban-forward?01:46
PriceChildfloods of a different sort01:47
PriceChildand they are more of a defence01:47
PriceChildrather than one person posting their xorg.conf.... a user flooding the channel with multiple bots01:48
cdm10Oh, ok. So, what do they detect?01:48
cdm10Tons of connections from the same IP?01:48
PriceChildThat's for freenode staff.01:48
naliothcdm10: unwatched whiskey, among other things ( you know how those boisterous types are )01:48
cdm10Ah, so I can't know... alright.01:49
PriceChildno, freenode staff are the ones who deal with stuff like that01:49
PriceChildwe can't really do much01:49
cdm10oh, ok.01:49
cdm10So, how does FloodBot do its thing?01:49
MikeyMikehey PriceChild i upgraded my firmware can i rejoin on port 6667 and you test me?01:50
PriceChildMikeyMike, you're back :)01:50
PriceChildMikeyMike, just stick on 8001...01:50
PriceChildMikeyMike, I'm willing to bet the router manufacturers haven't fixed the bug.01:50
MikeyMikecan you check for me just for peace of mind?01:50
MikeyMikeit's pretty new firmware01:50
cdm10It's strange, I don't think Linksys has fixed the WRT54G.01:50
cdm10Pretty popular router, you'd think they get some complaints01:51
MikeyMikePriceChild,  i need to reconnect on 666701:51
MikeyMike1 moment if you have time01:51
cdm10Anyway, I'm out of here.01:51
mikeymike_ok fire away :)01:52
PriceChildsurprise surprise01:52
PriceChildHe's put me in a bad mood now.01:53
PriceChildand he's going to come back and go on about "oh i guess that didn't work" :/01:53
MikeyMikeok i fail01:55
MikeyMikestupid linksys! >.<01:55
MikeyMikethanks for your time PriceChild01:55
PriceChildNo problem MikeyMike.01:55
MikeyMikei'm safe on 800101:55
MikeyMikeok bye guys01:55
PriceChildWho would have thought.01:55
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ubotuToma- called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()02:17
=== vorian is now known as LadiesMan217
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ubotuToma- called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()02:41
ubotuIn #kubuntu, DaSkreech said: !dash is /bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash »03:00
* Hobbsee waves03:01
DaSkreechjust made a small change to the dash factiod03:01
ubotu/bin/sh links to the DASH shell in Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash »03:01
DaSkreechmade it a bit clearer03:01
* DaSkreech waves at Hobbsee03:01
Hobbsee!dash is <reply> /bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash03:01
ubotuBut dash already means something else!03:01
Hobbsee!no dash is <reply> /bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash03:01
ubotuI'll remember that Hobbsee03:01
DaSkreechthis is such a nice system :)03:02
effie_jayxI can't get op in my channel03:32
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juanbondI've fixed the dcc issue by changing to port 8001, may I be allowed to join #ubuntu again.04:04
Hobbseejuanbond: you're fine, thanks for your patience04:04
juanbondThank you :)04:06
Hobbseeyou're welcome04:06
ninjagambitcan i be tested06:08
ninjagambitsorry forgot to log out first06:12
ninjagambiti keep geting fowarded to ubuntu-read-topic about dcc exploit06:15
ninjagambitcan i be tested06:15
ninjagambitanyone there06:23
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Seveasnalioth, look what i found in my pm:07:58
Seveas<queeneli> because if i did that(get hint) i would be dead, so many people hinted me to die, you see the point? the wisest think is persistence but it's too embarrassing eh? i can lose all my respect heh? or am i wrong? :) and i want to be an op , how can i do that please ? thaaank you :D . ban can be dangerous heh?07:58
Seveas<queeneli> i have friends too07:58
elkbuntuexcuse me while i go piss myself laughing08:05
* jussio1 falls out of his chair...08:17
ubotuIn #ubuntu, wols said: !ops zewb is a malicious troll10:42
ubotuamidaniel|away called the ops in #ubuntu (zewb)10:43
jpatrickHeads up: n=esab@adsl.es-avelarbrotero.edu.pt - randomly coming online with different nicks and posting abusive comments and insult users, just banned from #kubuntu10:56
elkbuntuhas 3 connections too10:56
jpatrickyep, just kicked them all10:57
elkbuntupremptive ident ban in ubuntu :)10:59
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* Seeker` thinks that people should be made to read this: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html12:29
ikoniacan someine just give the user wols a little nudge, got a little attitude/sulk on today12:42
elkbuntuikonia, in what regard?12:43
ikonialittle insulting to users, almost daring people to report him to operators12:43
ikoniagetting rather fed up with wols attitude now12:52
elkbuntuyou did say something to him yourself before you mentioned it here, right?12:52
ikoniaother people have12:52
ikoniaand he said "!ops is the command if you have a problem with me"12:52
ikoniaso I thought it best to leave alone and ask someone to give him a quiet nudge12:52
ikoniarather than make a big deal out of it as he's not insulting, just rude and nit picking on peoples issues rather than solving the problems12:53
ikoniaI'm dropping out for a while as it's quite counter productive assisting with him in the channel in his current mood12:53
ikoniaI don't really want a row12:54
elkbuntui've pm'd him, he hasnt responded though12:55
ikonia zancik_>  <IdleOne> oh yea fuck paying)12:55
ubotuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu (zancik)12:55
ikoniaFYU: before I go12:55
Tm_TJucato: like it?13:42
Tm_Tremove I did13:42
Jucatoah ehehe13:43
atlefi have changed port, what now?13:55
Hobbseeoh, neat.  another strange client13:56
Hobbseeatlef: you're fine.  ban removed, thanks for your patience13:56
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Tm_Tmeh meh15:07
ubotudgjones called the ops in #ubuntu ()15:18
ubotuMenZa called the ops in #ubuntu (broallz)15:18
naliothMez: you can pull your ban, it's been klined15:19
naliothall of those trolls get klined15:19
Mezwas an automatic response ;)15:20
Mezwoulda been quicker if my autoresponse had worked15:21
Mezatuicomplet e*15:21
PriceChildHow long as +r been up?15:36
PriceChildToo long then? ;)15:36
naliothPriceChild: long enough to figure the idiot isn't bringing in a fleet15:36
naliothPriceChild: guess you missed it. . .15:37
PriceChildYup only just connected15:37
naliothwe've had a visitation15:38
PriceChildGah... I -J'd for clearing -unregged, now why can't I manage to put it back :/15:38
nalioththe bots will do it all, PriceChild15:39
naliothjust +i -unregged15:39
PriceChildahhh there they go15:39
PriceChildIt "could" be beneficial for them to -J #ubuntu when they clear -unregged?15:40
nalioththey're supposed to do so (if humans don't get in the way)15:40
PriceChildGah I'm just ridiculously rubbish and didn't see the mode chagne.15:41
* nalioth pushes PriceChild back to bed15:41
dzbhelp, I've been banned by sysdef in ubuntu.de I believe by accident with no explenation and can't contact him15:48
PriceChildOne moment dzb.15:49
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* Tm_T slaps vorian_afk 16:02
* vorian_afk dies by the hands of Tm_T16:04
Tm_Tpublic away ;(16:04
PriceChild!away > vorian_afk #16:04
PriceChilddzb, He has tried to contact you.16:12
PriceChildsituation is now resolved... stop being silly, anything else we can help you with here?16:12
dzbPriceChild, no thx... got situation cleared... closing chan... thx much16:15
* PriceChild didn't do anything16:17
Seeker`PriceChild: Thats nothing new :D16:19
no0ticSeveas, on #ubuntu-it* we have ubot-it (supybot) with Encyclopedia and we would like !ops | reason to write on #ubuntu-it-ops "nick called ops on #channel (reason)". As of now it doesn't write (reason) in any way. How could we do?16:24
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Pelo!17:14
ubotuMez called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()17:14
PriceChilddid you mean a - rather than ~ then? ;)17:14
MezI got the wrong channel ;)17:14
Mezand the wrong command too17:14
ubotuops aliases: kops, op, medic, calltheops, call the ops - added by Seveas on 2006-07-29 12:54:1217:14
Tm_Tmedic :--P17:23
jdonglol I like medic.17:23
Tm_Tjdong: you know Enemy Territory game?17:24
Amaranthaww, it should work like that too :P17:25
Tm_Tit should!17:25
jdongI agree17:25
* PriceChild wonders who death is17:25
jdongTm_T: I've seen it played a few times, don't have much familiarity with gameplay though17:26
Tm_Tjdong: ok, anyway, you migh have heard "I need a medic!" call then :)17:26
Tm_TPriceChild: I can be your death17:27
naliothPriceChild: a collector17:27
naliothTm_T: no, there was a user named "death" that wanted to join the LP team17:27
Tm_Term, interesting17:27
Tm_Tnever heard of him17:27
Tm_Tt that mean no?17:27
naliothTm_T: he's brand new to LP17:28
Tm_Tso am I though =)17:28
naliothbut we know you17:28
nalioththere is a difference17:28
Tm_Tthat was my point17:28
Tm_Tjimmacdonald: hi how can we help you?17:36
stdinTm_T: I believe he's loco op in #ubuntu-us-ak17:39
Tm_TI'm a believer17:39
Tm_Tanyway, I can ask ;)17:39
stdinor that's what my logs indicate anyway17:40
PiciYeah, hes some loco op.17:50
Tm_Tstdin: what was that banforward in #kubuntu ?17:51
stdinTm_T: for "poison-- has quit ("i get all my warez on Kazaa")"17:51
Tm_Tgood catch17:51
Tm_Tor, Katz?17:51
ubotuIn #ubuntu, bro_man said: ubotu: what is a swap partition?18:19
Tm_Thi poison-- how can we help you?18:21
poison--really dunno how i got here18:21
Tm_Tpoison--: what was your last quitmessage?18:21
poison--lemme check18:21
poison--~i get all my warez on Kazaa~18:22
ubot3poison--: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:22
Tm_Tpoison--: aand thats not really "nice" isn't it?18:22
poison--ermmm... i use it as sarcasm...18:23
poison--cant really use dat thing with kubuntu.. can i?18:23
Tm_Tpoison--: still18:23
Tm_T(you can)18:23
ubotuIn ubotu, bro_man said: what is a bot?18:23
poison--didnt know, but if its such an ofense i will remove it18:23
Tm_T!o4o | poison--18:23
ubotupoison--: Some things are inappropriate for #ubuntu-ops. Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars: war, race, religion, politics (unless related to software licencing), gender, sexuality, drugs, questionable legal activities, removing of oneself from the planet (except by space or time travel) are not for here, perhaps #off-topic or ##politics. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy) - Thanks.18:23
Tm_Tpoison--: thank you :)18:24
Tm_Tstdin: you there?18:24
poison--can i use "Tm_T said so! :D"  as quit msg?18:24
Tm_Tpoison--: without smiley I prefer18:25
jdongMight as well use "Requested by Tm_T" :)18:25
poison--stdin, it worked like u said btw18:25
jdonghappy Friday everyone :)18:25
poison--can i go to # now?18:25
Tm_Tpoison--: should be able18:25
poison--thanks Tm_T18:26
poison--and sorry bout that18:26
Tm_Tpoison--: thank you :)18:26
Tm_Tand have a good time18:26
Tm_Tpoison--: something else we can help you with?18:26
stdinTm_T: I am now18:27
Tm_Tstdin: I removed forward18:27
stdinTm_T: ok :)18:27
poison--no thanks18:30
poison--l8r guys18:30
jdonglol don't you feel special? :)18:31
Tm_TI do I do! <318:31
Tm_Tseriously :))18:31
jdonggood, good18:31
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=== jdong2 is now known as jdong
Jack_SparrowCan we do something about gulch and his buddies chatting20:29
PriceChildis he still going?120:29
PriceChildI already warned him once.20:29
Jack_SparrowI have asked them repeatedly20:30
databuddymy router is NOT effected20:34
* databuddy stabs the ops20:35
databuddyplz test me then svsjoin me to #ubuntu ~_~20:35
Jack_SparrowTake care guys... See you Monday...20:35
PriceChilddatabuddy, sorry we can't help you either then.20:35
PriceChildcya Jack_Sparrow20:35
databuddysure that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa was long enough?20:35
PriceChildI'm sorry could you repeat that, I didn't understand.20:36
naliothdatabuddy: when you drop under suspicious circumstances, it is assumed you are subject to it20:36
databuddynalioth can you just exempt my ip?20:36
databuddyhad a power outage ~____~20:36
naliothdatabuddy: you may join #ubuntu once more, and thanks for your patience20:36
databuddyis that possible plz tho?20:37
naliothdatabuddy: if you'd quit /quitting at the oppertune times, you wouldn't be forwarded20:37
databuddynalioth i didnt /quit20:37
naliothwe have bots doing the banforwarding now, databuddy, so you must have exhibited the criteria20:37
PriceChildnalioth, what was the ban mask? nick or hostname?20:37
naliothPriceChild: nicks20:38
databuddynalioth only had a power outage20:38
naliothi've got it already, PriceChild20:38
PriceChilddatabuddy, do you access irc from work as well as home?20:38
PriceChilddatabuddy, because "somewhere" where you connect using the nick "databuddy", has been affected.20:38
databuddyPriceChild actually no20:38
databuddythats not been the case for um20:39
databuddyseveral months20:39
databuddyi think i cleaned out my logs a while back so it must have been more than 6 months20:39
databuddypacket me any time i guess20:40
databuddysorry to be a bother20:40
databuddyhappy holidays PriceChild and nalioth20:40
PriceChilddatabuddy was banned *yesterday*20:40
PriceChildduring an attack20:40
PriceChildhe *WAS* vulnerable20:40
naliothyes, he always is.20:41
databuddyyakonw what20:46
databuddyfuck this shit20:46
databuddyi'm not helping ubuntuers anymore20:46
databuddyPriceChild your a blooming idiot man20:46
databuddyif i say i connect via a certain port then i do.20:46
databuddyi dont lie to kick it b/c i dont need to.20:47
databuddyeverything i got is configured to 800120:47
databuddyi demand an apology - someone else was using my nick then.20:47
databuddyand i'm waiting.20:47
* LimCore gazes @ databuddy20:49
jdong*sigh* can't he just be tested and that be settled conclusively?20:49
databuddyjdong no20:49
PriceChildjdong, it was20:49
databuddyi'm being insulted20:49
PriceChildI have not once insulted you, I have not stabbed you, nor called you a blooming idiot.20:49
jdongdatabuddy: well insulting others is not going to help you out20:49
PriceChildI have just shown you logs of you being exploited.20:49
databuddyand i'm tired of the nazi ubuntu ops always doing and exibiting the same behavior20:49
databuddyjdong i dont need help20:49
databuddyi'm the one usually helping others20:50
databuddyPriceChild no20:50
LimCorenazi ubuntu ops... finally we know who did wtc20:50
databuddywhat you showed me was a log of someone using this nick being exploited20:50
databuddyi dont always use it....20:50
databuddyive um20:50
databuddy5 on this net i think20:50
naliothLimCore: can we help you?20:50
databuddy<PriceChild> You're not speaking the truth.20:51
databuddy<databuddy> yes pricechild i am20:51
databuddy<databuddy> your just to ignorant to see it20:51
databuddy<PriceChild> Whether you can call it lying I don't know as it isn't intentional I hope.20:51
databuddynow apologize.20:51
LimCorenalioth: j/k20:51
jdongdatabuddy: apologize for what?20:51
databuddyfor accusing me of a. not speaking the truth20:51
jdongLimCore: not a very funny joke20:51
databuddyand b. of implying that no matter what i say either i'm stupidly wrong or intentionally lying.20:51
databuddyand c. of being a real royal prick - bad attitude would cover that one.20:52
LimCoreit was funny to me because that phrase was so stupid... never mind20:52
jdongdatabuddy: ok, please, just stop, you're doing most of the insulting here.20:52
databuddyjdong look man20:52
jdongdatabuddy: take a 5 minute breather and let's see if we can fix this with cool minds20:52
databuddyif he's some almighty ubuntu op then act like it. nalioth for instance is a good one. but PriceChild is like this all the time. not just with me, and i'm tired of seeing it and taking it.20:53
databuddysure i'll go smoke a cig bbiab.20:53
jdongdatabuddy: ok, and if we can cease the insults on both sides, that'd be nice :)20:53
LimCoredatabuddy: I see you like House m.d.20:54
PriceChildLimCore, /topic20:54
naliothLimCore: is there something we can help you with?20:54
LimCoreI dont think so... why>20:54
naliothwe don't like excessive idling in here20:55
databuddyhouse m.d. ? i dont even know what that is.......20:58
databuddyjdong fine20:58
databuddyi'm being a bit excessive i suppose - but he's supposed to be held to a higher standard.20:58
jdongI think it's a TV show with a sarcastic old guy....20:58
jdongbut anyway OT.20:58
databuddyit's exactly reasons like this that people quit using something wonderful as linux20:59
databuddyever see what the general feel is about gentoo>?20:59
naliothjdong: c'mon it's a TV show with a brillian British comedian20:59
jdongdatabuddy: well from my understanding the ban bot's heuristic is pretty specific to exploit-vulnerable clients and just a quit/drop during an exploit won't trigger it. We just want to figure out why you got trapped in it20:59
databuddytotal pricks for the most part - quite intelligent but cant seem to get over themselves.20:59
jdongdatabuddy: it isn't our intention to accuse you of lying...20:59
databuddybut it is his.21:00
databuddyand i'm tired of his attitude21:00
databuddythis is something ive observed over quite a period of time - ive been about since close to the begining21:00
databuddyand quite frankly its something that could be done without.21:00
databuddyi'm not willing to continue without an apology21:01
jdongI don't know enough to comment on that, but over the last 30 minutes of scrollback I don't see anything that PriceChild did that was out of line or disrespectful21:01
Tm_TI agree with jdong21:01
databuddy[04:36:49] <PriceChild> nalioth, what was the ban mask? nick or hostname?21:02
databuddy[04:37:04] <nalioth> PriceChild: nicks21:02
databuddyat that point all he had to do was say "oh could have been someone with your nick"21:02
jdonghmm, anyone have logs of #ubuntu during the incident that can show what hostmask/ident was involved?21:02
Tm_Tdatabuddy: I still fail to see why all your insulting21:03
PriceChildjdong, just trying to get that sorted.21:03
jdongalright, cool21:03
databuddyeither way i'm done with ubuntu - i'm quitting helping the dev team and i think i need a better linux21:03
naliothdatabuddy: this is from yesterday:21:04
nalioth1196983385 17:23 -!- databuddy [n=rock@unaffiliated/databuddy] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]21:04
nalioth1196983385 17:23 -!- mode/#ubuntu [+bbbb Skiz_!*@*!#ubuntu-read-topic databuddy!*@*!#ubuntu-read-topic21:04
databuddytell ompaul i said so long21:04
databuddynalioth ok i need to change my pass too21:04
databuddyactually i'll drop this nick21:04
databuddyis there a way to see what nicks are linked?21:05
naliothdatabuddy: /msg nickserv info databuddy21:05
jdong /msg nickserv info <nick>?21:05
=== crdlb_ is now known as crdlb
=== databuddy is now known as starscalling
PriceChildI think starscalling has a chanserv ban on...21:07
PriceChildmaybe not21:10
PriceChildthere's some wierd autorem's in #ubuntu21:10
Tm_TPriceChild: anyway, I think he is the one who needs to apologise21:12
jdongthe word is apologize. sheesh ;-)21:13
Tm_Tjdong: hmm, sorry, always been difficult word to me21:14
jdonglol just jerking on your chain21:14
jussi01jdong: not in Oz...21:14
Tm_Tlol? who is this lol jerking my chain?21:14
jdongTm_T: idn but I think you like it21:15
Tm_TI doubt21:15
jdongjussi01: it does for our glourious country and defender of the Free World21:15
jdongrofl wow I died a little inside saying that21:15
jussi01jdong: sigh...21:15
* jussi01 wishes for the power to kick jdong... acros the room :P21:16
jdongjussi01: don't make me shove my democracy up your nation!21:16
jdong*sigh*, one more year, right? then all will be better again21:16
* jdong times a nick change....21:18
jdongcrap this isn't gonna work21:18
jussi01jdong: I was gonna kick you with a reason, but I couldnt think of a good one...21:20
jdongjussi01: I'm sure you'll have plenty of chances to come up with one21:21
jussi01jdong: you are never anywhere that I have ops...21:21
jdongand where would that be?21:22
Tm_Tjdong: #jussi-channel21:22
* Tm_T hides21:22
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jdong2aww he didn't miss.21:24
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jussi01jdong: you should know I was expectiing it...21:24
jdongjussi01: I'll need to come up with some new tricks then21:24
jdongTm_T: hey, it's the IRC version of a snowball fight :)21:24
Tm_Tjdong: please do it somewhere "away from public eye" ;)21:25
jdongbut that requires effort :)21:26
Seeker`is the phrase "get a room" appropriate?21:26
Tm_Tyes, very21:26
jussi01jdong: Im off to get the wife from work... I ll play snow balls later... :P21:27
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* PriceChild wonders what ust happenned21:48
LjL-MobileA split?21:49
crdlbheinlein died :)21:49
Flare183same here21:51
LjL-Mobileremove +j from ubuntu21:52
LjL-Mobileif the bots didn't take case of that21:53
stdinthey didn't21:53
naliothso we can slap the bots silly now?21:57
LjL-Mobilekick them i cannot debug them21:57
naliothgrazi, mc4421:58
naliothLjL-Mobile: grazi = thank you22:03
* nalioth runs22:03
LjL-Mobileone, it's grazie22:04
LjL-Mobiletwo, i was wondering about what22:04
naliothhe showed me a new way to leverage my dual-processor powermacs stupendously underused capabilities22:05
LjL-Mobilerun a busy loop on one?22:05
inphocd /root22:11
inphoha wrong window sry22:11
ubotuIn ubotu, Jordan_U said: windows is "For discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents" ( removed unnecessary windows bashing remark )23:21
ubotuIn ubotu, insp12 said: foo is foo23:22
PriceChildIndeed foo is.23:22
mneptokubotu: foo is <reply>bar23:24
ubotuBut foo already means something else!23:24
mneptokubotu: foo23:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about foo - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:24
mneptokubotu: forget foo23:24
ubotuI know nothing about foo yet, mneptok23:24
mneptokubotu: foo is <reply>bar23:24
mneptokubotu: foo23:24
PriceChild!unforget foo23:26
ubotuI suddenly remember foo again, PriceChild23:26
PriceChild!foo | mneptok23:26
ubotumneptok: please see above23:26
mneptokubotu: bar is <reply>baz23:28
ubotuI'll remember that, mneptok23:28
mneptokubotu: baz is <reply>foo23:28
PriceChildmmmmm I just ate half a tub of ice cream23:38
PriceChildthe world is a good place23:38
mneptokunless you're ice cream23:40
PriceChildwise words23:42
jaybird7Hello, i have switched, i think, to port 8001, could i please be tested and allowed to access #ubuntu, thank you23:59
Jack_Sparrowjaybird7: Be patient, it sometimes takes them a few minutes23:59

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