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jbaileydoko: Anything left you need from me for the upload?17:11
lamont`jbailey: goat's blood?17:12
jbaileyIt'll be vegan goat's blood.  Somewhat less potent.17:12
jbaileyWhich means that it'll be some sort of crazy pr0n flick with me hosing him down with a firehose of tempeh sauce.17:13
jbaileyWe'll sell ticket.17:13
jbaileyWell, unless we can sell one at a high enough price to cover the bills.17:13
jbaileyinfinity: Interested?17:13
* jbailey hides17:13
dokojbailey: no, will upload tonight19:14
jbaileydoko: Cool, thanks19:14
jbaileydoko: Carlos has ok'd the hppa for upstream, too, which is nice.19:14
infinityjbailey: Freak.19:20
jbaileyinfinity: Didn't you just move to Calgary?19:24
infinityjbailey: Yes.... And?19:25
jbailey"Takes one to know one" then certainly applies.19:25
infinityI missed snow.19:25
infinityYou will too, one day.19:26
infinitylamont`: You need to make your way up here sometime, so Zofia can meet you and understand the horror implied in jbailey's statement that our offspring would be "just like LaMont".19:32
jbaileyActually, we didn't miss the cold until we went to UDS in Boston.  Then it was a case of "Oh yeah.  There's supposed to have been a season change."19:33
infinityBest.  Birth control.  Method.  Ever.19:33
infinityYou're not in Quebec anymore, you don't have to laugh backwards.19:35
infinitySay it with me, "Hehehe, hahaha."19:35
infinityEmbrace your rich anglophone heritage.19:36
jbaileyThinking of which and your former home, I assume you've seen this: http://www.reuters.com/article/oddlyEnoughNews/idUSN0558178520071205?feedType=RSS&feedName=oddlyEnoughNews19:36
jbaileyMy 'airitidge you say hein?19:37
infinityOh man, I love political correctness gone awry.19:39
infinityCause you know a 70-year old santa is totally hip to american gangsta rap slang.19:39
infinityProbably been collectin' bitches and poppin' caps in his off hours.19:40
jbailey"Yo 'ho.  You wanna come sit on my lap?  Oh yeah baybee.."19:40
jbaileyCunningly abbreviated to "Ho Ho Ho"19:40
jbaileySort of like a circus caller.19:41
infinity... and people wonder why I prefer cats to people.19:42
jbaileyinfinity: Enjoy: http://catsinsinks.com/19:47
lamont`infinity: lol20:51
dokojbailey: glibc uploaded22:40
jbaileydoko: Yay!22:41
jbaileydoko: Anything else you need from me for now?22:42
dokojbailey: well, just did see the unanswered glibc bug reports ... probably not something for this year22:43
jbaileyThere we go.  I did the one labeled high priority.22:49

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