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Burgundaviadendro-away: there is a history of the desktop people not really caring about large deployments02:01
Burgundaviadendro-away: basically, I think the server team will need to push this02:01
InnatechI could use a little practical advice on satisfying a client requirement for a site with a handful of Ubuntu servers and routers. I'm going on vacation, and they would like some kind of procedure to, essentially, shut down and restart everything. I'm hesistant to give them a procedure to follow at the consoles or over SSH, even if it's just running a script. Is there a more elegant way?02:04
infinityA more elegant way to type "reboot"?02:05
InnatechI don't really want them to touch the consoles. I'd rather give them some application they can run from their desktop that will invoke an automatic shutdown script on each machine.02:06
InnatechThey are really not technical people.02:06
InnatechMaybe even one of the open source monitoring/management packages with a Web interface?02:07
infinitySo, I guess you get to write a big GUI button that, on the backend, does an ssh trigger that... Reboots.02:07
InnatechYeah. I suppose that would be simple enough. OK.02:07
infinityIf you have VB or C#, should take about 3 minutes.02:08
infinity4, if you fuss over the size of the button.02:08
InnatechI don't really code, but I'll see what I can scrape together. Heh.02:08
jetolehey guys03:20
jetoledoes anyone know of a way to measure network throughput at any given time?03:21
jetolebasically to measure how much data your computer is sending at any one point03:21
jetoleor recieving03:21
nealmcbjetole: iptraf03:34
jetolenealmcb: thanks03:35
nealmcbalso iftop, ntop, mrtg, cricket03:35
jetolewell I will look at iftop and cricket but I want a way to poll it on the command line, something I can use to pipe into mysql03:36
nealmcbifconfig :-)03:36
nealmcbor the ip command03:37
jetolewell I will look into ip but I didn't know I could get that from ifconfig03:37
Innatechis there anything in /proc/net ?03:37
* jetole has some RTFM to do03:37
jetoleInnatech: I would imagine but I don't know where03:38
Innatechcat /proc/net/dev03:38
Innatechthat looks promising03:38
Innatechthen feed it through awk when you decide what you want.03:38
jetole/proc/net/dev looks like it tells me a total of data sent03:39
jetoleas opposed to how much data is travelling at the moment03:39
InnatechWell, watch it and do math.03:39
* nealmcb wonders if iptables can tell you03:40
Innatechprobably can.03:40
jetolewell I have asked in #iptables and they suggested bwmon which I havn't compiled yet03:40
jetolethey just mentioned that a few mins ago03:41
* jetole is still looking into this03:42
InnatechI found a few perl scripts that just track /proc/dev/net and update an env variable with the throughput at a user defined interval03:43
Innatecherr, /proc/net/dev that is.03:43
jetoleI would tend to think there is a more native way03:44
Innatechjetole: how about ifstat03:48
Innatechit watches /proc/net/dev like everything else, but it's cleaned up for you.03:49
* jetole looks03:51
Innatechalso bwm-ng03:54
Innatechagain, it just watches proc03:54
jetoleifstat looks good so far03:55
Innatechethstats is another option03:56
* jetole will look at both those but ifstat seems good as well03:56
Innatechjetole: there's something called ftm you can try if you prefer to use the netfilter packer counters. It might be cheaper than scraping ethstats.04:03
jetoleethstats doesn't seem too interesting, from what I have seen it won't do a single dump...04:04
jetoleand I want to monitor only every 5 mins so a single command that can be cron tab'd will do04:04
jetoleifstat seems to do that04:04
nealmcbyeah - ifstat is very clean and reminds me of iostat04:05
nealmcbjetole: thanks for both the question and followup :-)04:05
jetoleno prob, I really wanted to know04:06
jetoleand I am still looking into it04:06
jetoleactually right now I am looking at writting a little c script that reads in and out on one interface and posts it to the mysql04:20
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qiyongis it safe for production server to upgrade from feisy to gusty?12:51
Kamping_Kaiseryes, if you take precautions12:51
qiyongKamping_Kaiser: the key softwares are postfix12:52
qiyongKamping_Kaiser: i guess everthing can go smoothly12:52
qiyongKamping_Kaiser: it is wise to catch up the latest release, right?12:53
Kamping_Kaiserqiyong, if theres no backports, minimal universe and no external packages the upgrade should be fairly painless12:53
qiyongeven if it's a production server12:53
Kamping_Kaiserqiyong, not necesarily. it works.12:53
Kamping_Kaiserif you need a functionality from gutsy, upgrade. otherwise, stay where you are.12:53
qiyongKamping_Kaiser: 2.3 postfix doesn't work with milter, so i'd upgrade to 2.4 postfix with gusty12:54
qiyongKamping_Kaiser: if i stay with feisty, then years later12:54
qiyongwhen feisty and feisty upgrade are no longer supported, problem comes then12:55
qiyongKamping_Kaiser: in terms of backports, there maybe some from ubuntu security repos12:55
Kamping_Kaiserqiyong, when hardy comes out, you can upgrade to that via gutsy and its a supported update still12:55
qiyongnothing else12:55
Kamping_Kaiser-security is fine. the -backports repository is what i was thinking about12:56
ScottKqiyong: Postfix 2.3 works with milters that do not modify the body of the message.12:56
qiyongKamping_Kaiser: still i have to jump to gusty in order to get on to hardy, even i don't actully use gusty12:56
Kamping_Kaiserqiyong, sure.12:57
qiyongScottK: actually, it just simply doesn't work12:57
ScottKqiyong: Maybe for your milter, but I used dkim-milter with it just fine.12:57
qiyongScottK: i tried the one for sendmail12:58
ScottKqiyong: I've upgraded several servers from Feisty to Gutsy with no significant problem.12:58
qiyongScottK: that encourages me12:58
qiyongso i'd upgrade in the weekend12:58
ScottKqiyong: Do you use clamav?12:58
qiyongif something broken, i have time to fix12:59
qiyongScottK: yes, i was trying to use clamav via milter12:59
ScottKAh.  That was actually a clamav-milter config issue, not a Postfix limitation.12:59
ScottKIt's (I think) fixed in Gutsy.13:00
ScottKThe one small caution I would give you (that's not in the release notes, read those) is Bug #17292513:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 172925 in postfix "postfix upgrade does not add 'retry' service" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17292513:00
qiyongScottK: clamav-milter was broken in feisty, right?13:00
ScottKFor using with Postfix.13:00
ScottKI believe, but have not tested, it'd work just fine with Sendmail.13:03
qiyongsure, it's designed for sendmail13:05
qiyongthe bug you show me means every postfix upgrade would be borken?13:05
qiyongoh, a postfix reload is ok?13:06
ScottKqiyong: Postfix works just fine, just doesn't have the new retry service.13:06
ScottKThat's why it wasn't noticed during development.13:07
ScottKBut you run the script mentioned in the but and all is well.13:07
qiyongis the retry in some conf file, like master.cf?13:07
ScottKdendrobates and lamont`: We really ought to add Bug #172925 to the Gutsy release notes.13:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 172925 in postfix "postfix upgrade does not add 'retry' service" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17292513:08
qiyongScottK: it wouldn't hurt me, i never touch my master.cf13:09
ScottKqiyong: No, it wouldn't hurt you.13:09
* Nafallo is scared of sendmail13:09
ScottKqiyong: Additionally, if you did run the upgreade script, it makes the master.cf change for you, so you still don't have to touch it manually.13:10
* Nafallo rather makes postfix deliver mails into a postgresql db ;-)13:10
* ScottK doesn't fear Sendmail, he just thinks his life is complicated enough already without it.13:10
* ScottK goes to the fridge for another cold, dead, wet fish.13:10
NafalloI had to deal with it in my last job :-P13:10
ScottKpostgresql or dead fish?13:12
Nafalloand mysql13:12
ScottKAh.  Even scarier.13:13
NafalloI can't avoid mysql however much I try :-/13:13
Nafalloat least my current work run exim.13:13
Nafalloon centos...13:13
Nafallowith cpanel :-P13:14
ScottKThat sounds, um, limiting.13:15
oly-<-- wonders whats wrong with mysql ?13:16
Nafallooh well. gives me money to play with my own toys ;-)13:16
Nafallois not as fun and good as postgresql13:17
oly-how so ?13:17
oly-just curious, always used mysql just wonder if i should look into postgres13:17
Nafallopersonal preference more then anything.13:17
NafalloI used mysql, tried postgresql, and was blown away.13:18
Nafalloit really fits me much better.13:18
oly-aha, always liked mysql  cuz its very easy to setup and administer with the mysql-admin and mysql-query-browser13:18
Nafallopostgresql vs mysql on google gives a pretty list ;-)13:19
oly-does postgres do clustering and replication type features as well ?13:19
Nafalloanyone played with Cobalt RaQ 4 and Ubuntu yet? ;-)14:50
avatar_Cobalt? is that hardware still around?14:53
Nafalloyes :-)14:53
Nafallopicked one up from work ;-)14:54
Nafallojust need some replacement memory and fans now :-)14:54
Nafalloand well, replace the OS ;-)14:54
avatar_succes on that one!14:55
NafalloI thought about Strongbolt, but I think I rather run Ubuntu :-)14:58
rodpodanyone ever had a problem with installing from cd-rom getting stuck, then to check the integrity to be ok, then it still hangs, ive swapped 3 different cd-roms and have tried 2 different disks15:53
sommerdoes anyone have a recommendation on a dynamic dns service?15:55
Kamping_Kaisersommer, dyndns is fairly common. hasnt fsked up on me to badly yet15:56
sommerKamping_Kaiser: thx I was using them, but all of the sudden my account has been dropped15:56
Kamping_Kaiser!tell rodpod about ask15:56
Kamping_Kaisersommer, probably 30 days without IP change15:57
sommerKamping_Kaiser: that's what I'm thinking, but I know I logged in the last time they sent the email15:57
sommermust not have updated correctly... garrr15:57
Kamping_Kaisersommer, never dealt with the email - i usually have a blackout at least once every 30 days and get a new IP from that :\15:58
sommerjust wondering if anyone is using another service?15:58
* Kamping_Kaiser needs another UPS or two :(15:58
sommerKamping_Kaiser: ah... ya, all I really use is for is ssh access from work to home.15:58
Kamping_Kaisersommer, me to, with the occasional link to a file over http (like the idea i put in here a few days ago)15:59
sommerKamping_Kaiser: I'm not sure I caught that idea?16:00
Kamping_Kaisersommer, well, in short it was to provide a default template for using apache vhosts on ubuntu-server by shipping a /etc/apache2/sites-available/template (or similar). <kgoetz> http://k-k.homelinux.net:81/~kgoetz/apache2-vhost-template.txt is the link, the .txt is so lighhtttpd doesnnt try and server it as binary :\16:01
Kamping_Kaiseri've been kicking it around in my mind from various angles for the last few days trying to work out how practical it is16:01
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sommerKamping_Kaiser: ah... I think I remember now.  Doesn't the default config use a vhost?16:03
Kamping_Kaisertwo key issues i noticed were the amount of doco that could need changing, and the requirement to have a DNS server to use it16:03
Kamping_Kaisersommer, yes, but its not very easy to wokr out from there how to DIY vhosts16:03
ScottKsommer: My usual answer is that if you think dydns will help you, you're probably trying to solve the wrong problem.16:03
mralphabetsommer: there is a 'long term dns' option for dyndns16:04
sommerScottK: heh... seems simple enough16:04
mralphabetsommer: so that it doesn't require being touched every 30 days16:04
sommermralphabet: ya... I just haven't ponied up the cash16:04
ScottKsommer: If you actually need a static presence on the net, then it's virutally always better to open the wallet and get an actual static IP IMO.16:05
mralphabetsommer: cash? o0 I've never yad to pay for mine16:05
sommermralphabet: really I thought you needed to pay for not having to update?16:05
sommerScottK: agreed, but so far my needs have been quite small16:06
mralphabetsommer: I've never paid16:06
sommermralphabet: awesome I'll do more digging on thier siete16:06
sommersite rather16:06
sommermralphabet: are you using a ddns update client?16:08
mralphabetsommer: I'm looking too, I remember two different kinds of dyndns services, a short term and long term configuration. short term had to be  touched fairly often, long term just sat there16:08
mralphabetsommer: I am now, a buffalo router using ddwrt, but I wasn't for . . .2 years? or so.  Still never had the issue16:09
sommermralphabet: ah... I think I tried configuring my wireless ap to do the update, but I don't think I ever got it working correctly16:10
mralphabetsommer: this is from an email a few years ago, "This hostname deletion is due to an idle timeout on all Dynamic DNS16:11
mralphabethostnames; they are deleted after 35 days without updates.  We are sending16:11
mralphabetyou this notification to avoid confusion about the deletion of your host,16:11
mralphabetand to let you re-create the host at your earliest convenience.  Hosts with16:11
mralphabetstatic IP addresses should be in the Static DNS system, which does not have16:11
mralphabeta 35 day timeout."16:11
mralphabetat that point the "static dns system" was a selectable option16:11
sommermralphabet: ah... I'm with ya16:11
sommerI'll probably just create another account16:12
mralphabetsommer: and looking at the page, I go to Account > My Hosts > Hostname > and configure the name16:13
mralphabetsommer: https://www.dyndns.com/support/kb/static_dns_end_of_life.html16:15
mralphabetwell, there's my answer16:15
mralphabetmy router apparently is keeping the updates going16:15
sommermralphabet: ah... thanks for the link.16:16
Kamping_Kaiserwish i kept my IP for 30 days at a time :(16:16
sommerI'll probably take a serious look at purchasing an account16:16
Kamping_Kaiseri coudl point some/one of my domains home16:16
* mralphabet hasn't had an IP change in months16:17
* mralphabet should power cycle his modem more often16:17
* Kamping_Kaiser wonders why you would reboot a modem16:18
mneisenHi, I have trouble getting postfix/SMTP AUTH working wiht mysql. It seems that there is not even a connection attempt to the database. I have postfix/courier/saslauthd running on Ubuntu Gutsy. Anybody here who might want to help?! Thanks in advance!16:19
lamont`mneisen: does it work if you tell postfix to not chroot the daemon?  (or if you link the socket into the same place under /var/spool/postfix?16:20
mneisenlamont`: Let me try.16:20
mneisenlamont`: how would i do that, btw?16:22
lamont`there's a column in /etc/postfix/master.cf for 'chroot' or such.  save master.cf and change all those to the not-chroot value16:23
* lamont` doesn't remember which way the switch is16:23
lamont`then restart postfix16:23
Kamping_Kaiserits the middle column16:23
mneisenwell, thats the way i know how to do it.16:25
mneisentrouble is: does "-" in a column mean yes or no?16:26
mneisensince there is no single "y" in this column in my master.cd16:26
lamont`# service type  private unpriv  chroot  wakeup  maxproc command + args16:29
lamont`#               (yes)   (yes)   (yes)   (never) (100)16:29
lamont`that pair of lines is the meaning, and the default16:29
lamont`- == yes for chroot16:29
lamont`so make 'em all 'n' :0)16:29
mneisenwell, changed that to "n" for smtp and smtps - no luck.16:32
mneisenlamont`: I just found, that a problem I thought was solved is still there:16:44
mneisenwarning: SASL authentication problem: unable to open Berkeley db /etc/sasldb2: Permission denied16:44
mneisenCan you give me a hint what is wrong?16:45
ScottKmneisen: That's what you get if sasldb2 isn't in the chroot.16:45
ScottKDid you restart or reload Postfix?16:46
mneisenYes, I did.16:46
mneisenwell, I did a restart.16:46
mneisenScottK: But i do not want to use sasldb216:47
mneisenI have my user data in a mysql db.16:47
leonelcheck your  file  /etc/postfix/sasl/smtp.conf16:47
ScottKOK.  Well it's trying to use saslbd2.16:47
mneisenor is it that the sasldb2 just have to be there.16:47
ScottKDunno.  I actually use sasldb2, so I want it there.16:48
ScottKDoes /etc/sasldb2 actually exist on your system?16:48
mneisenleonel: my smtpd.conf is here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47236/16:48
mneisenScottK: I have an sasldb2 in /etc.16:48
ScottKmneisen: Then your postfix is almost certainly still looking in the chroot.16:49
mneisenwell, I edited the master.cf and put the "n" in the lines defining smtp and smtps.16:50
leonelmneisen: remove  saslauthd  from  the pwcheck methos16:50
leonelmneisen: remove  saslauthd  from  the pwcheck method16:50
mneisenleonel: Thanks for the tip.16:50
leonelbecause you are not using saslauthd  really16:50
mneisenbut still the same.16:51
leonelrestarted postfix ?16:52
mneisenScottK: Now i did /etc/init.d/postfix stop && /ect/init.d/postfix start - still the same.16:52
ScottKOK.  That's odd then.16:53
mneisenJust what I think ... :-D16:53
mneisenScottK: BTW, i have the sasldb2 in /var/spool/postfix/etc, so even *if* postfix were still running chrooted, it should find what it needs.16:54
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leonelsasldb2 is used  when you are not using   libsasl2-modules-sql16:55
ScottKOK  Then it's another issue16:55
mneisenii  libsasl2-modules-sql                  2.1.22.dfsg1-9ubuntu2              Pluggab[...]16:56
mneisenit is installed.16:56
mneisenand in smtpd.conf (with auxprop and sql) it should select the right backend.16:57
mneisenbut it does not.16:57
mneisenit is not even logging anything, afaics. Where should the whole thingy log into: mail.info?16:59
mneisenwell, its logging a bit, but i wanted something more.17:00
leonelmail.log  and syslog17:00
mneiseni just get: warning: SASL authentication problem: unable to open Berkeley db /etc/sasldb2: Permission denied17:01
mneisenwhoppsie, that could be it.17:01
mneisenwrong perms?17:01
leonelI don't have /etc/sasldb2  ..17:02
mneisenwell, I would rather not, either.17:02
mneisenBut i have to go by the errors i get, sadly. :-D17:03
mneisenok, now i have postfix configured to authenticate against /etc/sasldb217:04
mneisenbut not what i want.17:04
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ScottKIt's a start17:05
mneisenScottK: :-17:06
mneisenwell, how do i change the auth backend if not by /etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf17:06
leonelthere is where youcontrol that17:07
mneisenso i thought.17:07
ivokswith postconf :)17:07
mneisenbut it does not seem to work.17:07
mneisenivoks: :-D17:07
ivoks*everythin* else is optional17:07
ivokspostconf is the only tool17:07
ivoksbegining and the end of the whole mankind17:07
mneisenivoks: well, then shoot.17:08
ScottKmneisen: You might have a look at http://www.postfix-book.com/download/smtpauth_mysql_database.sql.gz17:08
mneisenwhat is the right 'postconf -e' line to change SMTP AUTH backend to use mysql?17:08
mneisenScottK: thanks for the link.17:08
ivoksmneisen: none17:08
ivoksfor AUTH you can use sasl or dovecot17:08
ivoksand then sasl or dovecot uses mysql/ldap/whatever17:09
mneisenyeah, right. But it does not in my case, unfortunately.17:09
mneisenit uses sasl, all right.17:09
mneisenbut sadly with the BDB sasldb2 backend.17:09
ivoksthen set up sasl17:09
ivoksdovecot does have an example in dovecot.conf for mysql auth17:10
mneisenivoks: that's what I try to do.17:10
mneisenivoks: thanks for the hint. do you have an URL?17:10
ivoksyou mean bank account number? :)17:10
ivoksi don't have an url, there are examples in dovecot.conf, provided by dovecot-common package17:11
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lonecrowheya.. having a noob issue.  I'm sure most of you have seen this before :)19:35
=== mathiaz_ is now known as mathiaz
sommerlonecrow: I've seen it.19:46
sommerYou're going to need a net some duct tape and a pound of chewing gum!19:47
sommerjust kidding...19:51
mralphabetsommer == mcgyver?19:55
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sommermralphabet: he's actually my uncle.  Uncle Mac I call him.19:58
mralphabet. . .20:01
sommeryou're right that's not true, you caught me... heh20:01
* sommer wonders what lonecrow's question is20:04
lonecrowsorry lol20:31
lonecrowI had to go afk stopped what I was typing mid way20:32
lonecrowI installed ubuntu with lamp and postresql..20:32
lonecrowit boots up and gives me an error with apache2 saying I don't have a fqdn. I remember fixing this in the past by adding somerthing to /etc/hosts but I dont know what. Its just a pc wth dhcp turned on for right now20:33
lonecrowmy hosts has localhost which is right but then mycomputername20:34
lonecrowin the apache2.conf I dont see anything that says "servername=" anywhere should I add it?20:34
lonecrowplease help.. shouldn't this type of thing work after the install?20:46
mralphabetI don't have a servername directive in my conf and it works20:47
lonecrowI've done this install like so many different ways.  I've installed bare bones and then apt-get install apache2 and it still gives same error.20:48
stickystylelonecrow: are you talking about the "Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain" message that you get where restarting/reloading apache220:48
lonecrowI've fixed this before in a the past I just forget where...20:49
lonecrowI've looked it up and can't find any fix for it, nor does it say in the ubuntu website page for apache220:50
stickystyleits really not much of an error, just kind of a 'by the way'.  It's normally cleared up with ServerName in your apache2.conf file.  you may want to check the output of $hostname --fqdn20:51
stickystyleServerName www.example.com20:52
stickystyleno '=' sign.20:52
stickystyleI'm betting that hostnanme  --fqdn does not spit out a true fqdn.  since apache first looks for ServerName, then trys to determine the fqdn itself.20:54
stickystyleand if it cannot it lets you know.20:54
lonecrowOh no = sign ok thanks20:57
lonecrowyeah there is no www  just the name of the computer for now20:57
lonecrowok that worked.. :)  thanks.. now I'm getting install:cannot change owner and or group of /var/lock/apache220:59
lonecrowthen permission denied make_sock couldn't bind to 80 etc.. which is probbly due to the first error.20:59
lonecrowthis is a standard lamp install of gutsy .. wtf set the root username and password its all good..21:00
stickystyleDid you try restarting it without using sudo?  e.g. $sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 start  that is the kind of error you get when you try to start/restart as a normal user.21:01
lonecrowno I used sudo21:03
lonecrowor not21:03
lonecrowme so smart21:03
lonecrowthanks guys :)21:04
stickystyle:-D  It happens, don't worry.21:04
Goosemoosecoffeedude, you around?21:10

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